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22D YEAR NO. 6,85U.
Pennsylvania Bribers Who Cannot
Follow Quay's Policy.
Whilney Not a Candidate far Pr&sidentfat
Honors Cleveland Will Be tho
NomineeAlliance News.
ma strained nur.ATtoKB with ha tint'
Nkw Tlouk, July 17. Tho It'srM'j
"Washington correspondent telegraphs
that tho strained relations between Mr.
lllalnc and President Harrison nro
rapidly reaching n crisis, and that
lllalne's resignation of his position in
tho Cabinet is imminent. Tho World
dispatch says that tho President has for
a long timo systematically ignored Mr.
lllnlno in tho matter of diplomatic and
consular appointments, and attempted
to do so In connection with
the negotiations with Great llrltaln
In rcferenco to tho Uchrlng Sen
dispute. Tho Secretary of State, how
ever, vigorously resented tho attempts
to bellltlo him In tho eyes of tho Eng
llsli Minister and after n heated Inter
view was permitted to proceed with tho
negotiations In his own way.
'lne JKcKlnlcy Tariff bill has also been
n source of disagreement between tho
Secretary and tho President, and tho
World correspondent asserts the passage
of that bill In tho form objcctlonablo to
Mr. lllnlno will causa tho severance of
the olllcial relation of that gentleman
with the. Administration, whoso policy
Is so widely dtvenrcnt from his own
principles. The World correspondent
odds that thcio "will bo a lieavv dis
charge of fireworks when Mr. Illalno
does go,"
PiTTsni ito, Pa., July 17 Tho
Twenty fifth Congressional District Re
publican bribery scandal look a now turn
yesterday when Dr. David McKlnney
of IJcavcr County appeared before Alder
man J. II. P. Leslie in New Castle and
inndu information against Delegatus
Tate, Downing and Schaffcr of Heaver
County, charging them with having re
ceived and accepted from W. D. Wal
lace f CjO each as a bribe to vote for Mc
Dowell. IIu alto made information
nnalnst W. D. Wallace, charging him
wiut paying money unlawfully to lliose
Dr. McKlnney said that he had been
subject to a great deal of abuse, and he
now wants tho guilty paitles deult with
according to law.
Mr, Wallace will attend the hearing,
and pre mites sensational disclosures.
Major McDowell still Insists that he
will not bo forced oil the ticket.
In Lawrence County sentiment Is di
vided as to whether a new convention
shall bo held or not. In Duller every
body wants a new convention. In
fluential Reaver Republicans are trying
to imoolh things over. They are afraid
that If they press McDowell too hard
the rascality that has ruled In Reaver
County politics for year will be
brcusht to light.
The Democratic State Committee met
at Jlarrhburg, Pa., yesterday. The
meeting was enthusiastic ami reports
from all parts of the State seem to indicate-
that Paulson's nomination was
well received,
'1 he meeting was for the purpose of
rckrtlD a chairman for the State com
rrlttce, and Representative James A.
Kerr was selected unanimously to III
ffcc V3- ancy caused by Chairman Har-
lttv'a rtsljuatlou.
Rest luijocs of regret deploring the
death cf the Hon. gimuel J. Randall
wc re rasscd. lieports from the various
cuntlis were called far and aibof tkem
wire of un exceedingly encouraging
m i.
Pillf I)EU1UA, July n Tls Ra
pi.lli. an League of the State ef Pemv
sjlvanlahas arranged (or a vigorous
rampil.ru for the State tieket. The
Ixnuiive Cusamittee of the League
rra at the rooms of Ike Young Kepub
lu an; Twelfth acwi Chestnut streets.
ji.-ti.rJay and fixed upon September 2S
a3 iLc diite of the annual meeting of the
1.3...C at the Academy of Husk.
rrtii.knt Klwia S. Stuart prssMtwl, and
I ii. re v.as a full attendance.
'the league adopted resulutioas com
rtumling the DeUmater tieket to the
lr'.ilicansoftkn State, ami urging all
tUt. i Iuli3 of the organisatfcw to work
1 v u suiecss. Preside!. Stuart was
thro tcl to opca headquarters for the
w-i.1 and place himself la tummuni
iait u uli the trwaji of the State
t . u.iiiiitee, m that lite two bodies utlxsU
i k :u hariuouy during taw rsnipafaf
i Lsiucm wa atao oweoiea w ap-
ii. t luiuuiittee of seres la
wr.t. iul diaaici to work for
111. Lit
l i.l.MbtW US tiOK&0M.
v li.uk, July 17 Ex Secretary
' . . c l.udku that Mx. KowU P.
.i uilitki nnninate4 by tjechwaa
i ia iij.c Dfiaocsate is.EiiJtit9ite for
i uur of New York &t year, tad
-.. .i in tkwlafld wtUbti tkwiXittato
.. ..l .audidabi tor the .FrmMtasicy la
U- ewvktkUy iMOtsats Us
i ,o,ir Jvilintikuj ikvat is not a cajs
. uut iibtr fur Ouianaatorial or Thmt-
.i.Ui-i: holluls.
J-aruiel.' AUllUM te VlSB8til.
Il. aimers' Adteac of IHniwansa
3 ..ajij aid at m Paul SJtJ detldbd to
. ,... J.hd(.iit political ailioa by
nflmtnatlng a State ticket by a vote of
801 to 2-1. It also decided to join the
labor delegates and rmt a joint ticket In
the field. The first informal ballot on
a nomination for Governor resulted In
174 votes being cast for Knute Nelson,
98 for Brooks and 01 for Ignatius Don
nelly. The convention, after listening
to addresses by Ignatius Donnelly ami
Hon. W. W. Erwln, adjourned till
Sir. Common Ktinntns Chnlrmnn.
The Democratic State Committee of
Maryland yesterday indorsed the ap
pointment of Hon. Barnes Compton as
chalrmsn, although there was some
opposition to him on the ground that
the chairman of the State Convention
had no tight to appoint him.
l'rlrnte Allen Kenomlnnlett,
As Indicated by Tiik Oiiitic yester
day, Representative Allen of Mis
sissippi has been renominated by acclamation.
. dominated nn Alliance Atnn,
Tbiire IIautr, Ini., July 17. The
Republicans of the Eighth Indiana dis
trict yesterday nominated Senator James
A. Mount of Montgomery County for
Congress on tho first ballot. Ho is a
farmer and a Farmers' Alliance man.
Wisconsin nemocratn.
Mii.wAt'KEK, Wis., July 17. At a
meeting of the Democratic State Com
mittee at While Pish Ray yesterday,
August 7 was solcoted ns tho date for
tho State Convention, and Milwaukee
as the place.
ailchlcnn Democrntlo Convention,
Okanij Rapids, Mich., July 17.
Tho Democratic State Contral Com
mittee met hero yesterday and decided
to issue a call for tho Stato Convention
to meet In this city Septomber 13.
Thlril Nehrankn District.
Oham) Island, Nnn., July 17. Tho
Congressional convention held at Co
lumbus, Nob., of tho Farmors' Alliance
and tho labor organizations nonlmatcd
O. M. Kcln of llrokcn Row, Custer
County, for Congress, from the Third
Nominated by Arrtnmntlon,
Pr-vrrsnunu, N. Y.. July 17. John
M. AVeber, was nominated by accla
mation for Congress from the Twenty
first district by the Republicans this
A Sick I'rlaauer Thrown Into it Dun
Eton unci l'eit on Corn Ilreail anil
Vt'utcr--!u!i ttiii un Trent muiit.
From lime to time Tim Critic has
given publicity to certain abuse that
exist in the workhouse and other de
partments that come under the Jurisdic
tion of the District Government. Now,
a story comes from the workhouse that
will most certainly stand Investigation
if the facts as alleged can be verltled.
On Juno 21, as tho court records
show. Richard Murray was sent to the
workhouse for ninety days for vagrancy.
On Tuewlay. July 8, Murray com
plalntd that he was til and in no condi
tion to go out and work with the chain
gang. Recause he protested, he was
placed in what they call the "glad"
"Why do they give it the name of
the 'glad' roomf' asked a Chitic
"Because that every one that ever
gs in there is glad to get out," was the
In this room there Is bo bed or place
to lay down, except the stone Uoor, and
the ventilation mlaUt be lainroved.
Murray's allowance la the way of
ration, as reported, was a piece of
corn chuck two leches wide, three
inches long aad oae Inch thick. To
wash this down the udoaer was gives
an allowance of one half pint of hydrant
water every twenty-four hours.
Dr. Mohuu, who attended Murray,
gave as bis medical opinion that be was
shamming, but from other sources
comes the information that while In
the "glad room" Murray was suffering
frum letnorrkage, and corn chuck anil
k) droit water were kanily the proper
Kineimsio apply.
Clialruiau OMtley IlMtured to Uvalth
An Iwiwttaut DeaUtuu,
Ckaimaa Cootoy of the Interstate
Cimitterce Commission quietly re
tursttd to Ike ottee of the Commission
on Saturday last, apparently eotuptetely
restored to kealtk. He stance resumed
kss ftfff1! duties and tuts been actively
at work ever since.
The Commission has decided tkat it
will issue an order waking a reduction
la grain rates front Iowa. Nebraska.
Kansas, and Missouri to St. Louis and
tke Mississippi River and to Uklcago.
Food product rates east of tke Missis
sippi and not involved is utker suits be
fore tke Coumdeiou are not fouad to fan
Sctas ThoMtaml Kiuuitu I'tnlmt.
TowtifA, Kam., July H.-FuHy 7.000
people yesterday sttesniwJ tke atasl
Ttwperance Convention, wkkk was
yalled to rondeniii tke origbjiajl packajrw
ItaJ&e law h$ K"e,BSii ftoWfsessiilJ tip
Rail and tke Senate t bawber were not
large eswugk to accommodate all, and
tke rteptint Churck wns opetned, bui
this was it"fWiiBiii. tod a second over
Mow wtetinf wee sddn-ssed on Use
steps yMfg to ike capUoL iteeolu
tlns fymiyfJHtf the tNttansse of the
Wttfcfm fajll aim HFjtmg tka nanjnlit to
etect Pwki WUojdsts to tke Ugjsiauw
were adopted-
kut WW 4bui m VmttHaSBl-
Kw Oslkasw, July lT.-Host. W.
S. PtadJkten, Mayor of tort Wortk,
Ttue, wko rctly snarried Miss
Addis CulieUt tke bftttiilifuil t.olPkoiiiw
girl of Fort Voctk, njtuwd ketw wUk
kis bxidc yeetetday aftexnoon and is
idoppg at one of thy rtrBffffsl koktii
lie TOmW4 to be lutervie weo-
Fou mi Lav, Wm., July M- ?k C.
H. rueadM ilrsiBnkw' troupe has strand
ed kere. and sve or six of tuc actors are
kft lu a dvatkutt: condiUon. A beaeot
is UUi axrauged foe Uteiu.
Sho AvTKe Ilntler Than tho Record
llrenkinc Cltr or l'nrld.
New York, July 17. The White
Star Liner Teutonic arrived yesterday
after a remarkably good passage.whfch
comes within two or three hours of
breaking the record of the City of
Pails. Her estimated time is 5 days, 21
bouts ami about 55 minutes. She was
not expected until last evening or pos
sibly this morning.
The Teutonic is thus the second ves
sel to cross the Atlantic In less than six
days. The City of Paris was the first
vessel to win that distinction. She
crossed In May, 1880, in 5 days, $
hours aud 7 minutes. In July she
crossed In 5 days, 88 hours ami 10 min
utes, and In August she came over In 5
days, 10 hours and 18 minutes, which
has since then remained the record.
But tho Teulmlc covered fifty miles
more than did the City of Paris. The
Paris' average was SO knots an hour.
The average of the Teutonic was 10.00
knots an hour. The days' runs of the
Teutonic were 47-1, -100. -133, 101, 401
and 407 mlliw, and the whole distance
covered was 2,883 miles. The weather
was very fine.
Oniccr Hunting for n Chinaman
AMcteit With the Dl-cn-e.
New Yonrc, July 17. A report has
reached tho police that a Chinaman
named Tseng Ah Jan, a grocer at No.
15 Molt street, has become nlllctod with
leprosy and was being concealed by
his friends.
OHIccrs sent to tnvestlgato tho matter
have been unable to nscertnln anything
about the man or his disease. Tho
police arc still searching through tho
Chinese quarter for tho leper.
Latmi Tho rumor of a case of
leprosy In Mott street Is unfounded.
Tho Chinaman Jun was found in his
apartments by tho police this morning.
A physician examined him later and
declares that tho Chinaman is in a good
state of health savo for a soro tip.
There was not tho slightest traco of
Iho other tenants In tho house wero
mostly rich Chinamen, who wero not in
tho least concerned over the reports of
the disease.
Two Unknown YmcIiI- Which found
ered In Slonilay'n Storm.
Chicago, July 17. Captain Stern of
the steamer Puritan, which arrived
from St. Joseph. Mich., last night, re
potts that when about twelve miles out
from St. Joseph he discovered a dis
mantled yacht, her bow submerged and
her stern lifted fully Ave feet out of the
An examination was made and under
the yacht, twenty feet beneath the
turface of the lake, lav another vacht
much larger than the one alloat. There
were no names to be smu on either of
the vessels. It Is stitinoeed thev were
caught In Monday's storm, A crew of
the Life Saving Station started out this
morning to bring the boats in.
A St. Joseph (Mich.) special Bays the
two yachts left there last Monday and
held two men each and a pilot. Their
nanus are unknown, but they came
from Chicago.
l'ourlluuilred Heath In Snltlllo Within
Three Monttia,
San Antonio, Tjuc.July 17. Mr.
Warren Garnet returned yesterday
from a lengthy slay In the State of
Coahulla, Mexico. Most of the time was
speut In Saltlllo, the capital. "I was
told," he said, "that the deaths there
from smallpox averaged 400 people for
the last three months ami new eases
ate reported dally. The epidemic Is
confined to no particular locality in the
city. When a person dies his body is
placed oh a board awl carted away on
the heads of men to the burial ground.
The face is exposed and the winds )Mtss
ing over the body of the dead carries
the pettileBce to all quarters of the eity
and surrounding country."
Tliu Tieutuiv Deiurltuent TakM Up
the LukB I'enin Horror.
Si. Pavi., Mink , July 17. Tke Ga
lena inspection district has taken up
tke loas of tke Seawing in Lake Pepin
aad transferred tke ease to St. Paul.
C' plain YVetkern and bis ekk and
mgiaeer were btougkt nere yesterday
I y two special agents wke kad tkeia In
c barge at Ellswcrtk. Aa examination
was bad bekiad close doors to make up
a report for Washington and Captain
Welkern was allowed bis liberty. He
said that not over 107 persons were on
tke Seawing. Tke life preservers were
acknowledged to be in a miserable de
ftetent condition. It is believed tkat
tke Department at Washington will
order a tkorougk investigation.
Si Uww ia tVtiaamlR.
C'LEAjt Law, Wis.. July 17 A sa-'
vein storm struck tkis place at U last
cveaisut and blew great guns for
dfteen m&iuies, Tkeje was no damage
beyond the blowing off of a few roofs.
Kubody was kilted or seriously injured.
Tke storm spent its force in tke woods
eigkt wiles east of kere, where a large
quantity of timber was blown down.
It kaued for twenty minutes, doing
great damage to growing crop. Tke
village of New Ktebmond was also in
tke patk of the storm. Several build
ings weeb blown down but no lives were
Tjwz tt Mad a itu,
Ccuo, July 17. T City Const-
& J&fti 4jm9uf lltittlfl $9 JJfffjHfonWMTtt
Pik fa WoM't Yb pifKM& ?to
ordtBiflra, Jyyi. if mi) tattoo ikwm
chance of Mae directors ffwfjtiig it. la
wkkk event the fair will, it i eaetaHy
btUeved, be held in Jackson Park,
Casmer MmeesM m vttss.
TaurA, Fia., July 17. Tfci lo
Pkiladelpkia Wrds, Lady Vaahtagtoa
and hkCulloch, owned by Mr. John
Qlgjde, seat to fy for record from this
a, m- yesterday and took their courae
northward as ejaee. The slsmass&e kasw
have to cover is about l.utw uuka
Hut and bUii s keatiag IV keep voul
Oriiik KuU-a furlutr' icwi CaUutnt
The National Debt of the Goantrj is
Increaied $50,000,000.
Obtained it by Gemtmkwry
LegislalienA Bankrupt Treassry
Made by Estravaganw.
Nkw YoitK, July 17. The IfernW
Washington correspondent telegraphs:
Without attempting to bewilder the
public mind with the complexity of the
financial condition of the Treasury I
may stato that a grave situation Is dis
closed by facts now admitted by those
In authority.
On the 14th of August noxt the Silver
Coinage act becomes operative. Upon
that day tho amount hold by tho United
States Treasurer for tho redemption of
the circulating notes In the hands of the
public of discontinued national banks
will be turned into tho Treasury as a
miscellaneous receipt and used for tho
general expenditures of tho Govern
ment. Tho oxact amount so to bo used
cannot nt this momout be anticipated,
but It will probably be as much as 33,
000,000. a Tnt'ST fund ArrnorntATED.
Uy tho act of Coneress covering this
trust fund Into thoTroasury the amount
is Immediately appropriated and ovory
dollar of it lias got to bo paid out. The
necessity for this legislation is bawd
upon the fact of a bankrupt Treasury,
and tho real truth is that tho amount
nmiestcred is a forced loan. On tho
Milt day of August the Indebtedness of
tho United Slates will be increased by
neatly 00,000.000, and the books of
the I nlted Statos Treasurer will actu
ally show such Increase. Under the
spt clous argument of releasing that
amount of money and putting It Into
citculatlon Congress has been compelled
to make this forced loan.
The plausible statement that It will
avoid a deficit In the Treasury Is In
stsnily answered by the undeniable
fsct that every dollar of It belongs to
private citizens of the United States, to
whom every dollar of it will have to be
paid. The payment of Interest on the
bonds of the United States Is not more
solemnly assured. Therefore, the
amount, whether $50,000,000 or f80,
000,000, will be Juit so much actual In
crease of the debt of the Government.
In plainer language. Congress had
us cuoice oi iorciug this money into
the Treasury as an involuntary loan or
of covering Into the Treasury fifty mil
lions of the one hundred millions of
dollars held as the legal tender reserve.
This is the much vaunted Immediate
relief of the Treasury which the extrav
agance of Congress has made neeessary.
The condition of the appropriations,
compelling the Government to become
a borrower in the face of tariff legisla
tion, sh&rply exposes the hollow mock
ery of the farce now being enaeted un
der the title of the McKInley bill. Let
It be hereafter remembeied that on
August 1 1, 1800, the Government of the
United States was obliged to force Its
citizens, by compulsory legislation, to
lend it fifty odd millions of dollars in
the midst of piping times of peace and
A I'amlly lu a Ilurulne llullillnsUould
Not JJacane.
Qi'xaav, July 17. At 2 o'tloek this
morning are was discovered la a bar
room on St. Joseph street, owned by
Delamere & Colette. Tke flames made
such rapid progress that tke whole
house was soon ablaze. The lire brigade
arrived promptly and beat its energies
to saving ine surrounding property un
hware that Ike occupants of tke upper
pait of the burning bouse were roasting
to dentil.
It was only after tke flames kad been
txtiaeuiskea that tkey eame in sight of
tke bodies of a family of Ave persons
who kad perished. The family con
sisted of Pierre Miranda, bis wife and
three children, who kad lately returned
from tke States, inleauiim to settle in
their native eity, wkere tkey kad found
It is thought more people nave per
ished, as tke Mirandas were lodging
several visitors from the country.
WHbUuUteg- the IHvUUmU.
Botoj, July 17. Tke Kltchburg
HaUroad Company notified tke koider
of the Troy and Boston issue of pre
ferred stock tkat tke dividend upon the
same will be withheld by the company
until the termiaatton of the suits of
instituted to enjoin tke saw of the stock
held in trust as indemnity for payment
mad on account of the Troy aad Bos
ton debt, exceeding 3,0u0,a09.
wuumw wvm AuttStuM- use.
Atlantic City, July 17 Jack Wil
liams again distinguished kiwiaif yea
torday , the Ufa he saved from tke waves
being that of an p year -oid boy named
Hubert Lehman, soa of fk. Lehsaas of
PhtjadeUkJa- Tke boy had gotten ke-
jvmt mm weses asm was too suuca
ingmtesMHi to cu tor aetu.
He was
almost iAftMa.i wkfn
reached by
e.JL Ijiwimiitilttf 9V aflll hr "
' lniwf mvpaiaviisjgsjnpm
KtCW Ywftx. July 17 Mm. Jaae
Joaes west o board the Teutonic to i
see aejtM Mead off whe ths veasel
was about sailing from Usjaoavrtowa
sad forgot t go ashow. She U held
ai the barge oike, tkis ctar. Wke say
rigffiislgrlkfii "A4
Vekaar mmmm.
Mausax, K. S-, Jidy 17. The is
VteatoAtawvtotlsMof the Dartamoutb ,
disaster was concluded last sdght. Ko
new tactj ware tdkited as to Tfcecaaae
fhe uuy a verdict was 'aoctdeatal
death." Had the gate at tke head oi
tke wbarf been .. uxdy f itcucJ ih
avudeat wuuld ttotiiavv.-.ixticd
A Flro Raires lorSU Itonrn nml Ilnrn
Whole Street.
PoTKLAxn, Mam., July 17. This
town was almost swept away by fire
Isst night. About S o'clock some
painters burning the paint off the steeple
of the First Congregatlotial Chnrch set
the woodwork on fire. Three weeks of
dry weather had made all framework
tinder, Mid fanned by a brisk wiml the
steeple was In an Instant in flame.
An inadtriuate tire department was
th only dependence, and before help
cOwM lie summoned from anrronmilac
towns tlw Are was beyoml control ami
for five hours taged almost unimpeded.
It was 11 o'clock before it was finally
Among the buildings lost is the
chnrch, the town hall, with all the his
toric records; the public library, In
which books were valued at $100,000;
the teleranh ofMce, the big shoe fac
tory of D. Townsend, the high school,
half a dotMtn dwellings ami some twenty
other buildings and barns.
The loss- cannot now he estimated,
but Is far beyond the Insurance.
A llrltlsh CrnUer Fires on n French
riahlnc Vessel,
Mosthhai,, Que., July 17. A
private dispatch received here last
evening confirms the report tele
graphed froin Halifax Tuesday night
to tho effect that a New Foundland
cruiser had fired on French fishermen.
Tho man-of-war Cornus sailed hur
riedly from Halifax, after the report
had been received, to reinforce the
fleet In New Foundland waters.
Halifax, N. S., July 17. A special
cablegram from St. Plerro Mlqtielon
says the sohooner May, from Fortuno
Pay, N. F., with a cargo of 700 quintals
of codfish, was soletf In that harbor
this mornlDg for selling cod roes. The
vessel and cargo arc valued at $5,000.
Tho dispatch docs not give particulars.
It Is surmised the schoonor was seized
by the French authorities as an act of
retaliation on Newfoundland.
A ricprnrcil Son, Dlrctilnpd ait n
llurclnr, Kill Ilia I'm tier.
Anna. Iu. , July 17. A terrible
story of youthful depravity comes from
Gorville. a snall town In the western
idge of Johnson County, remote from
railways andftelegraphlc stations.
Monday night a supposed burglar
broke Into lite house of a farmer
namtd Moiris Sullivan. On beln
challenged by Mr. Sullivan, he fired at
him. inflicting a mortal wound. Mrs.
Sullivan grappled with the murderer
and was also fatally shot.
The alarm was given; neighbors came
In and caught the murderer, who
proved to be the 10 year-old son of the
Htiillvans. He gave as a reason for the
commission of the atrocious crime the
fsct that he was tired of waiting for the
old folks' prnperty. A few months ago
he attempted to poison his parents by
putting Ktrlebnlne In the water. He Is
under arrest, and does not appear to
appreciate the enormity of his crime.
The Train limited, and Jumped the
TruckSeveral Killed,
Ai Hfqi'KiMjUK, N. M., July 17. A
filghtful freight accident oeeuired on
the Gloreitta Mountains, near La my
Station, yesterday morning. A train
consisting of twelve double decker ears
loaded with hogs was going to Mexico
ami became unmanageable. The engi
neer applied the air brakes, but still the
train flew down the mountain grades at
a fearful speed. Coming to a curve the
engine jumped the track ami the whole
train followed, the cars piling one upon
another. Fireman Daly was mangled
and torn to pieces. A brakemaa, whose
name could not be learned, was eaugbt
under the wreck ami crushed. The
engineer was seriously hurt sad it Is
feared that he will die. Several stock
men, it is reported, were badly injured.
tVbbky and Jeuluu.y Lead ta Wire.
Murder and Suicide.
Cockch. Hit rs. Ia., July 17. A
fearful tragedy was enacted on Locust
i met yesterday afternoon. Hank Hall,
a notorious character, shot and killed
his wife and then shot George K, Iltn
Belt, a neigkbor, who eame to ker res
cue. Hall tken stood in tke doorway of
bis house, revolver in hand, and defied
tke police omeers to approach aim.
When tke omeers retired for assistance
Hall committed suicide by cutting kis
throat. Whisky ami jealousy were the
Tke IUH uiU QlaM Syndicate,
riJ.ti.v. Osuo. July 17. The option
oa all the glass factories of this city,
which is held by aa English syndicate
of cipitalUu. expired on the luth, hut
it kas just been renewed so as to hold
good till October 10. These options
cover seveateam flint and wiadow-glass
factories, ami if a sale U eonsuwmsWd
the owner will receive not fat from
$3,utMWu for their properties. It is
believed the sale will be closed by the
ijhtfe the - option easdrea.
Macctari a Ctuuru Olrt.
St. Pavi. Mi., July iT.se
Auaie Smith, a pretty chorus girl ia the
opera company at Harris' Theatre haw,
was flaatirsMei ly married few days
lucjckaaiof tkis city. hUsssSh S
the daughter of a Columbus. Ohio,
i rrstmirrr
A IfamnV fkJjk-l MM SmJ.J.a.t ItaTfaW mnl
m- .lavtnj r nr eisfasmsaaBF" flPsnapawfllw
Twawnto. Oat., July 17. -At BoUoa
Wiato, agmd i years, were drowned.
The boy fell tato the river from a salt
und. m sfTajaitfa vestt to hi rewcuje.
iioth hflSes were recovesad-
Em Aim, Wta, July H.-The
s Taspswam HlnPrV v nsa P'ppnVf- Wjw
raBat mmmmattmmmUF knam EfiUii m& aiatmaml
" SlWSHSBmwmtSpHr miB W'We'"" wp- WS"SS"
'-V meat fiiiitttag work ami the i liisinr
-iw of tavceemUl wut of to.
wi '-' "' "ns
awial AAmB M9mWMMam ImWaWsmW
Paotai.o, ataae., July 17
Ike wrecked sckacr Maud before
.ported lost, axnvt. J tu oa u Vj ot
j tus.
PerwBS Who Wmitd Spid Any
Arnwnt ftr His Libirty
It Was TfaesgUt lie WnH ObUia Bail
Te-DaySeesrily Wanted Tiat He
Will Net Be RetirrsflM,
"Has White ewajieil T" This was
the question that passed from tongue to
tongue on the Avenue last night. Some
one who evidently had a desire to
create a sensation started this rumor in
cluulatton, and the false report went
like wild fire to all sections of the city.
"You can venture all the money you
have," said an old timer, at the cornef
of Sixth street and Pennsylvania ave
nue last night, "that If this young
devil escaped It was not while Jim
Sprlngman had him in custody. He
may have crept through the lwrs at the
jail, but he never slipped through Jim's
As stated In Tits Cittxic White was
driven to tho jail In company with Mr.
Sprlngman, and the latter gentleman
saw that ho was
behind the grates of the jail before he
came down town and responded to the
call as a witness before the court in the
Ulock case.
White talked freely with his custodian
on the way to the jail, and ridiculed the
Idea of having to suffer for the "petty
offenses" that he was charged with.
"Isn't it ridiculous to think," said
he, "that I should get myself Into this
trouble for the small sum of fOO.when
1 have always had access to Mr.
Coming's bank account, which at times
has amounted to $10,000. My only
Intention In going to Kentucky was to
njuare myself in some little matters,
and had 1 been let alone I would have
succeeded, sure pop."
Fortunately hlte has a largn num
ber of ftlcnds who will stand by him
through his troubles, and they are
very, very anxious to see him get out,
even If he has to leave Washington.
Tiik Chitic was the only per to
glvu Information to the effect that cer
tain friends of White were willing to
put up the uecessary money to close up
the financial accounts against him.
There is much more truth than Action
to this rumor. It has been given out
that all of White's correspondence has
been destroyed, but such It not the case,
as there are certain letters In possession
of his friends which will almost cer
tainly gain him his freedom.
White Is cute enough to know that
he controls the means by which he can
obtain the necessary Influence ami
possibly the $2,000 ball. Some ot the
families would, It Is said, rather sacri
fice $2,000 than have publicity given
some of
At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon a
gentleman well known in the clubs aad
about town drove up to Police Head
iuarters and bad a eonferenee with the
otHcers In regard to bavlag Mr. White's
little difficulty squared up, providing
all criminal proceedings were sus
pended. The story still goes round that White
but he persists in denying it, and de
clare that but for the fact that be was
involved in ibis diroculty be would
wake known his parentage ami demon
strate to the public that his name was
mie, ami mat ne tiw not nave a drop
of negro blood In his veins.
"Get me out of tbUholeandl will
prove it," said be to a Boston corre
spondent yesterday afternoon. "Do you
think I am ass enough to say who I am
ihe son of under the present circum
stancesr" Bev James W. Clark, re. tor of St.
James' Church, stales that be was re
quesud -o look after a young colored
boy from the Hub, whose name was
"abep" White. On tke other hand,
U r. Joka II. Corning declares positively
tlat White is not colored. lie took a
liking lu the boy when he saw him in a
store in Boston, ami brought kirn to
tkis eity. It was only kis remarkable
s Nihility and business tact that attract
ed Mr. Corning, aad he wade no in
quiries as to the hoy's eareatage-
It is certainly surprising to aotke to
what extent
by certain society people ia Washing
ton. There were people ia the court
roctu yesterday who under ordinary
ilicumstaneee would not kave reeog- !
autai aa ordinary cnsussi, out taey
went to the utmost trouble to gain ac
cess to the cage in order to see aad have
a talk with Mr. White. It is evident
that he has a certain strong social influ
ence back of him. and from all appear
ances he has not tost his prestige ia the
eoaunusity either oa account of the
crimes he has committed or the alleged
statements that he is of African birth.
It was expected that two gentlemen.
who owa considerable real estate ia the
Dastrtct, would appear to day ami voi
uatoer to givw the fcS.ouv beads re
Hulied fur the rekaseof White from the
jail. The papers have hesm Uaasterted
from tke t'oikc to Use Crimiaal j
Court aad ball will have to bow l
be accepted there. It ia understood that
four property owners stand ready to
give tke bond, but they waat to be
oa another warrant. Ykefw embei '
xietueai and furgery dues not by any
HMa close ui kis uecidaitooa. I
ftkuMFo.a, Va . July It Taomss
1'ruA.U), tiw youngest sos of the late
was drowned near fort Norfolk yeator
day af teraooa and the body was swept
awsy by the current. Panther b-y,
Ftockaey Pajiw. wuM uadouUedly
have saved Trsatou, hux a large Kew
fouadlaad dog sprang from the parapet
of the fort and swimming out to Payne
juati-cd vu bis sb.Duldi.rs aad forced
biui uudir the aster cutirely prevail!
Uijt huu f tviu rt.ud.iiu a.u nalitAUce
Itelenfcrt ftir One Crime, Iln rtrtarffM,
tVtilK, Drink ami Poll!
Nrw Yobk, July 17 Charles A.
Lowe was the name a stylishly drewed
yoting man gave yesterday when
strhjrned at Jefferson Market on a
charge of forging the name of one of
his employers, ffpenm, Trask A On.,
electric arc light manufacturers. No. 48
Kast Twenty second street, to a etwek
for $ lfl. and the name of Kanreat Crosby
to one for $1. He pleaded entity, and
said he r xpected to tie sent back to trW
Stale prison at Auburn, where, nmier
the alias of George A. Ilalptn, he had
already served four years and two
months for forgery, and where he hail
won the friendship of the electrician,
who was there preparing to execute
Kemmler, and who got him his position
with arc light people on his release.
Losee was just enjoying his honey
moon, having only recently married a
very worthy girl, 17 years of age, of
Mott Haven, who had known lilm from
childhood ami lielleved. as lie (ltd, In
his ability to reform, even though an
ex convict. He says he forged Ins last
checks while drunk and desirous of
"holding his own with the boys,"
The Terrlhlo Aenny In Which n ,Ierey
tilrl .SccuititiFd,
Kmv Youk, July 17. Miss Klla Hgan
of 118 Krie street. Jersey City, died" In
tho most horrible agony Tuesday night.
Miss I'gan was but 19 years old. She
was a remarkably pretty girl and of very
charming manners. A week ago she
was visiting friends In Canada, and
while rambling through the woods was
bitten by a centipede. On Monday she
came home, and on Tuesday morning
her throat began to swell and It Anally
became so painful that she was confined
to her bed.
The family physician was called In
and ho discovered that she was suffer
ing from an aggravated attack of blood
poisoning. Everything was done that
medical skill could devise, but she
grow worse. Prominent physicians
were called In and three of them held a
consultation. They were unable to save
her life and she died In agony. The
physicians all say that death reunited
Ire sti the bite of a centipede. Her par
ents ate Inconsolable.
Ilolh Shir at Vsli'ta Appeal from Vio
lence lc thi Lnir.
Nkw Yohk, July 17. A spechl to
tliefcruM fiom Kl Paso, Tex., says:
Although the Winchester rifle has been
likni at Ys'eta since lastFridty night,
party feeling over the mayoralty grows
more bitter hourly. Kach side has em
ployed able attorneys.
una), the Republican claimant of the
ottice of .Mayor, wiih fifteen of his fol
lowers, has lain in the county jail since
last Saturday, ami four more were ar
rested to day.
This afternoon (Wednesday) all were
admitted to ball. Not one of the AI
derete or Democratic faction has yet
been arrested, but Gaal ami his friends
are quietly preparing to cause a whole
sale arrest of the members of that fac
Jev Yurk Stock".
To-dST'sAsw 1 DTK stock market quoU
ttoea, furniskeU by C. T. livnu-r.
Kooms ami il, AtUttlte bulktiwy, W r
street tortket. Correspondents, M. B.
Mendbsw, New York; Ctuudter, Brown A
Co., Chicago:
stocks. Opn.90 stocks. Opmm
A, T A 8 V H to Omaha .Z.
Can. South ' p'Pd
CW., B. q Ore. Trans.. -171 -17
.ou, uu -, ,H.a.a.uo mt t?
., K I A rue woj yi Heading...... tai
It, LA W. UH M . A W. Pi. 83
im. ttutt. lewt 'W st. t'aul ,.
ssne W Te. Pse....
Jersey Use.. Ten. U. A I,
u a .' v. rc
Use Mtore, '. 109f H'aa. p'fd..
Mo. ls Ui TH vf. Union... M
ft i . a. sot wj wai.Xp'4
N A Wji'W etroleuai .. m Mi
X. Y. Cen... 10 :us AavCOCis..
vrae... atii v.'. lias Trust lit M
. '. pTd. tmi sa Natfartaa SI
ortaest..::iJ:u i.a.Co. T5 Tt
Ike Ohleaee Marked,
To-daj's tkiesgu grain sad provision
market quotations, rumiluxt by C. T.
riaveascr, Kooms Used 11, AtUaOc Build
tea, 30 r strest aurtbwwt. CorrsspooJ
nts. it. a. Meadaam. Xew Yorkj Ckand
tvr, roi.x A Co., Oueago.
mnsut. Oih am Yoms,. Omm Ckm
Aug.... Wi
Spl..... M
Oee.... tiki
ft Aug, .... iu ro JO TO
si Sept... .. SO to to to
tk Die ,
Aug ,
aa isi
Vtu.MiMitaa jsiiwtk KzeiMUMa,
Bsia Wawatar CaBra sfatoek
Washtnctoa Uas HouAl. tLJttJtMi t
Hfamafa; Ice Bonds. taJfia tt 10'
tujfiou aad auJmers Hume Katlruad, 33
ifisceUannima "-s- . n s maetate
Ltohts 1st, SVs. U; U. i. Btactiss LuAt
k'Wi-'ai, 106; W. A S. Cuerertlbls, aS,
0, Xasobie Hall Am'a, i C laws, m
Mask, klarket Co.. 1st Jfort., . lUk,
Hash, market Co., Imp., ', ; taVd A
Seaboard CO.. rs, C T7, lis. Wash, fX
IWtoUy. 1st, '. JlSUt SI; Wask. IT la-
ger.h.tPs, US, Sieme fcclSSiy
Mo-, as, ; Awka aecurfei- 4
Trust, .
Xastoasl Bank Stocka-awak ot Wash
togto.tot, asakol BepabUe, -; Mstw
wJuua, jjafc Central, 300; tewad, ;
Farjueia aad Mwksjivs', uw, CttUsns',
158; totamkia. j- apaak lk West
had, - ; Tds', -, Uw.-uIjb, m.
hatiwsd awurgs tkasaiagtoa sad
t. aVUactoa ami SoWtofs isoam fe
faMrowa and IE tvasilj tuaa, Uo, lrbt
Ito, - litaygsmasmaw. a'awmal JjS,
, aroos, -; CoieoraswtA: am
&'' -aateaa. M, Fotoiaae,
.,TuU InsttraiMw tui.-k--ijM latata
i, -; CowmMalttifctfi, WasWagtoa
lias sad Btttdc teat mx-kay wkwg-
test Ua,; tiuriawlis,
WuKtSmlK fusmWsa ww-St
aawpaoae mxs-rBanywaBt,
ana rytunuM.-, 7T,
btucks. Wosbliiirta
kst Co., n, WasUmctoa arick hi
Co., . Unr rUs Ice Co.. 'AS; Bjm
9m VajuiTAms Co., , ksMoesi nam Oe
poslt. - , WsslitngtiOB Haw UeiosJS, W,
liSmuagtonLoaa aad Trust Co.. Ui kU
ttoasl Tprakk-, . Kerfeutkalor, -.
Futtuiiitk Uiut Cacrtaae. U, ismrtcaa
aecuittf aud Trust Co., 50. Unjoin UiU,
80. Bis(ih: io C.. M lur ijvi.au
tii-Ji t. j , l-U.
SftthK- AlliWB of low, mi $mkv
Cftllom of lllim
Tb MoTsmsit is FoTiasW Om and
OaaflBea te w WstTB 0m
grenienal Cswttg RscslW.
Rome little time ago liter wws a re
markable meeting held in litis etly.
lie matkable In its personnel, remarkable
In its objects, and even more remark
able because its members met aprnr
ently without any design or by praTront
lty some mysterious chance of fate
16 OK 18 MRPl'MMCAX SrtXTt)t
met, at the time Indicated, In a committee-room
on the Senate side. The ques
tion of the campaign of 1362 became
the topic of conversation. The result
was one of the most interesting political
symposiums this year has yet seen. Uy
a singular chance every man in the
room was. opposed to President Harri
son. They were unanimous In the opin
ion that he Is an Impossibility. Like a
meeting in Iloccaccio's "Decameron,"
the Senators each in turn related his
story. They were monotonous on one
thing that of President Harrison's un
popularity In the relator's State. Thsre
was not an exception or break In this
tt of the story. The opinion was
general that if the nominating conven
tion were to be held now, President
list risen could net carry a single State
tcptuenlcd at that meeting, ami most
of those present believe! that he eonhl
not at this time carry his own State.
Naturally, ImWiig disposed of the
"Man at the other end of the Avenue,"
they set to
Il must be temembered that the Sen
ators present renresented the chief He
publican Slates of the West and North
west. These are the ones from which
Ilepublicsu majoillies must come.
They feel they have a right to dictate
the candidate. There was, therefore,
nothing Incongruous In their gravely
discussing ami determining Ike succes
sion according to their own views as to
what was beat for the party.
The decision arrived at was that Sen
ator Allison should make the running
for Iowa and Senator Culbm for Illi
nois. Kach was to do his best, through
himself sod friends, for himself.
Whenever it was found that wttk both
ia the field neither could be nominated,
then the one showing the greater
strength and believed to have the better
chances was to be made the candidate
ot both.
Senator Cameron of Pentuyivatda will
be a candidate, if it be thought neces
sary In order to bold the Keystone State
In line. Otherwise be will hardly enter
the field.
It will be observed that no real East
ern or New England candidate was
named. This indicates that none of the
senators iron the Katt were present, ami
as a fsct none were. The movement U
purely a Westers one. aad will
be pushed with true Weatera
vim and vigor The bustling
(or as they say oa the Pet lac coast,
lust ling) qualities of these Western Me
publicans are well known. They have
named every candidate the party has
bad, at least ia 1 ami since. They
even named Blaine, the only Eastern
candidate tke party has ever bad. This
movement baa really bees gone into da
iiberateiy with the iatentto of atattdtag
by the cast of the die.
were Senators Cameron. Pmb. Teller.
Allison), and, indeed, the xnator from
most of the Westers and Xorthwesteta
States, excepting Wisconsin, Michigan
U sot ia the movement, though
Secater istoehbrklge was present- m
I to opened General Alge
theouj koM.KESBtos.-41. vaccc -
It Is a formidable moremeat ami re
vives, ia a curious way, tkough t a
modified form, the mas defunct isiiiani
wfcu h prevailed duriair the earn naat
ol tke century. It hat Ml Imn Mid
ot j more than alaty yean, fajAsaQps
larly suggested U tiw mmalorial aa
nmwsmsanwfmp wm smgnjaafajsqaji
KAkSA Cit. Mu . July 17. Ahflut
Sou demgates from camps of the Case
atodevB Woodaw of America me here
yesterday in coaveatioa. HuenJuliasw
wes adapted favorins gtatw jurisdic
tion aad expressing a desire to stiii se
tlu cimaectioa with tke head camp ia
Illinois. Mr. McKwudcofCteagZad-
datgatifn to the hed . . .
tohe hUl at apriatitlj I - -
Vt tasMMsews a ttu.tu
f &wtay of ike ..
shall readwyous is IS : .'- L .
tag the Xatfama Km.au. it,
at. A- at thfc jear. t'ttu..
tagsldp. Tkis wiii j.:! ; i
tailors of the war as up,. . ..
W Mm? t saw Muiiro..,
Bitfju.o, K. 1'., ' 1
of Alexander Crpert of ti
jumpsd over the Fails o Hama
iouaa yeamrway auerooo m tm
Udy wtw not hadiy bndjwd. but
of ths clothJsg had eea tesm em-
Lgjkgtti V'jAttmmwmW VMaWmaammanm
JW the ihilnet of Vultmkm, V&iwmm,
V-li,1..1, Y S th I'ltr-'lhm jit
v. -n, I 1- 1 . u. .' . i Jjia

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