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28D YEAB m). G,98C.
I'm- the IHitriet of OftiwWn, ilfirnsVrmi
avd Virginia, rtmtinrted cool teetterlf wfmfj
mirf rir jrenthrr; warmer Sunday.
We Have Them All
DOUBLE or Sfngle.braast
cd,t Sack or Cutaway,
plain or fancy color,
stripes or checks, smooth or
rough surface, for Dress or
Business wear. No matter
what the FABRIC or what
STYLE garment you may
want, jou are SURE to find
it HERE and at the proper
Remember, yau who are
short and stout, or long and
slim, that WE can fit you
just as easily as if you were
of regular build, as we make
special provisions for odd
shapes and extra stout men.
This is decidedly OVER
COAT weather. Do not
wear the old one that has
seen its best days, but come
HERE and let us show you
the FINEST and most
ARTISTIC assortment of
RELIABLE garments to be
found in the city. All at
OUR usual low prices.
Robinson, Parker &. Co.
N. 1 Corner Heteutli mid It.Sts. X. IV.
What Slay llenult from tlie Urawlni;
Utilise of Sunburn,
The fair sex often seek eagerly for a
preventive against sunburn. Soma re
tearcbta made by Dr. Robert Bowles
Lave resulted In tbe discovery of an In
fallible one, but one which a woman
with even the moat beautiful complex
If u will find too exacting in 1U condi
tions. It Is an acknowledged fact that sun
en snow burns more quickly than on
rocks or in ha ted valleys at a low ele
vatkn, and Dr. Howies remarks that
sunlight rellected from freshly fallen
trow acts much more energetically
en lie skin ibsa lha (reflected from
ldcr snow. One brilliant day be paint
td his face brown ami ascended Ih
Otter flrat. where there was wuci
hov, There were anout eighty other
u tiUine the ascent.
In the .evening all excepting
Mr Bowles were smarting from
lie trims of sunburn, lie points
oit that is Morocco ami all
ai ng the north of Africa lha
inhabitants blacken themselves around
lUeejes to avert ophthalmia from the
glare of the hot sand. In Fiji the na
tives abandon I heir red nod white
Miipcs when they go Baking on the reef
in the full glare of the sun and blacken
ILdr faces.
In UieSikkim II UU, also, the natives
1 lac Leu themselves round the eye as a
l U'ciion from the glare of Um sun on
nwly fallen snow. Dr. Bowles eon
i ludca that heat is not Ike direct emue
i sunburn, but that it U probably
tusetl by the violet or ultra vtoiet rays
oi jiskt which are reflected from snow.
lor Jury Swvteo
Juror drawn for service kratTue
ti..y In November in the Circuit Court
are as follows: AlhtUMM Johneeat,
i:. Urt A. Carroll. John C. Cat vert.
Jtha F. Yog. P. 0. Garden. W. L.
Atidcrson. Samuel H. Hilton, Thornton
A Jackson, K. k'Mrh Ttmr. P. K.
iaiUe. 11 p. Mwore, Wist Fendae
A,..u S. Johnson, James Drluiw,
ih.a,a L. Wad. James E. McSir.
aiLL.i DjvsJI. Guy Carlton. Thomas
J IJ.ii kc-r, p. Kennedy. Oeorge Cnrtner,
':"'i T. Byng, John inM(,
v asLiujjiou Caaatll.John II. Thornton,
iu..:u Bcton.
Km i drawn for the Criminal Court
, u ASi.h.m c Wx. Henry Ebertmcb,
i ,dK Flint, Christian Caspar . C
J Ni!ai.iu, jr. Moae Etaetunnn. Ei
a ii 1 it Keynoi-Je. Leonard fiate.
i j . Y Tryoa, Qharlea Duaek, Fted
,nkW Pilling. Edwin 3. GksJmw.
t. ru ud Kiuuu-rt, William J. Fetjuean,
1 ,'u.b l, Henry SWtZTL B.
ii 'ill, Un.har4 H. Moore. George
j. i.iau. Frank C. tteCosMa. WtiUm.
i ii..i John steady, 8. 0- Carter,
jiiubuclC. Weaver. . P. Bake. F.
. , i aabt tomakeiniMMt)f Ueo. Uuy
i vs ialv UcisliW. Tor fuit tnturota,
i .. niid pae aiul Jutiu F Wo
(. n iwiiilocuUl Aud U aUijU u. w
An Unlimited Horde of Daputy Mar
shals to Be Sit on the People.
Ho Hired So Many Oerrupttenisla at lha
People's Expense That It Angered
and Disgusted Judge Graham.
Ono of Ibc worst scandals wlitoli
grew up abotit the Republican pirty
was the reckless way In which Deputy
United States Jlarslials wero used be
fore and on election days. The Demo
crats piotMtcd against this mis
use of thoso ofllcers, but In
vain so long as the Republicans hold
sway. It was ono of Iho ways mod by
tho G. O. P. to corrupt votora. IJach
doputy marshal was paid $3 a day for
his services. In this way active party
wotkers wcro rewarded, doubtful
voters wcro "convinced" and cor
rupt ones wcro bought. All thU
was done at tho cxpenso of tho Treas
ury of tbo United Utatcs, at tho cost of
tho people themselves. Tho pretense
was that It was necessary to sccuro fair
and honest elections.
In 1SS0. for Instance, thcabuee of tho
law was unusually bold and extensive.
Out In Indiana Colonel Dudley, then
marshal, stretched his power to ap
point deputies to tho utmost extent.
They thronged every election district
In tho State, and lined tho Ohio
Illvtr under the pretext of preventing
the Democrats from colonlltm voterj
fioni Kentucky, but In reality to run
nrgrocs across. They were less plentiful
but still numerous beyond all need,
alone: tho Ohio, SHchtgan and Illinois
boardirs. The Stato olecllon was hold
In October that year. So grot!) ptrtl
san was lit) and to such au extent did
Colonel Dudley misuse his power as
marsbHt tiiat he and J inline Urusham,
then district Judge, who wanted u
fair and honest election, iuarrelel.
The same sort of thing was done In
New York, under the load of the noto
rious John I. Davenport.
Tho Democrats protested against this
outrageous partisan perversion of
the law, but in vain. When they
camo In power Attorney-General
Garland Issued nn order limiting the
cumber of such olMclals and the period
of their services when appointed for
election limes and purposes. The or
der was generally obeyed, except In
New York city. There Davenport amis
ciouily disregarded It. The order
directed that such deputies should not
be paid for exceeding live days' services.
The claims of Davenport's Republican
eorruptlonlsts for extra time were not
allowed so long as Attorney General
Garland remained in oltlce. Ills sue
ceseor. howerer. ami a u matter of
course, paid them.
And now Attorney-General Miller
has rescinded the order, and partisan
marshals are playing the old corrupt
game for all it Is worth. Damocrtllc
Congressmen declare they will oppose
the appropriation to pay these Itepublt
can hceltrs masquerading as deputy
l'tter Jolinaon Huj He Wan Tilokeil
by a Storekeeper.
A cclord man from Virginia, who
gave the.natiie of Peter Johnson, went
into Sternberg's second hand store. Gil
D street, this afternoon and purchased
an overcoat which he had tried and
was satisfied with. The keeper of the
kltop v, rapped the artlele up a ad when
Johnson got to the place where
he wai bearding he found that he
did hot have the coat he bought, but an
old KirthUae garment. lie went back
aid couiplainnd, but the proprietor
UrmtfcBtd to spoil bis fce for hl.n if
he old not go away. Johnson went di
rectly to 1'olUe Headquarters, and was
advlsrd to have the keeper of thn shop
sirtsted for obtaining money under fuUe
pretenses, and also for tbrent
Tbe Die Vlx in l'eiipertlt the TYerk
ol tia luuwiultary.
BOiTOX, Oct. aa A UriUiQ&tW,
from I'eppwtll, Maaa., snys that tint
visiuuion of &mm that deatroyed a
portion of tkk town yeaterday was tke
work of as Incendiary is pretty well
fetnbltihfd. The lre wnkk eon
neeteii the factory with three alam
gongs was cut so that no signal of
alarm could be given until the an had
gained great headway. The hoae luetl
by the lw departsatnt of Falrckild's
wills aa dogged us by stones and the
kil;i'Us of tte doors of Um quntsea of
Out Kortb Kud uglse Couipaoy wore
uiugictrtl up waking k ueceasary to
I osce the wtadow to get the apparatus
dm! 2So otte Vftsvftatfl Out sftutivo
M LsWslsUhH ttMsist A4inUU4UsW
ViYiWVWi, n., Oct 3tf.Herltft
T UnVlyf QiNsttM-jf fesW taWNtt mJamc
in Us accottuts .OO0"oV7.. Ue U
between m,H and 70.. Hit
U wort timjm k wtoed vf. A
BUAt.'r of banks hold Mr. Oxoaxd's
pajwr, which U wortnkas.
The nrat class htela of Nw York
kae an Iron LladruLenotto ifiveensw
talBnwni. aXter a ivHajlw nostr in tkv
evtnhw. to wonea wko are unnccoaa
itawiyil sw yi'ntiltTtmtsi ttnd w& tftnknsa
to Um clerk is ekarge. Tkl. ttve Wvrid
thinks, is all wrong and tkai journal
propuaea to wka Brotkcc Boniface in
statute a tt.ii.iui
New Vorlters llo Not IIlleve
Story or tho Shipwreck.
Nkw Tohk, Oct. 85. There was con
shlerabre excitement In shipping circlet
this morning over the report from Far
llockaway, that a four masted steamer,
believed to be UieObdamof the Nether
lands-American Line was ashore nn the
shoals oft Long Beach. The Obdam
carried fifty first class, twenly -five sec
ocd class, ami 000 steerage passenger",
and her reported danger occasioned
much alarm In this city. All mlsglv
Inge as to her safety were set at rest by
the news that she arrived off the Sitndy
Hook lightship at 8 20 this morning.
There was considerable Incredulity
among shipping men to day as to
whether any large vessel has gone
ashore on Hie Long Island coast, and
this unbelief was siHtnlnnl lir a ills.
patch received from the chief of the
life saving station at Fire Island this
morning that they knew of no steamer
having gone ashore oft Long Reach or
elsewhere. The wires are down between
ibis city and Long Reach and no direct
communication can be had with that
The only other transatlantic liner due
yestcrdsy which had not been reported
this mori Ing is the Clrcassla of the
Anchor Line, and she Is not a four
masted steamer.
Uillon noil fl'ltrlen Lnnve llarto To
iJaj- Tor New York.
P.tnis, Oct. 30 John Dillon and
Witt. O'Brien left last night by tho 11
o'clock express for Havro on their way
to America, Intending to sail to-day by
La Champagne.
In an Interview today Wm. O'tlrlen
said ho had dissuaded tho nrojectors of
the nflalr from holding the proposed
demonstration nt tho St. Lazarro Rail
way station nn tho departure of himself
and companions for tho United States.
Mr. Dillon nnd himself would be guided
by circumstances In regard to whether
they would visit Canatln. It was not
likely that they would bo arrested
there, but they were unconccned about
tho matter, because tnoir American
mission would then be concluded and
tbtlr anest would mrrely s-tve them
Irom paying their fares home. If
Judcmcnt was delivered In their ciso
during their absence from Tlpperary
that would constitute groundi fur n case
of appeal. Mr. Balfour hid shown
Cleat weakness in the Harrison ciso. The
ntvrs fiom America wag very favorable,
and tho success of their mission bid
fair to surpass their highest cvp-ctt-Hi.
A freight Train does Tlirniisti tin
Iron Hrlilce.
DunuQi'K, Iowa, Oct. 3.5. A freight
train on the Illinois Central Railroad
from Independence, coming Bast, went
through an Iron btldge at Centre Grove,
six miles west of here, last evening.
Robert Ivoattley, aged 17, was ought
In the crashing timbers and killed.
Five others were seriously Injured.
Tlalr cauiea are: Dan Dougherty of
Chicago, broken arm, wounded chest
and head, 1 1 tub Connors of Chicago,
back Injured. John Wolfo of Chicago,
loft arm and both legs crushed; Miles
Winters of Dubuque, skull cracked
and blgcuts on temple; Jerry Mcli waa
of Dubuque, back Injured. Those in
jured will likely recover.
Clotil Hearing Ijuartx or i'xeeeillns
rilobnea I'o u ml lu Tuxua,
Gaixksviu.b. Tka, Oct. 35. Sev
eral gentlemen, who returned yesterday
from the newly-discovered gold Holds
In Arbuckle Mountains, fifty tnilee
north of here, report that great quanti
ties of gold bearing quarU, It lying
promiscuously on the surface, sample
of which have assayed at tle rate of
$200 per ton. Several pi ice r bod- of
exceeding richness have been discov
ered in the baaln of Wilson Creek, and
several ounce of gold dust were washed
out and gathered up la a few hours.
Hundreds of people will leave here
next week for the new Kid or ail o.
Acoilrut rullou Ai'ciiltmt In the Fate
lul hoiMortut Tunnel,
Somerset, Kv.. Oct. 3-5. Tuane
No. 3, where the terrible disaster oc
currtd on last Tuesday night, partly
eaed in last night and injured W.
Keiley, Tow Poore, John Davia and
berinaH Wallaus. who were at work
in the tuniu.1 at the time. They were
brought to .thU etty and are' under
treatment. Killj's leg has just been
amputated and the other three are
thought to he only slightly hurt
Sevtfal others were at work at the
tinae and it U not known but that some
are Still under the debris.
VU Utrit a IHg Muuululry ta
New IUvwi.
Jfsw IUvaw, Co-., Oet. 25. .it I
o'eiuvk tide morning Amm were dis
covered in s four atory brick building
on State atract in apartment occupied
by the Kim City Suspender Company.
A nigh wind prevailed, and but for the
rain that accompanied it a disastrous
coningraifon must nave ensued. A it
was the greater part of the building was
nutted, ti Suspender Company s pKnt
being a total lots, partly insured 'I'Uj
hnnvfcesi loan wna auatnlntil by Jantea
iicLay & Son. boot and shoe dealers.
UwwW r sir. etewetewd.
Aftr Ida wgumusot before Ike Sa
nafHS Cosntt vitetsirilaT nftinnoon ex-
jwwawr 'waw:w "swwnspwTas wpsswtS"sw
PiifiildirnI Cisifeiand rHurnwl to ni
partajtitnta nt tkn Arlington, accoga
ffitrtffl njf Jtjjtk'ft Itajiiajr nnd Jtdj9
Tkoutts J. ttanMaca, wkont km enter
tslflw ajtiHwitftr Mr- Clnyobtttd ptsanif
tkn tynnjbng wstk bii guyswtav ml irjg
tk9 evening itmy nconassesM SNesnoins
caWsjd. ajmosNt Htyj .4ssf.ral itnVijM
Mai Gvncral Uceely.
AiaTUi, T . Oct . Tke hdiog
fHini of Attaasjn snttnedhw r
iSTiiiisviifcfBitog s;f nntosasynnd to put up
a cotton" will coating a naif ntUttos
dollnra. Tb coavpnny wUl be fornully
ftrgnnHiejl to-dny
Do yon want to tuakc muuey' If to, buy
toU at Weidey Uetgbta. For full iutornu
Uuaeee touiudpage aodJuha F Wgft
wau, toluol FuUileauth, aui ii UdU a. w
A Cnnnectlcnr Cernpnn.r Flneranlly
Violates the Allen Labor tmw.
BtRMtworiAM, Cojtw , Oct. Ss5. The
Whilecomb Metallic Bedstead Compnny
of Sbelton Is defendant In a stilt brought
by Unlietl States Attorney SHI for rlo
latlon of tho Allen Labor law. The com
panyhas jttt settled In this cotttttry,
coming here from England List fall
It is alleged, thev sent to England for
a man named Worley, promising him
JE2 a wrek nnd bis fare. Some time ago
be was discharged and laid Ibe letter
before Attorney SHI. Walter White
comb, of the company, saya tbe com
pany being n new Industry they Im
ported two men who understood the
business to teach tbe men whom they
hired here. This the old workmen re
fused to do and were discharged, and
the suit Is brought out of revenge. The
Industry has never before been at
tempted In this country and there Is
nothing like It outside of Kngland.
An Atrocious Murder Mystery In r.on-
don Is nJack the Klppor" nt I1U
rtomlMi Work ARaln ?
Losuox, Oct. 25. The condition of
the body of the woman found at South
Hempstead Indicates that her murder
was the most fiendish of nny that has
occurred In Kngland since Jack the
Ripper's Horrible While Chapel series.
The "'tnractor of tho wounds clearly es
tablishes tho fact that tho woman was
stabbed by some ono behind her, after
which her prostrato body was hacked
and slashed almost Into pieces. Tho
sccno of the crime Is a lonely pt of a
section Inhabited by the lowest class of
abandoned women.
It Is supposed to be frequently pa
trolled by tho police, but tho coustables
themselves admit that they perform
that duty, with reelings of trepidation,
and tho suspicion arises that the rounds
are not as nflcn inado as they ought to
be. The belief Is general that tho mur
der Is iho work of the "Ripper," who
has changed the scene of his crimes. In
order to balllo the police. The police
are trnrklnir n man, who was seen to
enter a hansom cab near the place
where the body was fouud and drive
away at a furious pace, and are conrl
dent that they will yet run him do.vn.
The inhabitants In the vicinity of the
scene of the murder are Intensely ex
cited over the affair and remain Indoors
as much as possible.
I.CNIH.N, Oct. 2.". Medical experts
have made a careful examination of the
body of the woman who was last night
found murdered In an obscure alley of
a remote neighborhood In South llamp
stead. Tbo examination shows the
minder to havo been committed In man
ner not characteristic of "Jack the
Ripper," and also negatives the sugges
tion that the victim was of the White
Chapel type, which has thus far fur
nished the "Ripper's" prey.
The body, which Is that of a woman
apparently about 30 years of age, was
clad In material, the texture ami cut of
which Indicated tho wearer to have been
a person of soma refinement. The under
clothing was found to be marked, a fact
upon which tbe police place great streas
as furnishing a clue to the discovery of
the murderer.
When the body was found It was teen
that the woman's throat had been cut
and tbe skull fractured. Her pockets
were empty. Near tbe body the police
discovered an empty perambulator con
taining a blood stained fur rug.
The officials surmise that the peram
bulator was used to carry the body of
the victim from tbe place where the
murder was committed to the point
where it was found.
The CVar has summoned a cabinet
council to consider the Internal affair
of tbe Km pi re, and. It Is underatood,
proposes to appoint another commission
10 Investigate tbe Jewish nroblam in
Russia, the Caar never bavin been
satisfied with the Paplen CommitttoB,
which recommended placing the Jews
on tbe same footing as other subjects.
English labor organisations are
much excited over tbe report that the
Government, in the event of any gen
eral lay up of shipping, will detail mm
from the naval service to tit out the
wail steamers. Tbe labor leaders, in
cluding Maun and Tillett. protest that
It would be unwarrantable exercUe of
A dUpattk from Zanzibar says "The
Sultan of Vim, made dnaperate by tbe
rejection of hu nrtt advances, and be
lit'ving that his own part in ordering
the murder of the German traders bat
been discovered, ia determined upoa an
energetic resistance to tbe expedition
now advancing against him. lie is re
ceiving Urge reinforcements from the
Advices from Hungary state tbat tbe
national movement for complete inde
pendence nnd only a penosuU union
with Austria baa received a marked im
pulse front the recent tribute to tbe
memory of tbe "thirteen martyrs,'
Hungarian leaders executed by General
IUvbau In lt.
News received at Amsterdam from
tbe Dutch forces carrying en tbe war
against Adheea is very unfavorable to
tbe Dutch, tbe troops of tbe 6uita
having repulsed tbent at every point
and legal nn) a considerable portion of
the country lost in previous vawpaijja.
Tbe Dutch commander nun plains tbat
be ia not well supported by tbe home
tjkme njo ig dangier
Tke Do.-ktrr Union, through fti
ivpreaentntivee, Mm wad Tillett, bat
tiUoflaniui Me rendineie lo come to aaf
ifisonihlti trrnngfmjtat witb tbe ship
owners tbat will recognize the rigbt el
tbe union to control tbe labor at the
4 very proline j Icld ol petroleuaj b
faeest diinoveieii at litlkenl. County
for mid to dewlop tbe product fke
discovery of netroleuu fat Bavin uuu-
ttttes In Ireland will greatly njutot in
reviving tbe dormant induatritt of tbat :
country, and there mo mams vbo be
lleve tbat Ireland will nt no A--t da v '
be found to be one of tbe gtseajbMt oil '
puKJttfilng countries of tbe tgofbi-
Count Cagnai?, who fene bee ar i
rested ta Roaue upon cMrgea ol awlnd
ling tine GovetsnMftt out of fnds ap- j
piopdnted to uialaitOn tbe ItnUaA
trjlBwittMLttii V Pt W JfeMnwMWw IS Jagn fe
cuatd of blgb ueo-
Seveenl peoanJmesw bttnknm to, lbirHn
nave received aAonynaotu letters threat
enlng tbeui with deatk unins tUy
wake an ntu-uipt to advu.i; lUi in.
vf Ich. ka
Jadge MilUr Adds to the L List
of Mmr&d Criminals.
The Whetls of InsUee Glide Smwthly
asd Rapi)lyA Melanga f Miar
(km Qaiekly SoUled,
When the Police Court convened at
ihe Sixth 1'rtclnct Station this morn
ing, Mr, Campbell Carrlngton formally
announced tbe death of William R.
Sncll to the court, and made some very
appropriate remarks as to the accepta
ble manor In which he had acted
ns Judge of the Police Court
for so many years. He re
ferred to htm as an honest
Impartial judge and a man who was
held In high esteem by the bar of the
District and thu public generally.
Judge Miller responded In a feeling
way, and said that tbe announcement
of tbe ex jtnlee's death was n complete
surprise to him, as ho had not learned
of It until ho came In from his Takoma
home this motnlng.
lluslncss was then proceeded with In
the usual order. Ocorgo Smith was
charged by Ofllccr Rrown with being a
vagrant, and Dennis McCarthy of 701
1'lftccnth street northeast swore that he
had stolen his overcoat and bat. George
said that winter was coming on nnd he
could no longer lodge In the ptrks
without an overcoat. He took tho lint
Just Ltcnutc It happened to be with the
coat. Judge Miller gave him thirty
dss for vagrancy and thirty more for
nt t he i r.rr ins thahk-mihk.
Raymond Ford, a bright eyed. 7 year
old boy, and a son of an employe of the
Pension Ofllce. was In court to day on
live different cliaraea of destroying pri
vate pit. petty. Complaint was made by
Officer 1'lerson that young Ford hail
chlpr-cd pieces of brick from residences
at Nos. 018, 080, (i, 031 and tt C
street northeast. Several hoys testlded
In court that the Font boy hail boasted
how be could leave his trade mark ott
btilldfbgs, and had showed them how
he couhl deface them. Judge Miller
said tbat the boy was too young to
realle what he was dolnc, ami It would
beasbameto hold that a boy of that
age was guilty of malicious mischief.
At tho same time the properly owners
must be protected, lie took the boy's
personal bond and allowed him to go
uome witu ui lamer.
'twah no iirsisKsa or ma.
Henry Qasktns, a colored man, who
works on a farm near Ivy City, accused
Albert Johnson of having stolen bis
pocket-book, containing over twelve dol
1st, from hi pocket in Selby'a restaur
ant ou Thursday.
On" colored man said be saw him
pluck the purse, but did not Interfere or
say anything about It,
"What kind of a man are you," asked
tbe Judge. "This would be a great
world If all the people in It were like
Jobuson was sent to tbe grand jury
under a $300 bond.
Sam Gkasoii, a 11 year-old colore!
Iioy, bad a dead rat tied to a string and
as having lots of fun all by himself
ia fc-ouih Washington He pntsed by a
wicdow in which a colored lady was
sitting and bit her in the face with tbe
dead rat. She thought this woe going
a little too far with tbe fun and
bad Gleason arrested. Judge Miller
fined him $5.
a nicotic Mtsp.
John Pritcher. a while boy, who
lives vi ith hU aunt in Prinee George's
County, ild., came to ton with a load
of produce but night. ThU morning
about 5 o'clock be was detected in lha
act of stealing apples from a stand ia
the market and placed under arrest
' I wanted an apple bad. Judge.
'cause we don't have anything out
swict potatoes down where I live."
"Hut you ought to know tbat yon
can't pkk up applet about town as you
do in the country," said tbe Judge
Oae i PrUcber's neighbors Utter
redid for lM'cberand said that be ha 1
always been contidvfed nn honest
boy lie was permitted to go back
rlL.tlU.lSO THE acRlrTCnES.
''I wae trying to fulfill tbe Scrip
tures." said Samuel Walker, as be was
arraigned in tbe Police Court to day,
cbnrged with arson, nnd questioned by
Clerk Potts as to his guilt or Innocence.
Ycuterday Samuel Antabed up a sixty
Jays' trm t tbe farm, and be reached
the borne of bis motber, Draa Walker,
Mi Grand avenue, hut nigbt about 9
o'dotk- He took kerosene lamp,
pomyd tke contents upon tbe floor, and
thtn ctelibt'ratcly set tbe conbustible
material on the
Wajket pranced about tbe tire, sbout-
tbe bona. An alarm was jjiven, tbe
daineeetinguiebd.and Walker arrested
and lucked up. tile broth and tit
bten ta bi right wind fat yer, and
tbey wete inrrsrVrt tbat be van tasnite-
JuJge Milk referred tbe case to tbe
Secretary of tbe Interior.
botb tried for being unlhyotwd jgmiim
dcultti. The evidence was InswaUcleni
thai Mr- tcOaiu bad cl )liW. Tul
u tbe amount teat to court fto tbe
Kibib ltcim;t attfiijm., UUt if ixvr
&nd jjiynine diftinrtt tbnt eg1 out up
iuu hut nigbt wul want tbe rent of
tUvix tuoney.
Tbe i nsT)ialrturs have approved
the plu made for the c ircle at b in
tertectkm ol Q and KorlU Capitol atts
- v -
1 to jou waut w wXe moutv ' it o, buy
UU it Woale Um'LU i'ji f -I! luturuu
I wii (M.C 4. Miid LMJmC A4 1 t ti4
...A -01Li 1? vu. tOtJlCV a. J. m .
Slentltnint AVnrnlne from tlie yn
tlrlenns Snlni y (Jnmmlttro.
Krw Oblrs. La., Oct. 5 The
coromlttfe on safety, whlcVt has caused
all the arrests, thus tar made in con
nee Iron with the recent assassination of
Chief Henneany, liaa Issued an address
calling upon the Italians of this city to
co operate with It In furnishing evl
dtnee that will help to exterminate the
deadly Mafia, The committee In Its
atldrew hopps "that this community
will not be driven to harsh ami atrlnrent
methods outside of the law, which
mav Involve the Innocent ami gnllty
Btwh cool determination Is expressed
all around to bring matters lo a erltia
tbat many Italians haveliecome alarmetl
ami left the city to seek work on the
plantations The M to tmerfetttw news
paper denounces this attack upon Ital
ians exclusively, "when not a word Is
said almut the rascally Irishmen ami
Dutchmen, the musty Frenchmen, the
Spanish roblters, the fire eating Creoles
and tbe hoodlums of other nations and
Hliootlnc-ltotn Onrrlrtl Out to
nml Slilim Totally Wrechml.
AsrnntY Pahk, N. J., Oct. 35. Great
havoc was wrought by the storm which
has been prevailing along the coast for
the past two days. At Ilarnesrat 11 iy
all the shooting meadows are flooded,
and tho gunners from New York and
Philadelphia have been compelled to
seek shelter. A lot of sneak boats be
longing to the punnets have been
carried out to sea and all tbe shooting
boxes havo been destroyed. All of the
roadways on the beach front of Island
Heights are under water.
A big two masted schooner was In
distress about two miles off shore last
night ami was likely to prove a total
wreck. Life saving station men were
patrolling the beach, but had all they
could do to keep themselves from being
washed away, nnd could render no as
A numlter of yachts have been cm
Mzcd In Rarnegnt Bty and are badly
An .Mnlmiiut Cnupl Mnltfl Tlinmaelvoi
H I'FUturo ir tint hUtn I'ulr.
IliitMiNtiiiAM. Af... Oct. 35. Mr
Thomas J. Minis and Miss Gertrude I'll
man of Ilrewton, Ala., were married at
the State Fair yesterday in the presence
of 10,000 people. Rev. S. M. Admin,
president of the State Mltance, perform
Ing Ihe ceremony. The young couple
then stepped Into the car of a monster
gas balloon and, with Aeronaut HjUI
vtln, sailed oil on a bridal tour.
'Ihe balloon took a southerly direc
tion, and at a height of about a mile
and a half went over Red Mountain. It
was last seen passing over Axinoor, and
still heading for the mountainous region
of Shelby County. The young couple
Here presented with a purse of $.V) by
Ihe Slate Fair management, and a large
number of presents weie given to them.
A J!ltrei Attempt to l.t-uve liar
l'uruitiuur nml l ICIllait.
Nkw Yohk, Oct. 93. Hdward L'oi
moos shot awl Jellied Mrs. Kate Owens
in ber apartments on Staten Island last
night. He then placed the revolver to
bis temple and tired. The won ad be
received is not believed to be fatal, as
tbe bullet struck tbe bkull and glanced
3 Irs Owens was a handsome brunette
about 33 years old, and had been living
with Kuimons for about six years. A
short time ago they quarreled ami sep
arated. Kmmons ceiled on tbe woman
last night, and upon her refusal toagtln
live with him be tired Ave shou at her,
three of which look effect and caused
her death.
The SImb Wliu Murdorwl Twh Ag4
l'eumlw Hear 1IU lluuw,
lUvriMomt, Md , Oct. 83. William
nUney. who has been on trial In the
Criminal Court for the past four days
for murdering bis grandmother awl bis
aunt sonie months ago. was Ibis Morn
ing adjudaed guilty of murder in the
tint degree The jury retired at 8
o'elicfehtit eight and reached a on
clukh n three hours later. A motion
for a new trial was at once wade by
attendant's counsel. It is thought tbat
Mane? had an accomplice iw the mur
der, but he stolidly refuse to disclose
who h waa.
Hull TMmm at ltuHVIIU, 1M.
Wiuik4Jta, Pa., Uct S3. There
is great dUtreas among tbe inhabitants
of iMn vllle, Pa. . over 1,000 Iron-workers
being idle. The Mahoning mill closed
last week, throwing too men out ol
work, nnd tbe steel milt at Selgeburg
is also idle. There are 30O men ott the
pay roll. Tbe nail works, whlcb em
ploy SOU men. kve been Idle for two
weeks now- At the lowest calculation
it U a tote of wetltb to tbe plnce of
l.Ottt per day- Tbe tots to Um tend
tog community is very serious nml tbe
tbetUf m expected to be busy in a short
X uU4va tilffe Smlmbt.
WnKEsnAnwc. Pa., Oct, 21 Tbe
body of pretty Lilul Mowers, who
committed suicide on Tuesday by jump
ing into tbe rive at Xortbumbertnnd.
h bees ritovc-red. It to now lenmed
tbat Mis ikwei ww led to take law
Ufa on acc-oujatof a dlsappoiinment All
sione waa neglected- Ime took ke
matter to benit. end in tine cmnd of
tbe nikt made bcr way to tbe river
wsd piunged to-
jj -
fcsttsMttXlSJbsMMftNBt fi4IXtAs? mt JKtmMMI
Tbe f audi? of Jupyriotomieal Porter
bave tc'ctlvwi n tekgram Siting tbat be
jwrived in Kwsy York yeOetday and
would be borne today- fpsm stJtwUy
karmd tbnt be would not wrlvc bswe
ttiatM evening.
Sa to ttnMatnieaw nmt Jinawm atn
jfmMMMA tvwntn atntytatsMS.
EiiUfiou Utkef u. ihiltunoce and cc
ttijrs. uic liuhua 'lmit.t" to biasouh. Ft,r. .
UJ be tola DoUbr-,Tt rate oft 1 (spa- '
cW Usmi m leave i.tu uct. wtataon at
3& a nt, on -ai jfetf)l a&a rfttttrnitet 1
kate Bltilui,ri;. ful.-iu 8tatloo.at 11 30 J) Ji '
TLi.i t'kela lll 1 e ijuud alU( uul ,a
- t. a. cr-ii I t v ' ; tui i ij ttu u
WRM swsrr.
Hlftnhrlh, Jf ,1 , Iivnstt hy Thties
tay I'hrletM tnt.
Et.tJiAlHrTB, W. J., Oct. 8.. Tbo
srortrt which raftsl here laH night ai
oneoflf wtrrtt seen We in many
yr. Th etillt southern portion of
the dly wi flooded, and hosts had to
be ttml at a rwans of communication
with th rest of the city. The Ent
beih River Is greatly swollen. The
Long flranrh Railroad was ii-Wef water
last night rn.m Kllraheth to Rss Uth
way, and reports come of a serious
washout at Ray Way. The Newark
lnanrtt nf the JereT ('enltal wiw also
sttl merged, and at 7 o'clock trte wata
etc sw reping over the top of the Iag
Rrlilie, spanning Newark Iky, from
Rergert Point lo Kllrabethtiort. tfears
wtiernlerlalnetl for the safety of tb
structure If the gale continued.
lis Tnnlt n (Inn t Kill it Unit lint
Klllnl Illlli(-ir.
K.Mlorm, Kvx, Oct. 2."t. A. 11.
lUncmtl, one of the best known eitl
ens In the county ami one of the
eatllest settlers, took with him to the
Imm ytstetilay morning a shotgun for
the purpose of shooting a cat. Soon
afterward a rep irt was beard, and a few
minutes later he was found lying dent!
with the contents of one barrel of the
gun In his heart. Thurday evening he
had taken out two policies on Ids life
for fil.OOO each good for twenty-four
hours only. The evidence before the
coroner's Jury showed that he had In
tended to make a trip Into the country
on Insurance business, and that It had
previously lieen his habit to take sim
ilar policies. A verdict of accidental
death was rendered.
ratlcnlne I'll tlio Victim nn llrct Ten.
Tiny tti-ra Krntcit to Drink
Tlienunltrt to Doutti.
Kxw Yohk, Oct. 'Jo. A consplrtcy
to defraud life Insurance c imp-tnle It ia
beeit brought lo light by the ChronieU,
an Insurance weekly of this city.
Rililly stated, the system of fraud
nasMimewhat similar lo that of the
notoilous "graveyard" Insurance, ctr
rhd to tbe extreme In Pennsylvania a
few years ago.
A person who Is known as Jones was
the capitalist and promoter of tbe
new scheme. Hit plan wat to become
frhmlly with Intermediaries whose ac
ipialntance lay with dissolute and ua
scrupulous printers and compositor.
Alter having unfolded lilt scheme to
these men. If they artpiietced, Jones'
plan was to have his men doctored up
on lietf tea and olher nourishing food
until their sistem were In condition to
toils a medical examln.uUm for a life
insurance policy.
After having secured Insurance for
lilt subjects Jones had the policy aa
slg net! to him in contideratlon of a sum
of money. To bring the plot to a
profitable termination tbe Insured waa
expected to drink himself to death with
tbe money paid him, wbtreupon Jones
was to collect tbe Insurance.
The Vkronkl cites one case In which
a compositor named Regan wat re
habilitated and then Insured in tbe
Mutuat Life Insurance Company for
la.OOu, sod afterward In tbe Kiuluble
Life Assurance Society for $3,500. The
Re-can story la bin ked by Keean'a affi
davit. In this case a man named Cald
well waa intermediary. The Insurance
wm i-ffeeled in InMJ, at which time
Reean was out of work and bard pressed
for money. He received in nil about
73 and food aud support In a suburban
New Jersey town until be was in con
dition for a medical examination, Tbe
insurance was effected through an out-of-town
Several other cases are related some
what similar In detail In tbe Regan
ease. One to tbat of a man named Paly.
In some lenience the subjects have
died, and tbe policies have been settled
by the companies. At tbe KiulUble
Assurance Society it waa said tbat tbe
facts as suted in tbe ViuK.mU were
true. The attention of tbe officers of
the company, it waa stated, bad been
directed to tbe scheme some time ago.
Mt. Duaiar, president of tbe Typo
graphical Union, Xo. 8, of which botb
Began and Daly we members, staled
thai be knew nothing of tbe tneurnwe
FtiaT Of THE SietK.
A targe Steautektti .ktMr tw, ttW
TAfaVttSC Tsf JW natf W4Ukta3it
m JtotkuwA. L. J., OeV 33 It
was repotted bere Ut night tbat
large steatutbip van ashore on tbe
beicb below Long Beacb- Tbe wire
are down nml no comuunlcati. ca be
bad wttb Umg Beach.
Lnst evening tbe btgb tide wasted
Hogg laland end swept away Gtajg'a
Arltur. L'kwood, tuuitb ii Co.'s, office
qfrffd, batbing bonee, fgitntog loet of
about f3.W0.
Tbe utttfrtffftMp repottew mbO'nfi ni
I.utijr Ueecb is believed by sonm to be
the bda of the Botterdam Line, ske
being two deyt' overdue.
- -ar
bf W'H? P tflp smmm-s'
jkM fttt'nco, urn. W & tbe
snnde or iti gbcHty o mnk t
dent trltk tike Atcibiaon nml Tonekn
and otker Mg made to kep out of sUn
F8jac-tc o would appear to Lack found-
pnxt. V tot& to San lf4ynmeo ka been
fliatly locnted for teventy mllt'e north
of Ike Atlantic and PcitK ruad. Tubi
inlotmnltton eomet from metnber of
tbe w.!ner corps, wbb.k hi jut
cc wpkUnl tbe great wcrk
tjBtp (lpw' pv ltjw nsMtP tWs8F
t.Xt.W Uuu, Maw.. M-t. ii.
fl asjpism inww'WiniP tf aprVsW 9Pmltpffmissw tjp tmF
&m Hxm, ikt ct,I, timx&A to
ftc4c lu Oi U 1 w bo r lm aitffel , fiKiWi
teftiffffcf-r jjHfaKXtigf. MBis trd NStMi mJTI-
Vm I nil of water.
- -
Do yuu waul, to aiake un.un.-yf U to, buy
VUt WeoUy U-iijtit. For lull lutoruM
Luc on aecuuj pa. uij tlului V Wa,;
iiu --ate- i'v iwutu. j4 ii s'tusU u w.
BssUed Dligkls Turn Wk Had
Ikt Lucky Tiektl ia fa Scod.
mmm wins the tiirb eyent.
Tk HlUait day Brjwg g krfs MmW
f Uata-Sritiik Yisitwt AtWlrs
Oor Herwtlwk (rwsin.
The clear weather ant! bright skies of
the day, together with the number of
excellent enltfes, altmcted a large crowd
to the ltenntng race Hack to-day. Tlie
bretfes were ttot M chilly at they bare
Uen for the last few days, and a a re
sult a larger number than usual of the
fair sex occupied their gallery on the
grand stand.
The bright sun had dried the race
track somewhat, ami ll presented nit
aerteable contrast to lbe river of mttd
In which the horses floundered around
yesterday. The favotltea today, It la
hardly necessary to say, were not the
"mud horeea."
The gtand stand was 11 1 let 1 with an
enthusiastic crowd of spectators, among
them Ik Ing many s oil know fashion
ables of Washington, ami here and there
might lie seen ruddy faced llrltonsdeoo-rati-d
with the til sin metal badge of the
Iron and Sleet Institute, and enjoying
the sport with all the real with which a
horse-loving Kngllshinan Is capable.
An excellent cant waa presented to
day, ami the large fields In each r tee
adiltd unusual Interest and excitement
to Ibe events.
Following Is a summary of the day
First race, six iurlongs .uett e
colt, 108, Hill, in and I, Slnaloa coll.
108. Sfott, 13 and 8. Cerberus, 108, Dtv.
1 and 2; Low lander. KKJ, Taylor, Ti
and 8 .; Hellevue, 108, Stoval. t and
8 5; Rtnjamln, KW. Ray, 10 and I;
Maty Stone, 10.. Jones, 6 and 1:
Helen Rose. 10". Maynard, 2 and 8 5
Vlrgle. KM). Sims, 1.'. and 6.
IHtritet Cerberus ami Iknjamfn got
away first, but at tbe half mile had ex
changed positions, Iowlamier being
third. Passing the three quarter ptwt
Lowlamlcr moved up to second pi ice
and was wltldu one half a head of Ren
lamln. They followed the tame order
into Ihe stretch when Hellevue moved
up ami at the finish came second to
I.ow lander, white Cerberus got third
Second Rice 1118 miles Uutlee.l.
US. Taral, :i to 3 straight.
i'irrilfc-!lt, 110, Maynard, no belting.
King Haaem. 108, Sioval, It) and 3;
Kuniavllle, 103, Ilaxen. 13 and G.
GlenUlon, 103. Jones, 13 and ft;
CatUrel, U3, ewell, 13 and ft.
Aunt Dudbv. 103, Sims, 7 and 2;
IjmIt F. m, Ray. W and 8.
Th4 re Rusteed led at tbe ttart
and was never headed, the tight twine:
for the place money. At tbe quarter
Glenfalon took up tbe running,
with Carteret third. Is this
order they patted tbe three
quarter, and nt the mile Count
Dudley wat third. Stoval ott If tern
moved up in tbe stretch, but could not
overtake liutleed. who won by two
lengths from Haunt. Cortlcelll third.
Third race, seven furlongs Wyitd
ham, 117, Alexander. 7 and 3.
Valerian, 117, Butbnell, 13 nml 8.
Swiff. 111. Tnrnl, 7-9 nml 8-3.
CUmor, 117. Hugtn, 8 and 2.
St John. 117, Tully, ami 3
Ofalice, 114. Sims, 15 nod
Mandolin. 117. O'Hourke. 13 and .
Fleet Wing. 117. t J rimes. IS ami 8.
Foxmede, 117. Taylor. 7 8 nml 8-1.
Branch. 117. Hill. 13 and ,
Blantyrv. 117. Kf. 10 ml S.
Syracuse, 11 7, Sioval, 7 a nml 8 9.
The llnct Foxmede, fliet; Symettw,
second; Ofalice, third.
The following are tbe entries in tbe
remaining events.
Fourth ree, U mile-Prtber, low;
Bradtord, 130: St. Luke, 1US; Klove, W.
esdvint, lt& Itetrteve, tto; titneral Hou
li.cr, m, Trontera. ; Ursbmoet, MM.
US, Dover, k,. gtmewte. 108; UoMen mtel!
1U; trbotover.ti; Bupert,; Lrc-ftSMOt,
104, wl Vivid, tm.
iait iuou.
'II t to He Btrtiten4 t Tmr
WPiS wwW tr lsHWi
Crnco, tct. 3-JJaby Btain.
bone MrtvaJ at 133 JJusk street on
August m caused Mcb a flutter It te
McCoraakk and Blaine families k to be
Wsfls1fim tfftjsb i?msHJ ,199 tjtW"
mony will take pU..- In the presewn of
tbe young man' diuoguisbed grandpa
and erandma. who are coming to
Chicago to portuHpate in tbe internet
ing proceeding Tbe party will reneb
ti nBitWiBf"! '' vpiik at Canton, (Jdkio.
to dejr . yLf s Blaine said Intt nigbt
not npptnt in public- during bit stay in
Wanttstmfts wn n ntrntn.
Ani viciie. S. M.. im, k-wTm
wichmen bete went on jgjfce
ooTburtday nlgbt ami atvetni fuejfbi
tralris wbU.b sbouM be wd upbawe
ateaide Uacged. Tbe men dnimtjbni
key bwe bee gWng tbe mut J nd
Pacific compnnlt: twelve noun' imrk
f tvr t-Leven boew' pay. Tbe OTrrj)T
the Tti'fwitttert wko aav tbat thL
A. Hnnlsnirti r lAftjkJr
i'u us , Up., Oi,t m Job e-
"imnlp ptiPp wHp 1, 1 fSflwtf j jn wSS1 JV IsBBWpaHnF '8m
llMftllJ i lit eW. dtWtCw. tmlA A BnmfJm-
" ta lfttfcfciwttttklsa KtsattkawM
'l1"" w twtnwssmmwtfrp vpm-Pftip
Um VsU)wintVtW jM&& tkUifi; CtiA. Iff fn is
wotViaanA trf Ml & tMj niBJIlhlil JMdstiWsted.
rm 'w " w tpP wrw TmiwtFsmnwtw'
09 a slender sad of silver or gu44 ftftc.
-w -
t eitrnii Wntfsfcs twmeeec
ir.ir thi Ihttx t 11 C ilttaJtm, lforyt.i
1 ' I i 1 ' ' ii (t j H, li
J. I I - ! "1 ( ' ,.

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