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22D YEAH NO. 6,863.
Reed Tests the Elasticity of the
Presidential Backbone.
Quay Disliked at the Whito HousaAnti
Fores Bill ResolutionsSweeping
Prohibition Platform.
run nr ozAn iu,r
New York, July 81. The San'i
Washington correspondent telegraphs!
President Harrison has been called down
from his lpfty dreams ot reciprocal
trcctlcs hy the hoarse, harsh whisper of
Speaker Heed, and his spinal column
lias assumed a very flexible condition.
A man who Is on conflcnllat terms
with tho New York Senators Is au
thority for tho Btntcmcnt that the
President sent for Senator Aldrlch
yesterday and invited tho Rhode Island
man to dinner. After their quiet meal
tho President unbossomed himself In a
rather lachrymose way, and said that
ho had decided to call a halt for the
present in tho matter of reciprocity. It
seems that a forcible message from
Speaker Itccd, although delivered by
proxy, tnado so telling an cfTcct on tho
President that ho Is already willing
If tbo members of the Bcnato will
allow him to do bo. Ho has a very
high rcrpect for tho commands of tbo
man who-loohs-llko-Shnkospcarc, and
now that tho latter says no reciprocity
measure shall pats tho House, Mr.
Harrison seems to have lost all hope of
accomplishing anything.
Tho trouble Is that, however much
tho President may want to let tbo sub
ject drop, tbo Republican Senators, and
especially Senators Hlscock and Aldrlch,
will iint let blm do so. Ho has gone so
far that tbey probably think It will not
hurt him to ro a little further. At all
events they aro unwilling to let the
President out from under his load, nnd
it Is certain that Senator Aldrlch told
tho President so. Hut Sir. Harrison
was ovidontly unwilling to load any
movement against Mr. Heed unlaw there
was soma certainty that ha would coma
out ahead. With this idea In view
from Senator Aldrlch and thlsof course
binds Mr. lllsrock, for ihotwo Sen
ators aro as twins In this matter as In
everything else that nothing would be
done openly on tho line of the Aldrlch
amendment until ha (tho President) re
turns from his trip to Cape May Point,
lie Implied, If he did not directly as
sert, that he was not ready to back up
the Senators In any more reciprocity
business, until a few House Repub
licans had fallen into the Senate pro
cession Mournfully he bade Messrs,
Hlscock and Aldrlch and Allison go
forth on their missionary work, and In
timated that if tbey could show a large
number of converts by the time he
came back he might be willing to
Meanwhile the President will trust to
Providence and the reopened seal fishery
ciuestlun to put a powerful padlock on
the too ready lips of JjIs Secretary of
State, The Senators are to attempt to
patch up some sort of an understanding
with the rebellious Republicans who
have closed their ears to the voice
of the senior "man from Maine,"
and until they can show an agree
ment the President will endeavor to
keep reciprocity In the background.
If Representative Grosveoor writes
no more letters to the newspapers
over his own signature, and if
Tom Reed keeps both his eyes shut
while the proselyting Is progressing,
and if the Secretary of State will only
go fishing off the Newfoundland Dinks
fr a few weeks, the President hopes
that be may be able to again approve of
the reciprocity movement, as he did lees
than two weeks ago. It improbable that
Representative Grosvesor wilt promise
not to write any more of web letters a
the one in which be replied to Secretary
Blaine It Is even poaeiUe that tk
amused Speaker may pretend
l what is golBg ob around bin; but
nobody seeing willies to premise that
no Blaine Frye lettsri wilt be forth
coming until the work of ranching aa
agreement shall have bees concluded.
Of thesis Republican Heathen of the
Senate Finance Committee, oaly om U
opposed to reciprocity. Of the seven
members of the Way and Means Com
mittee, only one favors redptoctiy.
Every prominent Rspublkssa la ths
House is opposed to the Aklrteh
amendment Nearly every protnlaest
Republican in the Senate wants to trade
on the free list by esaetiatT aotwtthlng
In return from the exportimc nsthm. it
any agreement U to hs reached, tt must
Lc brought about la hue the a month.
Puiladklvhu, July SI. The Mte-
. i Washington cotteapomlesi says:
Kctd and McKiaisy at sot going to
614 for Quay's man fkliwitef hi the
c-tbio,' campabia is Pennsylvania.
Kcd mi hlcK inlay (especially Mc
jMuky, with 1.M0 Dsuwcralk: majority
i.aiut huu is hh ditrict) will have
thUr handa full at home. Neither will
1'n.adtut Harrison, while at Ctsatos,
.i.i.tM.huuaelf to aid DeUtwaUir. Ha
u wuuUl But weep if Deism star
b-.u 1 be defeated. He dues sot like
V iv He thinks Quay is a heavy loud
i i ;Lc ltcuubllcaa party U carry, and
i l in. does not see how to unload hioi
l,ui it Dilauiater should be defeated, or
,icu.d by only a auijjl majority, Hax
iuiu cold alord to turn a cold thattsYr
u,Quy feeling that ijuy
- ?balu.u
lUinauu knows very well that he has
i. ,L'. .j iiKct from Quay is lttvi.
t; ... u, tu for Aber, stay be fur sotu
.uu if.it bat will certainly not be
1 riliiiuti Hi wtll oppose Hairi
eon, Dlslno, and Sherman. Reedlsnow
his second obolee; perhaps his real first
ins srEEcn aqaiiwt rhsd may mask
Tliers is tome talk among the Demo
crats nnd Alliance men of the Eleventh
Iowa district of running Mr. Struble as
an independent candidate for Congress.
His speech against the tyranny of the
the Speaker nnd In favor of Inde
pendence on the part of Representa
tives has given tho Republican opposi
tion In that district some hope that Mr,
Struble may be Induced to run as an In
dependent candidate. His plurality
was unwatd of 0,000 In 1883, and his
majority over all about 5,000. Whether
bo will run or not remains to be
nmoi.tmoxB against it.
Augusta, Ga., July 81. Tho Au
gusto Exchange yesterday, representing
tho business Interests of Augusta,
adopted tho following preamble and
resolutions dcrouncing the Lodge bill
nnd tho proposed boycott:
Whereas tbo Eouth Is peaceful and pros
perous, tho relations between tbo races are
amicable, and all our people are engaged
In developing tbo agricultural, mining and
manufacturing resources of tbls section;
Whereas a cotton crop of 7,350,000 hales,
tbo building of manufactures of various
kinds and tbo development of ottrconl, iron
and lumber industry constitutes tbo Bouth's
evidence of Its peaco and good wilt and Us
contribution to tho aggrcgato wealth of tbo
nation: tbcrefore, bo It
Jteiolted, That tho passagoof the Lodge
Elections bill, now before tho Senate, will
prove a disturbing and pernicious factor In
the Mouth: will retard tbo peaceful and
prosperous material development now tak
ing place; will engender bad blood nnd
tiling about conflicts between the blacks
and whites; will accomplish no good, but,
on tho contrary, bo fruitful of most deplor
able results to tbo poaco of tho country and
Us business Interests.
Jtnohcfl. While deploring tbo evil re
sults of tbo Lodge Klcctlon bill, wo con
demn as unwlso any movement that contem
plates tbo Interruption ot tbo business rela
tions between tbe North and South. To
attempt to boycott tbo North for politic il
rcasous would bo as Impracticable, as It
would t)o unfortunate. We, thero'ore,
condemn any effort to disturb or to Inter
rupt tbo business relation! between tbe
South and tbo Noitli, and appeal to the
common sense, common Interests nnd pa
triotism of tbo North to prevent tbe enact
ment of tbe Lodge Election bill.
Sir, Slmrretl'a Appointment.
Mr. Thnddcus Stevens Sbarrctt, who
was yesterday nominated by tbo Presi
dent to bo one of tbo general appraisers
under the law, wus strongly indorsed
by Senator Gorman and Congressman
Stockbridgu, and by tho leading Im
porters of Baltimore, Philadelphia and
New York, Is nt present one of the local
nppralrors at Baltimore to which iost
tlon ho was appointed by President
Cleveland In December, 1880. Tho
salary of his present position is $0,000,
and that of general appraiser, $7,000.
Tho latter Is a life position. Ho is a
Democrat in politics.
To Imlnrto Hie Election 11111.
A meeting was held last night at
Carson's Hotel ot the committee of ar
rangements for the proposed mass
meeting In favor of the passage of the
Federal Election bill. Colonel Carson
presided, and Jamea Wells was secre
tary. The mass-meeting will be held
at Grand Army Hall, on the night of
August 11. 1 ho orator of the evening
will be Minister Frederick Douglass,
Among tbo Invited guests will be
Speaker Reed, ex Speaker Banks, Rep
resentatives McDullle. Taylor, Dalzell.
Rowell and Lodce, W. II. Heart, Rev.
Dr. Leo of the Fifth Baptist Church,
Hon. J, It. Chalmers, First Assistant
Postmaster General Ciarkson, General
B. F. Palmer of Illinois, General W.
W, Dudley, Rev. J, M. Townsend of
the Land Oltlce and G. M. Braytort of
South Carolina.
Tbey Don't Want Much,
Lansing, Mich., July 31, The plat
form adopted by the State Prohibition
Convention here yesterday demands
prohibition of tbe liquor tralllc. the es
tablishment of postal savings banks, a
reduction of the tariff, a per diem
service pension law. Government con
trol of railroads arid telegraph lined,
Ibe Australian ballot system, equal
suffrage, tbe prohibition of speculation
in margins and tbe formation of trusts
sou combines, and urges legislation
that will insure to the laborer a just re
turn for his labor,
Atlcinptlns: to Ureak Stewart' Will.
Nsw York, July 31. Sarah Braaagh
of Ireland bas brought suit against Wil
liam P Smith to obtain possession of a
pleea of property owned by Alexander
T. Stewart when he died, and which
Mrs. Stewart gave to Mr. Stewart. The
action is practically a test ease. To win
the suit ibe plaiaiiir will have to first
prove bar relationship to Mr. Stewart,
and that being done to prove that the will
admitted by the surrogates ae Mr. Stew
art's was really a fraudulent Jot n want
The plaintiff elaiws to he a grand
daughter of an uncle of A. T. Stewart.
The case has bees postponed U A Hgmt
Miss LuuU 1'uubuI.
TmssTOtf, N. J . July 31 Relatives
Si Ifto Urania Lnwis, thn nigins sfhooi
tnafiher fftotn. Pensintt6an, tssgsiiniiail
the Trms Amur4ca Imt sight as fol
lows: "Miss Lawts is at Transit, sear
Gjuod Ground, Long Island, and If at!
ihihL" It Is imihtslrMirl that Jobs V
PtMtrsoa, at whose hosts Mkm Lawts
hoardtid is PSjsAsirhMtj ssssd a tattst'
fiosa her to day- It was dated aavarai
days ago and sad sns&t ssJasnhjL The
contents of the letter aw sot luuwn
SeAv&tfar KaaAr t Artstte.
Nw Yos. July 31 A ikraid
special from the Ctty of Mexico says
Senor Pott, the rfiniihiBilsl assess o! the
GotBett is Salvador, says
thai Salvador if raadv for SJbkrattoa
of tr fftPWME with Guasessala- The
SalvadorJass having been victorious os
the baiUeAeki, feel that they have u
heUi thn dignity of thair country . and,
while still preps red for ight, ate wUMng
to wjcrfT V e sHiraMa aesPei
Tha Cun&a4snJs?saSjis hava sahsetejl tha
trftfa'atVw for a vhnhmajm sh)uor
Ucesae of c athwlna Danu iM O attest
noxihauttt. and have recoaaidecad and
approved tha avplhawhM lor retail
hkSM of Ma Schwan, No 313 Third
Direct jKAilhveM.
tt la Not Known When the Onso Will
be Decided,
There Is no tolling Just now when tho
proceedings In the Block trial will be
leached. All the testimony has been
written out by the stenographer, hut it
has not as yet been transmitted to the
Commissioners. Before this is dona
there arc two important questions to be
stttled, and Major Moore and the Com
missioners have them under consider
ation. Tho first nnd most Important one h,
shall Mr. Cook be allowed to represent
Mr. IiOwenstein in any evidence given
by Frederick Lowensteln? and the sec
ond covers the problem as to whether
Lowenstoin's evidence shall be admitted
at all, insomuch as tho matter has al
ready been civon a hoaring in
tho Cilmlnaf Court. Just now
there is naturally much specu
lation as to what will bo tho
outcome of theeo pollco trials. Tho
question Is asked: "Will those chost
nuls cut any llguro?" In both trials
charges that woto made years and years
ago have been revived, while the more
recent conduct of certain olllcera has
been overlooked.
itrlenied on Hull, n l'lckpocket Is Itn
mediately Itenrrested,
Jack Fnrrcil, tbo "fllm-nam' worker
and professional pickpocket, thought
that he had his liberty yestorday after
noon. He was driven up to tho cago
door of tho Cltv Hall and stopped out
very spryly. Ho had no sooner given
$1,000 bonds for nppcaranco before
Judge Hagncr Ihnn Detective Carter
placed him under arrest for picking
pockets in Baltimore.
Ho consented to go to Maryland with
out the necessary requisition papers and
took thctrnin In company with Detec
tive Pumphrey of Baltimore. It will bo
remembered that Farrell was sent to tho
grand Jury by Judeo Miller for robbing
a conductor of tho Washington and
Georgetown Railway Company on Penn
sylvania avenue.
The Dock Laborer' Union fully Orcn-
liedtjalvnllon Army llnrrncUs.
A Delicti In the Muri-
carUn lludcet.
Loxdok. July ai. It Is customary la
tho British Army for tho Inspector
General, at certain intervals, to ask tho
men on perado whether thoy hava any
complaints to make. This has been
regarded as a mere form, none of the
soldiers, however serious their griev
ances, acting upon tho olllclal query.
Now, howuver, thero Is a movement
among the enlisted men in London,
Aldorshot and elsewhere to present
complaints as to long-standing abuses,
some of which have attracted tho atten
tion of even tbe higher members of tha
service. As yet no visible token has
been forthcoming that the abuses are
likely to be remedied, but thero are re
ports to the effect that since their alarm
over tbe Grenadier Guards' meeting the
authorities are contemplating a reform
that will obviate the more serious of the
causes of complaint.
The Murning J'ot renews Its attack
upon the abuses co'nnected with the ad
ministration of tbe law courts. The
judges and all subordinate oiMcers are
accused of laziness and of wasting time.
Tbe result of the slow methods employed
in transacting business is that the courts
are 000 cases In arrears. The proposal
bas been made to create additional
judgeships, but the I'ott shows that the
arrearage of Dullness is not due to over-
woru, but underwork on the part ot tne
The Dock Laborers Union, which
now numbers 50,000 men, unfurled
their banner to-day amid great enthu
siasm. The union has been brought to
a high state of efficiency by tbe tireless
efforts of Burns, Tlllett, Mann and
other organisers, though, when the
project was first started, many thought
that tbe attempt to bring about solid
ity among tbe poor dockers .was like
trying to build on sand foundations.
The members of the union now sub
fcrte$2,SU0 weekly to their treasury
It bas ba decided to establish a
dovteote of 300 carrier pigeons at Brest
for sea service.
The Salvation Amy U expanding
f 150.000 for sew "barracks" at Suemeld
and Birmingham. Critics of the army
are pointing out that it is passing
through the stages which have formed
the history of all religious orders.
First, poverty and simplicity unalloyed,
accompanied by rapid growth is in
MuasGa and meinlHtrshfp Second, leas
poverty, less simplicity, leas growth,
leas influence, but more apparent lau
Bortasce. Third, wealth and dacay.
Tha Hungarian hudgat shows a tie
ftcitof four sdlUon aorTas.
The Turkish suststsr waort Peadik
has bees totally destroyed by are. Sev
eral persons were burned to death.
Moat of the newspaper cost stasis on
tha Dualo case express approval of the
verdict and sympathy with Lady
Dutdo. The ChrotucU severely cto
suras Duslo's conduct ba affair, and
PfonMSfiff tha noblie taf&BO hs a snob.
KnSMnc Uta ttovurnmaat.
Two colored stes triad to carry oS
ssit of the United States Treasury
yesterday afternoon, just shout rinaisg
hour, but they wets ippresded before
they had gone far with their sooty.
Israel Harris and Asa Banks, who had
been accustomed to carry away waste
imiyr from the Dsiarsaaenjt brilatlinjr,
found ally eight sounds of copper near
at hand They had already loaded it
is a wagon with the waste paper when
the waUrhstas discovewd the thft
Me sjMisdfif as aiatss whlstte which sot
only brought the police hut a croud
who thought that the little surplus
was being stWa Sergeant Boyle
Vooh both nagross into cuatody.
Suth were nasi to tha grand i-ury thjts
bssdt ii!ccfiij Wefep m?iMEiJ v&ttktf (aassd kte
Jnk V uLxktf is tktti kead. witk & Wick.
j assrwsrd aataiistsd and iteouaJy
cut a special potkiassaa with a huife.
was before Judge Miller this aftersooa.
On the (.ombisad chargee Glees, was
ituu oitcvu utouUu Is jail
He Was Drafted, but Was Never la
or Noar a Battle.
Mean Treatment of Old Soldiers Ilia
Motto, "The End Justifies tho
Means"-"An Array of Facts,
At the close of tho war, on tho occa
sion when Ileal reported on tha Flag
ship Tempest to Admiral S. 1'. Leo for
his discharge from service, tho olllcer
of the deck of that vessel was A. T.
Blssell, the wiltcr of this article. Let
us now go Into tho causo of Heed's entry
Into the service. In 1804 ho was
drafted, having been previously a mem
ber of the Stny-at-IIomc-Ouards, who
were nrmed with broomsticks, mora
than n 1,000 miles from Virginia a
great, big sis fooler, who thought too
much of his Ufa to place It In jeopardy
during tho times when every man who
was pofscsscd of a scintilla of patriot
Ism went to tho front in defense of the
Star Spangled Banner and tho Union ot
the States that form our glorious Fed
eration. I said he was drafted. That Is tho
truth. It Is true that ho was only a
young man, hut ho was, nt tho begin
ning of tho war, 23 yoars of age, and
although ha has lately shown himself
as being possessed of n sanguinary dis
position, then ho did not cvlnco any dc
tiro to tako his chancos
on this oonv rini.u ok iuttlr,
hut reserved himself for a bloodless
scene of strife to wit: The nron.i of
the I'lfiy-ftrst Congress of tho United
States, where, as tha dominating spirit,
as Speaker, he could and did with his
nhlp excoriate the hide of truculent
mend cis of the Republican stripe and
dilve them as n white overseer over
wblto slaves Into traces, and with his
slim majority latieh and sneer at the
minority of the Democratic sldo of the
House of Representatives.
I said that bo was drafltd. As soon
as that uvont happoned he hied himself
to Washington and through the inllit
enco nf Hon. James O. Blaine was an
pointed an acting auUtunt jnyiiuitfer in
tho United States Navy In the Mosquito
licet of tho Ohio ltlver and was asslzned
to duly on astern wheel steamer, named
tho Nymph, which carried two six
pound guns. It was always far away
from danger and out of tho range ot the
guns of the rebels, whose closest where
abouts were from four hundred to clht
hundred miles distant.
I now propose to consider carefully
and tiuthfully his career since his dis
charge and from tbe time he plunged
He was elected as a Representative to
Congress from the First district of
3Ialne to serve In the Fortyllfth Con
gress, and was continuously In said
position until and Including tbe present,
the Fifty-first Congress. He has been
for the past twelve years the attorney
of the Northern Pacific Itallroad Com
p&ny, and still is in the service nt that
gigantic corporation as such. He was
elected Speaker of tbe House by rea
son of his assumed audacity or bold
ness, through the Influences that were
brought to bear on that body by tbe
manipulations of the managers of the
Northern Pacific, tbe Canada Paclflc,
and the Central Pacific Railroad com
panies, with tbe additional aid and in
iiuesca of the magnate of Wall street,
New York.
It was their money that elected him
Speaker, and, as a bombast and a
lraud, be is, par excellence, "tbe eblef
among tbem all. and the one altogether
lovely;" that Is, of all hU competitor
is that role.
MautBum is his Deity, and there is
nothing be wukl not attempt In the
name of his party, no matter bow vile,
execrable and loathsome It wight he.
that be would sot favorably consider
and endeavor to encompass in his de
sire to achieve that which will enable
him to secure
whkh is assured to hist is ease of suc
cess. How is it that this person,
Thomas B. Used, affords to live at the
Shorham Hotel is a jUt, that doss sot
0oU him Uwg that, $10,000 a year, when
hs was a poor man os tha occasion of
his entrance isto Congress about a de
cade of years ago? Do hb eonadtu
ency is the First district of Mains ever
thiak of that?
This Inxttvkitia!, knows a Test Heed,
it auawptisg to play tha role of a
"Dnntos," whose motto was "Auda
cious, always audacious."
To carry out his sftwrnrs, or rather
those of his millionaire autocratic asso
ciates, hs wssthl sot hfstltto to plunge
this fair land isto a fratricidal war,
carina sot for ttte cosasHuascsi to either
the Korth, South, East, or Wart, sad
Was fhafjffifaj tQWdftsT thftf UMAleWdf "RotHM
IfeXuUlswessbsr that what's im
possible cannot he. sad saver, saver
cesses to pass.
1 refer to his vet achsws. tha "Force
bill," Vm has lajtely pnassd shs Mouae
where hs whuitMUJ asd e&saiii his ifce-
ptiblh'as fxisssds injto tha itshf and
Butde thasn ithn ir&sss &ass ,a- to the
asspsssiF sssaaps s www wi rsvbbsbb" pmf
dregs ths frsyiifsig of ths snasossnl
ftmUhf that he forced to their J-
nu an sat suture aw wrjr iwiuv;
Usa is ths infcfsa of Its ssjssass, af he
ii sot i tdafitsd as Speasar he wtH
nc yy -" tTf ip to ostuvtoK,
lie has ths Presidential "hss" is hu
head, sad hs U playing ths "rule ot
ruin" policy. Be is alteoallig thou
assds Oa hossat Republicans fross the
saassaard. He is holding ftMtnawl with
Johssy DavesportofNew York city
and psstiiing his views on ths Sssaw
thjtosjsth that flossy nisi sis hqHjstsI aire
worker to make slaves of ths wait
sm of ths North as wed as tha whlu
sues of ths South, thv Kaat and the
Went "He has iuuuortal louging iu
him ' Ue believes in. doing things i--
tbe high Roman fashion nf the days M
Ncio. He claims himself to be one en
tire and prfect chrysolite. He claims
to be a politician ami a statesman; owe
who would circumvent God!
There is nothing original In him, for
be bas lotifht opinions from all sorts
of people, the most of whom are his
Mtpirlors, and he is soartnst on bor
rowed or stolen plumes. He wears
He should avoid shame, but not seek
florj nothing Is so expensive as glory.
He is like an ambaessdor sent by him
wlf tnlleabroad for the commonwealth.
The wise man does not what the foolish
man says. The gt eat American people
will not Indorse him and hit not poor,
nondescript Lodge's Force bill, but
will consign It and him next November
to the tombs and hecatcombs of forsret
fulness. He is ambitious vaulting
ambition o'erleaps itself; ambition Is
tbe mind's immodesty; black ambition
stains n public causo. He that cuts
ahovo himself will get splinters In his
Ills ambition to hava the Force bill
go Into operation at the coming fall
elections is a purely selfish one. His
only desire Is to sccuro a Republican
mnjorlty in tho noxt Congress, so that
ho may be reelected Speaker of tho
House, and ho fondly Imagines that
that Is tbo stcpnlng-stono to the Whito
Houto ns President of this country; but
tlieio arc, thank God, thousands of
honest, fair minded Republicans in tho
Northern States that would cheerfully
consent to have tho next House of Rep
resentatives Democratic than sco him
cvor again in a position to play tho rok
nf tvrant not only to Democrats, hut to
Ha forgets that ho was onco a mere
drafted man, compelled to serve In do
fcuso nf his country's Hag. Then a
mcro bower of wood and drawer ot
water. Nowl yo gods' on what moat
doth this great Cce-sar fcedt But thero
Is no eel so small but it hones to become
a whale.
ii in AnnooANcr. is office
is of that repugnant nature that causos
many sincere Republicans to sricvo their
selection of him for tho high position.
Ho prostltutos them and their regret at
tho ntemdancy of tbo Democratic cle
ment In tho next House will be allayed
by tho knowledge that tha archim
poster, Tom Reed, has to take a baok
tint, to which place honest Republicans
by their votes have relegated him.
The following explanation ot tho
article that succeeds it should bo read
attentively by all fair-minded men, re
gardless of politics. It was prepared
by me during; the month of November,
1680, just prior to tho assembling of the
Fifty tlrst Congress, hut was not made
public for the reason that Influences
were brought to hear to elect Tom
Rttd as Speaker of the House, which Is
set forth fully In the first part ot this
article, and was ot such weight that
Rcod could not have been beaten even
were It proven that he was his Sutanlc
Majesty, tall, horns, hoofs, etc.
Amos T. Bisskli..
or tiik Kirrr-riHST conohbs.
Hemont why Thomas Jloinhtut Ilenl ihnuhl
be dfft'Mni fur the Sjtffilenhiji of the
IIouk of llrprtKnttttirtf
I state holillr, for I have evIdMee to sup
tiort tbe assertion, that during tlie Fiftieth
Congress, while Itepresentatlvu Cannon,
McKluley anil llemlsrton of Iowa wwn
making their uobli- ami desperate Bitht for
what was called byXlm ex-rebels and North
ern quondam Copjierheails, the "Paupers'"
1VhIoii bill, Toui lteetl of Maine was sur
reptitiously currylug favor with the ex
rebels ot Ibe House lobby by expresslufcbU
ersonal aversion to the bill ana objeetlons
to Its emetiUDiit, at the same time
"I'thcimj" by tbe assertion that owing to
his residence and constituency be would
be obliged to vote for it, however obnox
ious It might be.
Itesldlug In tbls city l an oh soldier, one
"Charlie Clark," who served lu tbe Sixth
Maine ItegliBeut. lie was seriously wound
ed three times, and Is Impaired by disease
eontraeted by banUblpt during service.
He is tbe only support of an Invalid aad
bedridden mother, and of a sister, whose
whole time I occupied in the care of tbe
Hon. James li. Blaine, well conversant
with these circumstance sad personally at
tached to tbe old soldier, appointed htm to
a position In tbe Capitol and held blm there
uutil bis resignation from the Arthur ad
ministration. But be bad scarcely shaken
tbe dust of tbe Capital City (row his feet
ere this wind-bag politicUa this burlesque
statesman who posed ss the self-constituted
leader ot tbe Republican party ot Maine,
demanded and eaused tbe removal ot this
soldier and had appointed In bis place a
big, pock-marked uearofrom Vlrgiaia, who
bad never seen tbe istate ot Maine auj bad
uo elaua whatever upon his patronage.
This negro has no Slues tor tbe place,
U lUsguttusg wltb his apish well air and,
according tu the statenutuis of tbe osieers
in charge at the Capitol, has been eow
pbilted of for iasoleuce to lady visitor,
lie hss been reported to Heed tor tab, sort
of nOaeoaduet, but without avail.
After Clark bad been out of UovemoMnt
en ployieeiit for a number of years, during
whkh tuue he had not beeuable to earn
anything like an sdaunate support for him
self and hi dependents, he ass driven by
every misery sad desperation to sua, like a
neggsx, ibis miserable isespos lor a posi
tion, after heartrending appeal ait re
peated, Head anally had bus appointed to
a place ss sweeper ot walk srasad tha
Caphol on half tuue at the rate of 1. a
dav. Us nay sveMsUnr about aw par si
sunng the Bret session of the Fiftieth Con
gress, in company wn a gwniisttiissi tront
Charlassou, W. Vs., 1 called on sasi, n
couuted ths facts lu Clark' ease and Urged
him to do better for bint. lie mad no an
ew er to my statement, but abruptly left us
and west iaso tbe iloue of IfuflrwassUS
tms. aubsenuantly, tbe facts were saade
knows to Mri WnHw ii he has providad
for Clark.
Kow, sues treachery- to principle ami to
those who Jvtujlu tor ths Ubertk of our
country shonM be property punlSel.
tvery veteran who reads this, or who is
otherwise regtiiunt of the tact, ahifiiVt eslt
a many esasrasas toawther as ihrwsrWsi
adopt resolutions expressive of their con
tcuipt for tha indiTlausi, sddress thaw to
the Kepreseatative of their districts Is
Coiitrasa, and flusssnil that they shoshl op
itoce tha ssshMi of Thomas ttosilisst &oa4
to tha apst sarshlp Ki imwihor the san
gei that nadarha and are involved in tha
lUtUoa of such umu to Uits very iu
1 ..nan ioatthiy.
He has ths power to appoint ths Com
i)..ue est Invalid Penssosi. He will ap
1 int sms whoa vtess eoiucbls wish bis,
iui all the work that soldiers way do out-
- .U wttl.be frnalratsd by thoaethat are Ui-
- Je ths Bona.
it ii as asav ntatter for a ceamlt&aa to
iibhuMaisioii)ntUthe very tail end of
.hcss-coadsaaslori, wUtu tt is too late to
' ' " w aetton, ad this is Just wha
-." teMsssd tor if thto aaan or aothsf
U- Mm la ulcl in tbe chair of ths
, eafcst si the Hosts of Kcpreonu.ivaa-
an fUflttilitMM tuutecr ul VmgaM
4es fur Tkuuuti JKuu&i &-d at
vf sauaia" it fei.&a u 0$ a immfw-
r iftff
Thsa laaA wm ever agaiu ubtats the
"rassaf Us cuaatUuency, I do sot ss
ifnSm he wiuOutkaiiy s "ifacd
'toteaay tie wtnrf" of spprohcuus and
"-irititiBsi, He will be blown clean out of
ubln; ttlt sa by S cyclone
hidsisr, Pesbody & Co cater day re
ed Use sugar uuk
Amnliramntlon of rinyers' Leaens anil
American Association.
I.ociBTit.i.is, Kr., July 81. "The
Anwrtean Aseoclatlrm ami Mayers'
League" Is about the title of tbe new or
ganlrallon that will blossom out with
tbe spring ot 1891. That a coalition be
tween these two organizations will be
foimcd there Is little doubt. The matter
has been quietly agitate in tbeKatt for
two weeks, and it will terminate In
abrmt one month, ami it will be a heavy
blow at the National League. A promi
nent Brotherhood official was in Louis
ville yesterday and In order that bis
presence In the city might not be known
lie took his meals at a restaurant. He
left on a morning train. To a mutual
friend he said:
"Tho Flayers' League ami Associa
tion 111 combine next September mak
ing the greatest baselmll organisation
that ever existed. Our plans have
about been completed, and It will not be
long before thev will materialize. The
new League will compose debt clubs.
In the West will be Cleveland. St.
Louis, Chicago anil Louisville, and In
the Kftst will lie found Philadelphia,
Boston, New Yotk and Brooklyn. The
Brooklyn Association and Players'
Clubs will combine, and the Athletic
and Philadelphia Clubs will do tho
same. Tho stock will bo divided to
suit the backers ot tbo different clubs.
Tho best players will be selected from
tho two orgnnl7Atloris, nnd tho remain.
Ing players will ha given to the minor
Leagues as an Inducement for them to
come under our protection, Now thoy
have to pay the American Association
and National League a largo sum for
tha protection of tha national agreement.
Wo will give them protection without
charge, in addition to tho players."
President Phelps, when nsked about
tho matter, would neither deny nor
affirm It.
Cltlrens or nn Oil Vlllace Determine
to Kratlo nn Obnoxious Lnw,
Toledo, Ohio, July 31, Citizens ot
Balrdstown, an oil town twonty mllos
south of this city, arc alleged to have
entered into n conspiracy to burn their
own town. Thorn hava bcon five In
cendiary fires within n weok, and not a
business houso has beon left standing.
A short tltno ngo the city authorities
passed nn ordinance, forbidding the
sinking of any gas or oil wells within
the town limits.
Most of the citizens held town lots,
which they hoped to dispose of to oil
speculators, and when the ordinance
was passed, it is said, they determined
to burn the town, as tbey considered
tho possibilities below the ground more
valuable than the property above It.
Tho services of a Cincinnati detective
were called In, but the citizens, after
hanging blm to a tree until life was al
most extinct, made him leave the town.
But few houses are left standing.
The ltusli Iteporttil to Have Hoarded
a IliltUli Scalar.
YiCToniA. B. C, July 31. News bas
beon received here of the seizure of the
Seattle s:booner George It. White by
the United States customs agents at
Ounalaska. The schooner had neg
lected to keep a copy ot the bond riled
that the would not take firearms Into
The Victoria schooner Ariel is re
ported to have been boanled by the
cutter Rush and warned to keep out of
Behtlng Sea. A copy of the formal
proclamation was given to the captain.
This incident, it It thought, contradicts
the belief that tbe policy of 1865 will be
pursued this season by the United States.
IteudeivoulDE d the Neighborhood
ur llelirlne aea.
Nsw York, July 81. A speewl to
the J It raid from Victoria, B. C, says:
Her 3Iajesty's ship Amphioa will leave
tbls place for Southern waters, whence
she will proceed to the Mediterranean.
Her place Is to be taken by a heavily
armored cruiser. AccordlBK to orders
which have been given the dagthip
Waraprite, which Is here with the Ad
miral oa board, will leave oa a cruise
to Vancouver or thereabouts, with H.
31. S. Champion In attendance. Tha
KspJegel goes Into dry dock for an over
hauling and repairs. If any British
v si ships go Into Behriug Sea this Year,
he Nymph and Daphne wdl probably
t e lb oues.
eu OMpatehe I'iuui all Seetieiu
lirlefed fur ltapld ICfcttUluj;.
Ths widows of the uses who wets
hlUed is the Tioga explosion at Chicago
have entered suit for $5,utw damage
against ths ties na boat cesmpasy and the
(sansses Oil Works.
Ths Basis Fs traia was held up thrss
miles south of IMuhlad, Col., last sight
by massed stss asd the engineer shot
in ths hand asd wrist.
The Kansas eors crop Is a total fail
ure. Ths drought is cuthtUssW ths
most severe of recast years.
Advices fross Sssssa THrfftt to assshar;
outbreak ss that Island.
was submerged by ths oversow of river
Pei Ho asd the crops dssuoyed.
Ths bombardment of Buenos Ay rat
by thff sat al Bast resulted is th kiuing
of oss thousand pcirinm asd ths wound
ing of fve thouisad
lUSftSSS llSfilf. dsSHMBf Si
r Joseph, was SMtmsd is
Vienna to day to Aschjkiks Francis
6sig L. Schuyler M. TJ
SMtJswe Gerry yacht thja etsf .
Utfcs c tbs Prias of Yisa
stahjs at Goodwood ki
a Hsssjii CvaaS aw Aisasad I
Mayor Carnngsts today fat
Vjnihv fjnurt n ths SkStlSff Of
steosg irs While, asked Judas ttsfssc
lot ths anpuluijucui of a xsfistvsr to
wind up the eJIVt of the JMtVsat Vrvn
trm. As aekua Haiot Crrisjion
nor Ms- nsrifegton the isMss of whom
itpitsantcd Mra Wbu, could oosssto
as naikraiatMlipg '- who should be
As iccelver, Judge Uaer Qsjasaa the
csav to the Court b .mmi Tstss Is
hshtatd w ths tost toti.e.
ti al aswasssr aavasessV
Loauo July n -Tlw t-aakof Esg-
btsd rate ol oiacvuttX uas bua aavt
to i fc' vcUl
While tkt rmiijffit Vigorwsl; D
rmvm All LoiUrj Stbmu,
And FnMfSfiet Tbm ia His Papsr --Har
riwa's iBflifsast FfllmiBttian Ahse-
luilj Applies IoRbsmIIB.
Nrw Yotk. July St. The 11'orW to
day, after quoting President Harrison's
lottery message, says: Last evening the
following dispatch was received from
tbe 'rtd' correspondent In Sn Frnn
cUco : .
Colonel toby, who nhm a lltll lottery
Inst ncrws tlm lllo (Intmle from l'.l I'sso, Is
in tlie city and Is very much puttied orrr
the antl-lettery message sent out by Presi
dent Harrison, lie said to-day:
"Three weeks sgo Ruall llarrlson was
at El Paso and ciul the lllo (Irande to
the oltlce of tbe Intlerynnd began to talk
tiuelnew. Tbe result was that he trot $1,000
In ailvertlslne for 'ranil LttUrU Illtutnttetl
jVowfWr ami JflOO for his JMper In Mon
tana out ot the tottery officers. The adver
tisement tell what a good lliliit; the lottery
Is. Now, what liothern me Is Ibis- It there
Is a family combine Is President Harrison
atttr the taints and llutsell after the tin
ners 1"
A statement of tbls Importance could
not, of course, be printed in the World
without the fullest Investigation. The
recent files of Frank LenUct JllHtmt-ed
JVtffxr;xr ore rigorously examined,
disclosing no advertisement at least up
to data of tbo character referred to.
It Is well known that the laws of New
York against the publication of any lot
tery advertisement are extremely strln
gtnt, the punishment helm; a heavy
of the oITendlne publisher at tho discre
tion ot the court. S uue years rvuo ibe
New Yoik Sun was prosecuted under
this statute at the Instigation of Anthony
Cnrrstock, and since that date no netvs
ptpirof New York hat ventured to open
Its columns to anything save tbe most
cut riled references to cither the Louisi
ana or any other lottery. Thlt nvir have
restrained Frank I.ti' IlinMrattl
Xttrpair from accepting such an ad
vertisement, even httd it been solicited
in Its name bv Mr. Russell It. Harrison.
The fact of Mr. Harrison's connection
Vtlth the newspaper it
by various Indorsements ot Its owner,
Mr. W.VJ. Arkwl. Is fast. It wut
widely published only tome few weak
ago that Russell B. Harrison, repre
tenting Frank Mi' flluitrated
i'nrni)xr had made a business tour
through Texas In the Interest nf that
publication. Incidental to bis visit wts
a picturesque account of his rescue of a
number of persons In tbe burning of
the Spring l'slace at Port Worth. It
may be mentioned that tha account ot
this event published ia this New York
and telegraphed to ths paper from Port
In further pursuance of Its desire to
establish tbe truth or falsity of so sen
satlonsl a charge as thit made ia tbe
Ssu Prfneisco dispatch, tbe World last
night also proeu red a eopr of tbe Helena
Morning Journal ot Priday, July 'J.V
At the head of tbe editorial columns of
ibis number of the paper is ths follow
ing publisher's aoM scat Ion:
Pablissad Kver jr Vocals Moo4ar EetaJ)
Mnassix B. HiaMMHi rraaideBt
Oso. K. Hum Tree sad Boainess Maaaser
lVAIlll.Milll.' Or t'ICti aia four
teenth Street.
r.T S Mkstm. Caste podet.
Mini: ni:i.iL.t h.vii.y joiii.ai.u
-L the Olliriul neiaer ul Hit) .Male
ol Xwutuuu, uuiier loulraet ul 3larh
II, ie.
EKTBSSO at tbe Helena JVieioSace for
transsslsaba taroeah tha amail asaee-euU-cbtas
U will hs observed that Mr. Rusll
B. liarriaos is snuoumad as the Pref
tkst of ths Helena Jvurul Company,
asd, therefore, if tbe responsible per
ass, under the law, for whatsoever ap
psan is its columns. It is an eight
pass paper. Os the seventh page of
ths JouruAit of daw of Jury 39 tea
tiuss column letter, dated at ths OHr of
Jleako. with the fuUovisg reitfs
mn v fiiimi mil
A Vats sX itatWtSS Ke- avsatt
hat. t toe isMiM -mtmm af V
(ilu a-jM TaaeS, laktS aBt tfalsaasLSuslsal'
Haw P1 tS" Ptwas ptsysp mmmmwr
saaUisVJftsyftslBl JitslkUMMl fs Isstst ltasW
pttSBBSWSVawriai ",V"ap nr sawawt '.,wJt;p
tssft V'sdsw sat lleisiitstsss-si ssj-
lemtsts mm f Waatih.
t iF t") ssWsiaspsBt ts.
Ths hjtbet gM t'-t,
lottanr af Juaasa. T
SiPBBBjpjsBSM r BW?e- iej
to WhhA the
of the k. Urv
--- of ueraoBS
id lm th MWM
dcacriptiou of the drawis itself asd of
the good tortus id various ttehet
holders is this paragraph, whuh U a
sample oi the entire letter
Llttk lo I behave Ul lJk -tai-JiJj
1 4o, Uicv trieb4 ul uoue ha--- i- . A e
W.0OU. vcr laici i ', j- --
ago itsiult'. (ruj. til-. ui a u - -v'.
lotjtwj ta Ms- opy i
Ucsxt asd Bttottraatau I
mi iiitnf ml is ths lot f
uf thai antVi n ileal! I
which won for that raeky mortal efetm
$100,000. Thei, ton, 1 know a jwentstn
who never f f rs to get a prise, saw MSTtsiwt
wtrmfngs thronsti a series of years tt softie
tMtnr FormMsWe. irts rrwtnwt' ft fe
Trmr of ibe tint msn or woman he emett wth
offtn a ticket. Nrthlna: more sfmalw.
This letter Is credited to a cotrewwml
ent of the Boston lhraW, ami Its date Is
costf mpmatrermii with ths tlms of Mr.
Tttttsell B. Harrison's visit to the neigh -brt
hood of Kl Vm.
In the adjoining column to this long
"reading notfes" Is
a norm. cot.rMX ADVRimgfiMiHrT
of the lottery In question, la which It It
slirted that the drawing n "Hmjar trte
prronl snpeTvtslon of Oentjral John S.
Mosby," who. It appears, Mdg th
stateWHmt abov given to ths rvarfd'r
cotTwpotHlsnt In San PrattcHieo. Ths
sdvertltemest covers a spacs of soms
IhiBf above half a column of th Itetwm
Jovrititt, of the company piiWIthlng
which, as sahl, Mr. Rstsell B. Har
ritrm, son of Benjamin Harrison,
l'ritWent of tbe United States, is ntwtf
Sjmpntlilrrrs Ankr.t to Sfinil Their
Ftinils Direct In llntilln.
LtscoMf, Nrb., July 81. Ths fol
lowing address has lieen isausd by the
ofllcers of the Irish National Leigu of
A met lea to the officers ami mamlrers Of
the older:
"Since the publication of Mr. Par
noil's letter rela'lve to the convention,
advices have been received from the
Irish leaders depleting the urgent ne
cessity for the Immediate transmission
of all available funds In America to the
home orcantitntlon. In view of this se
vere crisis, and in order that no true
friend of Ireland can be excused for ne
glect In rendering such assistance at hit
means will n fiord, all branohes of the
League, affiliating organisations and
Individuals in sympathy therewith, are
hereby ntithotled to forward their
funds direct to the oltlce of the League
In Dublin. Tbe address ot the treasurer
of the League In Ireland U Dr. Joseph
It Kennoy, M. P., No. 18 Upper
O'Conncll street. Dublin."
Two ntoto Itiiille I'otiml In the I'a
tapro To-llay.
Dai.timohr, Jin.. July Hi. The P.t
tapsco to-day surrendered the bodies
of two more of tbe victims of Monday
night's terrible catastrophe. They were
Maggie Kller, II years old. of 13 N street
nottli west, Washington, D. C. and
Willie Haas, ? years old. of tbls oily.
Kvery one ot tbe missing Is now ac
counted for except Laura Wooden, IS
years old, who is still mitaing. Ths
total number of recovered bodies now
is fourteen.
Js'ew YorU Htocb.
To-day's .New tone stocK tnaxKat ettata
tie, furaithed by C. T. lltveaasr.
Rooks ilarJ 11, Atlantic twihlras;, Mr
street northwest. UorretpetHtent, M. K.
Meiidbaiu, New VorL; Cbaudler, Brown A
Co., Chlcaeo:
A.T.tSKe 41 m Oiualw.
Can. South.. Wf 51 pTU .-.,..
Cbl., H. A Q 10Ui 'Ofll Ore. Trans.. 4 il
Coo. ties .". M.S.S. Co W) 4S
C, KIAl'ae '. 'HI heading m i
Dal, LA W. 1471 47i 4. A VT. Pt- tt ill
Del. A Hud. lo 171 H. raul...... 731 l
Erie &i lil Tex. Pse..... Wi )
Jerwiy Cen Ten. C. A I. 4J 4U
L. A H sM M V. rae . est i
Uke sbora. '.Out :uui 'ab. pTd.. M
Mo. Vte 731 731 '- UnkM... 831 S31
NYANK. it 4S WAL,Kp'a7J 7i
N A Wp'fU Velroleum .. M m
N. Y. Cen... 107f 107 Am. C O Cto 811 !Wi
N. fc U :, v'. Gas Trust lf Hi
" pTd. h'.f -iU NstU'dTsttt' U
NOftbt.. Ul ::il S. KeHa. Co. 771 Ti
Ttie Cbleaeo aiarket.
To-Osy's Lbu-ago gram sad provision
tasrkst quo! al Ions, fanUshett by C. T.
Haveaaar, lioness 9 and 11, AtUatla naibl
Intt, W street nurthweat. Cnnsapatid
sett. M. H. Mendham, Xew York; Chand
ler, Brown A Co., Chicago.
anasT,aH Otixe vomx, 0pm Cls
Aug.... Aug. ...,iaw &$
Sell tfl Mi eapl....!. 06 U 8
Dae. 84 tf Ct....
Aug 4r m 4ug... tm W
Sep! 4 4S3 .., KM 17
ort 4 itl oe.. gas $m
Aug ..... Stt Mi
Spt..... IMJ J3f
Oct ...... 31 31
tVaablBstun bteek riiehanc.
Hates Hasntar Catt a sMssk .
feople Fits Insiirsiwa, 10 at h); M it
as-in. Washington Gas, is at 47.
MtsastbuMon sMds U. a. Stsattia
Usjtu lt.y. UW; U. g. hleetiit UaM
si, 7s, l, W. jfc O- R. K. ItMsTs,
rMsVO, im, H'. A OmwtrttU, tV,
1; Masosue Hail Ass'a, V. 0 ISS. SS;
Wash. Marks Co.. 1st Mart., nsj
Wash. Market Co., Iran., S's. :ie; InVu A
SaaboaM Co.. '. C 1T, -; Wash. IX
Infantry, 1st, o'. 1WM. or; Wssh. U. Is
Issuj.w. 7',itM, we. Wash, asttejst
Co., Sar. A, S's, 117,. Wash. Os UsdstCfa..
aar. S, S's. lis H falcate ie Casapsay.kt
Mtrt., ss, . Amerkan isesrhy asd
hational hash atorhs las of Wash-
ugioa, 4JW. Saniol ksfubue, dst; Motro-
DoUtaa, atth Csutral, 300, Ibswss. Ms;
rwtsatsatM Itachank.' llk. CrtHetsT.
I TO. Cstssthia. 1T5. reptisl. U. Wast
SmL 160: Trader', U71, Lincoln, UH.
WsaAlsasxa Wtsf ! WaasTafeaBatassai sassal
" m " "is BSBSaiavBMSBWtS tSWBBSI
aork-ioB, si. MrtnmnMtaa. ttk Qa
tunibla, 7-i, Csfftol siut horth O atna,
SO, JFsintrton and soldier' tjotaaT W,
Ueonatown and Teiiniijw, 81, ttfjpht-
Hs, S7; MrlreCollTaa, tu vtn-It nJE-7
" r f ibw " SB ' ' i "f a"aaBjB wratBJtSWB
fl. arUajton, 17S. Corcoran, S; CWgg
at. 1. HJrBTta Swrrfran lask franran
fcawr5!xiwrM a
Titte Insurance siihi i.j
wteiw, Vi.iMatrAtTitb.eji w
Titisk .
tisssss aWasf IJjWsacks-Wa
-u ea4.iiorKstonttaa, tt, V-
TsbiAouB ttoesa-1'essaFl-.aJa, ;
MtolemtSia sjinrlrii ygrti ' : i
&sUnttlBJsWri l
HPWS- WsWTaprtw JlSBBj 4IBBBBBaBasii B
tjthei hssss sjsjUBit,.
. asm. J ul . 41 -Ctftmi
iMd, V . X., iwd stMtT st m
uBSU IBS StruohVlSB last
abtitoyd vsa MnMs waMaajs
JhsTswiBssa-. iaewasaaaB '
m 4tr -j CTsstWSaf ';
nu a. ' . ashsswe, atrj
Ittmd w T .'r. 4hA-

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