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An Imj MM k Utt frm if
ttw towitry
Cnifaottf awJ Mk ef Liriftg tf IWy's
Sm sd Dfktt3Wky Be
toe FWr Fky,
AWler CHMp; I hare tiefsrrwl making
tills atlernvit until now, hotting that
some writer more alftwl than myself
mlpht lake up tbc pen to treat of n suh
jeet to which, I am Tery much afrahl, I
shall not succeed In dolnsr frill justice.
I thall try, however, to pros rot It to
those brilliant mind", who, to n very
picat extent, mould public opinion In
this country, In such n shape as to
merit, at least, their serious nttentlon.
It is a subjict, It seems to mo, which
oucht to be not only very dear to the
heart of all those more fortunate
Italians who have become citizens of
Mils great and beautiful country, but of
no llitlo moment, also, to all those
hroa.l-ml ruled Americans, whose love of
fair play is proverbial tho world over
I mean those genuine Americans who
arc ever found In the front ranks of tho
army of progress, whoso souls aro
actuated with an unsotflsh patriotic
ardor inherited from ancestors who,
with tears and blood laid the founda
tion of a republic calculated to provo a
safe harbor for tho oppressed of all
climes worthy the name of man; n re
public which for grentness and true
Christianity stands to-day unparalleled
In tho annals of history.
A certain labor reformer, in speaking
of the poor emigrants who como to tho
fulled Slates to better their condition,
said in substance before the honorable
fassct Committee that "Iho Italians
are a menace to tho country."
As no commonts wore initio on this
nstcttlun at the lime It was published,
nor since so far as I am Informed by
the editors in whoso papers It was givon
space to, It Is only reasonable to sup
pofc that It was taken for granted by
u any renders that said assertion was
irue, and therefore proper. AVhother
It Is In good taste or not, and according
to tho true principles of Journalism, to
print thu awertlon of any man, calcu
lated to lewor tho estimation of any
uuuy (u iniu in luui-yes 01 luosowno
may chsneo to read It, without thu
editor setting the reader aright ns to Its
truth or falsity. I leave to tho
estimable gentlemen to whom these
pages are inicribed, to determlue.
Certain It Is that a man, bo his
motives what they may. has n right
(providing he dots not go beyond tho
limits of the code) to give expression to
his lentlments of man and things, and
the leader referred to had just as much
rlchl to voire his opinion of those who
form the subject of this essay, ns those
other reformers had (I do not know
their nationality) to cry out In meeting:
"Tho Italians must go ! "
In times psst there have been leaders
whose great forte It was to hold up
to their followers a sort of promised
land without knowing thu road to It,
und who trusted, perhaps, to tbos
same Inexplicable circumstances, which
had made them what they were, for
success In their undertaking. When
compelled to account for their failures,
however, they showed their wonderful
fertility of Invention by holding up such
excuses to their deluded followers as
easily quelled their murmurlngs, no
matter who suffered by It. True, they
succeeded at times, these leaders. In
changing conditions; In benefiting their
followers on one side at the expense
of tho other; In making (heir wants
more numerous without putting It la
their power to obtain those wants la an
honorable manner.
They did not, however, on the way
teach ibem to live within their means;
frugality, temperance. In a word,
"honesty for honesty's sake" was lost
eight of. "God helps those who help
themselves," but (he wotUe ftr mmt
tpring frtm jtriuefpkt dmml fnm
(Jod'$ btth Urn.'
We have teen pretty mueh the same
slate of affairs n our own time. We
have heard leaders promise great things;
we have seen, time and sgain, honest
ti Hers lose time, money and peace of
ixlnd under the belief that unalloyed
bar pi iiess wits In store fur them, we
have seen the rights of those diffri
frr-mlbem In opinion unbnsitatingly
Irsuipkd upon; we have sa the bins
lol&ted and audacious KlaorHie lyraa
Bl7lDg over good natural majorities
but bo happiness, bo, not even content
went. Sown HUHutBciaj; obstacle has
always arises between tuww awl their
objective point which baa impeded
their progress. For the leader to con
fess that the whole trouble lay in their
own ignorance of the laws of Nature,
or is their selfiakaeas, or in both, wouhl
mean their owe. dshsiemsnt; for
them sot to hold up to their followers
some cause for their failures, would
mean to loan that pssatijte among
tbewwbkk they Heed t knee thaw
where they are. So. having nothing
Utter to otTer them at this tin, they
bold uu that Italian as on of Out grenl
and threatening nhslncln which btiunis
between tbent and their goa, and so we
hear that the ' 'Italians aw a wtnane to
the country," that "ihn Italians usual,
go." Ate inn Italians a Menace u the)
I sited Stales? I proeoan to answer this
question In ike following psges-
People euilgrala 10 better thak ooadi
lion. This deetM which htum in thu
bienst of nil UfograaiY nations has bean
the 1 a use of the motive power of the great
human tides which nave towed f rum usw
point of the ttiutm k anutnw ai digeient
perliids of thaw, pfududng CSiMtM
pbybkally and unwally beyond tan
lakulaiioa of uuui. TWs cause, b
fcttas 10 uu;, do &ut tytiiit turn
tbance. it surtns from ta same source
I at whJefe sytunjc titn JMmJsnSnKW o
Culumhiw mi f Wsahtawton: i( U nut
un Incident U uVn mum suhasae of um
tremor The TtsMnni of woa I aw
uU.ut to treat ax sttuaud hy th sauMi
t una.
wuv Uu TSX tMJt to tllM lTU
TUcy coiun to tUs (MM si KeH
Am. rice homnt of A aocouoti
li.) hear of the vent iaauten
ti iL:-treat country because of the
1. j. 1 iiitul display of our wo-illiy
. 1,. . .. litO Uxy uu ihctx Uud a ari
ti. , . '- '.'f the t'rtiii iltiiurd ku their
t,a d j Jcvttlfl iidiro.Uy vt indtikktly iu I
th employ of uhlpplnc compsnles and
ronlrneton of lobnrj of the high as;es
to be ewlly ohtaltfed by thoe who are
wtlitngto wntH. AH 'hes fr cwi
rilntd read manf of tiptn rr rrKirtrafe
or to Ml nieVr Httln property ther
may pntfrM, or to borrow as hft they
may tn ordT to rale motwy enough to
rttj for thftt pnware to the land whleh
f to s!e xht m IB return fr thfr rbt
th m m better theft o errthrftfcvn
! tht of tlre who im rle to them.
WHAT HATTRSS tpor thBm AMtrVAt..
At the moment that they land, msjiv
of ttiwia generally fall Into th hatrds of
t who. lost to all srnrc of vlrtwe, take
nvirtge of theft most helplew state
m ftt them Into their power by rns
nfwt thm Into tiretr debt, bv exntbltMit
eherees, to Anally hire them out, their
watts already mnrttseed, ami like so
many contletg their names repl.icH liy
nnn.hers' There pour emigrants are
easy victims. They cannot m ak e t hem
wlvrs Ttnderttrwl; they csnnot tell of
tlnlr wmngs; they are mrnpelted In
spite of themselves, whatever their spl
tutlons may 1m, to carrv the cruel yoke
that Is pfocerl nrmn tlrem. And who
cates If these poor toilers are often
very grossly maltreated by overseers,
thi twelves the poorest of emigrants hut
a few years back, and superior to the
former in nothing save In heart-hard
nws, In craftiness, and tn a knowledge
of the English tongue' beings whom our
generous institutions have failed to
make gererous; being who make use
of the advantages which broad-minded
Americans have Elven to them, by
which to raise themselves, to trample
upoh those under them; who are ever
ready to deny to others that fair Chris
tian treatment which has been so freely
accotded to themselves!
wno rs rtEsroxst m.r, ron this'
It Is but too true, nla9l that some of
the wretcliM who are responsible for
this aro Italluns themselves! but those
for whom these wretches do tho work,
those who make this glaring wrong
possible In our country, ate not of tlmt
They como mostly from the Interior
districts; they come from tho farm lands;
they arc tillers of the soil; they are rood
builders and mnsons; they aro howcrs
of wood and stone; they arc, In a word,
hardened sons of toll. From tho rising
until the setting of tbc sun these men
work contented with tholr lot, until In
their cars are told the wonders of the
United Slates!
Their occupation bespenks their char
acter. They nro for tho tnoU part In
telligent men; they arc quick to learn
and ambitious to better themselves, and
as a general thing true to tho Interests
of their employers. They will endure
nil kinds of hardships mther than beg
or steal. They are religious; they
ntvtr loio rovcrenco for their parents
and the aged, nnd Iboy will deny them
selves many comforts, nay, will suffer
hunger and cold In order to save monuy
In help those who nro dear to them.
They are endowed with a good
noturc, which gives thorn abnnditiico
of patience: they will stand much
ahiise without resenting It; It Is only
when pushed beyond human endurance
that they will retaliate as bestthey may.
It has been staled so often In tho col
umns of newspapers that these Itallam
live In rags and filth that It mnv huve
grown to bo a general belief nmong
people of limited Intelligence that rags,
tilth and Italians are synonymous terms.
That some of them those whose occu
pation Is among mud and mortar have
not that scrupulous feeling for oxternal
tidiness which tho majority of our fel
low tltlrens have Is not tohodeuled;
but that they lack this any more than
nil tho rest of the same occupation of
oilier nationalities is not true. One
thing is certain that our hospitals con
tain less of this class of Italians than of
nny other nationality. This proves that,
notwithstanding tho mode of living that
they are temporarily forced to coutent
themselves with, their health and mo
tallly compare very favorably, to say the
least, with those of other foreigners.
To hear some of these loaders speak
it would seem that there are portions of
the human race whose characteristic Is
to accept as little money as possible in
exchange for their labor, In other words,
that thtlr delight Is to work for less
wages than others. What bosh Is this!
And yet this Is one of the great objec
tions they make against Italians. They
assert that they work for less wages
than others, because they can live
cheaper, and they affect to believe that
these laborers would uot take more If
they ceuld get It! These profound re
formers never seem to dream that
hoe who pay for the work
that these men do generally my
What Is just, but that it is
these unsciupulous Individuals who
stand between tbem and the capitalist,
who take every ad vantage they oan con
ceive over these helpless men to pay
tbtm as little as possible; yet demand
ing mere of them than they would dure
demand of others bleated ultb a knowl
tdge of the English tongue ' This very
rrlnt, it seems to me, shows in the
plainest manner the shallowness or
lupidlly of those who would make
mpital out of it to serve their own sdf
Uh ends, and the limited intelligence of
bosrvtrbo (dace any Importance upon
t. No doubt these laborers can live
toritks than many others of ike same
condition, and a glance at our pollen
ueirue will show, st tenet, that una of
the causes of it is that druakenneaa is
not Biueh to their liking;.
A not her oh junction that la w&da against
IbtHi by tke aanan leaders Is, that they
only cobw here with the liilrnliim of
nuking a little money and then to re
turn to their native land to spend it
Tact smh of thetu do this, U true be
yond any doubt; hut U it a crime? It
Is 11 lo Ut proved that it is. Awl
supposing that U is a cdine, and that it
does work sobm haras to thin gnit
ecuntry . w by loan sight of the fact that
natives of this very soil wen and wo
buu who owe ail they poaaeas to this
land, spend most, if not all, their dan
and uiuuey in fmeign touatrta what
they foitMsd eotonfas? "Tw
wrongs do not wake a riht." is a weii
known saying; but why nudw so aaues
ado about nat la InatuBtnVsnt and
if acre what U ot gtea! uuportmca'
Sttidi as thst Hjifc-n tvho am from tiiua
to tufte heU ttt? to taw reading nuiiHc as
outcasts of socinn aa banditti as tite
out -porlnga of Italian prisuaa and aa
paufers. Ami yet, if the authors of
then bne aaaettioBs would only tafcc
the tiouW to vu.ii our prisons and our
styluau, they would tee at one that
the great Mr'aidlft'rnB'e of th wsvts&nd
lpitmis am not ItatJans' Thai thjtra
axe fewer of theui in proportion to their
ttiiwifesT hca tJhnjn of any other nnftlfrB
Kow, who oujrht to know the fca,
or aho Hiueht to niakn thtsAanivna hei
fer attluaXnkd wkh thaw, than yoi
Krn)kKn of thn pre? 4nd ya lhw
Iaeli ace ignored to auch an extent thai
onw Bot ai'tinailitictl ts h thn leapir
Ualtty of I njrriiriv) edlsots f'te'r' to
taa ted into the m of autnnaJswr thai
to aa an uao.erwo.4 tnin aiunox than
ttulu tttMrhad aorkiu, (poorly -paid.
In t (tt.-i liiili'iiumu i U une toa
ni'iun 1 f ibe idiuiu of lUt rest of oat
).- I L. all, U Al' lit lit 1 JitlUl 11
il L IliV It' ubit hua )y l ptra-w.
hark to prove the correct nrt of mv as
seTtmn. The few crimes commute 1 try
iiM of these men are extgersred to
k treat extetlt.
Let owe of tlrem wswmlt an oTene,
gTMit or MBll, awd the pnpr U not
fall to rmtke It known conptrn nwly
that he Is an Italian. Brigand w.mht
rresrl wrelrfet of the stlltMto ciii
thwat, and oikT eqnslly debasing ternw
haw bV rotrte hnown to the tmpirnler
snee of readers w only applloablp to
Italian. A crime 1 afways detestable,
but nirely a crime committed by n
IrsHan Is tot mote so than one commit
td by a wretch of any other mtrontlhv'
All this may at first flawca appear
pnttllc: and If the grwl mnjotlty of
reader were edncated peopte, rt wonld
be pnetlle, for then the many mtwepr"
srntatlons of these men, who cannot
read English, and, therefore, are unable
to rt-fnte tmm, would be treated with
little Importance, since the reader
wonhl delect at onre lire great Incon
sistency between what Is said of them
and what the police records show!
liul the majority of those who read
are ready to believe what Is told tn
tin tn In print; ami not a few of them
ate strangers to thowj finer feelings
which make a man In fortunate circum
stances feel sorry for those who are
wretched, and so ft Is taken for granted
by many of them that stiletto and
Italian are synonymous terms, ami
that filth, laslness ami crime
are the inalienable trait of his
character! And to all this may lie
traced the origin of the feeling dis
played on our streets against these In
offensive laborers In their going to
work or coming from It. by badly
brought up children offsprings of
poor emigrants themselves who let no
chance escape to molest or polt them, a
feeling disgraceful to our civilization,
which has found Its way even Into some
ot our public schools.where low, vulgar
terms are used by scholars to designate
Italians. It has been said that these
men are n menace to tho country. How
can that be? How can law abiding, In
dusttlous tollers, who rather than at
Itmpl to make themselves n burden to
the Govcrnmcnt.wlllsubject themselves
to work at Iho meanest of honest occu
pations, be a source of danger to any
country T
If these laborers nre only treated
fairly If they nro permitted to onrn
their wages unmolested until a anlllclent
knowledge of our language will enable
them to better themselves, as It Is their
great amblllon to do, they will nuvrr
dlsgruco tho land which bears the name
of one of their countrymen, Though
they may not have any desire to rule
the country which has given thorn nsafo
harbor, they will take great pride, If
given Iho chance. In helping to dovelon
our farm lands In making beautiful
gardens of our hillsides, and they will
contribute to our population vigorous,
healthy offsprings, who will develop
Into good artisans, for, whatever tho
faults of those laborers may be, one
thing is certain, that their blood Is as
pure and strong as the wines they pro
iluco upon their fertile fields.
?(, It Is uot from such Immigrants ns
theiu that any danger to thu L'nltid
Sinks will ever arise. The danger lies
with the enemies of honest labor. Those
few who nre ever embroiling their
credulous fellow beings Into useless
mltcry. It is from idlers nnd dissipated
men mat danger is to bo apprehended;
frrm buyers and sellers of votes, from
aliens who teach their offsprings to
disobey our Incomparable laws; beings
who are ever traducing tho names of
our most honored public men In thu
dust who proclaim that tbero Is no
honesty In our public servants who.
through abject Ignorance or blind
maliciousness, wish to destroy the mmt
Christian system of government evor
known to mankind. Such and only
men as tucse win ever prnvu a menace
to our countty. They are the same as
those who proved a menace to it not a
very long wnlle ago; who, when our
counuy almost rent asunder by Internal
strife, did not hesitate 10 help increase
Its misery by committing right here In
our midst the most unheard of bar
barities, which make the cheek blush
with shame and the heart beat with lu
dignatlon to recall.
The same element Is amongst us
to day, and, bad it but tho chanee, it
would not hesitate to lift Its cowardlv
head. But It has not the chance, and
It must content itself, at least for the
present, with shouting In security: "The
Italians must go !" IJut must they go t
It will be tlmo enough to dlsouss that
question when real representative
Americans will find sutticfent reason,
alas I to give sanction to such a
lamentable utterance, but not till then.
In the meantime I leave it to the gen
tkruen of the pre, the greatest bulwark-
of our institutions, to determine
if 1 bae Intruded upon them In vainr
It A. IloKMHiB,
121 East Forty-fourth street, New York
line Sent Ioivu,
Two small colored hoys about 12
years of age, were arrested for stea!iK
fruit and produce from the Center
Market. They gave tbe names of
James Seymour and William West.
Both hO)s at r denied their guilt,
but afterward each tried to plaee the
crime upon the other. Judge Miller
questioned them pretty closely and
ease to the conclusion that Wet was
the yuiily one. He sent him t jit for
sixty days and permitted Seymour to go
In Iho twiulty Court.
Adjudication in the Equity Court to
day were aa follows. Laurie vs. Laurie,
testimony before John Crulkabaak, nx-
aisdnar, ordered taken; Clarke vs. I'ugk, !
supplemental uu utsmtasatf; U Lwtry
vs. O'Leary, yro eonassa inade abaolttfe;
U'Leary vs. O'Leary, sale dnewnd.
Chapsn Brown and A. II. WU, trus
tee to sell , Walter 1 s. Cowpton, Chaa.
li. Hkuataa, guardian ud Utsas; Walter
vs. Cotoptusi, testimony hnftwn It Wat
laeh, examiner, ofdnred taken.
Tbe Atletaiu and th l'tl,Uar.
X dele gallon from the Union Veteran
Legion of this etty, haadnd by Colonel
Carey, called at the Executive VmusJiiu
lfcfi aU&f&itttf ftlhd iBViifeti thtt l.taaWA
tO lUtgfial UM& JUfi BltHittl Ittttutt Mini
icee&tkt of ife ogafantfi U Uu
KnUufti B&W lUli Qcfeite 97. The
Ouiits peiiuiiud. but tatted be wouU
be u&ttfele to do so
At a letretijitf of tjhg FvitWraJiiriMi o
Xs&hfMT , nMffcJ IAS! nyfrl ft CU0UMiilitnW Wtht
Bimfahtoi to tjfftjft EA0MiMnW ffiflHftfal"
Mtf CMMWMll'UA Ot $in lVOf InUft Matfy
biHHe CwflkKfiftii is oidbtf to tenUilB tfMtfr
k&& Uie VWf kftJ bisMA osAieil ?tto
sjn to SnWHJtf cMMWhhle to vote imr
tihtf IjKJbhii' WfWffliff fibiifcnHi wj Ihd ft-Mtfij
ma njKH "5r napiB
UeU tteifettft ti teed ttM i cosu
mittinjt an im) upon Owicnf Wot
Be a aiao nned i Joe diiKikrly con
duct. Uerhart is psuftaalonnl cca
piaytr, aad am not pit out U imm to
aankie a Chrtfttttias wuMking- viljh lv
hi nek,
&t,vu.j a u mil, or oLiiiiji:, i;a tiauibuAaV
u . t.kan w . . ... . 4.u m.uj.j lndt
An Kxrantrnn lhar Ms Satrsry 0ira
rtmtiiTie nntAttt Men.
Complaint comes to the Trwrsuty He
pttttment from bnslnes men all over the
ennetty rbftrt the scsrclty of frtrwr
moitpy of smnll rlenomf nations, of one
and two dollar bills, and that In conse
qntnee they hare been comwefWI to ac
rent and we the bulk and Irwonwnl
ent standarri silver dollars. The fact Is
that the silver-fnnd balance in theTrea
my Is vi ry low, and that there H pracil
rally no slim In the Tmwnry against
which sIlteT errtlftcates can be fsawerl In
fmall denominations, to be exchanged
for legal-render and gold notes M was
done a year ago
Vp to date 376.41,4mi In standard
sihtr dollars have been coined, of
which amount sixty-four millions, In
ti.ued numbers, are In circulation, and
three hundred and nine millions are
held to seenre that amonnt of Mlver cer
ttfirstcsln clrrnlatlonj about three mil
lions sre held as Treasury cash, leavlnt;
only atmut two hundred thousand,
against which new silver certificates
can be Isttred. With this explanation
It may be understood eastly why small
f liver certificates are not likely to lie
Irs tied.
The demand for f mall notes Is Increaa
It'g dally and Is likely to continue until
the holidays are over. Some consider
able iclkf, however. Is likely to come
from the Issue of the new "Treasury
notes In payment for silver bullion. So
far the new notes have been Issued only
In denominations of ten, one hundred
and one thousand dollars, but Treasurer
Huiton says that he will be ready to
Issue the new ones and fives by Novem
ber 1, and that the depatttnent will then
begin to pny for silver bullion tn small
bills as much as possible. After that
lime it Is believed that the business de
mands for small notes will be promptly
Nnrnl Officer Accumulating .HnmplR
of ForelRti and ltnmettc Ore,
The Navy Department is engaged in
obtaining nnd compiling all possible In
formation In regard to ntckol ore or
mnttc. A number of naval o 111 cars at
tached to the Ordnance liureau of the
Nnvy Uepflrtmenl arc now visiting
various mines where nickel oro Is said
to exist, and tho Department Is receiv
ing dally samples of nickel ores of do
mestic and foreign production. In
addition to the samples being received
nn extensive correspondence has been
opened with foreign companies to ob
tain Information on the subject.
Secretary Tracy Is dally advised by
Commodore Folger, Chief of the Ord
nance lhtrcau, of the progress made.
The matter has so far advanced that
Commodore Folger has decldid to
make tests of tho samples on hand.
Upon the success of these plate and
projectile tests will binge the award of
contracts for nickel ore or matte for
which Congrese appropriated $1,000,
000 to be expended In the discretion of
the Secretary of the Navy. Great In
terest In the subject has developed In
naval circles.
The Hay Lino Nteiiier Vlrslnln Acutii
In CoIUkIuii,
U.imtojtB. Mi , Oct. ti. The Hy
Line steamer Virginia, which on July
22 last crashed Into the Louise ami
caused a loss of fourteen lives, this
morning was in collision with the tug
Volunteer. The Volunteer was
towing five oyster pungles, one of
which was sunk, nnd thu others, as well
as thu tug Itself, more or less Inlured.
Several men wore thrown Into the
water, but were rescued by the Vir
ginia crow. The loss to the different
vestels will roach ?8,000.
It Is Salt! the General DetlreU n Katreat
In Aiimrlou.
Paws, Oct. 82. Figarn to-day pub
Usbee the final Installment of a series of
articles entitled "Lea Coulisses De Hon
langlirae." Today's article seta fortl
that after the defeats of the Iloulanglst
at the last general election for member
of the Chamber of Deputies General
IJouIanger desired to seek a retreat In
America. He was however persuaded
by 31. Itocbefort to Ike to the Island ot
Jersey Instead.
The tgttro says that the articles were
published in good faith and with tbe
Imrpose of exposing General lloulanger's
Naval Chance.
Chaplain GUI has been ordered to the
training ship Jamestown and Paased
Aslstant Engineer Dixon to the New
York Navy-Yard. Chief Engineer Seott
has been detached from tbe Enterprise
and placed on waiting orders; Assistant
Engineer Gage, from duly in the liu
reau of Steam Engineering and ordered
to special duty at Messrs. Cramp A;
Sens' shipbuilding works; Assistant
Engineer ltomwell, from the New York
Navy Yard and ordered tn the York
town, Awlttast Engineer III bos, fro.u
duty at the Luion Iron Works, Sin
Kranelieo, and ordered to special course
of study in naval architecture at Glas
gow, tfcotland, and Naval Constructor
liankson and Street, from soactal July
at l'srls. Prance, and ordered home.
Ilie l'ellee Court IutproTeiueali.
Work was commenced this nsufning
an the w eeUs for (ha lolfee Court
under lh direction of Inspector Ea
twiaie. Jtulase Milltr has reviaed thn
plans for the remodeling of the court
room, and he thinks that if his Ideas
are followed out that he will have one
of the moat convenient court rooms in
the city The rooms of the clerk, warrant
ckik, Vailed States Attorney, District
Attorney and 17. S. Marshal will ail ho
in clone psojkimity to each oihnr Instead
of at the opposite shins of th build Inn
as they are now. Judge Muter will
kave a urivale room Atted up at the left
of tkw Iron entiaace. The witnesses
will also have a tocui entirely separate
from th iiif tntsTst ami tint aSjtoaatays.
Want to CltsE ut Xam.
Thn com mitti a hnvtsur. in chnrtie the
invesUaatton of the nlnstsof the fsawi
asan's UoapMal have, on at. count of the
pie mfcsf tiom chajsacter of tha nstfhmti
lieaed theie. Ugeld thai its notnui be
vhaiiigial eUsiSf to that 'XJhjaniha' or
HsMfrnsd" kfintaL 'rsnr ajyr at
ttba nrrstint nnmn is out of tints?-
TMv BdaUalNBMJlall (Sttlrkfisnl LMAWvslihttXn
PtMwjfcfcjita'Ptrf HiQ04eeM mM. to 4
Cm'KkC iaVDrtyf lo-Ay fct tiw Qm
m, faii'fli'ti Jm$0 WMlef ttfjItoftWswl tib,
tMMfc wade Uy QoUtowl QtwtMn
H tftw WJivllOjjC of tktu OMkl KeWuWk istt
4 wH4fani ill fir Mild Amkm 6nVH ilt
aU snjMjaiafci Vm kytg&aUT A uv
tw jannsi pwf awn WpiiaaBm ajp ajpaa
"t 'Winw !amnV4
fMsnasT' 1 "Wfcai an fiJmasAmkr va4n
mitt bVohtb is.
Bat. h Dear sue, X uaver th ijht
him ua
i utweo But he hi, though ' "t
auUve bu liUcaaitely Stid pi. - - -
u.udeat he is
The Trial r rotire Sinyrmwr tn the
crimtaai mart rrt-l)y.
fjkerfe Ppymonr, a tall man with a
mffitnt spp. arance, wan tHed In the
Crwnlnal Court to dsy npon a charge f
steering th pochetboolt of Laura II.
Tormg, contslrdng 40 .
It trsn'pln-d In the testimony that
the lady. hile in Burrhard'a grocery
Store at Four and a half street awd
Pennsylvania avenue. In May laat.
fainted and was remored to the rear of
the store hy a clerk, B. M. Shlrrman.
In the More at the time were Seymonr
and a sonng man nameid J. K Johnson.
The latter teMifltd that when the Isdy
fill he heard something drop. fey
HrtniT, who 1 ad been In the mcdloal
dtpartment of the Army, rendered the
lady slstnncc, after which he left the
store. The lady, upon recovering from
her fsrion, announced that her pocket
bo' k was gone.
rVymonr In his testimony sal I that
he hud gone to linrehard's store to get
htm to sign a Ikritor license, which tw
refused to do, after which he went to
ice Colonel Hohert ami Mr. (Mmon Wolf.
Several dajs after tbe falnllns- of the
lady Sergeant Hums notified Seymour
that Detective Matllngly would like to
see him. He told Mattlngly he knew
nothing about the pochetbook. He was
arrester! anil upon coming before
Judge Sillier In the Police Court the
esse nss held up until Seymour could
ptocttre a bondsman. Seymour said
that while on his personal tmnds he
visited the Police Court frequently.
Assistant Dlslrlrt Attorney Clagett,
then clerk of the Police Court, testified
that be did nut recollect seeing Sey
mour almut the court, and that an at
tachment had lieen issued for him.
"When," said Mr. Claeett. "Seymour
saw tho officer with the attachment, he
jumped into his wagon and drove out
Seventh street to the Tyson House,
chafed by Olllcerltorne. Seymour was
committed In default of ball Tor the
action of the grand jury.
Seymour becamp much excited during
his testimony. Ho asserted that he
met Shlpman on Missouri avenue, who
said to him ho was a poor boy and If he
(Seymour) would get him a job In West
Virginia he would say what he could
In favor of Seymour.
Seymour Is well known nmong Army
men. Two witnesses. Francis A. Gray
and rthurll. llrooks, gave him a eood
character. Other character witnesses.
Squire O'Neill among the number, were
tailed but did not respond.
Cnupr thn t'onlponf ment or tho Ven
Urttn Trillin In Nt Orlnfiua.
New OnLBANs, Oct. 22. Tho second
trial of the Provenznnos for lying In
wait and attempting to assassinate the
Metranra gang was to have begun In
tie Criminal Court to-day, but owing
to the fielltig against the Indians the
district attorney has consented to a pou
onetmnt of tho case. This Is n great
disappointment to the public, who were
anxious that the case should lw dls
poted of. as It was expected that the
workings of the 5lafla would come out.
The tltutllon here tn the Itillan ev
Is quiet. The police lndlevu they have
all the guilty parties under arrest, with
tbe evidence sufficient to convict them.
There are fifteen persons In the psrlsh
prison, four charged as principals and
the rest with being accessory before the
fact. Scaflro, who was shot In the
prison Friday by Tom Duffy, Is uow al
most well, ami Is able to walk about the
jail. Thu committee of fifty met lust
night and denounced the search of the
houses of Italians as an outrage.
1111 ! - . - -I...
It Malted its Opporirntu I'llo Heavier
Indemnity llouil.
Nkw YortK, Oct. 22 Judge Pratt In
the King's Ccunty Supreme Court to
day rendered u brief decision In the
Susar Trust case. On Monday last
argument was heard on motion
of counsel for Duncan Cameron
for the continuance of temporary in
junction against tbe sugar trust ami
also for tbe appointment of a receiver.
Tbe counsel wants the sugar reflaerlea
to tile an account and a sworn slate
meat of the liabilities ami assets.
Ob the other side It was usked that
Cameron should tile a largerbondof In
demnity, the present bond being $330.
Judge Watt decided on the latter ques
tion only. The other points will
be decided next week. He decides that
tbe bond be Increased from $230 to $2,
3C0, and that an approved undertaking
or cash be given,
aiolauea DecUlon,
Assistant Secretary cf the Treasury
Spauldlng has informed tbe Collector
of Customs at New London, (Joan.,
that molasses withdrawn for eonsump
tlon before April 1, 1SH1. is subject to
duty under the ohl tariff, and that tba
molasses withdrawn for consumption
sfter that date will be exempt from
duty, without other retard to the dute
ef importation than that required by
the liuiltaliou of three years inquired
by the new tariff law.
tMtbgroana and sighs, and JUiie-l e)e,
He seeks the ectuek ami down be Ues;
Nausea and faiatunas in Mia rise,
Biow-raekiBK pains avail htm.
Skk bemlai'be 1 Hut ere log cotuea cu
IIU stomaeu sell les into pseee,
V it bin his head tha tlvoUsngs eae
Wwce's Pellets never fail bun '
Nor will tiiay rati any one in such a 4tr
trtdu-aiueat. To thn dsspsptk, the
iliou sad the eunslrpated. Any ass aHks
"a fritud in seed and a friar d indeed."
HAKfejOVKB-UAliWUtJ.-At the Card!
Xr !"1 , awaaafsnwpPa snUH MmMmBWS
MtB.hTthsi.IMv AtSher Doaonw. KWrt M
itiiLKT-r -on Muadagr. Oetonsa as, use.
tuiMeslT, at Us lain HMfifaacc. M this eliv,
Aftwt Buk Uttltctt, In the SJtk ar of his
Tun ral from 'ha lata rastdsausof tbnda
eeased. Xf. Ssl IVoji.rlvaaia annuo, on
thustdnr. tk aid tattani. t t . as tatn
aMtp'fcf Grove CvBtry tlnntnnati.
DAIotKlsU -tta tvtubwr, si. mmh, at Us
riddaai.atBtUeltf ivm Baja) srtah, a as
tH it &iunfteeldr, soKlaM, ajaad
lwaWl at Oak BHi cssseterf. Inne'ar
anjntas at VJu u clock
rmmlt -ansVasaly. at hi, teMeai. tTSS K
rtrvs. Tnaajai, (k-tohar e . nut). Bursas J.
trust, fvw-.eiij or iwtroli.n-kh not tor tn
hurt thkrt) lsm a rcideat of thin clsj.
f. Bndituniy. at nriatoj, 8. ., i.u
riiifns lh taMS. ma of p - idSihiil ft. Lua-
F "till pi " W PWWB .- ,.
fear tw, riiie Mates Siavr. and 4na
kuaecs taae, U tbe Qi raar vt bi. ana.
rnncrst as tae ruaiininia of Ide fasha. hris-
tuLI I t r'rW. Qitotvr i. USW. at tl i.
isierniant at Kawtort. fleasa oaws
s laWoTocka T1I3
Wlotfd oa
ol isats&nfcr and ywjB?:iS
WW 1
ww .
Terai pruait
kj saaaata' ceitoirnoa vas iiinlthnraaa son
at. t fe a m . Jtla Turk-. SS Saw
IS Kutitka uil 4 i!m
raSMNal irviB M l-ci.r t'iuuwt. VBHUA
MUJ, on ih.iu-d. ovioUt tat an m
Iswiw and ttl, ada teneee 4
-'VW lltf IO
fcTa-HK.-'-n Tmaataf. tv-udaa- jt. was t
is a. m , iwoo Mru. V.:.-. d hsriMtna ot
Bettie fcteta. in 'be 5jg )ygj ot tm ac
(1 6. IklNUi wM K'lJfiJSSOn toK iU
J. iutea aad Tefrllwriec. ti.- U a.c, .(.
i :t Bail
Wilson & Caffs
For an Easy Sho
We eatry ta nest Mire of Patent
Leather mom fnr nss and nen
tltffKn at a rtf at
Wilson & Carp's
VnhloiintilnSlinn Men.
so. sue r wntitirr y. w.
WsoWturtrm, n. c.
i nmi iiwr.vr itAi.Ti.Motu; srnnitr.
Trro I'rtlnnn HlllKl and Tirntitf tn
Jnrpil In n llnllrnml Jllllnn.
UlMMtSOHAM, Ar.A., Oit. 22. Two
people were killed and twenty were In
jured In a rear end collision on the
Kanas City, Memphis and Hlrmlns;
ham llallroml near this place late last
night. The engineer of the West
Ittmnd passenger train pulled out of the
depot on a mistaken signal, leaving the
conductor and flagman liclilml. Five
miles out he discovered his mistake nnd
started to back In without Itghts on the
rear of his train. He ran Into an out
lining freight engine, which telescoped
the rear passenger car.
The car was full of people. I". I)
Franklin of Nashville, Tenn., and John
Klllian, the fireman nn engine of the
freight train, were killed. Mrs. Foster
of Sulllgcnt, Ala., was fatally Injured
Twenty passengerB sustained painful
but not serious Injuries, the worse being
broken limbs. Kneineer Hussell of the
passenger train, who is charged with
the blame for the accident, has disap
The Author ltlen Tit lie Kttraiiritlniiry
I'm-aiitliniH AVIdi air. Nlirelij-.
TiiTKiunr. Oct. S3. Hon. David
bhecby, M. P. for the Southern division
of fialwny, and a defendant lu tho con
spiracy case now in progress before the
Magistrates Court here, whs to-day re
moved to Clt.nmcl. Mr. Sheehy was
closely guarded by a strong escort of
Irish constabulary, the authorities being
apprubunslvu of nn attempt on the
part of the exasperated Nationalists of
this city and vicinity to rescue thu
Kxtrsnrdinary precautions have been
taken by the jail otticlale at Clonmul to
assure the safe keeping of their dlstln
pulstud charge, who will be Imprisoned
for one week In accordance with yester
day's decision of the Tlpperary magis
trates. Mr. Shcehy's offense consisted In
maklDg remarks in the court-room
which were held by the Bench to con
stitute contempt.
Jrwcler Ilorra'i Hill or N.l
A bill of sale from Frank I loirs,
the jeweler, 100 Seventh street
northwest, ami Cella llodu, his wife, 10
Eliss Heldenheltner, and a bill of sale
from Ellas Heldenheimer to Coltu
HoiTn were filed to day in the oltlee of
thu Ilccorder of Deeds.
Olitntneil Now llaaiUmun.
The bondsman of Frank Monroe,
charged with larceny, having sur
rendered him his ball was renewed by
'William IL l.ee In the sum of $300.
A Narrow Kteape,
ftem JiuIq.
The company bad assembled at the
church, but the croom was nowhere to
be found. Finally a messenger an
nounced that the young man had been
run over and killed while on his way to
the church.
"And just think," sh.e aald, a month
afterward, to a friend, "what a narrow
escape I had from becoming a widow "
It 31ut lie I.lclit to near.
from J.
Fangle I don't think I'd go into that
corporation if I were you. Its debts are
verv heavy.
Geslln Why. I thought the indebt
edness was light, for a director told me
there was only the floating debt.
tVualilDctuu block Bxolianea
SmUws Megntsr Call 18 o'clock in--
Cap. Nat. Hank, i a lai. Eek'tou X Sol.
flowa K. K., a 06. People's Firs Ins.,
140 a . Aw. Security Trut Co., 10 a
Miseailausous Bonds U. S. Elestrie
Light 1st, e's, Ittn; U. S. iSlsetrte Ught,
41, ', 150; W. Jt O. K. K. iu-M ,
Wm-is, 1UM; W A ti. Convents! n'a,
lSOi; Masonic Hall A a.' a, 5', L' ltSM, 105 J;
wash. Market Co., 1st Mort., fl's, 110,
w ask. Market Co., latp., fi's, llti: Inl'd Jt
Sreatosfd Co., 's, C '.km, -; W Lt.
iLtautfy, ikt. tt's, 1WM. Its; ash. U. in
fantry, M, rs, ltaw, ikit; Wash. Uas Ugfat
Co., &$t. A, n's, lli; H aa. Uss LhrfatCo.,
Ser. B, ti-,l-iul; Ugnk ice Co., Ut Murt ,
0', ; Autertesu nagtutt) and Trust, loo.
Kational hank Mcak itank of Wasfe
ilurton, ; Bank ot Ueputdk, 3TO. Mstro
oliiaa, M6, Central, ; iSeeond, !!,
t aimer, and MeeaanU-s. .; CUUsn'. ITU;
loXumbla. 17-i; tapital, 1A, Wt Eud,10ii
Trader.', lSj; Lincoln. U&
BftftfOsHJ nHOCnH " W MiihlglMitOll tUMl,
Ssosnetown, W; Mettooolitaw, Vm, Co.
hisnbu, 71, Capttol and Xottk ti ntrert,
MO; Xekingun and Ifflt-ttnn' Hoaua, in,
6sors)to n and TennsilySaa n, St, hWhrhs
uood, .
inanranre Stacks Vtrewan', 15. Fraub-
SO; Arlington, ltfl; C occur ti, so. t'ulusa
hin he; fistsaan JtsssrW'SM, ltd, Fouuufe..
e&; Wggs. 7i; People's. -U; Lincoln, H-
fUk-.m; CohssaUn Tttie, s, satiiugtun
Twin, .
Uns and Kkctrk Ual atocka - Washing
tin Gas. -ii; atutgetmu Uas, 5o, C. 3.
UecUie Uxkt, IIS.
Ti'lrphiinii nuncks Fwnnavlvsnia. &
Chnsapeaha and Foftomne, w; 4iuariitn
tirtbotoo, m.
to., m Ureal i rltlSka Co,. . aUU
Hun Fsnorama Co., ; sskmsl ale Os
pwsik, Su; WaahtngkoD nafs tVtJ. ijfc
tMTjwkk, ; MsstgeatbW, W,
Fneumue tKn Cirrtsifjt, s; ifcniericiui
Hi i ury sad Trust Co - 8B7 thuoJin HU
, Ugkuk ke Co., -; tanssuenan
flMthWugYtt .
t4V SflMhV
UM Vut. V. uiotW IMI'illijM
3JkWalMUfrfslrwMtUiiMjrJsWM Wpts's
ttatUrknwt (or reSef tsosa aud vuMjmm
of eorn. aunK4Mk diisfaMid aars ans wt
sajss7fo.ttijnh- ifoata.ga. ?S.JS.
fcuxa-j Ime tmuaU. 8 am v Wit for
jou tlu ttw teet in oud order. Bthtishs4
X3rf-lK I B bKHh .1 ii
- 41j.'.i il HlO. li-.Il i t Ulli
.r-,- iSji'. 1 i. . -li - . I l 'U.o
1 i , . i !U -Lr.tt iiti. -. ul - . .v- .
4. Snt -J i - ka-d -. L
'Lit dMnL-l kki
arrri.tt, sroTirra
AVS tt. JtAR
GtfrwB . SfJCRMrt
Hvt!BrrTVelrjeflllftrtIl ,w w
th i MMi imm rottit p.
Wt jMftrSHfrl flttl CTMU
WSiWflHJ AT Smfi-!, B. C
11 IB OT.tf.W.
Absntately F1rairWrt.
Wow read? for tba tnraaof FwaUrrre,
natras,MlTrTrr, nitrite JHrTtra,TMniM,
Carrtaaw, ) all pn'tahlt! articles IV
tr. Mnrma tmt rHilnpirf by etperta. Ordars
bj nrnll or telephone tTT(inttly atrmded to.
Call and examine bntMlna' Herdnn
door. Tstepriom JTo. ,
ALBRHT M. ttrSttl.
sn,lm tlnrat Man tfttt.
(pvtrr. n -rrra
Cot.l.cmi of Tas, II. C,
oetobr a. rase.
PnrrMBt to the jwmlrtmwrrf tlMaetap
jirovert (K-totier 1. IWn, all anranwrss of an
rral tases i,rtw to Jnly J. rw, awl ae
ments tnr n"!"! rnnstitenrwits. rnctadlwa
the iHjIrK of water main, i ow due to. atnl
tlifl Ir for whtrh are heW br tbe rHstrlnt of
rntiml.ln.mar be rlt until OCntHRK SI,
1SW, wtthrTrmlml'-lirit iallanrrf tlw
rate ami rx'tiattlen now flsetl br law, and all
K. n. titVM,
ollwtor of Tatmi, t. C.
(8eeceeer to Hsrtrv Le' 9nn),
SaaPA.AVB.N. V..
i-outh rMe.
Braach Office. 4W Msrvland are. s. w.
- lilitrh-t or (olumbla, Wahlnia.
Oetofeer lc. liw-ln eompllanen with tbe
provisions of the net nf Cottcres mskmeap
iiritrltloii! to iiroThlp for tbe ex!enof
lb. (lovrrntfient of the OlMrM of CvliimbU
(ortlir fttral year ending Jane SO. tsst. ap
iroveil AtlRUrt 8. 1W, tlw Mmmlnroiierii of
ilieDbtrlct vt (vlumbla herobr Irtrlte pro
Hra1ii (or rupptjrli'it m an I eleetrle llshtx at
rtdneed rate tor municipal llchtlna la the
Iihurlct of t'olfmhla iinm annual. Ave year
and ten-jrear contract and uiun anr'fstera.
Tbeaet provides a tollow: '"Ihatihe 'on
mMlonerncif the Idotrkt ot Columbia until!
tnttstliztite, Hwrrtaiii and leport to the
rid elon ot the HMr Hrnt i'onrMK wht
ilmiuolloii may Immade for aatand pleilrie
llsbtlna. both for rmuihI, Ave year and for
tn yiareontmelit ami that they he authnr
ll to Invite irrnl for nuiip'ylns nnl
Ilebtnt reduvrd rateit and in thin Ibeyara
n t till Ited to any one yletn " Kud lm( r
Hint lor will 1m fiiml-ted upon appll-ttln a'
thl oUicf. The appllvation h 1 xtld rtite
nhitlr Information I dmlrwl coaceriiln
(m ilehtlna. eleettlo Itsli'lttB or both. A
them irKial will be SnbMlttsil to dm
Mr. It i deotratde that ther nhouht be r
evltedat t hi (fl) not later than NoT.tmb.-r
SP. Me, but itmrmMhi will le received at any
tine tefore March 1, teat.
J.W. Wist,
J-t L'ommbMiorieM D. v .
3f-A CAHI1.
Invites tbe dressy trsatleassn to call at
4tt Nlstb ttre't, and place their order
for a Smt'clas varment. oeia-lm
s-" made by one of tbe BMMt eelokratwl
eatters ta Aswleat Irts saae as taoe
tblrd-rste eatters ebarae. I'. T. HALL, WS f
s7 Mrs. Mit'kltery U the only aat aal
tHHanet irawe Hanuraeiurer in in-iiy. uan
and tier nw kapea. niaaebtBtf ami
pr essing. (straw and (ell bate altered to tan
latest styles, ordera promptly alleodw! to.
i' i mreet u. w.
I assUt la wasbiBK and tronlmt. AddIv at
Hit lMh it n w SSSt
woman with aooit clly references to
eook and aiwit wttb wuktru. Apply at saw
lllbataw. ss-et
general taatwok, with refers wees.
Apply at ms Sth t a w MH
r AN 1 Mil-A Maar'k1AML( WHITK
alrl aa rhamberBiid aad waltnw: miut
have Rood city refereaees. Ca.l at Uii K I
aye n w. iSH
ra! hi UMfKurk. i,o obku Vol to oae
Tflth babr ur McaJI htld: aoodbms; mod-
mlt.lv v.utt If b 11th Hiw, St-Sf.
,'SNIk.U-A KilnfkcrAtlLg WMrTK
I uiati for biow lu a mull Umilr: imr-
maa ' rvfnred. Apptv VM-s I t a w ut
r.KTkU--A WHirKtXHMt PO . iMAU.
Jdwua HU e. tl St
fAVm AGlhtL'IOllHMC WiSH and
, M VH .. WW WWV, III III9M, na m US ,11
smuuif. wm Hie rKicveui;, wH pw
retted, suadwaw. r
I aad do ki uwt w rk fur a fauUv nf two:
so wahia ut irunlu, uuat be food eu
A i tiySWl Sat n S St
uriivrai konse wort, was Crttv. -
'Ar-TKll-A emiO WiiiTg tilUL OK
wumaa. fora ramuv ut twu: a DUaia
homo IVra Teaa ave. f aad (Mb Mae
"7AiiTKI-ACiD ati Tn iimt
I waeh and teen tn a private family lirtnv
tn Muton; food waaen sad a joi bow
Mired ( aO for & day a? ate tul vaj
bet 10 and Bt a-m m
WATKlWilTl ATM.,i.
as cbaBberssaid la a pnvatn
Addr WS Sth t n e
Y7AkTM-lY A HbP&TARi4t t'
I woieas. a place a euofc in a sosall feat
ijy t all or addrem, mfsiw Ji-4s
It su-L, a plane as i.banitierwMd la pritste
faB,1, AdatfssUTg ath t a w- -J
r AATrO-nV A Mt7AnXi: WIV
urk sUeraddiMe&SIIsia w. H-M
-rskTW-HY 4 vortstt iia,dTi k
tk.as (.baoibeimaid; vtluasto ttt
K-iih waabis. To private (sadly- Call at i n
U ave u w '
1 trl.atle. tbamhermaM o
Addi e 1813 tt st aw.
rTdB-Y A VBt Walli A
iu a uri4iu
BoilS IU
iHj -At
7 ATW-BY A KfcfaXTAtJf 8 WUl
m1. ai
t jpuue a csavevasw a pw
W - fasriM4VWit-'
s-tsn ftsMgar, euytl mfaipHti1? fsnWf'iif -Hint &M
fkaas htnitorab'p. tu the t'U oT BCIJL-UX.
tar seat . lowrnie to -rtv-tnait
hnlihUnf or Ke-V-. kUkC UM, MWMpuB-
ufts tu iuuu
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i ic
.-I s1. hL '
, u i N i. ;. u i
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