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His Resolution Goes Over Under the
Rules Till To-Morrow.
"No Fore Bill, No Tariff," is tha Threat
of Republican Members Reed in
an Avenging Moed,
After ht Ineffectual attempt last
Saturday to lnlroduco his onlcra regulat
log tlie business of tlio session, Senator
Quay, Just boforo adjournment, gave
formal notice of his Intention to amend
tbo standing rules and orders of tho
Senate. As printed in tbo Con?nnioMtl
lltcortl tbtso proposed orders aro as fol
lows, Ordered 1. That during tha present ea-
slou of Congress the Senate will not tako
tin for consideration any legislative business
other than tbo ponding hill (II. R. 9110),
conterenco reports, general appropriation
Mils, pension bills, hills relating to the
public lands, to tbo United State courts,
to the postal service, to agriculture ana
forestry, to public buildings and Scnato or
concurrent resolution.
(h itcrett, 2. That tho consideration of all
Mils other than audi as are mentioned In
tho foregoing order Is hereby postpoued
until tho session of Congress to be bold on
the first Monday of December. 1800.
Ordered, 3. That a Toto shall be taken on
the bill (It. K. 0110) now under considera
tion In the Senate, and upon amendments
then pending, without further debate on
tho SOtli day of August, 1800, the Voting to
commence at 'J o'clock p. m. on said day
and to continue on that and subsequent
davs to tho exclusion of all other business
until tho bill and pending amendments are
finally disposed of.
Mr Quay further announced that he
would not call his resolution tip
for discussion, before Tuesday (to
inoirow). Sir. Hoar announced
lils I tcnllni to speak It the
older. lie will make an attempt to have
tLc 1 cdcral Elections bill include I In the
ntdcr, and falling that, he and ills fel
low cnntplrat'iis will do what they eta
to defeat It. Uut their efforts will be in
The adoption of this order of course
puts an end to the Force bill. It will
go over until December. No inch
measure can be forced through the Sea
ati dmlng the shott term.
Senator Quay oiTored his resolution
dutlng tbo morning hour today. It
went over under tho rules until to
morrow. It Is just dawning upon the old He
publican leaders of the Senate that Mat
thaw Stanley Quay Is a foree with which
they will hereafter have to reckon.
They have been accustomed to looking
upon blm merely as a politician a very
shrewd and skillful politician, it is true,
1 ut still a politician and nothing more,
lie has been so silent, so modest withal,
as a Senator, that the old men of hU
parly did not dream that he would ever
contest with them for supremacy In the
They were therefore, disagreeably
surprised when last week he threw
down the gauntlet to tbem. They were
t'ceply chagrined to Had when they
met In caucus that the sceptre bad
departed from them. They were both
angry and astonished when they found
themselves outvoted in the secret coun
cil of Ihe parly.
Tho truth Is, this means that the new
blood of the Senate is coming to the
fnnt, It means that the old leaders
aro relocated to retirement. It means
that hereafter Matthey Stanley Quay Is
lbs real loader of the llepubHeuna la
the K rate.
In hU present course he is shawiag
himself to be much more than a mere
pciitlriau He is displaying high quail
tics of statesmanship. He shows tha
he Is keeping ud with the procession o
the great American people. I(e tie
tlarcs that now is bo time for the
passage of mere partisan measures.
lie Insists that business mat tew be at
tended to first. He declare that the
Tariff bill is of vastly mote importance
than the Force bill, from a party pole
cf !cw, as well as from that of the
welfare of the whole country.
Again, he says that the piMa.ee of
ucU a partisan measure as the Force
11 ,at this time, when Use solid South
h disintegrating, not only under Use 1st
lfucnre of the Alliance movement, but
frn: the Investment of Northern capi
tal la tuc fcv.'Uth and the immtgreatoa of
In rtl.cra men to the Southern Statue,
w - I be suicidal.
IuJcntly Senator Quay recollects
what Ms i Mere have forgotten, that the
K.un; party was ruined by two ua
p-Iuiir purtUan measures, the Alien
ac 1 K-Jm.'U laws. And herein Quay
EtrwaLioiself a clearer-headed slates
i, a p. tuan the Hoar and Edmunds and
r-Ltranns of bis party.
K cater Pugb for the Democratic
f-.cit r has served formal notice on
tLc lpniiuau Beaators that the mi
r ilt v i ill not permit the rule of the
Mi tjba ikauged at ihisseasloa
1 r any purpoae whatsoever, that
ti.it will debate the TarisT. bill pars
er., Ubv paragraph and Haw by line to
i; , , i..t ,.f i he bundled and eighty first
I i .1 payt. thereof
t l..; tLty have the fosaal --
j..w f tu majority that the Force
) : i but U taken tip at this" iswaVm
i : tLe other hand the hidebound,
' .. . i turn advocatea of the parti
,i ul ikclare that -
-, that uopatrjoek measure he
c i. in tbey wiilaot pecivM the
j, a '" Li 1 lo pane.
TLic rule or
t" v 3Uircafralatiea,
1 LttUt who indulge is. the
, ! u Liu. guja Wvull dcotroy
t -it u-il
IlARRt?BUK, Pa., Aug. 18.A gen
tleman who Is on terms of efosest inti
macy with the leaders on the Republi
can side of the IIoum, ami who came to
Harrlsburg yesterday, said last ntslit to
a reporter that Quay ami the Senators
who arc standing with him in the at
tempt io shelve the Klectlon bill for
the sake of passing the Tariff bill will
run up against an unexpected snag.
"Quay will prolwbly hive his way in
the Senate," eald this gentlemin, "but
I havo reason to believe that It the Fed
eral Elections bill doee not become a
law at this session of Congress the
Tariff bill will fail also.
"When the McKlnley bill was under
consideration In tho House a number of
the Republican members made great
concessions concerning the details in
order lo get the tariff out of the war so
that a bill regulating Federal elections
might bo passed. These members re
garded the regulation of Federal elec
tions as being of as great Importance,
from n party standpoint, as the tariff
"They still bold that view and while
they aro not talking much I am in a po
sition to say that, with tho Federal
Elections bill shelved, any tariff bill
tho Scnato may pass will meet with a
very cold reception In the House.
"A Tariff bill may como from the
Senate that will be agreed to In con
ference, with .some changos, but then
the real battle will begin. Thcro aro
between twenty and thirty Hermbllcan
In Ihe House who havo already agreed
among themselves that they will vote
with the Democrats against tho adoption
of tho confcrcnco report on tbo Tariff
bill unless tho Republican Senators
agree to pats a Federal Elections bill at
this session.
"These members will havo the quiet,
nnd perhaps open, support of brve-akcr
Recti and Representative McKlnley,
and when they show their hand Qmy s
dream of tho passago of a Tariff bill
and an early adjournment will vanish."
On tbo Insldo hero Senator Quay's
move Is regarded as good politics first,
becauso nothing is known of tho plan of
opposition outlined above, and second,
because It is well understood what his
reward Is to be. In return for his efforts
to settlo the tariff agitation the protected
manufacturers of llie State are 'o turn
in for Delimiter to a man. Thoy
will pay the Republican ciraptlgn ux
pemes and will spare no efforts to In-
I I u en ce their workmen to vi e for
Dilamaler. notwithstanding hU well
known hostility to labor.
Tho prlco is high, but the - nnu
facturers are willing to pay It. The
Indorsement of Quay and I) -lama'er by
PX-Nstfnnal Chairman 11. F. Jooci n
few days ago Is tho first move tor ard
tho fulfillment of the manufactuurs'
part of the bargain. A month ago
Jones was against Quay and Delam iter.
Other manufacturers, who stood where
he did, may be ox ported to wliee, into
line at once. Indeed, most of them
mpy bo considered as having been "In
ilnrail (he time, wheneverthey lenred
that iudupendunco would damage their
protected profits.
Ikfore leaving 1'lttsburg for Wash
ington last night Cougreasman Daliell,
In conversation with a reporter, strongly
denounced the action of Senator Quay
with reference to the Federal Elections
bill. He said the Quay resolution wae
the act of a politician and not a display
of statesmanship.
"I do not believe there l any such
cry for the speedy passage of the Tariff
bill as Mr. (J nay represents," said Mr.
Dalzell. "The fact is. Quay is out
danced in the Senate. He is not used
to the company in which he finds him
self. If the Elections bill Is defeated
the first and mast Important pledge of
the Republican party to the country will
be violated, and tho Pure Lard bill and
the other measures promised for the re
lief of Western Republicans will fail
wllh it."
1'iTTeHVHO, Aug. 18. There is high
authority for the statement that the
lead ere of the antl-Delamater Republi
cans of the State, who have beea Iyia
so low that the inapt eesioa has got
alroad tbat tby will do nothing, wilt
meet very shortly, perhaps within tea
dj'. and Itarker, Lea and Marshall
will have plenty of good company.
The meeting wilt be secret, because
those interested do not propose to give
the Quay Delamater managers a dia
gram of their plans, but the names of
those piesent will be made public and
the list will be surprising on account of
its strength.
Senator Emery, who has beea the
ereateet thorn in Pels ma tor's side, will
e tbeie. Those who are in Emery's
eonfldeww say ha will play a more im
portant part in. the campaign than any
person yet suspeeU. They say his
quiet statement that be will "endeavor
to prove the truth of the charges against
Desaanater" means a great deal more
than the loudest heart he eouid wake,
and that if he does not make hie caae
good it will only he because he is woe
fully mistakeu.
lfe has information that the plan of
the Delamater managers is to ureal
him for defawaHnn of character the
Bret tlnte he yftsnftf to Thilaiieliwiia
The warrant could he served as well
at Hraofoad. where he ie known to
every man, woman and child, but the
aiieat would not make half the stir
oer the State a if it were made in
Philadelphia, where the headquarter
of the Delamater bureau are located.
Mr Emery doee not propose to give
the Dels snider people thh) free adver
Usenaent, and will, therefore, chooae
fimy iher pjafft than PhilsvlWpsliS to
file yt xeioijader U TSHameter's denial.
He ie Bflsvirtmifliitts. I posurplBa the
ecepinae of tje Coaseaelonal pom
Ina rsi tesMseeed hist xecestiy by the
Industrial Oosvestion held UWn
County, but he stay incept It. If he
dons ajrctfut tbjB iasuje is the TwesAy
seventh District will be doubtful, rwt
vithtasdijBg that the normal Kepubtt
cas majority to .
fiwuMc Want Hwimmit Tact.
fti. Lotu. Mo., Aug. XS The last
day's Bcoceedteg of the vmm' sad
LshtMKcs' Usswa. whkh has hen w
isiaios tt Sedalia for the past three
dej. did nut tud till 1 JU yekterday
tuoruuig On. lUc tariil maUinn the
rtBolulloos aie tru.Uy lu llue vltUttu
DiUimrtttit bulio Tbt. dwuiiiudeJ
(ite heaviest burden on Ihe luxuries, and
the lightest on the necetearhH of life,
ami that all tariff be gradually
Kx'Oor, roster Declines the Honor.
FtNM.EY, Ohio, Aug. 13. The Re
rmhttearM of the Eighth Ohio Congres
sional district are much disappointed
by Ihe publication of a letter from ex
Governor Foster, positively declining
to be consldereil as the Republican can
didate for Congress.
It la Thonntit Iln Will lie Appointed
Rnrlr This Week.
Commissioner Illne returned from
New York last evening, and was in his
oflke at the District building this morn
ing. When nsked by n Cntnc reporter bj
to the latest developments regarding his
rislgnatlon he replied that he knew of
none. "I thought," he continued, "that
the President would not havo made it
later than last Saturday In naming mv
successor. The President, to relieve nil
anxiety about the matter, will, I think,
send In the name of my successor in n
few days," added the Commissioner.
It Is thought that President Harrison
will not later than Wednesday, perhaps
sooner, name Mr. Hlne's successor.
Nothing can bo learned definitely as to
whether Engineer Commissioner Robert
will be transferred from the Comtnls
slonershln to duty elsewhere.
Colonel Robert saldi "All I know
about the resignation and Mr. Hlne's
probable successor is what I read in tho
Alter a Varied Experience In Herernt
Htntlon-llouics And Jiills Trylngto
Escape doing to Utah.
As intimated in Tiik Ciutic the
other day, there was something rather
mysterious about tho actions of Hugh
Tumor and his prisoner, Robert O.
Ilullls.ooth of whom wore supposed to
have been well on their way to the
Mcitnon stronghold by this time. On
Saturday night about 7 o'clock llullb,
accompanied by his attorney, Mr.
ltarkor, drove up to a boarding-house
In the northwestern part of the city.
They were all covered with dust anl
the horse save evidence of havinj
had a hard drive of It.
According to RulIIs' own story he
has been towed around in a very pe
culiar manner since having been placed
in Ihe custody of Hugh Turner last
Wednesday. Re was flrst locked up In
the Sixth Precinct, then taken from
the! a to Alexundiia, brought bask In a
clrxcd carriage to the Fourth Precinct
and then to Rockvllle. Md.. where he
was locked up and left there by Turner.
The latter then returned to this city
for thepurpoeeof ralslngunough money
wllh which to pay the expenses of him
self and bis prisoner to Salt Lake City.
The Department of Justice, however,
declined to advance the required
amount. While Turner was here the
district attorney at Rockvllle advised
the Jailer there to let his prisoner go, as
he had no authority to hold him longer.
llullls was allowed to go and immedi
ately took to the woods where he re
mained in hiding until lie could get In
formation to his attorney, who immedi
ately went to the biding place and
brought him here as previously stated.
At first it was thought advisable to
have blm go immediately to New York,
but his attorney and friends advised
him to remain here ami go before
Judge lllngham under the habtat eorput
and right it out.
He thinks the manner In which he
has been carried around only verities
the fact that Turner, Francis and Ilolll
day are uot so anxious to have him In
Utah as they are to force him to di
vulge to them his patent beator. He
feels, and bis attorney has so advised
him, that he can bring charges of con
spiracy and kidnaping. IluilU I In
the meantime in huliag and will re
main so until to morrow, when Judge
Hinebsu will hear arguments under
the Aaii corjmt.
Hugh Turner turned up in town but
evening about 6 o'clock after having
bad a wild ebase over the country for
his escaped prisoner. He declares that
be w til have post ess ton ef him again to
day if he can Sad blm, and that be bos
the money now to earrv blm through
timer (Jaarrel una lbs UmuU Was
Many llrukca Usutils.
New Youk. Aug. IS. A ana eial to
tbo JItraU from Mtmlashant, Ala-,
says: Several whits men working in
the mines at Jobs, a mining atatios on
the Btrsiisgham Mineral Hoed, engaged
in a general quarrel in which picks
were freely used as weapons, A
number of thaw escaped to the en
trance of the miss and waited for the
others to eotne out As soon aa a
miner appeared at the opening he was
promptly struck down. Many broken
heads was the result, aad I our ef the
men will dts from fractured skulls.
A Cant.
Editor Critic: As article appeared is
a previous issue of your psgstr that pro
duced the issAiasstosi est the? stlsuis of
all ths frtesds and auusJMnsksss of
both parties that a inmaJUt atartiage
between Mrs. A. . Hmmta and R.
Ogg actually occurred-
Ai no uch tunrrittit ha Mr i-iitt
pfact, simple justice deuMunds that this
fact he made knows, in the earns mttv
scr, for ths purpose of coriecOsg the
false iwpreaftW K 7- au.
Staunton. Vs.. papers phase copy.
IThe srtkte referral to was pubiinhad
on July 14, and stated that the parties
apo-cd to Kev. Mr. Bailey, who sefuted
to marry them, on ths ground that the
lady had been divorced. It did not say
they vets marrtsd, but, on ths con
Uary, asserted very positively that ths
csnvtMAmy oMd not take pines 0-Cmiu.-
ccsass tw-w.
lUcu. Vis-. Aug, W. -Charles
Cote, negro, while teanjisd by Huur
yealcrda.v afternoon armed himself with
a heavy stun.- and rau amuck on Doug
hs wuu., St-rioualy iujuiio Juue
su-iih aud. badly brulalu i.-u isibuur
aud JuaepU MjtciLU tuU ttna ai
Recruits Becoming IaWrUd ia
Every Swtion of the Ocantr)'.
The Plass far a New Baltdlag Work to
Be Oammenwd This FallAn In
Ur&aliDg Inlerview.
The Wlmodaughsts Society Is attract
ing considerable attention at the present
time, ami as its objects are not fully
understood a Ciutic reporter inter
viewed Miss Adelaide Johnson, vice
president of the society, to ascertain
with what success the new movement la
In n reply to a request for some In
formation regarding tho society Miss
Johnson said:
"Within the last three days we have
received earnest letters from Louisiana,
Kentucky. South Dakota, Maryland anil
New York, nsklng for circulars and tbo
privilege of working for the associa
tion. I find It Impossible to think of
our purpose as anything but accom
plished, for it Is simply tbo response to
a natural law, 'the demand creates the
supply, nnd Wlmodaughsts is nn an
swer to tho prophecy made by the fact
of tbat magnificent assemblage at the
first International council of women
ever held hero two years ago. lly that
Washington was designated as tho
permanent placo for councils of women
which falls in line with tho very no
ticeable tendency of organizations of
all kinds and classes to drift toward the
Capital for council. Another evidence
that it Is the lime and place is tbat we
have never yot found one person who
has opposed or o Hired an objection that
has not been speedily removed bv eluci
dation of the necessities and possibilities
and replaced by enthusiastic Interest."
"What has been your experience In
presenting the subject to the different
(.lasses of women T"
"Most varied and Interesting. Some
would like to take stock, but fear It
may Identify them with the suffrage
movement or some other grand concep
tion, which, beoaute of their unde
veloped condition, is like the light that
blinds when eyes are accustomed to
darkuees, but we try to assure thorn of
the national character ind breadth that
will welcome and protect all, whatever
their special belief or unbelief."
"Others express great anxiety as to
what personal benefit they may expect
to gain, and I am surprised to Mod so
few who are sulHclently Individualized
to perceive an Idea, see a grand whole
or look out li-eyood their little self
center, but 'tis simple and easy to place
a picture of suitable size before every
range of vision, for there is the educa
tional value from every standpoint.
The actual opportunities for study, a
place where we may come In contact
with other minds in their varying de
grees and ipialltlee of thought, then the
movements of the world will be focal
ized as though for each person In the
news and collection of current literature
alwavs ou hand."
"Others (the would-be practical) want
to know how soon they mav expect
their investment to pav a dividend.
The fact is, several business men hive
not only expressed their opinion, but
have shown by calculation how it may
really income a paying institution, but
as money making has no place in our
immediate puriwse beyond lis becom
ing self supporting we try to inspire a
different spirit. Of course, you know,
we are a stock company. Our flrst
issue U $35,00). with ishares at fl
and bob-assessable."
"When do you epeet to begin work?"
"The autumn will noil us with a
small but sure beginning, with a reading-room,
limited library ami doing
some work as a club or local orgaaiza
tios, although evermore predominant
will be the work for the main and
ultimate result desired during the
winter. Miss Oiliest, our treasurer,
will conduct etrtala studies in political
science. Miss Desha ia literature and 1
will undertake some work in the
philosophy of art. The other members
Urine out of town it is not decided
what part they will take. Our presi
dent, the Kv. Anna Shaw, is well
known for her eloquence and will spend
the winter here and doubtless do much
good work."
"Have you any plan for the building
or idea when it will be commenced?''
"Yes, we hope to begin our building
within ths yesr, but it will not he begun
until sumcknl stock has bees aoblto
insure a structure suitable ia character,
dignity and architesture to he in a city
that holds such buildings as the Capi
tol, Treasury and Patent OtMce. Our
building is to be planned upon the Iask
idea, which forms the plan of this
glorious chv. On ths ground ioor will
he the auditorium, but I think I will
not tell you more of the plan for the
design will soon be ready ami that will
he better than a word Bictuse.
WOMAN'S "MAfs'v nitmso osm'ND."
"We are to have a piste where dis
tfngtiivhmi wq biis may be eptprtsTsy.
thus stf ording an opportunity for meet
hag and knowing our more gif led sister.
For instance many peopls had been
reading the wirtings of and follow Los
the career of Amelia B. Edwards, yet
when he came here no one could aee
her away from the rostrum a
few private Individuals who chose to
entertain her sad invlts their especial
friends, thus leaving out many of the
mots) isjiti llifff nl isssssstlbag w
swb- It i to be a place whew all
wosveu may come. happy bnatla
ground where we are to prose the fsl
buy of one of the mm argument'
sgabM our cowing Into the various
acids of life, labor, lore, to show thi.t
we do letaiu the geselie side of our as
tuse; that it becomes more gentle
grander and subUms because of tie sy.
Bvsty of our being on every plane
Think of IT In the National Capita,
there is not a spot or plai-e for wouk u
to unci or (.uUr.ii'guli. for au puri
UlaUuiur SiaiI U llvla U iu? "f '..
llttUot i 1-. all in poWKtS i.. Ul -i,,
'In ten years women's clws have done I
MSsrc for the urinal orwul nf sHtetv than I
aHof the men's clubs for the past fifty
ywrs have done.' It has been left for
Wlmodatighsts to piece this crown upon
the bead or the natron."
lllown Shj-wnnU.
Lima, Onto. Aug. 19. Saturday
evening the Hercule Torpedo Maga
rmt Company, near Bnlkland, Ohio,
wiss blown up and the concussion de
strayed everything around it. A loco
trsilre on the Lake Erie and Weitern
Rill toed set Are to the gram along the
trfttk and It finally reached the msM
grfnc, which was blown to fragments,
with many nf tbe trees surrounding.
Tb people In the village were greatly
alarmed and thought they linn been
visited by an earthquake, though fort
unately no one was Injured.
He Knew tlie Combination.
Sr. Louts, Mo., Aug. 18. Yesterday
morning a burglar made a big haul
at the rtsldcnce of Mrs. Mary Roths
childs. No. 507 South Rroadway, get
ting f 1,100 worth of properly In dlt
mends and money. Mrs. Rothschilds
says that but one person other than her
self knew the combination of the safe
wherein the diamonds and money were
placed, and that twrson was one of her
Irdtrrs, named Charles llallou. 13.il
loulias disappeared.
A Movement ttlilch Mny (.end to tin-
portnnt Itesutl Tlio L'nrllnments
or thu Worlil lnrlleil Oilier
Foreign News,
I ndon, Aug. 18. The success
which has attended tho scries of Interna
tional conferences that have been held
during the last few years in favor of
arbitration has resulted In setting on
foot another International movement,
which may hereafter be fruitful of Im
portant results. Amongst the foreign
delegates who atstmbled thlsyoara
very strong feeling prevailed In favor
of tat Iff reform. Accordingly, In addi
tion to the peace nnd arbitration con
ftronce, which Is to be held In the
spring In Rome, an International tariff
reform conference will likewise lie held.
A provisional committee lms been ap
pointed and Is now making arrange
ments for starting the movement unuV
the most favorable auspices. The com
mittee Is sending out communications
to memliers of the different Parliaments
of the world In the hope of securing a
large attendance.
Two measures of Importance have re
ceived the sanction of Russian Imperial
authorities. It has been decided to
create n naval arsenal and a fortress at
I.lbau, on the Ilaltlc, about rlfty-slx
miles north of Memul aud about twice
that distance north of Konlgsberg, and
work on tbem Is already being rapidly
pushed forward. Tbe object Is to keep
open to the Russian fleet the waters of
the Raltlc Sea, which heretofore It has
been possible for the Germans to close
up by blockading tbe mouth of tbe
Ciulf of Finland.
YUcountese Dualo, are Hilton, Is
about to appear liefore the public
again In the character of a litigant. The
lady has Instituted a suit for damages
against the proprietors of a Dublin
newspaper. She alleges that some of
ihe matters published by the newspaper
in connection with the recent unsuc
cessful suit for divorce brought agAinet
her by her husband were of a libelous
nature. Tbe Viscountess has declared
her tixtd determination to abandon the
stsge st the expiration of her present
two years' engagement. She will joiu
her husband, tbe Viscount, at Kiln
burg on Wednesday.
Mr. Heaton, a member of the House
of Commons, has received back two
postal csrds by him sent around tbe
world, one bavins: beea sent eastward
and the other westward. Ths former
mede the tourney in 33 days and the
Utter in 08 dsys.
Th press censers of Sweden and
Norway have been instructed by King
Oscar to relax the severity with which
the censorship has recently been ever
ilstd. rOsjl-RLIK OfcTS SACK AT ISA ISO.
1'cu.uelin, the eminent French actor,
who is much incensed at the tone and
uiatler of Henry living's article, re
cently published ia an Kngiish review,
as w rtiit-u a very severe retort.
Extensive sawmills and lumber
yards st Ijtueburg were yesterday de
stroyed by ire.
The its of builders ia Bote known
as the Caprssuoii Company have failed,
with liabilities of xmM-
tissual AsawU ws it Umiwbiibwh.
A cowardly assault was committed
last night by Dennis Fugetahi,
Timothy Collins and John Quill upon
Peter MulhaUaad. While they were
IstotUsted they beat aad kicked the
Utter la a terrible way. aad left him U
an unconscious condition upon the
ground on E street, tu-ar New Jersey
awBue, where he was found by Ot&cert
Sullivan and Walsh. TheUJuredman
is la bed U the SUth Precinct Station,
where he if being alWadsd by Dr.
t mng ttte Ut's AuUmtUf.
Oduer ttrtinSpB arrested two colored
Ms on Ssisiidir sight sd locked oss
up and wnittsd the other to go with
ibe iiMtewtinHsjg that he was to come
xi.d p- s ttt UsS es Monday In the
IViUe Court today Justice Mills db
uj Wd the other prisoswr and tokl the
i itu-er he hid ao right to assess anes
upon psitvwjsiw. That was left esUceiy
t the jmktmim of the Court
r raas.
lsvsjfcCo.4ug. w.-J. M DW--'u.
m sisMittav lamp trimmer, was
tled yesiswdby by a shock white
.bisnghag fiswteos ! aa ate UgUt which
sheents smi- trirmasTin
lctisl Uabi Urn B A O- ttioii Siu.--
.. August 41, at 4 p ai . iiriui4 at tt
tit) 10 jj u TuWcU iu .J rti-u
u ill tram ul SuuJa -. U in
u Lriu lea.... t auI. I i ; -u
tt Is Snld This Form or lletnllntlon
Will lie tleneml.
Mowtrbai.. Aug. 18. The Dominion
Caitridge Company, vrhose head
quarters are In this city, recently
applied through Its New York agents
to Washington for a permit to ship
goods In bond to Mexico. The Depart
n ent has replied refuting to grant tbe
permit nn the ground that it wae not
disposed to cxlpml the landing privi
leges for Canadian goods that they were
offering to other countries. It was
rumored last night that this action of
the American authorities foreshadowed
a general action against Canadian bowl
ing privilege, ami there is great un
easiness in railway citcles.
A Krsro I.nliorer tints (Jnlck Itevcnce
for Ills Illsclnitae.
Atiikx. Ga., Aug. IS. Henry
itunter of this city was assassinated
Saturday night at Carter's Camp, on
the Georgia, Carolina and Northern
Railroad, by Ed. Morrison, a negro la
borer, at the camp. Hunter had or
dered the negro to do something and
received an Insolent reply, for which
the neero was discharged. Saturday
night Morrison came Into the camp ami,
walking up to Hunter, shot him in tho
temple," from the effects of which
Hunter shortly afterward died. The
negro escaped, but 100 men with blood
hounds are after him, nnd when cap
tured he will be lynched.
Taken From .lull nnd Lynched.
HuMiioi.irr, Thnn., Aug. 18 About
midnight on Saturday n mob took a
negro, named Thomas Woodward, from
jail hero and hanged him. Woodward
was one of tlireo negroes who assaulted
and robbed J. A. Greer last Thursday
Attiaclril to 1'iilitlo llntertnlnmnnts
nnd Then Srlml All Who He
fuse Are .Shot AmorlcMns
Aro Hifp.
San Francisco, Aug. 1. The Cen
tral American mall recently brought
letters frt in Geoige W. Cool, formerly
a well known pbyttclan of this city, but
who has been In Guatrma'a during the
past J ear. Dr. Cool shj s a proclama
tion has been Issued that all men who
were not resdy for military duty would
be shot. Nearly all the men who flrst
went to the front have been killed in
battles with Salvadorlans.
"If Kreta marches to the city," tbe
letter says, "he will probably sack the
town. The Americans are safe, for
they receive protection at the Legation.
Rvery servant, even those on the coffee
plantations, have been drafted into the
war, and there are not enough left to
supply food. Provisions bring enor
mous prices. Business U at a stand
still and the city Is uader martial law.
Twenty Americans ami as many Ger
mans and Frenchmen offered their
services to Ilarrillat. but they were re
fused. About 25.000 soldiers have al
ready left the city for tbe frontier.
"Men are attracted to public enter
tainments and are then seized by the
police aad drafted in the army."
New York Mucks,
Ttvday'sAew torgstocK warKet quota
tkxM, furetsbud by C T. Ilaveatwr,
HooBs9aud 1, Atlantis bulkUag, 990 r
strset BOftbwet, Correspondents, M. 8.
Msudtum, New York; Chandler, Brown &
Co., Chicago:
stocks. OamiM btocks. OptntM
A,";.Ur m Ui 3maha ...
Can. South.. SS ?i pTd
ltd., B.ifcQllt"-OS Or. Trans
Con. (is y. M.U.S. Co Ui Ut
C, KlJtrse ysf tli .-teadlag -Ill 43
ltsd, I.Jt W. H '4tJ t. A MT. It. 811 8:
IM. X Hud U. faul 71 j Wi
Kile Mi Vi Tex. r li JUj
Jsm CVu.14.' l-SU Ten. V. X I. II 41
L. A S ui j V. rse OH Si
Uke shore, 1071 '07i Vab. p'f'd.. -i Mi
Mo. Pw W 701 V. Union... 431 t
. Y S K. te li WiUku'd m m
K X W p'id yssrolsum .. B Wi
X. Y. Cen... W 10sJ Am. C! O Cu
X. rac COasTrsMt 4li U
" pTd. t--.it i'-i XalL'd'Pst Ji Tt
Xorthwest .. '.10 IVH i. Ksft. Ca ii ti
Tbe OtilmEO SlurkoU.
To-iaj's Lmeetto grata sad protSloa
sastket mini at Bms, futsished by C. T.
Haves, Booms and 11, AtUntle BuUi
mg. DM r street isurtbwuat. Corsspond
sals. it. H. Msndhsw. Xsw York.Chsnd
Istr, Jirowa A Co., Chicago.
wut. Omm Ctatt num. Omm Mass
Aug .... HIM MM Aug
sWpt . mi m it... .. 'i o :: m
Dee. Utai Mai 52T ..... 13 tw M as
Aug-... -.. tng..... ,
oA m m 53T.... gas
Sspt m an
W atUtsSssa SMk KTSiiaBge,
gales Isssrnlar Call-in o'clock at--.
fbissspsaski and Potomac TckphoSK, st
Mtaeeiiaaermt Bonds U. SL sUaetsts
XJghU lst,rs, Us. U. B. Blsctstc lht
sm-iBt, -; Y. A CrsHihte, Vs.
a; Mssonk Bali Ass'n, Vs. 0 HsW. WTf;
Wash. Market Co.. 1st Mort.VS'v 110;
Wsh Market Co., Uf., '. U7; lald A
gxabvaru Co., a's. CltaW. ; Wash, U.
ItdsBtry, let, ', UaM. 87: Wash. U. 1
fsuury,td,rs,uai, m, Vssh. Oss btejnt
Co., icr. A. . U71, Vase, lis UswdCsT.
gsx. ,'. lis. Hglnle IcsUosBsaay.UI
hWst., as, . Aau-rii a a security and
Trut. Uri
huoui asak uk:ks Bask of Wssh-
;:5, Ceuusi, -. ascoBiL a
and MatUutcs'. 1U6. Ctlissas'.
ito; cuubOiU, irs CsvUsi. u irt
IM, as, itaocr , '-. t-uiowa, iw.
Utuottd sUoi-ks - W.sMngtas sag
tteorgewaa, , Mctawohtsn, btB: Cor
luaiUs, U, Cspttol su4 Borth U BtMSt,
s. Jktngtus sud sUdMr's Horns, iW;
tjcoraetowB and Tuullyto, Hi, Brlght
Wood, Issars nee sVy kaflremun's. i, fcaasy
Bn. 63-; MetrotmlUsB. su. Xationat Uuioa,
al, trltegtim. its. Corcoran, tit, Cohut
Us, 11 ; Sermsa- keif rli n s , 175. HiHtm,
60; sH(fg SI. People's 5
TUlt lukuursnee skoc&4B:al Batats
Tnk-, 1-., Columbia Title, W Wsaluegtos
Tli.c -
Uu aud KUvtru Uitt Bio. ks 4Mng-
Twenty ililis of ImM Fnigkl Grs
Ptwwsrljr mi Wsbb Witt CombII
Rainors of Strikes oa
Other Ro4$.
IkrFAi.o, X. Y., Aug. ll-The
New York Central ami lis connections
are running their passenger trains
through this morning on a fair approxi
mation to schedule time, a fact which
it is argued, is due largely to the moder
ation of the men who are out on strike.
ltut while the paMenger traltic re
mains practically uninterrupted, the
freight situation at this point has grown
much more serious. Kvcry siding has
Its complement of freight cart, mainly
loaded with "perishable" freight, and
even the Lake Shore side tracks to a
distance of twenty mites out are packed
with standing, abandoned trains. He
tween Kat Buffalo nnd Idlewood, a
very Ions: "dressed beef" train lies
motionless, Its content, to say the
least, not improved by tbe delay.
There is no stilke as yet on the Like
Shoro road, but the snitching of freight
forthat road Is all done In the Central
yards, ami they are not only already glut-
tiu wiui ireigut uui nave no swiicnmen.
So the management has been obliged to
tlnd other places to store its accumula
tions and has utilized ever avail ible
An attempt will lie nude In move
some of ihe frtlelit at Kast Uuffalo to
day. "We have got nu'ii enough,
tin ua.li they are green, " said one of the
vaidmen Mils morning, "and will put
i Ik in to work If the strikers will let
tbem do anything. We have got to
move the slulT la the lUtt Uuffalo yards,
tiny are full How and whatever else
ctinci bar got to He outside till we
can make room for It in the yards."
A rumor was current this moraine:
that Ihe Lehigh Valley men hail gone
out, but this entirely lacks continua
tion. It was learned tbat the rumor
atose from the threat of the switchmen
to go out if the road moved Central
freight. Dn Saturday night a Central
4M'k'Tln,was run in on the Lehigh
tracks aatftke switchmen declared they
would strike If It was uot sent luck
where it belonged. Tbe road acceded
to Ibis rtiiuest and sent thu Central
trslu back.
of the Switchmen's Mutual Aid Asso
ciation was seen this mornlug. lie wsi
as conservative as ever, but was evi
dently smarting under the Insolent
treatment he had retelved yesterday at
Ihe hands of Superintendent Harrows.
Mr. Sweeney said. "The strike Is a
question of endurance between tbe men
sr.il tbe company, and I do not think
that Ihe men will be the flrst to give In,
as they are in tbe right la the matter.
TheKnightsof tabor strike was a sep
arate stfalr, the strike of our order the
railroad authorities precipitated upon
themselves by ordering our member
to take the places of strikers, which
tbey declined to do. If they had con
sented and taken the places of the
brother switchmen out on a strike. I
should have expelled them from our
order as soon as their actions had been
made known to me. It l one of the
iron clad rules of our order, that
our men shall uot take tbe places of
strikers. The men knew this snd de
clined to obey orders, whereupon they
were dischsrged. The road declined
to reinstate them and. afterward, yield
ing to a universal feeling of indignation,
the membeis of our association all
aiiuck work. Tbey were badly treated,
snd are in the light. I saw Mr. Hur
rows yesterdsy and he declined lo have
anything to say to me as representative
of the men. fie was
snd is not the kind of a man to hold
such a posit km. lie is aa overbearing,
insulting fellow, aad tbe very last sort
of an individual to be able to handle
mf s decently. Mr. Burrows' treatment
of bis men is directly responsible fur
the present trouble. There may be
further trouble for the Central Hsilroad
laths way of labor ditMcuities unless
matters are soon adjusted."
Mr. Sweeney was shown the dis
patch from Terse Haute. lad , stating
that Grand Vaster Swgeat of the Ftre
men's Brotherhood and Urarnl Chief
Howard of the Conductors' Brother
hood had left for Buifsio to consider
the strike- snd was asked If tha Fed
eration of Hallway Employe would
convs here. Mr. ftwesmsy said he
dkr not know Be wired Chairman
Sargent of the Federation o Saturday
and the bitter will he here this after-noon-
WU1 that order lake action-" was
"It may do so," was the guarded
Mr. Sweeney will remain hew Mi
watch the skuation aad awaM dswelop
menU. lU said in conclusion "There s
one thing that I won't do. That It,
make any efforts to have any further
talk with this man Burrows. These
will U- no mom couuniusaw seat to we
upos him. oi have any parley wish him.
Out aim is to accomplish our rosolu
pceably. and that is the way we will
work- Mr. Burrows' actions will not
help the toad la the esiliuajjoB of the
aut- wtti to-UitiikS
&ze aiwiiiaa, ! cafiAectiost nrifJt the
wrsativ srsssnmsfssssisssBsssp r "-"sfts" wW
fact that the executive cquwutI of the
Hallway rVdVrslioo will he Jese this
afternoon. It 1st teaks! fact that the
suoctBsut, and that wttlttss they are
lujptiy reinstated there is no telttag
what the usub may be. It is juatjos
klbw that the swUchmca from Kew
York to Chicago oa all the YaiMkrWU
lines will he otdrd out, sad if this
does oot suilu tj bnug ttK road to
Uriua thv. Uur biai-i.bi.si ol lUc 1-VJt.ra
tiou an. i.edi-J i g "-.t u Lcn-asitry
t a.i Li. lnLilii.U I lall li . U Jfllt I
nrdsv, and will meet the FsvHrftrtlott
Council this nfrenraon.
Bt-FfAW. X. Y., Aug. IS. Tb tx
ecutive committee of th Sapreme
Cotiweil of the Federation of IWIwar
JSmpiorei went into session shortly he
fore 1 o'clock this afternoon. It com
prises one man from each of the bodies
niHCWntcrl In the Federation, aad was
called at the reonest of Powirettr, who
was present. The ontcom of tie whi
feretrce la regarded at of the greatest
tub hot wrm wa sot nf rtsxm
Albajit, If. Y., Ang. 18. Thomia
ifsitnn, the llnkertrm man who shot
the boy Dwyer last night, was held thl
morning for assault with Intent to kill
lo await the retmlt of tbe boy's Injnry.
No ball will lie accepted, a the attend
ing physicians say that the boy will
ptobably die, the bullet having lodged
near his" spine.
Kobert Ptnkerton said this morning
that a personal examination of hi men
showed that in every case they hail been
atoned wtore they nreii, and in some
cases filed upon. Mr. Itlseell said that
on the part of road the men cautioned
not to use their weapons unless so )
lutely necessary.
To day is going by very iiuietly ami
Ihe evcltement seems to have simmered
down. The road has moved tea freight
trains to the West nut of (he West Al
bany and are endeavoring to dearths
yard quickly.
Chief Millard of the police received
a letter from Mr. llisevll this morning.
In which he claimed the PlnkerUm men
only fired in self defense, but that the
road will warn them against the hasty
use nf the guns.
The Knights of Labor are Issuing
bulletins In which tbey reiterate the
caution to keep away from the tracks
and preserve the jHince. They wy they
are as strong as ever, and that the war
has only Just begun. The only frac-ts
this morning was a brutal assault at
West Allmny by two men upon a freight
conductor, whom they mangled badly,
lloth men have been arrested. This
victims of the shooting yesterday are
all doing well, except Dwyer.
Niw York, Aug. IS. At the St.
Cloud Hotel this morning Mr. Holland
of the Kvecutlve llosnl of the Knights
of Ulwr said that Mr. Wright of the
liosrd had arrived during the night and
would lie present at the meeting this
morning. Nothing would be done, nor
would any conclusion be reached until
this aflernoon. Mr. Holland also said
that, until the board reached a conclu
sion, It would lie Impossible to say wh-tt
would be the course pursued. He
could not say whether Mr. Powderly
would be even willing to meet Mr.
Mr. Webb said that he had aothlo
fiew to communicate, and that every
king wis running anvil lily. He had
heard nothing from Mr. Powderly as
yet, be said, but be would be ready to
receive them al any time during the
At 1 1 o'clock Messrs. Holland and
Wright of the Getters! Executive Hoard,
as tbe representatives of Mr. Powderly.
railed upon Mr. Webb and presented
to him a letter.
Mr. Webb received It ami said he
would send his reply by If o'clock.
Messrs. Holland and Wright then with
Mr- Webb declined to make known
the contents of tbe letter.
Strikers Oaln Their 1'elRt.
Lynx, Mass.. Aug. IS. The striking
operatives at Mark J. Wortbtey's shoe
factory, at West Lynn, have apparently
temporarily gained their point and will
return to work to-day. Mr. Wortbley
writes to tbe K sigh Is of Labor Council
of Shoe Workers agreeing to pay the
prices demanded aid to accept such
conditions as tbey may insist upon In
order to tumpkte contracts Mtadf by
DrlsiassM tVIH Ihs CswMnrwl,
Chicago, III., Aug. lis. A commit,
tee composed of representatives of tha
engineers', ttretaen's, tralnmea'i and
swikhmea's brotherhoods employ id on
the Chicago aad Easier lllincU aid
the Chicago and Indiana rsiuoaU
called upon General Manager Saul of
the Eastern Illinois yesterday afterao a
and lahl before him a commusdeatioa
in the form of a grievance relative to
the amount for over time. The men
were cordially received and were a
surtd that tbe matter would be given
Aa AltsasK J.ar KMtast.
Atlanta, Gs . Aug. It kbsasow
Shivers, of Tenaill, a wealthy planter
and a leader of tan AWaa party, '
thrown from hi wagon shurismhasd
foremost against a tree, ktlHag hjsa ia
Mantly. Mr. Shlvew was sfitrtaf to
the station to meet his childiea when
his horses Ktriiw fright aad hy tbe
ajptwoachlBg train sad ran awaf with
tie above nsulL
trait fsssm a stnaf.
Qerr.-e E BiagilJ. a white man.
ft 11 from the roof of a twostory house.
at Set-oad and fcsat Caaitt straeat. this
sfteraooa aad fractured his right W
and left arm. It is feared that ga was
also bjurtd lats-raslly. He wag taken
to hi home, li 2i Ninth street nvth
linnta vifSjnMl WaLai&sr
Dktkoit, Mku., Aug. IS. 4. iaula
ILieaa, a lossdasstt cosiAtacsesT s)f thla
plave. was found deed i Ms bad here
Saturday. Tha darssaaed was hatf
brotker of W. 4- Sd&B of the ftats
burg KafrfftI
lsdasssrSas) tt'Laa
Pallss. Tax.. Aug !. A wtdkiox
Flank Lowrev twlaated last Bight.
The latter madt; 1as) swMm ia Ulmu
days and O'Lsxy kit tha trevk sight
sIys hehlad hias-
r- wmmm
sfsaayslsatsMs tysmasesssna ta aasaa.
Iu, stoisKk, lows. Aug- in- A eall
has btiea issued for a PnTafchitina swat
Cu.vetio to be held Umos oa
nptaaahaf A.
jcr I Ac Uutnctof Columiui, UutdUU
l I - , l ' u' Ik till, I X ll I I
' nL a iv.iUl.a ji ibi. Ui ftj i 1 '.,

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