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The Daily Ciutic
rnr NsrrMtsnes and l,ws r 1 ixt,
MM-plwnfw, malarial, exhwtlnn snd
Mrdfed IrrmMSS, Ktnsr's Totiir Wme of i e
1 a sots t n. TSrenlspsr pint bottle only
at 8Mm Hrtne Th-nt. St 'ire
XT. 11, llimghtrm V Co ,
rccoMrtws nd Forntstiers. lt sad ts P
t-t reel Math west, flow Is this for aBamrsIn'
A TkrM-Mece Bedroom Set Solid oak ftwt
.las it. wm seiiytm the ,
wHlt Srrtnr mnI Saure's, for Ji 1 row
rest Bod Braoteis carpet. $t t rwtysM
otir BR TSpSStrr WI1 carpet. 7ir
vA nw Haat vtmiMtr Ornet. si 81
yard, ftwutwant honest, reilsMSgwds at
reaavnsMe ptlrpt, Onr Store f fall of tnSfli.
All prtre guaranteed
W H. Hor outo; . Co ,
131S 1 F street northwest.
Itttttrten' New Fall tlwortn.
.tnhn RtsMffs, the plonser instsiliwnt man,
crttttiBylS at Wand 6-?TMih tret
nnrlhwwt, ! Jhm retarded from the et
etn markets lft an Imtnetw snpply of all
kind of hotwekeej frt. carpets, tovw.
rnr. ete Ton can fntnih ynnr non t rota
cellar to (arret, at this store. With rssh
pi-tret, on the Installment plan.
The Nntlomit Sure lleitmlt Uwrnifnny,
Vor, ldtli St, ami N. V. Ave-tne.
Rtortstv for Stlvwwara. .Tswvley. bMti,
Fine wnwrs. J& TaltwMes rf all kind,
Cnargo uoileiate. Safe dstwslt hows for
feat at tfce very towwet fates.
- .
An Insane Colored Woman Chnkes
Herself With it IMIInn-Urtse.
Shortly before t o'tlork j-eslenUr
afitrirooit Christian Chetly, demented
colored wdinmi, was found itesil In lh
wlinesV room at the 1'lfth street Ma
tli.B. She hstt totn the ptllow-caM
into Minds, ami tying tbe uteres to
pettier delilietately clioVetl herself to
Lieutenant IlolTner rssttslly looked
into the tocini, inmle the borrlbte till
revety ami Immediately summoned Dr.
llnjjlleli. Tlic lolor. with the awlst
ante of a couplf of oflleeM, niaile a
rctslsdnt attempt to revive Ihe woman.
It as evident that she had commlltetl
Ibc act only a short time before, a an
cccastonal tient of the heart could be
dilccUd. AtllHclal replratfon was re
scitetl to, but without nrall.
The woman wa, taken to the station
on Ttictriar tdght by Olllcer Tramwoll,
wl.o found her attracting the attention
of a large number of people upon the
attcct and allowing unmistakable slum
of Insanity. About 1 o'clock yesterday
afternoon an examination as to her
mental condition was made by Dr.
KlclDtmlth and be decided that sho
should be sent to an niylunt. It wa,
bitween this hour and 11 15 o'clock that
ihc mint have strangled herself.
Coroner Patterson win sent for and
Kavc a certificate In accordance with the
facts. Tbe body wai turned over to
the mother and husband of the de
ceased. lulu to llonton by Daylight via
rtntijrliniili Hnllronil.
Ihe l'emifjlvaiilii ttallrfMit Company an
iitinrrH that commenelne Mmwlav, iirto
1 1 r 18, a new llirouuli train will li pUcI
In M-rvlre between U'luhlnKton lUlllnnre
mil Pton. It will leave Watlilniilon
Hnltimote him! I'iKoiiiic Station on neek
iiaM.H:10a. hi.; IUItlmoie L'iiiiiii Hutlonat
'(mi, in., and run throiiidi toll'Ktoii with
ii t rhuiitr, by the ci'lelirjteit steamer
' Mat; land" route, arriving at Ittxton at I)
l m . t ppl'tp en route at HridKeport,
Sii llaeti, New I.onilm and Pnivlleiiee.
'flu' train will tie equipped with parlor
tarn and Aayroaelie ttirtiurcli to Itontou.
Diiiner will tie aerved on the ateamer. Tae
tkuth-louBd train will leave ItiMtou at U:t5
a m., and arrive at llaltltnore U.W p. m.,
aiWuRtofl 1UU(S p. m.
tVant AnaroatU InipriiTml.
Mewra. M I. Weller. Uharl Utkcr.
A. C. Slrauw, William .M.iyw. Joseph
Jtatcheklcr, ' C. Coleman, A. SI. IIIIh,
Axthur Chtlitle and II. A- Grlswold,
ltcptiiy owners at Anacoatia, and Ihe
latter ptesldent of the Anacoella Street
Ilailruml Company, saw the Commit
alotietsycateriluy afternoon relative to
tbe widening of tbe Anacootlu road.
The um of $10,000 ba, been aunrnprl
atcd by CoBftrsoa for the widening of
tbe street provided sultielent laud oo
each side of the nwil be donated. Tbe
CcmtalMienera will look Into the
Want In I'oll it full Vuto,
The Virginia lU-piiWIcuu Association
are very anxious that all tbe voter of
of tbe AMoeiatlon should go borne
avd out their ballots. Tbcy held a
ivtetiBK I nlbt at their btsadipur
lers. lb- 1'biliMlttlpbU IIiHte, to devise
means to that twl, ami It was apred to
held h ferer,ee on MofnUy nit at
tbe CatleU' AriKny on O street, at
wbleb all Virginia voters are reipKcded
to be iiwat.
Frrdarlrk K-lr.
Tk 8. Jc O. K. K Ui. will Mil escunbMi
tkkeU U YuaimUtk, Ib1u41: ajtwlaahwi
to tbe Kutr, at Ik low rata at fcl. Cm- all
tialaw Uetokor IS la IT, laeltMife, xxl for
I ttum until OeluiMV In.
Ob WmiM!4ay, 0ttiwr 15, a iial
tria wiU Ittavat atatloa, Xw Jertay avaaue
aoil V aifcct, ti.30 a. w , aad oa 1uraiUf,
(irtu'er W, a uMMstat tnia will Wave at
!:).. Tklatawtll be auU on Uwm
two iia. (Wetiuaadav ami rburatUy), tu-
lutUif i (tail an Inn to tbe Fair aud bit -t
ractisM, at law late of $1 .4, KMat oly hm
Far tbjNt el regular tnia tat ttaaa-UWai
o aiiotiktr cwtBiam oi litU pafwr.
ItritublloaDa iDderae llUMte.
Tkai MalwMMs Virginia Hepublfc
AaMxUlklMi, liajph iiegUlOal, HTaitkaSt,
n.U A. A- Huajilcutt, seeretary, but
Plf kt aiklaUd ICiolutkMag iaakifeiBg Mr.
'rk littaae. caaaiitlaU; for CoiBfrtaM U
Use Klitkih VirgUU diauiet. AU k
UKaBC of tk aaafn-iatl will vot for
Mr. Uuaftw. The aUtto Ism hired
ImN at FtMtnb ami N atnwts sorthweat
In which to hold their BMWilmgi.
llagar.toum l-'iilr.
The It O. U. B. Co. UI Mil euiuakw
i fa L mm In Hiltayiir'M1fTi tSI'JHltif'J 4MaUpiafl&Utt
tothf FMrfca- all tfJf tXUtwr 13U to
J rta laatHMiva
Mt. VaJ
tot Uth tattluaive. at rmiucad late, nl
(.it ThHaday, Uctufaef Ufc, will ras a
rpecW date, aaavktg Watbimftou 7M .
w- tkkta gocMi fur thai nay only $3, 1-
- lUaaMl aaBftanla1Ma to the fair.
Wfcli a at Natal ttu M4itiVE.
Immwl Ctawi Hthmt wo the
UilaMiMi 1iil,l bait BJU l lk aJlaWCT
if Us YtiailfWe Uglvt Iiuy
Cmf i that eflapM drill by Cuts
lf V. CMaj 0aMd win eoaa-
laVMaVt tHMi C4JaajB Batflbll H. 8 alt Qi
ltr B the jvuige-
1J aW
TIW ettegeaMMtU axe aetwuaeed of
MaMaUtfe ItahJfCS. ittKhteI of Ml.
Miititf Yiatos. UehigHKB. to J.l.h,
rtman ?otmmi. Me . d Mr Krtc
iHsttpt to MUi Lucy Onsvel of Kv
Will """ .tftttjtifcf 1 aiiaTaVinTa.
wjt agaaavfaav fapaaeiaFBaa" afaa'"-aawa
UsltaBf Corwie twt ttigha found IJu
fefliiti a ctdiawd sum. seuftily sseejiifig
mm aWJiao vised bed of kve!s the
rssMa mm TW4 atrs. He iuekwl
Um m tAe Swith VtvsWsgtoa sia
Uob, -ar
kS HBSaaii eehUtiSa1.
lfgt VvoUM KetwhtteM A
M wsasf mi atght at
-U Tesuh street. ! which s coaxaiiitec
oa UsaaforUlioa was appUoWd sai
xilutsU-d to repurt ocJtt Tuesday aLjht
Iht Tentit TotirnniwBt for the Cham
rtthir ef the Snth.
Th initial Mtnea of the tennis tnur
aarneBt for the cbampionahip ot the
South bet an on the court of the
IhreheloW l lub yesterday afternoon
There were onlf a few spectators pres
ent, nwlnjt to the chtllinem of the day.
but tho who attended wilnwwd some
exrelrem oport with the npqttct. The
wrnd at times wa, annoying and tended
to anoH the play.
The games were brfrnn at 2 o'clock
ind continued until dark, the preliml
naiy wnml being finished ami the first
round well trterl.
Ilay on the first round was befrun by
Mctw!ey ftotl ltllllnir, Wootlwahl ami
l)nvltlon, ami on the eeoml twtml by
Pik and Jietcalf, none of the matches
bring finished.
Wifght ml Oeach, the two cracks,
will bcffn their match to day. Hillings
and Met'awley will also play, and
Datldson ami woodward will continue
tbrfr match. Tbe Mlowlng is Hie um
mry ! the day's play
1 tell inary round Hall v, Ih Oarmen
1 a. both aefmlted: W. (t. refer beat Per
fcln- by defantt: XeCawley beat Pafnter,
H-1, -3; Btlltngs beat Owmbefs, 7-. " 7,
BO; Ferwellbeat Kail hrdefanlt; Thomson
beat Borrton, (t-I, til; Woodward bent Ad
neari, 6-1, B-1; Iavldon beat nrant by de
fault: Writht beat Wooten, ft 4, M; Iteach
beet Bvrnea, I R, S-7, 3-B: Vali,erbat It.
K. refer, B-B,M; Tarks heat Kellow by
default, .Metealf beat Lyons, 6 J, -I : Nlch
otv bye.
First rmtml Bricltenateln beat Prper by
default; Thomarm beat Farwell by default:
Parka beat Walker, B-3, 0 -1, Meu-alf beat
Nfrhol by default .
The drawings for tbe doubles and
consolation prize resulted last night
DeiiMee Hall and Hall v. Xtcl'auley
and Woodwant: Peter and Peter vs. All
seed ami Walker; Wright and Hilling, vs.
Byrnes and ltonlen; Metcalf and Davidwn
v. Iteach ami 'lliom,n.
I'oneolatlon, preliminary rouml Adueau
vs. Palater; llrtrkensteinvs Hyrne. First
round H. K. I'etervs Havldaon: C'liHinbers
vs. Wooten; Lyons vs. Ilonlen
Tbe V. C. T. V. HeEtni Its Sixteenth
Annual Convention,
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union have a beautiful day for their
sixteenth nnnual convention, which as
tcmblod at 10 o'clock this morning at
the Mctiopnlltnn M. K. Church, Four-and-n-half
and C streets northwest. The
pulpit platform was handsomely ilcco-
tntcu wun American nags and liowcrs.
The photographs of Gunural Clinton II.
Flsk, the late Mrs. Lucy V. Hayos,
wife of ex President Hayes, and the
magnificent bulldlnir for the National
Association of the W. C. T. IT. nt Chi
cago, the corner-stono of which will he
laid In November next, the building to
bo dedicated In May, lfU2, nrc proml
ncnlly displayed.
This morning's session was opened
with devotional exercises, conducted by
Mrs. O. h. Clark, followed with roll
call, the nptmlnllng of committees and
'cprls of superintendent. Musdimes
Sulllu Dcnbam. (i. L. Clark. II H.
lltcdereou. II. It 1'crlcv. II. It. Citlin
ncd II. Crosby, on llower mUdon,
evangelistic work, prison and Jail work,
rndal put ity. hope and 1ilI mission,
Sal.tmili idifi'ivance and work among
At tbe afternoon session Mrs. Le
Fclra, pteeldcnt of Ihe union, read her
nnnual address. It referred to gospel
ttmperance and prohibition, and says
new forces must lie evoked if tltey
wished to conquer; to womin's ballot,
to social purity, the Washington sa
loons which tbe union wish to bavo
diminished, one rreed nnd white rib
bon, opposition to nutcotlcs, scientific
tempt ranee Instruction and mothers'
meetings. The reports of the corre
sponding secretary, treasurer, auditor
and oreanlztr were submitted, nlso re
twits of superintendents, Mesdamei
Alfred Wood. Mabel Welch and Mill
L. S. Weightmao, on juvenllo work,
cbalk talk and tempt-ranee literature.
To-night at Tito o'clock there will be
a meeting at which tbe psitor. Dr.
George II. Corey, will preside. Tbe
muric will be In charge of Wesley
Chapel choir, and Miss Grace A. King
will sing a vocal solo. An address will
tedellteted by Mrs. Mary A LWor
more. A rooming ami afternoon ses
sion will be held to-morrow.
Yantlcf rUhv.
The weddlne of Mr. A. B. Yanlh. of
Harper's Ferry, Vs.. ami Miss Mattle
FrUby, took place yesterday afternoon,
at tbe residence of tbe bride's
stepfather, tbe llev. W. W. Dean.
SHJJ P strttt. The oftWIatlng rlergy
roan, was ihe Iter L. U. Dyott,
of Newark, ?? J., a brother In law of
tbe groom, asaUted by Itev. Mr. Ujab.
L'haiReil Willi I.uireuy.
I). IC. Yarzhabedlaa, Ibe keeper of
tbe OtkwUl llaiar. No. 0d0 Fourteenth
street, bad George Ingrabam, a color!
boy employed about the store, arrested
veaterday aftersooa charged with tbe
laieesy of several rugs.
Ctiauce for bpeoul-ttlun,
Now, dea't all run at oaee for your
watiets auU check books ' It Uu't eoruar
hta i Cfeicsgo, MtuauntiioUs, Kansas City,
ortlaS "tuiuV(irat." it lu't outlotta OH
wVvtcat. nm. potk or lait. nor 'putt" or
'ealla" en K(thtatrii's ur SoBthwiwt-
mm's, mut yet U It sa. oil, liUnrraoh ur
It lai-Wi atoek. It Is Utter tUau av or
all at Uwm. it is a ilpuait lu the Hunk
ui Health, whfeh every uaecsa BUke by
thai puwh and as of Df. tHene's
Fh aant Pallet is alt cases of i-boui eou
at.'uatlOK, billntiirwm, dyuwuaU, headsehs,
' liver coasplaiBt," sad the like, aohl tae
vtVL ovar.
Tbe I.aiH Will ll Osally.
t'lmn ( Itotfott rm Put.
The tariff, so we are toul by pro
iertiMatii. stoM Bui foater trusts, yet,
Oace the JicKbsWy hill bec-uue a U,
thefe has bees a greater hoom U the
teasufaaHuie of these wtiigB otgalt i
tioes tha is any other direction,
tveijthieg aoistts to the fact tht the
people of the 1 ailed States are to have
ose i f the most coaviociag, as weU as
cue of the uxost coatly, leafoes iu BoUtf
cal eccBouy ibui was ever vouchsafed
a coaPBiunity
Cast tU i. tt il(i Ji V-. BtcjMfc "At L
tlM(.i., AM' Ii o KA.l lOTAtU.
Hi i. utiliiUiclLbiUlt l Ct,
H y nop hsph ites ol LtW6 & SaMJLi
la b itHlVO IM.-.IAL T . 4V
wuiiu. rtu jtinojo-wt auiuvu
1A.IH JJO' BV PU all. i A5u, M U U KVA.IL
1.41 l.Wl-'.-j
imuM mm
msmmrm . -n M n b E3P
-..71 wViiff
V MonnlaW a Tii m RaW i VS3B ts9 w in M ESa mrntfrmnwi B 3 A
BHSKSHW ELY BROTHERS, 88 Warren St., New Tori, rrtco 50 cts.aWE2i2Li0a
lirllllant Prospernla for n Snceessfnt
Meetlne at llennlnR'.
The Washington Jockey Club has
prepared a treat for tbe lovers of horse
racing In Its autumn mecilng, which
commences on next Tuesday ami con
tinue tyitll the :11st Instant. This will
give ten days of excellent sport, ami a
all the Northern tracks will be clos.-d
Ibis week, tbe liest horses will c me to
Bennlng's ami try to earn their winter's
oats by capturing some of the miny
purses ike liberal management has hung
up. Tbe Hub will distribute fat.OOO in
purses, ami It Is probnble that sewrsl
txtra tmrses of $2,000 each will be of
ft ted for wcial events.
Tbe p-ogramme calls for five races
each day, and on alternate days a
steeplechase will be added as an addi
tional attraction. This will insure a
large attendance, for the race-goers In
this locality kne the jumping race
better than any other. There Is a
danger and fascination about a jump
Ing race that Is not possessed br one on
Ihe Hat, and the club In providing for
such races, shows a sincere and cim
mendnble desire to cater to the wishes
of the public
President Draney has recently re
turuul from New 'i ork, and Is highly
pleased with the outlook for n success
ful meeting. He wns assured that all
the prominent Btables would le repre
scnlcd, as by law racing ceases on the
New York tracks this week. Then the
Jersey tracks, Qutlcnbttrg and Cllftcn
will begin the season of winter racing,
but will in nowise interfere with tbe
Ilcnnlng's meeting, for owners of crack
roccrs will prefer to come hero and
finish tho season. Already there nro a
number of horses at the track, and those
chilly morntnjs there Is always a eoodly
crowd out to sec tho racers take tbetr
exercise. Uy Sunday tbo stables will be
filled, and all will be In roadlnoss for
the second meeting of the popular club.
Every Hub -Couch Should Have n
Screen for Sunny Hays.
"There nrc more persons troubled
with defective eyesight than you
would suppose," said an optician to
the New York Timw. "In fact, per
fect vision is exceptionally raro with a
large proportion of the Inhabitants of
all big cities. Just observe whit a
number of people you will meet wear
ing spectacles or eye-glasses on any
crowditl thoroughfare. " They are not
ildtily, either; Indued, mint of them
ttic young, and, If you go through our
public schools, you will see nn niton
lulling number of children wearing
Had eyesight Is often caused by the
neglect of proper attention In very early
ngc. Tbe 0 os ore more sensitive to light
than during adult life, yet It Is nothing
uncommon for a mother or nurse to ox
pose the eyes of an Infant to the glare of
the suu for hours at a time. Serious
results often follow this nogllgence,
and u largo majority of the blind tin
doubtcdly owe the loss of their sight to
JuUsuck noglect during infancy
"Winn cuiuiren are growing up uieir
sight Is much Imptlred In dark city
school rooms, where they must strain
their eyes looking at black board work
at a distance. Ileslde this, too much
cannot bu said In condemnation of tbe
practice of allowing children at night
to study or read books thai are badly
ptlntul. Daylight Is God's light, and
man cannot Improve upon It. Night
work, and especially reading, is very in
jurious to tbe sight, and will wear a
child's or man's eyes out quicker thus
anything else."
llrrakratt un lllch Oljrliipu,.100H II. O.
wi Hi X.m Yuri Utntbi.
"Why does me noble Jove seem vext
this moruir" asked Juno.
"I bad a dream," quoth Jove. "I
dreamed there came a raue of men who
threw me from me high estate uuil took
me thunderbolts and made llieiu drat;
their curbed chariots; they boxed like
wise the same and bade them ctrry
"Aba Metbinks me noble Lord hath
drunk too uecp of nectar These be
tbe fancies of tbe tniudlee."
For lBprol and f conomle Cook lug I a
for Btl Ta. aouial, MaJt DUIiaw. Sjiu'
iba e. Mh. Jiv . Ad or Meat Jelly. Kw
Uiraavlaiigthuf tiaie, and U cheaper aavi of
ftavr lUvor than -ur utlter ttoik
tieuuluo ouly with J. ton Mabls'a
aiKuature un ubotu. In blue.
Una pound of Extract of Meat equal to
lottj pound of hMJi bf.
7Ut. p. SELTZ
Importing Tailor,
FailaOd WUUa laagottStiOB BOW OSW1
Tb U tha Whiii Uam nt Wootoa rnva ea
Saabbutoa oels
JUWT os Aocot'ur os
m &E m mim
UMMMiMHir isI 1m- I'suuH- lit.
ar ai
HwhWa aMsJ
Telephone 273.
I'ornieit.v allli Uiolnleflrm orilnllon
t .sirlelilninl.
We take pleasure In
announcing that we
have opened business
at No. 1217 Pa. Ave.
N. W., where you will
find a complete stock
which we invite your
special attention and
solicit a share of your
1217 Pa. Ave.
S, Smith Hoover, Jr.
fw11 1m
Luther B. Snyder
(10 TO THE
Southeast Comer of
and E
Streets Hoithwest,
Where overjbodr sow. It U the greatest
Imrnaln cottier In Wo.lilncton.
We can aliovr yon tor ttio oomtne Maaon tho
BTeatrntllneof ST.S0 aentlemtin'a Kulta ror
alrawn In tbo Dl.trtet, and imr $10 Drew Suit
ti tqual to any IU ult on 7th atrf nt.
We nl.o hsro an elegant llnoof Iloyj'Salts,
11 to ts years, from (1 to $.
t lilldren'a Sult. It to JO.
In. Men' I'aotaloons we are tho leaders, as
wo manufacture every dollar's worth our
selTM.and therefore can saTO you Dper
cent on every dollar Invwted. We bare the
beat S pantaloons In tie world; atrlollr all
wool and guaranteed never to rln, and onr
t.W, ; and M.W pants are beTond oompetl-
lle'low w mention a few price of our Hats
and ruraUhlng (kkk1:
DiiDlapatyle.aold everywhere for 5. '.50, at
SI so.
II liter's atyle. IC9S. at $1 SB. .
Vouroan'a latest ityle, M, atSl.M-
Ask for our ipeolal Sl Derby.
Darualna In Men's UBderwear In all nuill
ilea frum Xo up. Mreelal line Pull llrei
febltt'atTSonn, Mlk Kmbrohlered 8ttpead
er.SS' All the latest novelties In Neckwear
at,SaBdSi)e. ,
Wuenyou uetready tlrouae anyof the
above article lilve us a call.
Dill AMI II hTS. Jf. W.
Qrand, Upright and Square
Special attention of purchaser Is Invited
to our
rTaUkod ta Deatgus of
tHteoad hand PlaatM at All Prlees,
Wm.Knabb & Co.,
817 Market Space.
Aad yea wtll always have beautiful Bread,
Bails aMt Minaala Wholesale Deput, ear
ass First stteet axt Indiana. aveauM.
Iteat Saat Pttaaat TiaSaflaS bt Vis eky. ta-
JAJt B8 S. Q&rtXUM.
Asstsy-a4 Ma.wy Hmianin,
asswlNat 9bM SaaaM.
alttl-H MJ M Pa Bay.
HRap M& Wa frr W
tP fr W PaVaJBS
afcfl arf TfctleMIMsrf faV SOflHb
waorxAV plan
iUtta TitaU(T aaU fi. a. a
jtois Tor
Protective Union
Whrcli Is an ortntiliMtton of the Whole-,
sale ml ltetsll JIercliRtit9 of the DIs
ttlet of Uolumbls for mutual protection
(sgalpst iersons who tlo not iay their
The Flan of Operation is as Follows!
Mcmbtrs are tilt Itlnl Into two classtM
Participating aml'Non rsrllclpRtlns;.
The pnttlclDatlnjt members pty tww
rlollars (sf2) annual titles ami fHty cents
(oOc ) per mi-inth for monthly ami special
rcpotls, but noiuine ror coiiectrons.
The non-psttlclpaHnjp mombers pT
pctCFtilaRC on collections; get no report
ami arc not protected by the association.
All members are furnished wllh our
form of circular letters, which calls the
debtor's attention to his obligation (to
the creditor) and the necessity of his
making some arrangement for settle
ment of same within a specified lime.
Should the debtor fall to respond to
fltft letter (which Is known as the cred
itor's letter) In the time staled, thecred
llor v 111 send second letter (known as the
Association's letter, sinned by the mtn
atrcr.) Informing the debtor that unless
lie settles la some satisfactory way
within lime mentioned In second letter
his nnmo will be placed on record as be
ing that of n person unworthy of credit,
ami the record furnished to members
of said union monthly In order that ho
may be known to them and credit denied
him thereafter.
Should a retail merchant be found
diving credit to parties that hare been
reported to him as unworthy of sinte,
tho snld retail merchant will be reported
to tho wholosalo merchants that they
may know what risk they take In glv
Inn credit to said retail merchant.
Tor further particulars Inquire of
ontcea-liWJtllh t.n.w, and rtoom U
Central National Hank Dalldinj.
lag Umhlann avenue.
Special hanraln for this week only, offered
by tho Credit Jewelry Homo of
To ronvlnro our patron that we are setllnz
(riMnln cb'aptr on credit thin oan lie pttr
1 based else hero for rali, pla nato the low
l'ilo-nt which tho following aood are of
fered on our apoeial tredlt Hyitem. As we
dplhirttie Rootia on theflrt payment pur
chaaeia bavo the uie of thoartl e while they
tMowlll buy a ladles' tlokel ojien faoi
BuIm watch.
JS(0 wtll buy a ladle' olmtelain wileli.
bundstJirety eneraved: aplendld tlrn-plce;
icocd watch for the money.
1H.SO wtll buy a watch of same kind as
alve, with force additional Improvement.
SHOO will buy a centlrman'a 8-slia hunt
Inj cae, aol'il (liver hwla nickel movement.
&V4 to will buy a ladles' alver tnntlns eae
Ewl rnoeinent, item wind nn1 set.
II7.7S win nuy a eouiKi Kilter yenueraan a
ll'o huLtlneoate, with mild bow, stem
wind and aet; nickel trovement
S1S.1SO will bny a solid silver IS-alae hunting
eac, full Jewel hwl, atem wind and set;
till it a deolded bargain.
Sis eu will buy an opm face silver wateh,
Waltbam movement, atem wind and net.
115 i will buy a ladle' solid koUI huntlnz
cao watch, bwlM movement, tea wind and
j it.
f 116 ro will buy a solid silver 8 slse huntlng
care watch, with tl-Jeweled lUxjkford move
ment; warranted for Ave year.
ily will buy an lH-iae solid tllvert-os.
cm itold lilnetw, 9-Jeweled Itockford move
ment, atem wind and aet. 1 Ills wateh 1 war
ranted for Ave year.
I1S.C0 will buy a ladles' nleely-eetcraved
olid so'd bunting-ease watch, with tiwl
DMnenxnt. atem wlua and met.
S1H.75 wtll buy an open face, diHt-proef .
Sped caie.warrautedto wairun welt ai solid
gold for twenty year, with a Hockford move
ment warranteid furtive year.
tai5 will buy a nicely emrraved ladle'
watch, solid jrold bnntlne oae, tam wind
and vet. h wis movement; nlekle.
tit 7S will buy a gentleman a open faee
filled eate warranted to wear a well a solid
cold fur twenty years, with Koekford move
ment warranted for nte year
tssssswl'l buy a nleely eearaved ladle'
tolkl jiold bunting-cafe wateh, atem wind
and aet, full Jeweled bwlM straight line, with
tireauet halmprlUi.
tit 5S will buy a ladloa' autbl Hold kuatlag-
I ate. full jeweled Swlaa moveMeat, ateaa
wind aaditec.
$.T.(0 win buy a ladle' lld gold liuatlatt
cate w ateh. Ainlia ktraUht liae. iSretiuet lulr
priaa. full Jeweled nlekvl tawtaa tnoveuteat.
fS7JS will buy a ladle' nieely engraved
solUl iiold buHtluK ci-e waiefa, with alcket
fcwlas uovemeBt.
JSii.te will buy a ladtea' wild gold wateh,
II Jewehd EUia utoveuent. Tbia Is a icem.
usTawiu buy a iiuie- soiiu oiu wau-u,
full Jeweled Swl; lateat Inurovetaeata.
SSk lewill buy a ladle' aolldgjU wateh,
t ull Jew eled b U. A beauty.
Jal AS will buy a ladle." aolid ifdd watl,
tetmJeillla ede. 11 jewel! Klgia. TWta
waUh wuuld be cheap at SIS.
i 13 011 wilt buy a uuullHwa'i aotU aU
faat box vaM) 11 Jeweled Itoekfuni. war
ranted fur ave yea. This watch tui aever
Iceu m hi for Ums than tte.
ftsodwlll buy a Kestlesaaa' solid geld
wlt-b. Ntrmitlllia edge, beautifully en
armed Avery pupular dmiim. with a It
tmlad ulckel Hoikfurd aSOVeaMBt, war
rati t td I or in e ear.
,'0 will buy a Keatleuuui's sutbl ieU
w((b, full Jeweled Keckfuni aaayemeat.
with patent regulator, wamsttd lor ave
SioWaud upwarda is our price for aUlaol
case' warrranted lu waar a well aaoJhi
julil for twenty are We can aive you aaty
t)leyou waut, huuUa cae or opau taee,
tjiitly engraved or in plain eastave turaed.
su flu and uuwarda U our uru e fur the eel
brated quick tialu Moekfutd laoteaasnt
Ibe-emoveaaeau ate wanaated for S yaaves,
and guaranteed to bat perfect ttaae keajjem.
Wewiah to iaaweai os our paituaa that
t beae good are all of a kUh gjnute. aad -ceedluKly
1 heap whes you cuaaoaM Use qoaJ
ity oX the guuda. our auawfee. that pneea
aild the term upon which they are soU
Puaaae .ail awl eaaauiee our aiuca: waethav
yufi wUfc to punrhase or aot, Xo Uoswte to
ahow aooiia. Come aavl see u. We wajt to
aet atuaUUed with yoo, waif h U wur uula
reason for arkla- theae de Irable avud u
w. Theae price ate tor tola week only.
BtUMf her the timber.
515 Sitiill Slid mml
0 evslA.
Liq if Lwf. atri Lw FltiM
ielMWU CAJtitlaiUTOJi.
A0tY AT lW.
UtO y itrjjf prutfcwtWiti
Vajftrngnil P-C
WlSfcaaSW aW aHHiSMllaT
rm n aueet anitit.weat-
jWpajaflBBfaiBaaBar aaaa " eBBaABBBBBaaaapvaaaj
fas the Coui l the Sftstdet fast jat
OaurB's Coay.
AUuriijin mt Law.
Suj u-.l'.i lit
nr the
In Order to Introduce Our Celebrated Make of
To the Public of Washington and Vicinity. We Will Olvo You the
OrpoThmity of Buying your FALL CLOTHING at
The Following Lots are Heady for Your Examination:
TOTl-Jtch's Salts In Fsrts and Cntsways, neat atd dressy, at JW. Other
d'l,s?n gVcn's All wool Knits, Sacks sntt CntawaTs, for drew or business, $.
01 her ,1"5.1fjt4JIVolre Drew mits. Inf-sck arrl Cntsway.tn lsk Chevlots.Wort-
teds ami rssslrrero atilSBO. Keenlar retail nrtee, $. ..... bm
I.OTt-Fino Jtlnce Albert Hnlte, In Corkserowor Diagonals, at SIS. Sold
everywhere at gra. 0rercoftt,f ,n Ker)Mr9 and jtetlotH, at J.89. Sold everywhere
at '10W-OT eNohbr Meilon overcoat. In 30 different Shade, with or without stlk
UV$,i-?28J2fS?rl of t.tht xrelt-ht Ovoots. la Ch eviot.Msl
toB.KereeyaBd Whipcord, at 815., Sp'd everywhere at$l.
LOT8 10,060 pairs of Men's rant, t Jt, 81-30, 8. ., $19, Si.90,Ss
and ST. Ka-h pair worth 4 per cent, more money
Boys' and Children's suits and rants In cndles variety.
The Above Offer Hold Hood for Two Weeks nnd Is Given to Introdnte
Onr ramo.ti Make of CloUilna;.
York One-Price Clothing House,
31 1 Seventh
MAXl'FACTOHIES 213. 211 and 210
N. Y.j C2, 51 and BO Pearl
C2TWo close at 7 p. m.
1003 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Summer Discount Until Further Notice.
Etchings, Engravings, Water Colors, Fhotographs and All Pictures
Stock ticepi Artolypes at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
Special attention paid to Framlwr. KMtldlns, MoTinn and Boxing rietnros and Mirrors.
James B. Liambie,
1415 New York Avenue,
HJKE llh 03 C6FFEE
GAS COOKING STOVES to cook for eight to
thirty people. Just the stove ior summer use, as the In
stant the cooking Is done you can extinguish the fire.
413 Tenth Street Northwest,'
J SSf'z' Jmrow ano bc MAjdetD! Yog canY d
wSiS""' hubt m That trunk Scakie from Khossi'ib
;i$l? "i SS.riTn"ri fifiajxr h'rC--Jy- 1
46 Stvealli Bt K W , Bext 10 Odd FeUw' HsiL
St N. W.
West Washington Street, Syracuie,
Street, Htiffalo, N. .
Baturdays, 11 p. m.
$ ! . . S and $ 1 .50.
1H 10 08 15 MIH0T83.
- s- s- s y ' '
The Great Pennsylvania Route
To the North, West and Southwest.
IHmMb Tek. Splandld Scenery.
Steel Halls, Mss-nlfleent Eqnlpment.
Trafns lears Washlneton, trom station, cor
ntr of 8txth stwl streets, a follows-
Fon lrwBim8 and the Wcwt, rhlcftRn t!mt
ted KsprWsof Pnlltnan eitlbn1nrsrsat
TO SO a m dally; Ft Line, 10 SO a m dai'7 to
tlieo. Ootmnbns nnd St. Inl. wltn
Meepfts; Cars from HarrMbnra: to lnd'anap
ol's, PlttbnTi to Columbnv Altoon to
CMcssh. St.Lnnl rblcssosndrinrinnatt
Bxnress, S .10 p m dslly Parlor rnr Vah
Ircton to llarrlsbnrg, and Slrepln? t ara
HSrtlsbHre to St. Ixral, f htonno and tin
otnnatl.and Dlntna; Car llarrtbnr to St
Ixml. Chtearo and Cincinnati. Western Bx
prsss, at T 4d r m dally, with Sleeping Cars
Waibtneton to CldosfO and St Loni, ron
neetlna: dally at Harribnre with throneh
Sleeper for Lonlsrllleand Memphis Pntl
flilcaeo. raclflc Epre, iopo pm daily,
for rittcbnrg and the Wet. with ihroiiih
fleeperto PittsbnrRand nttsbnru to Chl-
Fon KAr, Canandalnnft. Hocheler and Nl
fi(rar Falls dally, except Snmla. s 10 a m.
Fon Fmfc Canandalcnannd Pwheiter dally;
ftr Bnffaloand Maara dally, pxcept Sat
tmlsy, tow u m. with Sleeping carWaih
Inaton to Rochester,
For Wiuiam'tort, I)r Haven nnd Blmlra,
at 10 M) a m dally, except snnday
Pon W11 t.tAMmnT, daily. S.S0 pm
For rniLAnrimiA, NewYork and tho Bnst,
7.SO.90O,ll.t0ard 11.10a m, 3.10. s.1 4 so,
5.40. 10 00 and 11 30 p m. On Snnday, 9.00,
11.10a m, 810. 3.15. 4 SO, 10 00 and II Wptt,
Mmlled Expre of liillman Parlor Oars
9.40 a m dally, except Sunday.
For NrwYork only. Limited Express with
DlnlnK Car, 5 00 p m dally
Fon PnitAPBLrHtA only. Fast BxptoMSlOa
fifwrek-days and 4 p m dally. Bxprcss,
Sunday only, S 40 p m.
Fon ltosTon without change, 8:10 a m week
dar and .115 n m ovcrr day
For Biwioklth, N. Y., all through train con
nect at Jersey City wllh boat of Brooklyn
Annex, affording direct transfer to Fulton
street, avoiding double ferriage across New
YotkClty. A
Fon Atlantic Citi", 11.40 a m week-days, 11 30
pm dally.
Fon Haiti Jtonr, (i.V., 7.80, S.IO, 0 00. 0.10, 10.00,
10.50, 11 CO and 11 40a n, R05, 2.10, 3.13.3 30,
4 CO, 4. SO, 4 30, S CO. 8 40, 0 00, 7 W, 10.00 and
11.S0 p m. On Sunday 0.00. 9 OS, 10. V, 11.40
a m. 10, 3.15. 3.10, 4.00, 4. SO. 5.00,5.40, 6.00,
7.40, 10 00 nml 113d ptn.
Fon Pora'a f nir.K Lime, 7 SO a m and 4.30 p m
dally, except Sunday.
Fon AsNAror.n, 7.S0 and 9.00 a m, 13.C.1 and
4.S0p ro dally, except Sunday. Sundays,
9.00 a.m and 4.20 p m.
In effect .May 11 th, 1990.
Fon AtXTAKnntA, 4 30, 6 3, 7 45, 8 40, 0.45,
10J7B tn. 12 01 noon.S.05. 3 30, 4.S5, 4JB, 8.01,
8.0S, 10.05 nnd 11.39 pm. On Sunday at 4.30,
7,4 9 4 10.57, a tn, 3.30, 6.01, 8.03 and 10.03
p. m.
AitoHMOpATinx for Qnantlco, 7.45 a raand
Jt p tn week-days. 7.45 a m Sundays.
Fon IIiciimom) and tbo South, 4 no and 10.57 a
in dally. Accommodation 4.55 p m week
days. TnAiNsleayo Alexandria for Washington,! It
7 f 5. 8 ro. 9.10. 10.15. 11.07 am: l.ai 3 00,1.1),
M0, 005, 7.05 9.30. 10 37 and II OH p
On Sunday at 9.10 and 11.07 am; 3.00
7.05, 7 39, 9.S0 and 10.37 p tn.
Ticket and Information at tho office,
northeast corner of Thirteenth street and
1'enntylTnnla avenue, ami at tbo Motion,
where order can bo left for the chocking of
lisggago to destination from hotels and roil
dencos. CIIAS. K. VVQTt, J, It. WOOD,
Ocnetal Manager. Ocnl. Tasv AgouU
Ilalliiuore anil Ohio Itailroiul.
Scbcdnle In effect June SO, 1390.
Lc4tc Washington from station corner of
New Jcner avenue, and U street.
Fon Chicaoo and Northwest, Vestlbulod
Limited oxpros dally 11.30 a m, oxpross
0.JO p tn.
Fun Cincinnati. St. Louis and Indianapolis
express daily 3.M)atd 11.80 pm.
Fon riTTtni'Ru and Cleveland, express dill
0 so n m and 8.40 p. m.
Fun LixmuTOM and points In the Shouandoah
Valloy, ll.iOam.
Fon iKriiXKTtn and way stations, tJJO p m.
Fon Ldrat, t3.S0 and 'S.40 p m.
lou llALTiMona, week days, 4X5,5 00, 6.1.1.
7.t0 7.!WiS.(0 45-mlnutoa). 8.S0, 9J0. (11.00,
1C0 45-mlniltea) n. m , 13.10. 3.13 UM 4V
mlnuteol, (3.15. 43 minutes), 3.33, 4.30, 4.10,
4.W 14.10, 45-inlnutOS) 5.30 0.00, 6 IS, 6.30,
7 10, 7.30, 8 36, fl.to. 10.30 and 11 10 p. m.
Sunday, 4(5, 7.30, 7J0, B.30, 9.30 a m.
(18 CO, 43 minutes) 1.00, 3.15,(2,50, 43-mIil
utisj.l.Sfi, 4.tfi, 4i, (1.50, 45 minutes) 6JM.
b.lS, 6.30, 7 Mi, fi.3 I0JIP, II JO p m.
Ton Wat bTATinxs between Washington and
llaltlroore. 8.C0, 6.33. 8 JO am.. 13.10, S.ffl,
4.83, osu. l!.30pm. Sundays, 8.30 a ra., l.uo,
31i,4.3,6.30, 110 pm.
TiiAiNs leave Haltimore for Washington,
week days, 5. CO, 0.30,, 7.30.8X0,
H.JO, 8 38, 9.30 and 10.30, 10.33 a m.J 1J.00,
13.10. 3 10. 3.3T, 3.S0, 4 00, 1.13, 8.00, 6 00,6.30,
7.00, 7.W, 8SIO, 8.30. 9 CO. 10.10, 10.30 and 1 1.00
P m. Sundays. 6 30, 7.13. 3 30, 8 J3, 9. 1), 10.30,
10.35 a tn., 13 00. 1 08. 3 10, 3 30,4.15, 8.00,6.30,
7.0O.7 30,8.30,8.30, 1010, 10.30 and 11.00pm.
Foh ANMAroLis, OSS andSJM a m., W.lOand
4 30 p in. bumlays. 8 30 a in., 4.33 p m.
Lcate Annapolis. 638, 8.37 a m 13.03, 3J!
P in. tiundays, 8 30 a m., 3.53 p m.
Fob bTATioHs on tbo Metropolitan Drino .
td.30.iS 30 a m.. 11.13 p m. For prtaclpai
station only, tio.40 a m., 1 1.30 and n.M
Foa Kocktiu-E ami Way Stations, tl S3 p m.
For OAiTHEVfBDBa and Intarmedlate pc'nts(
TV.IW, llUiV, TUAV R U2., TI.U, TJ.1A, ,M
TO. 13, I
1 1O.0O. 411.00 n in.
Foh llovsi'a and lnttrniedlato stations.
P m
Chdrcu train leaves Washlagtoa on Sunda
at 1.1& p tn., stopping at all stations oa
Metropolitan Branch.
For FmoiHiric, ta.30. J8.30, $9.30 tll.SOam.,
FoRllAsxaaToaH, tl0 40am, and tS.IOpm.
Tvaim arhive Irom Chicago dally 11.11 am
and 4.10 p in; from Cincinnati and bt. Louis
dally 3. to a m and 3-08 p ui; from Pittsburg
7.19 a m. 3.W p m dally.
Fob New Iohk. Trenton, ewark, N. J .and
BllaaUeth. N. J , 106. tSOO, 10.00, W CO
a m 3.U, 'liO and 10.:w p tn. lluttat
l'jrlur Cars oa all day trains. Sleeping Car
os tbe 10.30 p IB, open bt 9X0 p m.
For IIjilauk-fhia, 66, 0d. 10.00, tiOd
boob, '1.60, 'i-SO, .1S and 'lOSilp m,
For Newark, IKl , 1tlsilaton and Chester,
IflS, 1S00 am, 13U) noon, J.10, '130,
i 15 and 30 p Bi.
For ihTaHMXiMATK fuim between Baltimore
and Philadelphia, T8.90 and IT 30 a ui t-'."A
Thaim leave New York for Washington,
9 CO tll.SU a Ul, '3.00, S.3C, 5 Ow p ni A-ii
TRAiksLSAta PUUdliUa lor Washington,
t.tl, 'iis, , UJal am, tl.w, Mai,
5.83 T.atpm.
w IkwKiK, 'M p Bt. witb Pullman GaSet
bteepics Car lunulas tbrougU t) lUi-tou
wHaawt etaae, via rottirbkeartola Ilrldzo,
Uadisg lassatigara in B. i. M. station at
Foa Atlantic Crrr, 4jD8 and 10.C4 am li 00
Suva, SsLBtlays, 4 98 am, iJoouj-iu ani
U. SO Mai.
tEi(tt awlay. Dally ISuu.liy ou'y
M!fKif cailW for and vbcrk.-t f rum u
tvla and raUHiBal by UbIub Transfer Co u
crdr. left at tkkat bificaa, alS snd 1131 Pa
sv. Saal at itaipnt.
Gai. WauM. Cmju Pass, A( '
"rnt-Tl- aad KetaU Dealers 13
yyie aai Gere's Creek hi
QgmCU: HH la. av. CCotcorin Bull Hug),
YAM1J. Cut. H at. aad lwi ave
TSLBHMaKB: Oaaoi. 514; Yard. 9"0
Til1 uUiiuintillIttBMslIr 1 .
uj , i ii, 1. '. - .1 1 w y
( un-All Itvakucaava." 1 MUrasraor Jlrt
IxtlutlT MttkMa iu JI i ai.t.mu
BUR NEW BOOK . .; r '?. V V.
Sis tiuuil tuUauialaU luillbm; oonaeotta.
1 x ciasene oa tauy tf
ttUet-lSC iVKHJC t..ls4a'-iar
ol this dta.wi; , . w
--i. -- -
1 iffii-- "'
SOiioiy 3f. s-'i
KIVWD U ". -1,
jd k bti Hrtrn
lai.so. Bwabjf.ts
ITL at (Li Cai u 4 r ,1
IS llU . . 1 Ul H.' ,.
1 1 U,C aU.b m. -1 tii.i -
lyJIfuaUtr ilalft a
, 4.
U. 11 ' ( '
iJBa.'i thf V.iiaifctini &

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