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22D YEAR NO. 6,851.
Lowered From tke Roof by
Brave FiraraMi.
And the Fire Laddies Climbed a Rpe t
Accomplish the Reewie The Street-
are Gjilted A Big
New Yoiik, July 18. The Western
Union Telegraph building caught Are
at 7 o'clock this morning. Tho battery-room
on tho sixth floor, tho operating-room
on the floor above, and tho
restaurant on the ninth floor were com
pletely destroyed and seven lives wero
miraculously saved.
A few minutes before 7 o'clock this
morning tho operators began to arrtvo
to go to work. About fifty men and
young women had reached tho operating-room.
A messenger boy named
Matthews first saw a puff of smoke
under a tablo In tho checking depart
went on tho floor bclotv tho operating
room. IIo hnd scarcely time to In
vestigate tho causo whon a wooden
table was In flames and tho flro Was
with Lioimnxn-MKii lurinrrr.
Ife rushed up stairs to notify tho now
nruvals that tho building was on fire.
They were compelled to go through tho
checking department to go down stairs.
A panic was tho fcsult of tho messen
ger's wnrntng, tho young women
screamed and tho men rushed pell mull
down stairs to escnpo tho pursuing
llau cs, which, In 1om than two minutes,
bad spread throughout thoentlrooheck
lng department, burning up wire, in
struments and tables as If they were so
much tinder.
Tho entire room, when tho panic
stricken crowd pissed through It, was
fll'ol with n denre stilling snake.
They fell over oach other In the wild
efforts to reach a place of safety. The
little messenger, with an operator
named SUIdinore, wero the only two
perse ns who retained presence of mln I
enough to take in
Tho boy rushed down stairs an I out
of the building and teat out an alarm,
while Skldmore got down a tlre-oxtln-gulthcr
and endeavored to quench the
flames. This he saw was Impossible,
and ho had to flee In a very few min
utes. Tho flames ate through from
floor to floor In short order.
Just about this time It flashed upon
tho minds of the frightened persons
who had escaped that there were seven
others on the restaurant floor who had
not been warned of their danger. All
cxll had by this time been out off, but
succeeded In reaching I he roof through
the trap door. Under the eaves of the
big building the flames were shootlnc,
and the edifice seemed to be crowned
with flie. When the great crowds of
people on the streets saw tne men awl
women rush out on the roof
went up, for It seemed Impossible that
they could escape the fire burning be
tween them ami the street. Sereamlna
women on the roof wrung their hands
and the men eried: "Per God's sake
do something to save us."
Tiie first engine had arrived before
the terrifying events transpiring oa the
roof were visible to the crowd gazing
upward from llroadway. Soon a vol
ume of water was pouring into the
burning building, and the sounds of
crackling and breaking limbeM was
added to the conf uiu of tke seeae.
In a few minutes there were fourteen
tnglne and book and-ladder companies
snd a water tower en tke ground.
Water (oured In through tke flawing
wlDdowsand beat down unaa tne roof.
in spite of tke tone of water pouted
upon tbesu. Still no effort had been
made to save liie twitted Men and
women oa tke roof, who eoaid he seen
like spec-tree enveloped ia awoke and
A long ladder was rushed up on Ike
roof from Dey street and placed against
the rear of tke burning building . It did
nt reach within fifty lees of Ike roof
of the big telegraph bulldiaic. Un
daunted, however, two Amman scaled
the ladder. Leaving it at tke top. thev
threw a rope to the tool. It was taught
and tUd by one of
who seemed never to lose ker nerve.
Tke two arenaes pulled themselves up.
hand uver hand, until they reached the
top, and amid cheers from a 'hT.rirf
throats from below, they Vet the aevea
down to places of safety- It was ac
complished just In lime, for fl sines
buret up through the ynHre and soon
enveloped the roof.
The tower of the building was caught
hy the names. It was a hesitliful, and.
at the same line,
to see tke ire shoot out from the win
dows around the eattte building, fuMy
if ty feet, and blowing hack me f seat
nutv tongues to tick th soof of tlw
The entire upper part of the bunding
wesguited and every Inlnisseni nad
wire rendered ueemM
Had the Am hcoke out an hour
me was of ttfe wight UN I
mous. Putty Tuff girls and
viwywjtH w tae two neon.
SUM. Uk O- TUJt cods
U tery large. The large auriach board
in. the opemrtsur eoum siusve coat a
quarter of a atiStoa of fr'ftt.rt The
n ex rinsed Frees loans 'r-rnrr'T
typewriters, furniture, an all of las
books, papers and record daring front
lo and a valuable reference library
This loss U irreparable. The' money
aluc is eatl mated at flj.OU). There
to w Irrtnrairce. William Usury Smith
Is nemmnlly a heavy Umr bv tk de
struction of rare books ami papers,
many of whteh cannot be replaced.
The Associated Press In at tire Penn
sylvania depot, Jersey City. After to
morrow it will be at 415 Ilrowlway.
The United Press has courteously ten
dered Its facilities during tire break.
Utwy Said to I'ntnr flmootlilng Over
Uio Scnmtnl.
IluAviOt, Pa., July 18. The mem
bers of (he He publican county commlt
1ee, which will meet to morrow to take
action on the Twenty-fifth district
bribery scandal, are met on every stole
with requests for proxies from politi
cians who want to take a hand In the
case. Senator Quay Is expected here
to morrow, and it is believed that he
favors the smoothing over of the scan
dal ami the ratification of McDowell's
lie would like to force McDowell off
the ticket, but Is fearful of the effect of
such action on the Slate ticket in Mercer
County. Ho 19 also averse to having
tho secrets of two years aeo exposed,
and lio knows this exposure would
come If there was a general investiga
tion. The warrants for tho arrest of tho
Congressional boodlcrs have not yet
been served. Attorney Wallace, who
handled the money, says if he Isarrostod
he will make It so hot for Bomo people
that they will wish they hod ncvor been
rrtilrient Hurt Snjm It Will lie tin-
pomllile to IIo Anything nt I'renent,
A Cable T.lne Contemplated,
Tho commlltco of Mount Pleasant
citizens recently appointed to con
fer with tho olllclals of the Wash
ington and Georgetown Hallroad Com
pany, met President Hurt yesterday
afternoon at hlsofllcc In Georgetown.
Mr. Judd opened tho discussion by
saying that tho commlltco had coma for
a fill ndly conversation with the com
pany on the subject of better railroad
facilities for Mount Pleasant.
"We want," said ho, "the abolition
of the three cent fare and more frequent
commun!collon with tho city. Why
can you not ruu every tocond or th'rl
car of tho Fourteenth street line clear
through to Mount Pleasant, and mark
the cars so that they will be known?"
Mr. Amies spoku of the legal aspect
of the situation. Tho permit held bv
tho company for the occupation of V
streut was given by engineers who hid
not the right to erant It. The Commis
sioners had refused it, and the compiuy
occupy the street ou the sufferance of
the clllrens who have as yet olftired no
rroiest against n. me people have
never complained, but we think that
the Mount Pleasant citizens Imve never
received a due share of the street car
accommodations afforded to the rest of
the city, although It may not be profit
able to the company to give better.
.Air. Hurt thought it would not be
profitable, the company now ran two
cars to Mount Pleasant and the average
travel was scarcely a third of their ca
pacity. Mr. Armes read a paper, signed by tke
committee, setting forth the grievances
of the cltlaen and their demands for
better accommodations. The preamble
stated that the com-any were illegally
occupying streets not granted la their
charter. Mr. Hurt objected to this,
saying that the cars were run Into Y
slreet by the order of the Commlesion
ers to do away with the Inconvenience
caused by standing cars and changing
horses on Fourteenth street.
Mr. Hurt then stated hi Ideas as to
what the company would do. Tbey
were awaiting favorable legislation on
the part of Congress, In order to make
improvements, and, until then, they
could do nothing for Mount Pleasaat.
No cars can be ruu through, nor will
any wore cars be placed on the road.
The citizens must await the laying of
a cable nad, which the eotnpaay kas in
conttinnUttofl, for through ears and
tke abolishment of the three-cent fare.
Tke committee left President Hurt's
cilice feeling that Hub bad been ae
ci lupliskcd anil but Utile pJensed witk
tkilr Interview.
A Ktw KnUrtirkv.
The American Security and Trust (.'oat
pauy, uuiter the eapabU Maaagetaeut of
Mr. A. T- rlrittoa, and Us sola board ol di
rector, bav upeaitd anotner uetMrtnieut
that pruaifM to be of great baaeftt to tne
citUeB o Washington. Tbey have ia
course of conel ruction on Fifteenth straat,
betwcwi L and M, a large fro-proof build
ing, especially designed fur Uut safe storage
of tenitunnlil good, silvarwara, pianos,
works of wt, trunks of etetUag and port
anta article of value of nil ilssrrlpllDnn.
aica will be open fur business about tne
1 Sib of August.
I'poa srantlnsllon of this warehouse it
was found to be constructed eacluaiveiy of
atone, brick and iron, no wood or other
powbilatHile nuterlsl appear! agin its vails,
Aoors, failing or partitions Tke eontnanv
tUni that UU ib oidy akvoiutolv nre
prouf building In the til) not under the
control of the I' sited States.
Two of the toer are to be divided Hr
Iron partitions Into compartment of various
1 with lrou-aJet v locked door for the
separata storage of furniture, etc. Per
son renting these compartment will be
provided with key, so Wat if Attired they
can have a exeitieive control of their
propertr as if it were in their own no8i-,
and at the same time be wue of it protec
tion front both fur and thieves.
ArrangceieinU will he made tor the safe
deposit of ilverwM and snail psHugMS of
vabtnhles, either upon vautatton or other
wise. The elate toor la to be especially
nued up Uh all modern convenience as
a depository for painting, engraving,
mirror, pianos, book and works of art.
Tbi floor will be lighted frosa aboee. and
during cold weather it wtti be heated to
sake ks finite nf s fnun iuitdea chaune of
tcnuieratuse, to Injurious to the class of
articles uksnldboued.
An elevator, ten feet wide and twenty
feet meg, will aoiat the loaded vans of
goods to the place of storage.
Tate (nature alone will he of 1 neat ua able
adventa.e to those stvrlaM uue houaenotd
goods, as it wiM prevent the dnaange niitirkis
of fundtutie, etc.. are Uame to seceive when
taken front the wagon on the gmund noor,
packed upon an open ekttator and hiiated
to the storage-room b hand.
Tbe "-"... ItAve -" tbe ftFvlcee
of Kr. AJfeest II Bead, for tne past ten
year chief clerk of the 1 Ms hartug Interna,
who wiU nave general ssanageSMsi ol thjir
warehouse department.
MUM a XcMtn tiae .
rum v aivwo cur Juma-ii UtmUiia.
bLot Hint t or ttu Paale.
Secure Confirmation and Make
Himiolf Solid,
He Oppesw Appropriations fer CalbeHe
Indian Sehoeis and Seeretly Far
niehes Official Information to
Anti-Catholie Committees.
When Thomas J. Morgan was ap
pointed Indian Commissioner about n
year ago, some very serious charges
were made against him, and liU con
firmation was hung up for a long tlmo
in the Senate. Among these charges
wero the attacks made on his military
career by certain Itcpublican corre
spondent and papers, notably those of
General lloynton In the Cincinnati
Commtrrinl Oatttte. Mr. Morgan had
a hard fight before the Senate to get
confirmed, and n pcntleman promi
nently connected with tho effort that
was made to defeat his confirmation
this mornlnc talked Interestingly of
the courso pursued by tho Commission
ers at that time and slnco.
After detailing tho chargoi against
Morgan's military record, with which
the public Is familiar, the gentleman
"Instead of joining Issue with Gen
eral Hoynton and his other Republican
accusers, Morgan at onco set up the
howl that
To get the Catholics started, and thus
give color to this charge, ho dismissed
every Catholic employe In the Govern
ment Indian School service In the In
dlan Torrltory, not oven sparing the
one armed veteran Republican soldier
Mimrlntendent at ICaw. These whole
sale dismissals of Catholics and Mjr
gan's repeated Interviews In the tuners
In which he would charge the Jesuits
willi opposing his policy, and his efforts
to extend the public school system to
tho Indian service, hnd the effect of
drawing the (lie from some of the
Catholic papers, and, having succeeded
In doing this, his case was won. He
wruld take the articles of the Doyle
O'ltellyi, the Ford, and other Catholic
editors, who In strong language were
appealing for fair play lyid Justice, and
he would point these out as evidences
of the Pope's Interference in American
school matters.
"Heturreeded In diverting attention
from his own past record and this is
precisely ulmt ho Intended to do. One
would suppose that so Intelligent u
body as the United Slates Senate could
not be deceived by tricks so transparent,
ami having once been humbugged In
this way they would not permit them
stives to be so fooled tt second time.
Hut this Is just what U happening.
The Catholic, tthose great ami success
ful Hoik among the Indians forms
one of
In Indian hietoiy. hod erected at Mack
feel , Moo., and Kcntaleer, Intl., large
Industrial schools for the education of
Indian children. At the latter place
tbey have spent over 40.000 on tke
plant, and the school has now an at
tendance of nearly It fly Indian boys.
It was to lie a school In wkleb. tke
larger boys were to learn tbe trades and
lit themselves for citizenship. The
House of Representatives appropriated
for tbe support of sixty Indian pupils
at this school fttM). or about f 188 per
"On the Illackfeet reservation In Mon
tana," tbe gentleman continued, "the
Catholics erected a larne school build
ing at a coat of over M.OOO. They had
ret ilvcd an assurance from the former
CouiuiUsloner of Indian Affairs that tne
Uovtrnnuut would in this as ia all simi
lar rases (following out a well settled
polU ) contribute eoinetniae toward tne
Mippott of tne children cared for In the
school. In view of Morgan's often ex
preastrd opposition to tketr school! they
felt it would be uteleas to ask hlut for a
connect, so tbey appealed to Congress,
snd lie House made provision for Ibis
school by very properly inserting an
item In tne Indian Appropriation bill
appropriating $12,500 for the care and
support of 100 Indian children, or $133
ptr capita. There are 458 children of
school age on lUU reservation, and tne
Cover anient In its school building can
accommodate only 90 of this number,
leaving over 4M to roaut over the
prairies witk tne coyotes. Senator Pierce
of Korlk Dakota had alto offered an
amendment appropriating for the Sisters
of Charily at Be IT Lake .5.000 for
tke support of 100 children, or 50 per
capita. There Is also an item in the bill
providing for kk Boniface's School for
tke Mission Indians of Southern Cali
fornia. "Mr. Morgan, tt is asserted, upon
learning of theae appropriation, went
to work to defeat their rjimgn la tke
Senate. Me started tke same snachinery
in motion ikal served hint so well when
bis conartaaiion was pending. Me
moriei were received from tike Coen
adtton of Oeve Hundred of Lynn and of
Boston. Mate.. 'orgtmUed for the V
fea of tke public adaool and Anwri
can Inefiiiilifina ' TkBe Miemnr1-11"
sew"wp nempr- ssipevtsBBBWvmnspmpBHB)Br
iiaiifW out tkstt foul CsnthnHr ft frm i mmA
opjpoae tnent necatue dtey ntakn apro
prtatioos von Kc?.uu4n acitawLa,
wklle tne snate bill contains large ev
propnations for tne CoogrtuatloneJ
school at Hampton, V , the Lincoln
(.Epietopal) U Philadelphia, the tioaker
itlvook in Indiana and North t'wolina,
in all of which a rate of 107 per capita
k allowed, while the bi-het aaaunt
given tke Catholic, la any of ttutlr
tchooU b) 150, sad in tkeae taews above
referred to tke Mouse allowed a per cap
ita of $m, and 50, respectively.
'These metwoflallals, not withstand
lng their apparent incotuiatency, suc
ceeded In Um work Mr. Morgan laid
out (or Utna. and the Senate anttfoprl
atton ConuuiUee repocu tbe ImUan but
wilk the Blackfeet and ftcaaaleer iteia
strkkee uut and tke Devil's Lake
aroendntfni unfavorably a. led upon
Tke Bvstou public ackool ifcuiers
object to giving the Wetere of Charity
15,000 for eilncallng 100 pupils, or $50
per carrlte at Devlrs linke, Nwth Da
Kota, becanee the work is to be carried
on In a Government building. Yet In
this same Wll Is an Item appropriating
$18,WW fw tire support of eighty pupils,
or $187 per capita at Eastern Cherokee,
fi. v.. to be paHl to one HirnsMM U.
Hobbs, who, with his Quaker friends.
occttpy a building erected and pnld for
by I be Government.
"The Catholics would have tew rt
son to complain of Morgan did he
openly appear before the committee of
Congress ami oppose In a manly way
their efforts for legislation; ami they
object to his using tbe Indian Office
as a means of
BTimiro cr HKitoiors STRirit.
The Iknton and Lynn memorials were
made up of exagterated ami distorted
statements culled frcm correspondence
between the Catholic Indian IJureau
and the Indian Office, ami they contain
references to a correspondence only
known to the Secretary or the Interior,
the Indian Commissioner and the Di
rector of the Catholic Indian Bureau.
These memorialists claim to know juit
what the Catholics arc going to ask for
for the present fiscal year, although the
Secretary of the Interior has not yet
pasl upon the matter, and the
whole machinery of the Indian service,
so far as Morgan's Influence extends, Is
systematically organized to crlpplo
Catholic missionary work among tho
"How Senators could allow them
selves to bo inoculated with this poison
or uio morgan ramos, and mat, too,
twlco In ono year, scorns to bo in
comprehensible. Tho three Catholic
Items could not have been stitcken out
on the ground of economy, as the Senate
lias even exceeded tho liberality of tho
House, which had Increased tho school
appropriations $100,000 over what was
ever appropriated beforc. Then, too,
Ihc present Congress that could wlpo
out the surplus and crcato n largo de
ficit, should not strain itself on this
gnat. It will attempt to Justify Its
action later, however, by
and pointing to tho McKlnley bill as
Ireland's declaration of Independence,
fref it tcen't levrk."
Father Stophan, the patriarchal-looking
director of the Catholic Indlin Bu
reau, who has devoted his life and n
fortune to Indian work and who Is
called Uio Great Father of the Sioux,
was asked by n Cuitic reporter what
he thought of the action nt the Senate
Crmmlllce, ami he replied! "I have
civen the matter little thought as yet.
1 cannot understand why these small
I'ems for our schools should be stricken
cut. The Catholic Church does not
rictlven cent's worth of benefit from
this work. I'.very dollar we recolvn U
used for the Indian's sole benefit. We
give the Government our buildings and
furniture free of charge. Our most
devoted fathers and sisters give their
lives to this work and oharge the Gov
ernment nothing, and I cannot, there
fore, see why Congress should decline
to encourage the schools the Indians
petition for and will attend, and spend
or waste the money of the people on
schools the Indians do not want. My
biulntas Is not to criticise the law
makers, but
Yes. you can say no matter what Mr.
Moreen or his narrow-minded friends
may do no Catholic Indian school will
be closed. We shall appeal. If neces
sary, to the Catholics ot the country,
and our loyal children who never fall
to retpond to the call of country or
faith, will not allow this great work to
suffer. Too much Catholic mlelonary
blood has been shed In our efforts to
civilise this much wronged race to al
low nines like this to Interfere with our
work. No. this latest development
does not disturb me. There will al
ways be a Catholic home open for tbe
Indian." ' .
A Duetor l'lerpelr Attacked br IIU
1'ulluBt'a Duiiclitur.
Mocxt Holly. N. J., July 1-. .
Thowai Stokley, a prominent tboi
manufacturer of liurllngton, met witk
a serious accident Wednesday night
while unhitching hie horse. The an
imal became startled and raa away,
dragging Mr. Stokley some distance
over the ground and breaking kia left
arm in two places.
Dr. Gauatt was summoned, and while
reducing tbe fractures was attacked by
tke injured man's daughter, about 30
years of age, who threw knivee and
other dangerous missiles at tbe doctor's
bead and drove him front kU patient.
Tbe girl was Anally quieted and re
moved from tke roont. Tke doctor had
kardly resumed operations when ke
was assailed by a skower of at oars
burled through the window by the de
mealed girl.
Site also knocked tier brother sen in
lees when he attempted to take her away
front Ike house, and yesterday wiling
tke tkieatened to killDr. Gauntt
Prank Want Kaarla-,'
Frank Ward is standing strictly to
tke pledge thai ke gave Judge Bbag
nam to absolutely abstain front the
use of intoxicating liuuore. For some
lime ke, his wife and boy have keen at
the Providence Hospital, and Mr.
Ward kas keen specially treated. Ma
drives out every afternoon and aeentt
to be regaining muck of his former
rife and activity. Early next week ke
will leave witk kie family for a Mew
England retreat, where they will spend
the remainder of the auansner. They
will ttou at a uAdet farm house and
live very retired. He eajmct to be In
condition to stand trial una kia return
to the city In tbe lall.
tSavtt-Sanvia kj
A civil service eajslt)nttos was
beU to-day for i-ompmeti kt tke osVe
of tfc aNipcrviklag architect of tne
Treasury. There were thirteen cnadi
daat. Tt etr clerical force for toe
Hmsfcw OmVce. M provided fog by a
recent net of Congress, wltt k aetecleJ
trow tke list of ettatUw wk kv 1
wefe been eiswtnwt. Tkst next
tegular etsmteatton for GroexewcjU
position will be fetid ut Begawnkcr.
was not
tan Ceatral
a eveaiaur. ao Uu nu-ui
ben present adjourand l snant oa tke
3tjk of iAUBUt anas at tat- -iUantk
J ok Bogle, indicted
for gran i
larceny, was to day
m ibc sua. uJi i.ri.
d to U
Attimd Pretax GanbiiBg
Iiouiw and PI-Robb.
He A1m Shielded Sateen Praprfefers Whs
Sold ob Ssaday The Charges
Sent to Majer Meere.
The police Investigation has at last
taken definite form, for this afternoon
the charges against Lieutenant Guy
were served on Major Moore. The
charges arc signed by Commissioner
Douglassns president of the board. The
matter will now be brought to a speedy
trial, and Lieutenant Guy will probably
be relieved from duty pending hla trial.
The charges are as follows:
fteglcctof duty In violation of rules
OU, 80 and 03 of tli rules and regula
Neglect of duty In violation of rule
07 of the rules and regulations.
' Iteccivtng money nnd other valuable
considerations, contrary to the rules
and regulations and tho laws.
Conduct to tho prejudice of good
order and discipline of tho force.
Conduct unbecoming nn ofllcer.
The specifications which accompany
tho charges, divested of their log.il
phraseology, are as follows:
That Guy, on numerous occasion?,
between January, 1837, and .Tanuarv,
1M10, and more especlolly between trie
30th nnd 35th days of Juno, 1830.
failed to note certain violitlons of the
rules and regulations by members of the
force and to prefer charges as
to the same, to-wit: The viola
Hon by John Hart and Hubert
II. Smith, members of sold force,
In being under the Inlluence of liquor
In lilt (Guv's) precinct on or about the
20th day of June, 18H0, and that Guy
failed to prefer charges to the Major of
1'ollce for his consideration.
That the said John F. Guy was not
diligent In enforcing the laws In rela
tion to lotteries, twllcles. the selling of
liquor and gambling, In the precinct In
which he had charge, in that on num
erous occasions, betweeu July. 1387,
and the 37th day of June, 13S0, ami
more especially on or about the astli
day of June. 1H8JJ. faud to report to
inu .niijor oi ronce me existence ot n
policy shop kept and maintained by a
man nanud Keller, the eUtence of
which was notorious. Hut that, on the
contrary, well knowing the existence
of pollcyshops. kept and maintained by
Itclley, during the times above stated,
allowed ttie same to be conducted with
out Interference on the part of the po
lice. Ami, further. Guy failed to re
pott to tbe Major of Police the exlstenee
of a tool room and a sly poker room
kept by a man named MoQIue. and
a poolroom kept by one Henrv
Lacty, the existence of which
were notorious In his, the said
Guy's, precluct. but that, on tbe con
trary, well knowing of the existence of
tbe pool rooms, and thst tbe existence
of the seme was In violation of law and
public order, permitted tbe same to be
conducted without Interference.
Guy, while a member of tke Metro
politan Police Force, received from
certain policy dealers, and more espe
cially one Max Hilton snd one
Hilton, the sum of $100, in violation of
tbe rules ami regulations.
That Guy was guilty of conduct to
tne prejudice oi gooti order ami disci
pline lu being instruments! In shifting
from their beats in his precinct mem
bers of the force who knew of viola
tions of law and tne existence
of policy skops and gambling dens, and
who were so shifted by Guy In order to
proUet Ike policy shops and gambling
dens from being raided and inlerferred
with, and that ke sought to foster and
encourage tke gambling dens and
policy shops to suck an extent
Ibat it became notorious among
kis subordinate tkat ke was
receiving a salary from tne keemwi of
said gambling dens and policy shops,
and that It would be dangerous for any
one of kis subordinate to interfere
Conduct unbecoming an otHcer.
It May llaitjc an Till Ike Lmiw Megta
u Tura.
Fttu-tDSLriiU, Fa., July l. The
Utcvrd' Washington correspondent
aajs "Every on concedes now tkat tni
will be a very long scans. Freeideen
Harrison taki so yesterday afternoon to a
friend, and Senator Gorman, wko, as
lender of tke Democratic Senators, is
mapping out tke campaign against tke
Lketlon kill, expressed the same oata
io. It will certainly be tan etnl of
neaattsnker. and very yrobftblv la
middse of October, before Coagrent ad
jotiras." wmhiBTteal iim A
Breiaard H. Warner, senior aad
junior; Colonel George TrueadeU, Mr.
George Trunadcll, George F. TrueatwU.
Mies 4aa Parker. J oka B. Laraer.
Mlat-Unie Uendrk. Miss Lulu Wine
Walter, f. WiUard, i. J KcUon, Jr , of
Wnejjtagtoa. aad Mine Livlngood of
UmMMM. Pa,. consMie a wrijr tka
wUtlmfffrow Xew lot k today oa tae
utewsji L Oancogne foe Havre. Taey
will rsauda absent several ntoataa and
ft Mt eratay. riollaad. Ftaace,
g-'ffiiiii aad Iielaad during taeir
trait T
III UsVsmVAtT ttsf fsV ttttrVsmsHmmsan
lmm, July is. In St Paul's
Camtlsjkni yesterday a tabiet ia memory
ftaaksw Mr. lUy. anauatraliaa
we unveiled kr Lord Rusav
la tke course of kia ttddrvas Ma
1st stated that tke tablnt waa tke
dt Wjgenriil to a ccdoniat ever erected
u tke cataedral, and atd it was there
fore g aaUc stone in the path f tkoee
Uo believed iu iLc tutuic fclcrtUoa
I tke eiuolrc
Mnrjlnm! hrpnlillcnnt llcpntttnte Ills
OtMce Holder In tlmt ..lnH.
The meeting of tbe Maryland Itepnb
llcan State Central Committee at Ihlil
more yesterday resulted In a surprise to
everybody. The antl Admlnistrttton
men got control of the party machinery,
ami there Is not an Administration man
on the committee from this rlty, though
there are two city members. Two sets
of delegates contended for seals on the
committee. One was headed by I'.xt
maeter W. W. Johnson, who hernia the
Administration men, ami the other by
W, T. Henderson, who wanted to be
prtstmasler of Ilaltlmore city.
The chairman of the commlltee, Dan
iel K. Conklln, who wanted tke tariff
on tin plates kept down, recotnired the
Henderson men ami gnve them seats.
He also allowed the Henderson men on
the commltlee on credentials, which, of
course, made short work of Johnson's
claims. After thus sitting nn the ofttce
holdlng delegation ex-State Senator
Thomas S. Ilodson of Somerset was
made chairman In place of Conklln,
who refused to serve any longer. Hod
son wanted to be District Attorney for
tho State, but Harrison gave It to John
T. F.osor. Hodsnn Is one of tbe ablest
lcpubllcan8 on the Eastern Shore.
The result of yesterday's work means
the defeat of Congressman Mudd of the
Fiflh district, who championed John
eon's cause yesterday. Some Republi
cans say that It endangers Congressman
Louis McOomas re-election In the
Sixth. The result of this row will give
JIaryland five Democratic Congressmen
certain. If not six, as the factional feel
ing Is very bitter.
I'rulilbltlnnlnts Will nn n Utile Sup
port Ilia llx-Ouvornor.
FiTTRiitmn, Pa., July 18. Uev. T.
It. Kwlng, principal ot tho Illalrsvllle
Scmlnory and one of tho most conserva
tive men In Indiana County, was In
Pittsburg yesterday. Talking of the
polltlctd situation ho said: "I was a
ltepubllcon until ISM, and whllo I
have been a prohibition voter on sev
eral occasions, nt nil other times I voted
the Ilepubllcan ticket. This year I
nm for Paulson. I know scores
of others who have never voted the
Democratic ticket will do It this Till.
Pnttlson will run way ahead of his
"The Prohibitionists will not nomi
nate a Gubernatorial ticket and, al
though they will not Indorse Paulson,
t Is tacitly understood that they are to
vote for him for Governor and stick to
ho local Prohibition ticket. At least.
hat Is the way all feel with whom I
have talked. When It comes to (jiny
Um on one side and a straightforward,
honest man like Paltlton on the other,
it does not take an honest voter long to
decide upon Paulson. Charles S. WdlT
has a larger following than a good
many people suppose and his action In
declaring for Paulson will have a great
deal of Inlluence."
John I. McMahon of Houtxdale,
Clearlield County, who Is In Pittsburg
on business, styg the miners are for
Pattlson to a man, Republicans as well
as Democrats, ami that Clearfield will
give the largest Democratic majority In
Its history.
A Gruuttlo Alia Acultut Huiahlnc; ami
Novel JlpHtllnir
Ocras Onovg, X. J., July lS.Tke
pretty girls that run away from Ocean
Grove to attend the wicked Asbury Park
hops on Saturday ought to have heard
3Ir. Yatman's leeture against dancing
at the Young People's meeting. Mr.
Yalman also made a protest against
cigar smoking. lie declared that while
his Imagination was very vivid, he was
never able to Imtgine the Lord going
about the streets of Palestine with a
cigar In hU mouth. He also mode
twlnied remarks about novel reading
ami theatre going.
Mr. Y'atman Is distributing a number
of what he ealls "I will quit cards,"
which read thus: "For tbe good of my
own soul and the souls of others, and
that I way have a conscience void of
offense toward God and man, I hereby
promiae that I will, by tbe kelp of God.
abetala from all questionable amuse
menu and habits."
There have already been a large num
ber of tlgners.
Ah l.Hurt la Centre! MlasMutu Farm
er l'elltlMllr 1'ulK
St. PtiL. Minn.. July IS Tke
Farmets and Artieaas' State Conven
tion completed lis ticket yesterday aad
closed with a Mack eye for tke present
Administration, which expends time.
energy snd money in a vain effort to
control its action and dictate a ticket.
It kas been asserted by suck skrewd
Kepubllcan politician as Henry B.
Wuiis and Henry Cattle tkat a straight
farmers' ticket tkis year means tke
emetioa of a Democratk Governor, if
Governor Mer riant was tke Kepublken
Tke ik-fcet as completed hi Pur Gov
ernor. S. X Owen. Lieuteaaat Gov
ernor. J. G. Barrett of Brown's Yalier.
Secretary of State. M. Weaeaherg of
tke Uulutk Mtdtd,- State Addltor.
P. U Haanlly of Wakaaa Couaty,
State Treatnrar, U Kice Maitison of
Lac ule Parle. Attorney Geaeral, J.
M. BwrUagante of Owatanu; Clerk of
tke Supreme Court. Freak W. Kofcler
of Lr tur Couaty.
ttttti Saf 'lAhhnnmnannnnS
Msw Votus. July IS. Tke Tnbuus
says tke Fiiesata'a Iaauraace Company
of No. 153 Broadway, ana dwi-oatinued
bwaaese. It wag n ahj aad coaaerva
tie company, having been in business
tiace 15. The atockkolders will re
ceive dividend of about ISO net cent
waea the ateets are divided. The
coaumay retires because Hi busiaesk ia
a longer proatable.
iliTiiitih uuiatiui at ""-
Kna Yon July 1. A special to
tne Wvrtd from St. Joan. a'. V . says:
Coneeeaing the report publWacd yeater
day ia Bawl aad ktew York patmrs
tkat the Newfoundland cruiser Fioaa
aad ittid oa a r'reaca aaaing veaael.
aotUag wktecr u know a hre, so of
course tkcre tAU be no tiutk la tk
Stvawr laa heatk M
CivU Service Conimimbmnr aioaae
velt kas knvited tae SouUkera Coairree
donal delegadoa and repreaealativea
of Soutaern newtpapv-r to meet kuu
to uturrow In refer nic to tfllgibles to
be sppoiated fruot tke SuuUt lo Govern
lliciil poeitloua.
Hi Sigwri tke Silnr III WiUroal
Em C5MHltiBf Wiom.
Immediate AniUbility of tbe XnMnttl
Bsk Tniit FBdsTae gipaw
hneesa Prnfmgd Seraiios.
Nkw York, July IS. The follow
ing spcclitl from Washington Is pub
lished In lody's HtrttM: No state
ment j it made of the poverty of the
Treasury lifts cnuml so profound a sen
sation in Washington its the JlemUVi
article this morning showing that the
public debt was to be Increased by n
forced loan of nearly fflO.000.000, nn
amount equal. If not exceeding the
proposed reduction In the sugir
Mhcdtie of the Tariff bill.
It was generally supposed tint the
provisions of the silver colnajeact were
to become operative thirty day afler Its
approval by the President. So greedy,
however, are the Inventors of the plan
to selsre the trust fund of fW.OOO.WW to
parry the anticipated attacks upon the
exhausted Treasury, that It has lieen
urged that the money was to be
Thero Is no doubt whatever the f miners
of the bill thought It would be, but a
Question has arisen which the Attorney
General will probably have to decide.
The (cventh section of the coinage
law says that Its provisions shall "take
iffect thirty days from and afler Us
ptteate." The sixth imcllon says ' Hi it
upon the passage of this act the lul
ancM standing with the Trciaiirer of
the L'nltid States to th rerxctlva
credits of national banks for iIcjmhIh
made to redeem the circulating note of
such banks ami all dcpovlis thereafter
received for like purpose shill be
covered Into tbe Treasury hi a miscel
laneous receipt."
1 he Illicit Is on the meaning of the
wntd "act." However. It Is only
qtifftlon of a few weeks when there
will be no hitch.
There Is, however, no earthlv doubt
Ihal w hen the money Is covered Into the
Treasury the nonfnterestbearlngdebt
of the United Slates will be Increased
marly f0O.OOO.OOO. The fund which
until now has been held
by the most exacting pravisons of
law is toiieaiwiititetl.the money appro
priated to Government use ami tbe
faith or crtdft or the Government sub
stituted therefor.
It Is now rtcalled that on Monday
last, when the bill was presented to the
President, he Immediately approved it.
This was an almost unprecedented act.
He did not even wall for the ordinary
formality of asking the Secretary of the
Treasury If th bill was all right or ir
it did not need examination. No ex
planatlon bat ever been given for this
haste. 31 r. Windom. who bail ImhIbmi
at tbe White House Monday afternoon,
learned from tbe President for the nrst
time w hat bad already been done. Tne
reason for this
la now explained. It was expected It
wculd make immediately available "Ike
balance standing with tne Treasurer of
tbe United Slates to tke respective
credit of national banks for dettatiu
made to redeem Ike circulating notes
of suck banks."
No act of Coo Brest in many years
has more plainly declared that a dire
necessity exist In tke Treasury calling
loudly for Immediate relief, ami tkla
prollonis now spoken of as a great
prospective kelp to tke Administration.
An apologist says tbe theory of Con
gieas in lurnlne that fund into the avail
able money in the Treasury was to get
it into circulation, auii utile it U to ue
expended for Mitue purpose the object
oi tee law would be defeated. Hence,
if it is used to meet appropriation hUta
for public improvements, suck as river
and harbors, foMincatioee and laereaae
of tke Navy, it will be merely carrying
ont tke purpose of a law.
As stated in these dispatcnas today
every dollar of tke fund
aiCLokce to thk ruoriK
of the United Slates Kvery kol jer of
a note of a national bank that hi sur-
rtndered Its circulation kad a lien upoa
tkk trust fund for the amount of kis
It stood oa Ike same footia that
every silver note stands that kas a doiltr
ia silver beaiad it (or Us ultimate re
aewpiion. Congress now says the
credit of tan Government is eojd '
enough, for tae pubik kas got to nave !
tke use of tae money. j
The inquiry at once erUe In financial
itrcks, If Coagrees and the PreaUnat
sist tae uovernment s credit ia so
good, why keep iu.ouo,uou locked up
as a legal tender reserve? That ia so
muck money withdrawn from clrcula
Uon. aad eea if it was not necessary
u wee H i
use it to pay extravagant approprU
the (Ulic would get tke beoedt
its release
Tkeae facta
enough, eat
ought to be standing
Kjuetaow prvaeated to the country of
those eMdneat itaii-snun the chairatea
of thM &natM maul Uiuma tMumulu.
Cotuautteea-puUkly zeSTjk leeweartSremea's, tt; jNaak
otaer of akloVwumoaSJ ' & jJ??ihgi
has actually been spproprtnmd. hw
much will be ncedad to meet the cur
avat tpmaes of the Goxeruiaeat dur
ing taenWal year, akat the aaei will
be or whether ike dedvit will be litf,
uv 0i or Mu.uuu.0uu.
eaaUw ALUaon kas been in CoagreM
a uarttr of a t-vntury sad 'oagceiaaa
Cannon nearly twenty yean. These
two geatietaett ace iut now eagaged ia
saw ten ut niotiag iu tnw counuy iwu
they eV net know whan um ha beea
ajgtotwiated to Congress at this teaaJ-.m,, ,
t Ye w we jhe Keaublicea kwrnm '
ceaaot agjea aumdy these mujthsa
very nertous coadlttoa ia the aaual ,
atats of the momenamat'a insiwin or
a tig twvejfcalioa sa pj.
There b ull another fact that bclt '
IkcreUia Uw Treasury 1,mmh.' ia
frncttowtl coin. Fot ike pin pone of
HMking email change It Is verf fool.
Yet the SerretaTTot the Tfeawuv Is
compelled to Include this svm aa rmi of
the available cneh In the Trr-m-When
the head of the e Jtuheirner of t
great government Is obliged to count
cent, nlckles, dimes, quarter, and
halves as A part of the ready cash at his
dlspoenl to meet appropriation he does
not need a disagreement of the ben Is of
the Appropriation Committees of ( on
grerg or compulsory legislation tn take
porsetslon of a trust fund to mttke ft any
more ptnln to the whole country that
there hi something rotten In the way the
people's money has been squandered by
the Fifty first Cnnerew.
Tennr, fSntvatnr ami KlneMxn t Itaee
rr M,(MH).
Nnw Tohr, Jnly 18 Whal will
probably prove lobe the greatest sweep
stake race ever run has been virtually
made Iry tbe owners of Tenny, Kingston
and Salvator. The owners of tbe horses
will put up fli.000 each ami the Moti
mmiih Park Association will aild
15.000. The dale of the race or dis
tance ha not yet been agreed upon, but
villi lie In a few days.
The Dwyer ltrothers. owners of
Kingston, and D. T. Pnlstfer, tke owner
of Tenny, want the race to be at one
mile, wldle J. II. Haggln, who own
Salvator, will not consent to a shorter
course than one and one eighth mtlci
He wants one and one quarter mile,
but will agree on one and one eighth,
while the Dwyers, who want one mile,
also agree on one and one eighth. If. by
so doing, a race Is ensured. The asso
ciation will prolNibly name the distance
at one mile and an eighth, ami all tho
ovnera will aeree. 1). I). Withers of
the association secured tbe consent of
the owners yesterday.
ClilDRinen Had Knnucli In llo I.npeM,
in .Suapcclncl.
New York. July IS A condition of
things almost equally as bad as leprosy
wa discovered In the big tenement oc
cupird by Chinamen at No. 17 Molt
street In the Investigation yesterday.
The whole building teems with China
men, who live without regard to the
laws and customs of this country. Most
of them have white women for wlveaor
rlavca it Is difficult to distinguish
which. "Hilling the pipe" is the
favntlle occupation, and tor a pastime a
Utile Chinese gambling Is done.
On the fourth Moor a Chinaman who
amused the Inspector's suspicions was
found. He was a tall fellow, with nu
ugly fsce. and on his upner lip was a
large sore. He pronounced his nsme
In a way that no one could understand.
Ills wife, wno Is a comely white girl,
gave the name as Chin Twee Jan.
which was as near the name of Taemr.
Ah Jan, the man reported at a letter, its
the Inspector could get. The woman
explained that the swelling on Jan'
Up was the result of a blow. Sho said
that she struck him. ami a ring on her
finger cut his Up. It was deemed to In
a better subject for police Investigation
than for the Itoard of Health.
Jn'cw lerli Stock.
To-day's .New out stock market mtoU
lions, furnished by (J. T. Iltveaaw-.
Hooks 9 and tl, Atkntta baikuW, Me K
street northwest. Cormeponiieatt, M. B.
MenObant, New York; Chandler, Brown A
Co., Cbirtgo:
. "i f 9M woens. Own 8 30
A, T An Te HI Iftf Omaha .W..
t-?- nTd....
int., .o ...... .... o Tab., mi
Con. (las ?. X.aVa.Co t
il l a w. il .i . a ir. n. n
yl- A Hmi it. ftnl.... 74,
Kris. Te. Pae .
Jiey I'en Ten. C A I
J- V. Pan
Ufce hnore- Wan. pTd.
Mo, rae.. W. Union.
fX. m MtWALKrtl
i N'AWp'M
X. Y. Lea...
..... HggvMlgUUai AgfiLl
Am. Cnilb
rae CQasTntst....
" . PTd. Xst L,'d Tat Ml
Xorthwest i.Keda. Co. i
Tke oniaaeo Markets,
To-day's Lhugo gram and provialon
mtriet quotationa, farnishM nf O. T.
!?"& Booms VMd tl, Atiantk JmiW-
'9??,1 "Jf kwes. Oerrajnnnl-
MnnxT. Own Ckm Kwr. Omm dmw
m wl
geve oyui
Wii.Mi4i $k HHw,
, Samt-ltaralar Call HI nVleet -
t t. Bee., tmo at Wti. V. iTee. eou-
pon..i5Uat ISli. D. V. inn. USat 15.
! "' Vashiagton, 3 at m
MttecUaaaous Hoad
tights 1st, it's. 100: U. g.
at, rs, m, w. A e-
ais's -. w. a B. Cnavenaae. V.
3tt, Xaaonk EW Aasn, s, C wST W.
aA Market Co.. 1st Kor,.fc
uk. Market Ca., Una., t's, 1 IT: inftt A
SaahaaniCera, 'clSiff. -; aXla.
iafaatre, let, , Nut. r. Wash, U. la-
Co., iu. A, e's. nn, wash, tias UghiCo-.
at. , tVa i, Hggieaie Ice CoetSiafTut
Mett-, at, U, American aecurity ana
TriaJnt M A,
kaUonal Bass ntoeas atak of Tash-
Panueie and iiecaatdc', WO. ftirriise'.
m; tWembla. !. Capital. trifmt
nullwuil atoeaa taasnasieaea ami
tl. fckuigton at.4 nudier'a Huma, eui
vnranwe awt imeiiiytonni. w.
m. aranistoa. . Conna.na f!tiuZ
Title insMranre tock-aeJ Batata
baa and Bectrtc thtntoeha Vasam
Uavuw Light, itj
Tefamaoan tkotk Feaaavtvurfe.
iaoHMf e rwuwsc ,
tijyjhotAoae, lai.
wewaaeauint-ts wi
get co., it; nvaiAingtoa
Co.. , Umat taDe Xr-e
Sun Panorama Co., . aathma
Hoan, ; watamgton nam
vsaauuiteaLoan aad Tram
fnniiantif una fa-rfasw
ituudmg Co . m
.-..' ..u
Co.. : nun
Ga.tt;" Ma-
mmnasjms ",
s. aamwana

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