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The Daily Critic
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Ml 0 Street
W.tswiisoToir, D. C, thsc. 9. 188ft.
Is Tutus so osr In All this btttteba
loo tin pejfialon bnelnti to say one
wotw for Ik amts? Te country fcm
jjroWn elntrl at the magnitude of the
ratton appropriation, at well It ma ,
but t't it tittle unfair to blame the
agents on tbt aeeonBt' They dlrlo't
pail the Mil and they ate not respon
sible for their passage ?Mtnr does
their etlstewce ami their ladimtry adit a
rent to the apnTort rtation. Tet, to rel
the ebullitions of the esteemed Xetr
Xork fensM, an imsuspecttng person
night he led to suppose that the pension
agents hart done It alt ami that their
supprastkm would prevent a deficit In
the national finance There li a rt
amount of nonsense about all this talk.
If we really want to pay the money out
to thotewho are entitled to pensions,
the agents are th surest and most
expeditions means through which
we can achieve that end. tt Is
the mom transparent nonsense to
Pay that the pensioner will get their
duel juet a soon and just a cettilnly
without the help of an agent. There
are thotteandt of Instances which show
that tble U the wllileet arwnrdity. We
venture to say that every agent In
"Washington en prodit "j a eirtloatl of
testimony Irom his cllenla to the con
trary. 'We go further; we make the
assertion that the United Slates Gov
ctnment has nerer been known t look
tip a rrcilltor or to make a single over
turn toward paring even tbe most
acted of Its debts. We assert that ont
c f every liundreil ptnslimera entitled tn
an Increase nr to any additional stipend,
nii-elv wouhl die nf ohl age without
bearing of it if they had to depend on
the Government's notifying them. And,
ttnsllv, we make bnhl to say that, whit
ever may be the motive, the effect '
uestrnjlae: the pension agents' business
u II tie to ileprhe tit pensioners of
ti 111 1.
t. HrtAM w.jrr a ot on lb- Kl
onsMil, bnt the lotot mtrln .ll..io
t olntirent.
tN'MATavan M it na the merits nf the
various subsidy bills now hefore Con
itee, and having fnr tbelr oMct 'he
resurrection of imr merchant murine,
we think Mr. Iti-usB's plan the oaly
one that will five anything like parma
ne relief. The moment we eat .Wish a
healthy commerce with the ntti'ksia of
the wrrld the snipping needed to trans
act that eomtneica will follow m a
lMathemattoal consniuenco. We miy
appropriate money to seenra eettata Mt
ventnron shipowners and thereby
prop up some very deserving In iu
ttfe, but we shall create no lmiuuuioo
t'Pi'pt through the insdlun of iatelli
ftnt commercial relations with foreign
countries. What we want much more
thsn bonutea to empty vessel Is legis
lation tbst will make markets for our
meat ami breedatulfiuttd other piodu-vs.
Mr. Bt-Aum has aiven us the eotrc
verty In a nutshell.
TH AtLUDCK I'BOfLK twws at
Ocala appear to be having a mueh fun
Mltn their conventiua ss either of the
old parties could.
Ma. Houtkowskv. the technical st
tache of the Km1m legation horn, U
having an ooulttet lime on bis vUit to
I-ouWana. Ttw 7Vm Hmmert ot the
thh oimtaiM the report of an ecurlo
to the Teebe eouatry tendered Mr.
ItatrrKowsKY by Stme Senators Cuttuiu.
and GouTHWAtm Mr. Willi vm
Mttuut. Mr. Osokuk SlHmiivbr and
the Baron Xvtii i The psny.'wtsi in
I'tesUtmt HiTtMixaok's private er,
over the Southern 1'aeMte JUUway and
on the trip, which takw about four
hour. Mr. Hoctkowsbt must have im
bibed a gfeat deal of valuable and
i urbibs scientltk' inroituaibm at the
iiawU of snch unM aa-IVnator Con
t ill Mjxt Mr. MiMtm. The trty
IsHmI two of te na4 Juxurl.iusly
jlpfe4. emmtry bessnH In InW
d lookrd into the wseulacture
' Mwar bj whs is usrhi
ib meet pmlutfive plMtwtbm
In the Hiie tkti of Mr J
Kahsmt, frly of So i g
tcU, Mfcta. Mr. BAUtsrrr ihai
Mr. ttocTowi.Y wkere they nere eul
tieg at klfh m forty tons of anger ease
f row tlM single acre, and them, lay ref
eresee so hJi ticrliBroeMifinr ami eer
inefirMSesei terejtelml that this csm
wte yia-Mnig a avexe of Hi nouwii
of sugw u Um tosu f msb aU of whist
tt afftttes lbs' a carpel hanger Yanliee
ban invadem the fabeet regtoat of the la
lolerat Soueb. sjad Is Insulting bet
13w4nHm flnnMi smifciflBffy feMBsMBtt!B By gBBMeHBiniifltBC
htUste. WML psoviOaid it be Boeslbk to
constat aaslllilwi ItaAavisjsM tuadew u
umig Uwri ciBMssnetejnce. he
ouj&t lo seture f alriy orged with
J tt MM f s l we y
la eWniWieUi "iriiifc" bff famm&Q H4lt
gp 'PF Irnppitr w wf pwfrr iw ' v
totito o & Wm IM mm
KaMkUf Hftai BnMMaVeJ4 liV AM Ril MflfiM Hi?
snjBUlBy Fpw ppwPFvi r- nj ennwnr wmpppwv""n!e"
rAefeanan lam Am ftLUbA fcrfrtt Inksmt iJsW W&&
'pepnjnnFw epnv "pm sw "wr p-" Trw
' Jerieko Isatni of -taMHA'e peopo-
aPe Pa aHmnpS WaT a f fr
tigtpiT i ' omh nMf taw
iriHt Th aimbiacaaa smu IB esiy
'fffaerirrgsi of Mm eise of tteesmeaie
teiettoloce aTQe. Buithe
ulen dL Am hiin tii earn tmle he fhtoyttfi
f ii4ag MsttduiiMS) It nriji bo
sil aa iHScuit vo ani tbe rwJ litUui
i It an to pans th bMi itvdi
tiMtavM eiitajwtooctjkr,
a, 4 uo -M taH - it) be dewanmd oa
tbM irty uu Uhj track uf
U4-WU. It WtU ttMiB bwcooi:
mm suaUttr f vU..ici cftdvixaai-e,
sril ni p ln( n oji'l n hi
prr-sllril fn the 'rrmtn slto,
endurance dors not endure as Ions;
ae It ward to. Tfca oirtjr wy h nftfcTi
a vote on the Fotr bfll em posafMy be
reerhed ! for l PiMnt 0eet to
vfofctitly refnee to reesgtilr a !
craflc ftetratoT ea he mnltet M mo
tr. In a qwlet borty Iflte tire Stiisw
thai procetdVng h more dtflkm't thnt
In the flotrse.
tt r tot believed thai either Vice
rreaMwnt Morton or Senator Iftrm.ui
wTmM sscrlrtfe hts erell eartws rhafat!
Mr for fatmesft by rendleg HlrMetf to
ifirit ft fjraBi i orinftiKn.
Tim Sbw Yonit failure in bat tN
so refemHeg to eforttvft bta.
Trur mrar xnn playful ymtag
1 lag, the t, saya In this morning s
ham that H. i II WAr.Kntt of
Mattachnwrtts ami Hon. Sswriu. Dm
m nf 8omh rstollrta have run over to
New lotk foi short tys" Btt we
should like to mt hv Messrs.
Wai.urr ami Tnm.i eouhtn't ael all
He short stays they wanted right here
In Washington. Our temtim mawhnate
carry Just as larce M eoWpve1Mek In
this line ae any New York dealers do,
and they sell just as cheap.
Mr and Mrs Kendal's engagement,
which closed on fatntdsv nlghl, re
suited In gross rt Mints of "over 90.r1rJ
fnr their tight weeks' enguffemeat in
.Ssw York.
Mrs. Holler (Finny Kemble) is living
with Iht daughter. Mrs. I-elgh, In
?uney, Unalatid. She is quite feeble,
having completed her 81st year last
The music room In Chief Justice
Puller's Washington home Is to be
rivrorabrt ly Mr. Ida .f. !tera;rn. who
it Is Kslil is the first American woman
employed en mnr-d adornment.
l'rtltlck Cnlboun, who n Governor
Gordon recently dfislnl in the cop test
for a seat In lh I nited States Senate,
has a (rood pnrtlnu nf the ability that
msde bis piamltatbrr fitmnus In the
t-afly daj of Cooertss In his youth
young Calhoun was !"hy and dlllldeat
amlsonienbat of h ricfusf, hut, after
heblosntmed out as a lawrer. he be
pan to show aptitude for society. Of
IsiL ytats he li.u liec imc quite wealthy
fn m" Investments In real eststo and
Mr. liarrifonha jlod but two of
the various societies tU.it bavu -wtllcttexl
her co-operation. Ilrr allUnce with
tin e two consists of the boaurarv trw
ItltBt of the .lobns Hopkins Suclety,
slid of a membvrshlp lu tin- ILiiuliters
of the Kevoltitlon. For ellthlltty to
tie latter iu must have bMlinan
r'or who touk prt In the Witr of tbe
Htvolntlon. Mrs. Iliirrlson's i-ni-erai
dfstliir hm a comnnmiler f f rc-m
In lVniteylvHtila The- e'ety I f irn-d
for tbe puroose of raWng fttl tt
mark the plaits nf tb- Uovolml nry
war and lo revive historv, awl t 'i to
rrMore some of the hlurlcal pi ins
Thelirst t hi tip the ."ciuir tots i U to
do Is to testote tbt Msrv W ash:
Mr. Fiidetlc Hemtncton, tbo artist,
has gene V the f re with General
3Illes to be reailv for the iottlemout of
the Indian I rouble either with powiler
or peaceful means. The artlattu Is a
senile profeakton, but war lends Itself
ispielslly 10 piPtHws, and there are
many artists wlto are readr at a in
ii.trt's inMlce to ai to tbo rods of the
cstth to ice a war.
The ComtcH U Mlrands (Christine
'llson) Is mill In I'siln. whre she Itm
tirca laid upowlojetoan aedtlentwhleh
haupntd to brr ms she waa eettlna iato
a railway enrriage at the Cite ilo Lyon,
some m inks neo to Mart for SnitwrtstHl.
William Walter I'heipf. the Uidted
Stairs llBltir to Germany, has been
spending a brief vacation at hU home
and h sailed for his past of duty on
tbe North German Idoyd steamer Werva.
Ml,,LliUi- in. K. H. NarUett, Oak
lstul, Md ; W. ?. Kster, Jttbartktur,
Pa; 8. Towson AufHHos frmmiuLXsw
York; Boajsuitti 8 toll. WUlUnsburr,
V ; S. Amg, brouklya, N. V.
Satuuud-YiKU)U Kenjea awl M. I.tufar,
NewYutk; J. N. CiuaBOvii, t'enaMWanbt;
(leorge P Btid, Uberty, M ; '. f. TtUt,
PMJippJ, W. Va. '
ft. ..o.-iM-'fltomss Wntbers an4 I- C,
Kerr, Naw York. J. A. rhambars, ttetruit,
Mhk ; John K liagesly. Jr., Ml. ittt. Mm;
Jelw M TaratMdl. MtMunottib, III ; A. C.
TbowMM, Fratbtrteksbiug, Yu., J. W. SaeU
ibj(. iMuville, Vs.
KtUr4'tU S. Uaatse aol -lobe A.
PuMtOl, CalUwratH, Pa ; Imn Palmer and
Un, M. Loi; H. il. (Juebmnaail s,
L'aioctowB, Ph.. 8- M. CucuMf, Ulm-lnastt:
D. Ii. Butan, bswsrk, H-i. P. fuWu
cuO. New Tort., Ilea. J- B. hWttly, rWj
ituii. u. V. Bteawf, Kaiwst Qttjr Mo.;
C. Masse sad w. Eassop, P
Aiuyi-J. M. Moor, Uuht , Ark,;
i. W JUwOJb. WaiWeftntt, Ark.; tt A
Pscfcara, Kruoklye; Mt Magrater , K
Wtl t'.'t-k S. WaPsboSM. K w yark ;
F. KtlUt. t tdesmi- Mr. a4 Mrs. K. W.
buTwd, K yrk
Wn,' A II Hmbajsi . A V. B.
ktWMH-U, Mew yerk
iLurciiUM lJaatry Ytotoo and wife,
m Tetk; Pr. K- Jlurwiu, laMtsnase;
Mr. M Mm. tlubat, Ea-ljus; A. t.
lUwasae, tadas,
Ailiita-fbmH itrrv end Tmoasas
Tviuiie:, asm Uslma; E sbtrkbtger and
eMs-naer, Me Teek: Cspfca Tyior, Hiu-
. Mt,. " -j. tT -m- -
Aj-auH& W. V. Tsfpitt WJ.
i to-iiti, bssr Yaefe; Ja mrtm, Piuiii:-
i'4a4--V. u. UkMM.VtiitM, Umm
WiViilri': W. r". itnes. LT. U. A.; Titssii
L WiHtaiAUaid V U.llKaWavj,
Sew York.
Ifjrfij .fuhttiivu g- aV l'knaar 4 vMs
it. Albaes. Vi.; v. wrvnatrm sa4 wile,
CUeaao. S. Y. thirmalit Hn Pr nrlsco" .
aaTaaamapt eajBBwwna( -w, v & maaBwl
c Uuuk-t. C. Mdier, tWJWJm; K.
Jm ! emff ss s aM eay JBfj S
WeswtartTaM.; L. p-r' (Maoar,
rum U caateae JBhw.
lMa9 of (fen lev seiiitaaM MiajaubM
caa psrai of (iri aiiitaam wMcfc aMUt
advocata kbe MclSiw 'eg lav ae LheNe
Y JRSw. the Sear Yoj m
sittiwr XtfmfWt. Is aJMaaer to
Wtmtm. Mr. Pastes, edmof of the JVw
fa) at tbe bea-i of the Ueaawt Surisau.
Mr J f K of the Jummd m tbe
I'cMkd Stains Ctiui la taadoti
CouW Lb; bus buL-AiucUHiwdootaf
tbaa antpfiort t&$ ftitmrajawiiinprm
coi4d tbase bea w.uc egbcUiw
uji-ot ajsjMt labt uijo u gt
taw passu, uw a uews oa sm
TttJt Cwru' tea beoia to bort
bAi will Jit jou tu write tjbc wu'i,j ol
1 ta faateet sptaluii .
Hi itiuftii n h brrn wsimlv il. -
tn n'Tii of ttic Wrsi Krii! ittawinajroo n s
t hf ebwrnt will rtK WastitOjtt'wt
rtrtt- fo otrt rwwn, tt- mrmsrv srfi
tsvsi. n tp!omtlft oftefsf " th
taiifcv St1 cft-gvid p,, have
Tititu trr hrm.f. sthbaei-nrll tbem dorms:
tt e'fti tn oftw mpttals irtftr i so I
cmmfprlf'8rt thst tt f rtprt tstlvf wd I
ro psntf nisr iwm wminsis. mn iiisn
tbe stsmp ts ' ry tke rtrtr to Uto ae
nth'lB"t grt salons of the re Mmt
WnWlttv n1 tvatry. M a rm. In Wash
tftgt." ptoph? t attr- th tr oo-'Pton la swtet
avcoritrntty ss tbcv rank fcre thev come
mm, ra mr lo a rcst-iM, spsrt fm-n
fftprt enA right, or mre mttttary. navst or
onlvlat fosltSin, itowm't ijwcssarUT brtn-r
Srfth ft an optn inmf tf tbe fndfvtdnal ts
nottejimdroMiit ensptctrm. Among tbe
stvtrsl p!mi-m whtcn jro to make np -ert
fft ttif. cvi' nt tbfe ate, and always
wttt'he, tbo ntwe ttct brMrtlwe swl n-MMntsrW-t
lcpuisilons. bsrkeit by lcm?
fftsMtsfced rHiinn stttt pstrtottc Mrrlfe,
wffl forea thr-m to tln front in the worM of
rssMflft aMt toriy. tt ts hsrdty rtosslMi,
horer, that wieWy hrn Ht ever he
tsneed Jo lire slternatlve of sehmtt.
tmsr to tittng dtie'tett hy any ove
self eontHnted arMtrr t'tgnnlmrnm ss
l tbe pstnfnl esse In Sew Tor1
Irtere fa too rowih iMIIvMnttttr ami t w
stirwir a stnse of perswfteMty to ntmlt to
heme; mred by the bear! of any snetat firm
after the manner of a mereanttfe eaynry.
Over tbe note and wme. "wTist's tk
matter, Algte, old men? Yon look rettten "
Atirte Oon't mention It, Imt my cottar
button has gone on a mid down my Mtek.
At the President's reception Rnjilsh
taurlst to his wife There Is thai Imper
tinent tales, your mai4 iVsttte, here, my
'tes, desr, ami with one of my itowns
on "
Hon. . tt. Pester, ett-Miatsterto ffusshi,
Spain ami Meako, ts spendtnara few rtT
in Sew York, fH-compantett by Mrs. foster,
wt oee bouse Is tbe favorlta resort on Mon
days of tbe most agreeable members of tbe
Diplomatic Corp, ss well as tbe most
sought after In gene ml society.
Mrs. Senator Ittsrst bss shown a very
refined ami entttvstett taste In the srrenire
menfs anil itecoratton of her benotlful new
mansion. There is an entire absence of
the Muml overnbetmlasT tot of lrir-a-tr,c,
but what there Is i very rara and prtua
less Tbe trail of the decorating flomi Is
not risible. TUB honee Is at once home
Hke ami a marvel of elegant simplicity.
Ibe marrlsee at an esrl- itov of I, eriten
ant l.emley of tbe .Vary remotes from tbe
list f hacbelore n fsmlllr rtsure amt leaves
a vscaney In tbe nnwber of those hn were
alwajs welcome! as gooii, "all arouml"
society teen.
Mr Head, who msirted a itangtttcr of th-j
late senator Yulee of rtottde, amt fnrmorlr
realdeil hers, la now Itvlntr. In Rbhiiiomf,
Va. Mr Read often runs np to WastiJnit
tcn. vi hers Ids reputation as a talsntet
aieblteet is only eonsteit by bis fame as an
amateur shjiser and social qualities nf the
btfrbest bled.
f. ttet) will I Mtonishet! anil itcHe-hle 1
wnb the extraordinary and w.tmturfnlly
arllstieaklttof Mln Mrwl Hunt a a per
tmtner in tbi .iilu. Miss Hunt has tieeii
highly isturatnt otro.J ami rhiiv-'l
crrat art iriuiaph le Usrlm i'l , w!tr
tin- tctiflar-l of Sfi Pence Is. o'rrms. rv
hlvb. si.rt lo 1st ltneit to at stl Is s K"st
i leuti natits Msnm ami ttiirklnshsm of
ttie Na, bavlna eovered themlr- wl b
(birr In doing the otllelal h no t tin
Mrsiniane, ate nor reetingon their lsurels
and reiresbing ttwmelv stmr tbolr labors
by an occasional plumm into the sif of
Two of the ntost attractive houses of tb.
tuitoi' wire this winter will b tboss of
aeiwlor llulltr Mid senator Call. Mm.
Call and tbe Misses Hntlar are estremetr
psipnUr, anil tbelr receptions will tw al
ways attended by those who know wkero
to no to And the brains and b-MOty of th
Mr. and Mrs. OntarbrMae liorsey, No.
iai:t hew Ilawpsbtre sv-mMe, have not yet
selectrd m day a pan which to lecslve, aad
tiiobably wlti not ustli altw tW hominy-)
Ml llcrssy b lsltlB friends In New
Mrs. John Xktbotsa Nortoa an J Miss
Xotton, Xo 17 II street, receive on Hat
urdays, that b-rfur tbe imy nanamUy chosen
by tbe reaUents of U straet,
Mrs. Cassmaek and Mim Uanmrnck, Xo.
taaa Nineteenth street, reeefre oh akd-
Mr. Koorvdt has JeUd lAOuiiUy to
reeUva btr trlemts, at Xo. 9 Jsffcnou
T ba front staiee of a ahtb-botue am gM
amity to tw found at tb win4w. titou
Pretty eirU da not usually nk the beat
wte, but tbaj make the boat JUic.
umtmU Jmitmil.
"W bava seat our pastor bis rmij-ua-Uaa,"
rsaisrked a nrn inbuilt eakrar of h
ebuteb rsveatly. t)iUSe a Mast aad tug
geUve ) of putt but it,
W hn a a-orgu wlitor de.-tda lo My a
baertpiiawti tbtag, ha cays it vry IhorouUiy.
itjvMbts-day uisdisor ia tbat nvan imt
tfc fdlowi usssjmpb abaat a bmitl
younjc lily Wu ad JUtt tabdwd a t rtwy
uulil. "MUa alMindoa AiUMtrosy is uim oi
(koseibb, rare rtp beautlss bi nut, fona,
adtd sad oi tbit by ihetr virtues, power
ud srutib k to tbeaowtb a wtteaf haroa
ibat t swtsr bacu appnaaehed la ataaly
vivl'ci c by asy laud osany tiiam." A'ew
Ydii I'tlllUM.
Sklum-rU ceitklulv tba amaintat msa -uat
Urn baa a ulek of bswrUHi tae im
opsn whta bss satam aeruwdadcaevf aeiM
winter auur W" The ptiisasgam gso l and
took aagsEeis ?t Skiini, baa abmatsr
iausaw't adud it Preseattf oac of tbe paa
tttMjcr Kts nu to an sad ehwa tin door
ami & tuner asops bab the vacaas seat.
Kttior's Wile-Youosigbt to avobievea
tbe sp?jtaoMi eeH. 4kMS loaneU
faefck Jfijmvm Tllsy saast a--, t
kaw tbe gia who doat swam eas Jwy
'TWa i tka aateampb ol Poa, tfe
wa "
kb-,t U that nlace of cast uvo over
UfcvM Db the deal t H. f
"That U scctioa ef a hatha- thai was
W4 bfsraw sy rss, an featbaM
pbuar.' M. y. Sea.
tlw m Jejetdj ossp ha a guu
rnkr is 0 isadV sjKm tbe soparui
ricsae- sir." saU Um aw, "tsjeausa ae
we aeaat of saaajt eoauss." Jtr. Y. tm
Ytbwl WBA& BBa mammamm MMsMild ia
a ssf asswe - aw waa iwas wtj
laaisaV' tase skjm se besaar pbtsiel
Val-gf jpwsBs i4Pmsmp ' "t spmaw
Wafer Tiitjaf Xit&l fjUjBi ivy Ittfl MtiUa'alt W
MMsi tsi ontAtiimliy ssaliM jhnm lilv &
-mfmff aff W BWaiv Jrepip Pflas PW tf m'am
Kmi hfea rfalTTilaBi tiriiHitHllMal
HalaW apiinu "ajilb ' ""' wane
aaUl VaaJ htlftatft flat t Bajftti.
iti btr bf was most brbs. Im Ur ciag
um m k.w --' miA
it U t va. vimIj liiiUMwou cuwiua
Baht baNMea Uw Ssafaeslst saioriy sod
tgs PsriassWe noourtt-r saould be appuun-i
at Kdkauy of toesae- abase i'" bu
aum f-- ia tbe -ouiea, or a kadiutf Uait
i-l lie ldeb tLi-lr eosud i (Jtbau- iai,
4,1,4 it tbe efB rate eta wfco Join l u Si-
.WifcCiii a uvl life ja i Lfc. .. v
u.li.r,fiuM tif Utt i tat. tUoii u. rtt ut Un.
liuditlui ul lri-lj uUtkt, ' btiic LcU
v.v!'td Aci 1 i - luitct.
snensttttosh at the Jmttnnat
Mr. Browsori Howard eeafly tsn 1 in ,
the frowt rank, If not Indlsjr M tim first
pftret, among America dftmtii j
Pi m hfs ' aT10, to "Bhen in '
doab," the owtpul of Mt flfcrnry pr'
b P baa been chafttcteitttnf by a skin
of construction, a senfe of tlra1nt!,
ifTevi. a Wlcfty of poWfirtWr, and.
above all, an exoeftlonsl nc,i
abd llghtwesa of Rn In the Ml i
rojne, iccullarly bis own. WorWeir,
blibrrto mainly In the itu of titawrtciv
tlrsma, he has now recognlfcd the Fsc't
that, after a quarter of a Century, the
ptrpef ptrtrpecUve has at lt been ar
talmd for the projection on the ttmatrtc
canvas of the drama of the lit e wsr
TV arvat success of Mr Gillette
HeM by the Knemy," Mfberto th
btst. as well as of msny Inferior pn
durilons, r,f this class, convinced Mr
Howard that "tbe (war) plaf was th
tMng" with which t cateh Ihwdrt
msftc coMsrtence of the pobllc, and
"Shtnamioah' l the gratifying tcsnli
A large audience, one of the larg'M
of the season, wns at the JCsthWftl n -tlrris
last evening to witnes the mit 'h
tslktd of and advertised theatrics! sne
cis. The first ant drsjts somewhat
Intctmtnably through an nnitsttslly
drcsrv labyrinth or explanation and
preliminary, but Is rtdecmel by aolev
erlv paihted colonial Interior with a
glimpse of Charleston Harbor for bsck
ginurtd The scene of the next twi
acta, three Top Mrnotsln, with the
flitnsndosli windlBg at Its foot, was
grutctl with applan-e at the rising of
the curtain, ami ae the stirring music
of the military lumls and the old time
war songs of the marching regiments
were heard from lmhlml the scenes,
ss the well temembered uniform,
fsdid by sun ami storm, stained,
splashed and tatteted, the bronreit
faces of t lie men, the tawed battle
Hags, the litters with the wounded, the
dead awl thr dying deployed upon the
slap, the realism of it all became mori'
and mote Intenso, till the cltmt of
Phcridan's dash upon the Held of Ol tr
C'teek roused the house to such a pitch
of enthusiasm as is rately seen in n
Washington theatre
It was all very well done so well.
In frict, that one almost censed lo think
of It ss a play at all. and quite tost
sight ot the Individual players. I' 1
no little advantage In a phy of this
tort Hint tbe Cast U ot such even. If
Inconspicuous, merit that the tllttstm
of the Kcenn suffers no Impairment bv
the usual disparities or talcnl.
Mr Francis Parly le as Monti Kttch
ii-al irVsf. though a trltl.i stagey at
times, was a fairly satisfactory exponent
of what was doubtless lntcudcd to bn
tbe central heroic lien re of the phy,
and Miss Nellie Gttlon gave a very
spliltetV-and vigorous portrayal of the
Imperious and firry little Southern
branty, his smetheart It ah in
i rme of the If s prominent fin hv
.v(r, that a dilishtful nsturdnei ml
dlttctaess of Ina'iii-lit must adinlritMy
I (.lied out tbe rcalNtlc end, aim
el it ptavalllngtoneof tlwdriraa, X ilb
ii-st u.tild veil hsve been more freth,
cr n'amoos ' d eonttnetn I tUsu thi
Major Onnrttl Ihiflthor of Mr. II irrv
IJmwociI, the ('!,( ln y'arfsaias
d )!r. Iolimsn. th funny Irish
sirgcatil of Mr Itirrows, and
ritn a'l the Jrnnle llit ithint
ot Miss IS'annctte Comstock, charm
log llttlf lady whi sc brerry fasclnati n
of presence and manner arn as Inds
ictlbabie ss ItresUtlhl!,
What with the dtmonstratlons In
fitCM of tbe Columbia Athletic Club,
the MytlcSbrine, the Elks and other
organizations Innumerable fn honor of
thetr UvorttH plays or actors, Washing
ton will soon crreo lo have a national
reputation for such theatrical weli-om-n
tn Masse. Last nlijlit the entire front
of the orchestra was a gorgeous (lower
lied of blue ami yellow, duo to tbe pres
ence r.f the handsome oitvtlrymen of
Troon A of the District National Giwrd
aril buttons and sliottlder strap were
rif and resplendent throughout the
"Shenandoah" will continue to run
through the week.
lliti Henrietta" at Alliuusli'-'.
There le no tfiore amusing person
ality on the lioatds of te-ilay than that
of Stuart IIoUob, When that loUr
ably perslaiftnt peisoaality has been ex
aclfy fitted with n part like that ot the
gulMess JUrtt In "The Henrietta."
the humorous result cannot long remain
is doubt.
The play is one of tbe very f iiniduat.
In exhsueUeee absurdity and oompllea
tkm of situation. In the saap and
ipatkk of ils talk, and the limit
less dh and "go" of its
movrimnt, vrUUU has ealiveoad
tbe American stage ia many
jeeu. Now, (a Its third
ifaaoa it is as bilgbt aad amusing a
tvtr, aad the audieneee wljich crowd to
sea it shew no sign either of dimleuii m
or fatigue. The funny squeak and lisp
aad grimace of Mr KoUia are, if any
thing, funnier ibaa ever la tbe dire
dia-touis wUieh beast "The Ltmb"
amoag tint isvsmous wolves ot Walt
stru t IJU attitudea ata as mario-utilsb .
bis tala.it! as wholly marvelui aftd
1h: adiaiisblii corapaay iiicluiles
' Biai;) ot tbe faiuilUt astiK-i and faces
bk.n ci'iiiilbtitid t) uuke the
ray the pbeaosaeaal sueeess we
ulJ h on our Aist iuiroiluettoa
to it. rMvertiag surptiaea. If any una
li uil srcrpiabiy siKCertl Mr. Csaaa as
lil A - iu tin Waudt it ts that Merliag
atur Mr tteurae b. Woodad, wmt,
with bis sceontpUabed U, Kagvals
Ibidkissaa, are slaaya most wabsoeaa
liruus befont WaablagtoM tootllgbAa
Mlta May Waldeoa was atetuesjuaiy
cbarailujf -.a sr la the ruts of the fas
ciuatiae a blow, aad Mr HatcMaTe, Mr.
BVtftoa aad tbe supfion la gsjari so
well cast ia their respects' tw aaaigmateats
that -Tb UstjuteiU from start to iaiab
aaovts with ail the speed asm siux-tb-as
of one of im auasaroaa sMaaee
Tae )dav alii tat cmttaufl at sugbt
ajsd avstiave uatii fiaturday evasdag
kts "SkaSteoM to Cuw(Uaw," wUb
Mr. WuasVTB la blglalaiHabts iassweaost
al&oB of Tu0 Lvmpk a, will be pee
aesMbtd, . ut Urn tftaaa' M Hssa'
A bffty abirl of biiarfty swart
dsuB uaaii Marria' Mii'u Ttkaalia w&
aJsibt wbaa tae cosuady dvasBaj 'isaa
of tbe Ftai," a as p.tsaUal by Bi
vrasd ttaasaa's rojaipany Iva way li
ob& of tlse BiMSftl BopaJar tank yraiiiis
oa the atajw sad wfuH of dransM)
ftJwtffttr'f aid Itftdyujtts rBs't. 'a
reat vl M Mi&Ur, the Dutcb poiigB
ittaa. is poruayed by Edwb M- Bva
bs a tesfevtly isarialai ftili i aisi?nsr The
Yyrtaiiis Bealus, Ibaaiai 4 Hart, amused
th tnwU-fcc iU a ckver ta.olttikio of
bis kvwdtsl tab-ats i tbe part of Mart
iHims. Tbe Uavif vliltia was dsusasi
Wd by Uatry iMnVM to power
t yl mjnajTr ajsd be HiLWd el tba seiiMre
asaaus of Us part very ablv MUs
t'bt.aa Mi aVIilbtlt r a Huh Hiwfcuu
txbtbsied grs-at esuotbmai poww, awl
ftlfafi r?aiDm Mttaaaa, araw ts a pseatif aiadi
iLioo yotMf at-ureas, su pawicc
Urly wtU retailed- Mbw aUrloa 6ry
Hsstsn gave aa u-vxcjtti-! ppritiie allien
sea a Uy.
'i'be rtaoury of ibt aiay is wxeli
u ,'. aad It piaa.1 u, aba aiaue eaU
Faii Kl.ct dock to Xw ork ia i xprv
aciAeJ ia a muat ivid u-j.u.,-f, bt
uLo to autbHwrioe of lU. j...acy
thf wlnimipe 1 1 p in twron the whuf
t i bait ti In ft'inrd n il In-t evenina
"One of tbe Finest ' bss undergone
mane Improving alteraMons irc Jts'
rr-Hl'lietr'. Mid 111 rlimmbvs prtye owe
of tbe rtotttopwhrr affractfrffls of tire
taodevnte at Keemsw.
It was a large riowd which filled
Kcinm's Theatre last evening to Wlt
ms the InltM performance of H. W.
vVlillsma' Smclalty Company which
nil! hold tire boards at that house,
tl.rtughont the week. Mr WlUHins
bss gathered together a number ot first
rises variety attlstr and as a result tbe
pei for msnee last bight was a mot en
jcysb r one. Among the artists who
contributed to its snwrese - T. and
Htlrir- I'.Trnes, Mktlhsjw, a clever Jug
tier, Hsgmar. prtHXf Dane wfiirse
Mbglng scorfd a hit; Sanler and Jttt
PHfo, Blllv I'srtcr, the Uoleman slsbefs,
fjeorge K Austin, one of the finest
srecfc wire artists ever seen here; Mc
con, who rxcils as a concertina Mrinfat;
Larry aed I.izrle Smith, Van Gifre,
Tallns and Cnssick, and .1. W. KeHy.
Tbe rntrrtaltmcnt was eooclml'-d with
a catchy acrobatic comedy br the thre
Ilyrne firos. cnlltletl "A carriage; rble
snd tts mishaps " The same cuwipiny
every night this week. Matinees lo day,
Tbtirsdav and Saturday.
Terttblo Jtxpertnnee ot n t.lttle rItti
ttttl l.stt.
I'trrttm, Dec. 0 t.lttle Tommy
Gallfly, a llttston lad, who for years
bns men employed In the coal mines,
has given up his position ss doorbiy
In haft No 5 of the Pennsylvania
CohI Company and declares that he will
never again enter a coal mine
'litis determination was arrival at
owing to a rather ttnuusl experience
wlilrh the Isd underwent a few diys
ago. He had finished his work, and,
with n number nf door boy companions,
had boarded n trip of cars to git to the
foot of (he shaft, whence ho would be
hoisted to the surface. When hj bad
ridden some little distance he re
tnemliered that he hail left his dinner
can helilnd nnd at once si it tet 1 btc.lt
alone through the dark pnssngel to get
It. He had not pioceedcd fur when a
drautht extinguished his Ihriit and he
was left In darkness. There was no
one near nod the situation was a iles
pcrate one for the titifonun-tti lad. who
blew not which way lo turn f ir aid.
After thinking over bis ca for some
little time be determined tn try nml feel
his way out to tbe rmiulh of the mine
alntig the car rails But, uofortttn itely,
intlesd ot going In the right dtrectloH,
he wandered miles further Into the
wot kings until, exhausted and fright
ened, he sank down ami sleep dime to
his relief.
Meanwhile the llltle fellow's aht.'nco
hd been noted at home, and a parly nf
nun s arted In search of him At 10
o'clock the net day they came across
the lad In the old workings and restore I
him to his folks hut little the woise for
bis novel adventure.
Sir. )tuldwnr Klltril nml Aim. Kit (.tt
MuiiKlect oh the Ilnllriinil.
MtMettaMLi.K, Pa . Ibc U Eil vanl
Mnldtttvney, for two yeara oist u
widower, has recently been paying his
sddreste to the wldnw at Patrick Kt
Holt, who resides at Greeoabury, near
hue, ami on Saturday evening the
coulee wcte strolling nfung the west
bound tracks of the Mine III!! Division
of the Itrtdlng road, watching train
going up the opposite road A train
was spproaciting tnem on tuc tto.vn
track, but It was unnnttrod by them
Thcj ere struck by thu lender of the
(tililnc, and Muldownev'n Ixxly was
dctihUd under thu heavy locomttlve
and rolled along tbo roadbed for som i
Mrs. HUIolt was hurled front the
track with terrible force, her upper j nv
badly fractured and several of btr ribs
bioktD. Her upper Up was almost torn
away, ami her tteth were knocked out.
She staggered to Imr feet iu a bewildered
rlate aud dragged lieiself to tho liuute
of Thomas Kvans, three or T-ur bun
dinl arils up the railroad. Sue could
i idy till an incoherent story, aad Mr.
Krgcs and some friends started out to
tlesr up the seeming mvstery. The
blood roots on tbe snow quickly led
them to the place where Muldwuey's
body lay, wbeu the horrible accl lent
was explained.
lraculuua tjtcupu of I'uobncer from
a i'rlKlitiiil IKatl..
l'lilLAUBLfHIA, De, 9. The 7 40
train last night for Bethlehem, on tbe
RtadiDg ItaUroed, was thrown from
the track just after leaving Green
Mount and ran about 100 feat over the
tu-a, stopping at tbe very brisk of tae
liestle bait tVlngobockisg Creak, fifty
fmi high. NnjHf nf the p.sseosers
wtie Injuired A switch bad b au Urn
pend with and this eattsel tbe d rall
Kstet. Iilutiu'a t'lrt LugUlutuce,
BeiaB liJAMo, Pee. tt Yeatef I the
irtt IexiiAtur of Idaho iviaveaed. II.
Z, Muikaart, ex clerk, read tae procia
fimllftti aoaveaiag tbe ipaclsl Iattlaia'
tare. The tkbty six represeiitiitivas
Wese tbea swots ia. I'asaiagwaH Breaker
ri.tk A. Tena taea look the eatb of
tilit. it beiag admiahdesad by JtUe
Motgau Charles Basal of Ada Couaty
la (iUlt tti .Nun- t,silu(ur.
Tor-gttA, YUh . Pc . Tb Faim
en AlHaace fetata Coauaitwe baa la
ttiuittd the eounly slllaacai to take a
vote oat taebr choice for Ualted saabM
Seealor, such vote ia the aggregate to
autda tb new Legislature ia the ekc
tioa U a Senator. Tbte caav. is k be
$f aad retsortgd at kyadirtiertars fi
later thaw Jaauary 1.
Htuum t HianttitlgraSetVur WHst.
HirinMmB. Ya , Hsw. . -Th Btaaatl
of Aidsttmea mat sight, by a two tbistk
vote, dsicWed to give tbe CitaMerstat
HfUJipyfal IgiiatiHfy tiofiatj tm tsaa of
ib Jfl Davis lAMUaioia for a auueuas
for war relks. This waj Ike executiva
tBSBgl'ns) of tba Ccasfadarsycy, and was
uccttiatd by PseaisVsat Jeateeaoa Davis
duiiatf bit a4adsaaca 1st MaaBOsaV
Xo mv-H tbavtas Ocatt.
.Ui.kwa. Mb . Sac Maay of tfea
Ka i ninneabis caw ska Keausebec Mirer
bavg begun strafing tbcljr ice tk-hts
pee). lory to cutting tbair wlauer crup.
tbb'k asut tba BBbi age be eBasJyaas
stsif It is citui.ti tbete are ao
over m,m ot r5,tba boas of old lea
Vfnf iii 1 1 -i tiiiBa Xjjui Sm 3fUiU
AavatB, !. fc- - TbOsBM
rkvatliu A teon, hisditag lTitniffirj'iaBg.
UUtd bere vii'srdty fog IVaw.iglB. bs)
aaaata bviag tneatisa of Aa aMisBatt.
J"ocr ujlUttbo aad eaulrtrirtainaM
inyg y ttf r eu ace wa aBtaaae aaagaad
t'fe!rr Wi'fc Llcl
iil-rt wit
t.rxu.u.1.1 ji t Uw AuiJ-rii-aJJ t.totb-ir, Ujbiu
cot. P EutCu, suiulMaat torit bcvutU
ud l sUCela korUiweat,
wen rsnnten Tnnnc
rt.ies tw irearn.
aoib w , "M i. n Dec ft It was dis
covered jesteidav tbst to drafts lo
fmTO drawn hv Lewis P. SieboTit Imd
been raised to W,;M) and $i,1W, re
syti,crtvly. etuhseqnvntty it was dhi
covered tint ovi-t 8 ooo In rled papr
was stoat, trtd that Saobom'i baml Imd
llregaliy Increased I's value. Then It
w leSTnvd that Ssnb.im had fled from
tlrt cfty laie ot Saturday night, and his
wherewwrots are unkrrowa. Previmts
to going he made an assignment to his
mother, and It Is repotted made a con
fession to his lawyer
He Is 30 years of age ami tbe s m of
Geovcc C Sanborn, formerly one of the
mct promlrent business nte Ifl this
section At his death Iawls Inherltel
a large amount of money. He finally
leosme engulfed in the maelstr'tn of
commtrce, and this led lo the com-nls
tlon nf the crime now chsrged to him
His liabilities will exceed 100.000 and
his assets are meagre.
of Ttielr CI.alioreni Was
c.inrK"! unci Thoy Unit,
Nfw York, D f. Tlte long an
ticipated strike In the spinning depttt
mentof the Clark Thread Mills at Ifew
ark and Kearney begun at noon yester
day. The Immediate cnttse was the
discharge of a spinner by Superintendent
Walmsley, whom the men have detested
since he was Imported and placed In
charge more than two years ago. Im
mediately following tbe discharge a
shop committee called upon Mr.
"aimatev and asked that llie mnu Im
rtlnslatid. Mr. Walmsley told the
men If they did not like his action they
could put on their coats and leave.
All the spinners In mill 2 then de
cided lo strike, and the word pnsscd to
mill It, where the men followed suit.
Mill 1 was also notified am the men
there also struck. The strike Involves
one hundred and twenty splnnuts and
their helpers, In nil more Hum one
humlrtd and fifty persons. The Na
tional Spinners' Association of Atuerlct
was nt once notltleil. The Clark Mills
employ more than ft. 000 persons, hut
just hnw rrany of them tills strike will
nfTeot cannot lie slated now.
CcmrdltntlnnnTlirit 5laj- t.rave til F-tlr
Fliincre In tlio Until.
Mi tit t. Pa, Dec. 0. The - Lillian
Varten esse deveh ps this legal com
plication: The linmlsomo estate which
Inventor John II. Irwin left to her nt
his llflDccc mnyen to the collateral heirs
of ltelMCCit.T. KIdcr Irwin, hi second
wife. They have commenced suit for It
en the e round Hint eettnln fully exe
cuted deeds which have turned up
aiming (nine loose papers slace Irwin's
death, transferring lo Irwin' s. ciutl
Hlfc. In 18t5, as a wedding present, the
thirty four acres on which are loci'cd
all his valuable machine shuis, ire
still alld, though Irwin, subsequently
lo the t'.xtcutlim f Ilia deeds, prtvttely
dtuw his pen across the nigUktures
then to, hs If to cancel them.
The issue will be tried at tbe preent
term of court liefurc Judte CT ly Inn, and
I nit tenting points of law will have to
be decided.
llie Heply New York eieiitrsl Hupei
Inteiiilmt .MhiIo .tbi.iit DWutiitrE,
IIukfai.0, J,'. Y , Dec. 0. The Xew
York Central Kellroed yestertlay ills
chargisl thirty four men, most of them
employes at the Ohio street freight
home, thu reason gtveu being th.it oil
account of the c!oe nf navigation they
were not needed. The reduction in
force lid lo sensational reports that the.
company had begun acruside agulnst
its employes who arc Identified with
ctrtsiii labor organization. Superiii
tetdent Burrows said he had no knowl
edge of uny dismissals except at the
freight houso, but it waa possible that
the train master had dlicharged some
new men who were members of labor
unions. In such an event SujwInUm
dent Burrows said that the train mister
was doing the proper thing ami it was
net bod 's business but that ot the torn
lliu Tiatn Left the Track, Hut No (Ine
Wu Kllltil
Dbkisom, Tkv , Dec. 0. The Mis
souri, Kansas and Tgxas express truln,
which left here at 7 a. ) yastarday,
wss ditched between Stallone Hay and
Alkime, The mail, express, and big
gage cars ami two passenger coaches
w ere derailed, Tbe curs turned oyer ea
their sides aad caught fir, but the
titiwea were soon extinguished. Tbe
pas. enger s broke through the windows
ami e taped. Xf. Whiteridge of Fort
Scott, Kans. ; W. D Hagaerson of Sua
Sahft County, Kx press Messenger -1 juij
Caldwell, lUggaga Master V J. Heady,
ami Poster Lea Caldwell were severely
1 ut not dangerously injured. The ac
cident , eaaaad by spreading rails.
t'aiaoll latlutieU.
Imjiavapous, Ibd , Ike. . Fifty
of tbe leading; Irishmen la Iadlauapo
)bi have Ivea tbelr iadurteiaeat to as
addles to the public ia defease of Par
Lell, ia which, after tdiUeuUag the
shoe bed awralily of Qladttoai aad tba
folloaere of MoQsrtbv. tbar tav.
"Tbe liish wewbetg saasm to have
beta hypaoUsad. They have nm
pletsly oat )Ja4r hilsftpy. aad is tbls
crisis tha oaly asaa who really hold lo
the sea sible course fat ParaatU Be Is,
1b pedat of fact, tba oaly seal laadar la
tba ItUb ParHaaaas4aiy party. HU
foUossers are fairly good as rank aad
Me. but s loaders, Individually ajed
colWetively, tbey are simply nowbers "
Skate ( TlniwuelliH4.
LAIBeTOV, Kv.. Dec . A gewl
Sateaiiagfie of uatI gaeat at tba tbatafatAaJt"
bjad aakr of CiaVwutJ ai. IP. rlytafy jfsaV
f laJmais broswbt ib Matt, aw ever!
1 1 pt fur baast Tba host pfkes ware
fer tbe loUowteg
Prlacsa ttowUug, to H P He Hey.
UxtBo-toa. la.atTu, Piiace yoaao. b 1. f.
loj K IWtfbwlv,PbillpaU.a.J0,
Tate Tax, b E. Uda, Mew Yorls.
IJ)asW l SB arPSsallpaiaa epw "r BSIWBa
ItstoM, l,ts!5 Kate Bowiiiag. to U P
Headly, $' Zbi. Urns Lef. t, U B M
CWbwJ. fJJbtf, Abo Kii ibtiti. i. f
R. Hughes. Lauisvl!!.-. 3.009.
ff aMptWaWat Cgjfcirtty tjLajftJf
Mssi Cirrg, leWA, Vug t Svaa
kt Sioux gbos dsac-ri, lacluiJiBS me
Isaoux ebb-f .aaaistd tbwiufb tMacAty yes
avnJ " totu fur Tt imMmj;. alio .
t wbb-b place tby w.on nAa4 taVea
1. i.M.4,mi.f aS Lralial hjtufrtj
eeBj "an aasv"safcaaBB"asBsm -a "aep-HB rw'&
Utios. Tby laaj huto t wtwod bit
Fiulity wbiie oa aba y st thai
faidge -. tu Meat of tuat ticaW.
MMt- &" ' gijfbAtaa .
? i t 1 ..M lac Pet 9 JMaCk la-
aey, lie puttaw. bsft bctc Ut albttor
Kea Uriaans, wbexe be wilt tibt K di
n FiUaiyairnvba un Jaauary li.
Ilown Trom a Tall aplte lt Wittesa
I.Tieky Tnrn.
801 in Nouwuv rf , Dec. 9.
Omttli Tn lor of ,"om1nef, Mats.,
wMely known as 'icjil-- Charlie,'"
bo has been In this town for three
Wnks repairing the damage dope be
lightning to the tall spire of S. Mary'a
Catholic Church, hsa met with a mtl
hap that nearly ewrt him his life. An
Immense copwetcroaa, fifteen feel high,
la to be placet! at tbe tot of the spire,
arm "Seerm Charlie rihnheri to th-a
lofty height In tbe morning to make
tbe ftnaf preparation few the erom He
was lust about to step from his llttb
swlrg, such as sailors nee when screo
ing a shlp' mast, when a rope which
suprortevi cne ettd of the seat beca-rie
loorenetl and tire dating climber ds'vhed
downward at tire ram of fifteen feet a
sice nd.
A crowd of people wno haH been
watching Ids movements sent up a crv
of horror ami turned tbelr heads th it
Ihoy might not see him when he stru k
tlifroumL200 fret below
' Steeple Charlie," by a lucky turn In
the sir as he fell through sps.ee. c night
hold of one of the halliards snspentleil
from almve, and In this way broke the
fotce of his fall as he swung himself on
to a narrow shelf over a small diamond
shaped wlmlow halt way down the
spire. There he remained until his
nerves had become quieted, ami the
proceeded lo his dangerous labors up at
the steeple top.
nw lliivrn Consumptive t'ntlents
Trentril Willi Kuril's Hemeily.
New IIathn Co-tit , Dec. 0. A
second supply of tlte Koch lymph was
received In tills cllv yesterday by Pro
cessor llitMcll H. Crittenden. The
amount Is about equal to that received
last week. Another Inoculation was
tiiadu to day. Professor Crittenden Is
making very exhsuitive experiments,
and will pic pare n most elaborate
lrestle upon the tuo of the lymph upon
the New Haven pstlenls. Dr. Poster,
who is conducting the Inoculations,
says Hint Ilia patients nro nil doing
quite well, hut ho stales that It will be
Several days yet before the real worlt
logs of the lymph will he discerned.
A Spurn Several Mile I.nnir Clnnrctl
mill llireo 1'erMinn Killed,
Atlanta, Ga., Dec 0 Yostenl.ty,
near Montoo, Walton County, 11 cyclone
cleared a space several miles long nod
about, 100 yards wide, blowing down
houses and killing several people. -Tunic
lleotlerenn and Uw wire were burled
beneath the ruins of their homo. Hen
deiion was killed, but his wife was o u
Imi'ly hurt. Tbelr baby was carried
SHM) "vnrds, and was so Imdly Injured
that It dietl shnitly after being found
A family of negroes named Jack'im
w nu burled In tha ruins of their c.Mu
and two of them wcte killed. Anot'.ior
licutc, containing seven negroes, was
b.nwn down, but all the occupants es
cstnd unhurt.
Clitrhfon llilnka Ilo tVoutd Stakn an
llxeellent J'reslilenttuI UuailldAte.
Mr.Glarkson.the able Hepubllc.in poli
tician and late First Assistant Postmaster
General, thinks that Gen. Miles would
be a mighty good Itepubllcin candidate
for the Presidency, and so the Mill
boom has spread from thu Army to the
oultlile politicians. For, be It known,
thcrohas been Miles boom In the Army
for the patt three years. Its extstauce
has been often denied, but It ia on tap
all thu same. Gen. Miles Is a Pruatdeti
tlsl candidate and is a very active one at
that. In atldltlau to the Army iullusnoe
ho has the Sherman support. Senator
Sherman la for him for family reasons.
Gen, Sherman Is fur blin, too. It is no
mere surmise, either, that the prev dent
Indian scare in the Northwest Is bv no
means unconntcted with the Mile
Presldental boom. Army oIQeers wno
are not In the Miles hurrah will tell you
these things it you ask them,
Scarully or Nrttural elm.
SritiNomtD, Oiijo, Dje. 0. A
largo amount of money has been spent
in building natural gas pipe line to
Columbus. Dayton, Kpriugftekl, Troy,
Sidney, Pltiuaasd other manufacturing
centre in Central Ohio. Tueowiwrs
of factories In all these cities have just
been iiotiHtd that the natural gas com
panies can no longer supply them with
gas, ami will only fullrfl private ooo.
ttscts. It Is feared tbe supply will bj
inadequate even for private consumer..
Kcderallau or Labor.
Dktk it, Mich., Dee. 9. -The on
ventlos of American Federatkm of
Labor, after a lengthy dlseueaioa yes
lei ils y afternoon, referred tba quastioa
of admitting Lucie a SaaUl ami bis six
Ktw York eollaaguca to a committee of
rive. Pending the reptrt of ibis com
mlttte, the unsealed deltgaUa ate given
1 e privilege of tba loot
Country ItealdaaiM IltMlrova-l,
Ubbaba, Ohio, The. Liuiiel K.
Mar-kail's reaidetvea at Ad-llsoa, which
was destroyed by ire Sunday Bight was
tba naast eotiatry raaidsace la tbe
coustiy, valued at SS.ttuu; laaurame,
tie.taJO. dividsal equally batwaaa taa
Hesaa of Kaw Vnik aed tba Oulu
SiurUr tad aulJl.la.
WitiataWTttB, eauo. Dc. - Dor
lag a eiuaurel yastatday about awoaaaa,
David Uoha, sa old ataa, shot aad fa
tally wued4 S- L- -. aed tw.
Heike tba shot aad killad blaasetf.
Lsffe' and Mtm't
Allic'.i-al Wut tu UlUUsuilS. AJlMJ .gut
feu-uts aoiS batuuad tbo aaast mm
Krr tadrfsa. bring you wurk la ttJW
h liM UuUJaya
mm iio ctEEtm
1st W CJBta 11 vi.
Wilson & Carp's
. f mmsntx x w.
4 asMl W JX MALXiUMtM WlUtatr.
ami irsirN '
"?W NTInAI inr
Xvet? KreTitne an'l
uttmm-am aw - r ut-.
tK tygswrWAb ttr tork
lttS SSprWrttM eoAr1ctlo-tni' c
AMeHeav patitol sltoabi witness si 1
ittwti.-SensjMl W, T Skeman
mie. 18-JBfPMSorr ahd Ti.onFts -
MtrRT, fine o-gf wps.
Matinee anttrwar
joflBrit w t
Jton , Tees Wert ami cs M'
The Rivals.
Thafs., tti. arm Sat Metits.
The Heir-at-Law.
?a)eof seats will ot-en Thnri1T Pi ti
Scale nf Briees, Si, si HO St ;v We r n
emtttn tolialloii. !"
Erif aaewsnt of the Corned an.
AmtcemrsByef riajers nii'trtiv br f 1
of W. R. Itarden
All llie Week IKxrcpt "utiHir Kvi-trn .
ellMllBg alurrtsr Matins-
Ihrtison newartt's Onreeily ot the en nrr
ftltnrtiay Kvtnlns, Dee IS i nr-p sr c
ot Mr, Jlob-m,on whlcb occa-Wm v,l 1 il
weBtetl Oliver 00 ilsmith s
(treat L'omeUy,
Mil ItOPSOTI as TOSY r.tntl'Kt f.
Next Week The Ku-oronn Come 'rfin
rsuiy.TURl.tLIl'tJriAXS. destf
Week(imraenctriK Mornlnr, Dc ",
TbeOreat Near York Poll '0 PUT.
IbeVaat Plaro of Theatre rovi-rctV. h a
UlTerof Kent ttaler, ttuw Il.st 1 m ' j
Boats, awati rlua's. 1 n
Hosts, shl .
Mftr Dors In hwlmtnliig 'cck
Next Week-P MHO IlOMANt ilt- t
KPRNAN'fTKWf ntMTov tiika-
THIS WEBK- tallies' la iDseThm-silay,
Own Specially Company.
From the Arads-nvof Mii'lc, ritiflurg.
Next Week- ItiNHY B. Ill P-IU t. C J.
-OUg TItKTRR-W:KKK ' . i -Vt
MlltTK Chti 1
Trim Oreat Ilerlesqiie ami sin U tyeo 1
rsny. Tlw only fenratlotial in Hi
ollv. MatlBees Atntiilay. Weln"i!sy. vr ir
ami HatnnUy. Prtees to. '. Si) and V) ru" tit
Private Lessoaa In Iit jun jc ',
AaeltMt ami Mtilcrn,
ileS-lm IS t at. n. w.
TSSlltli htrset Northweet,
Usst ami Most Praetleal In-truetli ti.
TgUMS, g 10.
lleanekea In New York, Ili.-tcn.Thl'adcI
llil, thloag-i, I'atU, llerlln, I.ikIou et'.
JiW Mass. Ave..
Affords erery facility for Repairing a tho
cmrfli edueatkm In iltwratare, mmle and art.
The InstruBMata taaakt ara i-Uno, harp, v!o
lie, guitar, avaadullH and banjo, Lsuguagei,
(weeral vooal, drawing aad faaey work free.
I.aacantar, Pa.
A., Iltaid JIatr. lmr boys rscalred d
raeaatiers of le IrtwJ asaatM's family At
preseat ttero ire two Tseaades, Mr. Uooptr
ba seat toys to Harvard, Yule, .'rmiston,
Ootaabta, LUdsti, Ambarat, Trinity, West
Point, AaaapuH, Aa., aad has sot bail a can
date fur adarfssioa rajeetad.
Aaaapb, Md
lm sesatoa aaniaee.i UTil SSfTEM
BIB. Mi at Uisrtaaala and toar coarse
of study. BuiMkH! Baataii r neam. Term
awdsrate. Bar wiaieie address tba prut
ywaserif Kaoarlias, oa tluiu'f ae Jairu
"3uMtBiaas.kftai.B-0 K k.
Taa Meat BsaaSifai iHaveaaf Vldao' . About
the City vl Vabiti,(u
Taa tot at geaaanaton ftn are t ..let
rakUy. Many gt oas ltt iltii- u u u
1 ii 1 iu- iu uaiu u
1" tw axmi- 1
way? a i4
a tj u 1 ici. vt iv
ta.d irt-ij-, caiad rttbra t
1 -iucwi's
Irsta nil en-t)
s ua ii y lut ji i c
e ate eswenam cl utriuijUL i.-l
ajeeuU-l- Aaaoaa taueas ni'i.Ui-er u 0
g. wuitr. wbuaAs taken ktiiew 1 ciu.a
ikaovset-iagaie.(Si)l.juu- wlm-i. aiUU-s
agaa addithfa to rati Boy i.u! ni nui
AMSea ibesa: Mt DutiJ-. 1! udi kuuaru
natea atturaar, aas iu--.-tvJ S'i-u luti,
HsUuB t Luoltr. tw ulut.. B d i.'ijxk.
tnoluta.ltr TriiwSu,ictiu lu. li F C11
aett. i 1. WolCo. O. E Vn.Ml W E
Xuraaa and aiasy otams Mr u. uxiutiu.
MpHws aadbiatiaaar -' f - -wflJ
aJhureij UuHd a ss.tu at thaFi
RjgtSpsWta-Tal U','f'!tl a
isrtirsi 1 r H-at wSsMVer m uj i. 1 (.aei.y
iaf'iju)WiwbWiw;l;la- i-h.li :.!
irtbati 4 to tbe saece m at .,. iu't , u , 1
tUtag it W ttSlK4l t4Uk ul AH v.lllJA..
luia mat-tiwtag wu a 1 tk. u wiu
blswduliaw ta aJSVu 4i-a moutli . .'.. u 1
ragjnateeM4. ua'tiat iMtUr .-Wui.-1
tr .' owr b twii W uut aeri - ao iiui-euii
tM-Saaaefof 4BOeelj Ilia r ..,i.Ji;0u
lorutoa4 wsst taw -lata n uutit a..
ly 8 to saCsu at oae. ii ' 1ls.bk j 1
to oaS to Ktwatagtoa- I ata.ll uii. tslijui
saevtu5QT yiok.ttoiaiij)iii' tj
rutin iswi
viil !iiuoijx nan's!. 10
imrtaauu use
Eas.tad k lljJdemao
eS6aU.t XAiiAv.i.;(
140 LOTS
' I

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