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The Daily Critic
wht oif rmtmm j& rtr
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SHCil ii afcaaSaaSaaaaaBBaaasaSTiiai
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linmiiBi Hi" ll
jsy MM WIV faepsnuN i year ...jaw
" 1MM Ml
Vf AMUmfOK, D. C, 2ov. , WW.
Tfcete sevms In be but Itttbj itosrbt
ifest MrKt.tt.nr Is it-alert The otitis
igalirst him were vtry heavy, ami h
hs Hoi at any lime hml mach hope that
be could overcome them. lie hM
kofatd at least to cut down the advent
majority against his parly so at to twfn
a political defeat Into a personal vie
toty, Imt the prospects for thU even are
nol strikingly brilliant.
The campaign In tils district lias been
conducted with all the noise and hurrah
of a bra band tournament and a fire
not kg carnival combined. This might
cattse otir special womler were It not so
plain vthy all this hullaballoo has been
ralfid. McKtxLRr lias the eyas of the
nmntry Axed on him "sot," as It were,
lie Is working hard to lie re-elected,
and If by any chance he should be he
has the country prepared to hall him
victor In the battled ami most desporate
political fight of the year. He would at
once bt-eotfle the Man from Ohio. lie
would be more than ever a 1'rusUlentlitl
On the other band, should he be tie
featnl, though by lees thnn the normd
Dsraoeraltc majority In Ibe district, he
wottld no doubt be nominated by his
party for Governor next year, and pos
sibly be elected, lie then would occupy
much the wu pusltbm In 1KU that
llAsE did in INTil. wlili the added
advantage of being ni'icli (hi tor known.
Money ha bei-n poured into his dis
trict by the tens of ihtni'tsnds of dollar,
ami If there are any purchasable vote
th re they will be corral It I for him. If
he does not reduce tli Democratic inn
forliy after all this pintle ami eiTort he
will be hereafter the deadest sort of a
Thk Democrat have a chance to
sialu a Congressman In the Twenty
foutth New York district. This is the
district made vacant by the death of
Dayiii "Wii.hkh on April 1. 1800. The
flection Is for the short and the Ion,;
term both. The Republicans nominated
1'hak It. Ahnoi.ii, a litmchmsn of ex
Senator Piatt, for both terms? The
Democrats split them between two can
(Mates and thus lessened their chanees
ttj wbIde either. Hut as Akxoi.ii Is
not popular It Is hoped to beat him for
the long term at least
Thh JW of Houston, Texas, has
hi mottling to say of a gentleman pretty
v ell knows In the polltleal circles of this
esty. lie Is bow, we believe, la the eoi
j toy of the Department of Agriculture.
The remarks are: "Nat CJ. Hhndhimox
J enthusiastic over the Congresslenal
prospects of JudgeSroHN. Nat always
as of a sangulse temperament, awl
nevermore foibsn when the 'ghost'
was walking regularly and carrying big
bundles. "
,JK Caxo's mast sanguine frleeda
olalm his ejection only by 1,990
rtiwsarliy, a tailing oil of 1,400 from two
years ago. Ills opponents hope to beat
Mm sad are betting that bis plurality
wJH aot reach 1.000. U 2,000 1 Up null
cam vote against him, as it Is claimed
they will da, he will he badly beaten.
Up U MAa&acHGSBTTa the Democrat
1 afe to elect Shkhmax IIoak, the son
Mt the Jaeaalor. over Mr. Fox. who was
MHiBated hy the liafaabiieaa over
QesHrrai KAaUU. To eves up the Re
jmhHrasw boee to elect Euwaho L.
I'lKHtK over JutiK A. Aiuw, who
, has beea sick and imiihle to make a
tajswasmh canvaaa ol tsm iitstilct
ntfsxsWAMB Dbmock-itk thhk ikey
-1M i minim th rtuk Slate. Ttuiy My
Mmt smthtsig hstt nmniy east boat Imm.
It would he too had if tfc W uptimes ai
saM la fHniin or twtmty JalUrs to de
hMeh tk voters.
A,ttMUHMG to tub ever a.cuiate u4
&Kjmtmmai ft there is a aw
sWBf Mpr h tow st. Om JhmU$ Mint.
Tid Is tiMt osdy scoop Um Pud hat hml
Of tassr astd Hew tsti to he wowd of U.
TsMt DtuaocsuTU caadkiate for Cosi
gsoas bt tarn Thirty khtssl Now York dis
trict imimWy be ejected It is a
HsmfemfiM irltlrtn. had faftanssal Moists
Miter assy Ote majoelty.
Tjw ctuuuiAB of he IhawnstriHf
icmMmmms a! kite Sssotad djFhjniiia im
Mfct uh yi Mkir Cuvmui S.
iWSmfw susn1 ssm" mb! mm' mp
MlfflWMilw wM h elaated by a
Turn Vmnwm 7mm ft sags 41
Mnia stf YsvatteJas aaa ikuteaiY niana tot
I uf fete GtasMwaass kasdar shesn,-
MHwd vote.
Is Saw Yukk em tlw sMMMt w
filiS-Ll-f- BMMSMttOaMM Ita
Hut loM. wits Mai odda m Tswwwt
liuu WILL V OXM Am iaUfliBUlABB
VMMSMfl mjmJ 111 aamar kw-QaUiadl h& imQMmmI
fflPIP WP"1 sminnMP snannssssBSMMF smpb maMmmsa
IT4JH a mimui be Cfcrigrtai ? Is
lint eiJUavanMl ias siaastaw s MVs os tlaat
MmmS gMtet H cat. khil ko he
1 s suaiTwm dao m aiiponrtM
thai Fualus ticket Is Hr York aot
m)j vasU aakiwiis wlussid va Suodajr.
I it want the rai road trains prohl ted
from mnnlne, the carrying and MU
err of the malls stopped, Mm tire pub
ihMttro of Swri? Wwsjatwrs pf
rtBtwf. Xr. Willtw WAt.nvmr1 Atm hs
init Wrdftrwi. toittfes i Mm when
he fa for Cowgress atfalw. Mr.
PtOwMt, .
ttAMfi!hssrrt0ot ort In
CMntgetliit tM & lust ffttntihr
cMrotwlt1i two pfs prtWel lit
rtSfWMtKTAtt vtTsttW aT of TeSM,
Hm Mftnt ma t the Itoun, tsrwett w
he r-er;td by an equally tall tns
jrtty. Stilts SnftMstA5i aiys 'Bt.xtse Is Im
polilse am) gtHMal, while ItAtmt t
wrlatr." Yta, ndftra M ft fefrlgefttoJ.
" -I I -Til ' '
1'jwmtst H AMHtn2 has gofle home
to vflte. tVilI he pfnte a inaecot ot a
hoodoo to thf 1?ooHt KcfmUtetka
Dittos asiiO Mmiw arrived In Xf
Totk yesteniar MKKitlnf. Tfcey re
ftlrert a myal welermte.
Mn. Wasawaxbk will snrmort Mr,
nnMATkti Of omtrte. "JMntt oi a
feaihrr," you know.
Tw-Mostlsow TAMvt.Usr will dmp a
Xirott. In the slot ami pull out a I)U
Aoonnt.to to tk Xrw York Tim
Q( ay Is badly trlgUunul again.
CtTT pot.ttic w is the text In most of
the New York pulpits yesterday.
Irs' cHAacMiof defeating kvoaru.t
are teg artlwl as f dr.
A t st al botb sides claim Imilana.
Mr. car U'llde Is romplttng an
alphabetical dictionary of Shakes
pearean qu itatinn.
Tbe Kmpress of Germany is a devotod
mother, ami Is Interestetl mit only in
her own ons Imt In every child she sees.
Tbe Queen of Koumanla eirrle a
gold rigarette cue attached tn iter
chatelaine, and mokts whenever she
feels Hku It. Tbe eomtesse of Paris
mnkes mild Havana cigars.
The late John Gilbert, the fimiiM
actor, was a member of the llostonitn
Si rifty, an organisation formed to
promote the study of the history of
Ilostnn and to preserve the anthpiitles
of that city.
Uutthrte memliers survive the Thir
tieth Congress, which sat from IS IT to
18-tU. Thee are Hannibal Hamlin and
James W. Ilradbury. both ot Maine,
and George W. Jones of Iowa. ILi v
these men from Maine do hang on '
Uf living artist, J. K. MliUls, GU
In". Oribardwin. lloehm, Al-nt
TH(m a, Mfltnider, Duran, lloniit',
lb l in r snd Left Ik enj -y pnncelr lit
ii mi-. The Kngllxh pilnter, Frink
lloli. a emtilig (V0 W)0 year f(r
imhi- jrers Ufure lie died
iammy 'Iraielton, a bear traivsr of
Ttaflun, Cal . was caught In one of his
own box trap, anil was In a fair way to
starve to death when Postmaster litter
brook happened along. Tbe postmaster
opened the lock box and gave him free
Alexander Dumas had a MnguUrly
unattractive wife, ami Is said to have
surpihed a gentleman one day when be
Mas lu the act of bestowlaeupon heran
unallowed aalute. "My p'Mir fellow,
why do yi u d thU?" aild Ditaus.
' ou are nut compelled to."
(Jriwveinr II vxl Graeme, a young
Kngllshmau whu. during the Hircliull
trial, was mentlnnnl liy the Toronto
II uA as nnssibly Implleateil In Hjn
well's murder, has sueil that paper for
fSO.tXK) damugts. lie Is the son of one
Iwronet and brother of another, but
drives a delivery wagon.
A search for the oldest clergyman in
England shows that ltev. John Kllkrtt,
vicar of llamlwletc, will be 100 In three
months. He preached up to the age of
US reuularly, and occasionally last year.
He yoes to church now regularly every
Sunday, and occasionally visits parish
JirsMdtlU'i X. MaBakatawr aad J. X,
Kirk. S York; Mrs. T. (i. rtltette, 4u
aspuUs, Md ; M. Gsrvia, Jr., MewpbU,
Tm.; Jettti V. PikUr, UwWvUt.
AWial-,I. II FUgg. II. Kahkolorr,
N. II. WoJps(iH. .NswTerk; J. W. Iliad,
jMMtWB, N. V ; (Isorge O. ShapeiBsare.
PWiadelpbia; If VV. Maltkew, HalUasore;
M. M. Ilotw, Uottam.
St. Jaiuu.C K. Owou, La Fayette,
Ala.; J. T. MumJ, Hmkl)B,J. M. rUSaJ,
BaltUaore; Alex. McDoMld, Lyoehburgi
Ya ; George A. Awsdes, SpfiaeiaU.
It Ulatift. c. A. VVaed, Lbter, Ps.;
Ij-I MwnMiohB Ml JujB Kefs, New
York; K. Q. Alien mmI wUe, Cbteage,
0oig lUtifck, r., HiUiutelJa.
Jtiy.jt Wbl KUsy, New Y'arts, Umtmem
FeterauB, rUluMpiO. Ww. A Wallace,
WjotiOng; A. at. Mtlketeld, CWeigo.
II tir' K W. laaalage, Aug. air,
J. C. Wstuw, Xw York; Q. S. FUeh,
WaltoB, V. Y.
H utttiittj't Uwuitd A foe, Mr. aud
Mrs. e. tteuiemia, New York.
Xktrtkam J H. Hmswd and ifa, Ti
NMto, tteterto; T. W. D. Osd, WeidSBn;
Mr. aael Mm. 6oage R. Uwny, it. Fatti,
K. i Murtrie, Wiadatokta;
I J. KtrnkaU, mw Ter,; T. FsusWu U
asm A. W. Hesrmm. Bradford
m, rugtand.
IMitt Cosm W. QU, Kaw Yeri; Oemas
K. Mwwf , Hals' more; (teeny C. Bod,
PhiteBliBda: imm Parker, Paste Aaabof ,
X. J., F S. Xaaa, L STXavy.
iUtd Ju.M-OIvr
vWm. Oklo. Jsbsm S. Etlteaa.
M. K. Coe and tto ett . Oiutw.
Und.ry- u u. Tsada, kaw York; J
c. hVetslor, Ada, Otto, F, atmwr and
Aruu-Mr.asdlaia 4ttHuciitea.iBdll
WiMMtttS BmbMmb RalllMaMBMMi m If MMI ISm ?
fttnarmry CurUa, Mew Tart.
jrenrttfod-JiifcBstane, isasas M
Ckksgo; i. im Barama-
til UTTLg WsU AJ'PjJi MM
The Utthj-lted-A tvi Tant!
Oh, MB I tsski Khi I jgila Ihav '
ka I wis the UuhTm l a ,
Agd JMMt Vr feua mt
Thai WunUrd's tUgkt tum lb tepm'
i Bit the boss uu tkase so btest
Tkskt tocked o tjf Uu tuyf ttw
dpdMI VwibbMMh fljw Utf WlMtt VMM
hW: A t-Jttk-Jted-Awtta raast!
V - . . " 7
VMftmesaMteB tBdIBBSUW.
ad tke vdd grae artar ao wete
Hwinr rhsi rsas anm kmi
itdtec.Tou. aa tho "" aateoaA "
1 watursuf Biarn-igssK
f ak sd Aj( away faaag-fim
Xuii am, in the 4aa uf oK
ush Uc iJUl Mir irejte TtBja;
Stvact as its jucitsttomit
HBged go Us iilt lidrt'l
AaTwited '-r Uts Site taw,
1 bVs amsw-o x'ttl sad BMjaf
Q(ta t4i.ukd tuftelSs,
Whs I ew me lsKteeja hit of a boy,
Ali uu nut a bu wllS) mm
A lit tint a JMmftBttow fturs m
ttm imt at smarm.
David YaThorough own an orsngc
gtore and an alligator farm on the 5'.
itoho river. In Florida, hre he
Std his winter. When YartWrmgn
bonthtthls piar. five rear ago, say
the W. Inula fw.,if lttmitfTtf. nelmneiil
orders to his tenant that no one tnVmtrt
he allowed to hrmt alligators on the
river at that point. He wanted ttm
to grow and multiply until there were
enough of them to furnrsh exciting
stmrt. Not an alligator was hilled on
the plate until last winter, when Yar
bnrouch took a ttmtr of friends down to
the larm for a month's ftshlnt and hunt
Ibir. All along the river which bounded
( He hle of the farm alligators were
frund In abundance, ami shooting
thtm was the favorite port of the
tine day Yat borough and his friends
were out on the river In a mall hvrtt
to tty ibelr luck fishing Tbty were
vi ty successful, ami atiout uml wn
static I home. As they aporrmched the
boat landing a huge 'gator was seen ly
Ins on the oahk. Three sh ts were
fireil at him. but noneof them .reicie'l
a vital pot. ami the alligator 'made a
da'h for the ater. going str tight to
ward the boat. The bnat was within
tin leet of the bank and the water was
The bis saurian, in his mad Uh for
diep water, ran under the bunt ami ovdr
tHrwd It. All the occupsnts wore
HiinwR mil on the sl.le next the bank
ami scrambled ahnre pvcept Yarb ir
ungli. He fell tl e other way and struck
the water right by the side of the alli
gator's tali. Involuntarily he grasped
the tall i f the anntn. ami before he
fully realised what he was holding t
was drawn nut Into deep water.
The 'gator did not o to the btttom.
Imt seemed to he makint; for the oppo
site bauK of tbe river. Feeling some
thing on hi tall he began to fash the
water Into foam, throwing Yatborough
around like be bad been a piece of cork.
Itcnlllne lhat he was now In deep
water, and being a poor swimmer, Yar
borough;iio!d on for dear life and shout
ed to his companions on the bank to
come to bis recuc He was thrown
astride the alligator's tall, ami leaning
forward clutched It with both arms as
a drowning man would gmp at a life
preserver. The alligator increised bU
exertions to rid himself of the heavy
tncumbinm p. and about the middle of
tbe river Yatborough was thrown oil.
and at the same time received a heary
blow on the head which almost nockeil
him senseless.
Ills fitonds on the bank had righted
the boat as quickly as possible and
were pulling to his rescue with all
their might. He managed to keep
atlnnt until thoy reached him, when he
was dragged Into the boat more fright
ened than hurt. Next day Yirborough
liisttuctcd his tenants to allow any one
to stu ot alligators who w.in'eJ to. II i
had had ill the fun wltti thum In;
An A nclrut SiiHkn ll mtliU llceiHitvN
kli AriiMtll) in rinrlil,
from tht ytorl'lti ! '".
A parly uf Jm'kMiiivllle mechnalcs
wire at work on the JI ituiix Hlve
some months ago raising a sunken
diedge boat. They IIvhI on bard of
the big lighter on which they worked,
In a small houe on the deck. One
noon their bill of fare was somewhat
strengthened by some wild turkey eggs
whleh had been found by aome of the
parly while hunting on shore. After
the hungry engineers had destroyed a
heavy dinner they left their dining
room and returned to work. The doors
and windows were all open, and tbe
cook did not clear otT the table for some
In this Interval a large water mocca
sin of nearly at feet crawled on board
the lighter, and wriggled Into the dining-room
through the open door. In
his prospecting tour he climbed the
table leg, and here, with a snake's fond
ness for eggs, he went In for a feast.
One of tbe turkey eggs lay alone by a
plate, and thereat weie In a dish 'on
tbe other side of tbe table. In tbe
centre stood a large water jug, and
right hero the wily serpent slipped up
After swallowing the lonesome egg, he
started for tbe main supper, and in his
artless manner crawled through tbe
handle of tbe jug. It was a rather
tight tit, ami he bad tn stop about half
way through, on account of tbe esg,
which enlarged him somewhat So
stietehlng forward, he bolted another
egg, and thereby fastened himself.
On each side of tbe lug handle was an
egg on hie loslde. and he could move
neither baekvvard nor forward, practi
cally rivited in position. He was soon
found n this peculiar situation by the
cook, who speedily killed him.
The reporter waa shown the skin of
the snake with a crease in the middle
from tbe tremendous pressure, ami he
was also permitted to gaw on (he jug
whose handle proved so fatal.
Two Wat Stone.
Jack aad Dtok looking at a f jualaiu
in play la which sitma of tin pipe
were ismmI up.
Jaek Some uf tbaM spurts are bo
Diek Tfcey're tbe heat of all, they're
ex spurt.
Dick waa oa thn Aveaue durtag a
rata storm a few days ago aad had aa
umbrella, whose roof was taaky. He
wet Jack with a perfect parachute.
Jack Why dca't you bare a ae top
put oa vour umbrella?
Dick Too hard a job. You kaow it
la almost imposaihU to re cover aa um
brella. . -
l4Uscua LUr VV rising
Yum Mr to'M OttiUti
HobertT. Uacota his hsgua wriuiag
tetter for poUUcdl purposes, aad ha tuts
made tha frightful mistake of uadau
tekbtg to bolster up Matthaw S. Quiv
IasMsactly la. oa of thaw, Viobart T.
T lamia b still "ateatiaswd'' aa a eaadl
datefor the praasdeacy. He will stot
h aaucli lasucar if he fopilouas upoa
this lack. Latter writing is Urn haae of
prwetdsnilsl camiiiiatog. It ruiaad the
nrosnecis of tha aohtest of them all
Hswry Clay alaaott half aceaiury ago.
ac4 it maaV Gear rai Scott rsdteulmn
bad short data later. Tkate U ao
aad to the hawac it has asade. Avoid
It aMestedter. Mr I ias"d'
itew iniwiewteu.;
i'rim Uu LimuttUt Hum
Aaoucding to t Jueut lamfat, Itesa
aate wM to adjalastter tha Uoastr
ajawt of tha Valtad &tatej te tha hater
eat of Faglaad. If that bat ao the Auur
ka uaaoc la la bad row of Hwaj,
for the DsiaMxrailf party aueahsrs la
its Dtahs a majority uf ou tamrteM
ytam- Do who would sdmlntaiar tha
ajfajs of hit eosustry wholly i tfc U
IsMStt 0f ssVaMtkaiF Mil rifail ffomjjrj ft
)Htim ku UusB a UtitOsr. Dotft Mr.
Bnjl r-vilj fattevij tfcua wvttlt.r o&
k9 A mirrMfiii iMQcUg m taitXav
ttaM ! to VfeAtjwteJtaaVte vte atuvat
Th . d U. 8. - Ou. U1 il cKor-
stea Uckats taarn WnajjIaMtmi u, 0a-
dafWas at ante of
late Jee alt tsatM
bar l. tad S, las
a am mum ttM aur tae touaj
bbb saotaaar a aasi aMsBBSB
L aoodlar ttteaa daM from
date uf sale. IBatUar UokeU w.ll : U
i-.j lu vUicr ou.U U tL. bar A fu
iirwn op irTTttntiiw wsip
A Atmtit flWitiiwwwrs nNHMwrret
lafmirT, ibe Crtm. PnSfNH t
tirj sm .mtrA, n I'wWTsjltew
A gBtmtt the rwrprtHv m
Olhirr Mntiett
Losnoji, Nov 3 Tim Dnhsj of Jt
jsvi will arrive at IjU.temlmrg to-dsy
and open the Chamber ni Represent -tlvt
In persrm to morrow. The cere
mony of taking the oath m Itecent of
the Duchy nill then he obemi. Ihe
Dnke will make Knenlgstntn Ms seat of
Mr. Oladstone attended thsjPrMque
Church In Edinburgh yesterday. As
tresml a great throng assembled io see
the eminent wnThlper, ami many were
unslle to obtain admittance to tV
sarrtd edifice. Mr. Gladstone ktpIv-s
addrestet from the cltlrens of trebles
todar, ami III srienh there this even
Ice-, lie shows no sign of fatigue, le
spite the exertions of the campaign.
Elaborate preparations are being
made In Italy to celebrate the atta;n
merit of bis majority by the Prince of
Naples, heir to the throne, which oecnrs
on ihe llih Instant
Ptgnor (rrspl, the Italian Prime
Minister, who hail intended tn sttnd
for election to Parliament from bis
native precinct of Syracuse, has found
himself so unp pular among his former
neighbors that lit-lias ntibilrawn from
tbe camlmVy.
A dispatch from St. Petersburg says
that tbe leluctance of the Czirlnato
permit her on, the Czarevitch, to make
a vuyage nrotind the world, hasatlength
been overcome by tbe argument that it
would prove a valuable experience in
fitting Mm for the future sovereignty of
Ilussfa. The Ccaravltrh will not, how
uver, visit Constantinople. Athens being
tbe starting point of bis juurncy. He
will in all probability cross the I'scitlc
after visiting India and China, and call
al Snn Francisco. It Is not yet deter
mined whether the American part of the
journey shall be overland or around the
southern part ot the continent. The
t'rlnre will travel as such under the
Buatdlanshlpof a trusted ottVer o the
imrctlnl slalT, who will be held respon
sible for his personal safety.
llrlllsb naval experts are a good deal
Interested In n very valuable protection
against the torpedo which tins been
submitted to the Admiralty. Its Im
pottance may be estimated from tbe
fact that, In something like four
minutes, tbe largest battleship In the
service can be protected from the at
tacks of anj number of torpedoes, no
matter hon skilfully they iniy be ill
mud. Tbe Admiralty itself refuse
all information concerning th-duxlctf,
but certain txperts describe It as s
simple that the wonder Is that It v m
aiver thought of bvforu It will In
submitted to a limit test with the Vlo
torla torpedo, an Invention of b young
Victoria (N. S. W ) unn. which I
claimed to possess certain i'i ill lu
which tender It unusually dlilk'ult t
discern lis course.
Manv Cretan refugees are going back
to the Island from Greece with the In
tentlon of starling another lnsur
rectlonary movement, believing that as
a coneeiitience of the result of the recent
elections, they will receive aid and
countenance from the Greek Gjvura
ment. Monteneero, through the good oltlces
of the Husslan Czar, lias entered into a
favorable commercial treaty with
Italian advices state that tbe peasants
are lleeing from Ibe vicinity of Mt.
Etna In dread ot a destructive eruption.
The mountain has been rumbling for
some weeks and tbe central cone throws
out thawors of ashes. Shocks of earth
quake bavo also been full.
It Is reported In Parts tbat Djm
Pedro has notitUd Ihe Government of
Hrazll tbat he no longer wishes to be
considered as making any claim to tbe
Crown. He only desires to be permit
ted to die In Hrazll.
According to a dUpatrh from Paris
tbo French ex-Oirlccr llonnet, con
victed as a spy of the Germans and now
undergoing a long term of Imprison
ment, has made alarming revelations
regarding Ihe extent of German espion
age in France, These revelations led
to tbe arrest of the Spy Dietrich and
others, it is probable mat the mil
greatly Increasing Ihe penally of espion
age will pass ibe Chambers.
To-Nlchl' Opumllo Kvent.
Conrled's Comic Opera Company,
from a tour In which some of Uncle
Sam's and Queen Victoria's currency
has been garnered, as well as new hon
ors, appears at the National to-night,
when Its sixty competent veoalltta will
present "The King's Fool." Of the
comic opera cumpaafea there are few
larger oats, nor any more noted lor ar-llstT-
and worthy performance. This
is largely due to skilled operatic leader
ship of Mr. Heinrieh Coaried, the pro
prietor ami director. He U a reaog
ulzed operatic master and thoroughly
train the meaibers of bU companr. He
has staged ami directed uisuy produc
(teas as Ue lyric stage, amoag Ike latest
being "Poor Joaatbaa." the correal
siwetuat ke New York Casiao. Mr.
Coarled's principal singers, as wall as
bis numerous chorus airw, aro not oaly
talented, but pretty He baa a weak
Beta for haadaome facet, aad has fw
iiuaatly said they are aecaeaary eow
IsaaloaM of musical laleaas. His thor
ough tiaiaiag of tha chorus peonte la
tca hi tha dwfeeeai match as aad evo
lutseats which they execute with miU-
tory pteeastea.
- '
SlMMtki flam it Taj.
2ioey it m oeetei of th DiOrict
aovaramaat who Is required to wear a
cay aad hadaa much to hfa dtettka, On
tMuathy aight, bs the pratantie of a
ma. m
was romalataiisnT to ate f stead
la stua tatatti:
Nosay I toll you I'm act stuck aa
waartag that cj.
Nad I don't bit nut you. eve the
B4uaMMiter kt kicking.
Noray Oss, ha awake at Uaad.
Kad What's thai matter? Has he
beea daaatog you?
And Korey dhla'i eve tat Ihcat up.
alibough the aaonad aaatteil.
Tim fumit itttjr Muuwi AuUb.
Uaoffe W. Hirris, the urocrtatur of
the Foaeat City House oe Etevesttb
stract. near ti atteet, apAcaMd hs
foia isbmv mftv to-day hafsMtd walk
taMfatt! Mssttos wiutiMtt a iteatiaa. ttc saj
BtatBjted antadajr atdiht oc a WAatmat
H w&j teaas teattad aaaaa daa asaa.
iaajL tjMiaa aauaau aa !&-
trteiBUtttte Uai
tala Btflcsteau to BatMfaad aasl a cjgfe
.. . . .. . . - -
auajtce wat tHUHt uatti next j
'WbW MaMBt B&4ttt
week riakutir Wt ttechdoc h) tic tf
lAteCUM two- T uor ft
eiataogate u log bMrtetr If
kalriat tor all -Vir.- puaiaii Uie evtuiteg
ffct.uki at ' i'ruci k Wt i'euualuia
I CA. -r
n mil rrts nee tn jtts far
wemsm-n MMfeat rMartte.
The Washington mmmfttee, orgwn
iulfoflhe purpose of seenrinst fols
f-r the endowment of the medical
. bool of Johns Ifwphlns lnlrirsltt In
onlfT tbat worrnn may be admHrl on
umal firms witri men, here prevalred
non Mrs. IfarrKm to become Irs pred
rl,nt. Mis Harrison hut selected Ifo
Mmrr 14 as the day on which to mshe
an IrpeHlon of th hospital and on the
visit she will be accompanied by the
following mrmbers of the Washington
committor Mrs James O Blaine, sirs.
Levi P Morton, Mrs. J. Lowrie ttsll,
Mrs Jteplxn J. Field, Mrs. A Orahim
Bell, Mr Ocorcc W. Douglas, Sirs.
Gtoret- Hi-ait Mr. William Wtmlora.
Mis. Allan Mel.ane, Mrs Francis B
I.orinp, Mis A B llagner. .Mrs. John
Mcl.een, Mrs P. Phillips. Mrs. Gtrdl
mr Hubbard, Miss Jnll Strong. Mrs.
John W. Noble, Mrs. John S Billings,
Mr. Henry H Pellew. Mrs. A. Pollok,
Mr. Bobert C. Porter. Mrs Leland
S'anfortl, Mrs Lucius Tuckerman, Mr
Ib-njattln II. Wanltr. ""'""
I,db-s of Ihe local committees n
Isnston, Xew York, PhllwlelphU and
Baltimore will also be present at tbe
Inspection, ami the entire party will lie
tntertaiited at lunch by the trustees of
Ihe university.
Till Arlltn Trmpnrniien (Irennlffltlfiti
ZittHtij Twenty Fl Yir (Hit.
Tiiestlay, Novemlier 23, Is the day
assigned for Ihe twenty fifth annlversuy
of the Good Templars, and for which
active preparations are being made. On
Saturday tbe joint committee In charge
of the details met at Good Templars'
Hall with Past Grand Chief Templar
W. G. Perry In tbe clmlr. The several
sub committees made favorable reports.
The Grand Lodges of Virginia and
Maryland will send largo delegations,
and the Bight Worthy Grand Iiodge
will send as Its representative tbe I light
Worthy Grand Councillor, Dr. Oron
byatcklin of Toronto, Ont.
It Is expected that the Hon. Stmuel
D. Hastings of VIconslti, under whose
directions us Right AVorthy Gr.tnd
Templar the order was Introduced In
Washington. D. C, twenty live years
ago. will be present. Souvenir bulgoj
will be worn during the celebration. A
movement Is In progress for tbo organ
ization of a 0. A It Good Templar
organization, and Sir Perry, chief clerk
of the Dead Letter office, has originated
n plan for the orgnut&ttlon ot Gjod
Templar Veteran Association,
Friend-hip and Hollowny Lodges will
Inttnll oltlcers to night nt their roguhir
session, ami Wnsnlnglon J.odgo in
public by the Grnnd Chief Templar,
who will present n gold badge to one
of the lady members. During the
ntek all the lodit.es will be In charge of
newly tleoti d olHccrs.
HhH HhIch Yin II. A- . II I'.
Tin-11 AO R It. Co. will null exeur
li ii tickets it rata ot ope fare for the
riiiiml-trlp lis follow", U.
To points In Hie State of .tnrtmi 1. No
riniwr 1, 'i. fl ami -I, rixxl fur return prnt
Hie until Noreinber A, ltM-liilrv.
To points lii Ib Main of IVnnoiWii' la,
( e oher HI, NuvcmW I. U an 1 3, g i hI or
1 1-tu I n 'gi- wllhlii Afteeit iUs fniiii
late of ula.
Tn ixiliits In Ibe .State of New Jersn)'.
OetolitrSl, NoveiulierliS ami 3, good for
return psrsage within fifteen days fron
late of tale.
tlnoi! .Ntui lur Oyttnr I.iivem
The steamer Fish Hawk of the Full
Commission has arrived at Ihe Navy
Yard from Long Island Sound, where
an Investigation of Ibe oyster beds was
made. Captain Pratt, tbe commander
of tbe stuamur, In speaking of the
prospects of this year's oyster crop,
said that although for two years past
tbe absence of seed o) slurs In Long
Island Sound hud created serious up
prihenslon of a total failure ot tho In
dustry, yet this year such a Ursu
quantity of the young oysters had been
fguud tbat the prospects for the future
were much brighter. Tbe Captain
strongly discredited the report of a
failure of the oyster crop la Chesapeake
Bay, and said that It wat a put up job
for (lie purpose ot raising the price of
Work of Ilia AuiurlCMii CoersUer Man
ufatturlnc CompsDy (Lluiltail),
Henmno'k Station, D. C. Nov. 1, lSeO.
A Btott (ueceMful test of tbe Eoerglzer
jiouieoiiim r.DgiDewat inaueaime suops
to-day. The two great IS feet drain Hy
wneila iuJ differential levers ami 7 feet
dralu pulleys were revolved at -10 revolu
tions pr minute by tbe 15 horse-power
boiler, ami during tbe running of this
ai.OUO pounds of Iron the lujucter was st
In action and pumped up tbe boilsr
with cold natsr, tlw evaporation and
pressure of stssin only 43 pounds pfesnire
sbewed bo sign of towering, awl In tbe
btttory of tbe steam eBglae tbU mass ot
Iron bat never before beea revelred by tbe
stwe Ore-beat as Mas used by this near
SjtUm of Momentum Engine Eusrgizer.
There Has at.OUl uoumls ot Iron rnov
lug l.bbO feet per uJuute at this test. It
now sluiws tbat Ibis Knerglxer Is a perfect
iu't, awl auut be recoeuisad by Ibe m
atevarUg frataruily ot tbe world.
.Bnla Ituonay Im Winter ljuarlar.
Al lust Annie Itooney has tmea dU-rr-seil
of at least for sixty days. OttiMr
Moi aey lestiBed that she was gattiag to
he a nuisance oa Pennsylvania aveaae
aitihwtst. Annie said lhat she did
aoi eare muck bow long Judge Sillier
made tbe seaieace as sha would tbea
have a home for tbe cold weather.
The lUrbera' frotcat,
Waahiagtoa'a Utasarial artists hive
Bled a protest with tha Oommiasiaaars
agalaat Sunday ahaviag U tha teadlag
hateta of lb dly. A atraagar guaat,
taanrdhag to Ikelr htea, mutt take bis
uathave visage to efcureh wiU htm
oa Bttaday aa well at hit piety.
Not a Local
HteU-MnUw CiUwriB mattuU ytaur luwai, ii to
lIsWaBMtfBJlfW ft lO"ml atie4Ual U it (laUt aBWaC t T Iwt
am SOaaV Brflrtai aat 1Qap fal aWa4 SMaaaaaUaSBBaati aatetaaU last
Hhv aota- The btoui atiw la juar teataia.
teeoM joa aaW tamila tbat arttele. aaek te
ut AtA UbmUA lUtefl ajutaanktteu Aa e
Uauac abtann KathMU Htew jtfk tL aaaMaMar
uJaaj aktea aatMel dlaakM UtA atajajas aJUaJT
tBatea"BBjaMlsW tMBw tBagBjajtM MMvar " MBBjsaaJj emtvMy
aasMSwhat weaall dissniise TaareliasttWBea
juu aaa
Cuuiiuph T (t llwul
aaauat ur laUter Itshlllsit eaa at stoat jtve
aaftr taanmrary relief Taj eats a teat
tact a ere la w aurarfcthe iaateeate the
Jm1 kv ,uJrBv a awapstjvitt tQjatttr lkte
MaW W4PaBasv a'tMBjMnnMBtstnBMBaaajpi aeBMMg sMamv
rflla. BaaBU-BBLBrlta tutt-aaA ankpULai O.U Lam
HasMlf 9 aMnjBtttJMBjBWapawtpt aTaMBaratt MnMBMMMMMB "MBB atasB
aMafflMli aaV4 WaWal SeVtWBMaaatF 9aWMt9 MataUV
MmmObI lat Vtaaakaaaa laaV baf B4MdMa
MaBBtBaaB, mrm flraa' WW MBjtatBji
iniai 4 two koatatebtc fwal
(Vald t i: iUkKtkM. ta tar tt-
aarad ' tc i ujoBO..LosKiJ.Mia.
UH Iteaca m BtoHar
Agnrttston, gromid gramt-stand ami rami lawn, ft. inermUng etnh-hvnft and
Aprly to O 8- tTATLt S. Treaeerer, Wlllartl's Hotet. for nrsmews htstge.
r t.fHtorabie ehaTacters wIM be eKflrted.
Traies leave B. r. Deeet Iff, nm. 1 and l. wmad MftKMmtS.
Wilson k Can's
For an Easy Shoe
We carry the Det Line of Patent
Leather ebosforLftdles aad Gen
tlemen at 5 a pair at
Wilson & Carp's
riMliluiinlilc Sline .lien.
Kn. 029 V WrillllTr N. W.,
WashtnRton, D. C.
4 nml O Wr.Sr IIAI.TIMOIIR snti'.tTr.
Mnny r Them Intnlveit In an Inter
ntuta Cnmiunrca Suit.
A decision of the Interstate Com
merca Commission, made by Commis
sioner llrnsp, wns nnnounced to-day In
tbo case of Cnpehnrt A: Smith, owners of
the steamer II, T. Coles on tho Tonnes
tiu Ittvcr, nenlnst tho Louisville and
Xaehvlllo Ilatlroad Company, Ilia Mem
phis nnd Charleston llnllrond Company,
tbo Kiut Tennceseo, Virginia and
Georgia ltallwny Company nnd tho
iNnsiivnie, uii&itnnoofta nnti at. l.ouis
Hallway Company, Involving tho ques
tion of whether It is unjust tllscrlinlna
linn or an unlawful preference for n
railroad company to ninku nn nrrange
mint for through hllllixr. and through
rate with one steamboat line nnd refine
to do so w It li another competing line of
steamboats, and it was decided that It
was not unjust discrimination nor nn
unlawful preference for a railroad com
pany to do this.
Woiiiunlx Woman.
l'atrlck Conncy wss before Jtidtfo
Sillier In tbe Police Court this morning,
cbargtd with nn assault on bis wife,
Ellen Cooney. Yesterday the wife was
very anxious that her husband should
be Until to the fullest extent of the law.
This morning, however, she was In
clined to be iiinro lenient, nnd made an
anneal for her better half. Judite
Miller made the lino $", the lowest ho
could impose.
Nut bulllclent K liloiii-a,
Charles Piutson was on trial this
morning In the Police Couit for run
ning an unlicensed bar room In Nallor's
alley. The olllcers found n cam of
two dozen bottles of beer under the
bed In I'lerson's sleeping room. One
witness testified tbat once upon a time
be had purchased n drink there. This
was tbe only sale that was proven.
Judge tinier said tbat this was not sufll
clent, and he dismissed the defendant.
bliall Women lla Allowed to Vote?
Tbe question of female su (Trace bar agi
tated tbe tongue ami pens of reformers fur
many years, ami eood arguments bsve been
addueed for and agalutt It. .Many of tbe
softer sex could vote Intelligently, and
many would vote as tbeir butbaiuls did,
and ctve no thought lo tbe uwrlts of a
political issue. They would all vote for
l)r. 11 Dice's Favorite Prescription, for tbay
know It Is a boeu to tbeir aex. It Is un
n(letl for tbe cure of hmeerrbsa, ab
normal dfacbargM, morning sJskaets, and
the counties Uf to whleh woman are sub
jct. It it tbe only remedy for woman's
Jieculiar wsaknaase ami alunaats, sold by
IruggUte, uultr a positive guarantee from
tbe utaaufaeturtrs, tbat It will give satU
faction In every esse, or raoey will bere
fUBdl. Se Kusrsiitee oa wmnpsr around
Elacllun Italuro
by tptt utl vire trom all parts will be ra
cirhrd at Drhsr's, 06 l'suusylvauia uv-
SVaalilOEton Stock Uxcbaaee
Sates HajruUr Call 18 o'eteck .
V. to. U. m a mi. Kek'B & Sat. Ilcuus
it. Jt.,a0 a. 05. ArUagteu las., 5 a te5.
Auwr. tirapbepboaa, M a lti;a3alls
Wasb. Market Co, JO a li. 1'itauuntlc
Uuu C'ariUge, 100 a isac
MiMatliuuiuus Bonds U. S. BteArte
Light 1st, 's, im; V. S. KteuUk Ltebt,
l. aVs, ISO; W. Jt O. K. R. ie-M 0's,
H'ifl-'a, lwj; W Jt U. CoavsrtibU a's,
116; Masonic Hall Atfa, 5', V Um, !';
Wash. Market Co , 1st Mart, , 1U;
Wabf Market Co., Imp., Vt, Hi; lal'd Jfc
SaaUwrd Co., 6's, C Ie7, ; VV'asb. U.
iBtaatry, 1st, ', 1U04. ia; fVask. Lt. Ia-
faatr,hd. r. MMM.V7, Wut.QuU.iU
Co., Iter. A.tt'a, lt; Wash. Oat Lhrht Co..
Ser. B, tt's, 11, HytenaelceCo.. lalilort..
', ; Aiaerv-aa laeurttjr aad Tiutt, mi.
h'attessl tteak Stocl-Baak of Waaft
iaeloa, 150; Uaak of EepuWfc, teO; MaUo
aowaa, bK, CeuUal, aUk Secoad. aai;
tumttti aad Maebaaie. tie; CttUaaa', lilt;
( iihtmhrs. 1M; Capital, 1HO; Waa Kod,te0,
Traders', Ida, Ltueula. Hal.
kaOrosd Stock - Waablnftoa aad
eeoraatowu, aa; MeUiMMattaa, ai tV
laadiaa, TU, Ca)dtol aad Kortb O atraat,
5w, Ecktegtou and auaatera' Hoaae, ;
Battiraelowa aad TcauaUytewu, 50; lttBt
Tflflif JMttiriiBre Steckt yariinan's. 47; Ktaak
hs, HI; aWtwettau. M; XathMnl Uatea.
SB; ArlteKtea. !; Corcora. ; Cwtew-
ata, ie; uaretan ai
a, M; CSauaaii aVtaemta. IIS; Puaoraac,
Tttlt JtaUarsare Horfcs ajaal Xatete
-ntkv, W, iMtbtw la Tltte, ; WnMattton
Cat aad Electric Ltehi hitedto-WaaadtMt-tea
Gas, tat; Ueurmtuwa Oat, 4o; U. S.
Tehtiavuae ua:k PeeaaylviknU. ;
Inai ellsBf wis taffcts Wasetaastua aiar
ket Co., Uk Waehteatee JartalaVhiae
Co.. a. Uraat Feils lue Co.. ; aWU
SuaPaaoraiaaCo., M, Katteaai caUe Oe-
Sil: Waa
'aabfnjrVn aaft Dopoalt, 188,
LuaaTaad TsatU Co.. il; -
ttwuj TjWiWttViWc lei. dUsfittMyhilef ;
eaturmy sua Truat u . tt; uacosa !!.
J " -. -, . - iT'i-i-
awsie Ke u., ;
ltattrstnaaf Mambarof tVattilita-lnn
tateetr Kiatiange. Alt teeaj w
tia aaenrflias betwtU wut aalil.
rf cL&m Or HAcl-ltonsjfB Wli.iiTAffK
TtSHth Strvet Northwest.
Pest and Most Pmetteai iBitrnetien.
TBHMS, $10.
nraeebes In Kew VfrrV, IWtten, rbttadei
ptea, Cbhmpo, Part, Beftts, I,iiten, ete.
oeti tf
M!.Mas. Ave..
Affords every fftcillty for aejntrln a tbor
onghedaeAtlonln literature, mule and art.
Tbe lastrnments taur'it are piano, barp. vlo
Ho. Kiiltnr, roamlolln and banjo. Inrnaees,
ceri era 1 vocal, drawlnr and fanov work free.
cor. Tth awl I) sts. n. w..
Kmbrncea Six Schools, via:
School of rraotloal nnlneas ami Aoemints
School of Preparatory Praetteal Rnrllsh.
tobool of Shorthand and Typewriting,
chool of Ppwicerlan I'raetloal renmanhlp.
School of .Moliinloal and Arehtteetaral
trawlne. . , .
School of nvlt FcrTleoTralnlnu.
Dny and Night Sessions. Illastrated Cata
lojuesfree. BVRSCrini tjtj.n.. Prlnnlpal.
inS. SAHA A. SPIINCEIt. Vlee-1'rlnetpal.
Korwalk, Conn.
A Homo Scliool for Girls and Yonng Ladle.
Number of boarding pupils limited to twenty.
Excellent advantages tn Muilo, Art and tbo
Languages. Oymnaslura. l'leant grounds.
Healthful location, ruptls boarded through
tho summer month". Hoard, washing and
tuition tn tho English branchos, $909 per
scholastic year. Send for circular.
Meadvllle, Pa.
Fdueatos for theCbrlsttan Ministry, ltoom
rent ami tuition frco. An entranco too of tin
for ga, heat and oaro ot room. All expenses
moderate. Term lieglns SEITEMDER 30.
PrisMent. Meadvllle. I'a.
Maraford, Conn.
Established In 196S. Prepares for college,
travel and home. The method by whleh the
mental taenltle are educated will be foutut
In tbe seeoad edition ot Miss Aiken's pam
phlet on "Coneentrated Attention," now
ready, for sale at I!rontano', 5 Ualon Square,
New York.
New Uruaswlak, N. J.
UoardlBfi Sobooi for Boyi nnd Young Mas.
Prepares for the bat eolleses, selentldo
ssbooU or bnatasM.
E. JI. COOK, A. M.,Ph.D..
Head Master,
Anaapeiis, Md.
Itlit ssaaten aosiEaeases 18TII SEITEM
DER. Bisbt PepartsMats sad tear eoarses
of study. PaUdlBB beated by stedsi. Ternu
moderate. For eataloiruo address tbe pretl-
Litlti, ra.
A ssheol far yousg glrt and yosnx ladl-as,
atLltltz, Laneattsr County, Pa. 97th year.
Aate,oearertab!e saheol hems; tbereazh
raethedi; earsfBlovtrelgbiot the Indtvldaal
pupil; Bdvanead sonraes of atudy; very pla4
ant loeatbw; steam heated. e&Q per year.
Aurora, Cayuga Lake, N. Y.
Three full aoarses of study, LoeatkM
baaatWul aad baalthlul. A reined CbrUUaa
bme. yew buttdlaz rdv next Seetewbar
Smilan kte SEPTEMBER W.lSeo. Send
far aa leasee a.
E. S. FHKBEE. D. D .
Usaevar, N. H.
A ad rats tee iraaMnt ar
PBF, E. K. RHCatlM.
"' '-" hi stiisemttBMjtisiaiii, naiuMBnnntp. m ii
Laaeatter, Pa.
The JteV. MsttrrekMBY K. HeOfBit, M.
A., JteaJ Master. Beer hers nut assail as
aattbaw at Ike head aaaatert fasatty. At
- .- . a. a si. .-. j m j tiA irn sin ii nln i 1Uv ItT rtii nir
gvejaMamB) tWejhrsp JbV llMP TsliajpHHBejiaV JaasaStJaV
haesset ttafe U Harvaad, Yata, Piintilan.
Oeteastea, Taahat. Ama.t. Tatottr. West
Folat, Anaaaoias. Jte., aaat has aet had a eaa-
ffy fJf eBtalaaBtBBaataia SlaJaVBlaajMaU
Baattetoe. aear HOhntelpWa, Pa.
A ltA-fr--f 1taWla. JbaSaMkaaJaWtaBar bsWfcjy.
adBLl StJyaJajl JtatjeMMaMataaaW aBJtlJtjt
L WsftfjaV. IfBaHUsW Of tUtf ttdMww OaT aUU4
ease. Jtofe teat tats year to Yaia, tmvari
&aaaat PetJaBBatBaWaU SpCaAOaaahl tjMU4f StJtBeHUaaaT 10W
CtUitiJaa M.
OfttWHI rtBHitaaVtOa'
WataWtew itBtbateC.
XAfWIHlKWt XstjhHIdleh
jji t fjar uak taAa
8. fUf8ik MctXM-tW8-
iv.uiwy, at Law
son BuUdlua. lSt
fa.; if
EWjry Xveelnt-Mattnees Wed. and Sst
Itettmi et tbe Favorite American Af tor,
Lewis Morrison
lfls seimre, cetite and Dramatle Trod i
Sett -Yr. JIOTl1on' rompsny Is th only
rtftfeartntiM, rrramatlc ferslonof Fnst. '
TVs Wtsrsrf a! ftMOCRBtf SCBNE with its
FWi-hes of Gemttne LMtnTNlNO.
ntSHtvttf tee "ft rrodneuon on the
Btevy Etenlne-Wed and Sat Matt iee.
Conrled's Comic Opera Co,
In Adohh Kntller's Itomsttlc Opera,
The King's Fool.
SatBtilay Eveniiie, Srectal rerformanco ol
Walts Rler Straoss' Upera,
The Gypsy Baron.
rant 9te4aitorff , Mnsleal Condnctor.
Not. tO-Tbetnlmllah'e LOTTA. t-'j
HAltntS' llMOU TliKATKK.
WfekCBflHiiene'nr Monday, Nor. 3,
In the Cyclonic Comeily Ftnsotlon.
iBlimlBetng a I enulne Tollce Patrol Wagon,
drawn by Fiery Steeds, In a maddening
dash sertx the stnge, and the most
KenllstleFtroScenoand Hero 3
Kcscne Ever Attempted.
Next wepk-nt.ttK AND TUB GRAY. 1 tl
And Ills Famous
Prices Flist door, II 0j Balcony, il;
Gallery, BOc.
Tickets alMetzerott's, ltlO Fit. n w. 1 -t
Baltimore, Md
Ecgagement ot
Edwin Booth
Lawrence Barrett.
Thursday, Nov fl-MBHCHANTOF VEStCK.
Mr. llooilins shjlock. Mr U.irrjtt asllanani.i
Hattirdar N'ght. Nor. B-IIAMLKT.
Mr. Booth as Hamlet Mr, Barrett as Lae tt-;
Monday. Nov. 10-JULIUS C.USAR.
Mr Booth as Brutus Mr. Barrett as Caidus
Wedaela',Nov. li-JIACBBni.
Mr. Boothas Macbeth'. Mr. Barrett as Mu ''in
Friday, Nov 14-OTUELLO.
Mr. Booth at Iago. Mr Barrett as 01 U ,1
Fantcnlls 1IOJ
i)rolietra Clialrr 'I 1
llnlcory J.'.isi
Inoludlng transportation both wry.
Seats now on le at Robert F. Miner's
Book btorc. Stli Fifteenth street, from la u
ro to 5 p. m.
Special trains for Wa.hlngtoo NUhta wi 1
leavovln PesnsTlvanla 11. 1C. from With
street Iletx't utd-io p. in. sharp, arrhlng at
Union Station, Baltimore (Ibreo mlnutei
walk from l.youm Theatre). Retarnlug
leave tame station Immediately after tbe per
formance. 2J l'jt
THIS WEEK-Ladles' Jlallneo To-mirrow
Loster & Williams'
London Novelty and Gaiety Company,
Nest week American Four Sprolatty Co.
and George Dixon, the Colored Champion,
I K. Matlaees Monday, Wedaesday, Fri
day and Saturday.
Tbe Champion
Is tbe Greatest of All Musical Instrument
Beeanse It performs any music
(rem a waltz er a ballad to an
overture or a symphony snore
beautifully aad Bora nearly
perf eat than any ethar single
The AeoHan Is not neebaaloal. but tha
manipelatli a et It Is so simple that a person
oanleirw to Hay It with from one to three
weeks' praetlce. Your visit to see thUlu
struBwat will bo estaamed a favor at
t ole Agent for Ste'nway and Other First
Class Pianos and Organs.
Grand, Upright and Square
Sotal aUaattoo ot psrobasars Is Invited
U oer
FsbIAiiiI te Mm of
SiitaBd-aaast Fiaaes at All Frtce.
Wm. Knabe Ss Co,,
817 Market Space.
Horsfard's Aeid Phosphate.
tonic act
MBBMaatiea aad ievleeratea tba
feistat aMaaaaat bjiral. r r" """ aaargy
Jar H. K. Oaaka, aVsaeaa, M. Y , as.
"at bag aaeieat f aseat setae for iu uu,
aaat aie4s1Mae aaBSsaaBW-''
lat. J. H. fsjalaua. West hSrattWooro. st
Ftorkieaue. K I
JJeieace 4 aebstitates aaat lauuiluo
C4vtaOir.-ll sate Ue word ' Boraf ur
eWe eatae least- Ail etawsaro
aatst la bbjs-
m. m. siltz
Importir Tailor,
JSkUaad VHuer lawortetiuu auaTvpeu
Tb la iha Fltaat U1.0 J W TtT E -WesaiaxtuL.

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