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The Daily Critig
our Mvr.cJAVH.
ttr ratHir rnntlt
to Tor caw "ash (H.t r "
tlf nit writes. phT s, SJ-
ft put
Hw MlTf5
vT. If, WWfWW
KMlitn Nan- Kali mK
WWWfcwJfWWP'rt StwWftWlljWSlT'StttllStrdOT
Irnsf bwii, ni Just rsi niflvti fpoift ttss cvit-WnflMrl-crs
ifn so lminwn oopnlyof All
limws f hnukeerlojt cooafi. tt, rmw,
f sir. Ton can niriittB ywsr nonse f frwn
wtlsr to rret, at this store, with ch
pHco. on the InstAllment plan.
t'Miiiliner it Oharltt.,
tt is lively that the President will this
iwtk arT''"' 'he CommlsslOTW of
tinwllhs for the District The .ilsry
Is p,Wn per jtnnnm. The Commit
hwrs Jtswft lecotrtmeneleei an nmwrt
MhHkm of f 130,000 for churltuble Imtt
i1totw for the ensuing jwtr. It wim
smmstwi Msreml ttj- nso to Crwnmis
rtmwr IotiKlnfK thit a commHtee of one
frtun ech of the chartls-hle Institution
1 pTwlctl to confer with the Com
whsffwt of ChAtltle In reference to
the rt nml m.-wt flllriftoiM irstem of
rttMHlmttfiir thechritWe fnmf. with i
thw to pUcinft It where It will lo the
tnoft jtwirl.
Mjnterlau Club'n .New li.rter
A home wnrmlBjt ami the conferring
of degrees was the market! feal'tre last
cttnlnr t lioa the Mysterious Club look
unerrm of tlulr new room, Ml
Jikviaih aUrtt northwet. A large
nttwlter of gttests were jneent, who en
Jtyetl the intwfcnl ami literary pro
fmititne at range tl fur the occasion.
'crrec nctv roofer red upon .fume
Nolan, V. It. Knoton aoil Walter V.
Hewett. Mr II. t'eter of New York
was plcrtctl an honorary member The
rnnirnltteeiof arrangements nurt Messrs.
V.. 0. Slinfor. .1 .lone. II. N Schneider.
William Moelilcr.
t'nltect Amerloan Veteran..
Speeches were made Imt night by
Cienoral Cypher. Meissrs. Hugh Lewis.
Thomas Cropley, Dr. iEoburts and Sir.
Mills at a meeting of tbu United Amer
ican Vctetnns held In tliulr rooms, 1 1 10
jS'ew York avenue Ten new members
wore elected. An application to wtsb
lull a btRDCh In .New York was pro
rented, nnd resolutions were adopted
luturnlng thanks to Major Slnzluton for
anulcgantclnck, also to .Mr. Julius I.nns
litirsti for n dozen chairs, and to Gen
eral Marcus Wright for n war library
nnd war sccnus. The orgnnl.itlon has
now over one hundred members-
111 i ii it n Out mi Uiolixnk ment.
Jul n I.nnehait was driving nlonic the
TrnillUown toad yesterday, n hen his
Juisc trok fright nt an object in the
load ami Ixramc unmanageable. The
onwyaucc in which he was witiil
( pitiitmMl over a Mlitbt embankment
htid Mr. Lnnehast wai thrown to the
ruiind and qutto seiloixlv Injured,
lie wh taken to his hmneand attended
lv Dn Kklnschmldt and Gilpin,
wlil'e tlii-j pronunce his condition
i tlt'rnl, they give hupea of hU recovery.
1 ry Herkuley.
I'utloHlnc; t tin llutiml.
The eeond hunt of the Dumhhne
Club vvhi Jbld tbia afternoon, the start
liclag inM from the club houe on tlie
'J'enllytoHi nud. JIany members of
the club followed the hound on horeo
Iwiek and the course was markfti out
that many others were able to follow in
( arrlagcs. These huots are becoming
wiy popular and it U the Intention of
ibe club to make them the social events
of tbescawn.
In iitxtiil Ilia IIiiIIiUj Hi Ilia Farm.
1'or alKHit tlie twentleih time Kllen
Ale km before Judge Miller In the
1'olke Court chargeal with being a
vagrant. She came out of the work
lioue two days ago. She frequented
bir old bttunta ttt,rday and ltnlllwl
t friely. UHteer llyer fouiMl bur
M-atrd by n tree box ou Twelfth street
last tdpbl alioiit y o'clock. -Site 'will
Hgeta Imi nt liberty about Wathlng
Xfm'h blrtlHlNy.
JStrk.l U pure.
Itiin(l Vutios lilrl,
AVbite mlndluK Mi bent la evealag
(iw.r NtUuu found a girl namlfl
Mbittil in a dUffputaW! ni:tloi of the
city. He am-ated her, took her to the
Vnl 1'ieeiKft 1uiIcb and luraed her
i.ver to Matroa IVauySeld. She stated
lluit her Mime wa llerlli HrowH, and
that ahe live.) in Norfolk, Va. Khe ex
(mated a Utire to reiure to br homti,
ud will be tent ther tbbi afWrwNMi.
I'lBtfl far IuIuIIhs; llUtrlot OnllH-iMm,
lkibjA'U tied Fox Huchaun, two
'4fetu dilvviK, uviu la the I'olie
i'MUt hi HMHuifiK 'Uiascd with a vin
!U H ul the IHMitet k eompeiUHg
tbtis) U denial the utd of their
vte Sevn loiuhed ewl crU went
I-K hma Sltih irtt yerterdjy
&tu4m Mid iluitlrivttn re all wjJk
kg umm lUtinMm (torn their kures.
1 W y wrv imud fi ek
Jkrkljr tui r)e bJiv.
liwiiiM'iw .SUtimmIb tu Siotoi,
J1m Oim4 Itti of 0m4 TapUfs
vm In attiiftl iiaiMi to liajr at AWv
wsiifa. About US dlgte fruw vri
WH vms f YligtUaa went pretest, sti
at itnbii will eowtsiw tot ktm
, Kew uiiccft id Im ekttad ml
Htfiw eVIitaliie rfcwijgi to U fiiiprteaji
U&t ot Ik woikl which wcU im
itimm uau lu rtatBAwfa, all th
its Uylv d tvtuH, at KoUUiaoa, filter
k6tmt tieveatk ui U mreoU uoethwott.
uTtH" Hint immwlxl ttt UbH,
Htm ol WttUe' Mm cULmm.
at hi iaidei. ttiH I imn aorthteAt
kt-Uifc ib'uL&aJtioAa-
M K1 yd- ! l'r urt SaV- ytat.
fH i ffw)B V(tili y.wFl In MhS
img tor jufct 4 ii -jHf eiBiiifr ffi
.nt. - L.ia.
iUsiMiU4iA4 ! tiV) iViwril luiitet 4MNi
rimmalmm tm BfUi ItaUE HflM kfiaA Oft lk
"""l"P- HP"F Bppis jib t wpewfr 'MWJJ "7
a ,-c yyt iti-tr-Hniiit-pf'i
- -
Vmti sis i ttrett wtii
The Hnut ThticWn CIMren As
frmtmn Prtiitwittis n New I'lan.
A trell attended meeting of the Kurt
WashlnttoTi Clt-'ens Assocttttron wm
held Iat etcnina at :W Pentsylaf,
avenue rnH.ettst. PrenMent Thomp
son rrcuplerl the chair.
Mr. M I. Weller, the rhafrnmn of
the committee on th eriuaHMtiort of
Mtesrnnenta, submitted a wwtt on that
lubjwt. Jetting forth the ttewa of all
the members ot the committee.
The report says that Ihe equalb-itroB
of wetnents wouM reanlt in an In
crease of revenue to the amount of
PW.WO per year, not Including Govern
ernment appropriations. The commit
tee hae dlwovered that while the
modest residence portions of the city
are aced at about Bo per cent, of
true ra'ue the assessment of property
ah pc tie main Im1rKs thoroughfares
of the northwest rtlon averages less
ilmn IS per ctnt. of value, ami the
avert astment of nulmprovetl
ul'urban pfoptrty Is only about 10 per
cri ,,f ,Mf unsnlidlvldeit
The report recommends thst there
should Ire fi e assessors to be anflolnted
by the I'tethrent for a term of five
yeats at a salary of ."rfl.OOO per year. An
assessor should Ire selected from each of
Ihe four i-nartrrs of the city and the
fifth at laree Thev should Ire obliged
to bate cfwllnnmrsfy resided In the sec
lion from which they are sprtolntcd for
not k that five years and should be
nndtr a bor.d of 2).0W. The assessors
should be minimi to keep themselves
well Informed of the true values current
of all teal property In Ihe District and
should publish the flrt general aseeas
ment In one or more of the city papers,
and every change In that assessment
should likewise lie published. In cise
of a dispute In the board of assessor-) an
appeal board Is constituted conslstlnit of
the I'lstrlct Attorney. Collector, Asses
Kir, Auditor and Inspector of llulldlnirs.
The rewjt of the committee was
adnpted afitr some discussion. Mr.
Weller thru offered a resolution op
posing the proposed chance from semi
annual to annual pay ment of Inxes. The
resolution was adopted without discus
slon. 3Ir oih ia llrlegs, the only lady
member cf the association, entered a
complaint against the Commissioners
for the treatment of her properly, nnd
a committee was appointed to Investi
gate the matter.
ltnn Aim j- from Hiiiu,
Four llnlllmnre iHtys, named James
Valts, William Peacock, John Itanlan
and OUIc Dunce, yesterday went to the
freight yard of the 11. A P. Hallway to
gather up some grain for their pigeons.
Young llanlan suggested that they all
jump on n freight car nnd go to Wash
ington. No sooner whs the susgestl m
iimde than It was agreeel to, nnd to day
two of Ihe iiuirtette are locked up a't
the New Jersey avenue station and the
other tv-o nt The First Precinct. They
Die all alNiiit 1 1 years of use and wins
cf irsjcclftble intents. Watts nnd Pet
ei i k Ihe at 1 InO and 17t Harford ve
I'lie. IIhiiIuii nt No. lit" Howliind
s'liit. nrd llunce on St. Jrneph treet.
Tliiy will all be sent to their bonus this
A Year's Htrlltrn In l.'nclHml,
rotn tkf f. Jitmm' imtttlf.
An Iritcrwtlng report by Mr. J. llur
nitt, lalMir correspondent to the Hoard
of Trade, on the strikes that occurred
last year, has jut been iued. From
tills It appears that in 1S8I) strikes took
placu In 'J.lul establishments In this
country. As In 1S8, and due to the
Mtnc reason namely, k rUlntc lalxir
market 07 per cent, of the strikes
wi'ie due to claims for advanced wages,
although In some cases there were
other points of dispute also Involved,
Of lb on' for advances In w a ires IS :t
pir e-ent. were successful The pro
portion of tbemj partiiilly surceasful
wakilt. 5 percent., 10 T per cent, weru
not at all succeuful, and the result
were unknown lu the remaining
Of the Unsocial aspect of strikes some
Interesting iwrtlculars are given Tak
ing ."Hi of the strikes the loss of wagu
le estimated at eU.V.,(KA). while the Ion
to each lodivldiial would be a little over
t:i .Is. Fur i80 of the strikes the Iom
for the 911810 persons enageel Is
taken at i; 1,1 ..'.. 10 In 216 instaaces
it is shown by uuployers whose men
have been on strike thst the value of
rlxrd capital laid idle was CI I r0,Wi.
while in 1HU Instances the rxtable value
of prorert) lahl Idle was L-2tm 01. In
338 Milleii the estimated outlay caused
for laying eluwu ami reiiieulug the
works on snike h CHIO.Mn. On the
other hand, the rtturo seut in by traie
union show that lu UCtl strike the
umauBt exjieiuleel in support of men by
itiike e'nni)ill:s or t utile unions was
Ct!:t,;. The returns alao show that
lu UH (.Irlle ihe weekly wagsw exrsevl
1 t-fore Ihe sioitpagee nmou8tfil ia the
aggreKkle tu C133.51H; wUIU) the etl
MaUd lounf wge ia '&! of thefe
ftUikewak CVl.n5.
Nrwr Vwrk'i fivnw llrtuk
k the .ew i'mt '.
There U, i cording to the barteaaJer
tul wniuiB, a eoofttaat iaerui la the
suwWr of peopht who Mirk resulutrly
to rui nrd milk as a tes4y driak. ThU
iwtlleukr rnwbiaiuiua of liquids l
H8eflly uppoed to add rhli to
ewaeialed tfgurea, ami there it ao doubt
that wiibta ciulu lialU it aecom
iUUbtt ibM leault There area auather
of well ulbtBiieUi iastaaeee of saea
uho lacreaked their weight very uu
Wrially by stlekiag u rum aad wUk as
a regular tlitak. Very Hale rust is put
lata tlMt Millk. iKi'tiM it Is aeeessary lu
driak a great nutay gliuse of the toii
Maatloa dutiay the day lu achieve any
thing like uUiaathU lesulu. MMty a
hum drieks tveatr goad sUtdglsiiwuf
wUk hi twenty four bmm, but twt
good sized cUwe of raw wvuld eosae
eiMteaa k to biely iivt th hotuxn of
Utt gtats wlili -
Jk lluuuumUkl ItoM l Uui ulHU "
Hoaaosky JUigk oetdass alaatiy
ssasr eat btthcoded hMdajyosMM Id va
rirdlar Siuskay. cnt els dksf gisnlfia3tirf
'11 he saviag 4y ala't all mx1. Ve
9el Wx keaAaliMaif wA 4sw sMhim yitA
eieraaw UvQiHity k, koait tar mm
Rom tuft
My Itit'rjfcisjiinigiff lisooii WAffWsiiiig,
IVafoa , thM fcaack wuH of wmim Is
WS S"sT i aSfc?Ss flW Tf SW
you u $m nt m whm ttvmpi' I
i it w a lay mmm iv-mpiH. i u
s xsiii oaa tluut I voce, fatal vaai.
; V'tri this MM kjpb diaas) w V th
ia' iftennffto aiwslT. aak; aaf I doaaV
A&Waat Uaabsaaai
lfilhl Met eu Mt e&etad at tie
WiAl iJitU bat tail lkMB WMfailHrt jt
sasSSP" sW r H ijiain it m'rwt ii iiiui --SBiBSp
W UaWiahAlaMft istt lsasl.
IF &&P&rjp sWF sftl 9 saj
Wm Ada Mt-Tbr rJUW. Tim
.i.llplun U II US tu kve U OclufaiS.
A imiresslfis; lemrel llinerenre
ttenteen r-evew.
IVtm it t 1 """i Frrr Inn ' in'
A few day slnre, e teferrel to th
trrnbte of an esteemed resident of
tM clly who neglected to tote tbo
ticket tchich had been prepared for
him hy Ms rarefnl wife. An eeen
mote rlrstrwwlnir case has nmo to light
In Lima, Ohio.
Miss Mary Shnll Is an attractive
yontif woman of Lima, and the youth
of thnt town hate long been sensftlc of
her charms. Last spring, hoteeter.
lHlpart Lehman manured to dlstana
the other sultms for her favor, and he
and Miss Shttll became engaged. Dur
In? the summer the young man showed
hlmsell to I attentive and devoted
and, In short, vrrythlng that a lover
should be. While the roses bloimed
Miss Shnll was envied by nil bersplnsier
friends in Lima, and there was not an
an arqnilntattre of Lehman who won! 1
not wllHnelv have trailed shoes with
I'ut as autumn drew on anl the
political oimpalan thickened there was
a noticeable change in the relatlm of
the pair Miss Shut! began to rend the
newsiprs, ami she was unfortunate
enough 10 crioose those or iienwcratie
proclivities Consceinenlle she liecame
flrmly eMnvlnctd that theCountry was
going to smash at an early dale unless
there should 1 a viclorions rally around
the standatd ralwd by Grovtr Oleve
laml. ?tbe knew that "Mr Ihman was
a patriotic ami ardrnt Hepubllcan, but
this fart dht not deter her during the
very heat of thecsmpnlgn from attempt
ing to crnteit him to free trade.
She should have waited until after
Her lover listened and mllled, then
he llMrtieel nnel frowned, and, at Iat,
after listening again, he got up, took
his hat, and departeel. saying that as
tbilr political views were so rtdlcnllv
different It would lie lictter to give up
all thought of a closer alliance.
Ilnd he been a Democrat and Miss
Slmll n political Prohibitionist the thing
nitcbt have been mauneeil.
MlssMitill was at first siirprtscel rtmH
men inuiennni, ner plan or conversion
had faileel and there wai noloely loft to
whom she could adequately talk politics.
She therefore decided that, since her
lover refused to heeel her ndvlce,h"b
should smart for It, and she accordingly
brought suit against him for breach of
proml'c. The court lu3 nwnrdoil her
danmecs to the amount of $1,000, which
3Ir. Lehman will have to pay simply
because he refused to smother his con
science nnd abandon the principles or
his party.
Here sccma to be nn example of In
timidation beside which the Iniquity of
the pay envelope shows like n virtue.
What would be caller In a close dls
trlct than for a )Hilltlcal committee to
arrange for a hundred or two loaded
engagements In order to cocrej fie
young voters of Hie opjKislte party Into
veitlng their way tinder the inllucnc.' of
their several fliianccet? The fate of a
Stile or even of Ihe nation might be
changed In this mr.nmr. It appears
that the Ohio Legislature during the
ccinlno session may pre tltably spend a
p-ril(ui of lu time la passing a law for
the prevention of interference or coer
cion of a political nut me between per
sobs matiliiionlally engagetl. Such a
law should o Into effect Immeeliately.
b'uu-inttiirn liy llln Dlrfcliir r tlin
"ratturti liulltulo Id Now York,
Dr. t,lU,rii .VuHh .1imi-. IlieUv .
The llqtilel employed In l)r. Koch Is
perhaps only a oncentrateel solution of
a special ptomaines, extracted from the
culture of the tubeiculoiiii bacillus.
The action of ptomaine injected under
the skin of nnlninl It generally slower
than that which followsthe Ipjectlonof
alkaloids. l)r Koch's liquid injected
in the same manner iu man produces
a variety of sj inptoms appearing only
alier four or live hours. This Is per
haps au Indication of what it Is. Iu
this hypothesis the ptomaine Injected
conKcutis'ely durliur several weeks
Into the svstem would modify the ma
il I urn of growth of the tulMfcillom
bacillus so as to check IU develop
ment. The tells of the organism, find
ing no more obstacles, would regain
strennth. That would explain why the
ptomaine Unvoted eltlcaeiously under
the skin reiuaias without effect wlwii
introduced tbtouich the digestive or
gsus, as seems e.tbllslied la regard to
substance usee) by Or Koch Thh the
difference of action does not oUt la a
slmllsr degree In the esse- of mot ill lie
stil'Stacces The future will soon leai'U
us the tiuih about the nature awl
ic-al alue of the antblote used by ihe
ilitisttlous Oe-rinsn profess ir, ami if the
hope we have cbeiltked be not a vain
oue, we shsl lerevive Iwfore long how
important, from a Ktelal aad ecouow
leal slandpoiat. theeureeif luberetiloiH
is. We know lust lu the civlliMd
world more than a million proa4 die
sbBually iu middle ae, their lives lm
lag lutsboit by this terrible issetllus.
Freiiu lue lesults slreisdy obtained w
way ki-iietLstslUUiwksoftutwrcukwIs,
iiilMiobsry or other, esa be ebaelual, at
kast ia the beg Inning.
T ltcpriBtitlte TcuuMiekiii.
Fnm tin JUu-nlHi WtttU Atuiniukt.
Juha B. Ijiiig Is the succaanur of
Coigitss liaitla of Texas, who U al
leged to have Uwa out the gas,
" Colon) Howdy Uaitlo" the iaJtat was
called. H will be udssed ia WasUsut
tra, but a Texas eseksag comforts
these who look for iateresttag ia
ditkluallty with the iafewrusstioa that
CoUwel Ij bt "iitilte as gnMeaqite a
flguie as OU Howiiy.' "
Ndtuiul Uurlwltf.
JrtuMtk4 HU4aru OuokU.
'Hatty' seesajrksal fjisafii Yictoiia
tohcr aw oa ia law, "twing ism the
wsf sNaS naxsjfs. '
"Yas'ss," isltett UaUesberg. "but
isn't tstis a ailU) tarty Is Your Xaj
etsy Ve toegis to wwkt"
"Y'ia. hut I wat to see what I said Is
say speech to Prt Unseat."
kWOMJl Ut fajjftsYiStllllf lis)' CQfl&Eti
Ktt Witt s FmiMstsI .IMWMr HMMI
ottir Imi wfmtl te VNMitii lcjifccr wmI
Tth.jgMiii "Yti xAm Ktak." 'G4i
ark lb 1st btiilt.
"1 taMt Askl (v thj edge el thst
"If t gieaj wewdex yo wet aat
MJMs. &ir' aag's Vigseaaw sjiteialas
savcii sua 1 au a iiiiuhihithnaist "
aUft IksUtJst lsfafeJT4 AlsUL.
SPf sps -Bsf Tff 5fll"
t'ltmM'Mv' lis
iJMs 4aMJalala IMF irtlaaT 0ft tiul tl?-y ia
sjiw swssjpswississfap pysi flF" "sPw "W w
4rht)rt jiarfeiiir e sN s& -43Sjsa
t kdUkr., Mjuilustst cikiwk ef autl 1
D 'ri. !..rtfciet. Imvt ta li ui4uauiist
jmjiIu-ii! u 1'rii a- Muur' I i ., k SV'1
' uiatt i t mu I ,i i i ,
A t.ast Farewnll.
Fiom'tf w YorlSun.
"Mr. Callaway," she sale! slmpiy.ber
DeKalbn venue fac lighted up with
the subdued glory of suppressed emo
tion, "we must part. 1 was afraid
that It wrulil come While we both
lived In Brooklyn, surrounded by the
same dear fid objects while c M
both ride tofrtihe'r every aftetJiorwi In
the My trie avmne care oh.thrs Is to.?
much all went well, but no ! '
"Mnnd,' broke In the yottn man
pnsslonntely, '-spank out What !l It
that hns come b tWcen' '
'Hear me ont to the blitef emt."
continued the swan like erualtifi, mm
chankally iearlng in pterti a bwnrh of
hore oar ticket, "ami then fen wilt
krow how Impossible It will b fw vtt
iter lo see me again. Pa hs eleelelttt
to move to Jetsev City."
Hfiflrinjr 1(1 its Into SBrlety.
from iht VkUUrf TVISims
Hoy of the Xolghbothojel Wit's
yr nam!1
New lki) Jim Hodge. WoVs
"Tom rtadaer. Golany Wgbrolkers,
"Father nnd mother b'long to
"Yes, but I don't. I know what
adrlvln' at. Ifyewantto fight I
uo ye up in iwo minutes.
(Adapting himself to changed con
dition or thliias.) "Let's you an' me go
an' lick Hob lltirnhatn "
The Great Manufacturers' Sale of
Tailor-Mctde Clothing
- 4 oh. mil ami i: srs. n. w.
fuller nulldlniti.
ami will ronllnue until ever dollar's worth
l ioW. tlcnrlnmlml- Klelity three thnuiiuul
tlullsiK' worth of the I Intut Clothlnx over
made mut .poltlrely Le foht. It will tuy
joutocomen liiiiulred mlIeto ntteml thl
wonlerful pacrlflco sale, tvery garmo t
Riiaianteeit n repreenteil or money re
Inriilcij. liun't wait, dime ntont-c.
Men's (Milted Hatln llneil Overooau, Sl.in.
Men's All wool lllark Cheviot Suite, $.VJ
Men's hur lleaeer Uvercoate, $5; ruirulnr
pike. l.
AlonV 1'ar.ey Calmere Suit. $1 87; worth
Jll JO.
Men's lino lipottcd lUagonal 8ult, 81.
rcstilsr ftlee, ts.
Men's I tor stl Mandate! Kersey Orereexts
stej orihfii0.
tBir'.i flout Kiullih Kerwy, Sttse; tailor
miile't wtirth S.
i-l ciluml aid Mono Ultters, ft.;:, rekular
pi Ire, 816.
Men's THllor-matte t'HMlnere Sultf, Jtli G
btj tec: irtli$S0.
Mi n's Mellon Overcoat!-, JI.TJ: worth SS.
I'ojV Oeercoats, tth iealsr rle, Jt M.
Ihiys" I MrtchlUa, 51. &; reitnUr trfee, JVM.
IIOJ-' Vi-lton, SS.TS; reieiilsr tirle. S.
Ikiyt' Him Diesii OrerveMt. tHh worth
( lilldren's On rvoatu, tsi cenls; worth W M.
f lilidien'i Kxtra Louie farms, !.; worth
Clilhlrcn's Kxtrft Flae Hvereoats, SI.
Msn's t'snts, 90 ient, resulrtr jirlcs, I.T8.
Men'ii t'snts, Sl.m; reuular price SV
Men's Flue Urews l'ant. ft. 78: worth Jl 30.
Met 's Kxtr Fine I'anW. U 51; worth ID
l.lIOlMlrChlldren's Kaei 1'ants. Wvsnt.
lliU t'ntlre tfc k Mtlllnic for erne third
Milne. HiHi'ttHT away for fear of not net
tInKtbttte iNirimbii, but come prepared to
liiy anil lie couTlnm! that what wn aitver
tl sre facts beyond dispute Kch and
every article I1 prctlely at adrertlel nnd
at t'llfnn named.
tenner vth and K t , In the large threi
story brles bulldlrur.
That Is tie price we hate placed oa
I Hittss' Flue Uontfols Hut ton (Wets la
lour .HtTereBt stylss, narrow, nwdlinn
ami bioad toe.
That la the iirii-e we have placed on
tleiys' frbBok eal Unttoa tho,
lined Wueall tken our WesrH.
tUttttn, sad they sr tse Ut you buy.
That to tl prke we iuve bhuMd om
)ilMS i UM UjiOt4 smIhk IM Mlit-
too htx. marts by M'iflhtsss Ilsitt,
luMibt iter. rlel la the Uaa fw the
I the pries we have placed oa rise
Hawt-wwed 'rBth IkuiguU, u-if
snu CosasMto Uiw Sllpp, wtu
r'reifh or low heel. TteVe aso Hum
zcixl afiii iulsf lad for oar traits.
CUlOSMi's Kaekn sit ltfbr, wortil
button hulia: width C.D. i.. laOiW
KiiU, ibuss ttoS.
CHtrfchoe repaKowut It lues'edua
flrst flucr, yulltry.
The Combination,
UM, UN anl 11 fVtUKtJ,
(ewsei Utb a w-
f?ys IXXhlsky.
Wmm tnpi IP UH if
tutu stiTiaif lortiii srsai..
WaKbiaatoa. B. B.
IB aad W SI a., 'hun'-fr Bu'lrt'as aaai
i ui sm uun m tsv iMauaw aMa g
AUuruey si Law.
r- tt aaa HoiUU. Vat
Warren 8U New Toti. Mo
JtZiO 1
On aeeonnt of rarity, Aire awl SltWHrth.
Prom the Choicest Malt aH Hop.
Espeetaltr Orwt
Heneftrlsl for Wesk ml PeMtttateet
II lnvripwate aael ironraten d')tttwi. srlv
left a not mat tone t o the stomach amt tfeere-by
tneretB the apfetlte.
WAsniNOTON ntiANcn,
703-705 North Capitol St,
Telephone '273.
Grand, Upright and Square
Special attention of pttrohasers Is Invited
to our
Pinliihed In Illirni of
Beeuml band I'lanos at All Prises.
Wm. Kn abb & Co.,
817 Market Space.
iVIessrs. Lee &. Shepard
Announce the Publication ot
a Library to be Called
- .
This series will be issued
in monthly parts and will
consist of choice works by
some of ttie "Dest American
acd Foreign Authors, upon
various subjects, Including
Fiction, Biography, History,
Essays, &c.
The initial volume of the
series Is now ready.
Eael Me, M Be Csmplele in
Bo, 1 The Blind Men and
tm as Msitowsiiar
. 2 In Trustj or. Dr. Iw
Irand's Household.
h 3 Three Mlliflu Dollars.
vajrjsLYK saassMfllag.
lllfif HtimbsiPS, 50.
HgBaatjaaaft kaftT Aatt
(-BUAa WtM& aM saitas-a
:ine Custom-Made Clothing
41ii f eitislciiti.e n( Iieini u Inrse- iiinnurnctiircr, ulio la oicrstorUoil mill
.11 tiei-il r
Prices are One-Half of Actual Wholesale Cost,
96 rtyies of Men's cnlt. SV setnst tslrts, .
COntjlusof Men's Snlt, JS, IncltwInKitTeThH'.Cuwtmww ami
Worstedi: wewthjid. .
SW will bay choice of TO styles Men' Snltf, OotkOTew. Cher
tfctsaml Fsney Wotstedi: sctml tsIo. S. , ,
Blcsrt Dress Stilt", ratmvsr or Prince Albert, Slt ftetewl
flW Men's OTereoatie (nearer and KereT) $: Atnal ra!nv,$tt.
W8 Dre Overronta. sll welslts, : sctnt rahre, Jt.
W0 tKercemtK. All shsdes. $H! sctnal ralne, fit.
Klegant Pnr reavers . Krreri , Montss nses, Mystens Ae , $t;
enstnm tsllenK rhe HO Evfrr csrment fnsranteeel as repre
ented or money refunileil by the
311 Seventh St. N. W.
Gas Stoves I Heating
Bath Rooms, Bed Rooms, Halls,
Libraries, &c.
H atters,
Tinners, &c;
411-413 Tenth
Mlli F Slit-el X. AV., WnsliliiRlon, 1). V.
Works at Benning's, D. O.
Estimates furslsrieil for this Enelne or Moms turn Baergls, whsrebr partly
osh uwKlMitrtelty for l.lclitlnc 1'nriK.m.. ualne their iriwut bollw sndwila.
HtuMmc the llsbt cost Berely tbe price of tuttliMt la the HtiersUer HOtl 1)jbbww,
wlthoatuslBBsar raorotuef. aad Klrlng lucrat rssults la boras-povrsr.for ttw
atsam erstorstetl.
Infringers Will Be Prosecuted.
4 Setli St. N W
IlUTJSLa Jilili UEHTJLUltA.l(Ta.
ihwt sad PaMst Unsass hi tbs sity. Isa-
Mst Ofasn.
JAMHai h. cotiTKtxa, Psscsteter-
Ary sad Navy Hesdsjart.
VflHf Iku Hksut &au
JPBa aSaT TJa SaaWaa
WMtMB-H asst $4 tut 9f.
ssssssy i.i iiiinijiijiim'HMPU m H s'nmiJiiBisiiwim's'i
SVC SSaS I SSS. K, w..
M.ii. eAKE,
"" Wa Wflf(Bfc
lAJSl fid MjusasjU U 1
miimmT-m YLAM.
NSW ifilf M V AVX-
WLt p. 1ILTZ
lmpptiig Ttilor,
kUAAd WaaaaaK HUfltftfilaatt ttaff IMMft
This lbs KtvstfUM uf Wuultuia Xsv s0
ltpnily t'resli.
Street N. W.
neit to Odil-Fellows' Hall
& vut' rfc:
fr sse-
AMI JWsa atwaisssv basustttul Brssd.
laafaaA Ssltf aaaQHattaL Wta4aWafcaVJM PaQPCjC, COJT"
Vtf latf ttttftatf AMaC llttMal alWfllaVtt
MM. M. 6 ALT & CO.
Hereford's Acid Phosphate.
4 SSUSt SiertlSWt SJKl Sre1il tuult. a 1
iSmOtm- U uottrtaiKS sjui lsrlgursi .h..
Uswt tstsss w tKy. Uswsrt. ihhwmkU cuori.'y
mi MnMS4r s4 StUivous Um f mu-Uuiu
Us W-S-tlkv;. Mktis. H. Y ssjw
vUstirr4 ipmsS am i"t Uaiuii.
Mat BytytfylMI SlfcaWMS'W
Be. i U mSmtn, TMt JtestttotK.ru, t
UM isww e itbsc wsd.''
Ma a nM flMrifiHJaM A llBilllHyM'
nWHV Iff WW wippwajppaa''
mgaiaii ly jMM vagal "SUSBStuS
Is scliUMel uaLbtf IsOmL All ksu:sca
Stoua Sit-vcr utd la baik
The Great Pennsylvania Route
To the Wofth, West and Sonthwrest.
tob? Truck . Sclondia 9rnrT
ittel Kail. Mnlflcent Mnnlpmnt
Is Jtrrrrr WorriiriT-ii St. IffM.
TMrtM U WWBton, from ttnn, cor
ner of Sixth sifci B street, sie follow
rwriwirw swfl the Wewt. Mrswtttn-
.mjiws. oi iniimnn velml esir
I.M ft A d1t : Ft t.ln. to v m dsllr
hfrftflFV rvilnmhim and ftt r.ni. with
ffcr rsr Hsn lncnrir to ritt.hnre smt
prai.e-nri" irom pittMirt to Indlsn
K rlttSbnr to Oolnmtma: A If Of. n. In
mnv, tm. fkt.. ...i -4i.,r:.v.
.xenwte SSBnmriallr Paelm rp iv&at..
tefrron. to narrlsbmr. stid Sleeping tTars
IlftirlsrinrtfO 5t Irvnt.. fMman an,1 run.
cltmstl. stM ninlnir Csr IlnrrKbnrgto St.
I.eK rnfesiro and ttnelnnstl. Wetetn
Kxprejs t T. p ra its'ly, with Sleeplnx
t n vshlnton to t hlraeo nnd St. Lonl,
eotinertlBB itsllr at llsrrlsbnrir with
tbronsh Sleerers for lmin Hl and Alem
phls. riillman IMnlnr csr rutsbtiitr to
Ittejimond srtd Ctilcaco Tsriflc BTpreMs,
! PC t m dsltr for ritt .!-urg nd t be Vet,
vlih thmnsb S'eepet to nttsbrerit and
rlt tsbtir jt to Chlcasii.
Ton Kasf. fsDandalsiia. Rofhrer amt Nt
awa Fsila dally, except Sttn.l ir. 8 M A m.
Tim Kwi!. carmndslsTis and orhwter d ellv;
fw Irnffslo and Masurs daily, except su
wav. W.TOr im, with Sleeping t'arWa.h
iTrsion to ttm hesttr.
IM tt it4.tAirroiiT Hortieer nnd Wlagara
fMl.t Mpradal'v except Satnr.ty, with
Sweidn far Washington to Roche ter
XB Viiujtror, Wenim and Kim Ira, at
Mm daily, except Sirodar.
Iiirittniiet dully, a .10 p m
FrwrniutMrit'nt. J?ew York amt the Rat,
7.,.w licosnd II Wam.f.Ki.in, i.so,
S -to. It .re and It p m. On .inndsr, 9.".
II a m. 1 10, iv 4 90, to no and ll.M p m.
"WCi Ff'ew "f Pn'lmsn I'srlor IVim,
with llinliw lar It ll I more to Setr Tork!
9.a m ("ally, exeept Snndaj .
fon Neit Your rmtr. TJmtleel KxpreM with
IHnirw Or, &.ta p in dally.
Foil rmi.Miriini nnly. rat Kxprcus 8.10
a mtceek d3sanrt 4 p melslly Bxpress,
Mitiday e.rly. 5.40 p m.
I'm IIctok wlthont chansc S.to am week
days spd S.1J ji m overy day.
Ton liaooKLT!!, S. V all through trains con
nect at Jerfcj flty with boats if Itrooklyn
Annex aflnrdlrg direct transfer to Fulton
s'reet. aTotdlagdoetole ferriage acroM New
Fob Art esTtc t'tTT, 11.10 a m week-dayi. W.Vi
pm dallv.
Fob UAITiitonE,6S.Vra0.s.l0.9 PP.9.10, to.ro.
10 10. It OS nnd ll. a m. U (W.S.I0, .15. s.ai;
I CO. 1 .SO. 4.S0, S OP, S 40. 6.00, 7.40, 10 00 nnd
ll..v5pm. ein Sunday ono. no, low, 1 MO
a in, S 10, ft la. 8.S0, -I CO, 4.30, 5.00, 5.40. 0.00.
T 40 lP.P0nml 11.86 pm.
Ton Torii's Vkt.sk LtMK, 7.30 am nnd 4.M p
m dally, except Sunday.
Fon AxteArot.n.780 and 0 00 am. tun and
4.90 p m daily, except bundny. Sundays
In KrrKeTN'oetMaxnM, 1900.
Ton AltAMPnl.e. 4:1', 6.1R, 7.IV8 40, 0.4.V
10 KNin,ltlnoon,!i03,.1.30,4.S 4 .Vi,0t,
, tv j iiihj ii.v (i m. im sunuariu i.3u.
-, v.ii,, ii'.a, tt iu, g.tju, i
, 6 01. 8.0 and to.oi
AicsMMonvnot for (lunntlco,7.n a ra nnd
t.M ji m week day. 7 45 n m roindays.
Ton IlKimo.in and tlio south, 4 so and
10.9T nm dally. Accummeidatlou 4 V a m
week days.
TrAiN leave Alexandria for Washington.
II 88, 7 t S.lf.W. 0.10, 10 13, 11 07. a mi 1 SO, .1 00.
340.3.10, G0f,7.l, 0SP, tO.Maml II Mum.
i in tumlay at 10 and 11.07 n m: s.w, 3.10.
7 OS. 7 W, 9 W ami 10.0 p m
lleLcts and Informational the ofllce. north
east corner of Tbtrtetnthstrect and I'enn.yl
inula avenue, and at tho station, wheru
orders can he left for tho checking id lisg
gste to elettlna-lon treim hotels and rest
eienee. 1'IIAS. K. ITOIt. .1. It WOOD,
tiencral Manager. Gen. l'at. Agent.
S. I.edule In effect Kovemlier it, 1SW.
I.tsve Wa.hlagton from nlatlon corner of
New Jersey avenue and v street.
Fon Thualo and Northwent, Ventlhitleil
Umltcd cxrre daily ll.'Wa m.uepre-n
8 SO p m.
l'on iMttveTi.Sr. Lonig n0d IndUa.uKi I.,
exis-em dally. 3 .10 and ll.m p m.
Fun l'ivTairw ami CitTulaBd.ixpre dally,
M a m Bnd H 50 n m.
Fun 1 iioton and point In the Slienadoali
Valley, tio Warn.
Ton WmtHieTKK and way station, 3.30 p m.
WisLiiuv. 30pm.
Fob Haiti .. week day. 4 03, S00. 0.13,
7 .?., eHpu 13-mlniitf.i n.io. u S3, tlin,
(W ro l.Vrcnati!..R m, K.lO.il 13 Sii.O l
mlBtitwiS. I . 4.S0, 13 00. IS-mlnutiMi.
J us.su. n ts, e ji, t,.so. 7 is, ; .hi, o os, pi n
and 11 SO pm. bu&dsyii, 103,7.0,; 30, K 3).
sua 111,(18.00, 43 mlnntss), loo, an. .i,
IU3 1 .30 (3.IO. 13 minute). 6 0S, 1100, C l.
Cat. 7J0, !'.I0, 10 ao, 1 1.30 p tn.
FobWai Krennxa twtueen WshIngton nnd
lUiltlii.ore. 8JO. en x am. U.10,3.J. 1,11.
8 so. 7 so, 1 1 JO p ni. Sundays. 8,30 a in, 1 to.
.! 4 30, 0 SO, 7 30. 1 1.30 p to.
Th.uk. ir.i Oaltlmuie for Wanhlngton
week day, s.00, 6.W. 6 no, 7.13, 7 sls.su,
asfl,H,, a9. ic.su, io.33a m; woa.uiu.
.19,9.0.!f.W, 1.13, 5.(0, 8.00. 0.W, 7 i3. 7. M.
7.40, tan. Rts. 10.10. lo.3 and 11.00 p m him
day . T-'s. S.S0, 8.83. fA. 10. X, 10.13 a
mt if.ro. im, s.te, .so, 4.i,sj,.j.7.03.
X.m, 7.40, , 1P.V0. 10.S0 ssd lt.C0 p. m
Fuu Asseroii.. SJ31 and 8,10 a iu, H'.W and
l.i p a. SiiDday. a JO a m, 4 si m.
Lraie ABiwpcdlo sjb3, 8 ST a m, UA 3.30 ii
is. IpuihIujii, hjs) u m. 3.33 1 m.
Few statius on tlM Mstropolltsn Ilraaeh,
1S.38. Ji.Sn a ia, SI 15 p in. For pnucltvil
stutluua oaly, tW.ID a m, tl.so and ts.sa
For riAiTucwm bu abd latsf tediite polats,
HIM. I.0.D8, a m iUM 13.35, tl.M, S.'B,
S lu 10, '11.33 pm.
Fou lkiin'. ami lntermIUt stations, '7.00
P m.
On s u TUiiN leaves WssblBgtoB on Suadsy
at 1.13 p m. .stopping at all station on
iletlroroliuu Ufaai li.
Fine Khkiiihk k., tS 30, 0 iO, (9.30, tll.10 a ,
ii., taso.ti.30pM.
For lUut K-To x, tW 40 a m ami -3.10 p m.
Tkaik airbv from Lhltagu daily It 30 dm
and I 13 it w; Inwu tine iniul I aad St. IVtuti
daily & '4J a in sad M p is; from 11tt.lura
7 10 a bj. 3 30 p m dsllr.
t'B!lE Yoim,'lralou una Hut Ka.t. l 95,
tu0, 10 l-.'.iu, '.'SO. Caisd'lOJO
P iu. bi-ffti Parlor l art on all da tnliw
bleeping I'nr em ths tti-.w p ai, opeiu at !Mkl
F .it Ko ton, f 6 p w with Pullai an HmTst
h:.i-!li).- Car ruuulwi throush to Hoctoa
without cbum, ih F-otuhkeepsle Bridx,
Un-lipg puwussM la B. it M. ttlou at
But too
Fou 1'uiiAUKifUU, 4 0S. ".Ufl 10.00, l-SM
suott, .'J', i 00. H.li aod 10 u tt.
For atmui, Pl , Wllvdiwlon uid L'hsatsr,
I86. 'i.4SlaB,.SiiMB,'i.se,3j,d.l3.
and 'W."9 p m. LtsaUsd vxbtsm Iimdibk
at Hllsalactou. oaly 10.W a m.
1-i.k ivrtauLi'iiTk aula litwn Hiltl-
iuut sjsd i'kUa4iBaia 5.uoaud :.a w,
tt, Z s p n.
Tm-u las Ymw York for WaabiiutiHi,
au. '11 a at, U.U), u -in. 'i.ua p m sad
'IJ lSDigl.t.
Ii viv-, laaiv FhU4elpbia fr Wa-.tilnsl.jii,
-I n. s 3, U IS a m, ! 40. l it, "eias,
T Wp U
F"K TLATU t'lTl.ISS SBd 10.011 iiu,li
no. ..i Sundays, I us m. !.'U a.m
'giepl buu4sy 'lAaily uu.lr ouly.
liA,ite islU-d for aad vIucsabI f rum huteU
aud i. -iileuiri b) lukiu TraiufurCu. ovur
dus !. it si Ik See oSicts, p sad 1131 P. av.
aeiU ur .Itp.,
J 1 iiiiKLL. tUAS O. SClflL.
u u Mansxer Cteu Fa-.. Au'e
H bolesats aad Kstall Dsalsts la
Anthracite aid Getfge's ml Mt
OFFICF 14.11 Pa srs. (Ooraoraa Bulldlw) .
YAKD. Cur. 8 st- aa 0L f-
TBLBPBONK: Oaos. &1S-3; Yard, 973.
It yuu Itavt- ruu a. mm . t,ui i t u, Ji-
tuurftjftlit, Jjifotati wtiltJi ' i i i t ji ut
fU nitt, .tut 't 4 tu A e- ! itii.eri. Uri tUat
dDRNEWBflQk-VJ- ."JLJ ua
I uun Ii-" Buun, , , t llatti, i,u.
llMf.' T--llui 111141s i k iu i 1 I 4rk!(lt
(taabux ' U'i SSICMSOSCStCO SuStlaB T
. HbUUSU Mnb. lit. for IM L 7fi T if
X ptcr s4 tally
OX,l M. i Wm m w
pei U torthtcanilBCBSs
lllll. IBAttVV U,
Weba.slil BiC"S
tin. j'x u s W
,l lu m sia
l.0. ii,.lfajrlmlaU
WttUltft OT JJ 1 IVTJ
ii w iMygf WM
int. tlilJf Cu. C
18 L i i vvi I
ktaJ C 'ua ObMiuuLd Hrad
BBfi ' w ' lAilfj
IftJi'SfeY ,',!?lS.134.S,sii
HiiMMa raSeaaaLk.r -aac ?
s,i f u'v, .i -vu.r
4lt."'- i. ali. i
tftssal e- MiSiami fl
i aU. " ?
jgnjri to t oais.SB
iJRtfcuaaua u. J
S vrSulfSflU
SI ii BSiski! U.
I aBBa. I
f? ir
lw J

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