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Tiie Daily Critic
vixr KVJsoiALa.
W. II. llOltghtTO CO .
rrcotttct nd FotntslMM-s, 1S1S and 14 t
Mi-ret northWMt. How Is thl for S wgat
A TM riew Bedroom set Solid ok ijm8
slim SB. We WW tell yon the same Set.
with tprftt Mri Hsttwo. for SI W Onr
hen rH Brtwsets carpet. $i to petrTd.
Out fcwft Tapestry Br! carpet. 7 pet
yard pot bwt Moqiiette Carpet, $1 per
yard. Ifyonant hottest, reilabW oodsftt
leasofMrtM rw, WW Wore I fall of tt.
All ptf&es nMrftiiteed
Xt. H. Horento Ci..
11 1B T street aorthwet
ltmtilen'a New fall Nwh1.
.tohn Sudden, the nkmeer lntallment man,
centrally located atssfland M Seventh street
northwest, has Jnst retnrned from the east
ern narseta with an Immense rapplyof all
kind of housekeeping "R carpet, stove.
m etc. Ton can famish yrnir honse from
icllar to farm, at this store, with cash
prices, on the Installment plait.
3The National Sfe llepwolt Company,
Or. Iflth 9t. nnd N. V. Aveane.
Storage for y.terwarn, Jewelry. Laces,
Fine wwd and valnables of all Rinds,
("banes moderate. Safe deposit boxes: for
rent at the vaty lowest rates.
opening of the courts.
1.1st of (trnntl ami IV tit lnrers who
Will Mete Out Justice.
Th ctitiit dockets are unusually
ctowdtd, ami at (he opening of Ihe
t( t its next month the judges will flthl
Ictity lo occupy their attention. The
t tlmlnal Court meets on the 7lU prov
liw, ami Ihe Circuit Court on the Minn
Oay The following grand and petit
jiimra have been drawn for service
Grand Jurors 12 Dausch, Charles T.
Kaib, Klrlis.nl M. Green. Charles D
Knlglit, Jlsllltew O Callaslmn, Hlchanl
Powell. K. Ward HInwood, William
Diet. Maurice Ollerbftck. Edward Par
tick, George W. Rllckney, William 11
Jloliler, 'W llllsm Halm, Joseph Walker,
C O. Thorn. William H. Huim. John
T.Turner, Frederick W. Uotcc, William
V. Pmllli, Josiph 11 Walters, W. 2.
l'ntlello and Mndlson Marshall.
Tctlt Jurois II II. Smith, William
P. Thompson, jr.. It I' Sawyer, Daniel
1) Dade, Tliomns Lewis, Thomns It.
O. Todd. J. C. lkum. ltichanl C.
Lewis. William Murphy, E 8. Le
Fctra, Augustus Steubenar, W. II.
Otimih, John A. Keating. Julius Tol
fcin. Hubert Knmmcror, Zich. Down
ing, O. W. Hclsley. John I. V. Hitter.
J 8. Carter, Samuel W. Wntson, Con
rad IJccker, F. L. Mooro, Dennis Cou
ncil. J. N. IMstorlo, Jeeso Maun, Geo.
T. Hyng.
Circuit Court James Grlmos. Heln
tide Daniel, Carter Patten. W. II.
Turner, Calvin Wltmcr. A. T. Doiwoll,
Chris Armor, 8. 51. Frailer. C. G.
llcebe, B. K. Uryan, It. 0. Stann, A.
Davidson. John Young, Ira Godfrey,
William Hoslnbusu, Fielder Manruder,
3klward Mlnnlx. P. E. Ottcrback. F. N.
Boramarvllle, O. Parnby. John F. Wei
tick, William A. Hutchlns, Chris. 0
Schneider. Albert Glenson, William J
Howard, John Ward.
It .Still Iteiimlns n flljsleiy.
iLfoimation was received by Lieu
tenant Kelly of Ihe Sixth Precinct yes
Unlay afternoon lhat the unknown
i an, who was taken with a hemnr
ibace in front of Harris' Theatre and
thoiilv afmward diul at the Kmer
ptcry llimpltttl, whs O. V. Gllkey, and
Hat his wife resided at No. 2110
ftventli street northwest.
The lleutnnnt made some Inquiries
end Mrs. Gllkey was shown n picture
cf the man who was presumed to be her
husband. She declared that the picture
did not resemble lilm at all. Gllktay,
who had lieen employed by John M.
Young, the carriage manufacturer, dU
Hip arid from the city ntx.ut three
wet ks apo. Hi wife thinks that he is
in New York, working at his trade.
Kearlni; Unmfiletlun
The work on the exterior of the hand
eotnc new edifice at the corner of Second
and C streets northea.it, to be occupied
l.y St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Is
almost completed. The Interior work
will not be finished until December.
The walls are now being ornamented
with embossed work and the celling
decorated with frescoing. A large
statue of the Virgin Mary, cut from the
purest marble, ha been received, and
lll be placed at one of the altars. The
cost of the cbtirrh when completed will
amount to $ 10(1,000. and It will be one
of the basdiomett and most coramodlou
bouses of worship in the city. It will
be dedicated ahmt Cbrlatims.
bent tu the tlrunil Jun.
Ob Wednesday John T. Parsoas had
Lis bieyele stolen from where he had
left It en the earner of Twelfth and F
Btriei. Yesterday the Police Depart
ment were notified that the man and ibe
bicycle were in IUItimore, and Directive
Carter went to Baltimore yesterday af
teiHOoa and arrested the maa who gave
tbe name of Leno V Curtiss. but his
proper us me is thought lo be Nathaniel
f-ykes. He says that his borne was in
HtchBMMul Curtiss was in the l'.llee
Court today charged with grand lar
ceny, awl Judge Miller seat aim u tbe
irjWj jury Tiie bond was placed at
J-Jt4 tor Kntt4uE n I'Hlleessed LUtl.
W. 0. Belt ihe keeper of a daaetsg-
icBfiol is tfc odd-Fettows' Hall, was
(1 i(Nd 1st ibe Pulke Court tkk) worm
iif V Qur Lewis with ruaalag aa
t nUaeasttl hall. It wu sUowa that Mr.
1m its, while uat ebargiag aay a4calstoa
pt ike door, charged fifty eeats at the
check looea for eariag for a hat, over
coat or wabreUa. Tie checks gives at
tbe coat loom would be presented at the
door for admission. Belts, la hie state
meat, saM that he bad bee told at
Police Headquarters that he would aot
seed a fjceate, asui that aa had ao la
teatioa waalever to evade the law.
Judge Mllkr laipofcul a flae of t0, but
aiierw ard iinpefidrsl it.
UakMt 1'arfc I'urslrmil
The ltd of t'owiatnifNaefs annotat
ed for the auraose have puiehasad the
property kaowa as old Caattot HsaebsU
Park at a sm lor the saw Goves amstat
Piiatieg OtaVce- The price paid was
$213,171. or i -ti aer squase foot.
The lot hi bounded by G. North Capitol
sueet, F. Miiahinrtu avaaue sad aa
nlWy. It was snaoW a bajtoall park
aU ut a ar ago, aad the late A U.
21tiUhehi aa optfoaoa It of fifty
cmlsafcU. His sua oasosed of tab
optiua a year ago lor mm The
yjoftty coat the owoeas, Messrs. C A..
pn4s asW Thoesaft 1 SsaMh. aHt
ITM UlllV tlMMgiTifsal
C' kit t4y, charged with aa mmiJrt
ui, a jeaate Young. It was hoe that
1 tii HliBliaffal WlaWlfcM Mjia &yadAMli tfal
H fl OU a MUBMt'al aAmtibaUaVal. IM tllW
mm Mmmwm W Bsjaajf aw apjafjawpafimssa f wssrjp
h a little nuarrei oxer k. Judje
Mi sahd the charge, hot MH
C ibse that she would have tt) kt Jeav-
iik - ."hand akMte-
i n i iii ti
lemitit Aw,wai i ijiemtattwe
1l. vv uO,u)gtoa, hfaaeh of the
Jd-u-u. ,Ajx,tiLtua of the WeHata
tt. io j uifutJ ohto. vm otga
Ut -' -t.titig at the reaideaiue of
iti. . lu ti Vf right. o 8 stteec Mr.
Wtiu.4i Oiwted MahlKat, aad
Ha. VdgdttaacMUryaa4 IreaauMr 4
Luswadtiee was twatrntoi to fieoare a
t.uUtvutoa aud by laws.
Jtxwlrwnt Time Made ami the Event
W nimly contestnl ate.lllllftn Falls
to Oct a Mfttcli With
Trt grand itaml on Analostan Isl
and was nearly filled yesterday with the
mem ben ami friends of the Cotnmbfo
AthretleClnb to witness the poet poned
trtck ami field srsorts of that pormtar
nfganlffiitlrm. The contests, which be
gan last week, were stopped by rain,
and m a nnmber of new entries kml
I een received alt the events were re
cot tested.
The sport km excellent, and the
work done by the amateur athletes was
a surprise to many of their friends, es
Lcelally In the 100 yards dash and the
am mtr-throwing contest.
The first tvent on the programme
wss the 100 yards handicap dash, ami
owlnc to the large number of entries
was fttn in five heats. J. 15. Klllott won
Ihe first brat in 10 2 5 seconds, . J.
King the second In 10 3 5, II. SI. Dfr k
lmrtn the third In 10 3 ", J. It. Klder
the fotirlb In 10 2 5. The winners of
the ptellmlnary heats started In the
deciding heat, ami it was won by Klder
In 10-2 5 Ftconds, King second.
It. J. Deal), .1. SI. Dashtell and K
Simpson all cleared 7 feet, 10 inches In
the pole vaulting contest, the last-named
winning by reason of his 5 Inches
Dickinson surprised every one by a
magnlflcmt throw of the 12 pound
hammer of 122 feet. 2 inches, and won
that event easily. The 220 yards run
was contested In two preliminary, nnd
a final beat, the winners and seconds
stnrling In the final. J. It. Klder nnd
J. II. Klllott finished first and second
In Ibe first beat, and S. J. King nnd II.
J. Clark the second. The final was
won by Klllott, who bad n handicap of
5 yards
I V. Coville won tho running hli?h
jump, and cave several exhibition
Jumps, clearing the bnr at 5 feet, 0
The mile race, two heats In three,
was won by Wra. It. Mackrlllc, who
won the first and second beats, with
Harry Klnc second. Tho time an
nounced, 2 15 nnd 2:52, Is clearly an
error, Inasmuch as the best professional
record Is 4:12, and the amateur record
1:18J, made by W. G. George.
8. F. Lewis won the broad Jumping
contest with 20 feet D Inches, and W.
11. Chichester took thc220yards hurdle
lace nullc handllr In 30 JJ-5 seconds. J.
JI. Kenvon won tho 880-vards run In
2.28. The sports concluded with n
tug of -war, vtblch was won by a team
coni0cd of O'Leary. Wade. Bell.
Jloote, McDiimolt, Green, Dashlell
and Dlckirsou.
Jack Williams and his backers failed
t matciiHl'ze lust night ul the place ap
pointee) to make the match with Hilly
McSllllan. whom he had challenged.
Tho latter was there ready to put up
the money for a fight, but no represen
tative of Williams appeared. Probably
ho corrludcd that when hefound Sic
Mlllan tcady to take up the challenge
be really did not care much nbout fight
ing. There arc plenty of fighters on
paper, and this seems to be a fair sample
of that class.
Tommy Kelley of Philadelphia was
there however, and offered to take up
the match for an unknown at 1 IS pounds,
frouueu a fouu purse was guaranteed,
lis offer was accepted, andthe parties
will very HUt.lv reach an agreement on
Monday. It Is thought tho unknown
Is cither George Hasan or Ilyan, prob
ably the latter. McSllllan bus ottered
to tight any man in the woild at 110
pounds, five pounds give or take, for
.U0 tu $1,000 a side, and a similar
The friends of "Hub" Smith of the
Columbia Athletic Club last night pre
sented him with a gold watch . chain
am) charm. In recognition of the ser
vice he hat proved to tbe club.
Actor at the lilk
lllcbard Stahl, tbe composer of the
"Sea King," was given a reception last
night In the ledge rooms of the Kik.
Dr. William F. Hartley and Comedian
Itobe-rt K. Graham aUo came In for a
share of Ihe honors. The best of good
cheer prevailed for several hours. Sir.
Graham gave some funny recitations
and songs, and Sir. Etahl played
orerstlc selections upon the piano
Among those preseut were Dr. Hamll
ten K. Leach, It. II. Urack, manager
for Lester and Alle-n; Colonel SI. K.
Urell, August Douglass. General Joseph.
Darr, Daniel K. Kale, licnjamln Kegel,
II. II. Smith, George D. Scott, Fiaak
II. Ciarkson, Tbaddeue K. Saylor.Albwt
Came, Dsniel K. Cabill. Anthony Ito
dter, John C. Slaxwell, I) II Whitney.
J sines A. Joyce of SlempbU. J. li.
Church. William T. Avriek. John T.
Wside, John Culbert, J. W. Hurdaell,
William D. Slack sad others.
Hlle For Ibe I'ylhUa Temple.
The Knights of Pylhlaa Hall Av
soeiatioB have seeured a piece of
ground oa which to erect a temple
through ibe efforts ot Mr, N. Uuach,
their treasurer. The property is lo
cated on Kiath street next to the north
west corner of Massachusetts aveaue
sad has ie" feet frost oa Niatb street
with a debth of 100 feet. Tbe cost of
the lot was $13,899, aad grouad will be
bfokesi for the buthJiag as soon aa it la
cleared. This will probably be doae
la about a veer, but leesattaw the as
yaitnji wQi use every eadeevor to
aceeaapoaa Ute eater prise.
Tbe CbaltM Miwt Ou.
The chaiaa lhat rattle m feyiy aad
look so pretty oa the horses halosuyhtg
to faahtoeabltt eciuiBenes have hem
relegated to the half workl. Upper
Tetidoa. to loeg as the shales wese
uaed eacbjtively by these, weretatteAed,
hut wheat sosaa o the tlstat as&ade heae
to ufce these oa thrlr teasas sojesy was
hotriad by the rowiperlsfia. awl the
edict has goe foiih that the chatas
1'eriiiiHi U Kali!
The ff'llpwieg huiuMag pet salts wese
hjut4 to-day: PaUks. Kieraaa. tee
.fety brick dwelling. W L ttreet
wth, to tort S,5i, W. U Cora,
two atoiy hiick daeliiag, l JueJpsr
street, ti Sex Park, to coat 8,).
X. G. Davis, two two-story brick
dweliiage. 8U3 aad 2113 D tercet north
wt, to coat )..
John White we locked up at the
Kew JerRey avesue stylm teat sjght
chaffed with grand Wcy. White
mnatsd a gnus iiuse a frasesi njiswl
Hitto saoney. Mr. Pueey valued the
gua takea i H0.
Uu.! la'ant ftkb ijfia.atfcSjjajAarie jbnhJfelL
pswWf T Tais iPF r PpaasB(iSBBiBBaf jgFm
CvJEkiLtt BTiiitH ta rcj.uniifai'i fciw
etlrgaipT &mmbkmm W lv k
wJtoea SJtm IhyrXlf IBI 1 fiallfltmr OA fiaHfftttfcil
PMeipVMV ssBPB' sjreamiawppar "sm"i "p n mum
tseet autihweat froet swttepiic off the
ejul fioei eewly laid paieieenti before
t ha had a chain tu suk Is.
That Tliere Were to lie Many Ills
efcnrce at the Censns l)m-e.
The nor gntrfertcnrreirey yesterday
thtbmt 500 ettrks, rtrowly women,
employed in the Census Office, wonld
be discharged next week. They are
I bote, It was sfdd. who bud been em
ployed on the preliminary work, ami
their part Is finished.
At the Census Bureau this morning
the report was very emphatically de
nied. "I know nothing abont It, saW
Sir. O'Connor, Ihe private secretary to
Superintendent Porter. "There Is not
a particle of truth In It. nor the slight
est foundation foranch a rumor. There
Is no discharge of force contemplated.
Why, with cur present force, there is
plenty of work ahead to keep every
cne pretty busy for some lime to come."
Shot In the Fsrehend.
The flying horses attracted a crowd
of colotetl boys to the corner of Second
ami C streets southwest last night where
they became Involved In n general
George Holmes, a 19 year-old boy
was shot in the forehead by some one
in the crowd whose identity has not yet
been established. The police think
lhat they can apprehend the man.
Young Holmes was taken to the Provi
dence Hospital when It was found that
the wound was a painful but not serious
Arthur Dyson, a Woody Held negro,
was arrested and locked up at the
Fourth Precinct station, charged with
assault with Intent to kill Holmes. The
police feel satisfied that he Is the man
whti so carelessly used the revolver last
Will Get Out A I. out Christmas,
Jim Temple, alias Jack Itoss, wa3 In
the dock at Police Court again this
morning, charged with being a suspi
cious character. lie was found in the
possession of property that tho ofHcer
who arrested him was satisfied had
been stolen. "How long have you
been out of jail T" asked Judge
"Klght days," answered the prisoner.
"That is the longest you havo been
out of jail In some time," responded
the Judge. "Y'oti can go back for
ninety days."
Will Hot n New l'nlr.
Joe Thomas, who bad but ono leg to
his pantaloons, was In the Police Court
to-day charged with vagrancy. When
the prisoners came up for arraignment
Thomas stuck close to tho corner in
order to shield his naked limb, but
every one In the court room noticed tho
predicament lie was In. He pleaded
Sullty nnd was sent down for sixty
Licensed Wroncljr.
The numerous complaints received
by tbe Commissioners against the
"rrcnygorounds ' of tho city have
caused nn investigation Into the li
censes of their owners. It was found
lhat they were run under a license for
a vehlcli, which does not at all fill the
conditions under which they arc oon
ductrd. The matter was referral to
the District Attorney to determine the
proper license.
Club OMIceni Klecleil.
At a meeting last night of the Union
League Club, at 1212 K street north
west, D. A. Loumls resigned as man
ager and was elected steward for one
year. Tho board of governors to serve
fot ono year were re-electeel as follows:
Geomo V. Cole. D. A. Loundi. Wil
liam Colbert. William Shaw. II. Ii.
Burgees. W. 11. Thomas, It. II. How
ard, J. N. Austin, Jacob Iteeder, John
F. Dado and Peter Taylor.
- i
i:tlniate Hulimltteil.
President E. 31. Gallaudet of the Co
lumbia Deaf and Dumb Institute has
submitted his estimates for the fiscal
year of 1S02. Thev arc. $10,500 for
the support of the Deaf and Dumb In
stltule, and 3,500 for the support of
the Indigent feeble-minded of the Dis
trict. W LATE57
Xtvrially diooil for I'uiully l'o.
Ilciitllclal for Weak uuil l)t-li!ltuluil
Malinger Mukbiusfou llruneli,
703-705 North Capitol Street
Telephone 273.
Mm torn ti M ad E
WlMM varrbedf jo. It is this tWt
tNtrgate turner la Wnulilsafna.
W cm dwv jq fur t eoHbu iuoa tbs
oxmatAmt. Uaut4
boire is ibt Dfeutat, ws4 oat $U 9mm Mt
We klic bT s atawBt Hanoi Bur' Suit,
is to is rmz. tam S5 V
t U14ro' uit, fl tu $8
IuMtn' PasUluoiu wv w ttte tedgw.
we suwaUtetouv vwty d.jjlr"n wottk wr
ele, ud elien(or ia mt Ml Vmt
cent oa verr dolUr iu MUti We fcv Urn
ImssI is M&isluusii to t s vurhti atduuf a
woolssa piATfcotewi uavw to rip, nd our
dfr,y gi ssiintiup iv BdtiAS of our Itots
DuaUtjU.uia ffftise loriiW.
MUIr' atrte. M.. uuh.
Tuhmu's lated &. U. tt M.a.
4as fur our itftiir $1jA psivF
yvsxiiMumi mpaxtwwt.
St 38, SS od Mt.
When you gat tmrnit to wrihitwi wty Ot Ut
tiut Etk-l dvt IU SU-
T-r 4 4
Lgj ?& lif l"
31 1 Seventh St. N. W
WAsmsiTrm. d.c.
212, 214 and 216 W. Washington St., Syracuse, N Y,
52, 54 and 56 Pearl St., Buffalo, N. Y.
OFFICE, 765 BROADWAY, New York City
Washington, D. C, Fall, 1890.
We take p'easure in announcing to you that we
have leasedjthe large iour-story building,
3 1 1 Seventh Str eet Northwest,
which we have thoroughly refitted, and have just
opened with the most complete assortment of
Men's, Boys and Children's Clothing
ever exhibited in this city. We have located our
Retail Store permanently in this city and shall al
ways maintain the high standard of excellence which
has characterized our New York establishments.
Having adopted the ONE-PRICE SYSTEM,
all goods are marked in plain figures. Our prices
are 35 per cent. lower than the lowest prices now
prevailing in Washington.
We make no idle boast when we say we can
sell 35 per cent, cheaper than our competitors.
f)iir inpvnnnsivn location and our facilities for
furnishing Fine Clotning enable us to do all we
Btar In mind every garment is sold subject to
the guarantee that if it is not as represented, or if
unsatisfactory, your money will be refunded.
Soliciting an inspection, we are,
Most respectfully,
311 Seventh Street Northwest,
Largest (Exclusive) Clothing Manufacturers in the
United States.
lOSBHS ELY mtOTUEHS, W Wsrrca St. New York, rrleo 60 cts-PWI, " lntl
Orsnd, Upright and Squsro
Bpaetat atteattoti of parebams U tavitod
to our
naUbsd 1h D.laaa of
gaoad haad Itaaoi at All rrleJ.
817 MaVet Space.
.aisir tun
Aad JOB wilt always aavo haisHfiU Rfttd,
Rous aad MtsmiWi WkoiMaloi n. eo
asr Wat stwst aad todteaa avaniii,
WH, M. GALT & Cfl.
Mt TRNwmmisav n. w.
Bast aad mmt Uumm te tba ahf. im-
Away ai Vavy Hcattartara.
revise Wr Ssosjm.
TJtktaaV-M wiH 9m9u-
QndMQd SCfiaMMBlOA iKUftACflii
hutu man aju ia a v.
Announce the Publication ol
a Library to be Called
This series will be issued
in monthly parts and will
consist of choice works by
some oi the test American
ard Foreign Authors, upon
various subjects, including
Fiction, Biography, History,
Essays, &c.
The initial volume of the
series Is now ready.
Each Mr Wl k Cinpfcle i
Ho, 1 The Blind Mm and
the Devil.
To b ftjUowidbr
Ho. 2 In Tftistj v, Dr. Bsr
trand's MMl
h 3-T'niM MHKm Mm
t! B ' ttS B V.-
mil, w nr iw,
Single Numbers, 50e.
iiftlHStliHi 111 al!d b aU ot,tlteri
ijjI iiMflm'TT " r "ir" "-"w -"
IMipaM && te-
Corner Loughboro and Tunlaw Roads.
The Sale ol this Most Delightfully Situated
Property Opens
Price.lD and 20 Cents Per Foot,
J Splendid Opportunity lo Double four Investment
Within a Reasonable Time,
This property is most beautifully situated on a high
ridge overlooking and in close proximity to the heart of
the city. The electric cars pass within a few hundred
yards of the place, It is high and dry, and the great
panorama, ever presented to view, of the Government's
beautiful buildings, the hills of Maryland and Virginia,
with the historical and classical Potomac River, makes
WESLEY HEIGHTS a most charming and attractive
place for a home. As an investment it is unrivaled.
TERMS: One-quarter cash, balance In one, two
and three years, with interest at "6 per cent, per annum.
Fifty dollars earnest money will be required upon each
lot and will be applied to purchase when settlement is
made. Deed to be passed free of all expense with ab
stract of property. From the gross sales, seven 7
per cent, will be placed in a sinking iund to be applied
to making improvements.
We can recommend this subdivision in every par
ticular and feel confident that your investment will prove
one of profit in a very short time.
John F.
Fourteenth and 'G Streets.
Jatxies B. Iiambie5
1415 New York Avenue,
GAS COOKING STOVES to cook for eight to
thirty people. Just the stove lor summer use, as the In
stant the coofcing is done you can extinguish the fire.
413 Tenth Street Northwest.'
LriKO- ft hwt at That tbwk Bcahe fhoh KnEESSi'saa
i -rim. o aes m wftid m
I gbL fBf "SZT fLMjZ '" -
SBffl5wliaM aif.-S'irnlMPw J
-A ti j- I lu TUffMrPJH aJB !tJl l-if Jt 1 ' mifmf vif. flKWi to BiTS.
nrMjpan. t j 11 n RHUs. Iiffif" 1 suiv I jd3 fTil raEi WJBS F uH 1 warn M inn"M i mm
&X&JSH-S nWlxZ .tlw-j;3v.a tBfc IHkVHiWIlWav fc, ommas4a,lM
$ ilia BssK&viF5 & 'wr f mmau
ttlBMswtkaX yf.,mViv)OdAVmmMm,
$ I . . 5 and $ 1 .50.
IH 10- OB 15 HfHOTSl
KAir.rtOA ns.
S S J- ' '
The Great Pennsylvania Route
To the North, West and Southwest.
Donble Trsek. 8tlewd 9eenrr.
Stwl Rslis. Msimiflcent BqnlpsHmt.
In effect My llth. 1!K.
Trains tesre Washtnrton, from Itatton, cor
n r or Sixth and B streets, as follows:
Fob riWBi'Wo and the Wet, CWoaro MmI
ted Express of rnlltnan Vestlbnle Can at
ID 90 a m dally; Faxt Line, 10.50 a m dslly to
Chleaco. Oofnmbns and St. Imis. with
Meepfte Cars from IUrrKbnrjrto lndlftuap
olls, rttt'burj! to Colambtn; Altooni to
Chicago. Ft. Lonl Chicago and Clncinnsitl
Bxnress, 3 30 p in dally rarlor Car Wah
lEsion to narrlsbnrjr, and Sleeping Oar,
Harrlstmrjr to St. Lonl, Chloano and Cln
olnnatl, and Dlnlnir Car narrtsbnnc to St
IxinH.Lhloajro and Cincinnati. Western Ex
press, at 7.4J p m dally, with Sleeping Oars
Washington to Chicago and St. honli, con
necting dally at Harrison with throngh
Sleeper for Ixmlrllleand Memphis. Pull
man Dining Car ntubnrg to Htchtnond and
(hiesgo. raclilc Kxpre. tooo pm dally,
forrittKbnrgaml the Weit, With through
Sleeper lo Fittsbnrgand Pittsburg to Cnl-
Fan Kasi:, Oanandalgna. Ttochester and Nl
agara Fall dally, except Sondny. 8 10 a ra.
For Fbx canandalena and nocheiter dallyj
ftrimffaloand Marara dally, exeept SAt
nrday, 10 00 pm, with Sleeping Car Wash
ington to Pocheter.
Fob wimiamtort, LocX Tlaren and Elmlra,
at 10 W a m dally, except Sunday.
Fob Wimjamm-obt, daily, J 30 pm.
For rmukDiuiiiA, New fork and tho Bast,
7.80, 900. II (dnr.il 11.40 a m, 2.10, 3.15, 4a),
5.W. 10 00 ami 11.90 pm. On Sunday, 9.00,
11.40 n m. S 10. 3.1S. 4 . 10 00 and tt.aJ p vt
Limited Expres of Pullman rarlor Oars
0.40 a tn dally, except Sunday.
For Nxw York only, Limited Express with
Dining Car, 5 00 p m dally.
For Inn AnatrHJA only, Fast Bxposs8t0a
raweeXdays and 4pm dally. Express
Sunday only, 5 40 p tn.
Fon Doston without change, 3.13 pm orery
For Brookltjj, N. Y all through trains con
nect at Jemey City with boats of Brooklyn
Annex, affording direct transfer to Fulton
street, aroldlngdoublo ferriage across New
York City.
For Atmbiio Cttr, 11.40 a m week-days, I1.S0
pm dally.
Ton BAtTIMORE. 0 35, 7.80, 8.10, 9 00. 9.40, 10.00,
io.ro, it coand 11 40a-n, u.os. a.io, 3.15 3.30,
4.00, 4 SO, 4 30, 5 CO. 5.40, 0 00, 7.40, 10.00 and
ll.so p m. on Sunday 9.00. 9 03, 10.ro, ll.w
a m. a 10, 3.15. 3.10, 4.00,,5.10, 0.00,
7.40, 10 OOand 1120 pm.
For Pnrs's Crixk Line, 7.30 a m and 4.30 p m
dally, except Sunday.
For AMNAt-oi.1. 7.20 and 9.00 a m, 12.03 and
4.20 pm dally, except Sunday. Sundays,
0.00 ajn and 4.20 p m.
In effect May 11th, 1900.
Fon Atr.TAnnniA, 4 30, 6.35, 7 43, S41, 0.45,
10 87 a in. 18.01 noon, 2.03, 3.10, 4.23, 4.33, 6.01,
8.02, lo.os and 11.39 p m. On Sunday at 4.50,
7.43,9.45 10.37, am, 3.30, CO 1, 8. W and 10.03
AcinMMooATio's for Qnantleo, 7.43 a mand
4 J5 p m week-days. 7,45 a m Sundays.
Fon ItiiiiMoMD and tho South, 4 30 and 10.57 a
m dally. Accommodation 4.53 p m week
Trains leave Alexandria for Washington, 0.03
7 (5. 8 CO. 0.10. 10.13, 11.07 a m; 1.20. 3.00, 3.50,
M0, 0 06, 7.05 0.20. 10 37 and 11 03 p m.
On Sunday at 0.10 and 11.07 a m; 3.00, 5.10,
7.05, 7.29. 9.20 and 10.37 pm.
Tickets and Informal Ion at tho offlce,
northeast corner of Thirteenth street and
Pennsylvania avenue, and at tho utatlon,
wliero orders can bo left for tho chocking of
baggago to destination from hotels and rosl
doncoi. ciias. e. ruon, 3. U. WOOD.
General Manager. Oenl. Pass. Agent.
llnltinioro nnd Ohio Railroad.
Bclicdnlo tn effect Juno 2C, 1900.
Lcavo WaIiIngton from station cornor of
New Jersey avenuo and O street.
Fon Ciiicauo and Northwest, Vestlbuled
Limited express dally 11.30 a m, express
0.30 pm.
Fon CiKciNKATt, St. Louis and Indianapolis
express daily 3.30 ard 11.90 pm.
Fob PiTTSBumi and Cleveland, oxpross dill
II !0 n tii and 8.10 n. m .
For LrxtKUTiiN anu points In the Shenandoah
Valley, ll.fOata.
For iNcHinxK and way stations, 15.30 p m.
Fon Lurat. ts jo and 3.40 p m.
Fon IIaltimohe, week days. 4.05, 3 09, CM,
7.S0 7.3018.(0 45-mlnutes), 8.10, OM. (11.00,
12.00 45-rolmitot) u. m , W.10, 2.13 (i.W 4V
nilnulen), (3.15, 45-mInuti), 3.98, 4.20, 4,10.
4,1st (l.tit, 45-mlnutes) 5.30 0.00, 0.15, 0.20,
7 10. 7.30, 8-SB, 9. to, 10 30 and 11.10 p.m.
Sundayi, 4(, 7,20, 7.30, 8.30, 9.30 a m.
(1K.C0, 45 minutes) 1.00, 2.15, (2.50, SVmla
lltes) 3.SS, 4.20, 4 W, (I 50..43 minutes) 0.00.
b.13, 0.20, 7, 8 JI, 10JT, It JO p m.
Fon wav bTAtioNt between Washington and
Dolt I more. JU), 0.36, 8.30 am., 12.10, 3.23,
4.32. 6 au. 1 1.30 p m. Sundays, 8.30 a m., 1.00,
3 M.4.. 6.20. 11.30 pm.
Trains leave Baltimore for Washington,
week days, &.W, (l.'JO, 0.30,7.15, 7.), 8.00,
8.30, S35, 9.30 and 10.20, lOJSiim.: W.0J,
12.10, S 10, 2.3C, S.S0, 4 00, 4.13, 3.00. 0 00,6.20,
7.00, 7 10, 8.20, 8.30, 9 00. 10.10, 10.20 and 11.00
p m. Sundays. 6 30, 7.13. 8 30, SM, 9.1), 10.20,
10.36 a m.. 12 00. 1.05. 2 10, 2 30,4.13, 5.00,0.20,
7.10. 7 30, 8.2(1, 8.30, 10 10, 10.20 and ll.Oiipm.
For Annai-olh.0.30 and 8.30 a m., 12. to and
4 30 p in, bumlays. 8 30 a m, 4.14 p m.
Leao Annapolis. B.S5, 8.37 a m.. 12.05, S.U
pm. bundays. 8 30 am., 3.55 pm.
Fok bTATioxs on the Metropolitan Urano .
16.30, 8 30 a m.. 11.15 p m. For prlcolpal
stattoM only, tlO.10 a in.. 1 1 JO and tSJW
For Hockville and Way Stations, tl.35 p m.
For OAiTHnmnnim and lntermedlato pclntfv
tD.Ou, o cw, tllOtt m., tl.oo, ts.ou, i.Vi
For Uou'and Intermediate stations, ,9
Church tbain leaves Washington oa Suada
at 1 15 p ra., HopplDj at all statloss on
Metropolitan Uranoh.
For Fvhiiehick. 18.80, HiJO, J 5.30 111.30 am.,
S1.1S, tS 30, 14.30 pm.
Fob llAHiHuTowN. tio 40 a m. and 15.30 p m.
TBAIN arrive Irom Chicago dally 11.15 am
and 4 10 p m; from Cincinnati aad St. Louis
dairy 3.(0 a m and 2.05 p m; Irom Pittsburg
7.10 a m. 5.&0 p ra daily.
For New 1 owe. Trenton. Newiirk, N. J., aad
illiaUrtli, N. J , 4 06. 18 00, M0J, U.W
am 2.5. l.M and 'IO.30 p m. Iluffot
Parlor Can on all day tralas. tlMpiBj Car
on tlj 18 SO p va, oi-u at 9-CO p ra.
YOU PHItABlUHIA, 1 66, tuft). W.00. !(
noon. 1.50. M, 6.U aad 10.30 p ra.
Fob r.EAK, Del , WHml&trtoa aud Olwster,
l.8f t08 am, lXa noon. J0, 'IJ.
6.15 ae4 r9 30 p ra.
Fen isTURHipiiTK ioiktu betweoo Baltlnora
awl lidtadelpiiU, 1500 aad iTIO a m, ti.SO,
IM p m.
Tkaim ieav New York for WaUag(4n,
t OS. tll.a) am, 2.W, S SC, tM p iu aad
U 15 Bight.
TBAiksLEAtE PblladeipMa lor Washington,
l.4. .li, t5. 'llja a ra, tl.W, 131,
&ja itiiui.
Fob thwrek, 'M p m. with Pullaua Baffttt
blpl Car lUHBlw throttgh to Itotoi
uitUuut ehaagw, via J'oUKLkmii.W BrUga,
htiuilag paiiitngTii In B. & M. tatlou at
Fob atlas.tuj Citv, 1 J aiui WM a ra. UM
atom, Sttadays, 1 05 , vt W nooa and
tEx;4 Sady. DUy. SSaaday oidy,
Haggiu called for and elMeked fro bo
ld tmii ttuUmiJt by laluu Troaslor Oo. oa
odr lttlt at tkket otkw, (19 aad 1361 Pi.
ate. aad at dspot.
j. tTodulu chas. o. scull.
Gti. Manager. Uaa. Pit. Aft.
Wholesale aad Retail BalM la
HMk M Gesige's Creek Cult
OPFiCS: Mat Fa. av. (OoeoMS BatUiB).
YAKO: Cor. H K. aad BL av.
TaiMPaaXH: Oatae. 538-; Yaai.SM.
Fuc ears ajcu mu touas our
.i.u. He iun all WEAS
explains all Iu U i. e h Vitnl Fre for iimtial
il tU VlW' Trill V, (Ui Dlaeat tCtiSl Xliuu
1C.IL fO.. Uuiriilo. !S. 1l . iiou I I Jil t
r nAAJ.fBa &Sd EOUJ
don El Suai o'j!
pcic Sr the eatUta eart
I oi in S'-Stt" . u
r-.T- -v." r ..
i.x is'-
AsiattKlim, . I
. .-. .aM Ul CI toj
toay TtSi " J S?
rio u bt f "-
6 ucum , . .
g Chicago. HA
ISl.M. Sold by Uruggtua
I , kUVUH.'M WJ . ",.l'
KskHl C W4 DmJmUMMttl MfmmmM
a busai aobldst t&
hr i&ruiSi mSt fmm I
Tlaslvtl A tsl a1
vuEi U. sIstffciTC. rS
i m H

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