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2GB YEAHNO. 6,9iiy.
phiojb two 0SNr&
Trrr the Jh'ntriet of CWirmMn, iRtrvkhul
trvrt Virginia, reMer; ftorthtmltrli !;
fair weather: frottt art UMg to occur to-
Just Receivec
SEVERAL new lines of
Sack Suits. Perfect
beauties, too. GENTLE
MEN'S garments, everyone
of them.
OUR goods are made for
us by the BEST manufac
turers of FINE clothing in
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Do not forget that in
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N. K. Corner ftorcutli riiiI l,Sls.;V, W.
Juttlce AiluilnUtereil la niftiuilers by
Chlaf Ju.lloa IllQchmii,
George Seymour, a native of Itussia,
charged with larceny, fallal to appear
before the Criminal Court yesterday
when his case was called, ami he was
arrested upon tbe complaint of Chief
Justice Vlnfcliam and detaUad la the
I street station last night. This mors
Jog be waa brought before tbe court
and committed to jail by Chlaf Justice
IHngham until the coeU are paUl.
In the Ciiinloal Court this morning
Jnmcs O'Brien, charged with home
I leaking, pleaded guilty aad nuws
leered to jail for thirty days a ad or
den d to restore the property.
illlaru llryaat, a youag eolored
iran, w:i8 tried for assault w ill iateat to
LIU Howard Johnson April S last.
T brnn was severely cut la the eye awl
!.! 3 eyesight destroyed. Tbe defendant
1'l 1 and was arrested at Camdea, X. J.
Jarrcs Grant, charged with Indecent
r "ti.H. waa released this afternoon oa
i "J ball, furnWued by DavU Murray.
Mortimer Westcott. ladieted with
Tseph Smith for larceny of the person
in stealing a rise- sad overcoat from
l'rank Loriag la a saloon oa Twelfth
Ftroet, was put oa trial by himself to-day,
f-mitU cot yet being apprehended
1 rtlng claimed that he was drugged in
the saloon and left u&coasclou In the
rtrrct Tbe property was recovered by
ln it 1 (k from oae Hejaleia, to
xsh c.m it bad beea sold by Smith.
TLc following indict menu were
' nd Uy tbe grand jury to-day. James
(Ri.Q assault with iateat to commit
rijv Janus Powell, larceny, John
(. n housebreaking, Beajsjtua Duff,
t t.e urge Smith, assault with iateat
v i. , I -.rati Harris aad Asa Bsaks, lar
r v I rie Williams, sliasElU Prey.
tr.ccv fruru the person aad robbery;
v,.uam MUpmaa, em brrr lament;
'I i. u-as Pelon. larceay; Tuoswas J.
, .. ,rcy polygamy: Arthur Cromwell
r! -T.bn II O'Doaaell, violation of
t- r"ik' i-
Ml" lisj' fsamut Use,
1 1 is from the rHUaburg Ttatit.' 4
:; j a Ucd. gentle. leaned asta, who
i i anodes Sister tlitri-r aad
i S-.lk is tufused with a faint
f .. !or as she Is tnlrodmwd. calls
...i jMittt lt winter, when, la
a .i, i Iff ibe Mercy Convent, the
U. . f white wtUa was, with the
f Mis Katie Drexei. discarded
i l. blm.k rube aad the mum Slater
., i! . Slater Kaiheriae to sow
. 1 in teaching tone of the 300
. 1 ka who call St. Pawl's Bow
i . .u Oipbaa jUylow iheu hoe.
., 1 is ctmpoed of the prlaiary
f the vast etUbHahmeas. aad
j 1 1 j una lovtagty te aoeera tb
i hia then the rudiments of
iu tu make muiici" If su, buy
Cauws Fiftm Hundred Persons to
Rush Fraatically for the Exits.
Trampled Uoder FmI and Somo Fatally
HurtOthers Seriensly Wounded.
List of tbe Casualties.
CutCAoo, Oct. 17. A small Are nt
St. StMllais Polish Cnthollc Clmreb,
on Xoblo and Grahnm streets, thti
morning, ctuatl rmnlc, and a score of
children were badly hurt. Somo of
them will probably die. At nbout 8
o'clock this morning tho Hev. Father
Vincent Bnrzlnskl wns roading tho
usual mass for Ihe school children
when nn nltar curtain was set on fire
by one of the candles. In loss than n
minute nil tho flowers and curtains and
evorythlne Inflammable WA3 ono sea of
Unmcs. Nearly flfteeu hundred chil
dren, from 5 to 15 years of ni;e, wore
assembled at tho church. When they
saw tho flru they wore panic -stricken
and made for the exits.
All tho efforts of tho sisters of Notro
Dame, who have charge of tho chit
drcn, to check tho stampede proved to
be of no avail. Tho children rushed
toward tho door and rolled down tho
stono steps, followed by tho crying
and screaming women that wore aho
In the church. Tho children that came
out first were the most Injure. Thuy
wire trampled upon by tho children
and women following them, who
seemed utterly without reason or pres
ence of mind. An alarm of lira was
tent In and tbe noise of the approach
log enjtlto, with the ringing of bells,
made the panic still worse.
In less than five minutes after the
alarm was sent In, over 10.000 people
&Mcmb!d around the church while the
panic waa at Its height. Josef Zzlk,
a, boy of 12 years, was tho most danger
ously lnjuted and will probably die.
He has a gash of six Inches on the right
tide of bis head, the scalp U cut
through and his skull fractured. At
Kortakawskl'a drug store. 0S0 Noble
street, several physicians were kept
busy attending the injured children.
Among the Injured there was a bay
named Stanlskos Kamlnska of 714 Poly
avenue, who was Injured Internally by
a fall from tho stone steps. The extent
of bis lojuiles could not be ascer
tained. Tbe Are was (ulokly extinguished,
only a small damage being done. It
will net exceed $100. A patrol wagon
from tbe IUweon police station arrived
aad the police, with tbe help of the Are
department, began to restore order.
At first they met with very little sue
cese. It seemed as if everybody within
a mile around was at tbe place, and the
c tow da were so dense that a pa wage
could only be made with tbe greatest
of efforts. After half an hour's work
tbe pollee succeeded In taking tbe
worst of tbe Injured children to tbe ad
joining drug store.
The injured obildreti were all Poles.
Tbe llet, as far as eaa be ascertained, is
as follows:
Yuxk DnwizaKi, It years oil, too
Noble street; wilt iW.
I'KAKK DllMTKOW, 7 JUM (till, lit
Clever street; will die.
J o.ik ZkuiK, HO Wade street, skull
finvturtal; will ill.
I ukBowo U; will die.
I'uiuowu g.rl, who wae take hoateby
lu.r parent. Hill die.
t'atfcK Ixlu, 48 Bradley street, take to
Almlaii Bi other' iteeatwt: uKrimty hurt
tBti. IHik, M jeers uU; leg aatf sail
Uokiu: bablyhurt.
I.tw Lkm .tktiwiTZ, V akl; lft
s.Ut of bvwl crushed; baMjf aart.
llikHN Vi ntii, burly hurt.
jsrAkiLAtiL K ALHiKi, slisly aart,
iinuiicL Port, 1 Haawei stMet, seei-
(HiH lojurtd.
I-ail KM.iKiaKi, Ust Hlacfckawk
atwt, .Ilgbtly iajarail.
Tbe aaaiee of others iajured eaaaot
lAlKi BV 4X Oil) WOMAX.
Tbe Rev. Father Banyaskl aad hk
TrHirfttf did ail la their aowar to paAt
the ehibirea uaderetaad thaw wae ao
daeger, but their eslorto were raadawai
fruiUeaa by aa okl wotaaa ia the rear
of the chttTfb, who sereauted 'yire'
Fire! Chibifes, you'll be burat."
The the exodue started, lllightof
eevea or eight stone steps leads tiowa
frosa the chureh, aad the thlUlrea aad
woaieu fell dowe the stairway. Others
caate up frosa the haaeajaat hesoa. attd
the jaia wae taada all the won.
Frank IeUi. the 11 year old
hoy who eaaaot survive, lay oa Use
tidewaU sad 19 eWWrea waUai oa
bier- lie received lateraal bibtriec
aad the doctors espres ao hoae for ki
Tha ease of JajTioh Ahasajhaxg va. Hm
Pelawaje Xaekaaraaaa aaji Weetarti
ad the Kev York, Chfcago ad St.
Tffltirf Sl&Hfesiil llrWIWJlriiBi V4UI lyMswfti
IceLia laXjillf. Mr SskAJDiyMf ta M.
geged ts esrotatia of emk. Mi
ta the Vtfff eja Vtiurt
Tbe foltow lag adjudiealkMU wece
wade Ui the Circuit Court this iwfftiVfg
byJuMicvMoaUusaery V. W VoaM
coa . George A- Atmm, veedk km
the Uaiatia' &3&c. 3j v. Satatf.
tmHit for coatiauaace.
Juoce He4.taar iu.
JuJe Arthur Ha.A.rlbur U u-purtel
t Lc atriuui ill at bwrudl.nti iil
Tho Horrible Snfl'erlng Two ShtpO
Orewa ltxperlenceil.
Sax Fk.vnci?o, Oct. 17. Tho ships
II. It. Thomas, Captain Coulson, from
New York, ami Alexander JfcCullom,
Captain O'Hrlen, from Baltimore,
which arrived bore yestenlay. hud
scurvy on board. On the Thomas
there were four cases, and sren on the
On the McCullom the men were in a
horrible condition, their bodies lrelng
covered with running sores and their
gums black ami swo'len.
The sailors say that during the voyage
of 151 days they had not tasted vege
tables of any sort, and the meat given
them was putrid. Two of the men,
James Manure ami Thomas Hayes, as
a result of the dlseaee had become
Dutlng the voyage of the Thomas
Second Mate Kooper was lost over
board. The cases will be reported to the
United States authorities by the quar
antine ofllccrs. '
A Town Mntklml Killed nt Ills Door by
ii Hidden AmrmIii,
1'Al.MOtTH, Kt., Oct. 17. S. E. R.
Vogelsang, town marshal of this place,
was shot and killed last night. The
murder was brutal and cowardly.
Vogelsang was just entering the gate of
his home, when nn unknown assassin
fired. Tho marshnl fell dead, with a
double load of buckshot in his breast
and face. Several persons heard the
shot and rushed Into the house. The
dead man was ono of tho sergeants nt
arms of tho Congressional convention
now In session hero. Oscar Downard, n
livery stable keeper, Is knoivn to have
had a grudgo against him, and Is sus
pected of tho murder.
Tho lied Cro Hoclntr Hit Mo Hos
pital or Hlntor.
lleforrlng to tho story of the flight of
Sifter Sophie from the so called lted
Cross Hospital In Cincinnati and her
subsequent mairlago In Chicago, Miss
Clara Barton, ttio president of the so
ciety, said to day:
"There Is not the slightest pMIhle
ronmction between the two. Until the
rccumnceof the event, to which you
refer the American National lted Cross
Association had no knowledge of the
(lsltnce of the 'lted Cross Sister or
rr the existence of the hospital from
which she is said to have osc.tped."
Miss llarton nlo declared tint the
sccletv was non sectarian, and had ho
hospital of Its own.
Two Slurdarsnt Who !Icitd from
.lull Voluntarily Surrender.
Ci.KVKL.vNn, Ohio, Oct. 17. A
special from Athens, Ohio, to the Vrti
says- A wholesale Jail delivery oc
cured he-re last night. Seven prisoners
cecaped by sawing their way throujh
the roof of the county jail.
Tbe remarkable part of the whole
mattor is that Charles Taylor, awaiting
trial for the murder of bis wife, came
back tills morning and gave himself up.
Eli Foster, awaiting trial for murder
of Dan Ilottemeyer, went home and
visited bis parents through the
nlgbt and came back this morning
ard knocked for admission to the
county stronghold. The Sheriff, with
his noese, are seourlng the country for
the five who are out.
Iliiulty Court Nol.
The following motions, orders, etc.,
were made in the lirjully Court to-day
by Justice Hradley: Hay vs. Kirk, Au
ditor authorized to consider petition of
(1. E. Kirk, Nelson vs. Wortbiagton,
sale finally ratified and cause referred
to A mil tor, im re Mar Hammond,
alleged lunatic, writ de luaatlco laqui
rendo ordered to issue. Edwards vs.
Maupin, Willlan II. 11. Halelgh and
Tbotuas Waggamau substituted ae trus
tees; Ogram vs. Nairn, exceptloae to
urn as to luiperiineai matter susiaiaeu ;
King vs. Kiag, defendant ordered to
com ply -a lilt order of February 13, ISU0.
riuuttral Term lloloe.
The folloaiag adjudicalloas were
Made ia the Court of Geaeral Term to
day, Justices Hagaer, Cox aad Jaases oa
tbe t eeeh Hrawaer. Heary A., boad as
ecBiiabte approved. Allie Coarad aad
wife. Louisa, vs Columbian Uaiverslty,
argued by Mr. Macaey for the piaia
tiff aad Mr. Mattlagly for defeadaat,
suLadtted; Fifth Bdptiat Church vs.
Halliuiore aad Potomac Railroad Coat
paay, continued; Daalel W. Schooa
Mtaker vs. Carrie B. Kvaas. adralais
tralor of estate of J. O. Evaas, argued
by A. b. Wortbiagtoa for ptaiatill.
Martao tluMtrBm Uaart&ar.
The eeswaittee of the Treasury De
pat Iateat appoiated to eoaaider taai
ters tetatJag to Use rtcomairaiiatioa
of the delegates to the Iatar
salioaal Maiiae t'oaf ereaee uict U day.
The atkadaace was dUappoietiag. aad,
after lUteeiag to aa address by Mr. 1).
I). V. Miak. adjauraed uarJl October i.
I.tetmail tu Wwt.
Marriage liceasee have beea iseued to
the fulkwiag peraoas: Patrick ii.
Wright aad Marciu D. Johaaoa of Rich
tauaii. Va ; W. H- Jaaws of WaiUag
tua aad Mary Wad of Philadelphia,
ftayyH Mthsj aad M it sis Rawet, Qeo.
WilMaaj Qreea aad im Mattwia Joha-
vtfce 'iHjk VNba?
The Civil awrvk CoouaiaiioB 'litsjrtii
to eai aUsMlllrn to tto eyajsajiaallMMt leg
draughusuaa ia the Coast &wvf,
wUeh fU take pUce on the $fci of
0txber. 0ly use applketioa hat as
yet haa aaeeivedu Te aaiary ia myis,
'u laaaj&aajfA tslad lraJfttaa Irltaabt
' "PSflSa'SPS'PW i PWi rPrfli
The VvtumbnUMtit to-4ay awarded
tit coat rati to MUetKe. UalUday &
tjftpfcarilftfa le th swASNretaaate to be
atade at the Puekse Cottetu The work
Y he GtMMSjaa4 aa aooa aj practd-
WWtri TwUL
Tbe trial of B bhepberd Vulle. tbe
"ttocwlv ' gwvll charged with forgery
SJiJ eaiU..ii.au.nt U u Uic Criiuiasi
C juil vu i.iiJlitr lue Ij iu iiuW
The Irish Police Are Still Starching
Fruitlwaly at QaMmtewo.
A SMialist Orator at Hall Drtps Dad.
The Talk of Erepaii Capitols
Gabled from Leattan.
I'ahis. Oct. 17. Messrs. William
O'Urlon and John Dillon, who suo
cccdetl In erfldlng the Irish police last
wwk with the Intention of proceeding
to America to lay the cause of Ireland
before the people of that country, and
who anlved at Cherbourg Wednesday,
t cached this city yesterday.
In an Interview Mr. Dillon satd that
after the yacht on which he and Mr.
O'Utlon made their escaped had been
out two days the supply of lllumlnat
ing oil ran out, nnd In consequence It
was Impossible to light tho yacht's
lights. This made It dangerous sail
ing In such a crowded waterway as tho
Channel, nnd several tlmos they nar
rowly escaped being run down by pass
ing steamers, somo of which came
perilously near tho yacht.
Mr. O Utloti's solo object In refusing
to face bis accusers to the end In Tip
pcrary wos to keep bis cngasoment to
speak In aid of tho Irish catiw in
America. Ho was confident that the
mission to that country would meet
with success. Tho Nationalist partv
were In perfect accord, anil Ireland
lisd implicit confidence In Mr. 1'arrHl.
The death of Mr. Gladstone or the
bankruptcy of tho National League
were tho sole hopes ot the Tories In
their fight against the Parliamentary
iigltRtlin for Iilsh homo rule.
Messrs. Dillon and O'llrlen will re
main In Fails fur eight days, when
thi'V will proceed to Havre, where they
will take psssflge for New York.
la J'niHftmyi that Mtsirs. Dillon
aril O'liilen state that after they have
fliilhcd their mission in Ihe United
Plnlcs they will go back to Ireland and
surrender themselves. The paper says
they were both exhausted by their voy
age across the Channel.
Mr. Dillon said lie had nothing to
rniiceal regarding the motives fur the
flight of himself and his colleague from
Ireland. "It Is our wish," he said, "to
submit tho condition of Ireland and
appeal on behalf of (heir unhappy
brethren to the seven or eight millions
of IiUh people In America. Tbe Amer
icans me greatly Interested Iu Ireland,
mid we have no doubt of the political
and financial success of our mission.
We need mosey for the tru;gle against
tbe landlords and to assht the unhappy
tenants who are perishing from hunger
and build houses for the evicted fami
lies. Tbe government wasted tode
pi he the tulferers of these resources,
and therefore we did not beeltite to
Mr. Dlllou recalled tbe results of
similar actions brought by tbe Govern
ment against other Irish members of
Parliament and journalists, and sabl
that the only resource left for himself
ami O'liilen was flight.
They expect to embark on tbe
steamer La llrctaeae on tbe 35tb Inst.
Tbcy will remain in America four
months and will then return to KagUad
and surrender themselves to tbe poliee.
Mr. Dillon laughingly concluded: "We
have been pileouers so often that a few
months wore or less can not frighted us.
We look with coutidtmee to tbe general
election and tbe triumph of Gladstone,
who will give Irishmen their promised
Mr. O'llrlen met bU wife oa her
arrival at tbe railway station yesterday.
QuKKxero x, Oct. 17. The noliee
authorities do not give tbe slightest
i-retb-aee to tee report that Mr. Dillon
and Mr O'llrlen leaded at Cherbourg,
and are continuing the search with
renewed vigor for the fugitives. The
town ia still swarwlag with detective
and polketaee, who boarded the four
transatlantic liners, inciu liBg the Ma
jestic of tbe White Star Liae and the
In man Company's City of Chester,
which left yesterday for Awetki. The
search was, of course, fruitless.
Tas.Duk-. Oct. 17 The Time pub
lisbts aa interview had yeeterdry bv Iu
Paris eorreepoadeat with the Irish
fugitives. Mr. O'Brien will be act-oex-paaied
to the Ualted States by kU wife.
Mr. IMUoa said to the eotresaoaileat
that he haped to raise i'WO.atW la list
Uaitoi States- Oa hie retura boat he
expects a year's latprisnaaiaat
x ju.P4.et or Ewt aoet out osu
Lokbov, Oa. 17 Advices fiosa St
Petersburg esplaia that the judicial
reforaw is Siberia aad Ceatral Asia will
sbnply consist of Use irprietwrat of
proviaclal courts, ia wbkh all offeaden
will he tried without a jury laatead of
being, u aow, treated la a suamary
saaaaet without the forsw of trial. The
udg of the aew t ourts. houiiag oatee
at tbe pleasure of the (.', will be
directly respoaalUe to the chief of the
secret police, to wUuut apoeal imay be
take freest their decisions ia lasportaat
ftayg TIjMe citaages aiuuply tratufer to
the secret police the authority ao et
eriiatd by the provlacij adasjaietrator
aad brtag vkdalors of the bur. latludlag
the violitkel cUks, more fully wtthla
the grasp of the ceaUal poer at At.
Tbe Eatpcror WiitUut eviftcea deep
late tt st ia the Sueialiat Coagteos at
Hatir. mtd ia seportod to havst aabji tbt
the Sodaliata saaat prove thaajaelvej
worthy of liberty or they voU agaio
be deprived of it. Friace Rjaatarck. uo
the other haad. b said to havw davlartfd
that t&e Kauiire had adniittsii aa eniav
vUtda ba boiders suure daaMm than
the Freaeh. The aawe of Btawarek u
everywhere biased by the aociallaU.
The prograauue of the aew Portuguese
ausktry U sot regarded la British ofuctnl
tlrclt. as euntalniug uiucb aaaur4ut.. ui
Jaacc bcltticli Ujl l. luuulrU 1 i -ldX-J
U JiUru-lUld lit uli hj J
lllidlitulO. 1 Ut J'-'U. - f lia. Ijiu 1 a,.
ZlU-uI.o hL 1 ihe aiUilla. j L
I . . ,.
. paicncu iwn more vesiteis to nrengtnen
me sqnaoron at zsn.lar.
Dom Pedro, ex Bmperrw of BmH,
has taken up his residence at Versatile,
In the Villa llrcchlermc.
A dispatch from Capetown says tha
the Ilovas, the ruling race of Mmta
gascar, aresreatly excltwl over trie re
pott of a French protectfrrate, Mtpw
(ding the native authority, ami tha
there is danger of a rifting against the
It is txpected that there will be many
riotous rirrr.onslrallotis In Tnrkey iter'
5wi)day. on recount of the Ill-feeling
ixistlne lietwern the members of Ihe
Ortek churches ami the Turkish offi
cials. The closing of churchw by
order of the patiiarch, as a mark of re
Mntmcntat the petty persecutions by
Ihe government, has brought the issue
to a crisis ami the results may he very
It Is announced that the Sultan of
Turkey will visit Ilerlln next summer,
to repay the visit which Kmperor
William paid him at Constantinople
some months ago.
1 he Ilrltlsh Minister at lielgrade has
sent in a voluminous blue book Illus
trating the possible advantages to be de
rived from nn extension of Ilrltlsh trade
with fckrvla. He declares that Servla
can supply pretty nearly ex-ervthlng In
the line of food products which are now
ohtalncd from tho United States, and
that It would ben good thing to retaliate
for the McKlnlry tariff to obtain such
commodities from the Servians Instead
of Americans. The newspapers have
taken tho matter up, and are urging
Kngllsh merchants to adopt the sugges
tion. The Socialist workmen's organisation
at Hamburg has Issued a manifesto
urging their comrades throughout Ger
many to support the Kmiieror's pro
gramme of social reforms.
rnKDi:mac'rf nKOAii tomu.
IlntiUN, Oct. 17. The colllns con
lalnlng the remains of Kmperor Fred
trick, Prince Waldemar and Prince
Slglsmund wero removed yesterday
from the Ftlcdcnsklrche at Potsdam
and deposited In the new mausoleum
which has been elected at that place.
The Interior of the mausoleum which
surmounts the tomb Is very richly deco
tMul, the decorations being: carried out
tntiiely In light gray Slleslan sand
Urnc, and In It the Imperial easle,
ftp u its of angels and cherubs, carved In
stone, stand forth conspicuously.
The monument over the Kmperor's
erae was xrcuted by Professor Itegas.
The recumbent effigy of the Kmperor Is
wiipptd in a mantle, his hands lielng
erosted ovir a laurel wreath, and hi
sword, which lies acrofs the figure. Is
sui mounted with a palm branch and
scxeralsjmbolsof the happy eternity
uron which the icpotlnt; monarch s
snlilt Is presumed to have entered. Km
hienis of Christian religion are, how
ever, entirely lacking in the monument.
Ukiii.in. Oct. 17. The city Is excited
over a horrible tragedy just discovered
by ihe police. A builder named Scbaaf,
residing In lleinckendorf, a suburb of
lWrlln, horribly mutilated and killed
his wife and three of his children with
a hatchet and terribly Injured two
others, who may yet die. Scbaaf was
a builder, who got rich during tbe re
cent boom of lterlln real estate. He got
Into financial dlltlculties, losing nearly
all of his fortune, aud was hard pressed
by creditor.
Featlnir proceedings In bankruptcy
be became nearly Insane with brooding
over his troubles, and of late had shown
signs of being out of bis mind. In this
condition be suddenly attacked his wife
and children, horribly backing them
wlih a batcbet, early this morning, their
cries for help being unheard by tbe
neienuors. bcuaat bas disappeared aad
seareb Is being made for blut.
fl-OOK 1SUI.
Halls. Oet. 17. At its session to
day, tbe Socialist Coagreas diseuaaed at
length weaas for Improving the noaitioa
of tbe Socialist press. Tbe debate was
acrimonious aad exciting, aad at tiutee
pt rf ct pandemonium prevailed. Herr
ItauuigarteB, one "f tbe delegates from
1 law burg, ia tbe midst of aa iatpas
sloaed harraague, during which he be
came eieatly excited, fell to the door
dead. Heart disease Is supposed to aave
beta tbe eause. Ills sudden taking oft
cfcuetd a profouad seasalioa aad for a
tirae cast a glooat over the sssatwbiage.
Muslfttfta U Uvruuts trvrbwu.
Bxkuk, Oct, IT. It has beam de
triaiiaed by the liaasburg group of
wotkatea who are followers of Pentl
aaad fjwslle to sead forth a masdfearn
to tha Oermaa worksaea urgiag Utsca
toeo-operate ia tha carryiag out of tha
govetaaaeat's social polky.
l'ttcw nf Ihui Dmiltnn.
OiAmom, Oct. 17 The iroa atarket
uCered a severe set be k to-day owlag
to a report that A Iron Wfltfcen'
IrtQB aad msntdtitelv jk-"-jait its
f ttsuis, aad titat tha assst "twsUI ha eooa
pelted to return to work, theiabf
terwia&tlBg the strike. Prices dectiaeq
aharthr U coaaeuueaxw of this re
Caewts Viaaaetat atMtasaMt.
LoaiMW, Oct. 17 The correspwad
eat of th 1) AVe at aladrid reports
verska loaa will be Uaued ia Iseeeat
bvr. Tbe Madrid correapoadeat of the
7'ijHiiaj he is tux surprised attiut
ttBiarftaHe Siiiiri'i-ss which aaa atteadd
the ieMta for the coaversioo, of Ute
wmthkss hiilcU iig fuertj,. The w
tMtttnder of the tuaa, he y. will be
tua i the Gverameut at the rtk of
ttirt vteaaurv buiajr afsioiialtf naaiiar
rtiairta shotjlq the hoiajlw.iibiSTs eissvi to
be paid i eslt rather thaa accept the
aew live per ceats.
Ims taesse tor tairrat MfMiajaaa..
The coadtlioa of Geattrai fJNwisi C
UospiUd frost caacvr w the throat, was
use hjSJPgl1 this ayrtfiiftg Ko hoM Is
latcrtalaed for Us recovery aad he taay
Ju id ao uuiucul
1' V.JU Wnlil I j UJiiiii Ul . t I -i I J.
a Wcelt. Ui.til 5 1 I I uil
u i c W . .M i 1 i i
Jttife Milrer Asjtis U On btvf Usl f
KMNtjai Criwrial,
A Wmmb Whe SMe a Dress Palters Gets
a Emre Satte A Ntunbsr f
Liqmr Cases Dscided,
Tin re was an accident on the Metro
politan branch of the ltalllmme ami
Ohio ltallway this morning which de
layed trains for over nn hour ami it was
nearly 10 o'clock when Judge Miller
got in from his Takoma home ami
opened court at the New Jersey-avenue
Michael Mnwnc-y, an Italian, who has
frtqtiently been sent to the workhouse,
and who recently came from the alms
house, was charged with vagrancy. His
attorney stated to JudgeMlller that yes
terday he received n check of .f.101 for
Mowney Id payment of a claim that he
had ngalnBt the Government. The de
foodant was permitted to go with his
"I don't believe," said tho Judge,
"that ho will have fifteen cents left
Saturday night." Mowney has a home
at No. 210 Arthur Place.
llany Hemes and Mathew Qulgley
both pleaded guilty to being drunk ami
disorderly and paid a fine uf $5 each.
There were several iuvenlle cases
before Ms Honor. Clinton llrooks,
Charles Merchant and John Tucker
wire charged with stealing two pounds
of tally ami seveial bottles of ginger ale
ami sodawatei from George Johnson.
They were all colored hots, under li
years of age. llrooks admitted the
tilme and was flued $3. Tbe others
were dismissed.
Deny Wheeler, a young colored lad,
was cbarstd with the larceny of one
dollar and twelve n tils from Mollle
Lewis, who has a steed la the K-Street
"Is there any room In the He form
School" asked Judge Miller of Clerk
"I think not." was tbe response, "for
tbe last place was filled by tbe boy who
placed the stones on tLe 11. A O. track
near Takoma."
"Then I will have to line this boy Ave
iiouars. ins moiuer peui me one.
There were three assault cases, all of
which were dismissed. There has been
a very perceptible falling off In tbe
number of assault cases lately. Judge
Sillier found that there wae aa unusual
number of these cases occupying his
time, ami tbe larger proportion of them
were of a trivial nature, and resulted
frum neighborhood Quarrels These
cases have repeatedly been distttUied.
It was a rainy night last night, and
In constuuence there were very few ar
tests made in the different precincts.
KSCAfKll a conviction.
James Iticbardsoa, who bas a saloon
at tbe corner of Twelfth and C streets
northwest, was charged with having
sold liquor to Prank Latbmp and Harrv
McLear, both minors. Oa the 9d of
Octubet Officer Waauell was called into
Crowley's restaurant to take out Ia
tbropaad MeLear, wbo were la there
dtuak. Itotb bojs testified that they
obtained three drinks of whisky ia
Ittebaidsoa's place on that day, aad it
was the only liquor they drank.
Tbe baiteader, Patrick MeGalvey.
aad also a eolored man employed about
tbe place, both denied most positively
that he had sold liquor. J.leutenaat
A tkiss slated that Mr. Klchardsoa kept
aa orderly bouse, was a law abiding
eiiii a aad tbe oMUera in bis product
Lad cever bsd cccasiou to arrest blot for
a viiIalioa of the law. There was a
eliti eissiiU as to the taeaaiasr of the law
isn't r which the charge had been muie
Utaiiu District Attorney Duutoat aad
sir. 11- W Garuetl, the representative
uf sli.ltUbardaoa. Itwakclalateaih&t
tbe vitiation had been couissltted by
tbe Lw 'trader, aad aot by Mr llicbard
srr. The f mater had beea given posi
tive iaalrut lloas aot to sell to boys Mr
Uaraett argued that the coavlctioa ot
his client would effect bis obtaiaiag a
lkease, aad appealed for a dlttaiesel.
Judge Miller gave lUcbaruaoa tha
beaeat of the doubt aad dismissed tha
ease, but suggested that ha ought to
have s baiteader who would positively
follow his iastructJoas.
Paolo Occeolo, as ItaUaa. wag trtet
for selling liquor without a Ikeaas, awar
Sevt aih street sad Use Bouadsry. Half
t doea Ilaliaa witaessss were sworn,
sad their tcslbsioay had to be laterpre
ted. Kearly all of theau boarded with
Oareulo, but sever reuteuiber haviag
paid for liquor. At tiaies he would set
up driaks aad rush the growler, but
never charged it up tu (heat oa their
tills at the ead of the saoath. Judge
Miller disitdssed the case.
Carrie Broaja was seat to jail for
thirty days for stealing a dress patters
from Httk Uobtsvsoa. There was very
rMthr value attached to Ota patter, hut
it was the bold answer la which tha
theft was cosMsfcted that caused tha
Jude to give that sense are he did.
a) Xssaaaat sMsws Mtta s4sss
Uw-ow. Kv.. Oct. IT -'' i't
liansti tw'Ulhara Hilroad Coescvsaw
-ved a less of fW.vjtlw by sa aarda
dtlructk of thtir ahops last asght.
Atovug the property destroyed were
two riinwsw swKeta.m, usw saasus
buvduu car two bos cm aad a '
caboose, all of wbkb were 44e tracked
sli-ag side the buraed bsjihMag. Ocigia '
Of the en is mystery.
VvIsbAsWiSbVbssVsWM VsMMssswsWaL I
The President bi appntutcd the f j1
1 lu(j isiuusUr- Viu.iu T I
I Vtt -J. Al ILliaU) Mius 0 Ii
--Lj s. - ra ! . ! I i--. H K
The lime JtnnV ttrwttirr .'mti-ht M
vrnit nrrtt Met the S fate.
CHAKtOTTR, N. C, ct. 17. Tohn
Dixon, a pTOipertma farmer of Alle
ghany County, discovered that an Inti
mate relation was existing between his
wife and Marshal Ilalsry Wednesday
be found the pair in a rompmmtstnr
position and prompt I v shot and killed
llaltty. He threatened bi kill his wife,
wit her piteous pleadings caused hint
to desist. He told her. however, that
he wished never to are her again. Xowt
of the trsgedy orm spread, but every
br dy justlfleil Dixon ami sworn that
they wrul I pull down tbe Jail ami free
him If he should be arrester!.
I.ate In the evening Charles Hal-ey,
a brother of the dead man, nnnted
IMxon down ami pulling a revolver
it lid to shoot him He was prevented
by several persons who said If he
ftsntrd torte,ht he would have to fight
fair and give Dlvtn a fiance. This
he agreed to and the two men were
socn faring each other. The word was
ftven ami both of the men began firing,
talscy was shot four times and fell
dead, but Dixon was not hit. Dixon
bas not yet liern arrested and the people
of tbe county say no sheriff can lake
him. Heretofore he has been a peace
able man and well known throughout
Ihe county.
A South f'ntnlirw Wnninn'n Throat
tint lij n Nrein
Coi.fMnr.v, S. C , Oct. 17 One of
the most in Met loin murders ever
known In this Slate was perpetrated In
Walterboro Wednesday night. Martha
Crosby, a white woman, was washing
dishes in a bilghlly lighted room, while
the rest of Ihe family sat near by. Sud
denly theie was a grating sound and
Miss Crosby tottered toward them, her
throat cut from tar to ear. She died In
a few minutes. When asked if she had
cut herself, the dying woman shook
her head. When asked If It was a
negro, she nodded affirmatively. No
one could be found about the building
amr tio noise was heard when the crime
nas committed.
Tm Vt -tl-KNmn ll.eliitll .11 mi tVhn
linn n (ImiiiIiIIhk Hohu..
Nkw Yokk. Oct. 17 Sergeant
Schmitlberger. sll alone, raided last
right one of the best apiointed gam
bling bouses In the city, put to flight a
score of players ami arrested one of the
proprietor. The Kelly, John ami
Mike, both well known beelmll men,
keep a saloon at Sixth avenue and
Thirty first street. The police have
long suspected that there was a gam
bling room upstairs, but were unable
tu get any evidence. Last night the
Srgeat managed to secure sdmlllaace.
He found about twenty men seated
about a table that was littered with
catds ami money and poker chips.
The player lied when be entered, but
he succeeded in capturing John Kelly,
wbo wa locked up
John Kelly was dlscharctd by Jus
tice O'lUdlly In Jefferson Market court
this tnotulng for lack of evidence.
MliBer' CsniMi'lktn Willi It llt
cuweU h)- Ihe Cabinet Tu-IUy.
An important session of the Cabinet
wss held to-day frrm door until 2 p.
ra. It is understood that Ceatral
AmeilcsR affairs were discussed at cost
sidtrsble lettetb, tbe whole matter of
General liariuadla's kill lag sad Min
ister Mizeer's connection with the
affair being gone over la detail. Meat
bets of tbe Cabinet are reticent at to tha
result of tb conference.
A Teruads Hum l.rwt llawit In
'trik Rarwimu.
WuuixoTOJt, X. C, Oct. 17. A
tornado passed through Use northern
Kdion of Robeson County, tfi tnlUts
wtst of here, yesterday sfteraaoa.
(test ttswsge was done to property ia
Iu path sad several persons wet killed
nesr Maxloa, ti. V.. aad it is fearwl
tbst there has beea great loss of life
ard ptoperty sloag the times; of the
At Hasty several houses went blown
doe, a aad oae person killed aad several
At Piorsl College the belfry of the
Pristyterlsa Church was blown down,
demolishing oae house aad severely ia
tuiiagtwo persons. itVKlaaoa's saw
mill was ruined sad oae of tha laborers
seriously injured.
ME FU. lYIMflMti
WlMutaffsU Ssseavestt af a SMte Waa
w States) tur a
Atlssta, Gv. tkt 17. Private
Frank O Neill, l-S A . sUOoaed at
Fort itcFtiersoa, died float hydrophobit
yeslri3. Jfe was bitsea by dog sossa
tiswe ago, aad lately begaa to show signs
of wadacss He frothed at the nsoutm
sad developed wosvderful strwagta. He
pchltiveiy refused to eat or drink, but it
required set est ssea u hold hiot down
Wednesday- la this position aa opiate
was tsjeced into his ares, and he was
qukkd. In this toadiUua he died.
Gsunti hUfttis. Mku , Oct. 17
Peters htxkls half iati rest, wont under
lass night result v4 the Peters' fail
use. Mortgages were Sled 8,'gregiOiag
7e.0t) coveriog t-veryiblu,' the rum
oatn in thi eity. Crofuo IlmfnrJ
BiMtor and BrocUvtlle peters " 4
half latecea ia the Duahatu sd Peters'
Lumber Company in tbU city, hut that
4tti has yet put UL-thiaj oa recosd-
. (Chutca- IMmsmM Mw.
MvMUttiu N 11, Oct. 17 At
mJkii. khi m Um) ebi.Kb at hlna
cheater v. uwtovtrwi to bg u txv aud
Was soms total toss. Ioas og fcistiswJM
Father ikver tost 3.Wu fcnnj vest-
swswaMaf VNTnlsMlpattlTii wVwVwl wMwVnw CsMpW Q&
the ire uakaowa. The loss is pattiy
covetvd by touraace
- VV - 1., H .. h . t. fv ja
Qml; aad !i Soiwi UtMtlg
Coloniauf FsliUMMplsl4
mew tori: REruiua is a mess.
tt-RtprwJHtftiin W. L StwH JyiaiA
SoeiIUtie NmimUea it lw? f iHU
(kn. BottsrlUtd'i Stats f wlij.
No Male campaign since the ntemw,
bleote of 1"-J, which fotetoW th
disaster which fell upon Mm Httmnit
can patty In 1881, has excited wsote at
tention than the one now drarrlng to 1
close in 1'ennrylvanU. t'mlef onllaity
circumstances the enormous Jlepfl Mi
ca n majority in that State wtmtd
make Democratic chance of an cense the
smallest. Hut the Insolent boss
ship of Senator Quay, displayed In
nominating Delamaigr, has caused a
revolt which extends from the Dela
ware to tbe Ohio. The nomination of
cx-dovemor Pattiaon gave tbe people 11
chance to vote for a clean, capable man,
who has been tried ami not fmin I
In an Interview at Wilketbarre Mr.
PhKIsoii referred to the prospect ef suc
cess as follows:
"lldoesseem almost Incredible, but
I am thoroughly convince! I we shall
cany every county wtst of the Alle
ghenles except one. The whole oil re
gion is in open revolt against Mr. DnV
mater. Mercer County's I.'WOIteptibthua
majority will be swept away. McKeiu
County villi he lost to tbe Itf public ins,
aixl vte shall carry Allegheny. The
ld'tublfcans are claiming but 11.03)
majority in Philadelphia: the betting
men of tbe partv dare not say tbeir mi
jority will be 13,000. In I'hlladelptiU
an immense amount of ditsll wotk Im
been done sod the fesliag among the
Democrats could not be liotter. We
villi have tbe polls mtnned by
I !M 0 pt.ilmen. In addition to ttdithe
Independent llepub'lcans will put la
l.roi) more, all anient, sincere workers.
We expect to poll at least IM.000 Demo
cratic votes In the cltv, aad I should
not lie ui 1 prised to see it reach a round
100,000. I have every confidence In the
people, and I think we will carry the
State Uyond the shadow of a doubt."
It Is, Indeed, a hopeful sign whan ihe
Imliendent Ilepubllraee of Phllt'teJ
phU are so well organised as to be a We
to put in the field on election day 1,Q0
workers. No laggards they.
In their desperation Quay and hi
lieutenants are engaged in whoiwwW
colonisation of voters in Pftlladalpbkt.
Over 100 fraudulent names have beea
ditcoveifd In one election divUsoa
Quay himself has annouaeed bis In
tsfttlott of staying In the West, oscilla
ting between bis home at Heaver aad
Pittsburg, the great danger poiat sail
bows of bis arch enemy, Cbrw Xsgae.
This confirms Mr. Paulson's atttmitc ef
the revolt against tjuay and Petaawtor
west of tbe AUegbenies.
I'll vate alvices from Eric. Pa., to
ftknds in this city ssy that ex Hepre
seBtalive Willlsm I. Scott is dytmt
from gastric fever. It it sabl Me
physicians gave up hop strata! days
sgo. Mr. Scott's death will be gatvff
loss to the Democrstic party of Pay
vsnia aad of the Union.
The Socialistic Labor party of Nw
York has nominated Frank Oratt fat
Judge of the Court of Appeals. Under
the new ebsetloa lsw a caVtiacat to that
t ffect with 1.W4 asatas attached WtM
riled with the Secretary of State. At
this is ihe only nomiaatloa uf thnt
party the nsme will have to be priatad
skse oa a tkket of the regulatioa aim
1 btie are in New York 4,800 eUctioa dtt
trktsof about 30e) toters esch. Thera
fore this sbsurd nomination inlnlfci
upon the State Ihe expense of priattssf.
ovi-r 5,00t),ut)O tlekeU eoatiiatisff Usis
klnghr name. Such is oae of tha baasi
ties of the Australian system when op
plied ia America-
The lteMbifesa nartv Is list York
etiy. what there Is of It. U la I
reess. The majority of it. in tapni Stt
gautwt a tew erwmas, as
ttortlaMt tlte sailed parwlsw
A atg mtaortty.
sunaort the hvbrtd -
svowevet, west't
1 osnhiaa. aad hasw
ml 1bmI lttitl.rtiSiS tn
tio fur Uaror. The Uswwrai gsj Is
witnstg, tr amy ties usat way. w inw
Wgrasw MUkr company otiiisw hw
The Brcoklyn Itepuieirsas
peaiu r Hera to tat to su.
ifes sa tsJsssis staawaa.
AsBiAKiH Wt . OtL 17. Itetffjg
carrjing the Iroa and sweat
ibdturs jumped dte track aaajt
yeaterday aftstraoo while going; anesMnt
a sasrp ciMve. ao oa was tur. -gap
party visited the big iroa sninjw -.' T
wood dadBeesesssw sad htft is
bag fr ito . . pi er outn
a MuiuMser Isavac-i
Net.1.1- ll v-. IT ) -u V i-i.
wi.Il t!i. M v.. gas bu 1 I
Ol' ilk tl.'.- u f foi iLt 1 I
t huiUr I is Bl. . u 1
bjf 1 eta'L i f
smasrf . aui tu...
IHlilsUE, luVIJl, l'i
Austin Aditui. tju-ti,
pruit' CVi.tl tl 1. a 1 1
1 "eK 1 k ihi u i inn. a! i-
iW VOU HABft U) mOslOU
ssoaeft fc
Uwti WMssvy IImswUMsV
sis. For tua law 1-
ttfcensss scons nage sad ohn F. wnw ir
man. fltnef Festrteeaim sad G stasats a ab
Lecia weather jrmtseee.
I- r 1 P - l W-iry' 1 i
I .- , 1 V t

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