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23D TEAK NO. 6,9517.
a:wo cjfcsrrs-.
1 Ihr Ik'ntrict of ColnmMa mwt Xaff
lewf, ttntinnnrf tempertt'irf; rmtfASmfm?
trtmw: fair mother.
FROM the Shirt Waists
and Kilts oi the CHIL
DREN to the nobbiest
effects in suits for the
we arc well stocked with
rich nnd EXCLUSIVE de
signs. Our store is a treasure
house for all that is new
Suits, Overcoats, Reelers,
Separate Trousers and Fur
nishing Goods for Young
Men, Boys and Children.
These crisp, cdol liiorn
ings an outside garment of
some sort is absolutely
like an overcoat, so why not
get them a REEFER ? We
have a complete assortment
of them in ALL sizes and
every grade that is RELI
ABLE. Bring your boy in
and try one on him. We
arc sure it will please both
cf you, and the prices arc
very reasonable.
Bi Robinson &. Co
Thorough American Oultefs,
909 PA. AVE. N. W.
ateicliamllaa In lionet fur Ono Year
I.tuble tu Increased Duty.
Assistant Secretary Spauldlngof the
Treasury Deportment has written a
letter to colloctnrs of custom at tbe
various largo offices In which he hold
that merchandise remaining In ware
home under bond more than one year
in lor to the 1st of August last Is liable
to the additional duty of 10 per eeat.
prescribed by the revised statute when
withdrawn for consumption after that
This decision is to apply to all
merchandise similarly situated. The
letter In conclusion directs the collector
ia case of the withdrawal of suek
merchandise so situated, assess and
collect the additional duty, and la cas
of any withdrawal heretofore Mad
without such payment, the collector
are diiecletl to cause the entries to h
relfquidated aud to take the neeeessr
sUps for the collection of the duty stilt
due the Gov, rument.
The II. A n. Declare a IHditum! uu
IK VublocIon llruuoli.
IUltimohk. Mi) . Oct. 15 '-The regu
lar monthly meeting of the board of di
rectors of the Baltimore aad Ohio Rail
road Company was held to-day. The
board declared a dividend of 5 per cent.
for the six months ending September 90
on the stock of the Washington Hraach.
nnd a resolution was passed slating; tknt
it was deemed inexpedient to declare
any dividend on the cowman slock, in
lew of the large expenditures which
the company U making- for important
iiuproveiueals and additional works.
The net earnings for the month of
September, torn pared with the same
month of 189, show a decrease of
3 111
The earnings and expenses for the
fiscal year ended tiepiesnbt'r hA show:
Earnings, 4.aa.(Wl; expenses. $17,
i40 oaV. net. 7.3TO,3l- net increase
of hn,W4 as compared with the pse
viou ear.
tie umum mm.
TIm tae la-Law at Mm M milium' sta
m t ess-.
Ensign Uenjajute Wright of use Itovjr.
who was on honed of the I". 8. at.
Hanger while she was at the port of eh
Jott at the lime of the Barrumtt as
tisuataiiuo, is now at the Ebfettt, The
Kuahin expresses the opinion that Mia
Uiet MUner has been hastily judged In
the BarruAdis affair.
lr Kaniou Hcngoeckea of Caaxaca,
celetnato, a son in law of General
iiitirundia, was also in. this city yeaser
Juy. lie came here to consult wkh the
ri .ii DvparUueat relative to bis father
iu lea ' assassination, asm thinks tike
u.-u)i will be a suit for damage
ngaluct the Ciuaicuiidan fsnvtrial
liu ,.,. .li io iuAa uiaue If go, buy
1 ,.i V.ni. UuixhU For fuli utXurus
His Friends Disgusted, aad Demand
a Better Job for Him.
Hew Mr. Hasten Magnified IlimselfHa
Wanted a Oibinet PoslUonA Soared
Man Because He Didn't Get It.
On the 21st of February last Tun
C'Kmc published the statement that Mr.
J. N. Huston, Treasurer of the Untied
Slates, intended to resign. Sir. Huston
whlledonying the statement managed
at the same time to confirm It.
It wits the sixmo with Mr. .T. T. Clark
son, First Assistant Fostmnster-Gen-oral.
He bnsflnnlly resigned, but Mr.
Huston still holds on.
Hut ho 1ms never been contented In
bis position. He had magnified htm
self and believed that to his oITorla
chtclly, If not altogether, Ucpubltcan
success In Indiana la 1838 was due.
Indeed, bo' attributed Goncrnl Har
rison's nomination more to his (Hus
ton's) own efforts llinn those of any one
Tills view of the matter was disputed
by Colonel John O. New and bis
friends, and by Colonel W. W. Dudley
and hts friends.
So It camo to pass that Mr. Huston
was disappointed In Ida aspirations to
n Cabinet position. Ho was Anally
tendered this ofllco of Treasurer, and
after much backlog and fllllnt; sulkily
Hut bo was a soured man, and let
disappointment, like the worm I' the
bud, prey upon bis damask cheek.
He appeared angry with himself for
having accepted an Inferior olllee. pir
tlcularly one devoid of wtronn?e. lie
wanted to Tealgn, but he has been
afraid to, for fear it would destroy
him at home. He had resigned the
chairmanship of the State Com
mittee and State Attorney-General
Mlchener had succeeded
him. Now Mlchener Is more friendly
to Dudley than he Is to Huston. Hence
Huston could sec no gain la resigning
unlaw he abandoned politics altogether.
lie nau a none that he would be
nominated for Congress, but his name
was not mentioned In the convention.
Itccently ho sont bis family to Indi
ana, and the report of his resignation
was revived, with the statoment that he
would retire from politics and attend
hereafter strictly to his private business,
which Is large, he being a millionaire.
Itccently he was iuletly a candidate
for appointment as Assistant Secretary
of the Treasury, which he would re
gard as a promotion. When another
got the place he was disgusted. Dur
ing his recent brief stay iii Indiana the
1'resldent was given to understand In no
uncertain way that Huston's friends
were disgusted, too, and that If he
were not treated with more considera
tion they would sulk In their tents and
let the election In that State next month
go to the demnlllon bow-wows.
The President approved of this
course even less than he does Mr. Hus
ton's ambition, for Harrison really U
fond of Huston personally.
The consequence Is that Treasurer
Huston is down on the Presidential
slate for the Assistant Secretaryship,
node vacant by General Jiateheiler's
appointment as Minister to Portugal.
Until the appointment is made we
may exMet the usual denials, but un
less ibe President ehjagee nU wind the
appointment will be made.
The United Press semis out the fol
low leg concerning Treasurer Huston
"Xoi-itdeuce is attacked at the Treas
u.y Department to the rumor that
United States Treasurer Huston will be
appointed Assistant Secretary of the
Treasury when General BtteheUer
vacates his position to go as Minister to
Portugal, to which position he has been
appointed and confirmed by the Senate.
It is pointed out that the salary of the
Treasurer of the United Stales is n.000
a year, that of an Assistant Secretary of
the Treasury f-t.SuO a year, that these
are three Assistant heetetaries. aad
that a new appointee wouUl 40
down to the bottom of the list in relative
rank, that the position of Treasurer is
a practically Independent position,
while that of Assistant Secretary is not,
ami that for these reasons to transfer
Mr- Huston from the position of U. S.
Treasurer to that of Third Assistant
Secretary, would, all things considered,
be in the nature of as 'Irish promo
"Ms. Huston's friemis say that these is
no truth In the report at all. asm that
wfll be totsea ysAiinsj measurably
heater or esse retise entirely from active
rfflrml Wt "
uttAT uawwrc i um
HtSsHMsBsWf sUbjIT UUI nAU4UM tttT ei jh UU sj-f
yt sjkHb ytetvUtsVy MtvsJtaii os && Iwtsisfe
Iftfflltoiif to sftajGOviy DiUhjwI nAil rtttioffti
Na Yosvs. Uct. U Mlw hswbag
srgumeta on the motion lot a new tsisi
in the .sse of Dr. McCtooegal. Ju4(e
Fiup&uwk denied the motion sad sea
UbtcJ tbc old tuau to ('jurlwii yeas at
b-ud libii iu the Suit j'lb.ju
Tlio Atrnncemfinln rnr Ilia 1'uneral
IlHTe Hern Completed,
A large number of prominent offlrhls
ami personal friemis of the late Gen
eral W. IV. Helknnp called at the family
residence, 1020 Vermont avenue, to
day, to express their sympathy for the
widow ami her children under their
Many telegrams and letters of con
dolence were received yeetenlay, among
others 11 ng expression of sympathV
ami regret from I. I). Sliepltenf,
ennmamter of the Department of Iowa,
O. A. It., A. .T. Holmes ami Secretary
At the request of Department Com
mander Utcll Captain Edgar of the
Old Guard last night detailed a guard
of honor to watch the remain of the
General until the time for burial
has arrived. Lieutenant Frank Paige
and Qunrtermastcr .1. C. S. itttrger
acted a guard last nUht.
The funeral baa been arranged to
lake place from Ht. John's Uprscornl
Cbtirrh at 10:30 o'clock tomorrow
morning. The funeral services will lie
conducted by the ltev. Dr. Douglass.
There wilt lie no services held at the
bouse, and the friends of the family
will leave there nt 10 o'clock.
The casket containing the remains of
the General has been placed In the par
lor of the residence, and Is completely
banked with elaborate, Horn I designs, tho
tributes of personal friends, War De
partment olllclals and Army comrades.
The remains of rx Secretary of War
Ilelknnp will bo Interred with military
honors nt Arlington. The Old Guard
and tho Legion of Honor of this cltv
will attend tho funeral, headed by the
Third Artillery Hand. At Arlington a
salute will bo fired over the grave by
tbu Old Guard, and taps will be
Founded by n bugler from the Artillery
The honorary pallbearers will be
composed of two members of the Loyal
Legion, two from the Grand Army of
tho Hopubllc, and several prominent
Government officials and citizens.
All the Grand Army posts of this
city, under command of Department
Commander Urell, will escort the re
mains from the church to Arlington
Cemetery. They have been ordered to
meet nt Grand Army Hall at !.30
The following named gentlemen will
act as pallbearers- General L A. Grant,
Assistant Secretory of Yar; Admiral
S. P. Lee, General llusaoy, Assistant
Secretary of the Interior, General
naiciieiicr, .Minister in rorlugal; Gen
eral Delict, General Vincent, (ienerai
Iloynton. Senator Manderson. Hsllet
Kllbourn, A. S. Worthlngton, John A.
Kstson and J. A. J. Caswell, General
W. G. Veazey, commander-ln chief U.
A. It.; Colonel M. Emmet Urell. com
mander Deportment Potomac. G. A. It.
1!i Arrangement rur Ilia Funeral.
Kervltti lu lie IlelU In the Supremo
Court Iloinu Interment
lit Kcukuk,
The remains of Justice Miller were
placed In a modest casket yesterday and
retted during the day In the chamber la
which he died. Many prominent per
sons visited the house, among them be
ing President ami Mrs. Harrison. Chief
Justice Fuller and the Associate Judges
of the Supreme Court, several members
of the Cabinet and other Government
orrldnls. Numerous Utters of condol
ence were received during the day by
Mrs. Miller, Including telegrams from
ex President Cleveland, Senator Ed
munds, Colouel J. S. Clarkson. ex
Congressman S. V. White, Sirs. T. A.
Hendricks, Judge V. J. Gretham,
General V. T. Sherruau, Justice Field
and others,
Mrs. Touallu. the daughter, ami
Miss Corkhill. the granddaughter of
the late Justice, arrived at their borne
from Colorado about 1 o'clock yester
day afternoon.
Chief Justice Fuller ami the Associ
ate Judges held a brief coasultatios re
garding ibe funeral arrangements, and
Manual W right of the Supreme Court
was directed to take entire charge.
The MiraBgewents for the funeral
were not completed until late last night.
The services will be held in the Su
preme Court room, at the Capitol, at
S 30 o'clock to morrow afternoon. The
invited guests Hill be few in number,
and will Include the President ami
members of the Cabinet and the Justices
aud orbciaU of the Supreme Court.
The part) will leave the residence for
the Capitol at about 1 o'clock.
The serviees in the Supreme Court
room Hill be conducted by ltev. liush
It. Shlppen ol All Souls' Church, who
will resd the liturgy. Kev. Dr. Kart
lett of the New York Avenue Presby
tetum Church will deliver the funeral
sermon. The train bearing the remains
will leave for Keokuk at T 30 p. m.,
going to Chicago over the Pennsyl
vania road. The train ill leave Chi
esgo on the C. B ( road, arriving
at Keokuk at 10 o'clock a. m. Saturday.
A committee of citizens will meet the
funeral train at Keokuk and eacort the
remains to the Unitarian Church, where
services will be held by Kev. Mr. UasseU.
The Chief Justice ami the Associate
Justices Hill probably accompany the
remains to Keokuk, ami Marshal
Wright, who has charge of the arrange
meats. Chief Clerk If 1 Kenny ami Page
Faust will probably be the Supreme
Court otttciab) who will go.
A cablegram was seceived late last
eenisur from Mrs. Stocking, stating
that she would sail for home on Satur
day on the Chester
The Pwsident to-day made the fol
toviag sypoUlsaenlt
D. GatoghagM of Vancouver, Wash,.
U be register of tfee html oaice at Van
couver. Wash-
Qeorae W Hnm el Bm " innariitan
n' "w S7 s vm& HssSBSHivisjiSBfpa
tal.. to he receive of pubiik moaeys at
Thomas ' Starr of Idaho to be re
ceier of puwlc s&oneys at BaMey,
Charks C. Warner of iteo, Kev., to
be agent f or the IndfasH of the KevaO
Ssjetuy in Nevada,
David Wade Matthews of 64km. Ore. ,
tone agent for the lndaans of the
Klamath agency la Ocefoa.
Ik uu naut to nuke mouc- If o, bu
l...D n- WcJey HtlkU. Jfot tuU lulurms
a.Ju v.il. fuurlcu Ai tdli SitreUS u
The Count of Purls Vlnlts I'nniyln
nla's Famous luttle-l'lelrt.
GurtTSHtiw, Pa., Oet. IS. At ::W
o'clock this morning the Count of Paris
ami party began tlte tour of the battle
field. The Count was accompanied by
ibe following Americans: General
Daniel llnttetfield, Meade's chief of
stsff; Hrlgadler General John Newtan
aotl Major General Aimer DouWeilav
or the Fiist Corps: Brigadier-General
Caldwell of the Second Corps, Majw
General Daniel E. Sickles of the Third
Corns, Ilrlgatller General Haves of the
Fifth Corps: HrlRadler General II. G.
Wilghtaad Major-General Gregg of the
cavalry; Major General Oliver of the
Eleventh Corps: Major General II. W.
Plocutnof the Twelfth Corps; Hrlgatller
General Webb of the Philadelphia llrt
gade and General .1. P. S. Gobla of
A return to the cars (where the party
lives instead of going to the hotels) was
made for breakfast at 10-80, and then
the drive was teeumed until 0 p. m.
The entire three days' battle was thor
oughly explained to the Count by the
corps and brigade commanders that are
with the parly.
To-night there will be a reception
tendered the Count In the court house,
where he will be formally welcomed to
tue town.
An Atiii!lntnep With III Honor nn it
trim! It Cot 1'lnen That Will l'ny
lor ri I Ice Court Itepnlra,
"I don't know niithln", hut Judge,
you know me," said Jerry Sullivan, the
first prisoner called nt the New Jersey
avenue station this morning.
"I know I do," said his Honor, "and
In conscquenco of that acquaintance
you con pay a fine of 3."
A tnsoitDEm,Y mown.
Molllo Uatson, Delia Dowdcn, Win.
Lee, alias Taylor, Thomas Isar-ks nnd
John Study wcro nil required to pay a
fine of $." or servo flllecn days for tils
otdtrly conduct and profanity.
"Twenty dollars or slxtj davs," were
the sentences given Michael Lanhady,
Jack Murphy. William Itoss, Charles
Kelly and Iliomas Mariow. Julgo
Mills suspended sentence Iu the litter
case, with the understanding that .Mar
low was to leave town at once.
Patilck II. Sheehy and Noble ltush
were both charged with keeping un
licensed bars. The former was con
tinued until Octolier SI. Mr. Cahlll
asked for the same continuance for
Hush. District Attorney Dumont said
that as far as Hush was concerned he
objected. Hush, he said, was an
habitual criminal, and when out of jtil
was a constant source of turmoil on
Maryland avenue, and the allowance of
a continuance would only give him
more time to vlolatt) law. As Mr. Cahlll
was engaged in an Important case in
the Criminal Court the continuance was
Preatoo White, colored, was fined -fW,
or three months la jail, for having
stolen two valuable hounds from
Howard Denlth, the druggist, corner
of Fifth ami O streets. The dogs were
chained securely ia the basement of the
store, but White claimed that he found
the dogs upon the street ami he was
seen with them by OfHcers Dean and
Two little white boys, Joseph aad
Adolphus Le Comptou, aged 11 and 13
years, were ta court to day charged
wllh assaulting Joseph McWburt,
another boy. The assault occurred on
October C, when they were on their way
to school. A challenge had been made
on the Saturday night previous. The
tno Le Com pton boys threw McWburt
down, uroKe ins arm ami otherwise
beat him. The defendants did not deny
the right, but ssld that it had been pre
arianged. "This fighting among school children
must be stopped," ssld Judge Mills,
"for It has reached such a point that
people cannot send their children to
ibe puUie schools nltbout guardians.
Tie boys must pay $10 line each, and
in default go to the Iieform School."
AT THK Finer pkkcikct.
Mary Keensn and W. . Piston went
dow n for sixty days for vagrancy ami
for disorderly conduct ami profanity.
Laura Delano. Eugene D. Haye, I Utile
Wilson and Thomas Cook paid $5 floe
llobeit L. Connell, who runs a cigar
stow on the earner of Eleventh ami C
streets, was charged with selling lbiuor
without a license. Six witnesses were
sworn, but they all testined that they
had sever obtained anything in his
place but soft drink. The case was dts-
HlSTKlUr Kl'IL.lU XUTtts.
I p to dale the number of wholesale
lbiuor lfeeeees approved were 449, re
jected 119, isendtng 10. retail licenses
approved 7SO. reincted 130. pending 1
Total ltoetve approved 1.311. rejected
fttt). pending iO making i less ap
proved in the aggregate on account of
Building permits have bees issued to
Charles Oeatford to erect three brkk
dwellings on B street northeast, to cost
tv.utw. to name party, two brick dwell
ngs on Eleventh meet northeast. 1.
HW, to James L- Parsons, osve brkk
dweitfng on Fifth street southeast. !,
00m; to Charles Uessfosd. six brkk
dvaittng on Eighth street northeast,
The Commissioners have awarded
the contract to D. J. Ftazgthhos for
placing a wall around the grounds of
the a fftitew M)tflsf school httildinst.
Joseph Cosihlan has 1 &&&&&&
a laborer at the Wahinto Asylum.
khUnnVhi ltaa ClhaT IAasaaAinjaB
Brfjrni! snspissjsj ssatissr -iHMIIIkgsfgajprw
PotbttikicKvau:, K. Y., Oct V -Arthur
Pendergsat was this mriiti
found gvisty of nuuaW to the second
See in utthu Wsshtnaitun OUvett.
ww ssjsesBfsjs wsr ps)avijiqBjspsqnn i .is
Ktuubluir fust aatatmJkii jAsssWassnsnisaum.
T'"awi'e's,sssj pbbss tsssspasys) ssjnnypngBByaw
Bobioa. Oct 15 The aldermen vf
Boston fended ibis afternuuu tu ;;v
ibe prcsrnlsiwn ut the C'cji. j
t Sal' St lln i'iJ o. TUca! .1
Tie WjU-Kmwh Smbnik MwL
With a Mm Ditik.
After Her Demist Iks Bxer Leivw the
HoWBrarws en Her Face.
As Autopsy to B Held.
Kkw Yomk, Oct. 13.-.Uck Me
Atillffe, the clmmploa lis;lit-wetght
puellist of America, was arrested In
Hrrwklyn nt I o'clock this morning by
Detective Hayes nml Special Officer
O'Connell on suspicion of having
caused the death of K.itle Hart, the
well-known aouurelte, In the West Side
Hotel, at Fifteenth street ami Sixth
avenue, yesterday nf ternoon.
McAtillffc was taken to the Thirtieth
ttrcet station nnd he was arraigned be
fore Coroner Hanlcy nt tho coroner's
It hnd been known for some time
past In the theattlcat profession that
McAtillffc was engaged to marry Katie
Hart. She was a young woman of re
marknble physical beauty, about 10
jcats old, and apparently deeply In
lovo with the boxer. It Is said In some
(piarlcrs Hint they were married a few
months ngo In San Francisco after Mc
Aullffe's "light with Carroll. She was
playing here In the "Natural Gas"
The well-known boxer, according to
tho crslon given last night by the
clerk at the hotel, walked Into the West
Side Hotel, about 'J o'clock yesterday
afternoon, accompanied by the young
woman, nnd called for n room. Mc
AulllTc had frequently lodged In the
house lefore, nnd he was assigned n
room on the third floor, facing Sixth
Towards 5 o'clock McAuIIITe rushed
down the stairs of the hotel and told
the clerk that "his wife" had Just died,
ami begged him to send for a physician.
McAullffe himself went for a doctor.
When the latter arrived he found the
young woman lying dead on the bed.
Tho case was reported to the police,
ami Mrs. Gtusle liatt of W Leglngton
avenue was notified of her daughter's
When Policeman McCalllhan of the
Nineteenth Precinct viewed the body ho
noticed a slight wound on the nose and
a spelling of the upper lip of the dead
woman, and he so reported to Acting
Captain Schmltthertfer. The cause of
death, as given by the physician In at
tendance, was heart failure, ami prepa
rations were made to remove the body to
McAullffe's liouie in Williamsburg for
As the details of the circumstances
leading up to the tragedy were gradu
ally brought out It occurred to Acting
Captain bchmlttberger to no down and
lew the body himself. He then made
11 n Investigation Into the cse. ami, con
cluding tbat the case looked suspicious,
he detailed the two officer to secure
The latter was found in the bouse of
a frieud in llrooklyn. and lie wm wU
Ibk to accompany the otHcers. Urforts
were made lu some official quarters this
morning to belittle McAullffe's arrest
on tbe ground tbat be was merely de
tained as a witness.
It was learned, however, tbat very
suspicious facts were In the ponmiiua
of tbe police. It appears from their
statements tbat McAulitle. lnste! of
giving notice at tbe hotel office, locked
tbe door and left tbe hotel without no
tifying tbe police.
A tall, blonde luustaentd young man
who elaimed to be a physician, ealled
at Mrs Hart's bouse, on Lexington ave
uue, about 3 o'clock yesterday after
noon. He wanted to see Mrs. Hart, ami
ben she came into tbe parlor be told
lur that her daughter was dead.
Mrs. Hart would not believe it, and,
on tbe invitation of tbe man, she went
with him to the hotel. Here the al
leged physician disappeared, but, when
Mis. liart reached the room where her
daughter's body lay, the door was
locked MeAulUfe was not lobe found,
and the grief stricken woman
hurried up to his saloon
In West Twenty sixth street, where
she sttdn met the same physician who
told her tbat it was true that Katie wag
dead, and Mrs. Hart then rushed to the
hotel. The clerk did not know
that the woman accompanying
McAulitte was dead. The door 0 the
room was still lucked and McAulUEe
misting. Finally It was decided to
burst tan door open, which was done,
ami there, stieuhed upon the bed, was
the body of the actress. WhenMc
Aulitfe had left his sweetheart dead,
he hurried osT to notify hU friends. His
peculiar conduct to locking Use door
and going away without giving any atv
tbe looked very suspicious, and Ser
geant Schmittbergei thought it a
proper case tor an autopsy.
McAtttste was confined to an ante
room to the Thirtieth street station
house this morning. He declined to he
interviewed by that reporters.
Mu. Bart, the mother of the dead
woman, smsnt the entire alght to lately
vigil btttfcto the bod) of her daughter
to the hosm.
SM'AultaV mother came to the West
Mde Hotel last night, where she has 1
since remained with sirs, start. Tfee
atrical people e greatly shocked
this morning wheat it be
came known that the little
that site was engaged to McAuiule w 1
known, hist those who kjnew her dimbtti '
uwt amarrtagt: tad taken mi.
At am thj body was lying to art ke
be to taw hotel. K-pusy Corusmr
Doeito was hourly expected to peefurm
an nmjjtjr to. ItftVi'WTBt the came, of
death, which was stated he the nHnmni
physician, yaatecday, to hare been
heart disease.
there Is no doubt among those who
know the pnrttm that they were married
me weeks ago In Sun Frswclsco.
MrAnllffe Is matched to fight Mycr
In New Orleans next Junrwrr.
Slie Ufli bI Tun Chtlilren untt Her
llnnUamt lltcnme Innnno
Kt. I)i t, Mo , Oct. 13 On October
$ Mrs. Mary IlnmiMD, a St. Louis
wrmsn, jumpeil from a running train
near Clarksburg, W. V , ami fled to
Ihe woods. She was the wife of John
ltrcnrmn of St. IrfmH, ami In a At of tie
mcntla ran nwar from her hnsbml,
tnklng their seven children with her.
When she Jumped from the train she
was on the way to Iethlehem, Pa.,
whete she has n brother. The children
were taken In rharge ami forwarded to
the proper destination. They told a
Mory to the effect that their father's
cruelly had driven tbe mother crary.
Two of the little boys became Insane
nt Clarksburg. Yesterday the police
found .fohn llrennan a rnvlnsr maniac
In hi borne on Michigan avenue. He
was vety violent ami wm only recured
after a fierce struggle. He was sent to
an asylum. Just nfter be bad been
placed in confinement the Chief of Po
lice received n telegram, stating that
Mrs. llrennan had been found, was In
good hands nnd in her right mind, hut
Hie husband could not comprehend the
good news when it was told to him.
Ills HrportA Aliont Hrlcnntlace Shown
to Ito UntrueWill Its (liven
I'dnltlon In Another
Nkw YoitK, Oct. 15. A Hemtd
special from Washington says: Consul
Philip Carroll, at Palraero, Sicily, will
probably be transferred to some place
beyond Italy, he having ceased to be a
person a gruU to the Italian Govern
ment and thu municipality of Pnlmero
on the strength of his communications
to the State Department. The Italian
Government, encouraged by the prompt
recognition by cur Government of the
fact that Consul Carroll had ceased to
be n useful us well ns an acceptable
representative of his country, formally
asked for his recall without subjecting
blm to the privation of his exchequer.
At first It was supposed that the State
Department was mainly responsible for
the unpleasant position In which it hail
placed Its consul, but It Is learned that
the rumors concerning the alleged re
appearance of the brigandage In Sicily
and In other parts of Italy are ab
solutely false.
The official reports of the local an
thoritlcs unanimously declare that no
special act of brigandage has ever been
perpetrated In Palermo, still less so la
the vicinity of Home and Florence.
Tiue. some excitement prevailed In
Palermo on account of tbe kidnaping of
Mr. Arrigo, a land owner. In the district
of Termini, but he was Immediately re
leased and tbe kidnapers were arrested
and are do a- uuder trial. Florence U
as peaceful and safe as usual.
The only way to account for tbe rob
beries which have recently occurred In
the Human provinces Is Ibis That a
few scattered highwaymen by no
means organized In bflnila have taken
adaatage here and there of tbe special
and favorable circumstances both of
time and place. Moreover, tbe statisti
cal leturas on crime, as compared with
those of foregoing yeais, go to prove
tbst tbe number of mUtlemeaaors of
this kind has not Increased, ami tbat all
rumors concerning them are exaggerated
ami groundless.
Ucder the circumstances, therefore,
our Government has notblaa: else to do
but to recall Consul Carroll, whose em"
elescy as a business man eommends
him still to tbe gnod-Hlli of the Secre
tary, ami this will probably be recog
nised aad Consul Carroll given another
1 onsulate in some other pert of Kurope.
Tbe consul in question is an old set
plovfl of tbe Mtate Department and
will known in Washington.
K publican tEditurs l'ear lis I'.MVet uu
I'urty buaiM.
Pax ills, III , Oet. 13. Tue edi
tors of the follow lag Republics news
nepers of the Fifteenth Congressional
distrkt held a meeting to this city last
Danville CumuHrcial, Bossville lr,
Kossvllto lull!, Hoapeston -tixtl.
Uoonestc UtwUl, Hsnkto tUcill,
Shiga Farm ?W, Chrisman Cuuritr,
Paris JttfuUieitu, Charleston ftu
iltr, Tuscola Journal aad Areola
It was the uaeaimous awstjuvsat of
the meeting that the catsdidacy of Mr.
Cannon, if jtmtatati to. would disrupt
the party to this district, aad resolutions
were adopted urging the immediate
withdrawal of the man with a foul
mouth and the nosstoniiim of qnffn
candidate. The Cssmonites ae greatly
alarmed at tbe situation.
nm mm mmmtumm
st Ik- MUtttt wtinnss Mss Wtrtvmemi
KiswaeSsw'Uen fslnSmitonL
Bu.unoj.t, Vs.. tci. 13. 4. com
mittee of colored anas yesterday pHi
ttoned the Police Justice here to release
ftom jail all tok'ied prisoners, except
tog those held for felony, thai they
hcation. The petition was graatod.
The cekbessio begins to-dsy.
fismstaaVa fissW ftKAJrAnssWa ststm
BittAU. K. . OU. li.--Wm
vtotb aiiual ceveBtion t the a,meri
can aVuKet ttailsjiay s latiita was held
at the lr.iuots Hotm to-day -The
exhibit wa very large. Presi
deet Luwry deliwwd the aanuai ad
sbwis. to which he predicted that bx
UkUy would supersede horse power.
D. )uu iLt '.
1.4s ' ttco H.
iju'i t'ut (u I ta'urui
. . . ul J 1 evjj
A CfeiW KiiiipiH Thru Tuns kp
Is Stolen from Hit Guplor.
mmt mmmm of a minute.
Attetnpl to bjiwk a Partod MaHInr.
A Fiii9 Smuggler of Isir.
Pram Dijtohs ia Brief.
Pabi. Ocl. 15. Accrmling to .
l'rtmt, Messrs. Dillon amt O'ltrten, af
ter leaving Tlpperary, boarded a sailing
vestel which carried them to Tno Sur
Mir, on the roust of Normandy, on
Sunday. The nlghl of Sunday was
pasted at the residence of M. lUrTnolo
vich, Ihe Parisian I'.tnker, whose daugh
ter Mr. O'Htlen recently marrleil. They
came to Paris nn Monday, ami thence
departed for the country seat of
M. ItatTaehnlch at Gifa, In the Depart
ment of Seine Kt Ulsc. Last nltlit
they uttirned to this city, but their
whereabouts Is unknown. Should
news fatorable to the Irish mission be
rccelvtd from the United States,
Messrs, Dillon and O'llrlen will pro
cectl to New York at the end of the
present week. Should It become mani
fest that It is their purpose to remain
In France, the Government will ask
them to leave the country.
L.VTKH Ills rumored thai M.lUiTaeto
vltcb and the members of his family
contradict the teports which represent
the arrival In Prance of Messrs. Dillon
and O'lbieit. They assert that the
gentlemen sailed direct for Ihe United
TiiTXitAKY, Orl. 15. Mr. Ilealey hat
just received a telegram announcing the
nival of Messrs. Dillon ami O'llrlen a
Cherbourg. France. The fugitives were
delayed by the weather, ami also bad to
sail carefully. In order to keep out of
the sight of Imgllsh coasting vessels,
which they feared would be on tbe
lookout for them. The telegram says
that Messrs. Dillon and O'llrlen are
well, and will start at the earliest date
possible ou their tour to America.
Tii'i'tituiY. Oct. 15. In accordance
with the decision of the magistrates to
dismiss the charges against Mr.
O'Mahoney. and to proceed with the
trial of those other defendants, the
rourt this morning resumed the hearing
of conspiracy cases.
Police officers were placed upon the
staud by tbe Crown, ami test I lied that
the defendants, Dillon and O'llrlen, had
been accompanied by John Kelly on the
cctaslon of their visit to tbe tenants on
the Smith Harry estate.
Mr. Healey of counsel for the de
fense, ssked why evidence concerning
Mr. Kelly was Induced into tbe pro
ceedings. Mr. Itonan, counsel for the Crown,
ststed that by means of tbe evidence
thus presented be Intended to connect
Kelly with tbe defendants. Dillon and
o'llrlen. In tbe carrying out of certain
perls of the conspiracy.
Mr. Healey then protested against tbe
court taking cogaUince of tbe matter?
occurring anterior to the time set forth
In tbe summons.
After a brief consultation theitugU
traledteided to overrule Mr. Henley's
Nkw York, Oct. 15 A special to
tbe Jlirald fiom Houston, Tex., says
a mosi sensational niunspiag case oc
curred here yesterday, and up to mid
night no clue to the parties was dis
covered. About three years ago, in kt,
Jmis, the kidnaped child, Celeste
(sines, was taken from her mother by
Colonel Will Gaines, tote proprietor of
the Austin &tlnmn. Gaines had mar
ried a Miss Evans of St. Louis, but after
two years of married life the couple
Oatoes came to Texas, aad his
daughter was kidnaped ami taken to
btoi. Yesterday while the child was
out for a walk a hack drove up. A
woman heavily veiled alighted, aad
without a word of wanting seised tits
child aad placed it to the carriage aad
drove off at a rapid rate. The police
were notlfled. but have not as vet dis
covered aay trace of the child.
Cuuago. Oct 1J Df Clinton ?
Cooke, residing at So l-'i' MadU
street, has been misting siiue Tburaday
tost. From the eircumsiamwe attend
ing his disappearance it is feared that
he has been foully dealt with, lie told
a i-ouin on Thursday that he had to
make a visit into a very tough locality,
todkaiing the West asde. aad waa fear
ful ol his mission. An hour later be
teksnwphed his brother, with whom be
lived, that he would be absent all night.
4 moat diligent search has been made
for him, tost without finitst
sioxTi-OMKav, Miss , Oct. IV Au
attempt was made here last ntght to
lynch Thomas O'Conner- Two weeks
ago GovMnor lierriam pardoswd i" Con
ner from the Mate prison at Stillwater,
where he was serving a Uu- sentence for
the murder ot Harvey ptait his
nephew, at I-e mv Ceatt. The C v
era placed a peculiar provision to the
pardon, that the wuoar should Imme
diately Wave the mate never to return.
lie ent to kw but returned to Le
hsur County Monday night. Yester
day Pratt's friend organised to bang
hbp upott Warning which ot&eect
seized hiui and hurried him away to
jsil tn uu adjvtoitm county. Cotay
Attortu.? Everett if Le aVur t to
toAfesvmv u G 'Vtroor Uerrtom,
and it U sUtt-d t) I'cantr will be
piaswd behind the bars at kMUwatet
today, totcuuiiu there tlte tet of his
Kk Yos. cm. 15 -Mrs. E- Btowa.
a paascogcr who arrived on Sunday
from France on the steamer La
Gssgonc ba auiout; bsr baggage s
truck CKUtaUiltiii drtwxa WlUbts uf
U.uiin Uair sui uianv Lber duuab.
r-1 Mi
RroWft and fotMM on hsit pattxMt swvWsl
switches of human hair, whfeft fc
wmed to Indicate that e had browf ht
all rver sroorf to ml! Itt hr httfr dsrs
ntabllshtrrent In PhllftdlpMit Th
entire lot. which was appraised M 6W.
was sctml.
Owiittiss ti Mt, Kv.. C).t. IS. Thvre
wss s most disgraceful row at PtMitek
Cbnrrb. tw) miles essl of this place,
at the conclusion of tbe nervicas Mon
day nlsbt, wblrh resulted In th shoot
ttig and wonmllng of two lanoreat
byntsmlcrs. Kllrtir Oondpastor awl
JrhB Collins 'jimmied and pistols wsre
drawn. Ooodpastor flred ami the shot
hit ft young man named Jesse Sexton.
The shot took tffect In tbe neck ami
tnrlreterl a serious wound. The fltlng
then became general and a man named
Mace Ooorlpastor was shot In Ihe arm
arri shoubier. Neither of the persons
shot had ar.Tlhlnir to do with thf
quariel. The trial of the participants
in the affair wilt be postponed to awritt
the result of the Injuries rtcolTts! by
Sexton ami Goodnastor.
Other I)lpieln-K ltrlfeil.
l.ieulensnl Colonel Ilerltert A. Has
cat. U. S. A., died In Chicago yes
terday. The refusal of the collector at Vic
toria, 11. C, to allow two Chlawmea to
land at that port Is Hhelv to lead to nn
opening of International correspondence
on the subject.
Palrport, Ohio, had a $75,000 Are on
Monday tilght, In which a Urge portion
of the liuilnsss section of the towa w.ts
The Concordia College, a Lutheran
leachcrs' seminary In Milwaukee, was
rlrwcd esterday because of an epidemic
of diphtheria among the students.
The Consolidated lee Machine Com
pany of Chicago made an nvslznmenl
yesterday. Liabilities, fiWVO.OOfl.
The National Soap Manufacturers
Association met In Chicago to dav. The
members declare there Is no Intention to
form a trust.
Sir William Goshet was aocwlently
killed near Winnipeg by tbe accidental
dlt charge of bis gun.
1. J. Hsgrrman. one of the directors
of the Colorado Midland ltallroad, stvs
that there Is no hllrh whatever In the
Midland Sante Fe purchase.
Fire jcMenlay at Wapakonlta de
stroyed a numlier of buildings. Lom.
J. F. Foley, trainmaster of the Union
Pacific at Omaha, has resigned to ac
cept a position as assistant superintend
ent of the Ihiltlmore and Ohio, with
liendipiHtters at Newark, Ohio.
ltev. A. It. Crucbet of Montreal will
lie cxtielled frum tbe Presbyterian
Chtitcb for w longing n young woman.
He admitted bis millt.
The Chickasaw legislature h chir
tcred a company, stocked at $10,000,000,
with the exclusive right to develop the
mineral resources of the Atbttckle
Itellevllle, III.. Is excite 1 over a pros
pective water famine, tbe water-works
company having notified coniiHrs
tlint it nstrvidrs are empty and tbe
si ream from wlt'ch Its secures lis sup
ply si most dry.
The Worcester Continentals of Mas
sachusetts are the guests of IbeStite
Fencibles In Philadelphia.
I.uililn I'apvM . That CuaoU
I'IuhiIimI Him Slarket.
Ikikk, Oct. 15 In commenting on
tbe fluctuation in consols the Stantktnt
says it has sot been equaled since the
Crimean war. and adds- "The argu
ment tbat tbe market is unsound U
plausible, but shallow. Consols are
weak for tbe same reason that colonial
Inscribed stocks are weak because they
sre now among syndicate securities.
Mr. Goscbeu has dislodged them from
tbe Investment nooks and cisnatoi.
where they bad been stored for nethaM
generations, and the masses of stock
thus thrown upon tbe world have never
found a borne. Again, dear money ami
the higher rate of interest obtainable
elsewhere have comelled or tempted
temporary holders to sell."
The Tt'M4 eives similar reasons in
its flnanrial article and says- "That
cent fail In prices was due to gradual
liquidation of enormous accounts for
the rise uhlch tsme into existence,
partly owing to exaggerated amtosn
Hbhrh prevailed earlier in the year as to
the inTrct of tbe American silver act,
aad partly to the activity to tratto.
which encouraged operators to hold a
quantity of securities to tbe belief that
the public would, sooner or later, wish
to buy. This calculation failed, be
cause of too many thus hoUitog , amt
ihe rublk- being prepared to put their
money into their own business eater
prises." lXJUKM AT I mi
VT Fees ii Cfcnmtnril Hvm4toa
ItiiLSDi.raus. Oct 15. 4 lay,
caused by an explosion est chetjtiffih.
this moretog ia the packtog rooa at H
K. Mttlfoid A. to.. nMauttswitrtoc
chemist, at &o. tm Market
street, dansaged the stock aad buildiM
to the estent of t)5,Wt. A number of
women working to the room wheat the
espioaio occurred were panic aricksai.
but with tbt: exception of twv, whu
were slightly burned, all made
their escape uaiojured One of thu
flrenien and tao male employe of tjhe
Artwtwre cttt about the head aad hands
while attempting to an e some of sjht
IU tITHta miClUt SlOffl
UanVaWaSsHl tsUlst Xsbb lJiirat
wssgssjrsaw wrsw tSTPssw1 SHawsasjtsBi
Stw Vun. Oct. t5.-Th eaeetjatoe
eosMsktoe of Use Into LsssgsteCtwh
.vesterday suspended Kliot F- Jhiiffajrii
from th privileges of tjhe ctt fut last
days. The susasmsios wa imposed kw
caua Mr. awtepard pstoted to Iris paptr
the aaaae of members oi th club
had been sMsnamdcd for f ailing to pay
thir W at tike club.
- sr -
aJkamtniMrit ism if 1 mr tmnnta
ku.b has abandoned his eKstrlfjit)iti
to tb cure A coasiliiinjaMtMt.lt la
'nsjpwnss snsjsW gpsw ssMpsnsvssw WE VniseagHPHtiB njKV
diMai ha prvweat uou:eftjtI.
lo ou want to make asoaey Hae.swg
UmWeslslleJsshta., ffcM tntoajr
tkmsa second page and hn f- twajp.-
sjyssjii fflHsif Tiwwiftvfisj and 6
laeal Wensner ircass.
t Vl li,r I h , , I Sit,

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