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1lr jL
23B YEARNO. 6,911.
JX SLATE that is light,
jf-"notseless and UN
BREAKABLE is quite a
novelty; add one other feat
ure, double reversible sides,
and you have one that is
about PERFECT. Such a
one is the slate--sce above
cut that we present to every
purchaser oi boys' or chil
dren's clothing. No one
else in Washington has them.
Don't you want one for your
Our selection of boys' and
children's garments, made
expressly for SCHOOL
WEAR, is the talk of the
town. Such values for the
prices were never belorc
seen in this city.
Bring us your boy and
let us show you what a stylish
and reliable suit we sell you
for a small amount of money.
Bt Robinson & Co
909 PA. AVE. N. W.
Xnaaue Act at an Austrian Mother
I'roin (Iravu in Trunk.
Vienna. Sept. 20.--A horrible deed
of a grief demented mother has been
made public, Helene Mueller, the wife
of a matter painter in Mantling, near
this city, lost her only child, a boy 2
fears old, by diphtheria In February
ast, after an Illness of only one day.
The suddonneet of the death appeared
to paralyze the mother's brain and make
it entirely Impossible for her to realize
tuat the child waa dead. She lias,
therefore, devoted almost every hour to
Gluing ou the baby's grave, holding
imaginary conversations with the dead
Oce morning a week ago the sextos
discovered that the grave had beea
cpeced, the coliin lid taken off and the
licdj- stolen, lie at once went to the
liru e of the mother, ami after con
derab.e trouble found that the woman
1 ad du the body up a few nights be
fore taken It to her home wrapped in
a sbawt and placed it la her trunk.
Dutiug the day she had takes it out
and caressed it and at night, after her
liutbard slept, she had taken the baby
to bed wilh her and endeavored to la
fuse warmth Into it.
Iha Winner, Cl)iuer Tliouiai, Harris
tbe Ulrl After the Mill.
iLkESHAUHK, Pi. , Sept. 80
Cluuer Thomas and Prank William!,
two well knowd young men of Skiek
sblnny, engaged In a prize ngkt at Avon
dale W edncsdty evening, ia order to
deU rudne which one should wed Mist
Annie Griffith, the beUe of the village.
Two locomotive keadlfctkU furnished
liUt for the pugilists, aad oaiy a few
f i tends of the fighters wHaeated ike
mil' Miss Urinuk said tke would
mat ry the beat wan. Tkotaas won after
etvt :i rounds had beea fought Miat
.; i utitU's brother ia law carried Ike vic
tor 'ut of the rlag, placed aim oa a
I dikloarj and drove him to tke house
wL.n the ouag lady was stopping.
Two hours later, after Thomas kad kal
XU wounds diessed. tke youag people
-were married Tkomaa remarked to tka
ji .a. Ucr that he was totaewkal diai--lilO
but still iu the rlag.
JJIU of a gromlaaat Aina-Amastana.
New Yoag. gape WUiUm A,
Ilodges. the net promiaani Airo
Amtricaa citizen fat Virginia, died fan
Norfolk on Saptoayker Si. bom kaart
failure, at the advanced age of T5 yean,
lu whs bora la XapavtUe, re,. U
1-n, ot iilv parentage, aad at early
, . ix-iui tu advocate tke cause of
i t a.. iu among aad for ait race.
ki4 sr kMHWutttae.
cuvtti. Oat., Sept, 8a. Tka
L .. uer Detuate. owned aj Adekat.
jv t- uds bees tatted at eiiiemsiiBMti,
1' 1 fur MBuggMag. Ska was sa
il, -i i J u toudl.
I , at I. urtli pae tur Luc Mile of tot
.. 'j tUtU Uu'lUi.aT
But in the Meantime the Teonetwean
and the Speaker
Kennedy's Billeresl Remarks Oeraing
from Enlw's Mouth Will SHU
Remain ia the Reeerd.
Mr. Enloc of Tonttcteeo to day pre
sented a resolution, as a question of
privilege, which stated that lth alleged
that the Postmaster of the House hat
on tho Toll of his employes at $100 a
month a Mr. 11 rati ley, who works In the
Government Printing Ofllce, and that
said Bradley pays $50 a month to the
eon of tho Postmaster, who does not
work In the Postofllce, and directing
the Committee on Accounts to Investi
gate the alienations.
In spooking to the resolution Mr.
Knloc rcforred to tho resolution offered
by him yesterday, and complained of
his being deprived of the floor In a
parliamentary, but unfair, manner.
The Speaker suggested that tho gcn
tlcman was out of order In not confining
himself to the resolution under con
Mr. Union retorted that sometimes it
appeared that the Speaker saw gentle
men on tho Democratic stilo out ot order
much more nulckly than ho did gentle
men on the ltcpubllcan side.
The Speaker replied that. In some In
stances, tho gentlemen on tho Demo
cratic side were much more clearly out
of order.
Mr. Illount was also called to order
for not speaking dtrectlv to tho matter
under consideration. lie resented this,
and declared that only the other day,
when the resolution expunging the
Kennedy speech from the litoord was
undor comlderatlon, Mr. Kennedy had
been permitted to go on for twenty
minutes roaltlrmlng that speech.
The Speaker Inquired whether the
gentleman from Georgia had ob
jected. Mr. Illount replied that there were
times when the Speaker should ob
ject. The Speaker tald that he had seen
nothing In the remarks of the gentle
man from Ohio that called for Inter
ference. The gentleman had lieen al
lowed by the House to make an explana
tion. Mr. Illount remarked that the ex
planation was a reiteration of the
The Chair did not think so. No oae
had objected to It.
Mr. Illount retorted that no oae had
objected to the delivery of the first
speech not even the Speaker.
The Speaker thoueht the geatletttaa
did not mean to Incorporate In TiU speech
an Intimation that the pnseot oeeupaat
was In the chair.
Mr. IllouBt said he did not mean the
picsent occupant,
Mr. Knloe again took the floor. lie
alluded to Kennedy and was called to
order. He objeeled, aad said the
Speaker had allowed geatUiaaa oa both
sides a great range In discussing que
lions of privilege. He Instanced Mr.
llogers of Arkassas, who, oa suek a
ques4ka. had beea allowed to speak
for an hour, attacking the Speaker aa
at'ack which the Speaker had takea
very courteously.
The Speaker admitted that Mr. Rogers
had Buuk attacks oa the Chair wlileb
ought not to have beea permitted.
Mr. Kaloe While we are seilliag
thee little matters
The Speaker Hut the quaatioa is oa
the reeoiutioa, aad the House ia sot at
tHag tkete little watteu.
Mr. Kaloe It doaa mt eoasa with
propriety for aay oeeuaaat of tke akalr
to iadulgtt ia wit aad saroasai aad wlttl
ci&au at tke expeaae of a auMMkar oa
Tke Saaakar Tka Ckak eatis tka
gaatjataaa f rota Taaaattaa to aadtr.
Mr. Ealae Tka geaiitaw will ad
dress hlatoeU to tka maohtUoa.
This ke did, aad tka reaolutio was
Ia spite of tka otdar of tka Hmhw oa
Wedaatday Hfwtiag tka Puttie I'riater
to tju-lude Bapwtatdativa Kaaaady't
apaack aaaat tka Saaata aad Saaator
QuayTfiota tka bouad copy of tka CV
grtttiututl Mtcuri, all tkat part of that
abkr tttort wktek daaertkat Quay at a
cristtiaal, teaadad ur uabr sad-ad , aad at
a tacoad Judaa lttariot, will ieoiaia
etabeiliiad ia tke archive of tke Gov
eraiaieat at a part of Hepreteatative Ea
loe'tieutarkt. The Teaaessceaa u uutad
tke latteteat aad awat objacttoaable uor
ttoa of Keaacdy'a tpaack. aad aude
tkfciit a part of bi owa speech- Tke
aider to txpuage caaaot affect it
Tka Judiciary Cowadttea wksck re
ported tke reaoiutloa atade ska fatal
wHttiltv of ordrriag tka ''apaack" aa
puagtti, aad. by liM&attoa, tiyffrit oaly
to TZtam&s' ttUeraace. Tkwfact w
developed wkaa aoaa of Quit pard
taaa yesterday triad to a tka oadttr
apptted to tiaapottJtoa wtad WWr.
KJiW It was iuwui tkat kt could ami
It wat kehi tkat kad tka word "te
atarkh" bcu used ia tke leaotutfoa ia
wUad of tke word "tpceck" tke otrt
4Uutt.il b Mr ulue would hehicl
iLc fule atLordtd ta Uu; tiue i. jui'jIua
llrm of words m originally nsed by
The preclent for this construction
was created In the Fortieth Uongre.
when William C. Mungen, then a mem
ber from Ohio, attacked Charles Snm
ncr, at the time a Senator. Then, as
now, the "speech" wat onlerwl ex
puDeetl by formal action of the House,
but tho order was hekl not lo apply to
that portion of Mr. Munfren's oiwtal
by Itepreientatlve (now Senator) Dtww
of Msseachusetts and thus matte a putt
of his speech.
"Speech," "remarks." Verily. thte
Is attrr all a vast difference Itetwlxt
tweedledum and twecdledeiA
Mr. John S. Bhrlver, the well-known
corrctnondent of the New York jWittf
and Krprm, hat returned from hit
Ktuopcnn tour, and has reetimeil ohari
of tho Matt ami Hrprtn bureau. .Tolin
Is popular on the How, ami his friends
arc dollghted to have him back.
Judge Crisp of Georgia, who Is feel
ing somewhat indisposed, left last night
for his home In Amerlcus to rest and
recuperate. Ho docs not expect to re
main awny long.
Mr, Candlor In tho House to day re
ported from the World's Fair Commit
tee a resolution providing that a sub
committee of five of that committee
shall bo appointed by the chairman to
Inquire Into the progress of the details for
the holding of the proposed exhibition
nnd to examine into the amount of
space allotted to the varlou? Govern
ment displays nnd other matters, and to
report to the House nt tho beginning of
the next session. It was adopted.
On motion of Chairman Grout of tho
District Committee, tho bill was passed
by tho House, extending until October
1, 1800, tho provisions of tho act fixing
the rntcof Interest on arrearages of gen
eral and special taxes dun the District,
if paid within n certain time.
The Senate to-day adopted the con
ference report on the Hock Creek Park
bill. The House adopted It yesterday.
Mr. Sherman to day Introduced In
tho Scnnto a bill to purchase thuMaltby
House, at the corner of New Jersey
avenue and 11 street northwest, for the
use of tho Senate, together with the
vacant lots on tho north sldo thereof,
provided It can be bought for $U!J,000
and n valid tttlo to the same, certified
by the Attorney-General, can be given.
I fefcrrcd to tho Commltle on Appro
priations. The Wholesale Grocers' Associations
of Uotton and New York have peti
tioned Congress In favor of the nasMire
or the Pstfilock Pure Food bill. Mr.
lllalr Introduced the petitions In the
The House District committee
not hold a meeting to day.
AVurrrn Taliaferro Wout to Sleep tiuit
Never Woke Acaln 111 AuUgaubt
hieeclile it ml Uneotuelom.
Lkxikqtok, V.t., Sept. SO. Yester
day afternoon Cadets Warren Taliaferro
of Virginia ami Frank W. McCommleo
of Texas bad a trial at fisticuffs, from
the effects of which Taliaferro died a
few moments later. There wat some
point of honor at stake, and the two
young men, respectively about 16 and 13
years of age, repaired to one of the
society halls, hail their seconds, aad
drew the ring.
The fight lasted about half an hour,
tad both were badly bruised. Taliaferro
went to hit room with hit nose bleed
ing and went to sleep, and never woke
sgala. His death was only discovered
late yesterday afternoon.
The town U both excited ami ills
tred. Opinions seem to be that noth
ing can be done to McCommleo before
any jury hereabouts, at the two were
evenly matched as to size, and the fight
was fair.
This is the tint lattanee of the kind
is the hlttoiy of the Institute. Tea years
ago a Washington ami Lee man killed
another student with a croquet ball la a
fit of aager; but, beyond those, fist fights
have beea going oa coastaatly, saeat
iagly at a test of pluck, with no bad re
sults. Taliaferro it a nephew of General
Taliaferro, one of tka most proaiiaeat
mea ia the State aad brother of the first
honor hub of last year, bow assistant
professor. Iiotk cadets ate first-year
MeCoauaieo wat arrest ad aad ballad.
Ha wat mo badly Injured that ke kaa
bean speeckkss aad unconscious since
tke fight.
'' in
aEEEST if nma ikb mlun.
litkuUtl MiM'Mulliir lit UrsU
AfUietMHT Ujr I'tymltisnt Mm.
DcraoiT, Sept. St. Aa aaikiittattlr
waatiaa wat kaki hare last avaaiag to
protest against tke arraat of Xastrs.
DiUoaaadO'Isriea aad tka action of
tke police at Tipperary- Colonel Joka
Atkinson prealdad. Tka orators ware
Don M. Dkkiaaoa, ea. Poataiafcter-General.
Kepraaeatativa Ckipataa of this
district, BJakop Pole) of tka dteeeaa of
Detroit aad Vav. Ckaria OKrilly, sec-
ratary of tke Xattoaal Laid League.
Tu UlttM l'j a UUtf.
LtAUMtxa. Kv.. Sept. a Attor
ney Oeaaral Hatdfa ycaterday gave
Auditor Kecdataa aa opinion oa tka
standing of tka Frankfort and tka Unary
Ct.uaiy lotk-rfc. He koldt tkat tka
Ucanae under wkkk tka lotteries claim
to operate it void. It it left for Prota
cuting Attorney PartoM hare to close
tka general onUcat of tka tottery wtifjiwir
tke aaw law.
ViBtUtVjbS K M iMaV toft UattsfnaMtW
Iw. Lotto, Sept a. Von dor Akc it
getting even itk totna of kk maa vko
ate alfrjl to kavy tiUutad BtoMtarkood
cosdiactfT Shorty FuUat, Oa futotu
aUtk tkortatop, wat fiaad ! yesterday
and laid ufa ior tkn ananotn- lie la
ckargad whk Mhlng a giant of kaar .
hut tta taal reatnti at nfl ka sigreii
with Cotnlakcy
I 1. at tuurttt t'AHc tur Uu salt! uf tuts
&l Uib.i.) llUtfUl by JuLu F Wdiuiiu
f-.Vi.i.'U ojjJ Ci tictt ujrtUWwt
The Man Who Worked Night and Day
and Spnt His Mowj for Him,
And Is Making Hasty Preparations te R
tarn te His Indiana Honw Will
RMifH Wilkin Three Wttks.
CtiH'Aoo. J5cpt. a5. A dispatch to
the 7ntM from Connersvllle, Intl.,
says: James X. Huston, tieasurer of
the United States, will resign hit office
within three weeks and return to this
city. The exact date of his resignation
has not been decided upon, but It will
be sent to 1'rttlilent Harrison as soon as
Mr. Huston's residence Is ready for
occupancy. Tor several months work
men have been btiy In tho house, and
as soon as tlicy mote out Treasurer
Huston will sever his connection with
tho Administration and move In.
Friends of the President arc urging
him to remain In Washington and
hold back his resignation until after
the Indiana elections. It Is even said
that the President has made
to Mr. Huston, begging him to at least
tacitly refute tho stories ot their quirrols
by remaining In ofllce a few months
longer. Nono of those appeals has
swerved tbo treasurer from hU inten
tions. He will cut loose from Harrison
at a time when his retirement will be
most regretted and when the Prosldont
has greatest need of friends In Indiana
Ir nn Indorsement of the Administration
by the voters of his native State de
pen tied upon Huston's preserving n sent
bianco of friendship for Harrison It
would be repudiated.
lias been dlicardcd, and, as between the
Harrison nnd Grcsham forces In this
Slate, Huston will undoubtedly throw
bis Influence to the Utter.
The ttory of the friendship of these
two men Is a record of self sacrificing
loyalty and devotion on HuMon'a part
and callous Ingratitude on Harrison's.
Among those who are familiar with
their relations durlntr the last three
yeais the greatest astonishment Is ex
prccd that the nervous and quick
tempered Treasurer bore the arrogance
and Insults of Harrison as long as he
has. For years before hit elevation to
the Presidency Mr. Harrison found It
advantageous to himself and to his fam
ily to
The Treasurer It distinguished for
the splendor and cordiality of hU enter
tainments. Ills palatial home, occupy
ing thu most picturesque site In Ibis
city, has been the scene of many royal
gatherings. The retldence, surrounded
by sturdy forest trees, stands In the
centre of a twenty acre lawn that slope
gradually to the river. Four thousand
acres of fertile farming land constitute
a small portion of Mr. Huston's taxable
proimrty in this county. With almost
unlimited resources at hit command
whose Kentucky hospitality is celebra
ted throughout the State, Huston enter
tained bit friends on a scale of magnifi
cence that would be dimcult to surpass.
Mr. Harrlsou for a number of years was
among tbe raoit frequent guektt at the
Huston homestead. When the Treas
urer drifted into politics and assumed
the leadership of the Itepubllean side
of the Indiana Senate be ami Harrison
became Inseparable friends. After tie
defeat of the Itepubllean national ticket
In Ib&l. when the President was a can
didate for re election to the Senate, be
selected Huston to conduct the cam
paign. The party, disorganized by de
tent and disheartened by the prospect of
IntlBc a Untied States Senator, was la no
condition for an aggressive campaign.
Harrison bad none of tba elements of
kuceessful leadership. His candidacy
did not enthuse the voters. Naturally
chilly xxd Aivrnns,
be was practically inacceeaibU to moat
of the leading Republicans of Indiana
during bis Senatorial career. He found
it extremely ditncult to descend front
tbe lufiy beixhtt of his Senatorial
redtsiel and wlngla with the bums who
make legislatures. The aasuaiptioB of
dignity did not Imprest kit aatiakla
Ilootkr constituents favorably, aad
when ke eatae koute to stand for re
eketioa the outlook for Republican sue
east wat decidedly unpropitious.
Huston entered upon hit duties at
ekairataa of tke Intate Central Coaunit
taa witk athutiaani. Ha saw aa op
port ually to inspire tke Party with new
courage by carrying tke Vice Prest
deal' State titer tke firtt Dewocratk
President of tka decade kad been In
augurated. Itis activity at aa organizer
wat conceded, aad tke Detaoeratt were
forced Into
a hot run
at sooa at tka caaapaJgk oneaarl ia
tntaa of tka fact tkat tka BepubUean
Stale ticket was elected by T.uuOplu
raHiy. tka candidacy of lUrriaoa for
w ekctioa to tke Senate wat to unpop
ular tkat tka LftriaUiura vat a tie oa a
strict party vote, labor caadfciatot kokl
iag tbe balance of power. Bnatoa at
once prepared to ngkt tka battte over.
and kit tCorts in Barrkoa't bakalf are
wtnuralde in tke history of Waaatartnl
contents. He assumed toadattkip la tke
upper branch of tka Iiflgisiaturf "t
wat tka oae waa for vkoar Qroaa
Stnfek kad no terrors. At oaa tea tke
Ikjaaocrait awtously coatiitarnti tka
question of unhealing kiat in order to
Mea oon in moat locnuannto mu
rkr to TurpJe's election- F petaoaa
vko witnessed tka tttrkttawat ttsaaaa In
cident to tkat prolonged fmtett would
have Utile ved tkat Sutton, awl Harri
son would ever
acfXMtc sKMtuta.
Tka fijfkt wnt directed natircly by
lluttvn- H atuod in tka tatoeat of
tka content f rotu tka Uui it heft until
Senator Turpia't iffdnnAla kad neon
issued. During tka struggle Warrttoa
and Uuaton were in hourly coaferiav.
Kti) nint titer the xttniona t.luo.J
HutUn Wuuldjlet liito , canUc Ji ...
(.Lt K UlUlU..il h'Ull. ifld iiliai.uj -
plan of action for the following dy.
Although the liattle was lost, the chair
man came out with a reputation at a
fighter equaled only by his fanw as an
"They have beaten him for the Sen
ate, but we will make him PraMdent."
Huston remtiked after the strnagle was
ovtr. During the summer months of
15S8, Harrison hwl no mote enthntlasttc
champltm than Mr. Huston. His bud
new Interests were abandoned Altogether
In hit efforts lo advance the camthlfrcy
of the
After the Chicago convention he rime
home, and from that time until the
polls closed, gave all bis time to the
Indiana ctmpelRn. "That election,"
mhl one of the treasurer's closest
ftlendt, "cost Mr. Huston $00,000 of
his own money. I know what 1 am
talking about, when I say that he spent
that amount In gold to hold this State In
line, lfock In" Huston's bank there
stands a heavy safe that contained
$0,000, and, when the election was
over, there was not a dollar of It left.
Ncls Huston Is not a man to split
?;uinet in any transaction, much test
n politics. 'He used to come home
from Indianapolis every Saturday night
carrying an old leather hand-tag, and,
when lie returned to headquarters
Monday morning, It was full of gold.
I do not My that he would have paid
this money out had lie known that it
would never be returned, for he prob
ably expected that the committee
would reimburse him. Hut what I do
know Is, that
ot that pile of gold for Harrison and
has not been repaid. Ho was treas
urer of the committee as well as chair
man and carried the money, after con
verting It into currency, In his pockets,
not even depositing It In banks. When
he turned tho books over there was a
balance of $11,000 on hand.
Everybody sumiosed that Huston
would be made Secretary of the Treas
ury. It was taken for granted that ho
coulcd bavo anything lie wanted, and
being a financier of great ability, he
was early scheduled for tho Treasury
portfolio. The only Indiana man whose
interests were thought to conflict with
Huston's, was John C. New. Miller's
name was not mentioned In connection
with any Important office, much less a
Cabinet position. Mr. New's morel
nary instincts disqualified him for a
seat In the Cabinet and Huston's way
was thought to be clear, but the Presi
dent astonished all of his friends by
Ignoring the chairman and c.tlllntr his
law partner luto the Cabinet. This
r.xtuniTiox op ixnii.vriTtrDK
at ouco dcmornlled the party In In
dlana, for Huston was recognized as
the architect of the President's political
fortunes. It was with the utmost diffi
culty that he coul I bo persuaded to
accept the Treasurer's Office. An appeal
to stand by the President In one more
emergency and give him the undivided
tuppoit of the Stato at the Inauguration
of his .administration Induced Huston
to forglvo the Injustice and accept a
minor place In the party councils.
The chasm between the President and
Tresmnr steadily widened after they
reached Washington. Harrison, who
for several j ears had most assiduously
patroulzed the Fayette leader, suddenly
changed his bearing and became
In his relations with the Treasurer.
This was a revelation to Huston, whose
Impoitance In the Indiana social world
had never before been questioned, much
leas by the Harrisons. The last evi
dence of Presidential ingratitude hurt
the proud leader most of all, ami after
he U'tume convinced that It wat not
small pique or tboughtletsnett on Har
rison's part he determined to sever tbe
last tie that bound him to the President
and notified friends here of hit ap
I teaching resignation.
Ill Tliroat llaitly Uul, Hut Ita U Re
peeled la Ilecaver.
liALTinoBK, Sept. 3fi. The eity wat
tlls morning startled by tbe aanounee
tueut that George I). Graham, a promi
nent business man, whose wealth It
estimated at near $1,000,000 and who It
highly connected, being a cousin of
the members of the present banking
firm of Alexander Brown & Sons, last
evening made aa attempt to commit
suicide. He wat found with
a deep gatk la his throat, neatly dead.
The members of hit family sty the
wound wat caused by aa accident, but
i he clreuntttancee surrounding tka ease
kad to the belief tkat Graham , who hat
for some time beea ia an enfeebled
mental condition, wada tka attempt at
tel (-destruction white in a depressed
condition. Tka pkyttcians believe tkat
he will recover.
Hew tbe lottery (hMHpaBV I'niiwu
to ttvaite thH Law,
Ottawa, Sept . Tke Govera
taint kaa learned tkat tka LouitUaa
Lottery Company are about attablitkittg
a newspaper ia Canada at a medium
for circulating lottery iaforauUioa
throughout tke United State. It it
teamed at tka Itepnrtatent of Justke
tkat tka statute already provides tkat it
is a ailatltftoctiaor to advertise a lottery.
Tke penalties, however, are only lis
for eack cdUaw, wkkk, it it uader
ttcod, will be increased neat tatttoa.
MNi4 at Mark.
Mot-XT hour, K. J., tWpt. 91. It
kat atxa ascertained that body taalckaw
have kcea. at work for sooa Unto, Wad
nave carried away several bodies front
tke tkorJaerkood Ccraetery. It it ka
liftied tkai- tke Wnffaffi are yf?g ftlohrw
fox tka diiititctiffg roosn. Tke cctnetery
h, now fciBg atitnrtrfvl in tan nikt sitae.
sw nprp lp aaawsavpstwam ss vsasr an.B' srBSPW
M ikm atitifciatnT isU tJkaw AsananVlanMtanW
n iB ptHpip?asr psw shw pttnsttswp
lin-wtikai., Vta., fcWpL in. tsec
n,tir teuton of tka klilwtukte takl
ttetdy: "Voucaa atate poti lively
tkat ue uwauaaa taant, at at now
&ta,rnjta. will be put inter tke Antericatt
'iinHttwrn neat sear. Tke deat kat
U. ccplted anil Ubi settled fact."
T-uvtw. Hat., ii.pt. M. Ike
Bttriowaf-itie Uii at Kormn was kttraed
at S a. t- to day, togetker wltk ttona
kowta and two story Uatuusnt kouta.
Tke nre waa dtscovtrcd la tke spinajjag
roosn. Lota ITS.OW to l'J0,UX. i--uxance
not known
I t n,k at (uurltl V-J.4C I i lUe -i'J '1 tut
. i- i, lUlLta t j J L i Wi.j.u.i-,
CoBgrwsman Kirr, Ik. SUU Ghiir
man, Fails of a RfflostiBtliw.
New Pnase f the SRtatiea-i Smth
forriia"'Oi?Bfn With Whk-
Opet Eyee'NMtiitatta.
Pitu.ADRi.niiA, Sept. 38. The
county and district Democratic conven
tions yesterday nominated the following
County SberllT, Frank A. Ilartmnft:
City Comptroller, llotwtt 1. teelwt; H
corder of Deeds, C- Osrar Iteatler; City
CoinmlMtoner, ,i. I'. J. Sensemlrfer;
Judge, Thomas K. Flnletter, Indorsed for
Court of ( onimoti I'lfin No. 3
Congress First district, IMwIri Oiw
FlRtilften; Second district, Kdnltt F. 1.0 tl;
Tlilnl riletrfct, William McAteet; Fourth
il strict. William M. Avers; Fifth district,
J. Harry lalor.
Senate Second district, James 1). I.ee.
Tho conventions were charactertxed
by tho utmost harmony, and all tbe
delegates expressed n determination to
work enthusiastically. The heavy Ite
publlean majorities In all the Congres
sional districts save the Third make the
fight ndesporate one against heavy odds.
Mr. McAleer Is a sure winner In his dis
trict, Randall's old one, nnd now repre
sented by Vattx. The ticket gives gen
eral satisfaction, and Is considered a
very strong one.
Hiitois, Pa., Sept. 86. C. F. Krebi
of Clarion County was nominated at
llldgway yesterday for Congress to suc
ceed Jsmes Kerr, by the Democratic
conferrces of the Twenty eighth dis
trict. The nomination waa made on
the fourteenth ballot. Clarion, Forest
and 1'lk counties voted for Krebs, and
Clearfield and Centre for Kerr. The
action of the conference It a surprise,
as It has not been thought at anytime
that Kerr, who Is the Democratic State
chairman, would have serious trouble
In securing a renomlnallon.
Kerr owes his defeat to n bargain
made at the recent Democratic Sena
torial Convention, when Hall of Klk
County was nominated by the votes of
Clarion. In return for this, Klk yes
terday voted for Krebs for Congres
and Forest Joined In on the principle
that It was well for all the counties of
the Senatorial district to stick together.
The nominee Is a lawyer and editor
of the Clarion Democrat. There It
great dissatisfaction In Centre and Clear
field counties over the result.
CiiAMiKSTOK. S. C. Sept- 8 -Wlth
the hope of widening tbe breach In tbe
Democracy created by the nomination
of Tillman for Governor, the Repub
lican! ot the State have, through their
State Central Committee, nominated
such disgruntled Democrat! at A. C.
Haskell of Columbia for Governor, and
Joseph 11. Karl of Sumter for Attorney
General, supplementing tbe ticket with
tbe following nominees. For Lieutenant
Governor, John ltratton of Falrneld:
Secretary of State, J. l Marshall of
Columbia; Treasurer, W. A. Antrum
of Camden; Controller, General Joseph
W. Ilarawell of Charleston ; Adjutant
and Inspector General, M. L. Iiouhain;
Superintendent of Education, J. H. It Ice
of Union. Haskell ami Karl were moat
bitter opponents of Tillman and Till
manhun all through the campaign, and
now It remains lo be seen whether they
w 111 accept tbe honors proffered by the
ltepublicans and take the chances of an
election through tbe negro vote.
IlAiuusBi'Hn, Pa.. Sept. ML
Grangers of this vicinity do not believe
ike ana spun theories concerning tke
Pennsylvania farm proau tkat have
been promulgated by tke anti-TarhC
Reform people. Grange No. 43. Pu
tt oas of lfuabaadry, of Graaiville,
kat adopted uaaaitnoualy tke follow
ing. KaoLtd, That It it the seate of this
Grange that the farmer, or anybody alat,
who believes that tbe sgrkulturtat bat last
diaVwlty tu nay at taxes aow than atfeto
fura, is mtiftiv aitstaktn, or aita datnc it
for polttlcsl eCect, regardless al tke best
tat rests of the farmer, aad tkat tkepie-
efil otMSX alUMAnuK tn aua oi fmMBk iaiuI
in VBByvaai it t tuJtviant wrntstloii of
suck a declaralluu without further words
on tkt tunjact.
AiffctT TUfc UOJUfcUMi.
St. Jonn, Sept. M-W Uommi
Tilly. Lkuteatnt Governor of Xsw
Bruntwkk, ia opening tke exklbttiae
kcre referred to the MeKinley Tariff
bill and Ht effecte oa tkis province- lie
said tkat while tke United States Coa
great were acting is what tkey supposed
to be tke tatecest of their country, It
could not be denied that tke effect of
tke neature would reach this country.
tie tan no reason for dowtkearttdnets,
bowtver. He potnted out tkat tka
province wat ttx-uatusted to import fata
weducu hom acrua tke kocder. and
thought tke faraur could witk advant
age produce beef and tther tacatt lew
States TSey cowd be eaten al kAtae or
coavtrted into ckkkent. wbtek coutd
ad atvady market In linglaatt He
darted exeaur attention to dtiry
PKvductt, vkplainto! tkat tkent was a
wayt as KngUtk market tot CiuudiM
1 tut tiwiuij Urnxl b IWaLk
llit.u-1,.1.. I'v i't .'"-An
ekctton fot CrmgreMman to fill the
vftmneT entrxed by the death of Iewh
F. Watson will be tteld on Notwibet I.
Ilenry Wati-rSnn In !.
Hostow, Pept 2 Henry Watenon,
who is to he the chief guest at the bat
qwet of lh Miwtrtchnsetts Kefotm Cltttr
to-night, arrired here last evening. It
his speech to night Mr. Watersnn will
diseww stretnl live political Isttres, Itt
clmllng the InrirT and the fnrre Mil. He
wl'l tlto devote his attention to tke
KCttomri Issue,
Nnmlnnfpri tur Cnncres.
Fak Frabciwo, Sent. 1W. Thontm
V. Cator wts nominated for Congrats
firm the Fotmh district last night by
the tcform Democrats.
larilnns AnxloIJ Wnttlnc Ihsthm'
Inc nr tlio (lii-nt Sleillctnn Mnn.
Pmsmno, Pa , Sent. 20. Captain
Tilmbleton of the Seventh United
States Cavalry, commandant at Fort
Sill, nested through Pittsburg yester
day, llesajs the greatest Indian up
rising of modern timet It certainly to
come scon. The tndlsns, he says,
have got tbe Idea that the Great
Medicine Man Is coming to wipe out the
whiles ami testate to them the owner
ship of the country. The result is that
they have entered with the fervor of
fanatics upon a series of Incantations
and religious orgies. The 5,000 Indians
about Fort Sill have renounced Chris
tianity, and he Is certain that in a short
time somebody will pretend lo be the
Great Medicine Man, and then the
trouble will begin. He thinks all the
United States garrisons should lie
Tlio Younc I.hiI j- Uuiiitnc In Wmlilncton
to I.fijt tlio I'nlt rct CnncernlUB
liar I'Htliet'it llnnlh llefore
tlio 1'rolilcnt,
Kkw Yciik. Sept. !M The lttrald't
cot respondent at the city of Guatemala
telegraphs as follows. I can furnish
the full strry of the attempt to shoot
Minister Mlrnerby oneof lliedaughtett
of General Ihtrrundta. I called upon
James It. Hotmer, tbe U. S. Secretary
of Legation and Consul, to ascertain
the real facta of the case at well at to
gather audi official data of tbe death of
General Iktmndia as might be oh
t (doable.
Mr. Hotmer taldt "On the day fol
lowing tbe killing of General liar
rtindla on board of the Acapulco, while
I n the Legation ofllce with the Minister
the rervant informid me that a lady
desired to speak w Ith Mr. Mlrner. Tbe
lady, who seemed to be very much
agitated, was admitted. As tbe entered
the private ornee of the Minister the
addressed Mr. MUner asking him If be
was the Minister, Mr. Mltner replied
In the aiiiimatlve. Upon bearing thlt
reply the lady add retted the Minister
In Spanish tajlng she wat tbe daughter
of the deceased General lUrruudU and
that he, the Minister, wat directly re
sponsible for hit murder, adding that
she wat only a woman, but that It wat
her duty to avenge her father'! death.
"With these words she pulled are
volver from beneath tbe foldtof her
dress, and wat about to shoot tka Min
ister, but before her purpose could be
effected I quickly grasped her by tka
w i Ut a ntl wrenched the revolver from
her band. Tbe Minister, however, wat
thoroughly frightened and made a ruth
for the door, which he closed and
locked behind bins. leaving me alone
with the infuriated lady. We remained
locked up in tbe Minister's room until
the police came and took the lady
Citv of Mexico. Sept. 86. Tke mar
rfed daughter of General liarrundU,
who made the attempt oa Minister
Mitaer's life, bat arrived la tka city of
Oaiaea to tee her mother and fatally
before leaving for tka United States,
where tka goes wltk a large number of
docutaentt concerning her father's
murder, to lay tktin before President
tie MtmiiL turn,"
Me UWUMSwt Want! ffer tba A
turn of a Wife' AShWH
RtLTttftCMUt, Mb., Sept. 2. John
Siebfeckt waatt f ?5.0ut damaget from
Wat. H. Evans, a wealthy marble im
portar, for alienating kit wife's affec
ttont and inducing her to get a divorce
tkat ke might marry her. Tke ease
pataenta many interesting featurea.
Tbe familiar character of tka "awutual
perm. Tke case wat begun in tka
Superior Court yesterday. Tka partiea
lg tka ttsftl age pwogaiitettt Itt aoyinil
Ksw To, Sept 8 it t learned
tkat Bertkn Mueller, tke youatr wotnan
boat Munich, wkote disappearance tat)
days ago alarsMsd her frteadt latkk
city, ayurU)uly tailed away last St
uiday ia tke steamship Enw. hvund lot
Bremen. Upon ker arrival here tke
wta taken Ms,, and, fearing ke oaUk-t
die awonii strangers, eoailuded to
tail on tke avt tteamaklp for ker kotae
la Germany
aatAatf bf tke akaatw.
FUri4ntu-uiA. nVpt. Tke
Prouty and Bar. Boot and Skoe
Cowftwy of W7 Market ttust wat
seiatd by tke tkertff yetterdajf o idg
ajenet acgrcgatkM( 33.151. Tke nets
dte&atd to make any itatemaii gv
aay dtaailt eiucept tfceee ottk tecocdn-
tkat ttere wat a tertout coatttot at
CuiuiUr uterday between ttudetkt
lixJ p. !ui o-J 'til -. uii were killed
iL I M. n. . -ll a -l.J.
Of FTCl O?
Vf. A, PltRCl 1 dJ,
attciwow to . tm
ewpwe WtHit-t
JVM 6MI PpA n S raw HVnntVwnl Wtm WCV HWB
tMHi to tts w$ tMnlt yi$w win iw $twWp ffr
paMiWtawrUlM. WawnitMMsVtMtfitT"
stattnte pHees n H1tt, Weak ntam WWs
SMI ntotMWH909flspt Itlo'BtWt
t pteee Otm Brum Silt, Me ynrt; redswetl
frTrgB t85t
5 Heeei Pnrah atlk, Me jd.t redaeed Warn (.
nlrcet tsnmlv silk, tne yd t ieitneen front nst
6 Dieees nnrnti His. c yd ; tednetd frswiSvio
pteces Arnrnre Mlk, ft rtvsrtt tennetdlratn
t Here ArttnreMlk, tt.tsrsnlt mimed fn
t, rtrCTw Artnnre Milt. tl.W yard; twlawnt rwww
Herts Pel" ". tl fardt Maattnt tfesn
I4ne Pon de Sot Htltt, gt.M rntl rednWal
from tl.Tt.
Irfecm llemetHetwd Cnrah 8ttkStJKrnfdt
redwed tram ft M.
Splercs Cwnlon Crf Silk, Si.tJ Tftrd; r-
dneed from Jt W.
s pieces JtpnaeM Crepe, !I.Tt rard: mhttett
from Jt.to.
pieces JnpeneM Crept, f s.89 jiMd; iedaeett
trwin W ftt.
X pleres Japanese Silk, il raid: radneeit
mm II.M.
1 rlwete-lneh Japanese Mlk.fi 1H rardl re
rtneed from $1 STI.
tpleces Japstete Silk. Jl.W jittdl redHeett
from Jt.SS.
1 pieces Japanese Silk (Cream), ft.M yards 1-
itnred from tl.
ptecOT Japanem Crepe (Crtass). f I. rani
tftloced (rem It tn.
3 pieces M hlte Dotted Earah. 51.08 raidi re
dnced from tt.ts.
(For ta Jr onlr.)
s rards (iros Ofln Silk. loM al ttas. Itasi
nant Price Jit (or piece.
5 j-nJ'((ro(!rf!nWIc,oltial!tJt. Item
natt l'rlee Jfl for piece.
Bt yards Ores Ornln Silk, sold at $. Kern
naat Price H for pfeee.
t yards Ore Grain Silk, sold al !t.'.
Heinitant l'rlee t for tteee.
3 yards (iros Oraltt silk, told at $IJ.
Ntmnsnl Price l fur phce.
ft yards Ptille Mlk, told at J. HtumsHt
t'tlee V for pteee.
0 yard lfallteSllk.seldat tlM. Wsatnaat
Price flfl for piece
k ytrds Ptllte silk, sold at il M. Menunat
Price 17 for irfec.
;i yards railletrllk.soMattt.7S. twawtwt
fries for pleee.
61 yards ftatln Hbadaine, tetd al It.
Rcmnaat Vte it for pteee.
ft yardt ribadtlmer, told at ft. Meetnant
Price Sto tor piece.
7 jards AtntHte, sold at H.M. MatMtAat
Price for piece.
In this department we dtvots a vevygratt
amoaat of time tntl tsbar in carefuMf e
lecllBK dcalrable wears tod reliable blk
that it, goods ibat we can trunmnte not to
M lack rrenck Scree Meant
st do Camel's ilalr. In ruKtCtet 69 yard
it do Mohair ttynM
t do caahtaere.. sflyaM
so do do asynrd
W do do It yard
tt do do . tttyanl
It do Jfenrittte rtyanl
l do da ieyJ
do do imyatd
do rreneh Serge ItWyant
ta do do tlt yd.
ft do IrenebCntaH'tNaJrSartw ItsyaM
do sicUlaa. Tsya
do larUlUnUae. rtyard
do 4 tatynrd
t do Mhtir tmyant
m da Wk Warp Henrietta. Ittyard
H do da do IMyant
It do do do ITtytW
do do da tatyaed
do do do ttfya
te do do Brand Aitsa--- lttyM
to da do do ... tttyant
a as do en ... i ts jvtnt
oar Uk Warp Goods ran wul lad of m-
We received IfcU we a very law aasett
meat of lania' Veils aad Ska wis in nU ami
Mas. You know what lease aaadt wm,m
tattt? H no need at oar ulttaa anant tntai,
t rtecea Tanla Unest, at Sat per yatd,
5 l4aeea Taale titite! at tQe par yaeg
at nieces Table Uaea at Tta par jatd
t iacea Table Usea at !t par rant,
A place TanteUnaaat(l4tttnrfMii,
S Mee Tabla Liaea at ttJta nt yattt.
Ahio m the anet taipiwred
Tablet ku u w kite and Colarea.
KirttBt tn aiatrh att Iteaaaa.
M dtaea PUMa. laacr and HsMHttatuI
at ttc each-
UrtMtdxeCiaMDorut,tiri aadttedwi.
Urpi aiaeUvrmae Paatast; Peftitt, U ami
Aio to tns tlaest iraportatfU
hlCCCwUJO Wtli BAVli,
iiOI IT 4 Wg4l.
dtJrn KnUanmnC t A. MsltnaTttsga MannnnMt issnnMst ItV
'tWsalnllstS' wVlgiAgV
KtTwYesK. Sept St. 4, tltliritnto
tke UenM from tke City of Metlcu
to tba ading public of Meoutiisr
Use uumdiivmM of Juvenal, tkeaasanty
and tWamatk editor of the MeaitW
lngMKaw of tk1 city, wat ako yea
terday tuur ning tkrougb tke rUkt ka4
by Mrs- L.tubui Jaureiit dt Cipriani tke
Widow of a wealthy Italian, The akoot
kn occurred at tke Hotel Yturtdde.
Tke reason for tke sbotiag is not pom
lively knvwa. though tkeca aja mitwil
wJwtjiBw snnlwp Vi jf tTJ''tVwaf W VwlflgtP W njsw
v- s
UtokKtowthptratortke tak) ef tot
at weal j Hwgaii of aoa Itj
t MWitaawa aatt m ttrettt i
fur the fJutnet of Ctaaadka, thrttan
i I IV ;i, i, ' jhJ au-aw.

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