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23 YEAR NO. (5,950.
I'm Me IJMHH rtf Cfohwtfcfct, fiattern
J'cmi'hhnmn, Xne .ferny, Wftwwe Mmy-Xuvda-nii
Virginia, light HHt itightty evnttr;
tfrthrnttrrh itinit
usmess buits
Suits for business wear
we have a splendid variety.
In addition to those very
popular Black Cheviots, we
are showing an elegant as
sortment of new effects in
neit stripes, checks, plaids
and Scotch mixtures, in
Double and Single-breasted
Sacks and Cutaways.
Again we desire to call
the attention ol STOUT
men and SLIM men to the
fact that we can fit them as
easilv as ii thev were of
regular build. When you
need anything in our line
try US just once. IT you
do not find anything to suit
you we will not urge you to
buy, as we conduct OUR
business on the AMERICAN
plan of thoroughly pleasing
our patrons.
Robinson. Parker &. Co,
h. I- Comer Sen-Hill iwul II, Sin. X. (V.
Tlie Hoard to Solut O 111 cent for the
Now Curi ."licet..
Tliu board appointed to select oftl
ccrs for the new Signal Corp under
Its operation by the Agricultural De
partment met at the W ar Department
to-day. The board consists of Colonel
II. W. Lawton, Acting Surgeon-General
Charles P. Grcenlctf, Acting First
Lieutenant J. II. Duvall, U. S. A.
This board will conduct a series of
examinations to enable it to select one
major (our captains and four Drat
lieutenants for the reorganized Signal
(Arps, The meetings will be secret and
wl 1 consist principally of an eximb
nation of the official records to as
certain the standing of the men In the
service. Oral examinations also will
form a part of the examination.
Only Kouitceu Oecualun Who Cold
Waves Were Nat IteportinJ.
Chief signal Officer Greely. in his
annua! report to the Secretary of War.
f- there has been a deckled Improve
icent la the condition and efficiency of
tLe army as regards signal practice.
The moH Important event has been
the (iii t i's-ful establishment of the sys
tem of heliograph signaling in the
Di partment of Arizona. There are
1 '.7 miles of military telegraph and
I' .'1 miles of sea const lines is operation.
General Greely says there were only
f( urtcen occasions, during the last year,
u which cold waves were not pre
ilK ted, ninety eight per cent, of all the
coM waves being predicted.
I)ruLuk Nut AlhiuW,
The Treasury 1 tonartateut kas denied
an application of W. K. I. Goodwin,
IT.firri-d through Colonel W. W. llud
bj for the refund of drawback to
in..ue-porter of cotton jute knl
ii 3, exported from Norfolk. Ya., be
ll tu. September, lek3, and June, 1S85.
i . i Mutt cuay kj catching it ai
re -lIv Eveo tke ii ijjsitnletiratkTtt mas
5. . di Uae k ew kim in kis adversity, and
appointed Dalzcli't HSS 10 Up PjjjltUWg
Mi.-uu ortke. Only tttf PoabeMatef-
t.u-.era! u-Utas aeate eCWiatHOK'
iimU8 under live
-urn? aoA will not permit any onVud
t . -i W dieresfeclfttfiy of in bereaved
1 .i. i'
. ihc Multrbjw Auicrl am
i i. un iii ut' vote can fairly be istfet
i 1 . u a ia a coBdMtMk. a effective as
n .. i.'inK'uspwiUed, otkeseike4s
in i' i iruiwoi Speaker He-ed's tW-
' 1 . m I'ungieas.
1 - - Kuuiutati v fekkte tMVe opuis.l
u 1 u,ii.iujk Store" U tke tnAgeJ-
ia . mldi4jikt the (juWtlWi't COHUST
I' 1. j d l' street With ikU entUV
1 1 . .h good of Ike beat taMut
u 1 1 1 Uu k ha jtt oxrl vc-1 and ctw-
oulU uitfeUjfkt tketewMne keart,
iu intu are teuwkaM.) ekeas for
t uf eUc gL.jti
..J C tin bet U
J L L AUii- i
ol u UMU4 Jill WU.U
j lUv. 4.4 I I lit
1 U I , a' uS
I I . IU 1'
L '
' 1 .
u i
Deserted in New York, Separated,
but Brought Together Again.
A Letter, Written After the Waif and
Painter's Apprentice Had Grown to
Manhood, Unravels a Mystery,
Kansas C'itv. Mo , Nov. 11. A start
ling story Is told by Detective Matson of
London, Ont., concerning n young mir
jieit couple, whose recent residence was
In Kansas City, Kan. Matson arrived
In this city on Saturday In search of Asa
and Louisa Uarr. who arc not only bus
bnml nnd wife, but brother and sister
nnil heirs to a vast fortune In Kngland.
The circumstances surrounding the
case arc very peculiar, nnd Ihc detective
whs sent here by friends of the young
couple, who had discovered their where
abouts, to notify them of the sad plight.
The dolcctlvo failed to find the couple
here, but found llicy had recently gone
to Ontario, where they will soon, no
doubt, bicomc nwarc of their situation.
At the Hotel Darker, In Knnsns City,
Knu.. yesterday afternoon, Detective
Matson revealed the details of the
story. "About twenty-four yoars ago,"
said tbo detective, "two deserted babes
were found by the police In Castle
Garden and turned over to the Home of
the riienilless In New York city. Evi
dently the two were twins, for. besldos
looking exactly alike (one being n girl
nnd the other a boy), n note was found
In 11 basket left with the children stat
ing so, nnd also that they were I vcar
"This waR all the Information that
wm to be had. Consequently their
parents could not he traced. They re
mained in the Home of the Friendless
until they were about !1 year of age,
when they were adopted by two ladles
who were visiting the institution. The
Kill was adopted by Mrs. Margaret
bcott, a widow, and the bov by Mr. nnd
Mis. James Uarr. These two families
being neighbors In the city of Xew
York, the children were practically
icarcd together until they arrived at the
Bf e of 1 years.
The Uarr family then moved to
Philadelphia, and by reason of broken
foitunes soon moved away from there,
going to London, Ont. Hy reason of
their ted ill' ed circumstances tt was
found necessary for them to part with
Ihclr adopted son, whom they had
named Asa, and nccordinely he was
turned over to the Home of the Friend
less in Philadelphia.
"Two years later young Asa was
taken Into the family of a painter,
whose name 1 do not recollect, and fol
lowing In the footsteps of his adopted
father be became a painter by trade.
About a year ago. according to a letter
wrltteu by him to James Uarr recently,
he married a young laity named Louisa
Scott, with whom he removed to Kan
sas City. Kan , on account of III
heallh. While working at his trade la
that city, he formed the acquaintance
of a fellow-painter, who seems to have
Informed him that James Uarr and
family llted In London, Ont. Hemem
berlng his early adoption, young Uarr
wrote a letter to that address, stating
bow he had become possessed of the
knowledge that such a man lived in the
city, ami asked him If be was not the
Mine James Uarr who had adopted a
little boy In New York city over twenty
years ago whom he had christened Asa.
If so, he wished to inform him that that
boy bsd grown to manhood ami mar
ried, ami was the writer of the letter.
"The latter also stated that be bad
married Louisa Scott, giving Ike time
and place of utanUxe. Jame Uarr
received the letter and answered the
same, admitting that be bad adopted
tut'k a boy and stating that if bis story
was 1 rue be should come to London int
mediately, as milters of importance
pertaining to himself and his wife were
at kU disposal. In all probability tke
young couple have gone to Ontario, as
they left Kansas City, Kan., about a
week ago.
"In order to tiet to tke facts It will be
necessary to state that tke Barr family.
after taking up tkelr residence in
Ontario, restored tkelr falkn fortunes
and began at once to search foe tuelr
adopted boy, with what result tke
reader now knout as well as they.
"Tkeir inquiries, it seens. resulted in
nothing except an attorney's story of
now tne twin waif, Louis bcott, had
grown to young womanhood and became
a music teacher U Pkiladelpkl. but
then, very recently, they gut that letter
from Asa liarr, telling of tke startling
itattouftnipnt. It si front an uaex
pstted Inheritance in Kngland Wft to
Sits. Scott, Ijjulsa's foster mother, tkat
the fortune now awaiting Louisa enntc. "
TrcMMirf Ufutfttat IIimfIu;.
An important kearlng will take pbtve
t-mortow before Secretary Window
to tke Treasury Dcparuneot. Tke
nutation tnat will be discussed is
whether good sent by nterckants front
oa Amerkan e-ky to anotker by tke
Grand Trunk iUUroad. which runs a
part ol the way ikrougk t'nd, shall
be mi a iiiff sk d ftjui fffltdfld In &x on lte
lb nwrk'nit of iy Cnnniibtn able. Tka
aecclMtnas of Ume jraatjirn sen porta nre
anxfoUs to nnve tke cars settled in this
iM4 'uses Mfcr.
t'urifnier Hittterson viistnidtx nf texnoon
Im 14 9M Ifl&UCSfcl 9l tfe? BtfTfiBiitl pgglftfl t
Stpfl. wh$ ted 10 wflflfcHtly 64 -Nown
tite 'tefftmrf ennw to Ua dlnali f ioo lu.
HaniMinflifii of tne brala, caused by a
Wo uob & te& Utillcted in sjsne
unknown anfii1'
Vatu ut a lMMwat.
) I'llLa . tiiiliiil. A ituiu il -l-Ui
I .' L 1- J
Ilrooklrn anil Hew York Utnba to Willi
ilrnw nt to-il3'n Meetlnc.
Nkw Yonn, Nov. 11. The Trihnne
says: The annual meeting of the 1'laycrs'
League will lie held at Mttebnrg to-day.
The testtlt will be what the New York
baseball public lias hoped for, but with
out any Idea as to whether It would
prove to be debt.
The outcome will be that New York
nnd Urot'klyn will have only one club
nctt season. The crisis 1ms been reached.
The bacucrs of these two clulw have
withstood the onslaughts neatnst them
as long as they could. They have at
last taken a decided stand, and will
withdraw from the Players' League
This will be a death blow to tne 1'laycrs'
League. The backers of these clulw
have offered to sell, and have put a
price on their clubs, but there Is not one
chinco In a million that the minority
capltnlisls can get Iho money.
The pilces were put so high that no
person would think of agreeing to ty
the money. Colorcl McAlpIne will re
sign the presidency. This will be
another blow to the Player' League.
It was he who saved the organization
from going under sercral limes during
the season. At one time he went to
Philadelphia nnd prevented n strike of
tho plnycrs, who refined to go on the
field, ns they had not received their
salaries. McAlpIne guaranteed tbo pity
crsthat he would sec that they received
the money due them. This satl'lloJ
them, and they went on and played.
Hut Ilr Cannot He I'uuml, nmt llioNn-
CHlleil CotiraMlon I tlecliteill)
ASjrttilcnl Hlrcltnll 1'roteata
II1TFAI.0, N. Y.,Nov. 11. The latest
In Ihc confessions concerning the lien
cll murder Is published in the Keening
J'tten to day. It purports to bo from a
man in UulTalo, Is dated here, and post
marked yesterday. The handwriting Is
pinched and unlike that of lllrchall.
The letter Is signed by .1. J. Litchfield,
who does not live hero, and whose name
tic is not appear In the clly directory.
In effect the letter says "I have
walled to give lllrchall his last chance
t defotd himself from the death that
now Hwails him for the crime of which
ho Is Innocent. I am a member of the
conspiracy who dealt with monled
Lugllsbinen who were brought out here
to be robbed of their wealth, and wo also
had an cilice In Cornhlll, London, Log.,
until the arrest of lllrchall. Previous
to our holding our olllce there we hold
it at PcntonvllIeHill, near St. Pancreas'
station, London, and our first victim
was Augustus Atdcrson, oldest son of
V. C. Alderson. rector of Holdenby,
Northampton, Kngland, and who Is
related to Lord Salisbury. We took
him to have money wlih him, ami we
watched him closely during his stay
In Canada, until wo found he had
squandered It all, and then he returned
home. At this time we were working
this alone, for years previous to
Uliehall's coming to this country. I
acknowledge he is Implicated in the
tobbery of llenwell. and that he was
at Kastwood the day of the
murder and that all four of us were at
the Ulenhelm Swamp when Uenwell
and lllrchall came along on February
17. Vc met them ami tried to Induce
Uenwell to swear to assist in our busi
ness or we would kill bun. Uenwell
would not listen or reason with us, ami
we shot blm and then cut his name
from his clothing. We then told
lllrchall to get out of the country ami
gave him what articles we bad taken
from Uenwell. We told lllrchall that
we heel chloroformed Uenwell, and he
did not know that he had been mur
dered." The writer says he has had hard work
to keep oue of the gang from confess
ing. The letter then continues.
"As suie as Uireball dies not one
board shall be left of the buildings of
tke jurymen who sent him there. We
have Judge McMakon spotted and
should we have to wreck a train to
murder blm we will, ami we hereby
notify blm of tke death awaiting him
and the jurymen also."
The lettet conclude'
"If I were to give the history of our
past life it would NU many pagve of the
darkest crime ever known or thought
of in our present day, and should
iUrckall be kung it will wake two mum
executed for our deeds, beskies one
undergoing life Imprisonment."
WceMMToc'K. Ojt., Nov. H.
HfrcknU continues to protest hU inno
cence of tne murder of Ben well, and
says that the mystery in which tne
tragedy U enshrouded will be cleared up
before long. He professes to believe
that Benweli's wnte h will yet be found,
nnti ne volunteers tke infor wntlost tknt
tne murdered wan was not killed where
he was found.
Sakma. OSiT , Nov. II A few
nigku ago a wan saying ne was &eweU
Kfcktknll, who at one Hate was thought
to be implicated in the murder of Ben
well, atHlkd for a night's lodging in
tke lock up new. He said ne came from
Michigan and was on kis way to Wood
stock. He left tke nest morning for
tnat place. It to surmised that powrMy
Rk ktkall way te tke autkor of taw
"Colonel ' tetter front Jatkaon,
mem wn m ummt
U Wiw xmmtf te t:U Hut tint
. fvnnttnti n4t kii linBnaV
Pari, Kov. 11. Advice received
hew by eabkt are to tke eltect tkt
serious election troubles kave takes
place to tke city of Uoaarto t tke At
K aline Repulwlv Party fyyit-; ran
so high Sn fHUt Sgfctf oc
cijUtitd hgtieeeA tfee sujMiQfteji of tk
vajrutDi fsntlilfinkftt tfen fffwsjjon. SftaBy
keconsing so aefiita filial tfev nsttnteiNM
aukoritk; were ywtMy to V'tHM"
Tne Ucot were cajktl upon and
order was eventually sectored, but not
untl fceveral neraon kd been killed
and nutny vv&bA
1'mu.auo, Kov. 11 Mick. I J Sul
Uvojj, a member of the litm of J U. Sal
livmj Ol Biu pntutets un 1 Jci jratur
wbllt (.U-lkiBdertll bi ' blJ.-tiflb. 'JU
lUt- I. i. 1U1- miTuiu iu 1 JuJ i oust
i. - i . ik nil ". til Un ill'
IHMinticst Oetmnn Itroker trim Plot!
to llil Oonntry.
New York, Nov. 11. Simon ami
Julius Krojanker, brothers, of Urom
btrg, Prussia, where they were engaged
in the grain business, became financially
cmlmrrawcil and obtained thousands of
di liars from bankers upon flctltlons
bills of lading of grain. After gutting
all the money from their uniuipectlnir,
bankers that they couitl upon these
liogns bills of lading they deserted their
families, H"d to Koglanil ami after some
lime came here. The German Govern
ment learned that they had sailed for
New Yoik and notltlpil the Germ in
Consul In this city. lpon the latter's
complaint the brothers were arrested on
the steamer whlrh brought llicm hither.
After a lengthy hearing Commissioner
Lvman held them for extradition.
Their counsel sued out a writ of hhm
eorpv and the case was gone over be
fore Judge Licombc of the U. S.
Circuit Com I. To day Judge Ltcomlw
rendered a dcctslnn dismissing the writ,
so that tho two brothers will have to
be returned to the German Govern
ment. . 1 -
A DUcnMlon In tlio Mi-tlrun ConereM
IMbt l'roiolto llosttlltlet.
Nnw YottK, Nov. 11. A special to
tho ltrratd from the Clly of Mexico
says: Deputy Juan A. Mateos in the
Chamber of Deputies yosterdny mitde n
motion, calling upon Deputy Oon.alo,
proprietor of the National newspaper,
to t eix) ml to an Interpellation why he
should not Lc arraigned before the
Chamber for Intuiting the body in an
article criticising a speech of Mateo's
in the introduction of his Catholic
Priest Expulsion bill.
Gonzalo Kstcra being absent, his
brother, Adnlbcrto Lstcra, also a
deputy nnd editor of the Xtttional, said
he would assume all responsibility for
the said criticism. A warm discussion
will be beard In the chamber to-day on
this subject, nnd very probably several
duels will be fought ns nn outcome.
Tlility.l'lvn llenellrlnl SnclMlet ltep
imrnteil Ht Its Cinivenlliin.
PiTTsnrtto. Pa., Nov. 11. The
National Fraternal Congress, composed
of licneflclnl orgnnltllons, began a two
days' convention in this city to-day.
Thirty-live societies are represented by
fifty delegates. Twenty million dollari
were paid out last year In benefits by
the organizations belonging to the con
At to day's session President Shields
delivered his niimnl address, after
which there was a In luf business ses
sion. To morrow reports of committees
will be heard and the election of otll
cers will take place. Thuisday even
ing n Imrxniet will lie given In honor
of the delegates.
A ISrir Oiltiinn I'lilillolutr llelit for
Vloltttlnc Hit, I.otlurv I.utr.
New Oiilkass, Nov. 11. J. Pink
ncy Smith of tLe Krthing Statt$ was
yesterday given a preliminary hearing
before United States Commissioner
Wright on the charge of violating the
lottery law. Mr. Smith testified that
he hsd Issued orders to his employee
not to Insert any lottery advertisements.
The matter referred to was published
without his knowledge, and was an ad
vertisement of the paper and not of the
lottery company. Commissioner Wright
released Mr. Smith on his own recog
niance to answer the charge before
the United States Circuit Court.
1'eareil That the IUIIro.nl trill Tiot
tie Equal to the tSmereeni'y,
Gkam Foukh, N. D., Nov. 11.
There Us Imminent danger of a great
grain blockade In the Iteelltlver Yalley.
The railroads are making extraordinary
eiforU to meet the demands of the
skippers, with a dally freight movement
of 850 loaded cars through this city on
tke Great -Northern and Northern
Pacinc Hallroads, but with tke rapid
increase of farmers' deliveries during
this month ami December It is feared
tkat the elevators and railroads will
prove unequal to tke movement of tne
wkeat crop of 35 000,000 bushels lu tke
twelve counties of the valley.
A Faint liatut iiluMli it WvII-Kuumu
LKKIMbTOK. Kv , Nov. 11. Tkfa
mofntn.c If fore breakfast Dr. B. Gkw
kaw, a retired pkyskiaa and prominent
cMiten of tab county, went out to kis
barn yard to see abostt feeding kis stock.
Hut negro farm kand. Will Wilson, wag
at tke barn.
Tke doctor did not come in tor
breakfast, and tke cook went to tne
bain to tell kirn tke weal was ready,
but when she got tkere she saw tke
doctor lying dead wilk a bullet bole in
his cheat aid Wthton running over tke
kill. Wilson kas not yet keen caugkt.
lumtm hs wTft,
Tkea Mutt lxwi. Cur tlW (turn Ttiittr,
Vntakly t'iOHUi.
Ikav Ftuvcoao, Nuv. 11. Aguatin
Outgu, a shoe black bt tke Bkiwin
lioiei. ongoing home last niskt c
VBtacked kk wife fur associating wUk
badwowen.a nuartel ensued wkestke
cutkkiowntkronl wubitraxor. Oiage
to iajyi to Itn-ve keen lotpylfalgjtf at tke
tfnte- Botlt will probably die.
Lmix., No. 11 fke kow eot
rtiwidvtu of the Cliruhii't and tke
Berlin t-ortcSjtonoVat of Ike Most atate
tnat during tftu? seicenf ciMafittffytncY of
t'kancelior von Cafrtv and lender
Criacd tke iattet Bffonoand a ntuiutl rt.
ducUwm of UrUf rote, arguing tkt Itl
w;u prtueitiily Interested U tkn; it.Uv -tkn
ef vise iaUs, ud tki.se on ij,
silk and oil
Tottuew, Uit , Itojr. .- Juu..
Ualt kas winkced ludnwcat in ims
of Jobs C Broai, who U Ueld at b.md
Wkb, tUtt ehaeged wWt forgcrj t u
niitttd in l'lttaburg P . dumlM .'
ai'l lb.alli.-u f 1 bU Jiat-biUi.' au i 1
Hi., tbl Ibi i i Unit. ws j t .
iJill lut , i n l '
Ten Porwns Killed in a HrribU Ac
cident on the Grt Waskrn.
The Papers Insist There is No Famine is
Irsland Disturbanoes in Belgium,
The Toitr of the Csareviteh.
LoNiiox, Nov. 11. The leading Con
sctvnthc newspapers comment on the
withdrawal of the appeal for funds by
the American committee on the Irish
famine ns a confession that no famine
exists and that there is no real foar of
any want that cannot be met by local
and Imperial authority. They say that
the Parncllites overreached themselves
In creating the apprehension of famine
and ate now compelled to virtually ac
knowledge that they have tieen iluptnif
the public at home and abroad.
The feeling of dUcontcnt In lielgttim
Is by no means confined to llrtissels,
but Is ijiiltc Kcncrnl throughout the
country, nnd ngltntnrs are everywhere
urging the people to concerted nets of
violence. At a vllltgc c tiled dent
brupge recently n crowd endoavorod ti
rescue a deserter whom the police wore
arresting, and the latter were compelled
in self defense to fire on the rioters.
Collisions between the people nnd the
nulhuillleshave also occurred at several
other places, (.treat anxiety prevails In
the larger cities.
A Iltrlln dispatch says thntltls un
derstood there that the tour of the litis
slsn Czarevitch Is not altogether non
iH'lltlcal In its objects. The young
prince Is nccompnnle'd by M. Onou, for
n lone time diagomnn to the Kusshn
L'mtmssy at Constantinople, nnd f.unlll tr
with Kattern languages and the
methods of Oriental courts, and who, It
Is believed, will act In some respect as
an envoy of the Car In the interests of
Duncan, the aged e editor of Malri
monittl A'ir, against whom Miss
Knowles obtained a verdict of $."0.O0O
for breach of promise of marriage, has
been compelled by the lt.inkriiptcy
Coutt to dlsfforge $10,000 In money
and alout $10,000 lu jewelry. MUs
Knowles Is the only creditor.
The Eeatncns' Union has Issued In
structions to Its members not to ship on
any vessels with members of the Sen
ium' and Tradeemens' Union, recently
organized with headquarters at CardllT.
The latter Is looked upon as practically
an organization in the Interest of em
ployers. A free labor association has lieen
formed at Southampton, consisting of
wotkmen and employers. It Is an out
growth of the tecent strike at that pott
and the chief object U to insure the en
tire freedom of labor. Over 1,000 work
men have alreadv joined the association.
The Count of Paris has sent a present
of 00.000 francs' to the Pope by his
daughter, the Pttnces Ilelene. who is
on a visit to Home for the purpoee of
rendering her devoirs to his Holiness.
Kxlenslve strikes of shoemaker are
lu progress at Urfurt, Saxony and Pier
mascBs, Iktvaria. The dispute Is over
a question of waves ami hour. Up
wards of 2 MK) persons are idle.
Dancroft, the actor, has offered to
give 5,000 to the fund which Is being
raied by General ISootk of the Salva
tion Army for the redemption of tke
uiate, provided ninety-nine other sub
scriptions of an equal amount are made.
J .otd llaadolpk Churchill to about to
start on a journey to the South of
France, where be will spend some time
on account of his health. He will not
be present during the autumn selou of
Tke Counteas of Jersey and the
Countees of ltoseberry kave both beeq
quite ill. and now relapses are an
nouaud in boik cases. Tke condition
of Ike invalid causes great aaxtety to
their friends.
'Ike Marseilles Chamber of Com
me rce has appointed a cowaaittee of
sist sis to influence French legtsUtion
ss u ueb as possible in the direction of
liekt duties on imports.
Tke tradesmen of Water ford, Irelnd,
kave petitioned 1-ord Wotoeley to estab
lish a military keaibiuatters in tnat city,
instead of Kilkenny.
Lord WoUtley is continuing kU In
spection of troops and fotUtictloni
throughout Ireland
Harrowing accounts kave been re
eeived of Ike condition of tkn insane
Utand Duke Nicholas. mr confined at
Aluptka in tke Crtstea During one of
bis violent His he nearly strangled an
attendant, wko tried to calm kitn. so
tkat tke hum's recovery is doubtfid
Tke physicians admit tkat Om U m
Bcospeiof saving the life of tke Grtnd
Iluke wko is rapidly becotulag a
physical wreck.
HUKfilBI.K 4t'C'ilNPT.
Uuts, Kv. iJ.-K bas been
received fere of a terrikks accident on
KU.-Warren Stttttoe near Taunton, tkkj
4 keavil v ladies good train crked
moutk, vkk k was soaveyiw to Loaduo
tk pangrs f rosn k Cane of Hood
Hupe wko had arrived by tfce steainer
Nor ban C'auk. Ten fetsona aw tv
i potted kliltd itad tight Wjtued, H'UToi
' ierieuiy
I fke ytwMt anxtety prviii m. s
tlute ko bad relativi. or fiWaU on
Urn Xorkajsa Castie t- tucettaia tbe
tinmts of lite vktUua. I'p u the p.Lut
Ikjfte, su'Mat it ha Ut. t.u.. i..t
, tjetananjtitosiuf ibt. m . i
a.ta?re genital pu-Ukul l It. ; .;'
road cewpnny woaipily k t u i iL
tibjskiu on ko4td. k the
I tt athke-fc frum tki. -kvSh. if tLt
HIak O iLi (iliit Wo .-l.A i.
t ' N ! l IV ii - . i
-i: L ... t i ..
I !
of Ocod Hope was made wp of I pi
t engcr coaches containing TO iwnr.
It wss pitch dark ami a dreTtrmng
rain was falling when, at 3 o'clock, the
Jpwisl limning at the rate of fifty miles
an hour da littt hy the Utile Homers -l
hire illafiC and Into destruction.
The signal man on duly hail foteotten
iliat a heavy lsden Great Western
goods train was Mantling on the up
track, the don mail naming on In wty
In safety, as It did The danger slgnsl
were not dlplaycil to the p nalnwt of
Ihcnn coming sncclal, and wt It all the
imtuct an I momentum of Us weight
ami tremt ritleMts speed, the downed
train buried itm-lf Into the good train
In lis tmth. The forre nf the collision
was such that at the moment of pon
Isct the first coach of the spprhtl was
literally smashed Into matchwood.
Almost Immediately after the collision
spatks from the enelne furnace commu
nicated to the ttrbrif, and the horror of
rite was added to the terrors of the
catastrophe, llcforc anything cmtld lie
done toward twulng tliem. six
oT the orrupsnls nf the first
coach, who had cwtped In the
awful crah. were slowly burned
lodeatb In the piescnce of fellow human
beings, who were powct less to rescue
them from the iiamea which gradually
enveloped and slowly consumed their
liodlc. One of the" passengers, who
had been killed at the moment the
trRltis came together, presented a
ghastly spectacle, his head having been
severed from his bodv ns though it had
been done by the guillotine.
WHAT IIB nKI.IBVKaCMXcnitNtXti m'kix
t.KV AND AMRRIlAN 1'lut.
Lonoox, Nov. It. At the Linl
Mayor's banquet last night Lord Sit is
bury said he believed tbut the Mctvln
ley tariff was due to the Idea that
American pigs had failed to receive
proper treatment nt the hands nf
Ktirope. He defended Kngland'a de
sire to luiemunt nnd consolidate her ter
ritory on Ihc ground that nil oilier conn
tiles were protective and compelled her
to depend on trade within the Oueen's
empire for the vital force ol llrttlsh
commerce. He regarded this tariff
question as the world's conlllct of the
"It will lie an Interesting considera
tion for us," he said, "whether our at
titude can be sustained or whether the
madness of our neighbors will force tit
to dtltect In any degree from the sound
and sensible position we now occupy."
lie declined to enter Into political
prophecies, the futility of which, he
SHtd, recent events had fully shown.
For example, iioulatiger had won by
elections In all the Rreat towns of Franc-e,
but he had somehnw failed to win lu
the end. Skilled wire pullers In
America had been surprised ul the sud
den uprising of ftee trade, ami Hiiro
pcan political men had beeu erttiilly
astonished at the defeat of Trtcoupls In
Losimx, Nov. 11. We do not often
lcok to Italy for Ingenious Inventions,
but au Italian lias just arrived In Lon
don with an "instantaneous self-ex-
...11... .. HT.. .... I.... 1.1. 1... .1.tnl. 1.S
. jwimuuk HiuMititig mil, mj nuivu ue
expects to enrich minseir tram me
jwckels of iwople who are nervous at
sea. It has already been adopted bv
the principal steamship companies of
Italv. Net week he Is to elve an e-
j blbftiuB of lis practical utility to repre-
cniaiies ui iiriuitu ieaiuip cutu
panies, Including the Atlautlc liners
The ii lib i ue feature of this new life
saving belt is that it may be worn
around the body while promenading
aliout the decks during the day, ami It
is not eveu taken off In bed. It weighs
about twice a much as one of the or
illuary canvas or leather belts sold for
general use. In lis rluUbed state it is
about the last thing in tke world that a
prudent man would place confidence In
If be was to attempt to jump for his life
from the deck of a sinking vesaei Into
the sea Hut the moment tke belt
touches the water two chemical sub
stance contained la it are Instantly
united ami It begins to inflate with gas.
What these substances are is tke in
venlor's secret. He claims tkat one
'Kit will keep the most keavily-cletbed
person afloat for forty eight hours. For
hulks tke belts are made of silk, for
men of canvas. Tke Inventor U going
to make soou) novel experiments with ft
next week, suck as throwing a child
wko can't swim into tke river, and up
setting a row-boat tilled wilk people
wko can't iwlni.
Bebx.ik. Kov 1 1. I. Koth says
tkat in a few week kis asUiaat will
all be in a position to attend all surgical
consumptives in the order in which
Ikey are booked, iorehfaers arriving
nieaawkilc otuat etpect to e.vercise pa
tkme and not jvopurdt their kea'tk
by rleeiBg because they e annul he at
tended to at once. They are reasonably
kuie to find a cure within a few week.
As tke number of patknu erowding
in is sure to beuvtnendotts, early notin
cation of cosing U advlsabw. V
BerKuaon will cixutuence hi lectures
on Koch's metketb) with si v weeks aln
Pr. Levy said yesterday By umVial
costueand I now select antuag iuiiients
only those surgical citaes deesned inter
citing to experiment upon Tkis will
ii be ckanged when tke stock of Ivmpk
fe large enough to admit of iiuxuUtioo
at large. '
Or. Levy is tke iibysicUn to tke trades
unjkua tuna votk Urgely among the
tower clnaaes.
i'Uyg tttsf c uk'irff ia t&e niit 'M'Wt it
sis ot eikt weeks ia sujo.
Mk.iur Uossr invited Professor
Kxth yestMdy to ikrsBiiostrakt to
blm ikt mwtwim ioce of
I tci coMly to lututtt the tuocutattn
1 1 1 pou ktknt imkvm tke tiovcrnm. i.1!.
l.nwstkc vi.'t. it H epe.tai i'
I Piofc.r toeb bci hu kc'.x.2 Uj'
tb ii,Bux ef pbskUns frill b vy
..l..aik 4 .'H. .lljl l. t'dUlt'l itV.
J . , - . I V. N I I - U
Jl 1' . -.- i - iL I . i . i
5ale Senate. Tke ArW
i tur wlil meet in -ftwrjf .
lola tUet iu w ti.
!' ' . t
i ... 1 1 i n - i
ne wwp a nm.
A Hnlmtlr tVlm Veitrt Iifi" In
Ornwitrtt Itnll.
lltBMtJtTlffAM, At.A., Nor. 11, A
slMirittr, itlg kis nm as Wllttam
Ponnlalne, vhttted nil tire nnWic rhons
In the clly yesterday ami unirmncert
lent he would give a show at Ersweli's
Hole! at 6 o'clock. A present was to be
given to evety child wlro attended.
Twelve hnmlml children ptl ten cenls
admlttion, but in the hall they found ho
show and no present
Fontaine told them to pas out Ike
bach way ami they would receive tkelr
ptest nt there, but the rhtldren telttwl,
Then he went Into a tlatk corner,
llgbltd a match and shouted "Ptrc."
This caused a panic and many children
were Itainpleil under foot, many being
crushed sml brulstd Fontaine locked
himself In a trtom. Tne notice bettered
down the dour and attested him. A
woman who accompanied blm was atso
taken thto custody. 1'utlt of them re
fuse to give any explanation of Ike nftntr.
MlMourl t'nnrl" Drulili" Tlint H Stilt e
Atiit tin I'illtl fur.
Kansas Cm. Mo , Nov. tt An In
Icrcstlsg relic or the slavery days is the
case of KltKabeth Holts against the
cecutots of Llljah Untrey, deceased.
In Fchruary, lfiO, 1'lljah Harvey gave
to his daughter, Mrs. Hulls, a girl slave,
whom Mis, Dntts retained n number of
years. The girl finally became un
manageable and was out up for sale.
Hntvey offered to take bark the ulrl
nnd give his daughter fOOO for her. The
slave was returned upn these terms.
Harvey died In 17 without having
fitlllllcd the contract. After her
fnther's death Mrs. ltotts filed a claim
against the estate, and n judgment In
the lower courtu for $i00 has just been
sustained by the Appellate Court.
I'llcfs riiirtiiHtltiir, hut Hid A.lv.inii. in
Ilia l.iinilim .ltHtlt Ttin.U to
Itfitorn CiinllileMce nn
New Youk, Nov. 11 -The first fell
tne has Just been announced on the
Stock L.vchange. The embarrassed
firm Is C. M. Whitney & Co., the repre
sentatives of many of the Southern
financial Institutions and Hie representa
tive of the Whitney National Hank of
New Orleans. A large amount of stock
lias been sold under the rule for their
account. No statement of the condition
of tho firm's affairs can be rbtalned.
There Is a crowd of bankers and broken
assembled In the offices of the firm.
A receiver has just taken possession.
The firm of Whltncv A Co. was com
iiosedol Chatlea M. Whitney. IMwln S.
i.atclmr and Frank M. Larchar. The
c IHces of the Arm are at U6 Broadway.
John T. Walker A Son, merchtnts
and Importers at M line street, also
made an assignment to day. The Arm
had a capital of from 3uo,Ota) to f3M,
COO, and Its credit ban ranked high.
The suspension of Decker, Howell &
Co. has just lieen announced on the
Stock hxebange. They are stock
brokers and have made a general as
signment. The opening of the stock market to
day was cxtremWy excited. There
were good crowds' In alt the active
stocks, ami tke change of tone In Lon
don created a general disposition to buy.
The first prices were from 1 to 2 1 per
cent, higher than the closing of yester
day, and offerings for tke moment were
not heavy. Then It was discovered
that tke Ylllard slocks were dropping,
on wkleh everybody tried tu sell, and
prices yielded 1 per cent, within Ave
mlButm after the opening. Tke de
cline Is the general market then slopped,
and Northern Pacific preferred and
North Amerkan became tke centres of
interest. North American opened at
47 i and declined 1 per cent, on general
selling. It was successively sold down
to Ti, and Ikes recovered to 33- North
ern Pac-irk did not fluctuate so widely.
-' 15 p. m. There it a pank anions
tke holders ef Ylllard stocks, nnd
be prkes for North American and
Nortktru Pacific are demoralized,
tine broker sold 15.000 share
of North American and 0,u0u
tkates were sold by other broken,
cuisg a decline of per
sent. Northern Pacific bs a!
ready declined 13i per -since
tke opening, most of it inice
noon, and tke prke kas fallen l net
cent, nt a time. The crowd in the VU
lard stocks to enormous, ami great
analety ptevaUs-
FrWnd, broker, kave failed. Mr. Norr
fiat a twatbef of tke Me Yvik fetuck
1...mh. Ucv. it The atoek Mar
ket is fvrik and nearly every one te
pur'katng to close ksajr aottnls.
to report tkat a iafg MKotwl of gold
At 12 tfo o'clock the tone of the wv
kit is iwiwoved. A vutupared wilk
consols fyf kout money and nccous
Ao an advance of i . ALlandc anii
cefcate aj advance &$ , do. aecosi
wortKage. an advance ef j. Canadian
Pactec, as advance ol l . Erie aa ad
vsscc of do. seeded ivswii, an d
vaiice of IilLii. is, LV'Ural, an advance
f 4 St I'jJ eoiuto-u no ihj.u
He.rk ets-tral at. athiiui. ..f I
acd IUjui t. .ban...
Hi is.. u1 - V . ' -At l
i -i
.11.1.4' lUl
' cnuk i v r
S .i 11 The
pj..il ttn I'1 '
i it .i a K i.
iU i. .,
- 1 . W L. 1 Li '
kill Is- . ll 'I
t -1 . ! I i
i i . i .
i"l . i
All lit' N
I v t. ! i V
N.. U
i la 'U'
-I im
The Gupitol in ite Hb4s of Uw k
surmlioTiisl?, Id by Sdwlwi,
A General W&r May Be PfieipibW.
Silvidor hiistg on t Strict Kestwt
ily by tn Othif Stitrt.
La LtnKttT.vt, Nov. 11 Th ttvotit
tlon, which has been gaining heatlwty
tlrrce Ike conclusion of the war between
Salvatlnr and nttatemala, kite broken
out In llomltirns. Tsttttclln It in a
stale of siege, telegraph communtetlkm
direct with the capital has been Inter
rupted, and it is believed that the wires
have been cut. The Salvaikwlatt Gov
ernment hs received several tils
tmtches tn regard to the affair. One I
to the effect that on Ftldny last a put
of the garrison of TaRuicllpa re
volted nnd under the leadership of
General Lnnglno Kancher. took ixtse
tlon of, after hard ftgtlnc, the capllid
building and arsenal. Since then street
skltmlsiilng has lieen of dally occur
rence, and Sandier, and his forces now
havo President Luis liogran vtrrousiled
In one of the waids of the city, and It Is
believed that he villi be forced tn sur
render, unless other garrisons arrive nt
the sctne of the revolt within two or
three days.
The gairlsons or Inspection on the
Siilvsilmlsn and Xlcnntguaft frontier.
ate being poshed toward the capital by
forced matches, only enotteh soldier
being left behind to prevent. If possible,
Several other Hrmy men are hurrying
with their forces to aid Sanchez 'it U
believed the revolution will become gen
eral, nnd that Dogran will be forced. If
not tspttitcd. to leave the country. The
gairlsons now on the way to help ltor.ta
nisy tcvolt, at general discontent pre
vails among them, which Is only kept
in check by the rfticers In command.
llogran has been regarded as the tool
of Barillas, and has successfully bank
ruptcd the country. If Iktgrin fait
thete it a possibility that the country
will, by common consent of the rnasMt
lie dluded between (Juatemaht, Salva
dor and Nicaragua.
Presidents Sacasa and Kcta have In
creased their frontier carrisonft and
have Instructed their commander not
to allow any armed force to gather for
the purpose of invading Honduras.
They will maintain a strict neulralhy
in the present internal strife.
1'tl vale advices from tke city of
Guatemala, just received here, put a
grave aspect upon the revolution tn
Honduras. It is belle veil that IitrUta
will attempt to aid his old ally. IbtgrM
and in doing so will preclpiute a
general war In Central America. The
greatest uneasiness prevails In Oatto
tualtt, and tke movements of ttaHIlM
are watched witb suspicion.
Minister Mlner has been sending
long dispatches to kis government
New York, Nov. U Tke UmU
Pan Salvador special ssys: Prealdsmt
Ktta, In an interview yevterday, fully
cob firmed the reported revolution In
Tegucigalpa, and id tkat tke sltugktvt
in the taking of tke State building and
arsenal was very heavy. Kzeta aald he
would remain neutral, but could t
allow Ibtrillas to Interfere in tke
troubles there. The present affair re
mained for its people alone to solve,
and (iuatemala mutt keep aloof. Kaeta
expressed the nope that tke revolutkm
wiuld soon l over, and deprecated
general war In Central AHaerV wklek
would possibly follow If Barriiln at
tempted to Interfere in the preaettt
Tke State Department hats no Infofaiu
tton, ottcial or other be, of tke revolu
tion whkh bas broken out i Hon
duras. AumtynciiiwjAtt.
Tk Have H iiMtet far .HW-
Ghaham, f , Suv. 11 Kvery
peaee otbeer in Young County to in
jail, kavtsg been Indicted by Ike failed
State grand jury for partkipAtfctn.
either actively or pensively, U tke
bang three ufderera. Tke trial of
three member of tke mob is going on
Twenty five special I nited Statea mm
tleseuardtke itl. mit the town toftsll
ot deiermined ttii.ens. armed with
Winekratets. wko ay the I nited States.
Court may convict, but their neMkwr
skall not auter tke penalty Wm will
be precipteattd by a convicik'n.
aev 9i4ntat tia f ttinn ntsmretiatfL
Evas.-. uit, lu , Kov ll.--Tlke
jPfteton wtl present hjki nante to
Feddent llarrisott aa tke wcco of
Cbiaeee BiUak'n- Hr lk;by kasnev
setv4 nearly ave yer abcoad. M
MAUf 4Aki He U A SSnMnfnfftft nfttkl InnWnnfnfnfnfnffnW
Pf"""" "" v"afnppqn W iP5jPnfinjpjnipf!"
imi... n I. Kmr. il-fllhpt
SsHiliti lU u..er. and fhMM
Kin? tLi i ' Mor V fHac -
vo :' i f trni i . . -ike
N'ta i w i VI . it
'lu' V U-t vi. : pi
j .'. i feieilU t. l Ml
. ' at in i I He
Kfekl in
1 4ISMM e-ftMM' l" iuu
KiiusuM . N i ke
All'll'i iU . vU . i 1. i j-
.iu- ' i- .- r i i- o
!j.: i i . . Stii
I ii 'iin a tt ,
i v or
. -ed a kk ll-
rei eit.
lw.I SlUt .rit

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