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23D YEAJ NO. 6,044.
ir the Muriel of CWiwaM, J9Mwn
Vmntflranitt, Awe .Terse, Dttnmit, tf&ftp
irtiM itwrf I frgWTa, row, tMMM rav
trmptrntvrr; mKthKnttrtg winrf.
NO( matter which po
litical party will con
trol the next House of Rep
resentatives, the fact still re
mains that WE control a
very large percentage of the
fine clothing trade of this
city and vicinity.
We have secured and
held the patronage of the
people by OUR straight
forward AMERICAN
method of selling only such
goods as WE know to be of
the highest merit at the
lowest possible price and of
making good any losses that
might occur.
When you are in need of
anything in our line give US
a call. We still pursue the
same AMERICAN course
of giving the best goods we
can for the least money.
Our Overcoats this season
are MARVELS of beauty
and excellence. All sizes,
grades and colors, and each
garment has OUR guar
antee of its RELIABILITY.
Robinson, Parkerfi. Co.
S. 1- t'oraer Meveulh ami I Ms. X. W.
The Men Quit When Wage Wars K fi
ll u ceil ana Oalnml Their i'ulut,
Kaolk Pass, Tex., Nov. 4. One of
the shortest and mot successful strike
on record occurred yesterday la the
machine shops belonging to the Slejlc m
International Ilallroad Company In
Cludad I'rlflo Diaz. Shortly after noon
the bulletin In the shops announced a
10 per cent, reduction in wages. Within
ten minutes the shop whistle blew and
every man In the shops quit work. The
trainmen made common cause with the
mechanics and simultaneously quit
work. When the result of the leductloa
was realized the general manager re
considered the order, awl the wea re
turned work at the old rates.
Fined fur Mealing a (tollar.
"Julia Drowa you are accused o"
stealing a lace collar valued at ifW
cents from Ilelle Adams. What bay
you to say" said the clerk of the Polic
Court. "Well, vour Honor I did ee
the ( ollar, but Belle gave It to aw,'
said the defendant. Toe Judge hardl
I elleved her story and made the fa i
the lowest possible, $30.
Tbaastit He Committed Sttlslde
Wavsai-, Iowa, Nov. 4. The body
of George E. Ferrahl, a projalaestt busi
nes maa who has be missing for ten
days, was found fa a mill poad base
uaday. It la generally thought that
business troubles drove him k suicide.
An Annual Paras.
rum to FktiaiUykla Prut
Ex King Milan of Sec via Is again
about lo be expelled from. Belgrade, as,
according to the latest reports, the His
istry sod hit preseafe U the country
intolerable. All this weans that the
King is hard up oace more aad waats
more Rioaey to fpeirfl this whatex ia
Pads, sad he will get U. too. as he a
always doae slaee Us ahiMfattoe It is
aa aaaual farce sad well understood.
KdUeaal ViMtUtlm at Mmioitto Vir
Tee National Feucibtes of this city wul
the au ohihittot, drill at Uw afsaonie Fair,
aaiiiiBjuse. Kueemher 5.
trio ticket. Iai-hllng admission to few, at
4.1, en tab date.
SUsett to Mosee Vis.
ftiit tit Uujallt I'uutUr
Ko, mm Canada, the hUKUley biU
i set attack or you, I k home
tlMust-aeattac oa tfca UaMwd SUtoa.
ateeeiate teu? StoMAssswe vte 14 & is
o .couut 4 the eiasoaje Fair at aW
luoce, the bluuiir sa1 Onto Kaliioed wul
sell seuraiue ticket from Washington to
WUawre and return at rate of $1 tor the
iuuud trip, Including aatahwlon to the (air
1:.ki.i U1 bv jcouii un train leaving
S jL Lgtuu it 0 15 j u Wwlutxrtljo , N'u
dii'uti vallj fw rttaru i-it uu all
The Am'ralian System is Blng Tried
for the First Time.
Row3 at Ike Pells in New York and
Pennsylvania MeKinley Confident
of His Re-election.
Ai.E.XANimiA, V.v., Nov. 5. The
ltvelleet diction this cllyhnshad for
J oars Is being held today, and It Is
tvldent that almost the ontiro vote of
tho city wlll be polled. The polls
rpenod at sunrise and will close at sun
ict this evening.
When tho polls opened there was an
average of about fifty voters at each
ward. At the First ward 200 votes and
In the Fourth ward 100 votes had been
polled up to noon.
It Is conceded by pontlcmcn well
posted and best able to know, that Jilt.
Frank Hume will carry Alexandria city
by between fiOO and 700 majority, and
tho three election districts of Alexandria
County by GOO majority. The lowest
estimate of his majority In Alexandria
city and Alexandria County combined
Is placed at 1,000.
In Mr. llumu's own district, at Four
Mile Itun, up to 11 o'clock, CI votes had
been cast, of which .10 were countot'
for him; General Leo only polling 1
The reentered vote of Alexandria
clly Is a.aOO, and It Is thought 2,000
wilt be polled. Some of tho older citi
zens said that there wna more latornU
taken in the election than at any "oIT
year'" In Ihclr experience.
One eentlemmi. a Lee man. said thai
ho thought the vote would Iw vqu illy
divldid between Lee and Hume, hut
that Hume wotdd pull through by lfo
publican vote The colored voters In
Alexandria seemed to be sdid for
It was thought that Carter, the col
ored stridghtout Hepubllcan cinJblate,
would not get ten votes.
Eeveral well-posted gentlemen were
asked by your correspondent what they
thought of the election outside of Alex
andria County.
These are the cstlmatos given:
Orange. 50 'for Lee; Culpeper, 100 for
Hume; King Oeorpo's and SUITord,
combined, 700 for Hume; Louise. -100
for Hume; Fauquier, 800 for Lee;
Loudoun, 1,000 for Lee; Fairfax. 250 for
Lee; Prince William, 500 for Lee.
The knowing ones on both sides in
Alexandria claim Leo's election by 500
and Hume's election by 2.10 majority.
The saloons were closed by law In
Alexandria to day, but, nevertheless,
there wero Indications that there was
plenty of liquor to be had. There
were several scurHee In the Second and
Third wards, but no sellout disturb
ances had occurred up to 1 o'clock this
Mr. Frank Hume spent the forenoon
at Four-MileItun. and persons in Alex
andria said he ought to feel congratu
lated at the handsome recognition he
received of his popularity among hU
neighbors at home.
llo.vxoKK. Va.. Nov. J. The weather
here is clear ami cool. A light vote,
almost entirely Democratic, is being
IUcmioxi), Va.. Nov. 4 The elec
tion Is progressing quietly, the weather
is perfect. The Indications are that a
full vote will not he polled In most of
the districts. No disturbance have
PHiLAUBU'im, Nov. 4 Theweather
this moralng Is cloudy, with lodleatioas
of rain before the day closes.
Great Interest is manifested la the
electloo and a heavy vote is being
polled at all the preeiueU throughout
the illy.
Au old family ftud, coupled with aa
attempt of a was well Know to the po
Ike to vote a gaag of repeaters, etiued
a riot at the polling place of the tint
divUkw of the Fourth ward, Froat aad
South streets, this wo slug.
Two atea weie shot aad the Bias who
caused all the trouble Is still at large,
the rilUj having failed to arrest biaa.
Itetwf ea Jubn Puna, who lives at Third
ud German streets, ami Jobs O'Doa
Bell of Froat, below Aaa street, there
baa beea a long standing grudge. This
Htoraiaa: it U alleged that O'Daaaell
beaded a party of a doaea or store of
toughs aad heel eta froat various parts of
the city aad aUeaapted to vole tbaat ia
favor of Vaux.
He blauelf tried to vote, but Duaa,
who lives ia the divieioa, protested ,
aad the agbt begaa. Alaaott be
fore the people about the polia kaew
that aaytabur out of the usual tua was
goiagoa, O'Doaaeil aad his crowd bad
draw a revolvers aad wese blazing away
at Duaa aad the hater's Meads,
who bad crowded about hua at the ftsat
alga of trouble. They. too. drew
weafoas, aad lor two or three atioutea
a perfect tuailade of pistol shots was
kept up.
lieary Mrysoa. aged 31 years, aa la
offeasrve Iriasuaaa, who Uvea at 7t
South Front atieet, aad who bad tehee
no part whatever ia late fray, was the
priaeipal victiea. lie had bis back
toward the crowd and fell at the ires
ire. a pistol bullet hartag struck Use
ia tjs hip Ue was Hkyf to the Pesva
sylvaeia Hospital, aad while he hi
seriously Injured, the physkUas thlak
he will ueover.
The other was who was (hot wee
only llgbily lujured ia the right wriet.
aadaiiet refuting to tell hie aawe ot
who had Bitot alio auagled with the
crowd aad was toos toet to tight.
Prrraaievu, Pa , Nov. 4- There wae
aUasU fell of saow last nigh. Weather
to-day cloudy, cool aad biaciag. The
early vote at the polk ia PiWeburg aad
alkghcay is the heaviest ever tecodd
at a Stale ehirliim
aWerytbiag o far Is paeaiag of
quietly . viueao tadkaJloa of trouble
os aev kiod.
PuUike tii lc-s arc greAtl ticrciicd
llus uiornio ucr what appears to have
I c-u ui aiti.uipt at wliulcoklc clctlou.
IijuJ A &.LcUC 11 la feuLl a l u
, ..U.J t il .,J the c U wiLU. Ui,tiij ux
l slated that the club rooms of a well
known political organisation was the
headquarters of the plotters, and from
there the tax receipts were Issued to ap
plicant. The United State anthorltfw
It Is claimed have Iteen furnished prmif
of there aswrtlons, ami preparation
trade for Hip arrest of every Individual
who attempts to vote rra the bom re
cclpta. The persons who are charged
with liatchlng the plot are prominent In
politics, ami are In daneer of arreat.
The above has just been confirmed
by Harry O'Toolr, a clerk In Hie County
Dcllnnnent Tax Collector's office. Mr.
O'Tnole ays that yesterday he was ap
proached by Chairman W. D. Porter of
the 1U publican County Committee, who
exhibited to him a large number of tax
receipts, tearing the alleged signature
ot O'Toole. O'Toole pronounces the
signatures a forgery. Chairman Porter
charges that the receipts have been put
out In tho Interest of Democrats, and
states that over 15,000 of bogus re
ceipts have been elven out. O'Toole Is
a Democrat, holding his position, how
ever, in a Republican ofllce.
The Democrats and Independent lie
publicans, however, discredit tho above
report, brandlne It a9 a scheme on tho
part of tho Republican County Com
mittee lo secure the appointment of
deputy United States marshals favor
able to Dolamater to stand guard at
(lie polls.
Johnstown, Pa., Nov. 4. Snow U
falling, The atmosphere Is of a mid.
winter temperature. Voters are slow In
gettlne out. Cambria County will,
however, give tho Dcmocrntlc State and
county ticket a handsome majority.
Nnw York.
New Yoiik, Nov. 4. Tho eloitlon Is
pasting oiT quietly and balloting under
the new system Is progressing much
more rapidly than tho most Bangulno of
politicians expected. Tho weather Is all
that can bo desired. Tho day broke
somewhat hazy, but as the morning woro
on tho haziness cleared away and at this
hour (10:15) tho sky Is clear and tho sun
Is shining brightly while the air Is crisp
and cold.
There was a gonoral cewallon of
business as usual In tho city, and men
who Joined In tho discussion of one of
the warmest municipal campaign the
clly has had In a long time oarly went
forth to net on the opinions they had
formid. Tho overcast look of the
morning caused Mime apprehension to
the fuslonlsts. but as the skies !ecame
clear their hopes were revived.
The Indications were that the bulk of
tbo vole would be got In early. From
report ncelved at police headqu-irters
tin; elictlon seemed to be proc cling
quivtlv. In a few Instances some
in utile was experienced In voting under
tin-new law. but nothing or a serious
naturo occurred so far as known.
Many arrest wero made during the
day for Illegally registering and voting
and for destroying ballots. A number
of saloon-keepers were arrested and
held for trial for keeping open their
business places in too close proximity
to tho polling places
The first row at tho polls occurred In
the Fifteenth election district, In V.trlck
street, this morning. The T.immany
candidate for Assembly in that district,
1). F. Mulhney. becoming Incensed at
Ilabbl Gottholl for complaining that he
(Mullaney) was peddling tickets within
the prescribed limits, struck the ltabbl
and was promptly arrested. He was
held in f 900 bail. Gottbeil Is a pro
feasor of Columbia College and Is a
"watcher" for the P. 31. L.
At 0.30 this morning Grover Cleve
land walked up to the polling plaee at
Park avenue and Sixty-seventh street,
In the Twenty-second election dis
trict of the Twenty-tint As
sembly district. Thirty voters
were in line waiting for an opportunity
to cast their ballots when Mr. Cleveland
arrived. He stood at the end of the line a
moment and then turned up his coat
collar and endeavored to settle further
down in his overcoat. The air was evi
dently too cool for hliu. for
after standing a moment be
retired and remarked that
he would return when there were not so
many ahead of him. The iaspectors of
elections at the polllag place said they
believed Mr. Cleveland wanted to vote
the straight Tammany ticket.
The first arrest for violation of the
sew ballot law was made la the
TweBly-aecoBd Election dlstrkt this
morning. The offender was a local labor
agitator aaiaed O. II. 3lcCraekea.
He weat to the polllag plaee to
vole and was headed eleven
ballots. After arranging the oae
he wUhed to vote be destroyed
the r maluder aad so told the electloa
iatietor. The latter iouaedUiely took
I be ballot McC'rackea expressed
a, deatre to vote froat blw
aed searched the poll box
fur the hallo be said he had
de royed. Oely oae of these could be
found, aad McCrackea was lataiedlaUly
arretted aad held ia $380 halt.
The Tauuneay leaders are eoa&leet
of a etMuptete victory, aad some
of taeea were heard to aav early
to-day that there would aot
be eaougk fiwioahm left to test Use tole
of their caatpalga. Aa ia year past.
Deaaoeraey will have all the Coagrea
ftijfmal victories.
Baooai-YK. N. Y., Kov. 4 The
weather Is clear aad cold, a full vote is
beteg cast aad the aew ayateut of bai
lotleg ireewii to be very favorably re
ceived, Tao. K. Y.. Nov. 4 The electioa
is proieediag uuietiy aad ia atarked
coatraat with the lurbuleat sceaesof
former eiectiuas. Nearly all the voter
are beard to express aaJiaJactloa with
the aew order of tUage. The Keeub
hirawi ase coe&iesa ot vietory is the
TUghietelh Ooeficestoasl district.
Bi-waw. iTr.. Ho. 4. -Saw fell
here hut abjjhi to the aeaife of aboaw two
laches- Ills tald to attend taroujehout
Ike couaty. atakiag the road a- it
ie aow clear aad cold.
.U eve. K- Y-. Kvv. 4 -Weatite
cloudy aad coW.
SvMie. N. Y., Kov. i.-Weher
Boms. V. Y., Kov -Wes cold
asjaf toaisijr.
AiMAv. U. X Mw- - Wew
ctoudy aa4 coW.
KKWA'ito. S. Y-.Kor. i Weathet
ckvaf aaal sn.iMl
Koiiutenca, N. Y. Kov. 4. Weather
thxeateaiair. Yotiatf aaaav.
Vauhx, K. J., Kov. 4. Eleetlua
day set ia raw aad cold here, but at Utte
how, W J. the sua to aUabw. These
wa a Ught vote pothsi uo to W o'cloiclt,
owlag to the operatloa of the aew elec
Ui'U law. which delayed v tleg suae
W bat 1 be ab.-m.e uf p, i I t. uiiuiUecj.
auJ tirikef waa cry u liveable al all
tbi ttiutba a uulii .. tiew Uw a
.iki.ra arc aLu.J iiii.ii l' fuct A
till- t 'lli i- i.3
Ati.mtta, Oa., Nov. 4. The weather
Is fair ami the electron is progresslm
quietly. JIany Democrats are not voting
becanse ther are not eatlsffeil with L
F. Uvlegaton. the nominee for Con
gress from the Fifth district. Llvln
ston is present of the Farmers' Al
llanre of Georgia He Is opposed by
Will Ilalcht, nepnblicaa. In the
Seventh 1ltrlct Feltnn will piwh
Kvciett. the Dewiorratte nominee, who
Is also an Alliance mm. That Is
doubt m to the result In the F.mnh
dlsttict. where Moe, the Danwatte
Alliance man. Is oppoea bv Walter
JohnaMi, Iteptihlleitn. FeJton claims
lo lie the Democratic nomleee la the
Seventh. If any IlemtWtcan la eleetetl
It will be through the ImllrTetewje of
Democrats who are not Alliance mem.
Ciiicaoo, Nov. I. Weather clear
and cool. ,
Proiiia. It.i. , Nov. I The weather
Is clear, coo), very p1eaant.
LoriBViu.K, Nov. I The weather
this morning Is clear and cool. Elec
tion passing oiT quietly.
Comnoto.v, Kv., Nor. I The
election in the Sixth Kentucky district
proceeds very quletiy to day. Hut one
office Is being voted for, that of Con
gressman, and a light vote Is being
llAtriMORK, Nov. I The day Is
clear and warm. The vole throughout
the State Is being nutetly polled, the
Australian system being highly com
mcmlcd. Ilcpurts from tho Sixth dis
trict Indicate the re election of Congress
man 3IcComas. The Democrats will
possibly carry the other five district.
St. Lot h, Nov. i. The weather this
morning Is warm and ploasant, with
promise of remaining so throughout the
Kansas Citv, 3Io., Nov. 4. Weather
pleasant. Indications favor fine weather
throughout the day.
St. Paii,, Mi.n.v., Nov. I. Weather
pleasant, clear, cool.
MiNsr.Ai-ot.ta, Nov. I Weather
clear and cool. A full vote will come
Dui.utii, Minx., Nov. 4 Weather
favot utile for a large vote.
Dhtiioit, JIicii., Nov. 4. The
wialher Is cold and raw and threatens
rain or mow. There was a light fall
of know last night, and, lu consequence,
the roads are inudily and slushy. The
cmllilon of the roads may havo the
ilfect of cutllnv down the vote In the
rural dUlth'tn. A large vote Is Iwlng
polltd in the city.
North Unrollna,
ClIAKLOTTK, N. C, Nov. 4. littautl
ful, clear, cool, orisp day. Only Demo
cratic ticket and Prohibition ticket In
the fluid ami the other Is being snowed
Senator Vtnce poke here yesterdiy
and predicted 90,000 Democratic major
ity in the State.
3Ia.bkikli, Ohio, Nov I Weather
cloudy, raw and damp, Indications of
clearing by noon. The vest-pocket
voters are getting In their work, and
a large vote Is being cast. All In
terest Is centered on the Congressional
CiNiisxATi, Ohio, Nov. t. Election
day 'dawned clear and pleasant, aad
there is every Indication that a full vote
will be brought out In this elty. Karly
vottis, as a rule, were depositing straight
tickets. Advices from point In Indiana
state that the Australian-ballot system
Is dllilcult to operate. An average of
twenty votes an hour was recorded In
some localities.
Ci.kvki.vM). Ohio. Nov. I. Elec
tion day. Weather is the worst la
years. Snow, rale, fog aad mud In
A heavy vote U
10 o'clock fully
43.000 registered
cast their ballots.
beiag polled. At
half of the
voters had
Ia the Tweaty-
first Conerefeioaal
district Jobasoa,
Democrat, free trailer, seems pretty
cure of election over IturtoB, the pres
ent Republican CoagreaamaR. In the
Twentieth Coagressloaal district Taylor,
ItepubtltsB, has practically ao opposi
tion. The weather is Hot favorable for the
"kid-glove voter." Soow has fallen
early all day aad It U viay sloppy ua
dtrfoot. Caxto. Ohio. Nov. 1 Weather
disagreeable, aaow, rata aad fog ia the
mi'iBing, with ladicatioas of eJeariag.
A heavy vote is beiag polled, all later
ett ceeterlae oa the Coagreaatoaal ticket.
Major McKlaley was heartily cheered
whew he approached the pails at tt
u'cieck aad voted. So far as party
taaageta eaa exert theauaelvei every
vote will be polled. Warlck' frhsadi
are eoalbleat of rucieas.
lieturas up to 1 1 o'clock this tuoreiag
trout differeat preclacu aaow at least
two - thirds of the regis tared
vote to have beea cast.
Straight ticket are beiag voted la the
asaie. although the KetHihlteeas elaiaa
that WarU.C is beiag freely peeelled.
The DetBOcraJs dfcpule this, however,
aad aay that isjliluley will rua Utile. If
aay, ahead of bis ticket. Major Mc
Kialey hi at fcoaee aad expteesed huu
self as coeddeat of sucoeas for hituaelt
aad the eatite Kepuhtkaa ticket
TivrtK, Ohio, Nov. I Election la
paaatag osl quietly, with but little
scratefciag oa Coagreaetttea. Foster U
rueaiag slightly ahead, but the iadlca
tioaa an that Ram will cany the city
by aw. aad Seaeca Couaty by W.
Touwo, Ouu, Kov . 4 The electtoa
h pMceediag quieUy. A fair vote va
cast ub to aooa. These ia atuch scnaeh
iag, fm awl he local iaauee, ajal stlft
dUsLcuh to pcedict with aay certatate
what tke outoesae will be. '
The taaja cooteat U oa foegrysawia
Ashley aatk-lpatee heavy aautjoiUy ia
Ltacag Cuuaiy. while hie oMoaeat.
Ceaojaei tteyavea. aad hjft f rieaa s)o aot
coawede U- Yest-potket vot1g to the
yo Ws, 1st.. Sov. t-
W'uatWAj" a-'taamslar emti taklklAtattsBJF
IPSiaw TFapjjIr sir '"apsBa
aUiAAA. Wis.. Mm. 4 -
fl tPWsw anweipajkajBja esaa ajaesji g
heavy vote beteg cant.
Sax Fkaj.U'.i . Kov. 4. Arl'Oi
fleets to d a IKlcgate to Coagce.
Territorial UWlaiue aji county o
cexa. The isiupelga hag beea ui
hotly cooUstud aad the lak.uou
aeesa. to U that CoBgreasmaa 6m U a
Uiejority 1 1 lxt6 wOl be great! r
ductd 'IL,. It- publicans i a! -Will
have a o-j.l riiy U boLU, t i
ut IbeTcfi .a LegWaluu
An Exhifeilm of Paintings $f Rata
laU Seind by tk Pltet
The tsfliek Asarthitts to UtMr Thir
Exeealed Ameriaan Brethren A
BwJfet of Other News,
l.oHUOK, Nov. t. The achetne two
poil hy General llooth of theStlva
lion Army for the relief of the poorer
clawes continues to be much dlsciied.
b'evoral members of Ihe royal family
have written General Tlooth praising
his plans and expressing hope for their
success. Similar tokens of approval
have been forwarded from people in all
walks of life, and contributions are
constantly coming In for the fund with
which It Is proposed to begin the work.
St. Petersburg Is again sulTering from
floods raused by storms and winds
which pile up the waters of the gulf
and ilver and force them upon the clly.
The recurrence of this condition of
affairs leads many to believe that the
situation of the city Is growing more
perilous, and that there Is danger of
complete submersion at some time of
unusually severe storms and high water.
It Is denied that the llrltiih war
ofllce Intends lo abolish the Knfleld
Mngn7tno title and restore the old Mir-tlnl-Ilcnry
pattern. The present
weapon Is declared to be entirely
The Kmperor William will liestow the
colonelcy of a German regiment up in
tbo Prince of Nnplts, Crown Prlnre uf
Italy, upon the occasion ot the latter'
31st birthday. November tl.
While a bible cln was In aesttiin at
Dover on Sunday a mad dog d istied
Into the room, causing a panic among
the tchi'lurs. Ik' fore the animal could
be k cured he had bitten a number of
the children. The camw of eight of the
victims are nronounctd hopeless
The Jewish students In Southern
IIiimIh, who embraced Christianity In
order to be permitted to pursue their
studies at the University at Odessa,
have been thrown Into consternation by
the decree of the C.ar'a ministers that
Jewish converts shall be on the same
footing, as to education, as Jews who
retain their own religion. The con
verts dare not apply for readmlMloa to
the Hebrew faith as tliev would there
upon be prosecuted as aptMlatea. Their
only ho; Is in flight from Russia.
The several councils of the llrltlsh
West Indies have been convoked to
consider a notice fiom the Imnerlal
government that the colonies will be
expcctul to look out largely for their
own defease in time of war, Kaglaad
oely furnUhlng a fleet aad garrisoaa for
coaling stations.
A Madrid dispatch savs that the gov
ernment Is lit very gloomy tlnaseial
straits, aad that the proposed high
tarllf U sot so much a measure of pro
tection as to raise revenue.
It U reported In Home that the Pope
baa sent a message to the American
Episcopacy directing that bishops aad
pastors shall speak out openly against
the Irish plaa of campaign wherever
a Id U solicited for that movement.
Messrs. Mann ami Tlllett, president
aad secretary of the Dockera' Uaioa,
have Iwued a circular advUlag the
wen to remain at work pending nego
tiations with the dock companies. The
latter dttlare their determination not to
Brake asy arrangement that will give
the men control of the docks
Advices from Constantinople atate
that the Sultan la anxious to have his
sovereignty ia Africa denned and ac
knowledged through a new treaty with
Kngland and other European powers,
and that the Turkish aatbaaeadora to the
leading States, except liuasia, have
beea instructed to open BegotUti'Nts
wiih that view. The Sultaa is deter
wised to prevent aay further alkaattoa
of Moakiu territory, aad bke the
sphere of Turkey delineated ith a eletr
atssibat will pre wat future encroach
nut'DU. Ad i icea froat the west coaat of Africa
stale that ateroea ate beiag deported
fioat the British colony of Lagos for
rvu.-e oa the pJeatetioas of Hrvzil. the
the esatgraate goiag apparently as will
lag laborer.
The Queea regeat ef ipeia has re
plied, through the Premier, to the petl
lion of Catholic lUahope for her later
fereace ia behalf of the Pope, tier
iUWaly, while proeaidag deep devotioa
to His Holiness aad the Chutist, replies
that the Sfieaiah (loveraateat caaaot
justly laWrtere la the affairs of the
Kingdom of Italy
A Cape Towa dtspaUb safe that the
Portuguese have carried off aa hoatagw
the two aoae of the Africa chief. Gws
guahainsa, whose territory is cieiiued
by both the Pottugueae aad the British
South Africa Company.
rotug auto ah gxsurneji or xut
Ui&ms, Kov. . A teatarkable
atrkuse of picture was mads? yeetesday
im the fatfctoaable qaaitei of PaUJIaU.
wakh hag created a great 4eal of ei
dseBueag taJPOUi bout the tity. Vat the
past three week the moral salad: of
Luadkw has been ahocked by the eW
Uttoa t the art slWy la Pall Hall of
a sxttfig of pawtfags lllustrataag the
work of Kahelaia, These are by
Mi eahnrt iirtjh r who Mlattnj "Naaa.
whigii a)ai sujch a rt niarkajrjlt success
1ut pirtBanfi ue all ladveeut. aad
MWae of thsits am m bed thai they wete
but toto g acivate rxun iato which
ladies Were aot tiloaul to eaitei. The
galkry has always beea crowded atace
h was opeaoi. ad Udic Ueloaglag to
the best society aad wen of the world
bate bee amosg the thkf aad moat
.aU.rdey the tbit p. ii.e supertn
uu Uot uf ibe illla. t Mr Kiabc
i LLl oJ-kd I lutn I i ( L , -! t -
i i J lU t! u, in ' 1 a!
It i. iLi . . .-. I -
consternation of all the visitor selrol
all the pictures that were on exhibition
Tire chief superintendent of the dls-
trtat mLI t lt.n Allamlnmt k rKIMtit
the warrant under which he was actlnc
1 "I shall want all thew totaheawav."
The attendant waa Indignant, hot dM
not attempt to make any rulstanre. and
then the officers trnk down all th
ptetnres from the walls and ronveyed
them to the police station. As soon m
the feci of the lr.ure wss known the
crowd of vWtors ! ame panic stricken
and In.midlatrly fled, as people fenreil
If thry witp fi'iind on the premlswlhy
nnhl beatrrsteil. Then the down of
the gall ry wpre cloeetl.
llwndmls of would lie visitors wt
lurntd awny, and, so great Is the n
totlety lhat was attarhetl to thh ex
hibition, that among them were very
many people who hail rome to town
from all parts of Kngland In order to
see the pit litres
The following t' the adrcrtlspment
of the collection, as publlshl In the
Iomlnn imt:
nAtlBtAtit KXIIiniTtON. t. cH.mr
J strict (lat Waterloo titrate) -t9 (Mt,
rent) lronnrphle n-nnxturtlon nf tin
WOHKSof th world renownert HAMtlt.AM
Minwon KXIttHITIMt "Th pletnrm ars
full ot life, vivacity ami dramatic veri ver
itable point"! comllr 'Moraine rnt
"All nf Ihcro In Uk hlcheiit tlMrve diameter
ttlc."-Telerapti. fiiicn 10 till te. Attario
ton U.
Mr. Laboucliere thin writes of the
collection In Truth
"I do not know whether SI. Jules
Gamier K In the judgment of ctltica, a
ereat artist, but the collection or his
I Habclais pictures jrlvt me a much
I pleasure as any plrttire gallery I have
i jet vIMted. These pictures show tho
art of Illustration In perfection. livery
I characteristic quality In Itabelals bis
1 rollicking humor, bis vigorous Imagina
, tlon, his dare devil defiance of conven
tionality not to say decency, his tierce
satire on the old world that was then
i lasting away, and his exaltation of the
itinian nt the expense of the super
J natural nil thU SI. Gamier has caught.
I "I regret to say that I was not deeply
shocked. Truly, this chamber of hor
, rors Is not a placo for little malils from
' school, and the one or two person of
I the female sex who found their way in
J while I was there, would, In my jiiilg
i ment, have shown better taste In re
' matnlng outside. Hut while most
of the pictures are as franklv Indecent
as Is the text of lUbt'lali. the Inilroenev
basso much genuine fun about (I, there
Is so much robust human nature In It alt,
that I do not fee w hut barm a man of
healthy mind can find there. Through
one o'f the pictures In the Inner
rhamlier of liormr. tint of 'The
Hermit of Saint ltitlegoadx ' I no
(Iced a large hole. To alt appearance
aomeSIacDousalllte. voided todMpera
tlon, hail plunged the umlircllt of out
raged modeaiy thiouih the offending
i Lomiok, Nov, 4. Andrew Jameson,
the brother of Lieutenant Jameson,
who died of sttrvation while with
, Stanley's rear guard, mikes a strong
point against the latter In a letter
printed yesterday. He says.
"Sir. Stanley Is now dealing with
dead men who cannot answer him e.x
I cept by journaU, letters and other
! memoranda It ft behind them. He has,
therefore, no right to claim the ad
I dltlonal advantage to be gained by
i playing a waiting game, endeavoring
i to discover what tacts their relations
' have obtain til fiout them to be used in
the work of vindicating character, aed
Ihen preferring fresh charges of a shift
ing and mysterious nature.
"I.et Stanley come out with his ac
cusations without further parley. Lieu
tenant Jameson's relatives will not be
: behindhand In the tight to establish his
good name. Were either Major llarttelot
or mr brother still alive Sir. Stanley
would long ere this have been forced to
! make his statements under oath In a
I court of justice, when they would have
taken a precise form and been once for
all declared true or false.
I "Now be eat) not be placed under
oath, but Is free to make statements
when and where he pleases, against
which there Is no redress. There U ao
booe of haalitv. aad ao chance of briae-
lag him before any tribunal except the
uar or puoiie optaioa
dutikoi ished romivsiere will st lo
I.okpoa, Nov. 4 A meetiaf ia eoe
uuaioratioe of what is deaeyibed aa the
"la-gal murder aad Imprison meat of the
Chicago martyrs, who were doae to
diatk by the Democratic goverameat
of America la November, 18?." will be
hld ia the South Place Chapel oa the
loth instant. Among the speakers who
have promised to take part are Priaee
Krapotkia, Xadame Loube Michel ami
Joe Casey, the Irish dynamiter. The
circulars which have beea issued to
eoaveae the miauling are heatistd,
"Long live Anarehist Commaaism'''
eav osui. Loesm uts cassv
LoauoK, Kov. 4 fhg suit brought
by Mr. Hechscher agajaat Uessrs.
Crosbj- & Bans, solicitors, to ret over
the sum of 3.Mv, came up for beariag
yesterday. The ptalotfif who is aa
Americaa, came to Eaglaad with a
cower of attorney to sell two Ctntlaaatl
Haweries. If the compaaies were
formed withla slaty days use solteisots
sate to pay him the sum of K$jm,
whtoh had beea 'Ivpf'Mi with them by
the "fiil igyAf of the cowsetR.
The cotupaay was aot formed wttbia
the apsejaastd sxy days aad thswesose
the solkluws refuted to haad w the
money The judge uoa-sulted the
Testae So aaav ItfeelsaM
Woi'OeTa. Out., Nov. 4 It is
stated thU the pecftkm to he pee
aeaUd to the Mlaisittfr of Justice
i l'leilng fw flemeary ia the case of
; iHu-haU rcajsejaa La all about Vhm
t uul'4
PfifDlri finis eiaaReM-
Kw Yoits.. Nmv. 4. JayttoiiUl aa4
bis aoa Gi.org arrived os taady from
' their trip over the Southweatera rati
t)i The partv ba been away about
t. n-k- auJ has n mi I aik ful. of
i.. iakl' u . e f
' 1 x f lU .;
Wbilt Mtn M Ibt laufi's
Dccisioti in Un Smut! ftaci.
690ft riCliti IN AU. THE RACES, TO BAT.
Slight IMtisf Owing U) tits Absence of
Beok-MaJtM-s-'As Bse)leal CtrJ
f Fire Usee Premtle.
An overcast sky, threatening fain ami
a mhl, rheerltwt tiny generally, made the
ttvnnlng race tmch anything bttl a
pleaswnt place to-dsy for llto who like
to take life eaIly and cnmfotlabty, and
In consctjiK'nce there was a very small
crowd at the cttirn when the horMs
went lo the ptnl in Ihe first race this
afternoon. Tlioe whii were there were
moeily men who could not lie deterred
from coing to a hore race no matter
what the weather might lie, ami whose
one object was to bet on the results.
Hut the betting was by no means as
brisk as It usually Is for many of the
book maker are Invetetate politicians
who cannot tie kept away from New
York city on the day nf red-hot
mui)lclmf election and who went over
to do their share In the work litat night.
Those who remained to do biHlnem.
however, i rapid their share of the
harvest, for the publle, greatly
encouraged by thesucceos of the favor
Itts yesterday, played them pretty
hiHvlly, but the lack of crowd made a
perceptible difference In the bettlnc.
Tho card presented was an excellent
one, and tho Held presented In each
race large enough to give the public
gocd oilds In the letting Captain
JlcCoy had evtral of his hnrea en
tired and did not bimlle the tl.iir In
ihne I Mi.
Following Is a mi miliar) of the day
FIrt race, fll furlones ttellevue,
IIS, Hav 5 2 add 4.1; Captain Waire
mr, lt:t. Hlfea. 15 atralcht, 11-hn
Host'. 115. Maynard. :i and t.
Sir David. tW, Jones, 10 and ft; Wll
lartl. ftS. Seenv. 30 and H; Mlrthwiwul,
9. Crlchton, t9 ami 5; Ylrgle,85, Hill,
10 ami il.
Tht Utttt llellevuc rlrsl. Ylrglo sec
ond. Helen Hose third. Time. 1 .0t.
Second race, mile Tappehannock,
07, Hill, ft and 3. General Ilou
langer. 07, Jones, fl and i:
Petlcles, 107. Day. 8 5 And 19,
lllantyie, 107, Ihy. 3 ami 7 10; Kit net
vllle. 101, Hug gins. 0 ami 8; Ilupert, 05.
II. Jones, 13 and H.
Tht ruet Pericles first, lllantyre sec
odiI, Tappahaunock, third.
The following are the entries In the
timalnlng events:
Third race, t of a wll. -St. John, VtH
Ofalrre, IS; itovttr, 1IH; Ijay M, H; Arma
iUIe, v:i; Fleet wing, IJt, and Jander,
Fourth race, t 1-16 ml lea. handicap Ice
berg, t; St. Luke, 105; Oolden Keel, 97,
FuKWMle, IH; fratber, 109.
Ktf th IK, a mile and a furlong, sailing
IjirehMoet, 110; Fannie II, UM; ntpsy
ucn, 10U, and Cortlrelll, 100
Itullriwd Illrrcl4ir KtretMl
Coiomapo Sraisua, Col. , Nov. 1.
A meetiag of the stockholders of the
Midland 1 all road was held here yester
day. Only J. J. nagermaa aad H. T.
llogers were present. They hold prox
ies for the other stockholders. The fol
lowing board of directors was elected
Thomas lUrring. George McConn,
George J. McCook, all of Santa Fe the
latter general solicitor J. J Ilagermaa
of Colorado Springs. J. li Kutk. T. M.
Davis. S. $. Saaders. 1.' Thompson,
Thomas Jevlns, Oordoa Marries of
New York. The meeting then ad
journed to meet in New York Novem
ber 11.
IViwUih Mim at ObMMze.
Cmi ai.o. Nov. 4 A pa.ty of gea
lemea fiom New York city have been
loohlrg over a large tract of lead Just
aulbof the Utile Calumet Hirer at
New Chicago with a view to locatiag
wooliea mills there- The ineorp wur
of the aew company am C. . D rn. I.
W. Cochfsa aad J. Watt, of New
It Is understood that the capital
stork "f the aew comiiaay wbUh has
beta Incorporated ia Sew York Is
Ansggasineii hate beea sag le by the
have the rttaras from the elections
reatt from the stage at to night's per
RuuMoao. Iso. Nov. 4 The
graad jury yesterday found aa ia
dletmeat foe murder ia the sewed de
gtee ajfsivH J. A. Wood, the Initio
ho.pitj atieadaat. accused of Uliiag
Jlwtt mm a.
jAtasos, Hiss. Njv 4 The
&uptte Court yesterday aSUated the
dctato la the case of Georae Mainte.
CMraRwai of mttfdef ia f iH)iibjf4ali
Cnuaty. aad ased h$ceKhe to as the
day for his eaei-utioav
SotTst 8imjuu(m. J?A-. So 4
stami wuh a lighted coal oU lamp 4
tairiag her 1 year aid ihttd. test sight.
stumbled sad fell to the bottom. The
tamp encoded aad mother and ctuM
xe horriM burned Neither can live
4 Wcemue to kUg 'vrto
WsRAstg. law N.'V i - Ttit n. a-.
boss to Use wife uf Freak smoq,. iui
Wabash, husdajt ekht. a b' .. weui.
hageaactly oae aad oae-half p-n l
Tge lefaat girl b perfectly , -a.
fat every repect, aad i but si la ' -tokagsb.
Race even day i& , vk a Bsubiog
LwS Lvi tw k-a
ESCAPE! Ml I stim
Kn.l'ri-M.mt ItrrWin nf Ittnt
Hfntwwt Ith I.tWrrty.
Nrw Your, Nov. I Farther detail
of the ewerie from prierm It Mutt,
lwn, of tr Nichols Hefolft, t
President of Pern, have fewefcect Oil
elty. He had been fntt In Jail on
charge of dialnyslty arm oft a charge rf
being responsible for the lose of the
lt few battle of the wr between
Itollvla am) Peru against Chill Whllr
awaiting sentetirr the privlletw was
given his family of dining with htm on
Ott Sunday his wife, accompanied by
Iff children, came aa usual tt the
priaort. The jailer did not notice that
she retmed a little more mrmtt than
usual and that she carried a small
baket. She re malimi for supper under
the pieaof lllneee. At 7-80 the children
were led out by a person whom the j til
cHlclala thought was the wife of the
preeWent. At 9 o'clock the l-tller came
In to we that Plt-mtn wa In bed.
Al daybreak the next tnoraing all
the prisoners turm d up except Plwtrta
111 cell was visited, and his wife w
found anitcly wrappetl In the bed
chMbe. The ofltclals were thunder
strut k. Telegrams were at once sent
lo all points lo watch for the eecaped
man, but ho trace of him was found.
The authorities have not yet heard of
hie whereabout, and. If It bad hot been
for an accidental meeting In thin city
between Plerola and one of his friend,
bis arrival would still be unknown.
A Si ill ch (Irtillriimn Wnl un Ainnr
Irnu I. ally In N1 Vnrk.
Nrw Yi'HK, Nov I. A scotch wed
ding was celebrattd in the while and
gold trimmed parlors of the Windsor
Hotel yestt rtlay afternoon at 5 o'clock,
when JIIa Marv Jomphine Cleanev,
daititlitpr of O W. 11 Cleaney. formerly
ot Cincinnati, now of New York, vmn
married to Alexander Johnstone, aeoond
son ot William Johnstone, .1. P., of
Claddens, Lanarkshire. Scotland.
The ceremony was performed by the
ltev. Dr. D. Parker Morxan. rector of
the Church of the Heavenly Heat. Tho
chrlttt of that chinch, under the dl
rcctln of Ihe organist, Henry Carter,
sang ihe I'roccsrional and lleeeaslonal.
and the hnin "The Voice that ilretthed
O'er lilen." Two little nephewaot the
Krrx m, Maater Alexamler and Charte
Watt nf Glagow, preceded the bridal
patty, drt-fwed In the full Highland co
tunie of tbo l'.irty -.ccond HtghHnd
Ittglmmt. They "wore bunches of
heather In their "bonneU."
lli'tny Jnhndloneof Glasgow, brother
of the groom, was liest man. ami the
bridrsmatda were Miss Florence Van
Antwerp of Cincinnati, couria of the
bride, and .Miss Annie Johnstone of
Glasgow, slater of the gmnm.
A dinner was nerved after the cere
mony. Mr. ami Mrs. Johnatone. with
the party who came from Scotland to
sttt d the wedding, sal) on Wednesday
by the Germanic
It UhbikiI CoiMprl thi UiivKrnmpnt to
IIIVB It H'lltlH IH I.UfMl.
Tacoma. Wash , Nov. 4 la the
Federal Court yesterday J mice llanford
Tendered a decision In the case ot the
Catholic HUbopof Nes.juUy. Wh..
against General John Gibbon, M
Anderson, K. T. Gralman ami the
United Slates. The suit Is one In which
the Btkhop sought to obtain a title l
trust for bis church to 190 seres of
land aow in possesloa of the United
Slates Government a a military reeervt
The suit was baaed upon the act of
Cooerets enabling the organization of
the Mate of Oregon ia which "All laadt
la possession, of religious societies a
missionary posts to Indian tribes" were
granted to those societies. The case was
derided against the Bishop and aa ap
peal to the United States Supreme Court
allowed. Judge Ilaaford cited a recent
llectsioB ia which it was held that th
Goverameat could aot be compelled bv
its courts to issue a patent to a claimant.
The decision Involves property worth
over f.'.OUO.OOO located sear Portland,
Hebert Oarrtt Attaskatt with Heart
IHa tgti Otab.
Nrw York, Nov. 4 A special t.
the Prt from Baltimore says While
Robert Garrett, the ex preslieat of the
. A O., was at the slarylaad CluS
yesterday afteraooa eallia oa aa eld
arqualataace. he was suddenly tehee
with a fainting spelt, due to heart dis
ease, aad saafc to the ground uaeoa
scious. He was taken to his remdeawe
seat by, where restoratives were ip
plied, which brouht him bach to eaa
srkHtaaess. Ills frieads are very much
alarmed at his eomttttoa.
am mm itxtf urn.
ytUiiitasw fc lcwvtvaH
Ttesowza aa Valy qim-
totiooa, Kev. 4 The ties met ftaut
sflaaiafrom Philadelphb) or October
99 arrived at Queeastowa at a. m
yesterday and proceeded for Live fool
Uw wporu that duriag the voyajwshe
eacouateted a hurricaae which Bitted
for four days. The wiud created heavy
teas, oae of which hoarded the rtramur,
amashipg a Hie boat. To avo4 age!
ya)ff In the pajsfpjryit they wese IjRSK
betoar decks for sixty hours duriag the
ltoAofc.R, V . Kov 4 On of th
tiaest vbas of coking coal yet ttt0Y
esed has eeoeetly beett foua4 iR South
easter Yirgiaia, measunag tereawy -tew
feet iR thirtneaa. with two feet of slate.
It btloags to a Flat Top ot ftea
hoRtas tSaftig. whjwh Vas beea rattjbxfry
devetopml is the hM f.w vars aajfee
cams so usivctsaliy Wu t lot it coke
ad steaadag 'jualitk-
t W t''Jil."
NfcW Yo v 1 ! - i.
agtd 40 ear, died al tii SIj: :
Huttl .u.rJay n o. in v-1-
tb tilt Vi'ULJi.! I't ' M ' ' L. - 4
5 1. I liilU ilsil ' k
rj i . k , u.pitnj te I i -M
-c: IO this
i i l . - ia coaauat ph.
mw aad two ih
lmt RfeeM
tar h' ltrut i' C ..'tUJiA. , '

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