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23D YEAR m). 0,033.
J'nr Iht PiatriH of Cotimbia. iffirnftrii,
)r 'mi nrr unit ITrtti'mTr, inrrrnufnp ftnmfi
.": a' d rtin; nortftrtlftrrln tenf ani
hi v inner.
TN order to produce the
jbcst results tliera jnust be
as DESIGN. The way a
garment is put together can
make It or mar it.
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A Heavy Increme on Freight to lie
Simla Next Weak,
Mtw Yokk. Oct. 32. It was learned
yesterday Umt at a meeting held Monday
ut tie American Kxpress Company's
( Mice by the principal officer! of the dif
ferent express companies' It was agreed
to advance express ratea, beginning No
vember 1. The baals for all express
tatilTs is (be rate between New York
and Chicago. The rate at prevent Is $3
per WO pounds. Under the new tariff
it wilt lie $-30. ltatee will be ad
vanced fifty cents from liosioa , New
"iork, Philadelphia, llallimote and
r tber seaboard points to points west of
HuiTalo, SuUiiuuea and Pittsburg.
'1 be re will be no changes to pointt
cast of last named places. There will
1-t no increase greater than tifty cents to
.-iy rlnl. and to some points it will be
!'( 'I he increase will apply to busl-
ess from interior points to the seaboard
as well as In the opposite direction The
p.ju rlulendeutg of the tariff departments
(He different exp-ess companies will
, ret In Chicago on Thursday of next
'.vet k to arrange the new rates
'I lie advance in rales, it is sail, is
i silo on account of increased expanses
. f the companies, due principally Ut the
Jar .r payments required by the rail
j uls fur privileges.
T40SU4 lu Ike Hiium ami KVtskaat by
lk Mexee.
1 M.aecau,. W. Va.. Oet. . J.
McCoy of the shoe Amos' Urennan
A iU C oy while crossing the pontoon
1 1 u' ut over the VUnewaha Hive Mon-
.v Light drove off into Use river.
ijil lie came to the surface hat was
I vviin the dash board and the horse.
-.. uue latter U trying to extricate hlm-;-n
kicked McCoy several time. Mc
i i aally managed to get away fm
tu. Liise, wbudt sank inl was dtvwned.
AUt uy was rescued aJmomdead.
jr . uiu. Oct. S3 .The Sank of Paris
v. .,i .vud 10 the hunk- ol Spain out) hun-
i 1 u iHioii francs for three
M. -. ..iHtv tutnished by Urn
mi ior the loan consists of rv
iUia!lt: boaniah 4 per cent bond,
i lauk still emdin to give discount
, i.Usor to discount Use paper of
, 1 1 3i Madrid house.
I uri.j (.issisi 4eeeW .
t Mitn, N. t.. Oct. -i t-'nntmn
iio ut iht Aucduan schooner
e WUbud, ashore nt laitwfnt.
La reived special pffrmmtean tram
n.. Miiiiter of yiefctfrUte U wU w
ii. . :.l u,Ou pounds of fiejk iHsi
. :. r u. .he vefcael has ao mudu, dm4i
t i.t to uiiilvo uuu" U j, buy
v; UdttUl. Fur tuli luluriu
1 i AK iUul JotUl V Wlljga
t uitct-UCU iul e atietto u. W.
The Great Infidel Orator Talks of
Liberty and Literature.
"These Wendreus 'Liave3 of 0ra8.'"
The ByPalhs sf Oenius"An Rlo-
quenlasd Brilliant Peroration.
l'litLADRtritiA, Oct. S2. When Col
onel Jlobcit O. Imersoll stepped to the
front of the singe In Horticultural Hal
last night to deliver Ms lecture on
"Lllierly and Literature," for tlio testi
monial benefit tendered to "Walt "Whit
man, the poet of Camden, he was
greeted with a hearty round of ap
plause from an auillcnco of about 0,000
Sealed on the platform were Walt
"Whitman, the ngl beneficiary; Sirs.
Robert G. Ingersoll, 5IUs Maud Ingcr
soil, Dr. John K. Mitchell, Mr. Whit
man's biographer! David McKay, his
publisher: Colonel JSuclld norland,
chairman of the ways and means com
mittee of the New York Legislature.
Dr. Ittirko of Montreal, ltcv. J. II. Clif
ford of (Jormanlowii, Horace L. Trocbel,
Francis II. Williams, Harrison 8. Mor
ris. T. 11. Harold of Philadelphia, and
W. IJ. Hicks of New York.
The eloquent lecturer lost no time In
Introduction, but launched atnncc upon
his subject, which he treated last night
for the first time, and he held his
nudlcncc spell-bound for nearly two
Colonel Ingcrsoll's eloquence Is as
maikcd as ever, and as lie made the
various points In his discourse and coin
patcd tbo literature and the Intolerance
with which tliu authors and poets of the
past were treated with the liberty unit
aplrlt of toleration of the present day,
uiu auuicncemaniiesieti its appreciation
by punctuating his remarks with loud
nml piolonued upplaute. and at times
when the orator was especially marked
and Impressive, by that rapt silence
that showed the keen Interest of his
He said: "In the year 1M the
Amorloan people knew but little of
books. Their ideals, their models
were Kngllsb. Young and 1'ollok,
Addison and "Watts wue regarded as
great nocts: some of the more reckless
reail 'lhomson's Seasons and the poems
and novels of Sir Walter Scott. A few
not iiultc orthodox delighted In the me
chanical monotony of i'ope, and the
rofllly wicked those lost to all religious
shame were worshipers of Shakes
peare. The really orthodox I'rotestant.
untroubled by doubts, considered Milton
the greatest poet or them all. ltvron
ami Shelley were hardly respectable
not to lie read by young persons. It
was admitted on alt hands that liurns
was a child of nature, of whom his
mother was ashamed and proud.
"At this time a young man he to
whom this testimonial Is given he upon
whose head have fallen the snows of
more than seventy winters this man,
bom within the sound of the sea, gave
to the wotld a book, 'Leaves of Grass.'
Tills book was, and is. the true trans
script of the soul. The man Is ua
ma'ked. No drapery of hypocrisy, no
pretense, no fear. The book was as
original lu form as in thought.
"It was a marvelous collection ami
aggregation of fragments, hints, sug
gestions, memories and opheeUM,
weeds and flowers, clouds awl clods,
sights and sounds, emotions ami pas
sions, waves, shadows and constella
tions. HOW 'LKAtEfc' WAS KErKIVEU.
"ills book was received by many with
disdain, with horror, with indignation
and protest by the few as a marvelous,
almost miraculous, message to the
world, full of thought, philosophy,
poetry and music.
' Slbce the year IMS the American
citizen Las concluded that it is hardly
vinilU while being a sovereign unless be
has the right tu think for himself. And
now from this height, with the vantage
wound of to-day, I propose to eiautine
this Wwk and to state in a getwral way
what Walt Whitman has done ami the
place he has won U the world of
The lecturer here divided the dis
cussion of "Leave of Grass" into
litsTeiesa topics. Under the "Heligloe.
of the Body." he said "Walt Whit
man announced the gospel of the body,
fle confronted the people, lie deeded
the depraviiy of nuus. He insisted that
love is not a crime. lie taught the dig
nity and glory of the father and mother,
the aecieu&tzs e' maternity. Matetnlty,
tender and pure as the tew of pity, holy
as suffering the crown, the dower, thin
ecatSA-y of love.
"Tome Uw most obscene wool In
our language is celibacy. Walt Whit
man defended the sac redness of love,
tke purity of passion the passion that
builds etety tome and tills the world
with ut and sung- Whoever dBsfet
frocu Use miiiiHerfe, especially wit a
led snuhitmse. will ind out flow tfceir
kaden thai he has eosa fitted an um
uaiuVtfsvbbt sis. It is a crisne to travel
a road of your own, especially if you
Cup guide-boatds for the utforei
of oihawsv
"Ko writer must be measured by a
word or line or paragraph, lie is to
be measured by his work. We cnot
measure Shakespeare by a few lines.
awilker can we measure the Bible by a
few chapters, nor , Levee of Grass' by a
few usfugrnfssjs.
"WaltWnkman had the couraze to
s kpreaa his tsvougbt tfj eamior to toll
the truth. Most writers suppress indi
vlduality. They wish to plense the
public. They tatter the stupid and
pander to the prejudice of their readers.
"If what ace hnowu as the beat
people could have their way the works
of llMkkcueM would have bee sup
pressed- If she Scotch kirk couVl have
otcuicd nothing would suve been
known of KuUit Burns. But we axe
uoi fenced to n.0 very far back If
Mi.ektiipt.aic bau bec-u publUhcd for the
Uiftl tiu.c eio Ut'.se ditluc pUya
Uulii lliu. i uLIUcjIj Sud aciu ',iu'.ci
cv n than the ctclltttliirrt of the mld
nlelit sky wotthl be erelttded from the
tub ritKdF.nrATTOs or i.ibrrtv.
"Walt Whitman is In th hlghMt
sense a believer In democracy. He
knows that there Is but erne exonw for
fwernment the preservation of liberty ;
to the end that man may be liappy. lie
knows that there Is but one excuse for
any Institution, secular and religions
the preservation of liberty ; ami that there
Is but one excuse for schools for uni
versal etlwatlrn, for the ascertainment
of facts, namely, the preservation of
'He resents lire arrogance ami cruelty
ot pflwer. He has sworn never to Ire
tyrant or slave. He has solemnly
declared: 'I speak the password
ptlmeval I give the sign of democ
racy. I will accept nothing wlilcu all
cannot have their counterpart of on the
seme terms.'
"lie fell as all should feel, that the
liberty of no man Is safe unless the
liberty of each Is safe. Whitman has
reminded the people of this countiy
that tbey aie supreme, ami lie lias said
to them: 'The riesldcnt Is there In the
While House foryou It Is not vou who
are here for him.'
"In fpeaklng of the Individuality of
tlic American, he said: 'In order to pro
tect the liberties of a nation we must
protect the Individual. A democracy
Is a nation of free Individuals.' Walt
Whitman has told us that 'The whole
theory of the universe Is directed lo one
single Individual namely, to you.'
Whitman Is lire port of Individuality
the defender of the rights of each for
the sake of all and his sympathies nrc
as wide as tbo world. He Is the de
fender of the whole race."
The next point dlscusod was the
humanity of the poet. Colonel Inger
soll said: "Tho great et is Intensely
human, infinitely sympathetic onteri tig
Into the Joys and griefs of others. When
the rcrticctable people of the North, the
rich, the successful, were willing to
carry out tho fugitive slave law, Walt
Whitman said:
"I am tlie wounded slave I wince at Hie
tiltoot tlie Clogs.
Hell ihJ despair are upon me 'Crack'
aril again crick' Hie marktmen;
I clutch the rails of the fence my Mood
chips thinned with the ooieof my
I fall on lite weeds am! stones;
'1 lie riders fpur llictr unwilling liorwi
haul clow;
Taunt hit illzry enrs ami beat me with tus
butts ot their whip.
Atonies are one of my changes of trarment.
1 do not ask the won mini jiersun lionr l
feels. I mjielf become the wounded
The lecturer then discussed the points,
"What Is 1'oilry?" "The Philosophy of
Poetry" and Whitman's two poems,
"A Word Out of the Sea" and "When
Lilacs Last In the Dooryard Dloomed."
He closed with the following brilliant
"Walt Whitman has dreamed treat
dreams, told gteat truths nml uttered
sublime thoughts. He has held aloft
the torch ami bravely led the wiy.
"As you read the marvelous book, or
the pirwn. called 'Leaves of Grass,'
you feel the freedom of the antique
wotld; you hear the voices of the morn
ing, of the first great singers voices
elemiutal as those of sea and storm.
Tho borlon enlarges, tbehenveus grow
ample, limitations are forgotten the
realization of the will, the accomplish
ment of the Ideal, will be within your
power. Obstructions become petty ami
disappear. The chains ami bars are
broken ami the distinctions of caste are
"The soul is in the open air, under
the blue and stats the nag of Nature.
Creeds, theories ami philosophies ask to
be examined, contradicted, recon
structeil. Prejudices disappear, super
stitious vanish and custom abdicates.
The sacred places become highways,
duties and desires clssp hands and be
come comrades and frleuds. Authority
drops the sceptre, the priest, the mitre
and the purple falls from kings. The
Inauimate becomes articulate, the mean
est ami humblest things utter speech
and the dumb and voiceless burst Into
song. A feeling of Independence takes
possession of the soul, the body ex
trends, the Wood Hows full and free.
superiors vanish, rUltery is a lot art
and life becomes rich, royal and su
"The world becomes a personal pos
session ami the oceans, the continents
ami constellations belong to you. You
ate in the centre, everything radiates
Hem you and in your veins beats and
Ibreibk the pulse of all life. You become
a lover, cateleas ami free. You wander
by the shores of all seas and hear the
eternal psalm. You feel the silence of
the wide forest, and stand beneath the
titer twined and over arching boughs,
entranced with symphonies of winds
sod woods. You are borne on the
tides of eager and swift rivers, hear the
i ush and roar of cataracts as they fall
beneath the seven -hued arch, and watch
the easeies as they eirclintr soar.
"You traverse gorges dari and dim,
and climb the scarred and threatening
clllfs. You stand la orchards where
the blossom i fall like snow, whet the
birds neat and sing, and painted moths
make aimWss journeys through the
happy air You live the lives of those
who till tue earth, and walk amid the
perfumed nehis, hear the reapers' song,
and feel the breadth and scope of earth
and shy. You are in the gteat dries, in
Use uddet of multitudes, of the etui teas
professions You are on Use wfcie
plains the nrairiaa with hunter and
trapper, with savage and pioneer, and
feel tke soft grass yielding under your
"You sail in many ships and breathe
the free air of the sea. You trsvel
tuany roads and countless pihs. You
visit unlaces asui prisons, hospitals and
courts, you pity kings and convict,
and your sysnnntby goes out to all the
suffering and insane, the oppressed and
enslaved, and even the inf uutoua. You
heat the din of labor, ail sounds of
factory, inkl and forest, of all tools. In
struments and ntachines. You becosne
familiar with men and wosuen of all
tuiploynujuls. trades and professions
with birth and burial, with wedding
feast and funeral chant-
"You see the cloud and inine ol
a.r vou eniov the tBitslahhi uerfect isms
of nance, in tfrfa one book, in these
wondrous 'Leaves of Grass,' you fnd
hint and suggestion, touches anst frag
ments, of all there is of life, thai Mas
between the babe, whose rounded
cheehs uinude h$nnnth has ittoahnv'i
laughing, laving eyes, and Uw oUsnan.
snow crowned, who. wish a wtafcte. ex
tends frft hand to death-"
iu row' kvci-i.T.
At the close of the lecture Colonel
lniiclt saked the t:ucl vf the even
lo.' i oikc a few remarks.
In Wlaiman is growing feeble,
It... ' ;v.ni3 ifj'i u I a n wlili
rtlfflnillt that Ire liegsn his brief ad
dress. He sen!, tremblingly
"After all the main fretor with me
this evening is being face lo face with
this anttterrce In a meeting like this. I
thought I would come to night to be
with ymt ami thank yon for coming and
Colonel Ingerwdl for speaking, ami with
there wortfi I bW you good-bve."
After the meeting broke up rmny
cam forward to shake the hand of the
aged pret. He Imde Colonel Ingersoll
a very atTectirmate farewell ami offetwl
his sincere thanks, to which Mr. In
gersoll replied: "The debt is all on Ihe
other side. I am Indebted to yon, Mr
raMrnRtr nml i'ltliclit Train Collide,
7 lie Killed Rtiil iDjnrcri.
CtSCIXKATt, Onto, Oct. 38 At
o'clrck this morning the soutli-bmiml
passenger train, No. 0. on the Cincin
nati Southern Hallway ran Into a freight
train In a tunnel a few miles i south of
Sr.mtriel, Ky. One fireman ami a
cotelnrtor were killed outilght. while
several others were fatally Injured.
Following Is n list of the killed and
Injnic-d furnished at the general office
or the company In this city: Killed
Postal Clerks C. I.. Dolgan and J. G.
Gajle, both of Cincinnati; Firemen
Walsh and Gould of Cincinnati; Ilrakc
man .T. K. Montgomery. Injured
Knglnccrs Plnlolt and Taylor; baggage
master, name unknown: passenger,
name unknown. All of the Injured re
side at Somerset and arc being cared for
by tho railroad company. None of
them arc fatally hurt.
The accident was caused by the
freight rnglnccr moving without orders.
It sldo tracked at Sloan's Valley until
one south-bound passenger passed and
followed II, the engineer believing he
coul d make the next side (rack before
meeting the other passongcr train,
which was only a short distance bjhlnd
the first one. When about midway of
the tunnel Ihorc was a terrible crash,
followed by the groans of the dying
and Injured, lloth engines were totally
demolished, In addition to several
coaches and freight cars. To add to
ihe horror two of the coaches caught
file. and Postal Clerks Gayle
and Dolgan were burned ailve. The
more fortunate imasongers and crews
Hi rued their attention to rescuing those
Imprisoned In the wreck and who were
being consumed In the Ihmci. Those
takiu rut were removed to neighboring
hourrs where they were attended by
physicians tent out by the company.
A wrecking train has been sent out to
clear away the irVArtV and there will be
no delay to traffic.
To Jlrreat Cnnillilnlna WUn Will Not
Vole In t.nliut'a Inli-rcati.
HufcTox. Oct. K. ltepresentatlvea of
thirty labor orgaulaiatlous Nationalist
and Socialist societies attended the
meeting of Ihe United Labor Alliance
last nlabt. The secretary rend com
munications from fifty organizations In
vatlous parts of I lie State, which In
dorsed the slot and object of the
alliance, promising to support the
measures adopted.
livery etfort will be made to secure
the defeat of all candidates for legis
lative positions who will not unbuilt
fledly promise to vote In the interests of
the labor, or for such measures as shall
receive the indorsement of the labor ami
other economic organizations.
an Inlurlculeil Man Sleela I1U llaatli
t I ho lluucli iif a titepun.
GttAMLLK, lu., Oct. ?! David
Grubhe, a well known farmer living
four miles above Grayville, was shot
and Instantly killed last night by hU
31 year-old stepson. Arch Wicks.
Grubhe had been in Grayville all day
dtlakfng heavily, aad on going haute
about 8 o'clock began abusing his wife.
She ran from the bouse followed by
Grubhe. who was about to plunge a
knifa into her when her sou. Arch
Wieks, attracted by her screams, rushed
upu the scene with a shotgun and fired
at Gtubbs, Instantly killing him,
I.Ike ic Tblr ia Ilia A'lsht.
I..KKM.HT, N. Y., Oct. SS. Kev.
Mr. Bau-ntine of Seottsvllie. a delegate
to the Presbyterian Synod, was found
dead in bed at the house of Mr. Alfred
Xotfsn, ktre he was stopping, this
mornirg. I hart disease is the supposed
Eiuteir tVIIIUui at tka TtwMtra,
Bkkljk, Oct. 3S Emperor William
attended the Berlin theatre last night
and witnessed Herr Barnay's acting la
"Keen." This is the Brat imperial visit
to the theatre since the expiration of
his period of mourning.
I'nliliwil tar u IititHuuut Wretufc.
Pnot ipfcscc, It. I., Oct ft. In lb
Cosunton Pleas Court yesterday Jerome
Sweet was found guilty of the murder
of his wife by saturating her body with
kerosene and tting it. lie was sent to
prison for Hie.
Kttsssl hf iSM KSft4SlSiSMS
LiTcuntto. Ximl, Oct. S3. The
hotter of thrasher engine burst near
hete yesterday, ifeuais IkeUy, aged IS.
wns killed, aid twelve jjeniM injured,
one Intally-
wnunsim u
Sr. Pkikuiiu, Oct . Count
hUxecui is dying front the eSees of .
bullet wound received in a due) near
Iwustadt Monday.
Psjus, Oet. 88 The ptodue-ttou of
"CVtropnirn' hen bneit dtdegsed until
The Pwtident has
C. Thornton Indian
AlfcAcy, Waabington.
t YusnUp
AjannjrJ yaalBBsn? Ls&a.-Ahnnnv
Tssw"W" awesa" eaannvsF "snMsnnlageHp
h1 Vtnrtn!' to-flgur kgU. a UtVUtk
isnptoved that De. Waks thhtht he wW
be out in a short Hum-
1u ou waut to uiakc inouc It to u..
oU t Wwle tlelus. Vui full iuU-: u
IUXJ . un I n a. u cal U V. i.l ) -
While Bliate Jmdc Dishn First Mk
tke Wire ia the Mile Rac.
The Excellent Csrd Prstestwi fr Speta
Uten To-Day Owip f lha Tnek.
Ia (be Stable aid PaMsek.
The Washington Jockey Club tmiH
to le a futtnante totporrttlon, for, tin
like Its prcdccctMr, It has been, thus
far In Itscatccr, bleated with excellent
weather. IU losiigural mectlog Utt
spring was phenomenal racing weather
for this section, and the autumn meet
ing ling opened under equally auspicious
To-dtty, the second of the meeting,
was an ideal racing day. There wai a
chilly suggetliveneM In the air that
tnrulc overcoats and wraps it necessary
.adjunct to one's comfort. Hut wlttml
the llennlng track wnt m comfortable a
place as the sport-lovlntr publlr could
find. Tho beautiful scenery, with the
Maryland hills stretching away in the
distance, and decked In autumn's
choicest colors, tho red and gold, ap
pealed In tho artistic seuse of the spec
tators, while the noisy, jostling, pushing
crowd In the belling ring revealed the
material tide of man.
There was a much larger number
present to day and the fair sex was bet
ter representee!. The grand stand was
comfottably filled, and when the odds
were iosted for the first race tho pooi
lawn was parked and Jammed with a
scrambling crowd eager to Invest their
money on their favorite choice.
The card was an excellent one. and
the different events were hotly con
lesled. The public had a better elm nee
than on the ttrevlous day, for the fields
were not so large and picking n winner
was decidedly easier.
Following Is a summary of the day:
First race, mile Klla II.. 110,11.
Doncn. 1(5 and 0; Lsdy M.. 107. Tully,
1.1 sml 0, Syracuse, t'.t.'.Scovel, t straight;
Consignee. 110. Rogers, 5 ami 'i; Spen
cer, 115, Hill, 1.1 and 0; Slohlcan, 110,
Ionen,Oand:t;GrevGown, lM.IIaggln,
10 smltl; ThelUven, 11.1.Taral.7aml2,
Iht rati. The small field got an ex
cellent start after several break sways
and The Haven took the lead, followed
by Consignee, nlth the others well
bunched. At the half Haven was lead
ing by two lengths. Consignee second,
while Scovel on Syracuse was a good
third. At the turn the positions were
unchanged, and, passing the three
quarter pole. Haven had a laid of a
length and Consignee bad fallen hck
lieaten, Syracuse moving up to second
place, and Mohican third. Into
the stretch the horses came
with little change lu their position, but,
ncarlng the wire, Scovel let Syracuse
out and finished an e.wy winner by two
lengths. Haven second awl Mohican
thltd. Time, 1.134.
Second race, 1 mile Klcve, Itogert.
S and 8: Hlue Jeans, 115, Taral. 8 to 5
and 1 to 2; St. John. 110, Tully. 13 awl
0; Lengstreet, 110, Scovel, 13 and 0;
Fannie II., 107. Jones, 13 and 8;
Wyndham, KU. Hay. 10 and -I; King
llaieu. 101. Hill. IS and 8; Foxmede,
101. Sinev, 13 and 0, Keiiwood, 139.
Taylor. 0 3 straight.
7Ar Kit-4 Hlue Jeans made a run
away race of it, leading front start to
nalsh. Tarsi e-ot away In the lead, ami
at the quarter Wyndham was meck-and-neck
with him. Fox made third. St. John
moved up Into second plaee at the half,
hlue Jeans leading by a length and
Hell wood third. In this order the horses
passed the three quarters and Into
the stretch when St. John fell back and
was passed by both Fox wed a and Hell
wood. Blue Jeans won handily, Fox
wide second and llellwood third.
Time, lit.
Bt.ri-T or THE TU1KK HUB.
Third race three quarters of a mue.
J.Ln X, 100: Hay. n and 3:
Adair. 103, Hayden. and 3.
To IJpe, 103, Kiley. 7 and 3;
Yftijel. 103, Taylor. 3 and i;
Sit que see colt. 113. Tarsi. 7 3 and 1,
Wal'ace ally. 113, Leonard, 7 and
in ro Helen Wallace Stat, Two
Lips second, Sequnnee cost third.
The following are Use remaining
rourthrare.haniitoap, 1 l-'K Miles-Vivid.
V0i C-uuwor, ttf; Iceberg. Mi M. tuke. to;
Wue Jeans (femserlj hassosi;, UW; strad
tei, 115; hbutljrr, ).
Filth race. selMtuc, ! nule - Prank Ward.
11 Parthian and sUsntvie. to? earn;
l-subnuest. 10fv. Vivid, UH; liover, M,tieu
eiul IkHtlangeri v7-
1lf stuMi Tun TtueK.
nodo was gatne rally tipped for the
3 jear old raee. but she was not in it at
any stage of the game.
Salle t Or's time in Ihe mile handi
cap. 1 Hi. shows the track to be in -celu-nt
condition, and if good veuibtf
rontinuea it will he decidedly f a hnfnst
the end of the week.
iitadford and n. Luke ought totlnish
in the otdet nanud lu the fourth tmx
to day -
Jiuuujr fVw is making an etueitont
starter. He got on In the big sWfcfe in
the Am two mens excellenJy. although
he held thn hosaes at the post in tnir
titst kunge than was necessary.
The tajpnjt vs all upset over Mabel's
victory in the fttai and Cesebus' in the
third. Both were long shots, and the
lucky unns played the uwrj more tor
M-nUnittirt than ant thine le.
Tun ITiUTU was ahead on the Ui. k
tu.w. as uul- It puMithed the results
iu Lbe Stat two races.
Htting nothing to fe-ir fr ui t)..
enndty of the club, the "JVuu e -ui..
t-ook toiduyw are posting odti "U i-n.
IHtsth-vood tsiifht have won yeatecdnj
lu the thkd rave had kt not been for h&
rider. KwUy. With kix pounds onsw
weighi he tan a good acood, and An
worst of it ia, the jockey ktic-w he w
ocrweijrbt nal weighed ia with a
ii!hl saddle. The Irte-k 'tc iceu-.l
tTui Lbc race- iij.1 iLi i.'Jjt J
I, L.I kLi.t I .1 I 1 iLi , '... 1 c '
i.i ' i v.L i- i i
Lul . .
what the mlMake hi, strchtrtcfcwryskonM
not 1 tolerated.
Most of W. It. .Temitws?!' hones are
In prime eotwiltlmt, and It will tm wet'
for speculator, lo keep an y cm thr-m.
CotnellR will tret there before the meet
ing ia over.
Walt nntll Klphln and Klllarney crt
the run of that jmripfng course. Mo
Iermotl's Idg howe will make a orry
show of the rest of thew.
In the or roml race yesterday liCnti
Hue wtw heavily bscken i the hrtr
went lo the pott, ami the odds pounded
down cotisiilprably.
What l Judge Iturke gnlng to do
about Mlrlhwomfg overwetgnlt W hst
will the executive committee dot Tw
say lire least Kelly deiertes a repfi
mand, and so dn Ihe owner.
It tit It tlnl.T llrtimrnla n Mlnorllj- f
the AlimiifnctHrern.
Cnka.o, It t , frt. 22. The
window gla manufacturers will
to-day complete their nrgnnlxttlnn.
Subscriptions to the capital stock of
the American Ghtm Company, by whleh
name the trust Is known, will be made
this morning. The capital stock la lo
be $600,000, the factories contributing
$100 for each pot In their plants. Manu
facturers representing 100 pots signed
the agreement, alrout 300 pots remain
ing Independent of the trust.
The organisation as completed In
cludes all the factories at rittsbtirg, all
In Ohio and all In Indiana except the
factories of C. P. Cole at Dunkirk. Hint
State. The United Olas Company, a
smaller trust, will probably ire ab
sorbed. The companies refuting tn join the
trust say that no attempt will be made
to lower prices or Interfere with the
operations of the organization. They
will mark prices up to the trust scale,
and to all Intents will be In It except
that they will have no part In the ex
penses of the operation.
Chances or an Amine tile Hattleineiit Are
Milliliter Thau liror.
Nrw Yokk, Oct. 38. From all ap
pearances this morning Ihe chances of
an amlcablo settlement of the bttc
bnll troubles are smaller than
ever. The Independent feeling which
existed yesterday among the mom
bets of Ihe various conference
committees has beeu strengthened
and has now become a determination
to stand by the course already outlined
by carh committee. It Is admitted by
many baseball men that the present
state of affairs Is due lo the action of
the Players In fmciug their way on
to the conference committee of
the Players' League. Tue various com
mittees had several private conferences
this forenoon and the prevailing
opinion was that there would Ik- no
regular conference to day.
A tVuiilil-lls Itulitter Nmtrly KIIU a
Wi-alUiy l'nrmar,
iJKTitoiT. Mich , Oct. iW. A special
to the AVi" from Port Huron says:
Last night a man named Pellett called
at the house of James O'llara,
a wealthy farmer, living near
here, and asked for a drink of water.
It was given to him. and while
O'llsra's back was turned Pellett
stabbed him several times. Mrs. O'llara
Interfered and was also brutally
pounded and stabbed.
Mr. and Mrs. O'llara It is thought
will die. Pellett eaoaped, but otttcers
are In pursuit. Hobbery was the object
of the ataault.
rairnm lBjttrl umt an risglnaer
Kllldl lu h Kallr.Htil CuIILIuk.
Kansas City, Oet. 33. A collision
between two passenger trains occurred
early this morning at the craning of
Ihe Union I'eeiiie and Hock Island
roads west of Amourdale. One of the
engineers was killed and a number of
passengers Injured.
Tlukortus the TartM.
Herijk, Oct. 83. The baals for
negt tiations to secure a revision of the
commercial treaty with Austria is being
& i'tldered at a conference of expert a
representing the federal Slates of the
tifcpire. Only a slight decrease in the
duties on iatpotts of agricultural
products will, however, he agreed to by
lieiuisny, ttkk-h country will probably
favor Italy to the same extent
A Wealthy Hitwer' S44ai Ilaolfc
Xew Yobs. Oct. 93 Joseph Rubsant
of the nrm of Kubasin A Hermann,
the wealthy brewers of State Island,
died suddenly front apoplexy si a late
hour last night at his home on Boyd
street, Stepteton. feVinttn Island. Mr.
UttUant was 3n years ot age. lite
fortune is variously estimated between
l.08u,u0t and $3.uuu,ia. His wife
and one daughter survive him.
AUIL.jclnl laUaUtk. mgkammsm
"nwsstsppr tw y mwnm9so
Jiot-LAKo, Mu-u., Oct. 38 Her.
John Koett-r. paator of a non awtirtan
church here, is now In jail at Grand
lUphis. charged with altoantlag the af
feetlous of Mrs. John Lint from her
husband Mrs. Lint is a metuher (
Koster's church and the nrteat has
caused a big bensatton. Lint wants
fS.touu dstunges and bis capias is the
cause of fccOaWr's Inesjceratton,
Amm $ dmswtann. 4 9um.
fauts. Oct. 33.-4 meeUng will he
imiii b tbnnsnmheH of the naetv of
slight in the Cbambei of IffJUHtf to
twnsider paopostiion to hwy poll
tat. o foreignnr.
Hjut4.it. ct- 33 It U said that the
accHoJiu. will orgnnUe a bureau to
ascertsiu the cin-uuisiances of the worh
uMfs is connection with the matter of
cre-cikn ef cheap dwellings tor igudc
t iixu MMttn WsasV
h d.i.M.. Oct 33- Captain Jam.
rJhtttor, fotwrly president of thstlnouah
tw Jtx.pn.ss Cotnyany. and since kham
nsnnngei for the Adams c.s.pres t asn
pnnylt Uds city, drhd to-day.
Venus n4 a wnrtwimataeyn,
S.w FuvNvI-ku July i-. -Morgen
tLiUACu 9 cicuJ e uJ iOi orks
W.lI U il -' Ul't ..I ll IIU'IU
. 3 I , '
I II I ! '
RfMfctis Men ami Dwwcnila
Adrind to Doth MeKialty.
THF, mrklU lMTHi KEYSiDNE stats.
Quit Calltt Dm to Dmeal Warns Mm-
Vatgk's Ling g 0ttiag His
Ptiy f "Bigniilen Silent."
One of the reasons urged for Ihe re
election of Heptesenlallve Snnfonl f
the Twentieth Wew Yotk dlsttlct Is that
he got a protective duty on ladles'
gloves, which will enable the glove
monopolists of Qlorertrille, X.
Y., to reap a rich harvest.
Oloversvllle Is lire centre of the glove
Industry In this country. Heretofore
Its product was confined to men's
gloves. The new duty will enable these
thrifty persons to lax for their own
benefit every wearer of ladles' gloves.
There was a fight over the duty. Mr.
San ford was opposed In his scheme to
benefit some of his constituents at the
expense of everybody else in the coun
try by Hilly Mason In the House and
Senator l-'arwell In the Senate. They
represented the Chicago and New York
glove Importers. An enormous lobby
becked by great wealth, with General
W. Y. Dudley as their attorney,
opposed the duly. Of course. Mclvin
ley and his men wouldn't lose a chance
like this to Impose a new tax. The new
duty consequently was laid and San
ford is banking largely on It to get Itlm
hack Into Congress. Tlie lnitort of
ladle' gloves have been from $0,000,000
lo i.7,000,000 annually of late year'.
For this booty the monopolists of his
dial i let can 'well alTort to send Sinfor.l
beck to Congress.
The New Yotk l'rt Is sod because
blmllnrr twine is nu the free list. A
machine shop In llrooklyn had a mo
nxly of making the machinery that
manufactured binding twine, and now
that that article is dutiable only at
seven tenths of a rent a pound that part
of the machine shop's monoply Is
broken up. The l'rtu, of course, cares
nothing for the Western farmer who
will lie benefitted by the reduction.
Governor Hill of New York mode a
great -peceh yesterday at Canton. Ohio,
McKlnley's home, liefer ring to the
course of the Republican party In the
late session of Congress he said:
No party baa more rvcklestl j deflect prece
dents, mure rtagrautly disregarded prinel
plfs, wore boatUullvuvrlurncl traditions,
umm acrtoiuly Invaded private rigbta, mora
arbitrarily encroached upon prerogatives of
States or more tyrsnicallv used the power
of apartlssu majoilty. Tbe animating mo-
ttvw .if Its ! kM. in !.., Im.br amIv tliA
perpetuation of lt owu powar. It has '
eared r.otnlng for tbe Coaatltuttoo, notbing
for tbe Treasury, nothing for the people.
Its chief desire has iten to get such a Arm
grip or control of (iovernetent that tor gea
erationsto come Its politicians auy feed
upon the apoiit of or.
The Governor riddled tbe Republi
can party ami closed as follows:
Then In rone-lution of tbe contest le this,
tb- Sixteenth Cotigrrastoual d'stilct, 1 urge
every Uewoerat tu vote- for Jubn U. War
wick. be mttaucratlc- i-sadtdate. For
McKlule). iwraonall), I have Uw hlgtteat
respect, lie l a geutlL-utan of Integrity,
capacity and many ot In r excellent quartUs;
as a elllsett and a Belgbbor I have no doubt
ou all thiuk well of him. lie wlU not
deuy that he I a most bitter partisan, ami
was never known to aupport a Democrat
for a public position, tit friends art tut
asking eompnmeutary votes In his behalf.
1 want you to refuse tkrtm, beeauae he
represents principle In which you dou't
believe, lie has no jut claims uj.oo your
utTrayc-a aa 1 "tmocraia.
There appears to be no reason to fear j
jacnit-cvy aaucicwi.
The campaign in Pennsylvania, con
linuts to grow in warmth. The Lincoln
Independent Itepubllean eommtt'ee of
Pblladmpsdnnow call on Senator Quay
to unseal ihe lips of Wayne Mae Vnagh in
telaiioN to the charges freely preferred
against Quay that be looted the State
'fitasury of Pennsylvania, and that
tenatorramnton. Mr. MneVnngh. Chris
Msnee and others ntadn good the de-
Quay's silence only grows
Quay has steuned Jarrett of tin
plain fajsw nml Consul nt Htrmtngham
from ntnhinst stmeches In rVnnsvlvania.
Jarreti, it charged, was drafted
during the war, and to es
cape service skipped to Wte.
He also, during President 4''
tout's term, referred to him M
gotuuiacd. bt-tter ntled to Ug fat thn
kitchen than nay other prt of the
White House. Aud further, when he
went to England, he reprusensed him
self as the spuclat bearer of goad wishes
from the President to Lord Satiahury.
It I wdd thnt bundle of 50U press clin
pinss. mostly from Indiana and Illi
nois, has been received at titst While
House, urging the sppotnimeiat of
Judge Gresham to the nupreme IVwut.
ti,iti, Uju, tht J The depirt
sent Handing c-wtunUtoe of the al
dkrs' and aiuVm Houw ho tuajc a
tlaocough esmination tu'" the cbiuses
so f rtTy published against the Uomt
hew and has iud a rvtajfttttortemitng
the cmclal in ehWtfe of the inntittttinn
from the- ic-euiJwu ut u.iaiaanajc
nuut and ve'tWe-t.
uuwuaaxtHvreeM aaVctnU,
t?.cN M lo. 'i't V- (M .''
I'M.i-u'.ci't 11. n ' tic Un.ixjj
sVtayrfnrsnn vf ifexim hns gncosnniiiBndttd
hoecott ed the San eli"nf" and Ann-
gmm ! llGrenl trV emU. 4WaUnsVnmmmmL.
buaethe tond aefusni tw U .sw
9iito& tetdsnte to ewunamnvs ni nemusnd
tc v. u aii. r . UiW. luoUtc ' to L v
'. ' at Wwl 11, uL a tV.r !.'! cufoitu
. m yijt I j..: ul ' iii If WiLi
. t-i l i. ,w - A-.1 3 Cl. 3 .
Ul UTl JTrtT.
A l)athlfi- TVrnne .ltth6r rrMet-M
Htte h In a Trance,
IfRW H0Lt.A!tn, P., Oct. .-'Tlrfe
body of Helen Se'tiey still lfm athnf
Htotlter's home. The mother so fat- rs
refitted to have It lnterre 1 m she Hst
thinks her daughter Is In a trt-f.
The story of Helen's life is im follows:
At an early age she was led astrsy nml
soon left her dull country home, anil
after a short career in Lancaster she
went to Heading and stihseriuently lo
Philadelphia. In Philadelphia she mot
a young man who prevailed nnrm her
to go west wtth him, and he desertml
her at Mt. Vernon.
Her career there Is told In a tftsiMtcfc
received yesterdav from Ihe editor of
the Mt. Vernon tianntr. The dltpwKh
says In July last tbe girl came ttVetw
from Cleveland. The hmtse In which
she lived was raided lost week awl
Helen was fleed add warned that for
(he second nffene he would recelte a
workhouse sentence It was the fir
time she hot! heen arrested, and, feeling
deeply the degradation she took trlmt.
The coroner's story was suicide tr
arsenical poison. It wasnotlcel thttt mir
features were slightly tlngetl wtth color,
which the attending physic ian said was
the result nf extravasated blond, usttdly
occurring in cases of sudden death. This
probably explains the trance storr. The
physicians here are satisfied thai Ihe
conclusions of the Mt. Vernon authori
ties are correct and no autopty will be
r'mplejn an All Ihe Trunk I.tnrnAak
fnr Inrrrii'ril Waee.
Dktmoit, Mkii., Oct. 89. The mat
ter of Incrcatcd wages for passenger
trainmen on the Michigan Central has
not yet been decided. A similar demand
lias been mode by the Lake Shore men
end by those on nearly all other trunk
lines, and It Is possible that the man
agers nf the systems reflected may have
a conference before the final settlement
of the matter. Although the reiuM
for more pay Is made simultaneously on
all the lines it has none of tbe features
of a strike. The men make no tbrents
and fix no special day on which their
ropiest must Ire granted.
Italia I'lUil Am it on n High Trratlo
Chukx hh Accident.
Kansas City. Mo., Oct. . X
freight train on the Chicago. Milwaukee
and St. l'aul Kallmad was wrecked yes
terday on a trestle forty feet high, be
tween Colorado Springs and Moalev, by
unknown villains. The fireman, 'John
Wright of Cincinnati, was Instantly
killed. S. C. Mt Klnley, a brakemin.
bad his ankle sevetely sprained, lite
rails had been loosened end the end
pried aimtt with a crowlmr. which wss
fastened between the ends to at to pre
vent their tllpplng back together.
A Wlille- Lemi tVttrkaTutally ilruye.l
bv rite.
PiTTfWitti. Pa., Oct. . Davie.
Chamber A Co. 'a White-Lead Work,
at the foot of Forty sixth street, wet
almost totally destroyed by Are at 1
o'clock this morning. Tbe origin f
tbe fire is unknown. It was dlscoveied
In the drying department. The lost k
estimated at ftrO.ouo, fully covered by
Insurance. Fireman James KIIU wiw
dangerously hurt by lumping; from the
third story of the building. John VallftS.
soother tjr man. was hit by falling:
timbers and badly hurt.
A Mutt Kill h Married VHr ud
KtMta UK IIhr T.tfe,
8ak Axtusio, T-.. Oct . A.
murder and suicide were commltUiil
about o'clock last nlgbt at the cosnsr
of Frio and Perez sirens. Mrs. August
Mehlle, tbehandeome young wife at it
railroad laborer, was shut and killed by
Isaac Weiss. Weiss then placed that
muzleof the smoking revolver in hit
mouth and literally blew out bis brains,
hHewfuHy Cost tUt) WI,
Maoisok, Wis., Oct. '.'. A fewynart;
sgo Peter I ean, a rich old bateheior.
died in Superior, leaving a will whleti
set aside the land is that city, valued ai
1200,000, for park purposes. Ills
brothers and other relatives made a east
test, and yesterday, so a dispatch safe,
the circuit judge of thnt circuit dsielnjnd
it void, an creating unlawful property
and ff uncertainty. The case will bat
appealed to the Supreme Court.
is eave reiiean seas as rsssejej
Jfgw Yc uk. tct The muufcin!
council of the Irish National benjttf
met last night to arrange with sWisiJaw
from other Irish toeieties for njtanr
tion to William U Brten and JohnimV
Ion. A public demuttstraiion n shw
cided upon to be held l ntthsw
Madison ekcuare Garden or thnMetmv
poiiten ttaarrn House hloveenhnr t. 4
general admiislnn will be chnisjed-
Vsft eWtjaMeS X tfesisSfeUft SMeKtmto.
Kew Yonti. Oct ii-H to repofWm
that the IVnlan Drutherhood, In oagr
ventioa in Patterson, K. J.. Mfnimy
eight, decided that hesenftsw alt r
cecdtega of the order shculd b r
This change in the system -' r
isssJd t have Usen made .!. -f
ttpos) the Kcommendsti u i - .
era! secretary.
Stetnn t fst
St. Pah.. Mm..Oc " r
km of St fn ' a l loe Mica.. li -
Iry. Wi -i ,g untied j' .- r
a tlgb' tc ii t -L n Mveuitcr . m t
ltry tu! i - .Utsi . - i I
winner wt Uu. .rill )....' . r
Jae-Vsen c-s bis Uii ii g
VlUCiil 1
i-lkUiHUc. Wl. . CM
suit of i- H Wawrmau
asainst tbe Cntcsico and Ju-m
(t r dUMe l coUUhm in tget
mill oi tne company, a m
tendeud againat the company
Do mu want to make swat,
f Ulhl 4
. ,? wi mum-
ad page and aohn . Wagpa-
WswatJfJBnWpeaein vspRp p eeww"m Jw sm
Ums see snsond nane and 4ohn
fi Ik Dutn t
V' ! iu i. Ji i I
,,, J nh
i u '. 4.
. mum

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