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SSsVii.,: -. uiinnnWMIBBHI
23D YEAR NO. 6,910.
favor for a busy week.
The young men are with us,
the weather Is propitious, we
have the goods the people
want and at the PROPER
PRICES and WE are doing
the clothing business of the
Wc have a large assort
ment of those ultra-stylish
cutaway sack and frock
suits that our competitors
advertise as the latest wrin
kle and claim originality
for, but which were intro
duced by US last season,
which Is only another proof
that in the matter of NEW
STYLES we are always at
least one season AHEAD
of the other dealers here
abouts. Our Fall OVERCOATS
have the call these days, and
justly so, too, as no more
stylish and serviceable gar
ments were ever seen in
the city. All sizes, shapes,
colors and grades. Can
suit anybody. Call and see
b Robinson, Palter & Co,
S Oilglnators. Hot Imitators,
j ' (S. i:. Corner Keteullt uml It Nil. X. W,
Jtiternnt llateoue Olllcr Fearful They
31 uy Luo Thtilr 1'luie
Moktoomery, Ala., Oct. 8. The
V a.-sage of the Tariff bill by Congress
lias made a considerable commotion
among certain Kepublieaa officeholders
liere. As all special taxes are repealed
and the tax oa manufactured tobacco
Is reduced from 8 to 6 cents, and as tbe
special taxes are tbe bulk of internal
ri. venue business is this State, It Is
nought that oa or about May H, 1861.
this district will be attached to that of
Georgia. Dr. 11 A. Mosley. jr., chair
man or the State ItepublicaB executive
committee and collector of Internal
u venue for this district, has goae to
"Woshln? ton to look into tbe situation.
DeaouDeluc Ilttlfeur'a I'alUjr,
INDIANAFOLIS, Ikd., Oct. 2. Two
i! ..sand Irishmen met is Tomllasoi
I.a'l last night to express their ladtgaa
l' n at the reeat arrest of Messrs.
O Utku and LMllou. Mayor SulHvaa
prided. lieaolutiOM Utterly de
v cctn3 the Balfour policy wire put
t..r..;j;U with a hurrah.
(I'ulkM) lluu" Uaute Out.
P c rgc ant Kauchar awl Otaears Traiaer
rrd KJllvau of the Second Fiectact
t:A led a policy shop, Ku. 1307 Bid
t en t alky last nighi aad arrested the
v Titers, W. II. Barlow aad Samuel
liirrlson, both colored. They were
d loz a rushing bualaass ami basal ei
recovering tbe books wad other potior
i araphLrnalla, the officers found 330
in cab
H.jtU defendaats war seat to tine
croud jury and requirad to furaiek
i nJs la the sum of wl sack.
- i wiim
Uotttraat AwanUul,
The Cumnitwiosnw have awaaaad
I'eo nfraet for tetikjrjag Uw asw wasd
it the Wsihlagtoa Asylum to A. W.
hwnncy, the lowest butter, si
if i iv,$.
"N i Kerby & Ira. waist awstadad
tic c, ntract for buildiag tha astatic
r l . l house oa FUWaalh gtmt, ha
tw.cuO an I, loutkaaet, at ,.
Humphrey's What Fatter, 419
IimaDiu street aoiihweet. weee
f lu-aiiy opeaed to tha pubitc yet-
:. sua Uv 1 o'dach ustil mMahjbi
' . i iti was croadrsd. AH vmn
,. iiiviud to partake of om of ska
..uUcs et spread oa tack aa ot-
T fakideat to-day aapusatad
K r- Will Cefc of ftreaaator
j. ' ,...itc a- Ktaaaaad l Paiek,
i. v aud Caadas D. Duke of Yes.
.. l ' V , Coawhuioa to vlaU tbe
X " . ludUu Beservatloii W-.U
1 i r tLvtoLlgiillon and u, u
I . j iil.ifcUL3- J? I. 4 il f it-
They Will Have a Two-Thirds
Majority in the Legislature
Norwood May, or Livingston, or Perhaps
NoithenPoslmaster Wheat's
The first swhIoh of the Fifty-first Con
gress expired yesterday nt 0 o'clock p.
m quietly and decently. Thorc was
but one episode of more than fleeting
interest. That was the adoption by the
House of the resolution reported from
tho Committee on Accounts declaring
vacant the office of postmaster of the
House. After a rambling and desultory
debate It was adopted, and Mr. Whoat
ceatcd to he an officer of tho llouso of
lleprescntativcs. His son, Walter, vm
not touched by the resolution, but will
probably resign to Deputy Postmaster
Hofincr, who will now be In chorgo.
Tho only other thing of Interest was
John Allen's determined efforts to ob
tain permission to extend in the lltconl
his remarks on the tariff nnd appro
priations. To sccuro this tho funster
from tho Yazoo Insisted on tho point ot
no quorum, and as there were but a few
over 100 members present bo hod tho
llouso by tho throat. It is hardly
necessary to add that ho got what ho
wanttd. And thus Is it demonstrated
once mtrc thnt the advice Is sound
which says. "If you don'tsee what you
want, ask for It.
When 0 o'clock came the Speaker
seld: "The hour of 0 o'clock ImvlnR
nnlved. in accordance with the resolu
tion adopted by the two Houses of Con
grcM, I now declare the House of Hep
refcutsilvts of the first session of the
Fifty-first Congress to be adjourned
without day."
This was all. Ko ilowers. no resolu
tions, no thanks, no courtesies. Noth
ing but applause, which evidenced the
pleasure of tbe members at the idea ot
getting away.
A good deal of speculation has been
Indulged in as to Colonel Iluok KII
gore's reason for making the point of
order of no quorum and then withdraw
ing It. It seems that last Tuesday Col
onel Kilgore weut up to Speaker Reed
and asked to be recognized to call up a
private bill.
"Itecogalceyou," exclaimed Heed la
a semi jocular vein; "not much. If I
bail the authority I'd prefer to floe you
a hundred dollars for kicking down
that door,"
"Hut you can't do that." replied Kil
gore. "I always know what I am kick
ing before I kick."
"And I know who I am going to
recognize," retorted Heed.
"AH right." said Kilgore. "I'll lay
for you."
Tbe Texan lay for the Speaker, aad
yesterday he got him. The point nf no
quorum tied up the House. Heed ae
coidiogly seat far Kllnore and re
quested him to withdraw his paralyzing
"I will do it," said the Texan, "if
you will recognlxe me later to call up
my bill."
"Ob, come, Buck," said the Speaker
persuasively, "you kaow I can't
proatlse that."
"Tbea," said KUcore with a laugh,
"this House shan't do any buetaess to
day." "Now, look here. Buck," expostu
lated tbe whilom Czar, aaxloua ta see
tee wheels of teglslatioa revolve; "you
kaow I'm your frlead, aad that I oaly
tefiued In recognise you fox pure devil
ment. Why, It was oaly the other day
I strved Lodge the saaw way, aad
you kaow he's tbe closest frlead I've
got oa the boot. Let up, aad tbe first
o portUBlty I gat I'll recogaiae you.
Lei's shake uaads oa that aad be
"AH right.-' said Buck, "I'll go
Aad tbe two big ssea shook beads
heartily, Kilgore steady puUiag Baed
out of hie eSalr, walk tbe other asata
bers woadased what the twala were talk
lag aad laughleg about.
It sooa tiaasfdred, for KUgote waat
back to hss sat, addrasaed ? Saaakajr
aad aaaouacad that he witadsaw his
poiat of ao quonuu. The wheals bagaa
to go rouad again. But Kllgora dala't
get a caaace to call his bill up. It U
safe to gatabla that he will have a
caaace to call rt up early seat leerinw
however. Meaatitae ta Texsa aad the
Malaeite are f rkada.
The State rtarttai la Qeor gte aatsad
off nukUy yesterday. A light vote was
patted- ThDeacraskuct,towacsi
there was ao serious oaaoaitsaa, was
ekcud- It was coasatisad ot w. J.
XottaerB. Governor; if. U Hsniesaea.
Treasurer; W. A. Wrlgat. Comptroller
Oaaera). H. V. Kaabtti. CoaisaWisneiir
of Aarkultuse; Pail Cook, aacastary of
State. They seoreaaat la AUiaote
wiag of the party.
Tbe State Lagtalanue. which will
elect a succeasor to Swaiior Joseob S
Bsowa, k overwhauaiagly slWaaie
Oa iosat baUot of tae two aouass taa
Auiisace wHl have atore taaa two
Tata reault will probably wove dis
astrous to Goveraor Joaa B- Gordoa's
ajaddttoa to setura to the Valted States
siffTf fi-tntn1 GBfdNB lesigaad frosa
tkaskaat eight or tea years ago to
wake way fur Brown, who had becoate
rick la the railroad hindaiws, Qocdoa
tried Us aaad at r"twVtg aad was
report ' 'obave maJx a. fortune- It
ai u fulled later oo that he bJ lost
a lieu he ruluiut-J tii (jlilii.3 aud
- i i cJ Goiciuoi tiLUcc Uuoab
b , uf tecaaoi. bt, litis uudii aloud.
i u abln vl uudttellLuj.t .d iu
.1.. O iu. i. tkuiA Li! d lL lv
bad developed Its ptrwUr and ptfpofc
It was too late for blm to recover his
lost ground.
He attempted, when the Force bill
was up In Congress, to divert the can
rmign from the Issues raised by the
Alliance by Hie cry of "boycott the
North." This failed ignomlnfonsly, as
It deserved to fall.
Kx-Scnator Korwornl is probably the
man upon whom the Alliance will
centre for Senator. He and Gordon
have bad a sharp tilt turou.h the news
papers. It was so sharp that cettain
wise quidnuncs prophesied a duel be
tween the two. But the code lias fallen
Into a state of Innocuous desuetude In
tbe South, ami nothing more deadly
than Ink hssbeen shed In the quarrel.
Another probable candtdate, and a
dangeroui one If he enters the field, Is
Colonel Livingston, the head of the
Alliance In Gcorcia. He is a candidate
for Congress, and at the time of his
nomination It was said lie was run
ning only to prove that he had
the confidence of nnd was Indorsed
by his people, as a preliminary
to entering the Senatorial race. Since
then Norwood has entered the field and
It Is now said that Livingston will pre
fer to be the Alliance leader In tho
House, where the hardest fighting Is to
be done and tho greenest laurels are to
bo won.
It otmht not to lie forgotten that tho
Alliance controlled the Democratic
State Convention and nominated a
ticket In sympathy with their objects.
It is not Impossible, but Governor elect
Xottbcn may bo tho Senator.
Two amendments to tho State Consti
tution wero voted on. Ono authorlxos
tho Legislature to pension indigent
widows of Confederate veterans, dis
abled or killed In the service, provided
such widows liavo remained unmarried.
The other chances the method of read
ing bills in the Legislature bv requiring
that tho second reading shall be by
caption only. As It now stands all bills
pro required to bo road In full three
times In both Houtcs.
The first was adopted by n large vote.
The latter was also probably cuirled.
. .. .
Sir. Illnlnn -Id vnri.tr. It Mo Will Vltlt
Allnntn'it KxpnMtlail,
A dlitlngtilshml delegation from
Georcis, consisting of Mayor Glenn,
Colonil Pat Calhoun and Mr. Hum
phries Caslleman, ail of Atlanta,
called on Secretary Blaine last Tuesday
to tccelve bis answer to the Invitation
extended to him soma time ago to at
tend tho Exposition at Atlanta.
A talk of an hour was had. Mr.
Blaine, as Is his wont when Interviewed,
rcw enthusiastic over the future of the
outli. He said he desired to go to the
Exposition so be could talk to the peo
ple on the Industilal questions which
be regards as the ruling one of the
He Is anxious, he said, to visit tho
Exposition, and would do so If he could
possibly leave Washington between Oc
tober IS and November 1.
During the conversation Mr. Blaine
took a map of Florida ami discussed at
length the benefit to the South a ship
canal across the Isthmus of Florida
would by. lie said it would not
cost exceeding fW ,000,000 to build
It, and that It would save 800 miles ot
travel for vessels from the Gulf ports
to the Atlantic ports. He thought the
construction of tbe Nicaragua Canal
would lead to the ultimate construction
of this.
This Is not a new Idea, but it will
receive a new and powerful impetus
bow that Secretary Blaine has taken
it up.
Oil 5teu TrrliiC to Get Tocotlier.
Nsw York, Oct. 9 A special from
Pittsburg says aa Important meeting of
tbe Standard Oil Company magnates
and producers is being held here. OH
brokers say that the meeting is for tbe
purpose of effecting a reconciliation be
tween the Standard and the producers.
Tbe Standard is held to account for tbe
break In tbe market aad tbe existing
low price. The produetloa for Sep
tember showed aa Increase of 18,000
barrels, aad to this the Staaiiard at
tributes tbe reduettoa la price.
Abtoibloc u Kallroail,
J'u'waikkk, Wu. Oct. .8. The
fcrwal traasfer of the Milwaukee aad
Kortbera Hallway to the Chicago.
Milwaukee sad St. Paul Cosapaay was
wade 1b this city yesterday.
A report that the Milwaukee, Lake
Shore aad Weetera KsUroad has baea
absorbed by tbe Chicago aad North
welera is deaied at tbe geaeral unices
of the Lake Shore ia this city.
Wou bv LoMary l.att by Die.
EvAkeVILUB. IXD , Oct 8. Jt. H.
Justus, a Bserr-haBt of Oaklaad City,
lad, was swiadled out of fa.MO hate
by sharpers yesterday. He woa 7,060
ia a lottery, aad Moaday laadad bare
with his uioaey. Ia a salooa he ea
gaated iaa dfee gaate, aad ia half aa
hour lost 6,0u0 of his saoaey No
Site MMtcmn.
Ksvaua, Mo-, Oct. . Two saort
gagee for muflO.OuO each, give by the
Iftisamui, Kaaeas aad Teaas Hallway,
oaa of taasa to tka Myrfaallle Trust
Cosvaaay aad oae to the Geasral Trust
of Kw York, wen placed oa sasosd
aera yeeteaday- Tky are to secure tbe
issue of e,60e.u0 la boade aad rua
100 years at i r caai.
MeismntUmi to Mis wtataw.
TW will of Uw lata George Jfraacis
Cutter, sw rltrrclor tat Use Uaated States
Kavy, was sued to day la tbe oaaee of
the Bolster of Wills. AU his penoaal
ad teal estate is bequeathed to ale
widow, Mary L. Cutter, aad save l aUo
mftfiinlirf sole ysftilrix of kls wtil.
SfgBsasiBSBBBWnB rw S" mmw
a liuul tttAaHAgUtesaL
Kaw YottK, Oct - Edwasd J. Hub
t)cMj vwVO diiulteil wtisai ivwitl ttbom
MAitf Afffiff llkaOslflswU tp ftQ 04Mhts
Loixjf h tct. 8. It U pvo (Mil Ui
Utocral UouliUajjEr vlll ipcad Uxc com
lU ikiLUr tat MilU
T' V'uUabl i 4JUJ.0. .i. li i luk
o aL ini) li ,uti if t lul uUii
j. c aci i-ui , t,- - i - " " --,
Many Prominent Rtpflblians En
rolls! in the Iadspetrdent Cause.
Calculating oa Tarnisg Six Oit CounliM
Over to the Demovraey Qaayism
Will Be Rebuked.
riin,,i)Ei.riiiA, Oct. 2. Sltns ot
Republican dlsMtlsfaction multiply on
all sides. Day by day the revolt ngainst
Uoss Quay becomes more widespread
and powerful, nnd it begins to look as
If tbe result would be a reduplication
of New York's election of 1888, when
Cleveland was swept Into oftlcc over a
candidate nominated by trickery, by an
unprecedented majority.
The address of the Independent Re
publican State Committee, which was
published Wednesday lat, was fol
lowed Friday by ox Senator Emory's
convincing proof of his charges against
Dclamatcr, and,' simultaneously with
that, camo the announcement of a
strong organization of
In Pittsburg to work for l'attlson, quite
distinct from tho movement wtilch
Chris. Magco ia nulotty engineering to
turn Allegheny County's Republican
majority of 20,000 into n Democratic
ono. 1 his week somo additional bomb
shells ate looked for, which arc ex
pected to startle the Republican
cam ti.
The sddrrs of the Independent Re
publican State Committee, signed by
105 Republicans representing fifty of
the most important counties In the
State, la the most significant feature of
the csmpaigu. Iiefore a fortnight Is
(Kissed every ono of the sixty seven
counties In Pennsylvania will have an
Independent nrganlzitlon. for the move
ment Is more thorough and complete
than it was In ISbi, when Paulson was
elected and Cameronlsm rebuked.
A glance over the names attached ti
the proclamation shows the character
of the men who have gone Into the
In every section of tbe Commonwealth
have signed the address. From
Schuylkill County, where the Republi
cans are In a state of utter demoialUt
tion. appear the names ot General A.
K. Blstried, who has been a candidate
for Governor before two or three Re
publican State conventions; Samuel A.
Loscb, formerly one ot Quay's first
lieutenants, ami F. R. Kantner one of
Schuylkill Countv 's delegates to the con -venllon
that nominated Debmater, The
sentiment of this county was over
whelmingly for Hastings, but all the
delegates except Kantner
When Kanluer returned home the
Republicans ot the county showed
their appreciation of his course ami
their contempt for the other delegates
by holding a public reception la his
honor and presenting blm with a gold
headed cane bearing tbe suggestive In
sctlptlon, "to au honest delegate."
Among tbe local names attached to
the list are Whartoa Darker, tbe banker,
who was one of the original Harrison
men, and who was pronlaeatly men
tioned for a Cabinet position; Professor
Thompson of the I Diversity of Penn
sylvania. Charles J. Haesak, president
of the Midvale Steel Works, oae ot the
largest Industrial esUbllsbweaU la tbe
State, and aiaay other prominent per
sons. Judging by tbe present bitter feeling
agalast Quay asd Debuaater, the Inde
pendents coarhleBtly expeet to lure over
to IMtisoA six oil counties McKeeu,
Warren, Crawford (Delaiaaler's home),
Yeaesgo, Forest aad Butler which two
years ago gave Harrison searly 7,500
Majority. They have hopes also of
catrylBg Bradford County, usually good
for about 4,000 Kepubficaa Majority,
where that party U
of reduciag by oae half Tlogo County's
Btajoriiy nf neatly 5,000, aad of atakiag
sirallar galas ia aearly all tae Hepublf
caa couatks. Froas the Desaaeratic
eouatias lareely iacreaaed asaioriiias are
expected. Xot evea a Uviak exaaadi
lure of saoaey hi seek lag to corrupt
DesaocraU caa save the Kepublicaae
front defeat.
Kx Goveraor Patuaoa left Use etty
Suaday abrat oa a fawwaligBtsm tour of
two weeks ia the wealera eouatias of
taa State Upoa hi tetura. after a day
or two of real, ha will atake a tour of
tae rotiBtJMe of taa Susuuaaaaaa, aad
aotblng will he left uadoae to arouse
the enthusiasm of the Dasaocrsey.
Every couaty ia the State will be vt
lujl a4 Uuj good aCeoss of this caai
paiga work will be stroagly felt oa
Aa addis sigaed by Justus C.
Stiaa bridge, chair ibsb. aad Herbert
Wessk. saeretary aad treaaurar of the
T-bjrtfo Iadepasuleat stetaatteaa Con
lasitae, kas afff isatias!, itkfag Use
soldiers of tka State to oppose boas rule
by voting agaiaat " caiMrsate for
(aoveeaor who calls aisasalf a Ssssttbtl-
eaa. but wao. If Lbscula repreaeatei
aVasibrlraasaai is aot oaa.'
Loauojf, Oct. 3 Taa Sexvsaa Lag
tWtt is IiOsWJkB li lAsfOtUHMvawi &b th0 S
Vlotkw wkteh QtxumA vlkUe lift KUif
of icviti 4ji4 Wi fttfcuf. kswsf sf-pAfs
WtoOb dliVasaaaa' OA s&LBalsV aat Hal &
Ww"r w"w w p ,wt 'spswiv pS" flswwTlaiwwsv
was eaAssad ag tka farttage whaal i)UBk
lag revolver canrklga vktA bad
faJWa ia the roadway evstaktsy by acd-
JsirvsaaoaixxB. lao . Oct. a. J
K. Mwiac aad J G.
awfaacitia at QotsyaJsiaih JsTec-
soavUle, LouUvllk aad KaoxTfile, were
arxeated yesterday, charged wtih gto
I.m Jf'uJ tun
Mril TIb At ent RBCWMfHllr Ilnli
in l.xnim U..r.
Tiffix, Onto. Oct. 8. As train Wo. 2
on the Cincinnati, Sa&dnsfcy ami
Cleveland Rstlroad was rmlling out of
Utbana thU motnlng t 8 o'clock, two
msiked men broke In tlte Adams Kv
prts Company's car, awl, presenting
rivtilvtrs at tbe hel of Arch L. Srud
tler, the txprtts mfswnger, demamlsil
bis kiy. fcttddtr Mirremleml atwl
was then Iwund lisml ami foot ami
gaegttl. The robbers then rifled Scud
dcr's pockets, securing 75 In money,
bis walcb, and, with the keys, rlHad
the safe of Its contents, about 1,000.
The train had reached a small town,
West Liberty, by this time, ami the
robbers left the car nnd took a position
upon the platform. Scudder succeeded
In calling the attention ot the local
agont to his condition and was liberated
nnd the alarm given, but the rabbets
covered the trainmen with their guns
and ordered the train to proceed, whloh
it did, and just ns they reached Belle
fontnlne, the robbers left the train nnd
disappeared In the darkness with the
Ttie Turin ttlll Will Serlon.lr Check
the Kxport Trade of Itnglnnit,
Commercial Agent Smyth nt Hud
tlersflold, England, In a report to the
Department of State on trade with the
United States, says that the notion of the
Home of Representatives on the tariff
question has had tho ctTect ot croatlng
widespread alarm among the manu
facturers there. The opetatlon ot a
new tariff law with Increased
duties on textile fabrics will,
It Is believed, seriously check
the export trade of Hudderslleld. This
npplles particularly to tho woolen and
worsted trade, so strongly Intrenched
there. Tlare has been a gonornl move
on tho part of exporters to nuticlnate
tho result of legislation by largo ship
fronts for tuturo dimanl; the main ot)
jeet being to clear tho custnn house In
time to escnre the provisions of the nw
law. Legitimate trading hag thus beua
pushed to a point where It took a
sptculatlve turn, resulting In a large
Inorcaee of exports. In regard to the
antl-tarllT agitation In ShctHeld Mr.
Smyth Bays that, "while certain political
and mercantile Influences have been set
to wot k among the manufacturers of
Sheffield to diclare open war on the
American policy of protection,
tho manufacturers and export
ers of this district, who are
much more vitally concerned, main
tain a respectful attitude, and await
calmly the enforcement ot a policy
which It the natural and legitimate oil
spring of principle and conditions to
which communities In Knglnml, ai a
rule, seem absolute strangers. The
general hope Is expressed that the
tatitr legislation and the whole chlmer
ioal system ot protection will soon be
wiped out altogether."
Stmt Kllliarnive UfiTlielr Mtmberatill
or Uult Work.
Naw Yobk, Oct 2. The New York
Central ofUelals have decided that uo
more Knights of Labor shall be em
ployed on the road, ami to day Vice
President Webb issued a circular di
rcctlsg tbe heads of the various depart
ments to make their decUioB known.
The circular Is addressed to the
general manager, general superlutea
(lest, chief engineer, ami superin
tendent of motive power aad rolling
slock as to the receat strike ami acts of
lawlessness committed ia cnaaacUon
therewith, the published correspond
ence between the leaders of the organi
zation that ordered It, asd the fact that
maay mea bow seeklag re-em ploy meat
state that they quit work from
fear of persoaal vloleaee aad
did sot dare to offer to resume
work for tbe same reason, compel the
management of the eompaay to aa
aouaee that it objects to its employes
lxlng members of tbe orgaaUatioa
ksowa as "The Knights oi Labor."
Tbe maBagemeat.satisiied that member
bip in tbU particular orgaaizatioB is
iecoaeUtt'Bt with faithful aad efficient
suvir to the eompaay aad liable at
say time to preveat it from properly
discbargiag its duties to the public,
will at oaee take such action as
alll briBg Ibis ciieular to the attention
of employes ia tkeir respective depart-
Qeswrial Suaerialeadaat Voorheas
said to day that taa circular asaaas ata
ciaely wkat It says, K Bights must either
give up their meaibersaip ia the order
or Wave the road.
WarttKf Fwt TtOt MttwUI.
Hum IaUaa AnSKSnat Mb Hum lag
niul lulu leu to KnHalwiM .
Pisaas. S. D.. Oct 8 Keports from
the Slouic camps aloag Ike Caeyeuae
Kivar. Hccivad yesterday, state that Uw
faaalkal fever of the Iadtaaa over taa
eipected cosaiag of their Messiah is ia
cttaslag daily. Iacaatalloaa aad re
ligious orgies are kept goiag, aad a
aged MatUeia Maa. called Bad Shirt,
whose age it said to be over 100, leads
tae proiuaawBa with saw aad tliartttiif
featurti of -ewMtialy. It at esaactad k
will sooa daisies' klauelf lato Use
looked sot S(itv.a am ateetig eeM
t- be great, list tala is as yet oaly
jH.taltioB- Tka e)vttbted tribes will
hate aotkisg to do with th new f4.
siid fitueatt go aad urge Mtaar wtidsw
oihrkbors to dattatt faoat thatr aractkes,
Lut akkout watt.
I resKoa. la'B., Oca. S ai Hoovtw
sad bstiidr Laae reaewed aa old
wlas fxuas ke, yesteriUy, osseg VWk
tbat Laae had of Hoover's Btoajur. 41-
terblowa kad baea eacbaagad
drew a savolver aad fatally sswt B
Laac waaasceued
ComMLKloaaf sum l wk
(. UiULUaaivner Huoo W.i lui, t it
InlVlB parll. L Lai ! ,-iljoi
The Most Coffiwmmttk Praluct of
New Yffrk Villainy.
Death or an Ameriesti Artist Sttl'.iraa
Will Not Fight Siavin A Suieide
Dae t ImagiBilion.
Loniwx, Oct. S. Notwltlisttmllng
dcninlB of disaster, much antlety is felt
at the Cape and in Knglnml regarding
the expedition to Masonaland, no defi
nite news having lie en received for
several days. It Is known that Loben
gatil, King of the Matabcles, views the
expedition with disfavor, and that his
300,000 warriors have been anxious for
his on! us to begin an attack. Appre
hension Is also expressed that the expe
dltlon, which wns gotten together
hastily, is not equipped for effective
resistance against au onslaught ot the
Lord Wolsclcy swumed command of
the troeps In Ireland yesterday. He
expressed his satisfaction at the excel
lent condition In which the forces had
licen loft by hit predecessor, Prince
Edward of Saxc-Weimar. The Hoyal
Irish Dragoons have been moved from
New Brighton to Dublin.
The reported nttompt to wreck a train
convcyinc tho Czar from St. Peters
burg to Warsaw has not created surprise
in St. Petersburg. Tho Czar himself
has for some time been aware that the
Nihilist conspirator were again active,
and during the recent maneuvers In
Southwestern Itnz.U he personally di
rected that no person should be per
mitted to enter Hovuo, where he made
his headquarters, without special per
mit from the chief of police of Hoviin.
This precaution, then regarded m ex
ttnoidlnary, appears now to have been
will grcundid. The renewed persecu
lion of the Jews Is held responsible In
Mime (matters for the attempt on the
Oar's life, and this allegation will
doubtless be seized upon as a pretext
for still further harrhness toward this
proscribed people.
The number of police In the White
Chapel district has been largely in
creased, ovtlnir to the threatened re
newal of "Jack the Kipper's" opera
tions. The officers ate instructed to
resume the extraordinary precautions
which were thuugbt to have caused tbe
disappearance of the mysterious "Hip
per after bis last horrible butchery,
though they were not sui-ceskful in
leading to his detection.
One hundred DeiHittea and fifty-three
Senators of the Italian I'srlt iment have
declared themselves la favor of a dl
voice law similar to the measure now la
operation in France. The clericals
vigorously oppose the project.
ltaron KKn, the wealthy possessor ot
large estates near Arnrahle. Prussia,
has been arrested at a hotel In lierlln ou
a charge of Immoral practices. The
Heron's accuser te his own son.
Prince Ulsmarck, who recently re
marked to aa Interviewer tbat be pro
posed to continue to eujoy life, and did
not intend to spend bis time like a bear
Is winter sucking his paws, Is carrying
out this policy by an elaborate system of
entertainments at bis palace la fried
tlehstube. He has also just aaaouaeed
a series of great fetes to be given dur
ing tbe wlater. His receptions are al
ways throBged, asd be is tbe chief so
cial lioa of tbe day!
Losdoy, Oct. 3. A seaaattoaal case
came before the Weatmiaater Police
C'c utt csteidsy. The principal person,
lavolvid was Sir Thomas George
Fiuke, Hart, whose tows house is at
No. 8? AeausW Cudeas- Sir Thorn
was suesied at the iastaace of a Mr.
OIIhb. who used to be his iatimate
fib ad.
Tbe story tout by Olbaoa is that Sir
Tbi mas lured blm oa oae pretext or
soother to tbe eellar of aa empty koute
b KtBoiBgioa. There Ike Baroaat, as
sisted by ft brads, overpowered Qibsoa
ard put bim ia handcuff. This doae,
Out aatallaats examiaed Gibson's
poekets aad took poatesssoa of kls
keys. Wttk these Sir Taosaas pro
ceeded to St. George's Club, ia Haaover
Square, weat to otbaoa's private box.
unlocked It and took out aid destroyed
the letters aad photographs which
Gibson kad received from a lady. Aflat
that he seat a telegram from the club,
to which he aigaed Gtbaoa's Buna.
Tae magistrate, after a brief hearing,
ttmaxded Sir Thomas tor a further ex
auiiaarlon. It is asserted tbat Sir
Thomas aad Oisaoa went rivals for the
ssfertiofcs of tk lady whose letters Sir
Tacsnas appropriated, and that both of
tarn kad lien oa terms of extreme is
tisaaey with her. It is further asserted
that tie lady aad tlsed of Otbaoa's at
taBtioas. aad that ska was pwapBt ia tha
cellar at tae ilsbe of tha assault.
t C4M ut mmx.i or u'owwm,
Taa iinbi vet
Loan, Uct. 9.afkkal Davftt
gtbps coacerBtag tae dyaasatia plots ta
kis aaaer. the Lubot WurUi. to dar. Be
aairsles that before MiDaaeaott ("aai
Hbi" left New York he we told that
aa etuaal horn DubUa Castle would
call uoa aim at a hotel ia Wrkeakaad.
scar Liverpool. uadr the aasae of
titvrge Jene, who is none other tha
Jeaklb&oi), tbe chief of the Criadaal
laaaatigauoa lWpiuUueat of DubUa
IkBtetmott uinhed Dublin is Feb
raajry. VDH. Bm visited the oAoas of
tBatosal League aad VutUd Irt
bind Bewspapcr. tepreeeaUBg hiawtilf
as .. ioirckpondtnt of the Brooklya
J.',, , -i - aud i rolditd a letter froui
I ul i'l ..ill tt..UlI.a UilVrui.tt
1L ill ,i,iJ u 5 lt.il Uu!il!t 11
; .. i. . . i iLii ii
X . . -- II j. ,
snd Davtttwertln pir""- McDefflrott
visited them, awl Davitt, knowing
"Herl Jim's" rewml, told Mm thst he
wss th most erwisnmmate mnnlrol
that was im edueired In .Nf-w Y rk
villainy, and hwl evidently stme sin
ister motive In sr thine th interview.
M(Itrmott. when first In trod need,
praised Joe llradv and denounced the
Ixml Lieutenant, Karl Spencer, as a
tyrant, who. If he were shot, would
only get his deserts. Upon this Divltt
ref im d to listen inv longer, calhsl a
warden and terminated the Interview.
MeDetmott next went to Cork, where
be wss Interviewed by Captain Plnnkett,
who was then In charga of that city,
which wss under martial law owing to
the coercion act. He also Introdttced
hlmftir to Featherstc-ne, the Fwlan. as
the accredited agent of O'Dwovhb
ltnsea, ami declaretl that lie was com
mlsflonetl to establish dynamite socle
tits In Cork, Liverpool. Ditliitn and
He persuaded one Deasy, a ftiettd of
Featherstrne'"-. to take a lov of nitro-
Siycerine to Liverpool. Hy some aool
ect Deasy did not mil on the nm
Mt'fttiur which canted the box, and the
Liverpool police, ihformetl of the pres
ence of the explosive, fcarrhed the ship
ami found the liox. McIermolt then
pirsuaded Deasy to go to Liverpool with
another consignment of nliro glycerine.
This led to the arrest of Flannlgan In
Liverpool and Feathetstone in Cork,
and tliilr conviction.
The revelation piorevds to deal with
the arrests nf Kotman, Wilson Galla
gher and Dalton In London and White
head In lllrmlngliam. in the month of
April. 18f3, nil of which were caused
by "Kid Jim."
London, Oct. 2. Klchard K. Fox
was seen yesterday by a reporter con
cerning Sullivan's refusal to accept hi
backing In a fight with Statin. Mr. Fox
said- "My offer of $3.",000 was made In
good faith and after due deliberation,
bulllvan's opinion of him personally
doefl not enter into the matter at all,
and Is of no possible consequence. My
object was solely to keen the champion
ship In America, and I believe Sullivan
could do that. As he lias refused, why
that mils It, ami there Is nothing further
to lie done about it. .Slavlri and hit
backir claimed tbe championship belt
ou Saturday last, as they desire to ex
hibit hire In London. I thought If
Sullivan met Slsvln the belt would stay
where It is Itegardlng the SuIHvhu
Kllraln tight, I did not have one cent
on thu tiMilt. and every one who knows
me knows peticctiy win that I never
Utkhxr. Oct. S W. A Shade.tlw
well-known Amerlcau italnter, died
Ik re Friday night last. Mr. Shade had
resided for the past tea years In Iiome,
leaving tbat ciiy and arriving here on
August 10. hoping tbe change would
lestore his health. Instead he has been
growing gradually worse. He was bast
known In Ocrmai.y. where be studied
at both Dueteldort ami Munich, as he
did aUo at Purl end Itorue
He was an Idealist In his pictures
eiitlrely, und his talent secured for him
customers among tbe very liigbast
rank. Ill painting, "First Love," was
bought by tbe Berlin NaHooal Gallery,
aad "The Power of Love" found a
purchaser 1b Km press Frederick.
Among bis other notable work wtca
"L'Amour," "Teaching tbe Nightin
gale to Sing." "Mother and Children,"
"IMaaa ami Endymlon" aad "'IT
Flicht Into ligypt." which Utter may,
perhaps, be regarded as his principal
work, ne will be burled here.
Lokuok, Oct. 9 A singular case of
hallucination ami suicide has baea re
poittd. A girl by Urn same of Gertrude
Brown, aged St, daughter of aa Au
siraibiB merchant, sailed from Melbourne
ia May last to visit her uncle, tha Vicar
of Hereford. Kver since her arrival
heie she has appeared to be pniieawd of
aa iBixpIlcable melancholy that eulaU
sated 1 uesday ia suicide by mttiaj; hat
ihroat. In a tetter left by the gin taa
gives as a reason that while est tit
steamer coming from Melbourne aha
was drugged aad ruined and U now
An autopsy was held yesterday which
proved that none of these UaieweaB had
the slightest fouadaUoa ia truth, aad it
was aa iastaace of uaf ortuaate imagta
Uoa. Mte- l'ft ta lNttkamiM.
Ciacuutati, Oct 9 Berlag Jt Co.'s
shoe house at eight aad tea West Peart
street was gutted by arc last Bight, ea
taUfaf a loss of foU.tMi. Number sis.
oa that street, is occupied b iloop Puss
sit KofBig. coffee roasters, aad, aio. U
by Heary Miller i. Co., dealers ia to
bacco. The damage to those buitdiagg
was by water, and U1 aot etesaal tVL
14M). The Sevea's truck oa Mi vaa w
the tire collided with a street car at tha
ccrntr of Tilth aad aycamow ttraeta.
several passesgers btiug njuwd. but
bobc seriouily.
far a iittoBi taa.
Uoa has teas tBtriHiwi lato tha Cia
grissby the govcrajawat whfaA pea
vtswa for the toa verslya of provbawal
teas- TN govwaaMsat hopet Is, this
way to relive tha slaaacial esabarrass
saeaU of the province, P4
would give a nettoaal guaraatee for the
fayauaU of their dbt-
BaatiUi. tk-t. S. Muih soaee fatgivea
by the Cbrmaa aewsoapen to duicrip
tsoaa of the yariou leceptioa teudwed
towaru the AuetcLus caaital aM of
wsutb are tegacdad Uh tha greatest
Tha i'uitUu ta author foe tha
isatctwcat that the Giaias poaVy wtU
uadtirgo so ibaegv.
KXawtaWaWUpwT SKtwVtaiwalstt
f thte cay by Empetwf WiiMlnkt
aho made gifts to the tJKbulaaee teev
kc aud uunuitous other worthy ot
.' . l ... .1 -
i W .o t IK ,1. u t ir f i i
- . . v- - 1 .. ....
As a Seat tntr ef the ectsMwt, imt eattre
Fall and Whiter lanetiatteM are Meredat
trdtteert ftlces. The foltewtng are a few
tllnttiattotw Item a theasanii or aseret
$7 Jackets $5
Tbe mpjilr of te Jatkets Is ahnattex
liioMetl. l'ntllili,rorrmo( arrlrvaar K
Jsrkels will l offered at S3. The tT Meet
tn of ctMVeroB Cloth eoa ia Uae,lH:JM
to , and are fao-slmlles of the tttlssaeeted
mrnenti. TbeST TtshtntthK Jaea at
tailor flntehed. In exact imitatkmat tatwi
Imrottei IndonJaekst that retails at IM.
aeb bbIII to atorrow ereanur.
$1 Pigskins 74c
These Genaae JMkle Maasqastaire
flloves are iwiierailr oM an4sr a faaer
bbbm aad for obvloos reawa I. e. oar reaa.
iar price ta Ho, tbe prevalllBf price H a pair.
Taer poMWM alt the stastteitr of hat with
twice tbe dumhiutr. They eye better tba
kW. W are shawms twaatf-rawr (katsat.
iBeladlBc ta new gmy.rea, aabt i .
taa, atcde aad also a fast atart .
9o Ribbons 4o
Of eoarse, the price t smptetoasly tw
hat that's all that U doabtfal aaaat thew
JtthtioBs. they are in two lots aadeeawt
tack aaa it ibcb wide; vf tarats) war
rentod pare Cros-Oraia JUS: la satin etwata
also all silk The colomrctiowv tBvawtw.
pisk, iigbt tile, aavv. Bite, tana eoua. t4fvw.
amhntany. myrtie, caldes btowb. aa. ir
bata. asd, aid ruaa, eraaat. Iveb at
PwilW JSP"f 'T'aaaawyi 4PaHPSBWJHs w is
These are Cme Out Sttt wtm -a .
faatanthsa wato mi faJc- I
(50g Dress Goods 46c
be reduction la price Is cobsIbssb ie 1
li i, ttsnbrtil that la order to give tha
best vain, ia the eity at toe yaac w aalt.
in Br.ay talaBes.M a yard wt, iiaatle
fpsuttocably tba ssost reestlnM variety
asd tbe best ojBaasyiae Ptaat Waal tisa
(JepoA lAaaftnt. aaaaai IkastsBBi sbuM IbbbbIbbbbbbbbi1 At Mf ob
fsBBWwL Xlita WaiBsTrUJiUlV fiOOl OSBUfeBWaM Wss4
erp" " msep sj" wttWB""pw "spwi"
saadaa ta casamtea. saripa sawasaflajek
V4 mum Phtvlast saatiMttiiiar itdsfsA
Vwrnaw atovattr fsjMhtfs usi x - -a,
aJhoWactt Wocl Secaes ta . b t
Wiuer VirC4t,
. l Lii.w;ii.a j. 1 1 Vl

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