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23D YEAR NO. 6.04.-O.
I'm- ihf Ih'ttriet of CWiwaM. KwWrn
1 iv "tinnw, iVrw Jtrirf, VIVrsMW jfcrrv
iiurf nvrl 'iririnia, ffentrn'tf filtr; rtrtrff
1 i 'rftrv Winn hteiimliiff tnnihimtrrfg.
A Pine Collect!
HAVK you seen OUR
new fall stocK? If not,
you have missed something,
and should come in the first
time you are down town and
see the most select assort
ment of new and EXCLU
SIVE designs in winter gar
ments for the young men,
boys and children ever dis
played under one roof. All
stylishly cut and HON
ESTLY made,
The cutest suits for the
small boys that we have ever
seen. Very natty effects in
Kilt Suits, Jersey Suits, Vel
vet Suits and a host of very
pretty two and three piece
Short Pants Suits in Tricot,
Cheviot, Tweed, Thibit,
Corkscrew and Cassimcrc.
Also a complete line of
Medium and Heavy-weight
ERS. AH sizes and quali
ties. 0. Robinson & Co
909 PA. AVE. N. W.
Ill S Curry Out ttiu Dying vYIilie
Juiue h, CJoriloii,
Cincinnati, Nov. 10. The sons of
James b. Gordon, a jouriialUt and poli
tician of this city, who died In New
York a year ago, bare just completed a
Etranpc charge laid upon tbem by their
elying fatber.
J lis last wish was tbat liU body should
be cremated and tbe asbes be brought
litre and Interred lu tbe family lot at
Mllford, a Cincinnati suburb, and tbat
a young eliu tree be taken
frrnt I lie yard of bU childhood's
happy country home and transplanted
to tlic side of tbe urn containing hU
ashes, lie was passionately fond of
nature and in tbia way be pleated klw
mIC witb thinking be should live again,
hh si'kes nourishing tbe tree' sew
Tbli wl.h dim fulfilled, bis body be
'rt cit-mated ami tbe dust buried in ike
'. ii l!y bt at Slllford.
Duiioe tbe past week hi uw, Ss
Inrc acd Jack. Gordon, weal out to tbe
c id Oi nU'U boNuMeul overlooking tbe
Miami Htver valley at Lewlsad, and,
n He ling a beautiful elw tree from tbe
I lav t round of their father's boyhood,
fork It to Mil ford awl planted it on hie
Opium Stuugslvn Arrattsil.
PoBT ToWNk.MJ, WjUH , Ko. W.
1 lm Matthias awl Louie Testis, oww
e rs l f tbe sloop Albert Hoes, were ar
reted Saturday night charged with
n lualin. opium (torn British Coiuw
I ' i They were released o ball. A
j irc nuantlty of opium was seised on
I aul tbe steswer Olympian ou bet
r i u j1 Kit- ) eelerday. There is much
ii i ,-lmg of opium going en, aad es
m Vii since the duty was Increased.
A a AiumuKmI Htll VUatt.
crj-e T. Parker through his at
t rbos, A H. Hell ami Th. M.
1 u a- this tflerttOOII SM SU IMMWlfald
I m lo ni.nriiriul ult atraiast his wiis.
i iI.q II Parker. Alter setting forth i
j i- t'rtlui tbt his wile had eoswwltled
mur with Df Ouatavui Brawn, wad
. 1 1, r iuib, be prays that a decree foe i
'w ur tie grquNW mvm. mm i mm
a i, u- re-iuUed to asr tbi Wll
, . ojtb.
i -
iiHi.os.i 4iwisImm 4tMM4.
i ii!UiBg uxiui)l-.lua was p-
, i t a iLU aterBou i tbe EsiMky
t u t v Justice JtMu. fur th pur-
i ai.prauUs Um ThtMM of lb site
1 iiii. i.lw Poatoabe, tHiMK No. $M
Mi bu l lesaau, preabfeat of the
-ii lMwacNMWy. ! A
1 1 .ii.iiu l of the iut of Briur 4.
u i'k.u aud Mr. ft. il Wanner.
- ii'i ac,H..u (Utii tiMuupt itoyart,wsut
i uui.imi HecufUoi aw TnM Vtm-
l..Uil at 1140 t'Ulhiith (tan
,i t 4lJ Hie iuuv'iu) u auw pie-
i n mi. c'juJo ut all WliiJ (or tal.
I Li I uiliilb w j.1 oolaUJ.. urc.
1 ji,Ji.i ttic u.ilia.,1 aitut of Mr
I v I Uu Laa Ujl a k.UiQ ii 1
1 I . i t I liau lie
That is ike Opinion of Stealer Dock
rell and of Many Others.
Whero the Napolwafe Tariff Blanierar
Stands-Quay io Be "Benawd."
Mws of Tuftsdaj'3 Battle.
St. Louts. Nov. 10. Unttetl States
Senator F. Vi. Cocktail consented yea
Icnloy to nn interview on tbe late elec
tions. "It is not almrd matter to arrive
nt tbocatifesof It," be said: "llioylmc
been often repeated Mnco tbe election.
Tbe JtcKlnley TarW bill, tbe Force
bill and tbcobno.xlouscotirseor Speaker
Ittcd nil contributed to tbe Interest of
tbe Democratic putty. Tbcn tbe small
vote cast bad somclbtng to do with It.
Wlictborwbat we gained tbts time will
bo tctalnrd at tbe next election ilcncnth
on wbat Is done in tbe meantime.
"Wbat In your opinion sbould be
"1 do not want to appear as forestall
Ine tbe action of tbe House, and I,
tbertforo, do not rare to discuss wbat
in! all t be done. I will say, bowover,
111 lit I bavc always been In favor of spe
cial tariff loaislallon. For Instance, I
voted wltli pleasure to put quinine on
tbe frco list, and I would take pleasure
In voilne for bills admitting sucb neces
saries as wool, salt, lumber and others
free of duty. All wo ueed to do Is to
be In tliu future, ns In the past, tbe eo
pie's patty, and wo shall boll the
Ktouml gained last Tuesday.
"If care is exercised In ginrdinie the
Intel efcts of the people by all legidttton
proposed and pasted, the next Demo
cratic candidate for l'rcsldsnt will be
dieted by a large malorlty, and be will
lie supported by a Democratic House
ami a Democratic Senate. Hut it Ii Im
possible just now to tell lust what tariff
legiilaitxu will be expedient or neces
sity, lly covering more than $iJ.00V
COO Into the Treasury that was not col
lected with the current revenues, we have
a surplus sulllclent to meet the expenses
of the Government to the end of the
Ur. and to redeem the $61,000,000 I)
percent. Iiondsinaturlnr.
'"Hil, however, will exhaust the
inoncson band, and It Is likely that
the legislation of the new Congress will
have to be shaped with a view to raising
additional revenues. Hut tbat can be
best determined when we get the
schedule of Imports for the ensuing
year. We can then tell evictly bow
the revenues have been affected, and
the interests of the people damaged by
tbe present law. New measures can
then be framed accordingly. Hut we
shall certainly not attempt to affect tbe
revenue by Increasing duties as tbe
Itepubllcans have done.
"Tbe change in tbe sugar tax was
luirely for tbe benefit of tbe Sugar
Trust. It reduced tbe income of the
Government about $55,000.00 a year
and did not lit-nerH the consumer! of
sugar in the slightest degree. Then
the tax on tobacco ought not to have
been changed. Tbe reduction of that
tax was a Itfaefit to tbe tobat-en manu
facturers, but the consumer Is not af
fet ted by it to bis benefit."
Ai BAv, N. V.. Nov. 10. Coagreea
mati ltoswell I. Flower declares tbat be
dees sot want tbe New York United
States Sesatorehfp. It Is sabl upoa good
authority tbat Governor Hill does sot
propose to aceept tbe place, which be
l-hh have off bawl if be wasted it. This
leaves Smith 31. Weed a clear track,
with Hill's support, for Kvarts' seat.
The Legislature bis a IteiHOcratk'
mabMlty on joint ballot of live.
u verwr Hill's enthusiastic friends
crvdit bfiu with tbe intention of run
ning for Governor again next year.
Tuer say tbat this U better than tbe
Senaiorshlp as a vantage ground for the
Presidential tight of ls2. which Hill
undoubtedly intends to wake. It is
I'taiii.ed that he has the tall of the
nosaiaalto. and eaa be easily elected
by a large majority This would, his
friends say, so significantly mark hint
for the Dewoeratk nowiuatioa that he
would hae a walkover.
It Is attested that Williaw Y. Shee
han will have so trouble 1st reachJag the
Speakership of the Aisuwbly.
.UlSIOir ISUifc 4U TUB l4UrMii
New Yoiu, Nov. 10 The San'
Washington corseapowlesyce to-day has
the following- It is understood that a
weeting of the iWpuUteaa National
Cowmiittee will he called within the
nest two ot three weeks to conshJM the
IniPfwilnjg wiignalVn of 'halrnjaii
Quay awTcertaia Aher iniereatijsg wat
Wrs. A lively Ujuw way be expected at
the Meeting. Aside froot the great dU
apooimwwtt in regard to the result of
the late election, there is a general feel
lag of lUaaatiafacilun to the cowmiittw
with reu!t;t to the use to which certain
moseys Lolkcted for the bwwtlt of the
ctusipiigu at large were applied.
As far iu Quay's resignation U con
ccineii, it u understood that he wiahea
to create the Intpfeinlon that he in
tended froat the ilrst to resign the
t-httiftnasabij) when the election was
over, ftd when he had secured hhs
-vlsdh,atlon ' fsosn the PesasylvaaU
people. In this way he will try to
wake " spfear that he has not hwsn
fontd out This, however. h ot cons
wuutlvely Utile luioorlattce. its every
body knows just ho the caae reaily
stands wish blut
The other whiter however, ikowhbs
to develop sow eleairets of serious
ii.mtK.vttk It appear that Mr. Frank
WUliu' Lt-acb odl of tbe secretaries
i iLl lii-i ubhiiU Niliuusi t'ouauultcc,
u.Ot i ut a buuibcr ! .in.u.lars In party
it,ulilLut i- wbli U Wi.ii. i. Uijilj i,.
tn.Li.li.iJ U i UcU Lki. C U4i.sal U I1
committee irol vrtml of IfaK Its mem1ers
made consWerable fnn, ami desired to
know upon what authority these funds
were collected. One of the principal
reasons given for the proposed clianre
in tbe chairmanship is the fact that
Mr. I-csrh was permitted to mn the
committee ami lsne circulars of aw
ment without any authority from the
committee as a whole.
Mr. Leach told the membrrs tint he
was acting under the direction of the
chairman, ami at that time they con
tented themselves with expressing their
disapproval of his course. Tbe mem
litrsof tbe Congressional Committee
manifested much bad feellnir about the
matter during the campaign, declarlnc
that whatever money was thus collected
by the National Committee must have
been sent Into Pennsylvania, as they
had received none of It, and that It
might to have lieen fairly distributed.
The subject will lie thoroughly venti
lated, doubtless, at the next meeting of
the committee.
fOSKS AS Oltto'8 NKXT HRt'fnt.tCAX CAN
Coi.umiii s, Onto, Nov. 10. The de
feat of Major McKlnley In tbe Sixteenth
District makes him the logical candi
date of the Itepubllcans for Governor
next year, and it Is hardly probable any
other candidate will be considered. In
reducing the Democratic majority In the
rock-ribbed rnuntlcs that composed his
district, Mr. McKlnley was remarkably
.tuccefsful, but 2.099 was a very heavy
contract to undertake with hopes of
It now seems more than probable that
Ohio would have followed In the gen
eral stampede but for the Cincinnati
tcnmlnl that was deemed of enough Im
portance to convene llio Loglshttire in
extraordinary session. Tho vote of both
patties was cry light In spots, and It Is
now conceded that tho State would, have
been lost to the Itepubllcans but for
Hamilton County.
Judgo Tburman In conversation said
Hint boss rule had very much to do with
the result in Pennsylvania, and that the
people of no State would tolerate It
very long. He Intimated that even Mr.
Quay must now recognise tbat fact. Ho
thought tbe Pennsylvania gentleman
would now feol Inclined to retire.
Piomlnent llcnubllcnns ntc not at all
delicate In tholr references to tho chair
man of the Itonubllcan National Com
mittee, and will demand his retirement
from tbat committee.
'Hie ecnts of the week have re
newed the interest In the national con
test. The almost unanimous opinion
pttvalls tint Mr. Cleveland will nealn
bead the National Democratic ticket
and that Secretary Dlalnc will pose as
the Itepubllcan candidate. Mr. Harri
son, so far as Ohio Is concerned, Is not
In It, and, after last Tuesday's sbaklm;
up. it la hardly probable the" Hooslors"
will vociferously demand a second
thiuchl'uous dhmochats
rillLAllgll'IIIA w.utn IRUlKllH TO
Piin.AiiKM'HiA. Nov. 10. The ex
pulsion of Messrs. William McMullen
ot the Fourth and Peter Monroe of the
Third ward for alleged treaobery to the
State ticket at tbe recent election will
lie tbe most Important topic before the
Democratic City Committee at its meet
log to-night. Tbe attention of tbe
committee will be drawn to tbe slump
In the Third district, tbe bold robbery
ot Pattlsou In the Fourth and the trad
ing In tbe Fifth, ami a resolution will
lie introduced to expel Monroe ami Mc
Mullen. It Is not known whether an
Investigation will be flr.t made, as many
members of tbe committee think the
election returns are sufficient proof of
tbe men's guilt.
Hie McKlnley lllll tUiortl II In tils
Ailtwui? on Tin I'lute.
Chic oo, Nov. 10. Three evenU of
Importance to packing bouse men and
tbe public happened last week. Tbe
price of canned meats was advanced
one-fourth of a eent. per pound, iuota
tlona on tin plate went up, awl a large
investment in real eetate was wade by
Several stock yards wen have denied
tbat the packing firms tonhswplate a
lewoval of tbelr plants from the stock
yards. Tbe point would seetu to have
Uen sell led by the statement of Mr. P.
I). Armour, jHiblUbed yesterday. Five
thousand acres of land near Hawwoad
awl twenty wiles frow Chicago have
been purchased by a syndicate In which
Llbby, McNeil A Libby, P. I). Arwour
A Co . Nelson, Morris A Co. and
Swift A Co., are interested As a gen
eral rule packing house nrws do not In
vest In real estate as a matter of specu
lation, and the custom has not been vio
laled in this case. It is not yet known
when the rewoval will he wade, but it is
understood that work on the new pack
ing houses will be begun as soon as
practicable awl hastetukd to cownle
tion. In conversing on the subject yester
day Nelson Morris said
"Ot course, we intnsul going out near
IUnswond. Otherwise, why Mould we
have purchased the property? My own
few. the Armour Cosnuasy, Llbby,
McNeil A Libby and Swift A Cowpany
will all wove. Doubtless others will
go. We will not lack cowpany. I
ewusot say when the removal will be
wade, as thai waiter has not been de
cided. It is still uwter consideration.
The new plants will be equipped with
ail the latest appliances for packing,
and will he great lwprovtwai upn
our isesen hAensiona."
' ' What caused the recent advance in
the price of caused wsmsU-
' It was wade necessary by the rite to
the price of tin plate, which rise was
due to the going into effect of the Mc
Kinky bid. Cattle wece alxeady o tow
thai the fawere eiuihi noft sjnjsd
another cut. and dressed beef was so
low that we could not let U rewaln at
the old price and pay mote f ot our tl.
So we had to raise the price, there was
no other alternative- It is not a all
likely thai Ihnre will be ajnofhee ad
vasie to the twice of wU this winter,
aiihooKb I woh; for better wHces in the
"The Owe to he oreupkd b a dto
n ha graduaJiy bee rurtaHsri to sucV
point ot bsevtiy," asys the New York
tfuu, "that is France fashion is return
ing to a wore bjUurtly servke of the
weal liners cowplaiu th&t .uu.rc
follvw s quickly ou ui j utUci tUil
tbtii. u opurtunity ui.iiLn.-i fui
I utli k'llJ lUcfiOi! U.I fn JVi.l4
Ui i.
t'nnrtcAn llomM nntl a Man Ilttrneil
In IImIIi.
tlFSKvv. N. Y., Not. 10 The lar
Imrn owned by Hiarglns A Smtlloy and
nsrd by tbem as stables for their horses,
limned down early Sunday morning.
Tohn Hall, the man employed In the
stable, while attempting to lltiersb- th
hrrsts, was OTereomc by smoke and
ptrihl In the flames. Fourteen horses
ami two mules were burned. The build
ing was fully Insured
OoTPtnor ()niilirll Horlniiiilr HI.
Cot.tvinis, Onto, Nor. 10. Oorsruor
Campbell is so setlmisly lit that visitors
have been fotbtdden. He Is Ihrenteaed
with typhoid pennmonla.
It Is doubtful if he wilt besunlelently
recovered to attend the TMiurman
lnquet Thur-day evening.
Stnrk Fall Many I'nlnlK Willi (Ireat
l(nililll.r A Vetrrnn llrnknr limps
llenil Kuclletunnt on Other
New Yoiik, Nov. 10. At the open
ing of the Stock Ltchanee this morn
tag there was a send panicky feeling.
Arbitrage stocks were known to be S
percent, off in Loudon, and offerings
in St. Paul, Louisville and Nashville,
Unlcn Pacific and Heading- stocks were
made In this market upon tho London
basis. Hlils were tew and brokers with
stop orders had a few disagreeable mo
ments beforo the market steadied. Out
side of Arbitrage stocks prices were
made on stop orders. In C. C. it St.
Louis, which closed nt Ot Satutday, the
first sale to-day was nt 00), and the price
then rapidly declined to Tm, Western
Union, which closed at 70, sold on
about fl00 (hares to Tt. As soon ns the
stop orders wore out of the way tbe
maiket tallied. Western I'nlon re
coveted !! per cent. C. C. & St.
Louis recovered -1 Heading and
Missouri Pddllc 1 per cent. An
apprcheniilve feeling was shown, how
ever, by bids being made above the
market price on buyer three stock.
Traders tiled to make' purchases buyer
thliiy, but without success. The iIj
cllncs from Saturday's closing to the
low prices of the Ilrst ten minutes to
day were as follows:
Atchison, H, Union Pacific. 11. Mis
souri Pacific. 'J; Lackawanna, '.'); New
Kngland.H, C. Il A ,:; L & N..5.
W. I'., 8J. nndC. C. & St. Louis. It.
Lake Shore, North American Sugar
Trusts, Wheeling and Lake Krle and
Chicago Oas showed considerable
Manhattan Klevated fell from 1' to
12 Only at the openlmr was excite
ment manifested, but although the
brokers continued apparently ctlm
there was a determination almost unl
vcisal among them to close out every
thing but tbe strongest accounts. The
sales were enormous In the first hour,
but In tbat time nearly everything
pressing seemed to have been
sold ami tbe rest of the selling
appeared to be only on small orders from
commission houses. Tbe traders made
a rash effort to bid prices up, ami they
rallied some stocks about 1 per cent.,
but when stocks began to come out they
retired. The market at 1 1 15 Is about
'i to -1 points below the opening. Tbe
sales Id the first two hours amounted to
over 210.000 shares.
Mr. J. 11. Struthers was stricken
with apoplexy ou tbe rloor at
noon and died shortly after.
Iluslness has been suspended to allow
tbe Itoard of governors t take aetloa.
Mr. Struthers was 8t years of age.
Mosey was very stringent through
out tbe morning at 15 per cent. Ks
cbange steady, posted rates, lt0iolb5;
actual rates, t79it79t for sixty days
ami -1S-1 Ife, 18-1 J for demand, liov
ernaents steady, currency Os,
1US bid, Is coup. 1211 bid, lis do..
10-1 bid. After 12 So there was little
done in stocks. 1 be gloom caused by
tbe death of Mr. Struthers seewed to
retard business to a great extent.
Latkk. The governors decided to
kevp the Kxehaage open after the death
of Mr. Struthers, as it was believed th.it
many firms 4nd instiiuthms were on
tbe verge of bankruptcy and that
to close the Exchange would
foice wany of the largest dress
to suspend When business was re
sumed at 12 30 the decline was recov
ered with increasing rapidity, pricee
fell off wildly and the situation heVawe
deswrate. The rush to sell after the
leeets, caused by the fatal incident, re
suited in the lowest prices of the
day, but with the exhautiou of the
selling orders a nuwher of brokers who
had been heavy sellers early turned and
bought heavily. A rally was soon under
way, awl at 1 30 p. w. the market was
quiet, and prices were 2 to 2 per cent.
above the lowest of the day.
Boii, M4M . Nov 10 The stock
market this wornlng opened feverish
and detnoreJiied. The trst prices were
fiosn i to 1 per cent, lower
than Saturday's closing. Atchison
was ofl . MevWaa Central
1 and West End land i. At to.) there
was a sharp rally frow the lowest price.
CBrii went ui to W(, XhsIs
vilto A Nash-. : to 71,. rieadlng, li to
2D. awl Atchison. . to 2i .
At WM Use market was ver unset
tled. Western I'nlon declined ii and
C. C.C 4 St L.wnn37j Another
rally occurred shortly sites it o'clock,
with C . B. & Q. M, St. Paul. .
Mwshalsan. M. U . C . C. A St L. te,
awl Western Union. Ti
Up to 1 iJs) p. w- no faMvues were reported-
Atchison at the hurftajund
was down to 2T. a dw II wt of a per cent.
There is very little doing ii copper
Bell Teu'psvonn UA htm h 21:1
CnJiwasel sfteilswdt 9 wif s)njLA hut
ouiveslng ivned 5 to ft. fhn aaV'
fir the wwuiug aauuwed to ao.ucni
LcAtsM. Nov to OAthe stock iv
change a this hour (12-30) consols ( i
uosejr and lor the teeomt of eaU
show adecliue of 5.W fcosn Saurd
ctosing price . ALLausk & 6et WesUra
&at woftgaac Uustes celcau' a
decline of . do second naortga. i
tU. c dot of Canadian Pacini., a K'
of H Era -i JulLue if 1 n
lliUttola liu luiul ', Nvt V u
110.1 dn'ilUi 1 ii PiUUl . i
'ii. 1 i. I i li -x llj,, x U
Dl Ike Rpl)litss Are Dkmiind
to Gti Clrol f It,
II Wwld Mean tk Thf( f lh Lafis-
htre, the U. S. Snatnkip ami
the Gsvsrnership.
Nrw York, Kor. lU.-The World
to dBy has the followlnc special from
Conctwd, N. IL. That the Democrats
have captured the Legislature In the
State there Is no question, hut whether
they can hold their advantage, In view
of the possession by Senator Chandler
ami other leaders, through a Itepubllcan
clotk who will make up the oltlclal roll,
of the power to wrest It from them, Is
another matter entirely. The attetnDt
to wtssl It from them Is to be made.
Aheady one secret conference ot Ite
publlcan leaders has been held, at whlrh
a committee was appointed to outline a
plan of procedure and Instructed to re
port at a mcetlnt; to be held In this city
to-morrow night.
Ot the legally elected representatives
the two parlies stand lu the House ns
follows- 173 Democrats and 1(W Repub
lican. In addition there have been
elected one representative from each
classed town, one from oach town known
as the pro rata lass, not entitled to rep
resentation In this Legislature, and an
additional representative In each to vn
or watd shown to be entitled to one by
the census of 1800, which has not yet
been oftlrlnlly announced to the Mate.
And here Is where the complication
comes In. The Itepubllcans cl dm that
the tcprc'cntallve8 designated on the
( lllclai ballots as "If entitled,'' should
be admitted and allowed to ptrtlclptte
lu the organization of the now House,
tthlle the representatives elected from
the classed towns should be excluded,
which would give thorn a nmjoilly of
thirteen. The Democrats malntntu dl
rcctly the opposite, and have all the law
and precedence on their side.
A'tlrletiof the constltailoii provides
that there shall be In the L 'gislature of
the State a representation of the people
bl cnnlsdy elected, and founded upon
tbe principles of coulty, and In order
that such representation may be as equal
as circumstances will admit, every town
or place entitled to town privileges, and
wards of cities having 0W Inhabitants
by the last general census ot the State
taken by authority of the I'nlted States,
or of this State, may elect one repre
sentatlve or. it l,tJ0 such In
habitants, two representatives, ami
so cm 1,200 inhabitants being
tbe meau Increasing number for
any additional representative. Pro
vided, howevir, that no town shall be
so divided, nor tbe boundaries of the
wants of any city so altered, as to In
cieate tbe number ot representatives to
which such town or city may be en
titled by the next preceding ceiteus, ami
provided, fuither, that to those towns
and cities which since tbe lmt census
bad been divided or bad their bound
aries or ward lines changed, tbe Gen
eral Court, in session next Itefore tbe
amendments shall laice effect, shall
equitably apportion representation in
sucb manner tbat the number shall not
be ereater than It would have been hod
uo such dlvlsiou or alteration been
In anticipation of tbe new apportion
ment authorized by this clause of the
constitution. 10 Itepresestalives in all
were elected, ot whom '27 were Itepub
llcans and 13 Dewocrals. Those who
were not entitled to seats under the cen
sus of l;M), but who were expected
by the Itepubllcans to acquire seals
under the census of lXo, were voted
for by separate lullots warked "if en
titled." The Dewocrals have asked the
qutsiion wtiy, it such members, la the
winds of the Itepubllcans, would he
ebiiilrd to seals without tbe favorable
action of tbe House, they should have
!een voted for on separate tiallots.
Coder the census of lb80, Kepresenta
lives were elected, "it entitled," the
same as they have been this vear. but
the journal shows that they were not
si) mi tied to seats until the last day of
the session, the decision being practi
cally that the House itself only had
the authority to decide the question as
to whether they were entitled to seats
or not.
lriot to 1M the constitution of the
Stale provided for the representation of
towns haing less than wv Inhabitants
by prorating and class! tjcatton. Pro
rata towns were those so situated that
they could not conveniently be i lasted.
These were suthoried to each elect a
Representative for such proporttoaate
part of the time a the nuwher of its bs
ksbttants, as shown bv the census of
IwjO. bore to two. and the law aoeern
Ing the subject distinctly spec-tied Us
years in which they wight elect
As stated, all the towns Included in
the Hst have elected this year, and the
result stands H ltetuoerails wad 5 tie
publican. The fact that towns sun
assigned to the j ear ISJWare not eatilU4
to representation this year is ens
phasted by the terms of she pro rasa.
wbkhpeovUle for election of Uepre
sentattves in the year ls2
Now. U regard to the classed towns.
In 1W1, under th atworUatMneot of
the census of the previous year, they
were defined by statute, the elaaed
low being as follows K-u Kingston
and South iltuupton, ftrookllekl and
Ityyunffi Alhani andMadisoa. J.k
son Hart's Location awl idwrwore.
liu.vbury. andlsvaa and Surrey Lel w
and Stoddard, Kiton .idJ Laid fl
Brldjutwater and Hebron l niiok
and Groton. Frastixda a 1 I ti a i
i!lwuuh. Water villi, and U UU'il
tlatkkViUe and FUUbui fimiur
rrol. t'aajke. UUvUk-. HVn 1
and Weniworth Lxsuou Uudol,
Ssu-lbura. Crawford C.rm and Mar
tb's Location. Kab and Sawyer's L
cull' o and Tbowpaoti -uiJ Mi.M.r'
ILli uiilLiiluli siiii i f iii
ttls I i li U ! It 4U .ui-l ' 1L
Lo.. 1JU lU I . . . - !
U. I -i ! A
thh amendment, failed to make nv
ptovlclona for the reprwetttation of
these town, and In this neglect Is found
one great reason for the trouble that
now exist
The political rtaliw of the town tin
der the old clansWcatTon wa In thi pro
portlrm of about three Democrat tn on
lbrmblrcan, and late In the eslon of
iwt the maiotlty natty introdiuvd a
Mil In the 1 louse which provided for a
lrptrsentatlon upon a bh that gtve
the ltepulillcan pirtr a decided pointed
advantaee To thin an amendment was
cfTered by the Democrats, the effect of
which was to give to that patty Hs
natural majority of the member The
amendment wa 1ot and the Mil de
feated by a filibuster.
As a new apportionment wi, to be
made uedcr the census of 1W0 by the
Leclslatute which meets in January
next, these towns decided to lie repre
sented theteln, and accordingly elected
their Itcpreeentallve, not under a clal
flcatlon, but Individually in the propor
tlon of tnrn'y three Demoerata to
twelve Itepiiblloana It should lie men
tioned, however, that wme of tbe
placiawere unormnlrcd as town, and
possibly without Inhabitants, ami conse
quently inch elected no Hepreentatlve.
To Mitnmarlye If all are admitted
who are clrcttil, the Houe will stand
IPS Democrat and I'll KepuMtcans.
Of these two Democrats and one He
publican have liecn rhoen from pro
rata towna not rntttled to elect In 1WK),
which would make the figures stand lfl
Democrat to 18 Itepubllcan. Ad
inlttlng the llepreentatlve from the
rlasKil town, who are clearly entitled
toeeal, and debarring thne elected "If
entitled," the parties will stand 1711
Democrats to 108 Itepubllcans. Should
the Itepubllcan Clerk of tbe House
throw off the names of the Hepresenta
tlrcs elected from the classed towns and
the "If entitled" members, the liody
will be tied.
The Itepubllcans attach great Import
ance to tbe fact that a Itepubllcan Cletk
will make up the roll. Hut there Is a
law defining the Clerk's duty, and that
law reads as follows
The Clerk of the preceding House of Itep
reeutallvM In making up I lie roll of mem
l.ers elect for use In the organisation of the
House iliall plsre iqion said roll only the
names of tlione presenting certifh ate uf
election duly Issued In conformity to the re
quirement of tbe amended constitution
and the provisions of this chapter, and If
from an) tuw n, ward or pUm are presented
ttrllllcHlc for more representstlves than
sin li town, want or cUm Is entitled to liv
l lie provisions of this chapter, then ald
( letK Miall not enter nnr nmne tr iti sueli
tuten, ward or class until the House, after
oraniilratlon, Mi a 1 1 liavedstertidnnl wlilrli,
If sn. of siuh name mat te placed iipun
ssld toll.
How the Clerk, therefore, cm help
the Hrpubllrans out of their dilemma
wllhout violating tbe la tt is Itnpos
slide to see.
The latest scheme which the Itermbll
cans propose to adopt to get out of the
dilemma which they ant In Is to call a
special selon of the Legislature
elected in 1SS8, for the purpose of rati
lying the I'orter census and passing a
bill legalizing the action of the towns
which have elected more represents
lives than they are entitled to under the
census of lsw.
L'very steo taken to rob them of their
rights will be fouaht by the Democrats,
however, to the last extremity. Lxelte
ment Is running high, and If the He
publicans persist In the course they
have mapped out there is certain to be
serious trouble.
In connection Hlth this contest, it
will be noticed ilrst, that a Culled
Stales Senatornbtp is not the only thing
at stake, tbe Legislature also electing a
Governor, and secondly, that as the
Itepubllcans have a majority of four in
tbe Senate tbe whole Important Issue
depends on tbe complexion of tbe
blit haj heteru Tlilue ami lnut.t
.Sim Guuld Tell .Mure.
St. Loiis, Nov. 10 Hose Coghlan.
in a lengthy Interview, makes public
her defense of tbe charge ot Inloxlca
tlon said to have been preferred by ber
husband. Clinton J Kdgerly, in tbe
eourse of divorce proceedings com
wenced by him. She stated that when
the alleged Interview with KJgerly
was scattered broadcast, insinuating
that tbe divorce was obtained on the
ground of habitual drunkenness and
ungovernable tewper, she at once
telegraphed a denial of tbe story to
the Kastern press, and began to makv
arraneewenls for the publication of
certain facts about 1'dgerly which, she
sa.vs. would have ruined bin.
He iwwedtately telegraphed her
manager, begging biw to prevent her
Ire u talking further, ami assuring hint
that lucre was not a particle of truth in
the re port, iitos Coghlan says she sent
to ftuth Dakota for a copy of the pro
ittUlogs, in order to prove that nothing
but desertion was advanced as the
cause wbr the divorce should be
granted She says she is sot through
with Kdgerly yet. ahe is indignant
that be has not pubtic-ly repudiated the
interview in a card and calls biw a
She said that he earned a week
awl she 4Ut, hence her abandonnwnt
of hlw has provoked a resent went on
his part. Miss Cctghbtn scores her late
husband in this fashion for nearly a
column, and then quits with kin tbat
these is wueh wore she might say If she
C'u-AA, Kov H J. V Hurst,
rttpfestnting the London Trust Com
pany, in an interview yesterday M
that the purchases of Aweru.- hwv
erles by foteign syndicates swounssd to
but livUe over I per cent, of the bsww
Iwr pre i;rty in this country. Hi ttto
3m btewerks inlhe I niscd Mte the
fowfctr have seemed about siHy.
wpceseutiaig sowething over forty cons
K Yii Nov lit A siicclal n
the jf'K' frcw teU'c Uild 111 , sv
tbit htinb-ur Liftcolt. In an lutcrviea
retcrtcd to the ItK x''' ljL " l'' '
abrn his post ' M' i-U; t tuii.t;.i
wuh evident .v U iait
U-ally cu-ukii the report and said he
j.-lu.p'v lu ihi- uotr ou leave and
w 'ii i i -u !. b i n -t jt the eu i ot
t U il' i SU t l-l Ml. L ' !'lL
.irU 'ul ItruiU li S'44Ate
t'UItU, V . KoV iV W'4v I
t'ito. sou of J udge CU.vtou of Uu?
city, who is . the eve of swarrlage
with MU tvUvu 1 Fartridie thc
dao.btn i X u.n i .u-iiu pork packer
i ! t Lli i- La 1 ii I - .i. i I Ml 1 i
III IV 4 " I 'L C until 31. li Hi 1 !
1 1 I . J , I .
Preftaor Koch mi His Wonderfyl
Cure for CoBSitBipiion.
1r dret Wwk Will Is Msljwi Oa by
th form &9Tramal"'F9Had-
ing BraMk Hospitals
LoRtmw, Kov. 10 The emplofea of
the various rallwsya tn Scotland and
the Monk of ltealand have for some
time past been tmdeavotlng to secure an
advance of wages, but the companhw
have not Ken their war clear to grant
ing (he nrtiM. Matters have now
come to a ctil, and It Is announced
that utile the demand for an advance
of three shillings tcr week Is aeceeled
to, a general strike will at once lie
ordered. The situation is a grave one,
as the Kit Ike would throw n vast num
ber of men out of work and have a tils
nitron effect upon business In neatly
half the Kingdom.
Wlt.t. IH'K ftTVNI.KY W)K I.IMRT..
It Is statinl that Captain llarltelot. M.
P., having become convinced that Stan
Icy will not voluntarily publish the
facts on which the charges against
Major Ilarttelot are based, has Instructed
his solicitor to begin an action against
Stanley for libel as soon as possible.
There seems to lie hope, thetefore, that
the disagreeable controversy between
Stanley and his recent aubordlnalea will
at tast lie brought before a competent
tribunal for settlement.
A MM.' I'M at M M1IO.N.
King Humbert of Italy has act a jrood
example to bis fellow monairbs with
impecunious children. He has decllaed
to ask tbe Italian 1'atllament for the
Stale allowance which would, ace in!
lng to custom, be voted for the l'rlnce
of Varies, heir to the throne, now that
he has attained his majority. Tbe Kim:
declares that while the- treasury Is la
such a depleted condition he cannot
conscientiously call for an appropriation
c t public funds for a member of his
The condition ot the poorer cIhssm
of Italy continues to be deplorable.
Destitution ptevalls In many quarters,
and all who can arrange to do so, are
leaving the country. In the hope of bet
ierlng themselves, believing tbat they
cannot be worse tff in nnv country than
tiny are In tbelr native laud. Six
thousand persons have emigrated to
Amtika during tbe past ten days.
Mr. Olphort, who Is about to finish
tbe clearance of the tenants from his
estate lu Itonegal, proposes, it is stated,
to let out the land for pasturage. This
is said to be tbe general policy ot the
Irish landlords, tbe stock pa) lag better
than tints formerly did.
Aceoiding to tbe letter of a Vienna
correspondent, various reports are In
circulation regarding tbe prolonged
tour of tbe Austrian Lai press, one
belief being tbat Her Majesty Is not in
accord with tbe policy of the Austrian
court toward Italy and tbe I'ope, and
tbat she desired to be absent during
the arrangements pending for a renewal
of tbe Triple Alliance.
Tbe peasant insurrection In Southern
Itussla is said to be largely attributed
indirectly to the decline of tbe grain
trade and consequent distress among
i be agricultural class. The decline of
Kussbn grain exports ibis year has been
so great as to attract the serious atten
tion ot the Government
The estate of the late Harwood, for
number of years public executioner in
Great HrilsJn and Ireland. Is honestly
paying twenty shillings oa the pound.
Garwood accumulated a comfortable
fortune In his peculiar trade, but be
c-awe somewhat involved previous to
his death, and c redltors put his estate in
bankruptcy, fearing that it was tusol
vent, which proved WH to be tbectse.
I Viktt l Moke' UtrLETKOTBEm Ulhi.
A cablegram from Melbourne says
that tbe labor unions are suspending
their entrance fees in some instances
ami in other eaaes reduc ine thew. The
object is to attract Use free laborers into
the unions and thus renew the lrearb
of the hitter, which ha been greatly
shattered by the strike Before the
strike the poluy of tbe unions was to
keep their auwbei down b high ad
mission fees and either stringent teixu
rations Tbe Wharf Laborers' I nton,
whose admission fee was tV talked
before the strike of raising tt to W.
Xow they have suspended the fee
alie'jr'eiher. The free laborers, how
ever, do not seem anxious to avail
themselves of the privilege The
unions aje indignant over the failure
of the Fnglhsh union to respond to the
call for funds.
The tsultan has rcf used his consent to
the opening of a Uuuiau uatioe i
kihcoi t CosotantiaopUt.
Te WIUl MINK II ( l.b 1UK ,'K.N..
1 kl IN. k.. U N I IN Ul i I 1,1
LU 1.1 i Ni i" l'r. ftMi: K ill
Ibttl J- 1 it U u l jDi Lu !
tLu IL i il u I i " " . I ,
I1UI.-1 , ' I '-. ' I I 1 . .11
I. p I 1
L4iu lL;iiti! in Herajut-r hi:.ivK
aud fi-i L i -k 4'!4iiiblu V.'intit
tr4iM - -iu. i j.. jiwi.i i l
iLi t .i u i . ,' '. i i t-i.
at ibi ! i ii- l!-ii u U ii u'i .
U t-i i r n I -
Hill - . .' 1 i-.- I. i
Jl Ll I - ' I i '
siuni- t. - j j .j.'.i.tLij -i
Dr WilLuui lev) . w;inl Iutlluu,
at to 1'ilbj.lbi u sliiisat tliite iri
I H till. lUltliUitV mum luliJ
I i i 1. r.'i ul i' u y i ri. u 1
I ' ' I ' - ! I ill t
ttttrhtnnall, haro been er:til m !
ftssor Koch'a coofldwitlal fs1tMt.
He himself still retain the secret of
manufacturing the lymph. FmfMMf
Metgmann aat the patient's espietef t
Hon shows the healthy tntiueftcw of th
rernedy twenty four hours frt he kj
bttn Inoculsted.
It has been aacertainert that tot it
bnmlne I the most Important Ingredient
In the Ivmph Professor Ko'h himself
makes this fluid, which la Injected lilts
morphine to the lung rontmm privet In
the httck, and the other convimptlvw
in ibe nearest spot to that which Is af
fected. Thus, In consumption of the
lamyx, for Instance, It would be atsofite
point In the throat.
In most cases the patients stiffet fmw
a high fever for two days after Inocnh
tton, but thla Is not dancerous, M ha
been proved by the fact that all the
rates on which the treatment hat been
tiled lave stood it well, and it hM re
sult eel most favorably
A case of that horrible and defortnttiff
fntm of tuberculmis skin disease ctlteu
lupus vulgatls hs been cured within
Ave davs, and patient's face was dot at
all de formed m by the oM ptoeess hy
which the affo ted skin was destroyed
by aeida, or ty the actual ctntery
which occupies a ptthnl of about six
The specrh from the throne at Ike
opening of the 1'rustisn Diet fin
Wednesday next, 13th Instant, wilt con
tain a demand for half a million mirk,
to I e't voted io starting Koch lymph
depots all over 1'rusela
im:titions roit ltmcnAi.i.
ma tiAt.r niioniKii ta.xx.
Loxi'ox, Nov 111. As liirchaU's day
of execution approaches the lateral In
his case lncreiw. The movement for
a commutation of sentence has received
strong support from this country, jwrtlvr
owing to the fart that the criminal'
family Is o respet tably connected, and
iwitly tbrouch the prevailing sentiment
of hesitation to tnlllct the death tienilty
on circumstantial evidence.
The farm-premium business hot re
ceived a final blow In the conviction of
llirchall. The advertisements for young
men to pay premiums for the privllega
of doing hard work on an American or
Australian farm have disappeared from
the Loudon press, and a profitable ami
no doubt largely fraudulent tralflc ha
been brought to an end.
It Is reported that Mr. Oswald lllreli
all, half brother of llirchall, Is ati
stricken with gilcf that feats are en
tetlalncd for his teason. He addrsmetl
a vain nrpie't to Colonel ltrawelt,
father of the murdered man, to join In
an application for merry, on the ground
that llirchall inlslit not be tbe actutl
murderer. Mr. Stevenson, the father of
Mrs. Itlrrhall, has sent word to hi
daughter to return to Logland without
The tie lllimif It All on the i?iiittr
unit Var-ll.v'H SlHicflHC.
Psistnos, N. J , Nov. io The re
sult or Saturday's foot ball gam be
tween Princeton and the University of
Pennsylvania was a surprise and etb
appolnment to all Prlncetonlans.
Tbe in embers ot the I'rlm-etott
team complain bitterly of the methods
of the Pennsylvania players, who aw
charged with having paid more atten
tion to slueglng than to honest foot
ball playing. The Prtncetonlisa
say that I mplre Ketcharu W1
utterly incompetent, and that
be showed unseemly partiality toward
the Philadelphia men. They say he
spiieared on tbe Held wearing tbe Penn
sy Tvsnia colors, and tbat he nakl bo at
tention whatever to tbe brutal slugging;
and general unfair play of the 1'entt
s) lvanlans.
Captain Pete's nose was broken. Hot
by slugging, as was reported, bat by
collision with the halfback. Poe wif
not be able to play In ten days, but ft
Is not Improbable that he may be un
able to go on the field again this year.
The statement in Philadelphia M
pcrs that tbe Pennsylvania might
have won by better captaining 1 de
clared by the Princeton players to fa
untrue, the captaining being exceltsist.
They say the ball really went to
Princeton in four downs, and witb fair
umpiring the Princeton score shottkl
have been at least ' to tt at best foe
Penn) Ivania.
?o Kiun mn mtm mm,
I'ISW CiHlvbttlM.
Ualvctoii, Tx . Nov to A
steamship line to be known as thw
Chicago. Galveston and South Ameri
en Steamship Line is soon to he atartsd.
A syndicate of Chicago awl Ualvnaton
eapitnlist are behind the scheme. Th
object is to esuMUh a weekly Have of
steamers between this port ami th
ports of the Central and North hd
tsouth American States, connectinf
at Carthagena with the railway sfatnm
at that point whkb is bring eonstruetnd
southward This line ot steamers nelll
give the houth and Csmttai AnwfssB
eonnecliosj through this port W M
the railway lines to the West and &&
west UIXS9 it 4 eiieatr wt n,
Wursmstss us Mssns i4 isuMff
Focti iVcvne, 1-Mi , Kuv lu ld
tinyuer. ayouog woman resiling tx-e
miles wei of HaJssu .-i i .
VC'ltYVsvcei il a re I in .
from ebuiiL x i t U i y .,
rblii lu 4 ' ttb a !i it
Albeit sbuit x il - dcu i i r
a sbi'rt ai.-!aL ' ton " - '!
' ut ii.aeLi.a L . tethut Mis. i ,
lUlbalicnUilL.u left el it. l
ue ben -n .il tiliu -.. - i
-hurt tLt 1 . he rev i s
eml in! ' h I bill n I;
njibl tt i i II ived b -
liot Ii-,l -i - kUOt- .
tin. i. ! ! 't)t Iul . I
tbt A m, ! r
I . U 014 ! . i
-'I .
& l' ' 1
.v . f ,1
kiujor. Jtlr 'i.--pli Si
rt tf ttt pr.H.t-,-i.iB
U, at - itf-U. J lir'lt '
CIL ul 4 kUU Kll I ..1.
lMi--tl l Mi'
L t. I I ..t .
1, ' I -,-t ' J. , '
i i i - 'uw, ctttd v
tvphohl lever
IUM:t thi roxwast
I 1 b I J 1
i M

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