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Tin. Daily Critic
t' " hi nmoento Dttg Papur Pub
liahtd at WtkingHil.
t waTfty hmiM
; hvton emtio tmfAr.
34 U ITKaif ftOfttHWltt,
AtBuwTcm citt. p. c.
flt-.n CMta pmpaw, i year Hi
" " 1 month
WiiTsfcitteftf, inoBtk
" tancnmc
watM. P. 0.
T n!, C C. fMNMMI t, lflM.
,.jiii li i i rat ill fl mm I ii ffcaguBfc
i t. lot Of cfctltttfS, All Ot
. n sfweltma brlcka, ttat lot?
i ptel ItemiMlcaa leaders.
1 f ; f v turf QtJAT.
fae una IrfKMlT oft tasted tha htm
tfciftatag loto Indiana 10,000 a.
fftm tUtta atgroea aad Mf negroes,
MM ! wtiaaa Ik the belief tnt la
flMntmiNr then would b etronah
prn roter to make the flonsfer State
dtril rare for the Republican party. He
pmoted to Uke 5,000 r hi colore I
jfKfrfv lo Wett Ylrglula, and re
fid u order from lvat to ship 803
inttlllee being about 1,000 tonle to a
ltcpublteaa Arm that was willing to
ratal them C. o. D. He t atwrt
8,0M tor Oomwctlcnt.
Taea LnrtnUT went to Qc.vt and
Aede a bargain. Kor the rmrrwees of
thl tefewrae he wan promlMd at Ant
f0,000 to fajO.000: afterward lew; ami
fttatly got from Qiat an order on Dm
i.vr, ot the Kepubltcan National Com
Mtttte, for .f 1.000. to be paid ont of the
committee fundi. II e presented the order
and wag informed that the committee
ireararr wm empty.
itfow cornea Dtnt.KT taring: "I alfdn't
Inow that there wan any politics In
IjudsKt's colonlratlon scheme. He
pretended to be a philanthropist ami
bothered me. I pteanme he bothered
Qpat on the aame trnhject; ami Qc.vt,
at a matter of course, alto mistook htm
for philanthrope m I did. Krery
one who know Qc.vt will at once ob
em that he of all men would not
post that there was any politic In a
Mcgeetkm lo furnish home for South
ern negroes In such Slates as Indiana,
West Virginia and Connecticut. Well,
M latt Lisdskt not from Qcat, the
iltiitnaii of the National Mptitillcan
( n tnlttic. a note, adilrrtted to rue
at Otamrvr of that committee, to the
itTtit thai if the committee bad plenty
of money It might be ll to give him
(l.tOO. But Qi at knew ibat the com
Rttleewaa without fund. Hegavelhe
note to Lixdskt fur the purpose of
letting rid of him "
Xow, here Is a man who knows, ami
irerybody knows that he knew and
that Qcat knew, that I.ixumcy was at
kwntlng to coloalze nenrovs In North
ern States for voting purposes, and yet
he denies It all and teems to be ladta;
rani. In a virtuous way, over the ebarce.
And he admits, too. that Qcat kiiw
that the committee was without cash
y ben he gave to Limdmct the order for
11,000 that Qcat gave bis check upon
a bank la whkh he knew he bad no
Take, as another specimen brick, the
Treasurer of the United States. Mr.
HvsrroK of Indiana, a liepublican of
the IfepublieaM; one of the kind that
says: "Don't," and winks: "Dolt."
He, too, was approached by Limimky,
and v, as deHgbted. He wanted Lujd
MtT negroes without delay; he would
talk to the I'rtsident on the subject, and
he would commune with Attorney
General Millkk, but he did not expect
much from aim beeause he had never
taken much part la practical pot! We.
But there was an exposure of the
the sehewe, and Heerox became vir
tuous In the twinkling of an eye.
"Why," be sidelined, "who would
hve bettered that Ltvpeav had a po
litical purpose under his philanthropic
nmfwilanil I did not. If that sua
piaian had entered my mind I would
have ant down on Lmmuv and his
ah true inatnnter."
Jtad then he deeUied that when he
told LiKMSY that be would talk wttk
the President about Ids schowf, he
a earn the president of a club and aot
Vie FreeidsaU of the United States'
It mswt be that IUtok is a fooL
And now ansa w other ipseiwen bricks
-f the NewittsOM natty like CLAtuiaos
ajl dtaying that they had any know
ladge of Lwdsct's purpose to ablp
ntpto voters to the Xortbeta Siates.
Tajr all knew that, for nhiiaathToaec
Uxescr was asunosM to ant
to emigrate from Moteh 0ho-
mm to oattate States of donbtful pott
tka, awl ikvey were all ansious to hein
inja), ajuafists for Fk'irh"fN
Ml act on of them even
Vttm was a partlaaa purpoas hi the
i palpable tie than this Us thai
net tagsKf bow was
told bofvse.ajai
asTW w(B be told
TsjtlaJnw bureau at Cestto Garden is
tommnaj wmh anpsirastoas fane Amer
ica aouawkarpifii fur anrvaat girls, a
i having geiaedewcaacf that
QQmBaW C4tt kmf msCIMMm( lO
anjwmne oa their arrivsj to was
in aa aaerage gve fcuodaad
tf nnan are nruetvea. east one
imrsnsMl ssriafiestosM a desf
for female servants- These
H from persons U over the
cotNwrf, faosn ail pans of ihoaVouxhaed
ike fv West, as wU ss from toe Kiddie
and atmnitft State. The wane otfecad
fM MWJ1J TO4M, md horn tvWf
to daSmtttt etasf ftsfSWilsVtCmil ClIsMm 60Na0
to nesraiatd sorvaeto, ymm
of vages latei. Very fear of these ae-
ase aueceaafui,
IMsr cent, of the
tctmt servants, aad those who
dft ftfesmmMklml ImMI OCCMaMlfekNB VMmmVft
lCatfkff nJ AM mmmmt mtmmtsi mmmtEfT atllal smml ILO
ajammn n emmr "mep ma ve v m
h-meeme Mm, insulin. The head of toe
the ability tu offer soiuiAue of the
ct int -.rl probh m but uirKoti 'In'
TnorrinimicintmleM go Into iiomeitio
fortlfi If truywere fwated with mow
conslderatfon In that pottrton. "They
re re), (rated to the Wemetrt," he ofc
semd, "and treated aad looked upon
as Inferior, and ttor-y naturally don't
like their placrs. of conno, trrer are
msny employer who hat tort enough
to ! tftrtt servants fptl at homo, A
got d girl doesn't rare about eating at
the seme table with the mtetrem of the
honse, but she does wish to be regarded
wflfc certain. Inalienable right that are
Mtfcffo&ed in n well known doenwont.
She looks upon hat el f as a woejian
working for another woman, and dtfttn't
Hke to he comtnotly rtrrtloded that he
I a servant. "
Tn Ltttcour ttrmtrr.!inErr fttwr.
t.ir.vii CowMrttKn have ldrroil in
appeal to the citlrens of Penniylvaoia
to elect Sir. lATTtnr, Demicrat,
Oovei nor over 3tr frgi.AviATKn, Hpb
Itmn they have also forward!
statement t the President rvcittne their
action and Inclosing a copy of their ap
peal. They reiterate the vafforw dam
aging charges against Senator Qt ay.
They declare that "In the Interest of
sound public morals and of primitive
Republican faith" they seek Qcat'
political downfall To this end they
ask the President to aid them "by with
drawing from Mr. Qcat the patronage
of Pennsylvania." Will he do It? Head
the answer In the election returns from
the Keystone Stnte next month.
Tnn rioRT ovrr polygamy in Utah
appears to lie ended at last. An official
declaration ot PiesMent Wootmcrr was
read yesterday at the Mormon General
Conference forbidding in the future
any marriages In violation of the laws
of the land. OnoRf.it Q. Caxwox,
formerly Delegate In Congress from
Utah, publicly Indorsed It. Mr. C.x
NoS is well known' In this city. The
conference also resdopted the original
articles of faith, among which Is this:
"We believe in being subject to kings,
presidents, niters ami magistrates; In
obeying, honoring and upholding (tie
law." A little tardy, certainly, but
better late than never.
The P.vntstvxs amu very Frenchy.
fir Instance, they have discovered that
President Hamhisok "has found a pre
text for not staying at Washington to
receive the pretender to the throne of
France." Thus Is our IIrxjamix mis
under tood. His little swing around the
"Westers arc of the circle, entered upon
without the slightest reference to the
Count of Pails, or any other count, t.
rrpt that of defecates to the next He
publican National Convention, has
Ik en magnified Into an International
event ami distorted to suit and soothe
French vanity.
A ltoM.x Catholic midmonakt,
established near Calgary, in Canada, has
undertaken to supply v. Ives to the
young Canadians of the northwest who
desire In the women they marry some
thing superior to those found In the
country round about them. This pUn
was adopted In the first days of the
French colony In Canada and In this
way was founded many of the Canadian
families. The girls will be taken out
under the care of missionaries and
placed in families until suitable hiu
bands are found for them.
Tux PiiiLAiKUm.v Tim prints a
paragraph about William 11. Lkbm,
"ltitx" of that Ilk, ami also of Phila
delphia, and a paraeraph about the Em
peror of Austria. Opposite the two is
Ineet a portrait, whether of the Em
peror or of liiLi. there Is nothing to
show. The style of It whiskers Lckim
u to think It was meant for Hill.
Last Satihdat Amos Hills killed
QitoMox Hoots on the Welsh Mountain,
Pennsylvania. Yesterday the slayer
was arrested. Hills of indietment will
bow be found against him.
iaoaka Falls, whieh heretofsre
has been chiefly used for tight-rope
performances and to string suspension
bridges across, will now be utilized for
BUBufacturiaK purposes.
I'kixcjs Gkohox of Wales has nose
shooting in Nova Soolto. When be
comes to this country, if he eeme, be
csn have plenty of sport shooting game.
Craps, for instance.
"Stksl Tees in the Xaw," head
lines the PttmdelahK Timm, Steel
tufS and is tugged pretty nuieh everj
where it is used.
PxjHiBKXT Hjtxsuaox stortod West
yesterday, not necessarily far nehlka
tion, hat as an evidence that he wants
Dblamatx fade setter. "Broad
im SwnrK, a eosored orator o Pttte
bstfg . has declared for hint.
Qbxkax Dat wwi aepeooriatoly ob
served throughout the country.
.si. jUuu-. shawn, Wtntam Hovers,
George W. TisWhafk 4 - Mass, new
Tush; W. T. 0Coeee as4 J. sWTcSraley.
BsiUsaore; U. Vhawf , jadileiln; Hul
t. iissn, Artrsmss; J. W. JatJs, Wt
WilUvd .-.. It. WuotwerU see C. A.
sentel, tHotoe. . Y ; O. A. geier and L,
Benwte, w lurk.; WUJtus H "laraum
ami wise, Daatmxy, C'mi ; ttee. W. H.
Saffcab sa4 V. E. Eaclssh, tnejnusgalli
MtrtqAuuu iumtm avsee, AtUasa; tf r.
ea4 Mm. Uur weeseiwi. Dues. K. Y.;
J. V. Patau stew fovkVM. J. htrrees. Jf.,
"tthv.- Hm
AwmUC. a VasisU, WatsseMa;i-
ijMe, ion. w. a. wasaev. nnes-
w 9 Y
ii.u-WUMaiu B.
CmmmnC lTsV M. lUaUsmsHsL i
X, 'i. Cohere, EvaMbm UL
b fW m JMesVspHPf Psis(BBp"n'
brAoagL K. Beawae, StoMfclya: C.
r e"mew mnmms wsmmfr mmsmmesv'v nmsemxjsmmsqi mnm
ArUuittuur-U. '. a. Seeker, Hums,
Ussy; hue taum J. Ubfccf (seeeslety,
wtuoaun, a. i.: lev. J. A. Vatoss. slew
TgrST Bby. T F Km, froatsemse; J. &
and wsrtr, Ksw Tor; J. B-
se4 pasty, Sesnrk: T. 6. Cook
aae pasty,
aaG T
tt- Uejai
H.C ewdlejr, w fM camfMf.
Uaio. Mia l'ra Ttinmiaa
ttcewr Ltavtiasioata, atse-
fCKl fodt2,TSw- HS&S h
t ry, iMfffb; i W Douglas, ffUlaoei
iTM- OSiarity Imti" at the Xetfefmt.
Car Tanne at vtSiawnsntMtt
te at Havtr' twny
fastor at tw,
What Is the mstter with thedtamathts
that tiny have Utterly all trmred mot-
altsts an well? What is the matter that,
as soon as the orchestra stop, playlet;
"Annie Rormey" and the curtain, stowlt
crawls to the precnlnm arch, the note
playwright strslehtway mount hi
lltlfe pulpit, takes his little text, and
preaches hit Wtle rmrn, mnrh more
movingly ami effectively, be It sard,
than very many of tire professional
Ponndteats of tue clergy' l.sst week
at Albaugfc'e it was Mr KMder who
got up in the pulpit and preached a
thrllltnc little diwnurse from that loe
neelet'ten teitt, 'Itlessed are the meek. '
and, In the S'mh Vnlt of S'd Smith
Russell, held up to the world an et
emplar of a noble and unselflh heroism
a btsutifnl as It I unusual. This week
at the National It is Messrs. 1)9 Mllle
and Ilclasc, who climb Into a sort of
combination pulpit, shake out the fold
of their gowns and, without so much
an a preliminary "Dearly Heloved
Brethren," proceed to demonstrate, by
the aid of a number of fictitious per
srnagra. named more or less after mem
bers of Mr. McAllister's Pour Hundred,
the scriptural proportion that "che
love of money Is the root of all
evil "and that -.be mad chase of the
dollar, as prculinrly characteristic of
New York life, can make a man for
get more things than his catechism.
Do the dramatists mean It all, or is It
simply a reaction from the horrible
slush of burlesque and so called farce
comedy with which the stage basso
lone been dclugedr At alt events the
public is likely to be the gainer for the
ohanee, and, perhaps la time, we may
once more venture to take alonr our In
tellects and human sympathies when we
start for the play, Instead of hanging
them carefully on the bat-rack as thlnn
for which wo could have no more n
in the walls of tt tlienlrc than for snow
shoes in Slieol.
In "The Charity Hall" the authors
have given us a fairly strong and en
tirely clean and wholesome pl.iy, en
livened by a very fresh and enjoyable
vein of humor. Kith touches of senti
ment never mavtklsb or excessive, and
la situations and Incident affordlntr
ample opportunities for the exception
ally clever people who have been cast
io present it. .Miss Ucorala Cay van
nteds no. word of praise In Washington
to recall the memory of her triumphs as
an emotional actress with a power of
tear compelling pathos peculiarly her
own. If In the character of Ann Cruger,
the noble and unspoiled girt of society.
Miss Cayvan finds hardly the gamut of
imIon and suffering to evoTie
her highest ijuallilos as an artist,
she Is not likely to do anything other
than admirably and well, and evory
ruiulruuent of the rolt Is matt
satisfactorily fulfilled. The PhgUi
Lit of Miss Henrietta Crossmsa is an
Impersonation replete with pathos aad
charm, which, taken In connection with
the rare pcrscna! beauty and grace of
Its exponent, makes of It In reality the
central figure, aod a very lovely one
at that, ot the emotional interest of the
plav. The Jhmk Van Ihirtn of Miss
Klrfe Shannon is a very dalntv little bit
of pretty pink and white stage brie a
brae. There is nothing more distress
ing than tin' influx who no longer
looks It. but tbh-MUsWiannou most In
dubitably and delightfully does, and
her too fortunate "Alexander the
Ortat" (Mr. 1'iliz Williams), need have
sighed for no other or fairer world to
eoDouiT. Mrs. Chas. Walcou as Jr.
D J'tgtUr was all that Is clever, as
usual, with perhape Just a touch or
toupeoH here ami there of Miss Ada
Dyas. and the blind mother (Mr. Van
liurtn) of Mrs. Thomas Whlifen was
quietly but most naturally effective.
Of the men, of course the veteran Le
Moyne wasaseverrbyrt'MMw. Ills
Judgi Pittr Uury Knox is a most In
valuable addition to the gallery of
humorous portraiture, for which we are
already Indebted to this sterling actor.
The scenes In which lie figured were
enacted amidst the continued laughter
of the audience, and his humorous
triumphs are achieved by means as ap
parently easy and naturalistic as they
are wholly admirable. If Mr. Herbert
Kelcey could have even faintly Imaged
to himself the acme of personal loveli
ness expected of him by the provincial
Waiblnutou alrl who bed never seen
him, be would have assuredly portrayed
the rector of St. Mildred's la a blonde
wig aad pink tights. As it was he
gave a strong and wholly reasonable
presentation of a noble character, la
which the man was never wholly lost la
the priest, and dhtnlty, gentleness and
self abnegation were conspicuously
Messrs Charles Walcott and Nelson
Wbeatcroft as the king of Wall street
and his would be successor, fully sus
tained the high standard of merit we
have cosne to regard as characteristic
of thee capable gentlemen, while Mr.
Bellows, as the old organist, and Mr.
Williams, as the exceedingly "fly"
young stock broker, were realistically
excellent TXe play was reetnmed and
Staged after the usual admirable fash
ion of the Lyceum eoutneales. and the
large and eminently fashionable eoe
gregfOiae which assembled to listen ta
the clever little ioietkoeUly of the
Bevs. De MUle and BeUsce departed to
their hemes both happier and bettor lor
the iHaonurav.
A aew play by Uwssd . Kidder,
ta4Mled 'Oee Error." gave Ueea Tae
ner an opportunity to deans ay her dra
malic mtcowplishwents lo a setall but
aeyreutaUve audience at Alheugh's
Onwea House last night The plot is
an intricate oae and of the "rf-tirl
school. It hinges on the mistaken
marriage of Judak Orui (Cora Tsanor)
and the domestic infelicities which
follow and culminate in the husband's
death followed by the nuwriaxe of the
heroine to the man she really loves.
The play afford Hm Tanner an oe
nettuntty lo display a wasdiobe of
BMrpriawg richness. She is a wesnan
who dsars her gowns to advantage,
and each of toe six scenes is p"y"vrf
and sansmstirad by the beautiful (busses
see wears, whkh are Parisian inspoeta
taoMandtoe highest triumph of the
dieassaaker's art.
Aeuag toe supporting cosBpany is
Uurge H. Edeeno, an old time
uMsedtea . who was favorably Mceived-
The stage settings wens en-el tool, for
"One Error" possesses she availability
for handsome scenery and beautiful
dresses to the highest tntgaee.
My Jack," powerful nuriue draaia
by enianjstt laiMVacltj wag peasentod to
Theatre last aad. nt Hneaai an-
f JaMait tAjSjMilfle mmMtmmmM IBjl bImM MSll
r 7F se-w ts .w
ne one of she most euonesssui aMXfitanns
pruiutod at that PopwJej house- The
piy is wehMtrssBoiBt in. Thriwvr and
ahuunda in tiaose nuAterous thrHltn
acejnes axd seWe sesdesent j delight -tul
to tosject of that funs of the (y
wright '-, ail Tli.' plvt Is ty a iuc4a
Loinkau., Xxdiig te sut. oiuij jI
t i'i' wroTU'f 1 ind ciiTa''" '
i t ' 1 1 r- Tnd hi srpompllm Ws''
Trford, r viungactnT,f great p.wntse
tskes be lesdlng character of Jt-k
Menfiith tn a mom acomaww mwHrer.
and P. Aue Anderson as tvrw Pafritti.
the Oreek vagsboird, gavtt stivVral flrlk
true iits of character actfBje.
tteorpe Hory m the Wrtrn, .e, M
irnrd I Hhhnrg: Kaw- ttenJH aj Mr
Prr.-rt, the Mind flfioihe, awd Ifclrel
Hatrlnpton a Dorvth ftm&R, tire
btroine, filled their parts in it tntr a
ceptaWe mattntr.
The comedy end of the drawn was
supported in a lftfighetm toaajtmr by
.Tennle Cbrlsths as Jf-tg AeHhms and
Charles Frew as Patrick Jfaefe,,
Great attention has bet Ml as (c
scento effect", and as a rwmft th rtftv I
mounted in an nnttswHty Imwdeoine
manner. i ne ngnr now explosl n,
the mined mill, the derk of the man of
war and the great desert ttsatto are to
maiksblr examples of mechanical in.
Tony Pastor was greeted by one of
tl.e larfrest andten'vs last night that
Kernan's Theatre ha ever heM, when
be beean the tnltlsl ppTformance for
the week of hts excellent vaudeville
company. Artistically considered he
pored a hit, for alt of his compeer are
accomplished and well-known perform
ers in their particular line. He hts
collected one of the best variety com
panies In the business, many of whom
are old favorites, and the apptatie
which greeted their efforts was as fre
quent as It was liberal. Another thing
that characterize Pastors show, n3
which might profitably ncd nrmrecia
tlvelv be followed by other managers.
Is the arrangement of his programme.
There Is none of the sameness of per
formance about It. F.nch act Is a nov
elty, and the whole combiner! makes a
kaleidoscopic array thai Is far above
the average.
In addition to himself, Pastor has
two bright particular stars In lteesic
Honehlll ami Manie CJIue. the
former elngs well, dances exeeltently,
and Introduces several novelties' that
are particularly taking. The enthusi
astic reception which Mangle Cllrie re
ceived showed what a favorite site Is,
and the audience were loth to allow
her to leave the stage.
The others who help to make up an
unusually strong company are the acro
batic Turlcs, Edith Vincent, a clever
rope dancer, Kelly and Ashhy, In
Chinese Impersonations: the Ileildsr
wick Sisters, !"eeiy and West. Mile.
Heatrlcc, a clever contortionist; tbe
Hussell Hrotbers, as Irish makis, and
tli Ibice 1 lay tors In an amusing act
which closes tbe performance.
litis is the kind of talk we
like lo hear. One of our
friends (?) in the trade told
a drummer that he couldn't
understand it "Saks is
se'hng PLUSHES cheaper
than I can buy them."
That's right, "Mr. Man"
at that, Anybody in the
Cloak trade knows that
there arc none better made.
Don't let these people
throw "dust In your eyes''
on the tariff question. They
are beautifully well aware
that the law isn't a dead
letter. They got the same
notification we did that on
all re-orders the increase will
be reckoned. They'll feel
it months before we do
because we've got our stock
in hand. They buy in drib
lets and the next time it is
inferior 'qualityor more
price. They can look un
concerned -but the age of
miracles is past and the in
evitable is staring them in
the lace.
We shall continue to sell
than they can buy them
and they'll be the best kind,
too, ALWAYS.
Saks-and Company,
A CigAr )alr AiIJwk UliuMir to Uw
GtuutiUtta uutt OullaBU Utui.
tium Uu Stie lurt o Ymciiiu).
A brisk little business adjusted itself
to the new omdltion of things ie e
actly tea minutes Usrday morning.
It wee a cigar business in Puliee street,
ie HsetdUyn- When the owner of a
Utile store larked up oa Selttrday eight
he went hesne to aieee ee the new tan.
He net down to ike store aa hour
eeetier thee usual. It was too early
tor hwsiaets lie lowered the shade oa
the door and reeaoved his coat- Thee
he oeened the misser harkod doees of
the silver triauaed case aad removed
the water soaked senegas.
The tn j slates heeee to adjust itself
to the aew condition of things at she
big hex of fat, brown, usdshlnving
cigar la the kftheed earner of she
case. It was the nickel cigar lew
He bok the Uuie "3c" sign out of the
hex and laid it on the case The "tic-"
aard was tragaferied to the lew of "sse
eeeiere" and the "three-far a quarter"
tkket ass uwved to the eUht cent hot.
Thee the "Wc straight" caed -fia
pieced in the "tbxee-fur a querier" be.
The same scheme was successfully
carried out through all the boxes lav the
Haven corner, frosn the little "law"
to the Urge " twenty " and -iri'ireiat
loofciej: "thkus" carefully eoseaad
wstbtinfcU- Then a very cheap hsuw
of dsars was pushed in M"'irif of
the original "fees" and the "&T" sk
placed unost it The turopejetur plaSi
ela axvu altlsaho and bfissjasl oja tfse
case. Thee he put on hi coat, roses!
us the skadeaa4 r "pes the daoes,
1 he tot mstnssttr paid M tot a ueutefus
a ttn cent oka, and Hke neat wa uajhl
fee cense faea "two fur. "
The olieVHiihnieBt d.jujj buatuess
ojr the McKifiky iuw.
i nn ( hsmrsjrhdn, a Bwampsrott,
!-i hesnty, bwt gmlowetl a talent
f, t whlsiTtng. and wfl! go abroad to
cfnKt.d for bw honors with Mrs.
W H IlsrMn Is the latest asrdrant
f( r ll'pTnry fam from the Rith. He
i thlrtv to years oM and was a met
fbsnt In Georgia before In took up the
tjjiccn Marmret of Itslylfwes noth
ing o mnrb as the mnsewn of glares,
fan, boots ami shore ned and won at
dlffewnt periods at the rarlotw eewrtsof
the Ptates of Italy.
Mncess Mand of Wales deHgnts in
colrecilnt Irorl. s ot different kIMa
H coilr-ctlon is of a large and Unery
asantted nature It alro Inrlwiesswreral
hundred arttrlca of vsrlons descripttom
carTid from different kinds of Itoiry.
Ihat mtsteiions qnatlty called "gift"
tt Islngly reTeslcrt Irself in the clIW
hooi of the distinguished frewth artist,
Mmr. Jeanne Madeline lemslre. As
soon as the little girt could more about
a p nrll was her greatest joy , so that
?n at the age of 5 or 8 she tmsfed net
self In "making pictures."
The late Judge George William
Hrown of Haltlmore was the soul of
courtesy and kindness. It Is related of
htm that when chief judge he one day
came out of court to the sidewalk,
where hts colored cosebman was wait
ing for him. Hm," sahl the Judge,
with a bow, "I nerer asked ron to do
many thinaa for me, did I'" "No,
sab' replied Jim. "Well, Jim, I'm
going to a little party at .Mr. Hnna
parte's. Will yon be kind enough to
drlre there about 0 o'clock and take
me home'"
Tbe reigning Prince of Slormeo has
lust had a new yacht built for himself
In Kngland. It Is a vessel of 505 touts
burden, fitted up with cnWns to serve
the purpose of laloratory and aquarium,
In order tint lie may be able the more
fully to gratify his taste for oapturlng
all fit mis of sea monsters ami marine
flora, ami dul preserving and classify
tnft them. Matrimony has not chilled
his ardor for these pursuits, ami It ap
pears that I be princess, whose maiden
name was Heine, ami who was a Jewess,
far from objecting to her husband's
hobby, takes nearly as much Interest In
bis Investigations of the briny deep as
- - -
,H (Mil Mmtntinnr Cnplnln Has Ttint
Acclitrntn Co mo In Mchnula,
rum tSt Xrw l'sri r.
"It is strange, but true, that just as
sure as a collision occurs between two
vessels and tbe report Is sent to this
office we are certain to receive more of
them In the course of the nevt few
hours," said Captain Kultchlld of the
Local Hoard of Steamboat Iusbectors
to me yesterday. "During the num
Im r of years 1 bare lwcii con net te '. v Uli
this office I have often not'r d It
Scire dsys will pass and not a inl
report of a collision will be rec ivc t,
but when they begin to come In thv
actually pour lo. Kow, here a fj.v
wiekssgo we bad not a report f r a
uk, until the collision occurred be
tween the New Harm bats the
Vribam and the Contlnen'sl. .Since
then we have been deluged with re
potts. It's epidemic, I believe.
"When tailors are drowned by falling
off the boats while In tbe slips all such
rcpoits arc sent to this office. That's
epidemic, too. We have a number of
such drownlne cases. It seems strauge,
too. 51 en will follow tbe see for years
and years, be shipwrecked and experi
ence great privations ami mlractiloudy
escape death. Then tbey come into
port, frill over the side of tbe ship and
are drowned a few feet from the pier.
We get many such reports. It's like
the soldier who fought throughout the
war and then came home ami bad his
brains kicked out by an old mule. Such
things will happen. I was acquainted
with a captain of a steamship which
passed through a series ot violent
storms and was wrecked in the Pacific.
The crew were saved, but were all sub
sequently drowned, Including the cap
tale. The men were belns; transferred
In a boat to land after they had been
rescued. Tbe water where they were
thru was as still as a pond and only a
few rods from shore. Tbe boat upset
when tbey were hair way to land and
every man was drowned.
Man (kf Sru WHUum H. C'mm, VH
Cmur, ArcMt JrejlMi.
"eiuUaf Mr . Ues-Wwke4 aU Iwe
uooe. MKkteg a Kaisauel PjtbU s.
Wednesday, May lfi, tSM-At p. ., I started
for Cuteb Island. teUkeUnh tide readlnet.
Sswoaat Lyau secosaiiaated em. I teek T
KniefeW at frtkfau lUg wkh m. WIhm I ar
rived at tlw bland. 1 feead Uwrtaaaat Kta
liaebiirr ttwre. fo w alt eltafced u a hum
lfcre sad I aarurled the aae, aad fr-iltn
ant Ktolteaeury ad a is tela tieai bW
'r la the lestery reeteni, ns ie Uw itlsnt
Mm, kb, wauy a laague away, their tare
fur tee sag sheas fessk.
1 ottgt- oee had anlilenwl is, ee a iuse-
UsU SwMsWMiHnC kkwttita
Uet udeg his tak daewttae net a sta-ee
this day of reek
And he stWrhed sad yiitit, and eawHeed
thete, in tee scanty Asekte see.
And he saw kh) itom and loved sees, wejse
his erk was kebsg deee.
M saw stflt assee the cseue, the haU all
dimly at,
faint tee sees of meeese Itesehsheed. to
whine hi soul ss kao.
LvvkSKty he stitched there, and pteaoed
sed worked away,
TUl ike htue, sed the red, sad tfee yeUeer,
logssksr were saade le stay.
eswh a lag mrk a fjsnti s aaeeer f tsras
the grandest thai er eased 1
Ws weubt else a aneired others lot this,
kswal i bkKMnft sIIwMMI
TfaMtf 9l wsVB sfflMni AsVsMMMsL tV Cltinwt tts
knnhess snsassst csatti
There te the bsceae was the banner, ha ail
tssgiury thrawn
Thete ie the ies they ssaated it, the hsgav
et aussh e'er Itneern
Ands naVsheeee the iilWni iief shsserfcsl
And beany eheass saw ent ene he ev
fi VfteJIaeseWMnrtgr lUfUaaaa kdh. !) Jft
saTp serF w FSTsyw' awsw sT
uut en bsjlhi
"nehdirl be thee, fySMee fag, esseJeei
that tie's awtM fas- -
JfSuich eui jeneid aiuk fanfloSaan. tase-
KuMed ey tee creel hang, aw at lav
Thee shaU ease en le u gsery, in anary
sandsjnd cshnst.
rsarjighnjag te vmt netsMt tsv
heeahait ave en iethf gtasg,
She and. wseta a fahae.
wsshtseesur our sesaaew- seewsjaj, n
Wee fce her sseeJkeew taws
pita 4w -v 'N,i,m,r
ylmvimi Hi yoeder
kdjOininc thb
Corner Loughboro and Tunlaw Roads.
The Sttlo ol this Most Delightfully gttutttml
loperty Opens
Price, 10 and 20 Cents Per Foot
it Splendid Opportunity to Double Your Investment
Within a Reasonable Time,
This property is most beautifully situated on a high
ridge overlooking and in close proximity to the heart of
the city. The electric cars pass within a few hundred
yards of the place It Is high and dry, and the great
panorama, ever presented to view, of the Government's
beautiful buildings, the hills of Maryland and Virginia,
with the historical and classical Potomac River, makes
WESLEY HEIGHTS a most charming and attractive
place for a home. As an investment It is unrivaled.
TERMS: One-quarter cash, balance In one, two
and three years, with interest at 6 per cent, per annum.
Fifty dollars earnest money will be required upon each
lot and will be applied to purchase when settlement is
made. Deed to be passed free of all expense with ab
stract of property. From the gross sales, seven 7
per cent.-will be placed in a sinking fund to be applied
to making improvements.
We can recommend this subdivision in every par
ticular and feel confident that your investment will prove
one of piofit in a very short time.
John F.
Fourteenth and G Streets.
Wilson & Can's
For an Easy Shoe
We earrr the Best Line ef Patent
Leather Shoes for La4le and 0e
IIwb at IS a pair at
Wilson & Carr's
I'UkliloiiatileMioe Men.
No. o r NTitmrr x. w
Wntihtiiglsa, 8. a
-1 ami 6 WKhT HAI.TIMOltK STItlltir.
It U a illuUli Ud aud U GUIUd
Prim a Xtm JV T fnu
As to eeior, LnwfaHi ay "grown" U
th weper aluuk for tb Maa'a fall auit.
Tbte saw )uul la a Uulah red, mot. far
Htmvd fMt a royal purpte. It tea
beiMtUfitl tUi, but comptexloa of onii
ary daanuai darkeM aad grow mot
tku la tike coalraat Some otitw naw
MMtd colors UuaaMjtood ar (dum,
auk owlet and iro. TUa will not kw
ow) of tkoae inaaoai U whick oat eolor
aaottOfiolfsca ittmRtiitB . yf thj ojhi
atwadbys. black, iadtgo, araet, bottb,
wtc, will hold tbeir ptc U Uuj imoow-
i- fatally of colon (all mjhMiiw
ahadM) tMt ai 4af to go watt tlur
fahf Im aarly f au ax some mm ad
mOmUmmot laat apriaii'k favorite,
ahMj, cadet and tktphiaX PUto white
jpt-t1" "" J" 1-"-r ht '"Tirr ftram
ol awmamrnl ar U faror or Um bott
dj)ybiTar. Attiwatatt tliaj
MM. wHk fall uit.wala a thaaji
ht tkt color of bis acarf fnat what bji
bai wm Ut mmiawr.
em Ut C7UM0V VrOtUM.
ataoy ymiM who vfait Oulondo
aaid MM) vtattur, "aat wwwmit
iMlftBfnlalii Tmoy jjo Ummw Kyact
1m to iad it a howMaw wOtUnaat.
9b baar ae ioagar aaaki S aid bauaai
1WbaAaloaulcrMaaiatbatVbM d th it staa ikwaa't arroop oova
oa taw watte an h Mi NotUag a
a Mataaal viait will cuavtaca tiw aa
Haaaf taw Eaa that the wild aataaabt
W AOl ftaW CttaaWriaVaV W CaAaaW UfUSjlAMF
ta aba utUmm. aad aW aba aoaia Nd
asat of tb fonat doat aot aaMladfaai
eblaf aouEiKa la the aqaVoa wait of
taw Waitiiirl rivar. It It iiaahw to a
taflhBt t acatw taa puiat wa thw laat
waa that tbe wild baaate uu avacta to
cMHaalaaa. for ha dota't balarva to
la fa, ha bal4avs aaytaiM hi oaatttl
XaSalaaw AfcaaAaa4 WaaM aVaaaaafa4bawaV
JtMa'A Jixiumtrtu ttaMrt'ktaa.
M teaaJtaWtobaMtaaaywiliil
"oaaaaat" that bast 10 KouWa.
te aolhl tli Dictator Ke.d' ilktntL
Georgetownllnlverslty School of Law
I'iiMlUtorthe Unlxotttlj,
cnABLra w. liorniAN. lu p..
1)iu of ttMt Fuoultr.
(Chief Juilc C.. Court ol CIaIbm)
Lecturer oa Statutory and AdmtaUtratlra
Law and Lagal Maxlou.
Lecturer on Cstwtllulloaal at Interna-
tloBalLaw,Admkalt7 wt Cunparattv
Lecturer on tlw iJiwotHeal BetaUaadtb
Law of XTldenca.
( JiiMlee guprecu Ormrt, DMrtet of Poiuio-
Ma. ), Leuturer oo Cobmbos Law. 11al-
laeaad EuuItT JurUrrtMlunoe.
jrwifpn jruAHListrfoN. ll. u..
Lecturer on the Law ot Pereosal Property,
Contraou aad XotlalU ranar-
Leetervr ub tbe Lawot PartBerehtH, Oorpora-
IkKH. II aetlee and Taetaseatarr Law
It. HOti 1'KHKY, A M..
Leeturer oa Crltaloal Law, Douatth) HeU
tkiae aad TorU,
CireBit Ooart: Prof George E- Haattlton
Ooarto( Ahi1i: 1'roXn. Martto P. MorrU,
Asdrew C, Uradley and H. Roea Perry.
IatroUuolorr leeture Bad aaaoiiaeniaaat
(or tbu Hiteula? tern at taa Law Battataz.
eoraar th aad F U. u. w..on W BUNBSDAT.
OCT. j, at id p.m. AUIitrett araeor
dially IsTlted to attead. The library, aaw
towprUlec the EoglUa aad leaJiiw Anwwk-nu
eportt aud tbe lateat text booka upoa aaatt
leial kubJeoU, U luoaled Is tbe LawKalld
le, with eomiandhan rediac rooaw at
taabad , and will be open trota s a B.luWp
S. daUy Suadaya excepted, to ttudaau aad
oaial of the eohool.
Tbe neeretary caa be mm at tbe Law
BulldbiK oa Taeda, Thurtdaye aad Sat r
Jaj, frianTJO toSJt p. m.. for iafonaatbm.
earwMaeat, ete Cireulara HiftaK aouaMof
atady, tna. eto., caa ha attiiamd at faook
tAM o7 W. H- MowawaTuuTat. b.w..
aad Leaderadlk Jt Co., MM F t. a- w . aad
at W. S. Thoaipua1 dra Mom, fat 1Mb t.
a. w., or oa apfltnarbui, parieaally or by Wt-
ar, 10 laa aaManaaaea
iaoaatarr aa Tteatarer.
T.wnira eauJhSH.
Aaaaaotta, Hd.
1 aad aa attntf aaarata.
VkawataaU, Maa UiXaSaW aad Mata
oommm w
AJUbbbbbUI ICbbbbb.
aai,Mi1 WttfYaftMfla? ft.ftl
aaaaaNVkb CaWpawMt Mai
aaa akaxf-M
aWMP9 9lt0? Wa
ready. lor m arenwau . a liana. ..
MBN. aajat aiamrtiaiian aad atar aamnai
bawalaai aajat 1aMabi4br aMoaate
la tat atosad aatMoa at JMat aJka' aaay
OMff(ftOlf. Oflly Wtln(elnri1ay
ItrvoTt Rr'eT.
t l'ftn Wh-tc -.-f
W. .I.taMoyn"
( h-lesWtcot,
rmt WHiiatw.
altt Bellow-',
lie rla Cayvan,
Henrietta t Tomci.
1ir omi wi-ot,
Iffe Shannon.
1 Jir Tnivtmw wtirTii,
I and other.
The nwt wfnl pIyTw pr?i to 1 at
th Sew Yorh Lycetim Tfafr.
JJ -Eft480s wllrw an t t'lH
lttry Kreutna-Matinees Xt t4 ands-'.
StirairciMnt of tlw Tnnng Anirrlcan Stnr.
Under tlw Mafiafament of Oolonel Wm E.
SllMi of thr Bronttlyn Part Thsalri',
freMnthift for the Flrit Time In T) i f !iy
BR nrw and rrvRmrcL rr y,
Written Sxpremty for Mer by Rdw K Kl I
det, etq , mtttlert
Intemreted hy
The tame whtrh appeared at the Fifth .
Theatre, New York City
MoaddT, Oct. J8-McCAtLL OPBRA CO In
the "9BYBN SCABIAN8." oc tt
8eat on ale next Thnmlay moi nine for
Production ef the New Const" Opera
From the Broadway Theatre, Hew York.
Hi J- mi .i. . . a
Jj Week CWraentit MONDAY, OCT. 6.
Matinees TtieMlAy, 1hnr;day and Satnrday
Superb Production of the Powerful rtealMle
ttafotdlnf n Dmmatla Slnrr nf tjin,! on. I
Htn. Iiulrnte0 with the Ittto Matt .Moritan's
Twelve Seenlo MatemleeM.
Next week-INHUAVOaUB.
THIS VKKK-U.lle8' MaUncoTlmnday.
Ami tils Orand
InoludlDR tte Celebrated linRllsh Artist,
TANY c: '
I C. JtntleeM Muodny, Wtdnwd j, Frl
fUyand tieturday. A rare nnnotinojmmi
Kuan rintam Norelty Company. p-e
renttnr tlie xreat CYHBNB, tlie Hianl'i
tnatrol; her eoual tierer born. Uc wise and
tCOhrr. A olldhow, pllt edged.
le the dri of AU Molcal Intrumenti
Beceum It perform any tnnito
roan a watts or a ballad to an
nvettnre or a ejmphony more
bexHtlfHlly and more neirly
l-erfeot than any other single
The Aeolian In not mechanical, but tbo
m nlpalatlon of It In m simple that a person
oan learn tn Hy It with from one to tbreo
weehn'praetlee. "oar rtelt to tee thltln
ttrameat will be MteenMd a faror at
05 PA. AVE.,
role Agent for Stetnway and Other Flnt-
Clau llanos and Orirani.
X oat and Dental DeraitmcLti of tlio
colamblan Unl?rlty. The tlxty ninth an
naal etre of medleal leeturee and fourth
dental iu)iire will begin on Wednesday,
October lt. at 8 p. m In the CoIIoiro Iluild
Intt, WS It it n w. Intrtxluctory medical Ice
ture by Profeetcr William Lee. M. 1). Dental
Introtluetory by ProfeMorMark 31. tlnicy,
II I). H. The autumn examinations will bo
held on fbureday, October d, at ;,i0 p. m.
Fur elreulare of both department-' apply to
Dr. A. F. A King. Dean. 76 Thirteenth i-t n
w. OMeeboureStolO a. m. and 4 to 6 p. m.
Telephone Mt. ep,8 Im.
J the Columbian I'ntvertlty. TbU . oI
will opes at 8 o'clock p. m., OCTOUI' I,
wkh the fcdlowtnc oourse ot lnuu -i.
ls: Alt detattBieaU of KnglUb, a
watte. Cl II KBiclnerrlse, ChemUtry, r
bMr. Pbfete. VlneraloKy. Vrenefa, u i.
Mechanical aad other braacbet of dr .
wtlb feature eoure ou Attrooomy. A
pohjar. Zoology. Ilotaay, ete. All t i
meet In tbe eresiac. and are open to
him. Yr further Information apply t.
Deaa. rtuteetor 8. T, PltlBTOE. LL. 0
aaepeai MONDAY, SEPT. 3.
Uaalo aad Faiathur Reeelve Soeotal
M104U All.
IMsMae. Ave..
AKutda eery faalHty tor atqulrlac a tho
ough aduaatkat la Uteratsre. ehu.Io and an ,
The Mtoiruataat Uvmat are piaao, harp, Tlo
Im. galtar, maadutla aad baajo. LiBguagai.
ttenetal oeaL, drawing aad fancy work free
O Cor. Tth aad D U. n. w .
Baareoat Six Schoole, viz:
ebuui of FMu-tiral Bnihieu aad Accounts
fcehied of Preparatory Ptaetleal Bagli-o
kcLiad of t- --" ' and Tvbewritiajr
aeaool of taeaftflan Prautical Peumar.,mr
Saaooi U
liaf viaa TcalaiBS.
Pay aad Karat e.ujB. Mattrated "'all
locate tree.
n i7- ararK-sBt. ui, rnncipai
. aAJtA A. WaKCKR. Vlw Prlulpa .
ptUaURi 1UU. aCMOOt,-
la aaaita. Buuu,
iinthiaitMBtl, CoatUi os4
Mar aajejaaiaai aadrax
at. iaaar'eCoaatr. Md.
aBfBBa?fiati'iii i "
m a. Yaaj wmmvtM.
r e aflaaBthf aaafp aaUtad to twtuty.
hi ilaaJe. Art aud iuo
taataat srowd.
VVaBHl auardod Uu-oua-U
aiayd. wttttms aad
to m wana ataaohar, haw per
ataaftt ataaf 4K0$f.
aUi tree iul
to pureud
wa.i wuxuu,

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