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22D YEAR NO. 6,8-1-9.
Republicans Will Take the Stump in
Pattiaon's Interest.
Interview With Governs HillMlneis
DemocraU Arraign TayW"-Private
Allen Will Gome Bask.
llAi.xiMonE, Md July 15. The
conference of Maryland tariff reform
clubs will hold three sessions to-day In
tho Interests of tariff reform, and Inci
dentally to boom Cleveland for the
Democratic nomination. This latter
they do not admit, as tho or
fiantzatlon Is composed of a number
who do not favor Cleveland's nomina
tion. They aro in lino with Clove
land, however, on tho subject of tariff
reform, because he Is tho recognized
leader of tho Idea.
A great many very Influential men
gathered together this morning to at
tend tho business meeting. Alfred
1'carcc of Chcstcrtown was mado tem
porary president. After tho credentials
of the various organizations wcro found
correct a letter from cx-Prosldcnt Cleve
land was read, In which he said: "I am
Eorry that I have mado such plans and en
gaecments that It Is Impossible forme to
accept your Invitation. In common
with all who aro Interested In tho
movement I am exceedingly gratified
with tho evidences constantly presented
cf activity nnd organization In aid of
tariff reform within your State, and I
hope that the proposed convention will
bo full of encouragement to tho friends
of tho cause."
The sentiments of the letter mot with
lientty approval. John DoWItt 'War
ner of Ivow York will deliver an ad
dress upon "Methods of tariff reform
work and organization" this afternoon.
Tho greot public demonstration will bo
licld this evening, at which a number
of Senators, Congressmen and other
prominent men will deliver addresses.
l'OSKl) TO TUB roncK Blt.L.
New Tonic, July 15. The HVrW
Las tho following special dispatch from
llocbcstcr, N. 1.: "Governor Hill
pascd through tho city to-day (Mon
day) on his way from Waverly to Al
bany. A World correspondent met him
at the station and nskod: 'How did you
find tho people of Indiana disposed
toward the Force bill on your recent
"Opposed to It firmly," roplled the
Governor. "They are Democratic. Hut
the weather out there was so dreadfully
warm that the people did not care to
discuss politics."
"May I ask whether Mrs. Hendricks
made the statement attributed to her
that she would not forgive you If you
Kt Mr, Cleveland beat you for the
This Is the warm season with the
mwspopcr boys, and It Is dilllcult for
them to fill up. There are so many re
l"""rts afloat that It Is useless to contra
diet any of them."
The Governor turned to Interviewing
en hi3 own account and asked about tho
rnpulatloa of Rochester.
He praised Rochester and Its citizens ,
lut seemed to deprecate the faet that
thH city Is a Republican centre. He
asked about Mayor Carroll, who Is the
trst mayor In twenty years who has en
forced the Sunday liquor laws.
' W ould not fair excise laws that could
lie enforced seven days in the week be
a'iout what the people want?" asked the
governor. Then he added: "I believe
in laws that are good enough for every
day In the week."
( :itt ago. III , July 15.-Two Demo
i rule nominations of candidates for
0 ngrcss were made yesterday la this
rltv In tbe First distrletW.a.Jiwlag,
1 cited States District Attorney, was
mmlnated, and la the Fourth General
"W I. Newberry was sawed. Ttte
lirst district is bow represented by
At ner Taylor ami the Fourth by G. K.
The First district convention passed
the following:
' e arnugu the p stent KepmentsUve
ct I .. di&irkt tu Congress, Anner Taylor,
I.T'-i.e tulnui.nis libel he hae seachtlo
tjU i. upoutbe people of Us own dftrk-t
ly ic.-iringui Coagrets that the previs-
. - oi tbe Force ElecUoa bill were ueces-e-y
t,, sct-me lair tiertluas in this district.
- v c denounce and anatgs hiss before
II i jx...iic for bis adherence to the piiael
l ,.. u( bib and unjust tsTstloa, sad we
j.iu. 'u aud condemn Use humus he hae
l.. ail puUn Hueedeu Misrepresented the
liuiL or ibis distrJet."
1 ,1.1 deli-uu, Jujy 15. FUs for
. Jupubllcaa attack upon theDeta
t.i .ur ticket are new keiag formulated.
31 r. "Wharton Barker said to a reporter
Ui,i uk ws," queried Mr. Barker.
' ,iuli.r I have received aay letters
m ltcpublicaaj cotamfading mr
M iu cuuiin out ia support of Fettf
q Iu answer I -will say that front
u-i ike Suie letters have beea
uiiuj lu from prominent Republicans
i:iLl tuut not only would tkey tup
ii I'aiiuus but would use every
in.31 cudettvut to ee that he was
i't-J There will be niaUinx ahosi
. i i n.vululio lu FciuuvlvaaU pulitke
u November. TRxk ltopuolkaa aiaiorUv
iii JwUidlu away until notuiojThi left
.ilj ;Uc aati Delamater uwiuc&r hM
i i la iu phice- It vklll he W hialory
rcpiauutr itself, whan Foler vat
-l. iJ uodir la New York-
X Lite received word froiu several
, , ,i .ul! well kaowu Bepiiblli ens
telling me that tbey Intend taking the
stnmp this year In tfre Interest of Pattl
c. I am not at liberty to mention
their names yet, as plane for the cam
psltn have not yet been formulated.
"In a few days, probably a week, a
conferem of leading Republican poli
ticians from the Interior of the Stale
will be held In my office, ami a plan of
campaign agreed upon. To each man
will be aligned enme particular dis
trict, ami he will have sole charge of
working against Delamater In that sec
tion." "Will you work In conjunction with
the Democratic Committee?"
"No-, that point we wish to make
particularly apparent. We want to
show that the Democratic State Com
mittee and the Antl-Delamater Com
mittee are totally distinct organlratlons.
Tho election of Mr. Patllson as Gover
nor of Pennsylvania Is, of course, the
common objective point, but there will
be no collusion of the Democratic and
the PaUlson-Republlcan forces."
"But why should you wish that fact
made particularly apparent V
"For this reason, we want to show
that tho Democrats unaided would have
probably no, surely lost. The enter
ing of a Republican committee In the
Interests of the Democrats is our pro
test against Quaylsm, and we tho Re
publicans who will not be ruled will
elect Mr. Patllson. "We draw no party
lines; we want to show to the entire
United Stales that in this State, at least,
there arc men who, In the Interests of
honest government, will rise superior to
party politics and help elect the man
who, in their minds, Is best fitted for
tho position. Mark my words: In No
vember you will seo nothing short of a
revolution In Pennsylvania politics."
Nnvr Y'onic, July 15. Concluding a
long special from Washington, the Her
ald correspondent says: The Issue Is
evidently joined, nnd the question now
is, will the friends of Mr. Itlalno In tho
Senate stand by tho Tariff bill and do
inand its amendment and fulloet con
slderatlonT That this Is a duty Is clearly
tho view of Mr. Illalne's friends, and
was forcibly outlined to day by that
eminent authority on parliamentary law,
Senator Carlisle Ho says:
"What the Democrats have sained
by the taking up of the Tariff bill was
this they hava given those Republi
cans who arc at heart opposed to the
Federal Election law a good oxctiw for
preventing Its consideration without
having to array themselves against their
party. For should n move now be
made under tho inspiration of a caucus
to diop the Tariff bill temporarily nnd
force the passage of the Election bill
those Republican Senators who are ad
verse to It can very properly oppose
such a policy on the ground that the
tariff question Is of paramount Impor
tance to tho business Interests ot the
country, and that being under consid
eration It would be unwise and Impo
litic to drop It for a purely political
Mr. Carlisle called the attontlon ot
his colleaEiies In the Senate to this
view, and they one and all agree that
the Turlll bill Is now the forlorn hone
of all Republican Senators who will
not wear tho collar ot scheming and
ambitious political leaders.
Upon the outcome of this tariff Issue,
I am Informed, depends the future ot
Mr. Illalne's connection with this Ad
ministration. Ho has suffered an In
dignity which no honorable and high
minded man can silently endure, but
reasons of a personal character solely
compel him now to remain In ottlce un
til the last effort for vindication has
bees exhausted. When he retires he
will do so untrammeled by otUclal eti
quette and without restraint as to the
manne r In which he may use the tacts
he no w holds for his own defense.
Senator Frye's mall yesterday after
noon contained a letter from Secretary
Dlalne, written at Oar Harbor, under
date of Friday last. It says: "I have
just received Intelligence from the
highest commercial authority In Ha
vana, that American flour, under the
new duties imposed by Spain, cannot
reach the Cuban market under a cost ot
$11.46 per barrel, counting the shipping
price In New York at i.SO per barrel.
Spain holds the market for herself, and
is able to send European Hour at a price
whleh totally excludes the American
flour from the markets of Cuba and
Porto Rico. Other articles of Atserieaa
growth are likewise taxed by Simla to
the point of prohiUiion. TuU one
sided commerce will seriously Injure
the sldppieg routes whkk are still la
American hands, largely it aot exclu
sivity. "It would certainly be a very extra
ordinary policy ou the part of the Gov
ernment, j ust at this time, to open our
market without charge or duty to the
enormous crops of sugar raked in the
twoSpaaJek Islands. Cuba and Porto
Hieo furnish the United States with
nearly or quite one-half of the sugar
which we consume, and we are far
larger consumers than any other nation
in the world- To give a free market to
this iwnvenae product of the Spanish
plaaiatiosM at the moment Spain is ex
cluding the products of American
farms from her market, would he a
policy as unprecedented as it would he
"Our trade with the American re
publics, as well as with the Watt India
Islands, has been for yean in a moat
unaatiafactory munition The ftjpre
gale balance of trade with all Latin
America is heavily against us. A aln
gle illustration wfll suntce. Since we
repealed the duly oa eoCee, in 1673, we
have imported the product of Brazil to
the extent of fftit 8ftS).(W0, and have
sold to her rnly $lM,135,uflu of our
own products. The dilereace tM,
71,U00 we have paid in gold, or its
equivalent, and Brazil has expended the
vast sum la markets of Euroue. You
can readily see how iufcreei the result
would have been if. in return for the
free admission of Brazilian coffee in
our market, we had exacted the free
admission of certain products of the
raited States la the Brazilian market.
To repeat this error, with sugar (to am
amount three times at Urge as wish
coCee), will clow all opportunity to es
tabUah sttrtytotity of trade with Latin.
"The charge agalaat the protective
uulUy whkh has liiured it moat is that
tu benefit go wholly to the manwfnct
uar aud the lapttnttrf. asd sot at attto
the farmer- You and I watt know thai
this is not true, hot still it U the matt
plausible and. therefore, the uwL hurt
ful arguuumt wade b the free trailer.
Here to a opportunity where the farmer
may be beneflted primarily, undenia
bly, richly benefited. Here Is an op
portunity for a Republican Congress to
open the markets of forty minimis of
people to the products of American
farms. Shall we seize the opportunity,
or shall we throw It away?
"I do not doubt that In many respects
the Tariff bill pending In the Senate Is
a jnst measure, and that most of Its pro
visions are in accordance with the wise
policy of protection. But there Is not
a section or a line In the entire Hill that
will open a market for another bushel
of wheat or another liarrel of pork.
Sucar Is now placed on the free list
without exacting Important trade con
cessions In return, we shall close the
door for a profitable reciprocity against
ourselves. I think you will find some
valuable hints on this subject In the
President's brief message of June 10,
with as much practical wisdom as was
ever stated in so short a space.
"Our foreign market for breadstuff
grows narrower. Great Britain Is ex
erting every nerve to secure her bread
supplies from India, and the rapid ex
pansion of the wheat area in Russia
gives us a powerful competitor In the
markets of Europe. It becomes us,
therefore, to,usc every opportunity for
the extension of our market on both
of the American continents. With
nearly one hundred million dollars'
worth of suzar seeking our market
every year, we shall prove ourselves
most unskilled legislators If we do not
secure a largo field for the sale and con
sumption of our brcadstuffs and provis
ions. The lata conference ot Amorl
can republics proved tho existence of n
common desire for closer relations.
Our Congress should take up the work
where the International Conference left
It. Our field of commercial develop
ment and progress lies south of us."
New Y'oiik, July 15. A special
cablegram In to day's Herald gives the
following details of the mass meeting
at Shcfllcld, England, last night: "A
town meeting, presided over by the
mayor, was hold In Sheffield tonight
to protest ncnlnst the proposed Ameri
can tariff. The gathering took place
In tho open air and was attended by
12,000 worklngmcn. Letters wore road
from tho borough members approving
of tho object of the meeting. Tho
Rlaht Hon. John Mundella wrote that,
having accoptcd tho chairmanship of
the Parliamentary committee to con
shier the approaching expiration of
various European commercial treaties,
felt he ought not to take part In the
"A master cutler moved a resolution
protesting against the prohibitory tariffs
proposed to be placed on British goods
by the United States In return for the
free market accorded In the United
Kingdom to American products, and
calling ou the Government to acquaint
tho President that such action, being
hostile and unfair to the welfare of the
manufacturing population of Great
Britain, Is viewed with grave disfavor
ba this country. Tho master cutler ex
pressed the opinion that the Tariff bill
was proposed In tho Interests of Indi
viduals and for political reasons.
"Tho English people had the most
ficrfect good will towards the Inhab
tants of the United States They aro
mombers of tho same race a race to
whom tho future destinies of the world
were entrusted and thorefore anything
that tended to disturb the good feeling
that ought to exist between England
and America was a distinct loss to the
whole world.
"He did not believe that the masses
In the United States were tn favor of
these proposals, which were brought
rorwaui tor political coDStuerauons.
Let them pass by such politicians anil
appeal to the sense of fair play and jus
tice Inherent In the American people.
"The resolution was seconded by the
president ot the Sheffield Chamber of
Commerce, ami was carried enthu
siastically. Colonel Bingham, a promi
nent free trader, moved a resolution to
communicate the feeling of Shettield to
Lord Salisbury and advocated retalia
tion, but was called to order by the
Mayor, this matter being outside the
scope ot the meeting. This resolution
was also carried. The meeting wai very
enthusiastic and unanimous.
l'ciiii)'lvanla' New Olialrmua.
It is understood that Congressman
James Kerr of Clearfield, Pa., will be
I elected as chairman of the Democratic
Hate Commute. It seems that the
Paulson and Wallace wen have seen
the political wisdom of coming together
for the good of the iwrty. The commit
tee now selected will call and bold the
conventions which will select the dele
gates to the National Convention of
Itftl Chairman Kerr, as he will soon
be. is a son-in-law of Wallace. This
will give that shrewd politician a power
ful grip on the machine during the year
of the National Convention.
l'rivate Allen Will be HeaawlBated,
Jacksok. Mis., July 13. The result
of Saturday's primaries Indicate that
Private Allan will be renominated tor
Congress from the First district, when
the convention menu to morrow at
mumi3 m tmm.
The OU CMfeutt UaoFt-KocMH Ttwaetl
lata a Mtt4- Mall.
There waaa civil service exaniiaatioii
to-day, commencing at 10 a. m. and
lasting for four hours, of 147 young
ladies and six getrtlsMtea apptlciaU
for position of as list sals to plate
printer in Use Bureau of Engraving
aad Printing.
The Circuit Court-room was crowded.
Chief rummer Webster conducted the
eiawtaartoa, asstated by Chief Clerk
Bailey. The branches of examination
wese orthography. arUhmetk, copying
and penmanship, aad appeared to ha
an easy oae-
Bt-ccaacKlta. J., July 15. The
flag ayiag over the house of Dr. Beat
tie continues to agitato his aetghhors,
aad all sorts of threats are betug made
against Oa Doctor aad his property.
The Doctor, however, still asserts that
he will aot haul Oa Mag Jowa uaatt or
uataad to so no hv aoaaa coaapateas au
thority. Hetaye the tag it aot a t'oa
fedecat tag, wat maatty aa imitajaoa.
ataaV by esjN hJa pttk gWt
Losoo, July 15-Joha Halts, a
botanist who was weM kaosa la
Aiucnca died yeaWrdajr at Pcmiacc.
Difteit for the Prwwt Fiscal Year
Put at $43,000,000.
Down'l ?m it Will Annual to $19,000-
OTO.-.Tha Forts Bill Will Run it
Dp to $83,000,000,
New Yokk, July 15. The World
to-day has the following special from
Its Washington correspondent: The
counlrv is presented with a great real
ity for Its consideration. The old story
of Ihc surplus from whloh to draw ox
travngant appropriations can no longer
afford a theme for hopeful discussion
by political economists. The patriot
who Is hungry and athlrst for a sub
sidy may not point to nn overflowing
Treasury. The pension sharks cannot
base their heavy demands on over
plethoric money vaults. The surplus
no longer exists. It has vanished to
the four winds, so to speak, and the
country knows It no longer.
than whom there Is no more careful and
thorough student of the practical finan
cial workings of the Government, was
dlicustlng this evening thcclfecton the
Treasury of tho expenditures ordered
and to be ordered by appropriations ond
said to the HVrW correspondent:
"The regular annual appropriations
already passed and thoso pending,
which of course mutt, In the main, pass,
amount to $850,000,000. With the
permanent appropriations, amounting
to $110,000,000, added, the appropria
tions for the fiscal year upon which the
Government has just entered are swelled
io tfiuu.uuu.uuu a pretty sum in inuu.
llctldcs this
the sugar liountles (assuming that the
Tariff bill now before the Senate, and
pasted by the House, will potr, and the
hill granting subsidies to the merchant
marine, which has yet to pin one
House, but which doubtless will pi,
add $13,000,000 the first year. The re
cent additions to the pensions to be paid
that were granted by tho bill which
passed the present session will, when
put lit- full operation, require about
$M).000,000 a year; not more than
$12,000,000 to $15,000,000 can bo ex
pended during the fiscal year now pro
gressing, for the reason that the num
erous claims cannot lie riled, examined
and allowed In time.
"If you will add to the $160,000,000
already Included In my estimate, the
$12,000,000 (I give
for the sugar bounties and the shipping
subsidies) and $12,000,000 only for the
new pensions, the aggregate will In
crease to $10:1,000,000. The estimated
receipts furnished by the Secretary of
the Treasury are $ 130.0o0.000. The
deficit will therefore amount to $-13,-000,000.
The Secretary of the Treasury
Includes the receipts frooi the postal
service In his computation.
"Certainly Mr. Wisdom would not
mislead the Government and hie party
by underestimating the revenues of his
Department. Four hundred and fifty
millions represent in dollars the sum
sgalast which the various departments
of the Government can draw to cancel
the expenditures directed by Congres
sional appropriations. The
list will require, another year, about
$110,000,000. The present fiscal year
will have to be covered out of the $130,
000,000 revenue. The sinking fund
law must be complied with or it mutt
"When a private Individual's ex
penses exceed his revenues he exhausts
bis capital aad becomes bankrupt. The
Government ot the United Stale will
have become technically bankrupt when
Us expenditures exceed its revenues, like
some foreign governments of which we
bear. Of course, the Government at
present has infinite recouice. There is
the Treasury reserve, and then the sink
ing fund pay menls may be stopped by
legislation, but It will be a new experi
ence for the larger Bumber of the eiti
xecs of the American Union to witness
the Government drawiag oa the Treat
uiy reaerve and
arereaiMtro tui sikkiko rusa.
"The dominant party may aot past
the River aad Harbor bill, whkh ap
propriate about 94.000,000. The an
nual bill for improving our navigable
alar generally contains objectionable
features; it alio contain useful ones,
aad great harm will be done to the Gov
ernment works if some of them are sus
E" 4 for the want of aa appropriatloa.
as ataeh haras will result from
passage of the River aad Har
bor hill as from the aoa passage of the
Subsidies bill We can, as a people,
get along without Use latter mat easily
than if the river aad harbor appropria
tions go over a year. I speak compara
tively merely.
"I do aot Vaow whether the Sepub
Ucaa majority maaa to latuead the
River aad Karfcor bill, but I hare heard
the iuggeelUm that they atay do ao, alao
ma raaswcxv Mar veto it.
"If the River and Harbor Mil, should.
uerchaace. not Mat, there is still a de-
teat of about S0,uU,000. I have aot
iaduded aatftajf expeaitfttuees tine many
private claim whkh are peadJagor
"'ou will perceive that there is m
theory oa which to argue, but aa ac
tual coadtafcoa exists lor tite pnopl f
the United States to wnviifcr " W"
have a sathte of cold facts before us,
aad a compariaoa of the loomaga of the
csedja aad dsddt colttflaas of &gaie
TU iitiixv Tavist
that aha exeat surplus of aha Treasury
bj) linn.. eyjfila Inataed we a,li
ima wmww vnmmwnpenrs1 Pt wsee"
that the eapnadfeurea of the tjuveru
saaat wUi. at that ivstntfarB of the
pnuaat iacal year, have exoeaded the
saveaaat more thaa WMml.OOS. Thi
is the whole case ia a nutshell
"Thace ia aa ijoAtatoaai eapeaditure
to be added. It will arise If the Fedcm!
Elect! .ua bill pste the smiuU aal U
generally put In operation. The esti
mate of cost on which I find tfat many
competent authorities agrws is $10,
000,000. Of course, tket are ao nte
cedent to guide them In arriving at the
figures mentioned, but t think the mm
of $10,000,000 g not too large. The
deficit would thus amount to $38,900,
000. But the Force Mil has aot yet
Mnimarr Otevetnmt Start Out A IHj;
Deeksteiler Coinlilmitlon,
BtnrrA!.o, N. Y., July 15. Minstrel
Magnate W. S. Cleveland, who puts
Ihret separate companies on the road
this season, opened here last night to a
big audience in the Academy of Music.
The Consolidated Minstrels presented
attractive novelties, which were warmly
applauded. Kmereon, Pagan, School
craft. Dougherty, Denton, Fj.t and a
score of others appeared. Fagan's
"Phantom Culraselers" was an unusual
exhibition. Ily electric appliances a
beautiful effect was produced, the stage
ljelnf! darkened and thoroughly charged
with electricity, with which the drill
ing minstrels filled the air during the
The celebrated Kngtlsh Crags family
in their acrobatic feats, the "Alpine
Mountaineers" ami Slgnorllendetto, the
wonderful male soprano from Milan,
Italy, were applauded, ltesldes these
the usual musical and minstrel enter
tainment was excellent. Cleveland's
other companies, the Magnificent Min
strels and the Colored Colossal Min
strels, have bills of opial merit.
TiiBSTOJf, July 1C The Lew Dock
stadcr Minstrels Company has filed ar
ticles of Incorporation here; capital
stock, $30,000. Joseph U. Miller of
Plalnfleld has ninety-seven shares and
the two Dockstaders and William II.
Bgbcrt each hold one share. They pro
ikwo dolne a general mtnstrel business
in Kuropc, the United Slates and Australia.
II10 t'ollce llellero Tlicy llavo
lureil Ono if the 0nc.
Atlantic Citv, July 10. The police
authorities Lcltcve they have at last
captuud one of the crooks who have ha 1
such a successful run amone the hoteh
and cottages here recently. Ills name
is James Casey and he gave his age as
SI. Eariy yesterday morning lie entered
the Ilredy Home on Arkansas avenuo.
and went Into the room occupied by
Mia. Brady, who was suffering from
toothache and awake. She screamed
ami he ran down the main corridor and
cut through the front door.
An olllcer saw his flight and followed
him Into the llussell Houe, just opiw
site After a diligent search Casey was
discovered behind a dooi, ho having
evidently been shielded by Mrs. Mary
McNcary, the proprletess ot the house,
lie was brought to tho City Hall and
will be given a hearing to day. A small
bottle of chloroform ami a wig were
found In the young crook's pocket, and
this fact warrants the belief that he was
Implicated in the recent hotel robberies,
although no other criminating evidence
could lie adduced against him at his
piellmlnary hearing.
Casey Is known here as a fakir and
hotel runner, and Chief Kldredge says
he has no record as a burglar.
l'ecullnr l'erdccutlun or Three Vuuoc
Women la l'enuylvuli4.
UxtossTOWN. Pa., July 15. Oa Sun
day three young ladles, daughters ot
the late John II. Moore ot near Saleui,
heard their sheep bleating, and on go
ing out Into the field, found eleven dead
lu a dock ot forty three. On searching,
tbey found a small quantity ot blue
vitro!, which tome unknown fiend had
mixed with salt and placed upon a rock
where the sheep would find It.
The animals continual to dron off,
until yesterday twenty-nine ot the forty
three were dead, and the others were
expected to follow. Previous attempts
have been made t poison the eows,
ami a few days ago a nail was driven
into the foot of the family horse. The
young ladles are distressed and hor
rified, aot being aware that tkey bad
any such enemies in the community.
Tbey CsuipUla of Very Shabby Treat
ment la llerllB,
New Yokk, July 13 A cablegram
from Berlin says that Phelps aad Dr.
Lartaiag left for Hremea yesterday
afternoon, while forty Independents
started for Cologne last night. They
complained of the scandalous neglect
of the sharpshooters' committee. which,
by Incompetent otficiousaats aad red
tape, failed to deliver the entire lot of
The Scbuetaeafest has lost 100 000
marks by niggardly artaugesaaati aad
bad ataaagataeat. Captain Delhi of the
IaueswmWau. who it suffering from
dropsy, has gone to the Maaheim baths
aad is regarded as a very sick ataa.
Miue WrkM la UawvaBllan.
LoLiMuiis, Omio, July 15. The
executive committee of the United
Mine Workers of America are to meet
here Uv day. It is understood that they
will araaafe to bring damage suits
agaiaattae owners of the FanstUUl
Mine la behalf of the famlrke of the
vktiaM of the receat disaster at Dua
bar. T queation of ordering out aO.OW
a taenia lUtaoit will also be cnasid-i-red,
the operators having failed to
keep their promise to great aa advance
of 75 cent a toa-
em 1 " - 'm
LttAAIiMktflfcsto TlmUt. ai' TMhUMT4AaS Htlianv
Lsiaxo, low., July 15. X public
mectta- was held Monday evening , at
which teaoiutkxu were adopted that
I the sale of intoxicating liquor shall aot
1 l v alkMved ia this place, aad that any
I tincd aM leathered aud cowbUed out
uf taa village. Oertaia person who
' acta talkug tf starting aa origtaai
I'aaga- aouse acre aave wx m
Wan) from oa thx- ubject iucc the
HafanM aatttaVM SOuf IsnfaY ITttttfc.
Dtjaivwt, Cot... July 13. -Mrs. T 4
l arg ajnd her child pasted through thi
1 ity jMitjajay, oa her way to vhdt nda
"Va a Toroato. Caaada- Mr Lajp
'- thj vtfeaj of Misajnaary Large, who
U aiiaiwad U TolOo. Jaoaa, tsee
utnaJdi go by two aaaajrfaa Mx.
UnaaanjB severely injured iaheref
um la save her hushaai't Ufa. bVa
tat deep scar extending the full
uga or aer race ana iwo augec axv
; flow tu-i icit uaaa
15, 1890.
A Samlay-HeiMMit Timelier I!n
CIjim of Chlnnmen Arreattil,
Lowki.1., Macs , Jnly 15. Nearly all
the Mongolians of this city have been
devout members of the told of the First
Beptlst Chnrrh of this city for quite a
time. They bare been baptised In the
church, ami a whole Sunday school clan
of pig-tailed lanndrymen have been
under the charge of MlssIIattle Morris
who bad about convinced the other
church members that she had the whole
crew converted.
The Chinamen gave lomtom concerts
before the church ueople ami told how
much better they felt for being Chris
tians and how sorry they were for their
fellow Celestials who played fan-tan
smoked opium. On the way to ami
from church they moved In a body ami
advertised their Christianity for all it
was worth. For quite a while Mlw
Morris has lieen suspicious of her yel
low birds. She noticed that they were
surely corrupting the rest of the Sunday
school. In her quiet way she did a lit
tle detective work, and the result was
that on Sundav night she put the police
on to her Illble class, the members of
which were playing a nlre quiet game
of fan tan anil smoking opium.
One Chinaman Jumped under a bunk
and yelled "Me no smokee opium; me
no see gome; me llkce Mellcan man."
He was pulled In with the others, and
in court last evening the Illble class was
heavily fined, while Miss Morris stood
by and aided the prosecution. One un
repentant pigtail said to Miss Morris as
he was leaving court: "Oh, damn going
to church, anyway." .The lady nearly
fainted at this ending To her religious
rears Tor Ihe Safely of Tito 1'lomure
Vnchln Destruction to Orowlnc
Crops The Sen Wine Dlnntter.
Minneapolis, Mink., July 15. A.
special from lied Wing says: Iu ad
dition to the printed list of victims ot
Ihe Sea Wing disaster the following U
a list as near complete as possible ot
those still missing and supposed to he
Wlllltut AiUmt, Trenton; John Uetiren.
Dell W. Waker, Freil It. Msttlmer, city;
Mrs. Mcrrett, Oreen City; V. ferric, IUm
Ilhoilcr, city; Mrs. (Creamer, Diamond
HlurTs: Itoderlck Mero, Auriln, Mero, Jr.,
!)lnini,d Hindi: Jotin Adam. Msttle
Fl)nn, Trenlon: Nellie Wetliern, DUmoml
HIult; Mrs. Wei tier u IHamotnl IllutT-;
(eorge Hsrtmsu, city: Fred J. Christ, Irn
Fulton, Mary Skogluml. Charles I.IIIvt.Uil,
Henry Newton, Martin Schorr, Cbirle
Peterson, John Strouli, James Carlson, Kit.
IIuMbcraton, city. Alto many others
whote nsiues couut not t learned.
Denton IIauuor, Mich., July 15.
The heaviest rain storm ever known
here sttuck this vicinity at 13:13 yes
terdsy, lotting half an hour. A high
wind accompanied the rain anil much
damage was done. Two houses In the
suburbs were blown over, the occupants
tecelvlug severe Injuries. The rasp
berry fields were severely damaged.
Plymouth, Ixu.. July 13. Consider
able damage was done growing crops
here yesterday by the rain anil wind
storm, ami crops In all parts of the coun
try have suffered terribly from the
severe wind. Heavy hall storms are re
ported from various sections ot the
nortuern pari 01 me county, several
boutvs and buildings were unroofed In
this city.
octh llKxn, Ixn., July 15. A se
vere wind and rain storm visited this
section yesterday afternoon, but did no
serious damage beyond uprooting trees
and tearing down fences and telegraph
St. Joearu, Mick , July 15. A terri
ble rain aad wind storm prevailed la
this pajt of the Slate yesterday. There
was ao damage further than the blow
lag dowa of a few houses ami trees.
Two yachts left St. Joseph for Chicago
just before the storm came up. Ills
not know a bow many people were on
Chicago, July 15. The excursion
steamer Puritan, plying between this
clly and St. Joseph, encountered the
full force ot yesterday afternoon's
storm, while la midlake. Captain
Sielns leports it the worst be ever ex
puieaeed, aad thinks it impossible that
the two yachts from St. Joe could
have weal Uerid the storm.
PoiiTiAi, III., July 15. A heavy
wind and rain storm passed over this
section about 0 o'clock last evening.
Trees were blown down aad corn and
oats are fiat oa the ground
Two Ht sa. Wu., July 15. During
a Ur rifle thunder storm whkh passed
over the city at aooa yesterday the
steeple of the German Evangelical
Church wa struck aad completely
ruined. Pieces therefrom were thrown
several hundred feet The church
building was also damaged.
Tebbc IUitx, Uo., July 15. About
T o'clock but evening a terrific storm of
wind aad rata burst upon the city, and
ia a few miautes had damaged a num
ber of buildings, besides levelliag trees
aad fences. The storm csme frosu the
Northwest without warning. The wind
unroofed a portion of Meyer's Opera
House. Lightning struck the steeple
of the German Methodist Church, aad
nearly detuoliahed u X number of
residences were unroofed, but ao oae
has yet beea reported Injured.
A report from Ellsworth, five wiles
aorta, states the Sirs Board Trust's
paper mill was partially uarooied aad
a portioa of the walls blowa dowa;
damage aot eatitaated. Uchtaiasj
struck aad set ire to several f aruT
houses oa the outskirts.
JLawser WitetU Hirnnetnts!.
Ksa York. July 15 The report of
Frederic K. Coudtert, tha wfierce ap
pointed to take lostiuioay la the disbar -meat
proceeding sgaiast Lawyer Bea
jaada. H right, growta out of the lck
case, V4t preteuuai 10 ine losnis
General Term ewrdy. The report
entirely exoansUis Mr. Wright, the wf
ee dsclaiW that he aad Judge Book:
starar are to be b.-lkved la tats saattar
ratiu-r thaa Bvfv-e Meets. The Gea
eisl ?ersa will be used to coaarm Dm
tettrt&'t report at an early day.
wswaesshars: ttaae tat
FtaifKBsai ao. W Vs.. July
That city of W.UOU U0bitaaj h) umk -gvig
aa uapsecedeowd wtaaf fataiaa.
IU maaufacturiag voaceras We ha
cosapelled to shut dowa- Hot s 4wa
ahkb are a complete wreck. Water
tor waahiag b, Wlu Uiu.lv! ia carts
sad sold ia the sUcvU.
A Olftrk nd Miswuftr DUiW to
Assist Him
To Se 8na in Bkttkauiliig Wsatira
Farmers Dibsm4 0seeDnrr
Serietn Ckirfw at PrwsaU
Following close on the heels ot lite
late unearory scandal regarding the
lists of undelivered patents which has
been fully ventilated In Tmr fnmc,
comes another scamlal erpially as bad
ard showing a dls)osUlon on the pert
of Iho Interior Department officials t
assist Ilepublican attorneys to obtain
lnfounallon they have no tight to, and
by its action allowing the Dtpartment
Io be made the vehicle through which
worthy men have been mulcted by un
scrupulous practitioners.
A. C. Wlddlcombe Is an attorney,
who claims Missouri is his habitat. lie
also occupied during the lute campaign
the somewhat exalted position of chair
man of the llcpubllcan Committee. He
Is a lawyer, and Is well known through
out thc'Stale poihnps too well known,
for the gentleman has Indulged tu legal
practices which, If report he true,
Mr. 'Wlddlcombe also practices before
the Interior Department. There was a
time when his name was not on the rolls
of attorneys, but that was brought about
by some little indiscretions on bis part,
for which he was disbarred. He was
subsequently restored to practice.
Charges of the most serious character
ate now pending against him lxiforc
tho Department, but owing to his close
relationship to Secretary Noble there Is
little doubt but what they will be
Wlddlcombe's occupation prior to
his descmt upon Washington, and when
he was not engaged In trying to figure
out a llcpubllcan majority in Missouri,
consisted In searching the records ot
tue local lami oince anil nnuing tieiecis
In the title to lands In that Slate. Often
he found defects and then his little
scheme was developed In all Its won
drous beauty. It was not an Intricate
one, nor was it a new one. Wlddl
combe had plenty of
In the same line ami In all likelihood
will have plenty of followers.
In Missouri public lands are subject
to private entry that is. they can be
purchased outright for $1 25 an acre,
so that when the genial land shark
found a defect In the title he Immedi
ately purchased the land ami then ex
posed his hand to the man who occu
pied It.
The proprietor was given notice that
he was in illegal possession of the land.
It Itelouged to Wlddtcombe, as did
whatever Improvements were on It, and
he proposed to take charge of It.
Naturally the man was alarmed and
ready to make any terms rather than
lose his home. This suited Wlddl
combe ami be usually mulcted his
victim for several hundred dollars.
Harsh names were applied to him, but
he pocketed the spoils and went after
new game.
"When he first struck 'Washington
after Harrison's Inauguration be as
pired to ofllce. He wanted aa Assistant
Secretaryship under Noble, but he
failed to get It, and then be spread his
wings and aspired to make the General
Land Office a partner in
And this Is the way be worked It.
He saw Assistant Commissioner Stone
aad told him he wanted certain data,
carefully refraining from saying what
that data was. Permission was granted
him. and be went to the liecorder and
t&kl him be had authority from xecre
tary Noble to get what he wanted. He
then eplsinedlhal he wanted to wake
aa abstract of a county ia Missouri, aad
a desk w as fitted up for him la the He
corder's division.
But Wlddlcombe was aot satisfied.
He needed assistance aad did aot ease
to pay for it. so a clerk who draws
$1,400 from the Ooverataaat was
detailed to assist him, aad a messenger
also ia the employ of Uncle Sam aid
his behests.
lie was looking up suspended lead
warrants aad taklag eui&cieat data
f rota them to eaable him to
obt.uk cotrraoL ot the lxso
oa whkh the warrants had beea laid,
or, for a fixed sum, to remedy the de
fect ia the title, lie ruled his two as
tisiaau like a Czar. If they did aot
move fast eaough aad do the work he
sated, disBjTtssl was threatened.
The naaie of the Secretary was poteat
and secured aim everything he waated
About this time aa order was issued
Hauling the hours when attorneys could
obtain information froas 11 a. as. to i
p. m. Wkkkootahe paid ao atteatioa
to it. What, the friead of tha nVcre-
ftary put himself oa a level with ordinary
awa? w ett, aardiy. ue had a soap
aad he took ao paws to conceal it. hut
ether attorneys aid not like tha manner
fat whkh U was carried oa, sad coui
plslafST to the Recorder.
That oakial Informed Whadicoarhe
that he must conform to the hours. Did
be do tr Kot much: he aUaply went
ahead, aad to the rcfmiaslraivea of the
i.iji rat; t.ejcTv ojmnuu,
aad did aot prepoe to be atolested
The other stttraeys weal to the As
sbtant Secretary aad the result was
that WUthVotube was informed that he
would bavt to stop, tie blustered aad
Uucuieosd, but it ws of ao avail, and
tfecs he ouht hU f rkud Ki4tl, who
instantly reversed bia subordinates, aad
Mr. Wlddkoaibe tame bach, bigger aad
asore arrogant thaa ever aad coaspleted
Ids work- Tata he wee to Missouri
aad is ao doubt now using the taf orma
tVaa he nftititliwi from the 'Hn1
Mcords of the Lead 04k to make profit
ojat of fnrajawt tiarftiiighftttf tJhet State.
ftm-a baaoaatatloe as he ohtafcaed aae
iavarimhlv beea dnwMml other attoraets.
aad the oaace fees always asade a pre
tceae of protecting settlers in. their
lilit- It u 1 only uulv A vAicptun.
In Ms we, but It provided Wm Jrt
desk room In a badly crowded mntfa
where there is little room aad tm aft
two men as assistants who drefr Imif
pay from the OovetiitBeiit.
WMdlcombe always InnWad ti
what he was doing waa Irf the Secrt
tafy's orders, and the actwn of that
official sulawriuentty bow out taw m
settlou. NoWe could hardly awl
helped knowing the man's reputeMo.
or could he rery well hata mewmi
being cognlxant of the nefAftoai pRf'
notes to which the Illegally obtained
Information was to be put.
The Unltm State Thonhrtl ftr Her
Attitude nn Arttltrnlrmi.
'kw ?ork. July 15. A SfPWdnt
cablegram from London says Ihwl
David Dudley Field pwaWed at the
opening of the Universal Pence Cow
firen yesterday. In his address onea
ng the session Mr. Field dilated upwt
the benefits to lie derived from arbitra
tion and from a slmullaneoiw gradasMil
dt'itrmament by the various powers.
The following resolniirm wm passed :
"This council rejoice at the ptugieag
recenilv matte In the cause of Interna
tional arbitration, and congratulate, the
friends of peace, both at home nd
abroad, on the adoption bylmth Home
of Congress in the United States of
North America of the resolution author
ixing the President to conclude treaties
of arbitration with other nations, awl
also on the decision of the Pan-American
Congrets to refer all dispute Ire
tween governments of the continent of
America to arbitration.
"Further, the council tenders ita
hearty thanks to J. O. Maine, Senator
John Sherman anil Amlrew Carnegie
for the eminent services they have rea
dereil to the cause of peace by thelf
efforts InCongres. at the Pan-Americin
Conference and elsewhere."
An Allfceil IlelatlTO or Uliauncejr SI.
Drpovr In .lull,
ltKAutKo, P.v., July 15. There li a
woman now In the Heading jail who
claims to be the cousin of Cbauaeey M.
Depew. She Is very earnest In her
statement, but whether or not her story
Is Hue cannot lie verified. Her name ft
Mrs. Margaretta Voting. She and her
nephew, Walter Voting, occupied sev
eral rooms of the house of which S. 1C.
Dtimlore Is the owner. Mr. Dundore
and family lived In the remainder of
the building. There was some misun
derstanding as to the rooms to be ued,
and the owner of the building put .1
large tmdlock on a door which be sakl
must ue Kepi locneu.
This action was resented by the
Youngs and the door was broken open.
They were arrested on the ebarge of
bresch of the peace and after a bearlne;
were required to give f?00 ball for
court. This was furnished, but subse
quently surrendered, and they are now
In jail. Mrs. Young has repeatedly
msde the statement to the officers thit
Mr. Depew is her cousin and that only
recently she sent bim a large lot of
Government bonds for safe keeping.
New York Meek.
Toils' .w ) otk ttocv markst aaota
Horn, fuwUhed by C. T. Hsvessar.
Hoourit a u.l It, Atlantic building , tad IT
street uoiibwcsr. C'otrvspondents, M. V.
MMMlbain, New York; Chandler, Brown A
Co., Chicago:
mocks. OptnS.SO stocks. OjMa JtJs)
, a a r -to io imaaa...
Can. fcoutb.
57 5T
int., B.AQ
Ore. Trans.. tr
Con. MM.
.H.ai. ue Mt
V, K 1 X re H -m Xesatag
Del. L Jk W. I4S U7l t. Jt VT. H.
Del. A Hud. lauf 'B9f t. Paul...... Taj
Krte set wH Tea. rsc
Jrtei ten ,. Ten. C. Ml. SO
l. x x m wi :. psc at
Lake labor. 110 '.10 H'sb. pTd,. ta
Mo. fae ?-t j W. t'nloa... Sli
X Y X K. 901 51 WALKP'd 7i
X A Wp'ld ytiroUom.. S
X. y. CVa Am. C O Cts.... .
X, Pse i Mi v.'. Gas Trust aM
" p'fd. 8J1 S3 XstL'drstiM
Xotthwest .. :ul V.l J . Hens. Co. Taf
Tlie CJMoucH aiarbeha
TcHlars Llucagu gram aad
ataiket quotattooa, fumUtiwt
by C,
Uavenoer, Koousbauil 11, Atlantic Butkt
f, V90 r street uortbwt. Consspoed
eau. M. K. .Mendbaai. rw 1 ort;; uaaa
Icr, liroua A Co., Chicago.
war at. Open Cbm roaa. Opt dttt
ug in irf iv vi
t Mpt-..UI TO
m Deelw
vug..... 5 st 5
Sept...M ia) t
Dee h
WutiigtM Maslc Uiatwiufa,
Halts aaeeisr CaH-rg etaefc av
rUUugtoa aad SobBer' Uwm UtUnSU
st TO.
Wttftllsasons Bends 17. 8. aleetaw
Llgfau tst,as. 100; V. a. mectnw Usfi
u. ', rao; w. u- m, av mmv
&-', IMS, W. a. CoafrtIbl,
SCO; Masonic Hall JUt'a, ', 0 18, 1
rt.,ax t?
wsta. starcst ia, usa.. w.
Seaboard Co.. '. C 17. US:
lataatrv. 1st, e's. mat. W: Wash.
faatr,aa.rs, Wt. T; Wash- Oat
Co., aer. a,
i, rs, HTJ. Wi
Wash, ties UftH
aer. ase's, Us.aygisetelueCoatpaai.il
Mart., as. ;
Becuruy at
sisttonsl Bsak itni-lis hank W WaaV
iaeton. ten. aank ot KcDubllc. aajv: "-
pobssa, 377; Central, Skat; aeMMtaTaaa
rsrmsct sad MoAtoks, mTSSmR
17; Columbia, tso. Cepltsl, Uik aTaj
ad, :eo. Trader.', I27l7TUncota, lot.
asiiroaii atoras ai
Hoeion. W, autroooatta.
htadea, r:, Caiatoi andKorth O
BOa ; ackiseton and aot4ier'
tieergetova sad TtwiallyWesJ
woon, .
wamamaa.ewant wwmWrej aaaaaaass aae amri wVeeiflep
as, &y; MterapoUtaa, S3; VtTrri1 1'Moas
0; Arimgtoa, 175; CorMmaW. Cehv -
TW'if ItrBrsrrl Brm-hs aW 1
Tttte, m; CouHabtsTttle, HiW
6as sad Electric Ugatlaaefce--toa
Uat, i; tieorgsEoan (mss. t
Slsctrk Ugiir, ts.
etepaoae ariorffs taasfwr
ae rusouiae, m;
ftEsPhoiAoaa, Hi
ket Co., 17; Vaaluugioa awhT
Co., ; preat Fslls Ice Co..
Run faoorsaa Co., SO. tf'itff
noatu ; VaaaJairtoa aam ft
apnFaa n pmaamvvpgajvae aaee an
VashiacSoalaiaaad Trust
BullSi TpOgJSpW-:
mmatS'i'f sun t
asfsiiati aad mast Co-
elk Mwiento faw Co..
Builesaa Ce . Mtl
r tar JaNats
teta2c3, avLitil&'ijt licit i.li
Uc.1 ,J i j'f J 1 , ItlMtil.
Awe ....
twpt..... net
Ue 0i
Aug B7i m
Aag... t 9U
Sept 1 fil
Dec m M
t wPnta eVaff
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