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The Daily Oniric
tY. H.
llnvghtmt Oo.M Imm
; exenrtne their lovely Patlor Suites.
." It ppc for tW ilthrr In Cherry r solid
K . Half prlr ft t all nnteamvnable got.
wh patterns of carpets that eamiit he
i "plicated, at price which will surprise
Vr n Art to hf shown those 9olM Oak Hod
. Snl(- . pMMi. for lit. Aln their tti,
i piecae, of jvim oak Bad room soit
ThiclMtM atv nil rutm. and will, no
ilciiht, plea the mo t fastidious pur.-hasrr.
AH orders for wallpapering for the next
two vnii at SSmr cent dteronat, at
w It. Hornnro A To .
181 ltan street n'rlhet
Itntlcten's Hefrlsrernmrs, Hnby Car
tinge. Ke , Ktti.
This retranslate Installment rstahll hnwnt
1 entrant located t Ml aad Mt Seventh
i reet northwest, and J BOW making out
-rlre on Ire frlgerators, Behy Carrlaswa. and
i) other line ot good" areded for the snm
mer Ooorisrnld on a eash batts; on easily
paid Installment.
The Naltonnl Snfe llrpoalt Company.
Cor. lath St. ami N. T. Avenne.
Storasrft Ww sjlit ei wale. Jewelry. Laosja,
Fine Ponds and vnlnaMes of all Made,
Cbargr uioviefela. Safe dapoeH boaoe far
rent at tin rwf lowest rate.
A New Tent Organised nn Cnpltol
till Other News
The Grand Tent of 1 tech aid tea met
In McCanlrr'a Hall on CarHtol Hill
Patunlar Biftht ami onranlxeil Coitimbh
Tent, No. 1, with fifty one charter
ibitnliers. The following participated
in the orianixAlloa J. 11. Otxttliml, 0.
"tt Shoemaker, Charles lllailcn aw! S.
It Mtimlell of Anaconda Tent, No.
1 :s, W. M. Hall. II. II. .Tolinaon ami
"W II. Marriott of HelierTent. No. 10;
W W. Conlell, II. Mllslesil, J. T.
llattlaon. .1. (5. Kller, T. V. Scott. J.
1- tlocy and II Kerch of Salem Tent,
o. 151, Charles W. Steers ami II.
Hworda of Union Tent, No. 37, and
John It. Malioney. .1. C. Lee, W. 1).
JIarche, S. Patty, J. It. Stobely and
oilier, Cammack Tent, No. 56.
The Initiatory ami degree work was
then rone through with, after which
the otlicers for the ensuing term were
Installed. This is the largest tent at
ils organization of any that were ever
organized. Grand Chief Hitler J. O.
Lcc nddreeeed the new tent on their
flattering prospects and predicted a
frond good work for them on Capitol
Past Chief Uuler 11. MlUtemi, speak
ing of the Ilechahltos' work in Anncos
tla. said yesterday. "Salem Tent, No.
lt, to which I bolonp, Is doing n grand
work. Ten propositions for member
tlilp have ill reaily beon received this
quarter, and at least six mora will be
ttrtcd upon at our next meeting. The
tcnl will have charge of the temper
nnce tent on Thursday evening. All
the tenia In the District have been in
vltul to participle, and wo will parade
the town In tegalla with music prep.iri
tory to taking charge of the mooting,
ho you svewente going to pilnt the
town red, and wo propose that the fire
f ItechabUm ahull burn so bright In
Anacostla that our already grand com
munity shall be n paradise on e.irth.
Anacostla Tent. No. l.W, Ntntnl, No.
a ladles), and Capitol Tin t (Junior), No.
l'J, ate all doing a good woik." Mr.
Mtlstead Invited the repottcr to the
timpcrance lent, which his been lo
catcd in Anacostla for a three weeks'
campaign in the letup ranee line tinder
tic management of Mr. John U. ..Ma
Loncy. The opetdsg meeting yesterday at !t
p m. was attended by about ftOO people,
and was addressed by Iter. K. itlclmd
son anil Mr. Slide of New York. At
Xbe evening meeting the large tent was
jammed and filled to overflowing,
marly ?X) being in attendance. The
cvt-oing's services were itartlnlpited in
by Dr. K. V. Klrby of 1'hlladeltthU
and ltev. S5cottl'. Herscheyitf the Sixth
l'utbyterlan Church. Mr. J. T. Heai
liy led the Uaglag and ' Hilly" Ho yd
cared for the pledge Uxik.
Meet I bits will lie held every night thli
week. The meellags yesterday were la
charge of Mesars. John It. Malioaey
and J. C. Lee.
II r. Itovixi'a TurkUli lUthl.
Nirl every oue bss, at mmus time at
oilier In their life, ukwi a TurkUh UUi.
lib some It tin not bu Ih aa elaborately
flttitl up Itatii hou. with all the aeees-tout-a
that awl tuck a bath a tblag of
I't'nuty wl a joy furevvr, wbiht other have
titto a TuikUh bulb that was tk eaua i4
ii.l( h piofeOM sail uememly Uaguage. To
c tice know tb ilelighu of a TurkUk bath
h tol a ftltbful itlteipl of sueb auua
fr rUriug u'fclf to ptwfeet health
iter after.
1'r. Kovte's helba, at 133 (i alreat aortb
wen. tt itlctl up with tbalalat iwprove-U-ilU
as4 apeliaacee, aud wttb Um aUt
ance of altetuuoU v. bo thorougbly ualer
e'anj their butiueaa, ooa caa obtaia all tba
aellgbls of a luxurious bath. The entire
ctaTilibaaat baa beeu reeeutly reuovatwl
mi J niauy new uUHiua built. Ur. Hiwee'i
Is inw tbe bast piece of iu kUf 1 ia H'sh
li 1.1 iu, autl well deserves tba pauoaae it
Our t'ullee aiUkilfa.
A saaa'l Meaaa lauach twesUy-four
fitt la leaf lb, withaive tool Ueaw, has
Utu uicoaaed by lb oMkers of tka
Ktmh 1'HclbCt aiaiioai Tbay will
lave tkve bot iilad up with a Herntfebutf
l'.iUr, aad wilt suaat it after C'otoswl
iliiam O Votiee, Cbi-f of KtUsx.
Thu craft will l used for ih ileiscftosi
(f triniauilsaul Uum who euoMtU of
ficita ajtaiiist tba District law.
OvIse (be Uojut.
Majtr Oeoi'te A- Utile, Um wall
Lcovb evatelUt. aeoka to a overtlo
stiiieac Uaiaigkt at the Ceatsai Uakw
Mikkioa, of wstaeh ava waa oaw of taw
orgiaiien list will faa Waabiagtoat,
accannwafaid by bia wife aad tlueai
tbtldns. for Callfoasda. oa ibe Wtk la
atsut. He will itsakaU oa Um PecUu
blope lor oaw. aaa probaWy two, yMa.
Lsw Ktea to Uor tik uutl OktAatl,
Ourtosf taw yruaaai eeaaoa taa U. k u. at.
K Co. wttl sell eacuraloa ticket ftoea
'U d.biaatoa U Utter farfc, Xutiataia Lake
I'mk aa4 Uaklaa4 for tba Kl4ay ebt asd
ail aViusbyr treiua each week at rata of
, tor tba Buaad Ut. Taa tickets wtu ha
.ii for tatura pnnai- watal Moaoaf -1-
-ug day of sale.
itcketa to Harklay aeataga aad eetura
wliUsaoM iistaat ttesllar waidattou to
i li tut taw round triy.
tjieitmnari the Hevsey.
Mta UaJtia WaUa was Uuowa fioaa
Lei but f f oa C a4 mu aad-a kaif
bluets irtbwat ycatesaVay rata
i.d kiibilv Uijwid. Taa xileat
tt u caMaavd by Hut aoxae kki2 tdfju,
fut'dtaly ahiieUg aad ovettureisu; taa
vikkUla waaeaiaVawas aeatad. Was
V 1 ite naatafcaai to bf aaa. No. all
i mm km m ibiu.
buetkf V'tiica of akxaairi Couaty
aid l4 Mk ate uavuat raid yafc4ajr.
'1 u t .i4a htf'auai aay, m- M
ikii.iiajr taat UUay wu ttjwttu
UttUl u4 aaadat ao Coct to ajaooB
Uoia HtUkeaa. ltta avideat laaiaa
wlil Ij . - '' owtaa aaat Uaut aad srWa
aaea- ,- fall uoa Jatlfcaoa CUya
1 3 -ilK I- J-- V .fc-tij I" Ht
cii HJ1 oa WeduteeW arctuux. autut
m i vtu, uii lbs ateeautf Chatiam X-iiaeUi'
1 U' l.aiL. whtt eteao abATp Tnkou
ir, Lulu . U lu4 tt Oiombtfa i at luu
new tne lint Imtmitrr AirMtwl hj
the l'tateetive THrlir.
JMttor rifte- In my jmigiitwit the
tfm iAwKftlnesa of out protective tariff
gyrtem has not arisen in debut In eithw
Honae f CBgTea so thit tfc mJorlty
of the American people can understand
it. I will, therefore, to-tch npon oue
Import item ami In what I aay I defy
contradiction, as every hatmannfac
Inrer in America, will sustain me in It
Since the orleln of the war UrltT
there has been organized in America
a combine of felt Importers, about
twelve in all, one of whom is now an
executive officer of the Government.
This combine the same as the late A.
T. Stewart's In regard lo gloves has
contMCted with all the European and
foreign felt manufacturers for all the
felt required for American consump
tlon at European prices. This felt,
after Importation, Is thrown Into the
lmnderl warehouses ami any domestic
felt coming to market finds Its way to
the same combine, as I. is the only mar
ket, as will more fully appear hereafter
The combine thus gets in possession
of all the felt, so that the hat manu
facturers are compelled to manufacture
the hats for the combine at the latter's
price per dorcn or stop their plants,
some of which employ from 100 to 8.000
hatters. The felt Is In bolts of web
form, and is cut by the combine for the
hat manufacturers as a tailor cuts Ids
cloth, not one inch In or over in the
completion of a doren hats made lo a
given sire. The combine receives the
hats weekly br hundreds of thousands
In boxes, ami pays for the manufactur
ing thereof at contract prices. Hence
the hats become the property of the
combine, ami thereafter It marks its
prices per dor.en In accordance with
quality, style and finish of the hats.
The hAt manufacturers, therefore, do
not manufacture for the trade, as for
the past twenty five years they have
been compelled to manufacture far the
fell combine or stop their plants.
Apropos to this statement, the wrltor
has n friend nl Orange, N J., who Is n
hat manufacturer, and in visiting him
eoiuo time ago was presented with a felt
hat. This hat I wag told by my friend
was mndo from scraps and cutting),
"but," said ho, "you could not buy in
any store In New York n similar hat for
lets than $5, whereas In case I could ob
tain the felt in quantities sum
chnt to keep my plant running nt
regular market prices outside of felt
Importers I could soil you that hat at
$1.1)0 and mako mora pro.lt than I am
doing now, and pny my hatters 10 per
cent, more wages In enso duties were
taken from the felt nnd thu present
duties continued on the forelsn manu
factured hats.
It will bo observed that every man,
woman and child In America that wears
a felt hat has to pay the price that this
combine Imposes thereon In add!
Hon to that of retail. Politics
should have nothing to do with this
matter of tariff. The writer especially
rainesta Senators Plumb and Inealls to
read In Tin: Clinic, In case the latter
publishes it, this klmplo statement of
Corcoran Hulldlng, Washington, I) C,
August 10
The I'etnannllr-Coniliicteil Tour to
MHCHr-t l'nll vlit IVlinaylrHlllit
Ilnlltued uii Thurily Next.
The singularly attractive features em
ItfMlled Id tliete tours bave nuils them not
only popular ami touglit after, Imt they
bave Mumped the Pennsylvania Kjtlrovl
with all tbecreillt for one of the greatest
tnotlttn railroad achievements that of
Making traveling equal to living In one's
own home. Under the attentive eye of a
tourhl ageut ami cbaeron, who ate always
tn the ab-rt, looking after their tawporary
t,utt, the tmirUt has no tiother or worry,
liut gives lilmMfir up to tbe full enjoyment
ami pleasure of the trip. Tbe iiroiecU for
l lie but oue, Thursday, August "1, are very
This tour will leave Wahliigtou by spe
cial tralii of Pullman Parlor Cars ami Uiy
Coaches at 7:10 a. m.; lUllluiore, Union
Slallon, at 830, aiul arrive at tbe Kails at
'1 p. ra. Kouud-trlp tickets, valid for ten
ilj, allowing a slop-oil at YVutkiiM In
either direction, will lie sold at $10. It
will be well to remember that this Is tbe
but opoHuiilty to euioy one of these very
M-Irt add pleasurable outluga, ami lm
mediate attention should be paid to seeur
log aciomuodatiubai, which will be given
uhh application to I'eansjlvaala Kallroad
ticket unices.
I'oor Unttneor Work.
Numerous complaints are being made
of the bungling engineer work in con
nection with street Haea and grade.
The work at the Intersection of Paa
sylvanta avenue ami G street is espe
cially complained of a ehaaglag tua
plan of drainage, ami has resulted la
rsUIng tbe grade mi tbe avenue consid
erably. Changes of grades resulting la
damage to propel ty-holders have also
been matle at Pennsylvania avenue and
Twilflh street. Eleventh and Thlr
lecalb, streets. The excavation nn Keu
lucky avenue, froat K street to the foot
of Pennsylvania avenue, it is claimed,
has not been wade oa tbe proper line of
the avesua.
WuuleU To lis at Uowboy.
Joseph. Ilurastoa disappeared from
his bom. Ko. 137 Seventh straat south
west, oa Wtdaeaday last, and hU uacle
has aeked that Pulic Dapartuumt
w W-lWr taey eaa n-ader aay ait'K-e
ia aelpiag to Had hiw. Joe has of Ule
Uea Miy aaxkiss to go West and btt
Huta n.Huoy. ilia uachi thinks that
ice U.y has headed ia the direciioa of
Cbcap EicuttUm U Attuatl tHty via
tbe II. & O.
Oa Friaay of each weak duriag Jaaa,
Jaly aati i-ajtaat taa Malitiore sal Ohio
B. JL wttl safi atruratoa tickets to atlaatic
Ciajr, ptui aulas; oa traia toavtag B. Jc O.
tbjeotat tt o-iacfc aaoa sad goad to return.
oa aav saastlar testa to aad
kahwhia; Taaatiay at rate of a
laa -sestsar at rate of If lor taa kj
Taa B. Jt O. aaa Bsadsaa: Kallroals
turn taa oaly itoiiiBes track autita to athtav
tk Ctty.
Manteee t.leeinm.
AUrlaga Ueaaasa wtc iaauod to tiat
follow lug parauaa to-day Alaxis L.
Fcatt aad Mary at-kiea Braadt. Waaa
iagtoa, Uaafotd Eitoy aad Elita K
Bafabw, hoik of Takoaaa. D. C,
SaauuaiK. MaJaW aad ihdia A Ktag,
aoth af BaMiaaorr, CaariaaF Uaydaa
aad S. C. Una, both of Cable Heck.
Ckartoe Coaaty, Ud.
aae tiejet Mta Worttliaiaas.
eWaasa yrt-adltw. a lyaaf-ojdcoiorad
girl, was Utfosw Juda; MiUa titia taara
lag ck$4 with vagrancy. Taa Judge
atacu Jeaafe waeihir ska wowld raiaar
go back hpsac or to taw workhjoajaa
TTo th woraatouae, your Hoawr ; I
vcuid BMtea ratkat a do thawa taaa
luuk hoau- taaavw ay asater tjajaaa sac
iirarintiallr "
kJf bsmT laV YaaUassfeahBatsV-
COitUWiHlftiC eteUC Dkf ifea eWe-atl BlB04llaf
VAUaaBJaT rhlaTaVall Qi IkAt taMsVA MaMsin. W.
'aa" ejaaamaaiawa aaaaaw eFpraaw Bjpaavaaaawar a
M. WlaTatl.rai. Auaut 'WlViiffl CaMJaM
Sft-gsj-s) aad t- a? '-TrT" halt jwativ
dav aViofaeaa to nnnd thasjr ws&tton ejt
Cdoaati akata- They will KsaaU two
A sMMUsMsyisf CtaaAaeVCteat aU4MtMaWatt 0 UM
Caseraaot Lwaj ut ktu . k O. statioa,
a. Mi at , Weiineeiia) , AuguM ao. Kutuwl
Ui, Uu-ludUi iliiiimt"0 to the Cevua.
fj 50. Bcacfkc juufao! lu sUtAUi c srUb
out tiLr iutl at o 'i iiuJ 1U1 ti.uilal
A Illg Ornwri nt the Wmtilncton a re re
Camp St ce tine.
There wna a large attendance yester
day at Washington Grove, it being the
first Sunday of the camp meeting.
What people the trains did not take out
from 'Washington was made tip by
farmers and their families, wko wwi
driven to the grounds in a variety of
vehicles. Tbe hotel at the Grove iIW a
rushing business.
The Ilev. Mr. Feldemeyer conducted
the 9 a. m. services and at 10:90 a. m.
the Hev. Dr. E. J. Gray, president of
Dickinson Seminary at wllllamspott,
Pa., preached the sermon upon tlte
subject, "Christian Work." The chil
dren's meeting begun at 8 o'clock, led
by Ibe Her. W. II. I.aney. The chil
dren were addressed by Messrs. II. B.
Monlton ami Warren Choate. At 8
o'clock Hev. Dr. Naylor conducted a
rcgnlar service in the tabernacle, which
was crowded. lie preached from the
trxt. "For in Him we lire ami move
and have our being." A young peo
ple's meeting was held at 6:90 ami the
closing meeting of the day at 7-30. The
Hev. Dr. Norrls of Cumberland offi
ciated at the latler service. The camp
will close on Thursday of this week.
Only One Atlnntte City
and now Is the time to visit It. Special
express trains leaves 1). it O. depot Satur
day, August an, at -I p. m. Hound trip
iH RO, good three days.
IS not only ft distressing complaint, of
itself, but, by causing the blood to
become depraved and tbo system en
feebled, is the parent of innumerablo
maladies. That Aycr's Sarsnpnrllln,
is the best cure for Indigestion, even
when complicated with Id ver Complaint,
Is proved by the- following testimony
from Mrs. Joseph Lake, of llroekwny
Centre, Mich.:
"I.lver complaint nnd Indigestion
made my life n burden nnd came near
ending my existence. For more than
four years I suffered untold ogonr, was
reduced almost to n skeleton, nnd hardly
bad strength to drag mysolt about. All
kinds of food dlstrested me, nnd only
the most delicate could bo digested nt
all. Within tbe tlmo mentioned several
ribyslelrvns treated mo without giving re
let. Nothing that I took seemed to do
nny permanent good until I commenced
the use of Ayer's Sarsapartlla, which
lias produced woni'crfnl results. Soon
nfter commencing to take the Sarsapa
rllla I could see nu Improvement In my
condition. My nppetite began to return
nnd with It came tbo ability to digest
nil the food taken, my strength Im
proved each dny. nnd nfier a few
months ot faithful attention to your
directions, I found myself n well
woman, nble to attend to all household
duties. The. medlviue has glvou me a
ni'W lease ot life."
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
merman nv
Dr. J. C. Ayer it Co., Lowell, Mast.
l'tll; libotll.,t. Worth ttabetttr.
Cheapest fuel in the Market,
Great Deduction In the Price of
lu order to reduce oar large -took wo will
dettrw lint II fimtier riot ie-lt quality CORK
fur (lomeKlo purpose at tlie following LOtV
25 bushels, uncrushed, $1.75
25 bushels, crushed, $2.25.
40 bushels, uncrushed, $2.50
40 bushels, crushed, S3. 30.
Exclusive Agents Vablotoa OaHht
Co.'s Coke.
Also tbe Most Extensive Dealers ia AH
Kiads of Partly faeh
1514 ueveath t n w.
Ill Ninth Maw.
Thirty Mcoad aad l kts a w,
First and N U n w.
Twelfth sad Water U s w.
llMtn w.
Third and X sU n w.
141 Pa are n w,
SOIlKstnw aal.tsa
Grind, Upright and Square
Si-aeUt attetitloa of purcbaaers Is lavitad
to iut
Flitbibed la llelgws of
Eeaoad-baad Piaaos at AU Prtsw.
Wm.Knabe & Co.,
817 Market Space.
Beat aati Muaat Tenairs at tba asty- las-
Vtu'kasi-btsaV ,
-Uey af ivy Hrn4ssigttaiaJ,
P'We" spk w r 1
WaMp fJilBsp 4 PnaJsV W 5
VY wiwrwoila 9,
-l-fcUtv eVuttU.
giXTtt aTMJUtr AS.U fa AVE
1 W'JObUUkX tii.l-jl
We are about through renovating our second and third floors.
Tie mechanics will be ready for our first floor next week. We
want lo rive them all the room we an to do their work In;
therefore, make a discount of 3f per cent, on all tools la the
house. Men's Suits, Hoy's Suits, Children's Suits, Men's Odd
Hants, These are no old Blockers that we would bo glad to sell
nt any price, but are nil fresh and new, bought this season, and
v ore food vn'uc at regular prices.
Call and look through our stock. You wilt not bo Impor
tuned lo buy what you don't want.
931 Pennsylvania Avenue.
1003 Pennsylvania Avenue.
SummerOiscount Until Further Notice.
Etchings, Engravlrgs, Water Co'ois, Fhotjgraphs and All Pictures
Stoc't rxcepl Allotypes at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
Special attention paid to Framing, Reglkllna, Moving ana Doxtng rioturoi and Mirror J.
Estimates Furnished on Any Kind of
Corner 7th st. and R. I. ave., Washlngton.
J 334i south side Water St., West Washington.
James B. Liambie,
1415 New York Avenue,
UftK CSaUtS.
ooLora aiu
A yes M aHaaj i haawtuai isread.
Ssing .fafW. Hslsttlta. WltCsJa-L-ialsa fisttkjL uuc
VlanPST aasjf esf"tepw ."er -eF-ept waw
Mf Jfcll eMpMHt etQsi leMUMA MMKUAe
ww. v. our & ca
idtttdst ttl Coal's W Ljsi
ItfflCS. ItU h iCuCburaa VuiiOioal.
YAJUI. Cur 11 at fijj Uol i.c
Safe DepositCo,
din nomrjjtr sjjnl Aat U asaaaaw.
cxfiTi. , T - tgasyonci
m um nuules,
uwrm or um,
ieja HsUSOLAJt 1HI MMsVMsfisW
TrAbtSs ""cr -
(MMsei as M -MaVIIMaT VBUWalaV
JL 1 . iHk tae. ut Uv York in,
at-memc V- s. thjusost.
We used the ground for the Storage of Our
Surplus Stock of Lumber.
Come Up and
The owner has extended our time a
short while. Our customers reap the
benefit. The Lumber nnust not be
Sixth Street and New York Ave. N. W.
GAS BOILERS,$I.f 5 and $1.50.
GAS COOKING STOVES to cook for eight to
thirty people. Just the stove lor summer use, as the In
stant the coolcing Is done you can extinguish the fire.
413 Tenth Street Northwest;
W BfcYwlk bt N. W ,
Get Our Present
IH 10 OB 13 KIHUTE3.
ftcit W U04 yUvw' Hali
924 Pennsylvania Ave.
WhWesale. aad Retail DwrteM la
Oar WaWM f-6 to All Parte of Ure Olty,
ImHmlln Mount Pleasant.
CALT.S-MS, T!t and .
Look Dot for the White Wagons 1
ii a iriib a i)s.
The Great Pennsylvania Route
To the North, Weat and Southwest.'
Dtmbla Track. Bplendlil Scenery.
Steel PIH. M(irnlflcnt BqBlpnHt.
In effect May 11th, 1990.
Train leave Wanhvogton, Irora stathm.eor
atr of Mxth and 11 streets, m follows:
Fob PwTMicaa ami tbe W"et, Chleaeo Llml
tfd BjpreM.of Pnllman VestlbnleCarjat
H I B0 a m dally; Fat Mno, 10.50 a ra dally to
ChtaMo. ttofnmbOT and Kt. LonK with
Heepftff Car from HarrKbnr to lndlanart
olfj, Plltermnc to Columbus; A I toon i to
Cbleairo. ft, IxraH fhlcaeo ami Cincinnati
Kxpreas, 3 30 p ra dlly. Parlor Car Waih
li gton. to Harrlsbnr. ami Sleepln Car
llBtrlsbnrB to St. Louis, Chlcairn and Cin
cinnati, and Dlnloi; Car narrlibnre to St
Inli , C hltnpo and Cincinnati. Vtern Bx
rvrew. at 7.4 n m dally, with Sleeping Car
Washington lo Chicago and 8t. Lonh, oon
ncctlng dally at llarrlsbnrg with throngli
Sleepers for LonlsTllloand Memphli. Pull
man Dining Car Pittsburg to Richmond and
t hlcngo. I'Aclfio Kpres, 10.00 p m dally.
Tor Pittsburg and the West, with through
Bleepcrto Pittsburg and Pittsburg to Chi
Pen Ramk. Canandalgua, Itoehoster ami Nl
agara Falls dally, except Snnday. 8.10 a m.
Fon Enia. CAnandalgua and Ilochoster dally;
fc r liulTalo and Mearn dally, exeent Sat
urday, 10 oop m, with Sleeping Car Wash
ington to Itochestcr.
Fon WitLtAMsroBT, Lock Haven and Klmlra,
at lo.co a m dally, except Sunday.
Fon WitLtAMsroRT, daily, 3.30 pm,
Fnn rniLADtLriiiA, Now York and the East,
7.S0.0 CO, 11.10 and 11.40a m, 9.10, 3.15, 4.30,
5.10, 10.00 and 11.30 pm. On Sunday, 9. 00.
11.40 a m. 2.10. s.15, 4 0, 10 00 and lt.so p m!
Limited Express of Pullman Parlor Cars
9.40 a m dally, except Sunday.
Fon New Yona only, I.lmlled Express with
Dining Car, s.ro p m dally.
Fon PniLAntLrntA only. Fast Kxp:csi 8 10 a
m weekdays and 4pm daily. Express
Sundnr only, 8.40 n m.
FonUosroM without change, 3.15 pm every
Fon PnootsLTH. N. Y all through trains con
nccl nt Jcrfcy City with loats of Brooklyn
Annex. arTtmllng direct transfer to Fulton
atrci-t nvoldlngdoublo ferriage across Now
Yolk City. w
Fon Ailaktio Citt, 11.40 a m week-days, 11 20
pm dally.
Fon IlAi-TiMOna, A.3S, 7.20. MO, D 00. 0.10, 10.00,
10.M, ll (Oand II 40a n, 1J.05, 2.10, 3.1 3.30,
4 00, 4 SO, 4 30, 5 CO. A.40, 0 CO, 7.40, 10.00 and
II .sop m. On Sunday O.on. 0 03. KM, II.w
a m. a 10, 3.15. 3.30, 4.tX,,5.10, 0.00,
7.40, 10 TO and 11 20 pm.
Fon Pora'a Ciiikk Line, 7 90 a m and 4 JO p m
dally, except Sunday.
FonANNAroLis,7.CO and 0.00 a ra, 1J.P3 and
4S0pm dally, except Sunday. Sundays,
0 00 a.m and 4.80 p m.
In effect May llth, 1900.
Fon ALEXAanniA, 4 30, 0.3S, 7 4 8 40, O.K.
10.67 n tn, KOI noon.g.OO, 3.30, 4.l, 4 53, 0.OI,
8.0, 10.1 and 11.39 p tn. On Sunday nt I 30,
7.45, 0.43 10.57, a m, 9.30, 6.01, 8.04 and 10.03
Accommodation for Quantlco, 7.13 a mand
4JApro week-day. 7.45 a m Sundayi
For IticuxoNh and the South, 4 30 and 10.57 a
m dally. Accommodation 4.58 p m week
days. TnAiNsleavo Alexandria for Washington, O.OS
7 c , 8 10. 0.IO. 10.15. 11.07 a m: l.sn. 3.00, 3.50,
5.10. ops, 7.0s fl.w. 1037 and ll(H p m
On Sunday at 9.10 and U.C7 a m; 9.00. 3.1
7.08. 7 so. 9.30 and 10.37 p m.
Ticket nnd Information at the ofllce,
northeast corner of Thirteenth street nnl
Pennsylvania avenue, and nt tbe tntlon,
whereorderscan lm left for the checking of
liegaage to destination from hotels and reil-
ciias.'b. punn. j, 1?. wood,
Oenetal Manager. Oenl. 1'ass, Agent.
Italtimoi'O nnil Ohio Hail road.
Schedule In effect June 36, 1S00.
Leave Washington from station corner of
New Jerter avenue aad U street
Fon rmrAGo and Northwest, Veitlbutod
Limited expreaa dully 11.30 a m, express
FonCixnuXATi. St. toul and Indianapolis
expreM daily 3.30 ai.d 11.30 pm.
For 1'itthbl'Bo and Cleveland, expreM dall
ICO a m and a. p.m.
Fon LxxiNaTON and points In the Shenandoah
Valley, lUOam.
For WiMnrTin and way stations, tf.TO p m.
Fon Lcrat, 13.30 and '8 40 p m,
Foil llALTiaonc, week dais, 4.08,8.00, 0.33,
1Q. 7JUUS.U) 48-mlnute), 8.30, 0.30, (11.00.
U.00 48-mlautes) a. bi , U. 10, 9.13 UM 45
roluuteaj. (8.18, 48-B.tnuies), 3.98, 4,90, 4.30.
4M U0, 48-mlnutes). 8.30 0X0, B.IS, 8. 'JO.
7 10. 7., 8 J, 9.W. 10 SO and II 3D p. m!
mndaj. 4 (5, 7.ao. 7U. s.so, 990 am,
(19.00, 41 minutes) 1.00, 9.15, (9.50, 43-mla
ut)3., l.uu, 4, (1.50, 43 minutes) 0.00.
6.1, 8.90, 7 JO, 8.3ft. 10.'. 11.30 p a.
Fob Wat kTATtoM betweea Washington and
llalilmoro. SCO, 8.36, 8.30 am-, U.io, 3j,
4. 6). 11.10pm. Sundays, 8.30 am., 1.00,
3M. 4. 19. U.'JU, 11.30 pm.
Trains leave IIaltimobe for Washington,
week days, 5. CO, 0.90, d.re.7.15,,
8J0. 8 38, 9.30 and 10.90, 10.33 am.; 12.00,
19.10. 9.10, 2 3i, 9JO, 4 00, 4 IS, 8.00. 8 00, 8.),
7.CO, 7-10, 8.90. 8.30. 9.00, 10.10, 10JO and 1 1.00
p m. MiikI aT, 8 , 7 15. 8 30. S.3S, 9 3J. 10J0,
10J a W 19 00. 1.08.9 10.930,4.15 5XO.S.20,
7X,7 30.8.9J.830, IU 10, 10 JO and 11.00 pm.
FuHAhKAitLis,(36 and 8 30 a m., I.'-10 and
4 30 p , Sundays. 8 30 a m., 4 39 p m,
La e Anaapttlls. 8.35, 8.37 a m., 19 05, 3.ts
pm. busdays, 8 30a ui., 3.3J p m.
Fva bTATioi, ou tbe Metropolitan Urano
14 3S, $a0 a m.,11.15 p m. For prltclpa
ttattuiw oaly, 1.t0 a m.tl.'JO and ts.St
Few Kockviujc aad Way Stations, tl.15 p m.
FHtOAivHioiwaBd iateriaiMlUte pu'nu
.,jwjw, tn e pra.
Fw Uou'iaad iuteruedltite stations, 9
Cuubch tbaim laavea Wasblagtoa on SuaJaT
tlllt i m., ttopptag at all atatioua oa
Mt(oUtea Bfaach.
FaHFt.aiMutuK.ta.ao, 8.30, H30 til. 30 am..
ti.ia.tt 30. tt.au nu.
Fob llABMwfowM, tW 40 a bi. and t J.30 p m.
Tvaim ABBtvclruBi CUUiijio dally 11.45 am
IU 4.1Mb m: from ClBclBnatl and St tsuiit
itnUy 3.(4 a ra aad 9-86 p m; IruBi ntUburg
7-W a n. iM p u dady.
Fust Naw Yuas, TfmbIob, Newark, N. J . and
kliSdlMth, K. J , I06, ts.09, 18W, li00
an. 9S0. UM aoU '10.30 p ra. Buffet
Patlor Cant oa alt dcy traia. Sleeping Car
oa Mm M 39 p ra, ooa dt tM p ra.
FB FHiiAttBU'HU, I (8, Muo. I.00. 'liOO
aaoa, 'IM. M. H.U aad UI.31 p ra.
F4M bxikABK, link , Wilalaatoa aad CbbUm,
UM. taw a ra, 19.eo boju, 9 30, 'LSO,
1.14 afut HNm.
Faa utumMm voum betwea Baltlraor
aad Ptd uUtpaia, t8 00 aad 17.99 a ia, ti w,
Taaiaa uuit New Yotk for Wasulagtoa,
8a tUJt a ra, , i.x, 5.oo p u and
Tkaismi umvk FUladalpUa tor Washington,
MJM. 8.11, .18. 11JJ a is. tl.40, 'Ul,
8J8. nVpra.
Vim Bnaiw, iM p a. wtth Pallraaa BaJTet
aajsaaiauc Oar rwaatay tarouBh tu HqIimi
wjtiarai'ctaaagsl. via KaadiaaulB Bridge.
UbsUk iiniaaaia lu B. Jt if. utlin at
FsMTA.aiAj.ue Ctxr. 4X5 aad M 00 a ra. li.00
boob. Saadaya, iM a at. U.oo aouu aad
Waaa dak, 9.1S a ra. 1 aa, 4 S p ra. Suu-
diis, s.a a aa.. i aa. i u v ra.
ljuva Bat BUM., wavk days. 6.30, 8.30 p ra.
8jiutara, aM, 8 W p a.
tSauttf sMiasUy- 'Dally. ISuoday only.
""gftg" caJLUtd fur B4 iheikcd Iroiaho
Uht aad itaJdeacsM by Uaioii Traufer Co. on
oder Wit at tlukat oraeos. 819 aud US1 Fa.
ae. and at deuut.
da Vanajeer Utu P At't.
or urn only:
R rUOl life o.aiJ u4 VC&Y008 Dlllimt
fl,rTT?T,'Wckn''"JyJ'iK'i Sffwu
!Mr.,.,lA aIUA lUklU.Olm 01UiN A -BIS BUUt.
4U...I .1. 1, b.Ullu HUBS mmUI-IU.,11. I S ilw
i ir.t.f, frw S3 OtAW T.rrit-fii . b4 t wri lt,u I alri
rai. Mrli. lAca
fu.l. nilsjiuJ.m tutJ itrwt f wiLC
bubU !.
AAdnw Ut UUttUU Cfi.. (UlfALl. 1. 1
I pruerto aaa tally m
dons Il(u Lb ou
uti4f 'or OiLtiacH
of Lttia aiseAce
AlileCilAlu. JBkt Y.
W ba a vaii. u.f U fM
Xcauy ycais. au4. lb BA4
Ij k. DYi. HE 1 CO.,
ibl.axa. Ill,
81.M, SuIdbtuusdAtA
cuicMtsrrcBS cnclism
Ked f 'um DiAimmd Jtraud.
6. t a k ' "At U. f fur l.mr
Vti, tmUf tkfaaTo. Ki'iniM oh a avia. ra.
M?i io t dats.W
icTV fcMartirtitfti
iS nraoibliA
. SIsiAsiatAxUalSt.
I 4TSb1b'I,xWI
tfif Kyi
r) " Ir

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