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The Daily Critic
oity BricaiA.ua.
ttir : arm ijem tit Vltw,
MyrjijeMtieiw, malarial. erttnttm and
klTitlred tronMw, Wn
rfflwc wme ot c.wa
l inn cum 73 cento per pint Kittle
in ainmi ironse i mis; si'ire.
V, It. Ilmtchttm On ,
recoratem and r"grnl1ier. ItW and 1I F
rtrertiwjliwtt. How HthH for a ftsegsfa
A 1WBn Bedroom Sec Solid oak uttva
Hum $?. we will mil rem the same Set,
with ftnttiM and 3lattre. tor 1H SI nnr
"."W ! Carpet, jt to oerysrt.
Onthsjat Tapestry, Brussels carpet. 7v per
our nen Moqnette Csrpet, Ji as per
If wn want honest, reliable ewdi at
re pMrp, Onr Store l full of tasn.
All price gnaranteed
W. H. Hnrmiw A Co.,
J m IMP F rtreet northwest.
ItWrMen's New Pull OwmI.
John Iraddeo, the pioneer Installment mn,
ntfillj toc'1 at wo aod m Seven' h Hraet
nHMrert. ha Inst returned from ttto oat
einMtket with an Immense snpptyof all
mmm 01 noneeering no o, carpets, pT,
nurs. etc Ton ran fnrnl'h ynnr hne from
to garret, at this st
on the Installment plan.
st.re, with cash
Thn Nntlnnnl Sure Deposit linpitny,
Crtr. I.llli St. anil N. V. Avenue.
9tonwn for S'.rerware, Jewelry. Lams.
Fine (toftd and valnartles of all kind.
Caarasja moderate Safe deposit holes for
rent at the vwy lowest rates
on the'ellipseT
The Approaching Hnrtng Meeting; at
llrnnlnc's a Hood line.
The mi Hook for (he second meeting
nf Ike Washington Jockey Club, whlclt
eminences at llonnlng's next week, Is
excmJlnilj- bright, and from present
indications will be the most successful
meeting: ever lield In thli vicinity. If
the weather Is good the attendance will
rmbabJy be larger than ever before, for
the Club will undoubtedly ptosont better
attractions than have heretofore pro
In tin- parlance or the street, the
club has mmlea"len strike," In add
Ing a steeple chase to the programme
on alternate days. The programmi for
the ten days' racing Is exception illy
ijuvii, mm hs me association ins oeen
exceedingly liberal In the distribution
if purses, all the crack flyers will bo
intcrcd In the different events. Thoro
will be no opposition this yonr on the
part of Northern tracks, as all of them
close to morrow, and owners will have
no olher place to run their horses ox
ccpt Uennlng's. The Incentive In the
shape of good ptlze money assuror the
best kind of sport.
The juJro and starter have not nsyct
licen selected, but the probabilities are
that Colonel Simmons will bo chosen
for the first txwlllnn and Caldwell will
handle the flag. The experiment of hav
ing n regular JrnlRe, and one In whom
the utmost confidence couhl'be plnced,
worked very satisfactorily last soring,
so much so that the club will make thii
n peimancnt feature hereafter of Its
(tin! annual meetings.
U lelifrn or the IUriuet l'la)lni;fnr
Hie l.'liaiiiplnnstili.
The second day of the tennis lourna.
n trt for the southern championship
wrs icplete wlih Intereatlng siorl. The
tUlfircnt events were hotly contested,
at d the meagre crowd was enUiuilastl
In lis applauie of the fine playing, oi
rrclallyso In the match Iwtween ilc
Caw ley and Thomson, which the latter
won, hut after n fierce light.
t In the double between Wright and
Hillings, and ISoiden and Uyrnes. thoro
was seme clevnr quick play and excel
lent judgment shown In the placing of
the halls.
The following Is the summary:
CniwoUMon prise preliminary round
l'a liter I tat gBtwu, Hi, 0-1.
First round IUyMkhi IxMt Teter, 8-1,
f3; K'ooUb beat CJiawtws, 3d, 0, &;
llorden beat I.) on. rt-2, ti-l.
Jkod rotmd llorden twat Wooten, 0-1,
Singles, 8rt rotm.l XfeCawlev beat Nil-Hog,-S,
M: Woodward beat lUvliUoa,
6 , 8-; Wright beat Heaeh, 8-l,-aj l'arks
txit Walker. rt,tH.
tiecosd roumt l'Ur beat Krlekerwtliw,
C 3, 3-8, ; JlcCaw ley beat 1 h uioh. tt-S,
tiv, Wlgbt beat Wood war I, H-l, tf-i; Met
tU beat i'arks, 4-4, -1, ..
Iottblet-McCaHley ami Woodward beat
Hall aud Halt by dfult; I'cWr and I'eter
tint Agneau and Walker. 03, 16, -0;
rlbtaul Hillings bet Myrnes aal iter
du, fr8,8-f.
ThetiuaU will be (dsyed to dny. It
is also expected the semi flask In
doubles, and the fiaaU In the singlea
will be coiBttuetvd.
Vahltclon lutvlinrn l!arrr Oil the
llonur ut l-'coilHrlek,
VMbingto wbiwB yetfday eap
tured tiiirfeen prixes at the Prtsdeiiek
Fair, and last night, when thy re
turned, were la a juUlaat frame of
n. lad. Tne Arliagluas woa Ike Warn
race agalast the crack IUIUwere team,
the C1usoeas,e. and ecivcd a solid
silver etipas Use prize.
Tbcra were tbirtaea prises aad savea
tree plates, as folio ars T. K. Itobeit
s u, Ikit-M r aa4 osms third. Gay
Mitchell, on ini, ose seosd aad om
third. W. K MackrUla, oa Hru aad
locoad, E C Ho wee. f our socoadi
and om third, ud W T Kubrtaa.
tw tktstis. la ail thaea raca W. T.
IJi-Urtion the scratch aaaa aad Use
lik bad sun dktpe, ubieh awouaU for
tl.ifd ajacsav Tiuc Arllaglon itvm was
cowpAiMJ ut W K Mekrilla, Quf
H iheil umI Wdliim T. BherUo.
UU Nat Iuiar JIuwv,
The VirgtaJs 8pohlieu LMguc si
ilur tegular awaiting last eight adopsai
a rsitibsi piidiriaK Useir aupport to
J ba W. Laaicatua.. Oa atoilo of Mr.
i i, a lesoluUos) cliiag for la la
dustMMsjt of the Maaasaa coaveatioa
ucd Mr. Hunt, the iadipiadaat Dwaso
itic taadhlaia fur Cuayataa, waa past
l Ltd lixktlurly oa aceouat of Mr.
liuusc's proaaiaud tetter to the people
Li havhatf apawartd-
HtmttuttiMm Vu Va
Tb Uala Iaviacibka tsat aiht at
iLtu sai-ia adopted a iwwluUoa fur
itc ifnaiialascat of a nasatlttee, eoa
'ihtiaf f Colusud Perr, 11. Cartes), C.
It Tat. Frak Hall. H. A.. M-
li T. isBish, to caataas th Jftfth id
b Jtth rnsjnasaonsl dUuieti of Mwt
lj.d far vosatt. Vetera is the iacosyt
diMriet of VigUla arid ttm h ioota)
VeUaattaal Vfll&te' KJaVaBaaaV.
M th uaHiaf hut aight of Uscwk
"Msi, I'aao Vhrta' I'aios), iU
l t ircintta wteeai i awl $sa
', i ietHnm Kcaicatt vral haor
l ina-gtJhru ajtairr rarosJiiJ iwtftsw tesj
tl wMevof Otscsal W. 8 (fMCOt,
v i u Ht a immmkfit toHrwatf
. i. is; ru miWBM ft IM
(c if of the Aaaocattk.
ahraa VetUtr
t'rum Puct
in I
rfclhasB What is votur
I HnrtiaoA Eaetoi's purejlt U lilal
mkM 4m BUlevUk-Tiie o li
mm i
Mia. WttAlue-'s gwnthlng 1 tuut4
ti be iMat tut LfcS4B leKtBui It
tooilu ic ctt4 fcrfiam the gvusa, aUajra
ii ymss,, tu wua cuik, aad la toa bast
fc .UwTaaa, JacahuOia.
Arrmtrrt for a MnntemtM ,snnlt The
Olffvers ThnRit He Yn the
Stayer of Jelm tVaynes,
Officw Mn1y of th Fotitth prwlnct
yestertlay afternoon arrestetl a colored
ism who is supposed to be Frank
IteMennn, a murderer who has evaded
arrest for orer three years. He was
charged with having made a murderous
acMttHnpon James II Oarflehl, another
cotorwl man who had but recently
came to this rliy from England.
The two met on Third street near
ami had some conversailnn about a mom.
1 he pilsonrr fonml that the new comer
1 ad n me money, when upon he drew a
1 ullr'og tevolver ami demanded it. Oar
feld grabbed the weapon and turned It
ide just as It was discharged by the
tobbtr. Finding that he had hl equal
the Wian. who la supposed to be Heide
man. lutneil and run, but was arrested
by Officer Slulvey before he had gone
When the man was taken Into the
station house. Officer Chamberlain snld:
"Why I believe that is Frank Helde
man, the murderer of .T.ihn Waynes,
whom we have been looking for for
mtee years.
Officer Hart and severtl others felt
satisfied that the man was Ileldeman,
but Officers Iklley and ltarney were of
a different opinion. The latter arrested
the man a short lime ago for disorderly
conduct, and knew his name to be
Lawson llarils. This Is the name given
by the prisoner, and he claims that he
has lived in the West for five years A
number of the officers think that the
man Is cleverly concealing his idontlty.
A further Investigation was made
about the prisoner, nnd there are about
as manv whonre ready to swear that he
Is not lleldcmnn as there are who will
say that ho Is.
When the prisoner was in the dock nt
court this morning charged with an as
sault with intent to kill Giirflold, Lieu
tenant Amiss said: "Why, thnt min
does not compare with Frank Ileldeman
nt all. He Is not as tall and will not
welph as much as he by sixty pounds,
Ileldeman used to bo called Frank
Daws, and 8crgcnnt Dunnlgan still car
ries the scar over his cyo thai ho gavo
him several years ago at tbo corner of
Fichth and O streets."
John Wnlker, alias NMson Harris,
alias Frank Daws, alius Frank Ileldo
tuon, pleaded not entity to the chargo
sealnst him. Garfield, who claimed to
come from Liverpool, hut no doubt
rami; from tho Knsl Indies nnd had a
very noticeable French accent, could
not toll n very straight story, but
Firiieant Inl . John Dorsny and Wm.
Wliston satisfied Judge Miller tint the
ii an was Rtdliy. Ho was placed under
$1 OCO Imnds.
Late thin nflcrnoon It was nscert-tlnol
thnt John Pit mining, an employe at the
While lli.utu tstittiles win an undo
of the man supposed to be IKlle
n an, and he was willing to tes
tify that his proper name w.u
I'arrls Harris mother, he says, lives
at Jlount Pleasant, and cm most surely
liltMlfy him. According tolherec ml
Ileldeman was five feet olevun
Inches In height, while the prisoner Is
only five teet seven. Olllcer llirnle, oa
whoto bent Ileldeman lived for a num
ber of years, says that he was several
shades lighter than the man now In
At f'ullce Headquarters there seems
to be some difference of opinion, but
those best qualified to judge are satisfied
that the man is not the murderer looked
IU Wonderful llllert on the I.lrer,
Htomacli, lluuU, Klilnesmut Illooil.
Dr. Jtozlev'i l.uavou Kitxir Is a pleasant
lemon drink that positively cures all
IHUounM, Conetliiatlou, Iixllestlon,
Ileadacbe, Malaria, Kidney DUease, DU
zIdcm, ColiU, I.ot of Apiiettte, Fevers,
CbtlU, Hlolebes, ltmples, Vain in Back,
l'alpltation c( Heatt, and all other diseases
eansed by disordered liver, stomach and
kidneys, the at great eause of alt fatal
diseases. Fifty ewiU and one dollar per
liottle. Sold br druggists, l'repared only
by 11. Moiley, M. I)., Atlanta, Oa.
Lemon Hot Drop.
For eouajM aal eobls, take Lemon Hot
For tore throat and brouebitU, take
LeMoa Hot Drops.
For jmetntMHOa and Uryagetls, take
Lainesi Hot Drops.
ForeooeiUBBUoN aul catarrh, take Letaoa
Hot DfotM.
For aft throat aad luug diseases, take
Lesoen Hot Drops.
Ah eiecaat ami reliable nrenaratiou.
Sold by druKsjlfrU. 36 eeaU per bottle.
Prepared by lITMozley, M. 1)., AlUato, Oa.
tVaihlBcfao black Hxchuace
Saks Kemlar Cadi U o'elock w
Wash, and Geo. R. K . 5 at 821; S at 900.
tUklegtua aul Sol. llosaa K. K., 11 at HU
liro. and Teaallytowa K. K , 35 at 434.
Col. Fire Iu , 8 at IS; S at IS. Che, aad
Fotuaanelcl , IS at 10. Xattoaal Tpo
ii.bie, 50 at 31. Wash. Loan aad Trust
Co.SU at tj.
MlteellaaeMM Itoada U. S. Kletrk
UgU Ut. 6's, JO; U. Klectrk Uatiw,
i- ', ISa, W. Jfc a. K. K. W-fi Vs,
S'ttf-'VJ, UjM: W. A 0. Convertible bs,
llii, liaeooie ilall Aas'a, A's, C MM, luo;
.b. Market to., ut Mart-, Cs. 1U;
. Market Co., laap., ', US: lal'd X
S.Uard Co., ', C 'eV7, -, Waeh. U.
Ufaatry. let. , 1U04. . Aab. Lt la
faatiy, 1, r. ISM, (M; Wash. Oa Lixht
Co., acr- A, ',H. a.b Ua LitfbtCa.,
tr. h a',lal; Hgeak lee Co., 1st MoH.,
aVat .--- HaM-iis4t Maul Tmal ti'k.t
hatical Haak Wotka Baak of Waah
Isc'wa, iMh Baak of Ucpublk, 87. Metro-
roU aa, aV, Ceaual, at"; ascend. 1W,
arwesa aad Wes-haahs, !7; CtoiMBs', li,
I otoatUa. 1; Cplil,l, West Kad.luu,
Tradtta, 1; LiaeoJe,:
Kaiiruad atocks Waahiagtoa aad
bcvigatvwu, 3W, MetrvcuUtaa, VU, Co
lussbia. n. Ca4iol aad KorSh Q atreat,
6, KeUagtua aad BoKHar' BoaacfM,
Bwjetoeju aad Ttaaaliytowa, 51; Bthl-
TSOwd .
Iiiawraare Btocfca-Vbreuaa'a, ; rraak
Ua, H; MetiopoUtau, . Siasloaal Ualoa,
mi; ArJlbewa, le Corcuraa, at); Coluai
Ue, IT; Otnaaa Aaaarkaa, laU, Putoasac,
,t"- reopj,9. iipiora. j.
TUJe taauraswa Wol-Ju-KsmI Cat
Tu,, ttuwmiitmi, w,
spie -
Uas arid Kketrk Lbiht totk Waaaiaf-
tca Uaa, i7; Uwgetuwa Uae, SO; U. 1.
IltcMk Lbjht, m.
Telephsnie Stacks mmpiil, 3$
Chssafiaaha aa4 loauajiafi, v, AsaafnBasi
Miji sillriaanna Jaswka WasialBsjtaij f y
i hat Co., Vti fajfV'fjUTrt HttMisaaia
ti., m. Urea" Fafli Ut Co . -; aWl
ttio PaeAraiM Co., ); Vankiaal Ua
pseK, 8S0: VaahtMHoa aafa Tmiim, lib,
VaUuto l4a s4TjCo-,it; Jia-
aWtwity a4 Truat Uw!a1; Waeol Matt,
; Ujieoak: Ud Cu., ; latarojceaa
aWMlarO, -
""-- hm tM Jag
faw m WmUjAt rW4a
'faMii'IT ' ' aablE WhlHanaaTlafJ attlTJafaMldiaaliaf .
rrmwvi sev wa"sBsssa' se wrrtr I
" aU Ba with th full,"
w spHP paaap VapMv Vaa
ftum Putt
aVrt suat always at Ma Upa'i-s
ftoaa Nature The refer gave ua out
Stat tdbsa of untied cl jidojt J -h
elcphaAt ae Uk lavcatur of UMC
The t'nlnn r.eat;nn Clnb Cltttett by the
The raids on the small gambling
places still continue and the police are
determined to break them tin. Ahont
8 o'clock last night, just as a colored
proepeafon with a drum corns was
matching up the Avenue, another was
seen coming down Twelfth street, ami
all the people on the s'reet supposed the
two would Join. To the eontrarr. the
procession proceeded directly to the
First 1'rcclnct station, and ws headed
by Lieutenant Amiss. Officer Work and
Sirgeani Schilling, whiten squad of of
ficers brought up the rear.
A raid had Iteen made on the Union
LcseueClub, No. 1212 K street, ami the
managers, David A. Lawnes and John
Ibistin, their steward, Itobert Jones,
and a dorefi colored men found In the
place were taken Into custody. No
ama was found In nmrns nlun the
place was raided. The gambling tables
and other paraphernalia !is In possession
of the police.
Keep your fret warm and dry.
Wear waterproof boots in preference to
arcllcsor rubbers.
Keep your eye on your umbrella, yon will
need it yourtelf.
Stop a cough or a cold at once. Pneu
monia and conturaptlon may be stalled by
If you wear rubbers take them off when
ever you have tlie clinifce, even If only for
a few minutes.
If you feel a cough or cold coming on
take a drink of iure whiskey at once. It
whl keep the blood In circulation and Is
tbe liest preventative against tbedlseaes
tf the seaeon.
llememter tlmt only prt whiskey should
Im taken. Duffy's Ture Malt Whiskey has
the strongest recommendations from the
leading scientists and medleal men In the
country, and is the only standard raedlelnal
whiskey known. Insist on having It.
The Uinirultles Attending the Success
ful rtunnlDg ut Trains,
from tki HitHicAt tlitvt.
The moan temperaluro of January a'
Tchelyabn is 17 degrees centigrade; be
twicn Omsk and Lake Iltlkal, from 10
to 2a degrees; on tho Transbilkal Line,
from 25 to 32 degrees; on tho Ussurl
Line, from 3-i decrees at its northern
end to 14 degrees nt Vladivostok.
Along tho entire route tho cold some
Hints exceeds 10 degrees, tho freezlne
point of morcury, nnd over a consider
able part or It the tomperture not In
frequently remains below (50 decrees
for several days at; a lime. If frosts of
30 degrees Iniorrupt traille In Kuropean
llusls, causing steel wheels, aIos and
and soiiicilmiH rails to break, would
not tho conditions on the Siberian linos
iiuwlnn still greater difUcultles nnd
even ntTcct the recurity of the Iron
bridges? These questions ought to be
ill tided by experimental tests, which
could best be made nt the university
town of Tomsk, lying on the line of tho
proposed railroad.
Low. temperatures have different ef
fects, not only on the human orgaaisii,
but on railroads, according ns they are
accompanied by a still atmosphere or
by more or luea violent wind. Whun
(he wind blows at n rapid r.tfe, the
Interior of iron objects gro.vs cold
quickly. On the plains of Weitern
blbcrla. west nf Ob, the Hue Is exposed
to heavy winds and frequent snow
storms. In the mountainous regions of
Central Siberia, the strength of tho
wind diminishes. In the Transbalktl,
at the coldest period of the year there
H the least wind. From Vladivostok
to the Ussurl district, severe north and
northeast storms occur in autumn, win
ter and Bprlng; however, there Is gen
erally no snow, and therefore no danger
of a stoppage of traltlc. IleyonJ the
mountains the winds are not strong,
but there are often heavy falls of ssojv.
which will make it advisable to pre
serve forests ami plant trees along the
line of the railroad.
Tlitt rmiikjliuiilu Itullroail torn
puny aiiiioiniceu Unit, roniuieiulii
Ih-iIuj uuil roiilliiiiin until October
31, round trip IliltcU iiillboaoM to
all piouiliK nt ioliilN In Ohio, Iiull
auu.uuil Illinois, ini-liiilliij; llieclly
or M. luiiis, ut one limited faro Tor
tin- loiinil trip, iiiliil for return trip
iiiilil .oeniber IS, l0. i:xirm
ftHillHUlll Mllll I'lllllllUII klfejl.
ins roru leue Vii.liiu-lou, II. a. V.
aluilon, lor the principal poliite In
Ibe Meat ut IO SO, u m., .tJIO, 7 18,
uuil 10 p. ih. The iHUKiiltiicnt ttiln
twuut or lUer lraiu, their apeeil and
"lllj, reHdurs the l'nu)ltaiiiu
tome ilia most ilcslruble mtuiii of
iui hlu;r all point In the tteol
hist ox i.eeovifr ur
mm m mmi
I'hSsMiaHi QsMtd arsr I7Mllr Ua
laaataWaVaMeVaBWaal aWeT UafaaWalC eUUl JwaVaaaaaaaatiaBaWaat
Telephone 273.
'i'TK "'
8U New York. Mce 60 eta.1
lorntcily nlth tlio Into llrm nrilnlton
A .Strlchlnntl.
We take pleasure In
announcing that we
have opened business
at No. 1217 Pa. Ave
N. W., where you will
find a complete stock
which we invite your
special attention and
solicit a share of your
1217 Pa. Ave.
S. Smith Hoover, Jr.
cwll tm
Luther B. Snyder
clothing, unmwm
Southeast Coiner of lilnlh and E
Streets tioithwest,
Wlire everybody bom. It Is the greatest
bargain coiner In ValilDRton.
We can unowjmu ror tne owning season 'he
Greatest line of J7.W Gentlemen's Suits ever
shown In the Dl-trlot. and our $10 Dress Halt
It icinal to aty Sis suit on 7th strtet.
e alto have an eleeant llnoof UoTi'HatU,
15 to 18 years, from J I to $.
t lilldren'a bults, tt to ft.
In lien's I'aotaloons we are the leaden, as
wo manufacture every dollar's wocth our
relres.and therefore can save roa llmr
cent on every dollar Invested. We have lie
IwUtt pantaloons la tie world, strlatlv ad
wool and iruaranteed never to rlo, ami our
S.S0. S and t$M pants are berona oompetl
Hon. Ik-low w mention a few prices of our Hats
and l-'iirnlililnir (foods:
Duulap style, sold everywhere fortt.90, at
Miner's style, K.W. at II S3.
Tollman's latest stylo, t, at SI.93.
Ask for our speolaf 21 Uetby.
Ilerealns In Men's TJaderwear la all anili
ties from He up- Special line Pull Ilren
Milrts at 7So nn. Hlk Embroldsreil HaspeuJ
ers.xsr. All tlmlatsst novelties la Neokwtur
at , SS and Wo.
Wlwn you get ready to purohase any of tbe
above article! give as a call,
Orand, Upright and Squire
Special attention of purchasers U Invited
to cur
"JltOflBaT I)EI
Keooad-naad Piaaoe at All Prtoes.
Wm.Knabe & Co.,
817 Market Space.
Aad joa wttl always have beautiful Bread.
.jig lyat saeoatse- waotesale Depot, oog
aar Mnt stress aad ludlaaa, avaaue.
at Umm at Dm ey. taa-
ikiom H-OBamaWA aowasg .
V WinWTiTaT. B P
Aayat Ma HaisaytJirfra.
sTMU MasjUltsMaV
" sajsr sasispjaaBBaBiaaBpaBsa)
MsMSsb littssyiML
rti iimiM 1
i'V Tsri iiiiMfiimsr b. a.
t. lutM-amid.
sixth, arswrt aju if a av
L. WOUMKUX. frown.
Merchan's' Mulua
Which i n ortnnliMlIon of the Whote
srIb nd Itetnil Merchants of the Dis
trict of (Joinmbta for mutual protection
(fltnlnst retton. who tlo trot pay their
The Flan of Operation is as Follows!
Memtwrs are tllvhlwl into two classes
rtticiptlng nnd Now Participating.
The pnrtlcipalinK members py two
dollars ($2) annual dues and fifty cents
(50c.) per month for monthly ami special
reports, but nothlnt; for collections.
Tho non-partlctpatlng members pay
petcentBRc on collections; get no report
and are not protected by the association.
All members are furnished with our
form of circular letters, which calls the
debtor's attention to his obligation (to
the creditor) and tho necessity of his
making some arrangement for settle
ment of same within a specified time.
Should the debtor fall to respond to
first letter (which is known as the cred
itor's letter) In the time stntcd, the cred
itor will send second letter (known as the
Association's letter, sinned by tho mtn
nger,) Informing tho debtor that unless
he settles in some satisfactory way
within tlmo mentioned in second letter
ids name will be placed on record m be
ing that of n person unworthy of credit,
and tho record furnished to members
tif snld union monthly In order that ho
may be known to them nnd credit denied
him thereafter.
Should n retail merchant be found
giving credit to parties that have been
rcporioit to him as unworthy or sama,
tho sold retail merchant will be reported
to the wholesale merchants that they
may know what risk they tnko In glv
Inir credit to said rctnll merchant.
Tor further particulars Inquire of
OBlccs-lMS llth St. n.w. and Ttoom ti
Central National Hank Uulldlng.
4 Louisiana avenno.
Special bargains for this week only. offrod
by tho Credit Jowclry liouso of
To eonvlneo onrpalrnn that we are selltne.
roods vbeerxr on oredlt linn can be pur
1 iMsed e.s here for easli, plea senate the tow
ptUfsot which th- folliiwlog goods are of
lerwlonohr .peildt t redlt (system. As wo
drllwrthe goods on theArst payment pur
Iimhus have the use of the artlele while they
arc toying for It-
lf to will bur a ladles' tiokel opeafaoe
Hwlas wetflh.
, JHfO will buy a ladles' chalelaln witeh.
harxlK rooly engraved; .plendld tlme-pteoe;
good watoli for the money.
IHM) will buy a waleh of same kind as
atM.vr, with some additional Impnnemsnts.
SH'.CWvslll liny a gentleman's g-le hunt
ing cae, nd'd illvcr Hwl-s nlekel movement.
SI Wwlll buy a ladtea' s'lver bunting ease
I wlss raoi finint, stein wind an 1 set.
fl.Twlllbuyii soldld silver gentleman's
ll-s';e hurting case, with gold bow. stem
wlrid and set: nickel irovement.
f)S SO will buy a solid silver Isslie lmntlag
raff. full twel hul.s, s:emwlnd aumet;
this u a. deuhled bargain.
$18 00 will buy an opn faee sliver woteh,
Waltliam moBmnt, stem wind and set.
f IS T will buy a ladles' solid gold hunting
case watob, fewiss movement, stem wind aad
26 fO will buy a solid slher 8 lie bunting
case wali-h. with II Jweld Ifcwkfurd move
trent; warranted for five years.
SITi will buy an IHaise solid silver 4-oc.
cast- gold hinges, 8-tewele-1 Itoekford move
ment, stem wind aad set. This watch Is war
ranted for fle years.
118(0 will buy a ladles' nleeiy-eagraved
(olid so'd buntlBgease watch, with SwUs
ibovenent ileij wind and set.
i; To will buy aa on face, dust-proa,
nllfd case.warrauledto wearas well as solid
gold for twenty years, with a Kockfofdmjve-
ww wiirrAuieu lornre years.
tSlija will buy a nicely engraved ladles'
watch, solid gold hunting oase, stem vlitd
atd set; hwlss movement; ulckle.
S'JITJwIII buy a gentleman's opes f iee
filled cate warranted to wear as well as solid
cold for twenty years, wltb Roekford weve
11 ent warranted for rite years.
isiS.Kwi'l buy a nicely engraved ladlet'
solid gold bunting-case watch, stem wlad
ina set, full Jeweled bwlss straight llae, with
Hreguet hair sprm
l ;i will bur u ladh-s' solid gold buatiog
. a.e. full Jeweled awlse asovesaeat, ttesa
Srr.i 6 will buy a ladies' solid gold bat Ja
cae watch. Aueb straight line. Trustbalr
S( Hug. full Jeweleil Blekel bwiss Bwreioeat.
ST.t will bay a ladles' aloely esgruv!
olid gold buatlagcae waicU, with nickel
eWua itinTf ment
vM-ea will buy a ladles' solid gold watalt,
II Jeweled Kieia uoveaieat. 'flla is a aesa.
im n will bur a ladles' solid gold watch,
full Jeweled twUs; latest r- t nint r
, WwlU bay a ladle." solid goU wataa,
full Jeweled few Us A beauty
S41 M will buy a ladies' solid oaU watMi,
seriaieUih edge. II Jeweled Elfin. Tats
watcii would be cheap at HO.
sgtWwill bay a geauleaua' solid iteU
fabsy box case I ' Jeweled Hockosd, wr
raaud for Ive years. This wutcb kit mm
l reu aold fur less then Ira
IIAsVwdl bey a genttesaaBs sjsUd aabl
i'k. crmU-ilila edg-. haaaUfaMy ea
armd Avery popular deekra. with a II
ev, ld ul'-tel ttoskfuid rMitnt. irir
raii'ed for fieiears.
j .0 u will buy a grulleraaa's solid gold
w.Kb, lull Jeweled Uoi-kfonl atavstateat,
"Hi patent regulator, warrsaitd tar Ave
(iu Wand upwards la our prioe far albsd
ca-e warrraated to wear as well assoUd
uld for twenty n-ars We eaa give yoa asy
riyleyou waut. buatlngcase or opea Uaa,
nutrly cngravtd or la ptala aegtasvtiiraait.
t'j a) and uowaid. Is our pru e lur the cele
brated quick tiala stock toed awveaatau.
lbe-.eBMtessecis are wavaatad furlyaaga,
-i;d guaranteed to be perfect liaw keeners.
Wc wish to insures oa our rs trusts that
t base gouds are all of a alrb grade, aad es
criilUMriv vlutap wlus you euiapaM tae ial
Uy o( taa goods, out guaraatae. taa prices
aid taa Urau upoa wbicb they ate sold.
Maaea call aad exjuolaa our stosk what nag
yuawisk toDajrcaaaeor not, to triable to
skuw aueos. CVje and aae as. We waat to
gtt uuiBted arlta y . wUtoh Is ov atata
reasost log uuf king taese de b-ebie auos) aa
am. IWe prUes are for tat woefcoaly.
jhtaaasawsg taa t ugasag.
Ottm v&9.
iWNf if Imp tt.LFIis.
rnKiii ft sMHawnrai
ayssjBWBjasi sajpsfassiass pm
MB stfsHMsf amrth Wfliif
F BsjssBBgaaiaayss'.."i
wakasrLs MaiUtBa.
yssjaaaasssssw sssnajnaj gassssreFssa
1901 g stcaat utaeat.
w asF'Wsg' aF BPaTgHavapiB
JbM atsnaal eatt 4i aW !hinnilsiT BtaiMteJL Mtf
v ruiLLif i QuXAIOfUff
rmttw9tt n. KaurnW 1B
rmuux. zACHJtT MonuoutT.
"'aaa BuiidUig. T at
In Order to Introduce Our Celebrated Make of
To the Tubllc of Washington and Vicinity, We Will Give You the
Opportunity of Buying your FALL CLOTHING at
The Following Lots ate Heady fcr Yotir Examination:
IOTi Men's tnlts In Seels and cntawars, neat atd dressy, at J. Other
nrr-Ven' All wcol flnltr, fucks nnd CatawRvs, for dress or basroem.SS.
Other dealers k $11.
iOT -llsndioire Dress Fnlts, Inrtekarid Cutaway, In Week Chevtots.Wors
tetts and casstniere at Jl SO. Hfgnler retail pries, Jtn.
I.rrT4 Fhw Irlnee Albert bulls. In Ctwkserewor rHgonM,atStl. Sow
everywhere at fSB .
LOT 5 Men's Overcoats, In Kerseys and Meltons, at $.. Soltt everywhere
at tWM.
LOT e-Nobby Metl on Overcoats. In SO different strides, with or without silk
facing, at 110. Hesmlar price lis
LOT T-Tqur choice of 30 style of Light-weight OvnrM'tts, In Oh evTCt,)tel
ton, Kerwamt WMpeonl. at 815. Sold everywhere at $.
. LOT 8-ie.ero parrs of Men's rants, nt $1, J 1.S9. St, MM, J. Si.SO, , $!
and JT. Each pair werth 40 per cent, more money.
Boys' and Children's Salts and rants In endless variety.
The Above Offer Holds Oood for Two Weeks ami is Given to Introduce
Onr Famous Make of Clothing.
York One-Price Clothing House,
31 1 Seventh St. N. W.
MANUFACTORIES 212, 214 nnd 210 Wost Washington Street, Syracuie,
N. Y.j C2, 84 and CO Pcsrl Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
taSTWo closo at 7 p. m. Saturdays, 11 p. m.
1003 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Summer Discount Until Further Notice.
EictilngSi Engravings, Water Colors, holographs and All Pictures
M txcepl Allotypes at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
special attention paid to Framing, Heglldlnc, Moving and Doling rteturos and Mirrors.
James B. Liambie,
1415 New York Avenue,
GAS COOKING STOVES to cook for eight to
thirty people. Just the stove Jor summer use, as the In
stant trie cooking is done you can extinguish the fire.
413 Tenth Street Northwest.'
I $SBS f" M m'EPl Yw camV )s
EeSfe. J-SSJnMBi 1 ! fir "" . --. 7 JgSI id
1 I'l -y.juia. fw, rs r fswfci-i r-i Jm n r-, --
T Wlfci 1 111 Tl I ItTi f I11 iTi i ' m J r,Ti r-swr aBV TQ dtsrl o hats.1
1K&'JBt lit yl UnvX ' 1 ) li itVUfe Wa tsf 4aV S ""'"
bBs'sCa liStsfeM jsHv'il 1 Tif r sen " sf?c 1 rk v S"'
JsK lB63k MWm'JjkFa m IfTsW " El W tTHRlrtl 3liiiOsilt10e.
i.STBav es IctsEBBsia. t 9T itsT S, 1T-Mf4 Jl Fsa . esjejes fchiii l sejjbv n&i. -3B
4sW SevwH tit H W ,
l . 5 and $ 1 .50.
next u Uil-1 FtjUuwa' Hail
KAtr itoAm.
The Great Pennsylvania Route
To the North, West and Southwest.
DrmWe Track. Splendid Scenery.
Steel Rails. Majrntftrent Bqntpaeat.
in effect Mar nth. two.
Tratns leave Wasblnrton, iroro station, ror
ner of sixth and Bslreets, as follows-
Tm. rwTBTTmi and the Wet. rhlnao Mm!
ted Sspressof milman VestirnHeCarsat
10 80 a m dattr; Fst Wne. 10 SO a m dal I v to
Chteaeo. Cofninbns and 8t. Lonls. with
Sleepfiae raw from nambnrs;to Indianap
olis, Wttfbnrjt to Oolamtms; Altonn to
CMcaw .frt. fnts. Chleago and Cincinnati
Bxpress. 8 30 n m dally rarlor Tar Waih
toirton to Ilarrhbnnr. and siceptnir Cars
IlarrJstmivr to St. LooKchtonn and nn
etnnatl, and Dlntre far Itnrrlsbnre to St
LottKOifoaexinndllnPlanatl Weston Bt
press, at T 4 p m dally, wltb Sleeping Cars
Washington to Chicago aod St. UniK run
neatlns; dally at llarrlsbnrst with throiih
Sleepers for Ixwlsvllleaml Nfemphls rnll
man Dinlr t Car ntlsbnrg to Richmond and
Ihlcaeo raclRo Evprea, loco pmdiily,
forFlttsbnrrand the Wet, wllb tbroitirri
Steeper to ftlttbore; and nttsburir to l hl-
Fon Kasb, Canandalima, Rochester and Nt
arara Falls dally, except Sunday R in a m.
T1n RJ!1 Canamlalrna nd Rochctcr daily;
firimrTsloamt Niagara dally, except Hit-
nrday.wopprn with Sleeping Car Waih-
Ineton to rtoohmter.
Fo? SI.yus,T0"1' ,'00 Haven and Elrnlra,
at 10 BO a m dally, except Snnday.
Pon VituA'roRT, daily, J. 30 pm,
60.1OC0andlt. pm. On 8anday?0.00,
11.se . 8 10, 3.1S. 4 so, loTW and II p u.
Limited Express of IMUman rarlor Cars
9.0 a m dally, except Snndsy.
rvin New Tork only, Limited Express with
IHnmg Car. 5 00 p m dally. '
Fon rniMPRLrntA only. Fast Express ft 10 a
m week-days and 4 pm daily. Express,
Sunday only, S 40 p m.
Fon lioeTon without change, 8:t0 a m week
daT aid 315pm every day
Fon Brooklyn. N. T., allthrough trains con
nect at Jersey City with boats of Ilrooklyn
Annex, afTnnllng direct transfer to Fulton
street, svoldlngdouble ferrlago aaross Now
York City.
Fon Atlantic Cut, 11.40 a m week-days, It SO
Fon ItALTUtoni!. 6.35, T.S0, 8.10, 0 00. 0 10, 10.00.
10 so, ll coand II 40n n, l.os, a.io, 3 1V3 30'
4 P0, 4.W, 4 30, B CO. 3 40, 0 TO, 7 40, 10.00 amf
11.W p m. On Sunday 0.00. 9 05, 10. '0, li.io
2 J"',il& 3AK3. 3 im ' s-5. . coo.
7.4Q, 10 no and 1130pm.
Fon Pora's Creek Line, 7 20 a m and 4.30 n m
dally, except Sunday. '
For AMNArou, 7.S0 and 9.00 a ra, 12.0 nnd
4 so p m dally, except Sunday. Sundays,
9.00 ft.m and 4.20 pm. '
WAsniNOTON sotrrnEiiN hailvtat,
In effect May llth, 1800. "'""
Fon AtEVANnnu, 4 30, C33. 7 45, 8 40, 9.13,
10.37 a m. I 01 noon, S. 09, 3 30, 4.25, 4.53, 8,01,
8 , 10.05 and 11 M p m. On Sunday at 4.30.
7.43, 9 43 10.57, a m, 2.30, 6.01, 8.03 and 10.05
p. m.
Au-oMvotUTioN for Qnantlco, 7.13 a m and
4X.J t m week-days. 7.45 a m Sundays.
Fon lln iimo.no nnd tho South, 4 30 and 10.37 a
in ilally. Accommodation 4.53 p m week
TnAinsleavo Alexandria for Washlngton.1 it
7 CB. 8 CO. 9.10. 10.13. 11.07 a mj 1 jois 00.1 1).
6.10, 0 06. 7.03 9.!, 10 37 and 11 03 p
On Sunday at 9.10 and 11.07 a m: 3.00
7.03, 7 89. 0.80 and 10.37 pm.
Tickets and Information at tho omeo,
northeast corner of Thirteenth street and
rennsylraiila avenue, and at tho station,
where orders can bo left for tho checking of
baggage to destination from hotels and rosl
denccs. ciias. E. rrorr. J. n. wood.
ncncrnl Manager. Gent. Pass. Agent.
Ualtimoro ami Ohio Railroad.
Srhcdnlo In cITect Juno S6, 1300.
Leave Washington from station corner of
hew Jersey avenue and O street.
Fon Ciiicauo and Northwest, Vostlbuled
Limited express dally 11.30 a m, oxpross
9-cOp m.
FonCihcixNATt, St. Louis and Indianapolis
express daily 3,Mai,d 11.30pm. ,
Fon riiTcDi-Bn and t'leToland, express dill
9 so amend 8.40 p.m.
Fori I.ExiauToN nnu points tn tho Shenandoah
VaMey, ll.0 am.
Jon iNciiroTER and way stations, 15.30 p m.
Fon l.i'KAr, MM and i.W p m.
For Ualtimohk, week days, 4 03, 3.00. 0.33.
7.SO 7.) (S.CO 43-mlnntes). 8.W, 9.30. (11.00.
U 00 43-inlnutesl a. ra , l.10,t,13 (.'.10 45-
uilnutesl, (3.13, 4-n,lnutesl, 3 33, 4 'JO, 4 30,
4JM ll.to, 3-mInutes) 5.30 600, 613, 6.30.
7 10. 7.S0, 8 38, 9.fO. 10 30 and II 30 p.m.
humlays, 4Cc, 7.80. 7J0, 8 30, 9.30 a m.
(1C.C0, 45 minutes) 1 00, a. 18. (i.M, 45-mlu
Ule3 a6,4.,4!H, (1.50, 45 minutes) 0JXJ.
fc.13, 6.30, IM, tJV, lOJi , 11.30 p m.
Fon Wat fcTATioNs between Washington and
lleltlmora. 3(0, 0.33, 8.30 am.. U.10,33,
4.s, o so. ll .so p m. Sundays, 8.30a m., 1.00,
s,4.,6j, lijaopm.
Trains lxavx IIaltixori! for Washington.
vrrck days. 3.CO. O.ao,, 7.S0.S.00,
BJO, 8S, 9.30 and 10.30. 10J5am ; li.00.
1U.10. S 10. S V, 8 50, 4 00, 4.13, 5.00, 6 W,6.!!
7.C0, 7.M. 8JW. B SO 0(O. 10.10, lOOandlLoJ
p ra. Sundays. 0 30. 7 13. 8 30, 8.33. 9 31, 10..
10JI5 a m U 00. 1 .03. 8 10, 2 30,4.13, 5.00.60.
7.00,7 30,8.),8S0. 1010, 10.JM and 11.00pm.
For Amnai-olis. 6.3ft andti.SU a m., 1.'. 10 and
u. Dunuj. o ju a m., s tj n m.
Lea e Annapolis. 6 J3, 8.37 a m K, 03. 3J:
pm. Sundays, 8.30 a ra., 3.55 p m.
For bTATinNs on the Metropolitan Brano
ttljo, tri 30 a m . 11.15 p m. For principal
stations only, tlO.40 a m., II JO and tJjs
Fob ItocKnixa and Way Stations, tl S3 p ra.
For (UmiKwmuHs and ictermeitUte pclnts.
t.oo, jjio 00, tlixa ra., tl.00, M.U), .,:
t.4,il0 0M,tll.Wpm.
For Uovn's and Intermediate stations, .9
Cuobch thain leaves Washington on Sanda
atl 13 p m., itopptu at all stations on
Metropolitan Uraseh
Fob Fbsiichick. .. SC30, 3 30 tll.JOam..
11.13, 13.30. t4.39pm. '
For UAexasTOK n, tlO 40 a ra. and 13.30 p m.
Tkaios arrive Irorn Chleago dally 11.45 am
ami 4 10 p ra; from Cincinnati and St, Louts
daliy S.tO a m and 8.05 p ra; from I'UUburg
7.10 um, 5.50 pm dally.
FurNev ouk. Treat oa. ewrk. N. J.an
ilisabeth, N. J , 106, iHM, 10.00, 'W00
am. 8.b0, UM aod M.30 p ra. Ouffet
Parlor Cars on all day trains. Bleoplng Car
oa the 10 30 p ra. Often at 9M p m.
Fob Philauslphia, 4 06, tJ00. '10.00, 1J00
BOOJl. 1.50. M.50, a.l5 and W SO p ni.
For Newark, Del , WllaUuKton and Ctieter,
1 OS, te 00 a ra, 'MM uooo, .' 50, M 50,
15 and W 30 p ra.
Fob irtkhxxdiate jhums between Baltimore
aad Pbliadelptda, t& 00 and 7M a m, t i 50,
Thaim leave New York for Washington,
(a) tit 30 a iu, sU-W, i " 50upiuaa4
Tkauui leave PUiadelh4a . tasb'cglon,
um, .. , 'ma a b, nw, msi.
ej x stpm.
F VoMov, UM p b, wUb PaHtaaa lluffet
bleephig Oar rual tbrough t-i B.fton
wtboit cluuwe. v1 PiMwakaepile brllge.
LttBdUttf passeasteN In S. M. station at
iMi Atlantic Citt, 4jU and 10.00 a m. 1 ? 00
ami, Muulays, 4M aw. iOUu uarl
U 30 p ui.
t Except feiuuiay. sftotly. JSun'ayon'y,
Hajwaee ealissl for and checki-i f i jti n i
tela and resMeaosw br Uaiuti Trnsfir i . m
otdmtt left at tk-ket osskes, (13 auj 1 1 i I'd.
ave. aod at dteot.
Gen Manager tlen. Pass A 4 r
Wkolasnsn asd sfastail Baators In
ktkxftt id Lamp's Creek Coal,
OtffCB: MM V. hs. (fOUfeswaa Bolllln),
YAKO: Our. H . aad Del. avc
HUUNtOMK: OHM. 31M; Yard. 8 '
JStttarf luhun Iji j fori Mitn' If y -.: q
fed tja Vi i 4c jt y 4 niu)U JMtr
you l ,t.Li a.4,1 Wfll i .1 . ll i t r
("tei of Jisga'sav M'smkis.rwsisin ul, 1 1Uisum.
leup. fJEWEflejcl-i'1' u "
lnnta mIuiki.1.,i. itiu.
BuB&ki.S V. Firfliniu.ii - '
x ptescaas ssa raiiy is.
done II ui-i um.Ii)
of Uiis 4istf ....
o h is. iKAiny v r,
Ws baNSAJ i . fc.
t. y js.s, - i 4 i. -
SI. 00. B.Hn i.'',iji
Ti r ll)(s He u r-t li "
9 li , V.Lil I. J.w i i '.. i-isjl
i, .... "-'' ' IruUIJ
S -t w tS. AA SU"1-
cwicytDTcn s en&isw
K4 C a IMamiHiil Bt.u.l
m m1 bE&mIc t....
.. uIr
V.. ' r SI"" ' Utia hj feuuj. ,
qi.lu.Mf Sural Ce Ysssun . A'kU r
y m

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