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Tub Daily Cnmc
9o fAf-TAt.
ii Hi 11 iMtmUtmm
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If AsRfWSWR ClTf . 0. 0.
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fMM 9? NlWMnitllli
" iBith It
W'Asmiretwn, D. C..omiimOT. tSfla
5ecntory BtAmsV Sfieerb at Canton
1it week wat a ctmntn ose, yet tt
larked jponUnreUy ami dtI tint rise tv
the heights erf enthusiasm. The ipostle
f reciprocity Had t hurt! time to make
tils phut dovetail with McKiju.ht's
( hlaese-wall protection system. The
TentU w that while he sabl oh word
(or JfcKtsLST he said ft hundred for
J low cohM the mm who denounced"
the JIcKlJit.HY bill fornot openlnjr A
market for a single additional barrel of
lork or bushel of wheat grow rnthitsl
tlcover that bill or Ita NapO-eoalo
author? As a matter of fact he didn't.
Me talked smoothly awl well, but the
magnetic force cf other days was not
Again, in answetlng Cam. Skin r. '
speech at Hoston. in which that (lis
MnjnilMiid tariff reformer dwelt upon
the prosperity which followed the
Waixkk tariff of 1M aad ittotd Sir.
Hi Atxis'aown words as recorded in Ids
hftorr in suppott of his position. Mr.
llt.AisK practically jr.ve the whole c is
away. Mr. llt-UNie raid that ttroaperlty
wat dtht to the revolttllun In Mump of
IMS, the IrUlt famine, lite Crime in
war, aMt the dlicorcry of gohl in Cali
fornia. Wilt, Ly did these ihln4 brlos;
l roftllt.r Ik rant they nre lis a
t. itign murkit. n Inrri-ated market,
Miitltlonat m.iktt for our urplnpro
ilni'U of all kind, add especially of the
f nr. That I what the Uomocratt
iMiy wantt to ecrmplMt now, and
Ma It whit the lieptiMIratt party, by
It- mistaken pulley. Is Mrtvirg with
night and main to (invent.
Jlr. Klaixk dkl not follow lb Soil-
f hit answer to Its r. inclusion.
iilu:h' pautisaxshii'.
Last Saturday Tur. Ckitic published
the news that Attorney Oetieral Mrt.i.HK
l.ad leteitided Attorney General Gin
i x' order limiting the pay of deputy
I nlw-d Stated marshals employed for
tbrtlon purposes to live day only.
V'v then exposed the shameleas partisan
tuts to which the orttcl.Us of the lie
lubHeB party had put deputy marahil
to In the past, awl intimated that the r--e
Usioa of the oilier wm i steaded to re-
He these practices at the coming elec
tion. TWto vUw of tlu case ha been con -HiUHd
by Attorney-General Miu.KK
bhweelf. Yealt.day be laauad tbe fol.
lowing order to United State marah-iU:
1 vrttfc U eall your -tteutlou to the nee-S-rlty
of uaiag great euro in lb salswUnn of
defstttv to art la coasw-tkMi with the
Its. Sou bnt wea of I bo rery faekt char
ti.iar tkatran l oblaiiied (hunM Im se-
lr-lil: hmb ut inuJauen and knoau tulee
i It jr. who will 4t their
duty. but. at the
uae IUsm, hOI nut Uo any IbMg awaHmily
to rnorofce trouMe.
'M. No stealer number of deputia UwuM
t e spp(nid tbau W estintM to ska uuia
taaaure of iMdeeabont tsw palls or regtusfa
iltttt atteti, tth a view to s fair viai-ttoa.
Nor bouki I be) U enipiujred fur snr
K rater ansaher of days thai U iniwilUI for
tbl pUIXM.
I reljr upon jruu to esereiae prmlenee,
fjirmM sni eeoaomy to thta bmmess. In
no caan en tutf bn paid lue bun thaa Vm
rUF, and wtthsa that limit uaijr for auesi
uaiabvr of Oaf s as b i isamlsl to the ds
h4fgewairsnsiM These aaeoiwu wUl
i v rlsMly seruMnLted.
'In no case ean they be pail far
tiiore tsMHi ten daya " Of cotttw not.
Tt e Iaw Usnsu ttw pay to test days.
Hut tea eiafs 4t 5 day to Beamy gaod
pnf fee tbe HetMbiii as smettiM, warhete
i ' humwets rtfy dollars an wm I
i-aM ULv ahmi to intwImH
.... . ..I
ui t otwtui Viitr latu a acuv
I iLATa)t kSHMttt-r That
method wU b Jiberdly Had
Ir&irv mi hi McMiMLKv'a ifblrlet to
kelp kirn in kis tMk of re emvtlag kiat
self. "Yea for thai komat awirifnt ami
posatesi to stMse IsMssutiesf' hi the
AuMtapajmVJe. In private tt is "vote
lo yceiavutv aad Utere's mtmajf is It
fofjeu." ftoihretsfaamB'eutirty
dorian all paid ot of the pabHc trea-
i ttykag to to iagtaiiate hiaHetf with
ih bocemt eswwsjM of tk ttafatbilcsjs)
nasty ts to make kls cosmasjinlBmt sal
JussWof ik sMiptesne Owut certain.
9tm JPesnB JMiff msnnmeew asm esm; 9 ensmVemmqPIIPsmVf
icbi kt ka4 It befase. bstf for
tk fact th tk "ana ot tkatse,"
Hcarox called k4w. baww eoovlessi
ihajstf inaihunel Miu-itt vouU ke Mk
Mmkml ky Ik &mw If MIm tk
HrrukfUsa wittytn to loot tlat taaeav
ury fajt tcir itofirtaJe eSorts to wit) a
mtjpetv Mucit la bound to coatp
W(P(Jg sJBf sMmr 4jmW emWi w amWspsa'
, tl mill A ULuhfl AsyfiemlJjtelmliasmL
- se tmnmmjmr mm r-wmei
tkc mVotw IcAUna we a ufghw,
akji. tntXTOU. Jtru. It mm. eeoe4
lag to Mr. IsVLa uxia. to l tfcikMV
m 4 tomM. U al utket
wiiiaMmlWmi C i Uib gw to
-molketMmvWM ua tW"y leet ol
uil iwl ka tkiogs thA-if oa
tr TL. iuula'de I. BLiu U
u. s. i I.j- uiiiwJ '. io i. ' 'iy
Pcrinnly, kMTTi:er. Hi i shon'it I
taken away from the rest of the tribe.
He Is ifte in dnnierrWi M Bftwxrw.
-at -
fnt. CtsrtsxMi fmnrd of PnmTe
lprr,veents irted W thjrin tm
Mayor from apporMiitg a we Roatd. a
nttthorlfc i by the law mfnptwi at the
rectm extra ewton of the Let talatnre.
tJeft re tm.- temrawafy restrairdfig order
cwM Ui nerved on the Statot that nffl-
had appointed the fmir rmtmbirs of
Itraj !" Btoard and sworn them into
tfHrf. Ttw mtlNTS of the old lt-ttf
llnHI ifrotn ot of office.
ilrnAT MAtaTEAn has sold a part of
n atnclt In tire Omwepn 1i-tr of
CtMtftlNtt. ite teems rcel at lire lit
Htm tire WiMrc takes in his Itelntf
emwed out of that paper. H honld
terrdteet that tin puidk is very tire I of
Mm Mel ft naturally iatercstef, not to
Iff tftHfhfed, let hear anything that
tr rwirwa to aemt htm so far to the r,- tr
ttat his yawp will he loat in the dt
(nce. Tltfc WMTTMX t!tMI Tfct.BnAri!
Vt upaat bm Issued orrHns to dttrharge
allterearnph operators who are met
iers of the Telegraphers llrotherkomt
The company. It is hoped, will petmlt
Its emrdoyes to remain members of the
Unman Brotherhood. The comrwny
certainty doesn't belong to It.
Mn. T. i:. St'KttEH, tlnanrial
weretaty of the Connecticut Itrpubtt
can Club Ii nted by I he l't as say
ing: "ltrmKt nt.T'n sudden detenwina
tlon lu prevent the raising of funds
among Government clerks Is extremely
ls4e." Well, It certainly is not proma
Mm. 1Xm, 1'realdent n.vuMiwx'a
former law paiteer, claims be wasml
quoted when be was reported assaying
that tbe President would not Ite n can
didate for tenominatlon. Ho now says
be knows nothing about IlAttntaoxft
intentions one way or the other.
TltK t'HOMPTlTUDM With Wllloll 8.X-
Govemor P.vrnanx Instituted libel
Milts against tbe Ilarrislrtirg (Mil and
I'hlladelpiita Itxnirer and A'erM .twer.
I'ftta quite sbneks tbe 1ltevers lit and
adudiers of "dlgnitied silence" of the
l'mnt Jvanln brand.
SlIMR IKX 1IAVK XKKY tniiildled
opltilone of public affairs. For Instance,
51 r. Gmoiiok W. Shokst, secretary of
tl o New Hampshire ltepubltcnn Club,
thlnka tbo Hepubllcan pstly ptys the
mi'inbcrs of the Ctrll Set vice Commis
sion. A i.vikt ki.m riox is iriim; on m this
city today. It Is t" dubh whether
woinmi can Iw delogntes the Metho
dist General Conference. Tbe churches
of that d nomination iiru lie lolling
HltAM-ll 40!) or thu rriih Natlonil
Leaetteof llutfal h v.!e 11,003 t
turnover to Dims and O'Khikv, to
lie used for Irish sulfarers, either by
famine or eviction.
PtiKsuiKNT Cammot of Prance will
lit St. I'tlasburg next May to open
the i xhlbltion of French products to be
held in that city. Kmperor Wilt.ivh
will not be there.
Tiik Gkha; of New VorK bm
night celebrated Vox MairKK's iMtti
yftr,,)IU,i,l-H. V. William aixl A.
Nugwtt, New York; lliw. IWuloii.VlaMllllB,
TeblJiv; 1. P. KieneU kimI li. W. liUr
bitei, Hlrbmond, Vs.; J. M. Ilotle', ltilU
drlpbia; A.J. liallowsy. North CsroHna.
.alionU (eofge W. Aitbtr, Man Juan
ilaorte; A m. naree, Hruoklia;
M. H.wr4, West
Vlrgittia; VV. i. IUmU-
toe. . loru:
v. j, &tiiirianil awl
wife, Chicago; V. Nan berry, VlrxUda; VV.
St.JmrtU 0. Smith. Dearer, t'ui.; T.
T. Hay and wife, lUleteb; W. K .vtgler,
AVaverly, X. V.; It, V. SleAaatly, Mdioa,
X. C; II. V. CbtMy, CMaago; Walter
llUUmoutl, ProvManee: C. I.. tlriliiB,
Xsdtsua, X. V.
ll,irdtT. V. VatUa, fbiiaOaluhit;
II. A. Ofum, W. Fukb (..! Mr. uud Mr
Lbrie K. (iaodlme, Xew Voeh; (inorga J.
hrpard, MitMfeal.
UUfit- -J. II. neag, MaitaammtU;
Aadiew C. fatrfck, filijw; IJ. VV. mIm
Held, Warsaw, Pa
HWrrr.'j T. H. Morgan, M. X. Morgan
aad Jt4w M. iloegan, AfHaae, Ohio; J- I).
lUtjim and wife, meaklyn.
IIWi'J-H. W. aVfoa, CtneiiuMU;
W. iUkowrlt at Carta A- Teerr. fttia
VaMgk. im t- C TuHd, Xew Vorfc;
C. udee, MasaeheMae; Jn. TraxoH,
r5 a.
ArtuialoH- A. L. Fiat., Xe York;
JttNu Jot abit wtht, uuk; Mr al H
n. K. Dwlt. tttthUnd. Cat : 1). B-U.lurtta.
ii jura: .. ttapa tn a4 Mi., t.
WPlaaiaH, nulf.nW,Kgtaal
i. ... w.Kut i:m. U.I Uwm
Hoary msra.
Xrw Vnt. Mr.
A Mm.
J. M'ateruuui,
Xuruuimiie - WaMet K.. Freaasaa. Xr
York; J. Y. Carpenter Caseaofia. X. X ;
Walter I Clark, lHMa; U, T.
1. liasrK X. f. ItajrU aJ A J. Uataett,
ndjsmVaMa -
JMm John i Aadrewa, l- u. UaaaMmr,
H J. Via. wdUlo: A. tf.
Sana, JaeksoarUle. Jla. : Cwrana B. -
wd, at. Lms; J. B- aWuM, Otjttm,
CJtjiu; It Ayers. ir-toU; i. U. McCuUy,
ik t. w. watisaw, araww. rune.
Heta Jukat-m-i U. atUUwmr, V. K.
StlUiagw aa4 M. Artu. CuaaaiiUrUi, rXs :
ttni U. scuit aitd WUlUas . Hart, Vlr
Hla; Jubu Y. i'tmee, MiMti'sfai.
I ka a man who tosad sh h
4a4 aatdbed Nut day kg dag.
To see tsj& latiMI thehr wagww cpt
Aa4 attw tkasr awaet aa.
And tsa . thwngk hi ii'Iaaas awaa tat nsjk)
Aad hos Ida i f aejag
AH astnamia aama ass tasmmpasa
Ajuuag hi iKKk to phif.
jl kaav a saan- a eiMi afiaii easkflkt
Ha art iwMssi SMM,
aauak aAtauat huafeat) jnf
9 M liVaSp W b)sp mlmmfwf maPammmi
skit etw wadtnotedklas
Of 'ftt he tw4 w heat
The t 4 ity tuuAi ki ckaws;
vak wnK of a ter-
i kaw a man wbotu daamat kf
Was ctmrota 0BMat toa.
Tokiaaaaryrana4 intlfttlaan
Was es JteedM'a 4m
kmt &e saws' ti i sho ' ilaaasm a ear slainia
Cata to aiaa dy b 4m
Y tatt be tol gaW use) to at
-MM IU Iter m fwrtur.i JawaM
Thef had a iMJicid and ska aaat
Ww tsttei Uadt earns stag
sm aasar aad aUau iaaaataa
T him wiikuat. dtday
rr4 ocbd utj kla b K t mc,
lli urn, -C'ijl.1 joU foricl tt.u.
tjc ultaAcritl ak'iU iUj. Li-
lj ii
rttrait at a I mveSrs,
Mile. Rhen has always keen a prime
favorite with tire heat class of our
theatre going cMrcfm, and It It evident
her popularity at each of he evef-weii-ome
visits Is as steadily at d
servedly on the Increase. In Mr.
Haven't tmpretslve hleteirrcal p'v.
"Josephine, Kmprew of the Prencu.'
her regal heantr and beating And a
worthy setting in the tmly imperial
imtjrnfflccRce of her costumes Mrd wr
mnndlBBs. The play Is still a series of gonrenus
arehrt otogiciil tableaux, veritable o"
Jeet lessons in history, enltvetred hv
tk mjdovment of a tragic and appsf
Ing plot and passage of strong emittmt
ami noble ami forceful declsm uton.
The dramatic movement has been
quickened somewhat to the manifest
imprrivemsmt of the pieeo as a play, hut
the central Interest Is stilt the beauty
and snrrows of tbe lovely and unfortu
nate sovereign.
As ahe moves across the stage in her
stately coronation robe, attended bv
the brilliant (Inures of the famotrs men
and women of that stupendous cm.
each lh the authentic costume ami
physical and facial contour, not merely
of tbe r-etlrd. but of the Individual,
hlstorv, memoir and mtmrnhiUt -all
seem to live before us aa something
wholly different from the cold ahstrac
tlons of the printed page. Here Is the
real and living Xtpoleon. even to the
gray surtotit, the awkward snuff
taking ami the playful pirn hlng of the
cheeks end ears of his favorite attend
ants. Here is the limp of TnlUrrand,
the martial Iwarlnr of tbe fenn thnnr
Mitral, and even the lovely Creole Re
press herself. If she ever spoke Hug
ilsh, no dottbt spoke It with very much
tbe same irresistible accent as her
charming lteleian repreeentnltvt'
Sir. William Harris presents the same
startling and realistic Impersonation of
Ihe Little Corporal ns formerly, except
that, ns so often the cae upon the Mage
as In real life, one cornea more arffi more
to look tbe mU and character be enncts.
Tbe TtiUeyritnil of Mr. KrmcniMir Is the
same cirefiilly studied repnulurllnn of
tbe wily tliplnnmlo. while Jliss An
neeley, as the beautiful I'.ttiline. looks
the patt as charmingly as she K.rtr.tys
It. The tntlre cst Is excellent, and no
one of them, which Isblgb pralae, wim
out of place In the lolly rlt tbvy are
called iijvon to MiMatn. l'very evening
and matinee throughout the week.
n Nntlumil lltrntrn.
It seemi to be the rage this season to
piny vaudeville troupes on tbe legtll
male stage, and Washington theatre
goers have been treated to sever tl ex
cellent companies. lint tbe ntlracilim
nt liie N6w National this week, the
llottoii llonntd Alhencunt Stir SXi
daily Company, Is unMirpsed for an
entertainment of the viuMy. It con
tistH of a rspid Mirce'sbm of blgli
clasa sptciidlles. nil of whieh aru in
tlrt'ly new. xtnl admirably rendrivil by
some of tbe beetartitts In the valid tvllie
jirofeMimi. Tbe mi Hence lint night
was quirk to apprcclule Umj exeelloiice
of tbo i trformaiico, and neb of tbe
tnclveacls on tbo pmsrtmme w K-el
a di-aerved em-ore Msrs. Ulcli anil
Jlonishave a combluittlon tlmt U tbe
peer of any in ibu variety lln. mid
will undoubtedly teip tbu pMtl of
thilr enteinrlslng venture.
Tbe pel foriiuuti; comiiif mo1 with an
ei client ilfilnal acmbtllc net by the
I'olutkl btothers, the IviglUh co'ne
dlan. .Air. Arthur Forrest's iiotigs and
dances were heartily applauded, and
those old favorites, Conmy and V.ix.
Introduced nuew specialty, ' ChrUtinn
Day," which gave thum ample oppw
luiilly to Introduce a number of new
and pleasing ehnracttr sons II ib
Flavin wss given tl.eheartlrt reception
nf tbe evening. He has alw.iys b.mn a
favorite lu this city, and hU i't-tlnt
uiannetlsms latt uuLt gained lilm
many tuldilioiial frlomU Claqit-'v.dll,
tbe juggler, gave an unusually mivel
ous act, and the remainder of Ihe ex
cedent programme was furnished by
atlUls of unexceptional ability.
I'AHit Vv to Data" nt Lincoln Vtutia
The prctly Utile tcru ami sliver opera
hutiw on Ninth street held h large ami
appartntly appreciative audience last
evening to witness the latest, dUtortloo
of tbe world old legend of tbe Devil
ami Dr. Fanolus. Our old friend-.
Pttutt ami MtpkUtu, SUM, iTtrlUi,
VltHtinr and pretty Margutritt, illn
ratpietfully abbreviate to "Mag,"
were on band in force, hut in sue.h
"lueatiosable shape" that it was dint
cult Indeed, in soma Instances, to radi
JlatnUt't retolve to "speak to lheni" la
epithet t'f emlearment proportloae-1 to
tbi ir vsryiag attritions.
31 Ui Kate Cattleton made a very
teeckurlne and tduetive Hryuiirtlt.
and by way of vatlety sang "Fvr
Heaven's Sake Ihm't Say I Told You"
la ker usual dulcet itnd delightful
fashion. Mias Hilda Thomas as "Ptiut
I ft to Iku" wag aiwply "Fauat Out of
Sight," or would have been buttbtta
very comely and withal subitautial
petamtalHy kept ker very gen
erally ami very pleaeaaily beftre
tk eyea ot lb audleace. MI U ja
vtove IvVvKokia wm Uutrally IniiwaM
ba JJktuui Martha usd as tiirally bratut
down lb iiuuwe ntuw ak At du'a
upua ibe advaaeea of bis S-tlaale iWcei
kaey in tk ganten scene. Tb iM of
Mb ImhU) Mordaur it very liv-dy
vettloa of that love sk k youtk Mt
Mortiwef wtai a ale Itltl sog. but th
tMtht past of aver vote, uua far ran;,
volume, egpteaaUiB aad Aexibilliy would
apt ar to be taos note of uer i.r
jegtoter which lt eveadstg were ea
caaed ia a pau of tM blue alik tiku.
and executed owe of tk isvaat a-orei
aad turprtoUg leraatchoreaa gymaaMiet
kaowa to Ike stage.
The Gaiety Skirt Daacete (wkatover
artieW of areas teforus a "gaiety skirt"
snay bt) are ccitsialy a cosMfikoti a to
tk gaiety cf Datlosu. aad tMf V'
luiiotia were Udly applawtod. Mr.
Iktt aad Mr. La are at least coat
MMtadahly ioduatrlus fun aauides,
aasi Ike elaborate klijeousstest of tkair
raakst at; furakikert a asuek MMNJtod a
tUute to tk otherwise uahaaraM bv-
ftu tk fy of beajttlful UtU
mail ml warriuc and vtvadlr i
iduauti Muretsvtotrg mult. Azal
to tugkt and tkrougk thai week.
A SitmU TMtiitrtoJt MviU
Tk aak of teats for tk giyittat
ot oot aad Barest t Alkavugk Me
Lcet)a Theatre opeaed yeahatdty
tatag aad at tk cbwlag of tit aato
ff ,tm Tk badkau'a are that tk
t-agtgeatfBt will a a tresseadu tuc
geas. aad tkt Mr Albaugk'a a and
kaaj' Kwuaevmetu UcuutUt trttl ke
tAcotned Uk ina arau Vy tk eai
vm of sWldhsture. Mr Albutgk k
buJM a a-uJ tkat eattaot Iw egarflad
fur kaauty ad cjmtibotwwat. aai
WagkJBftrtalaat wko a-vall tkMlv4
of tk irgtwtrf I t to Kidtieare ahasMuc
reagaxeoitut wiU a turwrlawl at
wg k44ce. Tk saW I'M tk
aad itomK etwaseaaaaA srttl opa)iee
w aVssPia sgsBBvaasaaa'Ri
AaaatM stooby tiaki la aa tot
iMttae MK.eca. The tteasitlua fiuu
th tiakty u iuu U.j;liiairf'j oUt i.
M.Uii liit' dltll. ii I bjt luilur , kij4lo
ijki laltcU U iJjli , Oil I till Ii tiitlil
liou i Aa irbh Arit'y j.t Uifrh' lt
nleril wrll received by tin- I ir
nnrt apprt ( laitvc siiiHenrt'. 1 in
crmedlan rerrderert hit grmnnrie ehsr
acrer in tmly comic style, ami was well
snprmrti d Marie TWc. wb essays th
part of AwiKih. rmwle a ohrttng slti
of MvltamvttA, and ttet gwssfitl a-td
pretty ispanish dance wat eefvcdly
trplandeit. Miss .Tpsthj iswy, wh'
first apreared here in "Tire ttenfrettn.'
took one of the leadtror pnVrt ne?s
fully, ami received a nattWrfm fecp
tion from her many friends. Altogctn-r
the play Is an excellent cwuwrly. m, U
gives Oavlor abimdant mjmrjttHntty to
display hit versatile tateatt to par
KcTimtT Wnntnea THesiti,
Harry Kd wards and tay Kerrrell,
two favorites In Washington, onened
the programme for ihe week's engae
ment of Hyde's Star Specialty Company
at Kcrnan's Theatre last nlaht In trw
prt-nee of a packed hmtse Taelr
Mnclng, dancing and witty sayings, al
tin neh a little out of date, caught the
audience. LHIfe Western gav som-
vi ty n-markable musical selections, and
bir feat of plating on two hanl'is a'one
tin e wt heartily encored Italic Clif
ton .fn and dances to perfection, and
f mlib and Lord, the aerial enmedlans.
do a very clever burlesque. One of the
stnngest features of tbe proartmme
wa Le I'ettlt Freddv, who as a Jitvrnlle
artist has few oinals. Ilia lmperini
tlons nhd ongs are excellent Helene
Mora, the baritone vocalist. Is another
strong feature. Henrietta Clementina
ami Charlotta Mt Felix are Aery versa
tile, ami their skirt dances were exceed
ingly well done. Yank Hoe and his
assistant, Omene, tbe .laptnese fan
Isslsts, presented a novel ami lnteiestlng
A Yontir Artl'l's Itetieptlon.
Le l'etlt Freddie, ihemtflcnl prodigy
with Hyde's Stir Specialty Company,
at Kerhan's Theatre this week, will re
ceive Ibe ladles and children who attend
tbe matinee on Thursday or Saturday.
This will be a rare nptmrtunlly to meet
this wonderful little artist, as well it to
witness tbe most refined entertainment
on tbe vaudeville stage. The tnallneos
at Kemsu's are designed especially for
ladles ami children, and arc tmvit lib
erally patmnlral. Jlaaler Freddie Is
always delighted to meet bis youm
ft lends and lndy friends, and takes great
nilde In holding these reception. He
Is a bandsotne. twllte and tnptilHr
youunler, nud makes a moat favorable
Impression In the tlch costume of n
conithr of Henry V. Ills receptions In
Ktttopc wero attended by tbo nobility,
sml in New Yntk. I'blmdelphlt. Hot
ton snd llalilmore br Hie best society.
Friddle speaks twelve Itnguaaes, ami
feels at bnme with representatives of
eviry nationality.
A. M. Palmer, the theatrical mm
sger, I cars a strong rrsemblanee 1 1 M.
FIciiHet. the l'refldent of the French
Chamber of DepuMes. and U frequently
n.UUk-n for lilm wIihii In I'rls Mr.
I'alim r nlo I- ohs ennttglt like Sir Henry
J nine", tbo dlkilngulsbtd Knglitbinnn,
to be ids bi v'lur
Tbe Fieabjirrians of Spoktne re
cently sold tbilr church to a man, who
at ni.ee Ktatttd n sn'ooii In tbe baee
ment, and now there Is seon ltecrslgn
on tbe corner of a One structure wlt'i .i
tall steeple on It.
The pretent empress of Uutdt, form
ir!y the pi luces of Dtgnvtr. celebritted
for In r beauty throughout Ktirope, tin
Im route so thin and hagg-ird th tt her
dd f i ! mis st'Ntcely tecognia her. The
ftnrof aseatrlnation for herwdf. her bus
batnl and sou It what has caused her to
Urn- tlcsb.
The earl of Feverthtm, the ftlber of
the diicbea of I.elntter and of tbe L idy
Helen Dimcomlw, who teat iimttloil re
cently to Blr IMgar Vincent, l a noble
man whose Idiosyncrasy cohsUU In not
)lpC ids setVKiiltor tradesnu'ii until
iiH forced to do so by a aeaeral strike
or u fusal to do service or furnish good.
Tbe arrest of Ganaral UuHer at
Pueblo. Col., In order to unforcn the
pa meat of an old claim for 4? Ot re
tails Hutler't advice to a political frhtnd
at Iwell over forty year ago. "Keep
your nam before the people, keeppeo
pie talking about you," said be; "If
on can't become prominent In any other
way get Inlo tbn Police Court."
The youthful King of fc'pnlo hat not
been out of the cradle Ion, but lie up
pears to have a full appreciation of his
position le life. One day raeeatly hu
wat served for lunch with the breut nf
a chicken cut In tmall pieces. He at
m ce began to help himself without tbe
aid 'f either spoon or fork. "Sire,"
Mid his attendant grtvely. "klni
nevir eat with their finders." "Tbw
King doea," responded lilt Majesty.
toutlBuieg bit meil."
Tbe wardrobe of Alewnder III .
Ctar of llutata, vlee la extent and v
riety with that of IIery Irving. Hi
Imperial 3UJty haa fttrty four dlffar
tul uidform. alt nf which k baa worn
tav us that of a Kuiaa otd wir
Liil. Although tbe titular bead ut hU
muy, lb I' at bas vo'ed uorer t
Hmrlla dr of a ttki HKr.h.il uatil
iltkratikhall kavehractMifi'rf.uBo
lilui by tk other Jleld iturkait afur a
cli itu war.
MUt Kliaor HiKkinghim, a lor of
lb Harvard Aauix. tutabawa apoiukd
a laMiuctor ta ibi- Uyai Xotiual Col
Ite for tk Idiad al LodN.
litis i;rj Othrr Vr, ut ruiir.
rmttx-i nrt HotlJ.
0 of Jay Gouiu's iatctaaitag UilaT
f.btivttiMt aeetoa to ititU lurtaar
t iitekjatto. He Ikattka tk tariff will
work no patttsuUr hatdakla. eNt
tto'tigk U HI put up tk uric of cloak
lag, iaaatuuek aa tk wkj hat
!.- Uilg two sutu f clotkiag a
jear will w teuttteat kiisttsitf wltk but
gw. Mr. OiHtld uvesloukt eMhady tk
frllow who has bta lutyUtg but O
suit year. What U tu be do with
tki utaitr Mow to k t get tkrottgb
tb)var aad ko kluatdf o goud
tkime with society 4 tkat pal lea o
Mr Oould't pi? Tkto U a itoitoata
All 11
Jtmw 44 Mt er A'catda Mat.
Ostr bttatel of fa tirwtUw today
aaxuairaag ai dv bi pete do to
tk MiXst.ky kali taaeiunka vssot tW
itbb.t of cor ftow tk'tatkaiaiiir
kVoa 444 aid M JaVwalnaf. Tk
atyl kcowi a C I. ltittealM. .
totaMity tlg tt (I M tt (til, trail
e ataei at i '. am s. loreMrty
a. imm 4 &. Ku. 414. lorawir
8t - M; No. 1, lortnefl ItVU,
mw 9 S-1 Cbildrent iwaa4 atftua
at advavced i tk same rtto. It tt
tktw tk4 lake foneif ftH DjT tk
Ui"4 it to tbu that tk tastfl
Uiagaatoaro ut ftum of guotla toa
'm apstaail Yea.
VM "vaaatoti to gtn" i todNMRl by
tu K York UmU;
aa w a mk trt t"jtl tad,
And tkMt&t0iKday kwkat
a iMaked eainju.'iy "(Hat-"
Matt salt to -y, k'4 (utt Hou.
kittkoiut a kafcituM,ta
AMt tkat M why th tW 'k
, d iou awr ww tut) uu
1 r ' cc Lur pul L.j 1 I r Ll Jo 4 u
l.vb; uixlLru.aiti Ij.i iic
St'i u.lc Ll. I j. i L eL -M I i-m 2
1lU 11. rwk a .J i.
two tfmtrt vPTvea fvm iPawt m
tnrees rtewi cai nasftsrawa.
Clsra I). Ilsttcj-, through her arter-n-y.
tr C Ptone, hat filed a petHfrm
for a bill i f dlyorvc from her hTtihaud.
f hsrlc V. Harvey. They were matrVed
In this rlty by I)r Addison of trinity
Church, in lcccmber, l$9 The
plslntlff alleges that het htmrm4, it
iht.ngh able to support Mattel!, de
pended npnti her for a living, la W87
he enlisted in the Marine Cotpi and
was court martlatrd for drttnfcemvWt.
He totallv antirdoned his wife 1ft 18S,
ard ha "ine hern residing In Brook
lyn. N Y
A petiilon for bill of divorce was
fitfvt to day bv Meloula Br'rk. throngh
htt attotrrey.'.Tohn A Smith, from hf
hu'l'tasl, (tnstav ltroek Thi-v www
n arrttd hv Ihshver, Colo., in 1-Wt. and
two years ago her bmUmnd ileertiii her.
1 he petttmrnW also charge' that herktts
hnnd Is art rmMiwtl rirunksrd, and has
tutted her with great cruelly.
I'rntmte irnrf limine.
In the Probate Court today the
head of Joseph T. Gordon, adminis
trator of the estate of Hugh Myers, was
An Inventory of the personal estate of
Corde-Ht Skldmore. deceased, was Hied
ty Alfred G. Gross, administrator
A petition of dohn P. Oreen to hare
Ihe household furniture ami l' sited
Ststcs bomla of the late Charlotte M.
Crcen was filed.
The will of the lite Bernard McGee
of this city wss filed today. All his
it si estate ami other property is left to
his widow, Mary Ann McGee, to revert
tt her death to their children.
Mxfill llntrm
The following order were Issued t
the .Navy Department to-day: Lieuten
ant Hamilton Hutchins to temporary
duty In ilio Bureau of Equipment as
tbe"stlstant to the Inspector of electric
llebtlng; Assistant Surgeon Lwlt II.
Rinne to tbe Plnln. Assistant Surgeon
Vllllsm F. Arnold detached from tha
Plnln on the reporting of bis relief and
mdered to roturn home, and granted
two month's lia e from date of reselling
borne: Alstant Knglnecr W I).
Weaver from Navy Yanl, New York,
and prdcrel to the Boston.
11m tllctf.t (l.nrriilnrlll Ulrrk.
To day Is tbe forty seventh nnnl
vtrsary of the appointment of William
P. Motsn of Norfolk, Yiv, ltegtstor nf
Naval Commissioners, to a clerkship In
tbe Navy Department. Mr. Mnr.m bad
ljten nearly twenty years connected
wlili tliu Navy nthore and nt sea before
bis appointment. He Is now senior
clerk In tbe civil service of the I'nltod
MhikI I.lnutpnnnt DpikI
A cablegram was rccel red at'lhe Niivy
Department this murnlug from Admiral
Belknap, at Yohehnm. .tnnounclng tbe
death, by pneumonlii. In thu Mirlne
Ili-pltsl' nt Yoiobsma, of Lieutenant
Cutxiniit of tbe Onmlm Lieutenant
Constant had listen til for some lime.
1'ii'imrhiK T'ih Ktlmtn.
TheCominlaslomrs are sMllensagel
over Ihe astlmatet for tLe next fltcal
jiar. I Iky will In ready for publlci
lion In a day or two. It may becotm
ifccaHry to leave out some of the
. . .
lterlpruultjr Iutrrtvd.
tvm far .lUxair I Nfcvt.
Tbe French Chamber of Dtputiet U
now considering a heavy retail itory
latlll agalntt tbe United Stales. Then,
iirobAbly, imr High Proteeit.m friends
here will coiumeuco to howl at the u i
grscloti9 ctuuluct of Fmnve. But re
lalialioti Is merely reciprocity Invetted.
Leuttur of All l.l.rr,
yitMH (ArONMAti IVt.U U.u',1.
For iiMiuiimenuil lying commend us
to the editors of tbo Ktetern high taritf
paper. JUron Munehauten, Kll IVrkint
ami all tbe llar of ancient and moiertt
timet are cast Into oblivion by the ad
vanee tliete ealltora have made In the
art which made famous the Hart of
other dayfj
A ctv Jurooy Trucmli",
from Uu Xtm York JlvalJ.
"I'm onto you," said the moaiilto.
"Come off," sahl Ibe Jerteyatan,
Mapping blui.
"Gaip He's made a iii.uli on my
wife," cried th meaqulto'si but band as
be Hew away, ami, lighting oa an At
bury Park lusa't note, drank hlmtelf
ConfeMluu uf loeuuipatiiauj'.
ytom IM ytitacy Jrgm.
That to very Hill talk now akut
Ibat extra tettlua uf Congreat. It wat
loo ildteutoua a piaittn for tbe party
to uMume. After a seaeiou of tea
metitbt, la which tbey btl eoetrei
of both Houtea and the AitudaUinitou
it ue.r bM.k, it woubl b a iKaetteal
i ot.!t!ioa that the gMto had swvu a
Heal it llwi aad RMNty, if it wet
)uud ueeeaaary to go ui Ik uroubi
- in exiieua uf a extra initio to dto
1 1 s of uoMatobed btttiaMi.
in l'rnlilul' i'uwor.
KmOUuViJ Tlmt..
With a greet iucreaMt of lb war lasaa,
u ui pitu of . ,y t a),Qtk),tia MruaadeMd
id ik UdhUa of tk people in th
Lt.si. uf bile 1 utd JtiKiiUeai employe
iif tk (.antral power, "a Goruneat
bf th ytDim would wrrtatuly tie
MrrkMMdy crliMdol. aad tk ooU.
Ilk Mtkieeta of tk Ovtar, would be I
tk ktvavu of tk Cotaiafder I Catof
of tk Army aad Navy.
Two Ytwts ut tt.
u It ttmmU Jwinu':
"Tk baat tkbtg akvui a vaeatioa to
tkat tkacg b hrlaft," aaid Mr. Mje
kM ha a tost wluek thawed k k.
"Yet." asseaiod Mr. MJuaaas; 'ad
tit Mosat tkiitg atMittt a uMttua to tk
ehaagnU cot."
a ms uuta,
UtU ted aad mk! to tk kdckt rtoc
itm &U catfiiyc tot two, at vfeatfcftr
khM ilsUlaj Ittf falMrtftV Ntt Wfcflt Mrt t&t
TaaW IWattrttWsrXl tWl. MMk IMWI tfWWtly
For ska afcvk har konk-iadeahdtfat--
yMJimmit !
Ma-Inkier AeM
ftd ar UHrkwj( vt of KatMit o
Ktcouwol tk WhtaeoJ tkat aortt ejp.
Lat whaur tWy ttoksit) it) Kaataa tvati
tM7 fsuco to luAk o vav of ttm
kark rtov of tul, Umm( t;'nMsvii to
bum & t "-!- Tuc w wat ui U U.
avaMef b'jw Wm tku prtoeof cj
yjty kg tkto ', tk ul'rtuw
jrwaaw caaaot eat It. akkottk tk
koc awmtow rwttator UgalU tt
papif kadw th tJ4 ht aktoto m. . ju
ilaSiS IfftlfhftHitffc' fttttk
V- FW W"vmrw
.J . mfttK
A C'unifliau ! :'.'i.-i-cf Ibe peace f'--tt-uily
rJQtd a untu IW fur thttMbkilog
a UtljtUU''! e"iot .'w
u-ukea vi.- WvaUtuita liati
1 " "is'; .
va Tinv i'ii H rv
, rntfTRACSATtP. M.
AMigtftn tronmt. trdnt stattd etrtl sjont htwa $1. TnehtAlmt tmVlense and
rtmtaek. n '"
Aiy to 0. 8. TArt.T a, fteainrer. Tfrtlaitf's ftewt, fee raeatMrt kadgaa.
t hj t iot able eharacters WUl rw etetnded.
Tvsm leave B. A r. Depot . i1. 1 art t:n. minsrltla,eats. ouwrt
Wl SOI! & U3ITS .
T?nv nvt Tvacv SllflP 1
We earrr the Meet Us at Patent
tlenitnftt ft tmiTut
Wilson &Carr's
I'tiililotinllo.stui9 Mi'ii.
Tin. OUO 1 STRI'.ITr . '., '
VV'ashtDKloa, 0. C. '
i nud ovu.st itAt;ri.uoiti:.sriti:iir.
Jlllllon nT tlin llnptiprs Ntnrt mi 11
rtnrttmrn tlntirnny.
Film Iht tt Umlnqton (r,i ) HurVt.
"Without a Initio call or n drum beAt
to nnnounce the arrival of the hour fur
n general advance, the million? of Utile
loads that lmve been so cinspleuotis for
their numbers In this city for several
dajs Matted on n journey Xortb yester
day afternoon. Soon after tbe Iievy
shower lisd ceased tbe toads, br the
hundreds, thousands and inlfllon.
r-lnrUil on a hop, skip and jump, and
tbe many Interested spectators at oncj
obt rved that tbo migratory movement
whs In the direction of the North. The
loads lisd lictn keeping close to tbe
river for several days, and the tiumbjr
that covered the banks for miles Is be
yend the power of calculation. The
tiny crcatutoa ccmed gifted with Intel
ligence, and it was noticed that, unless
beetled olf, they never lost any grHind
by lettsclng their hops.
Tbu liveliest scene wis on Mtrktt
stint. Tens of thmissads f the touts
came tip from tbe river or bopjwl c
alung the railroad to the Midway cr.it
tng tbe tracks and advuncd Mica an
ntiiiy up Market street. The crossings
at the Maikct street toll gHea were
bltck with them, ami hundred lost
ilnlr lives beneath the wheels of piss
ing trains.
The railroad proved an almost tntitr
mmintabte barrier, as they wero unable
to Jump over tbe rails, but they fol
lowed along unlit tbey cam to the
jumping over plsco. Many succeeded
In getting over tit first rail only to be
mtde prisoners lietwuen tbe r.ilU, but
in due course of lluii they tuecoedeil lu
getting out and then continued uarth.
About dusk last evening tliev were
crossing the canal, where they hid tem
porarily halted, ostensibly fur rest ami
refreshments. A curious feature In con
nection with the sudden emigration was
tbe fart that tbe toads made live of nub
Ik! highways, Including the alleys.
Very few of them were found lu yard!.
Their movement was regular and wjll
cler! aed, and they kept at it with a stead
iness that wat surprising.
(Inn Item
ftvm th JivkwHrUtt 'tllHfl altm.
livery last man, woman and child of
ut mutt pay more for our blank b ks
aad writing paper, and the difference ia
a robliary of our tvoekett to eurteh the
Ametlesn manufiioturers of tbe nw
maUrial, And ltupubllcan Henatora
have tbe etfrontery to call the McKla
Jy bill a blewing. ami Benlumin II tr
ilsoo wag particularly proud ami grat-
Imd when he took hit pen to sign tbe
Infamous document'
Not Ilicb, but Uraae'ul,
(Ar CAifd Trlitmd.
Jo Howard taya that Vard MeAl
litter "It a much tnljudgl man. H
I- m t a peraoa of iMllvtdual fortune.
II maritod a Hit! meatey, aot much,
ami ba been known her for tk 1 tat
forty years at a daoclag matter."
lltMllue I''" Maaliluii.
Vsm JrtMMrr'r Hot.
"That boy who jiut dropaod a had
picW la tk slot romiada mof Ut A rib
wktt foidod bit toat."
"Hw w a that?"
"II tiietttly aifd a waigk."
tVutlust buck tteebattsa
ktiaastosmlar ('ait Ui ti'tkadr tu.
Wak. Jk. Jktto. K. K Stakta, 1 a M. Trtd-
.' Net. Bask, 10 a 135; 1 a IK. Utwda
Kt tta,, 5 a U& 3 a IW;5 a Uht t'oL
H.K.W aWJ. Cut. Titto la.. Ma3i.
Wash, tiaa, 5 a tT. Jkmtt. twettrtty aad
1iut CU..V u67.
MtosHatwQMS Stosuk - V. S. EW-:'.rk
IJgjkt Ut, VHi V. LtoetrW Ugh.
UT', 1SK W. A G. K. K. to-to 't,
m-, IM; W JeD. CoaweitiHe U'a.
II; Katuefe UaU At', Vt, C UhW, ton;
Has. Market Co,, let Ho"., ', 110;
K'atk. Market Co, Huj... tin, 115: InlM A
aVrakaaJd Co., ', C Ittn, ; Waah. Lt.
toteMUy, !. a', ltioi. v; A mh. Lu lu
ft), il, r., 194, St; Wah. Uw Libt
LU, tier. A, t's, li; Wtk. Us Ugbt (7u.,
ar. atr w:; UjaasaVticaCV. Ut H.,
's.-; Atjwsfeui aWurtty and Tut. wa.
Kaatoaal ftuUi 6u.kt- Baak of Watk
togtoa. 50; ttottk ef RrouWie, tT5; Metro-uoH-aa,
Wft: Ceotral, 0; aWcoad. ak
tssaaart aad aiuctoaik.. :&: i'ktze'. KO;
1 uawaMt. IW: tafwal, I. West Eud.to
TwaW, Utt; Ltouol. :it
lutsiaoad atodt Vkanktogtoo hmX
6otfB, 10; U&rou.iiU. "33- Col
toaaa7 Ta; cattul wxf Sortk O Mcaet,
fifk HrktBgWii luwi teoMtass BI unit. Utc
Gwgtoa tvai Teatuditoai, to; BfKkv-VtstaV-'-
laaarturiii gtouk k'treuaa. ir: Ifrauk
Uu, Ui hVirafpMisn. 15; Xaakaaai laiut,
30; artknatoer tttt; Cumwra. eJ; roto
14a. Wi. UcruMH AuMrioui. ISti; ifAnuw
Hi; Ktggt. Tr. Vwifim. S; Lnw.to, &!
TW toaurtjs.- tteocka-itoal estate
TUk,l, fotoa-lTiilj,fti; Wajtkltvttoa
Uas4 Etoetck' UejtoStocluWaektoa
tca Uaa, .. Uaorsatovu Uaa, i t. a
Ekeirks J4gk, H&f
Tfevuue Sux-L -rViti-uwU-ania. i:
fatmekak. aad uUieiuo, C; Aiarku
rrrMjtity.-'kiaie l-I,.
Mlw BBx)otw stock. -WittWatoJ Mar
bet Co., IT': WtukJtojftua U'l'-i Uclufcj
in.. -; Uaeat FaUa lu c. . Btii
kwis'aMMtatttutu., i, Xr4tl U tfcJ
ui, m, sV.uVou sUfc i-W.. !"
WaahtoKtoa Luan iui4 Trust t'1 , is: Si
Ual Tjp.jgfthif, la. Mefv'ooiaaWi'. Ii.
ftwutftattc Uiui ' jsnite, i. Autar. Mt
fcnufiiy auJ Trut U u., Liijvuiu UiU,
lliiuw In. ' J . J-'..ji. u
Ba..dli.j ti. ,
T ih Stress Jortlrwert.
"eat ami Jtwst PtmHleaUmtrnetlon
TkitMSs ta.
Branches in 3few Tart, Betttn, tTittaUet
phla, CMcntm rwrts, nsglta leauon, etc.
lite Ms. Ave.,
Affords every faetlltr for aeqatrtmc athor
imgh eOnrattoa In literature, amste and art.
The Instrument tanM are piano, harp, vto
He, anttar, mandolin and ban. Mneaaae.
aeefrat vocal, drawing and fane? wot free.
Cor. Tth ami lists. n. w.
Knbrsees Six Schools, vis:
ffebool of rraetlent Bnlnes an-i Aeronnt.
foliool of Preparatory Praetliwt anllh.
chw) of Shortlianrt ami Tf pewrttln. ,
frhwM of Sponeerlan rmetwal rnnmansWp.
School of MetliiBloal and Arahtteetnral
1 rantne. , .
EChoot of Civil Pervtee Training.
IM7 ami Nlftht Selons. IUatrAtel Cata
logaegfree. p srj,N0KIL JAM rrln"lpal.
MRS. SAHA A. SPKNCKK, Vlee-Prlaelpat.
Norwalk, Conn.
A Home School for Girls ami Youag Ladle.
Number of bvardlae poptls llailted to twenty.
Kxeelhmt sdrantsaM In Matc, Art and the
Langnaae, Oymaaslum. rieasant Rronmts.
Ilenltlifnt looaltan. 1'uplU boarded through
the iimmer month. Doord, vrashlee and
tuition tn the Xnaihh branelies, SIM par
ftcholaMIc year. Send for olroular.
MeadTllle, I'a.
I daeates for theChrlttlan Ministry, lloora
rent ami lullloa free. An entraaee fee of '
for gas, heat and oare of room. All expenses
moderate. Term begins SBPTBMBgllJe.
Prestdaat. Jfeadvllle, l'o.
Stamfonl, Conn.
Bstabllshed tn ItM. Prepare for erilu.
travel and bom. The method by wblah the
mental tacultle are elaeatd will he found
la tbs MKond edition of Mlas Aiken's paw
Ilut on "Cuaeentratsd Attantten," now
ready, for sate at Ik eetaao'r, i Union Sqeere
'ew York.
New ftntaawMt, K. J.
Boarding Sahool for Bay t nud Young Man.
rreparas for tbe bast eoltauM, seieetKa
sabeels or Immmm.
E. II. COOK. A. M.,Iti.I)..
Haad Master.
Anna palls, Md.
tMst isstton eoasianees 18TH 8SITKM
1IER. Meat PrrtBMBts and toar aor
of study. Uulklle baated by stoara. Term
taedsrate. tVr oautoeuti addreat tb prau.
Utltz, Pa.
A sbeo4 for yeuag RtrU aadyeasg bidto.
at Mtltx, Laaatr Oaoaty, I'a. Mtb year.
A tela, aowfortaU saboat homa; tbaroah
method; earafut evawbtU of tb ladlvidaal
papH; advased ew.j of ttuay. vary ptaa
ant tosaltoB; ttva w heated. $W par year.
Aurora, Oayua Lake, X- Y.
Three fall aaarsss of study. UiMten
baaatrful aad baattUal. A Nad CtoWttaa
haaw. wMhlme raaJV next Saplanibar
ftiiten kaato. SSPTEMIiER W. MIS, hand
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A-k .i. - -- l
l UaiiU- , y St.
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one Wee, cmnmencinn
Monday, October 27,
Th Greatest of AM BnriesqneJ,
A ptnrett at tbabonflrm tia'e'y Thcstro win
alt the Orltlnsl Mnslo. Scenery, Conmn-,
Paraphtrnalla and a Great cast, Inclndlni;
Miss Kate Castleton
a MAfioVBJttTE
no- cnobts SlNi.EBS v
The Xerrlest Ppeetsenlsr rptn -tlon yr 11 u-
reqiM Hver !en in America
Tranter 1 heatre Price.
f-eats at Mefwrott's Mnl- Store a-vi n.
Qmec at Mnl ftalt t-'
i tlaltlmore, Ml.
Knaaaement f
Edwin Booth
Lawrence Barrett
ThnrsdaT, Nov. a-MBRI ft NT OF RSlri
Mr, Hootbas Shylork. Mr. Brrtt mbivant't
SatnrHay rttaht, Nov 8-HAVti.Kr
Mr. Booth a Hamlet. Mr Barrett n- Laettc -Moeitiiy,
Not. lO-.tl'I.tUSi VsAIt
Mr, Booth as tlrittus .Mr. Bsrre't ai t A-I'ij
WeilllrliiJ.Nov. 19-MACBRTII
II r BmithasMaebetb Mr Barrett as M dml
?VMy,Nov. ll-OrilKLMJ.
Xr. Booth a Iat. Mr Barrett nsOthfillu
tUWBHVHO SKAT?. $, 8W and $1,
Inclndtna transportation both way
tale of wets wilt comroeni at Rubert r
llller' Book More. RIB Fltte.-nth ofie. iu
TlIt'ItStlAY.onoBKHiB. rtttOa m.
Special train for Wn-h1ntn NUliMwitl
lenreTla Pennsylmnla 11 It. from Hlsth
treet Drpot nlB 0 p. m. eliarp. nrrltlnat nt
L'uMi StHllon, llrtlllmoro (three minute
walk from I.Treum Theatre), ncturnlne
pae ssme station Immediately after tliapcr
Mr II. C nk of Albaofh's Opera. Ilon-o
will Sncppipany each trnm. ST J;it
Kvery Kvenltie Matinees Wud. and Sat
Ilearpenranee of that Tragh-, Emotional
Actres and Beautiful Woman,
mpress of the French,
Puprurleil br
ttll.l.lA.tl IIAItltIN i -
And an Excellent Company.
The Jlonathw of ihel'Uv Maitnllkcnt.
JLl Every Kvenlne. Wed. and Jat Mat-.
Boston Howard Athenaeum
Star Specially Company.
The (treat Clmitievalll,
Futch IMIy.
I'onrorand Vox,
Belle BUek,
Bros Harlow,
HohMet Troujo,
Kate vl,
Arthur Forest aad Oiliers.
1 he Popular Irltb Comedian,
In an THaborate Irodui'tIon of the
An Irish Arab.
Till- WKSK-I-ldl-, M.Uaca Thursday.
Star Specialty Couipaiiy,
I'ruin Iljilcot It. Iiihuii'h 'Iheatrr,
llrouUIll, V.(
Next vreek-1 etr Williams' Ouiety C
ST. JialbMti MB4ay.Wane-dy, Vxi
0y a tut Saturday
Tba C-MDa
-I Ill-ill KH KEBS-I
Istba Gr'atatt at AU Mutlcal Iiutinmauts
Ilaeaatn It par furou any mottc
ttom a WttlU or a baUd to aa
avsvtar or a f iiy mora
.oaBttfirttr a-l or- aottly
isrfsst ttua aay uthar alua'e
Tfc Aanstnn U not mfhawl-U. but tha
msatfitnHtB-t'lttsso snouts that a pernoa
ee MM Nt to play It wHk f "" one to three
wik MtM. Yr rNt to this In-ttnkM-t
wiU h astai'-Mit a favor a
tat PA.AVB..
1 Aaeat for MUtmy aad Otter First
fr- "If "i ' "-" ""J
Horsford's Aei.l Phosphate
ereatlaal aad aread.t- t: c "
r. UaaMtstab aad iaii(rtteit-.
aMf. tsaaarts ea.a ener-y
stt vstuHty aBt asateant th f uxu-iioa-
araVlt. Hmta, ftiansii. Y . say
akaattasa4ajf saaatt vaa ioriut-ui
... B.
Urattlelro. St
aarn ! I r vuNsd."
Wateripttv . at to.
urufom cmauvAL rou..
eMWiakk a sat tk wo J ' a '- '
ktialaa1ataa ktkal. lUutUo-r
ateaav fcwti teat kt aak-
Importing Tailor,
im SntUaT Xrttfrivi
TaW and Wtm-r Uurii. i . .
Th 1 lb- Vlut-t i-u
W-Jw -

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