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22D YEAR NO. G,859.
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The expression of an eptnton rrusuHEHes a
fenowledre m parent of the aglatea. Then
tore, when we expect a eenfessrea, on rwar
pert, that the follewlflit offintnes fur next
week are bona flde exeeptfemal banrams, we
do yon the Justice tobdtere j-oh to be Judges
of prices and values. BegtaRla: on Monda?
taornlDK we will offer:
Ittrt An
4 InfantV Tong Dresses $1.S je.TS
0 do do jlo tM 1.09
1 do do do ...... e3 l.W
3 do do do l. 1.10
8 do do do 3M 1.90
a do do (It) .... 1S 1.0)
3 do do le l.TS 1.19
do short do W .
3 do do do 3.09 1.M
2 dn do dn tM 2.00
2 do do do ...... ,M 2.M
3 do do do ifl SJTJ
Muslin Nlglit Gowns. .55
do do do W ,TB
do do do 1.00 .Si
do do do t.t .96
do do do IAS l.QO
do do do l.TS l.W
do do do Ml l.W
do do do 3.00 .
Slusltn Skirts X M
do do .TS .00
do do .98 .70
do do ...... 1.03 .80
do do 1.10 .W
do do 14-3 1.10
do do 1 .50 l.'tt
do do l.M 1.10
do do l.TS 1.30
do do tltort..... 50 .(9
do do 13 .31
Mualla Chemttoi M .13
do do M .30
do do .............. ,94 ,70
do do ,9J ,90
lo do ,.,, 1.00 .
du do 1.SS 1.0)
do do l.tt .91
do do 1.73 t.t)
do do 140 1.31
Minlln Drawers.. M .43
do d" 10 JW
do do 11 .T
do do .89 .19
On (to JS ,"J
do do 73 .99
do do M ,TJ
do do , l.W .S)
do do l.SS 1.00
d.. do ur US
Iw Neck Cambrie Corset
Coren JO ,i
Low Nock Cambrk Conet
Covers W .30
Uw Neck Cambtw Corset
Covers . .79
Lov Keck Cassette Cwset
Covers l.te .
Ixw Keck Carabrte Corset
Cover tJM 1.S8
low Keck Casabrte Corset
Covers.. IJ0 1.43
lllglt Keck Cambrie Corset
..rcrj . .
Ulgh Keck Cambtle Corset
Covers 11 .34
lllflli Keek Oambne OertK
Covers JO .19
HUli Keck Caatbtie Oerset
Covers TS .M
IlUh Keek Caasbrie Cosset
Covers...... .W
High Keck Cuaibtk Corset
Covers 1JB M
llifk Keck Cambric Oorsot
Covers l.3 UB9
High Keck Caabtie Ooswet
Covers IJd l.JS
II th Keck Cambria Conot
C-vers 1.19 l.
German lUaaetal TaMa
Damask J A
German W seabed Table
Damask , It M
Ceraaa BttMbeal Table
Damask X M
German Bteoebed Table
Damask 1. M
Genaan Blsashwl Tame
Damask M IM
t Kapklaa US M
du 1JS 1JJ
do l.TS l.W
do M IJi
du ,........,........ tUtt 1J)
do . tM U)
do , ,.,. W S.W
da li iM
da ..,' US 3)
t do Jt tM
do U9 t.lt
do , AM Ut
do hM t.
do tM M
Whit tjtd Cnlnesri OlaSh,
witaKackiMtwtMMi - US
WUiTK 8s)0ssaL
All Cbackod, Msttttal assi
Plaia Kaiaaaak twisaUswi
audXuUas. Wk VMM.
ruio and Mrsaarf tntti Ummh
iu EUck M M
Alt Uuan To wU IS M
u duces bateoa Uatea, SM... Jk) M
-i styles ruia Towels at ooat.
e win cloa out taa bajajuo W our "Out
Inx c ioth at 8c. a jatd.
bc uavtt a ramsrtaWa Cat to auk id
1'uj.. yruia a UamsHst isBMsaotaiHw of
tue tmuu Paris fwm Mo of Ssatoa
frcie: we iHircbaaasl Us Usw wf aaatvlM.
UU cidero all takau ast brta na laAbaf
uc tut ttiam be sold tiwsa to wi. tkswo aaa
4U0 Fui :ea Ul U Ut- 0M ilfT4Ht. Thf
Yt.c cantDles of good ataeW to aoli U Ua
Way trust Ac. t J M.S0.
u c divide tbaas tato ti tou-ae.. Uc., lie.,
5i .aut. audit Tbar te aotuUf Uw Sjt
l-ui..- w cvof MtV i MV Uva.
4 to Uw ct to aMcb-gl-ki4"
sak.-. u yuu fmt kat ebusoaoVo
.vi di-uy caww sjdT wilJnUnr woaHu
l-i lUa ymws,
w. a ?yci t so.
The Hunt for the Presidential Stakes
for 1892 Bgun.
LoNh Meets Disk Quay 'What Bldna
Will Do-"lke Forte Bill De.
nauneed at Ka&sas Wly.
thr runcitASK OF TUB "nkv" Bf
Dbnyrr, Coi. , July 95. The ilea
porntc jKwItlon In wlticb Ibe Itepubllcan
pnrly lias been ptacetl wltbln tbc past
few months was sliown to-day by tbo
sale-of tbo littky Mountain Ntvt to a
syndicate for $100,000.
Tbts paper, under Ibo personal super
vision of Colonel Jolin Atkins, lias oc
cupied tbc position of being tbe most
Influential Democratic organ between
St Louis and San Francisco. Many
bold fights bavo been made by the
Nivt, and tbc paper has been tbo source
of holding the two parties almost even
for n numbor of years. On off years
Democratic governors have been placed
In power, nnd today, when tbe silver
question becomes Involved, It will be
vory hard to tell what turn the State
will make at the next election.
The old IIlll-Tcllcr light has been
revived. Iiotb aro anxious to get back
to the Senate, and they wilt resort to
most any means to down one anotbor.
Senator Teller is at tbc head of tbe
syndlcalo that pays Arklns if 100,000
for tbo Ktm and It will be consolidated
with tbo Kttning Timtt. There will
be both n morning and evening issue,
and ex-Secretary of tbo Interior and
the present Senator from tbe Centen
nial State will dictate tbc editorials.
Mr. Teller still claims to be a poor nun
and alwnys insists that he hat made no
money In public service, and. further,
that he bus deprived himself of luxu
ries that others Indulge In In Washing
ton In order to give his family proper
bald Tom Patterson on the street to
day: "Where In the world did Henry
M. Teller (jet money enough to buy my
old friend John out? lie has always
been a poor man, but he seems to be
coining to the front mighty sudden."
To tell the truth Colorado can be put
down In the Democratic column at the
next election. There Is very bad feeling
between tbe jtarty leaders, and they
cannot possibly unite on any plan.
lid.1' Wolcott has not had much to
say. but he keens up a pile of thinking.
A ben be bolted the llepubllcan norrtl
nation In lbSl, everybody said his name
was "mud." lie later shook Hill's
skirts, declared bis Itepubllcanlsm. ami
to-day he is filling tbe chair In the
Senate that K. V. HIII has been looking
after. Un account of his brother
Henry's open break against the Adiala
Ut ration some months ago, the young
Senator has been placed in a very
ridiculous position, and be hardly
knows how to get out of It. The
Colorado people appreciate his silver
speecb, but they cannot reconcile them
selves to the double-handed deal that be
Is playing. Kvea Senator Teller is
sore, in consequence of Mr. Woleott's
getting credit for this little speech, and
tbe old wounds between he and M r.
Teller have been reopened. The census
gives the Stale two Congressmen this
Fall, and there is bound to be a very
close contest. Senator Wolcott will
cesne here early in August, awl It Is
stated by tbe leaders that lie will have
pcrsoaal supervision of tbe campaign.
This selection by the State Com
wltte doei not ptease either Sonatoc
Teller or Mr. Nathaniel P. Hill. It was
stated today that another morning
paper will be started within two week
and that it will be Democratic in
Th New York Stur' Washington
eeiftt)ouleitt seat Ike following to his
paper hut night: That Mr. HUiaa had
scot a second letter to Senator Prye,
w Web. probably list reached the latter
through peas channels, became known
1st the feeaaW before that body ad
jouraed at S'oclock to night It was
the subject of snitch amused eotuwent.
iieritetiUrly oa the Democratic side.
Mepajsikasi harwoey U delightfully ex
aiiimHfaitl just bow. Plumb began the
bus debate this afternoon with a kick,
ml Allison, Ahlikk, Sherman and
Mot till ate bopeleatly at variance on fast
yotUtat features of the bllL
tUaiae's jaigfi hosahsswll isrtenalftef
the general disintegration. His out
atxduw attack on the sugar schedule of
tie bill U unmistakable, but it is not
half so forcible in lu expression as the
oral couutiMiu which Secretary Blaine
addressed to McKlnley is person and to
Senator Aldrkh on the bleu of the
White House on the Thursday pre
ceding his departure for Bar Harbor.
If the veil of secrecy could be tetitovad
front ijaai QOAvenaaosi it would tstaJte
sunst inleseathjg readjtiat Ki would f itliy
eudaiit why lite Sur asserted that
wicm the McKiniev bill hefomi-i a law
by the stgnatute of the Presidest, if tsust
ever does happtu (and every JBdUalion
is that it will), Ur. Budae wiU leave the
Cabinet and start a separate atui Mc
Klaky , Beed and Harrfsoti .anijdi;n of
hie o. The trouble will Klo:uu
we-ae when the Hale reciprotiiy autead
meat embody Is Mr. Blaine's views
cudcs up for dlacuiiaioa. This will sot
hg for aosae days.
The is a pun maturing to shorten
W Taril hUl by adoptJAg a
Mitoluttrm riricLiug speeches oa that
seatwe within certain Umiu. it is
fsxmosesl to do this without any chaage
f me geaenl rules. Oae See at or, who
it ail sswiomnnss ataied is private con
lanartoa to day that this plan was ha
ssMawMShiaVMs. was ataad aow it cottid
teropeiaad. He swatted that PmsJ
smbI lajulla could he aHad usual. M the
swtwjswcy asose. t put Arose vu
tie votes of forty tax Reoublkas uuat
btrs. Forty three eonstltnte a qnomm
of the Snnte.
This Senator, who Is high in the
councils of the dominant party, said
that the present programme appeared
to be for each one of the thirty sU
Democratic Senators lo occupy a day In
discussing tbe Tariff bill. If on fur
ther developments It became apparent
that this was the plan, then tbe course
Indicated would be adopted, but care
would be first taken to nme sure that
fotty-tbree reliable Republican Senators
would give it their support. It needs
bartlly to be said that the fine Italian
Imml of a distinguished Hew Engtaml
Senator Is back of this proposition.
mnm.RD IttM OFF.
When "Hoss Quay, jr.," entered his
father's commlttcc-room nt the Sen
ate yestetday be found Sam LosoU
of Poltsvllle, Pa., the well-known
antl Quay llepubllcan. whom Quay ac
cuses of ibo rankest Ingratitude, waiting
to see hi? father, apparently Intending
to ask pardon for past trenson and to
ak assistance In his attempt to get
nominated for Congiess. Kvldenllv he
did not appreciate the force of the Quay
feeling against him.
"Dick" Quay could bartlly believe
bis cyos when lie saw IiOcb, but when
a sccood look convinced him be broke
forth In hot indignation at onco, with:
"What nre you doing here, you
rascal? Get out of here at once or I'll
have you put mil"'
I.oscli saw that be meant It nnd got
out at once, saying, simply: "Yos, I'll
go out, but you can't put mc out!"
"Well, so," sold young Quay, as he
followed him to the door.
It is safe to say that lbs Senator
would not have been guilty of such Im
politic rudeness.
Denouncing the l'orce llltl,
Kansas Citv, Mo., July 20. At n
mass meeting of Democrats last night
resolutions were adopted dcprcoatlng
the passage of the Federal Elections bill
now pending In Congress, and denoun
cing tbc attempt lo pass the bill as n
deliberate blow at tho liberties of the
people and their Inalienable right to
elect their own tcpreeentatives.
Ono lltimlrtil Canillilnlcs tar Olllco.
Ai.ikntoun, Pa. July SO. Al
though tbo Democratic primary elec
tions will not take place until the latter
pntt of September, sevonty candidates
for tbe several county olllcos have an
nounced themselves. Intended candi
dates for oillce have one month more In
which to register their names, and It Is
believed that, at the time of the primary
elections, there will be no fewer than
100 aiplrants In the field.
iluilgs Ittllljr Will bo ltonomliiatod.
Congressman Itcllly of the Nine
teenth Pennsylvania distiict left for
homo this morning to attend the nomi
nating convention which meets at Polts
vllle on Monday. Judge Ketlly
has no opposition In bis own
party, but will lie opposed by
Sam r.rwcU, the antl Quay leader of
Schuylkill, at tbe general election. The
district Is Democratic, nnd with Loseh,
the Itepubllcan candidate, llellly's elec
tion Is natural by an Increased majority.
Ku Choice Alter 000 UalloU.
Ghkkkvillk, Ohio, July 96. The
Democratic Congressional Convention
or the Fourth district failing after 0O0
ballots to nominate a candidate for
Congress, took a reeess until September
S ami changed the place of meeting to
mi i i e ii mi
A Negro Knocks Down a Lmly anil
bteaU Her l'urse.
For the second time within a week a
lady has been robbed lu the Agricultu
ral grounds. Both of these robberies
have been boldly committed In broad
daylight and within the jutUdlctlon of
a number of regular ami special officers.
Yesterday afternoon, between 5 and 6
o'clock, Miss Catherine McdratU was
returning; from her work, when she was
knockeduown by a negro. The brute
took her nocketbook, which only con
tained $1.70, and made an effort to es
cape, but he was captured by Special
Officer Cook at the corner of I' ourteenth
and D streets. At the First Preciuc
station, where the man was locked up,
be gave the name of Mitchell, but he is
better known by the police as "Billy"
When Harris was brought to the Po
lice Court this afternoon be was clearly
proven guilty, and Judge Miller re-
quitvd hi
list to I
give a bond of $3,000 for
siwearsace before tbe gram! Jury,
Judge Miller pronounced himself
against broad daylight robberies by
Bueiag the bond at tbe large amount
he did.
Tbe Uarf Was Net liroaJ Uul.
About aooa to-day there was a coi
Usioa of beer wagons, milk wagoas
ami private conveyances at Use corner
of the Tesutllytowa Ktoctrk iiae and
Thirty second street. Charles C. Par
mer, the driver of the beer wage. W.
. Dove, the driver of a private vehicle
sad James Deaa, Use owner of the
milk wagoa, were all more or leas
bruised. Some of the conveyances
were damaged to extent. No arrests
will be made in connect ton with the
HtM ttaten Linmnfs Haaaat.
Monday night will be the nasi per
formance of the summer season, and
will also be the occasion of a testimonial
benefit to Miss Lamoat. A majai&ceai
programme has bees arranged. Autoag
the volunteers mar be aamed: The La
moat Opera Company ia "The Black
Hussar," Hailaa and Hart ia their spe
cialties from "Later Oa." Mist Alice
Kaymoad. tae cetefciatea iaay coraettst.
Mr R. E Graham aad Maw Mamie
CiurU, John York At Lee, the whist
liAjj wonder. Tim Murphy, Bert BU
die and Hub Smith U the "BtJile
ihuzU.', Ptirfessor John fauip Sotus
and his Marine Band of forty two
pieces, etc- The sale of seats U now
logteaatag very tavoraMy, ana tue at-
promises to m a gteat success.
f a TaaaSijtetta aaiittasi
The uew ears of the tioofsttUiwu j.uU
TeaaUytown EVettnte aatssotd ar to be pat
on t.sa4 a teeaft aad ample
is prouused aV paMk aw Umwerosr. It is
a mat treat to wse m these etazaat cacrtajms
sat, lijsn jfa aSavaBsUa Vatttklal JmaM WavisMsT0 (Vsl
vVw" ni. 'iW7 fr r jayMvl ifitfrtyt VA
sMawal Ms9saVsW4 rf 0ttH' wawTs OMSsME bstMaW
Aaws2 aaaVsmW satattssawsTV. sawS tettCtMsawaVaSMadmml aUsV mCV
eswanpi ePep Wr'esweeeae'sF lSWW ww eeHasaaweJInespp - nsW
tlnsSsssWCtiS awsssv
asUt Lotass" in fastor K Bat SbjmwM
aui-j.a auoday nhjat, i o'cbxk
Its Publication Regarded as (Joe of
Blaine's Sensations.
Judge Gbipdtan Thinks Blaise Should
Relva Dem&eratte Eawaragsmeal.
An Element of DHNord,
The imhllcallon of the Helirlng Sea
correspondence has caused some belli'
cose talk anil more discussion of a gen
eral character at the Capitol. Governor
JlcCreary of Kentucky, chairman of
the House Foreign Affairs Committee
In the last Congress and the senior
Democratic member of that committee
now, terms the correspondence, or
rather Its publication nt this Juncture,
(is one of Mr. lllnlnc's periodical senst
The threat of Lord Salisbury Is taken
by Governor McCreary as an Indication
that political affairs In Kngland aro
reaching a crisis. Gladstone and the
Liberals, he says, have been making
great gains, and Lord Salisbury, foarlng
the overthrow of the Tory govern
ment, has seized the opportunity (o
btlng about foreign complications. By
the roaring of tho JJritlsU lion Lord
Salisbury hopes to
which will avert the defeat of the Min
istry and prevent a general olectlon be
fore tho expiration of the recuhr P.ir
lismentary term of seven vears.
Senator Morgan of Alabama Is re
ported ns saying that Secretary Ulalne
lias three limes In the correspondent 3
attributed to Lord Salisbury, by Innu
endo, dltbonesty. an insult, he says,
which no government ought to brook
nnd no government defend. The Sena
lor, It Is said, declares It Is characters
tic of "Jingo Jim," nnd that he ough
to bo forced to resign.
On Ihc other Imml there U a feeling
that the present Imbroglio will lead to
an arbitration which will settle the con
troversy amicably.
Judge Cliltmmu of Michigan, one of
Ibo ablest Democrats on the Foreign
Affairs Committee, said:
"The State Depaitment. as I under
stand It, has abandoned the 'closed sea'
theory, a contention. In my opinion,
untenable from the first. We are now
claiming a proprietary Interest In the
seais, sealing groumis ami tue protec
tion of tbe seals during the migratory
season, pteclscly as a herdsman would
proirct his stock when they have wan
dered from the range. Unless protec
tion Is accorded the seals the sealing In
dustry will be destroyed.
"It looks as though Secretary Ulalne
had taken the back track a little la re
gard to seizures, but there never was
any determined stand. The seizures
wete purely iroform. The ship cap.
lured by a revenue cutter was placed in
charge of a prize crew of one man
which was an absurdity. The can
lured testers should have been regularly
taken possession of ami carried before
a prise court for adjudication.
"The whole matter is very compli
cated, hut I have no doubt It will be
The relations of tbe various Huropeau
powers are too strained at present for
Kagland to take affront where It can be
avoided or to plunge into war witn tbe
Uuited States. The present contentions
among tbe great powers of the Old
World require eoaeiant and delicate ad
justment. The coming Interview be
tween tbe German Kaiser and the llus
sian Cur may lead to war. Any sudden
tipping of the beam may throw all
Kurope Into open hostility ami array
tbe two great alliances against each
"Hussla must itfcessariiy figure at
any aruiuutton over the Bahrlng Sea
matter, aad should war result that
controvessy would asly be a factor ia a
tangle which would embroil almost the
mitre world.
"Xo, I Oo not think serious results
will follow ia this affair if due precau
tions are taken, but we are la a delicate
''It seems to me that Secretary Blaine
ought to receive Democratic encourage
ment ia this if at He is at twesest aa
element of dbcord ia the Republican
party because, from a Dumocratk stand
point, he is right Opposition to the
Fotee bill aad freer aad fairer trade are
Democratic doctrines. The Called
States is
of this hemisphere, measured by na
tional wealth. civUizatioa or any other
standard. The other goverameats are
tratatlvt, restless, plastic aad could he
moulded Into oae rigaatic system by a
diplomatic, but arm ami vigorous
prosecutioa of Blaine's policy. Many
of them, like the petty States of Cen
tral America, are trembUag ia
the throes of revolutioa. vea
Canada is half iaciiaed to throw est the
yoke of ioretga douileatioa Tim rivers
s.t lshes separating the aathms and
other politic si division of this heml
sphere the oae from pte other are not
natural boundaries; they are natural
avenues of commecce
"atteaker Bund aad Maior McKlaWy
are doing everything thai lies in their
power to defeat becretajy Blaine's pol
icy ami force him to leafga- Seed not
only cordially hates Blaiae, u ha,
with Mt Kinky a gtowiast ieUuv
Use ma who now evkwaily eVwii-a'
the jtilmiaiitratirtn "
a in
t?sjeraa SfaemisRaesi,
Tae fottoviag aamed eitvk t.
Civil Hi vice (4udatioa have u
Moawtal as foUows: Xattaea u
bakkas. from 1,j to fi.Wtf l
K-Jottaaoo. from 1,W to i -'
George W- LesUey. from $1.kk) t ?
m. C. a.damt, fsosjJitwi
she proAtotions to take eect iiM.. '
tSaaitsjisMas) r'Wbs.i
tbj smomm of sa weatsmt tae tu
amssmceiwaU he caacsMt far Uu v
p m. Ticket good oa tta?
oulj. tactuautg aijuiisaioti. '
UlseeverMl In the Dlstmrsement
Johrrttown's Unllef I'mitt.
Ngw Yobk. July 20. A special to
th Iternld from Johnstown, Pa., say
the correspondent spent several hours
cxamlalng Ibe books ami accounts of the
Johnstown flood finance committee.
All told, this committee lm received
35,M1.2?. Of this flSS.MO ws
patd out In tbe "$10 a head distribution.'-and
this Is the only part of the
fnml that was applied directly lo the
people. Of the remainder, about $t00.Wl)
was expended by the various commit
tees, clerk hire and Incidental expenses,
Including ? 10. 103.05 paid to the Are de
partment and ..W.tl paid In the
first few days for removing the rfrf
ami dead bodies, and which was after
ward Chanted to tbe State: but no settle
ment of this account by the State has
been made, and the prospects are not
good that It will ever be.
There is vet in the bands of the com
mittee about $100,000. most of which
the committee Intends to apply to build
ing bridges. The action of this com
mittee In using so much of this money
for the lire depaitment, antl especially
for building bridges, has been severely
criticised, tbc claim, which Is seem
ingly well founded, being made that It
doee not go to tbe relief of the needy,
but, Instead, Is adding to tbc woaltb of
tbe property-holders and men of means
by relieving them of taxes, the benefit
of which they will solely enjoy. This
committee has also been much criticised
because no statement of lis work was
ever glvon to the public, It only being
In a general way that the people were
Informed that much of tbe money was
being applied to building bridges and
tbe like.
Just bow much or bow llltlo the
auditing committee will find out Is hard
to tell, but, with the mass of figures
presented to them, It Is doubtful If they
will discover, as I did lo day, that a
prominent citizen has drawn big pty
for several weeks from two cotntntltees
covering the same time.
Iu a superficial examination of those
accounts, it is oliscrved that all re
ceived pay for their work, and that but
little wotk was done that was not paid
for, even the citizens who assisted In
carrying their own dead In the drat days
sending In a bill.
lluunrs lllourri Down nuil Crushed t.lka
l.'CK Sliclln Many Killed ami
Wounded (Iraphle
Lawukxck, Mam., July 30. A dis
astrous cyclone occurred at South Law
rence to-day. The cyclone struck with
great power at 7 o'clock this morning.
Tbe storm first struck Springfield street
ami traveled thence to Salem street, de
vastating a section twenty rods wide.
Pirc has broken out In a number of
places In the ruins, and tbe entire fire
department Is now at work extinguish
ing the Haines. The Injured are being
removed and cared for ns (prickly as
Tbe destruction was confined wholly
to South Lawrence. Ninety wooden
dwellings were destroyed, six live
were lost, thirty five persons were In
jured, $1,100,000 worth of property was
destroyed and 900 people rendered
Tbe path of tbe cyclone swept at
tight angles across tbe railroad track,
cutting a clean swath, leveling houses
awl cutting oil or uprooting the trees.
Further particulars say: The storm
came at 9.53 o'clock. The wind was
east; the rain was falling heavily,
when suddenly the heavens became
aglow with a bright white light, almost
daaaling In its etfect. In a moment the
wind veered direetly to the north.
Heavy black clouds shot from behind
tbe western bills, high into the sky for a
moment, and then tbe thick
mass parted. Down shot black
streaks trow tbe murky mass, and la
moment the eraaheaute. Buildings were
crushed like egg-shells, whole houses
were lifted from the cellars aad terror
seized their occupants. The buildings
la the vicinity were all of wood, pretty,
cosy homes of toilers in the mills.
Ia a trice their ruin was com
plete. The cyclone cut a path in south
I.awreaee. over a mile in length, aad
300 feet wide. Over 100 buildings were
wrecked. The hospital is tilled with
injured, while homes spared from the
wreck are sheltering bleeding women
aad children. The devastated eetion
is included by South Broadway
aad Temple street, Market aad Salem
streets. Communication with the out
side world was iastaatly cut off. The
immense telegraph poles were saapped
as though they were pipe stems, ami the
wires, which wete whirled hats a eloud
of tangled saeias, settled down a mass
of juaL
m sw ur exaiitn uu.
Uantaa lNHy tar ttta Hsnastt at SM,
AUtnii'i bawtas Soeiatjr.
aad prettily situated St Alba' Church
oa tae Teaaliytown road is very busy
just aow psepsring for a garden party
for taa hetwat of taw society, witkb
will he give e or about tae lath
proximo oa taw lawn of Captaia Yaa
Zaadt's reside, nearly opposite the
cause aad just south of Woodley laa.
Several attractive aad novel features
will he iacluded In the eveaiag's eater-
The society U composed of the chil-
draa aad jouager lady members of the
(.ostfecauoa. who work uaosieata
tJkmarjr nut effectively ia the iateteauof
the poor of tbe parish, aad the eater -hiiawaWJi
will no doubt meet wit a at
t ve auccvss. The cars of the Geotga
wsu ad Teaaliytown EW-tric BaBioad
will coavey visitors from the city.
WW AuAlfe-aji li- urltv aliJ TltiT Cuift-
paay aWtetue u August l Us second
ecfc eif fMUtQuu uf it'i cuturtf Ktndii, bear-
, !,, it mt ft n.r ,.,nt nkjLhl MOkt-
tad secutud t) art daeds ot trust
- In thl& I'ill. ""t to
dtmtmitA Willi til Btutl IJSlslrB
pssmawaawsvawa w pm vpv
tm .IjjiAsaiisassJiisaM ttt attsmtk ASfift
msjs wsawmwawsswpw" - yywqp msagsr
eaa aa amee
the fiwfifsWi
I dsmatTa1
Dtd Wwther Qim tlw ttajs Riliif
and Ample Rist,
A Drew Parade and Rerkw far Tasir
DtllallH Praiw fr the Swc-
mm of tke Damp.
tok, Ml)., July 30. It looks as If the
encampment were lo be treated to
another ratny day, but there are rifts In
the clouds that are hopeful signs to
tbe clear weather prophets. It did not
rain very much last night, and so the
boys passed the night very well, while
the guards dtd not have so many moral
calch-as-calch-can wrestling mutches
about tbe weathor.
has bad many practical exemplifications
during tbo past two nights and days,
and the boys have developed mauy a
pet phrase that will lie sprung on their
unfortunate friends In tho city when
tbey return from their outing on Mon
day. Tho weathor did not Interfere with
drilling to day, and the boys turned out
promptly at reveille nnd went through
the regular drills and labor until break
fast time.
The men unhesitatingly denounce the
stories that have been circulated regard
ing the character of the food they are
receiving. It Is of the best, and with
the exception of Monday night, there
has always been stiillclent for nil tho
men. Of course, tbe boys arc not living
on the fat of the land, but they receive
ci'ood WII01.KWMK rooo,
and plenty of it, and naturally they feel
aggrieved to think that their friends In
the city should labor under the Impres
sion that tbey are half starved. There
are some grumblers, of course, men
who. If they were fed on pie, would
kick because sugar was not sprinkled
over It, but In the main tbc men nre
well satisfied with their fare. To mor
row an extra good dinner will be served,
ami dessert will be clven out for the
first lime.
Tbe dress parade had to be omitted yes
terday on account of tbc weather, al
though the three battalions of tbe first
regiment marched up tbe muddy road as
far as brigade headquarters, where the re
call was sounded and the men returned
to the tents. There were a good many
visitors In camp to witness the parade,
ami tbey were considerably disappointed
when tbey learned It would not take
The battery practiced with tbe gat
ling gun yesterday afternoon, ami the
target was
LKTS. The score was quite a good oae, eon-
suiering mat tue men uati unit no pre
vious practice of this kind. Today tbe
battery has some hard work cut out for
It. There Is to be two mounted drills,
and the boys will not have much chance
to rest until nightfall.
As toon as It began to grow dusk last
night camp fires were started all over
the grounds and a large number of
trees and fence rails did duty In keeping
tbe boys warm. The fires were allowed
to burn until tbe fuel run out, or laps
sounded, while those about the guard
tents were kept going all night.
It's remarkable what an immense
amount of liquor there is In camp and
what little drunkenness there Is.
Everybody is well provided with
and the visitors are hospitably enter
tained. One guardsman has a whole
Supreme Court decision, as he calls it.
It is a trunk completely filled with big
and little bottles, each labeled: "This U
an original package," aad containing
every klad of liquor aad soft drinks
one could imagine. How the boys gW
it through the lines is more than any
one eaa tell, but there it is, and but
very little of it ever gets away, or is al
lowed to remain out of use very long.
Last eight was a fairly quiet oae ia
camp. There was some little mischief
going on. but as a rule the hoys were
pretty well behaved. Those who did
not were soon accommodated with
quarters la the guard-house aad taught
a lessoa they will aot sooa forget. One
militiaman last night had a pats to re
turn to Wasrtiagtoa aad he celebrated
the event While w aulas' for tae boat.
Wbea the boat arrived he started oa
board a very
His etotaiag was awry and muddy, and
he had about as beautiful a black eye
at ever graced u prUe tighter after a
hard battle. He kaew sosasaaiag was
wroag and this is tae way he tried to
square himself-
"You tee, boys, I weal up to the fort
aad sat oa the rampart watching for
the boat, whea somebody came up aad
pushed me over. I fell' to the ground
aad rolled down the hill, and aere I
am." Tbe yell that weatupatthis
Improbable vara indicated that he was
these, aad the mystery of how he ob
tained that damaged optic is far from
solution. The explaaatio he gave was
very uigeaiotu, but it didn't go.
To morrow will be a Wg day ia camp.
If the weather is clear there will be a
big crowd of visitors, probably as maay
aa there were the day the PtetMeat was
here. Tbe drew parade ia the after-
awRMFSa V HU a sjpgpf sjs'aww' im waVs vwsjsav sawslPm
there is some taik of
also. It will also he she last day la
camp, and the boys propose to make it
a auttuvrabk ou. Bus the aight will
he a dandy- The boys kaow ty caa
U he kpt in the guwd house only un
til BMKBiug aud otyV aot care.
If sotae of them t,arrv out their avowed
tateasion of tjddai Cat the guards will
have their baud Full tomorrow night
aad Ua guard uuuwiUb tiled aov
guMtnir. ItbasuUiet been dmciy drtar
atawedt wer the me aw march
back or go aome on the feat- It is
a iL'a ' 'mK
aiaaW, ahmoug there ace aay WMtaat
of grtthiitlaWs who want to Ua9 to tike
city. Camp will be broken early on
Monday, ami tire brigade. If It comes
back by boat, will have a parade up the
Avenue ami a
dress rARAMt nt fttR wnrrr? lot.
lint very few passes will be Issued to
day, as the oflrcers want all the men
present to-morrow, and what pmm
have been tamed will expire to mdrtw
General Ordway and the nwmbcti of
ids statt are highly gratified at the suc
cess of the encampment. It has been a
success In every way, and the men ap
preciate what has licen done for them.
The f Ulcer have worked hard, early
ami late, for the tomfort of their mew,
ami altogether the encampment of 1990
will lie remember wllh pleasure by those
who participated In It.
All the companies are praising the
excellent guard mount of
yeaterday morning. It was per
formed In the rain ami under
clrtnmstance that were very dis
couraging, but tbe men went through It
like veterans and displayed a high
degtce of efficiency in this difficult
To-day will conclude the target
practice, and the scores will lie given
out to night or lo morrow. Some of
(tie men have made blchly creditable
scores, while others have demonstrated
their Inability to bit tbe broad able of a
barn. The practice baa lieen good gen
erally, and there Is a slight hope that
the men will at some future time learn
to lie marksmen.
Tlio Atlics or n Cremated Sen Captntn
In the Ocean.
Kkw York, July 80.- Cnpl. Jtearec
of the Cromwell Steamship Line died
at his home In llrooklyn on July 2 and
three days later his body was cremated
nt the Fresh Vond Crematory. I'rlor to
tils a eat li lie expressed a wish that Uls
ashes should be burled at sea.
On Thursday his widow, bearing the
vnsc containing his ashes, boarded the
steamer Tautus and went to Lonir
Ilranch. On the way bsck site told
Captain Hobbs what sliedetlred. When
off Highland light the Taurus was hove
to nnd the (lags placed at half mast.
Captain llobbs made a brief address and
tbc vase was lowered Into seven fathoms
of water, tbe cover being removed so
that the ashes might lie' washed out.
The Taurus then proceeded to New
first I'niler the Wire.
Sakatooa, K. Y.. July 30. -First
race Granite won. with II. 11. Milton
second and Isaac Lewis third. Time,
1:10. Second race faille McClelland
won, Duke of Montrose second, and
Ayerahtre Lass third, 'lime, 1:0ft.
Third race 1 ovinia llelle won, with
Daisy V second. Time. 3:On,.
Cote to Work on I'lill Time.
WiLKKsiuiiitr,, Pa., July 83. The
Lehigh Valley Coal Company Issued an
order last Monday that until further
notice ail Its collieries would work on
half time.
The order was rescinded yesterday
ami the various mine will continue to
work on full time. Over 8.000 miners
aie employed by tbe company.
New ViirU Stecht,
To-day's Msw i one stocK market quota
llotM, furnlsbed by (J. T. iisvaaswr.
Hoots V and 11, Atlantic buUalne. WI f
street nortbwvst. I'orietpondettts, M. M.
Mendbam, .Vw York, Chandler, Brown Jk
Co., Chicago:
stocks. tymS-30 stocks. QuntS.90
A, T A 8 y It) ISO Omaha
Can. south " T4
Chi., B. Jt tj Ota. Trans.. 171 t?i
Con. Cat r. M.S.S.UO la IT
L KKtl'M vol Mi Heading......
Del, UW, H7f Wi S. A W. m. 935 231
Del. A llud. :TJ 167 Paul 73 73
Erte. 96 W Ter. Pae
Jersey Ca Ten. C. X I
L. & S Mi Soi V. lac &H OJ
Lak Snore. wab. pTd
Mo. Pa T3t 73i W. I'ntoa
N V A N g. 4I H WALEp'd 74 Wj
N A W n'ltl Petroleum .. iOf
N. V. Cea Aw. CO Cut
N. rae .'. Has Trust Sif at
" pTd. b31 Wl yatL'dTet H it
Noithwast i. Ksfln. Co. 771 HI
Tbe OLleaca aiarbets,
To-Jsj's Lbu-ago gram ana provtskm
market quotations, furnished by C. T.
Ilaveaner, Koosuiaad 11, AtlaBtlc BuiU
lusr, 1S30 F street Burtbwest. CorrepauJ
etus. M. H. Meadhaw. "' l'ork, ChaiiJ-!-.
JifoWB X Co.. Cbicaoo.
naaur. OW doss rotut. Oa Ctott
Autr ....
Aug .....
at vs.
9tu asj Aug tow tuao
USJ (H aept 1. 10 10 05
9M 804 Oct t 00 id ta)
6 0a
WasbtBetsB btack Bxetuiuae.
Halts ltawwur OaU-U 'clock at.
l'..Ektric Ughl at, tauat m. Capitol
aad North O atreet KaUraad. U if 81
FcLliigtoa aad aotdters Uome Eallrosd, 90
at JOU at IU. L . S. Eiectric Ugat, S at
V. H. Mleetric
1st, ft. kav.
V. i. Ilectrie Lbrat
13U; w.
Jt G- M. M. LO-tfl '.
'.OB. W. A 8 Coaverttble. SVa
ITU; Masome tlaU Am'b, S's, C 11M, 'M;
wasa. Market Co.. 1st itort., 6's, ;
Wash, atariwt Co., Imp-. ', -. lal'd
beaboerd Co., 8's, C 17, -; Wash. 14,
lafaatrv, 1st, ', 1'AM. :'7: Vaa. U- la
tauuy,al.r.UM.A'i. Wash. Oat Usat
Co., fier. A. e'a 1 i7i. wash- ttas tsWCeT
Murt , as, M. Aiiurkaa Security xui
Trut, Utf.
aattoasl Maak atartra Wink of Wat
soa,tt;aaakof aVtpahuc, aaS; Metro
Bplitaa, S75; Caatrsi, -; fcceod, :
Farmcm sad HectauU.', 190; CttUa
1TO; Colwwbla. Ke. Capital, liy. Watt
Kad, 1; Traders', 12i. Lincula, 105.
iftttti mofka WasMamtoa aad
eeorgetowa, 35; Mtf.ropiaisa. taa; Co
Uimblt, T-J, Capstol sad KoftTo atmai,
t; caletoa sad outer's rtatw. M;
ticoraetowtt and TwmalJjU)u, 61; Sagas-
81; ArKagtou, 1S, Cutconm, 65; Coluta
bia, Is;6ermaB-Ameiica, ISO; foUumfi,
so; ,. FaopWsSi-
Title lasuranus bt.x-ks Steal letat
Title, 145; i'mumlaaTulssei, WatWaam
Ittle. -r-.
Hm aad b. We Lbrht 4MWaUB
toa 6as,6i. (ieotetoita ttajj W; U- a,
Slectrfc lbi, hU
TehrptwiM SVtocks--Vsmsytvaida, ;
Chesapeake and IfoUitaas, ; fcawrtisa
awapaopaone, li. ...
IHeteHou atotas.- Wasbrngtam 1
ass Co.. - wsaamtaoa
JPHfcB sw'JjW"p lfrt f JPiNsWnwsamWp
npstT ; VasaweJum naw map
SeTnatnetia f rsawiii uat Co.
jawasesm "jr,TlCw",'jsV I wsawstwsjpm
K sjsm IflSsalMk
0r RiTentGuUfTS at Miiaf Sn
Ordered to Bi DiMwatM.
Tin Iritisk Srrtniaveiil Bom M Kijaw
It Im ls 9on--Xf MtAm
FwU Kslkvwl.
New York, July 85. Taw JttrU to
day has the following from Its Wash
ington correspondent There is stMt one
it! Ions fact in the llehrlnc Sea stint
Hon which emphasizes the humiliating
position into which our government has
been led. Mr. Ulalne orally, but offici
ally confirmed to the lltitlsh Minister
the accuracy of the published aoeonnt
of the dismantling orders lo the Ilehr
ing Sea revenue cutters. That Is of
record In the correspondence sent to
Congress. Hut Mr. Ulalne never h
In any way, nor lias any oitklal of our
government, ever aommunicaiad to the
Jirliftli authorities, either ornliy nt In
wrltlDjn " ,, , - - -
oidets t
know tl i t. , .
slble pi ' , t T s
ctnmer . - , i-.,
ItsStal , At- '
only In ,- i
tothe oommamlSM of the llear, ItSrSh
and Corwln, ami carried to t'ttgwt
Sound by First Comptroller Xatthawt.
This statement will probably surprise
tbe public and naturally suggest the
question, "Why this protracted attempt
at secrecy?" The answer Is obvious.
The Administration recklessly under
took a Jingo policy and to smash diplo
matic negotiations with Great Britain
by ordering our revenue vessels to dis
mantle Ilrltieh vessels on the high seas.
It failed In Its Intention because tbe
orders were betrayed and published.
It was then confronted with the
founal protest of the Hi ItUh Govern
ment, ltut It Would have been going
loo far for our national honor to have
spread on record, or even allowed the
Secretary of Stale to orally admit to the
llrlllsh Minister that the United State
In the face of such a menace as tho
Minister was ordered by his govern
ment to file at tbe Slate Department.
To that extant at least we have main
talncd tbe dignity of our position.
While there Is not the shadow of a
probability of any Infraction of Inter
national law by our revenue cutters In
Ik' lit lug Sea this season the public will
never be allowed to actually know the
reason why such explicit orders were
not carried out. That la how tbe mu
ter stands at tbe present moment on
our side. On the other hand as Mr.
Blaine confirmed to tbe British Minis
ter the character of the original orders
It is said by diplomatists that it U a
grave discourtesy not to advise Mm or
any subsequent material modlflcatiu
of those orders.
In tbe abveace, therefore, of such a 1
vice tbe British Government is obliged
to assume that tbe orders remain in
their original form aad vigor, and the
complaints of that government against
what it believed tbe bad faith of Un
united Stales likewise remain with all
their Irrigating coaseitueaees. It Is evi
deal that so long as lord Salisbury is
kept la Ignorance of what tbe AdmiuU
tretioa mesas to do in Bearing Set
during the next six weeks the squill u
at Ksqulwault will be kept concentrate 1
at that station.
There have been repeated iaauiries
why, if the orders were actually uo.lt
tied, tbe recent correspondence did ur
disclose that fact. The correspondence
shortly to be laid before Parliament by
Lord iiallsbury , It Is believed hate, will
oaly refer to the publlcatkia ia the
israW el the report that tae di
maatliag orders have been modified.
All that Lord Salisbury eaa ititiew U
that siace the filing of the aow cele
brated protest at Washington. July 1 1.
these has been aa improved taste la the
language of Mr. Blaiae, which would
seem to iadteate that a great load hil
bee taken oS the mind of the Aater
lean Secretary of State-
Mart tae Ussmn KtatSaer,
POiWBA, X. J. , July 9. wTlMM U x
riot oa the New Brifaatitw BtHtaad,
which mas from Pusaoaa to Mean
Use Beach, among the Italia a4 a
gro laborers employed. The eeasnany .
fit is stated, have run short of funds and
will aot pay the tarns, who ate la a
star vieg conditio, aad are Uariag u,i
the tracks gear Urtevjuiae BVu
Tby have aot bt-ea paid for some tim.
aad are getting desperate- The trou '!..-Li-uiuituctd
ta the first part of tue
week, and U rapidly growing w ' '
is thought that thvsserbf wU b
oa to suppress the riot to day.
Saeisstwr fasci!1 See ,'
aUay i ettb, Mku, July it,
waytsaa Uoit-aay, aow fitsatmr
State rVhjoa,. is key km
aloaw. Last spria three sW
shot fiom Ids rixht ttaed
aad for tare) weeks he t -'
ao food whatever, tie i
alive by a quart of milk a. .
Ism-tea through Us ut
prlst8 physkiart. This ..
tot uvarly a taosth,
w -
ta Saved Ytttt.
HS4OU.0, July at. Jacob
swawem Kaa smimjpjaist.'e a1 aft r stmmjaw a
dtstoveted m Tfciifawaf
the wsasus?sliia of awe esjiiiaa f i
iUri-auad. www swjfjijww s
tbtutktM s tin Wt butf '4
viilsc. Lv tW.4Hs.
tjmtaW. w.'.t iiaaaa- warwar sw a.
Vn JmiiHf

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