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Tuk Baily Critic
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tt hundred ta connection with
.tttllreged Indian nftrhtng H tot of
iUenteatit ItarmroM), reported In
Ifcwfftrtf llpatprie of tlits awmlng.
St Boxnroitn aaktmy pertinently:
It not let the Indiana donee If they
wMsl to? Afte- all, though nnbodr
to bare thnnght of It bef we,
Hiotr dancing need wrt necessarily- he
iotil In koman Hfo. They have been
tM thai a Messiah is coming and their
txctttment over the prospect takes the
iotas of ft httt dig. Why nolT At
tftriou time rtnrfno, the past flftr yen
certain ter-ls of Christian, clvlllxerf
whites at th, litre flxnt upon a dir
Tries the Factor was to it mm to earth.
and hate eftthcttd together, an-ared
In long white robe nf nnwholesome
falfcBift, to cdtbrate the Advent. No
ludj ever thought of Intetferlng with
tbete Mistaken enthusiasts. Society
tNilkd, but petmltteil them to kaeet ta
damp ptaeea, acid to contract dangerous
grip and Infincem to their heart's con
tent. In every Instance the time paste J
and the programme fulled, Am the Ad
venUeta were turned over to hot foot
lls, Dover's powders and remorse.
Jkil now that the Indians have an
nounced a little ?lonx Messiah of their
own, and are usberins- him Kith a song
and dance, forsooth the military must be
invoked and a great Alarm ami hulla
liaktti kicked up. as though the
eiy safely of the nation Jwere In
peill. What harm are these poor
devils doing anyhow, with their
yells and their contortions? Had they
not better be at this than filling up
with frontier rum ami giving rein to
dangerous Instincts and propensities?
Verily, it seems to us that they miv
tu'U be let alone so long as they remain
Mithin the limits of their reservations,
mo matter h' much n lse they make.
This is good weather fur jumping
about, and there Is room on those wide
plains fur the echoes of the clamor to
die away In Wore they can reach the
tars of civilised society. It warns to
u that Mr. IIamikohhIiis touched the
key note of the situation and that, If
the Indians do at last break out Int
iMeMe.lt will 1m because they have
been cruelly ami needlessly ex is.Kr
atHl. IltHTAiM Him. Is General la Chief of
lb Nebraska State Mllltls. He has
vailed his forces out and will go to the
seat of the Indian disturbances. When
the aborigines see him they will doubt
less emulate Davy Crockett'i coon
anil "come down" without walling to
lc shot.
If themk uk axtthi.vo the matter
with this wwthtr, weshoubl like some
ceatleman to come forward with his
charges ami specifications. So far as
we are able to tee. It is simply perfect.
Clear, braetng, with just enough frost
In the sir to set the velaa tlnglloK and
to touch the cheeks with bloom, these
days are designed to make the mere
ene of existence a joy aad a delight.
All la all. year In and year out, taking
the seasons as they come and making
Mr and proper allowances fur every
shortcoming or defect, the Washington
I'limate can hardly be rivalled any
where en earth. There come to us days
lu Miretner wbtn one wishes he were
an lee machine awl finds It Irksome to
even move, ami we have experienced
recaslenal IntervaU In winter which
caused us to regret the fiercest fever of
the vanished June, but there are just
rnsHsgh of these to give a zest to the
Uk months of perfect weather that la
tne. and to save their charm from
I b Wight of taoootooy.
SJHtHBTAKV Phoctok has sold the
(ioort,Mnt horse used by a iiuietnnttr
tod koofbt a bicycle for kirn the mes
HMsnsrr, not the horse. Is tola Uw be
Kiootof of a bkyeie brlgado for astiiiary
tso? An will the future I'milSnumi
suk, twesity aalUs away, Amk to the
fm on a ettisiitg wheel loetoei of a
foasaiwy steed '
Tmk Kkw Yosui Trthitiu to dy k
s ariiekesMiiWd Ueftooe ia Htoiag."
The bast Usee asm ea lev as to
sanaae xacos as not to hot oo thorn.
It Bku6 iu bavo bono at loot settled
nkt too LxtAtivna stotoe U to bo
ojaoji at that south east corner of Iafa
)0e Ssjhojw. Cnookierttg toot tsw
mnvssoo was Qosrsratsst to L vxiwm
aoavty a eooiury so by iiauU Wa
taWfoH asm has bur no his oosno ever
sinew litis r'QJscessifoi la anoio or lots
:. The workmeo tay ow rio
uasti to tear up Use fuuodatioo nrw
Asonsjsi fsosM of loo pork sod anoeo it
so oV paknt teat cooaeo. If wo hove
Iggk w aaojr be able to got too statue tot
Mi ItfafSMI WkfloMtWMsty cIMoUMI US Isosstei
MAm si tojrfunjha- lAJMllokaW koCaoAaWoII
CBPIot o tjw sosooojov'SF oaasaoasoFss''
TtkOto MtkUjr oocot to so a Hsjtit to too
w jaSaMsof ( this Urucnt atotuo.
wjs wtl eojeswa. peroof. to vJkoH It
, owl It nooobi oot ho aiJUxaaat tu
i a roolrsaod trospo.
Ssvksi sue si jaw pod uus Bwlktf
annotio Chicago yaowsooy. Aaaoog
alotoeos veto itoto iamtirr m4 ao
oJolnQftiav Too Coifioso aonae of fair
foaf offoofi to be atuoted-
Minus Uiuu oVoM4S do ot
to ho ntgoi1 to vory wgkv
U it bo uuo, faonly
tavnt tbey ore f uaoJooJog tlst tsv
of tjoe oMawat to iMnrhirae
too JaaaeJooa bAviicoauiot luiuMiMiiM
is)s9 Mantt the DeaaucrooVc ticoot somo
oft of o- tno not be tnw loot
skff not sbr UOa, but tuck in the
fjooawoi IsjifirtaiiiiB 4, aa we any, if
Mo lannraonVia ho web1 fouodod. TUtiin
tfioe nod Hccujsa uiiobt U de
Ivlc Lhuuot.lt es tv bublct oul uujim
"!'. I'c nl If f..vf run - n
VlT( am ti ' iH'rswii' 1 for t'ni:
acrordtng t thtir convrctlon, ft old
be bettet to ie prtve tfcwn t tb tran
c hi altotttfccf, aVI It nrrdentot!
that di n mntt lake oAoe nmfar our
boasted InstttnTtan Ire mtgira in daf
est prlvtlegn of cltlrcnaWp and abavKtmn
tbe prondfrt fnnctltm of Ws mnKw1.
.. .
Rfci.torr. noKMS't nefwae M bare a
Ptotittt Irtg effect on tire fed men.
TnGiuarAjrToi m tuprrnwc
of tlUnote will hold ttte rwoMyllftl
racoon jjijwfjt at necntnt, lwrn ton
fltit pr was orcsolced on April I,
iflM. The vctetsw hoeo henn m
Mencntd by t'rr.e thai the tmenaioa may
bo rolrty spoken of as a "ml truy"
Tn rnfcM nrsraiTBR this motnlftf
J tbnt "mooey Is pssy" In Stetlco.
Mrnetr t wwry tny where It Is th- lock
of It that h hanl.
KT.RrrnneAtAtiv CotM thlaks
the PreslrlrotWil mmiMate wl'l nowe
with the boor. It tawvltto mike a
minute of thin.
Tun HVflst motns, er rather his
motet!, into Its mw bnthHissj.
(jurt n Vfc'nrU baa at at announnrt
that shf Is it ,ddiy avirse to haelag
the t-br'tte llibt intmdneed into
AVIidsor Ta'tle
Kvetr yi sr Chaurcry M. Depew
gives thrie'r totir Yale acholarshlps
to deserting jimns: men whom he meets
or htais sbrutlu bis travels.
Mrs. Florence Finch-Kelly, the
lb ston niwpaptr writer and editor, Is
a Kansas girl by birth. She Is slight
and datk and an indefatigable worker.
Mm .Times Itruwn Potter's young
est slsicr, Mlis rii(iihrt. will shortly
to on the staec It lsald fhu Is study
Ins: undir the Nt Kur'pan masters.'
Mrs Andrew Cr"gle Is not a pretty
wouibp, according to a rerent descrip
tion, llrr hair Is dark and her features
rmi'wliat Irregular, but she his a Um
diT. enet jming figure and a pleasing
It is said that eviiy jcar Cornelius
Vanderblll tends Marhll P. Wihlcr.
the humorist, a heilthy looking check
for the fun he makes for the poor In
the l d(lna house districts of Xew
Yi-rk city.
Chief Simon PokAgnn, who was lu
catcd to be a Catholic priest, has J tut
cent six more remants of his once ow
urf ill Pottawatomie tribe to a Kansas
Ii dlsn college. lie says his iieoplc In
MlcbUsn will be entirely annlhllitedln
ha'f a century.
Onei'f Il,Mlon' pretty wmnen Is MIh
Iliiniliile UtcliBrds, who Iih Iwon
call. d the "llelle of It xhury." She
If a biunette of tall and s;rsceliil rktire,
llh an exfiulsltely lnnd-lt.1 face,
large brown yes and a irorutn of
bronti curly Imlr.
JUt,fl,Ui,K B. WII4iH,AU hU.Cj.:
(ItarUs P. TrewlH. l'tiltalalplila: II J.
Newman, Kmsry K. Kiircr oml ,Iam- lUr
ic, N York; C. Camlpll, Kr, 1'a.
Hltauat Hrnry ox, New York; C. C.
T wpkiM, SUtm, Va.; lion. Kk-e Pierce,
t'nh.u t'ttv. laim.; (JwirKel). SbakiwiHiare,
I hllidrlpbla; V. .VI. humwl, I'ottsvllls,
HI. JaHHM F. V. Jotmsim, St. biuU; J.
W. W. AIM. CaatOH, OWo; K. 1). Ilraitly,
C1i.tlimtl. II. A. ltM aul II. fianlmtr,
flsltliu. re; 'f bmoss Fttr, .St. IxiU.
Uaiarit'S. . Hack. L'bittaaoon,
Tim.: II. II I5 lea aatl J. II. .Meforioack,
Now York; Jhmm .W)l, Ilttstwra-; Ixtis
J. Khr, llbboktn, X. J ; A. Warren, Clu
elunjtl INw-T. V BHm ik1 Jamas K. Davlas,
Nsw Yoik; (tMMfo II. Alhm ant) wife,
WWrt.'s F. Wlutluw, Narth CaroIIita;
J. J. JobMuu. Turra Ilsuta, I ml ; A J. Mc
CusVar and wif, Nw York.
lt'unaltjf's Mr. abd Mrs. W. Hsftiert
WasblKgtim, I'lilladaliikia; Aaron V.
WUlobaad, .Newark, N. J.
Mmtaw-Cbsrlas . Mills. K. II. Marsh
ud titorpe N. tutlr, HawliMky, Oblo; F.
M. Cockrell, jr., imt wife, Dallas, Tex.
ArlinaUm Walter Y. SmsIoih, jr., tad
A. J. oberiff, N- Yost.; A. B. Stssoanl,
C'hstalatHl; J. J. Uptuia, L' S. A.; Arthur
K. Ilubt, PortlaiMl, Ma.
.Iriu Mrs. A. C. Hobrsek, CUlcago; C.
M Iltu.wlUway, PbilslIiMa.
XorummdUiU. NaJi frtitj iil
iUuatilr, Mliwaukw; uUatu K. Vt'ilou,
IjhusvUIv, Ky.
Uitf-C. V Scbuflcr, K. 11. Itaoaittir.
N. A. HarroU, f a. suae awl M. I).
WaaeJar. Mew York; Unorg A. Dies, St.
IjmUs; Hub. Kpfw Uuatoa, Virginia; KUw.
J. MjtH, Soatoa; (Jeaoral lluotdtt 1). Ku
gji, L. S. A ; F. S. itoMI, llaluu, Moot.
Jltdtt JvkuoMH. 9. Wlldcaaaawl E1.
B. IIuo, VlfuUaa; B. VV. fiamit, Vua
tUvaow; J. K. kiply awi F. J. IktUey,
Xaw Yurk.
l.vJrtn't II. W. CM)Hy. BltlmoTt;
C A. itotiw awl wtfa, C MawlavUle,
Sark. S.J.
Jy t.uula (iaU Ku With ttia I'u.t-uicr-Uaeral.
Ke Yokk, Xov. 1 A soaetal to
tbo WWW from Waoblagtoo says: I'oU
HutaUr-Gkoeral Waoautaktr has kal to
pawn the bouse be lives in, U order to
loeet (urreot noaaveUt oUlgatioas.
Two weeks aeo It wae reportod ttut he
woa 'long " of Keodiog stock purchased
oo a soMgio. and that Jay Goakl was
fottior a tight twist oo him. In reveogo
for kJa oiHcwi advocacy of a limited
Goveinaaeot poatai telegraph.
Tkia was dee tod at ike time by Mr.
Waooaaoker's PhlbtoVlphi putoor, aod
K wae saototoioea nouiiy iut toe fwt
rooster Qt ocral as fiooocialiy souod.
Whet her the atatewoot waa true or oot,
ecrtaio u U that from sotno cooeo Mr.
Waauuuaker hoe fuuad it aoceotavry to
go Uiio ike market fur omnoy, aod ho
not not MJy bm:cowd it oo stock cl
lotetilt, but kaa obtaiood a Ijoo of
ffiO.Ooo urn bU ouum) io ibis cty.
A dd of truat fiooa John Waoa
taoker to Gvore Crawfosd i il.. oo
uislots T aod 6, sijuore IM (o I street,
botwoas bevtrowstuk aod Klrttoaotk
streets ourtkereat). to aeouro too pay
aaont of 30.ttua u Amaada aod It. C
Fcoo, oa otade aoavw tioo: mo od re
corskdboiurdey t the t'liy Hall. Those
b a rwavor that toe pars were hooi
bock until aiixrdey at iae special ro
i4ttt of Mr. WaoooMkor-
Toitbi toe koufo Uud ex Secretory
Wkttooy uccupicd dorioa LU Cloee-
baod AOoUoiauaUoo. Mr. W
Wuucol it bum Str
WbMoey I a some
TkWVS tSSMO t-'aoctaaw.
Hi.4 Uti.il I, Nov. St Walk drtviog
out toe aWtonfria iibeUwsd pike back
of Sewport, Ky., yottoedor afteroooo
Km. Bobert WUt, kof two cbUdreo,
afeat aod i yeejra, otvd ofaw Joeie Hi
oiao, a U4y frieod. vow torowo froot
too boriroo WoJUo oaovoodiog a kill
tko koaaoo bocooao lotAKktoood oosi iao
ioto a km. ovttriuxolog too vooJkdo, too
oci.uf.aijU of abiib crc scrtiusly In
jured. oft. Witt was badly Urudaod but
sot aerktuaiy hurt Of Use rioalnlii
tkxic thcie Is liulc kotw uf iWu ur
nt s. pat i,
"Ton, !Jafc"' enttert Aunt Clrult
frrtn wftMn tKe enfrrn, "ef y m doan
ki owt'n dat watw, I Is tfrnwly ewlne
trr w'ar ton ter et p'nm ffnIe "
Ya'm." ttsplhfl Lljah, conttnntntt
to wrtcjle Ms small drrnky body armnt
in the water, and fee lint with his toes
for the gmnnd, aa he swung by the tips
of his ringers from the gallery. But
when his mother suddenly Appeared In
hedonrwsy, !th a well teatrmed trench
of switches In her Rand, he crawled,
rbm-hllnjr, up on the WK planks, and
stretched hlmtlf there like n hntrf alli
gator in ihr warm noonday sun.
Thne liar liefore, lklev over on
Ibt b1gwi-llin river had broken, and
the) waters fi m the crtTasse wereswirl
IM alwut iint dndy Washington's
cnKM, and nishlne away, yelloit aai
fonmlftt. In sn sna:ry enrrent tkiH was
rutting a huge channel for Itself across
tbn tery hiart ft the country. From
the hlah gallery It Im.ki 1 like a vast et,
tpreafllnt an far as the eje could ranh
to the south and west, and gaining Vir
by hf ur upon the line of forest ire-s Nr
away under the etttt rn horl'm. B ck
of the cabin the ground rose a little; In
i vr corner of the straggling turnip pitch
a bit of men iven showed Itself w hn a
btf i e rippled the wavet
The flm swift onslaught of the A ml
had carried away nearly all the cabins
and ont-hotrset scattered about the
bolstid negro e.ttlement of It thl
Chinch, thus that remained threatened
evtry moment to topple over Into the
whtenlne siream. nn whose sutface
lloaiirl the furb-rn mass nf wreckage
Wsmt, sblngles. dior, windo-v shu
tirs, rdrts and ends of hooseh'dd foods,
lielet of hsy, chicken coops, tree
stumps, animals living ami dead that
told It, own vl'lfm story of destruc
tion. The inhabitants had been re
moved to a place or safety by the re
lief boats that passed anil repassed ills
tilbullng provisions ami caring for the
needy ami homeless.
But Aunt Clnd v bad stoutly refused to
abandon her cabin. "I)e omlcrplnnln'
o dish yer cabin." she declared, "aln'
lak de onderptnnln' o' dem yamler
trlllln no-'ciunt cabins. 'Care Sol
Wash'n'ton, my oleinnn, Is put ud dish
ycr cabin wl' bis own linn's befo' he
wss tuk'n ter glory, an' I known hit's
gwlne ter Stan'"
The nurcr rsmlnicklc little structure
which Vntle Sol Washington hail put
tip "wllh bis own bands' had one room
ami a front gallery, nnd In ordinary
times lis peaked and lop-sided roof
amply sheltered Aunt Cindy, her four
well grown girls Polly. Dlcy, Sal und
Vlny and her ono 11 year-old boy,
Lljab. Just now, however It must bo
confessed, the cabin was somewhat
crowded. At the first note of wirnlng,
Pomp, the old while mulp, which a
slsttd In the making of Aunt Cindy's
modest ' crap," had been guided up the
rickety strp. and qtiirtered on one end
of the gnlliry. where lie munch!
contthitdly all diy long from the pllu
of ro anil foddir supplied by the gov
en tin nt re lif Ihhii A new birn c.ilf,
wlilch bad drifted against the bick
dour: and bail been lifted lu ami
warmxl In llfen tba wide benrihstnne,
stt'od lelile him, ortrntteil like a kitten
In aid out of the open doorway. A
big il p eared hound dog hail bulTetod
lis way. swimming, to thoedgenf the
ENlkry, und looked upwltb reil. appeal
Ing eyes, he now lay In a corner of the
fireplace, sleek, brown and dry, ami
sullied hungrily at the frying pan. A
turkey-cock strutted nbout the llwr.
A litter of pigs grunted In a corner.
"I 'clar' ter goodness," said Aunt
Cindy the second morning, as she tithed
out a coop of half-drowned chickens,
which came bumping against the wall,
"hit's edzacktly Ink de .ark (lit old
JN'oab donebulldcd at de cumman' u' do
A few hours later a 'possum crept In,
and made hi way stealthily to one of
the blackened rafiere under tbo roof
whence he looked 'lively down; aB(i a
lame blackbird bopped upon the suowv
pillow counterpane of Aunt Cindy's big
four post bed and nestled among the
"lilts er .arK' repealed Aunt
Cindy, cheerfully, "an I knout dat de
onderpiBnln' Is gwlse to sum. An'
wl' Gov'ment bacon an' de catfish ilit
me an' de cblllen Lin ketch frum de
gnll'ry, we aln gwlne ter starve."
I.ljah tunned himself In bis wet
cloibea. now staring dreamily at the toft
blue March sky overhead, now watching
Polly, who was fishing from the other
end of the gallery close to old Pomp's
InolTanalve heels Suddenly be scram
bled tu bis feet and gazed Intently out
over the ytllow sea. The next moment
be plunged headlong Into the water,
where for a second he disappeared, then
rose spluttering ami blowing.
Polly threw down ber pole at the
splash and ran forward. "You Llje,"
she gasped, "come oul'n dat water dls
minute' Does you wanterdwwoyo'be'f?
Mammy gwlne to w'ar you ter er "
She stopped abruptly, her mouth re
mained wide open, asu ber eyes dilated.
Li jab was pushing hie way slowly
against tbo lucoHilag waves. The
water, at Drat a little below bla shoul
ders, presently lapped against bis
chin Ooeo or twice be slipped,
and tkea ooly tbe top of kU
woolly head was vUiUa la tbe foaoa.
KUaily be struck out, aod swam with
unsteady, ebihtteh strokes toward tbe
object upoo which bis eyee were fixed.
It was a whitkk mate, which tioetod
slowly, aa if drives by a tight wlad,
toward the rapid eurroot of tbe deeper
ckaooel a few yards away. As I.ljah
approached It caught io tbe scraggy
tops of some altkeaa that marked the
boundary of tko cabin door-yard, there
it stopped a awHOOaU, swaying from side
to aide, as If about to aiok, then, caught
lo ao eddy, It turned auddeoly aod toot
forward. Lljak made a desperate spurt
aod laid kohl of it. drawing It cautiously
to blm, bla Woo browo arm gHateaad
to loo auo a ko ativtckod it out. He
turned with difficulty aod Labored back,
pushing tko drift before him. At ho
caiue up Putly, who kail been to ter
rified to utter a word, seized him aod
drew kiam upon tbo gaUoy, whore ko
dsooeed erhamlod aod pooting. Tkoo
tko looked dowa at too jetsam oo had
towoii lo, aod gave a aeseock which
brought Auot Ciidy, loo gtrls. aod the
doer fiyiog oot.
It waa toiieod a alrajHM little craft
which lay oloogaido tko 2rk a ttoy
crotUo mattress, waoarmoked aad
ataiood. Lying uoo it-ha tiogle
pntaawfer wqj a four or fiva oMotis'
old girl baby, itkite aod dcikote m a
snowdrop. wm cUi io a iotvjc
oisktcoaro, which cluog io driwoog
folos about ktr plump UtUo body, ft
wot ooeo at tbo throat, akowlogoor
rouod, dimpled nock, eocirctod by a
ttrtog of curol wttk a brood claw of
gold- Tko soft rtoga of browo kalr
tkotcuried about kwr fauaooad were
vet aod gUotetdog. Her oyot wore
clooed, kr lit vera blue, ud ber
choooo cold mm polo. Io ooo Hoy, be
anothod tot too gxaapod gtooo loaf,
voicbtavekod prooaWy coujbt ftooa
totvc ovetooottiog Tsoo.
"Got do kittoj or oat voter. Di.r. '
ordootd Auot Ciaoy. ni wo lifted too
toajtreta fat kor rtu o4 enrried it ioto
tkocooto. Stir yo'in'f. gaj' Fjaly.
fetck Lijak or lOJOfaor o' poooor ansa
Puodkup do ink, SoL W til gi
cofcV Deir tio' owack href Wl' io yo'
body, hooey. do vori' couuio' tor
er eon'"
Half an L.u-ur Later Ue baby lylu u
Ann ( Irrij lp, oponi il ' i '
lsniiiilillv, ana looked st the ' n
gronp gathered around her.
"Imr now," atd Awl Cltidv
FortnMy . "T gwfmj rw git m r 1
fet eat, an' den I be JrBtd, h( j irte
The little cTpatnre fmrtM on hr
prttty month and began to wliimr-r
her cyc went frots face fsce h
catching sight of Ltjafj, who ha I r
mvertd hit breath In rnhnfrron aa iln
the fsTp'' wrnce, towrn mfNetious m?
within her seemed w HtV; tin smiled
rcachtd out her llltm hd and clainsil
a finger of one of Me rrn pnws ah
a etirsle nf content.
lljab plcksd up tnm tihe onartb the
mi ot green vine wnwn own aroppe
tmtiniicert from tne nony nncottacton
hand. "Hits de dove, ' he sld, "dt
de Lawd is done snant Inter de Zrrk
!' 'et green leaf in net bin' "
From that moment thebuby gresnd
thrlvirt in the wair girt cab -n la In
matts, frnm Aunt fMndy horelf dojm
to Vlny, the youngest child, adoreit ttfr
Vlny declared Miat even the pigs tri -1
not tn gmnt when she ws aIeep. Itut
it wot to IJah most of all that she c'unf
v Ith all the stn ngtli of her bshy heart",
aiid I.ljah never wearied of "t iilng"
her arrnind the crowdeil room, or up and
down the littered gallerr. Aunt Clndv.
mindful of the past grandeurs of her
own white folks, cast about for some
high sounding name for the precious
wan line iney rsiieit ner iovie; ami
thre she abode, a white flower ringed
around bv dark loving feces, while the
waters rose and fell and wm again as
i ne mvssre was partly cloeen or the
loie broke afresh.
One rooming, nesny two months laier.
Aunt Cindv, csrrvlng a basket of frh
ggs, and follow br L'j ih, apprr)schel
the little rallwsv tatton a ml'e or so
from llethel Cburih just as the train
w bitted away.
A light carriage, drawn by two sleek
horses, was waiting at the station. Its
owner, busy about the harness, looked
sronnd as Aunt Cindy came up.
"Dtillaw '" she exclaimed, breaking
Into a broad grin. "Ef dat aln' 1IT
Mane Jack Mannln'l Howdy, Marse
Jack ?"
The young man shook hands with
ber heartily. "Why, Aunt Cindy,"
be said, who ever would have thought
of reclngyou away up here?"
AuntClmlvliughed. "Sol Wash'n'ton
wux cr pow'ful ban' ter travel," she re
plied. "Iloccuin you here yo'aelf,
Slstse JsckT An' whsr Is you UV
Miss Nannie f"
Ills bright face clouded anxiously.
"I have bought the Four Oaks Planta
tion over on the tlver," he said.
"Nannie Is Inside. Oo and see her.
Aunt Cindy."
Tbo young and delicate looking
woman, who 'was seated In the little
waiting room, threw herself, with a
wild sob, Into tbe arms of the falthfut
soul who bad nursed ber when she was
a baby.
"Oh, mammy' mammy!" the moaned.
"What's de mattir, huiiey T" Aunt
Cindy asked, tenderly slroklng her
dsik cuils.
The ti ry which Mrs, Manning tol I.
Ibroueb lur tears, was n shiI one Four
Oitkt Plantation, whire they hud be-iii
living but a few tnontlis." was quite
mar the river. When the levee give
May, hoc) this water began rapidly in
r'fe. tluy had taken refuge, with tVIr
baby and tome of the bouse servant.
In the niNnsKer's cottage, a short dis
tance In tbe rear. There they passed a
day and part of a night in the greatest
anxiety. Toward midnight tbe rush of
water became so threatening that they
determined to tako again to thu skills
that had brought tbem over. She her
self was on the gallery, helping ber hus
band ami the negroes to get the boils
ready, when the bouse suldenly parted
In the middle, as If cleft by n knife,
and In the dense darknea one end of
it crashed dow n luto the roaring Hood.
The baby, sleeping In her crib within,
was drowned.
"And oh, mammy," the young
mother subbed, when she had finished
the story and told bow tbey were taken,
bslf drowned themselves frum the
wrick, by a relief boat, "If I could only
have teen my baby once morel IJut
ber little body was swept away with tbe
broken timbers. Tbe deepest channel
of the crevasse now Is just where the
house stood. My baby my little
Aunt Cindy started Involuntarily.
"31Ua Nanule," she said, after a mo
ment't silence, "hit wux er pow'ful
'illcllon de lotln' er dat baby boy."
"My baby was a elrl, mammy," In
terrupted Mrs. Manning, sobblngafresb,
"with blue eyes and brown hair that
curled all over ber bead."
"Jes lak yo'n useter, honey." Aunt
Cindy's voice bid a ring of excitement
In It. She got up and went out to
where Lljab sat on tbe edge of the plat
form swinging bla heels, A moment
later be set off, whooping, by a abort
cut toward home, with tbe bound run
ning alongside, Mr, Manning was
walking dejectedly up and down tbe
platform. "Mar&e Jaek," said Auat
Cindy, la a wheedling tone, "you
knows dat I Is knowetl you aa' MUs
Nannie since you wa'n't koeo-blgb ter
"It deed you have," said Mr, Mas
slug, feeling la his pocket for some
loose change.
"An dat I ousted Mies Xaaole wkeo
tbe wuz er buby; as' dat I eioae ber
ms's eyes wkeo she died."
"Yes," be said again, klodly.
"Ao' I waota you tor 'auade Misa
Nannie ter drive down tor my eobia.
You baa oWoly o' 'ieae. Hit aio' fur,
ao' Mist Ktooie might be hope up by
teeing' o' do cblUoo."
It needed no coaxing to induce Mrs.
Manning to go. She dung to Aunt
Cindy, wkoto fuauillar ptotaope l tnm ad
to soothe ber, and tbey got io tbo car
riage. Tko rood was a roundabout one,
OwIok to tko guLUot aod pitfalls Left by
tko Hood, aad by too tiwo they eoaio lo
tight of tko cabio tko young wootao
was quiet aod aluauat choorfuT
The Zark Looked forlorn eooujcb, a
diogy lino around tko walla akowod ike
point at which the water had stood for
many weeks, tbe gaUety was sotting
nod failing lo. too steps, which kad
bow KOot away, bod btoo replaced by
a shaky cooiriveoce of board. Tko
fences wore ail down, and tko door-yard
wot Iteoood with tangled drift But
too garden patck wae totivttvg. tod
neoi ntrroe lo too field aouwofi toot
old Pomp atvd Auot Cindy bad boon at
wot k there. Toe cabin door wae elated
aod oo one wot In sight.
'-but Wtok'a'tuo It out up wink yore
coJbtE wi' kin own ban ." said Ma oU
Wot, proudly. Looting too wojr tto too
stepc. "De ooderpiooio' bt audo for
tor ston' ' vr' cablu U Botkol Ooo'ek
ItaUOiab dvlWO 'oepU j t OtiOO. e
done coil bit de 2afk. 'com" Mm.
Vaooiog's eyo't tre filling itk tonM
again at tko wootiuo of the f tool ece-
vatae. Ucr OutiMAd gave Auot Cloay
a tauk of warning, but tko wont oo.
ckootfully "We done ootno kit do
Aork, 'com we tuk V tuk fat
towudotcoeio or pott dot wg,tOM
ta ef kit vu do umwaa" or deld!
Yet. hooey, vo tuk '' tuk l Mtmm
soddovgat' .ule evor'tAi 'poo
uoia an fsoaaa aiiTr'thias'1 Bbaoa ao'
coltoa ao- tolas, ve. oooov. otor'-
Juuj"' 8ko kod ber arat wouod kr
fuaicr cbild, ood vat draw.
oviotj gt
gclilly toWajd tte CobtO dour.
BoUog bod crept Uito Mca :
ioook nod ber eyes er vide with 00-
treoly xca. .niic ef .i ill wbtt
yill boby vuUtc JBunllu :l l.i-y.i ti
rrili rr lttii --'i pu'u 1 i,en lao
eto r
The stslned mattr was in the mi I
dm of too floor tVivic, clad In the
Httregown Whlrh he had tmlyont
gron tlint aim wre w&en he csmc
to tfi Zsrk, had bn p'sisd ciTr-fnlly
npm It. Bin stw wss In the ecre act
of crawling oft ir) hire, roy foot
was thrii'i on', htr dimpled hands
rap-l the torn shw. Tier lip Were
pimd in a tngnlsh smile, her blue etc
sptrkltd. Pollt, Vlny, 9af aod Dice
hntig sronnd the mattrota, sgllftft:
I.llak ttoot guard orcr ber: the hoitiw
by hw stdelooktil gravely on. D.rtm
bnkcd up as ttvc door opened, nM
frnwpfd InqtrlHngly-. thfn. as nswal ta
ativ rmergc'ry, shr reached no nnd
laid firm m.M of l.tjsh. Muck oertnttmb
In htr mon'h, and stared nt ton In
triii1! r
V.T Manning tnmbled forward, nnd
sai k lih a cry to the t1ort.
'fori you be skeetrd, Mirsn Je,"
said Autt Clndv, she aln gwfnn tnr
die. lat kin' er j-y doan kill." She
laid the frightened child In the
mother"'" Mtitstteirhctl arma. "Why,
hofiev. I mlarii er knnwed dat ills r6y
i.'long ter ' we alls fumbly. Polly,
'aln' you got m manners ? Fetch er
cheer fer Marse Jack ' An', Dicv.
done read de plain word 'Dannie' all de
time on dat gd' clnsp ' I 'aln' shout
tence Bethel Chn'ch is tumble Inter de
flood, int I shole la gwlne ter shout
oow. Merg OUny r Ami the high
trlnmphant cry of the old negress
wtnt echoing away like a trumpet
tone on tbe clear morning air.
Srcond onlv to I) tie herelf In lm
pottancc at Ihr Four Oaks Plsntation
gieat house IsLfjili Wanhlngton. He
waits rn Msre Jwk and runs errands
for Miss Nannie. Rut for tbe moat part
his busineat is walk around, In comp my
wllh the Hop eared hound, after fhivle,
whole just beginning to waU. Some
times he proudly "totes" her In his
"What a beauilful babv!" a visitor
exclaims, patting Dovfe's dimpled
"Ysse'm," Lljah responds, showing
his white teeth In a delighted grin;
"dish jerels de dove dnt come ter do
Zark cndurln' er de Hood wl' er green
leal in her ll'P ban', an' I dono tuk'n'
tuk her In. Yass'm!" Jfarper's Yvhuq
cohhissioherIoss opposed.
Not In rvnr of THXtnc Almttlnc t'rnp
fitly Inr Nitert loitivemeiil.
When Commissioner Boss wns nskod
abotit the propocd revival of tbo old
assessment system of taxing nbutllng
proiiurty for street Improvements ho
replied :
"The mailer Is one lo which thu Com
missioners have not given any attention.
It was n recommendation mndo by the
Board of Trade for our consideration,
ami Involving nt It dees so many varied
interests, we thought it iicttcr to h ivc
It comldeud by the full board. T mi.
nf course, owing to Colonul Itobe.ts'
Illness, Is out of the question for the
mtiont. I do not know when wo win
he nblu to get a full board toget'ier
Until then the matter will not be imii
stdered at all l riinally I am up
m Mil to the plan "
Ino Klrcea or I'mhnr 0'llarn Want
Ilia $113,000 listate,
WiLKKatiANRK, P.v., Nov. !. In
1F68 Iter. D. O'llaran was ono of the
prominent young priests of Philadel
phia. When Dr. O'Harawas conse
crated bishop of Scranton In 1S05 he
brought young Father O'llaran with
him to the coal regions and stationed him
at Wllkcsbarre. The priest rcmilned
here as rector of St. Mary's Church
until October, 1980, when he died, after
Ave days' Illness. During his pastorate
ho built a 1100.000 church, a $ 20,000
covenant and a $10,000 parochial resi
dence. At thu time of his doath ho had
$05,000, mostly in cash, Ho miilo a
will two days before bis death leaving
all his estate, with the exception of a
few thousand dollars which ho gavo to
bis mother, to Bishop O'llara, to be
used for church purposes.
The news that the priest was worth so
much money created surprise, and now
that bis two nieces have decided to con
test bis will creates greater surprise.
Tbe two nieces are the daughters of a
brother of the late clergyman. Tbey
bring suit In tbe United States Circuit
Court, and want $50,000. Tbey allege
that three years ago their uncle soot to
Ireland for tbem and brought them to
this country. He said If they would
learn the millinery business be would
buy a store and stock for tbem. About
tbe time tbe young ladles bad mastered
their busineat and were ready to enter
business tbo priest died. In tbelr writ
tbe plalntlffa claim that their uncle had
Intended to will tbem f 80,000, but for
tome reason or other they were Ignored.
JL Clun-na-OHtl Haatlog With goarlst
h'avar In Ilia llouia,
Pko ipbxcb, It. I., Nov. 2i. Much
ixiltement was caused in Olneyvllle
ast night because a meeting of tbe local
breach of the Clanna Gael, at which
-tail ueraoua were pr exeat, was bald la
the upper story of a bouse in which
liu-re were svral cases of scarlet fever,
tod it k feared that tbe dUease may be
earritd all ovtrtbe city. There Is al
ready an epidemic of tbe disease iu one
of the public schools.
Uuitiiudi Deaert Ibalr trim.
Vkiok, W. Va . Nov. 9f. John W.
McCosmitk and William Korahnar.
format s, having large famUiot. eloped
Friday oigbt tko forotor with Pauls a
ttoiooa, iggd jj gag tu- Mlter wWl
ootmrooia Rainos, kor aittor, aood 19.
The abandoned wivot aod ebUtuoo are
Wft detllluto
A Voice of
To all who siUEac fioa catatra. whether io
usalt or groat oegne.
DOaSOT A1.U)' Ibis "-r -fTM""
to mftlM nit itsf ttOBtTtj
aoackad- U if Uoote to oovotao into toon
cWtitor eoosowottoe, ttatf atoa itoiinWit a
ataufei ai hoaaao Bte
CATAUUt Is aoJaooaebf tin) sisteas aod
Ms4 liwtOoVJsT Of toM BOtW ttftoi toMOttla Tn boilMovt
tennbot eoosr part of tap afatsaa, Thoaistnrs
the aoooor nr o cote eotonkkt m tsJko a
taasoof wbtch will nwok too Altooti tiOtooitk
toa aaood Tola is mat what Hosdre gotea
battue Aoos, sou Uds ia the apvrof of Its ane
.u is carto
It ayttU Uia aciul aJkMW iojot WOtttO goOOM
ami auatoioa eottork otd rioot tons health
tuna to sk wola MtM yii-. aaUah Ota-
ujd,iii Hkalal&lB IftjLWJal IS aaai "
feuia catoak or aof otoor oktoito of too
umjub juMtieoowrictv to
mW -ii annotate- oksttturt. vmwA
utJ t i UAMJO CO.. Lvll. kUss.
All Others Are Guesses.
You Will Probably Ask iJ8Z&&?$"tJISIi
tytirtMiB neir bmrds at sneh targe flgnre on sweh snmtt rtentr'
The Answer i$ Plain: iXl&n&
i nited ttste establishes the feastbtiitr of pottng tiMW at toe end ef sate resr,'
i oatnl J fS'Jieeiite.
Now, Than, Not One 2ttlJ8tXfl&&&8R
me h isoner, wttMn that litre, as etirs ltt fcsre reeetveit. rnenostiy It is vnsr
tr to ntiilerrtaiRt that no dlfllenttr can rotlMr twetn- to prtTSBt the rettemp tea or oar
For Examole: A'T'iVS.:
time: wkerms the "Ame rlean Leatoti of tlMwr''
tlrere" or Boston, J1W, ttw "AecMnt Onler of Utiltert wotkhjumen." sees.
It is Quite Evident, Mnte ajTffiS
nvtn yrars st fttftue-i dettendlSR npon the time the btmi has beea rasnlnr.
It Requires But a Moment's Thought
to lev that, II the vnthwis Insurance oeletles can s nit do par death benefits from ll.ieoto
! W8 1 averaae aaesnienls for less In ataonnt than ors. It Is not only possible bat an
aetaal fact for our Ateliit!on to rdfra ihelr bonds at the exact flfare adreTttit aait
thns v parchseers benefits tar bejoad those ever offered br sny other assoeUihm In
tie lurid.
Every Other Association, TJ&TlS$2X&
f.r example, as the "Iqultable tesine." the Order of TonM'" and "Irvm flail," wotild
annailr eease to exist if new members were not obtained.
T, Drttrt rt V-in the vltalltvand eqaltyof the phrnof onrJs-
I O rlOVe XO lOU soolatlon. It M sufftelent to nsv teat Mnee our
otctnlsfttfonnoleeftttisn tour of the asooelfltlons of tbla cltylwve found uiHlfetousAftil
necCTsary toeomiletolr revte thelrorltlnal I Inns of peymeBt aaxt to Imitate oar system
of redemption of bonds at low bnt equitable flcurcs,
Otiv Annnntntinn has been Bnlrerfally reooenlsed as estabtlshetl
Ur ASSOCiatlOn 0nthesafetbaelsereriresentedtottietwtlle.
T, nSirinl-nep take the heaviest burden. Every effort, by pntdent
I lie J ' 1 1 cliLUlo roanairernent ami tineoilnir vlallanee, will be ot
tried to (tcuretlio Interests of the bondholders and to promote the onward proftess of
the Aw Gelation.
The Mutual
Investment Association of Baltimore City,
Ireori orated Tnder the taws of
HON. WM. 0'HMKN, Counsellor nt-Law.
ton t Sons, Hankers.
C1IAH. J. OAltY, lrorrletor llaltlmore Type
OL1VEII ll.CIt AIO, CommlMlon Merchant.
HENhY ALLNUTT, ol Allnutt A Jloody, Boot
8 Lrt blH Jtanufuclurers.
Investment and Real Estate Brokers,
44 Atlantic Building, 928 and 930 F Street,
Washington, D. C.
To lie I'rciiatl tu mi 3arly I'ambco Iir
the Henale,
New Yoiik, Nov. 21 A special to
tlio JhruUl from Washington says:
"Iieforo tbo Ilvpubllcans In the Senate
decided to slielvu tbo Force bill last
August forty-three of their number
pledged themselves in writing to tako
it up on Tuesday. December 'I, and
press It lo a vote. The bill. It will be
remembered, was laid aside by mutual
content In order to Insure more speedy
action on tbe Tariff bill, which was
then pending.
"The Republican Senators who have
thus far returned to "Washington an
nounce their willingness to support the
Force bill when It shall come up for
consideration. It it expected tuat it
will be made the subject of a pirty
ctucus on the Saturday night preceding
tbe meeting of Congress. It Is expected
that tbe radical wing of the party will,
as uiual, control tbe caucus, and that a
resolution will be adopted to rush tbe
bill Ibroueb in violation of all the tra
ditions and unwritten laws of the Sen
tte, "The Republicans understand that
tbe bill cannot be passed without a
change In the rules, and this oaa only
be accomplished In the Senate by a
political covp d'etat, Tbe extreme men
in the party such as Hoar, Chandler,
Spoooer, Jloody, Frye and others ire
quite willing to resort to this method If
by Its use they can seeure their object.
Tbey will be, unfortunately, much
stronger tbla session than they ward last
session. At that lime sueh Intluestlal
ItepubHeaos as Iogalls, Teller, l'od
drefe, l'lumb and otbera threw them
selves Into tbe breach In oppo
sition to their party associates, aad
threatened to resist any proposed
change la tbe rules that Involved the
passage of tbo bill. This year Messrs.
Iagalk and Teller are at home flghtiag
tbe battle of their Uvea for a re-oleotloa,
while, oo tbe other hand, the IWoub
IteaB majority will be Increased by tbe
addition of four sew Seoatora from
Wyoming aod Idaho, who may be re
Hod upoo to vote with p&telve ohediepea
at tbe request of the party leaden. The
eotloefe, therefore, for tbo pottage of
the Force bill io much more jMrootitex
than ever before.
"ileory Cabot Lodoo, the author of
tbo Force bill, la ooo of tbe few Repuo
Hesn leaders woo shore Speaker Rood's
looettoeat ia the Best House. I asked
him io-night If tbo Force bill iut much
of a iguse io tbo roeoot public upheaval
io bit State. He tool It rather botooi
him. Tko tartaT, ho aaU. was what
killed him. He bettevee loo Force bill
will bo pattod."
nm nm the eLAN-M-tm
Utlhut. ud O'Htlau Will 'at Associate
With the Faia fatty.
Pkouh(.s, R I., r. a. The
couio Sot too teiuisiojaoe of aho Irsob. eo
voya to visit this city oo Koreotpar 12
hot at itOattli booo atorootl' A aoctot
coooo of tie C'Ulo oo Gael was oeiujc
boU is tko city at loot titoo. lof oruiaiion
ef which was toot to too Kagllao au
thoritiei by a PHHrUoooo spy. Tula
oowo wagcriwmiinafiMDti to tho O'Brieo
Tstltoo oauiy by fdoods lo LotVaoo. To
avuad aopearaav e of aoomittioQ with
the force porty tho lootohors of Fariia
atosa wen waiooi to hoop awajr ftuoi
here- When tho Idah fcovoys ore
fooily pereuaiUd to corao, which they
dial oily aitor being totuxod by the
iosti ooromltloe tMi a pooto loeiotint
vtotiU cause a great haw, they etoyoi
al tho HarragaMott aod tho t'lao m.
Qaioi doavxoloa at aaviahor hotels
ho$o' Kaohiw too Top Coata io all toe
tjuatttoooble ahaoos aaai coioaa at h. ojuoIo
uo A Co. 'a. 800 Fonoayitaoia asoaoa
uiriiiwatt. Alau iba lataat atlo in UuUiiu,-
1 fiuulahuigo for viftaaj inch
i will collect tats la nrmthlr I su't
were ribie for mrmis ro rail a.
Atraotatton eoPeets only JIOJ; the "Hems
tbo Etateof Maryaml,Jiily,ieeo.
SAMUBL W. HHOBSTKlt.of J. JJegester A
JOHN MOORE, of Ilobert Moore Oo.
A. HTANI.KV WIRH, Aeeountant.
Fit AN K W. COALS, Boerotary Maryland
JtraM Company.
JOsKl'll A. 11AUKV. M. D.
O'llltlKN .V. 0'IlHlEN,Cotine! for the Amo-
Wilson & Can's
For an Easy Shoe
We carry the Beat Li w ef PaUot
Leather 6boea far Ladles aad Oaa
tlKEoeo at It a pair at
Wilson & Carp's
1'uslilouuIiIeMioo 3len.
So, oaa i' sriiKirr x. w
WatbtseUw, D. C.
140 LOTS
FoiuuHTly aToowlaa. cu llw Hut ul uw Uatro
Irtdltaa Briu,U vt itw B. X O. R. K. .
Tba Moat BaootU ul Flat of Baahtenre About
Um tttr or WnahlngtuB.
Tbe tuts at Kapitagtan Irtuk ase tMatao soU
raoatuy. ilaoy or oar taat ririsaos have I
twu ur Burnt Whv I druAtti ajad BUAMi
ixd alvaota. naal sutlara fcoard aataiWA
uf aaiu uh Buxaa ua enrj u aw
taalQf ansi sts vrllTTi-rr ' parawooacy aaa
s&Otnty. Abuoo menu iniTubnurs ate!
H. Wusu. woo aaa takeu aurateoo lots aod
U aow eaautoa: a tM,to houaa. whlsh will be
5 Co aOdltiao to Uw uaiiy haOMllrel Mai
hums thara. Ur DuBoii, Ua wall known
pataot aiUtroor. has iturchatad Ofteeu UU;
Haatoeer H B L.jokor, iwu lutt. X. H. Clark,
two lute. Xr Troaadell, iTui lots; B. T Gil
UtC O L. WuHsT D K alltctell. IT. I.
jttoaao and aaaay utha Mr MaCouuu. the
wh uui ih nwuMi 'uwiunm ut uva iaj.
wflTahuMly bollo a dnuatore at the Park
The contra it ht twea mvaator tim anosloa
r a hoaoatfoi aeiini at toe Faro.
VarUsa botoo at tTeoaiaotoo have, poattiva
Oaaoiaocetoot whatover Burner and eaortr
will ammawtah wooa ruaahlaae aaau be ooo
ulbuiad to tha sovcaastrf oaoslHOtoe and
titiuf tt tu ibit Iroux raok vt all aobureoo
a(,,h4t VAtlt IUln , (.Ainld Mil, I tlt.kBA kAi'iHV
a tvw iloilora to ajavm eacb rnooth wo wooM
aaj Mat a Wuta. UuO 1 ast M
oat locx heads whv out aeet
Sttlect a alio fur a hosse ot lay
& k uuh Aii mooA lniaaimt;
lay. Call to see as at ooue. Oot
ao out to SuoaiBotoe LoUatall
Koeaowitw- ouo ur iut nam
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HPtraa ijrti)'- fr.
Easterday & Haldemari
oisNjttux. hUVauom
-u - J V STttEET.
" - "-j
fctaOaa oast
Ittsjry iventttt, tfathree Saturday,
eoetat Xattnee TrnvaksirtTtnt nay
THR fAirjotrs
fa a ftew and Anaalnt ProirramiBe.
Prince Avata, 4
Royal Japanese Jaealer.
jrett We-JsrWtItT MASTttT, m Iet
a usAtTon-a MAist) opbka-So ws.
Befy Krssshio-Matreees Ttat!lirtfltir Bay
and "aturdsr,
1 he Latest operatic iacev-as.
The Reel Hussar,
A Ooiredr tipera In Thre Acts.
try P. r. ntenhensand H. ionon.
CoTaa of '-Rlliee Tavlf r," 'Tolly." etc ,
with the Plrtsppesranee of
Marie Tempest.
"A rr-releltor. "-M. T Herald.
retfrirBied at the t.jrte Iheatre, Lmidi.n, ,
for 1 69 nhttits Othrtnnl company and seer lo
fear th Pons: nf the Refltment. 9eo the
ttnif h Panre " Frlatit and t atehv Mnote.
Ttreetlre Morefcen. Anairtnted Urehestra.
flxty Art tsrs
Neit week-MAGfllR MITCHELL.
nov tf
V, eek CbmneirelBK Monday, Nov. l.
The Military Snteess of Two Continent.
Held by the Enemy.
OtllnaI Proper t lei and Eeente Effects.
Oraml Tt-asksglvinir Matinee.
Next week-CIIAS. F. ELLIS. novMSt
THIS WKKK-Udles' Mallnco Tomorrow
and Thanksgiving Day,
Sam Devere's.
Orlclnnl mill Itclrrlilnc Sjieelnlllr-iJ
'ext Wick-IIAltnT KKitNELL'S CO.
and Etaturday.
Mlnttrelsntid Hreolaltlei.
I'opnlar Prices, 10, 20, )o.
GratdBxtrn Holiday Matinee TbsnWM"
Day. tiivir
nt lttti Street Nortliwett.
Vest aad Molt Praotloal Initruotlon
TBKM3. $t0.
Itraaahaa In New York, Ikxtnn, Phils ll
l4rfa, ChhMKti, t'srhi, Ilsrlln, London, eto.
Dots tf
ltU .Mem. Ave.,
Affords every facility for aoqulrlnit a tlior
oegbeduoatlonln llteratnre, mule and art.
The iBttnimcnti taught are piano, barp, vio
lin, EUltar, raandolln and banjo. Lani;nsRM.
KM oral voeal, drawing and fancy work free.
Ueadvllle, Ta.
Fdaeatea for the Christian Ministry. Ilooira
rent and tuition free. An entrance fee of Sk
for eas, beat aad eare ot room. All expentse
moderate. Term beglnt SEPTEMBER 30.
I'mMwl, Meadvllle. Pa.
New Braaswlsk, N.J.
Ueardfog Sehoel for Boys and Young Una.
Prepare fer the bast eollegas, sctsBtlllo
seaeoi or beslaass.
E. n. COOK. A. M., Ph. I)..
Head Master,
Litltx, Pa.
A sebool for yeoaa- girls aad young ladle'.
at Litltx, Laueaster County, Pa. Wth year
Asate,eeairartaMe saboot noma; tboroujb
raetheds; earefaleverslffhtof tha ladlvMoat
pur4l advanced oeursoa ot study; very pleas
ant loeatleo; steam heated, S0 per year.
Norwalk, Conn.
A Hoaw Sehool for Girls and Young Ladlei
Numbr of Leardlog pupils llmltl to twenty
ExeeUaot advaatasas laM ule. Art and thu
Laaguaoaa, OyBMinliiw. Ptaasant ground.
naallbful tooatioo. Pupils boardad through
tbe twawar awoths. Board, washing and'
tuUfaw la the BaUh braaehas, JVW par
seholaaUs yar- Saod for airouUr
Laacaatar, Fa.
A., Huad Uaator. Four boys receivad as
Msmhsss ot the haad auatar's fasdly. At
! tfcato ase two vaaaaci. Mr Hooper
hat seat hoy to Harvard, Yale. Princeton.
Oobwbia, Tnhara, Aaahorst, Trinity, Wst
Foiat, AoaatoaVt. JU., aad has not bad aun
date tar sdatiaton ralaolod.
Stotafesd. Cona.
tottMtshod la Mat. Prepares for coiisge.
ttavsl tOal Oa TooBathod by wblUitha
Buotal tacoattat as aouoaaad wut bo found
lo tbe taoood aoattoo of Mist Aiken's pam
yUat oo "Coooaotratwrt Attention " now
ready, for aalo at Btaotaao's, S t'oloo Sudaxe.
aoatnom. Md.
ICtat .SSStflO eotStaaOCe 1STU 8EPTEM
RXR. Kioot laOWMirisatt and tour course
of atody. RoBOaOaV hoaled by ueam. Ternu
aPdorate i'or eaudooua address iue(il
Mttdii tf Uwjgs mi Law Firnis.
OWO alxeet BuTt-ll We-!t.
Waahiugtull, U .
WofcatOtLoaV aktttOhhf
tkoaoetaO). taat (j attaot aorthwet.
WttaMrar wsssuut,
OH aod o u at.. Cbauuuer OuiiJmg asar
i uoiaioaa oee.. waaoinuu. u i
Vaaottoas lo the Oeott oi ibe ouui. t nnd ot
nates wonroia wouruy, jso.
r. i(
J o ZAi-UhX
AUutaaf ax Lw
Bun Su..- - 2 ?

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