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The Daily Critic
$t Onlg Dtmoerattt Dtrttf Paper Pub
Mud at Washington.
JtftftV KSMtHO
tvAiHtftfrroJi omne rottPAsr.
washiwotow crtr. n. c.
BJrwmwtt.fep.'M, lye
" " 1 Month "
Dattiws w the ewe. i moati) s
" THrtCifiTiC
WMRtnvtinr. t). 0.. .ttrtt $9. IWd,
. ,.i..M ,.. ... ,-, - . -
fink PAirrr work.
itotft 111 standing the determination
r toe fiepublrrtii Senatorial mucin
tart alyht to rail the Him and Harbor
Ml iif) Ihe fattier part of tbts or early
iiest week, owing to the ihwsiwc from
Mm Ptelfte Cowt. It l nevertheless a
fMt that the Republican leader hare
lMl to hold tbe bill back for final
ftctten to tits last. It la their only
fhance to IroM a quorum for the pas
sag of tbe wild and vicious political
measures they bare roncoeted. The
pemmal Interest of the various Repre
sentatives In the appropriations eon
tslsttl Id that bill la supposed to be tbe
only consideration left with svtlttelent
pOww to cans a quorum to remain In
tbe city.
try pasting tbe Mil through tbe Sen
ate, with numerous amrndmenta, as will
le done within the next two weeks,
probably, and tending It to conference,
the He publicans hope to avoid the charge
of trifling with tbe business Interests of
the country. A quorum of tbe Ilontt,
of course, will have to be p refer t tvueu
It comet totheconstit'- ...Jon of this con
torcsce re;..".. Hy holding the bill
,tck, In conference, until tbe expiring
days of tbe session It is thought a ma
jority of the Itepresentntlvcs can be
held In tbe city. There is no other
motive strong enough to keep them
In tbe muaullaie tbe public works al
icedy begun ami acattered In nil parts
of tbe country will be going to ruin.
"Work on them of course had to stop
with tbe expiration of the approprhi
tlons at tbe end of the last fleoU year.
Ussier the present proaramme of the
Hcpubllcan party n j appropriations are
likely to be available for their proswt
lion until September 1, and none my
le until October 1, or even later, par
bare too lute to be of any use during t is
I a sent fiscal year.
The public Inteiest are thus made to
niter In order that tbe Hcjnibllctn
1 arty may pass It outrajteoua Ta Iff
lit) ar.d Its Infamous Force bill.
Tbe utter recklessness of that psttv,
and lu entire lack of Interest In tbe
public welfare, ate clearly shown In
the way It proposes to use tbe ire it
Jliveraml Harbor bill to fudher IU par
tisan purposes.
There Is something pathetic In the
present predicament of tbe Atlanta (At.
ttituiicn. In tiforls to ketpupa bur
rah and to pose at the author and pre
siding genlu thereof are at once admi
rable and sad. Iu Sunday edition sports
an editorial page devoted almost en
tirely to double leaded argument and
Insinuations to the effect that It baa
munebetl , and Is no w cond uct I ng to a ik -(earful
consummation, tbe greatest pc
iUlcal propaganda of tbe age. Ignoring
the fact that It has been snubbed awl
discredited, tbe Constitution, goes right
ahead, assuring IU readera that It was
ibe first one to awaken tbe country from
a fatal lethargy, ami to start Ibe aglta
tatioa that will soon culminate in tbe
death of tbe Infamous Force bill.
Xotbiog could better Illustrate tbe
hpteadid spitlta of tbe Cunuitution than
an extract from Its Sunday leader, under
tbe bead of "Tbe Work of a Week."
Here it the oeeaing thereof.
"A week ago all was gloom ami
"The Force bill bung over ua like a
"Our friend in the North were silent
and listless; our esctsies were active
and exultant.
"Under tbe outrageous gag rules of
tbe Ji ue the infamoua Force bill was
leaked ibiougk.aau iu Northern oppo
in nu failed to make themselves beard.
The Steele, bulldoaed by Dictator
lltetl. and Ufoemed that tbe I'lesslest
ku-cU ready, pen is band, to sles tbe
bill tefore the ink was dry, ma tbe
uliiit.tsts half wey, asd showed a
rHtfKitlB iu obey unlets frjss bead
jUBrere. Jn ibis tmergency, the ViHutUutta.
b a full appreeultoa of tbe diie
peril of the aittuuJaa. sounded tbe
ISfiWe'i ioud stony bed srratiaI fees
tfea everywhere at mt, tbe Qtuutitu
Hfos) ce4fceruiiet-
"Tkm chMida are roUias by Us skiee
brigJstwiBg If Hut Cuauituiu by
Ha decided stead for tbe right bat is
ess degree coautbuud to tbh) result,
deetre to eeBDCMuize tk f act that U
and loyalty, for the coaaiaon goo.i of
aU, ad to strenguVa tbe peiasvy object
ef tbe foundtrs of the vetwMc M
Kitrfrperfvci union.' f
"Tie work of the week will stake a
efcislag page in our bitturk record Let
tt go bravely o "'
W heal osMt cooaidtri that t&e press of
th rnnntry fateiudisg m'mci of rieptbr
IsfsW ed IsflsepssdaM jtrsabi, bsa
bees bttateitMi tbe Foc httl lot sleeks,
kaA " 1'itntitututrt't sola - --
ha tbe wUovery see achieved by pro
Birting' srmiehit(f wbit.'h lbs vatkie
ifittth Bfasdjanril vUs tei"tiiriati"B ad
nbjtkvk; rids outbwat to ose of Use
suest sjaovtsg fnbibtttfMM we ssve wit-
ymtijtf lov flossy asd snsaw adsy
- .
XsV txi, i ' fAtmsi yeLetUy m
i IS W'Biftt iiiitkt0t ftsf MM JfcflfMMinf'sj'"
, v ouiy t bis awcviei d uet Unhw
Jteee oUi, bus el e4a vusviesJes test tas
masasss stt beceanc a law " ss
3BsiBBjpsnsarv r wm i f s wbvpphf smssr essiSF
Xaafisl fiaff flJigflffMi It ieft &Ot CAttsftsbssl figfttl H&V
gfmam rmm fapejsf see v epsfaiBpgaj esgep MS
fri&i&vx qIikiks yl fciUUjk vM ctul4
avre tkfiibtfd Bjinrit ir Fniratgtf aiTrwfWfcl oft
aasr" w wfp mrm" MimBaam aywFsp ipbf
L. tin it Uii iiitWjr ttaersteod
ili t ieveued it ca uid tote lot sb
but wbctset b tbuuk a U ytm Use lt
ia u a rj Kereiit uum to tut S
Ui imtk ie eaticerbed, Uikre s) nB
taa. i m si ww stuagjKt ahsg
THtf" '"If" Ti U
nasty swans. ssJ if ever s pirtusss 6os-
fnr "there are Senators on the RcpnMI
rsn tfdp who knew that tbe Mil an out
rsereon revstttm of petinbtr right, rt
ho tnny ttl, when the tff mns, have
tf cenrsg of thrir corivlc' lon.
Wf n fit.At ami gtattned to oMrve
ttat th Cttbmsfonttrs nave at last 4t
f ermrord tn rtawrte Hie fftaswelt hwn
tsrn a tbe tnttrfectKvn of Seventh street
and PiMMjltoMa svense, Ten days or a
fottrtttt gn Tub tnttrc eatled stteetto
r ttt erererted poT,4flfen, atrd plered
ft h trt-fttmctit nf a bamtsome puMte prop-
f erty Ocrsttd to ihe city by a genstess sot
tr.titlfrret !ffifrrr, thongn M a reefcreet
of tie cr'ti The t'ommtselBWet, how.
tver, hTe now Int crested theWwsltea, awd
the rr wen j( tei ilsy gtvew w rertote tbe
Water eonntettori'. Tn unrtrc does not
parade tl.tc Hrcumtire ssa tlagraetevt
desee tbi it is rner,ing the town nd term-
eserst the srtton of pnlxlr nffielats from
the msMent down, tmt UKe this oees
sfotj to eompilStHit tbe Comm isrionm ir0
thtr rr1tfirt to accept a ?naetion te
H KtfnlTy liftmit, and hsvlne ss its motive
ruithlhg t.nt hf pnblk; gowl.
BJtotntH Jrm WASAsiasn gtves 'he
glrt mme htee, ffsgal advfee In his cheap
Itiiuufetphla potemn thu morntne. He
mj: "Thtt 7e Otncbam wa 10b only a
Hit I time back. Very likely mt better
quality hi new Mfe, or More, la some stores.
Tbe wonder Is to find It at 7e. Good for
service, safe to wash, beery enough for
careless wear In careless places, ami sightly
riwngh for any (llnebem tarnont."
(ireat Scott 1 What does be mean by
' careless wear In rarelrss places?" lias
thetslnttr! one been tatting a night off
with tbe chippies?
Tntns is tai k to Mm effect tbet tbe Ite
publiesb leaden sre eonshlettmt meMures
of "retaliation" asmtnst (Treat BHUIn,
through Onai. loes that mean that we
bare realty been (milled, as everybody new
believes, and that the best we ean do Is to
matte faces at tbe bully? If HUoeen't
mean that, what Is therr ictallate about,
ji .vrrBAns in.w Scnstw CarHIe's con
stttnenls ran get Information from htm
wlitn they want It, and In neat and com
pact psrkages at that.
MttmpotitnnU. Levy, New York; T, 11.
linstln, Atlnta, (ia.: .1. A. Mitchell, York,
IV; Ross II. Iteatl, Nw York: John (1.
Williams, Virginia.
A'nfiowflt W, K. Itoberteon, New York;
W. II. Kiwel), l'blladslpbla; J. S regie
and blmon Archer, .New York.
. Jew r. 8. Cheaebro, llrooklvn, N.
).; George W. Waumaker, New Turk; U.
J. Cbau, Uevelaml, Ohio; J. K. Urlttenden,
rlty; U. O. Smith, New York; T. CbspinsB,
aelban,.MItb.; Samuel Morris, I'liiladsl
ph'a. Ilti'aril't-J. W. lny, hltubiir?, la ;
4. K. Ktitnay. New York; Ileury cblaobter
am! Jsiub actilathter, Unclntmtl, Utilo.
Mpli Mis. Addtsou (illmore, Mrs. II.
A. Cot til an, Frank A. 8toir. Boaton,
itsia.; 11. A. BtrrigarJ, Short Htlls, New
Jerrey. !amutl Fowler, New .Iere ; blnn
Kly, l'blladclpbw, Fa.
M mm John W. Collins, H. I
Crrdrn. L. JJ. It M.
6ieAiM 8. S. Haerm-iii, U. II. Jack
m ii, I i.loimlo Springs; K K. Allison,
renisytraiila; J. M. OUrer. Cblomjo; 1).
M. Benjamin, Milwaukee, WU.; It. filll
bam, 11. I.. Karn, New York; R. J. Wilson,
feltiuey, A tot raits
limyium J. K. Wright , iftUburs; C. C.
UiBer, Ocean (trove, N. J.: II. A. ConsUn
tlnean, Ottawa Unlvertity, Cansila.
A'lranMdrr W. J. Curtis, 8. J. Harriot,
New York; Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Wallace,
Fltcbbnrg, Mass.
Atli-'gttntW. W. Smith, Uridgeport,
III.; Krsbk tV. Ssngr, V. W. Toomas.
New York.
m.M-l;.ilrt l.'autftll, eltri Charles 11.
Parker, Cleveland, Obtoi W. Si. Warnock,
Eilwaidsvllkr, III ; W. A. Warburton. New
York; I). Kuaditk, Nw Ywk; K, E. U,
Jobiislou, New York; II. II. Hadeu and
wife, Kan Claire, Wbv.; W. K. Freeman,
New York; J. M. Doltn, at Lout; W
Kjjbert awl wife. New York; tt. JI. Yard
ley, Doylcsbmn, fa.
Mxruil-U. l)e H. Clay. T. II. (Jordan,
Newport News, Va ; C. F. Newton. New
York; K. C. Kouasvy aal wife, W. Berate,
L. S. (iarman. etertunoie; John T. Hunt,
Provldei.ee, R. I.; U. Tate, J. Mack, I.
Ray, (1, Towwml, N. Raker. Q. Henry,
D, Long, J. .McUuekun, T. I'owers, J.
Werrkk, J. Sowiier, Baltimore Baseball
3Ir. Edward Iok. Ibe editor of J'Ae
iMilif' JLms Journal, sailed on Thurs
day last on the Augueta Victoria for an
extended tour through Europe. As one
of the very youngest and brightest repre
sentatives of American jouroalUai, It Is
not unlikely that 31 r. Ilok will receive
considerable attention from the famoui
literary people be is to meet. He goes
freighted with letters of Introduction
from prominent Americana to many of
tbe most distinguished people abroad
and will return Come early in October,
after visiting Loades, Park, Berlin,
jvauiburgn, Amsterdam ami other Kuro
peas capiuU.
Tbe Preaidest ami Secretary Hal ford
weie uiet Is tse woods While ruling
near HUdeseburg a few days ago.
igbt orndsg os, tbey aaw the llgbw
of tbe t'ipiul, sad were thus guUed
ilr. WUHam WaJdotf Aator some
ttme ago offered U tbe vestry of Trinity
Church to fureiifl tbe eburcb with
bieatfe gstee. ol design to be approved
by the vestry, aa s msauoeist to feb
fatter, be late Jobs Jacob AMOf. The
offer has bees accepted.
Professor Hsese, formerly Professor
of MedHise is tbe University of Oot
Usges, asd tss okieet teacher be its
aoedkeJ faculty, celebrated sis SDth
birtsdsy us June 38. The veteran pro
fessor, who far atili is full vigor of body
asd Blind, received congratulatory tele
grasae from ibe eMuj uUataler. Bert
vos (ioefcler, from the medical f acui
ties 4 Ooiliagen, Leipzig, Heidelberg
and Zurich, asd from a boat of friends
and puptle.
M y i.bsniee have been uesde is lbs
bed ruome a tbe White House wltkia
the past yeer, od when at bosae tip
FtesMeet sad JaVra liwrfeos oocupy tbe
famous Fracs of Wake chamber at tbe
soBtji westers exuesaityof that second
Hoe, the- doors uesing islj the cosy
ifftiSg KOOSS
As rvprdttbin atard by tits Ssattlti
Pre has tspb red tbe (Mympk range
of moastato for tbe ttat time. Asumu
otsst bxirssUu after whom the pbyaf
est festtttsa of tbe tusge were named
are Mount Cuikls, after Mr Qeoj-ge
WOttm cadiis, pMdaJC of ibe Ftdg
delpkis Ud&r; tows Davas, after Xr.
Chirks A. Daw, editor sod prcaciotot
of tss Kew t -.s4 SUwu
Orsdy, after tbe late Heary Grady, e
Wl of tss Vlwii ('uiHtitytkn
A, Utile summer Sutstson,
Meneti but by a tear or frown,
Yes ass snda easst aW biaerUon
When i gets bask to the toam.
aV tttti visuasr esssjcafimnt,
m which sol s aaowfat.
el the MaMlH U U u.ut
Uses tss winter aesaon ceils.
f aak tbt no ftiiHIas iifcuj i
Tt to me UUttamgb) ew
Tbahe'tt mtm
Vban eemaa atasBlezt Mwr.
" r w mBws aMsmwav wf JET
m MmBi ii mm
9nwr or thwret or mj unih Urea-
ilf irewm lrcrwet .TTewwt
f tM Xtthi, TVTM Htnl
"fttrtt Cnrtm" to rMeagn Pw)W &tv
A man will go to Ma room si flight ,
atd If there isn't mutch ban-It, he
Won't even trrmbie to fet a iffht.
He simply get out nf hi dtrda s
quk kly aa possible and Jnmr Into bed
wlllout more atlo.
Kow, let tn watch a girl and constder
her ways:
Plrrt of all she mint have a light, ami
a good bright one. She may haw been
entertaining her young man In the par
lor until well we will nay, until bed
tlftw. rr ahe may have been out to a
party, but that doesn't make any differ
ence. A girl baa a regular way of going
to bed that she does not tlepat t from on
any account.
Tbe moment she enters tbe room she
goes straight to Hie drawer ami look
la the jhm I bnve seen a Rlrl go
down on her knees and mu every
feature, turning her face this wsy ami
that, as If what she saw was something
quite new to her. Then the sweet
Shu takes off her wftlM, views for a
momenl her pretty neck and arms, then
she slowly slips out of ber akltls ami
tlons a ellkcn robe rfe thitmbrt for 0'r
girl Is very swell.
Tbe robe Is loor, ut pink, blue or
white, wlib decades of lace (tilling all
aliout lite neck and bosom and way
down to tbe dainty feet. It Isn't but
tonctl jut tied with ribbons. Next
the halr-plna come out, and down falls
tho balr. It has been washed In sodtt
or ammonia once a month to make it
Unify, nnd also to give It the golden
brown hue so much admired. Jlrs.
I'ottcr's coppor-colorctl tresses owe
much of their luster to tbe frequent
washings In totla find champagne which
bcr mnld gives them. Our girl brushes
her hair and braids It In n loose braid,
but she doesn't twist It up Into hideous
curl ptipcts. Curling-irons have dono
away with all of that, and the dear girl
Is just as lovely arter the liall with all
her finery off, ns she was during it.
And now sho takes a bit of silk and
draws It carefully between her teeth. It
gets out all the particles that a tooth
bttuh can't reach; then sho takes a
llttlu orange-wood stick, dips tt Into a
little louml sliver thing that holds
powdered orris root, and proceeds to
scour each Individual tooth, after which
the tooth brmli and a cup of warm
water finish the operatlou. She' would
rather do this every ulght, than piy
dentists' bills, she says.
Of course, tbe bath la tliomt eessn
tlal thing about the toilet, but our gltl
takes hers In the tnornlug. She does
wash bir liantls and face, however,
with all-run hot ns he cau bear It.
She tiKS a tlrnnel cloth and holds it
icveral minutes against every part of
ber face and neck.
Ml! fl.VLt.IK IIAMOOL'8,
who Is famous for her peachy skin, says
that abe owes It all to hot water. "Its
tbe best remedy In tbe world for sun
burn." lays Miss Sallle. "and no one
who uses it persistently will have
pimples or blacK-heads." And now
tbe nulls must be attended to; Just n
little clip here and tbeie with the scis
sors, a rub with the polisher and a
touch of cold cream to keep them bril
liant. Thcro are a thutiiaud aud ne things
that some elrls do after they go to their
rooms at night They take medicine
and pills and powders ami cough syrups;
they use Inhalers, atomisers, rleeh
brushes, and dumb bolls. Our girl has
no need of all these. She sticks to
There are girls, too. who think they
must have something to eat or drink
before retiring.
Miss Kstbryn Kidder, who appears to
the public as such an ethereal, dainty
creature, eats a big saucer of onions
every night. She munches them while
her maid combs her hair. And Miss
Dorothy Dene, the young English
actress, sits up in bed until 1 o'clock In
the morning with a novel In her hand
and a big plate of cake on ber lap. Sbe
reeds tbe novel and eats the cake; and
the most astonishing part of It ie, not
that (be doesn't have Indigestion, but
that sbe doesn't die, for with the eake
tbe drinks quantities of ehoeoUte.
Asd now, out goes tbe light and
down goes the eurtaln. Tbe scene U
IllUliic ItepuLIIcau l'roHlcaey by
Device lu liaob keeping,
FlOM Uu SI lean UloA-Pm&ao i4i'X
To permit the Government to escape
tbe humiliation and ewbarraefiiBsst of a
deficit, a device is Treasury bookkeep
ing which was soi looked for, asd which
was sot available a few weeks age, will
apparently have to be resorted to. The
bssk-note redsaaiMjoa fund of about
$93,000,000. which lbs new silver Uw
releasee, will bsve to be draws on is
order that the Qoverataaest may steaps
tbe disgrace and discredit of uuoiveacy.
Eves tbe most reckless asd obtuse of
the llepubltcui members of Cosgresi
should begin to understand by this thus
that tbe parly, in its mssagemeot of
tss leeal affairs of tbe nation. Is press
isfMtilousiy close to tbe danger line.
There is a probability, of course, that
this narrow eaespe from ftssaclal wreck
may teach tbe Republican loader is tbe
Hfstiu&al liveitliitire ss impiwlasl a-1
valuable lesson. At all e vests, if the
controlling parly durlag Use seeaioa next
winter, is which tkve majg.naent of
the affairs of tbe Government for
the nscai year Immedisteiy preceding
tbe Presidential tlertUm is to be pes
vbkd for, shows Is the maMer of appro
prlsitoAs tss ctttesB&i for tbs tHrtatfii
of rsssos asd Use If stows of rymirissscs
dttplsyfd is Use piesfst sessios, disaster
at the poUs csa hstdly be averted.
Hasmj""" UBXUsalAasaUsA tad UallisUasaVl
lBWef'aweiapt" aWasesesTfreaspsai 'aasapBapasaw
t(m UU IhttudJuhm akg BdUOn Mm-
WUbis the past few dys atslwsrt
BepubUcsB editors Use Mural HoX
stesd, tborougbry ioyaj sstoss like
pwbtfean iVpseseaefttlves like Alfred
C Usrmer, esnset Bsspubdcan buei
sess ?.ib )UfM aMsllMNa Pisatfin sa1
North Catoliss, tepii?r with ot ten
tbss s score ol SbsatdsUcss daily joui
luds. be, raiasd "d voices aaisst
tknnbera Herisblk ins UutfiMives e-
aap'aiaapssSwT' mnfw pawa" r aa
cisre publkly Is sssae au-iing that tbv-y
denot wei K, i.anrvot fuii to be Uetdil
Fifcliiftll f ttfffr ttat IlKllafsaSiry
ittu I ii.jtfu 4mfitml)).
IMIif feosbJO C'-oJuatlaaloeier Bmm J
bssamNSsmtis se aue-eoB vow esouut
m wfmjb svm wiitaotyf Thitjs
A ietiM'-imir"dwth or tne
I'enee nmt fm !.
CBtCAOO, In, , July 99 Ed. Cnrrl
er, proprretor of the West 8Me KaInn
Park, bts been making wsr on the
down-tow poolroomt itwdet the State
law, whtch forbids the telling of piviM
nutsMs of rsclne. Iwdoworcs. A onm
ber of raids have been made on the rl'v
pool rooms, wrtb the result that In cich
fnstanrit a constsMe ha arrpeiifed on
the crne wfth a rentevln writ, by virtue
rf whlcb be kastsMH ptwataslon of tbe
pooling machines.
A curious thin developed In that
rinnectloti. Tire justice Of the peace
whom CnrHga.ii ernrdoyed t" ( the
writs of sctrure afso Issued the writs of
replevin, thereby tnctlcll7 nullifying
the formtr. This justice lives severs!
miles from the scene of the raids, so I
the promptness with whrch the reolevln
writs were iisued set Ontrlgan to the
making of an Investigation.
lie claims to have discovered tbst the
magistrate, Justice Julian, Is In the ptr
of the pool-room men-, that he remntns
where he can t conveniently found at
all honrs of the night for the Issue of
replevin writs, and that be receives $5
pet dav for this service. It Is also
charged that another magistrate receives
$80 per day to remain on cnll dnrlng the
daytime. Corrigan says he proposes to
sec whether there Is any law by which
Julian can be punished for this double
tliirbantl ami Ulfo I'rovn Their 3tnr
rlacfi u rollnrn.
IJoston, Jn'j 90. Dy the story
"J:;.h young Sirs. Charles S. Andrews
tells Judge BIcKIm of the I1robsto
Court, her husband Is placed In a bad
light, and, on the other hand, Mr. An
dtows would have tho court believe
that his better half Is not so good as sbe
should bo.
Andrews Is a son of Charles II. An
drews, late of the Iftrnid, and Mrs.
Andrews was Kate Henshaw J.tckson,
daughter of Dr. Jackson, for many
years Medical Director of the United
States Navy, now on the retired list.
Tho two were married In 1S37. The
brldecroom's father cavo the young
man $800,000 nnd a $13,000 house on
Commonwealth avenue. To day tbe
mor.ey Is gone, the yotrng man Is $11,
000 In debt nnd the wife l suing for
sipnrste maintenance. She alleges that
her husband Is extravagantly jealou.
la the lmlilt of becoming Intoxicated
and frequently makes himself very ob
noxious to her and her ft lends; that he
has threatened to shoot her, and that
sbe Is aftnld of her life.
Sir. Andrews, by way of rejoinder,
ssy 8 he never drank except when his
wife Joined hlraj thst she frequently
became Intoxicated, antl that sne has
abutcdblm shamefully. .On ono osca
slon the threw a pair of scissors at him
and wounded him on the head. He
makes other charges ami says that on
one occasion bo saw ber reach up and
take a cigarette from u young man's
It Is the impression that the lulge
will leave the young c nple as he fouud
An Innocent Yotini; Olrl the Victim or
Huso Hfumlnioifinceis,
l'MitwrsJivno, N. J., July 30. The
body of Mary M. Ilullman, a really
pretty girl of respectable parentage, was
burled yesterday. She was a victim of
ltidegoMln. Innocent of the ways of
the wicked world, she met a young man
one evening and received a gift of
monty fiutu him. Innocently tbe girl
on the following day spoke o! tbe gift
In the presence of one or two of the
girls employed In the factory In which
she was at work.
The story was carrkd to other parte
of the mill, until It was finally con
verted Into a scandal.
It reached the ears of the poor girl,
and It so shocked her that ber mlmf be
came disturbed and sbe was sent to tbe
asylum at Motrls Plains. There she re
mained until her death a victim of the
work of scandal mongers. There was
no wrong connected with tbo meeting
of tbe duple, and the money was given
without any evil intentions. Among
the first to call to view the remains were
two girls who were instrumental lu
spreading the false reports.
i i
Gill to tilt) Queen.
fret Uu HHfr4 CiMriMt,
Walt Whitman, on tbe occasion of
Victoria's recent birthday, sent her a
spttg of arbutus and a poem. We
wonder whether Her Majesty will re
turn this offering with au official de
clination to receive presents from
foreigners. We know of several
American girls, some years ago, who,
in waking a tour through California
and tbe I'acJrle coast, gathered a valu
able collection of wild flowers Indigen
ous to that region, and having eare
fully pressed them, seat tbew la a
beautiful volume to tbe Queen of Great
Britain and Empress of tbe Iodbas.
Tbe gift was at once returned, with as
official couiinuuicatloB that such offer
isgs were not leeeived by that sovetelgs
except from her own subjects, and even
Is that case discretion ws used is their
bxcurnlwn lu lb SwutMire via i'uutir
kflvaula linllrtuul
Tbe Fessaf lvssia Kajlioad will rue aa
excursion to AUastts Cfcy aadUapeMsy
on Saturday, August s. special train win
leave Mttret stuion at W.JO u, as.,
reaching Silastic City at T i. aa. and Ope
May at 7:3a a. as. Ts tram will be eees
possd of FulJaasit ilanabig ease asd day
coaches, wbkb wilt tw Uuoug to ens
ssure without esssgs. The rate lor round
trip ie J8.5& KeUruiug, a Mcil irate of
sleeping ears and day coat fie will lease
Atissue I'Uy at 9 ay p. m. and Cape Msy at
p. as. benilay, lbs 3d, arrtviajk at Vajfir
iogtou 5 IS a. in. Tbe ucattte wUliao be
tut return trip uu auy (astuiar train
via Xark-ttieet wfaarf tuitii Monday, the
Kb of August
Tsui eicursioo will take the Discs of tss
one advertised to leave at i o. at. os dais
shoes sssms. sueesug-car Bsasjaf
tc tijJtffd Is advast-e.
Mima Uulsua 1 4 Later.
I prefer tbe way and wssm of yaw
to dealisg with the Soutseia oeeainai,
whkh la tss race u.uestioa, hafinjiiii I ba
tkve they will prevail as
bsve dose is tbe moat crit
contest is twenty years, that
i lie uuscuines issiarc to
will he overcojoe by tbe
growue qi is count r
stittf states to VSTcaso asa Keattcs v
sor the benefit, or those 'iirieat to
UyeefS liuriuu tL u-.uui tf tw I
VUH StHlMMH,, JL&Oci.!.!. Jeul MtM
wvmtw. uuai iti iu. mt f
sen loss uwpau u : ,:
ilcSete to Qucaso i . jK
round trip. Ttekets u M
toe, valia ror ri-tuu. ui . , -aat
Tkaeto iu m '. . i im agttn
4ft,Ui; iXUUJ VUU.U i'ljb
iOJ the LLuUiJt.r uim
the titkbl USliiv(l iH.luL-0
the X-eei SAUalo at
Vue &UJjJ, -bav.'.
iajs4iilis.;-iu. i .
" gl". aei'eilULiiai ---'
si im.
fastt MM ssjs
ru, vw i rsnoerw at T ,y
A rrs r tti PfdMlf-auv wire
Ont fi turre tuiare.
Fit-towa, July go.. The village of
IbdrdM-rwn, ten miles weM of here, has
licpn slmost wlpsji! out by Incendiaries.
At 1 o'clock on tbe morning of July 8,
thcfaloonof William Bum was flrel
from the outside, burning hie residence
Adjoining, and a double btfck block be
longimjt to the Drwet Btote Oftrpsny
on the nppoMte side of the street.
Hurst purchased a brick building on
tbe onpoMte side of the street, occurred
as a drug store, fot his sstrjim, ami on
July J 9 this building was flred from the
outside, burning it to the ground.
Sunday moraine fire broke out In a
frame ware-room, back of Stahl's store,
and burned out ttrtggs & Jones' general
store otr one side sod a grocety store on
the oibet. Three famfltes lived up
stair, some of whom were compelled to
flee in their nlgbt clothes.
At 8 o'clock yesterday morning fire
broke out in the frame house In the rear
of the Site of the brick building belong
ing tn the Keene estate of Toledo, and
bnrntd five barns with molt of their
contents. The Are Is supposed to have
started from the other fire having
smouldered yesterday and last night.
The lost on buildings in all or tbe Arss
Is estimated at 995,000 ami stock about
$10,000. tfo clew to the Identity of the
Incendiaries has been found.
.ttn Vnrnlih on the lfns Holds an
I nun ConstCEntlon
FoitT DonoR, Ia , July 30. When
the contribution plate was pawed at the
dedication services of the new Congre
gational Church at Moorland Sunday
not a single person arose, to lonvo his
scat. One reason was because the var
nish ou the seats was not sufficiently
dtletl, and the ontlre congregation
found Itself tightly glued down. At
the close of the service It took three
quarters of an hour, to free all the pris
oners. The handsome toilets of ihe
Indies wero ruined, and large portions
or them will decorate the newly-painted
and Weary
In esrlv sttmraer the warmer weather Is es
pecially weakening and enervating and that
tlrett teellnc prevails everywhere. Tbe great
benefit which people at this rearon dsrlve
from Hood's Harsaparlllfi proves tlmt this
medlelne "makes the weak strong." it does
sot act like a itlmalant, Imparting fictitious
strsnath, but Hood's SaManarllln bnllds un
rn a perfectly natural way all tbe weakened
parts and purifies tbe blood.
Atom Uu!
"Hood's MarMparllln restored me to Rood
health. Indeed, I mlstit ar truthfully It
saved my lite. To one (eeltefe Until Ami
worn out I would earnestly reeomsMnd a
trial ot Hood's Sarsaperllla." Mr. Phmii A.
Moaiitn. SO Brooks at , Kat Boston, Ha.
N. 11. If you decide to take Hood's ihtraa
parllla do not bs Induced to buy any other.
8oM by all draaxlsu. II; six for $5. Pre
pared only byC. I..UOODJbCO.,Lowell,Maw.
too I)om-i one Dollar
Corner Ittb asd Fsts. n, w.
Linens That We Have lo Be Rid of
we yards Lsee obaeked laws, fat lath
raaetBg frees to K yards, ranjaeed te Se nr
Htransate of Pete Limn Laws, w lesetb
raagiss Hess to WyarSs,deed to tl
lr yad.
skest l4esks er Petted asd uteit
Kwlates, ise ssalstr reOesed teas ar yard.
We bsve oaJy aboet ise )e(t sta-e)watev
CwObsal CteaJss, wttb b)ask uM wbHe bar-
dMML ttbLAlasaaW tegt ma -mog te
"V asBisaapaapaasregi aisasifBj vsapas sjaaaiSBBaaPa agy taas
Xsbioiiieted i)ts Mobea,ie4naeil b
MebsH I assise of Mass Unmtss. tttt&w
ts-ei yasss, a assetr hast taesr sesaasr arises,
tierf T tasrtsi re faaM I tinss bulbil kina
Cssek ajasirsi,uwsssa1i, , at
mm umwmom w usshsf wht
Tkau wsu baia s a aaU kw nanrnr,
'",aW, s sBHaaaa, WW aaal JftWfW HWI!n" aepPPe"'
ITadlM1ah1ankeillB limtraS akktt. ahaa M.
t rwi wa aaawv aa aaaap pspPTSSF Wp
sssssst (sNsek,
""a easv wW jpararap
j IkIj' While liabv sbdMat atbrt ajrs tkj
Vaisey HpfV Vnt eWBPawHawf' " w lap
aiistaViaibiasi lav u
W k paaeaBjasi w j'P
wmm i mm,
- t'w U4.M-r . M. w. '
S -W m
There fs no fac
tor in trade so po
tent as cash, nor
anything which
can humiliate
profits so quickly
and completely.
To show you how
thoroughly we
have anticipated
every demand
which cash buyers
. could make, we
submit the follow
ing: Fmy ma Hugs, 0 by 1! feet, 146.
do do 71 by 10 feet, $09,
do do 6 by 0 feet, $18.75.
do do 4 by 7 feet, 10.10.
tro do 3 by 0 feet, ?8.05.
do tlo by 6 feel, $8.40.
do do 2 by l,f cot, $8.10.
da Mats, 1) by 3 feet, Ouc
These arc Dremley's Celebrated
800 Linoleum Mats, 2 by 3 feet, 00c.
380 do do 2j by 4 feet, $1.
300 Kidderminster Hugs,2J by 4 feet, ?t
Our All-wool Kngllsb Woven
Art Btiuares, in tho following
slues: 3 yards by 2-1, 3 yards by
23, 3 yards by 3, 3 yards by 41;
tho rogulnr pilec for those Is 1
n square yard. Wo mark down
to 00 cents,
Verandah Hookers of reed, '
wllh frame of maple or wal
nut, !?J3.
Oak or Mahopany llockors.
medium sl?e, 9:M; large slie,
Stationary Flaiza Arm Chairs
of maple and deviled cane, $3.
Large Lawn Settees, 0 feet
long, of oak or painted, $9.
Cottage Hookers, maple and ,
deviled cane, ?2.26.
Woven Rattan Couches, $10.
Wc mark our Adjustable
Window Screens at 15c., 50c.
and 80c.
In speaking of such "Sum-
mcrables" as Refrigerators,
Baby Canlac.es, Water Cool
ers, Ac, let us aay that If you
want anything of this kind
we'U surprise you on figures.
Wo won't say icAif we'll sell
at, but we'll sell If you'll give
us a chance.
Thirteenth nml I' Mreel.
Impressions of Berlin.
Dy Tnsopokx Cnilp. W Ith IllastratiiMs by
T, Mt TBUlTl J- al Cuirih Mbtk.
Magellan and the Pacific.
Hy EuwiBD Jtvuirr IUii. tvitb IllaMra
ths from Old Prlnta and from a drawing
by A. R. Wars.
By Ocvavu IIemii. With I.lBttratlass froa
pbotograpbi by J, Mam, Antwerp.
Street Life in India
By Ebwimi I een Wieks. With llwstfatkHH
drawn by tbe author.
Custer's Last Battle.
By Cimm Cruaus Kiss. With Man.
A Convent at Rome,
By Dr. Fiuneu Pabjuam.
Some Geology of Chicago
and Vicinity,
By Bum B. EUmfik-
Poit Tarascon:
waU. By AMU XUSfr. Teaaeiiitsd
hf Hssftv JAMss. tThtaa leetnUaiasUJ
WsUi UiBaiMtkMU turn 4nwM by
The Uncle of an Angel.
AaSunawr Maweuetts- By Tssaub A.Jah
vurs- With UlsstrsiiMM itiswa bf W, T.
Uzie BrtiUaker.
A mm . Bt Usa atswej . wtss
tstoiiftttowi toaVWsjJsty ItiiMwi lfcyiML
A Walk Up th Avanus.
The Bathley Aflair.
AMfttf. Bf toet C. tHHt,
TJ8 World is Too Much
WHh Us. .
A aimitit Bir Wiuiam Tfrisrii raise Wsb
a aaaaiaaiaapraH' W maaasipp a'aaasssrvIiBpasir x-g
T aj AppiTrw.
Ail -ISINfatlsWI
e "sPs W JpaWawBsaijSsy aasareaR
Thi Ifadirr Litt
egr a!1,, B pBPapBs'alW t WWMiagapaij
A fHfiasft - Jfer tJisiHIi ) VaHMw
lalal & tsasasswlass k QMUjmaM mt MAfiaUaUs.
lsasjBBBsajr 1- STaaBaesSBaw SF aaaSF BjaiB,aB"Bi
Etiitortal Dpa.rtsravt.
Chatles Scribner's Sons
bav swt roturnm-.
With the h intenUons,
A MMrareroer KbHode. By Mama Has
tAn. imo, oloth, ft; paeer, son.
The cee of this novel is the Island ot
Maefclttae, lAke Rarott,and the central
flenres tm a ynama: eennle on -their wstbifne
Journey, UisanabvrrblfteMryof loveanil
jwlotwy an1 has many psses of eltaeiMie
aeserrptlwietaermntry rlek B MsMWest as
By Bctavs iiiAtt. lUtrstmed by A. B
FKtisr. lttDo, cloth, sir worn. 9K.
ts seeedtnely ptrlted, wefi-toht a
The Lawton Girl.
By nArm.D Fmmnire,
paper, stte.
ieo, cloth, ti.ss;
"ThereaBsm Is vlvhl nml trathfBl. tt wwtw
he iliflentt to 8ml in ietlon a stirmr
sReteh."'-Boston Jtmrnal.
The Broughton House.
By Jlu-i rzmv. ltno, tl.SS.
"A brthtr well-written stery, tohl wtth
Stent SDlftetloifiml rhewpirehMe ctndydt
ernsn nature." Boston Saturday Erwftws
Day and Night Stories.
ByT. It. SriUTAJi. ISbio, cleth, 111 peper,
"Mr. Enlltvan Is pteesantty orlftrnl, vnrlott
am Animated, ills stories are darelntly fin
ished ami qnlofc In meverflent'-Brooklyn
fioht by all booktollers.or sent, postpaid, by
Charles Scribner's Sons,
TrS-TIB Bnrntlway. Kow Tork.
trathfBl. tt wmM
Atlantic Monthly
SWaey. XSM.-XXV. Mnrgaret Delaad,
The l'e and Limits Ot Aeailstnle Culttire. N.
Mailsate Cornnil and Jltnlateo tie Conlanfres.
Bllea Terry .Johnson.
Fellsla. IV., V. Kanny N. D, Mnrree.
Some Aspeets of Psyelileal tteseorah. O.B.
A Now Itaee rroblcm. John IT. Keattcy.
A Fearehfor a Lost Bulldlnir. AntrcwMo-
Farlaml BavIs.
Ttevnlskw. U. W. T. and L. D.
PlAmrMntliiMosiitaMtindl. Annie FleMs.
Over the Tcaouos. IX. Ollrsr Wendell
Juno tn 1'raDconl.t. llrmlf ord Torrer.
Tbe KlBfblnl's Nest. Olive Tborno Miller.
International Copyright. Henry Oubot
Haverhill. Bead at tbe Colabratkin of the
StOth Annlvarsary of the tlty, July t,
1MO. John areecleai Wblttler.
Seme Iteeeat Freneh Novels. The Contrlbn
tors' Clnb. Books of Ibe Jlonth.
36e a Number, (1 a year.
Houghton. Miflln & Co.,
11 Bast Veventoenth at , New York
Piincess Rosttca and the
Pop Corn Man,
With sis ptetnres by Oarteit, h MAtir E. Wtt
mw1 itelleately Immorotw eestrlbMlloM ta
isodm everywhere).
Grant Allen ha a ioiIar sotautltlo paper
about "The American Water Lily," lollowod
by "Tbe tjneen Uly," by Miss Harris, and
that by a legendary poem, "Wuter Lllltw," by
Frances L. Mace. The Amateur rbotosraphy
artlolcbas some very eurlous and beautiful
ptetnres. Mrs. Jessie Beaton Fremont's will-ami-way
The Hat of the Postmaster,
Is notable and notably told. There are In
terettrsg lastaUraeets ol tbe serlaU, "Tbe
New Senior at Andover" and "Tbe Qaest of
tbe Whipple Boy " Lontse (jteekton ha a
lftulily MMetlre'UaBH of thetjeaiee"
for young and old. And there are so
rase ot Vacation Delights.
D.Lothrop & Co., Publishers
Thqir Pilgrimage.
ByCiiABuw Dvuuv Wabmsr. hiobly lllu
trated by O. S. Keimuabv. feet Svo, Half
leather, tt.
Summer Holidays.
TraveUee Notes ia Europe. By Tbkhmwm
Chub, author of ' l)dlate Bealis,H Jt.
Post vo, Cloth Oraasseatal. 81.3S.
Our Journey to the Hebrides
ByJascHi Fbvkiu. and Busabivh Bomns
rtut.au.. llletratw. Post eve, Otasn
OftmsMtUel. J MS
A Tramp Trip.
How m Biuoftf as ntty Casus a Bay. By
Lu MMWBa. Wits Ferieak. tSwo,
Clots, SI as.
Knocking Round the Rockies
Br iusv Haieeoi i , atttsor ef -yrtesils
M'etth Jtaowtag," "The tea tiaB," &e.
MJsatraleS. ajssre vu, Ctolh, .
Shofihone and Other West
ern Wonders,
By iB Issssvs. Wits a Feefaee by
itusuw Ssmsscis asaBiS. lUsasssssd.
fuat svs, Omss, St; fmm. rte-
Ijiieo, Calilornia and Ari
zona. BsSaw s new ssd HBThed swttss of "OU
shutoe ui ttar Leat Beewtsees." 3sr
Wiuia U- Bsaaee- With IHiinra thins
Nooks and Corners of the
New England Coast,
Mlsalrailnni sajBsse see. tloth, ia.se.
Horsemanship for Wom$fi.
f fetitreifr H. yss. 'With UlaeiEaihaH hr
fiesv Wssss. sstslt 4MH GSswssstsl
PljiJie1 aadFlTakle,
&BBBBBBBMasBBtaM 9S fct) IMbbbbT BsUUlatsMaUMsl Attsl VIA
B1abJtT 9 Wm tlfnastrtHsf Baiii
TUB lajBsr "r tit wn -pBBBBBrBBBBr5ai pbbbbbb
jti" fttifc Ultiasfciatrif M M
fimerlcw SUtto Phkig.
Ibr iisaf
W Ifauju. lUmfraiiitij sfaMeM Ho jrf ia,
SHLtBtnusii wi
"WlllSllfajeBBBBMBBFWia BtV
Ctty aoys in the Waatk;
tar t TraiTtrtrfe Y-Ttmrf bi M"1 MtHsssr
pSS SSF mwnrgfmmwff w " man at ejBBBBBBPBr WW SBBWa""-
. WLUb. HlinifmtiHi a..aa, Ava.
TU-Orv.tiWttfii.M tur aitito bf 4aU h
SaaeSaBBVaB Oat WlM tafi bbbb&A tsSlaBsdi BttaoUlatSBBBstM. Bajta
flpSlBPW aW SJPW asnava Bfjaj-ffpasp ajaBfjajBBBBBBBBjaWSSS ajpaisBB-
OaUsByaV Uf JstertWJ Qk MMbQ(s rf Bt&
Is the ti of AH Jtthrtcsl Tnstrsx
Bees rise It peTTortns any sstifSs
rrow a waits or a barred to s I
overttrre or a synrnfjony rsore '
hesetifsnr and more nearly i
fsjrfeet tbss any other- sfsejsj
The Aeotlait fs not tteenssiea!, bwi
mamrmhuffn of tt is so snnpn thata pi
esn rests t Mat It With from owe to
Vtofctti fNNM3fHk6i Tottt TfHt to Wft tl
as IA. AVB.,
f o Aawnt tovjtetiiwar asd Other Fl
class rianns and otiam.
..,. :. ...., 1
Naval Academy Band,
Trains Iravn H. n. nnnl. vrKk ,tti
n. a., l.ao nml 4.80 p. m. Sandnys, 94e I
10 rxl .1.15 n m 1
Leave Buy BMro, week ilays, t 80 8tl
I. W, fHIHJftJJ, 8 RBtl a p. in.
Round TripTickcis - -
General Madi
JnH.tf Gen'l IYirscnffer A
The Mount VerrY
Onnndatisr JUNE 1. IKd. tlio newlrol
steel steauer,
will Itave her wttarf.root ot KBVBN1
HAM. as follow:
lorMuUHT VBItNON-Kveryday (c
Sunday) at 10 a m and iaon. m..reti
at t and SMC p. at. raueneers can roral
5IOU.NT VEKMOM limit tecood bunt leai
deatrcd. Fare, round trip, SI, Inclmtlrs
mission to trie xanatnnnnu urounn.
pant cale oa the boat. Meals and ln!
erTtu promptly. mourn verron
llnnhB can tm r,ro?nrid i,n llio hn&t.
For M.XKMIAL1, IIALb-trtme as M
vsi'pws neneunio ror ween itsys.
OdmUNDATS at 11 a.m..iM ami 6
rstnrntrf ml. 1-.W and a n tn.
Moonlliht Sicumlom down tbe rlrl
Indian iiAU. toacnine at it A its
llAI.l. Idk and retnrnlne. Iravlnir Wa
tneato-sop. ni., reaching eltyon ret
Mesla and Innohes at all times at
KHALI. HALL HettaBrant.
Fara to MAHxllALL HALT, and ratd
ents on any trip; ohlldren, between 6 i
yvari, is emu
The popular and reliable Mourner
COHCORAN wilt make bar rlre r firHtti'
far down as UI.Y.UUNT, Uoiilne at
KHALI. HAI.LboIiir and returalne. It
ber wbarf dally (except Sunday) at 10 i
returning at 4 p m. llounii trip. SS eni
bnnday trips ol the W. W. coitCOll1
MA1I8IIAI.L HALL will b annoi
wreltly. h ailvnrtlmiitJ.
Foroharlers of iIkiimn JIAOA1.T:
and roitCOItAN for etlliwr SIODJIT VEI
orJtAliMlALL HALt. apply to Uh. Bt
Captain, os steamer.
Wtli Tear OCT. 1. Imtmotlon tbor
Terns moderate. Address tba i
pftl. KiH A. A- TltUAI.VJ. jyO.tB
Directory of Lawfeis and Law P
SStD street northwest
Wasblnxton, I
Webster Law liBlhllng.
liesldaeee, 118 II street northwest
1 ami Sit 41 St.. Cbaaseey UalMIna,
Loa)iasa ave., Wasbbutoa, D. C.
I'raetteet Is tbe Courts or the Dtatrtet al
FiliMse Csor&e'a Coaaty, MJ. leffJ-JS
F. paiturs. J. a, zac
Attorneys at Law.
See BU4!ag.F
fr-utf ssetniibstr
tnt rrlaiig aafiauM at loffaar r At
fiatarest. Bo delay wSMssesriiv teg
u. u. uasm,
3t. M. PAKKBB,
la Suom to Suit
On Aiuwvd Beai Bttsle eeeruy
"iL B. WABKBbt CO..
G CHli
aaee. coJcier 8th ass 1
I ass Temtorses, tes la. avc
a a iTttinilt oBthA Una at ilw Be
tos ass SoUlen steeM isUwsy. swawu
ottse eaiateulthe lew Chief JostlosCB
lelatA it h4sMLi JMsWiiMur bWT YTnfchiitfi
Musk ttwuuiu, ah leut u
IUbVsbI IsAsMUBaUalsftBl SBBsUaVIlBVal SsbbbSbI atOleata
y. y Hyjyy Tjyir i
juui wcavra.
.' iiBsaa, Bases, si
, arswe
uu us xaaar
sw.u awn iHuwina,
IJaws aWl
&m tfceiu to quit
ay 90ta.it use wt.es ,r
. iFTgja-SJtjgEiTaagsvr--g riliTllI 'HaBBBiBiTTirriiiTlMTi rTfSigaSgSiirriSilBS ,iwiiijwgigjMMajJjJag

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