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23D YEAR NO. 60SJ0.
J'or the lh'trirl of Catmnbia, MarHn-nd
mm uimnm, raw; wmantrif, mynng u
iinfnlri leindt; ttntionarg tem'pernlnre; eft
THE great successor our
EXTRA SIZES and stout
and slim garments is doc
to the fact that they receive
the same careful considera
tion and attention as to ma
ferial, fit and finish that is
characteristic ol all ol OUR
Gentlemen who have
heretofore been unable to
get fitted ready-made should
pay US a visit, as the as
sortment this season is larger
than ever.
We can fit any size man
from thirty-two to FIFIY
FOUR.chest measure, either
stout, regular or slim shape.
A host of new and stylish
garments ol reliable fabrics
in neat and tasty patterns
ready for immediate use, at
extremely moderate prices.
Call and see them.
Robinson, Parker & Co,
S. 15. Cetuer Scceiilli ami lSN. N.V.
All Hut Olio Say Tliey Are .Not Utility
or Oirrnuo.
The Criminal Court held Its first
turtle it for the October term this morn
tng, with Chief Justice Waghaai on
the Hunch. The grand and petit jurors
were called and a number of the latter
were excused.
The first case on the calendar was
Alice Ileckett, a colored girl, charged
with larceny from the person; she
pleaded not guilty. James O'lirlea, a
white boy, charged with housebreaking,
pleaded not guilty. James Ford, col
t red larceny of 5 from Ella S. ilyer.
pleaded not guilty.
W tlltam Taylor, alias William John
son, a colored man from Virginia, pbud
cd euilty to stealing a bore belonging
i llueU Thomas from a pasture near
Cjcrrsctown The Judge, Is sentencing
l.fui spoke of the ease with which
h rsee are sioleu a ad the dangerous
iljof crime which It has become.
John Marshall, a colored boy. charged
with breaking into C. B lieekenee's
ft ore pleaded mat guilty- Alexander
C'amptH.11 colored, charged with as
sault with Intent to kill, pleaded not
guilty Daniel Walker, assault with
intent to kill, pleaded not guilty.
Suiuo Are trappy Over tke Tux,
The question of the proeer Ueease
governing the "merry-go 'sounds" was
referred some time ago by the Commis
si' era to the District Attorney for a
c pinion. Attorney Hazeltoa to day aub
luiiud bis opinion, slating that the
' merry go 'rounds" sbtfuld be resulted
t pay a tax of $3 per day, coming under
tbi law governing lkeases for aauue
menis and not as heretofore under the
Jii-cne law for vehicles at a tax of oulv
ftu a year. The 'merry go 'round"
11 a u dec lare that the change of tax frosu
Vii a rear to $3 iter (lay wlil break up
their business, ami compl.aiateg citizens
t i lirteentb street and Wallech place
arc ruustijueatly happy.
Ouut XatM,
At the morning sesaloe of the Court
la ( ,ncral Tew Mr. Meet? WttHamof
VriuU as admitted to the hat cm
tnr.tK.n .f J Ridout; Joet H. Mi
iuk was appointed cunstsbte. end
Hi :.ta Kiuulolpb was admitted to the
I ar en motion, of H. 0. Clamjhtou,
HqiMMUMt te Mfe Um.
The wtlt of the late Pre . Wtt-
i.jms was Bled te day la the oitee of
IU jbguter of Vttt. ail hte !
li.,aibedto his mother ti shs h
l ui Kuiated hfe BiectttriJt.
iu Ase that "rtfcsu
J-i.m the etMtkUtUa Tlmit.
Aa I-a mayor has fochkitea hby
c in luges on. the thfewtifci A co-
ni-.u.e toe sssMftMHf Ml
IK. u aut to mak sww)! U so, huv
.. lVik UclgtU. Fur lull Luforuu
t ..will page uUtl Juh-U if' Wtt4i4
i .ii U'LULh iUmI u ill Li. U U. tt.
Extra Sizes,
Willi a Parly of HehmD He Gms
on a Hunt for DtlegaUs.
Bsyard Seores Reed Delimiter's Lima
Defense General Palmer's Won
derful Campaign.
President Harrison's trip to the
glowing and voting West Is a purely
political mission. Ho goes Id Lis own
Interests In the fond hope of bolstering
tip lils waning popularity that Is. If he
ever lmil enough to have any left after
the waning process set In. llo Is ac
companied by Lawyer Traeey, ruler of
the Navee; and n handful of personal
henchmen upon whom he has bestowed
Office, lowlt: District Marshal Hansdoll
of Indianapolis, Chief of tho Duroait of
Engraving and Printing Meredith of
Indianapolis formorly, but now at
tached to Chicago for political pur
poses, and PMrato Secretary Halrord
of Indianapolis, the only 'Llgc.
Such Is the party engaged In giving a
miniature Imitation of President John
ton's cunt act of "Swinging Around
the Circle."
T.n routo they nro losing no oppor
tunity to make their little speeches full
of gush and rhapsody and artfully cal
culated to make the hearers feel good.
The trip will reach tts furthest Weitern
limit nt Topeka and will be made to
take cither In the outward or return
swing Kansas Cliy, St. Louis. Gales
burg. Peoria. Indianapolis nnd minor
Bo our Uncle Illchard Vuu has at
last accepted that Independent nomlna
lion for Congress. Hegoesback tollrst
principles In defense of his action, say
ing: "It has been accepted as true, since
the establishment of our system of 0 v
ernment, that the consent of the gov
erned Is the only sure basis on which it
can rest."
Of his personal relations to the cits
ttlcthesnys: "Since I first ougaged In
business 1 have bcon associated with
the people of tho Third Congress
dlittlct, In which I was born, bavin
lived as a plain citizen among them,
ever devoted to tho best interests of
Philadelphia, and offered the labor of
these j ears for lis welfare."
He concludes modestly by siying:
"I leave this Issue of this canvass to
the sound judgment and good will of
The gubernatorial campaign la Penn
sylvania proceeds with great vigor wad
heat. Speeches were made In Philadel
phia last night In which Quay was earn
estly denounced and Delamster roundly
Vtr contra Mr. Delatnater spoke at
Indiana, Pa., and denied In the moet
emphatic terms any ami all of the
charges against him.
Thus it goes, the most bitter twsonal
campaign known in the old Keystone
State iu many years.
The New Jersey Democrats had a
barbecue at Asbury Park, which, despite
the storm, was a bit: ami brilliant suc
cess. Among the speakers were Gov
ernor Abbett, Senator Itlodgett and
Representative Geissenhainer. Letters
of regret were received from ex-President
Cleveland, Representative Amos J.
CuuamiDgs and others.
l SrcreUry lUysnl addressed '3.U0U
DemocraU at Wilmington. Del, last
night. In the course of bU remarks
be declared that the proceedings of the
lower House of Congress which have
just closed are not ordinary struggles
for party power, they mean more'tbaa
that. 1 be acts of tke Republican party,
as exhibited by the majority in the
House of Representatives and acquiesced
In by the President, bear fruits of revo
lution. There is thus no use for lW.oW
people to semi a man to represent them
la this body, for he is reduced to a mete
automaton by the Speaker, ami liberty
is assassinated in Liberty's temple.
A lively canvass for Coastress is oro-
S reusing in New Orleans, particularly
i the Tirst district, bere the candi
dates are General Adolph Myer. Dem
ocrat, ami ex Governor Henry Clay
Warmouth, Collector of Port, Repub
Ueaa. There are a number of Italians
ia the district. Warmouth b bees
endeavoring to corral, but with only
partial success. There is considerable
opposition developing against War
mouth la bis own party, the outcrop
ping of the factional feuds of the recoa
struetion period. The present Repre
sentative from that district. Mr. Wil
kinson, has l,W7 plurality over his Ra
i4iipftti i pmpctib r
Kot since the memorable campaign
of LtacoUi and Douglas is Illinois ut
l6i, with the U. S. Seaatorship as the
prize, has svifHs a camstaign ipjtn mmse
as thai Ckneral John if.l'aluier is coa
duitittg thm year. He is aa obi maa,
hut hi displaying as aoulsbing vigor
aa the Grand OuTMas of agiaal blm
self. For instance, he spoke at La
Salle Urn other night, closing at 10 M.
At 8 a. m. he took tbe ulu aod at I W
p. m. h was in Varaaw, l$i aaUes
e;h to the crowd at the county fab.
of WtfWUiaiti is the champion fur
orator. In the itifMith of rjcptesabcf he
sUffgiilfjd tes of UtfBie gitih;yri.ajft atid
Wide a macch of mope or less Wagthat
each, lie said he had fouad pinastire
ija no 4ffag hecisuae h secoiljted ajhjs
vaiiftB ud tliie tmsortafice of tem, vwot
OAJy to tise farwirT- baM $w vfltftEiftt oi
the whole mm-
Evidently the li ivtiu.-.r Li bouaito
b.oJm. buu.if solid. ub the Yokes
Granger. If lie has to trot to crery fair
In New BnglAiHl.
The IteptiWIttuw of th Serfrntwnth
Ohio district lwve rjomlnatal a Poor
man, Colonel C. L. of IWmont CoMBly.
l?x Governor Foster. "Calico Ctwr
ley," Is making a vlgormis campaign.
He has a big adverse majority to over
come and a popular Democrat agtlrrtt
him, one who Is stronger thsn hh
ticket. Foster will make the fur fly,
ami the boodle, loo, In his effort to win.
Probably the largest number of bil
lots ever required to make a Congres
flonsl nomination was tint In the recent
Democratic Cnveontlnn of the Memphis
(Tcnn.) district, which lasted three
weeks. .Toslah Patterson vm tiomtnateil
on the 5,051st ballot.
The Republicans oT the Second Vir
ginia (Norfolk) district have got Into a
muddle and put two candidates
In tho field. The regular con
vention nominated George Kdwln
Ilowdeu, the present member,
the other put In the field Judge C. W.
Murdaugh of Portsmouth. In his
biography In the "Congressional Direc
tory." Mr. Howdcn says he rrcelved
10..'81 votes against 13,720 for Richard
C. Marshall, Democrat, and MS for
Andrew J. Williams, "assistant Demo
crat." It is hoped the assistant Demo
crat will do better this time.
Tho (irnmlnon nr King I.oiiln t'litllippe
on II M -Way South.
The Count of Paris, who, with his
son, the Duke of Orleans, both his
toric characters Identified with French
history, aro traveling In the United
Slates, reached Washington this after
noon on their way South to visit the
historical battlegrounds of Virginia.
Tho party, which Included tho Due
d'LVos, the Marquis do Latayno, the
Comic d'llatissonvlllc, Colonel do Par
scval, Captain Morham and Dr. Hecv
tnlcr, was accompanied by Colonel
Nicholson and was driven to the Ar
lington, whore a mile of rooms bad
been engaged.
Later this afternoon It Is thought the
Count will call nt the White House and
leave his card with the President. To
night the party will dine with General
Schofield, the commander of tho armv,
and to morrow will bo spent In visiting
the different points of Interest about the
Thursday the party will start for
Richmond, by the way of the James
River They will be met there by Gen
erals FHkIiurIi Lee and Lonestrcet. and
Colonel Taylor, who was General Lj's
aide for four years during the relielllon.
Friday and Saturday will be Snt In
Richmond, and on Sunday they will go
to Fredericksburg. Monday they pass
through the Wilderness to Chancellors
vllle, returning to this city that night.
London, Oct. 7. The dispatch re
ceived from the Count of Paris, saving
that he had been warmly received In
America, docs not agree with other dis
patches published In Paris to the effect
that the public authorities of the
L'ntieci Mates have carefully avoided
giving the Prince anything Ilko oitt
clal recognition, and that the President
has found a pretext for not staying at
Washington to receive the pretender
to the throne of France.
A 3Iuu Killed by n halooa. Keeper In
a Drunken Itaw,
Chicago, Oct. 7. John St. John, a
shoemaker, JW years old, was shot and
killed by Marshal Demars, a saloon
keeper, at 219 Halstead street, early this
morning. St. John, the saloon-keeper
and bis wife and Mrs. Reason, the
saloon keeper's sister, bad bees drink
ing together for hours. A drunken row
occurred and IXutars shot St. John
twice in the head. Rliher wound would
have been fatal. One bullet entered
ILe tore head and tbe other plowed Us
way through the left jaw. When au
oltlcer entered the saloon he found St.
John lying on the floor. Mrs. Reason
was bending over hint and with her
arms around his neck was being lit
erally bathed In the blood that flowed
trout the wountls. bhe was druak and
refused to be taken away from tbe dead
man. Mrs. Demars was also drunk, but
tbe saloon keeper appeared to be sober.
Roth women ami the man were ar
Tli Committee tu Ulittuce tbe I'rtn.
bjtcrlati OreeU llceliu lis Labur.
Pmsai'iui. Pa., Oct. 7. The com
mittee on revision of the Confession of
Faith of tbe Presbyterian Church,
appointed at the last general assem
bly, held their opening session
in the library building of the Western
uwujwftHau oetuiiMU-, Aimgaeay, mu
morniatc. All of the distinguished
members of the committee were nteaeat
except Dr. Thomas ami S. If. Hastings,
of Jsew York, and Barker Gammere.
esq , of New Jersey. A permanent or
giBirsttoa was effected by the electtoa
of Ds. William U. Roberts, presi
dent of Lake Forest College. Illi
nois, president, ami Dr. William.
. Moore of Columbus, Ohio, sec
retary. The lemaiaisg tfaste of
the session was occupied in
formulating rules for the government
of the future seaatosw of the committee.
The hours for meeting will be from 0:30
a. m. to 13 P; m- and a p. m. to igt)
n. m. daily. The members of the stew
will set be permitted to attend any of
the committee meetings.
CUvuU Uttitrt fctthw.
Ia the Circuit Court to-day the fol
lowing adjudication were made by
Justice Montgomery: Varaii y. Umm
ii. Kopper, osder for plain tills to
ok security for coat ia tea days,
or the caae ymHH dismissed, jloatea,
Asphalt Company vs. District of Co
lumbia, judgment by default; WUkei
aioa Brown vs. C. R PuJow . judg
ment by default. A- - BowU, ftamwd
M. Fnuier, CUilm 0. tteete. Kichard
C. Maaa, WlUsam A- Uutchins and
Ilcierich Damais, excued from doty as
As a Whwton ve 1'hJm Vtnunttf.
Lewo. Uet 7 Mjr. Thomas P.
GUJ. M- F. for the aouthera divbdoa of
Louth, who was yesterday selected by
the Irk Katioaal CVaveasioa as osc of
the Irish mbjhUm to tbe VaMed States,
has already saited for that country.
Dojou wuit tu make muuer It o, Uu
Wa! IVcoIry Heights. For fuil lutoruw.-
t.uU ctl MnOUil lgt. nul JuU.i F W44
Ujat. . JLvl F-jUXttUtU iuJ, U -'uusU
The I'rcMttentlnl 1'nrtv Stop at the
Thmli nr llarrlnon's arnnttmther.
CtjtctsKATi, Onro, Oct. 7. The
PresWenl arrived at Cincinnati this
rnornlng promptly at 7 30. Ills car
vm held In the station only ling
enough for the change of engines neces
sary for the transfer from the Ohm
peake ami Ohio to the Ohio and Mis
sissippi Road. There were crowds at
all the small stations before the train
reached Cincinnati, and at tfewpwt
theie was a flfe and drum crrp, but
the train made no slops except at Gov
Inglon, where the President stood on
the rrar platform for a few minutes
and listened to the familiar strains of
"Hall to the Chief." Ilreakfast was
scivtd In the Picsltlent's car while the
train was In the station here. The
President rtcclred a nnmlier of visitors
bt-fote breakfast, among them his
nephew, Archibald Katon of Cincin
nati. Lawmmcckmlmo, Ind , Oct. 7. Gen
eral C. H. Grosvenor of Ohio and the
Onsul General to London, John C.
New, joined the President's party at
Cincinnati. The local committee from
Law renccburg was In walling there to
act as escort to the Presidential party.
The President's car was attached to a
special Irnln, composed of an engine
and a combination car. It will run
special until Danville is reached this
evening. Only one stop was made be
tween Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg.
The train slowed up for a minute at
North Rend, In sight of the tomb of
Win. Henrv Harrison, and the home
where tho President was born. At
Lawrenceburg n' large crowd was In
waiting. The President addressed the
crowd from tho rear platform.
NotiTtt VKns-o.v, Ind., Oct. Tjw-Re-tween
Lawrenceburg and North Ver
non no regular stops were made. There
were largo crowds at Aurora, Milan,
Osgood and other stations, nnd the
train slowed up for a minute at each
of these places to give the President an
opportunity to bow his acknowledge
ments of the greeting.
A TRAGldokE.
Ho lliouclit It tVan .Meant In lt-irneit,
nml In Now n llopolot linbecllo,
IIU llorrllila ISxperlenco,
Kansas City. Mo., Oct. 7. An out
rageous and almost fatal practical joke
upon William Sumner, a young man,
from Victor. Mitchell County, Kan.,
has juU been biought to light In this
city, whither the father of the young
man has just brought him to see If he
cannot he cured of the Insanity caused
by the Joke. After reputedly written
warnings from anonymous While Caps
of bis neighborhood, that young Sum
ner bad betler
ceask ma visits an a r.ovurt
to the homo of Mlts Lillian Gregg, he
was cauaht one night recently by the
make-believe White Caps. Just after he
had left the home of bis worthy sweet
heart. The practical Jokers, all In white
caps, soon surrounded and took posses
sion of blm, bound and blindfolded
him, placed him back upon tils horse,
hitched a noose about bis neck, threw
the upper end of the line over tbe limb
of a tree, ordered the victim to stand
up In his saddle and started his hone
off sicld the promiscuous
The place selected by the Jokers was a
deep cut, ami when William stood up
his feet were just on the level with tbe
ground. Tbe rope wus so arranged
that when the hore walked from under
blm he would swing to tbe side of tbe
uanK ami be teit stamllng on tbe trround.
All went as prepared nutll the" young
man's feet touched tbe ground, but in
stead of his standing on bis feet, bis
knees bent under blm, ami he was
before they could extricate blm. As
soon as they realized bis situation they
placed him on his horse and took him
borne, where tbty left him, ami bis
father found him a little after midnight
tying uneoascious upon iue ground,
with an ugly mark or ring around his
neck. The son could oaly be arous i
k Bg enough to tell by degrees hi terri
ble ttorj for
had been made to seem as real to him
as if tbe White Caps were ia earnest
and then relapsed into an hitoey or
insanity from wbk-h he will probably
not recover. The eider Mr. Sumner
says he will leave his son la the care of
tbe best phyaklaas, ami then return
with good detectives ami ferret oat the
perpetrators of the deed ami prosecute
them to the full extent of the law.
A UUpule Leads to tint UltUltz ui
Ewasoiui. Kx , Get t Yesterday
afternoon Louis Richard ami Tom
Kdwards, two wealthy farmers living
at Reach Grove, about two mile south
of here, met oa Florence ami lack
peadeace Bihh, when a dispute arose
regarding damages done Edwards by
Kk-hard? hogs getting tato hit held.
Edward struck Richards, wheat the
latter drw his knife sad stabbed 4
wards ive times, killing him iastaaUy.
Katinnni Aaalnat Vulrmmx.
84L Ukb fin, Oct. I At the
general conference of the hlormon
Church yesterday the cr3kil dsudara?
tioa of Pre4dct Woodruff forbidding
ia the future auy polygamous ww
riages. was read before iu,ww
persons. Including the ijoh 4od
the leading elders ,f the
church Who rccogaUcd the Pritsi
dtats authority aad accepted the aani
festo as bindiug. The actios sstthM tbe
vexed question of polygamy ud U the
moat tasportast step taken by the church
for more than twenty ftv years.
linsBiiel as mm wauf
VtMt, Oct 7. ftm fwpvUf
Toledo, of Want's Hue, which bs htn
laid up otf Twenty fourth abwet for sev
eral week, was discovered to be on Sxe
about y'ektek lm aight. iier
works were conaukrbly buxacd, hut
how much damage ws dosw could sal
ha aacstrtatoied last t'ght
- r
lo ou Mnuil tu aiiks anjjsev'" It tiuv
oU kt Wcolu.v Ucsbu Fur full ibt i -ii
toUftit. M....I i 4,1 iui J jIju t VV i. .
Doled Oat in Large ami Ml Urns
at DiiftrtGt attions.
Many Pelly Cmm RpHly Dljww4 Of,
Altng Wilk 0iker3 ef Orator Mag
niitil Whtt Thy Were.
Tills was another unpleasant day for
tbe Judge, tbe clerks, tbe lawyers awl
the witnesses wbo were compelled to fol
low Washington's Police Court about
tbe city.
Judge Sillier called court at Lieu
tenant Kelly's precinct promptly at 8:50
o'clock, In tills precinct tbe con
veniences for boldlng court were con
siderably Improved over what tbey were
ycsletday. Tbe .fudge was provided
witb an elevated desk in a corner of the
ofikors' room. Tbe cases at this station
were about as scarce a? were the I'ollce
Couit lawyers. Outside of the col
lateral cases there were only about a
doren Informations, and they were prin
cipally for profaalty ami loud and
boisterous talking.
Officer Dally lmd'Joseph Uell charged
with being dlsonlarjy In the O street
alley. He found blm in company with
colored women, all of them drinking
"This man Is an old offender." said
"I am no such thing, for I have
never been atrested before," remarked
tbe prisoner.
"1 can ptovc it bv the other officers,"
responded Oltlcer Dally.
"llrlng on your olllctra If you want
to," said the prisoner.
Judge Sillier was convinced that tbe
prisoner wa telling tbe truth, but he
fined blm $5 and suspended the sen
tence. llHOt'OlIT IT OX AX OLD CttAliOB.
Wlnfkld Itrown told the court that
be was In Fortune's restaurant and was
tuddenly taken 111. He thought some
pickled pig's feet would do him good,
and while be was eating them an olilcer
came In and arrested blm for an affray.
Tbe iiff raj occurred some months ago.
On this rbarce be was tined $5 andw.is
about to walk out of the court room
when be was charged with an assault
upon Jennie Porter. The case was dis
Special Oltlcer W. II. Fergu
son appeared as defendant today
charged by Genrjre W. Alexander with
an assault. The latter savs that he wits
standing quietly on the street when
Feigusca came up ami ordered blm to
move along.
"I disputed bis authority to take me
along." said Alexander, "when be
struck bis club oa the pavement and at
tbe same tltuo sou tided bis whistle.
Then be pulled bis gun ami threatened
to shoot. "
Alexander said be bail wit senses to
prove bis statement, ami tbe case was
continued until to morrow In order to
give hint time to obtain tbeiu. .
At Hie Slr.t l'reclact.
Lieutenant Kelley placed bis patrol
wagon at tbe disposal of- tbe court of
tlclals and reporters, ami in a pouring
rain tbe Police Couit was transferred
from Swaiupoodle to Lieutenant Amiss'
domain. There was tbe usual number
of bangers on about tbe station door,
who did not seem to mind tbe rain.
After tbe disposal of tbe drunk and
dlsordeiltes, George Waters and William
Makle were arraigned oa a charge of
uaviue: stolen me easn uox trom fcimtle
tou L. Coc-ner. the driver on car No. 13
of the F street line. Waters approached
the diher ami asked what time It was,
and attracted bis attention by other con
versatfaw. Iu tbe meantime Makle got
away with tbe cash bos. Judge Miller
seat them loth to jail for a term of six
Frank Davis, colored, was Ined $30
this morning for an assault upc4 Charles
II. Kl. a white man. Special 0fcr
Louis ft. Smith arrested Davis for cre
ating a disturbance. Davis resisted
and the e mcer called oa King for assist
ance. White the latter had a hold upon
him Davis kicked King la the eye.
Afterward Mr Cote, who employs
DaU, persuaiteii the Judge to reduce
the tine to $&. ami he paid it.
will tux cuim-u Loagtt
David Basks, colored, said to the
Judge- "We gave a levee, not a bail,
fp tbe ben tit erf the Unloa Wesley
Church at the Catholic Bail, under
the auspices ef the Hose of Shares
Club. The Christian! Moral Beform
Associaliott was preaeat ia fuii regalia."
"Was there daiwiair 'r" iaoulied bis
r ww pwwwfq wawsswsfcwmi 4Swbju
"So. ah-, ui a promenade, ami th
at ateat dstsaed gentleman aad lady re
ceived prize.'
'It was give for gaia, ami you will
bj to iy a tee f 5." said the
"I Uved with this colored gtri. Lour
UkaHeeutersos. Uh the suppoaitJ.m
mu we were w gs marrwu, saui e.
F Wardwell. white, to Judge Miliw
this mmting. YeiMesday Tsurtelr
asked Waxdwell to go out. and white he
wagM the sirl. he clained, broke
into his trunk and atok ?. The case
was dlaajjufe'd
tTs eoattwitijd mm' against W F.
hmbehm, chxed tth seittag ttiux
iu his cigar store oa Ele veA street,
bctwee C and D. ww next tried. 4
oin paUoo of Nichoiaoa were
cia- Otjly two of them testtded t
havisg obtaiJBtd Uquot there, but were
uncertain about the date- One M
tMMued ifaitMpifa k8e V h was the dnjr ov
Bijou Theatre, which was September 7.
Judge Miller made the Aim flW,
OOl lUll'4M'A!Ai.3Unl-.
l'ikiIHe Hi iin. iLia u. itjluM ir
tbelsrrenv of two paint of pantaloont
from Patrick Delatrey. This afternoon
be pleaded guilty awl pM the fine of
$10 Imposed by Jrrdge Milter.
TbetflM Kelleber, wbo has a store a
the corner of Ninth street and Orsnt
avenue, attempted to eject Daniel Vail
ler, a dmnketi negro, from his place
last night. The latter refitted to leive
and a senffle emued during which
Kelleber graWetl an Ice pick and thrmt
it Into Valuer's left breast.
It was found that Ihe wound wm
a vety srrlous one. and the wounded
man was removed to tbe Freedman's
Hospital. Sergeant Lombardy arretted
Kelteher and Iwkctl blm rip at th
t" sttcet Rtallnn. The doctors at Ihe
hospital consider Vailler's wound dan
gtron. Kelleber appeared liefore Judge Mil
ler at the First Precinct this afternoon
charged with assault with Intent to kill.
Andrew A. Lipscomb appeared for him
ami waived an examination. The bond
wBSflved at $1,W0. which was furnished
for the defendant's appearance before
the grand Jury. Valuer's condition is
somewhat improved this afternoon.
A Man nml III Motlirr Have Tliclr
Mlcnlls UruMieil,
KonroL-K. Va., Oct. 7. A dispatch
from Aulander, N. C, says Mr. At
kins, a leading cotton grower, and his
aged mother, were killed last Saturday
night by a negro, wbo crushed In their
skulls with an Iron ball and then fired
the house. Julia Terry, the house
keeper, witnessed the murders, but
managed to escape death by biding
under the veranda. The neighbors
were attracted to the scene of the fire
and extinguished it. Starching ptrlles
have been scouring the country Tor the
murderer, who mado his escape. A
negro employed by Mr. Atkins Is sui
pected of having committed the crime.
Tlie Former Shot All IU I'rlnonom, ami
ConM-iiuently Uiinnot lixcliaoco,
Trjlnc tu Sjuiiprrnn Neivit
of tho Cunlllct,
Kkw York. Oct. 7. A special to the
Jferalil from the city of Guatemala
ssys advices lecelved here say the
Guatemalans and Sdvadorlans are
righting again on tbe frontier. It states
war has again been precipitated, owing
to the Inaballty of the Guatemalan
Government to exchange prisoners with
Salvador. The first-named government
shot every Balvadmlan soldier capture!
In the late war.
No particulars as to tbe locality
where tbe Aght has taken place are re
ceived betondtke fact that it has oc
curred on tbe borders of the two coun
tries. Great effort to keep the newt of
the conflict eptlet are being made by
Iktllias has not heeu satisfied with
tbe peace treaty brought about by the
Diplomatic Corps, ami It has been it
generally accepted opinion that a sew
war would break out at the close of the
ceffee-gatbering season, but no one was
prepared for so early an opening of hos
tilities. Guatemala's finances are at present
ia a very bail condition, but It is un
derstood that a part of tbe cotton loan
will soon be delivered. She ateo lacks
generals to command her forces. In
every way Salvador is In a better way to
sustain war than her larger enemy.
Kzeta has tbe full confidence of the
masses, and tbe o trice rs of ber army are
superior to those of Guatemala. It is
stated that Salvador has plenty of
money and can get almost any amount
she wants.
Some ef the articles of the peace treaty
have been considered by Salvador as
not favorable to her dignity, ami tbe
Sal vadorians are preparedto aght again,
but more earnestly than ever.
A special to the UtraU from the City
of .Mexico savs. Humors of another
ci nliict between Guatemala and Salvt
t't r have reached here. Minister Pou
U'teves if there has been a fight it has
leca confined to private individuals of
the two countries ami has not been be
twt en the two armies.
y e s of iheeoalltet has beast received
at tke Catted Slates Legation. Minister
Pou has cabled for Information.
PAXie-siucm' eiiLS.
A JHww t're KxittaOwt auU Tkar
JUUttUMi gut ') IltJliMrf.
Rtuntk-e, Pa , Oct 7 One of the
steam presses of the Keystone Hosiery
Mill exploded shortly before noon yes
terday. Twenty five girls who were at
work la am upper story hwame panic
stricken ami rushed for the hoisiway.
Five of them leaped to the door, fifteen
feet below, tend were seriously injured.
Most of the others wouhi hvejumed.
hut were prevented by the cooler bead
from doing so. The damage to the
tmikUag was alight
Laevtax Mwtr c.
Cwcaoo. Oct. 1 M. Beejawta, a
hoot aad shoe dealer, is said to have de-
debtedmaLof about' fcW.UOO. Before
leaving he sold what goods he
had ou haad to various dealers It the
city. .AMhjOugh Heejamla was a
stranger, haviug come here seceatly
boss Australia, he succeeded ia cosj
vtecteg the houses of which he bought
that he was la. tmd rJfffC'tmstMsi'es
Ijji-euixc. Muu , Oct. 7,. Three
thoiisajpd Bjtijtfts struck yeateeday and
Mrikcrs are orderly. Amassmeetiag has
bees calkd for to day at which the
tji?jfeBjirf wi di&cus f aMuatftoti.
Wm 9mm Wa vw4.
Kv Vtswi, Ot.. 7.-4 special cable
tee HtiriUi from f .fadofi save
pUi.; tit-ami r Ouse fojHKtwi with and
ef the hark, liumhgrteig twelve mm,
Ikj uu ttt tu mk uiuuc' If o, bay
1 i.jittnaj H.i.tt- F r full ut i. mx
i - i- -i r l , ..j. i I l !.u t V ,,a
ifttgraiiDg KUmm hf CanJiMl
Gibbons nd Mr. I)ougk.
Bishop Saa Uakes & Fetidtoai Spetel.
k flMritltiBg Order Thai Wilt Dis
cos Many Mtlltrs ef Iatsrtst.
The sixteenth annual convention of
tbe Catholic Young Men's National
Union assembled this morning at
Cattoll Hall on 0 street, between
KIntb and Tenth northwest.
At D.ftO o'clock high mass service was
held at St. Patrick's Church, of which
tbe Ilcv. .1. A Waller, pastor, was cele
brant; llev. J. P. DoBohtte of St.
Joseph's Chutch, deacon ; llev. SI. P.
Sullivan of St. Peter'KChurcli, sub
deacon: Iter. J. P. McGee, assistant
pastor of St. Patrick's Church, master
of ceremonies.
The delegates assembled at 8:30
o'clock at ihe Arlington Hotel and
matched to the church.
The sermon was delivered by the
Ulght Ituv. HUhop Kenne. He con
gratulated the delegates upon their good
fortuno In having
such as only the Catholic Church can
give. He welcomed the delegates In
the name of his Kmlnence, Cardinal
Gibbons, llin pastor of the church and
tbe people of Washington, nnd Invoked
the blosslngot God upon their delibera
tions. After maw tho delegates proceeded to
Canoll Hall.
It was 12.80 o'clock when Palher Li
velle called the convention to order and
opened It v Ith a short prayer.
On motion of Colonel Mallet. Presi
dent Lavclle appointed Patherlllrmlng
bain vice president, and .Mr. De Licey
ami Colonel Mallctt a committee to wait
ujion his Kmlnence, Cardinal Gibbons,
and Invite blm to attend tbe con
vention. Patbet Lavelle greeted the delegates
In a ueat speech, In which he referred
to tbe early originators of the National
Union, and especially Dr. Stafford of
Cleveland and lllsbop ICeane. Tbe ex
tension and Improvement of the Cath
olic Young Men's Union, be said, was
tbe main object of the meeting of the
convention and the cause which it bas
wearing tbetobes of his high office,
then entered the ball, and was received
witb antdause, the delegates standing.
President Lavelle, in welcoming the
Cardinal, sld that bis name thrilled
the hearts of every Catholic in the
United States on account of his rmny
Inherent talents and virtues.
Cardinal Gibbons, in reply, said he
felt grateful for tbe warm hearted and
unexpected welcome that bad been ac
corded blm. lie welcomed tbe dele
gates, not only in his own nam, but
tbe name of tbe clergy of tbe District,
and more particularly Rev. Father
Walter. He hoped that patriotism
would form no small share In the duties
of the convention. "Itemernber," he
wild, "you are brothers, (some are
strangers to each other, but all would
go home as friends. " He hoped that
ami said there were three relations
tbey owed their relations to Clod, to
the church ami to their country. He
spoke of the intellectual education of
the voting men of the country ami its
results la the future of this great na
tion. The Cardinal resumed his seat
amidst warm applause.
Mr. D T Murphy introduced Com
missioner Douglass, who was received
with applause. Our glorious country,
be said, bad jut reaped its crops, aad
tbe people of Ihe District were about to
reap a literary crop He referrjd to
the last meeting of tbe coaveati m lu
Washington, tea years ago. During
tbatckeade, he said, 17,333 new bulbl
tegs bad been erected, lndullng the
Cmbollc University, la Washington, at
a coat of tU5.t:At3. nd occupying
35,6G.0U) scjturte feet of ground. He
closed with a hearty welcome to the
delegates, which was acknowledged by
President Lavelle.
Bishop Keaae, president of the Cith
olte University, then welcomed the
delegates, oa which he invoked God to
bless the cnuventioa aad its labors, tie
spoke of Wsehiagton as the great centre
of learning ami patriotism, and offered
a tuggeettea that as the teraenulal of
Father Matthew would shortly be ob
served, that all the delegates sign the
Father Water ef Sew York olercd
resolution that a
e ALLti,e4U i.; oKSir to th twtm
Invoking his blewing upoo the proceed-
tags it toe cooventww. Tue resoiu
tion wa adopted.
At ViJti a recess of fifteen mieute
was take in order to give time to tiie
comudttee oa e redeuttals to report
fl report of the commitiee showed
delegates preseat tram Baltimore, hid.
PWIadilpil Kew York city, Brooklyn,
Boston, Provideace, gdenburg, X.
Y ; Albany, UarrisfcurK, Ctfcago,
develeed, Cimucnart, MashviUe, Sew-
seau of the deleeaies ate detaatedby
tettered cardbowds.
port from socteties in various narts of
the country that bi been Mgeued for
soct&J. titeiir). charfcubk and aAkleib:
purposes, f fat rerte sbowed all tike
aoftetW to be is aa e&ceUeat c.'uJid.m,
benh tinapcially and aumeticaUjr. f he
readtoe, wa frmueutly interrupted by
fcree Hurarks as4 iu Phiiadelpbii a
hall U to be buJlt to cost 5D,a0t.
At I 45 o'clock a rices wastke to
3 o'ekek To ukbt the dektfafa.' wilt
he teeditcJ an nJonnai reception at
Carroll Itwtitute. to tuorrow two e
akws will he held, at w a m. aad 3 p.
., axidte the evesteg a card receptkm
will he tendered Cardinal Glbboeeui
the aew addfcicm to the 4rHgjsi
Hotel Tbe Marine Baud will furnUU
the music Tbi. upicr will be tbe In
u.-j.ui.iSl u f tLt u til, it ha, at
Itehrlnx 9n h IMii nr (jftfttttn tu
Three tKwmmt,
Sar FnAirrrco, Oct. 7.-IWf newi
about the firng m the schoowet C. G.
White off Copper Island 'tuefe I h r
or Sunday last by the steamer Alexin
der, from 8iberla for this pott. Th
office! s of th A'earter say that wh n
(he srhoower appeared off Cop r
Island she sent six boats toward tin
beech. They were warned not 1 1 hot
but the men in tbe boats paid no att,n
Hon to the warning. The eitarti th 'i
Bred Msnk eartrldges on the boat, buf
this falling to Intimidate the men In tho
boats. Ihe guards fired with bull car
Wires. The Alexander hail B.aftOxoil
skins rn tmard for the Alaska Com
tnerclal CnmBany. The company
contract with the Russian Government
baring expired, It wlil be renewed f r
tea vtM instead of twenty.
A number of vessels are being fitted
Mil at Yokohama sod Japanese pnrti
ly Americans for real hunting. Thwe
vessels will sail tinder the Iifltlsh, Ger
man and Japanese flags. The Html tn
Government Intends to protect the
twketres next jear.
Five llntslan war vessels are now
cruising in Uehring Sea with Irtslrm
lions to wive any vessel fouml mallnit
wlthlh tbe prescribed shore limit, which
Is five tulles
A tVltmlBKlon tVitHiun AmmIIwI In
n llrtitnl Alnnner.
Wtr.yt!oToK, Oct. 7. Stale Senator
John P. Donahoe, of this city, who left
home Sunday morning for Port Wayne.
Ind., to attend the annual session of
the Union Veteran Legion, of which be
is a member, Is charged with havinir,
committed a brutal assault on Mrs. H
It. Kline, on the streets of this cltv.
Mrs. Kline said that Senator Donahot.
while Intoxicated, came up behind her
on West Third street, between 8 and
o'clock on Saturday night and, with
out provocation, kicked her severely.
She did not know her assailant. Im
a Miss Graham, wbo was with her, rcc
ognlxed Senator Donahoe.
A man named William 5Inrphy, who
was In company with Donahoe, at
tempted an cxrue of bis friend's action
by saving to tbe two women, "llo
thought you were colored."
The Victim or Clioler llecome Ilia
I'rry nr AmIihhI ciwui;r!.
London, Oct. 7. llottlblc accounts
come from the lied Sea of the condi
tion of cholera victims. The Arah
and strangers In that section are dyliv;
by scores. Persons are seized with
cholera and die within an hour, with
cleuched teeth and bodies tertlbly
drawn up. lllrds and does feed on tbi
corpses, which tbe people are afraid t
touch, and vast tlccks of vultures dt
pute for the prey with the fourfootc-l
scavengers. Prom the interior nf
Arabia the accounts are fully as han
reeding, and the victims are sild to I.
numbered by thousands.
It Dae Mat Ct Mah la Travel m
lh Wast Kaw.
Ntw Tome, Oct. 7 A special to the
IhraM from Cincinnati says the "H14
Four" yesterday met Sunday's eu
nouccement of the Ohio aad MUI
slppl by putting out a fS round trip
rate, good returning for tea days from
date of sale. Cicclaoati to St Louts an I
return and rrrw. Thia rate was
once met by tbe Ohio and Mtsaissl;n
and an additional aaooiiucemeot ma !
by General Passenger Agent Shsttiuk
of the low rates to all Easter potato
reached by bis road, the Erie and tbe
IkMmore aad Ohio from St. Louis an i
wnr are hub HEMIC,
Ishs)' Hntltr r Marlltr Maltrt-t
Ah AIiwwh Hutt.
AnseeoM. K. J.. Oct ".Joseph
Newman a well known resident of thU
place, was visited by White Caps Suo
day alg ht aad brutally treated, f r nt
tbe effects of which he Is confined t
his heme. Oa Sunder morulag he ht
bees notified that if he did sat dU
charge his housekeeper at once be
would te punished.
lie paid bo utteaticB to it, and re
eeived a visit. He was seised, ftaced
stride of a rail wrapped wHfc hbed
wtteaed carrted sround the house-
A Ureewi Theft,
Hociiesteu, H , Oct 7. --Char k
W. WUaad, farmer ilvteg about tbre.
mitee ftoiu this village, oa returning t
bis home fiom work last eight fouu t
his wife bound aad gagged and in an
usoac-kus condition. Cab to the
ajueuut of t-itii) was gone from th.
bouse. Mis Wiiiusd bu not Ueest abL
to give aa account of the outrage ut
these i so tU-w to the peipetrator t
the ertme.
tUBWaiaiawaBHIalM tt K alii Bat bbw02
JSBfpvwffiRSn s flaaaswwiBJr ?sbbbwb
9x m, &&.. , Oct. 7 ffc dfaect
of the Colorado Mldbutd met bebtL t
closed doom at Colorado ipstwt.
day. ffce outcome of lb meetieg a -
b anaagemem for a Mb! meetfmt i
the directors of the MUlaed aad Atcb:
son, TtJeka and Sma Fe eoad to '
held at Topeka, Kaos. , cm October 1"
when all detUs for the coniotbtatfon -f
W BBBJtpBBpft BfJ VBJB- P MAl BpBi P A .
will be perfected.
;SeM te trey aernr
CHUBMuM. Oet- 7 fcnu L
whksatedeate't wi.l :u. :
1 K
b. 1
U u.
7 1 .
N -
comet wee tMeco u 1 l
E. Haroard t the Lu v
S 40 o'clock bukt e. et.li .
was labours, 13 mic u
;uJb, motloa eaaUi
Salsk, ous.. Oau t.
prletor and pubSbr ofSw'iV
rdiedyeteidy. 4ed V
i'ur the lMtrn t oi
i t , . ! ,
Cj''.ih'j , 3farlr,
aad fancy el.t
Wabash v bi-t
V- S. Mei-t.1 . UcU. n.
tie aw .om
th .lu.l e It' .
buJaen- iJ n

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