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Dtmerxue Sttan to Pfttaif Ux.
Smta fill Oefefer.
His KwipmU? ftaa SM to Haw Bws
OrlfiiwW by SOwto Atdrkfe.
(Hher (tof ressHrtl Mailers.
In the Senate this wotBlijg Sir Sher
man offered n resolution for the dally
meeting of tbe Sotmte at 10 n. m. The
resolution went over wntll to-raflrrow.
The Tariff bill Loving been taken up
tbc motion to ietittCe tbe rato on acetic
acid (pemiinE yesterday) was voted
down by a strict party vote, A similar
motion regarding boraclc acM was also
voted down.
Sir. Jonca of Arkansas addreeeed tbe
Senate In opposition to tbe bill.
In the Jlottto.
The House passed n joint resolution
extending to tbe lltli of August exist
ing appropriations and laws for sucb
expenditures as bavc not been provided
for In bills passed. ,
Tbo House tben went Into Committee
of tbo Wbolo on tbo Senate amend
ments to the Sundry Civil Apprdptla
tlon bill, tbe item under discussion
belne one appropriating ?3O,000 for ad
ditional accommodation for tbe Gov
ernment Printing Olllce.
Cnrllale nml Jteeit Contrasted.
During tbc House dolxito Mr. Strubel
of Iowa made a bitter attack on Speaker
Itccd for bis action toward gentlemen
Interested in public building bills.
2Io spoke of the Speaker's man
ner as sneering, nnd contrasted It
with tbo courteous manner of Mr. Car
lisle when be was Speaker. He asked
If tbo members would continue to sub
mit like cowards to tbo Speaker's dicta
tion. Ills remarks were npplanded
vigorously by tbo Democrats.
Tlie I'nrinera' Atllanco Charge.
Mr. Oates of Alabama Introduced in
the House to-day a resolution, reciting
tho charges in ado by tbo Farmers'
Alliance, that millions had been spent
In lobbying tbe Silver bill throuik
Corbies and calling for an Investi
gation. Itetlrf of Atitteoatlu LoilC".
Tbe Sensle bill for tbe iu!tlog of
the title of Anacostla Lodge, F. it A.
M . No. 21. to lots 316, at and IMS In
Vnlontown, was favorably reported to
tbc House today by Dr. Atkinson from
tbe District Committee.
rrealrientlnl Nominations.
Tbe President to-day sent to tbe Senate
tbo following nominations: To Im
Collectors of Customs George A. Cur
ran of Maine, for tbo District of Fassa
maquoddy, Me.; Parker C. Wlggin
of Maine, for tbe District of
Kcnnobeck, Me.; George W. Currier of
Maine for tbe district of York, Me.;
Charles 0. Churchill of Massachusetts
for tbc district of Plymouth, Mast.
l'ottmnitcr Wheat Asaaalted,
House Postmaster Wheat yesterday
evening had occasion lo discbarge one
of the drivers of the mail wagons, a
roan named Catlet from West Virginia.
The latter was very much Incensed
at tbe discbarge and as Mr.
Wheat was turning away unexpectedly
struck blm a heavy blow. Sir. Wheat
declined to rroeeculo Catlet, as be
of tcrward expressed regret at losing his
temper and assaulting the Postmaster.
Things have come, Indeed, to a pretty
pass If a public official cannot discharge
an employe without being liable to per
sonal assault
The Democrats of the House have
developed a new plan. Like all great
ideas ltis a marvel of simplicity. It is
t Imply to right everything as it cornea up
in tbe House, In this way tb-y nope to
make this the longest session on record,
preventing its atfJourBBent before Oc
tober. The plaa baa been d veloped aad
tried iluriag tbe dtecusaioa of the
Civil Sundry bill. Every morale they
have compelled tbe taking of the yeas
and says before the House could go
into Committee of tbe Whole uru
that bill. Wkea In eouusdttee tbey ile
a.aBd a division and then tellers on
prtlly auicu every quastiea.
1st pursuance of tale plan all thei
talkers and they havesotue as long
w laded aa Senators are to be utilized.
All tbe Democratic Members have been
settled la Brepare for a loax session.
Those who are anxious aut taeir return
are to be gssated Waves of absence to
Ax tkeir fences. So far Ike schasae has
woukfed admirably. Wbatber it will
eesoiaue to wosk so smoothly bow that
Ute em U out of the bag laaaajae to be
seat. It tuny be ttutt Sneaker Raid
and bis CosuntUce oat Hulas will kata
something to say about it.
It is bow claimed Uut wkat has coow
to be called tbe Btaiae reciprocity plan
is sot Secsetary Biaise's klea at all, and
Upat be has bo bum e claim to It lata
Bsnalnr TeyVlif sad to Wasaillon't saf
mm. Mr. BUiaa's kiea was aadup to
a very recent date lesnalned la favor of
a FiA-Americas Customs Union com
vmmK the nations wtwae wi
mas bad fun and uuari
thasaashas la this ty last winter.
Th tout appears to he that the
leeifvodily idea, embracing sot only
the asUoos to the south of us, hut the
Snejdeh Americaa colonies aa veil, to
Sasaloi 41uxkb's. Seaatoi Aklsteh
has haca vockiag foe some ume ost a
awtaytocto assaaWat to tha Tarfl
hiJl, the baakheia the free admission
of such articks not produced in
tfcia country at all or. la
aaJackot uaauiks as ugir, c-. ,
utx, iute. masilia bUl hUka, shins
and India rubier lie haj Uu dbUiie
searly perfcctcJ and Lite aiiiUtlcs
ahout all gUu.tcJ ueesry w uuhu
his asguawmts lncocuuvvrtlbk. Mr
Aklrkh iauoJoctl in tin. Scn4e iu
UtS) a 0urwUiU ttii.llaj iuwluliyo
built .na.kXuaUyJt He Jobs not U
uind laaVtis pKam iBiatlBftal shaU
ti ttt tbt (iU U h jjui help it
JuM Uiuit !cw ctary BiaJUi
.u; u
Bar ITftTbor Prnatrir AUlrirhand Kepre
sentailvc McKlnley mot him at the
White House. They got In the Secre
tary's rarrlijrp nnd ttuv rnrlc ft ln
conttT'Siton took plnre Mr Hliin"
StgWrd fortibly in Tavor of hh pet
ftbeme for a Pan Amerlc no ('intonM
t'niot). Ho fsilcd to convince either of
his bearers. Mr Aldrlch then very l
cautiously disrlowd to Mr. Blaine
his nrofid and statetnanllko plan
for reciprocity Mr. Blaine listened
patiently, bm gave no sltn of being
coBvincetl. On the contrary, be left
tooth brs heartts hndet th4 Imjprtwlon
that be was oMtoetl to r. AMfich's
reciprocity rfsif SduBncTaWy In
favor of h! On Customs Inlon
scheme. Tbe surprise, therefore, of
Means. Aldrlch and McKlnley when
tbey read Mr. Blaine's letter to Senator
Frye, in tbe language of the novelist,
may be bttler Imagined than described.
When Mr. Blaine went before the
Ways and Means Committee be wa op
posed to Including the Spanlsb-Ametl
can colonies in bis scheme. This, too,
In face of the fact that six years ago tbe
Ppanlsh Government negotiated with
Mr. John W. Foster, then our Minister
to Spain, a favorable treaty' of rec
iprocity. Hnain wanted free admission
to our markets for tbe sugar of Cuba
and Porto lileo, In order that our im
port duty being removed, she might lay
a corresponding export duty.
It was a clear case of one statesman
stealing tbe thunder of another states
man. It Is, perhaps, characteristic or
Mr. Blaine, nnd will only IntcnMfy the
belief of his thick and thin admirers In
his sharpness nnd smartness. Hut it
will bnrilly olevate Mr. Blaine in tbe
public estimation to And that be is so
barren of ideas that be Is compelled to
appropriate those of another man by
means of n surrep tlllmis, if not disrepu
table, trick. After nil, howlike Blaine?
One ot Them Serlotnly l not Fatuity
Three young boys were shot In a
fruit garden In the Second Pre
cinct this afternoon shortly before
3 o'clock. Ono wae qullo seriously
wounded. They were taken to Freed
man's Hospital for treatment.
A Yontlirul llonourenher Sent lo tho
iterorm School
Ernest Smith, a young lad, was de
tected by Officer Ferguson In the act of
forcing an entrance Into Johnson's ten
store, No. 013 New York avenue. He
was on n ladder trying to force open a
second-story winnow with n hatchet.
Ho was locked up at the Second Pre
cinct station. Only a few days ago
young Smith was In Police Court
charged with a similar offense, but a
nolle pn. was entered In tbe case.
In the Police Court this morning
Ernest, who Is only 10 years old and
very bright, told tbo Judge that he
wanted to get Into the store for money
aod chocolate.
"Let's see," said bis Honor, "the
last time you climbed over a transom at
Clsseil's grocery store, and last night
you forced a window open with an axe.
and tbe next time you will use dynamite.
I guess you will bavc to go to the He
form School."
The boy's parents were not In court
and made no effort to help blm out.
The boy's elder brother was sent to the
Iteforru School last week.
MallonnI liar Association Mcellncr.
The National Bar Association will
bold Its third annual meeting at In
dianapolis, commencing Monday, Au
gust 0. Delegates from all the States
nnti local bar associations will be pros,
cnt. An effort to form an International
bar association, so u to effect a union
with the association for tbe reform and
codification of tbe law of nations, will
be made. One of tbe objects of tbe
National Bar Association Is to harmon
ize tbe conflicting State laws affecting
commerce, commercial law, banking
and bankruptey, and to bring about tbe
unification of tbe laws of Tbe various
States on these subjects. The delegates
from the District Bar Association are
Messrs. A. S. Wortbiagten, It. How
Perry. W. F. 5Iatt!ngly. Cableron Car.
lisle. II. 12. Davis, G. 12. Hamilton, C.
C. Cole, Job Barnard.
UnrrliOD Wanted at lloiton.
Representative Coggswell of Massa
chusetts to day presented to the Presl
dent a delegation of Grand Army com
manders of Massachusetts, consisting of
Adjutant-General Dalton, representing
tbe Slate, Commander Tallin, represent
ing Boston, and others, who eoasulted
the President's wishes In regard to tbe
details of his trip to the 3Iaasachuaetts
G. A. It. Encampment.
Killed br LlRlitulUB.
Banook, 31k.. July 30. At Whitney
vilie yesterday Ambrose Alber. while
making bay, was killed by lightning.
Tbe bolt made a four Inch eash on bis
bead, burned tbe Hash from his body,
cut a bole through tbe right foot and
made many cuts and bruisee ou bU
limbs. He was seen to fail by his
wife, who a few moments before had
left tbe hay field.
(Inly Una Applicant.
The Civil Service t'ommlssion have
sot as yet found aay one to pass ex
amination for the position of heating
and ventilating draughtsman ia the
imctfof the Supervising Architect of
the Treasury. For this position a
speeial examination was held today
with one young man as aa applicant.
Nt far I'MfaHaaUan.
The Uepartmeat of State has re
eelved a cipher dispatch from Minister
Kyan at tha City of alesieo la regard
to tha wolutfcwasy raevemeiit ae
tweaa Salvador ami Quslamals. While
the Department ofikials assart that it
iTBtshM vffhfsg of p'fHr interest, they
tef use to (Uvula Ms otwseats
Major Aug. G- Bohiasim, quarts'
master, has hasa pzoNMaed to ha deputy
qiiartesmaaiff gaawrei, vie Hasrheldi-r,
ajMsoaasadi auastmrnastar gaaaral-
Uol AM A
ftam - St. Hastsr rut & ).
These It a sUryg ps ofcabiltty that the
Fades al law wouhl maha tha comfit Vat
of tha aesjio wotse rather thaa hestar,
by rousing a bitter fyyHff g ot hoatlHtT
oa tins part of those vbo shffubi hml
themaalves subjactad to aa odhMw e
teraal control of efeatiaas la Us aup
poaed behalf- Tha utaattoa which men
of infttefieBdeui judasaaal ia CoBgktass
have to coartrter U whether there would
be found in a Fedtsral suviloa law any
good to (.ouaterljalanoii the obvious
tvlU tn.tK inmual uut. We do out sea
Low any un who tudfe the situation
TftUouWly aul impariialiy cm be in
dVubt as to the wawvr.
A a laSMwsstasr Tci.
1 1igxtduy tu llsipar's Ferry. So
-'-lt.lUii.-U uf
-axM tkKaSwu
iu.w stomilaW to a asaas
yjj JmiTtriifTfi IrW
h. taw.
iiak yimjiAraM
vvuwe cv c -" uof
eetay Trncy ooshi n n Ctwe in
IMsfwan Wtw,
iw York, July 29. Th rutted
Rtafo steamer Despatch left tfct Itroc
lyn Navy-Yard this momlftg wid Sec
retary of tbe JTavy Tttcf on ItoaM,
bound upon an Eastern cruise. The
Secretary was accompanied by his
rfattghter, Mr. Wllmerding; bis grand
datighter, Mtss Alice Wnnrenllnjt
Commodore , Folger, Chief of the B i
mm of QrfnSfirt. ami Lieutenant A G
Panl. Tb Mporter the Heccetary satd
wOHW flTSt.vlsIt New London, where
be bin in view the establlsbment pf a
frwb-water storage basin, where the
new Iron and Steel naval vesels could
be taken for repairs, etc , without
undue cspnMire to tbe salt water.
The Secretary says he will make a
vtry cartful examination of a natural
fresh water basin, which he Is informed
Is Ireated just above the old Navy Yard
at New London. He deems the con
struction of a fresh water basin for ships
s matter of the greatest importance.
After reaving New London be may sail
direct for Portsmouth, N. II. Then,
again, he mtebt first visit Newport, R
I., where he hopes to witness tbe trial
of a new Howell torpedo. Al Ports
month he will see about tbe reconstruc
tion of the bulldines which were burned
down at the naval station last fall. He
could not now say whether or not he
would go to Bar Ifatbor to meet the ves
sels of tho North Atlantic squadron.
He also informed the reporter that be
had selected the Baltimore as the vessel
to carry the remains of John Eriocson
to Sweden, and she will sail some time
In August. Site will go to the Mediter
ranean from Sweden.
The commander of the Tallapoosa, he
Enid, has been ordered to proceed at
once lo Buenos Ayres. Tbe Peneacola
and Essex, now al tho Brooklyn yard,
arc under orders to proceed to tbe
South Atlantic station. Tbc Enterprise
may also be sent down there.
llic Kcarsace will bo sent to tho
Central American Atlantic coast on ac
count nf tho revolution In Guatemala,
while the llanecr and the Thetis ro to
the Pacific const of that country. By
these movements tbe Interests of Atnerf
can citizens can be fully protected nt all
points where warlike action has beon
commenced or Is threatened. Tho now
cruiser Maluc, be said, would be com
pleted by the early part of October.
Commit an ,ianult on n i:i-YcarOlil
Judge Miller tent Mark Smith, col
ored, to tbc grand jury this afternoon
for a felonious assault on a 13-year-old
girl, named Alice Welistor, also colored.
Smith is a shoemaker, and the little
girl was tent to his shoo shop In the
Sixth-street alley, where she was locked
In and tho crime committed. Anotticr
little girl of about the same age, who
was with Alice Webster, was not per
mitted to enter.
Dr. ICeecb, who examined tbe little
girl, testified that she gave evidences of
having been 'assaulted.
I'erinltf to Ilullil,
The following permits to build havo
been issued by tbe Inspector of Build
ings today: Cbarlea Walter, to repair
carriage factory, corner Fourteenth and
D streets northwest, to cost $4,000;
James Somraervllle, to repair dwelling
on Sixteenth street extended, to cost
fUOO; J. E. Dyer, to build one brick
dwelling, two stories and basement,
corner Prospect avenue and Thirty
fourth street northwest, to cost f 1,500;
Watblagton Barnes, to move house No.
08 N street northern to corner First and
N streets, to cost $50; Alexander Millar,
to build brick two-story addition to
building 131 F street northwest, to cost
Liquor Mcrnaeo.
Tbc application of William L. Court
ney, 1901 Twelfth street northwest,
for a wholesale liquor license has been
approved by tbe Commissioners, and
tbey rejected the applications of Casslus
31. Beck, 1787 Thirty-fourth street
northwest; William A. Hornberger.
1108 D street northwest, wholesale, and
Ignatius Nan, Seventh street road, re
tail. Jtev. Ueurce Wllluril Ueoil.
Information has been received ia
Washington of the death of He v.
George Willard at Banning, Colorado.
Tbe remains will be forwarded to Cali
fornia for interment. Dr. Willard was
formerly vice director of the Catholic
Indian Bureau in this city, but went
west to open a new school, tbe funds
for which were furnished by Miss
Drcxel of Philadelphia.
$10 to MHCitru inll anil lteturn,
litursilay, July 31, tbe I'snnsylvaBiaKsii
roail will run one of their personally eon
ducted tours to Niagara Fall, apaeial
train of tullmaa parlor cue ami day
eeackee will lay the Uattoa at Sixth aaj
B strata at 7:10 a. a., Mopping at Wil
Uaaupott for dinner and at OsnaadaJaua
for supper, arriving at tne Falls at 10ci p.
m. Tickets good to return within Wad)
sad good for stop-over at Within' lilen
niilJc u limit.
PuruUlDg III tbe Hula.
Upon tha arrival of tha Natloual
Guard from Camp Washiagtost yester
day afteraooa a parade took place from
Fifteenth street ami Pennsylvania ave
nue. General Ofdway reviewed the
troops at Sixth street aid he command
was then given to disperse. The men
sought their armories and tha encamp
ment of lb8u was ended-
Kltul to tbe UorpsratiWM.
Tbe older of Use Secretary of the
Interior directing tha issue of patents
for 2,000,090 acres of land to the Union
Paeiie Bailsoad Company is a proceed
ing that evokes a good dl of criticism
The course adopted by tha Cleveland
administration of withholding further
grants of mad as a partial protection
for tha Government's claim was oaa
which the ciicuwstaacas justified ami
whkh the people indorsed The course
of giving tha corporation all it claims
wtwoat aay protecuoa tor we uoveru-
s uw.
adopted by the present
Administration, is oaa that may rc-d.-e
explanation before tha people.
- i
l'umr Catofcas Wta4s With Halt.
A WetM-viUe feline has a gteat fond
nas for tha aVsh of bards, and in order
to mehs hat quest for the same success
ful 'employs stxataseeut. Evidently
um&eisJUMsJang the birds' iostd&ess for
angle worms, aha collects a number of
tha tarn sad bath them la tha grouad.
She then takes her place is scoavenient
place of ambush, ami when the alius
aught to secure their coveted monal aha
springs from her concealment ami
Muaces upon Uu.ru. many a hied thus
falls s py to pussy's shwwdaaas-
fiut itt MtfWu JJt-t-tiU
iostmaattr (mum) Wahamahet's pj
bUba, that so Dmuuciat Is w have a
jynmsttgr's place under him wha a
neiaivhtfl aWmtbaVdai van ha found to
fill if. hTUw sbciuat spoils hsania star
iriTiti Tw Jattu, Th--aiy r
iuaa u u u thaJgi.
m;at of bytMji.ray
in lu U is thaUI.lsas wt m .:.
Andrew Jtieksm StttiW ' h
ami 9eWtly lmcw.
Ycterday afretnoon about 1 o'clock
Andrew Jack, eolored, was on hi
way bow m Seventh street, and When
near R street b was apptotthed from
behind by JBdward Parker, another col
ored man, who stabbed him twice In the
burn with a knife. As Jackson turned
to see who btt cowaidly assailant was
be was stabbed the third time In tbe
chest In close proximity to the heart.
Not satisfied with the three dreadful
cnts that he had administered, Parker
deliberately picked np a brick and at
tempted to bit Jackson In tbe bend with
!t, but. missing tbe mark, be ran oft
and tlieApiMRred through tbe nearest
Jackson fell to the sidewalk from
tbe low of blood, where he was found
by passers by and taken to Brown's
drug store, on the opposite corner
Immediately afterward Officer Honck
placed til wounded man in a cab and
drove Blm tolnc Freednvan's Hospital.
Dr. Carey, who treated Jackson, pro
nounces his cuts of a very serious na
ture, and be fears that they may result
In bis death.
A feud has existed between Parker
Mat JachSsm for some time, and It was
only on Saturday last that Parker was
worsted In a tight which occurred he
tween them. He, however, threatened
to get even, and took this means of
doing so. Both men are well known
In tbe Eighth Precinct, ami the officers
succeed id in arresting Parker late last
Their IlntillB Are I.lttln Umlentoml
by Attn,
From Iht i-cinSnii Saturday Jttvtttr.
There is considerable difference of
opinion among fishermen as to tbe
present condition of North Sea Ashing.
Some say that it is nothing like what It
used to bo and is going from bad to
worse, al lb ouch they admit that the
fishermen do not surfer; since, If they
catch less, tbey get a better price for
what tbey do catch. Soles, for Instance,
which once sold for UOs. or JG2 a trunk,
now fetch from 5 to 0, We are
familiar In most quarters with talk
about things not tclng what they used
to be, and need not lay too much stress
on It. Tbc right of grumbling Is con
ceded as a national privilege, and It
must be admitted that all tbe men by no
means share this gloomy view. Indeed,
the more intelligent and thoughtful
smong thim seem to think that occa
sional scarcity of certain kinds of fish is
In the nature of things, and not a matter
under our control nt nil.
The habits of flsb are little under
stood, and though tuch as herrings,
mackerel and pilchards are known to
be migratory, appearing ami disappear
ing in large numbers, It is not so gen
erally known that this is true also nf
tho list rltb. They will travel hundreds
of miles, and sometimes entirely dis
appear. Tbey move torether and bnve
thilr own favorite places of resort For
Instscce, there Is a sort of sandy valley
with a ridge on each side not many
miles out of Itamsgate: the soles take
tbe valley, the turbot tbe ridge, and
neither Is ever caueht on the other's
ground. Tben they have different hab
its according to size. Fish uf the same
year, as we may suppose, travel to
gether and move from place lo place.
The experienced fisherman can follow
tbim, and knows just where be is likely
to rind those of a particular size. But
sometimes tbey disappear almost en
tirely and remain away for a long lime.
It is not to he concluded that tbey are
extcimlnatcd, for on a sudden tbey will
reappear In great numbers. Tbey ar
rive In a night, like the woodcocks.
Quite recently, In the present year, tbe
laree turbot appeared In tbla way.
None bad been taken for a long time,
when suddenly they were met with In
every direction.
The Dnnceri of Solitude.
from IM AtjkUon UMt.
It does not do for people to be left
much alone. If you ever noticed, the
people who go crazy are those who have
lota of time alone to brood over tbelr
troubles. If you see a man la troubled
do not cry with blm or over blm. Give
blm more work than he can do ami he
will not be so apt to be a candidate for
tbe insane asylum as if be bad a chance
to brood and fret
A Cheery View.
rrtm UU OttkUrt 6a.) Ltbttat.
The Force bill. If flnaHy passed, will
not seriously affect tbe South. Tbe
politicians who are willing to forget
every other Interest of tbe people to
talk about this bill will find that there
is no great need of alarm. It will hurt
tbe North as much aa It will tbe South.
Keep your shirts on and let your hair
Stow, gentlemen, and give the Immo
late needs of tbe people more atten
tion. Ctl&tfpied ana Died.
CLBAR.-On Sunday. July . l&Su.at 'Ja.
n ,)tabal. dautr ot i W nd Molvbu
C Uar, a4 t Iar sad I month.
ALDXlCH-.tUkkLnoH B. Molar,
bbt toa-ia-Uw, nst Mutth Carolina avenue
eoatbeaet, Jul; sr. ISM. ot senile dubttUj, D.
J. ibirteh. sfed U ink.
1 sswal private, latwraeat t Cons
atonal Cesaetevy.
colli): -am !Jay, July ar. lsea, jars a.
. lomse Massar. helmed itanag of -.-and
Susan B. Cotlins, aasd 1 months and IS
IUHAtK-08 July Si. Its, at tbe Ltttb)
Staters ot tbe Poor. Shter Uaasaaa m 8t
SacmaceBt. asad IS years.
DiYW-On Sandal. July t, una, at
o'clock, a. a., 6eer(l- Davis, aaed U years.
a. m. Itvs itsy JtesloST. fTifaj dausbtar of
George w. and aanur i. hvklutT, aaad 3
months and SI day.
MAHTUt St p. as . July r, lsss, Clarence
H. rataaa. inUutaosof Beury eudSluebeth
J. ilutki-
SCHKCCH on Sunday July 7. 1S0. at 11
O'ulutk . B . Julm W Vcbeuib. belwved
bukband ol iuna B Sibeuib. aed IS years.
SMITH On bun Jay mornm. ulyjr.tkM.
at S0 m Mrs 1'24 J Smltt, it Jto. fri
Twenty etond -.tru-i
Tt augei excelled us a trcC'tb
Tbefuneril'wiil take i icen 1.1 be Nlue
teentb Street &iii:oi C'b jU -.l A datidf.
July a. at p m
C Ji -j
B " ' S U
fimtfmet Sumsbtotm for Mutiu t MUk.
4 iOJoWjr MuutaSMt w-J t DVSFCPTttMU
ntamnis as ssaims. uut a u awsisx,
BouazB-ttoooAtr. Co - a. tjtaaa.
you but-K mj'HHU.l " t-ots.
,AiiwaMuiiaarim w fJJrfr
fmfKmtmm. v A"C
JiSMeaemiOu 4udiea
aav wir py
IBWBBggMW 1 "II 1. '
Vtomtti Have Tfo Tote Whatever In
its ssananejiwsTtt
Trtm thi ' 'imtf JrVwrf .
tl Is eetlmsted t it oret sit thousand
persors are ftd tuPy t hh D.ilma
Bagtrfac Falscc Wrrtn the Sultan Is
tntrr. One who Is wet' Informed gives
a graphlr picture of the Sultan's hmise
kteplrg He admits that It Is cloar
tbst Ibrre Is good executive ability In
the n-snagetnent of this errormowa
bomenoM, ret IW Is scarcely etet a
jsr or a bitch, evw under the impilse
of tbc most untimely demands, firety
different department Is under the con
trol of a person who Is directly respon
slble for that, and he has a corns of
rervants and slaves under his orders,
who obey hito only, and he Is subject
to the Treasurer of tbe IIouehoW.
Women have no voice wbatevcrln
the management of anythine In any
department. Their sole occupation Is
to wait upon tbeltrcspecttve mistresses,
or to serve tire 8vrTtan In some specifW
capacity; and the labor about the pal
see Is so subdivided that no one works
very hard cxrept the Lord High Cham
berlain and Treasurer of the House
hold. Tbe Chamberlain Is mostly oc
cunitd in administering to the wants
s ml caprices of tbe Sultan, and Is Irt
almost constant attendance upon him;
to the Treasurer of tbe Household has
the burden of the housekeeping on his
burly shoulders. He has an organised
force of buyers, who are each charged
with tbe purchase of certain supplies
for their individual departments, each
having hts helpers, servants and slaves.
One man Is charged with the duty of
supplying all the flsb, and to furnish
fish for at least 9,000 persons Is no light
undertaking In a place where there are
no great markets such as there are In all
other large cities; he has to have about
twenty men lo scour the various small
markets and buy of tbe fishermen, and
each of these men has two others to carry
the flsb they buy. About ten tons of
fish a week are required. There are
nearly 18,000 pounds of bread eaten
daily, for the Turks are large bread
caters, and this is all baked in the enor
mous ovens situated at some distance
from the palace.
The food for the Sultan Is cooked by
one man nnd his aids, and no others
touch It. It Is cooked In silver vessels,
and when done each kettle Is sealed by
a slip of paper and a stamp, and this is
broken In the presence of the Sultan by
the Illeb Chamberlain, wbo takes one
tpoonful of each separate kettle before
tbe Sultan tastes It. This Is to guard
ngalntt poison. The food is almost al
ways served up to the Sultan In the
tame vessels In which it was cooked,
and these are ofton of gold, but when
of baicr metal the kettle Is set Into n
rich golden bell-shaped holder, the
handle of which Is held by a slave while
tbe Sultan eats. Each kettle represents
a courtc, and Is served with bread and a
kind of pancake, which is held on a
golden tray by another slave. The Sul
tan never uses a plate. He takes all his
ford direct from the little kettles, and
sever uses a table and rarely a knife or
fork a spoon, his bread, a pancake or
fingers are found far handler. It re
quires just twice as many slaves as thete
ate courses to serve a dinner to blm
a3 10, 1410 ut w.-Tbls Company
Will lnie on AlHiUT I next Its worn! terltti
of 'Iff .(JO? of debenlnre bonds, bearing Inter
eit at Srer cent .payable eml annually.
cnnd by nT tJggns OFTKl&Tunon real
estate In tbe CITY OF WASH1NOTON,
smonntlne In the atpMaleto tl(O,000, ite
potlled with tbe Heal JttuteTltle Ininranoe
Co. of the DUltlet of Colombia, trniteee.
Tbe boadi will be IndenomlaatlotMof $100.
f sec aid SHOD. tuberiptlon at par to tbe
above rect Ired it tte office of tbe Company.
I'KHt Y 11 MKTZ'iBK Treaturer.
A T. I1K1TTON. rretldeot. JySS.H
never contested a low by ere. but alweye
BakeaproBrt and liberal adjtutneata. Of.
Daniel B. C lark, prea't; George St. Lemon,
vlce-prea't; Cbarlea S Bradley. treM.; I. Pen
wtek Ytiueff, teo'y; Will i. Itoteler. au't
we'y , ju,tm
-1' made by one of tbe moot celebrated
natters la America I Price mum a thoe
tblrd-rate eutters charge. I'. T. BALL, OdS ?
1001 PttreetB.w.
Tba company iteoes am tlaeates of depoelt
ariec tBlereat at follow: CM all araoaau
d4Mtted for Blaety day or more, bat lee
tbaa six moatb. 3 rr eeat- per aaau; 14
tr eeat. on depuait for reore than all
moBiu. but let tbaa a yearaadt pereeat.
on depoelte of one rear or longer.
rJeeored inveatmecu tor sale.
Monev loaned
r. B. HOBlON. See. B. H. WARNKH. Pre.
Cbarlea B. Bailey, George P. Sebafer,
Jaro L. Barbour, Jobs A. Hamilton,
GeorireK Hanoi, Tbonuu Soawrvllle,
Blcbard W. Clay, John A. Swoce.
Horace g. duenuags, J. d. Swwuiedt,
J.J.Darliauton, Haltenley W. Talbott,
Jobn Joy Kdeon, George Tn rut all.
Cbarlea J. Faulkner, B, H. Warner. '
Albert P. Vox, A. A. Wueoa,
O r Green. L. D Wtaw.
William B. Guley, S W. Woodwatd.
Jobn B. Lamer. raa. BenL Wllkmaon.
A. & WonbingtoB.
HIS Peond. ave.,eanaHa WUaaidJs H
Thoaaaada faaat m and near vtstt Pr. H
for ienef faom and muddaaae ol eoree.
Ions, dtsaaaed aaiie sad all oiber loac
Uunassa. Bonn, it m. so S p m. San
day. I tnr. BUblLbed 1M1. Fee.iir
SaBP or yum
A T. BUTfON, rfealdent.
Weal tide Fifteetitk street, beiwaea L ami
Will be open to receive Poratsare. CW
rjaae. Siiverware, Brhs-a brae. SSataary.
wSe. Truaka of Clotbfmg. and valaaMag of
ail klsds os storaae. Auatut is. UtSS.
Separate Locked baawuaBartmeaU.
SpeilaJ FacUuiea for Storaae of silverware.
Pianoe, Vlrror, Plcrarea. and Book.
Cooda of ail OacrlpUon Carefully Passed
sad Moved without troublo to Oeroer.
Tbe oaly AbMilulely Ptaetnoot Building ta
the eity not owned by tbe Government. Bur
alee ran door
Temw sad tail laioraMiioa oaalat at
oaice AmeriMn Seeariry sad Treat Coaanaay.
WIS G atieet nortiwt.
Geaerai alanaaw.ysiiliiassama's.
jgyj- vnuxaua
(Wncrasaor to Weary Lnt's ).
ta PA. AVB. X. W-.
Sutttb SWe.
Brct6 0ac. ttSaaryiaadave. a. w.y
AgKuU lnWsiblBS.a jar
uvtr ai baie bees put Into Um) beat build
ins iii AbUuUa m tbe laet two year by
BatirutLe : MBtly taaaUbed. also SMUU
fox tbe Wortbbua MannFamjSnj Maioaln
ery AUo General Hfe-blntauand lagjtieeri.
a uutf tixs ol vaeatea oa aouar. ru-j.
and Xlevetorn on band
wot oq Btsa
oojb from :C01 i luot asiuU aueot
WB7 Ti"5oCferty la tte galikas d
Wisjsal ts smBiiTascar lantka cig: Q&
nasi lira, susi iSbaASiridVttS
awaatstybav Otdcri nsoawandad to.
' juierakeawM oar sjUs siatarttiMsar
1 Inly II, 1W jealed propos! will h
r 'elvefl nt tVi- lJrtnrent ofstetc until U
m of ih rtn otfot auoust. iw, to rnr
nifh Mt mratTtneBt wttft tationery nn.i
trifllaTleotr antrfes Tor thr yet onilln
.inn so, iff. rr. arenraanre with a whtnlo
i.f srtli'lts wtik-h will t unppllcfl torion
ant firms propping f" W-' The tight to re
rr any ard all bld or to acept any pi Ion
(fanywd or amend the ruiantlty given of
griy an lols In the !betnio is reserved. Ein-h
I inner yrill ne retiaimi ' lurnicu win, in- i
V1 a bond, with two nr-Ue. In the nim of
ts.UTT, a n aTmrnnieeni munini iirrirm
te of the Pontrart whlh mat he awtriled
Mm. All -antphw nhmlttet ihonM be left
at the "Stationery Room" of the peoart.
meni. iy i9,i.:3ant
l3rtvjrrjsMwsrol ttpbwritktm and
L Saaf War Department. Sntrpiyiri
rlloti, Wahlnaten, ft c . .inly n, is.
fealefi proiwiar. In dnnlteate, nbrst to
the naaal nondltMis. will he receiTel at this
office nntll 1 o'clock norm FRIDAY, At'G
fST i. isw. for rnrnHblng, twelve Smith's
rtomlet Ifpewflter twelve typewriter
lands and twelve ropy bolder". Bidders
ate notified that no award or format a
ceptance of any Md under thu sdvertha
ment win he made rwtn congr. makes an
appropriation rrom vthlch the mppllee aalred
for can he pntehased The Pepartnmnt rw
rervea the right to reteet nry or alt Wds and
to waive defect), rropooa! mnrt be 10
cloed in sealed envelopes Indorsed on tne
rnlolde "rropotiaH for Typewriter and
ftards," and addrwwed to S. R. TltflRP,
t hlef Snrply DlvlhB. Jy.
AOKTfUfmrntt imlir MM Ajarf, fimr flees er
, SB eenfti fbr tmi Iwo'Haw.' 8Beeat rtrr lArw,
efal hrmvetmrk ftl n Mmll fftirillT.
man, wife nnd boy 8 year oldi German pre
ferred; to the riant perty a pteaient home
and good wages assured. Apply at No. 1G9I
Qstn w.
ilre, wanbtng and Irrmlne to do nt
home; references given. Apply 1818 N II av.
Pare, Llghtnlng-ml or Book Agent, or
Reporter, of great eevolr talre, for uterary
work. Irfirge salary. Write Lotrdon Allan
fordrnb.Co.. N. Y.
(feerHfrnwiifti tnnfrr Ml Aeif,Iir MeeT
lew, 96 ttntt br m btHTtbn; SO ytW far thr M,
steam rower, coed elevator service and first
olaes Janttorsblp, In the POST BUILDING,
for rent at lew rates to flrat-elass tenants.
Ilnltdlng, or FHANR MAGUIHB, Sapertn
temtent. L . ,
run s.M.riiiiusm,
AitrtlnrMu vnttir MU Ankf, ftmr l-bwier
Utt, X ttntt er ewe tiwrrtlen; 50 ttnUfor IAtm.
V once: -tory and baroent brlok hon:
7 rooms and bath: all moil lmp; nltoatoi! at
Nn.WIHn w: price ILsno; terms one third
cnh, tmlanco 1. i and 3 years. Aptdy
to FRANCIS IlUrTY.l.irlFtnw. fwrT-PO
frame home, Just flnlablng; nvdrantln
yard, lot WxllV iinns borne; price, two. Ap
ply to HOBRRT J. TBOJUS, Hoon No. , tit
boaaes In Waablngton, 106, IPS and lie
llthstne; two-story and ntucmont, brown
itotie trlmmtngni T worm and bath; eteatrle
bells and gaa: price, IJ.M0 each, two oatb
balance to tnlt or trade (or ood lots.
AUttritHtnmU HttrtU AMd, fmrUmtr
!, at ttnl4 br iKMrtlm; so nM br thru.
lilS Man are. lTraanJ ttAhla SJm
Mil Katn w. ism mm
ion conn ave, 15 r l
14th t ex.. 15 r ISO
is c it n w. li r ie
lxsilun w. Hrs us
lstmetbita w.tir Mo
lintjitaw.iin iee
KS. Pat aw.l rs iw
Till Slat aw. lira 164
s Lafaiette Sunare. IS re ....
SISBatn w.Wra at
lmchaptattnw.lS rs TO
sis N Y avc a w, IT ra JO
Mil trthatn w.Hrs SS
lMOSCtbStBW. li SB
lMiotn w, lin , as
S9BlllverI1lac.lIrs SS
HlftNatnw.il rs SO
14SD N at,B w, 10 r SB
SWlat at ue, 9 rs SS
ISMLatuw.ie ra , M
fSTSatB w.SOra m
SS a at n w, 16 rs as
31 S at a w, 10 r JS
ISM SUMUthioB St. Brs M
lKStougblcat.9rs SO
leuMifga Place, Srs IS
WW2kTatnw.St SS
IHSKtbataw, n 4S
114S lTth at b w. T r
UOS t'bapin at. 9 r
SliSPat.Tr , is
bcsaistbatBw.SM , isea
Saw Htb at a w. IS re , t
toes Tth t a w, tr and dwg al
SKCtJatBW.tr ia
ll&bataw.9r..... W SO
90S 1Mb at b w. S rs JS6S
ttUNYave. Srs S oa
1U1 ICth at B w. n SS 8
lMSSttaatu w.Sra SS W
1M4 SStb at n w. 8 ra SS 09
m sstfi k b w. s m See
imxiavenw.Trs See
SISKata w,r Srs
tlSi 4J at a w. S ra liee
tS9t ttat at a w, 8 r
Tbe above boaaes can be examined by per
mit from oar ostee only.
room frame boaaoe. Uub ami dry loaa-
Uoa; sear eharcfatt and wibjUa aenool Is
CbIocwtb. ImjWlre of A. HSBKSND, IKS
at B w
Cbasgee made Wedaeedav and aatnrdeye.
liat sstb tt a w. f b, ra, and t boaee
reax.traeaih UfiCO
1SUD tu.f b.S ra 1ge
nauiBHrniw,! a. rs
14 W b i b w, b k, S r
kle4U Buar'aaileyaw.bb.4 t
1 and l9 luamua at- aw. Ib,4r.
aBdTbb rear 4as
hi uteaiuiw, as. srs-
raaiw,it,in, anct I
ram v ats w, i a. en ...
3CSlaibtB w.b a. tt.,
A Hey U t ttb and Tta, L and ate a w,
fa.1 rs.
SCLatBW, b k. 7m
SettVatBW. bb.Tra
litS-iatt atadlMW at a w, l a, 4 r
461 and SW Bldaa at a w, t b. 5 rs
ajidflSOtJlta w.fb. W
Stiataw.fb.3 r
WIS Enow, t b
OraatPSaOVaiJ rmOgmtni Mast KAi3.
prt lot s. e at. bet httbaasimbauaw
Let. bexmtbaad MSkatsaw
u at, bet JStb ejkd ifctb at B W
Ttb U. bet 8 and 8 ats a w. 1
Sstb u, bet L and at sts a w t
tea a. bet Sand? eta a w SI
Dan bartoa v and BaaB u. Mtb asm Stat
ata W 1
Kb at. bet X and O au a w I
ass. set maoaaams w
e ear Vs ave and Sal t a
tta st above Grant av s w
b ana c. su and sat u
TJSeiatU B V. T
us Gt a v.tn
mSUle.lH.. ...
cwttaw,i ....
mi Mat at a W, M
taei a oi a a
TtfWtbef aw.sts-. .
129 C U W. S SS. .
wDcfreesaiB f.t is
ua lid ate ,.
Nt u t r. . ra. . . . . . . .
oC l'frojr ti b w, S rs
i;:i U t .- , as-
In WD to tatl
Ttlf k "- la
rtlnn rd the rgrmartT
ps bit oooaa.
on inn iatnadnmr
S-o aVEJT svBattMS.
a i jaerfiagaftrifi wader cats SeadL anereleea or
iaaa. at cmtU fur m asiirlams.' Wimitfrr tkrm.
..::::::. 3
' .e.-e Vf
.....' saB
or nala. .tt tMgiiSHnsHaiit, tBTWr'
a w. ivbiwo
onu; jsMraanua baaar
jOtaluFcLt avu.
Oyer a Million
La. S. L.
Louisiana Stale Lottery Co.
Incorporated by tbe learlslatare jorednea
tronal and ebarltable parpoMk, aad Ha fnta
cbiM raade a part of tbe Bttaat State Ona
stltnthm.ra ISTS,byaa BVaawHetMiwi rem
la vara.
1NR take place feeal-Ainnmlly Uaae and
lecmber. Mel tta 9R.VND WNTH.B NUM
BER DHAWlNtW take piaee ht eeb ot tbe
other ten nraatti m tbe year, and are alt
drawn In public at tbe Academy ot Masle,
New Orleans, La.
"We do hereby certify ttmt we sapervtse
the arrangements for all the Monthly and
Semi-A Banal Drawings of tNUmlstotm fHetc
Lottery IT., ami la person tannage sad con
trol tbe drawings tbemeelves, and that the
same are eomttMted with beawty, talrneM
and In good faith toward all parties, aad we
antbortse the company to tie this certificate,
with fac similes of onr slgnatnres attached,
n tta advertisement."
We tbe tradenlgaed banks and bankers
will pay all prises drawn In tbe Loalalana
Stats Lotteries wbrob may be preseated at
oer counters:
X. M. W.M.M8LEY, IVea't U. Nat. Bank.
V. LANAUX, Prea't Slate Net. Bank.
A. BALDWIN, Prea't N. O. Nat. Rank.
CARL HORN, Prea't Colon Nat. Bank.
New Orleans,
12, 1890.
mm Tickefs at Uh Hahrcs, $18
Otiaiicis, S5 Tenths, ll
TwEaMks, S1
l prize op faeses h iseaes
i prize op lwai u wses
ipnibeop njrnu wjmo
s prkes op isvauere so.e
ss pnjsesup lasara ssjaM
hw phizes op teeara. mjm
sue PMixEaop sex mjm
bW PfcUZESOP aerata..... ISSJaN
bWPtlaetef SSSBi
atSPvtaasol SMa
MOPriacsuf sati
of i ant ae,
sasPrtiasaf lataas...
Vttt Prises ajaoaatlasT bs-
Afiiro waot wxrmai
ps-Poa ct-aa aaTsa or any rartaat totossa
ttoa aeausd write lattbiT sj tN i nMaatsed,
BfEjajpaJ1; eaassmvameaj Baespe eTsmnmniamBmBmBEm evapSEt SE4EmnWeV9
T'?' T ""r wS W snpmEaEaEmmmE Bfjpnw agammE) Sjam
taraamUaaitvasr wtjl kaaemwad by yoar
inctoeia; aa fmfajaa baaitsir yoat rail ad-
bs ant Jexrwena
eB emay jmrnmyremmanw
bw"" (B-eP'P (PBaEaEajpaamje
laaaw Offavzaiu MAWmWtAL MASK.
Wwm' waWEflammBBamm' neajmrnajBBm m'BT'r
Umt il pay meat af Pruca
B MKBaaf maar ilataana. anal Sna tti'kftt axe
b mamaBFBay aamjaajr rmaaaapwepv BBtBB' naaBr p- w
awaaa br baa TsaalilcBt ol m aMtttatk-a
Tboae nfcaaiaissS slants ass reaaaiaed to the
tuabMtooeMa, TbecWva rMataseua'ailia)
kanstK ibat eaLa-.'aUI oornr
TuisnassTSTB aa aaassaawa
f tne
"fna-B state Lutaers t, aas a mm-
notwmW sayana-g isSeWasi mbiea
Grand MonthlyD
Mj saw nasaaisjBt 10-roi.m ' i ,,
at1 atmtef a IMpyoVeinentc e'ud t.
stflat, betwsesi 0 and u ec.
IW Price, J6,jurj.
-story frame boose, with large lot eit aa a
o Mtta street, betweaa B and t se
TT Prlte, f.f MJ.
8-Storr brick hottse, eontalnlnc '.) re l 1
and bath; slse of Jot, 18x75, altua'e cl. L
4B8 PHt i 'u..
8-story and back tmllrtlng brtrk -Iv ,
cofitaiatng 10 rootne; all mrxiprn im ,r
rnetits; aTtaate oa corner ot NlnU and O
sti rets sw.
B Pric r, AV.
B-tory brick bowee, 0 rooms nr 1 t t.
el to ate oa I. street, betKeen North (. z.ld
and first streets aw.
MB Prl( t, r-' V5Q.
B-stor brick botree, eontalnlnc 12 rocm.
all raMtafn Inprereaaeats; situate No 5.1
K street aw,
SB Price, f 10 K?,
8-story brick home, 10 rooms tin. if l.t,
SSiiaftj altaate Mo. 1488 X st, nw
S81 Price, $.L..U)C
B-sttwy and baaaraent; brkk h : 7
rooms and tmtb; sttaateon New ItaiuitLirii
avenue, bet. J. ami M sta. aw.
M Price C IOC.
s-storv a-room brlek bmic. iai.o ta
Clereland avc., bet. 19th and 1 ill. W at J
4 Price, 1 T0C
-tory A-rcoa brick botiaa, on V a !i
481 Price, M ,i
!s-elory n-roosa brick booee, situate ti
Wallecfi llacr,
44 Price, 5,10?.
J-story brick bowse, containing 11 roorca
Mid batb; and all modern ImprovcmcLU
sltnate No. 1980 O st, a. w
40 Price, J11 .
Improved property on tbe north slJccf
tl St., wide front.
414 Price, 1-3100
A larye stable property in a dcir.it . '.
eaUoni now aader lease to quod t.LiL',
payinr; i per eeat.
817 Price, V-' OOf
401 Frame ilwelllog, (Irant avc , M.st
l'leaaant. Prke, (7,01X1.
WO Four alley botMee, conta'i''" 4
room; each rent for 1S Per month 1 1:.;,
480 room frame boose, lot 20x75, en
at. . Price, 18,000.
4V7 8-etory ami cellar brick to'JH- 0
rooms aad batb: situate on Cv!u:r.".i
llelKhta. Price, flO.009.
Iloaaee ut ITulla tlharcti, V.
A new eottajM, annate only 5 rn'n.A
walk from Falh Cbnrcn ttalluns W ,t(.
K. X., Va eoatalnlnsO roonx, I S- r "
try, and trunk room; te ot let, ll.xl-0
feet. Price, 18,100. Terms ea&y
AlAOA new cottace, situate oc'y 5
mlnutee walk from FalM Cbuntt t's' -,
W. A O. K. K., Vs., eoutalnln. r'
diaieg-roem, kltcbea, 4 bed-rocu! 1 ,'k,
nrvaBU' room aad attic Prlo., J. 'a
Terms easy.
Vurunf (Jrounil .Vorltieuh! uml South.
A1 oi aaaare 1I,...M.... i.:c
South Mail ac
" " MBa H)c
" WW.... ucc
Halt at H Lie
4 Jets H MS... ;joc
5 " MSJfl.
1 h h jai. ,v
I iitr. wc
x mt c
I MBTm.Me :i-
4 h h yfa ijC
I ItHI-. 4.c
i vm., 'ac
1 " H MK ?)c
t " " lr . U.S
t H B jmb. Z.. -3c
11 k h jaar. ux
1 h ou NC
J H H MMM.,unM. iix
T H Vk e.i-
UeHaea lu Alexandria, Vu,
tvetary artck dweutaa, is rocrc wh
oanee aaaax aad large aide lot t. 4i'3rn
ear. Uukeaad kM. laauh au., 'c r-xV.
Story and berk bttlldina dwe r r'
UlBloe 18 room and baui, lut.n i t
oate No. 614 Prince at.
48 Price, f' W
Salary aad back bulUWag trick t
eontaiBins; IS rooma; attaau on &.XI- z-;
ear. Priace aad Patrick at.
4W Price, rrT
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