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2BD YEAR NO. G,935
I'm tht DittriH of Cotimhio, Nnmtanrl
mrf iJeVrww, continued root northm-i'trlg
ttfmf onrf orcaiana7 fijrAf saourr.
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Tlir4tt)n!ug to lUterinluntu Invader
In Their Cuuotry.
Omvn, O.vr, Oct. 21. Tbe la.
tliau a' out tlie Goat Illver district,
DtitUh Columbia, are threatening to
exterminate the whites who have gouts
into that country unless the)- are com
pensated for the minerals taken from
that dliti let. The latest advices state
tbat the Indiana have gone oa the war
path, ami trouble Is feared. A detach
ment of mounted police will be seat to
quell any urlslBg.
lie WauU iti Ou, You Kiuivr, but Pub
lic lla.tneo I l'retalag.
President Harrison has not yet decided
whether lie will go borne to ladiaaa t
vote or not. IIU friends in Indiana ur
gently desire bia presence, awl be is very
anxious to go, but public business may
I'eulu him at Washington.
recretaiy Illatae left on a special ear
rvcr the Pennsylvania road for Ohio
this morning, lie is booked to Make
several speeches la Major McKiidey's
- ii
i lte4iul ut the Suwteuts Ouuit.
The us of Jams Wallace PeakaH
ui against the city ol Saw Orleans was
tit for bearing la tbe Supreme Court
c f tin lotted Slates to day, and loas
1 if.n tbe tourt convened a large crowd
rdl..ltbc court room sad waited pa
Itt'uih until ihe case was called. The
U.iuist of a majority of those
present w not, however, it the
case but in the presence of Hi
ts president Cleveland, whs bad come
iur from New York to wake argu
I u nt for tue piaiatitf. Before the haw
t r iK..a, when the tout assembled,
n(T sent iu the courtroom was ailed
ii uiao jic-ioos were obliged lo stand,
whin. . uukle the entrance fit the corrt
ttit about nfty people were packed, ail
unxiuua to obtain a glimpse of the
Pn-ukut Mr. Cleveland spent mmt
nu.c iu the Uw library before the
. uit n evened and a few minutes
i Ui it.- bouu tame up in the clerk's
:' . bue be was viewed by the
i .' iu tbe corridor through the gla
' . i. hading to the room
t u i c did not cou up for wgu
nut uuiil after o'clock, and th
Vr. I)(.4iraw. on ol Mr. Cleveland's
.,. vUu, began the argument Id Iks
l uiutift Mr. Cleveland wOl probably
. , i. tor the plaiatl on Monday.
HMKil w a VeJilatae.
tin u m.. W.aa.Ovt. . 4eol-
1 .. . LiarreU between two fleajbjht
liJ L' Vll
teraay aitewcoa o Vm Kortfc.
i. near the west ead uf Sian-
l.L I'jwIUl
t wo we were lUUea.
jcut tu tuake aiUi-;t ' It sj, buy
ir.L. liu.hu. 'ur full lutjiuii
J i'ow ituiX Jutiu fc Wo4
! iU'luLU iuJ. 0 alccclt U M
A iJsnd of Hwsiers Gome lo Urge the
Necessity of His Geiug.
The President Swells the Corruption
Fund, and the Clerks Chip In
It was Riven out nt the While House
last night that President Harrison uns
not yet decided whether be will go
home to vole or not.
There were two hoyR once upon a
time who wanted to fight but didn't;
because one was afrntd and the other
'When n man gets Into tho frame of
mind that lie is afraid to do one thin?
and dare not do another, he solves the
tllfllcully by taking to the woods.
I'rctlilont Harrison has gone duck
One day early tills week a delegation
of Indlnnians, some of whom bad come
here expressly for that purpose, called
nt the White House nnd had nn Inter
view with President Harrison. They
were exceedingly urgent that be should
go out to Indianapolis and vote. They
insisted that bis august presence Iu the
sad November days would make them
tho gladdest of all tho year,
and generally whoop things up
tlirouphout Hooslcrdom for the 0. O.
P. 1 bey said things were very doubt
ful out there Just now. The
MrKlnlcy tnrllT net was rals
Ing well, raising prices, and
unles be, even llenjamlo. came out
and inspired them with bis presence
the Ilooilcr ltcpubltcans were mighty
apt to let things slump.
The President demurred In a digni
fied fashion, and had a good dual to say
about tho pressure of public business.
He would of course like lo go. but
might be prevented by the necestltlos of
his position as tbe American Atlas.
Hut lie was talking to men who knew
him. Old personal and political friends
find neighbors who had been in nnnv a
inldnleht caucus with him. Tfiey
prefscd him to the wall ami metaphori
cally walked all over him.
Finally thev brought out the real res
Kin that gives Harrison doubt.
He fears the result. He Is afraid that
Indiana will go DeniDcratlc, and he
argues with the peculhr shrewd
ness which is his wherever
Ills personal Interests are at
stake that If he go out there now and
the State should go Democratic It
would discredit him in tbe eyes of the
country. He but lately made a trip
through the State, ami he fancies that
the crowds which turned out to greet him
did so because of hi personal popular
ity, and not simply to see a President.
If now he should return to vote and his
party be beaten he dreads the elteet It
would have upon hit standing in his
On the contrary, if be remain away
on the convenient plea of pressure of
public business, asd the State should go
ltemibliean, he cau attribute it to bU
strength at home. If it should go
Democratic, lie ami hU friends cm
claim that this result was due to his
unavoidable and patriotic abseuee.
It Is a king of "beads I wis, tails you
lose" argument.
Tbe fact is every Msible effort has
beeB wade by the President, and bis
frU-ads to win Iu Indiana. Clerks
and itber Federal employes here
awl elsewhere hate been bled
by "voluntary eotiUibutloas" at
never before evest in tbe worst ma
chine davs. Kvery ooe from a $ttM
rkrk up has Usee forced lo shell out.
livery oa of them has heea made to
understand that he must go home to
The President himself has eoaulb
utetl wore hugely than, he ever did
before. One reason. Mhsp. is he is
making mure mostey than he ever dhl
These contributions were aat wasted
ui t Outtttfntedfcftl GstoMttifttefctt but
were forwtwLd to the Intern Committee
at lmHanapulhi, where the' would do
the. most geod.
Comiukkioner ltoosevelt said lo a
Ckiih reporter this morning "I
heartily indorse the pttiusipte eontAiwxi
In the letter of Commissioner Oberly
addressed by him three years ago to the
State assoel4tks, sJlhoigh of course,
I do tuA agree with his views leaaidin
the C4wpkrtve mswto of IteouWUaas
asd fViHof yajts. "
luM) Bmt asjM.
Adjudicatiosw of gmm I A Kuity
Ceiul to day were as tvibiw: BeaM vs.
WUliama, audttwr's scroti cwUwrntid.
Bshjio v. iiudie. audtlof's seport
cosinaed. Umywood vs. lisywood.
testiruojay htloiw C. 4.. jlrsnildohiiri:
kkMnittct. otdeted bskett. foweil vs.
Mefakr: Vbtiw GoWcborouih made
party to suit.
Ocdess bv bee issu4 H Kvy
UyZt the V. S. B7VhHiiihteMi m
is m at TtiB) lrhiw twti Stale XabMu,
K. V,
Tkstt Ksxv TWi uTtitty Is tnlitrniiinfl of
the arrivai of the TJ. 8. 8. Bnilaarnit a
IBB yS4ted S43IL
i i iu ( Pbelps Bled a biil thl- after
luo lor divulee from l hules M H
Pbelps whom Ue ihargv s wuU Uibiiuil
1 lrui.kt.au.3S
A Uemoeratlo Cnnilhlstfl Wants l)m-
fieii from n I'otltlrnl I'rlenrt.
New Yohk, Oct. 21. A fpeclal to
the WorM from Monllcello, 111., says:
Thomas U. Carson, Democratic candi
date for the Legislature, lias bgnn a
$10,000 damage suit against J. ('. Myers
of Clinton, the prefect Democratic
member, for stating over his own lgaa
lure that Carson had offered Myers a
$300 bribe while In the legislature.
Myers Is the chairman of the Democratic
Sir. I.ocke llnri n llotllo or Whlskj
TVltli II I m.
Bxktkr, N. II., Oct. St. Last even
ing a man. presumably Clarence B.
Locke of Seabrook, dmve Into I'resk
Hlvcr, and, with Ills horse, was
dtowned. No one witnessed the acci
dent, hut his cries for help were heard.
His body was recovered, and Imttle
of whisky found on his body Indicates
the cause of the accident.
CotiKlilernlile ltinlnM Traiunotoil.
Isoinlmttlons fllnite ror ItisOnicen.
Now York Ji'aineil for Next
Tent's Meellnc.
The night session of tbe American
Institute) of Architects yesterday was
opened with Ihe reading of tho report
of the board of directors, In which sev
eral amendments to the constitution,
bylaws nnd schedule of charges wore
recommended. A committee was ap
pointed to net with a committee of the
Ilulldcrs' Association In relation to uni
form contracts. The report of the
board heartily indorsed the suggestion
which Mr. Windrlm, Supervising Archi
tect of the Treasury Department, made
In bis last report, that all Government
buildings should be open to the compe
tition of the fellows of the institute.
Tbe board of directors and the execu
tive committee were instructed by the
convention to thoroughly Investigate
the conditions of membership required
In Ihe different chapters and report
such conditions to the next convention
together with a plan for uniform con
ditions of membership.
The following committee was an
nounced to nominate candidates for the
olllces. Messrs. J. AW Yost of Col
umbus. Alfred Stone of Providence: J.
II. Pclrce of KImiraiW. C. Smith of
Nashville, and A. P. Cutting of Wis
consin A committee composed of U, W. Gib
son of New York. K. 1. P.isett of Kan
sas Clty.'W. G. PreMonoriloston. L. M.
Kamlofph of Chicago and Oeorge C.
Mason of Philadelphia, was announced
to make nominations for the next place
of holding the convention.
The board of directors was em
powered to appoint a committee of
Hiven to confer with the Association of
Flro Kugincers for the purpose or se
curing uniform building bins through
out the country.
Tbe evening session was concluded
with the reading of scientific ikipers,
which were ordered to be printed In the
minutes of the Institute.
The final session of the American In
stitute of Architects was opened this
morning by Mr. W. W. Curlln. The
Stealer part of the morning session was
evoted to the election of otticer for
the ensuing year and the selection of a
place for holding the next annual con
vention. The following tickets for
otticeis were presented by tbe nominat
ing committee
First ticket President, It. M. Hunt
of New York, first vlee-preldat, W.
W. Carlln of llutfalo; second vice
president, J. W. Mclaughlin of CIihIb
natl; secretary, John W. Hoot of
Chicago; treasurer, S. A. Treat,
Chicago, board of directors. L. T.
ScboOehi. Cleveland; AV. M. Poind
ter, Washington; (1. It. Perry, Louis
ville; M. J. Dimmoek. Ittchmosd, Va.;
Alfred Stone, Providence. K. I.; K. F.
Passett, Kansas, City, Mo.
The other ticket was as follows:
President, Ilk-hard M. Hunt, vice
president, James W. McLaughlin;
second Uc president, Alfred btone,
secretary, K. I. Nickersoa, treasurer
lvi T. Pchoheld. hoard of directors
V. M. Poiadexter, Washington. J. M.
Yist, Columbus, N. S. Patton, Chi
cage; G. A Frederic, llallinwe; K. T
Carr. Leavenworth, Ksa..U. W. Kspp.
Cincinnati, A. P. lulling, Worcester,
X. J. Clayton, Galveston.
The place of meeting named bv the
nominating committee was Xew York.
The report of the treasurer of the
institute not being ready to be made to
the convention to day, was referred to
the hoard of directors.
X vote of thanks was unanimously
extended to the Cosmo Club, tbe local
press, the Corcoran Art Gallery and
many other Institutions and individuals
for the courtesy which has been shown
by them during their stay in this city.
At 11.43 the convention look a recess
in order to visit the White House and
shie Vy with the Pfwldmat-
The afternoon will he spent by the
numbers insight-teeing.
Tite Svai YfaMtui,
few!, Kv., Oct, i Pt Taytor,
the engineer in the teccnt wreck nt
tjhMn's YsJby. died this morning His
ir m a Ins wtM be taken to Lxhtiston.
This It tsw seventh victim known to
MUiMwfy dnk
Cudeis hve heew iinointed to West
Point as foUcMes: OacniJ. Charles of
Cnkg, 111.; L fJsj elKtac-
to Ma H. fHfin w fptfift Kvvjf
Chjhjml anji tbifttM (Vurtft went
slgnMHI q dsvy hsililunw B4MM isltt nt
he given cut (or pttWeatton uitll to
Uiiriow. lK Vfi, dlil to uuU oiuue ' It u bJ
lut- ' V mtcy Ueigbts. i'oi full uloiitt
frier' IniteliteilneM Not $,OOO,O0B
Ills Atnets Over $T,000.000
MANtsTE. Mtrrr.. Oct. 24. The re
pot t sent to Dun's Commercial Agency
distinctly states the direct liabilities of
II. G. Pelers as being between T'iO.oiW
and $-W0.orj0 ami the Indirect about the
samr amonnt, bringing the Indebtedness
to $!,OTO,000. The assets are over
$7,000,000. and will leave Mr. Peters a
millionaire after tbe business Is settled.
It also states that Mr. Peters made the
atslgmrent on the advice of his friends
In order to clear himself from several
disastrous concerns which were a bur
den lo him, among which was a Chi
cago concern which has sunk t'lfyOW
for him within two years.
Tcrrltilo KtliloMnn In the Canton
l'owiter Milts.
Sax Fiiascim o.Oct. 34 The steamer
City of Peking arrived this morning
from the Orient. Ciptaln of UtellrltisU
liaik Lancefleld recently artlved at
Hong Kone from New York reported
that he met the llrlttsh buk Guiding
Plar, and that only one of the crew was
AVhen lie met the ship she bad been
drifting forty eight days. The captain,
the mate, the steward and a seaman had
died of fever, and five others were
lying helplessly 111. The boatswain
became an Idiot. The stricken bark
was taken lo llatavia.
The China Mail says the govern
ment powder magazine nt Canton ex
ploded August ' 15. dcstroylne 300
bouts and killing over 1,000 people.
The cholera in Japan is subsiding.
The (Invernment Trjrlnc New lloitce.
Much Incitement In Tliipernry,
amt Trouble Ureal ly
TiiTKiiAttv, Oct. 21 The court to
day ordirod summonses served upon
Messrs. Harrison, O'ltrlcn, Dillon and
otlurs Identified with the recent troubles
with the police. This action was taken
at the Instance of tbe counsel for the
Crown, which promptly followed up Its
succtM ot yesterday In securing tbe dis
missal of the preceding and defective
charges against the defendants by ob
taining from the court the new sum
monies. As tbe matter now stands tbe
defendants are relegated to the assizes
for trial, after a preliminary hearing
bad tieen had before an ordinary court
of petty sessions.
The Crown's action has renewed the
excitement which existed among the
people of Tlpperary during the earlier
davs of the conspiracy case.
The feeling Is that the govern
ment, by transferring Its prosecu
tion of the prisoners, hopes to
strengthen a hold upon them
which It felt to lie weakeulng. Father
Humphreys, one of the defendants
In the conspiracy case and u well known
and popular priest, who was yesterday
sentenced by the magistrates to pay a
fine of twenty pounds or lie imprisoned
for six months oil a charge of having
assaulted a policeman's wife, came Into
coutt this morning and through counsel
asked that a summons be Issued for tbe
aru-t of Sir. Iialfour, Chief Secretary
for Ireland.
In the argument made by Father
Humphreys' counsel in support of tbe
demand for the summons It was stated
that It was expected to show that the
arrest of Father Humphreys was made
on a charge trumped up by tbe police
Inspired by Mr. Jfalfour.
Tbe magistrates promptly refused to
Issue tbe summons.
Detroit M the tj4iue Kxperleuce wtllt
tU ltouille AlileruiBU,
Dbthoit, Mich., Oct. St. The ease
of Alderman Tlerney, who was indicted
for the bribery in connection with the
building of sewers in this city, and the
first of tbe several aldermen Indictment
cates to be brought to trial, was given to
ihe jury yesterday afternoon after a long
and tedious trial of ten days. The jury
was out all day. ami last evening an
nounced that ft could not agree.
Tbu Uuilnss 1'urtleu of Kat I'etutrlll
totally Httruywl.
lh,roh Oct. 34 A builelln just re
ceived from rtast IVperlll, Mass., saye
that the entire business portion of the
town has heen burned, asd that the loss
will reach half a million dollars.
Fur luwtatU V .
The Central Democratic Committee
has perfected arrangements with the
various railroad to send voter home
to vote in the November else
lions. X headquarters has heen
etlabiishjd at JiBi V atMOt northwest,
ihitd tUnor front room, where eertln
cases for reduced tickets will be fur
nished boHttjul voters.
'! W Uatnf Kltimt in H'.
took olnce yesterxlsy between two
Jstitglii tfntflff on fhff I'nhxi Shclih? rond
i Fairvkw. fourteen mile front this
cjtjr. Knglneer Jach O'Brten wen in
itsitlv kilted and FUenun WUanm
Ikinaworth's right shwulder ws
crushed. Both engines and three hox
cars were badly wrecked.
I'rknCtintf Vi.littf I 1 'Miistf of sJu'hJQMif ix
Hnlitiint - aitiiiHsiiurtf A tinftatttnlMitritf
W&naA TTItlfTfntftnl af Tnitlf)falat VanSk JaJaV-
pf n j) 'pbpss1' JwssjHnjif' inFpr
itfUjiiiffli yciftiiciiiaUf, yH ttptttfl iBtf
IftWSAAfoiJ. i0-, Uct. SS4- ' j
UaiftMMin on taw hlaichey SyaJsW w
ashsi Aaa$nsh)ned . X GOinttainsen of en
gKawrj and conductors wan Is Kv--ville
yesterday ilentandlag an ad.i-t
meat of the ae scale.
Ik, u.i iit t., Uttke utoUc- l!-.
luu U Wcolcy Hc.liX-i Foi (u. a'. "
The Bast and North Rims Ororflow
Their Binks at Nw fork,
Mas j Vwsels in hhtm 00" Ike Gnsl.
The Life-Saving Oerpa lias Us
Hands Full.
AsniRt Pauk. N. .1., Oct. 21. Iiflng
Dranch sufforetl much hy Ike terrific
storm. The big cut along Ocean ave
nue was cut Into agtln by the
breakers and still further damages sus
tained. Scarcely a crab pot or a fisher
man 's net was left uninjured between
Long llranch and Seahrlght. In sev
eral Instances where the owners of the
crab pots nnd fishing pounds set out to
take In their traps their boats were cap
siml and the Inmates had a narrow
tscape trom drowning.
Noteworthy Is the case of .lobn Mor
ilson, whose boat was swamped In his
nttempt to save his nets, ltut for his
timely rescue by a fellow fisherman he
would have gone lo tho bottom. When
the rescuing party had nearly reached
thu shore they met with the same fate
as Mr. 5Iorrlson. Their lioat was
swamped, and they had to light hard to
reach shore In safety. In each Instance
the boats were lost.
At Asbury Park the patrol of the
life-saving station. No. O.had a dllllcult
lime on their beats. The wind blew
the tain with such force as to make
progress almost Impossible, and added
to the rain was the heavy spray from
the bieakcrs, which Increased the con
fusion. At Keyport tho storm raged with
much severlly. Many small oyster
sloop were driven ashore and the un
usually high tide was the me ins of
doing considerable damsge.
The high tide caused much delay to
travel along the line of New York and
Long llranch Ilallroad. At IS.ry Way
the tracks for half a mile were sub
merged to s, depth of two feet. At the
llarltan ltlver draw the storm raged so
fiercely tbat extra guards were placed
along the tracks. Uunrds were also
put on from Morgan to South Amboy
to watch the tracks.
AetU'HY I'AHK, N. J., Oct. 31, 1 p.
in. The storm continues with much
vlolenc. There Is a three-matt ed
schooner In distress oil Uay Head. The
board walk here has been damaged and
a number of bath houses have been
carried away.
Tbe beach at !.ong llranch has been
damaged by a washout.
IIiiooklvk. N. Y..Oct. 21 Shortly
before 10 o'clock this forenoon during
the prevalence of a storm a four-story
bilck building In the course ot con
struction at tbe corner of Halsey street
and Phi hen avenue was blown down
awl entirely demolished. There was
no one In the house at the time. John
Lindsay had his leg broken. The lioime
is ownul by J. McDegens. Damage
New Yohk, Oct. ','1. Thu gale along
tbe New Jersey coast did much damage
at Sandy Hook. Tbe waves rolled far
up tue beach aud submerged tbe tracks
of the New Jersey Southern Hailroad.
At Seabrls-ht. Monmouth lleach and
Gallilee the extreme high tide cut into
tbe bluffs ami caused much damage by
washouts. There was an extremely
high tide about the shores of Stalen
Island last eight. At South lieach the
surf broke over tire plams of several
of the hotels, but tbe buildings were
not seriously damaged.
Nkw Yohk, Oct. 24 The storm
which came down upon New York eity
yesterday morning about 10 3ti o'clock
twoved to he one of unusual severity.
From that hour until tbe same hour
today tbe wind blew half a gale
(which weans thirty miles an hour;,
aud with it was a heavy rainfall
As tbe wind was on shore, it drove
the waters uf the bay up into the North
and Kast river and an extraordinary
high tide was the result. At I o'clock
this morning, when the tide was high
est, ihe water at the lUltery was on a
Uvil with the too of the sea wall, three
frtt higher than it had been in years.
The water besraa running int the
t-e)lar along West street as far m
town as Chambers street at about 3:
o'clock, and it was over the bulkheads
along the river front by 4 o'clock. A
little later Went street, in the, neighbor
hood of Yesey street, was covered with
water, and. as usual, Everett's Hotel,
at the foot of Yeaey street, was (loosed.
There was a foot and a half of water oa
the diaiay room door, and waiters ware
busy all tie morning cleaning it out.
The West Knd Hotel cellar at So.
101 West street was full of water, and
at tw o'clock this woraiag dozens of
men could he seen at work with hand
pusup getting the water out of the
cellar , of the buildings along the rivet
front streets and sometime j) or 100
feet back in the aide streets.
At iu o'clock West street was hi a
shocking condition Ik low Itey straet
it is torn up. and but ltule pavament is
kit. The street is a perfect sea of
mud, with half iloati; tiuiter. vhUe
paving mHfes ami castings are acatteied
about in every direction. The Uvh
touches. and few people am
to cross the street unkas it
is absolutely necessary. The
hop keeoers are dUeonaohHe. and axe
luokjMg ahead to ttois afteflaouaV tide.
hkh will he highest a-t about 4
u'i lock, with fear tot theconseuueuces.
tri the East itiver Uu the we story
Flooded cellars and a nuKdy street.
fch lid. Fuwp are hour there- and
the dasuage hat been otiaciptlly to the
iceunnste of the iuudwg
The Haikjensatk, liiver washhtber
tUs ruonatsg th it has bevu lot a
Urns tem, the water loveriog the ioata
of U kmsmI actitring etiilishnwns at
Unix Fwty. Th Beiows w
merged, and sobw of the railroad tracks
wire under water. Trains vu the Ne
Si'ik, SueilUehiSna a.u4 Wcatiiu !!il
laii lbr ugh WatiruuwU i 'ui ti ui
1 inn Fviry t.' Wioi 1-J
tertlay on the Potomac, ami this, with
the heavy rainfall, earned cwrsWeraWe
alarm among river men. Warehouse
ami store owirers along the rlrer front
began moving their goods away In
anticipation or a flood, and a large num
lwr .f people gathered alog the wharfs
ami watched the gradnal rise of the
At Alexandria vesterdty afternoon
the ilrer nrerilowed at Klncaird Prince
streets, and tire ferry wharfs were com
pletclr submerged. The ferrv-boati
were forced to abandon their late trips
a thy crmlil not get Into the dock.
I'n favorable reports were received
from the Chrsapeake Hty, ami causexl
seme anxiety In merchants who lutve
cargoes on the Norfolk lioats. The
Excelsior slatted on her regular trip
Wednesday night, but upon reaehlne
Coinfleld 'Harbor was forced lo put
back on account of the storm. She
returned to this city lat night ami
dlicmbaiknl her passeneers.
Terrlhle Italn Stntnn llarn 1'revalteil
In Mexico lor Home Time.
City ok Mkico, Oct. at. Terrible
rain storms have prevalletl In Collma
tver since October lit. Many small
towns nre flooded, and all travel and
telegraphic communication have been
interrupted In that region since Tues
day. The rains as yet show no sign
of abating. Urdus are also reported
throughout the State of Vera Ont.
Governor Ciomcr. of the Slate of
Collma Is attending personally to the
work of remedying the tuln caused by
the Hoods.
I.'tiKlMi UnpllalluM Illnnitolnleit unit
Vciril at tllmUtone' Aitvncncjr or
tlie Klght Hour l.mr.
Oilier (liMnlp,
London, Oct. 31. It is reported from
ltcmc tbat the long delay In the settle
ment of the Anglo-Italian negotiations
regarding Africa Is not altogether or
chlilly due to a difference as to conced
ing Kassala to Italy, but that the repre
sentatives of the two nations are dNcus
slug another expedition to the S mdin
urnler llrltlsh direction to suppress the
Mahdl and restore the authority of the
Khidlve In that nirloii. Advices front
tbe Soudan lepresent tbat the tribes are
divided In allegiance and some of them
In rebellion against the Mahdl, while
those near Suaktm are reduced to seri
ous straits through the want of pro
The withdrawal of the charges of
assault made by the police against Mr.
Harrison at Tlpjierary Is commented
upon by the ii'l AYf and other Lib
cral newspapers as a virtual confession
by the authorities of the truth of Mr.
Morky'sdescilptlnii of the outrageous
conduct of the police ami an admission
tbat even a partisan court does not dare
to decide In favor of tbe police on tbe
evidence the Nationalists were prepared
to present.
Tbe Austrian Ambassador in It me
has asked for protection against tbe
Iiredentist agitators, who spare no
opportunity to show their hatred of
Austria by Insulting It representative,
acd tbe Itoman pollee are endeavoring
to trace the guilty parties.
Mr. Gladstone's utterances la favor of
an eight hour system have provoked
considerable unfavorable comment
among tbe manufacturing element of
the Liberal rvirty and aroused mutter
ings of disapproval In other circles. In
ducing tbe belief that the many poli
ticians of the old Manchester school
will secede from the party upon that
issue- It is yet too early, however, to
note the full effect of the ex Premier's
expression of bis views, or to estimate
the stiength of the adverse feeling en
gendered thereby.
A number of speakers have been sent
trow Ireland to England and Scotland,
under the auspices of the Irish Presby
teiians, to advocate tbe malniedace
of Union and oppose Home Huh), 'lite
lister Orangemen fully appreciate
tbe sradual change of public sentiment
in Kngland and Scotland in favor of
IrUh Home Kule, tbat has been going
on for some time past, and are keenly
alive to the important e of checking it
ere it be too late. The Kccles' election
has bad a very depressing effect upon
the I nJonist element, both in Kaglaad
and Ireland, who are not so blind as to
be unable to see the "handwriting on
the wall." and a vigorous and Home
Kule campaign is tu tw Inaugurated In
WAY! '10 t.o AlUtOAO.
The promotion "f a number of (!
nan military othcers who have served
in Africa with Wisaaaana and Peters
has created a widespread desire among
the lower grades of military officers at
home to secure appointment in colonial
service The enlargement of tier
many' African poeiun by the re
cent Anglo Germsu agreement and taw
InvtgorathM of tier many a colonial
poJkv general! v have opeaed a Aehtfot
niMthais others whteh th govern
aaent will have no dltlkidty to eiiing.
Already there we on tile for tbU class
of service upward of &W apolkaitons
and fhft sunnher nsad$ daity ia inrroaji
The ttussiaa tJovernment, In pursu
up.. at its ooilcv ol Buiisiiutiittir Hal-
wpsnwwia sn p y ' wb m esfwes 'ian sw'Tiie
kaji urtitory . has tec4ded to erat and
and suhiiii.e a eunw;r uf ttutsires in
the Balksn kMates. the condition of
their if)m.' ffit.Bffi.' heimt that Only liu
slan pla, in the Uuiij language and
icrforuud RusSan actora, ahw he
t pcouuital.
kii 1 .' Ml- l.ii' I UNSilSNT.
fount t'agnasae. who was t,.jecie.j
with the Itaitea eatwdttaa to Abya
siniu. has teen attested to Uonie uooa
j charae of having swtndtei the gcgc
naent out of a Urge W of wp m-
i propdaud lot tike support of Italian
eUb)ULuin.t at Maosowah-
1, ltlUH N 1 AUt Hdkif
'111 I uJl'B 1 i ki i I lit . b-xi II
M.li I, (it'll U 1'altl.i.l.cUt t '
1. tU U, -U - t ' ilji J' i I
.. - . - I i ' . . I i ' .
pmposerl k engiwre fOTefgnefs to take
the plates of (Irftfitf tksek laborers.
Ifermrta are ertrreni tht the Austrian
Minister of War, Von ttanr. Is about to
resign, ami It Is atseTterf that his reslg
natfmt will lie dne to German Inflrtence
at Vienna.
llnu?t, fcl. 21. The police hve
fothhWen ihe presentation of Ser
maBn'sXoiaewtiteplaf, "Srnlowt's Ul."
The Lesslng theatre has been boohing
seals foi lids play for the pal five
i nirn wxi, AHtKlt .
The correspondent of the IYiwal
Patls adversely ctltrclces the ttepftrtrtre
from hlstoty In the new play written
for farah Bernhardt by Sanknt, which
was last night performed for the first
time. He says "The death of Cleo
itra is not dramatic. The serpent
scene is disgusting rather than striking.
The ptolonged atony causes no anguish
ami the wind upls not thrilling, mill,
whenever Ihe uneven play gives
chance she has fine passages ami bril
liant flashes."
The Wfinrfrtrr' thinks that (TopultH
Is not so fine a role a la 7'Mct or
Theodora, but It considers the rendition
of their parts by llernhart ami Gamier
as temarkable.
A t'rolinlillll- Itie rinjert' Lean tin trill
lenore llm l'lnjrr.
Nkw Yohk, Oct. 21 There was an
informal meeting of the gentlemen In
terested In the Players' and National
Leagues, yesterday, looking to means lo
break the dead lock which was caused
by the addition of Ilrotherhood men on
the Players' League conference com
mittee. The National League repre
sentatives expressed a willingness to go
on with the conference, but were firm In
their refusal to admit the ball plavers to
the conference. The Players' League
committee, after a short conference
among themselves, declared that they
would try and conciliate the Ilrother
hood men, as they were anxious for
peace and would try to bring It about.
The lltmld says it can be positively
said that peace negotiations have lieen
rcnowed. and tbat if another confereme
Is held the Ilrotherhood players will not
he present.
MclCltiler'K Chicken t'lcklnc Holes
In llm tlruiiil Olil 1'nrly,
Nkw Yoiik, Oct t The Brooklyn
Sugar ltcMiiery has closed down ami
ISO men are thrown out of employment.
It Is rumored that with the single ex
ception of Hitvemeyer's refinery all
the Brooklyn itflnerfes will lie closed
down. Alwut 2,000 men will lie af
fected. A diteclor of the Brooklyn
Sugar lleflnlng Company says his
works will remain closed until April 1,
when raw sugar will be admitted
A mats meeting of the tvorklngmen
is to be held, at which men are ev
ptcted to pledge tbcmsolves to work
against the Hepubllcan Administration
which indorsed the TarllT bill, which
Is the direct cause of the shut-down.
A I'ntieMEer Trutii CollMi" With an
i:Kliie tliu nrtmnn Klllml.
BlTTE. MoXT , Oct. 21. The p
aenger train on the Utah and Northern
Howl collided with a switch engine
about thirteen miles south of this city
yesteiday. John B. Mitchell, fireman
of the MMsnger engine, was killed in
stantly. The train was crowded with
passengers, who were thrown off their
feet ami bruised, but none re elved
serious injuries.
lluillle iHillaa Ilorrltitr SIuhkIo tbe
UuillMut Ilielr Visttm.
SlLVKH CtTV. N. M , Oct. t Two
Mexican sheep herders have been mur
dered and their liodtes horribly man
gled by Indians at a point about twenty
miles from here- The names of the
murdered men have not been ascer
tained. A posse of deputy sheriffs la in
pursuit of the renegade murderers.
A twill Te-H Im Imtufki a YiellH
ll I'll, fteiut.
Comoox, 1st . Oct. 21 The bust
nets portion of the Iowa of Leaven
worth was destroyed by fire Wednesday
night. Klfhlevn houses. Including tig
stores and ihe liawn Hotel, were
but acd. Loss, 75,000; insurance,
I Il Hbia9V
-Birise, K. Y-. Ort. $1. Taw attp
oosed f sw tit man, Knserv Thurdaa
Buchamo. has been dlachareed bv Chief
of Polle Wright. Buchamp has been
hehi here on th aomiaal charge of
stealing a towel front a Wagner sleep
ing car, but really to maWe the chief
to nad out his uueoul eondition Bu
rhawp's assertions that he was foraaerly
V. ). Consul at Cologne, and ts a maa
ol wealth, are not estabtiaheiL
- -
t uuato,4h.-t. Si Tk Wlftc cow
udtue. composed of representative of
aW nKflPj w4r VffVVsn VHa"'kswi M av
lag meeting new- The only thing of
tmfottnsce will fan to complete the
schedule for the advance fa Kaatern
rattt. fb mevUflj; will coatim fcr
a day or two.
---- anji a nfrilhaJnlirilt lahlllUI
t'EOiU Fvti.. U.A. tict. 24.
l'ok-wl Wiiliau Patte of JaaesiUe
died is thl .tty Wednesday nljjbt. He
was the lkiiu-i ratic u.uJil.i : the
Bt,il ttdv! four r iKiJil'sUa'l
!'iS W
iStilllN 'N
Is .1 . 1'.
f I'll l U-lli . '. Uv.
. ( ur .-. t-,
' ioals but.' 1 1 -BuaUnsdon
dcslri.ed by b..
! S isaturantv Im,w.
I 4 JLO.eoo irv.
f ami w humid yeatealajr, to-
Shf with a iarge 'iuy of luoibef .
tosj, 3i,W). luwaiu'.e. .(W.
) iHlqtali fiydipy
1u11u1 B C uct .'1 The total
. U L if lli !t.ut titto achoi.aera
llat ii.lt HI 11a IL'- ear k Uetiiia
h.A u1 i. :'. -l v t I As "I'.
... , : l i X
MfD at nmm.
1rVl.fi MllM Cakh! U liss'
tji ii thi 3owl.
Tke Fint 14 Sty Urt tmkif Ctak Hu
Mad- mH tmt in tlrt W-
rareil EvMtj,
The cloudy weather and lh on
slant Indications of tain perwpllWy
diminished the attendance al Iteming'
to-day. Th heavy uAn fall of yester
day and last night mule Ihe Ir.tck a
vitltahle sea of mud, and the horoes
plunged around In it, fetlock deep,
while the bright, satin jackets of the
jockeys were liberally bespattered with
the slimy oorc that described paralwilc
curves through the air every time the
horses took a stride. The atari
and finish of a race were
two separate pictures, and when
the lioisee pamd under the wire It
would bate pujvleri a Solotnon to detect
the color of the jockeys, white ami black
were alike covered with the mm!, and
to them the sport was anything but
Owing to tbe condition of the track
"mud" horses were the favorites, and
In nearly every race those carrying the
top weight carried the public's money.
The wind and what meagre sunshine
there was Lelped In a measure to re
deem the ellipse from a vctltihle
morass, but even had tbe wind been a
gale and the sun been that of July It
wciild not hive sutllced to have thrt
trsck other than what a disgusted
jockey said, "A regular mud hole."
Still, with all these disadvantages
there was a fair attendance, of course
It was composed of men. and naturally
all of them were there to bet. It nude
little difference to them what tbe
weather was It never does tn the fol
lower of races ami they braved the
chilly weather and prospective wetting
just a if they wete used to tbat weather.
And aside, It can be slated that in vny
of them are.
The card, which was the tame is
would have been run off yesterday, w
an excellent one. The fields were nt
too laige. and .tlmmy Howe, as he
ploughed around with his heavy rub'
top lioots, congratulated himself on nt
having a very hard day la the starting
The Infield looked rather moist . ami
there was considerable "peculation a !
the fate of some uf tbe jumpers oa tire
slippery turf,
i'ollowlng Is a summary of the d,ty
First race, mile Watterson, IU,
Day, 13 and . Tappshsnunk. 105. .1.
Iwis. ISaod ; Ituiteed. in.Tanit, ' 2
and t 3; Alarm ltell, 102, 1 men, 15 n I
6 Silence, 102. Ray. IS and
Leontlnc, 107. Sims, 7 2 and 1.
Prince Howard, 117, Hocke, 10 an 1 :t
Genevieve, 112, Downing, 1,1 and
til ue Jcaus, Stovel, 2 and 7 5.
Th tUtt Genevieve and Itustev 1
got the best of a flying start, and at
tbe first quarter Genevieve was isadlai:
by a length, with Ilusteed second ami
Alarm ltell third. Ilusteed moved up
on even terms with Genevieve
at the head of the stretch, while
Leosiine moved into thlrtt pine.
They came down the stretch in the
same order, but, passing tbe pool stand.
Ihuteed pulled out and won hsndi y.
while Wailersoa came through the
ruck and captured second moner f r ni
Second race one mile Mmliilu,
colt, US; Sims, 3 2 and 3 3, B!ly
hoo. U9; Tarsi, f-3 and straight
Mohican. 100, Bay, 10 and :
King Uazem. 119, Hill. and 2.
Klla II., lio. Jones, 40 and
Thi roca liallyhoo and King ilazew
got the best of the start, but, at this
quarter, Mohican was leading by .t
length, while the two which led at the
start had fallen hack to second am!
third place. At the half all wen
bunched, but at the three quarter
Mfcbican and Mandolin colt took
up the ruanlea and kept ii
until the stretch whan Ballyhoo i nn -through
with a rush and won easily.
MohtVsjP second, Mandolin coll third
Third race li miles Prather 11''
Itsynawi. -" straight: Tanner, tot.
Uay, 1 and -3 . Clamor, W, Jones. .ta t
5. VIvU, . he well, to and 3.
W acv-VivU nrst, Tanner aciad
Time, im
The following are the entries in the
Fourth rm' i of a miie. sett tag- Wall
JofcsMA, tin. Butli. toTrVrfcles, no
foWtrrw". It": tUrW n'u.tl. tl: oil
Uee, ttt. Tronsact, io 1 i m? -leek.
li: nhotocei-, lor
Vtfthtsee KatelMai U' e. II..-.
oidM, ItiU: BiAte- is J vr, a , 4s. 1 .-
thrt!, mi; Vgajwclib. 1 - aeii ,
IS5; thooiuii.:Lr, 1 a j . w. Ku-
tw(-j, 13, StMUi ' ."
IU Mtl. Oia stun
1. P , kt -'! t
Pin- I.
Oiiut . 11 '
voBtlJirnl '.
wheri ' ' ' '
UidOd 11, J
the t pvr.i'.. r
redui i.d t i1
pi by
aw '-
. K'v.'l
Hitriet t- -
nccm. Tii.v
c the e, ' t
at tLU ,1 .u,
sttlf J.L'Ji-
lai V I .t 1L
the U !1 r- ,
1L1 1.11. U i.
h 1 "n4u.tu ii
V tUL"
l.!5 II L . tt'lfcO.' -
Ii . J trail. u
v nvvi caw eft s.il, ' ' -trach
at HuaMnj-u-o
fli.i.t, r W C. Dunn .- .
se Jtut
C -
w r"w 'psa"? iJCTsli
-, -.ieUty PrvcU'i- iauinds to go h-.'--w
vote, ml wW tevm ftw Yermot at v
auWtMtsknisl U SO, -.ur
hittat Westey Heights, Wm ml Isjormi
Uuo sec second page JL Johu r. W4; i
uwtt. eoraer lVuiliulu wi U street j .
hi, u,

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