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er It wf
W'AlMirrow, D. ft. Oeiwiwm . 18W.
COTT. The Farmers' Alliance has, It rs
alleged, Khk Into Ike boycottles; tatet.
e, The word comes from Nmh
Carolina that a secret rlrcnlsr hs been
frenl trot from I ho A HI were heed
tiuarters In this city, signed by I. L.
3'oi.k, preaMents C. AT. MACt?,
editor of tbe A'rtfionuf KeonmM, the
Alliance orjrttn. awl chairman of the
cxixrutlvc committee, and two others,
ordering a boycott of nil papers wklch
oppose the Alliance. The drepnkih
mjs tbat la two Instants the onler has
lecn obeyed In tbat ?Ule. Two of the
paragraphs of tlie secret circular are
mill to rend as follow::
JrVrerrd, Ttiat wn earrestly lerommniwl
h1 Mr )te the. Brotherhood throughout thf
reentry to not mtefnlly and t-onstanllv
the attltmie of the press toward tl, and
when any paper, bv vicious ami Mellctons
misrepresentation of an) officer of whatever
rahk, from the lowest to the liljrh-nt lininr
order, or any member of the same, or, hy
ttnftlr methods sealtist our order, abaft
itek to impair ouretretii.th and unity, hel
any am all Mich paper shall (hi iotiirer re
reive In any rnanuer ounienanea or sup
port of rat miters of our order.
rVreireti fnrthtr. That when anybodv of
our order shall decide tn withdraw or with
hold Ita eappott fmm any eneh paper. It
sboohl, bv tiroDer method, notify anr and
all advettUets, who seek tbetr patronage
tbioua.li tie advertl-Jus: coin m of aihl
i aptrr, that the) xlll wlibitrnw amtwl'h
1 O il Ibetr patrol ip fruoi all urh rvtrrr
1'iera. AVe hiIvIm! Ibv Alllanre to It -ilraw
thlf e rcular ami trpuUiaie the boycott
It l an on Awiiilian v.fpoo, ami Is
mu'h tr Iwn f ilit law. It It at once
iltKt bHt untoanly. It cannot be ear
lied iwt ikCfpl by ibletli'ir Into 0Btpl
nwy to lajuie oni' ut-ihtmr. If t-ib-tul
In llif AlltkHri- W rtml tlie bey
cott a very uocomfottkbto IwiO'ner-iug.
There wm do tunny column la tlie
J4eW yiMi'itley. Many man m bo
ofBl that InraliMble tbiet at the
lreakfatt table-, liurilnlly twallowtal
Me mouthful of hot roll or buckwheat
cake ami Mijuateil hie jaws to their
cuttomary ila, only to irp them In
blank (Hi may, "ijuite chop fallen," at
the dlKAVtry that hie belovwl "I'Mt
K'llpia" waa cooiptcHouj by luabtee.
Thvro wa no funny tolumn for the
gotd and trtieiit reaton thnt the
funny editor waa more teriowly en
gW. Tbat la to sy, be ha been
Mtt wrltHMly tnifaKul fur mm time
mt nntl yeaivnUy be was geHta-
Httloetaty marrkil. Mr. I'hiiusdiek
Cx.kB Johkov in the name of the
io),'ertoo-balreil young aoloit of the
"PotiMriitt" harwouUioo, who, uc
p(edlB' tbat quaint arnl aoaeit bu
loorUt, 31 r. AVii.ua Hawkins, In the
roan4MilattrB of that ditHcult lnetru
n cnt, alat Immedlaiely reoonelled an
aJtalrlnu publk to the retirement of the
oMir mantrv of pure awl uaedulter led
AwerlcoB bumor. with the ws hummm
krfij) niayed wide i)ea. Jlr. JoHXao-'
w(k bee a perfectly UUuiact and orbit
wtX flavor of iu own and baa been ae
decofeily m widoijr aafted. The
My of bie ihoiee U MkM Lwhi
CurKMr, a Try pWy ad jdtwat
Mttle JtuftuiiUf Hbo bee been tWn
eMt'plfcMwdly iicebWnl reooitotbtl and
Mlb.'ila! wHk on ibo W, iwd tbu
bWt4) id ibir yowrtthiB fMHM ifttiin a
intMeat Hktbj uaate uf poetry a4
HWMte In lb Hd deaert of Wttektag
V' myte( work
i: Wtn me vwt iht Hunln of Aim
flfc. u, tu ui .kverly ptirttiifs ttwt
it.it . f tbt- Urilw. Ktit Mls, la the
it ii-kt dreiau. f "The Pnywa-rfer'' at
H...U' IUJmi Th'rv ihia wMtk, naaay
AA'mlilimJnniini will h no dMteutt-Viega)4njnti-
Mtea Allim lUnco, a
yeMNC My sf tide etoy , wkeiae nee type
aMMk Mmnntamt made km o
HkUt f fa-Mtite la WwditMVM eariety
utHKjs ajjAB ajM) liittfl SfFilJkMl JinM
FBaBT nBaaawiw -a" taiab wtwaaa bjbj
bed MHwini j tare of isvaiAble tte
leoWac u a uurstwr of Mmmis
iiT4.-tiU4-'e coanMyr, and bttod to her
t-Mctiac Mb In "Tb Fajaueter" ta
tnlecni, j4 exseikaee of a tkoeoUy
4fw4l axta ; beabie wbk'k, a ate
lteftttoe to be a bum graceful ad feat
MPoJIV j!3 rwe-F "" jnjnjn pnMpBBinf aajpnv
tb kMk of "mmI wetet" (wtek 4 cUU
kkM)ki for WrikotMaf tfcetWMM
H kneviwa U her audfeooe.
"IteJKii CuaucKcx" to the title of t
lHMe4npann yell ofietenl BeMAbiei ylii
fcjl mrtnl w. It b "a brief ireetUe
B kW nakjoir of mo tx." by Sxwrwwf
MeAWBU., of CiiJiib- Cirti
tateV." H UU4- U a f.heoaw.
ettepeX oreb i and fowifeje wtfaver.
W ! of lead curaacy epaean to
taa . of ieaaio u
toMn. Af aHa we belkw ta taaoty to
be faJaffciM aad eaetaaa would, tf pat
i itaxHM, i la duaiia-i. e Mi.
Hemii kae i maaied ii neairajiantj
aae) atMaaJw aa in ae na anaalfela te da
t woat bile to itatl waa aa ae to
atf . We BMijr tttuoa to tbe mbjnrt at
hffa Haas a tuuuie.
4Hkiaia anl aasatUewl b la4 c
l iwuniuAwnuciiit bet ef o
jw 'a m ti.'Var !iav.i . po
uuu.d o iLsuly . r ealiuitli.t. qua uUs.
U '1 -I U k alijJ-i Ucii klli i A
li.ljl.'.i'.U ol ' la j.IIj tii-d liismBltrM a.
toe fiie-i 1 of bl son yeetenJay ahowa
flrtAtit r fo r tutefly tl ItmrttfrnMy
awf fftcipilM. Wfww m
bai fiom o mmptotety lott to $X
mttt of matihor-d and rtewnfy to
rrrptlvc a motbprota Mf JootHrttfc
fart of ttt oV4 o, ffi mB hM for
fened all rM to coftsbJefttfoN at fin
InrW of fcla Wrownwu MoJ iU'wII
drf from their notte'y. Tao rt!y
iMag lft fof Mtior todohto fol
low at wnfottntiAlp noo.
TttR lsiiAArt.f Jvrtrnul My thfrt
We t)eottt wonld ratlwt emf !
dfnftw tat any otb.tr fite In the frd-w
late Jtar. WH. all thf Stnte are 1
ll tafra ihlf. jrer. Intt aor-oMInt t
TrlhWWet Ura-ms IVwiofMtl aortHwi
tw lawtamrMi Pidflt H.tWtteo-t'a
tt tintti illation. Jtltjbe litlthPiein
toe lhmorfata waat to rTy the at
ftttl. If If t RT.l Kanws What ho t tnlhlift
efniit, wby ahotiht too Jnnrn; h
rJatr itint ft bo!wr)e evert Indlvldml
M, pnl.l'ran to f tn It tltat the lin
cti ar- dtappnlr.tn1f Sorely the
Jivttiat wants HAititrMn fwomtfiMed.
Hf BfcRT OAtmftTTle at bit horoe rtcar
H-iltlmote, and appeara to hare entirety
reentered hla htalth. He wes In that
i Ity yetrrrly, palnjr. aomc time at the
IhbMb hone fonoded by hit gtmU
foUter and in which be Is largely Inter
ested. Ho wa hrattity rongtatnlaterl
by his ftteede nn his rr-ty bealtby ap
peemnee. Thb sthi'KH oah of the HrAilford
ltnat Club of Cambrldi', Maea., shored
a lloetoo refiotter from the clnb-hmiae
float Into the water and wag sentenced
to ilx months In the bouse of correc
tion. This was a strnhe of justice the
stroke oar wee not expecting, and he
line appealed for a concction.
Thrhk ts jmj doubt now but Toll
AVmx. thf Drmorrnllc Alliance candi
date for Concren In the Ninth Alabama
district, will win. He has Just nailed
a campalitn He and llchid the llnr.
Piich strlhlng (uallfr-Mtlo for Con
art as can't be lemind.
SKtHKTArtr AVimiom has approred
the salary list of the AVorld's Pair offt
ci tr, but be lias done it with great re
liictatce. Tht'seaalarlfsbavetwentinllt
ui on the plan of the Chicago girl's
foot, bd are of generous le.
It i odd that oxk of the defeases
of the MrKiNt.KV act It thai It does not
irotect so many articles m the .Mills
bill. The protectionists will soon be
po-lng as tliu only genuine fne t-aders
If they hivp n at this gait.
(.kxkwai. UiumVs AWj'U r lliifaii
i ad JfHuttny it would be sllx'tl
wmtrlatt nlcht Iteally, i waa ile
cMnlly ctwler. wlih - henry froet ami
Ui ifimtii In ftpotrd pifore.
tiw I'hii AntitriiiA'a Mayor wants
a recoont. He itntnati tint loO.oDO
donlD of i i! City of Ilrnthetly lre
bale not Utit enumerattd. Why not
routit the w bole rountiy over again T
Tiik C'ovKTor 1'axih bus developed
a weakness for mint julep. He should
take warning ftow the fate of the old
Vlrelnla gentleman who died from too
hiik h grM in bit wbUky.
?I'Kakkk llKKi) Is going to seek the
bubble rtpuuiloti even at tbeC.vMXOM's
inoutb. At leat be U gidog Into
JoawH' Ulllwlck to spenk.
Thm Chh-aoo I'mkm Ci.ph wanta ex
I'letblent Ci.kvbi.aku to make n tariff
v !; b for tbe club'a benetft. ThU U
k Urlrt for revenue moremeut.
Tue 1'hkmdbi.t it going duck slmt
lag. Kver elnoc bbi loeuurtttioo be
baa dUplaytd a certain foatlMeat for
lame and dead ducks.
Chioaoo tiM'Een thet sbe has about
35,000 fraudulent names ea bir registry
lie'. Chicago is a very pfoereesive
TtiRHKOieieiM of the eowrts out la
l.wa and Kaaaae appear to be doai up
In original packaga.
Tmh Amkmicax IjietrTLTUOf Areht
tacts U iasesetoalnlbieeity. They are
desbaiMg 8.
That Kvtki sMMUUaf f Oaagreai ap
pears to be without a qaartMa.
JifOi-jwIiituttieofaa IX skMee. rsU
detpUe; altte Bravard sad X U. B-evuJ.
Xwiik CsiuUaa; Ueosae X. iin aad
Willies HsJdct. New Yotk; Jesvn Hatve?
t 4 tfe, Ueaville, Ya.
S-4!- A. . Fud-4 sad wife, WriU
"", . V; l U. Jaeoae, (-afeattu; j
Art4.i i U. A. Itaw, Xw Yort; J. Y.
t'uuk, Hettfrtonu, Hd.: Bee. SaabraUeh
ui C. W. H. Mblia. PaliaAdpaia: Alt
lio.ir, B-cAlii. w llluix Huer, Mewarit.
.-. Jumtt-t. C. Kre-Uuck.
W. V.: H- 4- 8Uro.-dr au4 wile, X
York: W. II. Uaoaer. r aarkUeatll. Vj. :
tUo-ge W. Bkbert, ftuSelo. J. U. Piitw.
Kltulra; W. U. iliOb, KjthUW; Uoutm
It. seatta aadJ. taeaausa, Cbtveletd;
TaiMoas a. ncait.; , e ruuii, ,; u. k.
Adkr, Ottntava. Iowa.
tJtu.diUr.Tomi titWm, iu.
II. V. StfM -Jul J. irapftnaes. Hear Tork.
VttA. U. Pg, Chk-ago; T. C. gurjpn-.
Kew York.
Miggt-UaiU V. aaests, Itawaost; J. K.
s-fcUUj4, A. a TtoCBpeoe. Sear Tes; W.
Peuk), Bertia, liawj; srajata O. Hm-
Wtt'ta't-C. J. Tnt. .IHanes, CMiiu.
A A. Uuoey, TseMe. Wata.; V- t, Out
taU.WHlaaa.Oie; Mr. M B. Cottar,
41ss U. S. Testf , Bastaa.
BemZo'-'- A- Bsooaa, ttuertm.UH;
IstaryV. latawwe, Jr, aUss aadsesH,
tlKtkum Joha 0. iwogd Bugato;
lasvrie w- Hsrtbut nad 1im4. Kuala-
at, BoMuu, Ca-M ttajbbest,
JurUmuhtH Joka d. ty qfct VdsVM E-aidae!.
-lay '. ttoeaeeter; V. i leeUuaaatf; ti2r
veetoa. ibeut bulae. Ut.iv Block mi O.
St. fobte. kuimltr; I'. A- WtJ&ugtui,
t. feat, a. &. Toa-pkits easaey Cby: H.
4 CImUiu, kMrtmUm. AMmH CueU)ek.
Kev York, Aiiw MUtk, Koetua; D- Ad
ler, lab-sg.
4r-Witiias Kewe, Keai Yr,
Umt, 'criniua, Ct-g . 4. at- Boew.
HiM aUrgwet sJfea, lfaMadelpb,is
MM4.t. a -lames, lie -leaser;
at. a. Btui-iB, I'sfeus, Lote, fraace;
George ? SekeMi, w'asajogitoje
ssoMta. Va-i - c auaalMir- sssaaiesasv,
fa.: t. C aWim Be folfTliij,
taWdaibla. Juc aadia aaWawea, Y-
AMmiM. J , IiIsjwm'" HV-;
t I Ogki. C . CotTtaei; .
B. KtfaM.a and t F. Coaia. Wat
YulV.t y Haiti clftvf, fU-UbUTii re I'.
it -ii,v UwC'tu-u I' fc-n'l r
K J.f ljorl,4UJ., ' k.u I' 11 ' Alt -u.1
isifiea re ,eeeewfee
A liwenet of oitt theatre ;. wtll
rfoeollese be plr-ssed to lestn tbat M'l'e
Rbee Is to be wib n aenie nx-xt rerfc.
She will orn-erit that beamtfil bis
trlest pla. ".tocepblfte. Empress of
ht Frrfiili " Th? a-swattfc Is girelt
by Jl'lle Whi reprpnlfttlee that the
phrebssbren siretiftthooed materlslly
slrce It was tne htrftist ees. A
stroret-r 1 ompai y. It Is said, iht any
Ibwt hse ever ti)portpd tbe hamhwaie
sist to OTrriiMls hft, find aaeetlrelf
e rtwtntms and tn rtrty Will bo pU
on Ibe Majrr for thf first timtMe seesoe
detleg the roming engagement It Is
pf lo aedclpnte eally ttaerl prodni
iron. Mr. AVl!H-.m HsrrK wlie Im
pefeoaetloti of Xttfnlmn hmptrfr
life felly pratsiil last csspb. Is still
Hbee's feeding support
.ettenJty nt thm Jew atlflfiat.
The Hoston Howard Atbeneum ftar
S-r't'sl'T Compeeywlll tw the attrac
tion at the 2ew Tfstloesl Theatre next
wrt k. This Is ofte of the bet a-tgrrgn-tti
i s of variety teb-nt now on the road.
5ome of the members of the eimpeny
have leen with It several seasons, ad
the new ones are rqnai to the compxnv
they fld themselves In. Clrninevalll Is
lncimparatle In bis inggllaa line and as
ptrfrct as a pltceof mechanlm. t,ir
own llot flax In Is with thts troupe
making good bills. Other Amerlnn
favorites are "Dutch" Dsly, the lUr
low brothers. Kale Davis ami Conrov
and Fox, the laughing Irishmen from
The Kuropran contingent is made up
of lblle Mack, the London singer: Ar
thur Forrest, cnmlqne and singer; the
roiusKi contortionists, ami the I (onset
ttonpe, who plsy mandolins and give a
bnrlsoutal liar performance.
It Is n petlor variety performance,
and its freedom from anythtna rough
will make It particularly welcome "to
thepfttionsof the Kew Nations).
.Mi irl'li Arnli."
"An Irish Arab," with the well
known comedian Hobby Gaylor In the
title roe, will make Its first appearance
In this city at Hants' Iltjnu Theatre next
week. '1 he plsy In Itself Is n splendid
one, being adapted by Mr. Wil
liam A. llrsdy from "Letter AVal
lack's -'"Tho A'eteran," which tra
mcli n grsnd iticcisa a few years ag.
Mr. Oaylnr's style Is rnilrely his own,
and everything he does Is orlglnti and
funny. He Introduces the sneehlties
which niftdoklm f.tmom on the tiirlety
otage, and the success of the play lias
lncti phenomenal.
The company supporting him Is a very
good one,. among whom are such iskI
actors as Mr. Clarence llandrslile, Mr.
.lames AVaid. Mr. WllwnC Deal. Ml-s
Maile Itcne Is a plemild actress ami
a very pntty woman. Her dressing
d the part Is d ctdcilly rrttty. Mls
.livle Moty ts a cbannlng soubrvlte,
aid days her ftart wlili vim and vl
vntl'y. The play Is put r.n the t ue
nn t Korgeotisly and cn be cl.isc,t
aiptctacular production. Tue tnle
tlfec's are ery gmal, the bithininwnt
ieee 1ml tie pirttculatly wvlt dune.
If"ilr.' Ntilr Moeelrtlly (1huiMMV.
lijde'aStar Specialty Company, un
dtr ili- pronal manaeement of .lames
llyi'e, and dliict from Hyife - Ueb
man's Theatrf, Ilrooklyn. N. A"., will
c-ptn at Kvrnan's Theatre next Monday
for or week only. This Is aeknowf
i deed the Itaillinr siteclalty show. It
U hvailed by Yok Hoe, the uelebrAted
.lapant-SH funtaUlit. from the Crystal
l'alace, Imdon, This artist is one of
the wonders of the Orient, a worker of
fallacies aud a eoosumate master of
slclght-of-baml. IIU aesistant. Mile.
Online. Is a ('lrca!an of tare beauty
and unopialetl grace. I.e I'etlt Fred
die, IUUbb Mora, I.llllo Wetem and
many other noted artUta are ou the bill.
Tbv lMaullful St. Ft lbn SUu-ra deserve
sptcial HiDtln. Thelrsklrtdaoc-Mare
unfiiriwMKd. tests now 011 sale.
The jMifttilar Xieht Owl' Companv,
with l'atillne Markbam awl oiherc4rtls,
U meeting with a cordial reception this
week, Ladle)' matinee to-morrow.
Tlie Cjwr's silver wedding will
celebrated November 9.
G tor ye A'andtrbil.'s ambition is to
collt ct the riot et library in America.
Colonel Fridvrlek A. l;e, Chinese
Coseul to Saa Franelseo, Is sibl to be
the only Amerteoe, with tlie exception
of Anton Hurllagame, who held a di
plomatic tltktj under tbat governmeat.
AVIMbtmK. and Coforllin A'aader
bilt are both slim, tall and atbMIe men.
Tktlr facia are ludtly with tba hue of
bealtb, lblr eyes are clear, aed taey
are quick and r4tbr nervous la tbelr
KIdj: AVilliaoi or HolUad, wbo U
bow loitering oa the brink of tbegme,
UW years old. It is said of him that
bo moeareb of the preeeat eeatury m
given rb-a to so muek freaatlel ae AVil
llem, alibOMgh ble public life has beea
above t pttsech.
Oeaerel Ijw Walbioe. the author of
"lieu Hur," writes a snU aatl att
bead, hie fat as euau: aad leglbie as
n peer-pleMt.
Mrs Jacob Hieatoe of Laneaeter. X
H., kas karaed Hve laaguages wtttbt a
bopeleee invalid these aevea years (Mat,
)i eluding Vtdapuk.
li is a ruasor la the court cirebw ef
Kurep that tba recent vovae uf I-iiace
FessUaaad af Bulgaria to Ausirt t wu
aot merely lo recover bis tiaalth at
Carlsbad, but cfcWey to dense nd the
bead (f AiebdurdMsss Maria P. -rot be ,
Ike eldest daMghtW of Atcbdube JusetA.
His suit to said to have beast deetleed
Tba A'itrea nawiss deay the literal ear
lecieeh of ibis bit uf eoart goeeip. aad
assert that although there was a project
of Mutrrlsee, ao foratai deeaaael kas baea
essaAv. aad tbat tbc opaoaltliia to the
asariiege uause aebbar Iroat Arebdake
Joseph aor fit-at bis wile, but front Use
Easeeror biauelf . Tee Awatriaa kaiser
wade aninni oesitiijoasl oa the racog
altsoa of Prtece Perdluaad as sovreige
Uaisl4iLE tAT vi-s .1, .. n j
w -nepfsnweB. traflt-,
faM harWal eaaMMasal SMMatfll
BusUtl of WirtnM of Otht
of the
TirUrTimt CtMiCaw itf wkasCai UsWt vbl$-
attaVeVkt (if ejraWeaatfaM ssi liMMaWbat Otf'assT taaVal
frfMJaFjt tOI. t lea" Jf ! WiU feaV M-V-sWt Naest feet
bees t-a ThAut4ay. Use , irtataat. t
tae Niatttaa V- & Chweh. The
boaid wilt coaitaue la snambta for
ek. sad will dlscuM tae state of the
clutch end I'e g'vcrttwtoi, aud other
toptts id lettrest to the church. The
btb4aa ae rieblaMi ia ajuashar. ift-
'-'-wawTpp a-ae tai --a-t-t-aawar sras sawawaaarwer we
cludiag ibe Uahoe of laaUa aad
Afiiru. aad uasww have heat aco
Mdsd for Uatia duriaj,' their brief stag
la Ode cky.
. a i-- t-A gm as-fairK
The PteMet cctn-ited csitats yes-
Vfj W eSaF' eWewase-w Jasist"asP P BeJa-passa
UasWllaBllMrasall tljbj Aimir flUt 1ft ki
eaveasaFB'waaWBSMaw- rnvp ae'aie p t
ittetasg Use Usee auoes with otavt
jsbes4aW Whim Beat. the P-i-d4j
eui go danufc laveeieg oe Use ttte
puwdtr Kire. He wiU he esX'teyuiW
tv An.-itty Oeoerji ajtllr It pr-Meo-
llm At.'rl-lll -f K .&S. K S ui 4
,l.lil"l . J.-t J)J I'll .lc . k
i. ai., 11 .it. i.J IUlv I i.-.. I.
u I ,1.1 UUtlj a' lilt, 1. .--
rseJ a t-e.-s P-ot-i.e. -trwtt ir1isysaate
iewrfli (wevevsiaw rTse
rl-rsSiipmaee .rees stm
irMB 9Vn,
I.osooN. O.T. M. TH Wwrrler f
Chief if Police IfemMgaatf m Je
ftthntts kas caused a fotltrtnl of dls.
rwseroe lit Italy In rtgftra ts lire mttcS
teiked of secret society of Mafia. Many
people deny the t -l-teeesj ef swell an
otgaelr.1t Ion, and dtrlare that wdle
tee re are many mall enqms aifwn
Italians, atnl murder Is freifwaeUy n -mted
lo frm their otlvate m live.
yet tbete H no such worm-whle o-trani
ration with commin aims as the Jts.1
Is described to be. On the other ben I,
several reMleg Italian journals et la
titat there Is no doubt that Italian secrc
snvlettes have branches In America, aid
that pererms who Incur their enmitv
cannot escape by chanelog tbelr place
of residence. The victims, however,
are generally fellow-Italians, ami the
killing of an American police officer
bee canted event surprise.
The cretlltors of l'reld A Co., the de
faulting American bankers, met to-day
to hear the report of the receiver In the
benkmptcy. The recttver announced
that the sale of the firm's effects bad
reallred I1 1 till and thst there were n
othtr assets In Kngiaml. The cretlltors
adopted n suggestion made by the re
telver that they subscrltie to a fund to
prosecute the proving of their title to
the .17,000 now on deposit In tho United
Ststts, payment of which has lieen
ordered stopped by the Ilrltlsh bnnk
ruptcy cottrt.
Admiral Seymour has left Sear
botougb on board of the warship Cum
perdown for I'orlsmoutli. The Cfn
retdown lakts with her the sailors in
jurtd on the various vessels of the tl-et
during the recent heavy gate. The
nun will lie placed In the receiving bos
pilal at Portsmouth. The other wr
vessels of Admiral Seymour's tleet will
rttoalu at Scarborough until such time
as the divers shall have recovered the
atiiliore which were lest by parting of
ci. I lies. AVhen this work lias been at:
cotnpltshcd the ships will probably
join the Admiral nt Portsmouth, where
mccsssry repairs will lie iniwle.
W 11.1. U KT AM, THKY DKltlNOKO.
The A'lenna corresptunlent of the
Time says: "It was thrnuzb tlie metlla
tlt'ii of Deputy I'ernetsdnrfcr tbat it wn
egiitd tbat the striking tramwny em
t lo i a should resume work to morrow.
N't.Uitlv Is to be dismissed. All the
tvurtseloit that the company ba
tromttd will Im faithfully ierforirwl
under a gotrnmentBUiranteeof a pric
ileal t-onrttiioti of all the men le
inaEdct)." THE t.in t't'MI.ED
The Czar'a stlvitets sre sal 1 to to
nofl.piueml by t how holt ssle con wrdun
to ChrUllanliy of Jewish stiller si
Odessa, wbo took the step In onler to b ;
peimltltd to remain In ibe university.
No confidence Is felt In the slnc-ilty of
the convtrtlon. Another problem fur
Ilussla Is what to do with the numbers
of foreigners, mostly Germans anrt Aus
trlans, wbo have taken up their lesl
deuce without authority In Western
HumIs, many of tbem being fuxltlve
crlmlBsls. A proposition to deport
tbem to Siberia Is being considered.
At the Xew Market Houebtoe meet
ing to day the race for the Cambrtdire
ililre Stakes was won by Alicante, with
lie) moot second and Tastlj third.
The Paris corruspoodent of the
faatfard Is convinced that there ba
btee a renewal of negotiations Iwtweee
France aad Kngland for tbe surreader
by the former country uf its riebu on
tbe Newfoundland shore. As the mat
ter stands at the present time. France
dtmaatls a concession of the territory
In AVest Africa in addition to the pecu
niary Indemnity which Bnglaad Is will
ing to concede.
Advlet-s from Uganda Mate tliat tbe
Itoiusn Csthoile mludonsrios at Uganda
sie showing remarkable activity awl
bate cdtlaiBetlalmoet complete Innueaca
in tbe Afilcen klagdow.
COCXT Al.ll tot'JITKaa.
It is snooonettl front MerHo that
Cowal Herbert Itismarek Is eaavigail to
a liuMtaa eetialaat resldiag at Mitau, ia
A teirtfc exploelofl occurred la the
govcruaseat powder mills at Wsltktm
ii tlay. Xo one was killed, but a auw
Urof petsoas were more or lees la
juitd, aed Ibe damage lo pruperty was
i i tklerebbc. Tho txpbtiM eauatd
H.t-ib aksrm la tbe neighbor bead.
Ttaijsoacoeteuiujeies Ukiae a sa-t
ti.jutt- for tbe UmIi of bis health.
yejjiMiiati AtiAiar YY&sasr.
Ibtdgaatbitt laeetings are beta held
it- UktwiU lu protest aeaiaat Ibe asaay
- f tty lyrsaay iaitdgi ia by
b Hibbor of" Ibe laieriur. Taeeaw
uk wf ibie fiwHluaary allege I hat It
w es because of tbe aaaoysace Differed
at ale haada lhat iha eafortnaate Kiatf
LtMtwig fiissssiMeu swbride.
These wdli he a gsaad parade atttr
tia he'esdsy ea Ike ureasloe ef Maai
Msrsbei voa hUtkc's uth birshjlaf .
Tea thousaad torch bearer will niniait
lathe ptoeeeetea.
CAJtBUUi. abu ute.
Cadial rieisurhora ef Hregee. wave
is taaraed with special -sdatb-a tw be
half of ibe Yaiaeaa. eaaed wit. Sat-
pwor ASPtaiiaa. today.
uiiAtaeeeem's MevkMse-et.
Mr. Oladtieae will apeak again to
dteUugb te the T laet at Musks
MaU- Jseea-lare he ".ill dewve aaV
dstaM at AVtet Csidereed Qarhewdt.
Tore Maee, the presiib-ei ef the
QueectV loioe, declares that the tut-
m.m sad that a eight hour Ueb
he oaly tearedy , at it would r jeia the
eBta-'yet of toore heads, itadeaat
aot tele very highly of fiiaesaj
Booth's plea of rtiiwrleg the puor hf
ftiieitbtef aa with wwrhoa co-opee
tne fat. etc.
Herh dic.tJ l ekpteaaad at atf
arsaks the aetdntactecs of Fce-teh.
Aatw AWcaa ire-. ttgaiaVetf the torese
of jee wih JMboavey. at se tac)ie
Uie the ccstei-a uf Wbideh to Fraace, af
lee uattets htfied.
le the OeeJkae' Court to dey ksttatw
ksuiuesAary u the estate l4 the sabf
I'iMO R. abvned wm- r.nldu J.y
U MiiitU. iiur !(.-( iu,, utary ua the
i li, f 4Uwitll J tU.c l..LbrleS
1' I'i.llUilJ .ll.l.!.-'' a,'U,lllati U (.
1 i. Lt uij I I j,5 JweiJ,
Aii t-i jIilu.
Ant r.eseaiiv rrettv veMtae of few
weti-Rnwwo rrrrrava.
Mr. Philander Chasw .Tnheflnn of this
citv wiis lt nisht nailed tn marriage
to Miss Louise Cnvi rt of Aurora, til., at
the rcMerrp of Mrs Annie Lonl
T'nwrll, No 1-A13 HborTe Island avenue.
1 he handsome parbrs wwre heewtfallv
(n mtcd with potted pfafttt ewd an
tun n flowets.
tT Kelso Mnrdock of Cttrctotmrl
ttci(i as best fnsn. and Miss Awaie
l'oet-11 was hrkfesmitfd. Mtt Covert
e as at'lred In rvtstwiw or ehlWrrlmt
Mlk, th" lire drapery of which hw Hit
brMel veil of her treat -rreat-gfawd
tr other. 8bc carried a h-mqeet (
while roets. tied with broad white sett
The ceremony was performed fry
Per. Tewett S. flamlln. psstof of thw
C hnrch of the Covenant. Ai its cow
nnshm, afler ftcetvlng tbe t-oflgrattrle.
ili ns of their Wends, the happy couple
eft on a bridal trip to Cloclnnitl
1 be Invited gmsts Ice n led only the
Mentis of the btlde ami irrrmm, ami
were ncelvtd bv Mrs Powell, assisted
hy Mrs. 11. L. AVest. There were
pieent Colonel nml Mrs 3. E John
si n, parents of the groom. Mr. ami Mrs.
Detlah Wllklns, Mr. ami Mrs. .Titles
Gnthridge. Mr. ami Mrs. Msnn, Mr.
and Mrs H. L West, Mr. AY. J. Limp
ton, Mr. J. 1) Morton of Clnclnntti,
the Misses Heaven, Mr. John W.
Thompson. Mle Thompwtn, Mr. ami
Mis. William ltichaids. Dr. nml Mrs.
Talbot t. Mls Anna llasletnn. Dr. ami
Mts. AAVIhatipter. Major AVllllam II.
Powell. Mr. and Mrs. AVllllam J. Llttell,
Mr. ami Mrs. lines Tltmnpsoo, Mr.
Loots I). AVine, Mls Little Hinnn,
Mts. llurnhatn and Miss llurnham, Mrs.
.1. J. Sbedd. Hev and Mrs. T. S Him
lln, Mr Atisiisttis AV. Fiancls, .Air.
0kar Krutrcb, Mrs. M. llendlct and
daughter, Sirs. Itogers, Mr. llear.lsley,
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Hone, Dr.
lleglnsld Muneon and Mini Kttbarlne
Mr. Johnson Is connected with the
editorial staff of the Pott, and his wife
was also a writer for that paper.
Mttut Not flnr In Ilia Street.
Frank Sims, a colortd driver for
Charles F. Wllklns, was on trial to day
for driving over the child of Mrs.
Hells, near ilia corner of C nml Tenth
sin et s southwest, idioul tno weuksugo.
.Mrs. Uetts ttstlfltd that the child, with
others, was plnylne In the stnet, and
her daiithti-r ran Into the horse and
fill, ami the hind wheel pawed over the
child. Sims was dtlvlng slowlv at the
1 1 inc and testified that he was trying to
ai old othtr children playing in the
Mn it, and did not know until he
bean) some one fcrenm that he h'ttl run
over a child. There ivns no evidence of
a criminal assault and the defendant
was dUmlited.
Mini Iter Ilii-Uoml
Some time ago Lucy Kdelln -dint her
luislMiitl while ho was tiylngto remove
iowe furniture from her hou-e. Alilch
-.he bad purchased on the Installment
plan. She bad threaten d tbat she
would do It If he attempted to re it'ive
It. To day she was lirotmht Into Polios
Court on it warrant charging her with
an assault with Intent to MII7 Thrnuli
her attorm-vs. llsrker and AVebb, she
waived nrellmlnarv I'xainlnttlon and
luinlthed a $100 Ixiotl fur appenrioce
before tho grand jury.
l'lneil nn fllil llarknt IVuliliin,
Margaret A. Riley, wbo has been sell
ing produce In tbe AVasblngtou Market
for ll'tttm years, was tried to-day for
telling produce without a llcenie. Mrs.
lillty prixlucetl an affidavit to show
that tbe was selling product) for J. P.
Dodge, a fsrmer of Montgomery
County, Mil. Olllcer Proctor, however,
saw lit r purchase cbestiiiHs ami thm
oifrr them for tale. The Juice saltl
iliewouhl have to nsy a $& fine or
ptccuie a llceuse.
Ohnreeil lVllli ,iinir.
In the Criminal Court tu day William
AVall, a cab driver, was placed on trial,
charged with Indecent assault upon a
colored woman named Annie Ward. It
appeared tbat on Thankselvlntt Dy
last, tbe woman, who w.i going to Ar
lington, met AVall at the lialtlmor and
l'etoetae depot, who otfered to take Iter
out for a dollar. Tbe assault, at al
leged, was made on the Long llridje at
sii early hour in tbe evening.
Should Oet Hatter .VltnM'e'.
George Thornton, a colored mm, wbo
krepe a restaurant on Kkveolb street,
between It ami C streets, was charged
In the Police Court to day with selling
liquor without a Urease. Newt of tbe
Government wilaesses wbo bad beea
summoned knew anything about tbe
safe of lbiuor. Tbe Judge remarked,
tbat be thought they knew whether
Ibey were alive or not and dismissed tbe
Marriage Lieomc
Msrriaee Ureases were issued to day
to w . II Sldaey Saaitb of WUIUum
buig, Va., sad Maggie K JSlder ef
Gsrot r , Iowa; Oaboraa Useseil aatl Xeitie
Kiberes jawttt, Patrick Grttfla sad
Jfii.a Murpbv, Albert WIULums aatl
1 e'ta Wbite. Kugeae A. Doyle aad
&ju- Ilia r WUiiaai Mercer 8rigg aad
Men LKiidou Pratt, all of Washlaftoa,
Imu ttitil Sicct tWutUut.
The Pfeebleat w 111 receive the deie
gaiee to the Iieta aad ajteei Cteivaaeian,
at iu KaecMUe Muntian seat istiir-W-
IHwtdcd t ttullty,
AVirliaas Walker, charged with vto
Utiag the policy law, wag arraigned aad
aleerkd aot guilty.
tea BMataaeleut aad amet aeaeeel U all
ihbssias- aeareatr a tarsahr is eatbelr teas
fete it, while nrnaa-in sserr-eheas are Its
hanWareawaa wVgnia amMaWaA saugHaUhahnaLML
k& alaTfclMll SaWG ill CttCfaaVJC YtT '
eg MBtajaiaieaB. Um .aaaaei I I W (
tVAasUasmV aaWMMsr 4WaUJaya-w faV UMI Mettle Wf
Vaaan tt law tku unud "- si last In I rw
bltndaeei. sate sieesad to lee eeeeetel
se the
aW" ere we j sjattrey vm enagasw-aBaw
Atf iub.1 - -.- fHvaja. jUtwfklse, AiiJiilai
&m Um? t ttMkvt
SV? stea. s '-' "-- - -- -'
Uai a,k iru. ltuMiasleatl vAfJk tarsal AaaeasTaAA
ftaaklaVtk AaiJUd U Mllti II III alaTall Mill
lUllKaVf sarnsM aVasasAsM ttassaV aaa-4 assasUsl eaMrie
IVapi apw eswaas aww gP4Rev aew nalaiaa s8a"s
eiaess UUjk .get:t er.''-4. Ueaut
at a.-u-wu aeu4. teue what so have
a-aoe aaa-L tajuk m&l irtll tJ tseoA'S gas
4njpavajF wneeasss ew jm -s-'t-s nsnw wes. t-rw
ataertWa au sut be laiuUw bagaafbaif
amtea) aMaVaaal
H aad lB
auW bj aJi u-iu-titui-, ai. aUl tor $"' "(
Iu4 uoly tt. 1 Uu.Jii.cu.. U.ou.llu-.
tew liufcts usie ItoHtur
tvMMiciiitJTAT,otfroiiB ft, ao cosmKrisw OXTib ocrnngit si.ijf.
rAitt. nKsrrRArjKATr.M.
Admission, atoends. irramt-stead and pool lawn, St. laoMdlni elnb-hoeee and
tideock. 41 .to.
Apply to O. ft. tTAM.t 5. Trenrer, IVHIarrl's Hotel, for member's bailees.
Cbjceth-rabte tLaraeters will b eisehraetl.
Trains leave II. X V. Depot -", lteW, 1 aatl 1:D. Itemnd trip, S eeals. oel St
Corner Loughboro and Tunlaw Roads.
Tl c Salt: ol this Most Delightfully Situated
Property Opens
Price.10 and 2D Cents Per Foot,
II Splendid Opportunity to Double lour Investment
Within a Reasonable Time,
This property is most beautifully situated on a high
ridge overJooktnj' and in close proximity to the heart of
the city. The electric cars pass Avithln a few hundred
yards ol the place It Is high and dry, and the great
panorama, ever presented to vieAv, of the Government's
beautiful buildings, the hills of Maryland and Virginh,
with the historical and classical Potomac River, makes
WESLEY HEIGHTS a most charming and attractive
place for a home. As an investment it is unrivaled.
TERMS: One-quarter cash, balance in one, two
and three years, with interest at 6 per cent, per annum.
Fifty dollars earnest money will be required upon each
lot and Avill be applied to purchase when settlement is
made. Deed to be passed free of all expense Avith ab
stract of property. From the gross sales, seven 7
per cent, will be placed in a sinking iund to be applied
to making improA'ements
We can recommend this subdivision in every par
ticular and feel confident that your investment will prove
one of profit in a very short time.
John F.
Horsford's Acid Phosphate.
aWaMstaasasav'. It aasasBswasssasw -MUt batalaMewAaW Ukat
thaw Warn sat) bp-.g.hna"'. snao"1" t
BmU.K. aaeUaenawi. M. Y.. aatat
HhU Wom tHthKhhal tt lawMaVt VSba4a ttaf Inasl
Masai inaMaVXaaawtC
Ue.-r. at. aassAssaa. waat
sbuf amen toaie I ever aaaji.
MtTMMMsil nttMltaiTJ I WaMkajht
CAawOaf.-ae saas the wwpt "nAoeslar
taf Mtaateai U9 w-M) MUksni hW ttlssMW ssaW
ImpoHiing Tailor,
Vm 1 -'TWUTf KUKTllWitel'.
SaasmlaBaBasas WfaavtaaVT aMA-seMaMasamms MtW OaMalW
Ihbtthe ItaattLtos of tsToiaaas leer m
MM t? alpenf Wesolier f w
Eintfr ivrlhnn-irv AJU leeai
iujt aeeai-tUae heost tuwt
OtA avC Ve'
and G Streets.
m Htb Street aWrbwe.
&& WMl -MUai eCMRastotai laUawNasfilMU
Trn-ri-- as Mew York, haste, Wilis 111
WIetMe V u'eite p. as .OtmUtt I,
wtt tea senewwx twsae ur
tare ooujuee uo ajtruausur.
uukm. Zuuluev. Butaav. ete. U
aaet ia the erealaa, Mel se uaaa to bath
awes roc fatarTafinasJb w eeety to the
Sesa. Hi -feasor . TfSwSoM.CCi.
SyaaKJHUAa WJeiegai. cutxibig
Cur. Tth aa4 D et. a. w .
Bf-VJa 9Gmtm. vik
ALLlS!BllIliBirT-1tn L-aaa
evsBaar iawea reawaww aww- p"" 1wr"sweww - ' w
W9W H C AaMUIaVaUL LJawB.. -falilHll
jr-h.Ma.MJaM JMaV iasaasatstasttl. at
I JhWawenaW-e'eW aaagassspwae e
Vaaoaar. tt.
40xs (he ermkfceat ur
i-ttyr H a atoota.
mmamnmmmui w
P4hsh avwaV pajl-naaweawh
WakmBklaial mA j-thmw bttfi
uf iniwar
aool of Ftaetbial ttaiibieM aae ttwi iual.
i vkoui uf faeusraturr ereatbial rTi-rllie
Scbuc-I at sanrt.bijitl and Trpeaale'
awseaawia'w ar. evewss1onnw-Bsaw a .-a"pt-t-.-t-t-t-t--ff-t
fcvsty ti eWng Jiattnee atnrtlay
For 'be
For the
KDsett Barrett atrf Bet! cslne"s ifew Drama.
meef 1beestef H kmrt Wtw Tort hat
sem sniee tee ears af "MtMs & 1 onion"
aew rHver Kfag "-. T. Rvenls flTertd.
a SM.mM coMArr,
Bmhetste Jietety sieJ Jteeeeaieil Mfeet.
j'wh wae-irTA m 9grift-ii. mi
7$ ATTtWAb'fHltATWej,
Mt!TR-jr, vr-
I The Mtnstret e'otne-
amn, are I
ts ei 'it sua
tn the enmpftny.
Weil, ami Sat.
Week Of Ovt fr-ftlK BOSTON llOWAItD
A Wealth of Magnificent Seenlo Prmlnetlons,
and it (treat fast.
Nextweek-BOIIBT OAYLOn. tf
TIII3 WEEK Laities' JUtlneo To-morrow.
Pauline Markham,
Kcxt wrek-Hytle's star epcclalty Co. C0U
OaeWcek, CommenclDK
Monday, October 27,
Tliebreatmtof All Iturlrsqae,
A' lljet at tlio I.omlon tla'e'jrTlieitre.wtt'i
nil tlio Orlelnal Music, Scnery. evinmnes,
l'aiBilierDalla ami u lireat Cost, Including
Miss Kale Caslleton
Tlteyerrteiit St-aetaeehir rrtxlustlon of Bar
lettiae Kver been liiAuerlea.
Ucrelsr Theatre Irlees.
teats retiil V TIlfltSDAY. OCrOllKItSt, at
!tu)rotl' !n4o More. oels Ct
I te. tntlHe MiiihUt, Ve.IneJar, frl-
J.yaml S-nturJay. Tlie
Is tbe a.n'et of All Mutteal Initrameots
Ueeaase It prform anr rauslo
itom a waltz or a ballad to an
overture or a srrapttonr mora
beautifully and more ueerlr
perfeet than any other single
Tbe Aeoitoa Is not meebaateal. bet tbe
BsnlPHtetttnofUlsso simple tbat a person
eaatetrn tnptsr It with from ooo to three
weeks' pra I Ice. Tour vUll to see this In
struateot will be esteemed a favor at
fete Agent for Stetawsv and Other First-
Class fUao aad Oreaxu.
UMMau. Ave.,
.tffoRl every faalllty for aeqalrlag a tbor
tMMh edueatloa a literetare. tuuio uud art.
Tbe lattraneat taagbt are pino, harp, vlo
He, Ratter, K.aa4eHa aad baajo, fwnuaier ,
gtH-eral voefti, drawis aad fusey work free.
pirraig's coLLEaa irhparatory
New Beuasnlek. X. J.
Baanjlag Sehuol for Sort aad Youag ileo.
Preearee fur tbe best aullagee, scseatlla
K. U. CO0Z. A. M-, 111. D..
Hud Maater.
UeadrUkv f.
Fitwasiwi for the CtoJOtoa Mlahlry. Room
aat aad tiibe-n feea. Aa antra aae I ee of SSO
far aae. beat aatl ease of room. Alt expense
asfl'iesnle, VermbeasasatU-i'SMBSitM.
MV. A. A. UVEstMORK, V. D.,Eat
Vteasaaat. yaaJviUe, P.
.. ---BaaBswaa.aaaaf- ! ai wan -
T UHtSKajJUfUfAan.
A aaseei su yajiatt aarls aai you a ldiui.
saUStM. tsnnnilir Oaaatf, Pa. urth year
A wtte, iMMatosMMa aakoai atwee: tboruojii
aMSJhaas. aaielelawesabrb' ol the ladivldaal
neeab aeeimewl eeareas of study; veef pieas
aat kwaMatat eteaes baattet- S-tte per jer.
aaauM, tf Lake. Y
These test irnna ef etadr. Tocatiua
heaetleai seat baastaaei A seaaed c-Tuistun
aosae- ew liaUttnir asaeraasthaotambcr
aessiee beataw ttsriwtt u. taw. fua
- - - atrUtUsD D.
aa aJJUthi ictauot. fo ui at s
luasSllsSed at aae. Pep4f.r u,.,
tasaetsad sosse theraetaoit ty v.ui Liu
aaastel tsuatMae ase eVi-a-t lil l' Xu-t
haheseaeaw aeaws as m A-a's pm
ee s eateawaatwt AMeutiuc " auw
tar rie athseeaaao's. 5 1 utuu Smutv.
timTr"l Y '
laweatiee t ahh
teeeasassate &uu tuuf .xaui
vttmif. authlteas btkiiml ev uaiu i"
atL-eackie tut vaialua- J" ,a - "-
l wj-Has HUJ- - i-

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