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The Daily Critic
01TT PmXAIit!.
0r rrr Wtnltwrw.
Ttdt Term cam "aim ott C
i to ft fflH. 5 f;e, fSf .
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In n w
TV IWiM toBMt MMl Md tblA flit ttf
kritt1teWtwSgBHMl jforggbcr it.
YT. H. Ah htoh A Co i
Kmltlon'n Snw I'all Hnw.
tnhii 9WM6&. tM pfowewltiatallfBieilt own,
n-ntranyXwaKW ati9wM9iBhtreet
nurthwwt. hue iwt return from tRe ewt;
cm markets wn an Imnwme wnpplyof all
k'nds of hfiowkeeprn ocnH crpet, to re,
r ie. etc. Ton raw fnrnUb yrar Iwiwe f m
nr to flwtM, at thM rtotis, with cMh
V tec, an tn Installment plan.
Ill Formal KxereWri nt St. 1'eter'A
Conducted by Cardinal Utbbon.
The mMnlftceot new structure of Si.
IV let's Catholfc Church, at the rariter
vi Second and C strwts southeast, wm
formally dedicated yesterday moraine.
The auditorium of the church wa
irowded and about twenty priest were
t resent.
The dedicatory ceremonies were lone
ard Itnpresflve, aod were cmd tided by
Cardinal Gibbons, who also preached
tho sermon. The exercises on the out
side of the church opened with a
piayer by the Cardinal, after which a
j totession of acolytes ami priests
lufuclieil aroutnl the bullilloR chnntlnir
tl c "Jllsercre." At the conclusion of
this ceremony the pr 'cession entered
tic tli u i eti and pontifical mw wm relc
listed by UIltop John JF Keane, as-i-Utcd
by Father Define as deacon and
Father Uroydrtck as sub deaoon.
Ordinal Gibbons then delivered a
1'tlcf dedicatory sermon, based on the
st vcnlrcnth chapter of St. John. The
CuiHnal referred to the vast extent of
the Catholic Church, and to Its great
knttqulty. Iltr territory, ho said, ex
tents from the rising of the sun to tho
siding thereof, and the heroism of her
mattjrs aod the wisdom of her states
iv.cn have not been cxccdetl In the
wntld's history.
The Cardinal congratulated the mem
beta upon the completion of thechurch,
ami said that no congregation In tho
diocese of Ualtltnnre bad been mora
liberal on all occasions than that of St.
A number of visiting priests wero
f resent, among them being tho Ilev.
'rtthurs Duggao. Starr, Uroydrlck,
Define and Matthews of llnltlmorc and
I athcr Dennis of Now Jersev.
Too Itnrh Fulth In III Lawver.
Michael J. Connor was In the Pollci
C'outt to-day, charsetl with running ait
t.tillcensctl barroom nt No. 00 Myrtle
Mtict. Ho rnktd the Judge to allow
ilic case to be continued until next
1 1 k, as his CMtiDsel was not In the eltv.
Why do yon want n cotillniiiiicu i f
i TMek?" Hiked the Jtldito.
' Ikcaiifu. vour Honor, I want time
' fi the cH! up In someway," was
( finnt's reply.
Tlii case need no tlxlna; up," said
,'t due Miller, "and will b trlwl at this
j atlou to morrow."
Onlcr of ths Oolileii Orn.
Tho United Order of the Golden Cross
l.tlJs Its annual entertainment at Lin
coln Music 11 ill this evening, and a
in ok t attractive programme has been
attainted, Including luldruMea and mu
lt cal Kkctlnni, both voonl and lnlm
11 erilal. Messrs. Woodward & Iiothrop
La vi! tendered the reception committee
the use of the rtcvrrilnn room at the
J!i ston Ilnusw for the u of the vUlllutf
numbers. An Informal recaption unit
c llallon will bt lentlered the vlillln
rnimbers Wetlntwlity ev.'nln?.
Try Betkelty.
Jullu (!! Hlstv UT.
Some days ago Julia Isaacs was be
I' re Judge Miller, charged with va
prency. The olHcra said tlitt she win
a perpetual spuice of trouble la the See
ted I'rtcinet. Julbt bfgl very lard
to be allowed lo go, aad Jiidne MtiUr
r tdcred her persoual Uiotl to be takea.
To day she wm acuta In court, thU time
charged with profanity awl an awtult.
Judge Miller sld that Ute ought to have
tten brotiRbt bwk again for vajruoey.
and tent her Ut the workhoute for Uxty
tiLikeley i pure.
litturuetl lu at t.l!beth
Ku(ene Moore wms fouad conducting
Llmself In a straRge maiiaer on Satur
day Dlght and placed under arreet by
Officer I.yde. He was taken lo lb
Fifth Urtet nation. hrti it was found
ibat the man w. lunnv, and he was
not to St. KlfutUlh Asyluut. Moot
me aiuuipuil to eunimit suicide on
t count of a woman's rtftunl to marry
t im. F ur yenie go b wm eonSned
11 Si. Eliwbsah's.
I crkeW) due r whtoky.
I aMei' Jury I tula lltb.
An 1 1 qu st and autopsy was held at
le Stxn pretei lllo yeateMUy
rrurniny r inn holy of Kqaanwii
'j .I a, nnadictl t Pn'vldeeee IIasplt4
n SatttjNlay. 'flM verdict of ttet jury
s HmH Tab ' d-ath wh owtn to
KiuotilMge ami iottammnllon of the
i rge, eatsscd bynuowk In ih eiet
; i till tul hh ii kfaifn in In hind at
'I boaan II iiemh, on Xovnsber l.
: I er gation, $1 per tjUt, SOc. piut.
MittM. WlUUnt H MackriU ai I).
i. Hsninae of tn Ariiogwn WnMelnsen
i -ttidny hd the ttcoed of 1 hour
id ttt inuu from Uniontown tu
v .rlboto'. M4 Tb fuioiei watte the
iU. mtlts U 1 hour and thnw mln
tr tad th lur l hour.S wlnutomM
i i Mcoavi Guy MHcbetl also role
.Le diauscnin I bum and U mtnuWa.
i buy, bin V Utt nortnvmt-
A EJwndMf of t-u4.y bubcr shop
. UiU-s. Iim lading ihi e made tgfiMt
' Ltu-U tk mo, Wire talka up
uf.it Ju!w MUUr ibU moiuteu Wm
-K mUI Ifcjl be uuld But he
in to biur iLt-t cu.8 unlil he iitt
io lb st mutt niu kad ail vet
I I fit trll L-a lintoib. r 6
P FCfl AND 1
Hrim$i 9uititvt ter father' t tbll
a CM.. ERA irttTUSS - TCTH.C.
. . ...,1 roi lu cvwiHUt,
-OkW4iMU. COiv !. in.
--tai j el ttnunt. sun m au tUMAitt.
-. GO 3 C AH CO. OAtOtt. "m
Mr. it w r r in ora "Jfiiit
."" anaij-.
Mr. Ell tvTH ttn Pot. a well-know
jrwrnnllst of this city, died yerterday
aftertioirtn at his home. IMS P stret.
If wn 111 bnt a few rtys nml hh con
ttttkm w not cnnMeml (wrliws ntitlt
ywrerday morning, when Vfn Sowws
aw! lWtock were cslled In. Mr Pox,
rniwetw. trew rupMly worse, ami at
l-W o'clock ctplred.
Mt Pes emu to this city about fire
yt fs a awl for a number of years
was crlfir-r ami biwlnes manager of the
XMfMM . JffftbHran. Paring, his con
nection with this paper Mr. Pot wrote
a tares of biiakfast letters to FreM
dent i hmland," which attracted wide
at'iMI n The Dttlf Xattonal Rrpvh
Ucitn was tisnsferretl to the Pitt, but
Mr F x and two of his sons r nttnned
thi publ c iilon of a weekly under the
old name A short time afterward he
bian the tnbUcMlon of the IMfg
It ftrhi-ngt'in I'rrM, Imt the twr1 ,l"
pt i ded In l?8fl, and alrrs th it tlma
lr Fi t his dcvotid himself to real
'tatt- effalr.
He was ftH years of age ami wis born
In Iinffalo. K. V. lie removed to St.
IOiilfl, where he became a prominent
member of commercial circles. He was
the first president of the Bt. Louis
Uoaid of Trade, and In 1S78 became
manager of the St. IauI8 Diptilrh. lie
was actively engaged In politics, and
served a term in the Legislature, ami
was cli.ilnnan of the Hepublic.ui State
Committee during 1868
Mr. Fox was married In IS-TI to Miss
Husebla C. Johnson of Fredonls, N. Y.
Four chiMien suivlve htm William
C , Kdward It. and Monroe I. Fo.x and
Mrs. John Weddetburn.
The date of the funeral lias not yet
bten fixed, but the services will be
private, and will be held at his late res
idence. The Interment will be made
In this city.
riElitlnir ths Mqunr ISvll.
At the request of the Good Templars,
who will celebrate this evening their
twenty-fifth nnnlvcrsary, the Ilev. Dr.
George II. Corey addressed the organi
sation nt tho Metropolitan M. K. Church
last night upon tho old subject of In
temperance, and tho liquor Unfile. Ho
said that Intemperance Is the foulest
rcourgc of society, the direct calamity
which ullllcts mankind, and that no
question of law, finance or moral)
imials It In gravity nnd Importance.
The. navllvc nlllnlty of alcohol Is the
brain, nnd tho vital clement of this
cnorrr.uH i-vll Is the voluntary extinc
tion of iho reason. The evil Is en
trenched by the strongest forces of bit
man nature tho appetite, the avarice of
man, fashion and Inherltcnce. These
potent foieoe are con&oltiluted agatuat
The anniversary of tho Good Tomn
Ihis titkea place at the Congregation il
Church, Tenth nnilG streets nnrtli.Tost.
Alilitit8 will lie ilillverwl by Ur
Orri.hxRickha i f Toronto, the hlgtius
fTcir of Iho iiiiIit In Atnetlcin, an I
M'sii lit-tile Starr Kiefe of Washington.
llcnuuuclnc 111" CICHrltn I lull It,
Vrf. Helen I, Unllock, the nation-it
orgsclrer of Iho W.-C. T. U . and N'evv
York miperlntendent of narcotics, "poke
ytnttiduy afternoon In the S.inJay
bebntd riHim of Gartleld MemnrI d Chris
tlan Chinch on the subject of the clz-t
rttto habit. She told of the tinrmtiil
(ITtcts ff ilgniette smoking. In the
ivtnlng Mts. IluIIock Atldressetl a well
attei tied mtitliiif. nt the aame church,
of the W. C. T. U.,and spoke upon the
topic, "Our Ptngeiuua Inheritance."
She said that If the loillin lind designed
to svengt- till hU real or fancletl wrongs
on the white race, he could not luve
done It mure thoroughly than by teach
ing him the toliarco habit. Tills is our
dangm-us Inheritance. Mrs. llullovk
descrtbtd the action of tnlweco on the
bralu, on the nerves, stomach and heart,
Iircduclns what Is callvtl "tobaoco
teait." She also spoke of the effects of
opium, morphine awl chloral upon the
t)k'in, ami closul by saying that In
tnenty three States there were laws pro
hlbltiue the sale of cigarette to boys
undir 16 yeara of age.
r.aia ut lle.t.
The remains of Colonel lleverley
KesBon were brought to this city from
llrookljn yesterday afternoon accoui
nniiled by Mrs. Kennon and Auditor
Tlitllau of the lUltlmore and Utilo
Itallroad and a relative of the family.
The cttktt was at once taken fruni lite
dtjiot to the little chapel in Oik Hill
Ctwiiuy, where the funeral services
weie btdd this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
I:y. A. It Stewart of Christ Church.
GeorfefcUwe, vttlelatfd, and the pall
Leains were naval oSicen. Colonel
Ktneon was well known ami greatly
adniiicd by Union as well w Coafeder
ate naval crticrs, and there were many
iuivlvois of both eatwee at the funeral.
Mrs- KtniKin will return to Ilrooklyn
where her father. Major UrUwoW, Is
1 lag dAngerbUily ill.
It tlarrltil h (Ihh,
On Satmdny night Ud. Ilolileu. a
yeAtfg colored boy, was seen on P
tl, Br Tenth, with a prttw rUkt
0r bit h uUUr and acting In a tui
ah-tbtw Hutuiwr. Afwr a Hula chaM
Ottter FiUte plaetd Um under arrett
Aiui ut:ktl him up at tbe Fifth tret
a . Tao by oulil not ttlain
bow Le CAHie tu hv the rffte.
In couit this morning young Bi4dna
lokt tlHs Judge thai h had pufenAand
Mm parlor rltlu from a h y and paid
tl.iJS for it in the presence of hU
UMrftwr. The mother did not hmmat
h a wiMuiaa, however, aI Judge
VtUttr wt Una to Jill for thirty tUy.
The ilfl was mil aia fraw Sutoaoa
!Uei.lnAl, No. Hi Stk atmet.
l4tui mi TUiMintVy
WUUaca O. Judge of Xw Yotk awl
tka bAU of iLe Awntienn Ttmoinphiril
ncckiy, hld th Attenllon of Um 8
ptopio ho crowded Um hall at ft$i F
atun Ut nftth!. Mr. Judge J a
e:atat voktd gewtWaaan and told hi
aniSLfiLi; piindplts of k&mytuf
ad 1 1 1 he prttfitsa autdc by It ehta
iesa during the last few year, lie
dwell on ibt LVcUtt. of the oul which
t hi Id to bt ibw- true aoctortne nnd una
puiiij if ilt DKttnt fvnalo thn
any Ur. In tpralitntf ut Um kiovi
t -Wty now Buaatera vttfl thou
ta4 k,)mt. ad cli m taw w
MSM; It i tg givvu lu tile itureuE
hui:ure i.f u dy.
Hla Jaie Hog. Intercatb-;
Jf wWJt nWflfcpff a PMwfWap iP PHW4iW Pp
thcacia ytvvJfcjBsuf tfeaiiay tO, A.
U. Bml taat wa. Shu ajao gam
tiHjjrituitU aiii.uil.i to tfee djoeuiuiea
..f .'jiiiiuailnu. ut whida a b ss
larctiM bdv-tAW. ne4 eslwe.d km
b wtr to Uj lie tffiAi'y of tfiiil
P fltV WPflF 9 Wwi 9 wW WfffllW
UU.ttis Wetdoft a4 inttoa thU
n.oii4g sjxttted KiU ISiMMJbi a4
hHk hr W Uie iUat ftwtt tUo
chaigkd nlih t.iOiluoUag a poiloy ah p
At No. ii3 uet norUwcai. Siu
waived trxnn.tmtiiop and furelahtid $!M
bcL Jj fur initnuice befufe &k gcAftJ
Mr. 9ww rilut an .imwr t Thtun
Atinetiiec ills tiim,
Chrster A Snow, by hfs irttorncy.
Mr Sirs. Shell abarger and Wllwm, riled a
crr-Mil sgatmrt the WMhregton Na
troriAl Bawball Club, MtcHWel 11. Scaa
Ioti, Walter F. Heweit, Mary C. Cronln
and others.
Tire bill Is an answer to the original
Mil of Mlchwl Pcanlon ami Mary C
Cronln against Snow ami other defend
ants to set aside the assignment of the
Washington Htcball Club to Snow.
The complainant states that the board
of directors of the club held a meeting
aBd dellrtred over to him the prowBTty
of the dwb for the consideration of $12.
2W, which was paid by him. lie came
Into powwMnn of ibe property, which
Is (Ituattd In square fi7S, about" Norem
brr 1. lfflfl.
He claims that he acquired the leasts
to the premise In perfrrt good faith
without any Knowledge or suspicion of
any Irregularity lu the title, and denies
any avetment In the original bill which
charge want of anthottty or irregu
lailty In the procfMIngs by which Ims
carrtf Into the lease.
He further complains that the de
fendants. Michael Scanlon and Miry C.
Cronln, and other acting in collusion
with them, have wrongfully set up a
claim that the complainant's title was
procured by frnml, and are demanding
that he shall lie deprived of the prop
erty. They have thus cast a cloud
upon his title to the premises and are
hindering him from disposing of his
right ami Interest In It. He acknowl
edges that ho made a contract with the
Unltetl States to sell the property to the
Government, and claims that the de
fendants are hindering him from con
summating the silc, as lie desires to do.
lie prays that the court will grant
blm a dicree affirming his vnlldlty to
the lease by which he holds the prop
1li7 Are an IltiMtrntlon of ttie Ton-
tlenry of tlm Time Tnwnril t.lttle
Waist Hint IVentc lloillen.
Any one who visits the nrt museums may
be tttuck with the fact that the feet of all
the ancient statues seem very large. They
doretmso, but It will be foil ml that, for
symmetrical perfection, these feet could
not bo better, nml jet tlio fett of ttie aver
ncn man or woman to-day are much smaller
than In ancient times.
Ore might naturally atk: Why Is this
'the answer Is not ilffllciilt. Moileru cus
tom and fufthlon havo contracted feot to
their present moll proportions; shoes lure
taken the place of sandals. Indeed, it Is
only one Illustration of many, of what ad
vanced civilization and fashion do. The
ualstsot women In ancient days were not
ni mall as In the preseut age of corsets
The health of wcuien In ancient times was
belter than In our prectnt day of soci.ll de
mands, botioebold cares and hurried living
Women are weaker than they once wern.
They fel Uepretaed, hint", wetk and 1h i
KUld, nliere limy were once bright, stro nt
and active. Such modern troubles require
the most advanced treatment and the Ue-tt
plilclan, ami most solentlltc aittlm itles
t Hie pri-atnt iUy declare that pure - linn
lnr.t are BiitctMity in most lives. It Is a
MKiilfiiunt fuit, hotrever, In eunnectlon
llli llils ilHtetnf nt, tlut only toire slliau-
UnUarc em of value, while Impure are
an actual listm
'I lie W st and purest of all stimulants now
l.iiovtitothr ntilillc Is Duffy's Pure Matt
V h Uvy. It It, liidwul, the only meJMnal
whltKcj kiHiwn to the profusion or the
public. It has been tented by years of use,
and Is far more popular to-day Itiati ever
Ufoie In lis history. U has many Imita
tor and the usual JmIousIck which tihtrlt
always btlaits, and fieoee, tsben iiaseriipii-
iou ueaiers oner any inner article, iney
ilioiild be given to understand that only
DuiTy's cati be used,
I'liiml fur Tliruwlnc hlona,
John Pabney, a coloretl boy, lSyuars
of age, was fined 0 In tho Police Court
to-day for throning stones at the Janitor
of the MonrooFchnol while he was
wakhlne the second story windows of
the KliiM.l. The lioy insisted tlitl he
was Inuncent, and that the stones ware
throw u by Norman Koblnson, and hii
mother awore that he was working on
the day that the stone throwing oc
curred. Oltlcer ltliodta was positive
llmuaU that he was the right boy.
FlglitlUE Cook.
While the guests were eating their
dinners at the Temple Cafe lat even
ing an altercation in the kitchen amused
some of the men but frightened the
ladles. John I! rooks and lleujamla
Clifton, two dishwashers, had a quar
rel and the former becan throning all
tbe crotki ry within his reach at Clif
ton's head. He sustained some pain
ful scalp wound and received treat
meat at the Kmeraency Hospital. Oiil
Ilebiew arreil lirooks aad he fur
nished $90 collateral at the First l'ie-
tlctt itatlou.
IluuU Your Uior?
TLeold lady wbn repUed, whan akl
bow ker Uvrr wm, "God blvw mt, I navvr
beard (Ut ibere was such a thing tn th
h4ue," mm noted for bur amiability.
Prowelheiu, wku chained to a roek, wignt
mw1I aav protmutstl to be happy, im (he
was who U tbaliunl tn a diitt liver.
For psxir I'ronwtbMU there was na escape,
l ut, by the un at Or. fferee' PbMuc
Fugiive PvlUli, Um tlhuinretiabtu tcellAAs,
It iHoUa tMuter, eutMiipiUlon, iudigtarfion,
ittzaikt and sicfc neabehe, wide A are
eaiiMd by a diseased liver, promptly du
al f s-ar.
act la lttalu lbs I'asUir.
The en.br of tun Plymouth Con-gH-tational
Church , eolurud, deny that
Ikeie have baw any dtatenaiotu in tha
ckuich with rngAid to their pAgtor.
They are alt In favor, they aay, of re
UUdBg bint.
I too- did,
1 took Slek,
K! .Ll:
X take My Meals,
I take My Rett,
A- 1 I '! l'' Hi 3 IN ' '.U lo 1 V.l
A .v J HIM, I t N LVk Ml H .l li ;
fiui.g fat t, a Sooii's
stuteioa of Ptu Cod Ljwtw 0J
jKiA OMV C l.k.U In isA11t
C'tStMUUtUliSNI lilt A. -vf
MA t, ASH U kutt irl 4 1I.iJ
fukh em MY om
AT 1MB AATA uk 4 t.NO A AV. t
xaaa i i sr as txil a i im mut."
sca TfcsiiitoiiY i siuTMiva akw.
scorr's swlumm idi-nw iAwtiu
ham.. Tajik A vu .
IMiWiapfSjajaaAyjajtpnBaiaaBaga raf aFjay sj
hajtagsjaacfti Rj
I BLY BROTlIEnS. 6 'Wftrren
We Carry he Largest Assoitingiit
Of Ay Heirse m the Ctty.
JiiYenFe Pattf an S'lesl Dresses
The Combination,
1SC0, lMIant tl FSTRKEr.
Corner Hth n. w
l'-e It Tor Ileef Tea. Sonrx, Sauce (Oiiwo,
n.li, Ao.) Anplo or Meit Jelly.
Ono r-onnd of Kilraot of Beef equal lo
lortypounilnof lean beef.
(.'riiiilim nulj- ultli aliriinluro or .1,
ion I.Ii-IiIk', ii nIiohii nliotp, In blue.
On rconl. Trtces blown sky h!b. Valaei
.ultBitit to llie four Wind. ral will Intbd
Iilitnunwnit rate of the ovntiiry. elaaU rataat
m we will kIvb will never be plvmn aalB.
yowl ytiuroriportiiHlty
Mn'i Heavy Melton OvereoaU, $ 73; r
iliipfHl Irt'in tu
Men's Chinchilla OvercoaU,S.ST; rwiuoeJ
from IK).
Men' Fine Kreyt, SA.TS. r8lua4 from W
Kieaaiic rur iriuiintu uuhdm, jo; rvuawu
from $15
llHiHl.oiue ChlncbliU Orcreo't), aatla
Until. t8: rod ucl f rota SIS
Carr's Mdtua Ovtmou,lapaBM. vilvt
collar Used with dooiito vrnrp. lullia aad
llk taied, sl;iedueed from S.
Men'o BlAUk All wool Cttovtoti. &, N
duttd frmu tl-
Jden'sltood, Solid OiulaeM SIU, H Ji l
ducod from (I.
Mfri'or.tl Hutu. aeks aad en ta way J,
in.10 and MO; reIiM)l from i IS and $ ,
Tbe nsft MIlor-iuailB flruui Aulu. Haoks.
Cu tawny and J'rtaea AlburU. sllk-llaai
tbroesboul, reduced frua ATSO,H0aa4 ft)
to lis.
Cblldrea's OrereoAts, long eip, Sl.; r
daccd from )
Hu Illae CblimWlli Car Overcoat, K.57;
reduced f iw S- .
Paacy Cheviot OrsreoaU, ft.30; rduoi
fra to.
lk.j' Cape OvareoiU, M to t yaaN, S-;
l klldraa'a balls. 11 ; rduead from ft U
(Ulldrm's sulu. i rwtaaed frow 4 10
Kii ILlMieu'H OiarcoAts. Ate.
at 0 pair Kue fimU at e
3,0CO Mho's iaau f oar owa AAa(aetar
tobe ieUUd at whbto prten.
0 Men's Caiw OvwcoW at 3A; told la
try store for l.
The good we offvr At lb prtoMaaawi
aUilu w.Uiatoolh tha mutf. kkapliual. Vfa
itufM than fulfill oar adrarlUaiBeat aud
gturgbiev Iho value wa advent.
tOIt. UTII AMI K St.S. S. W.
(Kiley fiuildiJKi.
$ye Olhisky.
15ai 818 V STKB8T X. Y.
Horsford' Acid Phosphate.
uud vixJ&ttjr s4 wiif mis Ihft famfViiiiit
Lr H. U. CUriMGaVii. M, T., ft:
tt haA mxnwi aa waat ,ifflit lea ii tealf
aad irtiljtaa; MhtMAa."
hx.i. . tHitaiBB, Htm UrAUWwro, vt-
fiej$ TOFii Ifisi aa.aj ie&.
AITlllrtBIt annul -!.. wftaictt
Bi wfffl of liitMiltiWaiw Mhtl Iwtiaiaifff
gAimt- fct him om wwd uBHEtfta
to pM on Mw lajlat- AH athaaaaw
Maaav DOTrarMWlt hO
im v mm mmnwmr.
IJJaa4 Wtotar tat.'rUtl.)a im ojxjb.
lb lath Tlnnaf T fin of Woolaui Svar Sioa
WiubuiW4 o 1 4iA
M!'S- u j
as . .Cri
8U New Tetfc Wee e cts.1
On aeewtnt of rarltr. Age and StreimHi.
From the Choicest Malt ami nops
Steeetallr Oood
Deneftetal for VTrnk ami Debilitated
It InTlgoratei and I remotes d'RetkB, alv
1b a mutual toee to tho stomaoh aad therebf
lnereasttiR the appetite.
703-705 North Capitol SI,
Telephone 273.
Grind, Uptight and Square
Special attention of purchaser I) Invited
to oar
Ptbltbfd In Uoln of
Heeoed-Laad rianoa at All rrloes.
Wm.Ivnabe& Co.,
817 MatVet Space.
Messrs. Lee & Shepard
Announce the Publication ol
a Library to be Called
This series will be issued
in monthly parts and will
consist of choice works by
some ol fie "Dest American
ard Foreign Authors, upon
various subjects, Including
Fiction, Biography, History,
Essays, &c.
The initial volume of the
series Is now ready,
Em. Fffiifeer Will Be Csmplete In
No. 1 The Blind Men aod
the Devil.
To he SWtewtJbf
io. 2-!n Tfustj w, Df, Ber
frand's Household.
h 3ftii8 MiB'm Dollars.
hbmfm fm, ht Ymt,
Sllfli MumbfiPf, &0.
tvfciectotkiM mmMmI If lit koolwlliM
prtpM iuoalt f 96m-
Fine Custom-lade Clothing
On ctnilKl 11 tot Ironi n tnrRC imttinfnrliirer, Iio ia oicrtocUoit unit
In ncctt of
Prices are One-Half of Actual Wholesale Cos1,
BtrlM of Men's rn(g, R; actnal ralne, fit.
80 Mjlea of Men's Snltr, M, InclmllBir IbeTlots.Cn'slraeres ami
WS0wllf Vrarcholce 'of TO style Men'i Suit, Corkscrews. Chev
iots and Fancy Worsted.; actnat Talne.S. ...
Kltaant Ures Eults, CntawaT or rrlnce Albert, Jl! aetaal
T9tolen's Overcoats (Ileavers and Kfrjeys), Sft.actnal valte,$ll.
400 Dre OTereoats. nil weteits , W; actnal valne, Its.
M overcoats, all shades, ail; actnal value, ffl
Eleaant Par Ileavers. KtrseTS,Montainc, MrsmBy, e Jisi
crtstom tailors chnrpe SI9 Bvcrr Rarment (rnaranteed as repw-
tested or money refunded by tbe
31 1 Seventh St N. W.
M1G F Street X. W Waslilnglon, 1). C.
Works at Benning's, D. C.
Efttmntcs furnished for this Knelnoor Momontnm Knorulsor, whsroby partlos
rnntisoKlectrlolty for Llghllnir rurposos. tutue their prjeentbotlor and engine,
irntlnit the light cost merely tho prlco of putting In the i Knewtaw and Ilynannjs,
without uflDgnni more tuel.ncd glrlnc Increased results In liottc.p3wer.for the
ill-am evaporated.
Infringers Will Be Prosecuted.
GRS stoves,
GAS COOKING STOVES to cook for eight to
thirty people. Just the stove lor summe: use, as the In
stant the cooTtf ng Is done you can extinguish the fire.
413 Tenth Street Northwest,
3llfc lifSf huht ill That truhk Icakie from KHEEsiJMt
!KZ ZC IH -ti D S 3- &,
4tt Smtii St K W., Mxt ut 0,M-Flkwa' Uall
Umt ad Pwmt Unum Mi Um tta- !
U3fl8 H. OUtiHiO, MmlliMl.
TTIMtMllTTtW If ff
Amur fay Hiaiwimiigi
mrnrf -
WWPB "HBr"WSW w WF P r&fr
pl W 9tfK WW '
Sale 1
Itrntty Cngli.
$1.15 and $ 1 .50.
IH 10 03 15 MIHUTEF.
1 WW
ItAlt KtlAIW.
s-s-s-s s-f s s - s-
Tho Great Pennsylvania Route
To the North, West and Southwest.
PwiM TfSvir !rlMi!M Srtntfry
Stt Sfl. Mairnrtcent Knnlpment
Is trrrn NovKumm as, imo.
Tfatris itntt WMhtofton, from rtstton, oor-
n of Slith rnil R tret, m follows
PMiriTWRtio srid tho Wert, cNcmo Mm
I tort F press o' rnllitiKn otlbnla Cam
st M.m a m ilaltT ; Fstf l.fn. tO.SO m dslly
to CWcairo, rotamtms and St. UinK with
rtrlor far tlsnlslmrir to Plttrmnr. and
Steerilne fars from Mttsbnr to Tndlan
8 noils, ntt'bnrr to 0lnmbiiii: Altoona to
CMrairo. Rt.Inl. I'htcsco and Ctnelnnail
Express. SDOpmiUllr Pnrlor rar Wnh
fMton to nartlsbnr, and Sleenlnx Cars
Ilntrlubnrir po M Lont, rhlcso and On
clnnatl, nrnt Dlnlnr Car Harrlabnrc to 8t.
Iol, Cbtcsjo and Clnolnnstl. waitern
Fxpressat ?40nm da'ly. with SleeplBR
Cars shti)t n to C hlcaro and St. Iioul.
connecting dallr at ItarTl'bnrir with
tbroTHth Sleopera for rx)nlsvllleand Mm
phis Pnllman Dlnlnir Car rittstmrir to
ltlehtntmd and ' htcsro rrlfle F.ipr,
in 00 p tn daily, f r PUtsbnrit and the Tet.
with. Ihronnri S eepet to Pittsburg ana
Plttsnnrp to l blcai
Ton KAsr,, ragandahrna. Rochester and NI
erara Falls dally, except Sunday, 8 10 a m.
Pnn RniK,CAnandalrna and liochenter daily;
fnr naffalo ami Mum dally, except Sat
urday. 10 oo p m, with Eleeptns Car Warti
InRton to htichester.
Fan WittUMfrnnT. Hocheter and NIaittra
Palls, 7 p m da'ty, except Ratunlay, with
SltfnlnCar'Wabln'l.nn t j Pooheter,
Fon WitttAMsroRT. Ifenoro and Blmlra, at
10 Warn dally, except. Snnday.
Fon WiLUAMsronT dally, 30 pm
FonrntiADri.ratA, New Yotk and the Bait,
7.W).0.r0 lltOand 11 4fla tn,. 10,3.15.4 W,
8 40, It .CO and tl.r p m. On Sunday, 9.00,
II o a m, 2.10. 3 15, 4 W.lOOOand ll.35nm.
Limited Fxpress of Pullman Parlor Oars,
with Ulnlnir Car Italtlmoro to New Tork,
0.40 nm dally, exiept Sntiday.
Fon New Yoik only. Mmlted Express with
Dlnli'K Car, S.00 p m dslly.
Fon 1 iiii.AiiruniA rnly, Fast Kxpresi 8.10
a tn week daj and 4 pm dally. Bxpraas,
hnnday only R40p tn.
FinllcsTtm without chstmo. 8.10 am week
days and 3.15 p m everyday.
Fon IiroojaYK. V. T. all through trains con
nect at Jersey City with boits of Ilrooklyn
Annex, afforillri! direct transfer to Fulton
street, aroldlnedouble ferriage across Now
Tork city.
Fon ATLAnTicCirr, 11.10 a m vreok-dnyi, lt.33
pm daily.
Fon ItAt TtrnnE. 6 35, 7.20. B. IP. 0 00, 9.40, I0.CO,
10 to. 11 00 Bnd 11.10 n m. 12 05. 2.10, 3.1S. 3.30,
4 CO. 4 .20. ' 30, 5 (W, n 40. 0.00, 7.40, 10 00 and
11.36pm. On Bnnday 900,003, 10 50,11.10
a tn, a 10. 3 IS. 3 30, 4 l, 4.S0, 5.00, 5.43, 6.00,
7.40 10.00 afld 11.33 pm.
Fon l'ora'a Cnsra Une, T.Mam and 4.S0 p
m dally, except Sunday.
Fon annamlh, 7OT and 900 am, 12.05 and
4.to p ut dully, except Sunday. Sundays
0.10 a m and I vo p m.
In Effect NovEjinxn at, 1800.
Fon Al.EXANnnt.A, 4.V, (135.7.43,8 40, 9.4",
10.57 a in. W.C I noon.2 05,3.30, l.5 4 53. 0.01,
8 1, 10 1 5 and 11 JO pro. On Sunday at 4 30,
7 4 0.45. 10.57 n IS, '.'. 7, 0 01, 8 OS ant 10.05
ArmjiMODATioK for Quantlco, 7.43 a m and
4.53 p m week day. 7 43 a m Sundays.
Fon lliciiMonn and the South, 4 30 and
10.37 a tn dally. Accommodation 4 53 p m
week dnys,
TrAtNn learn Alexandria for Washington,
0.05.715,8.00. 9,t0, 111 15, 11 07. am: 1.80. .1.00.
3.50,5.10, O.Of, 7.1 5, 9 a", 10.80 and It OT p ra.
(In vinday at 9 10 and 11.07 am; 8.00,5.10,
7 !. 7 W, 0 M nnd 10.l p m
1 lokets and Information nt tho office, north
east corner of Thirteenth street nnd 1'cnniyl
vanla syenite, and nt tho station, wbero
orders can be lotl for the checking of 1m
gsgo to deitlna Ion from hotels and reil
dences. ciias. e. run.i, j. n. wood.
General 3Ianager. Gen. Pass. Agent.
Ii.nltiiiioi'C& Ohio Hnilrontl.
Schedule In effect November 10, 180
Leave Wathlngton from station oorner of
Neu dersey nrtnue nnd C street.
Fon CtiicM.n and Hbrthwett, Vetlhulel
Limited express dally 1190 a m, exprois
ronr-inciiiATi. Si. Louis and IndlanapoH,
expte dally. S 30 and 11 30 p tn.
For Vitthi t and Cleveland, express dally,
IMOam nnd H5t pm.
I'hk I exim.ton and tolnts In tbe ShenaJoah
Valley. tHMiiam.
Fob WirHtri.H and way stations, tS.30 p m.
Fim I.rtiAV, HWpm
Fob IIai.timmkk, week days, I 05, 5 00, 0.V,
7'.;. iBOll 44inlnuti') 8.30.
(Ik r0 4S-n.nutel a tn. IK 10, S 15, -j 5), (1 11,
4&mliiiitM-',3'V ISS. 4.W,i3(s.43-mlnutesl,
6,06. n.w. o v , n, B.ai. 7 s. , .ii. :i i. iu.il
andllM pm Siit,day.4 03.7.J,7S0, 81),
9 is a in. (ma, 43-minute), 100, an, s.m,
3.1.1 1.80 (5.00, 45 irllllltm) 3.05, 0.00, 0 11,
6.10. 7 30. 9.' 0 10 SI. 11.30 p m.
Tor Wat (-TAnnm hetwrsti Wanblngton and
Italllmorrf. 5 to fi.'..1 8 am. l.'.to,.'l., 13).
B o, 7 so, u i p m. Sundays, 8,'W a m, l.oo,
. 4 80. 0 , 7 30. 11.30 p in.
Tbainh ikae Hnltlmore for Washington
week dr. 5.00. 6.). 8.30, 7.13. 7.-W, H.00,
8.IW. f.15 tUO, IP.-JO. 10.33 a m; IS 00, W.10,
.ie, sj.so. i.u , i. in, is-w, 6.00, e.90, 7 03, 7.30,
7. 10, ami. 9 ( 5, 10.IP, ia) and! 1.00 pm Sun
days 0.30. 7.15, 8JW, Hi5, 9.3il, lO.'M, 10. a
m; 100. 1.06, I.W.-iZO. 1.13. ,1.(lu, 0.W, 7.03.
7 SO, 7.40. 8.80, ir.l, I0.0 and ll.ro p. ia
Fob ANAlou, 63,"- and BM am. 1'-' 10 and
4.15 p ra. Suuday. a ra. 4.3) p m.
Lvurv AnimiolU CX-1, h 37 a to, UM. 3,30 p
B. humUys, HM m. 3 55 pm.
For Stations mi tlis Metropollltn riranob,
id.o, i.i a m. Si. 15 p ra. i'i rprmclpil
statloM only, 1 10.11 a tn. tl.iki and t5.30
o m
Tok Oaithbeiiuj and Intermediate points,
t9.w. j.n.w), m., tu.ao t3.se, ti.33, $.,
11010, tll.35pm.
Fuk Povu'k and Intermedial jtatlom, '7.00
P ro.
Cm M h thaix leaves Waablnton 00 Sunday
at 1.15 p m .nopplHu at all station! ou
Jltintiilhan Ilran )i.
Fok FHiuuKitk, t. 80. f 80, (8.30, tll.10 a m,
jl.U, 18 8U WJOpm.
Vok lUiytK-TowN, tlfl Mam and tSSOpm.
THAih airlia from Cbluago dellyltMam
aod 4 llijitu; fnwa (lucluiiatl and St. Loiilt
dally 8 50 m and i.05 p ta; from Pltttburi;
7 10 a na, ft 50 p ru cUllv.
FosNcw YiMMs.'irvuton at tlie Kait, l.0S.
WM, W.W, M 00 m, i 50. 'fSt and 10 3d
p m. Duffel Purlnr Can on all day train
blveplBie tar ou ttui 10.30 p m, opn at 9.W
Foa Hcmtom, 'i.to p m with Pullra an IlufTdt
t-IeMpbu Car runalBff tbroiigti to Uwtou
wltbout thaiiao, via Poutchketpsle Ur litre.
lauding (otMitttfers tn B. X M. tatlon at
FuKl'muiMUPHU, 'te WOO. W.ft), 'ILOO
boor. i.v , 5 W. . 15 aad ' W.30 p m.
Foa KkKAKi., Tel.. WUaibwIoe ana t hter,
1 04. t'JW a a, W U auoa. i M), 'i ', 1.15.
and W."0 p m. LiiaiKid kxprewi slopping
at WtlmlDstoB. ostr W.eo a ra
fua ikTtiUiEuiATK pola's tMtwaaq lliltl-
niojti aad Hrfladadphttt. M aad ".J a in,
1',' 15, . t p ia.
Tkai bjata Nv York tor Wablagtoi,
ham. tu m a , UXii, ( so, 3.uo p u and
18 U alUt.
1Aik teat HdladtlpliU for Wasblnzton,
l. 3, 'J145 a ss, 11.40, 111,-0 05,
; w p. iu
Foa Atlantic City. 4 06 and 10 00 a m, l 00
uotM. Kusdaya, 4 05 a at. 14 00 B'n
tBnupt uuiiay '1111417. f sundry only.
Bajni( 14IU4 for uta ulwdkad from butels
abd raW4iaca by luiou Trufer Co. on o-"
drs left kt IU. kitl uMces, Sttaad list Pa. aro.
Ld at dwtot.
Cra Manager flee Pti-4. Ax't
Wholaanhi aad RmoU Dealers la
iftWis ad E&cfse's Creek Coal,
OFIfiCK: 1481 pa. ava uxmuraa Building.
YARD: Cor. H kt. ud Del. a.
TBLKHBONB- Ottoa. 5W3: Yard, 978.
u t VV 1 ! I a un Ij U v ' li lav 'ii rf,1
.-! - Ok'
.ft a I t , I
I' l.tflll
M ft. IA 1 1 It VU.. tt.-Jfulu, i .
. I mil.
dociiTlir 1 oat
acaciac 01 iu 1
tba i.eiiua ccj
G. H. 15 nuum M z
W save .;U I U lat
.uj jvm.m. " - -
u ttoa
AJ. U, DTt II 4 J
1 L a u
si. ou. s. at, L.-'ji
fcHJT ' nJ . 1 .1 L-utUs-
lit i Prilgi f f 1Uiuiul.i4 fersiiti
Ut rt uwt 4c U 4 1 it um
rtlirt Takt. awAtbi r - tl tt
fcr .b, uls. 1 "J U.f I La
nkT OaiaTf-J
I atf'Bwt

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