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23B YEAR NO. 6,017.
"ur '.jasgjBiM- as jsjyJtef ""
1 ' i . , i i -iaaaaiMatiMMaaasaaiiaaaaaa
BOYS will be boys. They
will sit on fences, climb
trees, slide on cellar doors
and in various other ways
manage to wear out their
In buying boys' clothing,
one of the principal things
to consider is the durability.
"WE make it a rule never to
use any but the most dura
labrics In the clothes
we sell.
OUR School Suits for this
season, in addition to being
as durable as it is possible
for clothing to be, are
MARVELS or style and
elegance. All the NEW
EST and nobbiest patterns
of the season are HERE
ready for your itibpectlon a
prices that are as low as
other dealers charge for in
ferior goods. Let US clothe
your boys?
Bi Robinson & Co
Original Boys' Outfitters,
909 PA. AVE. N. W.
(Jenerul 1)1. content Helena Aguloat
llnriillif.nnd War Slay fallow.
New York, Oct. 3. A special to the
JLrahl from the City of Mexico says:
Dr. Ucnegoechea, the son-in-law of the
late General Barrundla, leaves for
"Washington Monday with good letter
tj present In the Ihurundla case. lie
eiys the greatest discontent reigns ia
Guatemala among the masses against
President Ilarrillss, and predict war
within four month!.
A hull tighter has been expelled from
Guatemala for shouting "Viva KiU,"
as has also a Gar man named lUiscli
manu for making love to Uarruadla's
hcnor Sobral. ex Secretary of State, Is
fill a prisoner in his own house, which
h carefully guarded.
1 !even prominent men have recently
It m c alletl to Cabinet positions by
President Harrillae, but all refused.
News has been received from Guate
luU that fcenor DIeguez, Minister here.
wI.Ifo.jd. resign, owing to discoatent
irtnt '1 1 e f uiu of $4,000 or $3,000 Ik the
I ir ; a 31? of General liarrumila wys-tr-
ir-ly disappeared, and has not bees
( c-' untid for. Captain Pitts' inventory
c f the baggage of the General Is still
lr I .y the I'acihc Mail Steamship
I rrpauy
71io Katt tVaslilBEtea lavattuiMt ClBIII-
UUy IB U 1'HUiWMHM CttBdlUtMt.
The Kast Washington Investment
C tnpsny held its annual meeting last
t !.l.t aud the auditing committee pre
' red the third annual report, which
' ' --vet that the assets of the company
i". r.al estate, mortgages and ease
'tr-inted to about $30,000, and the
t ' i ttus to 3,t00. The foUowla
t -,-,, i liters were elected: President,
A M Meeker; vl-president. II. O.
iM.fauUy, secretary, T. D. March;
t-v-i-uur. George Eutmert; trustee, W.
1! Hartley. P. V. DeGrsw awl Franc
t ' 1 The report subtuilUxl compli
r . cud iLc board oa the akiiiful. bud
; like and economical management
' r ttc company.
I'ltuIU-l'liaWHWItlll is UuiuMm
M Miiiu, lVBc. Oct 3. The
M Ltral caitie skippers were excited
v l U by report that cargo of
' i i Mpixd by the ereamshio Moras
. I,. A Im.hu detained at Dundee, oa
it i...rt of ike inspector, that pieuro-
t .UM.nia existed among the ewtUe. i
i -.ci-eisi Optuloekwre IS thatUti
, niumi Dundee has made a nls
U U chUwed that there is ao
vucuaioaia ia CajuwU as pretest
, . . , N. y., Oct 3.-5iite
r KJward S. ty of tkb dtatrkt
t uikt at tiussu of apoplesy.
.i .. ka yeaw of age.
i i..Jtq was asm; of the torestosi ajsl
;:,, L ;t iMisbjts uu of tkisiedaos.
- ui.LluUiakeliiuu.vf U so, tiuy
. lLiUla Furiiili LuCuriua
i- ai Lti.atL niiX U ai.t.i.Liu w
Indttding MeKinlej's, Whose' Cam
paign is in Charge of Smyser.
Mr. Mills in MiMouri Mr. Lodge Re
nominated in tho Old Bay State, Also
Hesirg, O'Noil and Oreenhatge.
Speaker Recti Is reasonably sure that
the next House will bo Republican.
Tills opinion has been growing stronger
with him every day since his re-election
by an unprecedented majority. He has
accepted that result as a verdict of np
proval by the people of bis arbitrary
nets ns Speaker, as well as approval of
the legislation accomplished and pros
pective of tho majority In Congress.
To make assurance doubly sure he will
Inko the stump In close districts, especi
ally out Wc6t, whoro bo has never been
and is unknown. He thinks this course
will have not only tho elTcct ot helping
Ihc Republican party, but of aiding him
in his Presidential aspirations.
For the bco Presidential Is bumming
merrily In hlschapeau.
Ho Is very cerlnln that If the next
IIoueo be Republican ho will be
Speaker ngoln, Acgrcsslvc and force
ful bo docs not fear any evil effect
from such a result upon tho campaign
of 1602. 'Whatever his faults may bo,
ho certainly docs not lack tho bull-dog
courage of his partisan conviction.
Tliereforo bo will exhibit bis ponderous
self, Shakespearean likeness and all,
nnd air his turbulent and sarcastic elo
quvticu In fresh fields and pastures
Tho C.ir nnd Napoleon are now
friends nnd allies, nnd the former will
respond to tho latter s cry for help and
go over Into the tatter's district and en
deavor to bamboorle tho Iltickeyes into
returning tho High Priest of Protuc
lion to Congress.
lly tho way. Congressman M. L.
Smyppr, who holds a block of stock In
tho Universal Refrigerator Compnny,
and in consequence retired from the
committee Investigating Pension Com
missioner lUttm, will have charge of
Major McKInley'a campaign. Mr.
Smyser went home ahead of adjourn
ment to arrange Ihe preliminaries of
what promises to be the Iluckeyc Na
poleon's Moscow.
The growing importance of the
Fanners' Alliance is seen In the formal
announcement In the Ohio Repubilc-in
pjpers that Major McKlnley will attend
n rally of that organization In one of
the counties of his district. Hut ho
shows a Napoleonic caution by an
nouncing that he will not make a po
litical speech.
The Hon. William Copeland Wallaee
of the Third New York district, the
only Republican member from Brook
lyn or i.ong jsianti, was yesterday re
nominated after an exciting struggle.
Mr. Wallace was baeked by and had
letters of recommendation from Speaker
Reed and Mr. Uelden. chairman or the
Republican Congressional Campaign
Ills opponent was Mr. Rjlert D.
Benedict, who was lacked by Secre
tary Traey ami the Brooklyn Navy
Yard. Mr. Wallace defeated Mr. Rose
diet for the nomination two years ago.
Then it was a close call. Yesterday it
was a walkover, Wallace securing 87
delegates to 94 for Benedict.
Much bad blood was engendered by
the sharp tactics practiced, and there is
In consequence a likelihood that the
Ik'Btdlct people will kalfe Wallaee asd
euable the Democrats to carry the die
trkt. Wallace's plurality two years
ago was 2,ts71.
Mr. Hosier Q. Mills spoke at Jaeksost,
Mo., jester Jay. Nearly 10,000 people
ltolesud to blw.
The oee of sheriff of Cook County,
111., to which Ccmgresswaa Lawier has
U en BMuisuvKd by ike Democrats, is
said to be worth $80,000 a year. Kxe
cuthsg laws is wuck better pecuahMtUy
lhaa utaklaf these.
The YemosU Legislature is U ses
sios. It Kill eket Senator Morrill's
successor, his term expirtag March 3
Mr. Ledge. Hetary Cabot of that Ilk,
putative father of Jofcaay Dvat0rt's
KUetiosi bill, better ksuws as the Puree
bill, kas bees letvosmisvjtttal. Tike rabid
KepubUcasvs of the SUth Masiackiuetts
district gave kiiit a uaasjlsaous send
off. He had 3,3W plurality two years
Mr. Greet) Italg was reaoatlsutled by
the rWplflsfitsii of tlae Kjghtk Vaiss
cbuaeUs district. This is Qeutal Baa
But Ws obi district. Mr. QrewJtls
looks like Bistkr with forty years taksw
osTkim. Two years 4gukekad,M
Thai QeisvoMtki of tike Pourtk Maaaa-
krtM M very uroMurty
r. O'Kemtt. ILjWTwo
years o a piMntisy of .wl. lie kas
ssaiist ajs ettwlWatt awMaaeskiaMve.
0 this last day of Coogrees Mr. tle
waa of IuUiaas kad two U Uwiueti
os his desk- se kad just besm cesytsBi-ttatcd-
Presumably the Aowecs were
frotB sane of kis dusky ootutttnemts
Mr. I'okuuw was opved by the uU
Wartuvuth JBttueoce, wblck controls the
Kew Orleaus cuatoas-house. Mr. Cole
wait's jJuxality two yews go was only
174 barely the Democrats ought to be
abte to ovescoiW) that cueagre suotbef.
b vajkseas atsjaMseiStes' wise aeae.
Aisxui, Tkx , Uct 8. Route Me
stwfes C. U. SpaJkr of the WeUs. Vvio
Express Company, was arrested here
.tirdsy on a charge of aiealifif a
packse torttaluinir a watik The wUU
aa(LULlJ 1U bb UUXik HtUflULU
A l'etltlon rnr It 1'iotmto rrmonttil
nml l!n Ultvd to Appmir.
Nkw Yobk, Oct. 8. The ptilftm for
the probate of the late Robert Riy
Hamilton's will was recelretl by the
Surrogate of New York Cottntyyever
day. The petitioner Is J. C. O'Contwr,
Jr.. ami In the petition Gilbert M. Spclr,
an cvecutor, recites that the only heln
mentioned In (be will are the father ami
brother of the decedent.
In his petition Mr. Speir says that one
Krangellne L. Mann (alo "known as
RvasBellne L. Steele ami Evanereline L.
Hamilton) is now "residing" at Tren
ton, N J., and claims to be Hamilton's
widow. He also stated that a certain
child known as Beatrice Ray Is claimed
to be Hamilton's adopted daughter, but
bebas no actual knowledge as to whether
or not the child was ever really adopted
by Mr. Hamilton according to the laws
of the State.
Beatrice Ray, Mr. Spclr continues, Is
now In this city, and has no legal
puatdlan. Sne Is in the custody and
tinder the care of Mrs. Mary Ncvlns,
who resides at No. 21 West Fifty-ninth
sttiet. The baby Is now noarly 3 years
Surrogate Ransom granted an order
for the citation of I5va by publication,
returnable on November 10. It Is not
likely that the will Ifelf will be filed
before that time.
C'omimnlcs ran Only Uie Itlelnr.ijn
With tlifi.Htnte'A rermlMloo.
GrtAND Rai'Idb, Mich., Oct. 3. A
decision made In the United State
Court yesterday Is very Important to
tho entire country, ns it nlTccts Ihc
tlcht of tho Western Union Telegraph
Company to use highways for their
wires. It is tho opinion of tho court
that tho net of Congress permitting the
Western Union to use nil tho Govern
ment postal routes to string their wires
is permissive onlv and does not give tho
company tho right to go Into tho Statos
and use the highways unless by State
authority. Tho court further holds
that the charter gives the city authori
ties power to rctrtilato tho use of tho
public highway, and that the city
authorities can txelude tho wires from
any street, and can designate In which
streets the company can erect poles and
string wires. When tho injunction
was dissolved last week the city authorl
Hi s cut down the poles and they are
still down.
lVannuiHkrr CnmiollilntlnR tlio
VVOIK lor III .tlMliililllta,
Postmaster-General Wauamaker In
tends to make Important changes in
the administration of the PostolHce De
partment. He wants to bring nil the
offlccs that have to do with the trans
portation of malls under one head and
when Mr. J. Luwrle lie!!, at present
the Superintendent of the Railway Mill
Service, takes charge of the olftce of
Ihe Second Asslttant Postmaster-General,
which he expects to do to morrow,
the Railway Mall Service will be placed
under bU control. The present organi
zation of that service, however, will be
maintained. Following the same Hue,
Mr. Wanamaker Intends to have Colonel
Whitfield, at present the Second Assist
ant, when he atttiuus the duties of
Piist Assistant, which he will do to
morrow, to take under his charge the
free delivery service ami the division of
salary and accounts. These change, or
rather consolidations, will tend, la Mr.
Wanamaker's opinion, to increase the
efficiency of the service.
An IuiHifnH Aira In IIib IIUcIc IIIIU
Hirept by l'lame.
Ravid Cjtv. S. D.. Oct. 8 The
forest tires In all parU of the Black
Hills ate being got under control, but
cannot be entirely extinguished until
It rains. In the tin district about sixty
square miles have been burned over but
on most of it only brush awl dead trees
were destroyed. In the northern hills
comparatively little damage was doae.
It is impossible to estimate the loss of
timber and mountain ranches and tula
Ug camps. The fires during the pres
ent season have been the most destruc
tive in the history of the Black Hills,
aid though much feeling has bee,
aroused uo at rests have bees made. No
ob has yet bees caught ia the fire.
Muklce War su the Humbler).
Yttterday aftertvooa Detective Block
arrested Charles Straage and George
lireckett. who were connected with the
gambling house ost Thlrteea and a-kalf
street, which was recently raided. The
foteuer was locked up at the First Pre
eiaet station, but the latter furnished
3u collateral for his appearance ia the
Police Court. Considerable evidesvee
kas beea accumulated by the Police De
panweat 1st relation to other gambit air
establish Hn-ats, aau a geswtai raid will
yrw lh MpMaUsV
Kesthsc Brekett aor Strsag appeared
ia Police Court to-day uui their col
lateral of f&O each was deebvred for
feited. liaAtttKiwI toSaxi l'riinry,
Oa the 25th of September a horse aau
cart was stoka frwsi Job Q Taylor of
the A aaapolts Transfer Coaspaay. De
tective Mahoa this Mtof aiaz fouad the
korsp is the postasjioat of WUtteas
Davidson ia Jackson alky, who says
that he purchased the horse from Mr.
gotuery Couaty, Md , at the Horse
Bazar, test Saturday. Ashtoa is a
reasjiajbie f aratef ajkvi y,y iato wvsses
sistt of the hosts on Saturday aiao by
puifhsae. Oshcer Mahoa also recovered
the cart asvd htriarw at the bsyr a of
McGrath & Cotaelius, oa Kieveath
attt, where it had been left hy aoM
sua tmvettl days ago. The ikkf has
at as yet been aayreheswieii.
Hs&aBiA MMJ& JUsUWsWfasW ssJMMaUi UsftJT laVAsamAaf
Dvkk. Cot., Oct. 8 The suit
brought Mrs. Kate WiUteau of Kew
Yost H(9imk hat awcher ia lw. Mis.
. & Williastts of skooklya, has beeu
dtciikd la favor of the jaiatiat. Ia
her cewftaia Mrs. Kale WUUas a
seated uai haf saoajkei-tja bkw was the
cause of hef husbajkd ajkaiJUMdiag her.
She ashed hSO.OOU daasages. The jury
yes'esiay awarded hex 113,500. A uev
trial will be ashed.
I'O oU KkoOit to tUfct. Uu 'Ue. v tt bv) hu
U la U.I Veit XlUUta Vuf full Uituiui
b ILlI h jl aliLU ii V.I . e.e.t.j u
Ererj Request of th Sptikir Ifmnd
by the Adminiatratim.
So Says His Fsrnwr Law Parlatr Rwd
Criticiwd fer Dis Fight With Blaine.
Other Polilicsl News.
Nr.w YonK, Oct. 3 -The Washing
ton correspondent of the Star tolegrAphs
that Spenktr Rel left for Maine la?t
night in a frame ot mind which bodes
no good for Mr. Harrison's chances for
tenomtaalton If that result thould de
pend in any shape on the votes of the
New Kngland States. "He Is nbw
lutoly destitute of nnyD?eof cither
gratitudo or Justice," was the final con
clusion which the Speaker reached after
n long discussion with his Intimate per
sonal f i lends yesterday. Rvcry piece of
patronage In the Speaker's district, It is
said, has been turned over to Senator
Hale. Secretary Maine's representative.
The Rjttm Investigation would proba
bly never have been ordered by the
Committee on Rules If It had not hap
pened that a board of medical examiners
for tho Pension Olllce, In tho Portland
disttlct, recommended by Speaker
Rccd, was turned down by the Interior
Department people In favor of a Ulalno
slate recommended by Senator Hale.
The nomination and prompt con
firmation of Dow ns Collector of Cm
totns at Poitland, In spite of Speaker
Reed's protest, and the veto of two
mcaitiusln which constituents of his
wire especially Interested, during the
clolnir hours of Congress, were ac
cepted ss ihe lut straws of indignity,
aul now It Is stated without equivoca
tion that the Seaker and the Adminis
tration csn he couotcd on the outs until
the ind of the term of the nreseni In-
This Is no Idle vaporing. Wiien
"Tom" Iletd sirs a thine hesilcks ti
It. Hp Is rut with the President. He
sars Mr- Harrison has shown himself
an lnciate of the most selfish kind, and
that he will take no part In securing
him the renomlnation, which he Is un
derstood to desire.
Speaking to friends yesterday the
Speaker made use of language which
could hardly lie quoted too . iiphatlcally
In ibis regard. He said mi oae knew
iHsldcs himself and Mr. Harrison the
saclrlces he had made in behalf of Har
rison's Administration. He had under
taken a campaign in the Northwest,
and had aided many men who were In
favor of the free coinage of silver to
Hcure their election to Congress. When
this (pteetlnn nag up before Congress
not fewer than twenty five free-coinage
men Insisted on the tassage of a Free
Silver bill. Mr. Harrison bluntly stated
that If such a bill should be passed he
would feel it incumbent on htm to veto
it. He appealed to Mr. Heed, almost
beeccd him. In fact, to save the Ad
ministration from this rupture of the
party in the Northwest by hauling oil
the free-coinage men in the House, he
liustlng to his own manipulation of the
patronage to control the free-coinage
"It was none of my fight." Speaker
Reul Is reported to have said. "I was
not up for renomlnatloB. I did what
Harrison asked we. with how much
difficulty and stlf sacrifice no one but
myself knows, ami my reward has been
the If noting of every request that I
have since mad of the AdwIaWtratloa.
Mr. Harrison is without sense of grati
tude or justice."
Aict'ST.t. Mr , Oct. 3. There Is ao
smalt amount of isdigaattoa In Augusta
among- ihe litaine men over the attitude
of tbe Reed crowd toward the bill wak
ing this a $3,5titi postorMce, and raistne
Hon. J. II. Mauley's salary to that
smcuttt. The bill lies la committee,
railing of a passage this seaaion,
slid it is charged in Augusta that Mr.
Hud and Postmaster Herbert Briggs of
lVilland have be a laboring to delay
and defeat the bill for ao other reason
than that Mr. Mauley is Mr. Blaine's
chief lieutenant ami trains with the
Maine Senators.
A leading supuorter of the Secretary
of State said last rdgkt: "Reed won t
tolerate people In his crowd unless they
curse Blaiae, Hale. Millikea, aad all of
Blaine's friends. Let this Coag reas fall
iato Democratic hands, as it probably
will, aad you'll see Heed so completely
bottled up that he can't speak fur two
jeara. Heed's course as Speaker was
dictatorial aad ungodly; let bim have a
dose of his own medicine."
C. k. ttgyf "tTHIffffl
Put Bi-ctrv, A.. Sept. SwThe
KyiHiMiffnwit OostvaMatffla nf tisstt sJMM'nait
ap BjrBvaBBBBa a"iaa w rnaaaav Faa aaaajaaw VSnBfaaapinsiav
CtHiJCScsaaWkal rjtetrlft aset hece Tvwaday
to aaawe a famtHias sml Hoa. Clif -
stsigd ia thesa dlspajtrhff-. hadj99ad Ikst
Vnka Labor eadidte, L P. Laaglwy.
It is now reported that at a eatsfus of
dckgalc held in dm hull of the coa
veotloa, ex Govetaor Powell Cbsy tou
"This is a notuiaAtiou day with the
ltepubliiaas of Arkansas and of the
aailon. We ate called oa to day to via
0U at ot only the BepubUcaa Party of
this district, but of the nagga, Brfcick
iadde has usurped the attai to whk-h
John M- Clayton was ekcted, aad the
Cogras of the United States has o
Jtcivko- lie now has the awiaUiy to
cosue brfose the people m4 k for uu
tadotagsueat I say thai such an ia
dorsesaeBt will be a lasOag sttgesa upon
the Republicans of this district. S.
help ate God, it shall uevei be given
his. He is responsible, either directly
or indirectly, for John M Clayious
asswii nation, and ihc SuUof Arkautu
will rnvir be vUrid from tU iiiii t
that uiarJir j.j I iu., in Brikl-ii1!
UOialLlo tu, . u,li.jj 1 tu'.tul lui'i
this campaign the effort of my life.
Life w onrc dear to me, but the time
hss now come when I can take my life
In my bands with perfect resignation,
and if I can only sttcceed in carryins: the
Twentieth Congresnional district" ami
rlffr-dt nrccMnrklge I will willingly die
In the came."
wit.t, xm HtJX AOAl.t.
Chicaso, Oet. 8. A special to the
7ttMe frtm Tacoma, AVash., says:
Jrn Elam, a fonner law partner of
President Harrison, was asked Wednes
day if he thought the President would
be a candidate for renomlnation. "I
hardly think so," he said. "In fact In
a convrrsatlon with the President he
stated he would not run again. A Presi
dent, no matter how Just he miy be, Is
pretty sure to make political enemies
who will hurt the party If ho Is renom
inated and so, though Mr. Harrison ha
made one of the most ronscientlons
President", It is not likely he will be re
nominated." AFTER THE PLUM.
ucan nirrnicT in krntuckt.
Loxdox, Ivy , Oct. 3 The most re
markable Congressional convention ever
hold In Kentucky has been In session
three days In the Eleventh district. The
district Is the only Republican one In
the State, and the light In consequence
Is hitter. There are live candidates,
and four of them are arrayed against
the fifth, Frank Flnley, tbe present
Representative. The temporary organ
ization was against Flnley, ns Is also
tho permanent organization. It took
two days and night to get tho conven
tion oritanlnd. Yesterday the first
ballot was taken, resulting ns follows:
Nell, 33; Adams. 271; Rnrlne. 2.1;
Wilson, 01. nnd Flnley. 10. Wilson
la tho present Representative from the
Tenth district.
DISl'UTHII CAPITA!, llll.t,.
OuTimm, I. T., Oct. 3. Tho Okla
homa Territorial Legislature had a
lively srislon yestcidny. Wednesday
the hill locating the Capital at Okla
homa City was passed by the House.
Thin tho complt xlon of the Houe had
changed, and that body reconsldsrel
the vote.
Somebody handed the copy of the
bill to Representative Perry, an ardent
Oklshomlte, and ho at once made off
with it. The Guthrie men followed
Speaker Danlds Into the street, and
threatened to mob him unless he stir
rendcted the hill. He assured the mob
that Perry had tho document. But
w here was Perr T They chased him to
a well known resort, where a friend
named Nushlt tried to escape with It,
but was caught, and the Speaker then
uastd his signature to lite bill, leavlnc
it lusdifHyutf and Oklahoma with no
Iilaliu'i ltrpulillcun Majority.
RoiHt City. Iiiaiio. Oct. 3. Com
plete returns from seven counties out of
eluhlten In the State lve Sweet (Rep.),
for Congress, 1.500 majority. The rest
of the Slate ticket Ii Republican by
about tbe same majority. 1 he Legisla
ture will probably stand thirty-three
Renubllcaus to nineteen Democrats.
Full returns are slow coming in, but
will not alter tbe general result.
IteiiHblloun hueeim Iu Neatlle,
Skattlh, Wash.. Oct. a. The en
tire Republican ticket is elected. The
Republican majority for mayor is esti
mated at about 300. There was no
opposition to the adoption of the new
l.'nterMt In the GsHcreulsnal i(ee.
Sax Fxaxcisco, Oct. 3. General
John L. Cutting was last night nomi
nated for Congress by the Henublteatu
of tbe Fourth district.
tie IVaa atuLlnc 1'reiMtratlan for UU
Slarrlaca ami lUaiiiriMl.
St. Loiis. Oct. 8. Richard 8.
Mabrey. editor and half owner of the
iVv;c( A'- at Itaalpkaa, Ripley
Couity, Mo., came to St. Louis last
Monday morning for the purpose of
titling himself out to get married, and
has uUappeared He was to have been
man if d last Wednesday morning to
MIm Kltte Morgan of linlla, Mo A
ilval for the young woman's affections,
on learning that she had accepted
Mabrey. declared that she would never
majiy Mabrey. The police have ex
lisuteit every resource, without rinding
the lease clue to the man's fate. The
rt ucted suitor of the girl is under sur
veillance. The young lady is pros
trated. Cttag rata to t In n fer Mr. Hot.
When Commissioner Huts reached
the District building this saoraiog he
was greeted with congratulations by
several friends, aad oa his desk had
beta placed a floral coatributioa, con
sisting of scarlet prince's feathers.''
or "doubbj coxcoaabs," a rare species
of thai beautiful tlower. Aatoag Mr.
Bow' visitors was Congressman Mason
of Illinois, who called oa business.
Man 4r Use T-.
L4MYBTTK. Iko..k-t. 3 Thenight
eapsess o the Moooa Koute, whkh Wft
Chicago at 7 80 o'clock Wednesday
eveaiBir. ran o aa open swhch U hiUlm
Ground at liii yesterday mostdag.
The ngtaifi asal baggage aad eajMeaa
cars went over the embaakaaeaa. Engi
neer Jsascs Cosingtoa of this city re
ceived lals-raal iujutUut that U1 Uhely
prove rataju
-SsaMsUabsttsVsiVtt M, (testosfeasite
rssvsn, Cot-., Uct. 8 A cosaasiHee
vt three has arrived here front Estega
t ok ratio to secure aid for the deUtLe
in that rvKlon. It k cstlasaieii iba.t
vvarly &w fajnjsfea srnstnd Uadea aad
llarrkburg ase skstitute, the crops hav-
ing rwen a tout isituie. Tbe county
timBjUsjontrs will ubtcrihe $l,vJo.
Hoeahi a auves aMave.
Ticsok, AU.. Uct- 8. Lawuel B
Uier and Oeorae Wvatauhouae of Pissa-
bwg, Pa. , essesdjr jmu f75. for a '
Uvvr svdaie tweaAy mtis soutit of Tn.4 '
son. It i claiowd there U ti'.uou.vMW
In sijiht
l1 Vi.u viajat I j ujaWu u. m . If i Ui
- at V ,.-!.) U. .u . ! I- l-I i-l
i . .. . ii 1 ; jL ,1 t v a, i
The "Thm&lirirV Bitter AlUck on
Mh Amrimn P.rti
Cfagrfe ef Thsfl Apinit a Mafiiiae.
Trapie End (a a Ilomjnwii.
Frign News aad Gonip.
Londox, Oct. 3 The demand made
by the G-Wotkcrs' Union upon the
London Gasllitht and Coke Company
for the tltsmtfsal of all non union em
ployes will in all probability be denied.
The company Is prepared for a fight
with the men, and will defend to the
utmost its right to employ whomsoever
it cboofos. It Is expected that the men
will strike, and the result will lie serious
Inconvenience to the quarter of a mil
lion householders who depend upon the
compnny for Illumination. There Is
hardly a doubt, however, that the cor
poration will win In the end, owing to
lis cnotmous wealth and to the fact
that public sympathy s on Its side.
The Governor of Moravia has dls
solved Ihc worklnguicn's clubs In vari
ous towns and has seized thetr pipers.
The reason given for this action Is that
the clubs had been made centres of So
cialistic propaganda, thus violating the
conditions of their charters.
Pour of the largest mining companies
In the Rhine province at Westphalia
have formed n combination to regulato
out out nud prices.
Under police regulations, the Social
ists, who arc takinc advantage of the
expiration of tbe Antl Socialist law to
return to Germany, are coniDclled to
show pspets from the authorities at
their latt domicile, giving them a clean
A meeilnit of 10.000 dockers was held
at Mile L'cd last night after a parade
tlircuE.lt the streets amid mm h en
ibutls'tn. The meetlugwa addressed
by the leading delegates to the Dockers'
Congress Just cl kit u John Hums
wss oneof thepilnclpul speakers. He
talked very plainly to tho men and told
I In tn that It depended upon themselves
whilhtr the Imjirovement wrought by
the union In their wasea and hours was
to permanently benefit them or not.
He aflvlscd them lo stop drinking and
gambling and save a little money for a
rainy day. He was greatly applauded.
The Prince of Wales Is about to visit
Count Festetlcs In Huogarv and later
will be the guest of Huron lllrsch at St.
The Cxarwltch will assist at the open
ing of the Russian Church in Constan
tinople, erected to the memory of the
Russian soldiers who fell In tbe late
war. The announcement .causes a sen
sat Ion at the Turkish capital.
The Vatican intends to appoint as
Nuncio to Peking. Pedele I'orro. a de
scendant of tbe Counts of Pellenesi,
about whose title there Is a dispute
betweeu himself and tbe Prince of
ltaron Gaston Crombeen has been
arretted for murdering his mother at his
chateau near Itooborst, Belgium. He is
suppose! to m i
LoxpoK. Oct. 3. The 7W in a
ieaderyesterday says: "The fall elections
In A wet lea are close at band, and tbe
party bosses and wire pullers of all sorts
are diligently cultivating tbe various in
terests on which the composition of tbe
new House of Representatives depends.
Xow that that gigantic electioneerlne;
job, the iltKinley bill, is out of the way,
tbe astute personages whose trade Is to
maniiulate tbe electorate of tbe grett
republic have turned their attention to
the litsh vote.
"Tbe rim rmiu of their labors is the
highly characteristic document which
ve publish this morning. Both parties
ale keenly alive to the importance of
t ihibitlBg the intensity of their affectum
fur Ireland in the brief interval that re
mains before the Irish managers match
their well-driihad squadrons to the polls,
and an ex-PteUdent from each leads bis
ns me to the American committee for the
relief of the famine in Ireland
"Under ordinary circumstances the
members of that body might have
waked to get some news of the im
pending calamity from tblssileof the
A-tlantk. Britain is a good deal Bearer
to the congested districts than Kew
York, and we assure this committee of
American politicians and )ournaHats
that the famine with which they hops)
to angle ror ine ins vote Kas not yet ,
luav BkAA aul nf Laaa vilJ.I.. ak.. nl-.u,. '
aiuu v avmv wiiww iiuo wiuuia
of Mr. Paraell's papers.
"Those ate not the sources usually
resorted to for facts by persoas famUba
with their method, i'tiliaathroalc
Amtikans, however, might have iaant
from thjcbt pages that there is an execu
tive gv-enimcst tn Ireland thai it
urisuarliy respooslble for the Uvea of
us suhieta. The airatora thjaaaaelawa
sre never weary of dwelling oa this
fact, and there if ampk evideace that
the litsh es)cutive is fully aHve to
the real possibilities of the sMuamsm and
it iully auk to cope with them at they
may arise.
"Truths so ofeaosious, U tabjht be
fssdkd. could hardly fail to uscipe the
aUtnUon of two ex Presidents aad
the shrewd adriaera who sunouad ,
thest or to suggest to these exnerVnioed i
aiB of buabaess the deatrrmBJiliy of
naklBg aurc tese is a fast laa bjjfmnt
atwting a committee to relieve it
"The tomtawme of the electhnas,
however, iwcifrsarUy overrule eoaaider
atious of ibi Mad- Alms to be eilecUve ,
at the pUl utuit be prompt, and l
thougbtte Pwuellites aad fVceutbcr
as tike earlkat pertod at which the di ,
Utsa will then become acute, the
Awcrkaa ciutwitue are anxious that
J. 1ai be lodged vmU 'at dc'ay and
tLai eL.t-1 IlL'll' lis bi J-U
ituiui.ied iu
KLv , a ils'il i. It
liiiL Vu-.ti
virrcthtr the Iwrwcrt ot ItepttblleaTM
are tbe trne frrenda of Ireland.
crt.KHmn RVrossTrtssct.
"The sppenl of " eornmHree, with
prttifttd Inconstslewy, Ignore the X
istence of this crmntry, Its governfiwstitt
and Its people, and persist in trusting
Iulamt ssthfMtgh the fondert p!r
tlons of the Clan na Gael were accom
pltshed ami Dublin wa already the
capital of an Independent power, wtmllt
ritmTered from Gri at Britain, and kolt
by tie of blood, friendship and frarttl
el slllance tn the Stairs.
"The authors of this rem it kt We
manlffsto, In ffverish haste to antld
piite Ike coming elections, hate for
gotten that a very large number of per-
rnti In thl islam! are eager to grant
rtry demand Irishmen can make, nd
that no psrlvrteed or lection of the
people of Oient Rrltain ever displayed
indlrTtience to the MirTeting of its
'1 he admonitions of the Journals In
question are not Mipcrflnom. James
ltedpath, the paid organlr.er of the
Lam I Iasrue, who Is confident that Mf.
l'attiell is the author of the mrnt blood
thirsty ami atmelom speeches dellverwl
lliimighdnt the whole saltation, seems
to lie one of the vice chairmen of this
chatllablc body. A member of the ex
ecutive. Rednath etulted In the mur
der of Lotd Mont morris at a meeting of
Ihe League. He expressed hopes at a
League liampiet that an English noble
man In America would nut the rhk of
Itish bullets, anil after these almmlaable
utterances, delivered In the presence of
Mr. Parnetl, he was honored on Jlr.
Healy's motion with n solemn rote of
thanks by Hie League convention sitting
under Mr. Parnell's presidency.
"Ibis Is apparently the man who now
comes forwatd In the acred name of
charily to lieg alms for a non-existent
lileli famine. Amctican politicians are
not, it would item, aehntmd tn act
with him, but we doubt If the Ameri
can people will consider him or persons
like him Ot channels for their alms."
London, Oct. 8. The editor of the
lAtdj' IVrtorM, a London weekly, In a
communication to the 1'iU Mall Ihtttttt
assails Ihecdltorsof the Home Mttuinf,
a monthly of Washington. D C , for
stealing a Mory purchased by him and
written by .Mrs Ollphant. entitled "A
The editor says that Ihe sub Miliar of
the purloining publication rinding that
the Vclrn Illustrations would not print
pirptrly In the Ainerlcin monthly, had
the impudence lo call last week and
offer to buy the original electro plates.
"In short," continued the editor, "af
ter stealing our story and approprtning
rur illustrations this s-ood lady hi tbe
effrontery tn suggest that I should eon
done her offense by nsalstlnc her to
make the robbery more effective."
Hkju.is, Oct. 3 -A woman named
I.Ida Frecie, after being engaged fr
ten years to a man named Cunm, mar
rletl him last Friday, ami yesterday,
when she awoke, she found her husbsmt
dead, banging by a rnpe in front of the
bed. The deceased bad pinned an open
litter on the cushion, which aakt:
"Nobody know woman until be is
marticd to her."
A rulrMrwlwr f Ilia KhIIV I'wtly
nail u ItiuMrh ul I'ramlw,
Sckaxtos. Pa , Oct. 3. Miss Annie
IlusaUpe, a Norwegian, formerly In
Violinist Ole Hull's fsmllv. ia suing
Rev. Peter Roberts, pastor of Plymouth
Congregational Church, for breach of
promise. Roberts met her when a stu
dent at Yale. be declares he betrayed
her. and at his Inst ante aa operation
was performed upon her. He promised
lo marry Her la 194. she say i, but went
to Wales. She followed him there and
back, and this suit is tbe result She
rccuples a front pew ia Huberts' church
on Sunday, and cries all through the
service. The trial began yesterday.
The fair plaintiff's suit is in the
hands of the jury, having got there
without the accused entering any
defense. Kvidence of a sensational
character was taken shewing as adiais
sion on the part of tbe accused of a
promise to marry, and that be had beea
intimate with the girl while he was in
Yale College completing a theological
course rive years ago. In the swat
time Roberts has married another wo
man, and his church has firmly stood;
by him through all the reports.
tiiLifl mb rtitifl iy mnut.
T Yenne- Mas Wat tr Hif
w4 ila U t'uuuty nt
CoieuBis, Mtaa., ikt 3 -Withia
the last few days the residence of Mr.
. B. Calhoun of this place hat beet)
entered several times by a burglar.
Right befare lt Harry Calhoun and
hit youag friend, Charlie Mahon, were
watching for the burglar whew Mrs,
Calhoun cave tbe alarm. The horn
were in different parts of the grcstayts,
and. Mahoa mlstakiajr Chdhoua for the
lurglar, nua and hilled hU friend ia
stantly. ! Hfctlw Bast ax aw e ArastUsttastsl
T-"em-ma "flnay twawnn ffffHf
Boise City, Ibaho, Ik, a CWonjni
Joha M- Pratwh, dftor of the Host
City b, died suddenly In tbia city at
& o'clock last evelnst. He had bees
suffering from ar cold, which
brought os congestion. Mr- Prancb was
coanecttd with the early aati slavery
aaAalioB, with such bm as Garriaon,
Chase. Gidding and other great hrader.
He edited the lUraU , the
erst sail slavery paper n Kew rlagbxnd,
aad served Hoe years as Sergeaat-at-Araxs
of the United State seate.
- -
YavSMMS4Ml a SwtMMiaaavSB
Bt. Lot w, Oct -Mrs- . V. White
of Brooklvo, K Y , the wife of Deacoa
. White of Wa!l uoet, has prseaaiod
the yuBtkelio gemiaary of tjdj&iey,
111. . wish f w i endow a K-brafcJ
to he named b Loaor ot km hvjshaad.
M. WhiU; ii g,auaie of the -hy.
Mxiito'. Mass., Oct. 3. Two
children of Kelson Won aae 7 aad 4.
ncsAevsively. were bum td todeashiasi
Bbitt by the explosion of a lamp.
If ,
vti- o It. Ll,
AsaSonvenlrof the "OpsnlM." our aa tire
Valt and Winter Imtortatloasar osTeredat
redaeed rrl-. lie following are a few
IllBitratloo Irom a thoosend or mors:
$1 Pigskins 74c
These Pigskin. Mousepieteire Gloves
will be found oa it special table neir
door, No. 1110 Pa. are.
$7 Jackets $5
Reefer anl Tight-Fitting Jackets of
Cheviot and Cbeveron Cloth. Tailor
Finished, wc-almlles of the latent lnt
poittd LosdoR stylet.
9o EriblDons 4c
Pure Silk, II Inchts wui Black,
White aad ail colon.
25c Hose 22c
Including art ImUm,' Bme' ami
Children's Warranted Fast Steefc Hose.
Also those with fast black feat ami
ankles ami colored uppers. Also all
sly lea of Fan - Hose 1st the aw auluma
a to 10 a. m.
(Less Crowding Thai)
1 TO 3 P. M.
(Are Good shopping Hours)
5 TO S P. M.
fiWr w WfWaT rW wffw sWBrWrHiwiwn "Pvb-bbp
the above weafltoasj hw wf" av
wswilV spsfflPpw Vf Ipf MBr" TPrw
lti wm.a sfweecass.
f r t . UutTiil Lr ('uJiouAui, Ik.
r JTm, ' '.4, '

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