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Frotesls of Ufa Raprmbttm
Fears ef &tI'b RefttMfen Smtara Ifea
a ftm BHl WotH Beat Them,
OoflgreegfeB Prtweeiisfs.
Wlion the Atkinson Wll was calfeit tti
the Hotwc tills morning Mr. Atkinson
moved that the Hmiw aro Into Commit,
tte of tho Whole. This met with some
reposition, the House dividing on patty
lines, the vote using 80 to 81. The
jifitnt was raised of "no quorum," but
Streaker Reed managed to count 1
members prosont, a quorum, and ttio
House went Into Committee on the
"Whole, with 3Ir. Dunnell In the eualr.
He announced that, when the com
mittee rose from Its last sitting, there
was pending a motion that the bill be
returned to the House, with n recom
mendation that It be reconsldored and a
substitute, previously published, be
Mr. Atkinson made tho point that
the motion wag not pending, but this
was overruled.
Jlr.IIcmphill declared that the present
bill meets with the condemnation of
every one who was
He said it waa not essential to the
prosperity of tho city, Ho proscntod n
petition of 170 citizens In tho southeast
ern pnrt of tho city protesting against
the passage of tho bill.
"I also have," he continued, "the
earnest protests of the Federation of
Labor and the Kniehts of Latmr. T nlun
have tho protest of tho Board of Trade
of this city, who are nowise inter
ested in this railroad, asking us not
to give these prlvilogos to this big cor
poration without compensation, which
undertakes to take away what Congress
lias no right to grant. It ought to be
cent back to the committco with In
structions to report n bill that protects
the people and their Interests.
Mr, Atkinson said that the people
were fully protected by this bill. The
substitute- desired to nave tho station
removed Irom Sixth street. Tho com
nun council of tho city In 1871 asked
the company to locate on Sixth street,
and Congress tho following year author'
bed the construction of the depot on its
present site. "What was on
he said, "when this hill was pissed? A
filthy canal on one side and a lumber
shed on tho other. Going there by In
vitation of the corporate council, It has
beautified the locality and erected a
building that Is architecturally a credit
to the city."
Mr. Holman presented a petition of
tho trustee and members of the Fifth
llaptlst Church against the passage of
tho bill.
Mr Heard of Missouri said that alt
who opposed the bill conceded that tho
railroad needed more ground, and that
the present location was tho proper
place for 1 1 to acquire additional ground.
It is unfair to the bill and to those who
favor It to assert that the Commission,
crs had no authority to do what the bill
authorized thorn to do.
Mr. Mllllkcn stated that tho petition
of the church was the judgment of
ov.vuu puopiu hjuiu oi me raiiroait
then ensued when Mr. Mllllkon criti
cized Mr. Hoard's remarks, In which
the latter declared that the gentleman
from Maine was reckless In his state
ments. Continuing Mr, Milllken had the
clerk read a portion of Senator Mor
rill's speech on the railroad question
discussing the occupancy of South
Wasnlngton by the Baltimore and Po
tomac tracks as illegal and without au
thority of law,
Mr Itowoll said he had been a mem
ber of the District of Columbia Com
lnlttceforthe past twenty years, and
It had always been bis experienee that
reonle living along the line of a rail
road were always willing to un
load their burden on some one
eUe in order to enhance the
value of their property,. Th traveling
public roust be considered. To remove
the depot is to remove it I a location
where the surroundings ore not pleas
ant Because the road c oiea into the
centre of the city, where passengers
cannot be mulcted by haekmenand are
i afe, somebody who bos a lot to sell
wants it removed to the ineoaveoleaee
cf the traveling public, and for oa I
am uppoceu to it.
Mr CoBteuil of Nebraska declared 1m
was opposed to the bill and characterized
it as
whether ameaded or ekm, asd the proof
of it was that the bill had been draws
ly a salaried attoraay for tU railroad
ft ir.pany. He sakl Caagresg should
proceed upon the theory that the peoftte
bad founts righto tkat the railroads were
tcuod to respect.
Mr. McMillan of South CaroMaa said
it was conceded that mom mam wag
reedtd by the road, asal the rbgfct to
i..,ulreitoufhtU be g raatod. Watt
le tr fniiiitUs tkeyaead ought to be
tivtn them.
ilr l'sysoa of Wimots declared that
Uu CinjUilnUouewhadarUhttoMUhof
ue the UjUf of side tracks, mid the
courts hav sustaiaed tfcesm. Whode
sltg the propriety of mating suteh
lights to the eomftmy t ltails lever
f It became the sqaaras nasaad hi this
bill arc accessary to carry oa bual-
Mr AtUoaoft of Ftesuwylvaaia moved
to liiiilt general debate oa the Madtatt
lAutloa to twenty
Mr Hemphill taoved to
atl key
leaking it sUty uiiatttes, Thai
lLcct was lost, to M.
was raked, aad aaea the
ttiJtn a debate scoae m
m to the sicht of
tae i hair to a
n.iue a quorum.
Messrs. Alkiasfin aad UuUH
appoistcd, sad the vote reawited,
a, tiys. an.
Mr. Aodetsoa movttd ta aawai the
li.oiujo tu UsaU debate tooAaaouir o
i -th kUe. Lioet B to 57-
A luptioa to Uailt debate totorty
b.uiuus, wm agreed to by a vote of H
u l
Mr Muure of Sew WampsMre ttatol
iiut the hau ntafsriad rihM oa toe
luiiioad that should wake the House
bUt. la the ant aiace. the Board
f TuJe, cosapoacd ot aw tesposjstbhj
i uataeM auto, was opposed to it lie
ill ickWaed the penaooa savtluaa oi
Uic btil and safet he thought Coagrtas
niierhl to respect the wishes of the pej
pie of the District.
Mr. Mwfd of Maryland spoke in favor
of Die Mil, Hud waa followed by Ht.
Anderson of Kansas fn opptlto. He
Atelarerl that trre Mil gar the wwnpaftj
the right to etitet n and hnvn ewn
demned over st, asoate In the city.
Tie mall belongs to the United Slates.
The simple natation Is whether time
rim can do waa they plewe mid rrtatn
tns rKswm,vA!iA WArt,oAt sroi.x,
Messrs. MTllften of Maine and Hearl
of Mlewflrl spoke apon the question,
refimttht the arfntfrent sslviwwsrl by
them eaTller in the debate.
Mr. O'Neill of Petrasylvaota sslvo
cntetl the passage of the Mil. He
wanted to know where the people were
who opwfcttl the Mil, who were abm-
y,B,,nrwrf" '.ret wanted railroad
fwllltlw. In Phihrielnhlft ner 1(10
acres are devoted to railroads, ami In
Chicago over 300 acres.
Mr. Httpkisi InterMpted, saying llrftt
Chicago protected the rights of the
Mf. Hethphlll cioswl the deble for
me nprmnents of tne bill and Mr. At
klnwin for its advocate.
The vote by tellers on. returning the
bill to the House with instructions to
recommit was: Ayes, 90; noes, 53.
Thh report was made to the House
and adopted. " This kills the Wll and
substitutes anSther, whieh makes the
company remove itfl present depot.
In the Senntn.
In the Senate this morning Mr. Alli
son made a statement of the status of
ihe various appropriation bills.
Among the amendments to the Sun
dry Civil bill reported and agreed to by
the Senate wore: Insetting item of
fSO.OOO for the completion of building
and approaches of tho Postofllce and
Court House at Baltimore; Increasing
the Item for repairs to the Chicago
Custom Houee from 145,000 to $100,
000; Inserting Item of 0,000 forpubllc
building at New London, Conn.
To ISellflve n Dunk's CieJItor.
The House Cemmlttee on War
Claims today ordered a favorable report
on tho Houso bill for the relief of
the creditors of the bank of Louisiana,
which is in bankruptcy. The bill ap
iiuiiwuiua ijis.vw 10 mane me nav
ment. An Kitucntlonnl FnmJ.
The House Committee on Education
has authorized a favorable roport on
tho bill Introduced In the Senate by
Senator Morrill to establish an odu
catlonal fund, and npply tho proceeds
of the public lands and the receipts
from certain land grant railroad com
panies to tho more complete endow
ment and support of collegos for tho
endowment of scientific and industrial
m m
its rFrncT mioiit otvu tub srnatk to
Will the Senate's rules be changed so
as to allow Ihe majority to close debate
nhtin. In iholr nnlntnn n ,un,l.L
, --- ,..., ., lonauuiiutc
length of debate has been nllowwlf The
proposition has been brought forward
Chandler. It has been proposed In
tho Interest of the Force bill.
Without this change that measure
has no chance of success In the Senate.
Spoaker Heed and the more radical He
publican Senators have to force this
extreme legislation upon their party,
though It la highly distasteful to many
of them.
Speaker Heed believes, however, In
the Thad. Stevens style of party lead
ership. He runs the parly wholly In
accordance with his own ideas and with
but the merest nreteiue of rmnniiim.
his associates.
Yet no project more distasteful could
bedeviled to many of the Senators than'
the change of their dearly loved rules,
which have been a growth and not a
construction. Perhaps tho most cher
Uhed right a Senator has is that of un
limited debate. It has been parr la,! In
unendurable lengths but it has always
been not only tolerated, but inshted
Nor Is it settled as yet by any means
that the change will be effected. It
would mean the nawage 0f the Force
bill. And aside from mere regard for
the traditions of the venerable body,
which, of course, Is not felt by the
Iconoclastic Chandler and those who
are acting with him, the ef
fect of the Force bill on the
reiurn oi tne uepuullcan Senators to be
chosen to succeed those whose ternw
Will CX 1)1 fC In 1801 would lw tnrunla.l.
These include Blair of New Hamp
shire, Cameron of Pennswlvanla.
Eva,!? .of, New Yok. Farwell
of Illinois. Ingalls of Kansas, Jones of
Nevada, Mitchell of Oregon. Moody of
South Dakota, Morrill of Vermont,
Pierce of North Dakota, Piatt of Con
nectlcut, b'pooner of Wisconsin. Squire
of Washington, Ktanford of California.
Teller of Colorado.
The elections of the State Legislatures
would of course remain under State
eontrol. It is feared by some of these
Senators that the effect of the Force bill
woukl be to elect Democratic LaekLi-
tures even in States which, like Kansas,
have never enjoyed that privilege. This
fear, it is said, alfeets some who are
loudest in their prefstoes of devotkw
to the aecleut and tlaie hoaored trail!
tloes of this body.
A eaucue ob the proposed ehaage
will be bekl by the Itepuldicaa Sea
ators aad socae ehaage evolved, but.
as there b sot the wfousjht-iraa aad
triple-riveted Keed ikMaiaatkm there,
eves the say so of a eaaeas saay aot
brie; about the ehaage. The caucus
will he held to-abjhL
The special eouuaittee of the Beaub
lkaa Seaatoitsi caucus hakl a -nautinn
today, aad decided to report to the
caucus toaUht a rule to the eat
that, ht osder to recitiais dehase
oa Ue Fadenl j-mkw bill
or aay other lueesure that aaay
he give pceeedeace. that a au'tirleat
ubm for dehale shall ha givea, aad that
at it eoaclustoa the Preafclaat of the
Seaate shall recognise a Repubtteaa
Seaator, who will atove that a
vote he takes, or rsthier the
jaeo uuat&Mt be caUaa
at a eatteia hour aad that thirty ada
utes debate oaJy shall he allowed oa
that aanssna It is the lietnasiioii that
the caucus lo-sight will take a actioa.
aad k May he tevezal days hetoe k
A leMTJair UeauhlicaB fanitnr aL1
to-day that k will he fouad thai
alter the Seaate has aaated
the TwaW bill all the cwea la
the tTwrtri and sdjaasdag
coulda't keea theaaaate ia
Wit. oi eouEsc, will defeat the Federal
TEfffffttwi hill, which is heiaa - as
a hJ to fosce the TartS bill through.
IKestftK m.
I M Jaaae4 a rruriinint W.wrtsaa
tm 4Xaaaa.
Xhs Pseaideat this aAetaooa aa-
Vioved the Sakwr Mil.
Ktmmam swastecsaa eararaiiia Uass
lj, Juljr 17. IXw'tkli tosaeiusj saatolu
a4aaceatatra4 13H Feonayltaaia e
nuc. Su cxtr i4muM- sViilM' trial, $i.
1 1 Au leaves U. Jt O StUoa at 10 a m.
o? m for tbe munk nm.
Mrs. Maekfiy lH-eromw IntHettttnt, He
WfM lief(ratT, atnt lw tfl.
rtfth f?nt me rtTtteef."
Oi 3mt SB last the foUovteg ap
peared In the Working Woman, paper
published in Hire dtr by ChaJrtotre
pfflinar -Mm. won v. Mttctnf re
cently gve a dlitnet at her palatial
rtnson, 7 Buckingham Gate, London,
whfclr proved to be the most brilliant
entertainment ew given hya private
individual. The dinner waa vert ex
clmrtve, only nbmit thirty of the oldest
names t.f the United Kingdom being
present. Gnests were supplied wfth a
metm beating their respective MtlaU,
cteal ami family motto in diamonds and
rtibfea. Thereecptfon which followed
Ihe dinner was attended bv 1.300
guests. Masses of flowers, exquisite
music and miniature fountains; con
cealed bands of music and singing Mrds
made It a veritable fairy palace.
"What a change for Mrs. J. W. M. to
be snre; frem running a baah-house on
poverty flats out West and dishing up
cerneil beef and cabbage on tin plates
lo the miner. There ft nothing like
digging up gold in America ami spend
Ing it on exclusive" socletv in the
United Kingdom. The Working
Woman has. -menu' in the shape of a
tin plate ued by a former boarder of
Mrs. John W. Mackay, which we would
be pleased to send with our compli
ments throueh SecreUrv Itlnttw In (!.
Princess Colonna. Nothing like having
a family crest about the house, ami Mrs.
Mackay's should be an Iron pot of
Armour's adulterated cow beef and n
head ot Nevada cabbage boiled down to
a menu.' The Western cabbage and
beef would kinder react on the fairyland
lecne of Buckingham Gate. There is
something In a family crest after all,
and we will ship Mrs. Mackay one be-fore-the
next reception takes place, for
uiero is notning selflsli about the irr-
ina Woman, oven to dividing nn on iim
corn beef and cabbage as souvenirs of
the past."
This article was mailed to many peo
pie In Europe, as well as In this coun
try, and coming to tho attention of Mm.
Mackay, she directed her lawyers to
make an Investigation. One of them,
It Is said, under nn assumed namo, had
an Interview with Mrs. Smith, and the
result Is shown In the following, which
appeared In the New York Timu yes
terday: 'London, July 12 Tho following
cablecram from Jnew York was received
hero to-day by Mrs. John W. Maokay:
"Charlotte Smith, In whoso paper a
slanderous story concerning jou was re
cently published, Is a crack-brained
woman possessed of a venomous tongue
and pen. In nn Interview she has ad
mitted to me that she does not know you
personally, and Is utterly Ignorant of
your antecedents or the events of your
lire. Hho claims to have originated ail
Ihe false stories Rbout you which have
been In circulation for some time put,
and to have mailed you and your friends
abroad copies of her scurrilous sheet,
mii'Kuii; nisr aoie motive acr oppom-
iivii iu kibhi imvaia weauu.
"She admits that the Woman's N-i-tlonal
Industrial League, as whose rep
resentative she poses, consists substan
tially of herself alone, and confesses
that she Invents facts and news, of
which she gave me Illustrations, to be
published In her paper, to subserve her
own purposes.
"She claims to be engaged In the ef
fort to elevate the worklngwoman, and
has not failed to aid some poor em
ployes here and there, but does ten
limes more Uarm than good. She
seems to be tho victim of a sort of emo
tional Insanity and cannot discuss any
subject sensibly or even coherently. By
a very few she it regarded as a profes
sional blaokmaller, but almost all who
know or have heard of her consider her
a comparatively harmless but extremely
erratic crank.
"She la tolerated mainly out of sheer
pity. Any serious prosecution of her,
liecause of her maunderings against
yourself, or any of the hundreds whom
she seeks to slander, would be regarded
with unmeasured ridicule by every sen
sible human being In Washington.
"Her weakest point Is a craze for no
toriety and a pitiful illusion as to her
own Importance. Any proceedings
against her woukl merely Intensifv this
craving and still further injure her
weakened Intellect. CoumluiR aiara.
gard of her silly fabrications Is the
only sensible and charitable course for
you to pursue.
"You can rely Implicitly on the accu
racy of my statement. It is derived
from the boat informed members ot
Congress, representatives of the press,
private cillzens and the police of Wash
ington. Should she continue to annoy
you I will. If you so Instruct me, take
steps to have her committed to a iuBa
tic asylum for her own eood. My ad
vice, however, is to let her severely
alone. Nathan ISuuk,
Couasetor-at law."
Mrs. Smith has written to her coun
sel. Colonel Iagersati, with a view to
suing the fim for libel oa account of
the publication of the aUegatiaa of
ItalUlDB a Suuilay liar.
The notice last Right nuded tae house
of George Johnson ia Freewaa's Alley.
It had bees reported that he was rua
aiag a Boaday bar aad the officers
fouad a ijuaality of liquors oa the
preUes. Johaeoa aad several others,
who were ia the alaee, got away, hut
die otaeers of the Seeoad Precinct are
eoaideat of seeoriag then. Ia the Pa
Ike Court to day the case agaiast Joha
son was ttisudkettd.
Clvil-Sorvice UxMuluUtut.
Chief FawtHar Webstar of th Civil
Service CoaaUsioa bad a etass of
seven geatletaea today waa was
uad&aoltur eawdBaUoas far traaafaf
aad proaibtioa ia staaograpay aad
i i ii
Wgawl by tba l'taalilent
Tae Piesidaat tals asotaisvg aaprosed
Ot IMukwaatk md Qmmitu Amnti
tioa bill aad taa Agsiuiktual Bapart-
mmw ifaonaQoa sau.
Qg QtfigjMfrU
am Dr. Ftat!aa
aasl Msasisaw tmsassaasi. Caaaa
Usvwa ta Uasst liu.
3w. Btsisama) aw yo golag Mat
tai evaalajj V
Mr. illlaawss Yaa, I twoaa
awd W sMrsal tkat 8. alsfca; CtA ra
msmiaAMmwKmmmm "Tim
Ida la Am. Was wwsU tte
coaatry do wuvut ttostr1' (slfeaw
Sajtbie yatt VMt afemajtopa, j
Mu- nisuaa Yw, I visa yost
wwU stop taa asapsoywaat oa
ts-sisxsj a catat Xsaart
eaa, Wtka, ynMtcfc, ama. SasV
saaa, ltattaa or cakwed xlri fog aeacai
Uu avt Uas m wiutt but the hwij
rt Furtter Vlcaod Cablbit
HE WARI8 THE $10,000.
John F. RcnMHf fhlfS A CtlArttaMe
liitmmion ShwiW it lie it.
John K Reubintw filed a Wll m
equity to day agftfcMt John F. Rodgers,
OP Kimball l?MntyInnJrfmee
Trim and 9tfe DipWft Company ot
Philadelphia to dsjdatfC a lejpwy vofrl.
Annlr M. RenbatM, tte wife of the
(rTfMnant, died In February, 1889,
an.I in her will, among other legacies,
wixnne of $TO,0Wr a Philadelphia
(harltaWe Institution.
The romplaMwnt salts that the de
fendant, Ttodgers, be directed to pay the
said sum of 10,000 to him, and that
the bequest nntler the seventh para
graph of the will be declared void ami
of no effect. He claims that the
Fidelity Insurance Trust and Safe
Deposit Company of Philadel
phia is, under the laws of the
District of Columbia, incapacitated
frrm taking part as an executor of
Annte mnwanvs estate. The remain
of the deceased, who resided in Wash
ineton during her lifetime, are burled
in Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore,
I'atnl Itnllrotiil Accident Nmr ItsUnrU,
inil , This MnmlriE.
Louisville, Kt., July M. Passen
gers from French Leek Springs, Iml.,
report that a bad accident occurred near
Belford. Iml., on the Monon Railroad
this morning. The train Is called the
"Gesport Accommodation." It Is said
lo have collided with a south-bound
freight, and It Is reported that twelve
people were killed ami a number seri
ously wounded. The officials of the
road deny that any such accident has oc
curred. LATRn.Tbat twelve persons bad
been killed lacks confirmation; but sis
persons, liowever, are known to have
been Injured, some of them fatally.
New 1-ijrin or Certlllcnle llnilor tlio U,
II. & it. .tnproprlntlfin Still.
Ono of the provisions of the LeglslaJ
live, Executive and Judicial appropri
ation bill Is that every applicant for ex
amination before the Civil Service Com
mission for appointment In the depart
ment service In the Dlstrlctor Colum
bia shall be accompanied by a certificate
of an onicer with his olllclal seal at
tached of the county and State of which
the applicant claims to he ttcltlwsn; that
such applicant was at tho time of mak
ing such application nn actual bona fid
resident of said county, and had been
such resident for a period of six
months next preceding; but this pro
vision shall not apply to persons who
may be In the service nnd seek pro
motion or appointment in other
branches of the Government.
Tho Civil 8rvlce Commission has
provided the following form of certifi
cate, under the provisions of that act,
to be used with the present form of ap
plication: L a In anil for the comity of ,
state of ilo liereby certify tlwt
whose appHcstton for a civil wrvlc sxam
laatlon lor a position In tl) United States
ilepartratntal wrvke at Washington, 1). a,
I hereto attached, Is now nn Mtul torn
Mt resident of the county of ami
?' of , ami bas been uvcli rasfclsat
?'" .months or years xt prellg
the date hereof.
1DJ- at .county of .and
state or
Signature of official
Oltklal title
(Official seal.)
Nora.-Ihe official Mel inuot be put on
after tkecertiikate has been attached to the
application, o tlmt the ImbreeHou will at
pear upon both docutaeau.
Judiciary Suar the llotinaloir Heath
of Waililnctou Fout-l'aiU,
A daring robbery was committed In
Judiciary Square at 3 o'clock yesterday
morning. Mr. E. D. King was passing
along when two colored men sprang
out from among the shrubery In front
of the Tension Ilulldlng and made a de
mand for his valuables. King declared
that he had nothing of value, but the
colored brutes would not have It this
way. They knocked him down awl
proceeded to rltle his pockets, taklag
.jo ii uu Mima vaiuaoie papers.
Whllehls pockets were being searched
Mr. King succeeded in making several
loud cries for help, which attracted the
attention of Officer Klmmell. As soon
as the foot-pads saw the oUteer coming
they made olT, but after an exciting
tue lue uiueer overiooK one of meat.
He gave the name of Frank Williams,
and was locked up at Lieutenant Kel
ky's precinct, charged with highway
' S 1 llll II
1'roleit Acaliut Cheap Oruuue Lubor.
From Ut fUH6ureA iMtateh
Allegheny City has a rich young man
whose life Is a burden to bint because
be has nothing to essfdoyhls tiuae, A
happy thought struck bin a week ago,
aad going to the proprietor of a man's
furaishiag store be ottered his services
without reeoKpeese. He had enough
meaty, but he wanted work. lie was
The youag fellow ea joyed the ehaaee
for a few days.ualil bis fellow ea jdoyees
discovered he was workicg without pay.
They at oace bekl an iadigaatioa meet
tez aad decided that they would be
luiaed by the cheap labor of rich aieu.
A vigofous protest was node to the pro
piator of the store, aad to avert a strike
he seat a note to the AUeghealaa. tell
iagbbsi his occupation was goae.
The youag waa will agala start out to
search tor aa object ia Ufa,
aiiwhMw for 1Iuw1uWh.
fmm tU M.w rotkSta.
AJEairs aw serious ia l.asatoa. The
olie aie at swosds' potas itk tkeir
aw csdaf, air Edwsxd ttiadfosd. who
It asaaiag woful btoadar is trying
to Uiag bis East ladtea awihods to
bear upon taa Loadoa bobbias. Waea
police steals poUca taaa cosuas tae tmc
of war. A good part of taa forca wy
stitsa, aad tfca wtth tbtt great amy of
tmm waamtauytw wi loose taata WOUU be
asfy war
il- CsW4aatl Ttwu ui Xiiic-
aa fuli virf. rHArtv4ttKs staUra.nl
1m sasBSser toaru t this taasoa uf the
jear awks tog tas Tt-mnniswant ol the
psHaoasUj-coaaitctBa tours of tae iaBU
VMsiaHaUMad CkMavaay, wWaa kaxaevcr
staca tswir UiiuwatW uwt waa iwtr,ii
Waaua ui& ursiae. Asaxtasul Uu.
aad al jad liHct , Mm. toariauw.i
leave VsaWutoa at 7: w a at. aad Ban
wtM-a. b eUia uaUi afPu'
mm parlgr es 4 day coavaas. and 'e
(ar rails aiir. 4 Uwig avui
sad I ckaparou ,ui meoava the pj.ru
aft oMia-trii tu.-s.ets, vUd lug ten dj ,
data i excucsioa. sadu.todi
a dCrctki. ,lii tajsuW M mtm a
jta cvuiM na b sfnsgitod oa l-
trsla wkata IU lift tM
adsaisetraias- Tba tours aatW ,
ttesrisct eaarasfar ai a pisata tart, s J
jte m ovturtwaity 01 ssunssswouttae, 1
stractltoB asd ttuaaOoa.
Uriak m, Ert ivtaar YtaaaaCabu.
W it tbc btst ul 11 bwrs oM
want a mwm.
Ciffrea or st, httnn a went the
Seematy or tne mtwtsr.
The repretentai ves of the CltfnV
Committee of pt. Lout Mr. Beli,a
mcfcbet of the City rvwncfl, and Mr.
Case, the president of the Mercantile
Clnb, crtled on frretmy NoWe to-day
sou aslteri that a recomt ef Ihe popula
tion of that f Ity be ordered.
The request was based mainly upon
the Investigation Made hf the Police
Department Into the ctses of omissions
alleged against the ewwmerator. The
Secretary decided that th papers giving
the resuiti of the intettlgation be sent
to Snperlntewrrenl Potter, where they
can 1 e compared with the census re
He mid the representatives that he
would confer with Mr. Potter ami give
them an answer. The Secretary re
marked Mibterptently thai it waa im
portant to know whether the differ
ence between the census count and
the fwontwlth the additions claimed
was sufficient lo anthortre a recount.
He alto said that If a recount was or
dered that It would not be fair to hold
it during the continuance of the warm
' -.
The Emperor's Scrftp-HnnJt.
fYom tktXen York Stor.
Wllhclm II. is rather partial to j mr
nalists.and he Is a voracious newspaper
leader Fifty of the leading newspa
pers of Europe are brought to him
every morning and he plunges through
Hum with the avidity ami the alacrity
of a professional exchange editor. A
pair of shears is close at hand and he
clips whatever seems to be of particular
Interest to him. The rllmilnim r
duly pasted In scrap-books and Indexed;
in this fashion doth his Majesty keep a
record on the Imys. It Is said that the
Paris Figaro is the newspaper whose
opinions seem to Interest him most.
Nothing Short of n 31 1 r nolo.
ftvrn Me .Vw r&rit Ttmtt.
Their (the sliver men) Idea of keeping
tilver at par with gold is to pass a law
compelling every one to take sixteen
ounces of silver for one of gold. You
might as well try to establish a party
between wine and water by passing a
law compelling every one lo take water
as wine. Nothing short of the authority
ued at the marriage feast of Cann
could do that.
'o Sutor Ultra Creplitam.
jytm Putt.
Lawyer Which Well, O'Flaherty,
have you told mc alt the facts, without
elaboration, exaegerntlon, or equivoca
tion? I want to save you If I can?
O'Flahortv 01 have, yer Honor.
Ol've tould how I shot do mon, an' not
a wurrud hut's as thrue's me aflldavy;
so ye can put In do lies, sorr, to shoot
yerscif. le onnershtan that palrt
bctlher nor I do, onny da v.
myt rontetet a 1m bj Are. bnt always
make promrt and liberal adJiiMmeaU. Dr.
I)hl B. Clarke, pfw't! Oeorga K. Lemon.
Vlce-pree'ti faerie S ltradtejr. Irene.: I. Fen
wkJk lemur, seo'y; Will P. Boteler. a't
"! Ju,3m
1F street n.w.
capital tt.eoo,a.
This conrany leeues ,aerilfiatof depmlt
beariK Interest, at follows: o all amount
di'PoeheUfor alsety days or more, bin l.t
than lx moeih. s rr eent. pw aBt)H; $
per cect. on derxMlM for more than tlx
montae, but leu than a yeerand I percent.
uhhwii, ui vuv ivmr vr tunicvr.
rposreti iBTeimer.i :or sale.
Moeey loanil.
;OU!M)N,So, B. II. WARNER, rrse.
. .. .. DIHHCTOH8:
Charles D. Haller. Hmvli K. athaiar
Jawe L. Harbour. Joha A. Hamilton,
neorge x. iiartol. Thomu Soowrvllls.
lllehard V. Clay, John A. Swope,
Ilorace 8. Cummlngs, J. 8. Sworrastedt,
J. J. DarllavtOB, Itattersley W. Talbott.
Jflhn Joy Bdww. Oeorge Tredell,
Charles JFaalkaer. Ii. II. Warner.
Albert F. Fox. A. A. Wueos,
O.O.Oreeo. L. I). Wlae.
WUllass M. Onrley, ti. W. Woodwsnl,
John II. Lamer, Cbas. Ilea, Wilkinson,
A. 3. Wof tblagton.
pjceeor to Ileery Las' lions),
Soath Stda.
Braach Oalee. tm Marytead avo. a. w.
11M reaaa. a v.. opposite Wliiard' Rotal.
TbeOMBd from far aad aar vMt Dr. While
for r sum from and avoklaaee of earns, ba
tM. dbeated Balls aad all other foot
treablea. Hoars. 8 a. m. to S p. at. Suu
day. S to li. Bstablbhed test. Fee. I.
Ageats i WahJsgioa for
Of Iioetoa.
Over 40 have been pot lata the best build-
lags ia Vt lublugtou ia the iaet two year by
Kstlmatee promptly furnished. AUo amli
ery- AloGeiuI MsehiaUUaBd simtesss.
A large stock of Baatatts aad Bollard. Faato
aad Ilevatcr oa haad.
WareroocM from W01 to 1WS Seventh street
f3 Mrs. MoCaffwty la the aaly hat aad
Doaaet-fraiae Buaalaatarer ia the city. Oaf)
aad see aer aw thaces. Kltohhv aad
proiltag. Straw aad faft hat al trJ u a.
Isteet style. OedeH PMBUt aUeesUd to.
. wueu i
iHraeta. w.
-" maM brua
oaa of the most celebrated
sat rrl,i.M ub ad tku
caiters ta Aawriaal
Uird-mte nastats charge, f, T. BALL, 998 F
ft a w
tilsifrrtiiTOBft iMufcs- uu Asaf. Awta er
bs. S u4 Mr aa ssralav WtmU tut Itmu,
HAVOaoHx Fistsuaaim isooua. bk
sulteor.lagbs.ai tlu BuciUighaaa, 99
atfe st a w. overtookiag 2saFaar Swum.
Caoke tabla.
FVKkliaBBD sUMMta.
X' sauaaieior,
UiismfslssBsjpSSasBseSi aasBsssssT saaanst aaaaaaamt. Jbtasr amaaaaaf ssV
ljmci, 1 Ar mi kmtHmJWemttfor (.
m- an wsw, i awaas. aaaotasatv our
, hsmmssuk. Aassraai
HIS 1 klntet. Meiubar r VftiafatugUMi
ataak tiaeawusa. AM lsu
aud tsmitlUa, bass( iua saltt.
a 111 111
C4HJS.TMV JtK-lL sSarATfc:.
ieeataadad, on the Une at thti Xc-kuig-
V- sUtataoi. OaBtaX BaaUY.
iuasj,, Bmm. sua lasitrasoe.
W. im f STB4EXT V,
juii-im Vs.iU D C
Save Your Hair
BY a tlmly ose of A yefl f Intr' Vfsjor.
Thts preparation has no equal as a
dreasrng, ft kepa the watp olan , fnol ,
and healthy, and preserves the color,
foHnee, and beamy of ttm hair
" 1 was rapidly hepoming bald and
gray : but after wing two nr three
hotth ot Ayer's Hair Vigor mv hair
grew thtft and glossy and the original
tote was reatoftd." Melvin Atdrich,
Canaan oewtre, 9. If.
" Some tttne ago t tost all my hair irt
fonswptrice of measles. Arte due
watTneg. no nw growm appcarfd t
then need Ayer's Hair Vigor and my
hair grew
Thisk and Strong.
It hm apparently eom to star The
Vigor is eVtdewtty acreat a! to nature. "
J. B. Williams, F1oresrtH, Tfxa.
"I bare nsed Ayer's Hair Vigor for
the past font or five years and find It a
Most satisfactory dressing for the hair.
It Is all I conM desire, bring hirmleas.
causing the hair to retain if natural
color, and reu.nlrlng but a mnll quantity
to render the batf easy to nrrange."
Mrs. M. A. liatley, 9 Charles street,
Haverhill, Mass.
" I bavf been nsing Aver's ITalr Vigor
for jwveral years, ami belhrp that it h
eanset my hair to retain its natural
color." Mrs, H. J. King, Dealer in
Dry Goods, Ac , Bishopville, Md.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
Dr. J. C, Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass,
Bold hj Drofrgrrts and rerfumtri.
JtUr II. 1986. -Sealed propoaalt will b
reeelved at the Dermrtntent of Stale nntll 14
m. of the 4T1I DAY OF AUG0ST. IU, to fnr
nlth said Department with stationery and
mlsceilanecms articles for the rear uridine
.Inne SCj ISW. In accordance with a whtsdule
of article which will be supplied to tiersons
and firms proposing; to bid. The tight to re-
.feet any and all bt,
ot any bid or amend
inn or to aoeept any portion
any article in the schedule is reserved. Bach
me qnanuiy rirenor
bidder will be required tofarnlih with hi
bhl n bond, with two suretlM, In the sum of
JS.KC, as a (tDsrantee of a faithful perform
ance of the contract which may be awarded
him All sample submitted should be left
at the "Stationery Hoom" of the Depart -aent.
jr is,5,49ul
I Inn. n. r . Jnlv a. iai km1a.i p..nai.
will be received at tlie office ef tl
vUlnc Archltert, Treannry Department.
wathlngton, D. .'., nnlll SoVlook t m on
!... rt
thclirrftDAY OF JULY, ISiW.for fiirnbllrU
IF JULY. ISai. for filrnl.M.i .
and dplircrlne drafting materials for fTH
above named office dnriDR the flcal year end
Ing .inne 30, mi. In accordance with the
ncauon arm ocneun e.wulcii ma
I n application at tide oRloe. Bach bid mint
le accompanied bj a certified checK forSRO
dravrntotiie order of theTreaurer of the
united Htaies as a una rant? for tlie satlsfao
tory fulfillment ot the order and the delivery
of the mattrlal. Tin Department will r
Mtall bids received after the tlmeflxedfor
pperlng Ihe same: alo all bld which do not
comply strictly with all the requirements of
this Invitation. Fropona must be InohMed
In envelope, sealed and Indorsed "IrorHwl
for FurnlsblUK and Delivering Draftlntr Mate
rials for office of Supervising Aralilteet,
Treainry Department, WashlngtOB. D. C..''
and addressed. to JAMK8 n. WINDRIM,
tnpetvlaing Architect. JrS.eod.M
J der the rrmlt Hyseem In the IUstrlot
of Cohtmbla.-Ofllee of tlie Cnamtssloner.
WahInston. D. C , Jnlv 9. l(o -scaled pro
posals will lie rrcaired at this office nntll IS
o'clock m. on TfBSDAY, JULY S9. 1MO, for
fiiicwais a. i n uisirioi oi I'oiumbW m (es
proposals for Laying Sidewalks under the
rvrraii xysiem oi Aspuait HlocRS, Asphalt
Tiles. Vitrified Tiles, Flagulng, Sheet Asphalt
and all varied of I'eaietit. Bidders will
furnish specification ot their pavements ac
companied by drawings, niank forms of pro
posals, etc.. can be obtained at this offloe
upon application therefor, together with all
necessary Information, and only bids upon
these forme will be considered. The right Is
reserved to reject any or all bids or part of
bids J W. DOUGLAS. L. Q. HINK. II. M.
iiunan r, i onjirnssione rs v. v. JTlv.ot
1 Cotr mlssloners of the District of Colum
b!a. Washington. July 10, lsto Sealed pro
posal will be rocetveii at the oflVe of the
CoRimlsstouera of the District of Columbia
until ! o'clock m. on 8ATCRDA Y.JULY 19,
ljSVO for furnlshlrg the various brandies of
the District (kivemment with hard eo-U and
wood during the Asoal year ondlng lime ).
I?'. .Blank fornuof proposal, togettterwltlr
all Information, can be obtained upon amtll
cation at Boom . District Building, 1st st. a.
w.. between D and O st. The right I re
serve,! to rrlect aay aad all bid or parts
of Ud. J. W. DOL'OL.S8. IVasMent Board
of Commissioner of the District ot Columbia,
jiUrirtUtiMnli wUr Mi lua, fmrthmer
ih, St nmu tr en irtf; so chUi fr fAr.
the Passion RliMlaASa nth! Man
I'ljest $a. Rare chanee to right party.
I KNelONM. this office. JylJ it
I f iisnua
eral hoaaework In a small family,
mas, wife and boy B years old; German pre
ferred; to the right party a pleasant home
aad good wages assured. Apply at Nu. IOJ8
dres. washing sad lroolinf to do at
hoaej references givea. Apply lll N H ay.
Safe. UgbtniBg-rod- or Bosk Ak-eot.or
Wersmer, of great aavolr falre. for literary
work. Large salary. Write London i Uart-
ford Pab. Co.. N Y.
A(tmrtiimnd4 HMtr UU Ami,mr Haner
Iw,aMirulMr(HM,' Hmu ftrtkrti.
steam power, good elevator service aad Mrst
ehu laaitoswaiu, ia the FOaT fcHHLBtNO,
for rest at low rates to ant-elas taaaats.
Apply to STIUkOK HUTCHIKS. 48 Post
BBiidtsg. or FRANK ilAGUIRE, Sasatla-
f, momttM sw iawrtleM,-WttaU tr ttsw.
Mr avals' arat-uiasa aeav
ItldriMB or nail at
'AXB. StS D M. B. w.
rK S.1LB-UOCejaH.
dftrH m.iiWi imiiir tats AsoX fvtr aar
Isas. a asais ar s i.sWlsTssaStJarXsV.
7 room and bath: all mod buKiutliu
Vv. tiilHsw;
eaah. bstsms
w. ts.sw: Mras vnatatet
X1 .fwuae aoase.at aabdOag; aydraatla
yard; lot mails; asag hommsrSi, $. 1
J honntfis la WmlMiFtAB W Id BilA
2iH2s two-ttury ana bMement, brvwa
asJaaeetsaltoitrsialagguodhsa. MOXKY TU Z4HAN.
uttsasat. Bu delay waaga
All Ut ALL tSsMH.
at sabs tfnann.
iU In Sum to Suit
Oa Aptovod Real
a a
KaMMuaioxxM or usuum.
a. mruot uumx or dbbob boh all
;. MiLL. BBAL Xt
llge taaaraace-
Ammrmm ana am MM, flmHtmvr
tm. , eenrt far em intrtKm;sitmf fur mm.
von Rwt -rjWFumsieagp-
ftis tr- at, it rs and stable.
141! K t n w. tst
ten twin ave, is rs 15S(
jun m ej . isrs
hM !,. .
WHstn W. K...
tew th t n iMt rs.
.si2nw,iirs i,
ivet rstn W."
iM9sWhstBf,ifrs .
lTSjt ..
:t MaaaMiin t. sm .
tew Meiiiioii at. i m..
lTmSfli st aw, Mrs.'.'
gjtrth st aw. strand dw
JS'.S! jw.trs
1815 S T ate. J t
isssiithstn w.Srs
1594 nth st a w. 8 rs
1014 seth t n w. s rs
HSSRiavsa w, Trs
1S91 H)th t n w. S M ...
Bisxstsw,srs are
JJNttstsw.Srs wn
iiai w t b w, i r tees
JWi tlt st n w, s rs
The above homes can t esamtaed by per
mit from oar ones onir.
lsaiFst. a. w.
jl. room rrame
llont near ahara
T'nloi'.oTa. Inqalra
m. w
rim hai.is Ami hunt.
THOMAS X. WA OAMAN. 7 F street.
Changes made Wednesdays and Satardays.
eiststnw, bh, ml.isrs gttoa
lois loth stnw.bh, ml. 10 rs lanes
sorostnw. bh,ml,Mrs $m
11S8 6th stnw.bh, 9 r ISng
SSS Indiana are n w. b h, 9 rs tJro
1SS9 lias ave n w, t h. 8 r tjm
14S1 llonndary st n w,f h.Srs T,H
SBIstnw.bh, llrs sjio
MSStbst n w, bh, ml, rs 4.rs
ailandSBi.'JVthstn w, bh.Srs imq
asss k st n w, h h. io rs two
lias 88th stnw.bh.Sr iSoo
Alley between t and d,M and Nets
nw, bh.srs ijeg
ltM iffith st n w. t b. e rs,' and t house
rear,4rseach JSJXsl
MllDstnw, th. Irs &ti!j
xtsHtossstrstn w, t h. s rs &,
HI4SMhstnw,bh,9r ijm
408 to 411 ltaar's alley n w.bh. 4 rs 8,000
!W ami law Madison st n w. f h. trs.
anu unii rear 4)o
881 tosssssd st n w. bh, 9r 4jno
.IS, ?, " w '. h " 8n1 bonees rear An
ISSSVstn w, f n, Ars jSro
isthstnw.bh.sr Jsw
Alley bet 6th and Tth, X, aad M st a w,
fh,4 rs ; jj
SOLstnw, b h. 7rs 5w
SsflSNstnw.bh.Tra jTio
lSIS-lSK Madison st n w. f h, 1 re t,ime
Theabovelsonlyaportloflar the property
on my books. For fan list call at office for
bulletin Itived on tLe 1st and 1Mb.
lseII.tnw.Ir, rWWX)
sai'aii w, nrs. lur t
" hih st n w, u r
WCstnw, Hrs
71 Hbstnw, llrs
ifSOS faav n w. s m,
1 blags t n w.trs
wr aidstn w. 9 rs
Hall. 3d Boor. 419 lsthstn w
MS F st n w, Id floor, t front room.
Sir and dv UMflst n . Ira
n (XI
88 iw
50 OS
46 00
30 Ot)
SO ft)
M 00
SW 00
10 00
Str and dwg 916 O st w.Srs 80 W
1'oom 9 aad !, d fioor. 80S 18th at. .. . 99 M
btr and dwg Il Md ave n e, rs HT K
8traBddwglsMDeIavew.Tr asm
Hall, law lists w ison
SSI lltlt at n w, front rm. Jit Soor IS (fl
Storeroom 41 Lstse sea
In inms to salt at 6 per cent.
The above Is only a portion of the property
on ray book
For full list call at oflito for
bulletin. Issued on the 1st and 1K1
T. X. WAOfl,
L.8., o. I,
Incorporated by the Legislature forsduea
tkawl aad charitable purpose, aad It fraa-
Sw.Bu.eaMrt. ' preeeatstate dm
stltuttoa.ln W7V, byaq ovsawustainu roru
iar vetE.
INGS take place tieatl-Aaaaallr (Jaaa aad
EtS?f,,&ril..",?'? ,lu OKAJiTJ NOLBNt7M
BER DRAWlKUti take ptaee la eaoU ot the
other tea uoatb la the year, aad are all
drawn ia iwblk), at the Academy of Music,
Kew Orleans, La.
"We do hereby certify that we supervise
the arraageRMat for all the Moathly aad
beat AbbuhI Drawlag of tbeLouteteaa State
Lottery Co. aad in person manage and eoa
trot the drawlag themselves, aad that the
same are conducted with boaesty, fairness
aad In good faith toward all partis, aad we
authorise the company to ue this eertiacate,
with fac slaules of our signature attaunod.
ta Its advertisement."
flf t
We the aartarssgaad
aad baakars
the Loalstaaa
will aay . aU. prise, drawn ia the Loaistaaa
fetate Lattartes
m watea
f be preeeBlad at
oar eoaategsi
K. M. WALMbTSY. Freat U. Xat
r. LANAUX, Prea't State Xat. Xaak.
A. KALBWIK, Frest N O Mat Xaak
l A ML KOstM, Ffe't Uaaw Nas. Bank
ax acaMmy or
wui tags ptace
LtaT Of FBUasL
or sm.m 1.
or H9,saeu.
or samvi.
or swsjsu.
Of MAsVare
FBixxa or
UhM0UxlBjtfsB jYaftLXamm.
-assssmajst spsmBSPSF
iwrrueoi assvase
WBFvUesof sm
JssJPttw.of SS5-
PWtosot M5e 53
J.U4 rsaas aaataa t lag to HfH
AiiaarW WAJsyBB xvaYWstsaast
IWfvu fi ra aivaj is any tatthar t itir.
iiJ!S3 VSJE,
buumum eavebjoe hswEiuur fail a3-
sora aaaaauae
A. OsVUMfUt,
AatM astfaterad Ittis ooauiaiag Cur-sea-y
signed by the Frwddiiit ot o iaatitaUua
sranee caarterea rlghu are reoognUud In Uw
htghtat 1 oarts. Therefore, beware uf 1 1 iarf
taShms or snusyawiu rhnmeu.'r
bEMIvhlBXB Hut the arrXBMB COVUt
orfyfTUCTATS bTT. 44 that
iht LoiunMa t-uu Lv LUry Cu has s OOK
TBAiTaith the stu- of Ljuiki&aa which
VOmt 5.0T XXUliS VSiliL JASVA1Y 1
1 HUXf
Mgar tuij
Wa.V".v.v::.; SB
sssase amaat
m nuSor
..... jpg
u w&fy rHnt
nrWOIJU hr i U
ram nassfvjsjiiBinssitsi sitnaie
MtwcsjiU atsj O se,
Prfesj. .noo
sasnnsi strssa)
twy frainBns,wttBrnlot; situa'e
cniStxta street, betwsaa B and 0 se.
" frtea, 18,000
tory brie hoaaa, eontarntng aronrr
sad bsth; stse of lot, 1817S; sttaate on t
street sw,
W Pries, fe.noo
9-Story and back mttldlnf hrtelt dwelllm-,
eontalnms: 10 rooms; all modern lmpr.,v
nwnts; srtaata on corner of Slnth and K,
4W Pries, p.ooo.
8-story brlelt home, 6 room ami iH,
sltnate on h street, between Xcjtth Cai it. 1
and First streets nw.
rrtee, n,M0.
Story brick honee, containing; 18 room
all modsrn Improvement; situate No. Bv; I
K street nw.
48 Trice, $10,100.
etory brick honee, 10 rooms; slse of lo! ,
Soils; sttsMte Mo. 14M N st aw.
1 rrtee, $10,000.
9-rtory and basemeat; hrlek houe V
rootne aad bath; sttttste on New HamrLirs
avenue, bet. Land -M sts. nw.
rrtee, 6.W0
S-story 6-rootn brtck home; situate tn
Cleveland are., bet. 19th and 13th, W ulJ
I'rice, tlOO.
etory e-room briiK house, os
9-story rVroma
Walleca 1'lace.
rrtee, H.-500.
honee; sltustecr.
rriee, S,100.
3-tory Wek le, eontatBlns; 11 rooms
ami batht and all modern Improvement',
situate No. 1380 a st, n. w
"W l'riej, f fi.OOO.
Improvtsl property on the north, side if
G t., wide front.
rrtee, 35,OP0
A large sUl.le property In a deelrabl. K
cation; now under lease to ifood tcnart.
living 0 tr cent.
81V 1'rlce, Hn noo
4W Frame dwelling, Grant ave., Mwul'
rieasaat. l'rlee, $7,000.
40 Four alley bottees, eontalnlne 4
joonts; each rent for $15 per laoath. I'rice,
4Jsj8-room frame hoose, lot 10x75, on L
(U se, 1'rlce, $8,000.
47 3-tory ami cellar brfcK bouse, 'J
rooms sad hath: sHuate oa Columt.la
HeiebU. I'rlee, $18,000.
Houses at Kails Cliureh, Va.
A new com ace. situate only 5 ralnu'e'
walk from Falla Church sUttoas. W. ,t O.
It. K., Vs., containing 6 rooms, bath, ran
try, and trunk room; else of lot, UOxiW
feet, I'rice, J3, t00. Term easy.
ALSO A new cottage, situate only 3
minute' walk from Falls Church sutiot.,
j. O. K. K, Va., containing, parlor,
dlelnx-roota, Lltcbea, 4 bed-rooms, tth,
servanu roosa aad sttte. rrtee, 13.W0.
Terms sasy.
Vncunl CJronuil A'artlieunl uuil .Voiilli
vast. All of squire lOW.. 35c
tmat ik-
i m Sm............,mm..,.,., C
" " Itoatsi ls 35e
" " long uu
' lftlS......M... 0c
Halt of iiitM.......... ate
tlots Me- 30c
5 " Mt. 30c
a " iaat -uCt
5 :: JSfcr $z
" yaeee eaaeesj eaasetsaaees XC
1 " ' MnW ...,..v.... 37ic
1 ttHaT ""-""
Jjt?!" nttatea "tsiC
WNJaeeeaeeeaeeassaea.e.. 50C
' WBeaea isMHrniMMIiMoi V)C
Jl5V,, MMt(tSlSstt iWC
u t ..... tttC
W .-... ., Nte
T 11 U -" aaeaee.-e...... 'IOC
WM1I,H,MMM aaeaaaeae BQjC
lloase la Aleaaodrla, Va,
3-story Brtek awstHesc, U raam. with
offiee aaaex sad targe side lata; situate on
cor. DuU sad at. Asspa st.; lot 7biby.
3-tory sad back buildtag dweUiaa, enr-taJnlag-lS
room and bath, tot 7USo, sit
uate No. tut rriace st.
408 rriee, fsi,5O0.
S-nory sad back buUdJag; brick bouse,
eoataiasag 13 raeass: sttaate oa eoatbeatt
cor. 1'riace sad Pstrkk sts.
Pries, $8,0
4-story briek dwelHag hease, htUlt la the
mast sobttsattal maaaer, nrHntnlag JU
rooms; stie oi lot SdxU3.
1 rriee, fa,SX).
S-story aad back buiuaag brick house.
eosUatatax S room, attuals oa OoluaHus
St., sear Priaea.
Price, $st,4.
4m-Z-tkery brick dwelling aousa, coc
taaansg 16 rooms aad all atodera Janpruvt
meats; Urge stda yard; sttaate oa cr
Old Chriid, t'aurea. Alesaadris. V1
1 wauiifc-ioB saa i.sateroa sts., ofipoi- 'l
in: a
1 urn Bess sniisiw u AietuaaUtt
rsswau. Tsmii turn thlid
SWPIiViwFp $0B VjwWPgVsiwHilpp 9fHp &J
Roal Estata Broker,
latu l aireet, Mntaisinlaii, a. c
gjggSJ, gtifegfgg

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