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Wnsatagton, B. P.
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IVAWIMWTOM, D. C.,OcwrM 90. 19KJ.
In th October nnmrssr of ' The
C i Diary" Mr. Uhmiy Cabot Lorwittle
dares that the refmial of a public tnn
to deal wlik patronage Is a mere shirk
lne of duty, ami that office not In the
classified service will be emptied ami
filled by swy President of any rmrtr
for personal or political motlres, awl
that lor M doing he Is not censurable.
If it not onr purpose to attempt to
weaken the force of an article, excel
lent ami scholarly In the whole, but
since Mr. Loimik hw gone out of hl
way to defend acts which he says
should be forbidden by law. protest
should be made oa the ground of
political morality. What he here
says throws light on hi well-known
public covtre In dealing with patron
age, ami In his advocacy of such
measures a the Force hill. It ti
not unfair to htm to state that he
maintains that, until the "evil and de
grading system of political patronage"
In the distribution of public ottk-es Is
rooted out bg low, a publle man shirks
his rfufjr In not practicing the methods
of that system. Because some men
commit "evil and decrrullng" aits not
forbidden by law gnxl nun are In duty
bouDd to resort to the aame rnetlio Is
wl en the bad turn are likely to gut in
ui fair advantage.
r i nurse this nrBtiment Inv Avr the
I i ( t nation of every evil of Urn spoil
M r. m until a la shall be ma ' s,e
(tfuallyravetiag them nil. UK poet
Hi p ilea's aa analogy in that label by
tilt American historic! writer, who
'hairs many of the public Um of Mr.
Ii'lM.l, that the Quakers wen- at f.iult
In their merk practice of Christian sub
mission to the horrors of Indlsa war
fare. We leave the historical iiuesllon
to apologetic writers, but cannot pm in
silence the doctrine that political sets
which should be forbidden by law can
ier lw Jusllrlnl In practice.
A collearuti nf Mr. Iiihjk said re
cently that lie thought oilier members
of Congress were violating the spirit If
not the letter of the law la seeurlne
culalB appointments, and If that were
so be would have to get Uk share also.
On the other band, we Mlttve that this
tew I quite exptliet and that the
Lumber of public men who net ihi the
same principles which Inspired t'w
Quasi rs, and who refrain frotu puWic
t.1 is a hlch ate Intrinsically iajurioaa to
He nubile service and of harmful mx.
ample, is much greater than Is eom
n uiily supposed. Many members of
( cngiite. smI those, too, who have the
Irssl trouble ia their re-eleatloa, take
tbe least part In emptying awl tUlfag
c jjlcts for personal or political motives.
Yht-n public men trick their eon
idtMU with logical subtleties, and da
elsi that there am exceptions la tbe
appUtie of the moral law to nottrie,
just as in tkaiiags w lib Indians, It is
time to protest In tbe name of the re
from which they travesty,
Imljuok asked what we were to
do with pie if we did not eat it, Mr.
I.oimk NMist ant noMtiaal pie as long as
thtie Is say.
The present Cili Wvioe aet has
reiatad iacMsectiy to a lasae extent
i 1 k taa iitn-l fitted servica. Tke e-
fi 1 1 t-f tnhksf thirty iwoihowsaad phtees
ii ol the spoil, would nasitretly
ulr ike Ktnwbte fr tha rerosin
ii s Wif sll ihs) Iksevr, bus the mjm1
. f t f lie b w system, by tsslUwibm
w (iti a to Ming ostt the evlle of
ill iW sytsMB) In hMStl eosxeant nasi to
i tepv isetsMids c trHtnttbie exswpt
to with the tuik'te f ssi nUlgtaf.
I kte Vns thu- Uen s gfi dbnisv
UIU.S) ef ta use U prtwisinajn snr
HrUhnVtsMki. This sassUeatosi Is ilenjlty
goinp en, tad ks tjgse wonbl estsnign
the esjto to be unsssMerl to Use HssJna si
winny pot peeshas to he cotwisahsii by
law. it of the tort issportanre to
the MSMt to test the new system broadly
.bongs) b tfesbontirale its aserta wtth
tiit rhvUag Us failure by siSrmpHag too
Hiuch. x Cieweshsirieier iUxittnxoii
wtUsftW- "It (the Is. cosiid oaky be
lusdsi nssnsnNnnss nasi tSHeactous by a
gradual pinntss sssi devetopsaeat of its
i.tl!Hj. sad by suialy
uittMste. la eshr ea
w bese sissiiar laws atueuMsaa into fast,
tbur sdiipftVia has wair bsaa enteiad
sttti a gseat hmw af lane, thmatf ea-
lrisace M swbM sVritaasessna ey
atttspas a atgatdd t ym nsatem is this
uuaaif, Mat to aiakve it parvwas U
tha JsipssitoMas of the Ooieiamaaf
ubtossaka lasge aipeopriakMM fur
baaVMwnw aaaataafy, weee caavulatad
to aaaka at atwae odious if au to defeat
it tasiaato"
AB olUto tsatuUse sattrke emmt at
tot ha enkn as of psMOes, bus ia W
u.aaMsaa the safia of safiaVt caa ba
"gjrapapiaiv agaw wnsr w pwwa awa' '
aiEWaaiaW aaMa W Am somm K9j gW
fW(t 'nawaw w '"'pawsT Hlalap rr
nuUaaat jaaat& Jaaai th jniilaaaas isaf aaaStaaaVK
gr"a saawss' aw "vv paww -"- "gr
tap MaigPp asWaTpWdawsnaaa" t 'Waar araaaiflapjpaa' siasF atalaHpsav
U am a Ujassdoa of ssajueUy
H. Loi. is msfcuiaw ia
Ha uaJusiua of pauuaage
tit tatosa ansa law Civil ieivice law
ck aatf cf saa BKHri iespoiiiitai and
i .1. Mai Kiakas of ia lav ex
u id tu tin ifciiir jutl v. at-iirict. aaacrt
i iLt j iiblif iLt iilvatc in . u Ij
tCt U. It Ui LIU. L.M.K.U Oul ti Ut J
' .i - i.J III lij.L. ul .i-U iltii i,l- uj
rnrtrww MMl pwMIMll fWWMI MM
tha 4e (httw f i-
rtrwfryrtf lira ftv.i'tnntrt
of lira art. se t- s eat --'
rhttfcet In tv 1 ! rv-i 't nafie
stttffT, who o MstrfKHal tsrieswa
f ratftti r la nlrs - Is f .as at and
fit tfct filHt of t stssp
ttrfa fNttrtsaw nwm, hH ha ' t
frnalk Ibw. As intrsart to .
rd Mtttr tnfoBtJi eiliHi -. mt
l aftftajrattt, a wafawsi t t mm
bb trpoB lira wttae ! sa I rm t
fH tfeat settle fo? pnMn -1 e
trotsiloa af ifea raHs p.irt-',4 by
difiMssal from office.
fo tHm of tatae pHIn ptttW s af
tew ati so HwrHwiw pHi' mat? i
It t m I tt to swttr
bsrk the hand of Time a--' i '
hi ii ? c of the ptdltleal est ia t
flatslfird mH. Atrasdt por"
t uMtti stent M fllllag the piart
of First Asstlstattt tittmstf OaaataJ
h a made n tai-am f In the II titans Mai)
Petttre to 1 Allttt by the aastfi
of csatniaetton, 'has tahiast a
pltcc nut of patroftffe. "iiisaas ts
'ptsetlcal politics" ami tbe'msMaf
t f name la the world" at tad lo ba
sought only by mean d fenelhie la
themselves, ami trot for aa ulterior end,
law or no law.
Wit maw II. .rwd, In his life of
Jonn tji ixrr Advms. describes the op
position to the administration of Mr
Aoavs as more dttetmlneil, bitter and
nnerrttpitlons than any which has ever
assailed a PteMdcnt of the United
!"tRtest 1ml yet he says of htm. "Hk
vl ws of the Mcrrd mttuta cf tha trust
Imj oetl upon 1dm by hi fellow dtlaarw
weie too exallnl to allow him to desc
crate the power with which It clothed
him to the promotion of party or per
sonal interests. Neither dM
an opposition to his admtnUlratlrm
alone, except there was a marked prac
Ileal unfitness for office, ever Induce
him to remove an Individual from a
public station."
This and many like expressions of
high authorities may 1k commended to
Mr. Lomnt, who declares that no man
ran administer n patronnae system ex
cept by emptying and Ailing offices In
his gltt for personal or political motives,
and that It Is the duty of a public mtn
engaged In "practlcnl politics" to secure
his share of suoh plunder so long as It
Is not forbidden by law. In thU case,
as In other cases, the path of jattce Is
the path nf wisdom.
PtfiiHTtRY Tkact sajs there Is no
tu Id In tbe report that he I to be ap
k tntnl to tbe vsearx v on iIih Supreme
15 lcIi rientid by .Iu'tca Mil.t. Kit's
death. Ilti)u Wesim min will gat
I I'ti'lhtr, the 5crciary sajs he Is
not a riwtMtilu for llulrtil Stales S-n
ator and ha no detiru f.ir th oirlce.
Ills amliiib'ii I to make as gont a
fceeretary of tin- Navy as be Know how.
Mr. ScuitKk,K. late Pemocratic can
didate for Mayor of Covington, Ky.,
demanded a n count. It was accorded
and resulted In IncreaUng his IlspublU
csh tipiHtuent's maorlty and electing
another Kepubllcan counellman, mak
ing the council sund Mt Kepuldlctns
to four Democrats. Mr. ScHifrMK
ibould go out ami commune with
M.wok .McKi.vt.KY said at I'ilU'-HtrK
Isst Saturday night that "ho State owes
to much to protection as Pennsylvania."
Contrariwise, proteelloa owes more to
Pennsylvania than to any other State,
as Mltiuas Wvxamvxxk's f 100,000 lit
"Whkm a Dkmocrat astumasto be a
reformer, It is always awful rot," shrlehs
Ml hat IIawtbao. Tbe 1'Ifthl Marshal
is a gootl judge of rot. lie has lived by
it for more (baa thirty years.
Thh ManchkhTBU (Kog.) L'mtrUr
seys "the Farmers' AUUaee is, laJeml,
the reilutttu uti ossurdaai of the tUwl
policy of tbe United States."
THKl.T!titht.AiL'Na of Idaho sUads
an joint ballet -IS Itepublluaas to U
Democrats. Dvlegabt Diaots sow
feels that be Is out of the woods.
The HafiUJLic.vxe are working the
DepsrtHMials for voters with alt the
vigor of the days wbaa Jay IIuaaaLL
used to run the auebiae.
Thb Xbw Vimhc 3Kbms uys Uyor
Gsuicr eaa't spall, leiihar aaabi
Okomuk WAMiiatitust nor Axeaaw
Jotut U Si.llivak gave a prolas
kioaal birthday aw lie as at CatoAao ltl
Saturoay. No ei
Thk ETKKMt Am- says that aVMra
Uiy Bt-Aiaa has a auwag pail ia Oiio.
It's thai pail last count.
Tms HiWiHA will aunsinie alaaf
aader uaelr old toaatiaaUosi.
Cvdiaai Gibboas and Archbiahop
Hyaa U1 be leadasad a awataat ia
PhlUdaiphU. Wioaday asuu. by tha
Father aiatanw ClubofUat etty-
Vs. yaak DvlU 'fossa of ahMsaoas
has lavsated s lauuaiat waaah ha
calls tha eophoae, by which, ha dsssas
that all Kuads caa be baaed and lo
cated oa tha dasfcast aigbi aad U tha
thickest waatkwjr
Vkku'i newest saiiuoasiM. Jataaa
M. Ashley, started out twalnn years ago
uiifcoui u Auaiax. aad is that liaaa has
UdH and equipped auO adbss of raitioad.
whk-h ba aoar eoaucls, and is wogta
1 ha palate itunknc-. whjo is vsaaUag
Jtud Kwh. has psuaidasd ta pais a
ejdlMKal pkupa for tha atsr ParituaMat
Uotmt of taa iluaassa Capital, tha
subbct mi4 theasrt sppaasaacaof tins
Uuagsrlsnsia Eusopa.
Uwas Kuaaush a staU aaed a his
hasaa ia Turia. Italy, ia aridag his
awaaosis. tha twasftaisa af aaiab U
auda aiov ski by ass .teat age ha is
sow as) yeas old aad bs haAat of
tuuaiag iato duluaiva sVetail.
Krupp has lust give to lave &esw
tia4a-rn sad tha Croaa PrJac
eaaaMs eat h The Esapeaot'e preaaal
is ebsbi'tateiy dreoeated wW assshary
dasigas. aad is eaastfesad by Ksupp "
be tha aaet bit of aiahanaahtp asar
turatd uut froas has fuuad.
Uh. M tdi'h Hwarcoti of Hav
Osteaas wobabiy warns suwaa seal eataw
lbD nay ftbtr s jihtrn woauui 8a
has to btr onu njbi otvr W w acses
it ttl'iud iiu.'n IuJj .u L .uWaa
f 1..I hll-,-ifll tl U.j La alllt UuU.
lt tj- ul t u.klt! j L Ji '. ik I
u ij , t - I Luf it -i j.j 1 vn
llii L tl ju I U 1 i-iji a-i ' ') l. t-
. iP-aa, , f ibKh4haL toaate g
at i , anss St r . w H gg
.. .. i k-awn Ha
a tuaMwsgia mm
a i i i Mf fo.fa
i Issirte W ! na-Hr" """W
t S WV 'm wf A JaMaS,
KKr- t ma. '
Is .as t ftsaa4
fi. rm serf Man f
aM- i
ftantnr. m , Issaa'ai. t
at cse
t-. a ri 9 10m ion
y-OJliw Prnf ) JtJt
efaJfraaist. 9y law d
" aa'aFtBw(Wl( T Iw PiaTsW' aV
At,tmL..lttf (tara. at
fum fe i
nar Uaalaat toay, J inr,
T WBa wmwRmW IvaaHHHat JBWlapl'ias
Hot aai arts, swuwttra
vt. tttawt urn m- tsvaat.
rt90 g t njsi v ead atfa, wess-t-W.,
Ihs. 4a . tlMva,1M Va;
M M i. 4 wslh, JssTr.
t.tt.,,1 r i naa, (M fatal, Vs.
Tauan lv Waatasaaj Tat 9. H. ia
Tlt aW8fltt sfliggBal WBBs'Psa'Wfc fWasaajf
JeffMM. Ht-m Ttt t J. Uneaa.
rt t . rf. rm
a lw reghshp ..
JMisaassajIk IL IVasa,
aatfti'. II. Iiasatead sraVt .a. A
Ittmrl JtAmmm
Ifitasa Iwaaai
CsatSVa: If. '
tTfWkrV-r. w maaaett. rem Varh.
vaes. Jeaasa. flea. A. jaailap aaa Aluw
aaaacs, Cateaao. k. M. tltlto, Pnr.
ttnrinfni's ssT. Weadejatd
WfWaia gl MaVHaHw aWl awnWrafalsaJ
New TerajOMtarW. Xraft,
-A, T. raattt sad as. Tea
K. aaraar jr sad dsaaatai aad
aalaaaa eaaaaaaaaait I jaaaaaUaaai afaaaalMatol
lataPW faaTpgHVtf lksipaTpaaW awaaVllBnaw
nrinec: r.
Mr. J o pares
Aav Wmaaspaaan 1 aw
Illlls nl tint IhrHtfra T-.kM
.Mlli. IthfM liatalwa.
Hall Caiae'saad Wllsaa Banatt'saaw
melodrama. ' Good Old Times," opaas
at Albeugh's tonight. It Is ssW to
possess many i xceptbmal merit, aad Is
well rendered by Colonel SUa's iMt!-lenteomnany-
The lovers of burnt cork will have a
treat this v.eek. as that sterling troupe.
Primrose snd West, are at tha Xailmtal
with many new features aad aa excel
lent company.
The pioneer of tbe tank drawn,
"The Paymaster," now In Its fourth
vear, wtfi be een at Harris' Hljott
Y boa tic. It Is one of tha most powerful
or modem meioiramas, excoiraauy in
terpreted by a first clsss company.
'I tic "Night Owls," a popular rsu le-
lite ii tipc, will Inrnlsh the atiua
ni'ittnthti tiatrons of Kerasu's. it
tmbrscis a numlwr nf new artists.
Mite. Rbi a, who is a great fav iri'e In
Wntttlttgtoii, lll be tbe ncv atlrnotlot
at Aib'inih's, follnaing "(?oxl Old
Times. ' Sbo will present that nw
famous hlsiorlral tlny. "JnaMpblae, Km
rre if the French." Since the pleca
was lost Hen here many materiel
changes bavtt been made. Iratb In tha
dialogue and the dramatic situations.
It report speaks truly they are for the
belli r. Mr William Hants wilt play
his old part of .XiijvUon Ihn-ip&rUi
The stiftnortlnjc comiMny, with two ex
ceptions, Is an entirely new one. Ithei
will, of course, wear a number of hand
some new gowns.
' Paust Up To Dale," is tbe tills of
a famous and clever butlvMpie on tha
ccltbrated opera, which will lie pro
duced at Lincoln Music Hall next Mon
day night It Is full of sparkling ami
cateby music ami U the latest suerass
f mm the London Cialety Tbnalra. Ktle
G'asileirm Hd half a hundred shapely
and talented girls will lie seen in the
Tim rirlver Held lo Awnlt the ltmult
or Ilia Injuries,
On Saturday afternoon a colored cut
driver, named John Stone, ran over
Minnie Linda, ami Injured bar very
hj inly. Yesterday the child's Injuries
were found to bo of a more daneerous
nut urn than was at first supposed, ami
luay terminate fatally. Stone has bean
arretted aad locked up at tbe K Strent
Uaibm. chanted with assault with in
tent to kill.
Iu tbe Police Court to-day Attorney
IXean appeared for Stone, ami stated
that, although Ibe girl's coaditlOH was
vwy prt carious, there was some nuea
tlaa as to whetber the aeeUsat eouU be
attiibuled to careiessaess, ami he would
ask that bk client be admitted to bail.
Tha bond was dxed at $M0, widen Mr.
Kaos, tbe transfer maa, furnished.
Tba 31ult Hltuuk a Suulcuu Imii bcI
tst Iu lh lluttoiu.
Late osMuiday night tha oyster
sebatKMer Model, uader the easaatsad af
Caasaia Jeakiae. foaadfed ia tbe rivar
kboat a half mile northwest of Qlyatoat
aad went tu the bottom Fortunately
au lives weie lost, the crew managing
to escape la the assail boat
The accident was caused by s suakea
log. Just oa the edge of tha channel,
which punched a kola clear through
the schsoaer'g hold. It ailed rapidly
with water, and within a short date
weat to the Wrttftai
The Model bad sesrso of atsfl bananas
of ajntat. casMtgaasT la bets aity.
ffits will be made to raise tha
ten eager aad aava tha cargo.
OasiBttt Htwvs ihv ImwIiw,
The Assistaat Dsatcfet Attotaay has
as opiaioa to tha Couiaabv
leiativa to tha removal of tha
bay scants at tha earner of Ptaspnct
aveotte aad High asraat, Gaofgietowa.
He states that as the scales asa a public
necessity, aad havtag fwM Vagal aa
tbnsity to ihair su, usay cannot ha a
pabaksaaiaaaaaas has bnoaasnitond. aad
ibesefate caaaot ha rasaosad f roat thaur
Wihha SSW Cmb MeaMlar.
Tha Matbla swiuoa, taa by Isswis'
lsaayr. at Ua caaaar of aHaab aatata
aad FaoasyivaoU avaaua. was baoavsa
iwo betatea 1 o'clock SaJatdy gagajt
sad ea tarty amtf yesterday Btosafcag
Btvee duUara which had botea kstl ia
taw caah seeiasur, aad also a law citfar,
The fsii ssauiag id taw Biahrga of taa
gfetUaUst ibpacvpal l Jmuc adai amjaa
at taa alkuofaiaiea U K. Caah oa
TbudF I pubUc secepaioa ajiHbe
ujd batMaaa oas.
vans awaaidar
to t barbs J M J ars aad Aaada Y
N.iiij Ulh f Bliiuof. Md Wtlllc
Ul jti,a -u.1 Vuuiv J.buotf xril
nmto OF BKB DE0RK wmsE
m Til BtlHUtAL 8fS9tH.
TnawttVPfftaVft BattWaia al tfft i
WFWPTfSfcTw H(WMrT fl1
Ha te
ta npttma Onftrtl of lira Aaelent
sad Airej.-eeJ rVolitsti IWaaf Masrmry
eftwd f'ttbetr Meat aaaahm to
ry at tha Henna of the TwBff, TalH
and t, stretts aonhacst. Tail jnHsdtc
lieta rtafim of thlrtv threw nvember,
aad aawads over all tha Southern
ttnSr. the iststes an I Terrlrort-jS west
af Htnlsidpp' Prrflaleli Islands
wd J spaa Gemrl llwrt lih pt!
Mtd wa lac awftlmt. aad the other
s trete otwapM follows Jaaw
f. Itateaaln nf ttalMana I4etl-nni
Oiaad Cisnuajaadii; PhUtp v Tw
ivf Taa. Oraad Prsat; Thomss It f.
atll of CaWorata. OraaiWChan."ii,.i
Prt.rl'lt WeMwr of Ksatraaky, rv
isty lUassl Anrgtoa fleaaral John M
Bioaat. I . I . Trwenfet Cksaerd
saw us I M Todd of laldaaa, J rand
Aadltnt Heart H Teller of (Vdnrado,
Oraad aaord IWarer Itobett (. Jordan
f Nehtasaa, timed Almoner Krasmns
T t'arrof Kansas, Qtand Constable,
tfartta tVlllas of Mtasouil. Oram!
faatartata.nrifll n. txmg of West
Vrrttala. Ptrst flraad Rim-rry. John
qajtnr-t Adasas fellow of imrslaas,
rntad nrsnd Kqaerry. Jsims K. Itiy
dta of Washlnaion. flraad Ctaadanl
Bssrtr tilth. r M.ndlthof Maryland,
Ufsl llrrald. vfltltam K "iagh-tonof
the IHMrtrt of CHumHs. Oraad Teller.
The roitowtag mrmtrs represent for
tlga jattsdMhais Albert Pike of tha
fapnass (Vaaril of Cloa, Msrtla Ool
Has of the fsnptesne Counrll of Umiu ty ,
Trtderle h Webber f the Supreme Couo
ell of lft-lsad litis I urn aad Canada;
Oatfl ft Ing f the ftapreraa OawaeJI
af ttaly. Philip (' Tucker of tha 9a
aresre (c um II of Kstadas Uatdas da
MrJIcn. Clesneal W. ileaaatt of the
gapes ass Council of Ksypt. 1IU It.
Margrotty of the Pupn me Ounaril of
Cratro Aawrka. William Oscar Koome
of tha Saprerm Council of Hwllaerlnnd,
Nalhaalel Ivln of the !uprma Council
of 8coilard, James C lUtehelorof the
Natlt aai Oram) Inlge nf Norway ami
Cwedta. John M. Droaac of the N's
lineal Oraad Idge of Deawark. ami
Mltllsm II Itingltton of the Orml
Ixtlge of tha federal district of Mf xlco.
The members of the Huptame Council
ere 1 henlore 9 Patvln of Iowa,
Atchllle K Motel. James S. Lawson
and Chatlta K Hrown of Colorado. I)e
Mit C. Hawkins of MorhU. Hoekv
Preston Karhart of Oregon, Jamas I)
Ittrkardsoa of Tenacssee, Mamael K
Adsns of Minnesota. Nkkel E. O Irani
I nuts aaa aad Ilufos K. Flemlag of
The Punttme Council opaaetl la the
tbiri) ihrd rlisret ami tmssnd down to
I I v ft ut leant h le nrdtr that the resdlng
of tha albtutiiin of theflrsml Con
Riander mlgbt letbrard. (laaersl Pike,
bo I now In ibe lt year of his age.
has i i n suffeilnt 'rom a astere lhr-t
lnublc for seven.! days, aad this doctt
h i.i, which is i kreedlegty iataranlar.
lead for bint by tbo Llwbmat
Otand Commsmler 1 he Supreme
Cornell then tvtutnrd to tbe thirty
Ihiid degree and went Into exectilvo
fcsion to recvlve the reports of tbe in
I ctnr cencral.
tn weuatsasy the thirty in. M ue
giie will becoaferrtd by tbe aapreme
C uncll at tbe Cathedral oa (I street,
and on Thursday evening Ibe sixteenth
dtgree wilt be worked by Mithras
lx'ce of Perfection la the presence of
tbe Supreme Council.
At ti o'clock 'Wsdnasday evening the
Supreme Cfmnell will bet wrld to tbe
Calbidial uader cowmaati of Air John
II. Okott. The thirty-iblrd degree
will be eon fw red ami the members of
the council banqueted.
Tbe Provincial Oraad lod of tha
Itoval Order of Scotland for the Uoltwl
States will bold its thlileeath annual
meeting to night at tha Scottish I tile
Cathedral. Tbe membership of this
grand body Is limited to ISO, and there
being a few vseaacirs, several nf Wash
ington's prominent Masons wilt rveeive
lis saeieat degrees. Oa to morrow
eviHlne the aaaual baatuat alll beheld
at the Arlington Hotel.
An Inlarcttloe Mcilie Hltt at
(Juncirirutlouilt l.'ltulcti,
Mrs. 31. I.. Wells of ChatHinoaam.
Tilin. oae of the national orgaalsets of
ibe W, C T. V., adaressea ina youag
Women's Christian Temperance Union
nf this city yesterday afteraooa at tha
First Coagreaatioesl Church. Mn.
3Ii ultoa pre Wed, aad the maaie was
furnished by the chair of lUasltae X.
K Church, Professor Chase orsjaalas.
iiU- Ida Keal tang a beautiful saio.
Vis. iloulloa's aaaual report showed
that dutiaa the ear eadiag akh fW-toWr
11, there were J4 members of tha V w.
C. T V la ibe Histikt, end four new
uab as bad beta iirgaabasJ Ftftaaa
I ul lie. besides tha regular baslaeas
uieHiags. bad len held Tha growth
of tbe eiigaaisailua had bea more rapid
1 baa ia any previous year
Xi It ells said th re were asora tbsa
60, W (i jousg susies ia tha W C
I' l' to da giris who hat eoase oat
for 1 urliy ia life, total sbstbiaare bs
habit aad prohiUtioa ia tha aatioa.
H'as lh Tx
Mm. Charles V KUot of the board af
trailers of tha Moans of aasUuad thep
herd has called tha aiteattua of taa
Commissioners to tha fact that ahhtataa)
that tasirtitHiai be a pundy caawakahia
oaa it has long brea oa taa us hat. Ea
sequesuiasi Use taaaa be laaawead-
by Scrofula
U the ad stuff ut assay asss4e liiasekfs
eatuiiabau (au 1 of tbBir wa a.-tuaatot
SMae waseiaUy tasa any u a ansuSliary
a awne, sad to this raasaa asagas
toess la new saa Iniieatsfaei fcWi. ta dr
naa hrf alas Isaaaf am iha biaaBluatttM. waAaa
IgrW pawaaar ' " PtaT m-mrmmrw ,m aapaBBF
fcaV CUiOshtt4 ui lmH Ma-MfcaW, tatatf U
IfipTaXajj ! faflttasl aaawV VhAatt tk lMMa9 iatMalaf
fiaaaaatsVagstf af WlUaW I4mM ttrl"4 ttnjffjf taaaV
UVaiJU cWW I ttM.v-UrW tu Uk'ff aUaiUlta.
aBBBaaaawaaV aaVaat lisMBal a
mUUl fciHHMliin uaT IMUnJLflral, UUNMikaV.
feaanaUianitaBabl. yLiaih blf Vat juMaaaaal4 M
eja"asaPispa'aaHn apwaBpia mr as mf ntwaaaaaana saaajpaaaa'
aaswtaabMdaesaryuau4 Italia
caa sad sjvim tu is sua 4ig Mat aasiag
aadudocirf aaal'h H ya tsntiii Sa agke
aaaaMwnU da awl he aasaeegtaaaf
sja sas tu ast wit
ii t ail '..ru..
J iiJLH 1 I
Wilson & Can's
For an Easy Shoe
wo Ttt
W eatry the JteH Una of Parent
leather Shaas for tdte ftd om
tkjetsistjSapairst Wilson & Carp's
1tt1ilnitntiln Shoe 'Heii.
ass r .vnturfr s.
Waehtnaton, 1 O.
t nwt tinnsT ni.Ttitnitit srituitr.
on Easy Weekly
Of Monthly Payments.
WasMmttos people are not slow In taking
advantage of the specie! HAUOAIN'H olTcnsl
br 1M) OKMUtT JLWEUtV HOtWP! (rf
515 toll) Street tloiitet,
tuestweok nffrrtd wsitlmx CIIRAl'gR
oa CKEIltT I has euaiil Imi l teabt eltewbate
tar cash sn4 manjr pn''tiara ecureil rMt
This wwk waarereltlnaM K.SOr.tlHiOLD,
MOVI.MB.NT. wsrrsakd rue Are rasn.for
we agar I.A01KS' SK1UD OOhT) UK.
fl.V T CAKU Watebts foe !. Tbssa are
not rosamen, lata ea. Th7 mast be ex
antned to he fatly apprsilntml.
We have lJMttra' Oout Watahet for Sllur
wsrd. Ladtsa' 8llTr WKtckes or 7 Hpwanl,
we bav also a tall Uaeot llsl earn In
OtatteaHm' Walvhas ami ate selling tham
Ceatletmrn's atlvathm U dlreatsd to tl
bareahM ogrei ibraa la our IHaaMwl Do
partSHiat Yoaean Mty tesalttul IMaosoatl
fctaasat in. Jl. I4l.jw.tsa, tSSor askltch
arOHMitoKo Ttuue aoods art) WORTH
tvi.i. nrrv pbk iit nuKtbauwt
us ask Iss for tboai.
. lk tlkttSp'll HnrwlMla HINO
w e egr PIAXUKP M.S08 loe V, f 11. $t,
ttf. . pfT. tts ami upward If YOU are
TKHM8,b4 flittJW with IImmc sold else
bur aad wa wilt eoeeiaos jm that you tan
SAYK KONkY by DKALIhd with ui. ffe
earry He k a fall lias of Stlvsrware and
tha mfcwdlaaeous eoods usaally fouad In
MsatasVsr,tbf fuwls K)LD on KABY
esery est Me is dllrt lo ttw lairsbaser aa
UMPIhaT fAlMsNT yoa have tlM aaaut
taa aOOsM while yaa ara FAMf-d furtbuw.
tMaa4sa4whMlnifyou want to buy or
sat. an tsnahla 10 nfew aseili. We waat
KB taast ssaata' wWh aaraiisssnl Cnattt
(pra evtiy eveaiag.
fed if LlWafS Ostal UW fitatli
p,a.Mnan.b CAajttaamsa-.
Sat Pi
a. a
Afwoaunrr at law.
m m vaaawaw 0mm
mnUwm.MMM .
asatwan tas um.
aanaBBBBBBanL afa-.amApaa aaaaamASaeaamaaagjAaj HaaBBBaaaa
aamBasaasa aaWFaaaaaaT t TTIHb
m Md " Msni. awr4f as
V s aan s naat vaaW
1 . lt us 1 'i'-
a mU Uir y&in i a. e.
k -J w i
tr J I
1 -
1.. ia
kb.i !) i mi
ass rasa
I il'n.
(lo 6. I
a " a
CTtJiitctJniJfJA,ocioBgR at. asd eoimsi uro tmrn. wraiM at, is
tl fSIVlt, nrK KACB8 BACH BAT. rVRSKS tltm STRafbiritAM f Wf
()TKR MAY. T11K gTCt8 Or RAOg HOHSaa KttX TAg
Admission, aronnds, srand stand sad pool lawn, II. taetaataa etah-hoaas aad
imdmk, SI 10
ArplyloO tl. ITArt.r? Tteasnrer. Wlltard's Uoeel. for nssmhers asdaas.
t hJtetlensMe 1 kataeters will Iw axetmlad.
Trains leave n. O. I)ert !, 1W, t and 1 &J. Bound trip, as eeata. oe at
Corner Loughboro and Tunlaw Roads.
The Sale of this Most Delightfully Situated
Property Opens
Price.10 and 20 Cents Per Foot
A Splendid Opportunity to
i a Reasonable Time,
This property is most beautifully situated on a high
ridge overlooking and in close proximity to the heart of
the city. The electric cars pass within a few hundred
yards o! the place It is high and dry, and the great
panorama, ever presented to view, of the Government's
beautiful buildings, the mils 01 maryiana anu Virginia,
with the historical and classical Potomac River, makes
WESLEY HEIGHTS a most charming and attractive
place for a home. As an investment it is unrivaled.
TERMS: One-quarter cash, balance In one, two
and three years, with interest at 6 per cent, per annum.
Fifty dollars earnest money will be required upon each
lot and will be applied to purchase when settlement is
made. Deed to be passed free of all expense with ab
stract of property. From the gross sales, seven 7
per cent, will be placed in a sinking fund to be applied
to making improvements
We can recommend this subdivision in every par
ticular and feel confident that your investment will prove
one ol profit in a very short time.
John F.
Horsford's Aeid Phosphate.
anas awai nag nar. tmnisas reasmai aaaaay
aa- . K- taasU, Oaaaea, a V, saw
ef asset easae torasMnaS
Ha. J. H. aliiilllilll Waat gaaaahanata, Vt.
ansa w aaaaaaaaaawaaaa -f w 0mm0m)mWmlllg
gtWMasti OatantaSAl WssJsKg,
hasasaaaa, R.I-
jatufj-jf tatAata inaaaal aaBBBBBBBBBaBBaaal
Importing Tailor,
AM ' ilran at ember T WM.bluhnti
MteCAi lUKlsaSUEC. AAI ItmOml
PastaM grUiLar laNMTAatwa awugw.
aabtiae Haass Uao ul Wumieaagaes aaea
w4iiaga..M ..Mtja
Double Hour
and G Streets.
aatlafawMafcnM feat ff' YttMb IfaaallplMsW -Wfcfcl
faapPSg yaasaPNt Paaii sappiaiaisj Paaasaaisi
vaat oswa at s uuota p.
wkb tbe ioUoaiiK court
OiTtOataUt i.
uf iasarnetiua,
vis. AU aepartawats ul
VMlku. U( gj
U.S. ras.
ik. msalns.
MulnaWial a
witb Isruua caaisaa ea
aaaa sa aops
aaaaaaCaaiataBl anil. laaaaMlBBa. VaK
aaaaaaaaprasawaaag aaao mmFmw -
sbaoitf jawcsi
nng kjatttaataial
aaa iXBSEffti
gcaoul u
k!H, nTBfaaaWa1?ft
MWH anna 4- aaggpcasa. waaaaaaiafc
mj nthaf Star rsaa af
uriim. zuubn. nutans, ua. au
miwt ui tnti esasalnn. ana aae
Uasa. Anaasanr a. VTMiaBSrML
8M1UIBT. bi U
i'tevi i k at. vjoi.CS.
JTrtmtaT.Oet , ts
For one ww
WWl MM Sftt
til HM mMtt&tot
m sat m-run M&tm irotr tut)
T Ust-rjVs pra ortn rocr
eary ieasaa tsatHiess ral. snd t
Oaa at lira seat af Its Ma4 rtew Tmh has
taa gees nl "warns a' Lnanoa"
"-F. t f ssaaaa wan 1
Wtlseai aaffert saa ffslt rahw' Se nrstia
a rataast Wtlileai B Man a Ireteels-.i Par
tWaira CMnpaar
A tPtRKmn niMPART.
gleanrate areaere sag Hrtteah-l grTst
9eat weak-liilBA la JifsKPitlig s tr
mm tr BaAU watkm.
A Wsatta M MaanMeent aneale rrreiaettans,
BBaM n Uff44 tJMM
Meal weelt-aoSMlT OATUit. Stt
TMfg Wgglt batHw' Maltaee Tn-ssarrew.
Pauline Markham.
1W "rBMrTATlOK."
NoU wpk-llyl tar sxalsttr C. W tt
()kra, v
Monday, October 27,
7h Greatest of Alt ftuttaiitt.,
A lsTeil at (hotomlnn (a'er Tlieitre.wlfi
all thu Orlelnal Vulo. h-nry iiMlums,
l'srarlicmallH and a Ureat fait, Incluitlnie
Miss Kate Casileton
s MAttaUKHlTK.
Tho Merriest M eotHPiikr rrtxluelkm or Ilur
Iukibo liver setu In Amorloa.
ItrsutarTlieatre Iilees.
r-Vals irmly TlllIIISUAV.0CT0IIEll3S.nt
Motrutt's Musis Mora. oolSSt
U. Mattas Mnadar.WedBWKlar, Krl-
ilayaud Satudar. Tlie
An KatrrtalnnMnt of Uansual Rxcalleace,
rnnB '
Is tbo Gr"a.est ot All Mruleal Instruments
Eeaause It performs any ranalo
frtiB a wait or a ballad to an
overture or a syraphiKij raoro
beaatifnlly and raore nearly
parfset tbaa any otber single
Tte AWaa is not raeebanleal, bat tbe
noniiwtatk n of It Is sa MmpJo tbat a person
eanlsrn toplay ItwUU from one totbree
wtls'lraetlee. Your visit to see this la
straBHt wtll be estaomed a favor at
94 TA, AVE..
ir bta'awar and
fate Azmt tor bi-j'swur ua Otbr IMrat-
& eUtta and Or aaas.
iateuM atu.
Agawss MWaff (aattily fur aubinx a Ihot
stub wjasatluii ta Ulasatura, mu4o and art.
Tb tatolswiMWta Uneht as puna, barp, via
He, anHar.gnsrlnHa aad baajn LiairiMeas,
laararnl venal, tbrawtac ami (aaaf work free
imigkM QOU.mH r-BtfAUATOK V
Ktw nssawswsak. X. J
Hasaaaar satmig far Sars and Youaa Men.
ysiasisiH far ass bast wa'latiwi. suteatido
aBanWaaaW taw ajsaajaaaawaw
sV.CtMg.A- ,-.
AativuiJiwaisu-CAL mirntuu
vsaartltn. tv
faaasiss ar tasiasaebia btuiuny v
seat aae aaai fsaa. aa sal raane 1m ot
far ms.aat aaa vn saves AUt
Vans begias altrf gsugK at
aV. A. A- UVaaUaOKK, I I ,
tsab1sal MaaavUte. Pa.
T laailar aaaUVAIY.
A Sanaa! ler yaaag gtass aad youa ladi.
IV. Wtb yar
losas; iburuiitftt
af tbe Individual
ansa ssjiraai" nrasani isf trail r "rn'-
Saw per year
itrguana.tgng 9Q wauits.
aasusa. Kaaaga la, s i
Tasaa sail ecajaas af atady Ljcaitou
aMbiuJ- A rsui.a tbrULua
sawaaarakag aaaM aat Sentamhur
law mUnmWtmM IS. ! 6sJ
a. a. " b a .
. "W" ' '
T Aunts ft n I gti g
ISbU suwSUB masawafias UTU Slkl'TSM
KAMI. fifcUi 1 irtoiuuu iu.i iouF r -
ul nJUliy L U OlU'lS" 1 KL- J b o .J. 1
juiUfii.. i .-
aiMi ssciirltlns beugbl mitA aaU.
j u
AV Bases ISaa Sttltar

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