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twwsnw ay i i wimmkwWMP
ITli Daily Critic
. " AlW CArTf At
Only Ptmevrtttt thrili Ptp V
litktdM Wa4Mfftn
AvAimwerroN oittrto cowrMtt,
i urn iimmmj... . .a ifci .rf
fMn Bt' HMIlJfliifiost.
Ptm wmum nrooawk rt -J
" 1 month 9
CMWiht ft tt any. 1 month
Address twBCHIn.l0s
til tTill 1M1I - - -
jntotsr Asm nusTojr nBsrr
Cltiftht ill the art of cnlrnilt.lot; tin
doubtful Northern States with arwj,
itM thrttttT winces, and enters a (Kb
t tat of the FrM1 sentmttoosl MtfMMfe;
hot at denial Is of that peculiar Mod
roWMt to men taken by surprise In a
maanneM thy expected irouM never be
He vh sprwoocherl by Lusdsbt, who
pro'assjrl to be a philanthropist Inter
etfat In the welfare of the negro.
Liwdskt wished to find home for a
totnber of "downtrodden men of
crot." unit Drm by, lieins- also a
philanthropist, wm anxious to help in
tne laudable effort. That wm nil. lie
rtnr thought of polities In connection
with Lwmiy't colonisation scheme.
1 leaven forbMI He la not that kind
of a man. There can be no reason for
surprise, therefere, when It I) an
nonared that Dudley Is shocked at the
utter wickedness of the UVrW ami de
clares the eotottfrstlnn story a silly
rb "If," he saye. "the World can
stand the rldfeule of the newspaper
tewdiaa: Americans, the object of Its nt
tsrke might to be nble to stand it "
Itnt there are the letters of Lisimky
sod of Quay, and IH-di.kt admit thtt
he leeetvtd an order from Quay to pay
Limmky f 1,000 out of the treasury of the
National I'epuWIcan Committee, and
be .dote not' deny that l( $1,000 had
tieen given by the committee It would
have been expended In furtherance of
Iokmhy's scheme. It will be seen that
IftOLkY'i denial and the facta do not
.lint what are we to think of UUstokt
lie has been regarded as a pretty good
idtt of a fellow, and the world has per
iltttd In believing him to be reason ibly
l.uoett. In spile of the fact that he Is a
managing Itepubllcan politician of the
Indiana school. He also denies the no
llilral purpose of Lidky'ii scheme,
lib also trganled it aa a philanthropic
Mvtmnt. He did not suspect that
there was any political purpose in
I IXtHuTts desire to send 10.000 N'mh
(srnllna negroes to Indiana' "If
I IXDKY bod proposal a political
i of the kiwi set forth in the
says Huotox, 'lt would have
been prosnptiy and emphatically sat
dejwn upon."
.'But, it. Ilurrox. you wrote a let
ter to Luumsty, and thU letter was pub
Ibbed In the trWWT"
'"Well, maybe I did. I can't rsmsn
ber. About that time my correspond
ence was very large, and I dictated
many letters that I have forgotten all
"Yea, of eonrse. We understand
that. Mr. Hesvox; but. look here; In
the tetter to Limimky you say - 'I myself
ant heartily (n favor of It the eolooUi
lion scheme, ami at the first oppor
tunity will speak to the President about
It, Or will, if opportunity woukl offer,
talk to Mr. Millkr, though I do not
believe he could be induced to feel the
same laieieat In it that I do. He has,
never taken much intorest in practical
polities.' Kow, Mr. Huston . If Mr.
laysoilY't schoHM was purely pkllaa
th tonic, why did you wy Mim.kh woubl
not be Inseresteil in it because he was
not a otoetloal noUtleUnr
Of course, Mr. Hyerox has nothing
to soy.
"And. Mr. Ilswrosf, why did you
ptoftos-e to Ulk to the Preoidoat about
tbe sobtnwt"
."Well, now, realty I dUttotwoaa
the ftojtriijt of too United States, My
iusssa0 the I'tmlJeat was intended
as a reJes eaes to the l'ressdant ofalo
ceJ didi io IodUna, of wbkh. I aw a
,To aoajrbo wtfl wake such an as,
uftsuo sa fljli mil a fjdsekoud so eol
jelskfcewksttUM to tl IWU a
I d ebsktr .Qvay or DsNVmri
List bo ssMt wst Use tosvika-koUU.'.
kbJUty of tike fossner not the aoaios of a
uoMcol sgnloaisi too gift of aklU
! lilOA. nossiissed aw Use loiter, ilo
U Usisojrsot swsnbsig.
pill. .. - 1- I SPII !
0vvmn xiTTW msuu.
Yf SKiMSKMI boa.
sssctdor lottor lo noes-
IVsMllMM !
to the iomsM aass-
Aftw Hootlig Use low the
gives the ftdlowifg
tajnf J4toy ot leessoiesi. if
b jomobs ey lotioty. gMI
irhinji ijnjrrtliMl to
wfhoqr irsMia. eiheck. drolls. bia.
ut tomirr (acssoas, ot
M to a fcttsty ot gilt
sod tiMHMet ti4rv
mo s on toflbff ot timOv schosne.
.sel IsBnWtb. coftftM -f tkosi ha too
st oetfvesy of those tsooi
t TVoilaMiot f ofisiojoi
t sTsti sMsi lessor oint. oVsts "
'istfelMihnifuf tike sntAJ-wsol oenor
jjttmt M to) iss ssii.loVo to too saoii us
' f loo VVVisSMSM irf loss set. Hot IU
to ssmoeniitoo loot scs lotoet ut
' to Wm oMsotjed so oy fsnawa
to Mw tosntoooj of own
t4Kw eot tool too sWtonsy
i .u,.uJ icuei. ft. too oJtotsjf
....i. t, i. U. elihanM
i - u.au MUMtJM baa tesi.ed
r rfj A ee t
. rueial souls 4 uik
oiTJ bt
ssog' whstostoHpststosl o htoi Umo
itsT'tofciiWtoftosj to viutotauo vl the
thorn to illise-M
fHfep-Mllsf wkttMhtw
tnw . MaV otna
loOho snnnTnn
new ohoae ot oha
prflsfotis of this act, be ovimlnH
fft the rmpr of nwlsim theit
4 tb trsfllnst rf IMfflSt IWr(fcfil
by il I rr fy rMrelrt f WHforf rofll
t suits srd thtlr trpteOr ntatltv f m
tivnr a thlstb n of the law a b mail
If c t f nw-b wistttr by Tottry cvrnpunlee
to tfilT crmtowsre n xhet pemon.
& Wba It ta known at too time of
oVroelttog ttrsm for mailing that petot
rntete ot dtfulare ate immailaMe oottor
too !vhfce of swtlon iWW, otott
dtMtw. the ntmttpr elmnM derllne
ha lwlve tfttm. If they be foCkl to r
TfttU'BtTj and tlw efer Is nnktwvto to
tl poattfcaster, or If they be dfitettt-l
to the wall In transit, they should Wo
fllMftfjji and marked or KTsmacdJ
"ffioJulit" and sent t the fs. 1
aUt Qehctat, orownpsnlod by a
tpttlal report ftrpi the pnstmiter t
plaining the reason for tbctr tletrntbm.
6. The pmvMons of this, set epo' v to
ltti r. prstal ranis and ciirn'ars c in
retnlrn i iteiles or slmlUr schemes ih it
nm In the malls Irons foreign emm
tiles, and such matter so itjtatos.il should
) tttattd a If It originated In the
7. Matter sent In violation of 4M fsfw
vlslont of Section JfeOf dfsenterbd Bt
rottwasters at intermediate ofllaos'i
should be withdrawn from the mftft-aad
dtsporeil of in the same manner aa If tt
bad been discovered by the postmaster
at the rfflce of mailing or the office of
tNlhrtj. But piivtmasters at Inter
mediate ofllcts h uld not delay the
iranMnltsion of other mail In making
special search for an) thing declared by
Ibis act to bennmsllabie.
8. Newspapers, pamphlets and pub
lications of all kinds, bearing dttte tie
fore or since September 10, 19W (lit
whleh date the wt look effect),
which contain the advertisement of any
lottery, gift enter ptise or similar scheme,
or the whole or part of the list of prises
awarded at the drawings of lotteries or
similar schemes, are, by the provisions
of this act, dental carriage In the malls
or delivery to subscribers, addressees
or to any other persons, or as "sample
copies." I'oslmaMers should refuse to
receive them from publishers or to de
liver them If by inadvettenco they reach
the office of destination. When found
by postmasters In the mall In transit
they should be held until a report don
corning them can be tnade to the Post
master General and Instructions re
ceived from lilra as to the disposing of
0. Foreign newspapers, psmphlete
and publications of all kinds contain
li g printed matter forbidden by the
piivilons of this act should be treated
as If tbiy with ptiblltliid In the United
10. CleiKs in the Hallway Mall Serv
Ice, dI(coir1ng matter the carriage of
which Is forbidden by the provisions of
ibis set. should withdraw aul forward
it io itittr ri spective divielou superin
tendents. Division superintendents
should treat such mattir In the same
manner as postmasters are herein In
structed to treat it.
11. The term "lottery," as used In
this act, embraces all kinds of
Mhimes, general or local, for the die
trlbutlon of prises by lot or chance,
such as ttlft exhibitions', enterprise,
concerts, rariU-s, or the drawing of
prlxes In money or property at fairs.
IUnce ltttcis, poeisl cards and circulars
concerning thtui and newspapers,
pamphlets awl other pubilcAtlons eon
talnlng advertisements of them are un
nialleWe. IS. The provisions of section 8949,
relating to registered letters, and of sec
tion ioll, relating to money orders
(both of which Kotloos are set out In
full In the. preceding copy of the act),
apply to such matter at offices of de
livery only, and are to be enforced
upon the direct orders of the Post-roaster-General.
13. Postmasters and other postal odl
dale and employe are ox peeled to be
diligent In carrying out the forego! a?
Instruction for the enforcement of the
provtskms ot this act.
Thk Nkw Yokk World says "Tun
Washjnotok Cmc dtes one of Mr,
Van.makeks advertlsoBieats as prov
ing that he took ti trade advantage of
bis official inside knowledge as to the
tin schedule of the Tariff bill. Hut Mr.
"H'awamakkk being the business man in
politic, what else is be there forf DM
he not piaster bis shop advortUetneeU
over the Pan Anseriean dignitaries pre
cisely 'as if they had" been so ntaay barns
or OMUOUy feaeett"
It nuu to cfBTAlN Btsw HA the
Hsttteter of Geoatal Bamipxima. by the
Pun tense, lien Govermaeot was dlieetly
ds to the interference of Miniate
Miskkk. The coouoaoder of tiw
Lotted s)toti nl foseos at San Jose
at, th Upio WQUht kat'o ao4U too us
fortunate nan ample protection had not
Minister Mjixjp jtteveuted hit xdo-
tef, eaying he would call upon the
fftl fofojs V lbir setTlees. wore
necstod It jg htoh tiase that Minister
Ijiygn nttojtotl'
A Natioxal CoAxnox o Jgeruu
Wookmkx is boldtog in Kow Totfc.
uoo huodrtd sod tnroosy eWogotos,
itfteeeotiog thirty ive ttgdos usdooj
to uV Uniied Stattt a4 GgtsatU. wo
HlBsWittsttU U9VfUkX &
VibUh Stapk tooft ftfaMBS
uf too two tiiiwtttsl Vff
-ssafeisu FiusMcaaTauui. hatljsgsosvs
ssoood Use world agoioM Hose, now
kjUU il Ifea AmtMmA l atalMi Via
owo mou-4 V eWubi U to too wtosW
Wstf sMIsaWsl sn ttfifikid CsU IfeS JWlUlfctll
Q-.'AitTauui(l too gUKtrUU. dtoa U
k Htftuni too otijsv 'Isy He tUsd ttrst
tt totetvsis ever stoco. lie vast be
tsiuteo Hitif wtM KistoodHnkstot
s-w "sof sgigaSjpistppy ssn oj rsvop''s "" sstsni
beaustoa 1sj.ssto firm nnTlllsff 4.
Ismoiioat of ii SoAunaoVr tkle
"ssssst'""aw, -rsti"sssjsji!s 'eut"'ens"ins"p wnnts
cowtood Ueooaotsuo Hyeitod BsriaWsjl
fats VstoaWM ioZicsv Mr Miwmu.
tnmom of too isiiitooj to. The
Asnoticoo kost uuolosoM-oooMOioasttiv
fwssiPstf,'FW-iFT' kw V "fF"" tst T9iss',eawjtnB-'"j
uak uf io tuusr results of the nev
Tfstist tU hi too t-uttwg vd loo
wastes of a&to tseevci. out the cut is
vtuy a Uuk otv W nci YHtk J
trtrtfore th- Mg fu f" " ""vl
Urihaitn of thfs proreet. d industry
ttr to bt- alifogvlhet nscciitithlc
Tine, tht y bad a rlshl to blh"ve from
ibe wotnh-Mi made y th WepuMtrm
rtaden that ifwrnnntnt the JdcKitittv
bfll btcame a law watra trmM Jump
, nrt down. Ifcey were fciht tbst tbtse
whwaHses were as false as rffeW oaths.
TTst y would not belw-re, otsd ttosy an
rtfdn now tttey fcssvo wstsoj.
.ToBAn Hour irttHnpted to eddross a
UneleKettc tMotin ot JleowHl, If. 4..
ytetotttny. The police regntdsd this at
tonet ton mnefi nf an atrtotrt to fbo -ssere
Wd dtgnltt of Ttewoth aod hustled
JrtA ont f the hall. They gve
M Mk hoof-to which to lent the rtty.
m okwaJ sVW Hpwi too nrdet of reosiatl,
but ktft to once. Mo of lb h mr was
left, ton.
m .
t Ml ffrf of-tn the lotatHej of
the Ctpttiil of too Ttotttory of (tolsv
fccma. Wlsteb Is w t Outltvto. kb
t ma Cfiy bse roe hw-Htred arased ok
tmeto Mtootltifte nowt itm fcogtela
turf.. TVey pwstilni to bo store effect
ive than were Colonel Htwnt W ttmn
to s hundred UVotssond tutorated Keo
ItirklotM dntlog too iioattoolsd Preel
sWbry to 19TS 11.
I'M Cotrirr of Pah has tent a cable
rtHpa'ch to frtoods ta Farla, toying he
la protosunlly tone bod by tfco wetcoote
he hot rrocrvtd In tots couotry. If
Hunger Jmt, the buneti
hold of him be will be Hill
ftnedly "toucked "
In what way silver dollar ran be out In
more general circulation, Orse way Is
to spend 'em ae fast as you get 'ens.
end get 'em ae fast as you can spend
Tux wt)hk op constructing the tun
nel, which Is to ttllHae the vwet water
power of 2lagarn for mnnttfaetmiog
purposes, was begun last Saturday. It
Is better to tunnel than to shoot Xtogarn.
A ronMKit law partner of President
UAnuifOtf thinks he will hot run for
President sgnln. The people iiulte agree
wlih I'rcsldent IlAtinitox's . former
Jaw partner.
I III St !
.Vfrejiooi. U. Jlaahelmer, New York.
Miss Deftfl Hendorsoti, Msllun, Oa.: V.
A. lleranhlll ami wIM Atlaeto, (la.; J. N.
Birch and wife, .Vtscon, ().; Thorn
Kllby, ArmUtoo, Ala.
k YoKswof. K. i. Csdwell, Chlesgo; J. H.
MoKwin, Hldgvrsy, 1'a . C. 0. Torapkim,
filtui, va.i John Dawson aiel Mn, II V.
Mouis, Chlcaco; A II. BowiIhi, tWUlcl
1 tiio; Leon SIiqoh, New Tork.
MJmnd-I. B. Waterman, Obb: W,
T. liajoen. New YorK; It. T. Wletlhsm
Alislala; William N. Lvliipaat ami wife.
lvLlle, Ala; Jiseph WMOrinan, llills
flelphla. irtanr-A. II Simpson, New- Ywk;
C R. Lewis, Chicago; Ucorgc Rice, Msrl
etta, Ohio: V. II. Smith. New1 Hiven,
Wsrlep Johnson and wife, St. tools.
1 JVagt TV. K. Taylor. AsJieTUla. N. C.i
H. F. Ds Camp. S. II. Locket, W.J. liott,
Xew York; A. K. Kerr, Boston.
8hortKm-. W. A"tklosB. AUanU;
Jeff. Cbsndlsr, at. Lbutst Jt. V. Brown
smjSvlte, Boston; J. f. Wllltarssoi, Mln
aetppils. Irrmaton-Cepha TsjrJor, Pittsburg; A.
fi. Krfn, eavsunsh; llev. V. W. (jcnltb,
John J. Nsvln ami J. J. Cowe, Jtrsey City;
K. II. WIlllsBiMo, Msssllion; 'JUG invuibsrs
ot Ibe Young Men's Catholic Convention.
ylrno W. K. Sinn and Sirs. Cora Tannsr
81m. Brooklyn, N. Y ; UlllUm U UavIs
and Mrs. OltHtted, New York.
J'ormtlkilUV. Moore tud F. Da Itosnue,
Kltsahetb,N. J.; J. A. OrMBessUe, Vlilu
Oejld, H, J E- L. Maxwell, Brooklyn.
Jl'WjU-ratrkk Usury, Henrico, Ark.;
Sswuel Davit, New York; A. B. Contsr,
Boston: Major C. F. Allen, U. S. A.; II. .
Nsal, Sidney, Onto; 8. C. llalcb, Terre
lisate, Intl.
JesW JsAnsu.1 JUmloIph 0. Mangel. Salt
LakeChy; I J. SjcbalTer. eeratOfa. I. Y,;
O. B. Bayly, Esetne, Wash.; tt.TT. VVIUob,
Virginia, It. Q. Cbsse, Boston.
rWrse'i-J. M. Hestberton and II.
FrtsdfsBder, New York; A. L BeUferJ,
,.l - -I! . ..., .
illso Ida Hail, a .brilliant Kentucky
eirl who ie well known to cultured
WBthlngtanUps for ber rare elocutlqa
ary powers nnu bw charming personal-'
ily, has setUttl for the winter at V,a.
1814 Thlrtcentb street northwest, and
will be at borne to, ber friends there on
Mondays. Mrs. Ilat baa returned to
ber home Jn Kentuojky.
The Count of Paris and patty bve
engaged a sujjfi of rooms at the Arling
ton and will arrive to mor sow afternoon.
Queen Victoria dates ts sentries, and
all the Kuardipg at Osborne and at Bal
moral, and as muck as possible at Wind
sor, is done by policemen.
Ctell Rhodes, Premier of England's
South African colony and king ot the
diamond fields, lives, like most pros
perous' Englishmen at the Cape, in
bachelor's ijuartere at a dub house. He
looks focward to playing a big part in
EflglUU homo politics yet.
The salary of l'sosldasU McLood of
the Beading Railroad has been ioetoase i
to $40,000 The salary oiChauooeyM.
Hofttw as president of too New Yotk
pfifciral U lAu.OOO, whioh is too latoost
salary paid to any railroad BtosidetU in
At the banquet of the National Club
of Mootteel, Oaaada, locootly, il.
Laatier. tlsoloador Of Ike Ltbotal patty,
said CsaasTS coooot always retnaU a
cotooy Tht tlsao must oojsm whom wo
will uk otur ssttoer poskioB to toe
world aod for my port I favor
BfcUHMCk is one of the largest aavl
owoots to Prussia, and he carries oa
swjMJilully at Ids various estates too
bussnoss of coltk-bfeoding xeeso
Ueoising, dietMtog splriu, btewiog aod
jlaonssniilsssins! of yeost. Ills cattle
nod soojo istouisttos ylehi htoi no atmusl
pousfoT p.W to U,W, and the ao
BHisU ttt lni iiMsW Ikkjafi VtMsftt bstUtOsMtf,
Uhal BUjsftt InMsWlsUlt ttsfM isl ttn X
Ckwutl lor'e-Tusviioo, Is about ifW.uuu.
BE jtrwnU. ponigwo aod phUe ieptotool
value of faa.wuu. sod hie total U
cosbc is nos-fu taoti iT3,&80 a year.
'IV Mahsisjsh ltotoeop Ssu. who
has recently been osjdoood by the
Bsttish Oooerooifeoi and perotUted to
return to Kosrlsnri is nosaioojti:lv food
otsiioostog, s fortn oj sport in which he
bos bsiiis) oy superlurs and but very
fosrtqusis. A odd fact hi toot bo
I sttttof momt. tail lu the uki days
la Kotfatk It uaud to be sa i,i"f4tf
sit ho son toll dusky Utile- gentleman
squtttoif. m &i and wbirluLr around
as- if oayTpvot as he sjiot wlthunorrtog
i Mew too piace Wb.cn
Ujiff Kivedon euu,-, near Sand
B, idj-to iv rsjBok! UoJlafJ
d not hsL IvtL kouiSQ utl h.
pladoiy bow;U what u. wuuia u if he
ily bad Lb puWif lit was j. u.riui
u ell too v4d tui.co iiu j-f-wtuunl to
poto op a few sikk uu bis estate, and
would frtqu cnily uloiu (.uhuUkasuf
rage if toy MB a. U LttooUt M.o
iMJ n bW 'ou4
eaitw-t eii tr-tt m. AttMtir R
nr0 WTf ro Tlt fwetow
frm Iht Vw frtrt fts.
( til ratta or "calpws' " fates Ur a
Tntkl'h snd Russian batb ottsWish-rrn-nt
Is rstber a rw enretptttw, rtnt It'
Tb oalper" and ticket opeculitor
bss bt en known to thmtre-foers and
travtb-re r tfco fntlwtdgfot yeH, bi
I think t c safely assert that there ore
ert five ktnMrtd ptojpfc mt of ifre mil
lln and a half no SivpeTinlettdent
Potter says are rasMttrts of this dty
who ever heaH of a en t-rate ticket tor
a Turkish hmh Oompetttton la tots
Industry seems to be followed wtih the
usual result, however, for yesterday, on
eftttrlM a prominent sahwm no toon.
thl rara, ta relation to on of the most
whtety known Turkish baths of the
ttty. attracted mv notlre "rickets fot
Twklh and Muslsn baths at lf'
tu'dhtre t' r "i rent" I akeil Ih
bails i dr If the hMh had chtnged Its
tstp. whb-h hxvc fi r year own ft.
' ?li." he said If vmi to to the bah
yn will Mill le hurled fl f r a bath.
Wf eti lb tickets at ut rarj "
m sntsW
" ia24 T
Hen 3mr,t ut n Roottt Ti)d Mf
Without the rooster you're
not buying a GENUINE
M ACI N T O S H. Unless
you're buying it HERE
you're not getting the genu
ine. We're their regularly con
stituted representatives. It's
like taking an affidavit to
the truth to tell of their
goodness. They won't gum
--no odor at alland not a
crack to them,
stands no show.
We have the regular
Rubber Coats for those that
want them all stylesall
We've the. latest lads in
Umbrellas. We don't be
lieve in putting it all in the
handle, but when you qan
get both an attractive han
dle arid a positively, good
wearing covering why
shouldn't' you? Silk or
Gloria Cloth.
Sound the prices they're
as shallow as they can be,
Saks and Company,
U flayed Once Too OIIm With 111
V ot Faulty f Uattlae.
jwtetifcfjMsoso tajsw rotfcjftsstM
Old Doiid Tlatojlor. a gray kasdnd
snake eke rotor of thk city, aaot ahostt
bse deoto on Tuesday Irons too poteoo
out bite of a big tatilosnake that turood
oo htof whlk ho was handling it
For nutoy years the obi ataa snide a
bostooss of psnturing rsttlososkes Ho
sold ntaoy aporinu-os of laitiots and
other Asuoricao ssakesto ututeuws aid
circuses and carried on a ssvali trad la
rattlesnake oil
A potty of spotttog aseo were to too
barrooBt of Joha Wetattoger's Ijioioo
Tuesday nigkt of last week, jfhm
Haxpster catoo to wiJt a big raitlotOMO
in a cage. Ho hod beeo driaktog. sad
to a lecktow tnaunoot ho rturlarod ho
would show too jojrolWtBoa how.su bsto
oaf a sooko's head lie took toe sasstor
sMMtt tlsNs9 Cfttts? sUHal tsW sVaOaMlsatef SoVsaVatt IsM
faogs totoMs nktht wrist Hsaokse
luurkdly tooiaooi b in the cage aatt
went out-
othtog was soon ofhtat until Thuas
doy, whoa ho was found huddled no
to a dense growto of weeds ta a yatd
surrouadtog Lloyd's foundry Bat
right arm was swollen to aa eooranou
site, and ho was keif dead front psto
and esooaute lie was at oce ukoaio
Aadfew Brown's rototoatve aod uo
pUed with food and drink Jit T.
H. B&btoaon was called to. The saako
cauvasor dfonndod "f Un cottoto
hertjt,wlto whkh he said toTotMsi
Unifth too BotooB I coat Us itwtoos
The herbs wete OKwided, lit toe doI
u hod sstoed too iw a hu4 oa tot
vicitoj, bit mijdWiiB, tvy gear
wom aad last f iioajoy to dtoi. ' Bo
wa7byasa ojov
Choooota HsMo uoruw
'uogiesatuao VauJt U tvugbi a uk
tali hot
V. TTf
Mr Oeat Psy Aitatvis, whoe e 1
lb n of poema on the seatiins
Pfi s Year ' hss Inst bren Issued
suAiptttxus voiunre, IS a cowiotlcr of -riltt-nt
tdli rial jttilgjnne.nt and htsall
rxet's sr-prrc latlon of the real Ooetry of
The .lack Trust" Is tin title ot a
tsrlot fsree whkh Qrnee h. Fitmtos,
tbf well known antbpr of. "A Br ejf
Monkeys" srd ' A yewetXtjil Sntage,"
will contribute to the forthcowtta, ntt
ber of Ifarper's Bttttr
There arc now nearly 900,600 "ittoo'o
ftotiohtfrs" In the land, and Mm JLer
gatet Bnttome, an eeertetlc Jfew TrJrt:
wotiHW. Is their Prestdcm, she h HMrj
the founder of the order. MTltb Ooto
bet i Mrs. llottome took up theetlltofldl
?n and became owe of the editor of
Ae tda' Home Jovrturt, in which
periodical she will hetwrftor write timl
idita depot Win "t entirely devoted to
the best Inter, of "The Klnt'
IaiTBhur " Through this channel it
Is Mrs Itottome's Intention that her
' Daughters" and herself shall ctne
tloeer together In feeling ami sympathy
Htllle Bly Is In clover. Fr the next
three years she will write under con
tract for Normnn L. Muero, pubitolier
of the nmfe Morg lpe. at a salary
f about $19,000 er .annum. .Mies
lily's extraordinary tour around the
world, coopJoU with ber original and
popular enroer ae an all around writer
for the prtjos, preMges for her n inltht
and proMinhle Inline Mr M. It Munro
has again shown Ids skill as an editor
of high meitt In selecting a writer so
thoroughly rqnlppeil ,0 please the
readers of th Fbmilf Ptory .ffr.
There has Itfea a stibsiantUI Inerentb
In the clrculallon of the Mim4i Story
wneti slaee Jllsa lily's work began.
1t JYcirsmon, SkjA , 1890.
a stnenlar coincidence the two
stoties of adventure lust Issued dn the
seme day by I). Lothrop Compnnr
"WtilnMMlav llm Tontl,1' nnl 'Th
and "The
Idpn City of Aftlca" were by
the two
Aliens, tbe l.nslisli and the American
authors. Air. Grant Allen Is well known
as an entertaining Kngllsb writer on
popular science nnd social problems,
out this story of n c!oe Bhnvo in the
South Pacific Is In quite n different line.
Mr. Willis lloyd Allen, the American,
Is the editor of the Cottage Htarih, anil
is dear to thousands of American boy
and girl renders as the author of the tU
llpblfnl "Pine Cono Series." Ills
"Lion City of Africa" is said to ante
date Stanley nnd to be full of wonder
ful fscts and startling experiences.
Harrison, the potlllvlst et-
savlst. has often been
called tbo best
living master ot Jioeilsu pro, what
he bse to Soy, therefore, about literary
methods nnd style Is of tne greatest
practical value to writers. lnrldenUliy,
in sn nuiobfrtgrspblcal essay In the
October "Forum," he tone the subject
up and declare that bo never give
teiloits ihousht to how he should pro
stnt a subject, to far as tbe more a yle
Is concerned, lie has a ctesr jd
sellout purpose In view always, aiming
to change men's opinions or lo timi
seine pracliesl thing to ym-n, an I he
is at ibe task without Indirection or
conscious att, aiming to strike straight
blows. This, ho declares, is the. secret
of style earnestness, dlreolneat, sin
cerity, together with constant com
munion with tbe great masters of liters,
Tie Albany llook Company an
nounce for publication, October 10, a
new novel uy Artmir
r Dudley YInton
of tbo "North
(exmnnselne editor
American Jteview") entitieu "booKing
Further llsckward." This story is an
answer to and continuation of Edward
llellamy's famous novel "Looklne nack.
ward." Mr. Vinton's story has been
highly spoken of by those who have
reenl It before publication; ami tbe Now
York Jltruld, on Sunday, July 37, de
vottd tlve columns to a lkutfatory re
view of it while yet la manuscript an
almost unprecedented' compliment. Tbe
book Is composed of a series of lecture
delivered by Won Lung LI, the suecos
tor of Prof. Julian West (the supposed
wrltsr of -"Looking Hack ward,1') at
Sbawmut College, In S0). A obatmlns
love episode adds to the romance of the
story which Is full of Incident. The
book Is one which every person who has
read "ixiklnicllsckward" should road:
and It also welMMlculkted to -interest
and Instruct all Who have not reed llel
lamy's fascinating tale;
Mrs. Hufton Harrison, who bat an
enviable reputation as a writer of short
stories and novelettes, bat Just finished
tbe Most important work that she has
yet undertaken. It is a novel of South
ern -life before, duilng aad after the
civil war, and deals with scenes and
incidents that no one is more familiar
with than she. The name of this novel
is "Flower do Hundred, the Story of
a Virginia Plantation," and it .wilt be
published during the fall by the Casseil
Publishing Company. The Manuscript
of this story has been read by one of
the best judges in the country, who
predicts for It not ooly sa Iwniedlale.
but a laetiag pnwdailty, for it treats
tbe subject with all tbo chorea of a
ttalaed sod graceful writer, together
with tbo farts of too hlstotisa It Is
SMsoalog. pathetic aod tiutthng. aad
gives a picture of boutborn Ufa such as
has Never been out oa oaoor before.
0at UltAka IMT Ifea i'ftttU.
"raw UU JSfc Ceeetsr
Jiccd 4 Co. caji ohoko oJC V4tf dW.j
coajhosi U too Hatjaa, but tsatycaa't
tdstJMt oat tailff dlsiiitssnsi aUeeortho
cossjisryvta asset oboo. atoto, tavoro,
cluUooui o uhWUaco whoso taosv
tosott. liw MolMotor tosaf Is aooad
to bo f uUy TMrtsetsd by tbo
people, aad whom thoy ha
sostztisotnjr at tlsoy wtti oost
atu atwtenctet
'W ftn esse
W stuud'i
WmI stoMstUUstHsm sMfUaattsBM H CaMaattatSaV.
aMMssMhflr. SHsVMtMsiojl sJaMsMM k efrsttA
&4stsUtsftiaTaaaaoi til n. J isW.slslsBU
tsjssoa taw taysw fsa tJSBnst nisasassBsygKjsti sflRp f
no swum) mm mmmmmr.
hvttzb7wsJ4taWndn OMhTUo
isjpt that it 4oas tuuulx shkt w. Ils u.
wtUOo lu cenatore aever otettvowo. Its
ssuisatfs jeaottstwastW UfMOhofo
J 1 IaIa ..! i.i-
"fsw "T wo, wenaajsntjsjBswsBo
j ,, J-, aubmi Ibms ossoa assataMbio W
tsyVwoW 1 a4astis4boi SN
dsosrjHhe(B..vsM waa. sjsjfigsV
1 ttsTstdalsld sU IsaVaU HsTMall'sl iojoaaslUo ABal sUaV '
tPe "t . 'sf"' sBPttaa) sanMssBsaBBB jpp asw
utn.' uu EliM.wmm
Ito-- ' 1 J I f
KewTowvy. -
ttolTeAJlaie(H)W J.uia. fmawso
aoiisi t aWio.s.jte.,
sske Jseoeo itaslSfliiaO
J A.
C&frre'r'.LUglibofo and Tunlaw Rf3acls
tl e Snle ol this Most Delightfully Situated
Property Opens
Price, 10 and 20 Cents Pet Foot,
. II Splendid Opportunity to Double four Investment
a Reasonable Time.
. This property is most beautifully situated on a high
ridge overlooking and in close proximity to the heart of
the city. The -electric cars pass within a few hundred
yards of the place. It is high and dry', and the great
panorama, ever presented to view, of the Government's
beautiful buildings, the hills t of Maryland and Virginia,
with the historical and classical Potomac River, makes
WESLEY HEIGHTS a most charming and attractive
place for a home. As an in vestment it is unrivaled.
TERMS: One-quarter cash, balance In one, two
and three years, with interest at 6 per cent, per annum.
Fifty dollars earnest money will be required upon each
lot and will be applied to purchase when settlement is
made. Deed to be passed frqe of all expense with ab
stract of property. From the gross sales, seven 7
per cent, will be placed in a sinking fund to be applied
to mjtking improvements.
We can recommend this subdivision in every par
ticular and feel confident that your investment will prove
one of profit in a very short time.
x. 0
Fourteenth and G Streets.
Wilson & Carr's
For an Easy Shoe
We earn the Best Llae of Iatat
L4ttaerfahee(erja(ll4 antiaea
tloaenstiarlrat Wilson & Carr's
I'Ukliluuulilu Shoe 9Ieu.
Ko. OSU r tftUKVt H. Yfn
wubiogtoiu d. a
1 uuii u uiiiT iiai,tijioiii: sritmrr.
Ilia Holler n lunnortallt,
iV, . r U4m ' Octaltr Funm
Tbo beflI lIoMwirliy b prehis
toric ao4 jU twroowl, aim l( will exist
so loog as won 'aytt with an loyislbje
aod Jul With' a vfajbhf set of faculties
two srtt ' perfectly aminguIibaUle by
young atul ooJ, wise atut fooHsh, alike.
Tbo Uea aeoetates Itself in each lodt
tlsiejol; It is roioforooi by sfHeo tetti
Mionyy t tt forsuulaUd soil illustrated
bt Tosjoiit waye by trosUtioos aotl la-'
tiiiotOtsi4sutltlstbplaia otttorowth'
ol isssiaul oneerlonre. aod is 40a
s no stilly a uatvortoi Kuntyof wa
hstso. It needs no lattettoa f root Betels-1
lose. H buraows aotbioe; ftosn btftc
It Is la ao ssmso sbrooodeot for Us
ottflBOo wosoi hlaos ot right and
weotM, lewosa aod pnnishmooi It
It Msfito saw ItssttloH awooc tM bjaot
oat aad steamed, hot csabeooMoaod
cooto too taoat bttillaai aod
of ail btoso for too wiso aosi
good. It 1 csJMsble ot cultivatloa.
sso'iiim csivtsiss
SJMi.) tBMat Matttrd '
rmntto tosw am MmC
"Im't imm asjmssiisiis
satabtooT ha tsbo fsMt niser"
thai' w -
no.jl ttm thai Iw woswio't bono a
ssw seas ajokr
'WoU, I sa- adootot o keto hss
bo one iuat swat "
us), mom att MM. taoa sac
A IMslisen tt MiimniWttlly.
lsWt.sissatltTesl m SsWstaio
mm m sWhg'j i Wm . jagg
mfSSb (biaoiJjH-e v Qao't cbjs
to tosjsthnr
A Mn wish Cswo wtsWisw
ersww sgvaawstvp' si oosaewP "
lusety Ttsjsof to Ksnv Yw jstoai
tUMw LsfawT swwl Mf Jiasalr' at iwwalAswa sUssf AlfsteelsUf.1
asnflrSjL. stajsjwwwr stwi fc'srtt stajsawr ! aswsjssflsitpT aso jstjssswsway a
juW uAviUtd to front uf the Irtdasw-
otfbu: too Jtotf, u very croabte ko
Yud't stow Uleoi But as so artiot
liioad oiotwkUwu k Uiii. iuibaib.
i!fS itb Uivw
i:iUCATIONAr., . 1
GeorgefawnllnWersltY School of Law
rrettdeutoribe Unlrerdtr.
Daan of tbe Faculty. ...
(Chief Justice IT. S. Court ol Claire.)
Lecturer m Statutorr and AJmlnUtratlve
Law and Leoal Maxims.
MAIITIN F, W0URI8. tt. D .
Tcj-tnrer nn rmistltntlooal and I
lionai uiw, Aamirany aou (.omparauva
noN. JERRjiiArt st. tvitsby. tt r.
lecturer on the taw of Ileal Estate and the
Law of ETldence
(Justice Supreme Court. DUtrlct of Colum-
" ." T . . .. --- , ,-. :i...
Dia,, iiurer on tomown law. i -ieuu
Urand Kiultyjnr1
11 J. ijAllLUUIT ON. LL. D.
tectureron tfia. Law. of reraon&t Propty,
fonfraatt and Negotiable lSDer.
Lectursrnn tba Law of I'arlBaftblp.Corpoei
lions, 11 aetice aj iwumenwjr uw
IotuKr on
Ctftalnal Law'. l)oetIe Itefa-
tkins ana 'tort.
Circuit Court. Irof George E Hamilton
Court of Appeals. Profs. Martin V MorrU,
Acdrew C. Ilnullsy and It. Rom Ferry,
Introductory lesture and aanooaeeaoU
for the ratnfst! terra at Ibe Law DbIMIbi.
eoruer Ctb aad V U. n. wo WKDNESDAY,'
2 GT. 1. at &m p. ra. 'All luteFegatdl areaor
telly MjTlted to attend. The Obrary, bow
eoaprimt the EBglUb aad Uadisg AuMrleaa
refotta aad tbe lateet text book ubob not
Iteal Htbjeeta, I local ed la the LawBelld
latr, wllb commodious reading room at
taehed , and will be open from Sam to 10 p.
n. dally Sunday excepted, to student aad
ainwal of tbe sobool
The secretary can oe eeu ai iw ww
RntUlttf. nn Tnulavd. T1ftUiulATa
s aua a
mm, we. lareuiar atrwK wm.
Urss. etc , una be aOtaJaoi' at boos-
Ctrauiar atykut eoeMeof
aa.d -. a Tt UiuvljnB lTamJ W ut
of W H Morrisoa. WM F st. a.
wdenaHk Jt Oo . ISM Pst a, w .
., l"r-i1"": - i
aiM uwiwwit k uu , ttrt r M B. W .UU
at W. S Theaunan'tawn; steecuTO IStast.
n. w , or on astuleauuo, pwsonaQy at by 1st-
m. in. ft.&'..,
Mawaad 'neatoeer.
jotti.'s coLtBea,
etWteMnojt Si"51"
MUL Kisot
BblHltll1fllsBaiswJatl hrF SsVslAswV 7stfSsw
IIm aha&4Vtawa4TfTsTLai wA&sawaw snawi waTftwwat
U " aaituwg dSin u riWdM MMI '
waflSsa-assL Oeoa.
ffffSjsjspetSSl ataressw
aHtnat AAd TfwwwwVtlCwtaisV urs-wa
Msotnsi, JUsei IfAWilsifi aost sfaW
JtWTi asjj. . .
4. ISf
ana fswelsiiis sow. Vo
Ajswnaots asast hoooat lav adds
STrw JjjjjjjfjjjjjP''' 0'fffSTffr'
9 ij..
eilsttW aeaa. .
----- "
stwwwattrsarwtatsaaiai' aoUasTSj,
'wBPl"" srswetnawatw
awelsl tswiaTOs sm edoeated wut ae
in we setwiui -" ''law "' "' auwn's nasa-
aatot oo sTsoiswwuiMist oAfcsaUiltio.'t aOw
ismoj. uu sfawiatittiiWii. i Uotoateudfc,
grerr Iventog-SrarHreet wrt sntst.
te0nt of tne Yun American Stsrv
Under the ysiisgoieerit of Co'onei wm K-
sum of ta Kookitw Part Th-iin
rresentm for the First Time H Thu Hy
unit frsw and TccS9srn, n t.
VrHteO Setwss9 for Her t Mw it km-
ort eq . cetltten
A r.RAfvD cowpawt.
"ihejsm wMrhupteatoo at tfco tirih v
1 brtl, Sew VntX City
une Weer, Stflwtfiy,
osiot'ei a.
Matinee satnrdar Only
' IK
' '
rm'fcUHAKri' Y BALL-
By neia.ee aed,D JUSe.
.... t
msi inemnrs neroert Keiee:
IT. NlOil
Wbeateroft. W. J Lo JloTTW.CIifirlM Walnut.
Ffitr wiiirasw. waiter mhs.
ter mho. afl-ti:
Caytsn, Henrietta rrassmsn. Mr chartp
!.. is. snannon, -tirs Tnomat ru
a Snannon. Mr
fan oast etShr.. J I
Tne inwt Mtccwsmi pwy eyer presented st.
the New York tjeenm ihentrs.
extWtrk-FHANCt8WttOON and Cot-
Seats on ale next Thntsday morning for
rrodtirtloii of the New Comic Open
From tho Crosdway Theatre, New York,
Week UemmencInK MONDAY, OCT 6.
Matinees Tuesday, Thntsday and Saturdkyi
Surer b rroOuetlon of lliurowerful Ileal lit I
I'nfnldlnif a nrnnaftllii Rtorr nf Tjintl nn I
sa, lllnstrhted with l
"... -'T" r z- .71 ;.--... r.-. :.r
iiinstratea witn toomio juati .Morgan a
Ive Foonlo3laterplce,
Twelve Feonlo Maternli
Next w.eek-tNBUAYOOUB.
THIS WEEK ladles' Ma'.lnco To-morrow
And lit' Grand
Including tbo Colobrated English Ar IV, ,
PANY; or l
6. Jlallaees Monday, WedneidAr, rr
lUynnd cniurday. A raro imnonnccmiu
Huns rlmnlama Nnvelty Compsny, pre
tenting Hie rreat CYilKNB, tin "pin .'i
marTvl; her emitl never birn. lie wne mil
see Iter A Mid show, nllt-eUid.
Is the Urt of All Mnsleal Inetrnmenlt.
Ueeanae It performs any mtulo
irons a waits or a ballad to an
overture or atyrapnony more
beaatlfully and more nearly
perfect than any other slnglo
Tbe Aeolian Is not raeohanloal, bat the
manipulation ot It Is so slmpto that a person
oanletrn to play It Tilth from ono to three
weeks' praellee, Toor vUlt to see tblj In
strument will be esteemed a faTor at
ole ARent'for Stefnway aBrf Other First-
Class Tlanos and Organs.
oal and Dental DerattmeLts of tbo
Lolnmblan UnlTentlty.-rTbe lxty ninth an
Sualourtexif mtdltal lectures and fourth
ental otnirfe will begin on Wednesday,
October lat.atSp, m. In the College tluud-
turoby noffiJor. WJlflani LeeT At. I). Dental
Introductory! by! Professor Uark M.FfnleV,
I). D- 8. Tbe astuninexaslaatlans wlllbor
held onThAsday Ootoher SfTat 'Sea "p. m.
For olitmlar ot i both denartmeafsappfytut
Dr. A. F. A. JUng. Dean, . Tblrteeotb. st n,
w. Ofllco honrj OtolO a. m. and 4 to5p. m
Telephone 6.i sep,8-im,
i i
thecoiambwii university tw scnooi
ein st S o'elbcfc p. ut. OCTOllKIt 1.
wltb Ue
loiiowioc soiuu ot iDsiruciion.i
irtmentor i Kogiun, name
Knpfltwrmr. Chemistry. Aasayv
lug, PbyslesrrnSralogy. Freneb, Oerman.
UcebanUal and other brsnshes of drawing,
with lecture course on Astrenpmy, Anthra
pology, Zoology, botany, etc All claues
meet is tbe evrolBe.-aod are open to bothi
exes. .For furtber iBtorraatlon apply to tho
Dean. Prafssser E.T. FU.ISTOE. iX li.
kj uauioa ao
Reotn J10NDAY, SEPT. 8.
ViMte and Patotlag Beeetre Special '
set41w Atleowea.
UW Man. Ave..
Afford every facility for aoqulriog, alhr
ough education ta literature, muslo and art.
The hutrumaBU uot are piaao, harp, vl -
lie, guitar, maadaUa and baab. Languages
geowal yooal, drawlmj and fancy wrlt frea
Cor, 7th and D st . w .
. KB,br0eriOtX Ssbool. Tit
School of Practical Hestne aaa Account j
fribuui of yrepmslpy PraeStcal Ensign
Khool of Sborthaan sad fyvewriUiitf.
Jtey awSgMsks. lnttrated C iti
jVMmkAlrA- !. Vtoet'riiiit.s',
l" - :
StAta. MattiUt,.
loraaaUb Kng , h
taier.ial o.r.1
nwsiSav ckMia.
tonasoajftsv Ret
tawat Mei tuw '"" JI'jO'
x w. atwosKtitH.
CfsatloUe Hsil,
as4lHTs Qenaty HI
it t ass swYUsfsti IMsctMnx.
M &.!!&.
fiBtrslojK sjiaoisjw iSYMosra.t. tJ '-
lininsios rirsensisss weassar gmuad j
MeaHMol totoMojt- llto sjoardcdtLru)
the iop'ssot MOftb- Itootd. wci.. a..l
tttMaa swtkw MHsk toanobssv two r-c
tim2iL igM ssBwaaiLLsnJ
taSjfPSr etreno
'I 1(ojwhm, aww.
tttio Uf
Su o.au,

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