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ti. 1- Corner .Seieiilli nml II SI. .V. W,
1'realdent AVnnilrulV Unites n Miiulfuto
on ili lleport,
Riti akr, Utah. Sept. 85. The
following manifesto was published here
'lo whom It way coucsrn: Press dts
I .'tcbt taring beeu teut from Salt LaWu
C , wlili li nave been widely puMUbetl for
l tiitital purposes, to the uifntt that tli
I tab I'oiumtasiou, In their rcut report to
tie, Secretary of tli Interior, allege that
plural marriage are Mill belug solewuUuil,
u'ld that forty or wore such marriages
have been contracted lu L'tab aluce lt
June or during the past ) ear; also, that la
tui'lli dlacourMx the leader of tna cbun-h
bare taught, eneouroeail and urgad the
continuance of tbe practice of polygamy,
i, therefore, a president of the Church of
Jet-us thiUt of 1 jitter J toy Salnta, do
!iui.l. ill tbe inut solewu manner, de
elate that tbe charge are false. We are
net teaching polygamy or plural marriage;
l r r I'i'i uitttln. au peraou to ewer I a to it
1 1 3c It e, aud I deny that either forty or
gpv other number of plural marriage have
iHuii '4 that period been sokmuiixed is uur
tcni;.ic or m any other place iu the Terrt
t. rj.
tnc tase uas been reiiorted in which the
1 art us allege that the marriage a per
forin., d iu the endowment bouse b Salt
lake City iu the spring of l. Bull
1. .-, . nut beeu able to learn who performed
the creuiouy. Whatever w daaeln tbi
niatrer wu without my knowledge. Iu
cuii.iueuceaf this alleged occurrence the
i ii.h m otiut house ww by ui) instructions
tul in dott without delay. Inasmuch a
Uv. -bue beeu enacted by Congress fur
! M-bug I'lural uiarriagea, which law hate
lui. prouounced constitutional by the
c ' urt of laat resort, I do hereby declare
i... iiuution to submit to these lavt and
ui a!i my Influence with I be member of
ti. iliuiih over wukh I preside tohave
tinm Uu like Us. There U nothing is my
tutLiua to the church, or in those of uy
u - i uitt, during the time tpeclaed widen
c ju uasouably be construed to Inculcate or
ilk ourage polygamy, and when any eider
1 1 . he ihunh ui used language whkh ap
i. ..id iu t-onvey auch teaching he hi
I ..u promptly reproed; and I sow pub
luiy.iii.hvre that my advke to the Latter
1 '.. jiut U to refrain from contracting
ai. iu .tiiiage forbidden by the lavs of the
1 u,J Wiuoan Wooencer,
i'. i , ..'. Lt of the Church of Jean Christ of
1 an ii ! Saints
Siiu.li of the aaitaB.iHef l
Llubberf at iVHstea'S TssjO.
J', i.i in, Sept. S3. At the trial of
iiiiaui u Brin t Tipperiy tu-4y
tin nuwd wm refused 1tuUilo to tbtf
l. ait ruuia. tuul were aitack.4 by the
rnuc who ut4 tbir bnton ftecly.
he 1 1 ul well-known tucn wer viciously
i .' ! uil and BMMiWn of O'&ries'a
l n ciuie Into court witu cut a4
1 ..i.liu- hvad. Both Ht. UiUoa m4
n. i ti Uiua ml lb. $ok MorWy y
i . . ul u the Cotut to atop auch waotou
1 hinj
jMiuk t)'JrW w ttatortnd to Tip
rii iv by apuoiittf of pfatiimnt Ki-
i.. . aiuu, and tim mm wmm f
t i.i. t uiiirkud kn nali-nnt-n to tfe eown.
iL-maa J. Condon. M P , foe Ttp-
juai.v as arreaUsJ to day.
I . , ,ii i..u.rth page for the sale ir lots
' lunula L J.jUu F WaiJiiU
i ' a .1 U allci.U Uultbacot
As a Party Measure It Is Rflgard&d
as a Fatal Mistake.
Bs Methods Will Bo Vetoed at the Falls.
Women as Hustling Politicians.
The Situation Generally.
HtciiMON'M, Va., Sept. 30. The no
tion of the Republican IIou?e In giving
to I.nngRlon the fiont to which Mr. K.
0. Vonablo wag duly elected from the
rottrlh Congressional district, elves
satisfaction to none of the polltlcalpar
ties In Virginia. As a patty measure
It was a fatal mistake on the
part of the Republican lenders In
Washington, nnd will have the
effect of returning n probable
full Conurosslonal Democratic delega
tion from Virginia nest fall. The only
persons who are gratified at the result
of the contest nrc the horde of Ignorant
negro followers In the "black belt"
who Mipported Lnngslon In defiance of
Mnhonc and the regular nominee of
the parly. Judge Arnold, two years ai;o.
Among the Democrats the unseating
of Mr. Vcnnble has aroused Intense In
dignation nnd resentment, which will
fo far to swell their vote next fall.
Inhone feels outraged that the parly
leaders did him r.uch a gross act of In
justice ns to scat the negro bolter In the
tliatilct In which he lives, and whoso
openly defied his authority as chair
man and head and lender of the party In
the State.
The nntl-Mahonltes arc scarcely less
dlfcMtlitkd than their brethren of the
regular faction. All of them declare
that It Is n blow that will work grent
evil to the party in the coining cam
pali!t). It Is believed by Itepubllcans
lliMt Lnngslon has been backed all
along by the Harrison Administration,
and tbe while Itepubllcans are desert
ing the party by the wholesale. A rail
has been Issued for a nicotine of the Re
publican Committee In the Fourth dls
tilct, which will take action next week
In regard to a convention to make a
nomination. It Is safe tossy that Ling
Mon will not be the choice of that body.
riiiut)Ki.fiitA. Sept. 93. An ad
dress signed by representative of fifty
of the comities of Pennsylvania has been
Issued from the headquarters of the In
t'eremleut Republican State Committee.
The address 1 quite a lengthy one, and
oHn with the statement that the Re
publican party has still a mission to
perform in the maintenance of the pro
tective system and the guarantee of a
free and secret ballot lu the hauls of
every citizen.
'J' ne address scores Mr. Delamater as
a self seeking machine politician, ami
ask upon what groumla be seeks the
s port if the voters of the State la his
i e for Governor.
4 The record of Mr. Delamater while
btate Senator Is crlllclted unmercifully,
awl he Is charged with making use of
his oltke for his lttraowtl advance
ment, ami is declared totally unlit for
the ortlce of Governor. He is stigma
tized a tbe tool of Mat Quay, ami the
people of Pennsylvania are warned
that the election of Delamater will
mean tbe Indorsement of Quay as tbe
choeea leader of the Republican pirly,
both 1b the (state and nation.
Tbe address then proceeds to review
Mr. Quay's political record, beginning
with his earliest connection with the
politics of tbe State, and says In 1S7U
tbe lending newspaper of the Republi
can party east blm front their ranks for
bis prostitute of the I'ardon Hoard in
t'.'bneclloa with tbe Itiot bill briberies,
J i's conduct as the moving spirit and
iliiccl beuttietery of the odious iieeofd
tit' bill has not been forgotten by the
citizens of Philadelphia. Responsible
ae users have repealed ly and specifi
cally charged hiss Hith malfeasance in
idfiee even with eattMOzlnnent of Urge
turns of tbe public moneys. These
charges he has seen At neither to ex
plain nor deny, even after Usey have
galaed currency on the floor of lbs
lower House of Congress.
Under these circus ssnfes it is rea
sonable to insist that Mt. Dnismator's
success will lie Mr. Quay's vindication.
In cpsjfrlus&OM the nUdicss advocntes thn
elestio of ex Governor Robert E. Pat
lison. The ppr it signed by George
. Mnues, chair tunn, and Use entire
nwtsthnsssiist or the feltntn eonsnafttne
vavk to ruim haskjs.
Prrrsuin.., Pa., Sept. J. The
frlnniln ol Saiinisof Qtsny la Wnstet s
Pennsylvania having tted in tltair ef
forts to taty osw of taw daily pa now
)iiibHbrd in Itttsburg, have itwrliiUiil
to isstse a pmmt of titeix own, henttnanjc
not lte tan October 10. Tho pper
m Im caUwi the " V. D. Bingham
ill be editor. For the pst life years
be hat lea editor of C. L. sitgee'i
7"s The tiiD of the sfaM'Is.hfw'fS
yi wM he snade pjfeli at oaf iu it
is to secret at they are in synjsatlnr'
ith Quay, sad the '" will divide
ui ST. P. Seed's fuutMnul finsMt
tite hi nor of riwrtiseinitiinj tihe fientator
in Vesier n Peaneylvania Asnalsasove
U ti gsntot s aauthet' entost oa the part
of tae Quay wen to ight Masee in tWs
counsy, It Eas occasionjdil niniiifi.TniiUi
&WMMjUtAMiC &0nT fck Wi MstJMH' JfilnlMnteHni
la view of the aproachin,tf Soveni
ber elections the Secretary of Uae Navy
has address d a letter to the huh
niaadeats of the various navy yards
i ailing especi&l attention to the act of
Cocgrias providing that no iucceaae in.
the furt-c of any tuny yard ahull be
UiaJc- al duy Uuic ultUiu ali day be
fill au iUilUij) TUi. Sn.te'.iry Is
quests that as soon as possible after the
4th of September the commandant
will make a return to the Department
showing the number of men employed
at the clow of that day. of the ration
rat I tits under each bureau, ioeether
with a consolidated statement of the
seme. The force at the navy -yards will
not he Increased unless absolutely neces
sary. LAilOItriltS IK POLITIC?.
CutcAoo, Sept. S5. A 7mtMspecl tl
from Indianapolis says: Considerable
excitement has been occasional In labor
union circles by the finding of the own
mlttce which was appointed some time
ago to investigate the charge that
certain tnembeis were pledging the
Central Labor Union support to the
Republican candidates. The committee
found that Tom Gruel, president of the
union, and twelve other members had
gone before the Republican committee
nnd pledged the support of organized
Inlmrlf certain men were nominated for
office. Tho report closes w 1th a final
tenuest for the resignation nf tho men
who arc thus trying to barter away the
Independence of unions.
HiNoitAMTON-. N. Y., Sept. 33. At
yoMcrtlny's school election hero over
."00 women cast tholr ballots, the largost
vote of women ever polled. Active
electioneering was Indulged In by many
of the ladles, and several leading society
women voted. The wife of one candi
date drove around in her carriage all
day, bringing women to the polls to
vote for her husband. In some districts
tho majority of voters were woman, nnd
In the whole city nearly ns many women
ns men voted.
Tho good order which the attendance
of women nt the polls produced w.u
gcncrnlly commended.
DIM IIY HIS ntii:.N!.
Three thousand enthusiastic colored
ftlcnds of Representative Langston as
sembled In front of his homo on Pom
t roy street last night and tcmlored him
n serenade In honor of the successful
contest for his seat In the House. Ross
Hamilton and Sandy Parker presided,
and Hamilton Introduced Dr. Purvis,
ytho said he was proud to have the
honor of congratulating Mr. Langston
on tho part or his friends, and amidst
veils of applaue Introduced Professor
Langston as the biggest negro In
Professor Langston In reply made a
few acceptable remarks during the
course of which he said that he con
sidered It n high honor to confer on
any American a tent In the House when
Reed Is Speaker.
He said In conclusion that his first
duty would be to God, hl second to bis
cnuBtty ami that any man, white or
black, could command him.
Almost nil the prominent colored men
in the District were present last night,
and after his speech Professor Lingston
held an Informal reception and shook
hands with many of his friends as they
llled through his parlor. A reception
will be given Professor Langston at the
Metropolitan A. M. K. Church neU
Tuesday evening and will doubtlessly
be well attended. The committee hav
ing charae of the reception will meet
at No. 3011 Vermont avenue this even
ing. Culuruiln Uciuotsrat.
Prxver, Col , Sept. 35. At 10
o'clock yesterday morning the Demo
cratic State Convention was called to
order at Turnhall. Committees on cre
dentials, permanent orgsnUailon, reso
lutions, and platform were appointed
and made reitoris. after which the con
vention adjourned until to-day, when a
btate ticket will be nominated.
fioiulBateil In I' luce or Variable.
Petejublmo, Va., Sept. S3. The
Democratic Convention of the Fourth
Congressional district today nominated
James P. Eppes of Notts way County
for Congress. Ex Representative Vendi
ble, who was unseated by the House
oa Tuesday, absolutely declined to run
tin the S3 Ith lUllot.
Sept. 25. Tbe Tenth distriet ItepuUt
can Congressional Convention notul
nated Robe tt E. Doan, at 3 o'clock this
HM'tning on the XMth ballot.
Tho VblBawen Held iu St. I'uul, Minn,,
fur Mealing StD.eee.
Nsw Yotuc, Sept, 35. The UtmU
has the following special from St, Paul,
Minn. : Oa lite arrival of the Chicago,
St. Paul and Oataha train this (Wednes
day) Biptninjr Detective Hason placed
under arrest Wing Shoo and Gee Saaat,
Chinamen, oa their way to New York
from Portland, Ore. They are at cased
of a most clever and daring robbery.
Oa tbe night of September 15 the sale
of the large banking establishment of
Dale Ore was blown open and robbed
of f lu.oou. The robbers had tunneled
under the building f roan a long dis
tance, and had lakuiejed correctly
where to strike the bank vault. The
tao Chananaea were searched and four
large halves were found ia their pos
sessiofi, on the bis.1 iff of whk-'h sanaly
soil sdhfrtut
Kntiuaye ItttWJaeal bv a ne.
P&aia Sept. $5. a vtoleat slotwt pre
vailed yesterday at Pete, compelling
the total ssniijestntoa of tmM&c ami kitajc
much damage to the rail ways. Tae
Mediterranean Cotanaav has started
sn"nnsppi"ssn jf r esn'v
rc wvkti to JDiatfee ikiiw witk
nAflknASsfeHl IiMslniUstf
Koawat-s. Oto, Sent k-D. O.
fuller, jfytiffeBi of the Wheeling an I
Lake rie Coal Cosapany , was adjudged
insane yentesidajr alNiTBLQHja by uusav
Keaaaa and vwi he tajtvn to tiu$ TaQ
Asvluam today.
VWiipaiw ihji ifSaivui ii uiuiLua
Uu. iyy L'aat Isat sVslhak
Mat'suae. Ms , Sept go.-tavi and
OsfiaCaie BcvAsnai at iTnaitiiiiiiii GAiT idfti
of Andrew Bryant, were drowned yet;
Urday while tending k'L&u-r pots.
1 . at fourth I'tHl. ful Vli ale ul 1ft
&1 VVi.t lUiUts t J.uf V144iOiill,
Juige Thayer's InUresling Opinion
on the Old Fanatic's Nord.
Wmmaker is Net a Bladinf Anlhorilj
en Either Law or Literature in
Hi3 Own City.
Piiit.Ai)Ri.nitA. Sept. 35 In dis
charging Charles Arentzen. William
Mogulre, James Casey and John Phil
lip, the "Kreuixir Sonata" petldlers,
yestetilay, Judge Thayer staletl that no
law had been violated, and delivered
the following Interesting opinion:
"The book Is a novel possessing very
Utile dramatic interest or literary tnertt.
Its apparent object, as appears not only
from Its text, but from the hhtbor's
preface, Is to teach not only that cell,
bacy Is belter than marriage, but thai
marriage Itself Is a fall from a pure nnd
Innocent statu. Is contrary to tho teach
ings of Christ and Inimical to man's
highest and best spiritual Interests; thnt
the true Ideal of a Christian life is n life
of celibacy and of absolute perpetual
nnd unconditional continence and chas
tity. "Tho nuthor candidly admits that his
conclusions against the Innocence and
holiness of the martlagc state were not
In his mind when ho began to write his
book, but wore nrrlved at In the course
of his icllccllons, while the subject nnd
tho story were being developed under
his linnet.
"'I had not,' he says In his preface,
'the faintest presentiment that tbe train
of thought I had started would lead me
whither It did. I was terrified by my
own conclusion, nnd I was at first dis
posed to reject It. but It was Impossible
not to hentken to the voice of my rat
son and my conscience.' When re
minded that the doctrine which he In
cu'eates ns a Christian duly must. If
universally adopted and carried out.
ticcei sarlly result In the extinction of
all human life upon the earth, he ad
mits the conclusion and accepts It with
the same equanimity with which he In
sists upon the doctrine.
"Neverlhnless It Is everywhere ap
parent lu the book that the Insane fanat
icism which has brought the author's
mind to the absurd conclusion which
he has reached, I a fanaticism, not of
vice, but of over7ealous virtue.
"If In his book he has come to the
conclusion that manlage Is an Impure
and unholy state of life, it must lie ad
milted that he denounces libertinism,
lewdness and a dissolute life In terms
still mote severe. If he teaehes tint
the manlage state Is a fall front abso
lute purity and virtue, he at the same
time anathematises a libidinous life and
all licentious practices. If he opposes
marriage as less pure and holy than a
single life, he at the same time scourges
lust aud debauchery with a whip of
"There Is nothing In this book that
can by any possibility be said to com
meud licentiousness or to make it in any
respect attractive, or to tempt anyone
to its commission. Oa the contrary, all
his teachings paint lewdness ami im
morality In the most revolting colors,
nor is there any obscenity of Indecency
in the language used or In the story
told, however it miy oifead a refined
taste. It undoubtedly teaches the doc
trine to which I have already referred,
viz , that celibacy is better than mar
riage and a higher and purer state of
being, awl that It Is the ideal of a
perfect Christian life to which all
Christian men and women should as
til re. This strikes us, of course, as
being very absurd and ridiculous, awl
as being oppostai altke to Christianity
ami to tbe best Interest of society. It
way even seem to us to be the product
el an insane wind, yet the doctrine is
bv no weans new in the world. The
same idee was prevalent among many
of the early Christians, who looked
upon marriage as one of tbe conse
quences of the fall, and regarded it. as
ha been said by a writer upon this
iubjtet, as 'a tolerated admission of an
bwrure and single nature.'
"The hermits and anchorites of tbe
early Christian times considered ab
stinence from marriage and from sexual
commerce as the triumph of sanctity
nnd the proof and means of spiritual
perfection. Modern Christianity, with
cleaner and more sensible views of the
subject, while it denounces Ueeattous
ness, looks upon marriage as a divine
institution. Kouiin Catholics regard
it with the veneration of a Sacrament
and ail Christina seets see ia U an in
stituttoa which lies at the foundation
of all civilized society.
"Count Tolstoi's Kreutzer Sraats,'
may contain very absurd and foolish
views about marriage, it may shock
our ideas of the sanctity sad aobility
of that important relation; but it caa
ne)t, on that account, he called an o&
scene libel. There is no obscenity ia
it. Oa the costtrary. It ii"ivrifti'fi ob
scenity of every description oa almost
every page. Kot can the language ia
whifihi he expresses his ideas, he sabl to
iae in aav nroner 'i"" ohacftne Wwd
or hja$fesni-
fii-ew nouas ox imawret..
"it is not against the law to print or
seU boohs wn&h vonlnltt Jtfeil an-l
ductriues upon reilglou subjects, which
ertaoka teachinga unost he subject,
Kvery naan has tlie rig unaief atteh a
Goverasest at ours, to diacuss such
utiearions. orsilv or in nriat. if he du--
so la n profiler g beconssmf wanner,
' and does not, ia doing- so, violate 1 tic
atcencses of uie. tie may cau w tu
two and arsue agajaet any received
dwlrtne of the Christian f fish, If he
uses. In doing so, proper sad becotuiu-!
UagimiM But. it OOM (A fill id iuAEOtilU.C
siuto such s distettsatost hlnspheaioua
language or ideas, or obscene, lead or
indecent thoughts or words, or li..M
make liu Jcaciiuil..u tbe occad o i 1
ivilica aud snuftui at the su.o; .n. . 1
tblae.-. 11 acukiuz .-'f lUciii iu 4,
1 iLe a1 .3IK 1 lujvc-il I -i--
wonld unquestionably lie ltable lo l
Icdlcted and punished therefor.
"Undoubtedly It wa an ofTenw at
common law. punishable by line and
Imprisonment, for any one to sell or er
pc se for ile or to tniblte view any ob
scene Iook, print or picture ( i III. Com.
1150; 1 Hawkins P. C. Chapter .I. S
Campbell, M): Stephen C. T. 113) and
thisprinripleof the common liw his
been exprwsly enactetl In the penal rode
of this State, In the fortieth section of
that code, which declares that 'If any
perron shall publish or sell any fllthV
ami olwcene libel, or shall expose for
sele, exhibit or sell any Indecent. lea: I
and obscene ptlnt,' he shall, upon con
viction, pay a fine not exceeding $."W0
and undergo an Imprisonment not ex
ceeding one year. Nor can It avftll a
defendant charged with such an
offenee to say that he did It with a good
Intention or for the purpose of expos
ing error or encouraging virtue. The
law, as It Is now well settled upon this
subject, will not listen to any such
excuses. (The Queen vs. IHckhls, 3
Law Hep. Queen's Iteneh SHW, United
fctntesvs.Ucnnett, 10 Ulntchford, Circuit
Court lie p. 3 Ilell vs. the State. 1
Swan 11. 12, Com. vs. Snelllng, ir PIck.
"Much, of course, may In some cases
depend upon tho manner and tho cir
cumstances of the publication nnd ex
posure lo sale. A medical publication
may lawfully publish for use by medical
men woiks of a certain description,
which, if offered for sale generally and
non professionally for tho purpose of
making money by tendering to a llren
llous curiosity, would expose one to In
dictment and punishment.
"If the 'Kreutzer Sonata' could with
any propriety be classified as an ob'ceuc
work, If It Inculcated lewd or olxcene
Ideas, encouraged l!cenllouncss or con
tained obscene or indecent language,
the defendants In the present caseVould
undoubtedly be liable to Indictment and
punishment for exposing the book to
sale In the manner charged ngninst
them. Hut a careful nnd critical read
ing of the whole book has clearly con
vinced us thnt It Is not liable to the
charee of either obscenity or Indecency.
"On the contrary, ns we have already
said, lis whole purpose nnd scope Is to
denounce those vires la the severest
manner. The fact that the nuthor In
dlic-usslng the question of marriage has
rrme to some very silly and nbstird con
clusions, opposed alike to what Is ordi
narily conceived to be CbrlstUn doctrine
on the subject and the general opinion
of all civilized societies throughout the
world, docs not make Its publication or
sale n violation of law.
"The woik may be offensive to our
opinions nnd convictions. Just as others
ate which are dally sold In our book
stcres without objection or clnllenge
from anybody, but It cannot be Justly
tald to lie of an obscene or lewd char
acter, nor Is It either In Its sentiments
or language In any degree calculated to
minister to corrupt or licentious prac
tices, or to gratify lewd desires or to en
courage depravity In any Inrm.
"The Court was reminded upon the
argument that the Czar of Kinilii and
the Pottoltice olllclitU of the United
States have condemned this book as an
unlawful publication; that the farmer
has prohibited its sale within his do
minions, and the latter have forbidden
Its transmission through the malls.
"Without disparaging In any degree
the respect due to these high onlclals
within their respective spheres, I can
only say that neither of them has ever
been recognizee! In this country as a
binding authority In question of either
law or literature. The defendants have
committed no oifense against the laws,
and are therefore discharged."
As soon as Judge Thayer delivered
Lis opinion discharging the four men
charged with selling the "Kreutzer
Sonata," Charles Arentzen. the Phila
delphia agent for the book, had his
agents at work. The sale was largely
increased by the attention attracted by
the trial, ami the peddlers were sur
r undeit by crowds eager to purchase
tbe book. One agent alone sold 183
copies at S3 cents each, while a second
sold 120. An officer attempted to stop
one agent who was selling at the corner
of Chestnut and Fifth streets, but oa
being shown an afternoon paper con
taining a copy of Judge Thayer's de
cision withdrew his objection and the
sale went merrily on.
The learned Judge's opinion, says
tbe itteurd to-day, is ne4 only a master
ful presentation of tbe doctrines which
tbe author inculcates in bis book, but
it effectually disposes of the theory that
because a man's views upon any subject
a bleb affects society may be absurd or
fcorbw, nnd may shock the popular
Wen of established order of things,
their publication is necessarily an of
fense to be visited with the punishment
of the law. To hold tbe contrary view
would be to infringe the right of every
man, under such a government as ours,
to disctits religious or social questions
orally or in print in a proper and be
coming manner, and without violating
the decencies of life. The whole pur
pose ami at ope of the book in question
is to denounce lewdness, libertinism and
a dissolute life, and the fact that some
of its conclusions are opposed to Christ
ben doelriae oa the subject of marriage,
sad to the general social opinion of all
dvtrbwd societies throughout the world,
does not wake its publication or sale a
iolation of law.
Judge Thayer's decision i the more
valuable beekuas it coaaes at a time
whest this would he censorship ctf
morals threatens to invade every de
partment of society. Prej mUce so often
blinds the eye of reason that tiw very
people who, conselentloualy perhaps,
sefcil lo regulate what others shall
diluk or read fail to perceive that they
are nMemptiaa to destroy popular riahls
and p f ecllylegiiiniate liberty by BjitT
log unwarranted power in the hands of
bigoted, intolerant and fanatical indi
viduals, with the logical result that Use
ascesiknte-y of such censotabip would
move step by step Uward those heights
of arrogance in wnkb individual rights
would be forever lost
Philadelphia, has always honored Us
judicial y for its pouter to riae above
clamor and popular prejudice and to
take its stand upon the Inahsnabbt
tybts of humanity, and it may well
houn a judge who. to tbe reminder MM
the tr of Hii-isls and she jnnwV.siW.iMr
1 rticials of tbe Unlud states have coa
Jetuaed tbe "Kreut.ei Sonata" as aa
unlaw ful publication, hail the courage
to reply that tteUhr of thoae oiikials
La ever been reiognUed in this country
mi binding suinoriiy in uucbUmbs of
U or literatim- There uia be 1 rs
iLiolitU but JuJuc Tlijvci L. U
U, 1. lljCll lb.ll iLlt IJIjLL,, alul u ll
. cLj. il t lU l",i..!-l : lAt.i.
So mo Aililltlnnnt Infnrfhnttnn -Minister
Mlmer'n Want nr tjonrnm.
New YoitK, Pept. 2.1. Tho Hw-W
this morning aays- Additional informa
tion ti to the killing of ttarrundla. the
Guatemalan refugee, reached this cHy
yesterday at the some time with the
news that Congress had at list rtng
nlml the mcr sMty for an nfhvial Invw
ligation Into the relations of the United
Stales .Minister to that affair. AtUSflltwt
Is called lo ihr faet that General lhf
luntllawas killed two days after Ike
conclusion of a treaty of peace, the
terms of which expressly granted a gen
eral amnesty to lnurirenls ami similar
offenders In both Guatemala ami Sal
vador. Minister Mlrner, as appears by
his letter, knew that this treaty had
been accepted when he wrole the letter
which was llnrrundta's death warrant.
The report that a daughter of the
dead General had lines teneil Minister
Ml?ncr with a pistol Is conflrmed, with
additional detail which do little credit
to the Minister's courage. The Minis
ter's danger seems to have been far less
Imminent and his terror much greater
II rnu appeared from the first leports.
Fiom the City of Mexico there comes
n singular story, showing lieyontl a
doubt thnt tho Guntcmtlnn Government
has deliberately set about misleading
people of the country, through the
prow, ns to the actual circumstances of
the Darrundtn affair. The scheme was
lo be worked through an apparently
subshll7cd correspondent of American
papers and press associations, nnd had
fair prospects of success.
Threat of a eianernl Tie-Up Poll own it
Stormy Conference Nlrllio on tlie
JUnckey SjKeiii Hcliool 1'rln-
rlpnU' flrlovitiiccK,
Ciiic-aoo, Sept. 35. There is every
profited of a strike of the conductors
and drivers employed by the West Side
street ear companies. For some time
the trouble has been brewing, but not
until yesterday was the alternative of a
tttlke as a remedy for their grievances
seriously discussed by the men. A
committee from the Y est Side Stieet
Car Conductors and Drivers' Henevolent
Association waited on General Mana
ger Parsons yesterday morning. The
grievances of the men were presented
to the manager, antl a long discussion
followed. The conference soon lwcame
stormy, and when It was ended both
parties to It were sullen and angry. So
far as could be learned the general man
ager absolutely refused lo concede a
point In favor of the men. A meeting
of the men has been called for Satur
day night, and unless concessions are
made during the week the prospect U
good for a general tie up of all the West
Side lines.
EvAXaviLLX, Ixt . Sept. 23 There
is a irouoieeome siriiee on tue JtueKey
system. Tbe operators, station agents,
clerks and platform men went out this
mornlug. A committee was In tbe city
last i
night to present grievances to Presl-
dentil. J. Mackey, In which it demands
tne siamiarti prices peui by other rail
roads. .Air. Mackey referred It to Gen
eral Manager Saul, who refused the
demands. Upon receiving Manager
Saul's reply, a telegram wm sent to
headquarters along the lines of the sys
tem ordering a strike at ? o'clock this
Mii.waikee, Wis.. Sept. 33. The
tbfrty-seven public school principals in
Milwaukee threaten to strike, unless
given an sdvaue-e of wages. Inde
pendent of their regular salary as prin
cipals, they receive '-' 30 a night for
teaching in tbe night school, and,
under tbe name of the IHstrkt School
Principal Association, they have sent a
communication to the school board,
demanding their out wages.
Iltlail of Ilia Wrecklnc or lite liu v.
erauteut I'dtrul lluat.
WiKKirsa, Max., Sept. 33. Details
of the terrible ealsmity which bef el tbe
Government patrol beat Keewatbt have
rent bed bate. The boat left for Sel
kirk on the wb instant, having on
board Captain Watts and Corporals
Morpby and Kene. On tbe way they
encountered a terrible storm sad hurri
cane and attempted to reach Swampy
Island. The hurricane was so great
that IniHrfng was found impassible.
The boat was bujfeted by wina$ ami
wave, sad at last Immense wave
sAfuek her oa the side aesateg hag
over. Met pay sad Kene clambered oa
to the tide
was water tight. The men remained ia
tsua sositiQsi f or hours ia the mlffff of n
howling storm. Finally Ueae's strength
gave out, and be fell og and sank.
Watts ""-j- to extricate bimseif nnd
w tsnawsw npnjssnnHWMA w ww9 -" w i
cUmlied up beside Morpby. The two
men lashed themselves with ropes to
the boat, and remained in this position
two days and nights while the ssorm
raged wound them. Alter two day of
wa drowned. Watts 'itsbfil himself
way spent tea days without food, suf
fering the meet intense agony, lie was
jpfa-hfd up oa the tenth day in an ivafi"iB-
niptg. by the siamr Aurora.
and (Ate Itailroad Cempaay bfojb
a Uy 1 year old to the lb-e Head
cmarfcurs this nwutetf who he had
found to Baltimore. Tb hoy gave
U n.tu i Krrv livtfl ud ansa that
; bis hotue was ia lwrgvown ami thai
his mo4bcis name was Ida Era, or
isitbir Ida Dyer. He w ikea to bi
fa,, 1
w ,
i .- .
Ho tki Big Corponlion Ssctpts lis
Just Shan of Tmtitti.
Wbal & Gnaitgt of tee LitU Word "ht"
for Thai of "Market" Amounts To,
CoBgrtM May Act.
"The Washington ami Georgelown
llalhoad Comjiany b lieen as evnrtve
and dishonest towairl the District of
Columbia as It has lieen biuwl toward
tie traveling nubile ami oppressive
toward lis employes," says Mr. An
drew A. Lipscomb, t'.-Assistant District
Attorney, who Is not only well known as
a leading criminal lawyer, hut Is recog
nised as one of the best authorities on
tho law of corporations at the District
"Through the negligence or worse
of ofllclals," said he, "It has never lwld
Into the crlTcis of the District one half
tho laxes imperatively reipilred by
both the letter and the spirit of the law,
Of this I offer the following facts: Ily
section 2 of Its charier the tracks are
declared lo be real estate, and taxable
as such 'In addition to the other real
nnd personal property of said corpora
tion.' Congress evidently Intended to
deal strictly with what it knew- was
destined to be a valuable franchise, and
which we know has grown to be worth
cveral millions of dollars.
' 'Son e years afterwards Statute at
I.aigf, Vol. 10, Sec. 11 an act was
pais til piotldlng that from the ap
praltcd value of the capital stock shoii'd
be deducted the value of any real estate
owned by said corporation." This wa3
manifestly Intended to prevent real estate
used by it corporation In furtherance of
Its corporate existence and entering
Into lis ttock from being taxed twice,
but under this the compteny has
on New Jersey avenue, on W street and
eUewheie, which it rents to tenants,
and upon which It practically escapes
taxation, for instance. 11 litis corpo
ration should see fit to own a million
dollars In houses, and Its stock was worth
only a million, it would only be taxed
for one a faor not allowed an Indi
vidual. "The act of CongreM of March 3,
1W, relating to personal taxes, de
clares that the assessor shall assess said
property Otock) at ilt fair cath mlut.
There cau be no mistake as to the
meaning of this language. It me ins
its fair market value, what It is selling
"The cajdlal slock of the Y.& Q. Ti.
It. Co. is 1 0.000 shares, and for years
past its fair carit value, its market
value, has been over $300. Last week
It was quoted at fJ."l on the Kxchange.
and none for sale at that price. The
fair cash value, therefore, of that stock
to be taxed is a,S3O.O0O anil on that
amount less Its realty assessed at $,
(MM), taxes should have been pah!, In
stead of which Its stock last year was
assessed at onlv f l.lSOO.UOO, from which
was deducted iu really. 3O0,!O7, leav
ing only f t.UW.OWof stock upon which
taxes were paid. How wu this done'
I will tell you:
"Tbe law requires that a blank shall
be Ailed out una sworn to by the proper
officer of tbe corporation. There are
repular printed forms furnished by the
, ana it is mnue
c-oDrertitiiL these matters. When ia
l9i Mr Hurt went to the office of the
Assessor he bad one of those blanks,
and here is a terbatitn copy of the return
as it eppesrs in tbe Assessors oittcu
Capital stock of n coqjoratton: Alt the
shares to be appraised la bulk, at n fair
marketable value, oa tbe 1st day of
June, 1HW, and deduct the sWsaed
value of ait teal estate owned by said
"Mr. Hurt well 'new that the fair
market value of the tft.lkar shares of
tbe read was then and Is sow $3.3&,
000. Yet he wrote in bis own hand
yot,om only. Us the back of that
retum tbe following sflidavtt fat printed:
IHitrigt 0 Columbia, to wit:
1 4oobmii!r.wrtlut
Iain the oftha
sTeortV4rsn KSbOtorkt,att4 4
trne .ujsent oft nstoaat a3 awrkt
vataeef tae vaattnJ nsecs w asMvwtfora-
AdtiMul. '.'....!
Sahwribsd ana
taw ear of
. o BMure mm.
"When he eame to swear to U the
Assessor, in his hand writing, toifetluT
jury were svobied.'
"What authority of law was there for
this action?" asked the reporter.
- Kose ia the wU esceot that di
vinity that doth hedge a corporation
rlut the safiwr dtda t believe hlr.
Hurl, for that year tbe stock in spite of
oath was assessed at i.'W.UiW."
'How did the Assessor arrive at Ihi
as Us vslui '.'"
' 'Ikavea onlv knowa It was tiuated
on Ei.tha.age ai : J, wbk b would have
bees 4wJ.iSo.0w. I njppo Mr. Hurt
thought the smader igtue was
4 nesi nvuat.Tiiu.AL Kiauiu.
I uajderstaad a strntlar return bs btea
ssnde m the year 11, but I nave not
san to, aad Mr Trimble, the preattftt
Assessor, this euDrnin iufoxmed me that
tine to.iison of bjt ?aib3oaj msjinaafeiBi
was to be njaUe a tubjvet of canskWti
Uo by the i"jHBlkKr. I ham ao
tetecaoa of i.AvtUjj o Mr. Trimble.
ft Wnl W w' aw mihhIp4b 'W tpv
Mlmm b made of the cars, any UW i
hem. worth SM eack, fJM. Ko
netuin of the homes, say 44. worth
personal property of ihie fabulously
rk-b evrporatW
By an ait oi the lgWsAne As
MU.II11 iu l"Ti I tutuk aa annual
, 1 -i t ! !' '1 .' 411,1
... iu:
wa done by lb company- tor tWw or
frMT years, bul it Rtrt fir!!, Mfi
fifteen years irrw a rwrmr m ircenso n
has Iwcn paid for a street Mr I the
IHsttict of Columbia, why, ao yon
"Well, the District arrested to
comrwmln ii, t think, tot failure
to pay Iht tax and It appentwl in tin
ftrtntty Ortirt to shut up th CHmins!
Court, lost Its cane In Genera! Term
ami took It to the Rnpfwue Court of
the United Plate where It now l
When some years trout now It Is
nke idrt An aist tun rwrANT,
ae It will be, the statue of HmliHon
will hate ran against any ptoecwtfon
Mid the District will be out again. A
poor hstkman who failed to wty this
tax wnntd have been In the Police Court
or worhhottie.
"I have ho prejudice afftlMt corno
rations which have souls of settse, hut
this road has neither. That there 1 a
pressing heed of holding these corpott
lions to
a strict cren xTntt,rrr
Is easily proven. '1 he law requires th-U
these toads shall keep their tracks and
two feet firm the outer rail In repair.
In 171 the Metropolitan Itoad failed t
do this and the iNsitirt kindly paved
for 11 as It did In 172, 'H ' I T 'Sand '7.
Generous District of Columbia' The
bill was only $ 101 ,000, ami then the Dis
trict kindly waited until 19"0 before
suing. The road pleaded the statute of
limllailoflsaitd the District lost lBl.Omt
through folly or worse. I believe,
though I tlo not assert It, that tbe Wah
Ington anl Georgetown Hallrond owed :t
large amount similarly Incurred.
"I have laid these facts before a dis
tinguished Senator, and he has promised
that they shall lie investigated. I have
no doubt the present Commissioners,
whom I know to be capable anil honest
gentlemen, will see that the stock of tho
Washington ami Georgetown K-tllroivl
Company Is propctly afseseetl for the
year 1H01.
"Take a ride to Mount Pleasant?"
1 111 purl ant l.rttrr nf t tie Untint nf furl
Mmla l-ulillc.
Paiiis, Sept. SI. Just before sailing
for Amtilca the Count of Paris wrote a
letter to M. Ilocher In which he says
"I believe that in the midst of the .11 lH
cult electoral situation last year I re
allrcd what were the true Interests of
the monarchies! cause, banished by the
republic. I take up In order such
weapons as It furnishes me with, and
I do not regret having made use of
these to create division among the He
publicans. Their perturbation? before
the election, their violent behavior af
terwards give us some Idea as to what
the result would have been had we car
ried the day.
"llelng the representative of monircliy
I am to lose no opportunity of Insuring
Its victory. My desire was to allow the
halloa to give voice to its own wbbM
I never hud any other object, and I bavc
never desired to owe anything otberwlm
tban to my country. I now wish to re
quest toy friends not to waste time la
recriminations. I wish Ibem boldly t.
assert their confidence in the principle)
of monarchy and to unite among then
selves, in order to keep up the struggle
Ttey will not be worthy of the eoatl
dente of France unless they have co iri
denee in theweelvcvJn their cause, and
in God." '
The monarchist Journals express tht-ti
approval of the tetter of the Count of
Paris to Senator Bocber juttlfying the
c itme tbe Count of Paris took in de ding
w:tU the Ikiulnngfsts. The Republican
I apers on the other hand condemn in
the ttiongest terms tbe Count's actiui.
They teems him of admitting dish m
f-rable compromises and acknowledg
ing that be was preparing (a sacrifice
tbe country to bis own hatred ami am
Thb WMt VtrslBtu l'M'ciU Coma
tu HtMur IU.th !'u!ltietu,
Kuw Yob, Sept. 85. A special Ui
the VrW from WheelHif. W. Va..
says: A newspaper war has raged for
-ju;e time between Pr, Ueorge O. Cu
riae. City Haalth ffiear and pfcei leut
of the State BoM of Health, sad l
Ceorge Beird, e member of the B r 1
of PuMk Works Both are promlM-..
Demiirailc pnluleians. Tbev m 1'
the Ctty Hall to day v Veda?"!yi ,
after exchanging some emphatic woi J .
Pain struck Garrison a stinging blow
en the breast. Gnrrikoa responded with
n right-hander, which brought bll
from Baird's eye. The he got Batnl
head under bis arm and pounded it
black and blue. Both saea were r
realed and put under bonus to keep tbe
peace. A duel is not tmprobable.
R&9&E snlHHP gspap a Mf a
fb Ham? That mi Miii ry At.
trfbutaJ in - SI it 1
wVB"W ' 'Sinnasms,
Maw Voa. Sept t3. Friends t tub
city of Sister Host Gertrude (Xisa Amy
Fowler 1 declare tbet there is no fouada
tkn in f u. t for the rumor that eoutes
from Honolulu by way of Sea wtmln.-
that she fat to Hurry Ik. Luu oi tine re
etivtng hospital at Kalabi. lister it
CierUuibj friends attribute theiuanr
to the spite of the missionary societies
that have beta doing nil they could to
injure the young woman siace h an
notuued that she laUnded to live njmng
the lepers, as Father Iksatien, did.
She has several frieads ta Brookiya
to whom she fluently writes, sjfef they
ere sure that she would have mntfrnr t
hrnwlhlm about It if she iniesided t
llnisl yatlase s unihtle.
Craw, a ?., $p& m.i$ &m
iaBn&ntS tsniiff fjlff f f Saajttfl &M sfgt.sj
1jffvW''wj sgswnspi esnp twsw HrsJP
susseBsiJa ia but Umporary. it t
dvfiajed, and tbu bank is vvpevted tu
pay aM eUdiu ia full.
fin t'vii, skft. . Order h beea
tttorvdi MnHia. The Maharajiu
has aldk"ated in favor el hjn bcothi.'.
Look at torn th lime tor the sale el i
at Vflc VMgMs by John V. Wasganuu.
VHaftiCiptilt iw ti itilrjtft uort&jv $$&r
f.aaj j.1 ltfjatfciai- lfalAnanaasaV
"""WS"a T WPSS "SSSpfP"
f..i ' f i'lAftui 0 t'u!um'jij, M'lrb 1 f

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