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The Tariff and Appropriation Bills
to Bo Considered.
And Then the Sonate Will Bo Retcly ti
Adjourn Other Pelltical
News and Gossip.
Nfcw YonK, July 30. The lleratd't
"Washington correspondent telegraphs
tlio following nnent the caucus Inst
night "Senator Hour wept tonrs of
humiliation to night. He pleaded in
vain for the Immediate consideration of
the Force bill, and used nil his powors
of argument and pathos to brtng his
ccllcngucs In the Republican Benntorinl
caucus to his way of thinking. lie
said many changes had been mndo In
the bill and more would be made (o
satisfy conservative Senators. The
hateful domlcllllary clause, the partisan
jury commission clause, the brutal
bayonet clause would nil be strlckon
out if only the Senate would pass
something bearing tlio name of un
Election bill and carrying the Federal
power into the local nllalrs of thu
Southern people.
"Hut the Election bill was klckcJ
from pillar to post by the friends of
other measuros. They treated tlio Elec
tion bill as an entirely subsidiary meas
ure. The members of the Finance Com
mlltcc WRntcd the Tariff bill debited
until it was pasted, tlio friends of the
ltlvir and Iktbor bill asked to have
tbntc ntldcud, tho advocate of a re
cignnlzallon of the United States courts
t. if id that thu subject tie put on the
Hit, ncd somo of the Western men
wanted the Land Forftllure bill taken
"The caucus was held to determine
the c idcr of luilness. and It was finally
decided that the Tut I IT And the Appro
priation bills shall have the right of
way. Senator Aldtlch will move to
morrow that the Senate meet dally
nt 10 o'clock for the purpose of con
sidering thu Tariff bill. This is the
nearest the Senate will come to a change
of rules.
"There were only about twenty-flve of
the forty seven Republican Senators
present, ami some or uie strongest op
ponents of tho Federal Election bill
were absent. Their presence was not
needed to show a supreme indifference
nmoDt ino6t of tho Republicans to Mr.
Lodec's deformed pet and their disposi
tion to let it die the death of Inanition.
It was admitted tonight that the Tariff
and the Appropriation bills would take
five weeks. Then possibly another
caucus will be called to decide whether
the Force bill shall be taken up or some
other pet measure of a Republican Sen
ator. It will be too late to put the
Election bill in force for the autumu
elections, and the majority of the Sen
ators will be eager to bring the session
to a close.
"The result of the caucus to-night
confirms decisively the predictions
made in these dispatches weeks ago
that the 1- oicc bill Is dead. To nigufs
proceedings swathid it in lu grave
jcdce mouse will accept thk i1kwo
ckatic sominatiox in Michigan.
Chicago, July SO. A JUruld special
from Grand Rapids, Mich,, says an im
portant change has taken place la the
political field during the past week, and
that it Is learned from those ia a position
to know that Judge Allen IS. .Hone of
the Supreme Court has yielded to tbe
desires of his political friends and will
sctept tho noiulBatLia for Governor, If
tendered by the coaveatloa to be held
here September 10. If nominated ke
will give the Republicans tbe liveliest
ltv lUCjr UMTfJ UBU MIMX law UJ IK
old I'ncle Begole. aad tbe cbaaces will
lie very piucb la favor of a iJeuaoeratie
lckry. Judge Moses was elected to
tbebupreuie Court la IMS by a plurality
of ;w,0oo over Judge TboauwJM. Cooley.
Nash v ills, Tux., July 8 Ia aa
interview couceralag the Federal Kletv
tioa bill, Governor Robert L. Taylor of
Teane-asea said . "Tke Force bill is aa
envious sub at a wosBSfiac Baulk.
There is bo need ia aay Mats for legis
lation that is designed to fosueat strife,
murder and riot. Evea U U were legltl
suate and coaslitutloaal leglslartoa there
is no seed for it la Teaariiee. It Is
based cut tbe falsa aaauinpiin! skat ail
negroes always vote tbe Kepublfaaa
"It there is a Slate where bribery,
Intiuddetion aad false countmg ace re
sorted la, UUs bill will BOt cure it, be
cause tbe people an persuaded thai it
is as uucotisiUuiioaal laierfareatt with
tbe rigbt to elect their owa Repressm
talives . is destgaed to disrupt the peace
ful relation of the races; to claa tbe
xikgrocs and rcuutug urate tbe atrocities
that characterized reeoastiuclioa time;
to stew tb tide of prosperity aad de
velopiueut thai is uow sweepleg tbe
Bomb tu tbe boat a tieasoaabk. coa
U'lupUblc, atrocious, ismaaiftttlng at
tempt to perpetuate Bepubiicea rale at
tbe esuense of the pease and prosperity
of both tbe white aad black fopm of
the South."
UaaaU.a , tbu tfaajiift MiM
"WWS m? SSflf SfSmWSJtF m"aWS
J.l Yotk. July a. Tbe Fore hail
d.:s nut receive tbe support of all tbe
jU'puUicin:) tore. Munt Usistead, fat
tbe coure of sigacd editorial la tbe
Brookl) u JAutdiuJ Uutvii.vtyi- "Tke
ttectiun lu.w could iu do auy good ia
thu black Ult, aad ueewkece u would
l aa cUjtmrraMmif.nl rather kkaa a
facility TU Bypubllcaa party would
U. UiUe off lthout tt cicx vkhtfc, aud
tbu 3viid bvu'li 1 nvt tu Ihi btokua by it.
As to lire name of Representative!!,
this law wtttihl cost t wvwal nwmb
ami yield no gains."
rttnomlntitetl rr Onnitrea,
FoTTSvn.r., Pa., July 99. The
Democrats of the Thirteenth dlrir!ot
yesterday renominated Hon, James U.
llellly for Oongrew.
One TlioiHfiml Dollnrs Stolen rrnm n
Hot In n ilnrenn.
At,i.twtown, Pa , July 88. About a
month ago Nathan Shoemaker, an old
liaehelor, who Ural with his two
maiden sisters In Hits city, died, leaving
an estate valued at about $4,000, a con
siderable portion of which was In cash.
llefore his death Shoemaker toM his
sisters that in n certain bureau drawer
on the second floor was a box containing
$1,000 In gold, and a puree containing
f 100. He said the key to the drawer
was In a certain bag and was concealed
in a quantity of shot.
On the day of Shoemaker's death the
sisters secured the key, opened the
drawer, but did not find tho $1,000.
The purse and its contents wore undis
turbed. The mystery remains unsolved
up to this time, and there Is no clew to
the thief.
Clilcncn wparers Olnlm that Now
To titers Mlareprcnent that City,
CmcAiio, July U0. The ITeraM this
morning says! Tho altltudo of tho aver
age New York newspaper on tho sub
ject of tho World's Fair in Chicago Is
offensive to tho last degree. Its corre
spondents nro evidently under Instruc
tions to misrepresent Chicago ami its
pcoplo, nnd they loso no opportunity to
clrculnto falsehoods that are calculated
to glvo tho country the Idea that this
clly Is unfitted In nil respects for tho
Fair, nnd that Its people nro destitute of
the commonest tjiinllllcnllous for the
successful management of such nn ex
hibition. Tho contemptible meanness
of this position cannot be ascribed to per
si fin go. It has a deeper foundation nnd
n graver significance. Xo frlond of
Chicago and no truo Amorican should
be deceived or Intlut-nced by such inaul
fctt inlsrcprcrt ntatlon.
A Humor Tlmt tlio Wheeler Will
Attrmiit tu .Annul It.
Itriaix, July 29. It is rumored here
in ailstocratlc circles that the Wheeler
family will make an attempt to annul
tie tnattlsge of their daughter to Count
The ofllctal Interference of Sccrettry
lllaine will hardly save the Count from
the consequences of his morganatic mar
rlase. In his letter to Minister Phelps,
which was written In German, Secretary
ltlolce set forth that tbe Wheelers wero
among the best families of Philadelphia,
rnd there could be no reason why they
fcbould not "become members of the I le
vari an nobility. He alto stated that the
Wheeler family objected to the nur
rinec unlets the husband retaiued all his
Tho Cruet Treatment Mr. eiantt lle
clreil from Her Ilutlinnd.
Mary A. Gantt, in her bill for divorce
from Edward L. Gantt, filed to-day,
makes some very serious charges
against her husbaud. She says that
they were married la this city January
2tt, I860, by Rev. Dr. Addison, rector
of Ti tatty Church. Three years after
ward her husbaud became addicted to
the excessive use of lhiuur and began to
treat her harshly and unkindly. She
avers that without cause or provocation
he became Insanely Jealous of her and
told her that she should not go upan
the street unless In his company. When
it was absolutely necessary for her to
leave home she was upoa'ber return
Insulted in tbe most outrageous man
ner, her husband threatening to cut her
While livtug at 1730 G street north
west, Mrs. (isntt says that her husband
frequently assaulted her. He carried a
sharp knife in his pocket aod kept a
larger one la tbe house, and repeatedly
told her that be would "cut ber heart
out," or "cut ber throat.
At 25 I V street northwest he con
tinued his ill treatment, assaulting,
cursiug and tbreateaiaz ber until sbe
was loietd to leave him ia October,
letM. Upon bis promises to stop drink
ing, she returned to bin ia February,
loot, but tbey bad oaly lived together
oae week wbea ber busbsad agaia be
gaa quarreling with ber and tbroateaed
to cut ber throat. He also refused, sbe
said, to work aad eoatribute toward
ber support, sad sbe has besa separated
fros biusiaee March 10, Hb. Tbey
bave ao children.
A UtklMte lrakr.
Xaw Yohk, July SO. The pulpit of
tbe Ckusck of tbe Stiaager was ailed
oa Suaday eveaiag by a aative Cklaese
laiakter, kaowa bow as tbe Her.
Cfaarles Marsaall. bt befofebiseoa
vettloa as Ttcka Sbe Dye. For twenty
years ke bat baea engaged ia atiasiaa
asy work ia Cbiaa. ila thought tbe
Cklaese would become Cbristiaas at aa
early day, aad that tb Load was re
aervtag ike still iisvnpfaiKl atiaas of
gold aid silver for tbe ncopagatioa of
Bis rtligioa aad tbe buiidlag of Cbrls
tiaaUmptes. .imisetiful IS4lkwi.
Gbanp BArtas, Mica., July .
Tbe strike of tbe stsast isMwar &
pkf es it oM aad Aa saea have gsiaed a
victory. Tbe demand was for twelve
hours aad $1.75 a day. This a bees
ceded by tlw eoaapaay. Tks strika was
cbaractetUed by ao rtotow featUMS
f roes tka strikers, but tks atetebars of
olker uelftaf wera aot so atodetate aad
cars were placed crosswise oa tbe
tracks, stotws aad otker obnnsdinas
put wkete they would do Ike aust
asu4 wsik"iafc smUsm.
K Yokk. July a- Tks affair of
Jtisaalia WoodrvaT, wko saade a a
siaWKat for over I4W.M0 aosae
uoatbs ago. bave bees settkd aad
tbe buttficas will be coaUswd by a
corporaiios, tbe FraskU Woodruff
Tradisg aul Warehouse Compaay of
wbicb Mx- Woodcut will be presidvat.
Tbe creditors will have fv of the abte
ditectors of the cosapaay.
OsMti te Mails IctxMsat of ft. 4 -
Attcutioo to eaited to Uw fact that
tickets tu Bostuu, via Fauusrlvatila BaU-
rusd. scctHUit of li A S. Iui'aBMlliit,
idii Lull bo ubUlUcd ikl UollUirtur,
fueW llbtl.
What Is Interrntlnp; tho flosslps of
UnRtnnd's IMctropolls.
Losdx, July 30. The announce
ment is madetn Berlin that the "Reptile
Fuml," so named by Prince Bismarck
when he cynically admitted in debate
Ilia' he used It for the purpoee of
bribing newspapers, is no longer to be
applied to secret service purposes. The
money placed at the disposal of the
Chancellor will be duly accounted for
In the public documents. Chancellor
Von Caprlvl also published an account
of the uses to which the fund ba9 been
applied In former years, but the vague
ness and lack of detail leave the exact
disposition of certain sums n matter of
conjecture, so that Bismarck's famous
statement remains unchallenged.
The Flench Bishop, Levlnhac, who
has returned to Zanzibar from n mission
in the interior, reports that he met Emln
l'flclia on his way, Km In was not well,
and there was considerable sickness
among his company. Several of the
officers wcto thought to be In n dying
Preparations for the marriage of the
Archduchess Valeric of Austria have
been preceding on n magnificent scale,
nnd the nilatr will be an Imposing one.
Crowds dally block tho streets around
the palsco at Ischl where the ceremony
Is to take place, nnd tho Archduchess,
who renounced tho possibility of a
throne In order to marry tho man of her
choice, receives many tokens of popular
admiration. Sixty wagon loads of
flowers hnvc been sent, which will be
ti'cd In decorating tho marriage hall.
The Pilnro of Montenegro has mndo
a formal demand upon tho Porto for In
demnity for tho outrages committed by
the Albanians, and threatens that the
Montenegrins will cross tho frontier In
forco unless prompt satisfaction Is given
by tho Turks. Tho demand Is sig
nificant, for the renson that Montenegro
is so closely associated with Russia.
It transpires that tho recent actoucht
mint of tho Duchess of Sparta was at
tended by nearly fatal consequences to
the Duchess. Her royal highness Is
now, however, reported out of danger.
Cholera Is raging In Bagdad nnd
vicinity, and great iipprehentlon exists
lest the scourge should spread west
Tlio IrMi llninb-Tlirmvor Itnllavml to
Hate llreii llrurneil.
Nkw Yohk, July 90. The Sun says
that It seems probable that the man
known as John Murray, who was
drowned at Far Rockaway Beach on
Sunday last, was Thomas Mooney, tbe
Itlfh agitator and bomb thrower. The
personal Appearance of the drowned
man tallies closely with Mooney, and It
is known that while at Far Rockaway
he was visited by O' Donovan Rossi.
Moone-y Is the man who In 1887
threw a phosphorous lwinb un board tbe
steamship Queen, while she was lylnjr
In her dock here The deck caught
fltf, but the II am oa were extinguished
Ufore much damage had been done.
Mooney was arrested for the crime. He
was afterward pronounced Insane and
sent to an asylum, but was afterward
He wan Only n Netm Laborer, but lie
l'ruteil Hiiuaeir u Ileru,
Camusus. Pa., July 90. William
Lyslis, colored, of Hagerstown. accom
panied by some of his white fellow
bilckyard laborers, went seining in the
Monocscv River yesterday. Several of
the white men, while In bathing, were
taken with cramps and were in Immi
nent danger of drowning. They called
to I.ysles, who was on the bank, to
come to their rescue.
He plunged Into the river and sue
ceeded, sfier a hard struggle. In saving
the men, but he was alo attacked with
cramps and was caught In the same
sink hole from which he hail rescued
the while men and drowned. The body
was recovered. Lysles was about 35
years old and leaves a family of several
Tho flume llrokea Up,
PcnTsviLLK, Ta., July 90. Whea
Abraham Wiidemuth, a railroad con
ductor of Auburn, SehuyklU County,
returned home the other sight he found
bis wife, a tall handsome woman, had
skipped with ail tbe available house
hold funds. Sirs. Herb, a neighbor
and mother of five children, about tbe
muit time was waiting in valu for tbe
return of ber husband. It was some
time before tbe elopemeat was sus
pected, but bow tbe escapade Is tbe sea
sat Ion of tbe tow a.
No Ilallread ltiot la Jewey,
New Bhinswick, X. J July 99.
Edmund Stout, chief eagle wr of tbe
Pomoaa sad Brigaatiae Beach Railroad,
says that tbe story shout a strike of
Ilaiiaas, riot, etc., oa that road last weak
Is ealirely uatrua. lis says the facts are
that the eoaapaay aad the eoaltactors
are amply supplied with aaaaay aad
that the road will be aaishgd wtthla a
few days.
UroueUt la Kuimi.
Atcwson, Kak., July S. Itepotts
from Hock's Couaty are to the effect
that aearly every tbiag ia that sectioa
to buiaed up by lb drought aad that
there is great fear that a peUrta ire
wUi swttp tks couatry. Tkt grass is
as dry u powder aad would bum
I'nlWHd M4Wb to Mlani.
Kewaimc, '- J., July 98. Two years
pnjilfgyil susfatiaa isosa rkeuaaatissjs
caused Ckrie Back, a satoo-keeper, to
skoot abtweif through tks heart jester
day afwraooa. Death was sJmosl la-
1 tks) (jhMaVaft ttsf UAtKOJUUMi
towooN. July Sa la tks House of
CottJuoM last aigkt the AaghGeroaa
KAxieewiat bill for tbe ctssioa of Heli
ojAiid BAAuad tsta coaueJttea stase ua
ameaolad. lSrnnlrlni'ii S
uperJsteadvat Porter cava out Haa
oaacial const for Baooiiya today.
Tbe popuhuiua M,377. la iM it
was 5M.W3. This is aa iacrease of
a7,7U. or tl.W per umt. That is
pretty good for a simple suburb.
Otwca as tkiur HteVw.
Duttegtbe veek cuomwacteg auaday,
July 7. abas JtmtiMfAMaf. supported
b Mr. Jolus BaaMl sad Mr Edwacd Webb,
Ul fttvmaa Ui Vuo isuppa's IwauUXul opera,
"Tliu LuVc-ly ''Ul"'
bi-j aKtr& clur Ui boltaTS j UulUaliW
Ukkcla. Rjulii Ult lu July ft
Tcaperanee Advocate Do Not Bi
lieve in High Urn.
A Law Needed to Step the Unlawful
Sale ef Llquer Mere Power
Wanted by the Paliee,
The House Committee on the District
of Columbia this morning gave a public
hearing to those Interested In the bills
Introduced by Mr. Atkinson of Penn
sylvanla, regulating the sale of distilled
and fermented liquors In the District.
Representatives Burton nnd Mooro were
tho only members of the committee
present, but the hearing proceeded.
The Commissioners woro Invited to be
present, but did not attend.
Mr. Dodeo spoko In favor of tho bill.
Ho wa9 satisfied that tho members of
the committee hnd no conception of the
needs and situation of tho District. It
has been stated that Washington has a
(iitfiATCii vnoroiiTiox OP CTltMK
for Its sl.o than any other city in tho
United States. Ho wished to say to
prevent auy misapprehension that ho
was neither n prohibitionist nor total
abstainer, but was mcroly stating facts.
Ilu then recounted the statistics of crlmo
In tho District, showing that tho nbovc
statement was correct.
Tho statistics show that tha causo of
tho trcatcr majority of the Crimea was
drunkenness. Mr. Dodgo then men
tioned a number of Instances of mur
ders nnd assaults occurring during
Hcpttmbcr nnd October, 18M), the direct
cNiifc of which was traceable to liquor.
The esse of Frsnk Ward was recalled.
Mr. Dodge also spoke of the deadly
habit of carrying weapons, nnd the num
ber of crimes which has resulted from
this custom. He regarded
the greatest banes of tho District.
Ciiniinulog he said Hint one of the
Judees within the last year had In
siiuctid tho jury that if tho defendant
was sodrunk tlmt he didn't know what
ho was doing, a verdict of guilty could
not be given. He thought that drunk
enness should not be considered an ex
cuse for crime.
Mr. Scbade, the attorney for the
liquor dealers, said that not n person
piescnt was In favor of the bill, not
withstanding Mr. Dodge's remarks. He
did pot believe that the District Com
missioners or
The city of Washington has the best
system of liquor licensing in the United
States. If there are any bad places In
the District, it was with the connivances
of the Commissioners, ami, as a repre
sentative of the hotel and restaurant
keepers, he did not thank them for
having such places.
Mr. rkhade then read the rules gov
erning the licenses for lMJ and showed
their similarity to the bill now Intro
duced. The "only difference between
the two was that the new bill required a
deposit of $300. He saw no necessity
of this, and was opposed to It. lie
thought It would be better to leave
well enough alone and not Interfere
with the present system.
Sir. Tobrlnt also spoke against tbe
bill. "No set of Congress," he said,
"could make the liquor laws more
stringent thaa tbe Commissioners now
under the present law." He then read
tbe decisions and laws showing that tbe
Commissioners had full power to issue
or reject licenses. Tbe decision ia the
Msngsn ease clearly shows that tbe
Commissioners have full discretionary
There is no government in tbe world
tbat has more power tbaa tbe Board of
CummUsioaers of tbe District.
A peculiar feature of tbe bill woe
that every itron who wished to engage
in tbe liquor business must pay a lieease
of &MM), and for a bar room )0, but
ao divbloa is msde bet wee a wholesale
aud retail dealers; thus tbe dealer wish
ing a retail lieease would bave to pay
$800. Mr. Tobriei concluded by eoa
demaiaK tbe last sectioa of the bill,
which gives tbe Cosawkstoeers full dis
cretion as to Issuiag licenses, aad there
fore there would be ao use ef aay
rules goveraiag Ike liceaisa The aaw
bill to oaly aa attempt of the Caw-
Mr. Rosea B. Moultoa, tha attorney
of the W. C. T. U., spoke of several
features of the aew bill which were aa
improvesueat oa tbe preseat system.
The aew bill would throw tha burdea
of proof osuo a perse charged with
uala w fully carry tag oa the liquor trade.
For the element for high lieease ia the
bill ke bad ao admiraltoa. The
aristocratic salooa where the member
of Coagrees aad other iH.HBgiitsaad
persoas mat were the pwoes which
ruiaed youag mea, aad aot the tow
groggery. For ids part ha would
sooaut sits rase whisky
thaa high Hnaiftft
Mr. lioore asked if the auaaher of
saluoas were decreased would the
aiaouat of U4U0T be Was.
Mr. Mouitoa said that ke was positive
that the asaouat sold would be gseater.
Ex C'oagressuisa Price made tew
remarks, (a which he declared kit pro
bibitioa teadwu-W, but he would be
better satisaed with the aew bill tbaa
Ccmmisaioaer ttobttt. who arrived
about 18 o'clock, was iuiuiiiately catted !
ufoa for has views. He sab): 1
"The bill is fouadttd twos tike kjUbsf
tkejtit '
wot. u oi tiiua s S4U '
by decteaeJM tks aumber of satooas.
How caa a mas be stopped from seJiiog
lbjuor llkgaUy? The OwMWotwcs
vaaaot stop him, tbey caaaot prove aay
tblag aaaiast aa unlawful selter. Tbe
authnrittes have but otvn way to Hob tbe
ImaJstesa, ajsjl that is to plttee a police
maa ia tkeaaouu aud keep kin there
all tbe lime. " Coluael Robert spoke of
au itveideut wheru b was taken to a
cool wtiouerj ounc by a mUuuau. vb. -ptmund
beet Bu.1 villus a uk .t
liquor were proved against the store
keeper nothing could be done.
" 1 he new bill gives the CommWMon
ers or their agents power to enter a
building where the unlawful sale of
liquor Is suspected, while under the
ptetenl ystem the CommlMroners have
not that power. Gentlemen think that
the Commissioners have power to con
trol these liquor affairs, but they have
"The matter of liquor licenses is one
of the greatest troubles with which the
Oontmmioners have to contend. More
protection should tie granted to the
bOMteholders than under the nrewit
system. A person on the corner oppo
site a saloon should have as much
power to object to the saloon as the
persons on the same side as the
Coranel Robert then spoke of the
lack or rowan
which the Commissioners have to annul
licenses at present, but which would be
given Under the new bill.
The feature of the now bill, which
provides Imprisonment as a part of the
penally for unlawful selling, ho was op
posed to it as It would create too great
objection to the bill. He was opposed
also to the system of wholeealo licenses.
If nn honest man could not keep a
orocety store without keeping a liquor
store also ho would make the amount of
a wholesale license higher.
Tho "club" question, Colonol Robert
thought should lie dealt with In an en
tirely different bill. The Colonol then
pave his experience with a Washington
club nnd their means of evading the
liquor laws, Tho club power at present
Is very great, and ho would fear the
passage of the bill unless tho
ci.crt sr.cTiorj was stiuckkx out.
The provision of the bill punishing
police officers, ho thought, would
weaken the law. Tho policemen are sim
ply agents for tho Commissioners, nnd
tho public should hold the Commission
ers responsible for their acts, nnd tho
efficiency of tho government of tho Dis
trict would bo greatly preserved If tho
public would recognue that fact.
In reply to Mr. Schndc's question ns
to whether or not tho Commissioners
had full discretionary power over
licenses. Colonel Robert stated that they
hnd, but they bad not full power to pro
vent the unlawful salo of liquor, and
this power would be given by the pass
nee of the new bill nnd tho labor ot the
Commissioners would also begroatly re
duced. At tbe conclusion of Colonel Robert's
remarks the committee adjourned.
Among the temperance advocates pres
ent were Mrs. La Fetra. president of the
W. C. T. U.. ex Congressman Price
and Rosea B. Moullou.
nilchlcan ailllllnuirn Inautt Women
unil n Hmnll Hint llnauoa.
Batti-k Ckkkk, Mich., July 30.
During the encampment of the Michi
gan State troops here a number of
drunken soldiers visited the city several
times aod Insulted all women they met
on the street. On Thursday night tbe
wife of a member of the moulders'
union was grossly iusulted. The police
were notified, but made no arrests. On
Saluiday night the moulders to the
number of 200, each armed with a club,
got together and proceeded to drive all
soldiers out of the town. They badly
beat a numlier of the "blue coats," and
sent them all back to their camp in a
hurry. The police endeavored to quell
the mob, but could not do so. Three
companies of troops, fully armed, were
then marched Into town aad succeeded
in dispersing the angry moulders.
The Imurrcctlon In llueae ,yrs Un
lleeu Subdued.
I.OXPOX, July SO. The Argentine
Legation has received the following:
mwiK Ayres, Jlooilay, 3:90 p. w. An
nounce tbat tbe luurrectbKi bss been com
pletely subdued. Tbe President or the re
public and tbe National L'sbluet are gtvtax
outers from the National Oovernmeat
bouse. Tbe Pittance Minister has bu set
at liberty. (Slgu4) Jvx. Gahcu.
Qsrela is tbe Prime Minister of Ar
gentine Republic
An Obdurate Cleroman.
Ilt'XTixaDOK. Pa., July 3fl. Tbe
Juniata Classis of tbe Germaa lie
formed Cbureh ytsterday at Merklee
burg, by a unanimous vote, slrocuriy
ceaauied Rev. II. F. .Uoag. tbe pastor,
fur fefusittic tbe use of bis church to
Rev. C. J. Musser of this place oa the
occasion of tbe burial of oae of bU
j ouug parishioners. After tae eeasure
was troaouaeed Kev. Mr. Long as
ttuaded tbe Classis by dramatically
dfclaiiag tbat be would repeat bis
course should tha occasion be pre
sented. i'lubably fuUl ,Yanlt.
SALCtM. Va.. July 98 -Richard
Holmes aad Mkbard Moatague, colored,
living near Locust Hill, Mkkltesauc
Couaty, quarreled Suaday eveaiag
about soma poplar wood. Moatague
struck Holmes oa tks head with a pitch
fork, iadictlag iejurtes which will
probably prove fatal. Moatague has
tttd the couaty, aad Ike deputy sheriff
is ia pursuit of him.
UAtk tl a HaU Cataintstor.
Akcajni, N. Y., July Aaroa A.
Speacer, for uieey years a prosaieeal
citJzea, died here suddealy last algkL
rte was eora ta usjego touaty. rot
maay years be was tke largest Ualted
States mail eosuractor ia this eadof tke
Four KUM ttual ri4' lajonul.
Loi.00-, July s Two loeal Uaias
cooveyisjf mea to work est tke Maa
cbtster Caaal came lato coiiisina veeter-
da, aad a aumber of wagoas weee
Oui wa ever tke caaal baa. Four
u.i.u wt killed and afly lejured.
tto lUte ttTtMse far T.tas.
Ntv Yk, July t. 4 cable dis
t a' t b fwsji Lasdo to the say tkit
iUl Maiuuts de LeuvtUe ia about kav
u.z LotMBSt fat Kw York to briag
aaioa sgasam the press of tke r sited
la til SSaBakaa If Wakaaau A.mm JSaHSakBuaat.
l.uMMK, July . Tbe West of
n 'ilaad stem taakers propose to reduce
ttet tea pet ceat- ia 4ugust- TW
t- umpttid.
asMnt vssjtesw b
Gmssr4. July .-Tite aaesttag.
1 Broc kaa beea destroy! by tee.
r tu woatea periabed during tbe coa
rstioa sad tusay puisuos were
llio ltnati Is In Ilehrlnc; Sen, lint Her
omeers nro Itetleent,
Nkw York, July 89. A Herald spe
cial from Saml Point, Ungn Island,
Alaska, dated July 11, says: "The
cutter Rush attlved here yestertlay.
She boarded all the vessels remaining
here, distributed the President's procla
mation regarding Behrlng Hen, but
would give no Information as to whether
the vessels were to be seized. The big
gest part of the sealing fleet has already
sailed for Behrlng Sea, and the rest fol
low to day. They all say they will go
regardless of the proclamation, though
It is known that many, instead of tak
ing the short road through Ounlmik
Pass to the sealing grounds, are going
further west, hoping to elude the cutter
by going In through Amoughta Pass.
'"The steamer Mischief came from
Victoria to takedown what skins were
caught In the Pacific Ocean, so they
would not be lost If the vessels were
selrtd In Behrlng Pea. Victoria sealers
claim that the Mischief brought reliable
news that they would not bo disturbed
in Ikhting Sea this year, and they say
they are going to make a big year of It.
The Gtrman schooner Adelo, sailing
from Hamburg, Is also here and !ound
to tbe scaling ground, so It Is llkoly
Gcimany will lie Interested In the ques
tion with Rnglaml.
"Tho Rush sailed today for Ounrt
laska and the Snl Islands. In n few
dnys It will be known what her policy
Is, as thcro will lie plenty of vessels for
her to sclc. Tho schooner O. R.
White of Seattle was seized In Ouna
I ask a by the customs officers there for
having on board more breech-loadlug
arms thnu her mnnlfcst showed.
"Tho tVlaskn Commercial Compiny,
now that they have not the seal Islands,
nro developing their other Interests In
the Territory. Thcv have sent a schooner
load of machinery nnd expert miners to
tho King gold mine nt Ungn. and are
determined to sec whether the mines of
this country nre worth working. They
nro also opening n large coal deposit In
Port Mollor, on tho peninsula of Alaska,
nnd nro very sanguine of big results.
They arc projecting a railroad to Chlg
nik Bay.
'The schooner Nlblo, a Victoria
scalor, Is supposed to have Iteen lost, as
nothing has been heanl of her since
VicToniA, B. C, July 20 Reports
from the ccallng lleet received yester
day show that the boats have taken 15,
7 15 skins. None of the schooners were
molekled or even sighted by any of the
American cutters. They had go.-xl
hunting weather, and, juiialmr by their
half season's catch, the full season's
catch will lie a very successful one.
Slrnlment ctinnccd to Horror by n
StrntiibOHt Collision.
Bai.timohk, Mil, July 30. A
crowded excursion steamer, the Louise,
returning frrm Tolchestcr Beach with
1,400 souls on boam last night, crushed
Into the Bay Line steamer Virginia,
bound for Norfolk, at Fort Carroll. In
an Instant merriment was changed to
horror, mad shrieks (tiled the air, chil
dren were trampled under foot, strong
men itidely pushed aside weak women,
all in nu Insane endeavor tu get away
from danger. Three persons were al
most instantly killed, a number were
badly Injured and ten persons are still
The dead are: Mrs. Catharine M,
Keyser; Charles Granger, 5 years old;
Dsalel Koop, 10 years old.
Among the injured, Adolph Miller
cannot recover and others are sure to
die of their injuries.
It Is now believed that those repotted
as missing jumped overboard aad were
drowned. Search has been made all
the morning for bodies, but none have
tLus fsr been recovered.
Her Wealth Did Her ,Na flood,
Chicago, July 30. Since Mrs. Bar
bara Glaser's husband died, last March,
Mrs. Glaser has beea starving at her
bouse, No. 698 Wells street. Sbe was
7-1 ami feeble, and tbe neighbors fre
quently took pity oa ber and seat ber
food. Everybody in tbe neighborhood
supposed sbe was poor. Sunday Mrs.
Glaser died, aad the police in searching
ber room foued $50,000 in securities,
principally mortgages drawing S per
ceat. Sbe bad also property worth
$10,000. Mrs. Glaser has ao relatives
la this country, aod tbe fortune will go
to ber Uter in Bavaria.
Huw the JutuwtawB fund n'ai Spat.
Hahkisbiuo, Pa , July SB. Secre
tary J. B. Kremer of the Johastowa
Fkod Relief Commission has issued bis
report of tbe jweipls aad expenditures
of tke commlssioa. The total coalri
butioas received were ,12,ta.a0.
The amounts paid out for relief ia the
Coaemaugk Valley were $3,53,93e.!S,
ia tbe Slate outside of the Coaemaugb
Valley, T24M?3.im. or a total of $.1V
149. 3. Tbe commission has a balaace
of 7.S03 47 oa bead. Tbe secretary
says Ike fairest spportioameat possible
was made ia tks distribution of tke
YleUat4 .tfar Uawaut TitovM.
IIastikus, Kaa., July Ht.X gang of
horse thieves, supposed to be from the
Black Hill couatry, have beea duiag
effective work ia this commuelty for
tke past two weeks aad have suereerted
ia fuaaiag off between thirty aad forty
horses. Yesterday about seveaty live
farmers met ia secret seasioa ia this city,
orgaabtd aad propose to resort to moo
violeaceif tke buslswss is coatiaued
aad tkeives are caugkt,
jaaittat aUaaaaabiafitSaaataaaat aatt aaaafaaaaaSMat
Loxoos, July SO. la tke House of
Commons last eight Sir Jamas Fee gu
sou, I ader Fortiga aVcxetary. la reply
to a query stated that as tke WgaJitr of
tke at.tioas of the British admiral ia
closisg up lobster factories ia Kew
fousuTesd was to be trkd la a court of
lav, it was aot deskside to state under
what iutpirial law of prerogative the
aaUtructioss to tb Crows oatkvrs were
Lotmwti. Kx July W. lucea
dmries set am to the Ksldesjsw of Bev.
PvW Htuub at fobs, ji. ajkort
dfctaare across tke rir frosa kjw, at
aj early hour this mornlBj;- ftramiskb
aad tkres ckildtea were buraed to
ieatk aad Us- Plumb was so badly
buuwd that ke caaait live-
WaF WSwamPT smpw,
Ptesideal Polk ef North Cawdlaa,
tke bead of tke Fanners' Ailiatwe w,
1 tb. I uiUJ SlaluS U (.xpc.lid ta this
A Uriti Sesta Tkl Did Hot
knmn it) Much,
Attorney GefaIH PttUjgti A pi Bit Uti At.
tempt Va Prejudice Lint, Ghj's
Gait" Block on the Stand.
The fourth. day of thettlal of Lieu
tenant Guy was liegun at 1:VJ p. m. to
day before Commissioners Douglass,
Hlne ami llnbett at the District build
ing. The attendance of Interested spec
tators was about as large as that of yes
terday. In reference to the published card
this motnlng of Property Clerk Syl
vester, that he did not say lie found the
tccords at Police Headijunrters In a
chaotic condition upon assuming charge
Ihcic, the word "chaotic" was shown
Tiik CniTir rciorter to day by Mr. Mil
ler, the stenographic reporter of the
trial, in Ids report of tho testimony
given yesterday by Mr. Sylvester.
Thu tint witness called by District
Attorney Hazelloti was Lieutenant
While waiting for Lieutenant Pear
con, Mr. Claugliion arose and made n
stRtcment to the itTect that a instter re
gatdiiLas a SUte secret, the statement
of ltobert II. Smith to Commissioner
ltobcrt, had been
from tho offlce of the Commissioners.
Smith, he said, had yestertlay re
fund to answer any questions. "1
know," he added, "ihe sincerity
of thu Commissioner In regard
lo the matttr of State secrets.
Seme 1 no, however, had gained ao
ctra In the testimony, and he had rettd
In this mntnlmr's 7W 'he publldted
statt ment made by Mr. Smith. Are
ricua 1 iTcnse," he said, "had bout com
mitted and an outrage upon Lieutenant
Guy. mil he asaed for an Investigation
by the Commission! rs."
Lnglneer Commissioner ltobert ills
e'almed all knowledge as to how
Smith's testimony bad gotten Into
fitlnt. The testimony had beett out of
ds hands for some lime.
Policeman Cramer and Inspector
Pi arson test! Ad to the alleged drunk
tnntssot Policeman John Hart. They
wite sworn by Commissioner Doug
lass. Lkutiuaut Pi-arsnn showed from
the records tbat Hart bad Iieen twice
rinnl for drunkenness in 11 and ISM,
and for neglect of duty In 18S&
Commissioner Douglas asked Die.
trlct Attorney Ilszeltou about ltobert
II. Smith, the recalcitrant witness, who
flatly refuted yestertlay to testify to any
thin;. "I have concluded," replied Mr.
Ilszelton, "tbat Smith cannot be com
pelled to testify."
At 1-30 p. tu.. or account of tbe au
sense of wltnessa-s, su adjournment was
taken until !v o clock to morrow mo ru
ing. Commissioner Douglass said be could
not tell at the present time what action
would be taken by the Board la refer
ence to the investigation asked for
about tbe Smith testimony by District
Attorney llezeltoa.
Tbe Fiits-Uertxog case was cdled ta
tbe Polka Court at 1 o'clock tbU
aftefHOoa. TlerU'ig was arrested
hy Omeer Block, Lieutenaut liersoa
ami bergeaBt Trunael, of Lieuteaaat
Guy's preciact for running a gambling
Wbea tbe ease was called. Dea C
bilJ, who n presented tbe defendant,
aked that Inaomueb as Mr. Schroder,
aa attorney in tbe Patent Omee, had
not appeared in court he would ask for
a emtiuuaace. "This esse." said
Mr. Cablll, "has beea opeaed wish
a ncutisb ef truittueta wilft the
lateatioa of iejuriog aa officer
of tbe poUre force, who is bow oa
trial. The Goverameet asked for a
eonitBUauue so that the trial la Ihe
Police Court would have its effect over
the trial ia progress before tke Com
missioners." Mr. Block It ts ao such tbiag.
Mr. Cahilt Your Jloaor, I ask that
I aot be iaterferred with ia what I
have to aay by tha geatkaiaa-
X discuesloa arose as to tbe act
uader which Use proseeudoa was made,
aad a aew iafometloa was made out.
Om this iaforamattoa Mr. Cabill de
aeaedrd aaotker eoatiauaocv, but Dis
trict Attoiaey Armas comluded to
proceed oa the origiaal charges.
Mi. Block was nrst put est tke
stead. "1 made the cosapiaiat to
Major Moore aad ke issued a rakliag
warrant aad placed it ia my haada.
I headed it ovr to laspector Piersou.
OmVer Laagley gave tke iaformaiioo. '
"Wuy did you aot give Urn warrant
to Ikmeaaat Guy, to whom it was di
rtctcdT" asked tke Attoraey- ' Did you
aot knew that tbey were eui-udos, aad
never spoker"
"Allow me to correct my self. I gave
tke war real to awrgeaat Truaaell. I
wss Bssnelv fipltiisartas the laatiuetaosvs
of my superior uMeer."
"ir. KuUit, you meaa!" aajd tb
"Xo, sir. M jot Moos," wa tke w-
ntTmc testUMl tbat ke weat ia
Hertzi'jj'a room aad fuatad twelve mea
playiag cards, aad tkst tktr were tkree
gamta i ptogxess.
Ue wtuld ac4 swt.ir tbat the name
was pt'ter. but tbeic wete ebips ou the
alsWpaSPlaW-kwU'r'f iWaMp PJWP "WW " P
kaad ta the game kiasseU and bougkt
It wottb of vbips, aad saw otkur
salooa plsyiag tevea ua. 'I told haw
I had Uea dose up. M oud ae.v to
qobm kt eataisL"
WT"aWWwr vyasa sajp1BF
"Ho loag have ytMt atwm o ft
Since Julv 1 "
e jU
Blk UtVtKi '
llfft Mm
hcfe'dM yon get yrrtlt WWnff
play with?"
"Mr. Block gTe me 8 owtWrXieBS
srons, and I received iMtmcUttf Ifcal
T was under Mr. Block's spJT vision.
Mr. Block made me arrw.mwa wltk
Mr. rVhroerler for the pwrrwtw of M
Hug into the game at the front ofltM
Wwt Washington Flshlmt Club.-
"What did ymt do beTore going em
la poller forte?"
"I was In the Army." And the wft
mem testified that he never remembered
seeing Mr. Hettwg In the room MgJP
once, when he brought In lttnctt. Tm
club was purely a social club, ami the
members frequently went tm Ashing
trips. The games were never allowed to
exceed a fifty cent limit, and Ibee wss
never a toll game played, ami Mr. ltert
rog received no benefit from a "Mlty."
We owned our own cards, chips, etc,
and paid ft a night for the gas.
After further testimony tbe eate was
continued until to morrow afternoon.
Tho fnlleil Rlntpa, 11 la Hnttl, la Mote
ItiR Tflwnrit AnnriHtlnn,
Nkw Yohk, July 20. The TYmtV
Portland, Me., speclsl says that a gen
tleman formerly prominent In two Be
publican administrations, and who U
now at Bar Harbor. Intimates that the
United States is likely to annex Haytl
or San Domingo, ami that Mr.
Blaine's views on sugar duties have n
beating on tills point. A Dominican
statesman recently paid a hurried visit
to Mr. Blaine. Minister Douglas' re
turn from Haytl may have some con
nection with this matter.
Winner HtHaralocn.
Paiutooa, IN'. Y.. July 30. First
race Lady Pulslfer first, with Blue
ltock sccrmd and llalnbow third. Time,
t:18. Second race Kuperta won, Sir
.loli n second and Isaac Lewis third.
Time, ill. Third rice Void won,
ltoeallne filly second and Ketreat third.
Time, 1.(Mt Fourth race Loa An
geles first, Kingston second, Teuton
third. Time. 2.111. Fifth race ltoval
Garter first, Hopeful second, White
note third, lime, 1:15.
Intrnmly Hull nt Noon, Hut the l'rteea
urn HIMiiljr.
J'kw Voiik, July a. Money easy
at JHtil jwr cent, llxchahgo dull;
posted rates, Jh3&Wvl: sctual ratttt.
IIMJ 185 for 00 days, ami tassISO
for demand.
GoveramenU quiet: cutreocy (H, 118
bid: Is, coupons, 123f bid; 4f, do.
ioai bid.
The stock market opened i to 1 per
cent, higher than last night's cKHe.
After a slight progress ia tbe upward
movement the market became dull awl
pr lees reactid dl I . Partial recover!
were made and tbe market at nooa was
intenmly dull, but steady at about the
opening prices. Sales of stock to soon
aggregated 5o,$0o shares.
Jfw rtrk Stw.
TOMlsy't Nw ork stoeK market qaeM
tkms, furnished by C. T. fMveaaer.
HoowsVaiMl 11, AtisnUe ImlMmg, NT
tticrt northwest, Uorrvspoadeatav X. X.
Mendhsui, New York; Cbsoobr, Brawa A
Co., Cbleaico:
avot-aa. On3:) stocks. OimMt
A, T AS Ke 44t -U Omsk.... .. .....
Can.loolb.. Rl MJ pT.... .,
fhl., B. A Q lOrtl lOtff Uw. Trsaa.. W ft
Con. flss. .". M.a.8. Co te ta
V, KIAl'se Wi i:i Heading til 4
iei, Lit vt . nn Mir x. or w . n. wn at
Del. A Ilttd. J 1061 t. fsul...... TS W
Erie ISH wVf TeK. Pee ,
Jersey t'sn Tea. C. A I
U A N Ml sm V. ran f Ml
Lake abore. KUM loot H'sb. uTd..
Mo. Psc Wl Til H'. t'ntoo... S1I
!S Y ti N K. 4si 11 H'A LBp'd Wf
jc w piti reuoumm.. m
. t. ca Am. uouts m
N. Pae 351 M O.GasTrustS
t.'fd. sa S31 Nstl.'dT'st
Kottbwest..iUi'.:ii . Befta. Co. 71
Tha omsugo Markefa,
Te-da's Cucsgo gram
aaarket quotations furnUl
Haveimsr, Boom U siul 11, Atl
imr. waoF street bovuw.
eats. M. B. Meadbsm. Xew Yorki
ler, UroHs A Co., Caleago,
wusat. OkMM Ctom vosur. Om OUn
Wt AUg,.... 11 W A
9ti kpt.....i'. ta :t n
i Oct ....:. to 40 Mil
M tug 8 19 IH
tsf Sep it e
m Oct 0 3T
UablUKS Mwk ttliSwwiti,
Sales Ksewisr CaB w sVrtsek m
Columbia TU iBsursaee, g g 7,
Aiuertcui urstauron, oo at i.
uiicatim-awmi aoads U. SL
UgbU 1st. (P., lou; t'. S. XUetatcUt
are's, IStV, W. G E. K. ISMlfs,
u- m. . Mft-m r,
CaevettiMe. Vs.
1st Meet., . ;
k-vsvtes, :i". w. g a
ITS: Mssoalc Hull
tt'uh. Market Co.. 1st
Wash. Market Co., Imp.. . '.IT: lal'd &
ieabosrd Co.. ', C IsW, -: Wash. U.
lofsntry, 1st, 's. ltwt. Vt: Wash- U. bs.
fsiiuv, U, rs. UW. tm; Wask Sas UaM
Co., ia. A, 's. UTI; Wssh. Oas IMmOt.,
aer. ,8's. U. Bixieak les Coaspaatf ,1U
Mott., s.'JK, Amerksa Jtecuruy aad
Trust, U.
batteaal Beak Stock-ga of Wask
attoa. ism Baakel Heoabiis. Wk Wstaa
MMtaa, ST5; Caatsal, -, Iseasai. fH,
fvmm sad Mmte, lk Cttlaasy,
170; Coiumbu. i. OawUL n. Wast
grid, loo. Traders', 1ST; Uaeola, H-
Sailioad gtocss WssUesma amt
aeorgetowa. 33; Hettopotttsa, W; Qa-
luaius, 1 1 ; vspnoi ana aona u
el. Ju.kiiuitoii aiu akihllairs
titcorastoae end TtcaJifioao.. Adgkt-
ooa, .
laaarsafe gtocks flssawa 's, S; Pasjsjc-
SV1 ArUHtoaTnOClwmcsT4asl
Tuts Insures tu. al
TtUe, -, twsWTttm,eiri
6aa atd lkHrfc Llsfct 8tarka-r Waaaaaa
urn ts,8, tisoritoia ttss, If-T,
glet-ufc lAgbt, m
mwi-aws uwasr-eawwMaesaj
GkmuHsakm aj4 IN
W, 9it,
I Q.AJUMttt, 15.
I jiffliVirnarWtf.f foflilHlf i tjaMiifirttlrn
f Sala-Saj wm ajIgjgpgHnmpwe ttBrwl' fcrefflaWa'wS
WlAlaUEO$t Iritir&aW- MW IfRttP j
fecrnMf aad Trnat CoTW
: &tt2tote lw Co..
"WggwWl"Wiw SP V ag)ipi(ggf 94RrVw yWapPWI
UjmasTK, 1' v . July 3. Tke
atosutrtowa lios Mill bve tMpbki to
tjPwWPal asVlaJ VmWni jf MlaW '
tm At Dm nf t-sswahe, JMeaesxc.
Jgkfliliai. f, V'tj i. ,l
Tltl ( ujmui uj
VWI ' IV Mi'
u v.
mpt uii
Vc U)J
Sept i51
Aug..... 391
Sitpt 3Sl
Oet 531
iWrfsfiBplPk l

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