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The Daily Critic
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TTAimswro sumo siiAt.
94$ OJTfRBlT N6RftlWrBT
wAsjUiftHwt CTTT, TV C
MfeM Of StlMCrttPtTOit.
B trepaW, tyMr
itifftoft)ttonr. lmontt
ffaMlHrtOi, P. e.
WjUMtftntmi. D. C Jfov. IS, 1SW,
' - ii i.
fMHt r a Immense Mnottat of
stMtfi Hrf tpecttlirtlofl oyer the fpwt
thai iwtjrts hat Jwefi obtalftal In
BhUtand ogalnt the !wlten of Mst-1-hflfrt,
tfe tTetate being tatlBisteil At
DMitly i mllllnt! dollars. Tire rist
amntitfljt feature of the dtoroMtoft, hoir-
ver, Jft the assumption, current In some
intfters, that the U.KMMRmt.T prop
erty to In ilanger bv reason of these al
leged strfts snl jntlfmeiits Of course
nobody who hud any knowledge of
Mwlbmn's character tloribUjil that
lie would cheerfully ami expedi
tiously absorb the whole of his
brkfe's fortune, If sireh a thin were
toslble; but litis been generally nn
cUrstnod from lite first that such n thins;
I not possible, sml hence no great coa
ern dM Iwen felt on this tide of the
water. We lake this opportunity of
M aline, for the relief of those who see n
to le exercised on the subject, that the
ltAMMKMt.RT estate is thoroughly well
prnkcteil by the New York courts ami
that the Drtke of Marlboro can never
HiHamler more than l lie revenue or
sneh pert of them as the Duehees m ty
choose lo relinquish to his questional!)
ues. Indeed, It Is conjectured here by
many persons who should be well In
frmtl that Ihe suits referred to are not
In fact genuine, but have been cjn
rnclttl by Mnrllwro for the pttrp'tse
c f atcettalnlnft whether he can break
through the safeguards surrounding his
wife's fortune and so take itotsesslon
i r 11.
Ot'K symi'athik are all with the
hotel harpers In the matter of Sunday
(having ami halr-cuttlng. There Is si
together too much of this legislation of
the people into moral conduot, or what
ft few public official choose to regard
as moral conduct. If certain rlilaens
want to be shaved on Sunday nod e-in
I' ml Wbtr willing to shave them we
caNHtit set- that the Commissioners mve
an) rlsbt to Inter fire
Oin MiiKMtM tx Kentucky seem t
I nvttMtppIng the boumls of wlvtmi
whim they propose, as was done In the
('wftliiittiHtal Convention mi Wu.lni'S
day, to authorise the Legislature to re
tire charters at discretion. Should
meh a clause endure the test of the
courts, It would have the etfect of
(becking the financial and Industrial
development of the State to a very treat
extent. A similar proposition In the
Mississippi convention, quite recently,
did not eselte special wonder, because
Jllsslwlppl has long enjoyed promi
nence In the practice of repudiation;
Lut such a radical reversal of all the
reecdents of Kentucky naturally ex-
cltee the widest comment. Kuntuccy
hss always been distinguished for bar
religious observance of contract obliga
tions, and to this was due the steady and
Increasing prosperity that marked her
history dutlng a period In which nearly
bll the other Southern States were
plunged In a svemlagly hopeless stag
nation. The effect of the proposed de
parture ean only be conjectured at this
slaps of the proceedings, but we hardly
think it will be favorable.
Ubi.va I.ockwooii has come out in
favor of reciprocity, but there Is a fear
that she has mixed it up with the
dhhltd skirt question.
Public jmktuuoiT, wblen at first
went nut very kindly toward the Chi
ck arrangement, is rapidly Uklau the
shape of a demand that the 'World's
Pair be located at some other point.
The hfckeflage and disagreements, the
jealousies and dbeords and reerlwioa
tlons which ebaraeteriM the proceed
ings out there suggest nothlag so wuek
as the adjective nauseous. We observe
but este point upoa which the waa
aei n ad otHcials seem to be 1st perfect
harsMMiy, and that U In the prowpt
r fttUr segrescatioa of fat salMlee. So
far, they kv dtisw little if asythiag
i 1 wfMtaaee to the eoiwuy or to she
(Btertkrbjs. They are by the ears over
ueetty rvety guealfcut which has to Hm
Mttkt bef'Hre teriuus work cast be s
jue. As a sjuaier of fact, there are
oeJty two er ttuee eishM to which lite
Fair rtsowM have heesi aiged New
Yes, WaekiagtM, asvd, DMfhape,
Ihilniisepsisii. The award to Chicago
sc afesuM bluader fsoaa Use outset,
aad Is bv hi a fair way to tissue a
)T it wimmi with regret tisat
inrttw Use Ha. Tmuhai lUfUKr
Hfd MOI CikWkMsl KliUliTT Vst4Ki-
lJSJkiNMhK Sisfis'srfi sm lejes hsteil Iixmbi
i m MeiMiMsl ad ennnwainMiw uc
ijasueliaB stf Isse sesai seeesseas. Haau
Sum fi- MBuum. fcowswe. ea sartery
ika igagjitu euaiMsfey om tlui suMsflsfii. w&
- Isto SMAlsl BsMWlUsJMiNI J0BMMMti 9
iM Vfm. aseh M ik St. Losiii taev
(H unui otisa MMMtsMM la get Is
Mr wek ati to put to tkmm tike
nmmf wto Uete ta cu U soiea.
tftkfgjjt hog tM ijtiaakm eCslMslA W tili
Msgeiss s i qyvssvsp sHssejge) s is
HmYki. "twoi ikljMsktt
dtjgf tm sM to void by ett-kswv
besskjsMkes mi suwa Hie Usies isiirt
tr s)fpr mid a putee full ul
LiMAiiy wfcsMfc bfkil sViflMt Csai iulI uMa
TsssttM apsiet h4vig to sevre. 8te
st Utotal nut t6NMfjs. 'Cosj,'
kaM her aaoaher . 'be a cautl Uttle t
bos Mi o to bwi. Doa't iou Uotr
wjVA aftAeUJsttA JAsI sUmsVsW Ag qii
PPP sjpspP(sjisBj epgfjgf tjgs vge; JHHR1 jwmm
sum tmm'i a good leule gU jkw c' a
to Imw?' 'I do't wat to go to
imam.' mid she eseh). i ww w o
wki jBgUhA flbngjhjL
TM MW Yo Bmm &u M
VstPsepWBsW e' esi sgejjjgfjssBBggjt vBBsisfBgeyjBjfjvp
ibiM. 'It to NsVMftvf to tod MM srj
sjmm veAecs ojm j dooy Uutf tissi
ikiuUtl hill r sites prices, unAMei
dav p'llnllnc. with pride' t.i tli'' s:iv in
Mrh It osnnot fall to raise prices on
the Sfrewnrtet of Hte. Het, fot -simple,
Is the Xe Yfttlk iwt telttag
an Innulrer that we Imported neatly
l2.fon,nondrrB of tfg fttm Crt
lest year, but that we fcuve a doty
on ee-ers, whVh will -jri tilt tte to
Amtricsift farmers, and etab!tnm to
hatre the consumer mote In fntutte
the fit IN pm."
Et fttwi Sotrr.n!r Democratic t5o
gresiAivft have hud tire Oiw twton fties
that thty thtok the Fott Mil will
pae. ftthaps the wish I fsthet to the
Th f nntr rort.n not do lest thn
make grateful arknnwlnlcmeni of the
hthdly tem In which its new man
n ent hm twtn mentioned by Ms VfmH
Ingti ft ttatiy tHtft'empotariea tt is
pl asant to r wetr tme.1 In nrh
gterfmn fhlm nod to fm;l th it w are
r. rtilftg nmori frttmis antl well whH'-f .
To t oth i h &r ami )w Pt we tender
our assnrames of enteem.
Q sn tbk TMctji" by Oi.ivF.a
WrsMtit. llrLMi. This lttest con
trlt'iitton of the wh and klmlly D.Ktor
netds no more reeommsMilatton thin
the mention of his name. No one can
I rtad nt.tTRR WmttiRt.t. Hpi.mrs with
out being made richer In experience
ami deeper In thomrlit therehy. He
mskes us ht'tter, inme charitable and
more Christian. Always gentle, never
mean or narrow, stimulating our higher
nature and MtpprcHng our lower, Dr.
llot.MKs is a teacher, a friend, a coun
selor ami companion. The Imok Is
published In ll.wrton by Hot-flirroK,
MiFFi.trt A Co. and sohl here by lKt,
I.A5TYSR A ?on. We cordially reom
mend It.
A PRtKXtt mssenl to Tmk Cntric a
very useful and lnltucllve com nitnl
cation on the proper way to care for
lamp- We publish the article In thh
Issue of Til R Cumo and earnestly com
mend It to the attention of house
keeper. Thr oni.v -Mamai iiusK-rn K'spu')
lican Cnneruesman who bad au unit
tually large "olf-yoar" vote was the
Hun. Elijah A. MtnK. Ills majority
was greater than that of Governor Le.vo
In sn iff year. Mr. MoneK ran ahead
of bis ticket In twenty nine towns nnd
eltks In Ills district. Already he has
been mentioned as an available ltepub
llcan candidate for Governor.
Okxkkm. ltt'OKK. U. S. A., feirj no
Iidtan war He nuld be i mighty
loot solulir If he did
Ctit.oXKt. ilcri.uiu: of the I'lillndel
phla Tlmt male a neech h' the
S mbi rn l.polllim at Monlwmiery.
Ale., tlio other day. lie ibclarel ttiu
the leiTtit election, by whloli a maj rliy
of the Xuihtern and Southein members
electiil to CiingieM wvi of the sime
KlitlcI falili, mount na'lvul peice.
Tub Nkw Yohk VW4mm maintains a
cheerful Christian spirit- It sings:
Not a thing that the (S rami Old Party's done
IViies the Orsml Old I'arty rue.
U It ti armor lirlitlit It wilt lie In tin H4U
In elglitu-tilty-two.
Tine, true; so It will.
I'lru.iiiit Uiniilliiiut,
from Uu Kttnina SUtr.
The Critic umlerlts new owuerstilp has
tLc coct of a properoiM and sueeees
fill caretr. It editor, Mr U'eightman, has
sbowu high sMlltlo tor tiewpier work,
In which he has lwil a large expsrleaee;
aiMl the butlasis laanagors of the paper are
well known In the community as tuea of
flue ImmIi,m capacity. The Critic an
nounces 1 1 will ut liilt)tinlmt lu politic.
ftomlk4 nt.
Thb Washinuton Chitic tu passed nn
(Iw.ciMitrol of a gjrudkate of buslnsssmes
who have faith In Its future and will spare
no pain or expense to make It a sues.
Mr. KJctwril Weightman, a gentleman of
long Bwpa)r experience and aekaowl
edged sWItttos, will U iu sdltor-lii-ehlef,
and hi aMoelutiM are gentlemen whose
iiws are guarantee that the paper will
be Mt-hM in all repets. I'wlw iu ae
waaagMAeaiTHKCMlTlv Uto Ulila4
eat In polllU-, and vartju iwportaat
ibaugk and iMprovewettU in tt geaer4l
waktup sad appearance are aawMiaeed to
take pisee iu the uar luture. Tb Pott
has netfaiug but the beat wishes for It
31r. Thomas Fdgia. an old Washing
ton boy, who left here about twenty
years sgo. to la the city on a visit.
Joseph WebriBg of New OrtaiM
thinks be Is the otdy surving soldier of
the Black Hawk war.
I'rieetM Vleioia of Prasala will
probably vlil the United States Bt
spring oe her return frosn India.
Miss Klalne Guodale, the poetess, U
GoverunorRt Supervisor of Education
aisMMtg law Sioux She Uvea in camp or
tw vailoe in the usuat primitive way.
tlaveliug frotn oe ladUa village to
aRother oe horseback or in a "prairie
srhonaqT "
Mtos AliU Pructor OiU, the editor of
Sniitnttji Jttmm. has her bfead-asul-butoer
day hve dolls. Mrs. Sesutar
Wait to ajsosker devotee of Use doll, oed
it) oswt eotauur of her Filth jlvesute
IsMsd parvof to a attudl ia4. whese a
gaoupof talkiag toll babies ait with
Urtog eyes wul psried tips.
yuit 1 the world shoal um,
Klyht ! tailine eesyMihese
And the ikai are slowly turning
1 the cool, relseehtag sir.
in the dtotaami Ilea the etty,
Ciu4oMl tusuid tile vrjtMi hajf,
WsUsh aUsttHftts) kjtfcA HstfisW JggDgEgtfagf
T rose is aaUr tar ewsy.
la tbl sacred lussh Uea huned
Una wsvLKu ii i'j iisltusw suae.
life se tuti, uuv is 1
is us aappy reams
Ho ubHs shall ituf hi
t&mgaW tgj ssujajsk klgt rassxttiagsT Bslsftsft.
lm4 hy ever) sge and race.
Mere, to duutH- ie ihwd id Csphriilga
'-"'- '- and liusaeand
VfeMi fhe utal
IM use quies ersote net,
eviesee wow tu aop 1
At the ciboisg 1
MtfiTS. DctffcftDtt. eUl iMMaMtiOli
TtixtUkd hi au, psiato SMi,
And he saeg a ong'whoa.eewes
Thsoeaoh stendty will sett,
la the sweatc, Jfcly chjasaieg,
Is she ftusotj siNtsetowelMgdre
Whun the Is svarkjs tMto tkkHuni
The siik'BflHd lsees0HS s)ta
hui asux ih shedM gsesv thMur,
And a ohudder UwuchlM VOSST
sve mj eeavuitt ntMWSl. m
w ujj a iwcp cuiuesus) in
for I steai u bear eo 1
ccauung eoxuj ou aroueit,
XjAs xatm -y Snuss the tMsani'fl
"f urelj lU is hUv grouad"'
f0m ' fitjmiT(irww That Will
The fnqoent ltqte In regsrd to
oil and lumps hows how mw-h the
mind 1 f the hotm keeper is taken up
with tM ofttn tronrnVsome detail of
life. Attention to the foolmt In
sit nctions end facts may be the means
of avoiding many of the cause of no
Isfartorv light.
C11 In Washington, thanks to the
fateful 1nprctlon of the Mre Marshal,
Colonel Drew, Is never of a danger nu
chntacter. but It often varies very
mnch In iitiali'v. It shrmld id ways tie
"water whltt .'' to use a technical term,
thd absoliiidv free from snv cloudi
WSS. The 1 .Hit Is due to glue fro-n
hern Is or tu'ptnded dust or dirt wh1"h
soosteT or la'er rlogs the wfeks of the
lwp so that ilu-y an no longer suprdv
oil to the tlmie. Attention to this
pettrenler Is most Important for with
out a clear oil a gnud light cannot be
A high color Is due to the oxidation
Sid gumlng of the oil by age or Im
proptr refining 9wh sn nil may burn,
but not ns wi4l as a water white oil, and
also has a tendency to clog the wick or
produce disagreeable and unhealthy
produrts of combustion. Oils also vary
as to their density, the lighter, more
volatile and more easily Inflamed being
the cheaper ami more dangerous. Thoy
are gent rally designated In the trade by
the itrgree Fahrenheit, at which they
will Itiflame when heated and touched
with a match, tbl being celled the Are
t tt. The ordinary ketoteneof the trade
Is iiMially denominated l-'O" Are test
oil. but the greatir part of it will not
teach this, while the denser kinds, some
lime known as mineral sperm, head
light till, snd by other fnnry namos,
dies not ltllame until IWO" F. Of
course this latter oil is the safer for all
lists, as lamps containing It arc safe from
explosion or Ignition If the lamp Is over
turned. Unfortunately the proportion
of this oil in petroleum is to small, and
the cost of preparing It so much areater
than In the case of ordinary kerosene,
that Its ptlcc Is very much higher than
ordinary oil, and precludes its use ex
cept for localities where absolute safety
and the best light Is desired, nor will nil
burners work satisfactorily with this oil.
Ordinary kerosene can be found In
many grades and varying prices, nnd It
Is Impossible for the purchaser to tell
what he Is getting, but the price Is, with
reliable dealers, n fair gauge. The
cbonncst Is. by police regulation, within
the limit of oidlnary safety, aside from
carelessness and accidents, while the
best, with the duplex or araand
burners, gives a much superior light
and with proportional safuty. One's
means must decide the question of
which to use.
Lamps of almost any form will burn
tliu common oil-, not all with equit
safety, however. For the better oil the
duplex or argand burners are ndvlsvile
01 ticceseary, either lo provide for the
primer combustion of the ollornsuf
lliliiit sir supply to the llama. No
lamp should ever become so hot tiiat
the tiand cannot be held upon the oil
nrelvir nlthinit tltsrmnfort, otherwise
tin re U danger. Iu a good I.iiid.
especial!) with the denser nils, the ill
suifsie in the receiver should ntm:r be
Ik low live li.cbes from the top of the
wick, ami the oftener the lamp is tilled
tie bitter It will burn.
A lamp which has had cloudy or c!
nred oils In it should be thoroughly
ckancd and new wicks Inserted before
using a new oil, nnd It Is necessary to
boll out the burner from time to time
with soda lye or washing soda to re
move the gummy mattur which acottni
ulatts upon them. Mixing of good oils
can do no harm.
With a good lamp In good condi
tion, that Is to say clean ami tilled with
good oil, bad results may be due to
1. 1 no wick, wicus are seiiiom or
inferior qualliy. but may he too closely
or loosely woven or not tit the wick
tube of the lamp. If too loosely woven,
especially with the cheaper oils, the oil
continues to creep up the wick when
the lamp Is not In use and spreads an
oily 11 1 m all over the outsldu of the
lamp, A better oil or more closely
woven wick Is the only remedy for this,
and as a rule the cheaper the oil the
denser the wick should be. When the
wick does not lit the tubo It may be so
large us to be unduly compressed and
thus prevent the llow of oil, or It may
be so loose as to Jar down. Several
changes in wicks are often necessary
before finding one suited to the lamp
and nil.
S. Clogging of the wlek. As has
been mentioned, bud or old oils gum
and clog the wick. The remedy for
this is a belter oil after Inserting new
wicks and cleaning the lamp. He sure
the nil to bright, not cloudy and water
3. Wicks too short. The wicks uny
not reach the level of the oil la the re
ceiver, or it may be too far away from
the name. When the lamp is nearly
empty this Is advantageously not more
than live laches from the Hame.
4. Trimming Scissors never should
be used oa wicks, or, if they have beea,
the wick should be treated as a new
wick, as follows: The new wick should
be put lu the wick tube of the burner
after saturating it with oil, aad then,
without immersing it la oil In the re
ceiver, lighted and allowed to burn out.
A gentle rubbing of the wlek surface
turned low will then give an eves aad
good wkk. The retaovalof charted
and crushed porttoas of the wick by
rubbing in this way should be repeat!
as often as made necessary by the use
of the lamp.
By follow lag these suggeatiow a good
lamp light way he obtained aad a eor
ressMwdiag ataouHt of comfort. Never
lure aa oil leusp lew, because coutbtw
tiosi to thtfst infjQasipJeitff sad a bui tuUH
to BeodiMsid.
Kever put out a light without tuiaiag
it itows, to psevesri the oil fsesu rutulg
over the outside of ike buua whew aoi
tot use.
As a flaal resort appeal to the lire
smsiakval fur Inspecting of your oil sad
TUv SMnt (U CUM.
from JvtUc (tgimkm
If ii. GiUanT gas gun ewer coots
hate uMCSaral euspioysmesd, it will iia
waarttaieiy be accessary for sosue pro
fessor to iavtest a utsfhiae to five forth
lash as which Use gas gue ppsreoily
ftsaiss as supertuuus. ignore Is uov
IsBwfMsMeaVliaaVliy MssuHaiMaVll lA W& Bsf IMC4Wft4wf V
far tke letellWat progsess of a uwd
ess astskr as bullet, sad, after suwae.
last. Would it not save a deal of
tsouUe sd useless expenditure if Use
old b'ack powder w.re regained, sad
If astag carried oa Uy its Msisissen?
It teesM up to the present to have
achieved vast siuouat of slaughter
taecafef object of coinhstaaM whjaa
serious oaaositiua to cBinuatesed
fifefatd's gas gua to aot, aosiatsr. lake
sjjhsffsd 10 pass umkslieaged JA
Fascttod ArtiiWtot.'' la the Arfl MM
tiwm, to already oa tfce wsrassh, aad
waass to kaov s good deal. WMO
4tiHibilst M- fkisTud wiil mpulj;
jfrwti sud.
j'siead at the fsaitlT 1 fsVaaudrri Y tohi
Vhs Ikal vour siia Qttout Wtsl 90W S
Itoasjsaaeas fjarure la MglihQS aui ta la
dsAaa. 1 hope he to sound oa ail the
great tour tosues of ike dsy
PslmrfauiUias I think so. Uv has
just been defeased for CuoreM
.iFitewieniai steimrt nr in !SefHi
eewfntee er ma oivn iw4-w-n n-
rwiwi I OnnthtftTCr-r jSnnt
JnteretttHi-; ITjrfiKSH
The special committee of tkn Civil
Setvlce Heform Ietewe, of which W.
D. Fonlke Is rhalrmsn, spfmHtml to In
quire Into the condtWrm rtf the Ferferal
rerviee snd theopemtlon of the ft-.-rWm
aw, has made a snpntemenist ep rt I
retard to the political etmrster of tm
chsnges made In the Fresllenttsl
The committee's questions in regard
to the politics of ihe potmsiet re
moved snd those appointed eltclte 1 1 h
following results: Out of -187 arts vers
received in which the Informslto-i a
elven up to this point. It npfssvrs tha
In 49? esses the postmaster remove 1 or
resigned was a Democrat, In one ctse a
I'mhlldttofllst, In one an Independent,
nnd In two cases the incumbents being
women, tt Is stated that they belonged
to no political party.
Tbete wete three resignation and
three removals of Republican. From
BIB answers recilved regarding the poli
tics of the postmasters appointed tt ap
peared that 510 weie Republicans. 1
was a Knight of Lalmr, 1 an Indepeml
ent and 1 n Drmi-craL Tne Democrat
was Samuel IV Ilutrls of Talladogo,
Ala., of whom his predecessor writes:
'I was rrmoved bt'catiM! I was a Demo
crat, and not in sympathy with Ilia Ad
ministration, It was believed that my
successor, being n prolectlonTit, was In
sympathy with the Administration and
would support It."
The uniformity with which Demo
crats were removed nnd Republicans
appointed, foys the report, shows pretty
clearly that political motives were not
nbtmt in making those changes It
nppcnrid in some cans that quite full
Inquiries were mndc ns In the political
faith of candidates for appointment be
fore their comtnl'stons were Is'uoil. An
Inetnnct! of this is an Investigation bv n
posit lllro Inspector Into the pollllcil
faith of Robert C. llallnnlync, appointed
p Mmastcr nt llrackctsvlllu, Tex.
Tbo employment of poMolllco In
tpictors for this political work ut Gov
ernment expense, the report says, car
ries with It its own criticism. To In
unities as to tha political services
rendered bv the new appointees In tha
last campaign nnd olscwhero the com
mittee received -100 answers. Iu 155
esses it was stated that no services were
tendered, 0 cases were disputed, while
in 5W5 cases a little over OU per cent
the new appointees wotc active In party
1 he committee quotes letter written
by Representative .Morse of MumicIiu
sens, t orgswtll of Masiachusetta. IVr
kinsof Kansas, and others tosh iw that
itiuovsls and appointment were made
on various pnti.s which, In ilw opia
Inn !! tin- commlttru, wire Inten led to
ciAer political reasons. An Inisnce'o
which particular attention U piid Is Hie
rimoval of K M. Li (kwrodof Hurling
ton Knn.
Jlr. I.ockwood received a letter from
Representative Harrison Kelly, saying
that his successor would likely be np
pointed within tbreo weeks, and offer
ing him the opportunity of resigning.
Sir. I.ockwood did not resign and he
was removed. Squire M. Lane was up
pointed to the place. He Immediately
appointed Sir. Kelly's daughter to a
place In his olllcu and afterword made
her assistant postmaster.
It Is clear to the committee, says the
report, that the numerous changes,
more than (il per cent, of all the Pros!
denllal postmasters, has been In a groat
measure political. Mr. Clarkson, In an
interview sent through the United
Press to all the leading newspapers in
the country, is reported assaying: "The
I'tesldentbna made no removals except
for cause, for delinquency, InelUclency
or violation of law. He refused to make
any changes for partisan reasons."
"Our Inquirlee," says the committee,
"have led us to the conviction that this
declaration cannot be true; and, in our
opinion, It would have been more Just
to have acknowledged the existence of
political Influences."
This would have involved an Incon
sistency with the promisee of the last
Republican platform: that the "spirit
ana purpose of the Civil Bervlce law
should be observed in all Kxecutlvo ap
polntments." Hut, where the fact la as
clearly established as it is In this case,
the avowal of such inconsistency would
have been far better than the attempt to
conceal it by giving reasons for the
changes, which, In point of fact, are
not the reel ones.
.It was indeed hardly to be expected
"that the spirit of civil service reform"
in the PostotHce Department could be
enforced through such Instrumentalities
as Mr. Clarkson and Mr. Waaaruaker.
Mr. Clarkson has been openly and con
spicuously au opponent of the reform.
At lloston, at Pittsburg and elsewhere,
be has In public speeches eadeavored lo
dtscrtdit the system to wbleh his party
phdged itself. Ills appointment as
rirsi AsfcUisat Postmaster General eave
him, we belleveve, control of a larger
amount of patioaage than that of aay
other officer appointed by the Presi
dei t.
The oppositluu of the Poslwasier
Geseral to civil service reform has beea
lets candid, hut it has beea ao less la
tease. There ae elreuasstaacas which
have accursed siaee be has beea ia edsce
clearly showiag his hosrttuy to the
pisiiorai of his party ia regard to this
Ulphtharlit fruui Oyt,
rum tu4c srise
A aew terror ass beea added to esisi
eatse by ska discovery, or ailaged dis
covery, thai diphtheria can be esught
fsoat oysters. A ausabar of business
ataa sesMtag a various parts of Losmsob
sad Ike suburbs have (says Ike Loadoa
cuweiaondiwl of Ike Ms net ester Gr
itr) beea ajtoased by diphtheria. Ko
cause could ha assigned. There were
ao other cases of tke disease in their re
spective neighborhoods, nor could it he
attributed la say iastsace lo defective
drsiaage, had utiik, or say similar cause.
eUuaUy it was discovered that ia each
case tke natiaui had keen ia tke kasdt of
esiiag oyster lor luacheoa si a particu
lar rests eta as ia tke city, sad it to as
siuttad Ikai tke psimst to to be I ouad kesa.
The todtortor kinds of oysters which
have Wes trsasphmud fruiu their as
are beds to be fstteaed at Wbitstabto
are ctediUd with btdag the cause of the
OMasv! Jn tor f lashf Wsh
Vwimumb sassst,
ChjhstsaT lie 1 TsiaM we had
"!" in wei
mm - Jn'.
Tha tgrtMsM aWa
skit ska ttMP wm out vfe fcto
tium Uu mtruU r-j tt.
The g o. p. U buiiy engaged. In
Ksrehlng lu tiAd. tiv juui k it
the srlnvm cttwta ttrnwirnt .teawst
n IMty StfttS Yrttitrr Stan.
Cojrwttn, Mass , Sot. IS. Ira
Ptenyman, a plumber, 18 years of gs,
hss been arrested, eherged with Mnct
ing heentlfnl, hnt lessne, Mamie Tsrte
tnn, 33 years oM, from her father's
hnme, the Thotean Hone, on Tneedsy
evtnHig last. Mtos Tatleton suffered an
stisck of hraln fever at 17 years of afe,
and for the 1st six months Its after
tfftrts mrte lirtn apparent In an uwbwj
trollahle Intellect.
On Tuesday she went ont for the diw
to visit relatives living on the Lowell
read, ess hronght home In an nneet
thd state of mind In the evening, snd
a subst ipientlv missed and traceil
fiom the riar cellar door of thehitet
to 'he 'trn-t, where her footprlnttln Ihe
Swow eere joined by a man's, snd
wgt-hel tracks were fonml. Young
l'ennj man was arrested Thnrsday and
ttrentens to expose a Tarleton skeleton.
Tiny Tilril tn llnrs the lUtllfl Tnrt
Nitr n Stntlon-Itomie.
CisciNXATt, Nov. 15. Burly this
morning a prlre-fight wasarrangetl and
begun within 100 yards of the Hammond-street
police station, near Fourth
street. The principals In the mill were
Tommy Ilnrke ami Mike Gillespie, local
light-welehts of considerable renown.
The light Itself was not much to see,
only three rounds being fought. When
the fourth round ws ordered both
men sprang readily to the centre, but tt
war discovered that the place was en
elided by Doltce. The lighters steoned
into their clothes and prepared to llee.
Tlic police had kt-pt themselves out of
sight, but now made their aopoarance
and out of 135 spectators, seventy five
were captured nnd conveyed In patrol
wagons to the station. liotli pugilists
wore captured, charged with participat
ing In n prize tight.
StiocklnK Dltrotrrj In Ilia Dfttiln or a
WfielinnWpn Forrj-llont.
NBw YonK, Nov. 15. The mingled
nnd naked body of an infant, evidently
about 10 days old, with its head and
chest crushed In, nnd scarcely n bone In
Its liody left unbroken, wns found under
n scat In the nfter cabin of tha West
Shore Wccbnwken ferry-boat Oswego
by Deck hand Israel Applogato nt 8.45
yesterday. A conference with Captain
Thompson on the discovery refreshed
his memory. Ha had seen two women
with n basket on tha boat the last two
ttlps. They avoided the crowd, and
probably slowed tbo murdered Infant
under tlio seat In Hon of nn opportunity
to throw it overboard. Police arc look
ing for these women, whom tbo cnptiiii
cannot descrilie very well.
I'lr 111 IhMt Vja It liaimier .t
!. Thau It. liiililicMin.
Km Yohk, Nov. 15 A special to
the U'rW from Canton, Ohio, s 1 :
The action of llussell &, Co. of Was
slllon In reduclug the waves of tluir
Democratic employes Is causing wide
spread dissatisfaction. Tlio Intense
feeling Las taken tangible shapu in this
vicinity. Thirty farmers have started
a boycott. The petition Is being gener
ally signed by others pledging the
signers in the Interests of labor and tliu
preservation of humanity not to operate
or employ any omi operating a Russell
engine or thresher as long as the com
pany refuses to pay Its Democratic; em
ployes the same wages It pays Republi
can employes.
A Complmry Actnot NciTapapsr
Mu Fall Through.
Sioux City, Iowa, Nov. 15. At Ida
Grlve yesterday Georgo T. Williams,
one of the oldest and best known news
paper men In this section, was acquitted
of a charge of arson, after a long trial.
Last April the Grand Opera-House was
set on tire, and in August last Williams
was arrested on the cvidenco of a man
named Morrow. On tha trial Morrow
swore that Williams proposed to him to
burn the opera-house. Morrow's wife
and sister swore to having overheard the
plot. The defense showed that Mor
row's character was very bad, and the
women of like cuaraoter, and that it
was spite work. The whole trouble
grew out of a feud over politics.
Tim Outcome or th Ktudeut-Mlllllu
ltlot at Add Aibor.
Akn Aiibok, Mini,, Nov. 15. That 0
Is little abatement of the exeitement
caused by the death of Student Den
nison, as a result of the student-militia
riot Six town boys have already bees
arrested, charged with having partici
pated In the row that led to the killing.
Town boys showed their disapprobation
of Ma) or Mauley's aetloa by baHging
hliu In tttigy yesterday. It Is reported
that warrants for the arrest of twenty
loan boys and students have beea
The coroner's laqudst hss resulted la
stealing a mass of very eoatradietory
evidence, aad tha aad will not be
reached for several days.
MtiropulUauVi'. G. lisrvev, Sew York;
C. T- Onady, JtoauoU, V ; O. h. taau,
Jslewpato, Testa.; G. at Wsshbura, Lauav
viiie, Kjr.
A'utMMtt-H. sWhUisoa; U. Lsssto. U,
Kew York; K. O. ftsse, toy rHdat. X. T.;
O. sftspSsa.silMchJsljl 6lwM9ABUe1swtfa
(Jlits, K. Y , . STstMSKavasstraw;
tit. Jvmu-K. W. KaoafitoH aad JL H.
Oasis, rouiett, Jt; S. TosaaWas. Oknw
kaUsvdte, Va.; lohert W. Flejd, Jesae
dajr; Car. 4. Ussier, hsw XoikiTjM. lt
sstaW, Wlsslssipai; J. J- Chase, Us Aat
eetos,Cal. WiUanPt-YntL llesator. Kew Msuas
wkk; T. A. Dusaoat. CsdsMse; G. W. Mr0,
Youagstovn, Oaiui 6eo W. inai, BsH
fced. Huel JJmMM-a. $. Hrieiss, Basttw;
U. W. ftllr, hUnlstsi; OhsaVw B. Xiasa.
vM WnUmfit. Ka wSlMli tT wiilMMsPrt, ftb
Awyi W. i. Wst,misaissjti8. shtsi
t! fc HgillWeiV f . Cia assi wife,
wVfccsr-Ww. ahtasttsa swl J. C
siew York; i. . aVsu.tUskur,
ksnuus-J- k iBssea. Vtnaais;
. t-i-ard. Ulssitari: fir- 8asifrr.
utm& or usy 01 smw less-
WtsrrSdM W W. ""fflgTf Sad Vtfe,
teu Wisnass l HsksTMsask Wu
tontsauh, W.llsU,Jr.,das,Vw
Axh-Hutun- it. B. ssoak. ijtaoabaua: O.
fj" " "if ' swaaaiaai w aaaaaesajsjpassn nijw
itoitahK A
V, John WTC
;. w.
V.; . I. ms sad lt
The Tu kvaJub wiuc hare tetvcd eture
lattdsita-uJ i.ii-u...in.o itia any otbmti.u
(oruis sum, . ttit uiAxktjt. '.):Jii;; till
Fuuricculti c' ,
w ipw
SwvBioe. tyeasMsv
Ccait. Vaate. ULibUarv
9 TB"?f!
esnfante I. A-
MKfcmnr I
lli ijiniit'
Trie nent Test nt th Nsvat lrvlmt
tttnnmt set rn t tne xpeettten
er the aianefaetnrers,
arTowK, Sot. 15.-A pwcltl to
IWn Tnhnne ttm Washington ssys:
As a supplement of the petfomiftSKse of
Ihe llotteet and Plrmlny nrojectfles at
the armor-plnte test at AbbmipbHsv comes
the trial of Amertenn pmjeclllee st the
rmval proving grvmml. For a long time
claims of the superiority of the domes
tic shell have been urged, but in this
nnllke the Instances of American ord
nance, the resn'ts do not strs'.aln tie
the representations of manufacturers.
The test this week at Annapolis of these
shells Is valuable only for Its develop
ment of the weakness of American pro-j-ctllts
snd their man! rest inferiority
tn the foreign shells. At least this Is
the conclusion justified by the report
of the officers who conducted the test nt
Thesrmor-plale test where Ihe Holtzer
and Flrminy shells were used developed
Indisputably the superiority of the
former. Some allowance was made for
the condition of the plates nn the second
day's assault when the Flrminy pro
jictllt'S were fired, and the deductions
advanced were possible for contra
diction. The opinion of the experts,
however, secmetl to lie in favor of the
lloltrer. This week's tests, according
tn the official reports, do not alter this
condition of merit.
At the last test there wero presented
for trial four sholls. tha Storling, tlio
Redcmann-Tllford, the Cnrpsntor-Firth
and the Holtzer. The target used was
n compound plate 111 Inches In thick
ness, nnd corresponded to the nrmor of
the Minntonomah. Previous firing had
rendered It somewhat untrustworthy as
nn 1 fleet! ve target, but that faot made
tha performances of the projectiles tha
mora easy. The gun used wns a bIx
Inch breech loading title, nnd the mitx
7.I0 of the gun was 203 feet from the
Tha powder charge was forty nine
pounds, nnd tbu projectiles weighed
each 100 pounds Tliu velocity at tlio
n.uzrla was 2,020, nnd at tbo striking
point 2,000. Tha same rclntlve condi
tions of firing were supposed to govern
the test, nnd the points uf Impact wore
selected as nearly as possible with a
view to equality of circumstance. This
equality, the bonrd say, was obtained In
all cases, tnva possibly In that of tha
Ridoninnn-TIIford shell, where tha re
tlttanco wns considerably less at the
point of Impact than In tlio other three
00 res.
The llrt round was with tliu Sterling
projicWe, which ticnotrated the plato.
The si ell broke up, nnd a portion of
the bcfcd was greatly distorted. Six
suifiice cracks were started nnd onu
short circumferential crack, while the
old cracks, results of a former assault,
were opened. Tha second round was
with the Reilemann-TIl ford shell. Like
the Sterllne, It wns broken up nnd a
portion of "tbo head distorted. It re
mained In the plate. The Indont in the
target was 5 Inches. The dlsturbtnces
were minor, but tha board met the
problem of the dlffuionces in resistance,
and concluded that there was llttlo
choice between the Redemann-Tilford
uml the Sterling shells.
The Cnrpenter-FItth sholl was used
In the third round, the projectllo pene
trating the plate until the point struck
tbu wood backing, when It rebounded
entire, and was picked up thirty feet
from tlio target. Thashell on measure
ment was found to be shortened 43-100
of nn Inch. A thin scale had bean
pealed off the plate In two places anij.
numerous cracK were ousorvcti. riecee
of tha hard steel facu of the plutu
in the shapo of a trapezium dropped
from the top of the plato to the ground
and a triangular piece, sixteen Inches
across the top, was started.
The Ilolt.tir shell was tired In the
fourth round, and was found to have
penetrated tbo plate. It remained in
the backing, the base of the shell being
11 Inches from tbu face of the plato.
Tha base showed no signs of Injury.
There were nineteen short radial cracks,
and a new radial crack to a former ten
inch Impact was opened. The hard
steel was started and bulged to the
front In a number of places, but only a
small portion fell to the ground.
The experts who represented the
Naval Ordnance iluroau at this test
head the projectiles in the order of
merit with the Holtter, according to the
Firth the second place, snd declaring
equality of performance for the Itle
mann Til ford and Sterling.
An Absconder Convicted.
BniMiNGiiAM, Ala., Nov. 15. Frank
M. Irion, who absconded as clerk of the
city court here three years ago, with
$10,000, trust funds, and who, after
safely reaching Europe and spending a
year there, returned and gave himself
up to the authorities, was last night con
vicled In (he Criminal Court of bis
crime. The jury recommended htm to
the mercy of the court. A petition for
IrUm's pard'M is being freely circulated.
Suit Tor Uair u MlllUn.
Kaxess City. Mo , Nov. l An
attachment suit for fSOO.Ouil was begun
yesterday sgainst the Kansas City
Packing Cumpsny by Samuel Leonard
af Boston. The entire pleat of the
aosnpsBY is la the hands of the sheriff.
It is believed the Bell failure ia Bostoa,
la which the Ksasss City Iriu U said
to be involved, precipitated liie trouble.
A fittest Fast.
Ftmti tk4 &fec &Mdard ( )
Mala did not "direst" this liata.
A Voice of
To m who suter ream catarrh, whether ia
Mudt or arest Jamas.
tkQsKW ALLOW this tseaohwoa disss se
&0 OtisaasanaVtsUal anal GaJsaVMl aBaasaVsanasanawl easanvl IIA"
ssaawfiJasswsl It fci ttaMnf tO wattVlawatMl isaVsW batOsnV
OWawaftswf finaaWUsUBtawatfianVi laUas atthwSst toMMUsW4i ss
ftaaVOMssT Oaf aMMNMat UsCs).
CATAJUsi hi saissssees the sstsaad
VaOst sasaaUan7 Osf lkAKikS Usast ftAuttanaa Vsass) fasVuttsal
eWantVswttaV RsSjfjT fiaVft Qsf Jsl sJkaMatMBaV VkafssWatasM
tsste sWiMM WkF Vb WUW ttatMCafc to 9 fcawf ft
ssasaar wake wui asaah the hssse lamas
lashhwd. tsia 1 iaatwaat smmsVs aorss.
Bsrttls Aaas, ssd Uu Is the seeast ei Us situ
cess la ven
tt esse the susossthiats eat wassh osjase
sad ausssias esjtarah aad nines that atsdnkr
suae to the whttle sastessMaase nanek sas
easa esaaut ssalatsia tsskflisV ii vest ssdhsr
aroat eatarrh or sax otjasr 4Uaaajsi aJ Ike
Mho hut give stair Mai m
uhi hf SU OriMMUt. 91iWsturo. PMlMCttd
ueij bj C I UOOJJ CO . Lowell. Ms.
Ite lies Hiern cmvertett ami tins Tried
To Mnke KentttHtlen.
SttATTt.n, 'vVasw , Va. 15. Cmxtlet
L. Terry, the ex United States Crrstowi.
Inspector, against whom Indictments
for smuggling have been starrdm for
seTernl years, returned hereon Wednee
rtat nltht and surrendered to the
United States Commissioner. While at
Victoria Ttrry profested conversion nt
one of Moody's revivals nnd gave wp to
the Government valuable lands In
Benttre in restitution. He says lie will
plesd guilty to all true charges. He
was released on ball.
A Dirxrto A en He Threntrnml the
Snleliln Whteh Orenrrwl Vmlenlin
Lbhaxor, I., Kov. 15. Adam
Kern, a prominent fayner of Boyne
County, committed suicide by shooting
yeiterdsy mornlmr. Kern began to
keep a diary ten yiars ago, on the (Ifst
psge of which lie wrote that nt the end
of ten years, If alive ami out of debt, he
intended to take his own life. Yesterdnv
the ten jesrs expired nnd Kern walked
almut half a mile Into the woods and
shot himself. He was 70 years old.
ritemnn FntnllT Injured-
Nrw Yohk, Nov. 15. A fire in the
livery stable of J. F. Manor, on Fifty
sixth Btreet, between Tenth nnd Bleventh
avenues, last night, seriously damaged
it nnd three others which ndjotned It,
There were 150 horses In the stables,
hut they were nil cotton out In safety.
Fireman Edward Tobln fell between
two of the buildings nnd was probably
fatally hurt. Fireman Coyle bad Ids left
band badly crushed.
An Aceit l.otlinrlu Sued.
Lkxisotox, Ky., Nov. 1G. Jeffer
son Rryant, a wldowor of 00, Is tbo
defendant in n breach of promise suit
for $60,000, filed In Paris, Ky., by Miss
Lettto K. Horman Case, aged 2:, of
Montgomery County. Tho defendant
Is very wealthy, nnd tho plnlntlfT says
In her petition that ho promised to
marry heron the 10th of October.
Cnni anil Ilorirn lliirneit to Dentil,
New YonK, Nov. 15. Nineteen
cows nnd four horses in one barn nnd
four cows In another wcro destroyod
by fires believed lo have been of incen
diary origin, near Stclnway, L. I.,
shortly before midnight last night. Tho
loss, which aggregates $14,000, s dt
vldcd between Joseph Shrivel nnd John
Wilson & Car's
For an Easy Shoe
We earrr the I)et Una of Patent
Leather 6hoes for Ladles am flen
tleracn at St a rolr at
Wilson & Carr's
l'llhlllllllullloSllOD .Moll.
aii. una r .NTitmrr .n. w
Washington, D. C.
1 umi a wist ii.vr.rijioiti: 8Tni:i:r.
140 LOTS
Formerlv Knowles. on the Use of tbeMetro
Utaa BvaiMh of the B. i O. It. K.
The Mot Baaullful PUcuof HMtdsuee About
the City of WjuhlBgtua.
Tbe lota at EeoalastOR Park are bviait sold
raiiUIr- Miujutour UistcitiMiu have talma
tourBure. Wbjt anulwl and tBanJaw
lit J triM!t, pavea guttsn board tUswiun,
trees awi triM-boxiM ua evtrr let aut tat
rM(BLt are evktenes of puraanwieyaad
taUUtr. Auoag rotout purabsiMrs are D.
I!. Warner, wbu has tsken IgbtiMa lots aad
UB4weretiD(a SNUMOtuMiM. whisk wlllbs
a Sue adilitioa to tus naay bsautlfal rwl
ducs tberti, Mr DuBuin, lbs sll kaewtt
paieat aturnsv. hsi purchad SRsea latsj
BuglDtierH B Louker, two UU; E. H. Clark,
twoloU.Mr Truesdell, navsii ai; B. P. OU
btt.U L. WuUTs. D K MttehsM. W. K.
Mcrrgsa snd uuuit otlutM. Mr. MoOoMas, tha
wwUkuowu ami popular 'lrusUt of this city,
will nbortly bulla a drugstore at Ik rVrt.
Tha ctwtni t baa bvss sivsa for the srssthMi
ot a bsaatiiul ilnpot at ths Park
Parstoa buitatt at Suumton bav viositlvs
assunuusa tbai whatever nuasy and wmwr
wiU astiumiiltah whan ouublasd aball as sua
trioatsd to lbs wunid Kaaalagios asd
brlaue it to ttut Iruut rank of all suburban
Tbtbc rest Dallas' doooIs and Iboaa baviair
a few dotlura to psxe ea U muBth ws yMtaw
ssr Jsst word Dus't Wt auothsr wsat boss
ovsr lour aaaa wisi out amtag Ki
asasot a atw iur a aosss or mj ia
for a aalo aad uoul luvattuiiuit
lay. Call to au aa at 000. 6t tioVstaaad
out lo gsnalasyis Lota at alt
BSuiilotSM. SraaotaSafiam
itajasfsisst. uuroaws
m asMNUSP wiu 1
y nartlss
portstios fiss.
Easterday & Haldeman
Idtiify if Liwpfs mi In ftu,
Mai A ltaitMslljM8aflsflL
WifetarMU Is ft
W-MkaVkiaT Xsxt HMssiteft
B8H stssstsotth'sisst
Wasat tats It St.. tAaiuUMS Bulldtas. saw
S 9- rami's- a. Turmff
SHufUci at Law.
aiu Bu iiiiii, 1 ai
f--. S
t TO
Last AWpaiSTanee f
Dr. M4I awl Mr, Hjde,
Sl wSk-th OWwt Drama, MONSY M t
rstii s m saw. 10 1
to jr:oirr.
Last Apswarsage st the Inimitable
Is tier fMeessfnl Matlcal rornrdy,
iv. rt-IiMMA JtJcn (IRAND ENQLtStt
Ol'BRA COMPANY. Beat) now on sate at
box tlWec. It
One Week, Commencing
Grand English Opera Co.
Monuaj-TItK Itr(JLr.KOT8 J' C
Wcdoedy-LOHBNtlltIN J M
Thnrsday-WILLtAM TELL.
haluiday Matluee-FAUST.
Sstiilday-TIIR lKillBMIA.V 01 lit, .JIC II
SKATS NOW ON 8 LE at Metzurott Ci '
Mutlo More. 1110 Fit.
I'HICES ft, $1. 'At 1 ami W Cent
Week L'ommenolBB Monday, ov 10.
Shook and Collier's Cireat Military Drauu,
The Blueandthe Gray
A f-tircoM Kiiual to SbenaDdoali Irecntc I
With a rower (ill Company ami Elabo
rate Scenlo KrabellUbmant
for Eauh Act.
Next Week-TnE NELSONS. 10 'A
George Dixon,
Cbaraptos liaBtara-Welgbt of tbe Worl 1,
Pixon vi. Morrif, Ufiponndt.
Lee Dsmsro vs. Crayaonof Swampoodle fur a
ruraa of J SS.
Week Cemmenoliis Monday, November 17
Ladles' Matinees Tuss., Than and Sat.
Hew CtassicVaudeville Company.
' 'v'Aanthjriy-
Th KuEcua Earopran Hi
l.HOM (LAItUt:,
With His W Cats. 'J Rats aad 50 Mi .e
AlhssafcMi Four, BdwiuFreucb,
Painnhin ausosr. Cbn. Morlay 'i'no.l
Harhsr, NossraudBsUeDoUri
rst HstOy, rTiscs Koki 0,
O'Hrtea and HsddUis
Stov. IT-sUM 1K lUiE'S Own (-tnr aay
W. .VaUailM MiHUUy.WsUauaday.ri
sy aad Isturasy
Isths tSuntsat at Ail Mastosl Intrumtntj
1 tt Bsssasau say mualo
isusa a waits or s ballad to as
ttssftsus or a srsaiSaoDy mora
bsaatttslly aad auws asarly
naasest thaa say otbar altgis
Ts tswlias h sot aishsai.aL bat tbe
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