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M,- JT- , irK1J(
,.every evening
"washington cr1tio company.
043 D Stroot Northwest.
1KII2MH 01' Hl'lHt'llll'TION.
By i n It (postage prepaid). 1 year.... . . .
" " linuntli....
'rr.lcra In tre i It -, 1 Monti
. no
011 1 itrcct,
- Washington, I). C
VvsminTox, l. ('. t're. 13, l.sno.
Tin C'iiitk iomw licforo Hie public: In
ievv ilre-n, Votifl"irtlil, not ns thchotn
tilelcnco, lnil us one of llic ninny e-v l
ilonccs of Tiif Ciiitii ' prii;ri"slvo policy.
Tlir lrt In whlclTllic iik.t npiionru ti
elnj wnxvlciUtl niter ninth ilellberutlmi
hi tlie fine best sulti'il to thrj scheme we
luivn nilopteil tlmt of i,oiiip.ictlics mid
euuilensiititm In presenting the ncwi. It
li nur belief that an intelligent publlo will
bo Ktler servcel by u graphic: ami concrete
tlirnniclonf ench ilnyV luipienliiir5 than
by a .system of cumbrous elaboration ami
miiplUlintlim. It is but fitting, therefore,
llint tho print In which wo cater to our
renders shoulil be typical ef the terse and
ivhl character of tho literary material
The pretnt mciiis an appropriate mo
ment In which to express our grateful rec
ognition of tho generous cncntirngcmviit
thus farlicMovvoil upon this cnterprle. It
allows in that tho publlo nio gradually
realizing tho truth that Tim Ciiitio U now
a llnnly-t-lnbllsliul Institution, con
trolled by rcimnslble parties, nniinntcel
Ij ii scrloun ami worthy purpose, anil lc
oteil solely tu the Interests of Winlilng
ton and its people. Wo do not doubt
tliut, at tluo truths arc borne In Uhiii tho
publlo mind by Tin. I'litTin's faithful and
consistent ndhereuco to this, high stand
urd, vo-dmll reccivo that tmppnrt which a
ju-t and gencroui community nlnuys nu
iwils to those who hcrvo It loynlly.
At n very early d.iy Tnc Clitic estab
lishment uiU bo Rt Ui in n commodious
liulhllng, of Whji'h wo lutvo taken a llvo
years' lease, and there, In our own doiulcll
and nuiliM our own tuns nnAjxnaUi, we
slinll (ontlnuo with renewed vigor the
work whiih has been so auspiciously be
KUii. '
I'mii i Imi i vmi Is now imido up In two
(.m .vm vntiui:ui iiinl'iit.s'M.i. rumpus
is that it give i v cry onoof the Irish leaders
minium to a iniiiil festoon his own lie
s' ount. When I'vr.NHi. was undisputed
bf.ss he did nil tho pronutirlunicnto liusl-nu-cs
lilmself, I tit tho rank mil file havo
tl eir Innings now mid soi m to bo mak.n
the most of the opportunity.
Tub Tiiounir. wrrwrRN tho Hotel Nor
ir.audle and the riftcenth-strccl (colored)
1'rrsbjtcrlan Church will not, wedcwmtly
linpi', bo prosecuted to extremities. TIib
jif)' of the colored peoplo to worship l'i
their oit.i mi.v caniiff lo successfully
hitllcngoil, llcsldes, tho eteemcil 7M
lells us that this particular congregation
isioni)'Sid of tho colored elite, and, as
r cry body knows, many things must ha
eontiilcd to tlu aitstoi'Mcy which would
never, never be permitted to common peo
ple. At the siuiie time, however, the com
munity at largo lias mine rights thai
ought to bo respect is I . Tho hotel and the
tliurch, tlicrefoie, shoiilit meet each other
in a spirit of compromise mid foibcir
juue. The hotel peoplo should mushier
that the colored aristocrats! arc entitled to
the privilege of getting together artd roast
ing r-'iitun, and tho colored aristocrats
should rillut Hint perhaps, some of tho
Jiotel coplo arc not Presbyterians, and do
not, therefore, want to havo Presbytciian
doctiluo Hung through their windows at a
time when they may bo immersed In IJ.ip-ll-t,
Jiolliislist or llpisciipullun tliouglit.
I.'unuot the matter be i uiupromlsciU Cnn
nol the colored urislnemuj' cwsent to
wnMle wllli the devil in low tones, and
the ileliei.ins In the liotil agree to Mop
throwing empty buttles and old shins nnd
polished elikheu bones down on the r if
.if tho riftwnlli-ttrect Cliiucli? This
ought to he pro tinkle. Wo know how
illflii ultlt Is to restmln onct-elf when re
Jinking i sin how hard to he temperate tu
demeanor toward tho l'rinco of Darkness;
hut our colons! friends should remember
that it is not good form to ho violent, and
sk themselves if it be not the dujy of tho
upper classes, to set an c.vamplo to the
h vver. 'Hiiro is iioicaonwhythlsdl(Tcr
ei eti cliruld not be adjusted. There is no
reason why tho colon d aristocracy should
in t f ontlnuo to muke themselves solid in
uln r. h without goadlnji to ni.idncss tho
white rlfr-raff In the hotel.
It Jin in1 v very told winter elsewhere,
Ir.t It promises to be a very hot one ut tho
litiitol. '
Wr. mi.iw. iltoM theXew York Jhridie
Washington nrrispoiidonc tlio follow
ing valuablo Inforuiatiou:
"Jlrs. Stanlev is having a restrul visit
at tho Hritish Legation, Slio walks mid
Jrivca as she likes and meets all tho peo
ple north knowing at Lady Pauncefoto's
AoMock tea."
People who want to bo considered by
tho JirmW Washington corrcsiiondunt as
"worth knowing" will hasten to get
themselves In line. This is lii)irtant.
Tumi: lies lUTiilliTO been a persistent,
though not lierhaps a splrltisl, rivalry be
tween Senator Hunt of Xcvv IIainislilro
nnd Semitor JIoiiovn of Alubama, As
gentlemen whosiieak eiflen nnd tediously,
anel who are ctquhlo of emptying tho
Senate ( liamher by tho mere act of rising
anil clearing their throats, .Minsn. lltviu
mid JIoiioAK havo long and with varyinj;
fortune eonipeteil for tho championship,
"When Mr. Molovn, two jears ago, spoke
-frr thiisj days nn tho fisheries niicitlon,
with nobody in tho galleries mid only two
tsnatoisln tliclrseats; with tho Presiding
Oflh er limp and ncrv eless In his chutr, and
the one remaining page swooning Imhlnd
(hoM'recn, It was generally supposed that
Jlljtm had been effectually knoikedout
nnd would never rally none. Hut when,
tit n later period, the Now IJampshlro
Senator eaino back with li sU-days' speech
oil the Kiluuitjminl hill, to w hlch nobody
listuifd ut nil, tho MoimvN men were
plunged in what eeeiued Irroiuedlnblo
difpair Mr III Mil, however, has vir
tually withdrawn f i om tho cnmctl
llon. Whether ho dotcited uvMeiiocs of
papulation on Mr. Mohovn'h part for
mi effort that would throw thowholo ftin
Itol Into u sluto of coma, or whether ho
frit th.it ho litmiclf was mi Impostor, will
jitthups never ho known. Kuougli to say
that on 'Ihursdoy ho withdrew from Mr.
If oraMii'f) class by show lug that ho could
make a speech without boring hi) hearers
to extinction. In fuel, ho mado himself
to delightful, so ontertalning, so actually
frisky, ua to cause people to forget that ho
hnd ever bqcn olhcrwNc. Mr. Moiiovn
now occupies his own peculiar field with
out u rlvnl in sight. Thero Is only ono of
them now anil on tho wholo vo aro
rather glad of it.
Tin: tvTi pt stoi'.y rnovi Ilomlunu Is Just
a little too tough for our consumption.
II pictures .Major II. A. Ilt'liKV, tho fugl
tlvottalo Treasurer of toulslatui, In tho
character of an effcctlvo sharishooter
during the nutl-llogran outbreak n few
weeks ago; but nobody who knows
lll'itKi: will believe that ho has ever shod
human gore by means of firearms. It Is
Mill fresh In our memory that ho fought
n duel In 1ST0 or 18S0, and need up several
rounds of ammunition at ten paces with
out hitting his man. About a vcur later
ho becamn Involved In another affair, and,
on Oils occasion, tired five shots, scoring a
goose cph every lime. Ills friends would
never lit him light again, as It was ipttlc
evident that ho couldn't hit n Hock of
haystacks at any distance at all. With
this rccord"to his credit, It Is not likely
that ho has suddenly htoonitst out as u
marksman. Wc nro ready to make ft rea
sonable corpulent bet that tho rlvxcur..
greaers, who fell In front of fort Iotin
on that fatal day were not tho trophies of
III iiki.'s little gun.
Aim wi: to stTrosr. from Jlr. I'iivk's
plan to havo a bayonet go witli each bal
lot that hols a member of a bayonet trust7
lli. Mfiivr IIt.sTMl, an editor as to
whose stalwart ltcpubllc.mism there can
hardly bo much doubt, has this to say
about tho IVderal i:ieetlons bill:
"Just why It Is that so many ltcpuhllcau
Henators are forilng the so-i'olleil l'oreo
hill upon the public attention at tills timo
wo do not make out.
"All that tlio President aid about elec
tion laws in his latu message was true
enough; thedllllcnltylsln the application
of tho truth, and tho Lodge law Is n back
number and never was of unv account.
"It was orlgliuilly an exaggerated as
sertion of a strenuous leadership, and the
iullueiHo it had uitontlid country was not
favorable to tho l.ppiilillciii came.
" Revised and reduced in the Monnto, it
failed to pass hecauso many Iiepubllcans
profoundly ditrull it not tho justice
ir tlioruh-e beliind it, but tho practica
bility of tho rcnitsiy pnipuseil."
Amow TiiVTtlio light has been trans
ferred to Kilkenny, the outside world can
sit down and toko a rest. Wo need It.
Tut: I mm J vrous ,Vn((f? bus unearthed
a bitter attack upon 1 'resident (iiiAsr
made by W. II. II. Mim.ku, present
Attorney (leneral, during the tliiVNT
fli.i rii.v canipalgn of 187i, which It pub
lishes tills morning for the purposo of de
stroying whatever vhanccs Mr. Jliixnii
may havo hud for tho Supreme Court
Tnr. r.MiMins' Ai.uvme now proposes
toboveotttho ncwspacrs which opiwuo
them. Evidently our rural friends are
not satisfied with the earth, but want also
the fence about it.
ltoheit Oairett wasse-on in Delmonico's
a few nights ago with his wife, and w.isai
paicntlyju the lnt of health.
MNs Mansfield Is the irivato secietary
of her father, Sir Charles Mansfield,
Hritish Minister to Peru, Hho speaks six
languages llueutly.
Itlstori sjieakslii themrstioiitcmptuTis
teims or Mine, llenihardt's work. Sho
lulls herSliakesiM'iircaii characters "gris
ettes." 'I ho distinguishi'.l critlo divides
her time between two palaces In Home,
appearing on the stage occasionally for
Ji..nty. rdioiKisii hcatitiful jouiig lady
daughter of larc accomplishments and
much social popukiiity.
A I'ablo disiatch from Paris announces
the death in that city nf l'nincolslMmonil
ilu Moticr do Uifayctte, grandson of tho
Manpils do Lafayette, and a Scnutnr of
I'mnie. lie vv'as lioru July 11, 1H1S, ut Ii
(irangc-Illesneau (Selne-et-Marno), but
wain member of tlio Constituent Assem
bly from the IIimtc-Loiie. In lHTfi ho
Vi'.s elected Senator from tlio sanio l)e
partment and was re-elected.
Tho will of August lielniont directs that
everv person who has been In tlioeinplov
ment of his bank for five years shall ho
paid a sum espial to ono year's salary,
Mrs. Campbell l'riied, tho authoress, is
ulwav a striking llguie in Loudon sociity.
fdio has a rather long and delii'itto face,
anollvo eompli'xinn and a slight figure,
hhuis freouentlv seen in nubile! with Mrs.
Aithtir Haiiuard, who is known to tho
literary world as "John btrango "Winter,"
and who is saiii to ho bant at work on
half a doen new novels,
A number of prominent aillstsofXew
Yoik have Started n subscription for 'tlio
benefit of tlio book-iliustrator, Arthur
Lumlcy, who is now totally blind.
Mr. Ccsil Cams AVilson bus, it is said,
nicntly invented a luminous crayon for
thepuipiwo of ciiabllnglccturers to draw
on the bliul.board when tho room is
limkined for thousoof tlio lantern. Ho
holies that tho invention may pmvo of
valuonot only to lecturers who uso n
lantern, hut also (in another form) to
those students who wish to take notes.
A corrc)oudcntof TitAmtrieuii. writes:
"I am happy to say that tho reports about
Alphonse llaudet's falling health havo
been greatly exaggerated. lie has never
had a malady of tho spinal column. List
summer ho sulTeri'd from rheumatic pains
hi his legs and was a while uiiuliln to
walk, hut now tliise pains have disap
peared. Ills mind has never been more
brilliant than It Is at present, and ho has
lest none of his exuberant gaiety,"
Ludy I'loreiiio Dixie recently described
In ft li Iter to a friend how slio contriv es to
keen her health nnd her bloom. Since
childhood, she says, slio has idwnys been
nn early riser, Straight from her bod slio
plunge h Into a told tub, and emerges thero
from warm and glowing; she tools tho
hit oil coursing through her veins, and tho
rude health which u good circulation
always engenders. That cold bath slio
never ncgloets; numinrr or winter hIio wel
comes it. Then before breakfast, a sharp
walk, or jiorhops ft quarter of n mile's
quick inn, or a two-mllo courso at slower
iiatcor n gallop across country on horse
back. Any of these gives an appetite for
' breakfast. loiter on who uses tho dumb
bells or Indian clubs, or frequents tlio
uvmnas nun. in an ainieuc snons row
ing, riihnir, cricket, lawn tennis, etc slio
Is at home, and very accomplished.
1IUTi:i. AKIIIV.ll.S.
Xrruumtllt .lolin A. (Inner. New York; Hub
ert A. Houtlmorth Mil wire, llrookllno, Jims.
Aillnytin A. Mnlilcln, htoikholm, Hweilea;
John C. llalnliell, hoiilh Carolina; V. M. (Irajr,
lliiatiiiKloii ();iem C'oiniiHii), Mri. M. J l)ol
jililn, liriwkl)ii; .Mr. anil JHn. Punk W. KUke,
jr., JSnrrnln.
tihortlittii-.. J. t'larkoaml Hi'iirj II. Ku.
sell. Wlieellng, W. Vs.; (Illbert Toinikn,
Cnlltornlii; '. (1. llnlklej anil wire, Colonido
Wtliltr'n- 11. Van Illareuuorclir. I'arln; A.
A. II llrnk Cainilen. N. .1 i tt, A. Weailurliii,
DHroltr-H. Krauxnd wlte, Now York.
llluor-- W. llarlev, Plltiitiarir; Oalel) W
Wen. I'tnli; JiiIIiih (IkkiIi mil wlfi, l'Mtn
iliililn; (Jcofgo . Hull mill wife, II twlilll,
FUiltl-W llnpklnaaml l(o, I.sxlngto.i,
a.; A. II Mmitiilte, ulto uu-l .1 in-jlitcr, e'ln
clniiiitl, 1'.. 1'. WciMi-r. W'eltlnuioa, Oiilu;
(.fiirir t' lletl ami 1-rsneN 1'lsgi. New
ml.; lltiii I). I,. JliiMdl, NurtliC'.irolliui, Mm
V. T llninlltnii unit two iluuhter', II i.Tor
town, Mil.
HWftii'fr-.liiinea It. Iliier, I'lttuburKi W.
II. Ailuins. No York; A. .1 Vullerutli, Slio-l-iycmi.
VVIiiinlii. U'llllam A. .Mnjasanl
Kiln In Mnjjif, Mia t'ranclaco.
irilflMiMu-W.l' (lrave,8t I.oiU: H H.
1'iltcniilll, Taimna, a'i: Tlio ins M. Chil
inern, Lawrence, Kan; C'oUmel J. ('. VUKIb
lnT, MnryHii'l.
Jxiliiti--ltobcrt T. Itulinril, Virginia,
,1. II. MvAdeiiTl'lMjIntte, N C'. K. I Clreiiir,
itoimol(p,Var.W,Wlllliank,iiiiilV J. itlt'C,
New orVu. -" ,
.Yj(iiW'-(l, II. (fri-nc, lljltlinoru; (I II.
0loro, New York; 'JMnln I'lanp, JliMtoni
Jeiars . Arumtrong, (.'lu'lotteadlla, a ; A,
), 'I bouillon, I'lalutlc-lil, N. J.
H JemiK. M llcown, Tror, N Y s n. E
Jobnetou, l'atli", Tex.: C it Jlortou, Iliwtoii;
John 11 Iockwooil. New York', II C llikcr
nnd wire, Iliiu'souf Wisconsin) William Diino
vao, Mii.Uccuou, JJIUi.i II. J. lleiiu, l'UH-burg.
IN tiii: SWIM.
I'or the convenience of foclely wo give hera
with n lift nf the foreign Mlnlstcra or charges
rreldent at Washington, together with the nil.
dresses of theli resliectlrc legations. Of
roorsn any of the ..turtle can be reached
thinngh the legation of which he Is n number.
ltnlr llaron do Kara, No. 1110 Connecticut
JlcxlcoPenor Don Matlaj Homcro, No. 111.1
I street.
Jlusfla-Mr. Charles tto Mriive, No. .1703 K
Frsnee Mr. Theodore Itonstnn, No. Uflt 1'
Hawaii -Mr II. A. P. Carter, Wormier'.
Netherlands -Mr. (I. do Weckhcrlln, No. 1011
fifteenth street.
"Argentine lteimnllc Heiior Don Vlncento (I,
(iuesndn, No. lSrt.Ielterson Place.
Tinker Jlavrcnycnl Iter, No. 1015 Connecti
cut nveiuie,
Anstrla-lliirgarr Chevalier de Tuwa, No.
16.17 1 street.
Nicaragua Kennr Don Iloracto (luziiian, No.
lSiilfcvenleciitli street.
Ciilonibla Seaor Don Jose M. Ilurtado, No.
1C0.IN street.
Corca .Mr. Yo Cha Yun, No. 1500 Thirteenth
(lermnnr Count I.ndwlg von Arco-Vallej,
7811'lftceiith street.
lVru Henor Don 1'ellx Clprlnno O. Zegarrn,
No. 15111 K street.
Japan Mr, Alms.ro Sato, No. 1110 N street.
Htvltrcrlnnd-.Mr. Alfred etc Cbiinrc.lc, 2011
1 1111 er Place.
Oreat llrltaln Sir Julian l'auncerote, Con
necticut avenue, comer N street.
Ilelglum-Mr. A. I.o Ohalt, No. i"Rfl I street.
Micilen and Norwnj Mr. J. A. W. Grip, 2011
(J street.
Chine- Mr. Tsui Kno Yin, Dupont Circle.
Portugal Hcnhor Tbonioz do Honza Itoza,
No. 11M1 Vermont avenue.
X. cneriielv-HenorDonNlraaor Dolct-Perna,
No. 1U37 Connecticut nienue.
llrll Senlinr J. II. do Amnral Valcnle,
No. 1100 New Hampshire aveuuo.
Chill Senor Don I'rudeclo I.nzcano, ion
rilxteeuth street.
fpulii Senor Don Miguel haarez (luanes,
No. 1400 Massuchusetts avenue.
Denmark Count do 'Sponncek, Wclcker's
.. -
Thcflrstof the assemblies will bo ghen nt
the Arlington Hotel Janunrr II, 18"ll. and tho
second on VVcdnosd.i, February I. They will
be under tho following hoard of gnernor:
John Dnv Is, president; .M. L. Until, vlco-prnsl.
dent; (lenrge M. Anderson, Nleholss I,. Ander
son, V alter V. It. Msrry, .leronio N. Honnpartc,
John I.ec Carroll. Henry U. I'.dHttrdes, Chirlea
('. (llorir, Ocnrge Hellen, Hdwnrd MeCauler,
Cliarlcs II. Poor, ('. II. P. Itodgers, William, II.
Slnck, CIIITonl Itlchardsun, secretary nnd
'J he follow lug nro tho Important events of
next week:
Monday. 15-Tho weddinj of Mls l'orternnd
Mnndav,K fleeting of the 11-stroct Kucliro
Club at Mrs. Slirlvcr's residence.
Tuesday, 111 First meeting of tho Dancing
Class nt tlio National Utiles' Armor v.
'I hiirsdny, 18 livening party at Judge Cox's
to present Vllss Cox In society.
Friday, lu Mr. nnd Mrs. Sydney Hicrett's
evening party upon the occasion of Miss
Kvcrclt's ilttiut.
fntnrdaj.SO Sir Julian nnd I.ady Pannce-
xoic s inuner pnriy ni inc xiriiisa i,egnuon.
Tho handsome residenco of Mrs. Mngruder
wns thrown open vcstertlny afternoon to re
ceive her ninny friends nud ncu.unlntnnce.
Ihls ten wns tlio largest nnd most fully at
tended of any yet given this winter. To glo
n list of those present would bo to name all of
the prominent peoplo In society, Including on
unusual number of the members of tho Diplo
matic Corps. Tho corfce, ten, tecs and punch
were served at separate tables, nnd eich tablo
wan nrrniigtd with exquisite tssta and prcsliloi.
over bvsoinoot the reigning belles of tho sal
son und the .vimnger matron''. All tin
i'lbnlmto of the winter wcro there In tlislr
1 letllest gowns and with their rosiest blushes.
Mrs. Hill. Miss Plurulx, Miss i'ox nnd 1 10
other fair enchantresses who served tho tea
rssl'tul tl c handsome hn-tess la entcrtalnln,:
the 1 o"t "f toilers with their usual grsco and
cnltj. Miss Cameron, tho beiutlfiiidaughtee
of Semitor Cnmcron, was one or tho mint nl
in red or the uvinj prttt) women pri-scut. Tho
illcnll mil re; ore of her minuer, Ilu s vi:t,
tliiightful oxpusslon of her wonderfully flm
ejes and tre relliifd beautv of her racj mirko 1
tho crsto of the Verc do verc nnd proclalmo-l
hern fnlrpatrlilan, tho noble type of American
Tho marrlago of Mis Potter, the diuzhtrr of
Admiral Porter, to Mr, Campbell, in londs
night, villi to the first sensation of tho weo't.
It Is whispered that sH nhere, six groiinsmen
nrd eb'tit bridesmaids villi ba In attend incj.
Miss SellloHiint Is to bo tho mild of honor.
1 he bridesmaid will be Mb Florence A'ldcn
reld, Mls Kale MvervVllss Tereso Mouglitoi,
Miss J.jdln Diddle, Vllss l.ullo llnir, MbsKlslo
McKcever und Miss Jennie ihsrrlll. Tho s) in
pathlea of everybody hnve been with this con
stant rouple.ond the twool I proverbs, "Allths
world loves n lover," ud -l.ovo laughs at lock
smith," w ero nci cr inorccloqiienlly Illustrated
than In this case.
Madame des Portes do la Foe of tho French
Legation. No. l'UH II street, receives on Fri
days from 1 to 7 o'clock p. m.
Charming Mrs. Howard White, daughter of
t-enator Sawjer, Is once moro tin presiding
till Inlt) over tho hospitalities of her father's
house. Ho gencri'l u favorite will ho n per
reulnl soiinoof sweetness and light to thins
who are fortunate enough to bo nuinbcrel
among her friends, 1 ho ijulet w hlch seems to
hung over so lunn) Senatorial mansions does
lint effect Ibo sunnv and ebeorfal ntmosphcio
of Mrs. Howard Vt bile's drnwlng-roo'iis.
'I ho rehearsals of thu burlesipio In "I.'Afrl
calne," which Is to bo given o-i tho nth of
Jnuunr) for tho bcnellt of tho llixpltil for, In
eurnllrs, at Lincoln Music Hall, are going
linn clj on. 'I ho rnit of 'n fin da Comings
been taken bv a voting gentleman of lialtl
tuore, who will make It n notablo success.
Mrs, Franklin s.tcrlo,Jr.,No.l!Mfl eighteenth
strict, gives n tea this utternoon fro.nl to 7
o'clock p. in.
Mrs. ltoosovelt, No. 1S-J0 JetTerson Place, re
ceives this nftcrnoon.
Senator and Mrs. Vanio are cosily ensconi ed
for the winter In their Washington home, No.
1(37 Massachusetts nienue. Mr. Vnnco's ro
ccptlons on Senatorial day havo hitherto been
among tho most agreeable of tho gay season.
Sir Julian unit Ludy l'nuncefoto havo lilt
U on the most enjoyable form of entertain
ment. '1 hey glv o a dlnuer party on Sntur.lny
pud usk verbally the clever nnd distinguished
people In society to meet their guest. Jnthls
way tho Mis Pnuncefotc, who Ins lint male
her (Mul, will meet tho most unreliable mm
and w omen here,
Mrs. Itcnard (who, as Miss Hattle Key, tli'i
datighlrr of Judgo Key, will ho remomborol as
one of tho hesutles of her day), tho wlfo of Oip
tain Itcnard of tho French Army, Is on a visit
to her mother. No. -1)1 B It street. During hor
resilience in l'nrls ami otner pari or trance
Mrs. Ilenard ha been greatly admired and
feted us one of the most fascinating womsn In
tlio American colony, Since hor return here
sho has been tho recipient r marked courtesies
from many of tho old resident element In so
ciety, and the iiiot distinguished members of
tho Diplomatic Corp.
A large and distinguished compsny wero In
vited by Mr, and Mrs. Caldernn Carlisle Hit
evening to meet Dr. and Mrs. Curry. Dr.
Curry was Minister to Spain under President
Cleveland. December and Juno were repre
sented by a greut statesman and Jurists and
budding ihbiitanlti, Antony others preuat
vi ero Judgo Harlan, dm ernor Carroll, Senator
F.vorts, (icncrsl Parke, Hon, J r). Wilson,
ludgis lllngham und James, Mr. dostruve,
the lliisslnu .Minister; Count de Areo Valloy,
Mr.C.C (Hover, .1, M. Johnston, Hon, It. M.
Mcl.ane, Mr, Nathaniel Wilson, (leneral Jo,
j:. Johi.son, Dr Jamea C. Willing, Itev, II. II.
and Mrs. Mi Kim and mnny of tho younger clo
lnunt of Washington' elf it. Of tho tlitiutanU
wero .Misses Lodge, Warder, Wilson, Alls Con
ley, Miss Mildred Carlisle, Miss Jlrooke, Miss
Wnllath and Miss Wilson. Mm . O. lllover
and Mrs. '1 hoiiia lljdo wero also ofathe party.
Mr. Nelson Drown and family havo returned
lo Washington, snd aro at their homo, corner
ot 'twentieth n d F streets, for tho winter,
"Aiwl v ou uro really ( ugnged to oung C'h irlle
Quibble r W by he's nothing but a poor 1 iw
"Well, he won't ho Ion.', If ho pleads every
suit us imcccesrull as ho hi his own."
smiley- Nuw, remember, I don't vvmt a very
Inii'o pie turn.
Photographer All right, sir Then pleaio
closo jour mouth. IIimIw TruiMtr.
Mrs, llloobumpcr Maria. 1 think tliit yiuu.
inan of jours 1 ion forward, Yo-i ni'.ut sit o.i
Maria I ulten do, Mn; and ho ssmiu tu like
it fin.i1.
Mr Neuwed- Mydeir, I vvlsli ) o I'd tell til it
cook that we don't Ilka our booMoik burned
and don't ii'int our roasts raw.
Mrs ii!HWi)d--Tcll herr Howcinlf Sir
never come Into tho parlor, nnd slii won't let
mo go Into tho kltchcu AVio York IVaklt.
'Ihls I one of Lady llulwer's stories of tin
soelety ladj: "Who Is this Doin Swift thay
arc talking aboutt" shu whlspurol to lady
Dulntr, during n pauss In tho rouiorsntloi.
"1 should like lo Invito him to ono of my ro
ceptloiit "
"Mas, 'Vladame, tho Desi has done biti
thing that has shut hlru out of society "
"Dear me, what was th ill"
"Well, about a huudrod years ago ho dlea "
Tht llluttrattd Anurktin.
Olllcer- What aroyoa nriking suc'a a fass
aboutr What do you want, unyliowl
Hctslrk l'liaxoiijicr-Tlio c irtlc-jrcard
It Took I'lncu nn tlio lttli In l'hlln
ilelpliln. t'rcmthtA'iio VorL Timn
Thollrst Hem of the snlo wcro tho letters
testamentary granted to Ijiwrcnco Lewis
and fleorge fitcptoe AVnshlngton as execu
tors of the cstalo of (Icncrnl (lesirgo"'ash
Ington, drawn up nnd signed by John
llcwrtt, Itegistcr of Wills, Wasblngton
I'ounty, I). V., November IS, 102. This
wns iitirchuscd bv Mr. I'hamnan and
fell hi il ?.ri0. The third nrtlclo of tho sale
wasn long autograph letter by Washing
ton written to Mr. Lavvrcnco lowls, dated
Philadelphia, December 2, 170s III whlcli
Wnshitigton mentions the trouble, he had
in making n selection nfolllccrs for the
tw civ e new regiments, etc. It cot its new
ovv ncr J85.
Thu very valttablo document, a JM of
tlio ncciocs belonging to (Icorgo Wnsliln';
lon in his own right nnd by iniirrluge, also
Ihoso hired from Mrs. French, clo-ely
written ny vvasiiiugton inmseir, nun nctmt
twice signed by him, was bought for JII'J.
'aslilniton'sledger. kept by hlssceretary,
Tobias l.ear, nt the lime Wiisliiiigton ran
tho Mt. Vernon distillery and fishery in
tliojcar J"ro, a large folio, in which there
nrctwo vouchers in tho handwriting of
Washington, wus bought by Mr. Itc,nd
nnd rot 8110. Throimliout
mil worK
there are mnnv Interesting items.
In ono
William A. Washington is chiirgcil with
1!) gallons of "wlilskle, tl'JT.TO." An
otiier state's that Mrs. Surah Chichester
purchased "7,000 herring, 7.00."
One of the most vnluablo articles in the
talo wasA"iihlngton'8 private memoran
dum book from Hciitcmhcr, 171)1, to Sep
tember, 1707, consisting of lty elocly
wrllten pages in the handwriting of Wash
ington. T Iiu possession of this book after
some sharp bidding was nt last granted to
Mr. Aldrlch for 1W. Another memo
randum book, September, 17117, to Decem
ber II, 170.), consisting of eighty-one
closely-written pages by Washington, was
sold alo to Mr. Aldrlch for ? 100.
The next artlclo ukiii the catalogue wns
Washington'!! memoraiiduin of surveys
mado from Marcli 17, 1770, to August 1W,
177, and from April il to April 'JO, 17IU.
'ibis book was written by Washington,
and to tlio last survey entered ho lias
alllxed his signature. 'Urn breach which
occurs between 1771! und 1771) was eovere 1
by ids serv lee to Ids country. The present
owner of this volume Is Mr. kahili, who
paid $250 for It. Tho carved mahogany
piano stonl onco owned by Nellie ('iistis
wus,tnkcn by two lailles rcjireentlng the
Mount Vernon Society ut M3J.
cimiti::.T titii ami i-eiiNT.
Senator (Irnv savs the Forioblll sho-iHbo
"branded bv the iiinimon hangman." Much
more respectable hands will do tho branding.
AVte Toil 11 oi til.
Attlhow the world will eontlnuo to do busi
ness nt tho old stand, r en If some nf tlio south
Carolina Demoi rats think tho defeat of (leneral
Hampton ends It.- A'eir Voik SttiK
3fr. Dlaiue is Just now throwing his swcctet
smiles nt tho Northwestern slhor men. Ills
loquetry Is delightful to behold. -.Vein York
J ft mill.
Onoof tho results of the political oveiturn In
South Carolina produced by tho Farmers' Al
liantc Is the detent of (leneral Wado Hampton
ns tl eandldnto for re-election to tho Unite 1
Slates Seunto, of whlcli ho has been a onplci
ous member during the last tw elro J curs. This
Is n result over which there willbcnorelnlcln
outsldo of South Cnrollmi, for (leneral Hamp
ton tins shown himself nu nble, dtgnlllo 1 u.id
high-minded Senator. .Veto Yolk. 'limn.
When Senntor (lormnn warned his follow
I'nltcd Mites Senators tho oilier day that Ce
eoiintr) via "on tlio brink of a vulcano." In
may have overstated the ease, bit thero is no
longer unv doubt thrt serious duugcr can only
le wotdeil off by wlso and toncerted aetloi,
In the ftito of the protests which nro rolling UP
from the farmers, the Hbor peoplo nnd from
the thousrnd nnd oua organisations In doo
touihwlth tho musses, It seems tho height of
jolltlinl folly to still exalt pnrtbin'ilp md to
iurn n dear car to tho real needs of the natlo'i.
tilirio A'eus.
Whin Senators In Congress break out with
tlm rcmsrkablo assertion that the monet irv
stringency begin with tho Democratic triumph
at tho Congressional elections Iho utterances
of sm li men urn entitled to no mora serious
eonslderntlon tlinn wo would ghe to tho prat
tle of n hnh). Senator Hour mado himself
ridiculous by such talk. The money trunblej
begun twelve months ago. Secretary Wlndoni
exhausted tho Treasury In tho endeavor to
giiorcnci lung Ueroro tlio congressional elec
tions were held. 1 ho people of Massachusetts,
should repudiate their representative who talks
In such n manner.
A piiuiic man, oien ir no is
n L'enubllcin. should hmo
o rcrfpsit fur
tho truth Vciirlir-Journal.
" Iliank heaven, the Senile le still a delibera
tive tody 1" Such must bo the exclamation of
every thoughtful person w ho follows tho ill
cnrslon of Iho Fureo bill whlcli lis Just been
opeccd In that boJy. This cstruurdlnary
measure wn rushed through the Holies h
"tho Ami rlcan Hlsmarcl." at such lightning
speed that the public was not permitted to
learn all ot Its outrageous features, mil tho
Senoto debate turiilsbos tho first opportunity
tor that carerul consideration which lb so lm
I cratlitly demondul. Xatlon
Hampton may bo said to ben victim to the
courage ot bis convictions. Tho fact that ho
did not bcsltcte to romo out openly against the
Hub-Treasury tcohnie, and that no pursued a
conse.-vnilvo courso during 'Illlman' gro.it
fight for leadership, lust hlin his re-elcello.i.
The result enn onl) servo to widen tho alrcndy
eonsldernblo gulf which si'tinrntes the TUl
monltes from theolibllne Demoeruts. Hamp
ton had mony powerful friends In alt parts nt
the Male who can he depended upon not to
resciinlll thn have gut even with tlvoso who
nro responsible fur bis enforced retirement to
private llfe.-.Veie J'eol- Trltiitiit.
1 ho passage ot this extreme measure (tho
1'orto bill) would reopen the contllcts of a gen
eration that Is gone, retard tho peaceful settle
liient of race and social qtiestluus that can never
lo adjusted by rorec, nnd pretlpltale upon n
country that Is staggeilng under tho burden nt
unjust tuxes and wasteful expenditures a strug.
glo for llsvery life, ltsniithors and supporters
uro fanatics nnd bigots, whoso partylsm trans
cends every consideration ot patriotism and
nationality. It It bo true that many iiepub
llcans hnvo expressed a determination to resist
this frantic attempt to subordinate tbo mate
rial Interests of tho country to a mad partisan
ship, the sign 1 one ot tho most hopeful of the
ela j , ( h Icayo llti aid,
Tlio Combination."
It Is worth a walk to 1' sticct just
to hear tho expressions of delight
from tho crowd of Ilttlo girls ga
thered around the lingo windows of the
"Combination," corner of V nnd Twelfth,
nnd going into ecstnelcs over the array of
dolls. Never was such an array seen.
Itadlatlng from tho lovely bride who oc
cupies, the centre aro ilttlo bisque beauties
oi nn complexions, uu uegiees oi neuuess
of nttlre, and of nil prices, arranged witli
such miistcrly tustn ns cannot fall to arrest
the passer-by. Within tho scene Is bewil
dering tho hundreds of clerks and almost
thousands of shoppers, the cash-boxes
dnttlng hither and tliithcr, but nil reach
lug n common centre; tluiil izzling display
of holiday goods, and tho puzzle how
everything Is kept so straight and accu
rate. No one should fall to seo this splen
did new stoic, tilled witli now goods.
lfliler Haggard's Ancestry.
From Ilu Ami FrancUco Virmhlt,
Captain Andrew C. 1'. Haggard of the
King's Own Scottish llorderers, n brother
of II. J tlder Haggard, is staying at tlio
raiaco lor a lew nays, prior in ins no
parturo for Now York and llngland.
"My family is of the old Danish stock,"
ho sidd. "In fuel, wo I'omo from tho
Danish nobility, and wldlo in Di'iimurk
some timo ugo 1 saw n tltlo deed of an old
niucstor of ours, Andrew Aagard that's
where the uainu Haggard comes from.
Tho title deisl was iiiiitoiiu ancient relic,
he-lug tinted in 1301. .My people aro ulso
dcsiiiiihuits of tho flvldoniwtcjerno fnm
llv, mentioned by Slinkespeiiro In his
pin J."
DIsinlssiMl tlio discs.
Ida MUchell and Molly Pratt wero
locked up in tho culls at tho 1'olico Court
this morning, charged with vagrancy, but
nstliey liml been biought in bv tho olll
cer after court convened Judgo Miller
eirdeiesl thorn dismissed. Tho Judge said
that lie did not pmpuso to start out with it
dock of twenty pi'ople, nnd then llud out
when t (iiiuo timo to adjourn that til J
number had been doubled, Horiufter no
person will bo tried' ual list whom In
lorniutlons hnvo been tiled alter court
I!, (I. Wheeler, cnntruftoi' for gineral
supplhs, wholesale mid retail dealer In
shin chimdlery, hurdwaie, blocks, ropj,
metals, steuni packing mul engineer's
supplies, No. l!0l Seventh street northwest,
opposite Centre Market, Washington, I),
c, Harness.
All kinds of neckwear, liandkeiuhlofs,
and In fact everything tlmt is desintblo
torn Christmas gift, call and fco Teel'ri,
J'i ntisj lvaula iivcnuo.
Sec tho Units and Ovcrcoits reduced to
tl LPS. Kltoiniui lire., 7th and K.
.lelTersnn-lTnrcneo nt tlio Notional.
On Monday night the Joseph Jefferson
nnd W. J. rlorcnco Comedy Comjinny
begin their week's engagement at thoXcw
National '.Client re, oien!ng In "The
lllvals" rcicutllig tho salno Tnesilny nnd
'isineday nights nnd nt tho (Saturday
matinee. 'The following will bo of In
tcrest in this conncetloii:
It would be dtllicult to find on tho
comedy stage of the present day n ha
iiler con J unction or talent than that whlcli
was brought together at the Stnr Theatre
on Monday night, when Joseph Jefferson,
William J. Florence and .Mrs. John Drew
appeared In u revival of "Tho lllvals."
These actors havo lent lustre to tho Amer
ican stage, and now, in tho early autumn
of their careers, they bring to it tlio
rnuiiihd nrt of dramatic experience. It
was n delight to hear that rare, comedian,
1 'Intnicc, who embodies! in speech and
action the beau ideal of tho Irish gentle
man, Ai' ".in hi O' Ti iijicr.
Mr. Jefferson's JMi .trees has alteresl but
little since It was last seen here, llodevei
oies all HasaliUc'tics nnd eccentricities, and
the scenes between hint and .Mr. Florence
were reminders of tho days when comedy
and not horc-play ruled the hour. No
jess enjoyable is the Mn. .Vulaprvp of Mrs.
Joint Drew. 'Ihls ndnilrabh) nrtlst does
not fall Into the too common error of cm
phnsMngtho mispronunciation nnd nils
application of words, hut makes the Igno
rance of the deluded old lady moro
delightful and huighabto from Its very
The performance as n whole Is well
worth seeing, moro especially for tho
reason tlmt. ilurhiL' the nrescnt generation
at least, It will bo iniposslblo to bring lo
ud ncr in ono performance tlirco Corne
linns of tho mmii cnerlence. urn
race, and
ability as thoso who llguro In this.'
Jumiial, X. Y. OiMicf in,
On Thiir-dav. Fridav. and Saturday
nights Coleman's comedy of the "Ilclr-at-I.nw"
will bo produces, Mr. Jefferson
ns J)r. iihjIvm and Mr. Florenco as KiekU I
llmiinpuu, and full strength of support
ing coinpuuy.
T.lllpiitlniis nt AlliniiKli's.
On Monday evening next tho I.lllptt
tlauH, supported by the Kurojieiin Comedy
Company, will muko their Ilrst bow to a
Wahhigton audience. This company lint
acliievcil a sensational success in No.v
York, nnd will present hero their gr.iul
spectacular play, "Tho Pupil In Magic,"
which tlicyliavc iierformcil nil over IJ,i
rope. 'I lie company consists of the only
ten midget actors In the world, supporte 1
by nearly twohiindredortists. MKsBcluia
(frocner, tho leading soubrette, is gifted
withnlicnutlfulvolcoiiud rare talent which
would docrisllt to anyaetrcss tlirco times
her size. Franz Ilbert, tho comedian of
tho company, measures only twenty-eight
Inches, mid Is doubtless the funniest little
man to bo found on the stage at tho pres
ent day. "Tho Pupil in Magic" Will be
mnuutid in n most mngutflccut manner,
hnvlngrlch costumes, beautiful scenery,
rnrc scenic effects and two grand ballets.
Tho New York Jttmkl, In speaking of tlio
production, sajs:
"They mtulo their bow last night nt Nib
lo's Theatre thoso Ilttlo merry-mnkers
who have taught l'nrls, Vienna nud Ilor
lin that, even us little as they are, thesis
tiny folk can net nnd can follow a tune
and can declaim and burlesque witli most
nctots three times their size and four
times their weight.
"Iliey ncted so cunningly and dll s
many things whlcli would snuvo bo ex
pected fioni perforinerH with even six
lect to the'ir credit, that such of thclrnti
dleitee as were women simply could not
help falling in love with them.
"While all wero attractive. Mr. I'ran
Kbert ns J'uri was ns near n realb itioii of
that tricky elf ns human pcr,snnhlc'ati'jjr-ronciustve,
Clin lllllllll, J 1 1: w ll lift I unit) ni uu 7,as
little n comparison which mains a bTm
deal to tin so who have, scon liljnj"
'J hero will be inatlnees ot Weduo I i
and friturtluy nniHJrBT-egular prlcra of
the theatre vu'l jircvuil.
Stiinrl ItoliHon's JjiKtAppcnranee.
To-night will bo the farewell of the
jiopular comedian, Stunrt llohson, und
for this occasion thero will ho presented
Oliver Goldsmith's; delightful comedy,
"Mho Sloops to Compicr," Mr. lEgbsou
npi;'aringiifl Toii'f.uiiipkln, Itissomofottr
ears sincoMr. Itobson appeari'd in this
play and on tliut occasion tlio hotisu wns
cniwihdtolts utmost. Thoo wishing to
sec n elelightful performance should not
full to attend to-night.
Iliiui' llljoit Theatre.
The attraction at Harris' llljoit Theatre
next week w ill bo ono of peculiar and cx
traoidlnary strength. "1'abio Itomanl"
isaplav that has mode a profound nnd
fnvoiablo Impression wherever it bus been
seen. It brings to Washington n company
whoso excellence is undoubted, and scenic
eeiuipmcnts which aro wonder! idly elab
orate mid cnmnlctc. The storv of tho nl.iv
is in many rcspjcls something of u re
minder ot "Monto Crlsto." It is dis
tinctly Italian, retaining all tlio gloomv
sensationalism of tho novel from which it
wns dramatized, "Tlio Vendetta." Miss
Frances riehis ns Xlmi, the faithless, wife,
displavs great eniotloual jiower, us
pccially in tlie mad scene in
iho last act. Tho story is that of
a husband who, supposed to ba
dead, returns to llud Ids wife in (he arms
of tlio man whom he had cstccmoel Ids
dearest friend, Wnltcr Lnwrencu takes
tho part of FuUo Jlvinant, nnd plays it In a
manner that has won thontlmiratiounf
all who havo seen It. T)ie remainder of
tho cast has" met with unfailing approval.
"Fabio itomunl" Is described ns n molo
elruina, but it might properly enough ho
called a tragedy, and n good one.
Henry llurlCHiiuo Compnny nt Kernan's.
Ifapiiy in tho possession of tho most
beautiful nnd talented burlesepio queen
on tho stage, ns well as tho most noted
Amciicnn and Kuropeau specialty stars
and comedians, tho Henry llurlesquo
Conipuny, whlcli will nppcnr at Kernan's
llieutro next week, beginning Monday
nlglit, Is neknowledged tlio most complcto
and hrilliant orgaiiuiitinn in the world,
It brings Its own scenery, which is ricli
and gorgeous, and has the most costly and
e.quilto wardrobe overworn. Now fea
tures, coupled with the latest novelties,
make the entertainment ono of the rarest
ova witnessed. In addition to a corps of
talented voealisls, there aro a number of
famous terpsit bureau artists whoso dances
are most gracefully executed.
Tlio Ilrst part, "The llcception at the
Art (hillery," is ono of the most artlstiu
over eoncclved, u marvel of scenic art and
the richest si imio on which n curtain ever
rose. Tlio oho 1" far above tlio average,
and includes superior nioclaUy artists,
whose spcciulMcsaiooilglnal and pleasing.
"Tlio (ion-ilo-liars, or tlio King or Ktt-Tl-Ku-ltu,"
a travesty on (Jllbcrt and Hub
llvan's latest operatic success, by Trod
White, Is pronounced ono of tho spiciest
burlesquis ever written und is replete
with new songs, new iiuislc, huiipy din
logue, funny situations and topical hits.
It will be produced with careful at
tention to detail, Including beauti
ful scenery, inre scenic eflects and
elegant costumes. It Is rich in sensation,
and Is Interspersed with numerous
novelties and rare and striking tableaux,
With un excellent cast, Including tlio celo
brated black-fiico comedians, Mclntyro
and Heath, the burlesque will undoubt
edly prove ono of tho Mcierd, productions
of tho season. Ladles1 matinees Tuesday,
Thursday and rintunlny. December '22,
the Hensutional llooiu .Model iluilcstpto
' Impose,! ii Heavy bTue.
AniiloSclifcre, who has n homo in
Know ball How, on .Second street south
wist, was hi Pollen Court to-day chargo I
with keeping a disorderly house. A num
ber of arrests have leniently been m iilo in
thu place. It was tholiouso fiom which
Johanna Quill was sent to tho workhouse
n few ihi) sago nnd a number of peoplo
havo missed money there. Old pension,
ers have been robbed thero iiultoolteii nn 1
thero is an old woman hi the poorhousj
now who lost Hijunntity of money thora
souiu time ago, "You ought to go to jail
for n year," said Jiid,?i) Miller, "hut I tl i
not know what will become of your chll
elfpii. Ynui-an pay iillne of $100, or go
.tiijilll fov ninety days."
I'leo Coursu In hlioi tliiiml.
Tho Washington Ciiitio will publish for
tho young men and women of this city ti
comphto imirso in tlio fusdiiiitliu art of
shorthand, A. H. White, V ti. 8, A., tho
fastest Amerieau Stunographor, will iiro
para Tin: Cwtic'h shorl-hund courso, nud
tho art lulcs will ba so constructed ns that
nnv-norson of ordinary Intelligence m
readily comprehend. siW
Atlint Persons, l'romlncnt mul Other
wise, rind to Interest Them.
Mr. Albert Jnmcs That Washington Is
tho cleanest mid most convenient city in
this country I'iiu more llrinly convinced
than ever. After visiting no irly all the
large cities IiithoWcst, I found tlicy were
nliead of us In tho matter of lighting the
strcita nnd street car accommodations.
They mny have larger nnd liner bu Iness
blocks, litit nil of these nro lost when, in
crossing tlio street, you tink over your
shoo lcn in mud. In nearly all the largo
cities throughout tho West the nuortloii
of paving the streets has been entity ne
glected, imd when tho question Is agi
tated there Is nlwnystvvo factions who ore
continually growling and claiming fraud;
no that in tho wind-up nothing is nccoui-
plllioii. in tlio city en venver mo epics
tlon of paving the streets has been before
the people for such n length of time tint
they wero sick and tired of the whole
eiuestton. Onoof tho papers thiitusol
every liosstblo way to iiiitagonlro thu use
of asphnltum wc)it on to say that the pc
pic or Washington wero sick and tire I'of
It; that It was very uxticnIve and danger
ous to horses on account of it being so
sllpiicry; that in the iiummcr time It be
enmesopoft that pedestrians have hal
their shoes pulled oft in crossing the
street. Where the writer obtained ids In
formation I do not know. Hut if lie
would stoji over ifew days nmong in,
1 think he can benssurrcd that there will
bo no danger of his shoes being pulled off
If they nro as largo ns his Imagination.
John Itcvnolils, TSt Klevcnth street
northwest 'Ihls Is ono of. tho oldest
houses on tho street. 1 cannot say how
old it Is, hut I havo n llrlcnd CO years of
ago who says that It was standing hero
wlienho wusn boy. It stood at that timo
among vacant lots mil hills, and
ou ui count of its height, 1 am told,
its roof wns used ns a signal stntlon to
signal vessels coming up tho Potomac
Itivcr. 'Hint church over there, St. Paul's
Lutberin. Kleventh nnd H streets, lias
n ctillio t beneath it which extends along
Meveirli street to Pennsylvania avenue.
A creek ran through all tlmt portion of the
city, the same as along Second street,
".ornithine llko Jones' Falls in llaltimoro.
Yes, win ro Woodward eV Lothrop' store
is located, nt Fleventli and F streets, i.ud
liarbcr V IIoss' store, at Kiev enth and (f
streets, on the opposite) corner, to which
Is to be built another Palais Itoynl estab
lishment, were nothing hut sand hills
when Ibis house In whlcli I llvo wns Ilrst
ere e ted.
Commissioner TIoss The opinion of
Justieo Jniries relative to the illegality of
action taken by tw o Commissioners In cer
tain cases is entirely a Judlilul mnttcr. 1
cannot say whether the opinion was taken
Into consideration w hen the Senato passed
the bill which makes the two Commission
ers n quorum and gives authority to Cait
tain ltossell to net ns Fiiglnocr Commis
sioner as long ns Colonel Itobert is iiien
pniitute from attending lo his duties at Ids
oiticc, i win say mat, l.ngineer-eommis-sioner
Itobert has had under consideration
and lias signed certain papers, thus show
ing that netion has been taken therein by
the entire board of Commissioners.
A Lawyer Judge Jeremiah II. Wilson
Is one of the leading advocates beforo tho
I'nitcd States Supremo Cottit, nnd is n
mnn of national reputation among his
nrofessicn. I.nst niulithowns talkinirto
a i uity of gentlemen when itJoiSubJKt-on
mi- iiiiuu ui .iim tiuiyifvnmo up. .ur.
AVINon was nt one ihffo u rlreuit judge In
.(,I11U1 nnd Wnif ImMhur (lint, iillliv nt
uiciiniemui e-obuni anil .Mike .
hud their faiirotis light upon Indlni
The two lVUgllNts were n Trusted up
ihiirgei,f prize-fighting, 'duly lndli
the time thutColnini and Mike MiCool
ana soil.
pon tlm
icted bv
aprjimi ji
linage Wi
nry, nnd wero arraigned hcfi)ro
th o pugilists wcio found guilty
ison lor trial, iiieeviuencowas
and sentenced to imprisunment In tlio
county jail for six months each.
In isissingscntcneo Judgo Wilson said:
"You will hnvo a companion during
jour confinement who, I hnvo no doubt,
will be able, siuglo bunded nud alone, to
knock you both out. This enemy cannot
bo conquered, und ho will causo you more
iniseiy and trouble Hum tiny person either
of joti aie over likely to niict in tho prize
ring. If you do not succumb to this
enemy you will have elono moro to bcnellt
this locality than anything clso I know
of. 1 lie enemy I refer to is the chills and
Cnhtiro lecovered sufllclently to say:
"Your Honor,' J only wish to say that
for a light-weight you nro a wonder, for
j ou hnv o succeeded in knocking us out."
f-'cTgcant Perry -rcw of tho people of
this city reulizc vvhnt nn old rattle-trap
Polieo lleaelqiiartcrH this Is and If they
did tlicio would lie n clamor for decent
(lliartcrs. It is a digrnto to tho Depait
nient and to the city, but it docs not ap
pear that any thing will be done, soon to
remedy mutters. When visitors call hero
wo aro ashanusl to show them through
this plaes Thero is not n station-housa
in the illy lint that Is far smicrlorto tills.
It Is an outrage that something Is not elono
to feneo better headquarters. 1 dare my it
is tho poorest of nny in the United blutcs.
A I.lfo I'reserver,
thrown tu you Iti'tlie sea of troubles that
threatens to engulf you ladies in its
iliinger-fraui;ht waves, so to speak, and
e no that will iloat you over their threat
ening crests with perfect safety, is found
In Dr. l'ierio's Kavorlto Prescription.
You make n dangerous mistake, if you ill
nrt scire and make use of if, if you nro
nfllltted with nny ot thoo distressing all
li."nts i cculinr to yourscx, styled "female
complaints," for It is a guaranteed cmo
for each and everv 111 of tho kind. Tho
only medicine sold by druggists, under n
positive guarantee from tlio manufac
turers of satisfaction in overy case, or
money refunded. Head guarantee ou
Wlieio to Vltiil Present.
'J he attention of our readers is called to
the advertisement of Latishurgh ,t Hrp.,
which appears in another column of this
Issue, setting fortli only n small portion of
the goods carried in stock for regular
custom, as well us tlio beautiful articles
received from manufacturers nil over tho
world, for holiday gifts. Any ono calling
at their store, 4'J) Seventh street north
west, will certainly ho courteously re
ce'ivesl nud In all probability ihpl tho vciy
thing they nro looking foi us it present.
Yngraiit Kent Dunn.
James llrcslew, Andrew Jackson, Wil
liam Jaivis, Mnry Kceiian, llenjamln
Wat rous nnd William Iliu w ero arraigned
in tlie 1'olico Court to-day charged with
heini' vagrunts. Tint most of them wero
strangers, and found suileltingalmsou the
street und hanging about barrooms. All
but William Ijiilii wero committed to tlio
workhouse for sixty iliivs and ho was
given ten days In which to sober up. It
wnssiiown inni no nan a iiiniuy in uesii
tuto circumstances who needed his stqi
port. Causes
Of Scrofula
ITrtt ot all Scrofula is Inherited. The lariio
majority ot people suffer more or less from Im
pure blood given them by their parents.
Bccond, ficrofula may bo acquired by trying
lo live on InsuDlelent and pooily-Oooked food,
w hlih fulls to supply tbo blood w 1th enough ot
thojlsincnts ot life nnd health,
'third, conlliicieent In poorly ventilated
rooms, workshops or factories, or living In
damp, unhealthy localities, will ,inUo'.i tho
blood and doielopu Hiroftila.
For All Cases
Of Sciofulo, vvlicthei Inherited or uiiiiulroJ,
and In whatever furm, Hon I' Sarsapsrllli 1
I no most mtccessiui incmrinc kuowii, ii inor
ninthly expels every tram of Impurity, gives
tho blood thoso elements of health and vitality
width it craves, and help tho liver ami k I
peis, tho great seweis ot tho system, to per
forin their natural duties,
' hoi
bold by all druggists, tl; six for 3. PreparoJ
ly by a I, Wioii co., cflweii, is,
100 TDosoo Ono Dollar.
A Xj
H7Open evenings until Christmas.
A morosnperhor varied slock
of Ladles' nnd Children's Ftna
Silk Hosiery and Bw Iss lllbbo I
t Ilk Underwear than ours was
never placed beforo n discrimi
nating public. A looknt fio
window display on K street and
'at tho stock within will attest
this fact. Thteo fcoods wero.
imrchsscd with pirtlctilnr ref
erence to the Holiday Season,
nnd aro marked nt Non Com
petitive prices. Our MIssjs' an 1
Children's Departments have
some Unusually Ooo 1 Offerings
for Saturday in Itcefcrs, Jack
ets, Newmarkets, etc., any of
which will mako a Sensible anl
Acceptable Christmas (lift.
XSTA J'rillii t'anei Hor
gicm fltray trlfA om or more
jialri of ltott.
ladies' coi.01ieii silk hose.
7 shades of Suede,
a shades of Lavender,
H shades ot Pink,
0 shades ot (I ray,
a shades of Mahogany,
J shades of Nile,
Dshadesot Cardlusl,
1 shades of (J reel),
4 shades of Ilrnnze,
3 shades of Blue
and 8 shades ot Yellow.
Also Old Hose,
and Hold.
Thoso nro shown In plain nnd dro;
stitch ankles, In Into effects nud em
broidered, ft to 7 per pair.
AND DltOP STITCH. lllack, with
evening shades ot
ITnk, Sky llluc,
(lendarine. Nile,
(Irav, Cardlunl,
Tan, Qrcen, Old Hose,
ilronro nnd Lavender,
$1.25, $1.60 and $3 per pslr,
Complete lino of Ladles' Black Silk Hose,
plain and drop-stttch nnkles, or embroidered,
ft to $T per pair,
expressly for us, with high, spliced heels and
double soles. Vnsiirpnssed,
Jl ro per pair.
matih ltcd -Morocco Slippers,
7V. und 1 aT) per pair.
In Illrck and Fancy Colors, plain and drop
83, W, CO, C2.V, TBc., tl nnd 81.45 pctrs'.ir "
Wo nro showjlri" - cry nnliiue stylo of
Lndtis' U-nTflv l.lsb. ll.isn. with ItfarJc nnd rnl.
,VZ& "stitching across tho front to represent
lacing, j rcuy encci, eoiurs
lllnek nnd Curdlnsl,
lllrek und (Ireen,
lllnek and Salmon,
lllack nud Orange,
s lllnek and Lemon,
111 ick and Yellow,
S LSI per pair.
OI E.N-WOHK LISLi: HOSK, In I'lnlr, Greea,
Heliotrope and Lavender,
TJe. per pair.
11II11IKI) LISLE HOK Intlic n'west style
and colorings, embrnilug
Naij lllue,
Canllnsl. a similes.
Dahlia, .'1 shades.
Tans, Cadet, etc.
75c. per polr.
Full line of Plain Ulaek Cotton Hose, war
runted not to crock,
S3, S3, CO, K2X nndtSe. per pair.
Complete lines ot Plain and Fancy Stripe
Ilnot-pattern Hose,
23 andfUc. per p dr.
CllILDHEVrJ SILK 1IO-K In Plain nnd
Plaln-Slto S to SH. '
l'rlce $1 fO to $2X0 per rolr, according to size.
Hlbbcd-SlcoS'i toB.V.
Price $1.70 to f 3X0 per pair, nccoidlng to size.
(First floor, second annex,)
.vir..i r.
With low ncik nnd no sleeves, In lllnek, Crenni,
Sky lllue, l'lnk, oi 1 Hose and Green.
Willi low neck and no sleei os. In lllack. Cream,
Mie, Fluknud Sky lllue.
H08. Price, fi'a.
Sire 4. Price ,i CO.
SlaoS. Price, tS.73.
Willi Ion neck and no sleeves, In lllack nud
' Sl7cs, 11, 4, r, und 11.
1'rlccs, $1,45 to fi US.
Willi lovi netk and no sleeves, In 111 ick,C.eani,
Sky lllue, l'lnk and Salmon,
Sizes, ,1, I, n and II.
Prices, ft and fl.23.
With knvnock nnd no sleeves, In
Sky Hlue,
nnd Salmon,
Sizes, 3, 4, 5 md 0.
l'rlce, 75c. each.
With high neck ond long sleoves nnd high neck
ard short sleeves, In lllack and Cream,
Prices, (1,73 to (0 each. '
PAN'l S,
Ankle length,
4 CO to $9 per pair.
Also In Cream,
$'1.75 to JilCO per pair,
In silk nnd silk wool, nt bw prices,
3T"A1I our Vests nro ot extra length, and
have given entire satisfaction,
(First floor, second annex.)
CniLDitEN-H .And IVXisses JDj:.
In this depaitment we aro showing n vory.
complete assortment of Jackets, Cloaks nnd
Dresses substantial presents for thu holidays,
Children's Fine All-wool Cashmere Dresses
tu Curdlnsl, Old Koso nnd Drown, with full
skirl, and waist with braid trimmed Figaro
sizoii. rrire, oii.
Size I. Price. CO.
SIzoO. Price, 7.ll.
Children's All-w ou 'J Inch I'lnld Dresses, with
lilgb, lull sleeves and sush back.
Size (I. l'rlce, D(). "
Size H. l'rlce, n.73.
Slo 111. l'rlce, 7.Si).
SIzoH. Prlco, 8 23.
Special, Misses' Navy lllue Twilled Cheviot
Cloth lteefcr Jackets. Sixes 12, II und 10.
Price. 1 1 CO.
Misses' All-wool lUock Cheviot Cloth Iteefer
Jackets, sizes 12, 14 and 111.
Price, T CO.
Mlsse' Heavy Twilled lllock All-Wool Chev
iot Cloth Jaokets, with largo roll coll ir, faced
wllh lllask Astrakhan fur. Sizes II and 10.
Prlii', 1H.
Children's Curdluul Twilled Cheviot Cloth
Iteeter Jnikcts, with seal plush collar, rdiod
with astiakhau and fnsleued with cord orua-
rit. tils.
Biro II. Price, 8l).
I II. Price, 8l).
i H, Price, t"."'
) 111. l'rlce, .'I BU,
' U Prlie, $10.2.1.
('hlldreii's Hue Ml.wnol Camurs Hilr Cloth
lteefcr Jnikcts, In Light mid Dirk Tun, with
llrown velvet collar imd cuffs mid llnlshi) I with
brnld ti-tmiutngs.
blzo I. Price, fl.n.
Slzo il. Price, fcuin,
Slse S, Price, t'J'i
Size 10. Prlie, flOO).
Missis' Light Cheek Cloth Double-broistod
Slzo II. Price, t0)
Size HI. Pike, 8W. . ,
Misses' Ilnilc Plsld All-wuol Cheviot ('tilth
dlotible-breiisleil Now markets, with roltcalUr.
SUcs 11 and 10) ears,
Price. 1J 50,
Misses' llrown and Tan Cheek Chovlot Cloth.
Ei.gllsh Ulsters, wllh capo sizes liiiuj 10.
Prlco, 13 0).
1'fhlrd floor, Tenth street oxtousloa.)
ellO 4t Corner Eloveutb anil F Btroati n, vr
Lrst Appcaranco ot
Anil Company of Players, Under tho Direction
of W. It. Harden,
On Which Occasion will Do Presented Oliver
(Joldsmlth's (treat Comedy,
Next Week Tho European Comedy
pany, -e ju. e.ii,ii-u 1 mnu,
Last Performance of
Ilronson Howard's Orentcst Play,
Let mo express tho conviction that every
American patriot should witness Bhennntlonh.
General W. T. bherman.
Scat now on sale. doll-It
A LHAi'oii'd aitAND opunA-HouTn.
Scats aro now on salo for tho
Extraordinary Engagement, commencing
OX tho Great New York Succcs",
The only 11 w art Actors In the w orld f rom lis
to -II j ears of age, and from 19 toSSInche
till supported by an excellent company ut
more than SIJO artists.
In Their flrand Spcctacutsr Pfay,
'Till! l'Urilj IN MAGIC,"
Which had a run of over Ono Hundred Nights
In Now York.
Jfntlnces Wcdnesley'and Saturday.
Scale of Prlcesas Usual. delu-lt
vt-ew "national i heathe-extha.
Matlnco Saturday.
.10rPII W. .T.
Jfos,, 'I ue., Wed. and Sat. Mat.,
The Rivals.
Thurs., Ftl. and Sat. Nights,
The Heir-at-Law.
I'nlo of osstn vyUJ open Thnrsday, Dec It.
. bt-i'.eoTpilces. f'2,t130, ft. Mc,50c,2Sac
cordlng to location. A"iO!j
Week Conuncnclntr Mondayi Doc, 8.
Tho Great New- York I'ollcj Ploy.
Tho Vast Stage of Theatro Coverel Wlf'i 1
lilicrof Kcil Wnter, ltow Uoats, tloidili
lloats. Swan Floats, Perry
Pouts, Ships, etc.
Fifty llojs In Swimming Scenes.
Next Weck-FAHIO ItOMANI. de-t
' THE, mil HI".
Yjom the Academy of Music, Pittsburg.
Week CommcucInR JIONDAY, DEC. 11.
Ladles' Mrtlnces Tues., Thurs, and Hat,
American nnd European Artists,
Tho Latest Burlcsuue,
CO Hrilliant llenutles 50
Gorgeous Scenery nnd Handsome Costuiuis.
Decembor 22 Tho Sensational Doom Molel
Uurlcsn.uc Company .
aiiii i ju ujii-iiif.
Iho (freat llurlesnuo nnd Specialty Oonnnnv.
Tho only Sensational Show In tbo city. M itl
necH Inndav. Wednesdav. Fridnv and Satur
day. Prices' 10, 20, SO and CO. d.W.t
ZEP:cl Slb-oes
Artlstlcallr mado to measure. Also Kinbrol.
dcred wolk buttomid In tho llncet manuir.
Ladles, bring jour work In timo lor the Holt
Tlio Eeet Ico OrDoper on Earth,
No, 020 P Streot N, W.
liultlmovo Btort,4 nnd OWost Haiti
rnoro Street,
Importlnff TftHor,
F Stroot Northwest.
This la tho Finest Lino of Woolcna
Evor Boon In Wuahinston.
K v

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