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Sins Daily Critic
flftt 0 lmoeratte Daffy Ptper Pvh
ihrt at Washington.
WASlllJmTO out flO Cw.tAT.
, WASHlieBTtH. OITT, 0 C
T tit 88 t 8CB8X WPTtoS.
BT fl Wbttmre prepaid 1 year
" l month
flBWUm the efty. imoBtfc It
lhiMawiMM-aiwMiwimi iMiinii mil i 11 aTiaaMaVaHni n aalu
?MHBW. D. C. .Ttn.t 31. JSW.
wiari s ro coyTBAcr
Ta safirmweme-nt tnat Mr. Sfaatfter
IN Mas rwtrerlreti "X X C." la the
Angtut ft I ton of the "Hortti American
HefW" acquire t!tM Hud peculiar
Ssttereet by feamwi of tlie recent rasttf
teettc of certain public ntterances f
till Ik wake lie declarel himself em
r4stleaiiy against the Tery position be
now advocates, seri squarely 1b favor of
that oeenpfeel by "X. M. 0."
TH public hate already seen the
fmwtifnl article written for the
' OiftiAvquen Magstlne" by Mr. Head
a few ycsiP Ago, ami we now ash. at ten -tlcn
to a lrprfnt of srme remarks of his
maifc tir-on the floor of the House dur
ing the second ekm of the Forty
ilxth Congress. They will lie fouml In
the Oengtrtttonal lietoni of January
SS, 1880, and run ae follows:
"Mr. Chairman, If It was my purpose
to icnly to the gentleman who hat just
taken his seat, it teems to lite that It
wtwM be a suitable ami proper reply to
My to him that the constitutions! Wen
of a qnorotn Is not the pretence of a
majority of the members of the Ilmise,
1MI a majority of the members present
ami patMcipaiiBg in the mist a cm ol tHe
Home. It is not the visible presence of
members, but their judgments ami their
votes, that the Constitution calls for.
'I prefer, however. In the short time
which I have, to discuss this (iiiestton
open a different basis. This privilege
which the (llepublican) minority of the
House at the last session availed itself
of is a prlvileae which every
minority has availed Itself of since
the foundation of this Government.
What is the practical upshot of
the pretest practice? It is thai the
members of the minority of this House
upon steal occasions demand that every
bill which is patent shall receive the
absolute vote of a majority of the mem
tiers dieted. They do this In the face
aid eye of the country. If they de
mand upon any frivolous occasion that
there shall be such an extraordinary
ote as that, they do It subject to the
ttbsuif of the people of this land. This
rmtlce has hitherto kept this House In
jr ptr condition upon the subject, so
that tbrre ha been no Improper lot
j dine of the public business.
"It i u nilualU prMUn for th
tnuntry that th minority aA.tU hut th
tipkt by thtt $jttriioritinry mod of
jinxuiing to eaU th attention of th
feaafrjr to intiitnrtM irhith a party in
mwmtvf ntttiht4$ and of party felling
u tntltaroring to tnfore upon th
ritittn of this land. Ami ft works
equally well with refard to all parties,
for all parties have their times when
tlty seed to be cheeked, so (bat they
may receive the opinions of the people
who are their constituents ami who lire
Interested la the results of their legis
lation. I say, that as a practical matter,
the results hitherto throughout all our
history have justified the construction
which those upon this side of the House
have put upon the matter, ami which
lisslein put equally by member of
the etiici side In times past."
TMS te a very large contract Mr. lie!
1 aa taken that of vindicating his posi
tion of today by proving himself to
have been false ami I a since re on yester.
day. We should say, however, that
be U quite capable of doing it, sail that
tbo country will fiad no great tllflieulty
In nallsing that Iteed Is thoroughly
true to himself at every stage of the
"Whca the couatry shall have eare
fiitly tnaisined the proposed bill for
preverHfBg lotteries from using the
mate it will begin to ask itself whether
it U being made the viellm of as Ill
timed ami effeseive joke, or whether the
Hepablteaa party has goee mad.
These are many ami forcible iodfea
tioas poiatiog in either direction. The
theory that the Administration is insult
lag the country by a display of scarcely
veiled hypocrisy rinds support is various
cireeiloa. Mose than a year ago, before
Mr. Waaaaaker Wad bees five weeks la
ittce, the whole subject of the lattery
i eswaeeiicw with the mails was UU1
before bun. Beejasuiii P. PUmleN,
a Hetublteu ex Ooveraor of Losiisiaas,
a mum cf hieh personal char act r ami
of sBMketl soil My, ftubwitted U the
PcstsBMter Oeswrsd osi May 4. 1888, a
written ttsieisMBt covetfaig h eastse
growad aad bHuliar with figure ami
suKgestiosis. It hi kaowtj tks4 Usk
stalesaeet wajt riheimwl at a CablMt
Mtaiiag shortly after It cawe la 3Ir,
'Waaker's haads, aad the aiMsHaa
was eurresst at the time amoag tisose
teMtaeeied U the matter that lite Attot-sey-Oeaeiai
had bees aaked to giveths
imSm wilk a vw to ptpMfaif
wwp'sMttiathi siMiMd by ftdftihl
JaA liaUUkMaftlMkr VlMMflisC bt4 AaW
ap P'sik ifat
W &k A
fnijj etekt NMetfee. slat iMMm hj
SHSMSlhK. 1a a ggL SMe
Bam em Sha oshw hand agL
.. I---- m . 1 bw sap"- msasjsBf
shjf Mr. WfMMtfew it tfigsgad Ig a
"mm mmmrm
- f4 to MJp hja. Isjaada hs fiiav
Rlsms miP PV sT W&
1..1 lu Keitaswaat aMtst ks tahaa
st -awtsspsf aspiHnss; gf HBnVfi
'-.. , i 1L0 rrifMii IB HfiaiHi
sMatwa? fitts Iha Uaf' ia
Mi-ln mtnr nothing nnl I"
tberefcrr, a mlTable fraud, or
It conemplates the limiting of ptst-
wttli a poweTtfta! Is ItiwWftlstrtrt
Ith the rights arid llberttel of the cttt
rtn The Mil authoriw postwasiers to
artest the transmieoB of loWety ctwn
lurs atirl atfvertlsenwnts, ad pncr1b
punishments for the posting of lotbsty
letn, ad ptovWott Is ntavte for t(M
ttopp e ad return to the rtftt of let
ters to tetttery eoncers The structure
I petted ami needs but one thing to
r.utfer ft effecttre. Therein lies the
he' of tfce mMttr Who ft to ty
tl a' My irrttft letter eontaffcs lolWry
c rt' tfontience, and hnw l thai peffi-m
tf atrertalft the fact' Ittr. eWnet
frtfn of f a Hwtety oonrern are seNlerl.
Ate fwrtmwttrs to be empowered to
oten letttw fet the pnrpnsp of tlfy-It-g
thftnwlvwT Ot, if nnt that, ar.
they to h eHipowerwl to stop letter nn
usplcim'' If !hy osnnot dolthe-or
hce thin.:, the law will be a wrrtche I
noneetlty, a contemptible farce. If th?y
can do these thins?, or etlhe- of
them, the law will be the most on'
tageons and dangerous Instrument of
tyranny known in any civltiaetl land.
It will lodge in the fifty thousand or
mor appointee of the Ailmlnlstratlin
an authority so odious, so subversive of
lEdlvhlual freedotii, that the patriot fc
sense of the country will be shocked
beyond endurance.
"What Is this Mil, then? Is It a piece
of Insulting humbug, or is it a fanatical
attack on the liberties of the American
Annum on thb chances for the Lotlce
Eh ctlOBe bill to the Snle, tbe Washington
correspondent of the New York Ifrrntd
dtsenwes what the Senators will do: "N'ow,
Which of tbe two propositions strikes Ton
as the more reasonable Will they stay
here flejitlnp fur a tneastire which doesn't
O.lrectly afTect one of them, wblle many of
tbeir elections are trembling In the balance,
or will they use their tiest efforts to secure
sn adjournment six weeks hence ami go
bone looking after tbelr own alfafrsf Sup
) ok, tor the sake of argument, that the
snemlett Force Mil Is taken up early In
Fet tomber The Democrats will talk for
months against It. If it be not passed tiy
the latter part of September It will be too
Intc to make It operative. Does snjone
lolleve that the ltepubllcan Senators In that
cfc will stay here beyond that lime to dis
ease a measure which may continue tbe
eeslon until December? If he does ho
Hii't In harmony with the thought ot many
leading Republican who think that after a
few speeches have been made upon tbe
measure It will be laid aside until next
Atlanta Ht one leastble psper, any
how. Tbe thtntug Jimrnnl of that city
lias promptly realized tbe folly of the boj-
ott proportion which, at tbe flrt, It si
dently suppoiled. It has tbe candor, to,
to admit Its error nd recant Its previous
i Iterance, Instead of trying by noisy raot
to msXe believe that It has been rbtbt all
the fine In this It occupies a much more
dignlfleit I'Ofliton than does Us mwnlng
ootemporsry, tbe 0itlilutio, which, hav
ing been foolish In tbe ft rat place, is now
inakluc Itself pitiably ridiculous.
There mcst have been a cool wave In
Atlsnta, yesterday, following tbe publica
tion In the Conititution ot this chilly state
ment: "Tbe agitation against the Force Ull
that has taken active shape all over tbe
country during the past ten days may be
traced etlrectly to tbe C'fMjiJ'oii' wlltorUl
on the boycott."
Tun New York U'orttl thoughtfully re
marks that "tVltli the lottery ajvertlse
ineet Incident aditetl to tbe cottage lueMent.
It really looks as If It wsre an advantage
tor a President to be a hiebslor,"
MetrofAiitm J. F. Johnson, Mrs. J. V.
Johnson, South Carol lea; A. S. Lara,
Staunton, Va , M. F. Flteb, tlrand Kand,
Mich ; i: Kraker, .New York.
XatioiuU (ieorge N, lisrtassnn, New
York; Win. M. .McAUtsisr. Warm SprlB,
Vtt.; A. K Iiattou. Casklnsville, N. C.;
Oeorge Thompson, Kansas Ctty, Mo.; W.
It, Bianebard, Columbus, (ia.; If, W. John
son, (la ; Miss Florence Myros, A. F. Me
Dosukl ana wire, Allseheny, Pa.; T. Q.
Wtnor, Boud Hrook, X. J.; J, H. lHac
mas, ilicbstsr, -N, Y.
HI, Jaunt Miss Kena aKuoe, Mrs. H
Slmou, New OrlsaBS, La,; W. H. IVaraotw,
North farolius, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. II,
Johnstou, FiUaburg, l' ; W. O. Jlarbte,
F. L, Wright, CouaecUeiit; I.o. C. Sclmb
mauB. Louisville. Ky.; George W. White
and wife, PUIagtOd, Ind.
UUIunl's I fl. Brewer, John Moses,
Trenton, N. J.; J. II. Wlseate, Vlrateta;
T, it. Croker, Denver, Col ; J. mi1.
Omaha, Neb , W. F. Curran, T. F. Feeey,
II. F. DaulIWitB, New York, '
lUgii l',. Maaebester. Wiaebester,
Mass , John Magtli, Troy, N Y.; J. Cants.
Head, FitUburg, Fa.: F, C. Storey, Bos
toii, Mass., T. New, New York; J. f. Mur
rv atut daughter, Suffolk, Va ; Gerge M.
I fcber, Usoriee W. Massey, DsUwarw; W.
L. sUkni, New York.
M urtiiUt't lieswy Harrises, Vuglsia,
Johij S. SsbIU, Joti K. ndges,New York,
A'wsaader fciwuat. North Carsmsu.
Hkmham Sam Cote, Jotus Whrtuker,
(. Laws, Ma; 8. K Jttuat, U. S. A.
.yfwauUu-C. W. FhlpM, i. M, iUmsH,
New Yojk.S. Oitrliagtos, westeheauif, Pa,
AtU'iUm -Hwwy T. Ozaasd, Nebraska,
A. OeXTUilcwsc Deshy, Cosuu, a M.
tinmit. jiitaniaghaw. Cess.; SL WhtUoek,
Shelloai, Cobb.
Arudt Bm$ ;eanitan, Kaat Chatham,
N. r.; H. a. BLwth, Paseteoa, N. J.
jMMsluim Thomas J. WesYtham. Miss
SeMBt M. Xewshasa, E4wa4vflte7lll , J.
W lind. JhsMsaofe, X. Ua4wt V. a.
i bbu-Jok Glum ami John J. L'ovlua-
um. Hew Tort; astW UvuMSMast, v.
h H. , L. J SfirrtTT."lltTirr ilTahK K
tJf Uvtesiihm, Osstot li. MTeiril-
W TnihsMr Va
Wr$ aWisse. ? yn
'PpSsalP aHf jpssspse MSre
Tajf asaWeba't saahshaaaa.a
KetsteM isettHfs ra net interestfAx
fnm Bta Wtrrhiio WlWMlt.
I-owtse Hawgerfrtrd, ftfc a yoUnge
arsrer nfco H now the Owntew of TW
feetf. the wire of an Italian count, reft
New fork when about 18 years old.
John Hnngerford teas a journeyman
barber f Hew York, birt enthral in the
Mexfean war, later he ae ernptoye 1 at
Ms trade by one George W. Ctprre.
whose shop In San Fraerlco wis
known s "Montgomery Baths," and
the chair that Jack Hungcrford used is
prdnted out to the CMStonTets of the
rtprrco barber shoo to this day. Mr.
Ctprtco mtvaered W0 In gold to nf
employe, who Immediately sent for his
daughters Whtn Ixrate Hnnnrford
and her shter anlved in Sen Francisco
they went to tbe bowse of Mr. Clnrlo,
who took them Into hit family, they
bting nenrty the same age of nls mn
daughters. Here Iher were treated as
members of the I ami I y, being tauzht
Italian and French and music by the
daughters. They lived with their ben
e factors six or "even years.
In 1805 HnAgerforu opened a barber
shop on his own account at Mokeinmne
Illlf, Cal.. and I-ouiie, who was then
about 19 years old, acted as her father's
housekeeper they having one room In
the rear of the shop. He was propri
etor of but shott duration, for he soon
"busted" up in business During this
peiieid a Dr. HryanL who kept a small
drug slore at Nevada City, about 100
miles from Mokeinmne Hill, paid at
tention to Louise, and she was married
to him after shott courtship. Dr.
Hryant. beine a man of dieolute habits,
died two or three years afterward of de
lirium tremens, leaving Mrs Drynnt no
means of support for herself and daugh
ter Eva, now the Princess Colonna.
Her father's failure in business and her
husband's death compelled her to seek
service in the family of J. W. Walker,
brother of the lale ex Governor Walker
of Virginia, and there she met for the
first time J. W. Mackay, superin
tendent of the IJullion mine at Virginia
city, ffev. Louise Hryant, for a brief
time previous to her going Into the
service of Mr. Walker, had tried a bond
at keeping a boarding-house for the
Mr. Mnckay was comfortably fixed,
and could provide her a home, such as
the minors used lu those days, simply n
cabin of two rooms. So he courted ami
won the widow Hryant. Her father lu
tLc meantime had gone back to his
former "boss" and procured employ
ment and helped to pay the youngest
dnughlor's board. Mrs. Mackay was
cook and general housekeeper nnd
laundrywoman, and helped cntorlain
nor uusimnu'8 co workers In tbo mlnos.
Mr. Mackttv soon after attained great
wealth, and Mrs. Mackay and her sister
had tbo advantage of a good common
chtx)l education and could speak
fluently Italian and French, through
the association of the Cipriuo family,
who weie temarkably well educated,
lime if the daughters of Mr. Clprtco
en school leachcrs In Ban Francisco to
day. When Mrs. Mackay, her dauaii
lei Kva, and her sister went abroad. It
wn to get away fteun her former asso
clhlte. When she return for the tlrst
time to San Francisco she called upon
the CIprIco girls, hut from that day to
the ureeont she has Ignored her former
teachars and benefactors.
The people of San Francisco who
know the facts as above stated are In
dignant at Mrs, John W. Maokay'a In
tratltude to a family that Iind dono so
much fur bur In her early days of
poverty and somewhat adventuresome
John Hnngerford now known as
Colonel Hungerfotd of (be Unltcel States
Army was formerly known as "Jack
Hungcrford, the barber." He was a
good artist, and there is no disgrace at
tached to Ills business. Louise earned
Iter dally bread as a bnardtng-house
keeper. But tbe worst of Ingratitude
comes in to those who took.caro ot her
and gave her the advantage of an early
education. This we think tbe worst of
The above is a true history of the Bo
nanza Queen of European society,
"Wanlilncton Slualiy I'litrmcnti Harden
a lie l'atica.
Occasionally a liar enters Wall street
a real liar, of course, not an Imitation,
amateurish, papier macbe liar, but one
who lies with a seriousness of expres
sion and attention to detail that com
mand respect, says tbe Now York Tinas.
Not one of those "in the winter of 'iV
chaps, nor yet one ot the "when I was
& boy" fellows, but a real liar, one who
Ilea skillfully about current events. Re
cently Wall street, from Nassau to Wil
liam, was re paved. A smooth pavement
replaced the old granite blocks. The
old granite blocks were too noisy, "and
nolte," the comolalnlDg "promolere"
said. "Interferes with tbe plucking of
Jamba." The hot wave made tbe new
pavement soft and yielding. You could,
as the ancient end man would observe,
hear a tree bark, though even a Fifth
avenue stage passed down tbe street.
"That pavement is soft," said a pros
pective mMJotmire the other dav.
'Soft." said the llai, "you sail that
soft? Why, that's hard compared with
the Washington pavement. Yes. sir.
Ever been in Washington? No? Well,
Wasbisgtoa is paved with asphalt, same
as that. It gets very hot in Washing
ton ami tbe pavemesOs get very soft;
quite like molasses, in fact. And I
Save sees, is the middle of a hot day,
lifiy people stuck la tbe pAvemeai.
They stand Hke animated statues. Thy
cai'l release themselves, so itaerysUnd
and cry, 'Ueshal nl'' JPeepk easuutt
go to ihlr aid, because If they da thy
will get stuck, Una."
"And what," aakaJ Use jnoSfMeaive
milllosiaiiK, sml what btcosnei of
"Pretty soon iatistMar Jota ShersaM
causes siostg' repUcd that Hsur. 'Th
BsftyMMttftaV fifcMatttst eW )aaaat MMM UaJ 4
Wk t Usetr nsosyr see, sad the vC
. nkalaaVssW SsJSSSm V 5PBHBy
WMWMl thai he WmmhI to thjsja,
iaia BlSkl it SMiBjaMa oLt
Ha an fiml ka toTlfism rlifiM m li
ad jimSi
2ffar c w 4BBB? SffS-
m oa a v MnfaV esssaiwas aVMa.
feet 51 IiBk mf bma. Wk
meichia. Is tasv s tachaa oaa iaaaB.
JZuLi 1E sj Ei li hlsBt
Ah KtfctMtfnn or the ltatttmWre owl
Ohio's .ttaentfleent Oewews
Al exhtWtfon Wfte given jJMcMaf
ifrernoon at the llsltlmore tstti) Oft to
depot of the first train ot tmi magnltt
rent cars which will ran from Wash
region over the Baltimore asn! OMo
track to Fhlladelfvttla ami rrff the
RemMbg and Nr .Terwy Central tracks
to New York The entire serrlce will
rof)lt of thirty cam, and at painted
blue, with the coat of arms of Maryland
m the ontsMe. They wfH be rtftned Hy
the FlBtoth system or ga and heated by
The coaches which were exhibited
yestenlny afternoon ate fwrdmhly the
hanr!mhet In the world. AIT of then
were built at the Pullman smr and
are line specimens of the wwK of tint
famous manufactory. Thet ate built
of bay wood, with a roof of onk, isnd
fori tain all the conveniences of the reg
nlatlon parlor car The seats are tip
bolstered In ok! gold plush, nnd at one
end Is a smoking room, wi'h lounge
and easy chairs, with the toilet rojios
fo ladies and gentlemen fitted wi h a 1
I he access or leg common to yvtlace r irs.
All the ears are vestlbuled and hare
Ihe JaBBey pintform and the Pullman
anil-telescoping arrangement, remlering
accidenls by telesooplhe: Imposeible.
They are sixty feet In length, or eight
feet longer than the ordinary conch,
anl have abundant room to accommo
date seventy pnnensters. Underneath
each car Is a tank fi feet long ami 3
feet In diameter, containing enough
cempiested gas to supply sixteen burn
ers for forty-eieht bnur3 Gas lamps
also Illuminate the platform, ami the
dnneers of crossing from one car tt an
other Is thus entirely avoided.
A beautiful pat lor car Is also part of
the train. It is upholstered In wblle
hair cloth and wasvertly admired.
The engines drawing thco New York
trains hsc coke, so there Is no dust or
cinders, but cinder screens and de
flectors are provided In each car.
Heavy rep curtains supply the place of
the eirdlnary wooden shutter. The
cars arc models of the coach builder's
art, and arc the finest ever turned out
by the Pullman Company. The train
consists of the baggage car, two
coaches and n parlor cir. and lis cost
was between $!W.00O and $ 10,000.
The train was inspected yesterday by
n largo number of prominent parsons
TLo visitors wore received by Gen
eral Passenger Aircnt Scull, Gen
eral Agent Alvpy, Division PasenKof
Aacnt Iloml and Mr N. Main, tbo Pull
man representative of this city. The
handsome bfltrgnge car was transformed
into a lunch room, and around the
long table the attests toasted tbo enter
prise and prosperity of the road. A
itibstsntlal lunch was served under tbe
direction of Mr. Gabriel Duvall, super
intendent of the Jlaltlmorc and Ohio
dining cars.
Suit l.'ntcrril ,lnit it Kallroail nil it
n Sim 111 bunt Uoiiiiihuv.
John II. TayJor and George II. Tay
lor, by Georao Nailzy, their next friend,
have entered suit in the Circul Court,
In which they cl.iini daungee to the
1 mount of $13,000 from the Ilaltlinore
and Potomac Ilsllroad Company, for
the alleged obstructing of the premises
of plalnlliTs at the Intersection of Mary
land avenue and Thirteen-and-a-half
street by unlawfully maintaining and
using a railroad side track there.
It. W. Hilleary and Haniet J. Uni
tary, his wife, have entered suit
against the Inland and Seaboard Coast
ing Company, In which they claim
$20,000 damages The declaration al
leges that on August -', 1880, they pur
chased tickets for passage to Norfolk,
Vs., upon the steamboat Lady of the
Lake. That, while sealed on 'the deck
of tie vessel, one of the servants of the
company carelessly rolled up an awn
ing, which knocked from Its socket an
upright of hard wootl, and which
struck Mrs. Hlllcaty with greet force,
and that, by reason of the shock and
bruises she received, she has remained
an invalid ever since.
l'criulu lu Jtulld.
The following permits to build were
Issued by the Inspector of Buildings
to-day. L. 31 Saunders, to build Ave
two-story brick dwellings on Florida
avenue northeast, to cct $7,000; W,
1). Evans, to build one frame dwelling
at Benniogs, to coat flOO; Nelson
Hooker, to build onu brick dwelling,
two ttotles and basement. No. 1119
Nineteenth street northwest, to coat
?8,000; 31. E. 3Iecin. to build one
brick dwelling, three stories and base
ment, No. SOU F street northwest, to
cost 15,000, John IL Fianees. to re
pair house No, 2113 Pennsylvania ave
nue northwest, to cost f (TO; W, S.
Hoge. to build new brick front toboute
No. 66 Eleventh street northwest, to
cost f 8,500; Lewis & Wttinger, to re
pair house No. 812 Filth street north
west, to cost $300.
It bat Our Judaea Are Uolos.
Chief Justice Bingham Is expected
to return to tbe city about August 13.
Judges Hagner and Montgomery are at
present presiding la the Equity ami
Circuit Courts, respectively. Judge
Bradky of th Crlmisal Court is now
st his suburban home, "Bleak House,"
hut will pass a portion of his summer
vac alien st Cape May and the Virginia
Swings. Judge Miller of the Iolfc
Court will take a sixty days vacatkw
from to morrow, ami Justice of Uu
I'tsxe b. O. Mills wii preside ia tne
I'oike Court during his absence.
Oivll Servlee Examination.
A civil service ensntinattest was held
to-day for the pottlioa of Assistant
CkJf of Divtsio of Keeotds and
EsMiag ia. the Agricultural Depvt
meat. There was one apulleaat. Th
position is aa emergency out and naa
coiopastlilve, last Ism fur ustly thirty days.
That notltion is llfd whan Jaectiseity r
quises it. Aa exajuiaatioa will be bald
to-morrow, August 1, for aa Asststaat
XMaatttet la tjsa AHsesibvursl Detxirtmeat.
Vluahte IMlle Book,
he w every hmushaia, has
tjr taa mttuiUitt of
-tsi ""Sa Care ajtd
' it roatams navies
I ami af the amsAsat
to Ismstag hsxcoSaV
tad taoaUsr si
saaBf sasaF esswasaap"a anasaj
A bit Of teti
-"-- s wsBffsyarBa'
MaaaaaM alflgsl VatfaUsmsaaat
saaaass assssysaap Wtapsy
WPP WW 4ap
9MMsli6l$ ftiftrl yM
he doaa htlka jJtJT"?
n'PajsP' sstsjp-Ba- "PW aasBaaav saam Jm paasaj ssmm
3Sj t
fox the taaaalt of tiatsaasuf ludiaii akn
clstfM,thqiitsmOtio bui iiu3
a MasMac face ku the tuau 4 um.
M laf EaJ ta U nid to
rrnmrn pasanft for mum
fftSS SKJU d (J
ITho Allow Trreie Ohltrjfen 18 riay la
the Street.
Late veMcrday sfferflWh iieet wlM
CMh-ideraWt" exclternefJt st lin Mrner
of First trcet and IWisWt ftWnffl
lrorthwest on account of a bwy smmexl
Georce Scbsfe-r having ben nm elown
by a heavily loaded lime watere. It
waa at firt thonght thet the Wy tmd
been killed, but he was only knocked
senwlesi by the wheel sttlkfrti hlhewl,
Ifo blame Is attached to the driver ami
no arrest hae 'wen made.
Some of the neighbors were inclined
to be Indignant, but wiser council pre
vailed when It wrs shown that the Wry
attemrred to lump on the wagon.
Just as Judge Miller said the other
1 "Parents will deliberately set on
their door stens and see their children
play In the street, and If thev happen to
be run over then they want tbe drivers
sent to the penitentiary."
A Snlmlllnff ttnllnn.
An Italian with a very glib tongua
has been victimizing the South Wash
ington colored people. He had a valti
able cbromo with a gilt frame that he
would show as a sample, ami represent
that upon the payment of fifty cents ia
advance and fifty cents when the pic
ture was delivered they would lmve a
bargain. In a number of instance! the
advance money demanded was ptld, but
the picture never came.
Last night the Italian, who gave tbe
name of Sylvester Geovswnatti, was ar
rested and locked up ftt the Fourth Pre
cinct station.
Judge JIHItr, after listening to the
testimony, dismissed the cao ngatnst
the Italian. Jle Mid that it wai not
sufficient to hold him on.
Declined the UfTer,
Sir. Thomas S. Hodson of JIarylnnd
had an interview ywterday with At
torncy General Sillier, who offered him
the position of Assistant Attorney of
the United Stales In tho Court of
Claims, to represent tho Department ot
Justices. Mr. Hodson W3s, however,
compelled to decline tho offer.
If You
Feel Tired
Weak, worn out or run down from Iwril
woik, br tmrjovetlahcd condition of tho Mood
or low state of tlio system, you should Ufte
Hood's Sertarxirllla. Tho peculiar tonlnp,
purlf jlriR and vltallslDR finalities of tbls sue
ccMful medldne are soon felt throughout
the entire system, expelling dltoate aad giv
las quick, healthy notion to evory organ. It
tones tbo stomach, oreatos an appetite ami
mines the liver and kidneys. Tbonaads
testify that Hood's Sarsaparllla ' makes the
weak strong."
ltitllilliifr l i mill MrdiiKlliriilni;
"I bae uaed Hood's Sdrtwrwrllla for some
time ami have derived bene tit thtretron. It
fdres ae an appetite and sttentttheas the
wtole system. Icanctmrfu'17 recommend
It to all who need a regulator of the bowel
or a building up and trenjtneala medi
cine." Josiah V. Cook, Prei. Cambrtilea
Mutual fire Ins. Co .Cambridge, Mai.
Bold by all druaaiats. St; six for $5. Trepared
only by C.I. HOOD & CO.. Lowell, Mass.
100 Hones One Dollar
Comer lltb and Fats. n. w,
Thursday, July 31, 1S90.
Store closes this evening
at 5 p m.
Saturdays at 1 p m.
We have just
5,coo more Lace
will offer them at
Pins and
that low
price of 5c each.
Ladles' Hew Blazers. Vassar Shirts
and London Vests.
Our assortment of these
goods is very complete.
In Blazers we are shovv
?rg cream with dainty brown
str'pes, This is without ex
ception the dressiest pattern
we have ever shown; also
new blues and bltcks,
la Yaasar Shifts we are sbowiavg iitaia
White bosoms, piaMaii aad aasbfaMwtri. ia
fsseaJe. Bseeaitegiy tboieti Use of pflt
Wiiw. tlJ. Wa4lTak.
Vew Laadoa Yssas la Hijimw. Mamiitoa,
FIojumU and Fasy taesha la vary baatt
sosie lAttmas. St-ft, iM. aad S saaa.
We have sst ravsJ the loUowlmc;
s.tsa yasas Bark OlBghnswuta aew inisgBi,
tmrlndlag the celebrated Tama Ptahts. tor
laUwaaur. Wis. pes jsoi.
jm !( yisaaaUss or Ptiasaa ttaaiae
Cloths, ia ovr aiuy liaaams, ssssadtasiy
wide rasse o oolortBsa. Me. isr yL
BXflrWXAK IMt-illrTaiBSiT.-Ws
iuant ZfidaaiVaaBt ttlft faisVtemj AuuAaiJ vai&suhiaV
fsaaab aaspiaaeBai saasa mMmf-nmrntf saaaaBBBjaH asasaaasiBBE
talitf f fcyfrj fill a rttf UMMMabfllt QflMavaU Bfaal
sitmaste Qoj fififc tP1Ta1
Jhft rJT UihIMMatMaaHBaBaal T Jltamal fiLAIhtd fit aaaV 31
ssasmsap wwaasasaBsasasaa wapasaa samsBBaaaaas sap asaj aaj
t'oiucit Lawn HJlow S&um (Mr .
UifflkvaaasaiSaakftBt LaSaUi rilkMlf fa-J ftfet aaaT M.
ssBaaaassMS'fsa "w-w m aisr1 wasasjam "sa aa ajr
MJt aaat at v jmix.
jjojtaj card frotit y3(j and we
vjl stand a man to take an
tjstjniatj of your wiadjowss.
Jvery skasie we make awl
hang we guarante to kep
in perfect ortier far oji
,r. tiOMcii nommtL
,naaawwsaam asm aiiamajam aaaaa ps1 asewsaajse
"ijnnrgh aVMa'
pswBaar Bjaw
CMaarUjaud E Sta.K. W.
The Loud Speech of
Sometimes a man can say
the most without uttering a
sound, white figures always
silent often spifaK loTider
than words. What we road
generally impresses us more
than what we hear, and in
the present instance the im
pression should be a deep
and productive one,
We don't consider it any
use to make figures demon
strative of what- we are
ready to do on Water Cool
ers, Refrigerators and Baby
Carriages. If you don't
want cither of these articles
price wouldn't tempt you.
But ii you do it is enough
for you to remember that
"Lansburgh is ready to sell,
regardless ol competitive
figures.'' We won't even
consider profit. We'll climb
way down to cost and there
we'll stop. The man who
tramples cost under his feet
Is a very unreliable mer
chant. In Furniture Tapestries
we will make the following
From $1 to C2Jo.
do ?1.35 to Toe.
do $1.60tolWc.
do $3 to $1.35.
do fIJ to .V.
In Frilled Edge Lace
Chamber Curtains:
From n to $3.05.
do $0.00 to ?8.25.
In Fine Nottingham Lace
From $1.35 to 55c
do $-1 to ?3.50.
do 11.50 to $2.75.
do ifS.BO to 'fO.Sj,
If you are buying any
thirg, from Rustic Lawn
Fixings to the most elabo
rate and costly Sideboards,
you'll find the pruning blade
sticking in every price tag.
Thirteenth anil r Mrccts.
illustrated" ARTICLES.
Impressions of Berlin.
By TnrapoHB Child. With Illustration by
T. DETHDMTBcrancl Cm hah Memtz,
Magellan and the Pacific.
l)y Edward Evihitt Hue. With IUattra
ttoaa from Old Prists and from a drawing
by A. n.WAtn.
Jy Octitia nENiiu with MattratlaDj from
photograph i by J. lUw, Antwerp,
Street Life in India
fir Euwabb loan Warsa. With Illoitratleas
drawn by tbe autbs-r.
Custer's Last Battle.
By CittiiN Cbabuh Erne. With Map.
A Convent at Rome.
Jty Sr. Fjuscm rBKais,
Some Geology of Chicago
and Vicinity.
HyELin B.Bitrur.
Port Tarascon:
Tie Ian Adveatws of the Iliaitrtasi Tar
taita. By AirauMiac Sueamr, Trawteled
by Uskst jAjtsa, (Tbkd laitaHmsBU)
With lUastrattess frata drawias by
The Uncle of an Angel.
A Samasar ss
By TkWMM A. Jsm-
visa. With
tioas Uriwa by W. T,
Lizzie Brubaker,
A Ssory. By Lxma Haamaea Kssmisx. Wat
JtaasSraSasaas aasssa ay Auaa Baasca.
A Walk Up the Avenue,
The Bathley Affair.
A Story. BtLwjkC. UMaV
The World is Too Much
With Us,
A aaaaBBaaam p n mHSWfh W
dsawa hy lawiaa
To an Apple Trqe,
A Mean. Bv Ceases XMawx.
w "" pa,wB' aaBBSaa,,
Ar Imprtsiciefi,
iresa. BvBssss4
ABojfaV Bs-BaaW
ABimim. Bsr Aeaa & Xsa&,
m Bsaassaaa1 a wsass1 ar wwbpbbb?
Safiial PraiaaatfL
3fw"rr ' W aassjaaMjaBBBaB
EditriLl Dtrt-
wapa,!( pk 9 i
XJSW Tffjjsjf
sfa ,papP awaaaswajsraaaj; aaaaaaaaaaj iBBBBBBBBBt sjBaatBBBa
nuw ri'nr.TCATioN.
Charles Scribner's Sons
BAVK .TCW fTrttlsttatt):
With Ihe U Intentions,
A JtfMsetMBer 'Bptoe. By Mabias Use
tMs. lvtim, cloth, $1; pater, Wo.
The sretre ot tbls novel Is tin Istem! ot
tftJ(Bia, take Rarest, and tne eentttM
ft eiires are a yeemc emrets em tlielr vvetattHs
joBrwsy, rsanaSswrM;stwyof loveael
jealousy ami has wswvy imtees of otwtmlrt
4ftaeHy4Msi t a ehetsv?7 1H6 m tltsesffetal as
seeiatloes, . .
sew sitmnw FOR SBMMBR RBADlJtO
y PrtAte Tbasm. lUestrated by A. B
Iroit. tsmo, ototh, St; paper, Wa.
ttrestnr Ftefirera $r. it ft imwessfre
aed Bfb."-S. T. TOtmim.
The Lawton Girl.
By ltAaoui raiPBsic. ismo, ekrth, $l.t,
peeee SPe.
. "Tl-ereallsm fs rlrM and tratMat. It wwtM
be rliffleett to 9ml in fletton a stroe.et
kelh.n Hosleri Journal.
The Broughton House.
By Bits rrenr. lteo, S1.S5.
"A btlt it, wen-written slery, tow with
areat SBfrnatlon and shovrlaR oh)e Mtiay 6?
bHrr.an BStBro.'-Doston 9fttntay mmiiH
Day and Night Stories.
ByTlt. Strums. JJnio, cloth, lit paper,
"Mr. Prtlllran is pleaantly orlfflntl, varteit
sml anlrMted. Ills stories are oareturHy fln
IshtO ami qnlek In movemeaU" Brooklyn
Eoht by all bookseller, or tentiPOStpaM, by
Charles Scribner's Sons,
7H-TB Broadway, New Tork.
Atlantic Monthly
tMney. XXHI.-XXV. Marrraret Belaml.
Tlie Ue and Limits of Academlo Culture. N.
S. Sbnlsr.
"MadflBioComuel ami Madame do Ceakiages.
Ellen Terry Johnson.
Fclfola. IV., V. Fanny N.D.SIarfrec.
Some Aspeets of rajchleal Itesearsb. O.B.
A New Hneo Problem. John II. Kcetlcy.
AScnrehfora Lost Building. AnlrowMe-
Farlahd Davis.
KcTtilsIen. II. W. r. anil L. D.
Ftmnmnntla Mrenla Mumll. Annlo FleWs.
Over tho Teasups. IX. Olker oeitcll
Juno In Franconln. Bradford Torre y.
Tbo Kloebtrd's Nest. Ollro Thorno Miller.
International Copyrlttbt. Bcary (Mbot
Ba-erMII. Bead at the Celebration of the
0th Anniversary of tho City, Jnly 2,
1W0. John Grccnlearwhtitler.
Some Recent French Novels. Tho Contribu
tors' Clnb, Beoks of the Month.
Mo a Number; 1 1 a year.
Houghton. Miffln & Co.,
It KastSeTeateenth st., Now York
Princess Rosetia and the
Pop. Corn Man,
With six ptetnres by Oarrett, Is Mabt E. Wtt
xiaV tlelleately hutaeroBs eontrlbatlons to
tbo (AUKMt)
(90., everywhsre).
Hrant Allen lias a popular selentlAe papor
about "Tbe American Water Lily," followed
by "The ijueen Lily," by Mhw Harris, ami
that by aleeendary poem, "Water Lilies," by
Frances L. Maoo. The Amateur Photography
article bos seme very eurlous and beautiful
pictures. Mrs.JoMle Benton Fromont's will
and -way story,
The Hat of the Postmaster,
Is notable and notably told. There are In
teretttag Installmerts of tbo serial-), "The
New tealor at Andover" aad "Tbe Quest of
tbe Whipping Boy " Louke atoekton has a
ttagalarly setrgeatlve "Oame ot the Settles"
fer young aad old. And there are 60
rages ot Yasatloo Delights.
D. Lothrop & Co., Publishers
Their Pilgrimage.
By Chablxs Dppuy Wahnib. BlsbJy illus
trated by C.B, litiNiunr. PostSro.Ualf
Leather, ii.
Summer Holidays,
TraveHEB Netes In Europe, By Theoborb
Cbiib, antboref Delicate Feitlo,"e.
rott Ho, Cloth Ornamental. 11.29.
Our Journey to the Hebrides
ByJerarti PrssstL aad Eiuabith Rswm
Pnisni. IHoatratsd. l'oit 8ro, Cloth
OtaaaestaJ, $1.73
A Tramp Trip,
How to Ui e Earepe en Btf ty Coots a Dsy. By
Lxc MiMwmsa. Ith Portrait. tSam,
ClMb, J-
Knocking Round the Rockies
By Eb5t Iwiatau, aathor ot "Frieada
Worth Kaowaas." ! lee ttsaaa, e.
IaWMFa4il. &4SrS0. doth, t.
Shoshone and Other West
ern Wonders.
By XstwAaa Bombs. With a Fralase hy
CKA8&BS Ibascm Asvuis, llli)atrgUl.
Fostava. cloth, ft; Faawr. ?
Mejcjco, California and Ari
zona. Biaag a Nw aad HswhuJ BUs t "OM
Mexieo ami Bar Lest Ptoriaets " By
Wiuu M. Bisaor- With lUastraUom.
lima. Cloth, if.
Nooks and Corners of the
New England Coast.
Bf asxtras Asssw Bauauc With Naamsoas
'Vufnfliifi Saaara teo. Ctath, sajs.
Harsemanship for Woman.
a "thhttt H. Vaua, i With llsnrtratioBs by
Cosy Fsaaaa amat tso. (szaasaaamt
cioth, tus.
Fly-Rods and Fly-Tackle.
BW8 tthiaa as to thast Vsjafaaiesa ml Vm
V Bawsx P. Wts. UUutratod. amaU
ISO. Otutit. BMaaaassat , ti.se.
Amenta Salmon Fishing,
J$to4amattsaaas4aaoABssaatsaaa. Bf Hbwibt
f-Waus. Iltasi rated aamtt tto. (Hota,
VarlBfitftil M
Ctty ftiys in tke Waads;
tlbAasaanawYsaamMtelsWaa. ay Baaax
wta Utasamtaat- i-isint Svo,
vmmt vaaapaaaaaaeaaaiaBajaaaBP
the aove moats m fat saiaor aH book
Ypwjassap ay
Is the 8rat of All Musical In-trnmcnts
jpseaese ft performs any tniistc
Hon a waits or a bailfl't to an
overture or a symphony more
heaeiiraily and more nearly
ptsTreet thee fHiy other srnete
fie AeoHae H set mechanical, but the
nmaipBlattcn of tt ts so sRapte that a person
eat! Jetr to TWy It Ith from one to three
wsesta fBaettee. Towr vlstt to see this to
sttwesesrt wffi he esteemed a favor at
MS PA. AY8 ,
fete Aaesst rorgtsCaway aad Other Flrst-
vmm i
i PbVSm and otwb.
Naval Academy Band.
Trains lcavc.B..fc O. Depot, week days, 0.15
a. ml40a&d4S0rxm. Snndays, 9.33 a.m.,
10 and 3 IS p m
Leave Bsy nidge, week days, 6 50 and 8.30
p.tm Snmlajs, 8 ami 9 p. m.
Round Trip Tickls
General Minsger.
Oen'l rasscnger Agent,
The Mount Vernon
On and after JUNE t. iSfO. Ihe new Iron and
stcol steamer,
wl'l If avn hfr wnarr.foot or SEVKrrritit,
HALLna follows:
rr MOUNT VKHNON-Evcry day (cxcp
Punday)at lOa.m and JiOp m .rctiirnlnc
at a axd S-t p. m. I'aMengcra can remain at
MOUNT VEBfJOfontUjocond boat leaves If
desired. Furo, roond trip. II Including ad
mission to the ManMonand ('rounds Ele
gant cafe on tbe boat. MeaW and lunches
orrtii promptly. Mount Verron (mMo
Boolis e'an b procnroJ on tbe boat.
VLhMiN ncbedule for week days.
On SUNDAYS at 11 a.m .8.M nnd6 m.,
reltirntreat S.5.30nnd Op m.
On FHlDAYh and SATVItDAYji. Special
Mnnlltht Excuralors down the river to
INDIAN 1IKA1I. touching at MA lull ALL
HALL going and returning, leaving H'ahlng
lenatsdop. m., reaching oltyon return at
JO n m.
Meals and lunches at all tines at UAH
FarctoMAItsllALt. HALL and return, S&
cents on any trip; children, between CacdIJ
years, IS cents.
Tho porular and reliable steamer W. W.
COltCOKAN will make her river landings ae
far down as OLYMONT, lording at MAH
MIALI. HALL golBg and returning. leaving
her wharf dally (except Handay) at 10 a, m.,
returning at t p. ra. Bound trip, -"i rents.
hnnday trlpa ot tho W. W. COltCOKAN to
MAilhHAI.l, HALL will bo nnnounceO
weekly, tiso adTerttsements.
For charters of steamon MCALESTEtl
ond COnCOKAN for elttier MOUNT VEUNON
Captain, on steamer. Ju3.tr
Directory of Lawyers and Law Firms,
USD street northwest,
Washington, S, C,
Webster Law Building.
Betldenee, 1318 U street northwest.
3tl and 3S8 4 at., Cbauncey Balldlng, sear
Lomilana are., Washington, 1). C.
Traetlces In the Cemrts of the District and ol
Prince George's County, Md, re-dJtb.tf
F. rniLLTFs. j. a, zachry
San Building, Pst-
t eCT-dA tf 08 Filth Street,
fint-nlasa seouritlaa at lowmt rate cf
tnterett. No delay where security la good.
set 7th at n w.
. TlTLBCt)..TeLaa?e.
ia aiiBW so salt
OS Apyrovsd BealB4Ut Security
9t P at n w
, Birgaiiu is all pons ot tbe eity Life
aad Ptre iasarajBee. Conwr 8 th sa4 P ts
. Stai vA TerrHortes, iS8 La. are-, opp.
J? a eg Ma i-l ail, oa the Uaa ot the BeStag
toa ami Soldlan' Hunts Kailway. twin a par t
ot the sitate ot the late Celat Justice cbae.
BOW e-llwl "BStwoJ,-" a good opportiu ilty
tec mvtoi' tor narUewUr. priwa, eu. .
WaMaaWfiaaiti MUil SaMaVti IVftslllrfi iH
Wy aid gaffe's Creek Cial.
taPWCB.- Dm P- Uaassoraa BaUdg).
YAKJfc Cor. H . ami JM. are
TBtVBPaOiJS: taaee. 41S-J; Yard. 9T.
141C J? stoaatv MMMtir of tyuahiugtoia
ttoli jUkuuife. AU toaol stocks
bamI ukOUflUui housbt -ad ttoU.
t ZJ TT-TlMvr'

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