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The Daily Critic
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aaasaaslamaiiiiMaii iiian mi ii. hi . i i.hii- n i
vtwtnmtaH, D. C, ncfomit 30. w.
Some shrewd partisan, prnbabtr aa
cld-liwie "wrwker," ha hstrerj a drcttlnr
ailtfttsaerl to the neero Itepwbllcans of
I'fcliatretpril ami iennylraitla. The
Htrmbltcen rmrtr In ihat city anl State
ilijwfctls on Us negro voters for Its
majority. Tbls cltcnlar cutis the at
Unlfo o the colored, rttltens lo tUe
f cl thai tbe Hetmbltcans have raited a
fuetl of About f KW.0O0, of which the
cohrrctl voter should have bis share.
The circular aajtls that If tbe voter ml
ilreasetJ tfoes sot jret 10 of tbe n mount
it will be his own fault, as wmelcxly
will get It for him.
The circular then, with an Ingenuity
worthy tbe cause, rewmweiHl that the
roloretl btetlircn form themselves Into
flubs of five or ten ami notify the lie
ttiblleans that when rent for they will
otf, but not until they have been given
their share of the bootlle.
If this ftilvlce to strike be followed by
tl e colored Republicans It will paralyz
the bosses. The party can't win with-
nt tbe help et Its colored cohorts, but
there are so many of them, and the de
mand for money for other purposes 1 so
treat, that It they follow the advice
given In this rlrcular It will bankrupt
the corruption fund before the "Boaters"
are reached.
We are told that In Pennsylvania
thousands of dollar are expended ut
i lot- eli lions by the HeimMlerin, tint
Ir In Luting the volt of rl.n'er, titii
in bold Ins: lirjte number nf thflr n-vn
0tei, who, bavlac no hope of honhrs,
insist on cold cash In hand. If to these
hd other twee money mut be siipplle 1
to bold tbe colored vote In line, it wilt
be Impossible to fry enough fat out of
tbe manufacturers to carry the day.
Tbe circular Is out ami beyond recall.
Its work of mischief is accomplished
beyed undoing. All that Is kfttbe
Ixwog to do is to swear.
representative Kkhk, chafrma-j of
ib Democratic State Committee, sayt
tbstany Republican who goee to I'oan
tylvanla ami votes who Is not cleuly
entitled to that privilege will be arrested
and prosecuted. He explain that the
law of that State provides that cllUens
employed la tbe Departments here do
not lose their elllreashlp there by reason
of tbtlr absence from home on the busi
ness of tbe General Government.
A laree number of Qovernseat em
ployee, cltlaens of 1'eensylvjalii, be
ay, "held orHee under a.tHriBM) awl
Ahthvr and were afterwards removed
by President Clevblaxd for cause.
Then they lost their cltlaeatklp uale
they returned to Pennsylvania and lived
in that State. Hut most or them did
net de this. A great many of them re
watned here. In thin way they ton
their eltiaeasblp In Pennsylvania
Uvea if they bad voted every year of
tbe four tbey were out of office, ualesi
they bad bee In Pennsylvania au.l had
reeletered tbe year before tbey bad ac
cepted oeBee here, tbey would not be
citlaeM of Pennsylvania. We have
made a Hat of these men and Ami that
these are nearly two bundled of tbem.
As tbey are at entitled to vote we ate
determined that tbey shall not, and I
would advU every one of tbem to stay
borne, ae tbey will be proeeeiited to tbe
f idles I vilest of tbe law."
It wattUI seem to be fooHab for anyone
to nm tbe risk of Jell for tbe seke of
Wising a ballot for Dblaxatsk. Tbe
vote of tbe two bundled, whose right
to vote Is coavUseted, will not afreet tbe
i newts one wee or tbe other. Tboy will,
omeequeatry. lay thimiilvee ogoa to
proMrursne for notbinj? if tbey pifeia
la votiag. Whotbor Pattuok or Dauu
urn be eiaotssi, tbe majority will bo
in tfe tbrniaansbi Tbe cbsmeoe seam to
Ineor Vmum. At any rate tbe rauso
of baUMsst Howetomeot will be subserved
by bin wreeai Dclaiutsw steswis for
baassom In noUtscs, moaoaoly bt aaTairs,
n4 eaerwft metbodi in Oovernmen'.
TstM arosrrno ait of New York are
fcetttac oa Tasamaay. that to. wbeo
thy bet. for that eJactioa Udustry to
lagftislebwg Osjeof tbe saortee plates
Us nwes for ibe ttgbt aetsbkg to be
that Use "noes etoa't kaow wbat b
mto d tkst etetieej kiak." Tbe
'." U aaag "te't aatow oa tbe
nsw3Sjrg w pppwawe s samj trw
mmk w atafase, sonaoa nasi eor-
m Uwr kaow mate sAnsatttnt
IsanU Ism neanehMS atsabt te
eanannpsneiBj t wsjsf awswnw "naBmn anar
kigsllar Tffnelt ibeir gaaw" t tlja
fla HaMtyw iuir aye: 'Taa
siltgaal asMoeary af goM la target-
tfataaasm astt asmmsl tl taalasPat W IgUsamsasaammmsal saaTatsVillll
atanaajgai. ajga sbbsbbs' enawnapwant' naFis'pnsniBjnBingm' maaawnaie
bg taJMai waa awga gf aia of tat.
Tb Hn1 Wan to f uli of laiiinlatf ttaai
wka Wamai as scftute for wmwat ta
iaat cbjlna to catca taaiarfgot.
ii - sm" i
agyg. Aguuk-b-s; Wig,. yjaA--W A MkUaA ft
w ajsV aaaBBBBBBjaana'a fsagap neBananvanaF amr nasnnaaw
aaVaMsMaaasI VaaaMsV tfsMt saasatfaaamC Gmtf CsaMnasaW
aw anslaoad aafl previous easaasav 4
usjl 9t sfce cartevelc4 a irryisatalaWW
Tfc btt taa m oo us pastafa awt tag
; aynniaa toaasv
At turn. Yua MwJ-x. ceiebrsJlijo la
lew Voik on Muoday uigbt Cualhx
M Ltitw labt Vua Hvi.raa u
born a few months after Waitis. ton
died. During tbe two centuries of all
tbe gmt men avu great! tMtra titers) are
oDly two who stand owl wtta universal
esteem. Thme two are WAawuroto"
and Vwt Mot.tuB." Dwan't Mr. fht
rw tblnb tbat AwtAmm t.rrrt.! H a
man wbo stanIs out whit ttnivertal
SI OtJttwToSfc sys ttm during tire
jfMsvt fine yets tlra fllnfefttiW, nodnty
otl iM fmrtlrcnl eoftdltlon of Eng
IM nsa Wflrwwwaly Improved. t0i
Ik O. n. M. refer to thai pan of Kg
lasxt whieb Ereuctal I? xvr detcrllWi In
bit book. "Darkest Eoeland?"
It t Atr that Canadian nvMWf I
ftfrh"g In How Ohio dWrlct.
Votew sbf-nld take notice that Cans la
prists a four dollar bill, tt wou I be
rwufb on a hotHt voter to uk one
IblaMng K wm a V
rottfttTrrttoftn irwt Bnn nir of
! Toik bas a great manyfr'eid
At tnt be bee nee nwti in a frlendlv
way -100.000 times sluw tbf MKtit.Rv
Tatif! law west Into efTect. Jbttt vntrt's
frlebds are bard to suit.
Tush ts a wtll-aulWwrtlcnttxI rwmw
that Mr. Mt t neglected to register.
Arte lor World. That itoarm't rafer
to Mr. Mtno of tbe fifth Jlnryk ul
district, lie bss tegislered, ami 111'
name will be Dennis
Otto. 1'. Mojibt, late of the docu
ment room of tbe Hotie, has become
editor of a paper in Green wl, Mta
MontT iuhKis tbe mare go, mil It
doesn't always nuke the paper go.
Fmi l)n 1Ii..ni statement tt would
appear that Sirrtso Jtrf.i.. Instead of
urging on the Sioux to outbreak, Is en
deavoring to hold them beck. Sitting
on the proposition, as It were.
Ax rstkhmisino Itmx lnwjed a
fellow-countryman In Xew York and
robbed him of $30 The police then
laoed the e. t. and yanked him Into
I)k. Knokk is thr Republican cimli
date for Congress In the Fourth South
Carolina district. He U oppited to the
Mi Kixi.kv act and the Louor bill.
A IIi.oominuto.x (ill ) paper In?
found two men who want to fee ll.n
ntsox re elected. Prolmbly the Post
matter ami his deputy.
Kcsik SMOKiNd of otgarette
hilled a young man In Xew York. A
tittle thlnK like that won't affect the
cigarette trade at all
Tiik rwipo-iTi'Ot to allov wo ne i t
erve as lay iielente to thi Melholsi
General Conference was r Kl d vvu In
this city yesterday.
Thr Xkw Youk llRrn-nur tx Ci.ub
Is sending pemnr-raU to Xew York 1 1
vote for the P. M. I. ticket.
SrKAKRK Hhro's procession hu? ar
tlvl at St. Paul.
ltxw) MRI.IRVRS In piece, If It's bl
t sough.
J4rtrBritnn. U. UVIIr. IkeStrailM,
fleorge Koufew i,l C'barlvs Klny. Now
ixk; 1MM K. JubMtw, i'riiMHrtoe, X. J.
.atiQn .i. A Stin!r, U'arrontoii,
Va ; Gttofgtt II. Vmiue. V. A. l-ante uuil
V. A. Tucker. Sew York; W'lllUm A.
Klrby, Auburn. N. Y ; M. Slrshjn. Rk
for.t: (leonte W. Arebor. Mtebmonil. Va.;
It. 5i. l-iVf, New lUva; Wilson
TlmtchM-, WestHelil. Mum.
St. JaiHei Vsu Caniii BuU and Wilton
Eru, l'MUUelpfaia: L'barlesK. HunWeer,
Jm4 A. CmsmIv and J. Wsrreu Vv, New
York, Dr. W. II. rrair, Mauetou, Va.; II.
F. CorUee, Ctueinnall.
HHord" (5htk Soutbwlek awl A. f.
Chwe. New York; V. P. Foster and A. M.
Koe.tr. HosUmi; O. F. Hkbard, New York;
T. J. Ktlly ami wife, Knoxvitle. Tone.
Hi00J. V. IIej man ad J as K. Dtrle,
New York; II. N. iHansbury, bMton; W.
II. Todd U Wife, lHtlMBA.
Wtlettr'i-II. XV. Kotwortb itkil wire,
kpHn8b, Mm.; II wiry Ktgw, IhMtoa.
WormleSt Francis T. Chseibers, FbtU-
Kiakwejer, YoekMS, J. klgr
Hull, New York.
Muraw-K. 8. Kergssu, Hartford: It.
P. aUedaa. Corsing, N. Y., W. F. Crosby
sad wife, Jacksonvills, Fla
Arlimfknt Oeorge II. CiMy, New Yurk;
C. X. Gilwaa and Usury a HmUk. New
York; J 11. Walton, IMla4Kbl; ilorsee
WiJJJs, Toroato; WUIUm f. fluut, Hostea.
AruotHxou FullsiUw, Ohio; Mr. and
Mr. James H. Paler, Segiuaw, Mick.
.XijnuautUMr sad Mrs. W U. Uows,
t'MSM' Rapid, Iuwa; B. Auttiu, Oaaada, J.
X. Van Hriut and wils, Brooklyn.
Kllntt C'harle Jusumoh and Mr. and
Mrs. Charles T. Mult. Nbw York; n. F.
. esteott, RaHtmore; E S. Kase, DeavUW
Fa ; C. W. luubUly. Uevebual; Hoe. D
8. TkotnMw, VsrwdlbM, Jty.: W. M. Uuuee,
Jtml .uAmoi-K A. sbdcliCe, CWuisui
T. Kaaagssa. Jsmii; J. W. Wise uei
n . WW MM wise.
aaeaweml, Va., K I. K
Wrtaae. At
J. . MaaVdux, Warreotue, V.
iuitfrtu'V- K. Hooper, sVdtloMare;
Mrs. Lewis, ViigiaU.
Ill IUscptbMi Will k IHarat.
Pram O Omaha WorU-UmU.
Wbca Major MeKiaky reacbed borne
the otber day SmM) ealbuistt- eltUea
Hkffouaded bto bowse aad lueslly
cheered bisu Tbe Major t banked his
ndgbbors. aad, referrias to the Utile
bUraamad after bias, unarm fed that
it was aa America bill Ut every liae,
lMafph aad oage. After tae ea
tbiufcetk S.taw have pitrnhsiesl Vaeir
W later elotatax it to likely Hut Major
McKtaiey's next waLootu borne waM be
a chotus of eroaas.
Uy UTtotety.
em ta Mm FertJaaeaL
Waaa mjcBrtary Tsaty aeisaV ta
aNasaassiaaa toraaasi boat ajksahsuabl be
cajaaaaMnt FataV
lart'sstiii waw ho tv,
w ejsBjSsa sv vtejppsa
WhltflB aOCmmmW JfatfUssBasI fiasfial flf eaamt astaaafat.
anwp" ssaesnnwwgS" waswsar e""' w 'waaw "ssyaa
WIuji she mitt lis m. aaala. nkm and
" pw wawa sBsanswaiBo swa eseswaaav najajFenw'
mmm, ...
-fern law Mtate'ws tea bat uwu
Vbee bkAlbater-e
out ut
aVbiiii our Chauact meto maatoa wLuoi
w jawee w 'mnawwBje"wrw wnaanear asnaminemamr was"
Vbea Tsreranll gees to esasoeer tbet taa'l
That toeotoertbaa bubo's far awaed "oxul
Axil i.i-d Un.lt Mi kmitl rcuurter uu hit. i
WUt uexi'
c y, . Anil i.
a menu' Btwuw Ojie Hwtrt.
The le of sears will open to-morrow
morning for tbe etfnfement of Mr.
Lewis Morrison in "Faust." The Sn
FraMiro Daili Rtmrt sy The torv
of "Fant.' heretofore known M our
theatre proers onlt through the lltirctn
nf r?ounod' opefs, was orf-snteil ai ttw
Baldwin lst nlebt in Barle Brnarjs
dramatic verl"n, to a full bonne. Mr.
Morrison, who was warmly weff-wned.
makes of Msjihint'iptottn tbe eentral
figure, and a picturesque otre. bts fwe
afti figure lending thenwelttd twt-ltiy to
tbe rrte, while hN attitudes and wtiw,
d tbe reading of the lines, are the
vtry flnr-M reult of artis'l stirlv, and
ibe wbfde perwmatlon lacks b'it one
thing lnptrtton to nuke It sur
rmfwiarlf great.
X lei Roaabei Morrison ats the ear.tn
wt besntlfnllr. with tenderness ami
with much of the Meal feeling which it
need. Theothtr characters are nu
menna and well sustained, ih In
Mtwtfnn nf the people ha vine bwn
mt Intelllcent, resulting In stige plo
tims full of life and reality, to which
the beautiful scenery of Yuegtltn and
the admirable mechanic tl and lleht ef
ffct including the electric cross,
flowers and sword already melt famous
bv Mr. Irving form important ad
junct. The scene on tbe Ilrocken is
esptcially Impressive. Recall were re
celvid after each act. "Faust" should
be seen by every San Francisco theatre
goer. A week seems a short inn for it
.Nfff Nnlliunil Tlirntre.
On next Monday evening Coorted's
Optra Company will begin a week's
engagtment at the Xew Xatlonnl
Theatre, presenting for the first time In
Washlneton Atl'ltih Mueller's romantic
work. "The King's Fool " This opew
was given lis first American production
at the Columbia Theatre, Chicago. In
December, l!S. and Its success was em
phatic and immediate. Mr. Conrled's
company afterwatds mode a successful
trip to the Pacific coast and toured the
Western States Tim flrt Xew York
production of "The King's Fool" took
plsre In January last. The company
Includes the Misses Hettina Pitilelfonl,
ltlta Sclby. Annie Husll, Frances
Ilousscau, Ma Kltzlme.li, Lulu Xlchols,
Koo Flitmnn and Ferris Il.utrrmn.
.John .1. IUIThuI, Clnulis F. Lane and
Frederick Eckhnidt.
Among the features will be the ap
penrance of the female fencers who
will be teen In exercises with r.jlls, (lug
gers and broad swords.
"The King's Fool" will be given
every night, excepting Saturday; also
at the "N ednesday and Saturday mati
nees. On Saturday evening there will lie a
rpeclul performance of "The Gypsy
Iinron," the music of which Is the bett
ever composed by tbe wait, wizard
Iloo'll nnil llxrrrt'.
1 be sale of seats will open to-m kmiv
morning for tho llioth nnd IUrntt o i
gsgement at Albaugb's Xew Lyceu n
Theatre, llalilmore, at Miller's lo.ik
store, ftllO Fifteenth street, next to
Western Union oltlce. The Washing
ton tilghts for the first week of the
rngagement will lie Thurslay, Xovem
ler fi. "Merchant of Venice." and
Saturday night. Xovember 8, "Ham
let." During the sesoml week there
will be three special excursion nights,
vl. ; Monday, Xovember 10, "Julius
CVtar;" Wednewlav. Xovemlwr 13,
"Machelb,"' and Frfdav, Xovember II,
"Othello." Reserved 'seats $, 2 .V)
and ftt. Including trnnsporUtlnn IkKIi
waj s.
..Ilriirln nf .nw York" ut ILtrrU'.
The latest success, "Hearts of Xew
York," will he at Harris" next week.
Introducing William V. Mines and Ml
Karle Keudngton. The (day Is of the
conudy order and iossees a wealth of
beautiful scenic and marvelous me
chanical effect'. Introducing a genuine
jwtrol wngoo, drawn by two horses.
Tilt! tire scene ami tbe hero's rescue are
tbe most realistic ever attempted.
"Hearts of Xew York'' H full of
bright, sparkling specialties, catchy
sooge, beautiful music, true comedy,
ami abounds In thrilling situations
Tbe piece U one of the best of Its kind
ever produced, and has been highly
successful Id Its previous engagement.
KeruHU' w WMihlDgtoa TlieHtrs.
Lester and Williams' Ix)ndonX'orelty
and Gaiety Company will make lu tirst
appearance at Kern in'a next Jloailav.
Its burleto,ue, entitled "'ile anl Jack,"
Is pronounced the greatest bit of the
season. Tbe casi U an excellent oee,
and Includes beautiful K,trella Sylvia, in
tbe pretty character of tbe Vrinct. The
burletijue is interspersed with special
ties. Including the Washburn SUters,
Sid Knsoa ami Annie Qieen, Gallagher
and West, Lester ami Williams aad
Polly McDonabl. A novelty will be
presented in shape of a fencing exhibi
tion by tbe celebrated champion lady
fencer. Mile. Kaglebart, assisted by ths
sword womes, Miesee ItoMaaoa and
KiwUll. Mile. Eeglebart offers W f.
any feneer, male or feotale, whom she
lw to dfeat. SeaU bow oa sale.
Hyde's Star Specialty Compaay, with
Its great cards, Yank Hoe. Omasve,
Heleae Mora and Le Petit Fratblio. to
pet-Mag Ibe bouse this week. Ltdies'
mariaee to morrow, including l Petit
Freddie's reeeptbm.
Caeaiaal Almioaiia. Arsa-Uabop uf
Turin, tasiyiag.
Lord Teaaysoa tiQatemolaisw a
voyage far tbe baaeii af his beahh.
Hesarieh lieiao's sitter. Mat. IS aV
doa ceiebrated bar IKHb airthsksy toot
Suaiiay. receiviag ooagiatMlatory talo
giame from all over Europe,
Mrs. John W. Mackay started the
autumn ateasoa la the Amaricnn eosoay
la Loadoa kt week by a misenlna
givea lo meet her father, Coloaal Dsatel
Sir John Puleatoa's youagor daugh
ter, AUee, who was bora la the tasted
States white her father was a partner
with Jay Cooke, will sooa mary Fraacto
Garf ora Breatoa -
Dsoayelue Lardaer Bourekmot to the
aaiwegrvea ia Luadoa saaowarwmeato of
Hat tote dramatist' death, nays Oaaay
Ball, aad thai to penhihly the auihorita
ttett font of the nam.
sttoaoa HuaUagsoa of Syracuse toes
to far at to doclare that more thaa half
of the HdijfJott orgaaitaUoae. great or
sKsaaaaaaaL US UA am9sasWss4 afaTsasOaABasa) Gssnaasasfa
(MBaafisapV Ul Laa JWfiasYOsl Uft ssaM MfMHst ' '
JMaco Vladimir U.goroaki, aow W
years old. aad fur the but tweaty tte
yean governor f Moscow, to tseenaatawl
from s liae of warriors famous tot Kut
alaa htotory fur ceaturk-s. He saatto
gumaad blipstif at the aeasulT of Wet
taw ta the Potiah war, the Hunjariaa
uewfalga td la the Crimea.
The Friaceas Vktoria of Pritataa to
aad toduatrtoa by bavlAg all hat teout
pmiy gudff bt itefstajtT wmh the ex
t;ertjot) of four GrtooaeJ shNaata, These
wm otdierottj for tw Ptteceat by (he
fialfsfjfpaaaaT 9 ssWtssaw-aw'aja s FPsgav saw -eaVvasjmiymi
ate sue VwT sits avst to ti.
jtfum 'Xl luuuuul't hn.jili.r
Ah, if Ibe WoUictt luj'.J V.jU: IluT
tbey wov-lii ue LUt iluu'nt 1-,'icJ hi
.i. at. .1 Major Mi.htii . y - u.K
btihop fniAH's ;mict
The tititMhwt stew-etews iMcfMwt t
rteht r in vestnnm twr-t-
iim T.-nrht.
CnMio. Oct. 8. Tire grsttdest re
nffmts ce'ebration and pafcsirt ever
beld In tbe Wet, or perhaps In tb
wbole country, frilb tire etceptlon of
the exetcrws lm-Mwtl to ttee best jwwI
upon ArchWshnp Olbbww of tbe hat
and ring of a Cardinal, commenced tare
In-dit. Twenty-five years ago on
Saturday next young Sv. Ixwd prfest
n conserrattd at Xathtllh. Tenn., as
Bishop of that olocee. Fifteen years
later that same priest awl Bishop,
balttg filled that popular ami lm
roitant see for that length of time
was raised to tbe ecclesiastical dliinlty
of Archbishop of Chicago with an arch
diocese which, In material ami splrltutl
Importance, Is among the first in the
wotld. The celebration which op-ns
today, therefore, I In honor of the
silver Jubilee of Most Hev. P-ttrick
Alienisms Feeban, and Is the result of a
spontaneous desire not only to recognlr
the anniversary of a most Important
event In the history of the Itoman
Catholic Church, but as a tribute to the
pomilatlly of the Archbishop himself.
Xever in the history of Chicago hts
thetc been such a procerslon of prelates
and musts as wvttiUd Its way this morn
ing dowh Chicago avenue to the Cathe
dial of the Holy Xante. First came
the acolytPS ami cross bearer, f dtowed
by over MO priests from this and nrleh
librlng dioceses. All were vested In
surplice and cassock. A hnlt was mode
at the parochial residence. Here the
procession was Joined by Archbishop
Feeban, Archbishop Hyan of Philadel
phia, Ulshops Ilenne-wy of Dubuque,
Chatard of Vlncennes, Ind.; Cosgrove
of Davenport, ltlchter of Grand ltnplds,
Flascb of 1-a Crosee. McCloskey of
Lousvlllc, Hyan of Alton, Jansson of
Helltvllle, SMtiIdlng of Peoria.; Mon
filpnnr Inlnger, administrator of the
arch diocese of Milwaukee. Vlcntr
General Gleason of XuMivlllo, Fither
KnvaURgh.presIdentof XI igara College.
Falbir alsh, president of Xo'.re
Dame University, and F-illiur Veil of
Memphis. The visiting prelates were
vested In purple mantle, surplice nnd
raseock nnd each was accompanied by
two chaplsln. Preceding them was a
censor-bearer and n boat'hoarer. The
procession was nearly 1,000 strong and
presented a magnificent spectacle, and
as It entered through the portals of the
Cathedral the great organ nnd an or
chestra of thirty six pieces ren lered
Meyerbeer's grand march of th
Solemn p-intlrte.il high mas wi
thin celebrated, the Archbishop him
self Inlng the celebrant. At the end -f
the mass an eloquent set mon wi
preHched bv Archbishop Ityiin of
Philadelphia'. The Episcopal b-nu-llr
tldi, pionounced by Atcbblshon F.-e
ban, btouebt tbe elaborate rervlc'-i to
a dote. This afternoon the An i
bishop will be beniusted In the trrvul
hall of the Awlltorliim, covers belnc
laid for 400 guests. This will he fol
lowed by a reception In the public p tr
iors or tbe lintel.
Iletween 30,000 and W.000 people are
expecteil to participate In the grand
torchlight procession to night. The
Foicsters alone will put 1.000 men In
line. The precession will be divided
Into four sections, the first being com
posed of Italliins, military colored peo
pie and French; the second of Germans,
the third of Polee nnd ISoticmluni, and
the fourth of KnglUh speaking citizens.
Heblnd tlie will come tho organized
societies Kvery man will carry a
torch or lantern, and must wear a
miniature United States tlag In tbe
button bole of bis coat. There will be
sixty bends In line, ami thousands of
dollars worth of fireworks will be sent
up. Tbe Areh'jlsbop and bis guests
will review the procession from the
bii!, ony of the auditorium.
CuDcemlnc itllunitl Wealth.
Fr lit ToUiUt M4.
Tbe colossal wealth of a score of men
dosen't count for the whole nation's
prosperity, by any manner of means.
Remember this, ye burdened farmers,
when Republican orators point you
with ptkle to the success of the Iron
ami steel monopoly la thUeouatry, and
believe tbem when they tell you It U
due to the protective wilff. Then
pause to consider bow raueb you have
contributed and where to your share of
tbe beaesuf
l.ote' Teat,
Good by, wt love; we've rotated to-
O'er mil sad vate. through furso aad
But Fate, with rold and hmdimeil bears,
Jlw now deemed that we must part.
K aoer I'd take ytm to the shore
And ktec leW wet mug o'er aad e'or,
To itmwimr aaU or poseelul etointew,
But, love joa eat tee maay oysta.
-if. . rw..-
Kxamlaer State who wsute the
'Sobs; af the Shirt." aad quote the
CaaAlnte Thaniai Moore. "Oosma
at la this hasam,1 ate.
KpHaikh an Tito lluMe Xhl.
They stale taswaher waa am was joaaar.
Tsawther Sey efiaiai ttU Uai was
Horn mtar but aead hsat to ism,
Thef eater the aume-streteh aetk ami
-A' rer isVraleV
A Sl.OOO Ku1mmibIih.
Meat Urn Mm ret Wmid.
m of oar Pttth aveaue heamf hat a
f 1 JU hinwhiwntiiin. hot alaei the uv
hapar ' " mother wUJ bas par jsH
her to carry so coatly a trite.
A VtUMMse Si
from Uu ltgito Cuvritg
If nroatrtstm It atteh a blasmbag, why
tte tht owsWastice& or fwtt try so itaal
to aihow that that ehtef virtu of the He
Kialey hUl Ut tot ite f m lirnl
am MumMr,
"Which part t you worhiatj for
fuMa yot. 1 haeea't -J &m
amassjfs" w" 1 peawwsf w mwawmmr weawar
fasfiM Mft WaW kaV'9 flssllW A Alaml Vr4J
aB mwaT "Hif djpvagasealaplr ptsgae
(MaMfJsM'XaaaasBaaaamT MaMfsl aafsaaamamT ttk
son -'Vr1
W sjaasaaav asavsaV w4lsaF w ispWsjjp 41' mm. ssaa
mmmt- li tt Wsaefct
ami JaaaMDssaaammWmaml GfaWfUU k UH
asBaay bbf far1 aBBBBgiBB smalV h'haaW4 VHP
a uaasB
aev JtMiguMiat.
Itt Ueb Ibikl bttSfell aLam kuoW
tit 'atgir jf 'titiE'tmp .Juieut
in- Mill iter r ih jwtt nmern
From Vr WwjTWb 7w.
Wltn all that ha been written aboiTt
the firoa Mlearmrt onttsw, Jfega
Jsmea, utile has ever been SwM almttt
bl family or domestic relation, fly
those not familiar with hh history it h
generally nppned tlmt wrei! tms f,wA
boy dM tneir dastardly wwk the grew!
bandit am single, ami that, mtte bis
btrttber Frank, bis race waa e.vtln
gulebed with him. This Imnreaemn is
wrong, however, for Jess was marrfed
and was the father of one child, a boy,
who wa an Infant when his father wm
Vllltd. This boy now lives with his
ld wed mother In a modest little boose
on TrooM avenue In Kantt City, M-
He Is called Jesse James. Jr. He Is now
b nt 18 year of age, and la an elevator
boy In the American National Msnk
lirlldlrtg in that city. He Is a steady
and Industrious 1ml. and his small earn
ing are all that bis mother ami he have
to i xit nn.
Youne- James has been fairly well
edttratrd for a boy of his age ami op
port unities, but he is a great student and
has learned many things himself, lie
Is an omniverous rentier. Ami nearly alt
Ibe standard authors of romance and
history are familiar to him. When his
fathtr was killed young Jessie was too
mall to understand what kind of A life
his parents bwl leil, but slnee be hi
attained to boyhood's estate he has read
evtrytblng that bas ever been written
about the train robber. He It not only
familiar with every detail of his father's
life, but be Is also familiar with the his
tory of every other outlaw that ever
existed, and be can talk as glthly about
the dartng deeds of Robin Hood and
other bandtts of ye olden time as he
can about the more recent exploits of
tbe Younger lioys and Jim Ctimmtngs.
Moreover, tbe dates and localities of
every historic robbery that has ever
been rommlttnl are nt his tongue's ond,
wttlidl, though Jesse, jr., Is very reti
cent ami is loath to talk to strangers.
The boy has nlo many Interesting
relics In his possession that are con
nected with his father's life, such ns old
revolvers, spurs, masks, favorite bridles
and saddles of the dead outlaw, nnd a
great temp-hook that contalnscllpplngs
of nearly everything that has nppoared
In print about his father. To those
who happen to know bis Identity the
Kn of the famous outlaw is nn objeat
of great curotlty, nnd nmnng the boys
of Hie city ho f regarded with awe,
And wherever be goes young Jostle al
ways commands tticlr respectful hotn-BRe-
Nn Mnltnr Whom You On In Nun Yurk(
There Thrjr Am.
yimt n X York Shu
'Did It ever sttlkv you that cats veto
plentiful In this ultyT"' said a gentle out
who whs walking up the llowery at I
o'clock tbe other morning.
He poked bis walktnc stick Into a
dark corner nt the same time. There
w as a slss itml a sound of uhwlng nn the
Inttnnt the stick went Into the comer,
and u big cai aprum: clear out over the
tldewalk Into the gutter. He turned
and glared at the intruders, hts tail
curved nnd bristling, nnd seemed more
than half determined to attack tbem.
He was gray and black In stripes,
and had uory appearance of wllttnees.
"I bad a cat just like him." the owner
of the stick continued, "and I never
saw a fiercer animal In my life. I bad
to banish him from my bouse when he
was hardly more than a kitten. I sent
blm to my stable. lie druvo my hostler
out nf there. He made friends with
the boise by keeping rats out of the
manger. He would alt on the edze of
the feed box, ten feet from the door,
anil the moment anyone entered he
made one leap on to his shoulder and
began like a cyclone pulverizer to bite
and scratch all at once. We drove him
Into exile. He took up quarters under
the stable, and woe to tbe dog or cat
that trios to dispute bis sovereignty
The story of bow I got blm la interest
ing. Two friends of mine were walk
ing one day on tbe east tide of town.
One of them was newly married and
bad Just gone to housekeeping.
" 'I thought you were going to give
me a cat.' be said to hla companion.
' 'Ho 1 will. When do you want it?'
" 'As soon as I can get It.'
" 'Well. I'll give It to you now. Come
right In.
"They were In front of a little beer
uloon, and he led tbe way Inside.
"Tbe bartender left a game ef
pinochle that be was playing with some
lounms, went behind the bar and
looked up as If he expected an order
far two beers.
- " 'Get any kltteasf tbe leader said.
" 'Yab, I haf some. Vat kind you
He reached to tbe Uoor behind the
bar and brought up, one after another,
ive of assorted eolore. Tbey pteked
out tbe User striped one.
" 'Got a baskni Y said the leader.
Tbe bartender busted up an old
beket and put tbe kittea into It.
My fiiead bought some beer, thanked
the bartender ami weat out "'Do
you know that man ?' tbe maa who got
the kittea M&ed. 'No ! never was la
ibe plate before.'
" 'How did you know be bad a litter
of kittens there T 'Keaauae there to a
litier of kitteas la every bouM ia Xew
York at tbto time of year.' "
A Ltathtr-lfuuni Cupy of 't suit
Is'itr ell
A womaa writer ia the New York
WerU aahad lib Xeil B , a pretty
Lasvax girl, how aha kept the bottom of
her skirts to aach goad ortter. For aa
wtr aha lifted uo the skirt of tho tweed
tiavestag dieas sad showed me a dee
fariag of sued Washer. She told ms
that she had U put la all her street
by Scrofula
I la MMm a-Uif f U lOaUijr UVftoJ OatttU mlmm!
tlMQatflpb a fMftfat Osf tUffaaf HK4a ttlN(tesBU aft
aJMaW WaasasealmsUT taWat aaff)JT Omanm aaasaWBamaBlmaff
aVaW sWsT tH MmMaal MskaWaU 4JaaWMC
Wfa aVaJaM mtm$ laastt iSaaaasawaWa Waaiaait
aafaar CfidasstiUBBBBBl ,tt Wasataat taW4aVsW (sffaCa) am ft
imttod of hatat aas whea tae whale holy
sbbBbbbbbbbs irf WU4a UtaasaBBBaf sbbbbbI aJMaafassaat sbaaar
ml CiMU W aMWM4H4fm U tali 4tmW lii
4aVa1afJ aUat tJMswW i
a. immMmiM & Ca fcrj at fsu
aaajasaBjaaaw naaw vPBSBBBBBe
WasaViyNiT BWMa4stiv7 Of If QljiiaX) fct It aaai
taeamrtm which or he mieeafat aaaat
bbmi the hhwd 4 eaerr Urn of the rie
sjaat d gtoas to the vital Bold tat waHtf
sjafltiohwof aaaba. u jm Isarnn to take
BfJMaA1) ateawHaOaWUft dba Km ami amaaaUasamwst wV wMMT
my mbmmiML9. aW 4Muc to ttiuvl j
Hood i
Buld bj il lrugguU ii, ii t-Jt $5. fro-
iMiXeii ui.j u) ' 1 Muul) ACU , L,,cd ItA-i
100 Sstaee ttaa Xell.ir
TW If AI M HAl n
,, ris, f CAI Tt RAT.
fli "1?"-Zk mM ,i
ii. niuii I.UAOD
Ahalrsten, grontirts, gramt-stand and wM htww, 11. Wrelwlliis! eraeswase ami
Art it to o 8 f TAri.T. Treasurer, Wltlarrl's Hotel, far metabw'S tanejs.
t t.iect tctinbte eharaeters will 1w ee1mHl.
Trains leave It. A P. Uejert tffft, tjsw, 1 ami 1. iwmai rtrrs evtajass. twtt et
Wilson & Can's
For an Easy Shoe
We canr the nest Una of Patent
Leather Shoes fer Ladles ami Cteo
tltmcn at ft a pair nt
Wilson & Carp's
I'nslilimnlito Mine ?!m.
No. oao r STitt:i:r n. w
Washlncton, D. C.
i nnil oi:st ii.trri.iioiti: NTiir.trr.
Itntuantlo Tntn nt n l'ennTlTnlii tllrl
Htio AlHrrlrU nn Inillan Oilier.
From tke St. t.mlt OfofoJrmnrm.
On n prominent eminence In the
prnlrlc overlooking the town of Tnhlo
quali hns brcn n solitary Rrnvo for sl.t
ti'on j cars. It contained the remains of
Alary Downing, tho wlfo of a full
blooded Chcrokco ohlof, Lowls Down
lni. At the timo of lior donth tliu nlnoc
was ber home, nnd It was her dylmr,
ttipicst that ebo should be burled on
the summit of tho bill. Since then tho
propirty hns passed Into strnngo hnmts.
end the crave hns been In tho midst of
n lortifleld. The present owner, n
(it iitliiimn from Georgia, hearing that
tho mis it chief's wife, thought it was
duelurto rest lu n more sarrod place.
So her umnlns were exhumed nnd
taken to the Tahlciiuab Cemetery. Her
maiden tinino was Mary Ayer. he was
horn In Ilethluhem, I'a , was educated
snd sccompllsbtd and a woman of
wealth She had romantic Meat, and
her Infatuation for Indians was ex-trt-tne
In 1S05 Chief Lewie Downing was
tent to Wasbinstou on buslaees for tho
Chetroki e. Though a full blood bo
spoke Knglltb nulla well. While nt
Washington be bad occasion to visit
Ilothlehem and nccldently met Miss
Ayer, who full desperately In love with
him. Tbe chief llngared longer In
Huthlubem than be hat) Intended, not
being able to tear himself nway from
tbu charms of s fair it lady, nnd.ero
his departure, had won her consent to
to be bis bride and share a place in bis
wlpwam. it was agreed between tbe
two that she could follow blm to the
Territory and be married at tho capital.
She required six months to dispose of
ber properly and convert ber valuables
Into cash. Chief Downing returned to
his nation and with him It proved "out
of tight, out of mind," The ardor of
his love soon cooled and be wrote with,
drawing bis engagement.
She. after reading bis letter, re
matkrd that "It took two to make a
contract and two to break It," and so
wrote blm. Ilefore Ibis letter bod
reached tbe chief, he bad married a
dusky maiden of bis own tribe. Miss
Ayer, having gotten everything In
readiness, started for the Territory.
According to contract, she arrived at
Tabirquan, and, on hearing of bis mar
tlage, made up her mind to make ber
home among bis people, devoting her
life to their advancement. Years
elapsed and tbe chief's wife died. Miss
Ayer being still single, be renewed hU
vows and was again accepted. They
were married, and went to the home
abe bad built.
The life she bad long dreamed of was
realized, but not long was she permitted
to till bto bouse with light and love ere
death claimed ber. On ber deathbed
tbe told the chief that oa tbe third eve
ning after her death she would return to
him at ber borne. Uut be, inheriting
tbe fcupeislilioa of bia race, closed tbe
bouse aftur tbe funeral and returned to
bto borne, about thirty mltoe distant, on
Ora ad llivtr. It to satd that oa tbe third
Bight after ber burial lights were seea
moving from window to window, and
tbe Indiana believe to tbto day that she
reappeertd oa that eight.
tVuliluctuu stuck HxeUaacH
Saks Neautor CU-U we)c m.
Capital Vat'l hank, 3 a laif . H'4u Jfc
e. K IL.Sai; SaiM: itMiii
alt. Vol. lire la., la a W; tefl a lis.
Cum. lu. , a 41. Col. Title las., tee a
i; lav a ; 81 a 64. Che. X ft. Tei., 9
it Wash. Lose A Treat Co., teu a 4J;
kwaif; MstatJ; Mt; lMati; lava
if; !; IS 41; W a il.
Misreilneewt Hoods U. 8. Bteitiin
Lteht Ut, ', 103; U. Si. Kteetrte Lteht,
aa, , raw; s. u. s. s. mm sra.
rtS-'W, MaH; W 4c ti. Cgasortteto Vs,
M;MHUia's.aClmi Uti.
wasa. Jiarvrt to , it xort., e', iw,
Wash. Market Co., Imp.. B. 113; lid'd
Co., 6', C !?. ; Wash U.
rt, lt. 0. 1WM. Ml. Wasa. LL 1U-
fsouy, U, T', HaM, W; Wash. Gtu Lteht
Co., Sir. A, ', lUsi; Wash Qm UrUCo.,
twr. h ', 13', Htgeak Ice Co., 11 Mart.,
tmerlraa eVuritf aad Trust, WO.
Katloiial ataak atecka haak of Waaa-
togii, tiO; Uauk U ReUk. 74, Matro
pdeaa, Wb. CeetraJU 0i mtnooi, M0;
raouers aad Mevhaasca. :; CttUeo. 1TO;
t ohMuato. 1: Cattbal, lav; Woat ad,law;
Traame', 18; Uaeula. ' W
BaUroad Wiulu Wuatejctoe aad
QtwBUitowa, SMk MetsoonMtsa, V3S; Co.
lumNto. M; Cesdud af Kurtb O attest,
9ft; tVeyj"f and ir-iiliT' H-rme. mV
Oaowpetowa MdTeoilljUie, 4; Brtojht
wooC -
Inter on atuL-ks Fireuaa't, 4T, frauk
ihu, at, Uouuputtuo, , aattoaal Uaioo,
5a; arlmtua. Mat, CoKucaa. a; Outeja
Me, w, CUruuii tiearifae. U0, futomae,
aV; aW. a. Poople'. 9; Ltecom. W-
Title iasursa-r tUynhs stoat Sstate
Titk.iai; rurfima"1! Title, ai; Waahtofltea
That. -
Gas and tactile I tght atinut Vasatejc
tOBUas, 4aj; Um3Zvo Gas, Si Ul
amctcsc Ut, 145.
TetojiaoBe atotk- reaoaylvaato, at:
CheaaBeake" aad futesfiae, taf ; aro.urbae
fi r idM iifhime 13a.
aflsVell i ti i fF airtrtk. WaaBlnjt'"i aVir
ket Co., IT; WashhuaoB 5ck Mctktoe
Co., WH (ireat rail toe Co.. -; V1
(oa fatmsaiiid o Katioaat ahte Uo
oosA'aav; w m- -- rh-,t,va,
Waabfamtuu luu "i Uusi' ,i 3a
tteaal TypogtatJik-, 1, Moriui.iulor, 13,
ftMHuna'-lc Guu t urrWs, , A.niarlriMi
.i dill miid Tru-.L i 'o Co, :ib,..Ju Unit,
HjlCliJ, i J-U.lV LiUi
n , r,l
rr r.jp-i
Tft ttth Stwet jenrtlrwest.
Mert ate) Most Praetteal Instrttetton.
T8MMS, $K.
nraeebes rn Jew Yetk, Jaowftwi PWIsilei
pMa, Cmeofre, Patts, Berm, iWoaaon, ete.
Dot tt
Afforilj every foollttr for acquiring a thor
oMRhrtucntloa In ilteratnre, mete and art.
Tbe Instruments tfttmht are ptnno, burp, vlo
Mo, KtiltBr,iBtleHn ami banjo, tytneases.
Rnierat vooal, tlrawini? and fancy work tree.
Cor. 7th awl D ts. n. w..
Rmbrsces Six Bohools, vu:
Fohool of Praotlent Duslness ana Aoeoiint!.
School of rreporalnry Praetleal Enlth.
School of SlwrtharHl and TypewrltlBC.
gebool of Sffmcerlan rraetloat PentwMihlp.
School nt ilo iliinionl and Architectural
I rawing. . . . .
School of llvll FcrtlcoTrftlnlnit,
Day nnl Nlfttit Setslons. Illustrated Cata
lose e free
II C. SPFWKrt. LUTt.. Prlnclnal.
MP8. 8A1IA A. fcl'ENCEIt, Viee-Prlaolpal.
KorwAtk, Conn.
A Homo Feltool for Girls ami Yonnir Latlles.
Numl,p-r of boarding pupils limited to twenty
Excellent advantsxes In Mtisle, Art and the
Languages, Urmnaslum. neaaant grounds.
Heel thful location. rttpllS boarded through
tho snniracr months. Hoard, washing and
tuition In tlio Bngllth branches, $900 per
scholastic year. 8h1 for circular.
jueauriiic. ia.
Fduentes for the Christian Ministry. Itooai
rent ami tuition free. An eatrnneo feo of tec
for gas, lieat and o&re of room. Alt expense
moderate. Terra bogla SKlTKMDKtt 30.
lltsklent. Meadvllle. Pa.
Stamford, Conn.
Zstabllabed In 1M6. rrepare for college,
travel and home. The raetbod by wbteh tbe
meetal tacultleanro educated will be found
In tbe second edition of Mi Aiken's pam
phlet on "Concentrated Attention," now
ready, for tela at Dreetano', S Union Square
Now York.
New BruBiwtak. N. J.
ItoardlBg Seboel for Doyt and Yoang Mb.
Trefares fcr the best eollege, soteatlflo
schools or belae.
K. II. COOK, A. M Ph. O..
Head Uaster,
ABMpoii, Md.
Ult eia sesiBieBes 16TO SBITEM
BER. Blebt Iifrfwrtaeets ami tour eoerse
of study. BuiidlBg heated by steasa. TeraM
moderate. Per catalogue address the presi
dent. THOMAS FKLL. LL.O.. Ph. D.
Lltltz, Pa.
A eleol furyouBgglrls and yoag ladle,
at Utltz, Laaeaster Ceuaty, Pa. Wta yar.
Asale.eoBrfertaWi) seboel home; tboreagb
aetkeda; e&rfeIovertibtoJ the iadlvWual
pupil; advaaeed aeerse of study; very plea
ant leeattee; steam heated, aw per year.
Aurora, Cayuga Lake, N. Y.
Three felt oearees at study. LaoaUea
bMutUal aad bealtafal. A refead Obrtsttas
borne. fewbalWtog ready next Sotenbr.
Senlaa UmM HHPTBMBBH M. MM. Seed
' g. 8. FfiBED. D.,
, N.H.
- i nn itiiaawaaewaeBmgmimiw'is ""
I.-ituwiter, Pa.
The Bv. MtWtsWAtatrY K. aVH, M.
A-- J sasCHU aataJmsl jmmmmmmmt tlj
JsjamaMaV jmamasasam aaaa smspjrw aaamF'm wa
1 af the kead wiitirt tnstsir. At
yraiant there ae two vn aisnmii Mr. Haatmr
ha seat su w Sarvaed, Yale, Pitas it a,
OuteaUa. Idah, iiehanit. Trmtty, Wast
Femt, Aaaaaohe, Jte.. aad has aet ad a eav
aawt JBif ftaamaaa4aaai MOhjssaaV
T. U)KKi SCsWOt,
Ahtob slninmhool
toiloeathm. leHttatts
aoadwocav iweemn or aay aaMsje or aaai
aaav aore seat thai year te Yale. Heteaai
aadrsttuieaoe. SaeainHnieof ynasiiiiraeya.
BiwkY if jtym at. In Flrn
""ii i
"XrtaWsWWf yMWHI Mat,
Wi aad as ti at Chauaaw tirtldtajL aw
tewi Hat aesv. Tebiiona, aVIX
mtiTifO lACUXt a Xt.UUiNSY.
U . .1
Z.U BL'iU jg 8t
, nHHKr. A LI . A ,KT
MtB atatsaoaltawst.
whterl- ataaha-
Week of Horember t.
Confied's Comic Opera Co.
Etwy t renrwr eseewtng ti'ir'T m5 af
the Matinees on w"eflnc lay and
Adeiob Wtielter's Romsntlc oera.
The King's Fool.
SatWday RvenliM, Soeciat Performan ,.
Wall King Strauss' Opera,
The Gypsy Baron.
CMfMny of xty Artfsfs,
1IWI HetthM rsHtetfort, Rita Slhv
AiWsR Klaw'l. Frances rWneae, uia Fit
HitaH, l.iti iteliois. Rose Mrhiau. Ferris
u.rtmsn. John 3. liaifae'. rha,-ii-s L,i
Fwdfltck lexhardtann Ait n Ear c
Anemented Orckctra
Pant meiedortf Mnstcal Cond utor
Jhle Of seats Therwtay miirnlng. 20-it
Baltimore. Md.
KBgsgeirient of
Edwin Booth
Lawrence Barrett.
Mr. Donth as Sbylock. Mr. Darren ns IlasAmi
SalnrUay N'ght, Nov 8-IIAMLEr
Mr. Ikwtb as Hamlet. Mr llarrett as Laertes
Monday, Nov, 18-JULIUS I -F.-IAH
Mr. Woothas Itnttns Mr, Barrett as (ms
Wedr.emlas.Nov. U-MACDRTII.
Mr. Hoothaa.Mttcbetb. Mr Barrett as MicdaT
Friday, Nov. H-OfUKt.LO.
Mr. Ilootli ns lago. Mr Barrett as Ithot' I
BESKIIVBI) SEATS', , $.W and $1,
lncludlnir transportation both way;.
Sale of rests will commence at Kobert F
Miller' Hook Store, Fifteenth street, on
THt'ItsDAY. ncfoilRftiw, at 10 a m.
Speefal trains for Wmhlnffton NUlits wi I
leave via Peensylranta It It. from sixth
street Lepot at 6:10 p. m. sharp, arrivlnu at
Union nation, ltaltlmore (threo minutes'
walk from Lyceum Theatre). Ttcttirnlng,
Icnvo same station Immediately after tbe per
formance. Mr. II. C F1k of Atbnngh's Opera Hnn-a
will accompany rach train ""IX
Kvery Evening Matinees Wed. and Sat
HeappcaraDce of that Trajlc. Bmotlon.il
Actrees and Ueantltul Woman,
Empross of tho French,
Support cd by
MII.I.IAM llAlttllS As
Ami an Excellent Company,
The Mountlsj; of tho PUT Magnificent.
Next week-LEWIS MOliniSON la FAt. iT.
.LN Ercry Eveslnir. Wed. nnd Jat Ma's
Boston Howard Athnsum
Star SpooJalty Company.
The Great Clseaevalll,
Datsh Daly.
Coaroy and Fox,
L'tlte HUek,
lire Harlow,
Itolwet Trourc,
Kate Davis
Arthur Forest and Others.
Nov. S-C'ONItlEI) COMIC OPEltA (0.
OeeWeek, CommencInK
Monday, October 27,
The Greatest of All Burlesque,
A pUied st the London Gaiety Theatre, with
all Ibe Original Munlc. Scenery, Costames,
l'arspbcraalia und a Ureat Cast, includlns
The Merrleat Speetaoular lroductlon of Ejr-
leiue Ever Seen In America.
Eegular Theatre Prtee.
feat at Metaerutt' Music Store and Bt x
Oateo at Mtttto Hall. ocl
Ike PopoUr Irish Comedian,
In an Elaborate Production of tbe
An Irish Arab.
3T-K ,
THIS WEEK Ladle' Matlaee To mirruw,
Star Specialty t'ompauy,
from IljileA IIfUin' I'lieulrr.
Ilrooklj ii, ' V,
Next week London Oatety Company
. Mittings Meaday,Wdnedy,Ft
day aad Saturday.
njinilBSt ol All Haelcal Iasirttmeau
Buenaio tt parfenaaaay ante
NxaawalUur a ballad uaa
everWJe or a araeMiy more
inaartfaMf aad more aauly
a it st thaa any other single
Me t intern is aet aiaehaeli'?. bat tbe
Btaaaalaasa et tt I so staple that a person
eaa Intra le idar K wsth frum ose to three
weeks' praeske- Your vWt to see taula
traawiat will be ettecaaed a tavor ac
hole Agent for btelnway acl Other First -
I Lisa Fii.ua ikl. J. Of rffca..
Orajtd, Upright and Square
aaeetal aiteatluii ut parcuiacr a u ,h u-1
to oax
- AOTeHC fTYLKii.'
yn'ihw U namljrnn .r
"iuoSjUT dCOkative aht '
worn smt
Haaue at AU Pn..
17 Market Space
UN Mm p p

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