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iiy tub
Washing-ton oniTio company.
943 D Stroot Northwest.
By mall OOsUgo prepaid), l)Mr (1 71
" " ' 1 month M
Csrilershi the city, 1 inonlli ft)
013 1) sttcot.
" Washington, I). (,'.
Wamiimitox, D. C, I)kc. 17, 1S00.
ttiii: Niiitrni.K ami wiisthhx it. n.
The 1)111 now pending In ('pngrcsitopcj
lnlt llio Wnslilugtonniiil Western Itnllroail
tif Vlrglninto enter the city uf Wnslilng
Ion Is ii matter or vllnl liniMirlntico to tho
jTtiple of the District, ninl m such 'liimlil
rictlvocnrcful nnil cnmlld conslilerntltm.
The 'Watlillifftoit unil Weitcni Itntlro.nl
r Vlrglnln It n priijciteil brunch lit tho
Nnrfiilk nnil Western Itnllro.id starling
from the .Shennmlu.'ih Viillcy ltoni, which
Jitii lit en recently purcliascil ntul Ineorp i
rntcil intu the Norfolk unil Western
fy,-ti.'in. nt n jniliit n short illlanoe south
J mm ltlerlon. The 1ltaiiee from this
isvlnt to Wellington by the- direct route,
nhlcli linn been Mirveywl, Isfthmit .lovi'tity
mills. The completion of tlili hriuieli v ill open
up to Washington business a beautiful
ninl fertile country mul nffunl n illrcctnntl
excellent line to tho South ami Southwest
mill to the West.
Tho question now H whether this road
riiull bu iiermittcil to enter Washington"
mid m what term.
A bill was before Congress nt tho lat
M'siuit permitting the Washington nud
(."umbel land road to come In upon the,
ChiMipenke and Ohio C'aniil, which that
corporation c.xKttcil to jhwcss, and the
bill was mi amended as to permit tho
Washington and Western to tuc'tho same
tracks. Hut tho Haltlmorc anil Ohio Hull
mad has now 'ioiriUiii of tho canal,
which will bo rtMored lis a waterway, nud
mi neither coinpuny can uso It. Under tho
lirovlsiona of feetmto bill till, Introduced
by Senator I).mi:i. In September, tho
Washington and Western road is permit
ltd to cross the Potomac pomawhero be
tween tho Aqueduct and Chain bridges
ubovc navigation, thenco by tho river
bank to Water street, along Wafer street
to Hock Creek, and thcuco by the moit
praUirablo route to a terminus or depot
near 11 and Seventeenth streets.
Whilst tho Congress should bo nio-t
jciilous in guarding the rights of tho
pioplo in dealing with railroads, yet tho
j coplo uhoulil not bo deprived of railroad
futllltlm essential to the transaction of
buMiuiS upon any pretenso of protecting
tin in from rorporntlons, As u general
mle, tluse outcries against theeneroiieli
nients of railroad curpurntlous are started
by rhal railroads to jirotcet tho nionopo
Hin tl.ey themselves enjoy.
Wnshlngton h:W been peculiarly un
fortunate lu this' regard, l'or years nil
I'liinmuulcatloii between the Capital and
the outsillt) world, at least north of tho
I'nloiune, was In the hands of aflnglu rail
road, and It is cllll remenibercd how
(linmefuHy the monopoly wiis abuseil.
Washington is more, in need of railroad
fntillilcs than anytity of o hundred thou
sand population In the Union. Its gate
way to the South Is in the hands of a
single company width jloi-s not possess
the fncilitiis or the. cpaco in which, to
handle the buliicstbat Is offered. Upon
Inauguration days tho railroads un
load thousands of their passengers
in remote tmhuibs. And tho busi
ness men of Georgetown find
it moro expcnMvo to moro n carload of
freight from the railroad terminus to their
warehouses than tho freight rato for a
hundred miles amounts to. '
Cities and towns all over the land arc
piling Into debt to raise money to indiico
the building of railroads. Itailrooils aro
ul as much value, to the business men of
"Washington as to those of other cities. Is
it just, then, to the people for Congress to
deny admittance to those which como
knocking at our doors, asking no favors
but simply admittance uixiu our own
It Is not likely that there is a business
untrolnanyStutoof tho Union as large
jig (Icnrgetown bo" remote from a railroad.
Tslt Just to the people thcro to deprive
tlicm of an artery of trado for tho eco
nomical transaction of their business?
II no way for tho railrodd to cntor tho
-ily can be discovered, except by doing
the jicople a wrong, keep It out. lint
Mirely como avenue ran bo found, by
which this branch of one of the greatest
railroad systems of tho laud can bo ad
mitted without public damage.
lit It once enter ilpon proper terms and
every Interest in the city will feel tho liu
)iulse. Olio of tho most beautiful sections
if the Union, tho great Valloy of Virginia
lying almost at our door, wilt be opened
to our trade. Tho magnificent cojI and
lumber regions of Southwest Vlrgfiilrtnml
West Virginia will be accessible, and com
liuiniiiition, which Is so essential to mod
uli civilization, will be widely extended.
Tin: Ii'Aiio .Siin.vtoiiivi. hiKenos begun
yisterc'ay and ran into a deadlock tho llr.st
thing. Kx-Pclcgato Dunois is In tho lead,
1ml lacks cloven votes. It was thought ho
would bo chosen on tho first ballot, and
his numerous friends hero hope ho will
jiull through all right yet.
Tin: KAr.MFrs' Ai.m.ikcf. and Knights of
Toiboraio hesitating about tho formation
if the luudly advertised third party. If
they will look hack they will (hid the
i-hotes of tho political sea strewn with
the wrecks of ready-mado third parties.
Tho philosophical truth Js that political
jiartiis aio like Tojug, They "Jes grow."
Tin: xr.w SESATon from South Carolina,
who vvlllshortly Biiccceil to General IUvir--fii.N's
scat, Is beginning to pay somo rather
hiavy liistalliuents on tho penalty of emi
nent e. Few ocaiK! this jnoroorless pain
ful cxieriiiicc, hut It seems to iw that 3Ir,
li.'iiv is getting n good deal moro of it than
is customary. If we nm to credit the dif
ferent chaigpii and Innuendoes thus far
put In circulation, Mr. Innv hiisatvniluus
times proved lilnicelf a vfllaln of tho dcei
ftt dye. Ho has shown tho while feather
in n duel; ho has shot a man in tho back;
he.hasbcena fugltlvo from justleo, and
lie lias committed a great number of
crimes which weliavonuttlmoto classify
"We venture to say, howover, that tho
(eiintry utiarfjo willrcfusoto bellevo ull
this or even tho half of it, Jt is lu the
latt degree unlikely Hint 31r. limy could
liavo been ihoseuHcnutor if ho vvero guilty
of tho least of tho offenses wo have sped
lies, Tho preteut Legislature Is a fairly
representative body. It Is tho product of
tnc wealth, tho Intelligence and tho clvill
ration of South Carolina as much so as
(lie Legislatures that elected General Hamp
ton lu tho past. Mr. limy went before jt
us a Democrat, not as an Alllaneo num.
Tho Alliance had Its own aspirant. Does
ii teem likely that, with such opjiositiou,
.Mr. Jnav could linvo triumphed if Jio had
In truth labored under so black and hein
ous n record as la now assigned him? We
think not. It scuiis incredible. And wo
are glml to tlilnk so. The Idea of nil
American Senator guilty of such malefac
tions as Mr Innv has been charged with
is about as unwelcome and abhorrent a
cue as could be pi esentcd to an cnllght
inttl iicople.
Viiioimv Kiwi VmiMiiMT. Three Inches
of snow ytlcrday at Staunton.
Tin: WAtir.WoiiKi'iis who represent them
selves as getting together nt "mldlilgbt's
solemn hour," or something of that sort,
seem to devoton good deal of their time
to Tin: Clinic. The attention Halters us,
Tin: CniTir cndonvnrs to securo tho respect
iindilsscheinoof dimmest of course in
cliuleM the Wage Workers, If wo do not
happen to follow Hint organization in nil
lis operations, the circumstance need nut
Interfere witli the cordiality of our re
hiltons or diminish the mutual esteem
Hint subsists between us. Wo havo
not yet iiille lenehtsl the jkiIiiI of
demandliig the obliteration of the banks
or of i ailing for the total aiinthilatlnu of
capital. We aro unprepared til accept tho
proposition that u rich man Is necessarily
thoeiuuiy of mankind, nud something
still imptdts our lllght to tho conviction
that a eoriKiratlon which pays good illvi
dcmls must, therefore, bean engine of in
famy and oppression. Nevertheless, Tin;
Clinic wishes the Wage AVorkers all the
happiness and pinijiciity imaginable, ilud
stands reajly to sulkily them withabrlght,
readable mid complete nttcmoon paper,
dellvcrcil by tho cartiers at tlio regular
Jv'onoiiv sil vl.t, hu that Tun Ciiitic per
nilited Hon. HiniMi Hum. to bo mounted
on his high and windy tomb, without
spilling uno tear beneath it. Ho had his
faults. I'rrisli tho thought that at such a
moment we should deny HI Hut, like the
Headwind organist, he did his best. If,
In the artless ebullitions of his youth, lie
stolo a horso or winged a missionary, liu
did it merely In childish sport simply
because ho wanted tho horse or, as the
case happened to be, (lid not want tho mis
sionary. Ho meant no harm tohimsclf.
In his mnturcr years, when lie had chased
and Iassootd tho squnw of his affection
and had surrounded himself with tin
interesting progeny, no doubt ho
was an exemplary parent. Wo feel
sure that ho taught his off
spring all tho more Useful Indian ac
complishments, nnil Instilled Into them
those beautiful primeval habits of fru
gality and acquisition which havo majlo
Sittimi Hun, Iiiinnif so Justly famous.
Wo do not believe that ho ever robbed n
settler or an emigrant train unless ho
wanted their jiortuble property, nor can
anybody pcrsuado us that ho ever mur
dered jialo faces of any age, sex, or pre
vious condition except to prevent therii
from grieving over their losses. We can
not truthfully say that we Mhould like to
bav e SnTino Hi i.tbaek In our midst again.
It seems to us that he is much better off
where he Is wherever that maybe. Hut
vvciirenct going to stand Idly by whllo
his funeral passes and refuse to pay somo
sltgbt tribute to his memory.
An vni:virr is iui.mi m.hh: In Indlanap
oils to indict Attorney-denernl Mtt.U'ufor
using a (invcrnmcnt nlllcial envelope to
carry a pilvatc letter. Mr. Mii.i.kii aji
) ears to bo fortunate lu his enemies.
Tin: ni:r.vTi.viaTrr.jn:i)N"ew-York JfcruU
exhibits a vns,l deal of hone.-t prldo over
the success of Its suggestion regarding t lie
Xevv York Senatorshlp. The feeling is
entirely justifiable. Xothlng more gro
tesque lias appeared upon tlio pollttc.il
Inn-iron than this vision of Mr, Cuvnixs
A. Dvnv dressed upasa Democratic mem
ber of the Senate. All that is said of Mir.
H.vka's ability falls shoit of, rather than
exceeds the truth. No one who reads the
Vn or who knows anything of Mr. Dvnv
through a moro direct and personal
medium, needs to be us-suicd that, lu all
matters of Intellectual equipment, ho is
the peer of any Senator now living. Hut
when It comes to accepting lilm as a rep
resentative of the Democratic party, or us
the exponent of those principles and pur
poses which differentiate tho Democratic
from the Republican party, the proposition
becomes as humorous ns tlio idea of tho
late Simxn Hull as superintendent of a
kindergarten or tho Czar of all tho.
Husslas presiding over a popular legisla
ture. Tlio J ft mill has never been quite so
facetious as it Is now not even when It
turned the animals loose lu Central 1'ark.
Wkii FM7.N.UIAX, the Itcpiibllcau can
didate for (Jovcrnor of Texas, received
t-0,000 votes; hut ns his Democratic oppo
nent received 180,000 moro than that,
Wed Is btlll pondering tjio conundrum,
What are wo here for?
Sixce the Ei.FCTto.v Csindiclato Dklv
Maikii lias failed. So lias Wiiviiton
Dasher, leader of the kickers. And now
ex-Senator Wallace, who contested with
Governor HArrisoN for tho Democratic
nomination, has failed. Pennsylvania
politics appear to bo unusually fatal this
ycar' -
iuTi:i. AiiitivAr.s.
A'tMffiit'-lInn, W. V. flcucll, P. A. Mela
tire, l'nrlljiid, Me.; V. II. Ilammrulr, New
York; John MuNiiltu, llloonilngtou, 111.
Atlliifflan--William lb, Iteovlln and Frank
Htriikliuid, Morton, Pa; MorrlM ltnenth-il,
I'mnlnRtou, Mil; Max lluoclc, Bt, Loula; II.
N.McUlmiey, i'liil.ulillila.
'fttioithitiiiJ. II. McMurran, Now York; J.
Wnoil and wile. I.on lleacli; 1). (M.Utand
wlfr. Wheeling, W. Vn.; A. 0, Harrii", Indian
a polls,
irei niliy'i It. d. Clifford and wire, )alon;
W. (.'. Ilaiin" and IMiiiund Alton, New Vork;
W. W. bwan, Boitoii.
Wtleltr't H. , Ilarrowa, Jr.. Providence, It.
ll William II. 'liravtra. West Virginia; Arthur
il. Jarvln, .lamentown, 1'".; John o, Crawrorit,
West Virginia.
Jitaut-T,. 11. Ilrown and W. A. Hull. New
York; J nines Jt. UiivIcb, CliarleH A. 'linker.
New York; W. Il.-oill, liilladcliihla; Osorgo
n. i:aton. Montana; 1', 1), Winston ami wltc,
iVMH-Hcnry M. Wllran. llontnn; I. I.
Wanger, Norrlilow n, Va.: .1. Jaras, Now YorU;
William A. Hall and wltc, Cincinnati; lion, Jl.
0. Payne, Milwaukee.
inforrfV-A. J. llronkn, Now York; Waller
ICc-lir, Indlonaiiulls; i;d'Aliil'. I.eo.ltrooklyn,
I'liarlca II. Pock, Jr., MlniiecpulU,
llnhl JuhiKntX. V. Ilsrnnt, PhlLnUljilils;
T. llerrj-, lloitoni W. II. llcnilncten, Now
oxk II. V. Tarltoii.
MttttipoUtan-rJ. T. I).iI.Hnn and Osorie I.
ltcrvc, l'lill.nlolnlil.i; Arthur I), Kuuillr, Mll
slppl; W. II. Craig, Luudonj M, J.uvj-, New
SVatlOHRl-C, M. llulibmon, Allooni, Pa.j
(ieorgc (, Itainnnv', Wullu llumc, N. .1.; J. A,
I'onuor nud ,1. Weluli, l'nttUml: Jl. II. Intfcr
oll, l'. H. N.; M. 1.. Head and Jhll Jii'ill-on,
New York.
SI. Jmuii-J. T. Wilder, Ju'mntown (ity; 1.
A. Hjilliiian, Otiumwa, I,i,l; IF. J.'. Jtihrock
and I.. W. Hcrpordjon, llostou; 1C. Tmlnor,
1'ranl.llnr l'a.; I ulvlu Wliltuejr, Nurwvlk, Olilo.
Ifatir J.'aiidlill-Wmiim Selimandei', Jr.,
Nownrk, N. J.; N. J. Uvsert, Now York city;
Harry Klnit, llaltlmorei W. W. O'llrlne, Mr
alula; W. I), Crodun, .Vlmylandi T. H, I.tons
lngs, i lty.
Jlnltl lmptral3Mnt IJ. Hardy, Rl I.onlsi
A. 1,. ('iuiiplit.il, Wllllnm Caso nud Alfred
llnnk, New York; J. U. Hajiiicrtatt, 1'lilhdfl
jiUlo, Jliird Joli.
Fiomtbt Chltti'jofltiuUt,
"Children," fold their mother, ''you
must go out of doors If you want to jiiny.
You will disturb your father in tho uovt
"Ho is deeply cnguged In literary work,
my child, and ha needs absolute quiet."
''Wrltln' a book?"
"More illlllcult than that, my dear," an
swered tho mother In a hushed toqe, "Ho
Is trying to read a dialect "story In onu of
the magazines,"
IN Till: SWIM,
Mrs Vmttor, tlir wlto nt tlin Seerclory nt
War.wtll liecln torccchooiiWeiluefiJijs utter
Die 1st nf January.
Urn family of (lencral Nclnun A. Mltos have
luuirtincuts at tlio sluiri'lauu.
Hx-tlnvcmorTlioinpsiin nf tlio Civil Scrilca
Coininlsslon and Ids Interesting family r.ro
sclllnlfor the winter nt (lift corner nf t'na
ncclleut nvenuo and lie Male street. He his
tundausliters, llio eldest t wliniii hnslrlk
Inely Jicndsoinn brunette, and tho jouugcr
Bhes proinlse nt beauty and (tjirll.
The illftnnees In Wndilnstnn are M gre.1t
Hint peupk with a largo vl'ltlng list flint It
almost Impossible In get nrnitud their circle,
itlia heeu rlevcrly nud faecllously suffcslod
by "n Hiffe rer" that n Hoelal lioarlnit Ilouso
lo fYtnbllshid whero cards tor tho hulk of
nno'a vl'ltur rnald ho received nnd ncemints
balanced. 'I ho Idea Is very original and sns
eeptlbln nf prnrtlril application. On ever) -nneV
ll-l there nro hundreds nf nniiios ot enllors
Ml'iiiton'Cclprit a s.'nind vl'lt In person, and
others who aro satlslled with nu nnnnal ox
chnnso of pastobnaid. Any enternrlilng genliH
who Is looking fur a mission nnil n work may
flint In llio tiearlng llouo theory nn opportu
nity rurlnmc.
The first of tho series nt dances given this
seasiin by thn llanrlng cIhj luuk plaeo lvt
night nt the National lillles1 Armiiry, nnilcrtho
tllieetltin ut (ho ladles of tho committee, Mrs.
Admiral John (1. Walker, Mrs, Van Kenselaer,
Mrs, Hvnrls and Mrs, Warder. Hie Dinrlng
Class Isone nf Ihe mot exiluslro thlniji nt
the kind nt llio Capital. To belong to It U tho
mot coveted of tlio mniiv nielnl UMInctlons.
Tho lneinbors nro tho daughters and suns of
the reprcsrntntlie leading ramllles liere, nu.l
tntliidft tlioeuf the must distinguished high
ofllclnls and prominent society ponptufrom
'J he list of v oung Indlrs Includes Mi's llschel
Camrrun, Miss Jlltehell, the Misses Patinrj
fnte, Miss l.inlKe, tho Missis Horsey, Miss By.
erctt, Miss Parke, tho Mlscs Hunt, Miss l'he
nlx, Miss Auileureld, Miss Mildred Carlisle,
MiSH'J'nvlnr, the Misses .tames, the Misses Dot
Mnnte, Miss bay. Miss Warder, Miss Cox, Miss
Wallach, Miss Drown, Miss Walks', Mlsg
llionkr. Miss M)er, Miss Klllli, Mt) IMIc, .Mi's
llanernft and others. The arrangements wera
In admirable tnsle, and Weber, who used to
pl1) tlio most rntrnnclng waltrcs and galops
rnr the niotliers of these fair dancers, wielded
tho Mon with nil of his uld-tbno spirit,
Tho prcscmo of n number of tho matrons
best known In society added dignity to the
plcasantues of Iho evening. Among them
wcru l.adr 1'aunccfotp. 31ri. II. stidnov :i.t
rctl, Mrs. Keeling, Mrs. .1. V. IikhlgriMi nail
Mrs. Cabot l.odgc. There were lots ot danc
ing men. of tnurse, nnd the most ajrecabln
Voting fellows lu soilcty weroout In foreo
Mr. Montgiunery lllalr, Mr. l.egare, Mr. llrleo,
Connt lie Vonne, Mr. .Morgan llrnnn, Mr. Me
Cawley, Mr. bee 1'hllllns, Sir. llarbcrand Mr.
lobustono of Iho Ilrltlsh bogntlon, I.leuteunnt
Culver nud lluiklugliani of tho Navy, Mr. dit
liaporedo and n host of others. Sir Julian
Piinneefote, Iho Ilrltlsh Mlnletor; Air. do
Mruvc, tho flermaq Minister, nnd the Turkish
Minister were among those vho "assisted," as
nur l'rcmli friend express It.
tA London editor recently returned u
New York letter to the writer, saying that
thoiiimlds. Astors, and Vnnilerbllts men
tioned in it were persons whoso nainos
wcro tinknuvvii to him and to Kngllsh
Tho Ihnprc's nugcnlo Is rcjioitcil to lie
a heavy loser liy tho recent depreciation
in South American secuiitlcs, as she had
Invested very largely in them.
Child imitators of L'armeucita nud
Otero are the most recent developments
in the lower order of New York amuse
ments. Lord Tolleniarhehad lossibly tho honor
of powering, somo tlmo or another, tho
most patriarchal family in all l!urop
Of his tvventy-tlirco sons, however, only
eleven surviv o him, as well as one daugh
There Is much anxiety nt tlio Vatican
over the condition of tho Hope, who has
been seriously affected by the extremely
cold weather. Dr. Cecrercill, who Is in
attendance on His Holiness, is prepared
fcrthe worst.
KiiigMihui, hiTc of Servia, has been In
Scotland for ten days on a visit to Lord
Ablngcr at Inveiiochy Castle, Inverness
shlro, where tho paity Included tho
Damns 11. nnd It. Krlnngerand Sir I'rod
eiiek Stephenson.
Little "l'hll" Sheridan, who is jiM now
10 years old. Is said lo boa perfect coun
teriiart of hia father. Ho gives proiniu
of exhlliltlng the pluck anil endurance) of
tho great cavalry leader. Ho is destined
for West Point.
It Is llfty-onu years slnco one voteiln
clded that Marcus Mortem, and not Ktl
ward Kvcrett, should be (lovcrnor of
Massachusetts, .ludgo Morton had lieen
a candidiito for olllco thirteen successlvo
years when he was chosen by tills mea
gre majority.
Tlio 10-ycar-old Queen of Holland is by
no means unlike her aunt, the Duchess (if
Albany. She bus been brought up in tho
simplest possiuio milliner unuer mo direct
liersonnl sujicrintenilencc or ner mother,
Oiieen Kinnia, assisted liy a nrofessor and
an Knglish governess, JIlss Winter. Sho
has alwnvs been accustomed to nlav with
thn children of her late father's humbler
neighbors, and was never so happy as
when entertaining her llttlo friends mom
iron at tho Loo.
I'atti wan only seven when sho flrs-t
went on the stago to sing. Her initial
appearance ns at n conceit in Niblo's
Garden, December II, 185t, Her formal
ttriitl In opera was made at tho Acildcmy
of Music on tho night nf November 21,
lflW), when she sung the title role In "Lucia
ill Lainmcrmoor. Sho was then only
15 years old.
llv tho side of Millet's famous work.
tho "Angclus," now in New York, has!
been placed his portrait by himself at tho.
ju oi ,mj. .mis vvorit, owueii uy 'I'lerre
Millet, the painter's sculptor brother, who
resides In Ilostou, is of exceptional Inter
est onil of striking quality, Tho painter,
whoso faca Is turned a llttlo to tlio right,
wears u mustache and short heard. Ills
hair, as In tho portrait In Scndler's life,
falls below his ears', where it btcomes
curly. IIo wears a black coat, buttoned
up, which has a high velvet collar.
Thevencrable(jlencnil Francis E. Spin
ner, ox-Treasurer of tlio United States,
writes us follows, from Jacksonville, Flu,,
to tho Hon. John 31. Francis, of tho Trvy
Tiuiu: "Thocanccr has eaten abroad chan
nel across my nose.oxposlnp both nostrils
through which orillces I breathe. I try
to stand up btitl illly against tho pains that
alllitt me, and 1 nm greatly sustained in
the efforts'by tho syniiinthetic letters and
newspaper notices that I receive from
friends unil tho Iiojhj that death will soon
end nil my sufferings.''
31adam Kartzofl", who was found mur
dered in her house in Moscow Dec, HI, was
an mint of tho Husslan consul-general In
I'arls, tuward whom the Nihilists have
lopg entertained hostile feelings, Tho
head of tho murdered vvoiiiaii was nearly
severed from the body. Her mouth was
Muffed with a ntDcklng and her hands
were tied behind her back. Everything
In Ihu room was in perfect order. Tlio
smell of burning bed-clothe, which had
been set on lire by the- assassin, llrst
alarmed the household.
How (n Muko Kisses,
A strango error s-ecms to obtain In tho
olllco of a certain morning contemporary
that bus a department entitled, "Tho Homo
nnd Ilomu Keepers' Department." It
yesterday tried to Inercuso tho gloom of
existence by spreading the sway of that
error, as follows:
"KN"es"aro made by beating tho whiles
of thrco eggs until (hoy nro stiff mid
llaky; then sift over tho egg thieo
iiuarlcrs of a run of powdered sugar, Mix
the sugar In Hglitly with a Knife. Cover
ii hoard with paper, drop tho mixturoon
Itby r-poonf ills, and place In n-hot closet
or oven, with tho door open, for liulf nn
hour, Then rvniovo from tlio oven nud
let dry uno hour. To make them success
fully n steady, moderate heat isrciii!rod."
WoiiinnoF, Tor tlio life of us, make nut
what thoiygshuvc to do with it, nud wp
never yet discovered tlio necessity of
"mixing any sugar In" with n knlfoora
fork either. And we do not want the
door to bo open f"r hnlf on hour, uulosj
the half an hour takes plaroafter wo havo
gone away. Wo do not want It to hoopen
at all. Wo are not ijulto sine that even
"a steady, mislerato Iieut Is iwnlretl to
make them successfully." Net that wo
llko our kisses cold, hut vvo object to that
adjcctlvo moilerate, Wo don't inoderato
at such times. Wo can give a hotter
rcclpo than that for "making them stio
ccsslully," says thcv&'uw York J'iw,
Take iiuo girl, liump, with u poachy
complexion, tender straight nose, lips tho
color of n ripo watermelon's heart of
hearts, big brown or delicate bluoeyo,
and a llncly rounded chin, Kntico your
icarf-pin to begin ti) como out of your
necktie, or ostentatiously mako a mess of
pluulng a biitlon-holo bouquet upon the
lnptl of your coat. When sho offers In
help you accept with u look of grateful
Watch your chnnco, and when she
strikes n sung lu replacing tlio scarf pin,
or her taper lingers tremble as alio tries to
adjust tlio btmloiinten, when tho water
melon lips nro nt n minimum distance and
thn brown eves nro pleadingly and jwr
tlstently looking below Ihu level of yours
ns if trying not lo ho caught by your
Well, If you don't know tlio rest all the
newspapers that ever weroprhitcd couldn't
teach you.
"A l'nrlnr .Mutch" nt tlio National.
I'iiii, fust and furious next Week at tho
New National Theatre when lhoodcllght
fill comedians, Hviinsnud Hoey, and their
excellent company of coinetfy players will
present their Do Lino's edition of "A
J'arlor3Iatcii," which bears tho reputa
tion of being tho greatest comedy success
of a generation. While retaining theold
plot ii number of new things havo been
ndded tills year. One of the new addi
tions will lie tho appearance for the llrst
time lu Washington of tho thrco Ilngllsh
SNtcrs Levey, who aro creating so much
furore through the country, anil they aro
said to bo marvels of grace, beauty and
ability, and It's seldom such remarkable
women ardseen on the stage, tho smallest
of the three beliig llvo feet eleven Inches
lu height. 3Ir. Hoey will slug his latest
suc(cs, entitled "They'ie After Me," In
which lie has scoicd a great success, and
must no mam lo no iippicciutctl.
"I'oiip Joiinttinn" lit Allmugli's.
To-moirnw morning the sale of scats for
" I'cor Jonathan," tlio Xcw York Casino's
lastcst success, ppens ut tho box-olllco of
tho thealrf Thuojiera, to be presented
by Kuilolph Aronson's Comic Opertt Coin
pnny, is one of tho greatest hits since
"Hrmlnle." and the fact of Its being done
here should bo olio of great Importance to
theatre-goers of this city. Jlr, Aronson's
company numbers over sixty people, and
Is composed of the best niatoiial on tho
comic opera stage. The following clip
pings from the I'hlludolphla ivm will
aucsi in ns iHipiiuiruy;
"A genuine success-, popular and artis
tic, has varied (lie theatrical season. It
occurred Inst night at tlio Chcstniit-Streel
Theatre, and was won by Carl SllliOeck
er's comic opera, M'oor Jonathan,'
which had its llrst Philadelphia revelation
In a very exi client, If not brilliant, per
formance by Hudolph Aronson's New
York Casino Company, under tha urtlstlo
direction of llcinrlch Conricd.
"The music, of w hitli tlicro is an nbund
aiicc, is most melodious, (Incut and often
infectiously oscillating. Tho libretto, An
glicised and Aiuericinbed by John 1.
Jackson andllalph A. Weill from tlio
Ocrman of Hugo Wlttnion and Jullils
llauer, interprets a fanciful and nmu-dng
story of the present limo and of Ameri
can pcrHonugis In lyrics that aio above av
erago iiiailtv and in dialogue that is clean
cut, intclllgihloaiidclovcr. Tho piece lias
somovvcll-ennlriveil situations, and tho
musical and comic cilinn.es, as a rule,
harmonize with uncommon uicctv nnd
with an effect that stirred last nlgh't's au
dience which was largo but did not al
together till tho theatre, and whoso mood
wns not nt first ono of favorable predispo
sition to tlio heartiest enthusiasm.
"A unlfiuo duet and dance, ulven with
humor mid grace by Jlr. Solomon and
Mi's Johns, wns applauded, and .Miss Dar
villesang witlt spirit, skill, and somo beau
tlfid vi.eal notes a lovely wuIU song,
'What is Life Without (limy, wiileli
elicited a double encore. JMl('a imitu
tion of a I'arisiuu c.ifo ciuintaut singer,
Tliiine, was urll&llcnlly rendered. Join
imh'i song, 'I'm tho Most I'nfortiuialo
Jonathan,' Is in this net repeated, and is
elaborated into thc.ftnak of the act.
".Mr. Hyley played the part of manager
with his customary activity and precision.
3Ir. Solomon muileiin admirablccnu'ii".
Ixnilso Hissing, Kva Johns, Oeorgo Olml
and others did creditable work in minor
parts. Courted was on tho stago with tho
chorus much of tho time."
Clovcliinil'H Minstrels nt Lincoln Hull.
Cleveland's minstrels will begin, at tho
Lincoln 3Iusic Hull next 3Ionduy, a
week's engagement, with an extra mnti
nee on Christinas Day. The combination
is ono of the best ever organized. .Mr.
Cleveland bns gathered together from tho
tho minstrel Held its most conspicuous pro
ducts. There was a tlmo when either
Willis I'. Sweatinan or Jllllji Itieo in a
minstrel comimuv was enough to insure
success, but Jlr. Cleveland this season bin
made a constellation of all theso minstrel
starsiind has supplemented their hi illiancy
with many othcrllghts. luaddltiontotho
above is Suginioloa troupo of Japanese
performers, whom Cleveland brought to
this country from Japan by special per
mit from the Mikado. They aro tho ac
knowledged superiors of all other in feats
of darlnir and skill on tho hleli wire, tho
balancing ladders, sword walking, fencing
ami iiicir icpcnoiro in ucrouuiiu auti oai
aneing feats Is us varied and wonderful as
tho imagination can depict.
"After Ilnrk" nt Harris'.
William A. Hrady's spectacular produc
tion of "After Dark" will bo given at
Harris' llljuu Theatre noxt week with a
good company and strong scenic effects.
Seats arc now on sale.
Vnuilovllln nt Kcmnn's.
Tho Sensational Doom .Model Hurlcsrpio
and Sjicctacular Company will appear at
Kenian's Theatre for the first tlmo Christ
mas week. It Is an entirely now attrac
tion, replcio with new and novel features
and teaming with rich sensations, among
which may bo mentioned "Tho Clemen
ceau Cascr" in thrco'tablcaux, Introducing
one of the prettiest and most perfect living
models. Thcro is a highly entertaining
lujletui, entitled "The (Sronatlou of tho
Violet," which Is followed by an olio of
Original specialties. Tho burlcsiiuo.
"flolden I.oeks.ortho Heautlful Princess,"
is a brilliant spectacular production., Scats
now on sale.
The Henry llurlesmio Company, tho at
traction this week, affords a faultless en
tertainment. Toxarkanas, the dancer of
all dancers, lias proved the hit of tho
show, and 'Jlnnnger John II. Snjlth Issues
a chullengo of ?l,0C0for her cijtial. To
night one of tlio prlvuto boxes will bo np
proprlatcly decorated in honor of the
solver of tlio mathematical problem and
to-morrow night, (Thursday) tho correct
Milution will bo worked out on a black
board on tho stago, as there havo been so
many doubts oxprcssed that it cannot bo
done. Ladies' matlnco to-morrow.
August llolmont'a A null's.
from tht A'tio York roit,
Tho fact that tho Into August Belmont
mndo no mention In his will about tho
conthiuanco of tho well-known bnnking
firm of August Hclinont & Co. caused
somo conjecture in Wull street as to tho
possible f uluro of the firm, Tho question
was really settled, howover, Immediately
after Mr. Helmont's death, as was soon
known In the chief financial centres of
Europe. A circular letter In relation
thereto was Issued by the surviving part
ners to the firm's eonespondents' and cus
tomers hearing dato of December 1,
which read as follows:
Jfnw Youk, December 1, 1690.
Ol'M'l.F.MSji; Willi tho deepest regret
wo unnouueo to yen tho death of our
senior partner, Hon. August Helmoiit,
which occurred at the city of New- Ynrk
on tho mtli of Novcmburhist.
Hy tho death of Mr. llciniont tho firm
of August Hclinont tfc Co. Is dissolved.
The undersigned will continue the busi
ness hcrctoforo "carried on by August Hcl
inont it Co., under thnsama name, and
asinine nil the obligations of tho lute firm,
and adjust the affairs thereof.
We append herctu our signatures nnd
(ho.soof our attorneys, uud icmalii, your
obedient tcrvnnts,
Ararat Di'i.mo.st, Jn.,
WAUiau Luitucn'.
Thus, Jt Is stated authoritatively, and i
a matter of fact, that tho business of the
firm, together with all its various con
nections, will bo continued as heretofore
nud Just as It has been, Without a ripple,
since Mr. Helmont's death.
Who Stole Tlmt 'Possum?
'Jerry," the ttundby nt tho White
Houfccliiul a nice fat 'imssutn which io
was saving for thn President. IIo hung It
up n tho rear yard lust night nud this
morning tho 'possum was gone. Jerry Is
disconsolate and believes the party wiio
Mole his 'jiossom also got tho liag.
Suits and Overcoats reduced to 911,83.
Klicman Hrcs., 7th and
Within n short tlmo wo haro spoken of the
many projects for the construction of Important
jniblln works In several of the republics of
Central and Mouth America, It js, of course,
necessary that investors should bo very care
ful shout putting their capital Into theso
works, and before dolnx so ought to havo n
thorough knowledge ot them nnd or tlielr
managers, and of the warranty under whirl!
they nro lu ho prosecuted. 'I hero Is nt this
time. In several of Iho republic! here referred
to. a mania for the projection ot vast public
works, audit mar bo taken for granted that
some of them will never bo undertaken; tint
others will ho failures, and that yet others will
be nnprofllnbto to the peoiilo who may ho con
lerned In them. AVw York Hun,
PoorOrandpn Hosr Is still nursing lilt llttlo
J'oreo bill w llli tender Sollcltnde.
T ho old gentleman knows that It can't lire,
lint he fondles It tenderly, pats It on the back
when It grows red In tho face and gasps for
breath, glies it tod llrcr till nnd paroorie,
tliindles Hon his 'knres nnd tries tohopn tint
tho dear tootsey wootsey may get through the
, Hut It Wtfn't, nit the same. .Vein York
Any gentleman who Is ilncnt In tho us) of
Imprecatory language of u peculiarly scathing
linti.ro, language which can bo depended upon
lo turn Ihe aim sulphurous blue nnd ctirdlo tho
blood of those w iio listen to it, ought to com
munlcate 1th tho old live Democrats ot South
Carolina. For ever since Wndo Hampton was
defeated for llio Hcn.ltorJhlp they lute lisen
unable adequately to express their opinion of
(lovemor 'I lllinnu, Tillman being the man who
bntehercd Wnde to iiialto n Parmers' Alllaneo
holiday.-AVic YoiH Trltunt.
It Is now proposed that the llepubllcAns lu
Congieis should take tho lead In framing a new
Sliver Mil. niinnrcntlr for the Mimosa of bend.
lug orr n Frro Coinage bill. Hat It must bo
obi Ions, If there Is a majority to pass a l're.i
Coinage bill In cither House, that majority by
n single role Can turn nny bill that may ha
offered Into ono for freo coinage. Is there nny
adequate occasion for taking nil tho risks In
vobed by framing nnd ottering such n meas
ure It Is alwnvs manly to admit an error when
you havo mndo uno. Hut tho Itcpnbllcan ma
jority In Congress has no occasion lo admit that
tho silver art passed at thn last session was an
error, or lh.it It did not go lust as far toward
full and freo monetary u-c of siller as It Is pos
sible to go with sifc-ty. .Veto York Tribune.
Jlv far tho most lnterestlnir featura in tha
struggle now going on In Irolrnd between the"
j-iiriicuitrn nun tor nnii-L iirncuiics lien in llio
fart that it Is tho llrst time In Irish history In
which tho voters have been called on to settle,
by their votes, or other expression ot opinion,
a question seriously nrfcctlng their welfare.
Kvery other question of vital Importance, to
Ireland since tlio union has been settled by tho
votes of Englishmen and Scotchmen, with but
llttlo If any regsrd to Irish opinion. .Vein
Yulk Mining J'Oit,
In point ot ability Mr. Hill may stand above
many men who have represented thlsStitc In
tho Senate, vet bis abilities aro nt best only
inodereic, while his qnallllcatlons, from tho
Mugwump point of view, nro mostlmmoderate.
Mr. Hill Is n politician, a tricky politician, nn.l
with tho tricks of polities his mind has always
found Its most congenial occupation, while by
their treo li'o nnd application ho has sought
and attained nil tho successes with which be
supposes Fortune nnd nn admiring electorate
to linvo favored lilm. ills opinion nnd his
nctlon upon public questions can bo foreseen
nnd counted upon only so far ns tho
dletatis of his selfish Interests may
be perceived, for theso ho commonly
obojs. Thoso vi ho support him for tho
Senrtorshlp, tliercrore, must consent to his uso
of tho high privileges of tho Senate Chamber
mainly for Ids own advancement, and for tho
public welfare nut at nil save when his own
may be coincident. AVic Yoik Times.
Ono ot the most Inteiostliurslzns of the times
in l'rnnce Is tho gradual adhesion of tho
Church to the Itepnullcaus. Thera havo been
indications for somo time buck that tho hlzlur
clergy were disposed to coino over, but noiu ot
them had publicly given up tho monarchy as ii
lost er.uro until Cnnllnnl Luvlgerlo led tho way
n few weeks ngo. Tha collapse of Iliuliiuglsiii
and tho exposure or the Itoyullst alllano vv.th
It, coming close on the triumph of tho rcpilh h
ut tho election, has undoubtedly proclpttstid
the surrender of tho Church, for such womvy
consider it, Cnrdlnel l.nvlgerle's position his
received tho public adhesion of the lllshop of
Annecyln nn Interesting letter. In which he
discusses with great clearness, though In brie!
terms, the condition and prospects ut tho nio i
arrhlcal ldcn In French pointed, in answer to
tho question, "Is monarchy still pusslblo In
r'rsnceJ" "It Is possible," ho sa.vs, "If the
monarchical spirit still exists In Kmnc.V 11 n
vi hot is tho "monnrchlcc.1 spirit?" It Is tho
feeling that there ought to be In tho eonutry n
sovereignty, nnd that this sovereignty belongs
to ono family, ns n house might belong to it.
nnd that tho tondltions ot the sovereignty nnd
ot Us transmission am exactly tbo samons
thoso ot privato property. This monarchical
spirit ouco existed In I'miico, and had n
sircngth suih, perhaps, as It has never had lu
any other Knroueqn country. Hoes It oxlst In
Franco nowY ilv no means; there Is not a
traco ot It left. jfiio York Jlnnlnj J'otl.
There seems to bo no doubt that one of tho
most mischievous and turbulent Indians In tho
liiiltid Mutes has been killed In tho person of
silting Hull. It is a good many years sine
Sitting Hull began to troublo tho souls ot In
dian agents nnd otllcers of tho United States
Army. Llko n bumptious nnd hoinblnating
Journalist ot this city, whom he much resem
bled In his character and career, tho lute Hull
wns distinguished for the Imjinutlclllty nnd
apparent motlrclessncss ot many ot his mojt
conspicuous pert orinnnces.. 1 1 Is Impossl hln to
neiount for Ids public tourso upon anv other
hypothesis than th.it ot "pure cusscdness.
A tie York Timet,
3Ir, Harrison, who Is n very religious man,
lies n linn conviction ho tho dickey birds say
that he was foreordained to be l'resident a
second time,
A majority ot the American people have an
equally firm conviction that Jlr, Harrison has
missed u figure In. adding up. .Veto York
(lovemor Hill Is rather miserable Just now,
I.lko a hungry mouse, he longs lo get a bite nt
tho cheese In the Presidential trap, but can't
qnlto mako up hlajnind to take tho risks,
Hh, llavldl Von may possibly get that
tbecbo, but then on may possibly get choked
instead. J'o wonder you hesitate. AVw York
Clerk (holding up letter) Heic's nu old sol
dicrwant n pension, HeBnyebe "stood where,
tho balls were the thickest."
Head Ilepartraent What Is his business?
Clerk Salmon keeper. A'tw YoikJftrulJ,
"Talro the prisoner ont and haro lilm
washed," said tho warden? stornly.v,
' "What Is dls, do Tombs or a Chinese laundry,
vvhoro a man has ta get washod and lronml
both!" said tho prisoner, shaking his handr
cufTs. A'tw York lltiuM.
Maud (in a Paris theatre box) How docs
.Bernhardt lannnjjo to have her dresses fit so ex.
Athcl Sho probably sends the snake to try
them ou. Xtw York Jltiattl,
''Ornclonsl What Is that nolsej Hounds like
a dog light."
"Oh, no. It Is tho Kaiser Wllhclin Debating
Koclcty discussing tho relative merits of Pas
teur and Koch." AVw York Sun, v
"llldjou remember to be a good girl at
aunty's. Jit inlet"
"1 don't know, I had so much fun I didn't
think of pnylng nny attention to in) self."
I'MUuMiMa 'Amer.
Ills Cliolt'ti.
Proud father (showing on his buy before
company) Jly son, which would you rather
be, Shakespouro or Ktllsonr
Little, Htm (after meditation) I'd rather bo
"'Cause ho ain't dead." Street tD SmWi'i
(,'cod .Yrnv,
Tommy Hlugo bister had n beau last night,
nud I was peeping through tlio keyhole looking
rt them when ma came along and stopped me,
Wllllo Slliiisoii What did sho dot
Tommy lllngo Sho took n look. AVid York
At the Astnr r.llirnry.
"Havo )ou got a book what tells anything
'Pout lloggy-kneest"
"Diogenes, ou mean!"
"ies, that's It. A feller down below horn
has give me nn empty crockery hogshead t'
sleep In, uud I wnnter git some point on In
terior ileckerntloti." ,('.
At an ejegnut privato germaii given In atoun
near Huston tho other night, tho men wont up
to i slot mcchlno, put in n nlikel, supplied by
tho hostess, and iereved foitlnvllh n dainty
full of chocolate, With llio naiuoot his partner
on tho wrapper. Now that slot machines have
mndo their tltbul Into society, wo may oxpeet
to bo Introduced In ono way nnd auothor to
tho various ct centric members oi the family.
JJoiloit Q'rmctltr.
XIis. huiallwnru (onher hiiBlimd's returnl
What Is this llltlo pnekugo marked "Poiv my
Mr. Hniallwnrc That's n liuudla nt sprlnz
si'inplcs. my dtur. I expect to hetakon on" or
the road earl). Jn June for goo.i. Jmltj:
Tlio WiiiiHm' Highlit Woman,
Sho belleird III tho dress reform skirt
And sho worn what resembled a shlit;
She'd will of her own
And n deal of backbone.
And despised nnyghl who would flirt.
Sho lusUted nnjvcnrtug shots hair,
Whhh gave her n mflbciillnu nlr,
Ard sue eai rlod a eano .
That mndo people turn round and stare.
To her t Inb nho devoted her nights, ,
Where she loctmoil about xvoinuu rights, '
In detailing tlm uooj
OI her six mid their clothes, ,
Mic would ile to Depewlnil holgnu,
Mi6'd a husband whoso first iiamo vv.w Htret
Who oft r.t her conduct would grlavej
Hut, llko tho old conn
Who fell fiom tlio balloon,
Ho vva"iot lu It," you may bellevo.
--JflwiCc & .VUaug.Uln In .Y.w York IUiuM.
It WJJI not Pny I'miico tlio Dreyfus
Cii,'.'"! Against Peru.
A Idler from Limn, V"ti tinted Novem
ber 21, 1800, snys: "Tho Chi!,'.'"l Oovcnp
inent has returned a decided tcfual to Iho
ropiest made by tho J-'rcnch Minister, to
tho effect that the Dreyfus claim agnlnit
Peru, amounting to nearly 1.000,000 silver
soles, should ho paid by Chili out of tlio
funds leccived for tho sale of I'eruviau
guano and dcmsltod In tho Hank of Dng
land. When M. Ilannand, tlio recently
appointed diplomatic representative of
thoKrench Hepulillc, presented his cre
dentials to tho President of Chill, lie caused
general stlrjiVIso and dissatisfaction by
Introducing lu his inaugural remarks an
allusion to the Dreyfus claim, expressing
thn hope that It would bo canceled by tho
('Milan Treasury, Tho President rcpllel
to this in a very guarded mnnner. The
Chilian press immediately took up tho
matter, nnd In strong terms dissuaded tho
(jovnriimcnt from ucijulcsclng In any such
"iiioiiucstloiihas been dually settled by
a sharp dispatch from .Scnor (lodoy, the
Chilian Minister of foreign Affairs, ad
dressed to M, Hariuand, In which that
gentleman is Informed that Chili is only
responsible for tbu obscrvnuco nf thn
terms ot tho treaty of peace signed at
Anoim In 181, and that In that document
no mention or allusion is mado to the
Dreyfus claim.
"Tlio Oovernmenl hero felt no appre
hension regarding, tho affair, since as far
bnek as March Iat It was Informed by tho
Government of Chili thatsuch nu attempt
was already being mndo by Prance, but
that unapproving action of the claim
would bo mado by Chili, as lu justice
none could be.
"Franco evidently Hiimiosod that tho
former animosity of Chili toward her
whilom enemy existed, and neglected to
remenincr tiini v-iuii, in view oi mo very
large ccinimcrclal movement between the
two Itcpublics, Is imirotlinn Interested in
tho national progress of Peru. So that the
matter, as far as Chill Is concerned, has
terminated, and as all tho dictatorial acts
of I'icrola, whoso government approved
tho claim, havo been declared null and
Illegal by resolution of Congress, tlicro is
no probaltlllty of tbo claim being heard of
111 Ibis Hopnbllft
"Lord lionougliniore, Iho representative
of tho bondholders' committee, is still ut
tbo Ilollvlan capital, and tho roimrts re
ceived from him aro very favorable. He
has been successful lu obtaining a conces
sion front that government for tho con
struction of n railway from Lako Titlcaca
to tho capital, La Paz, for n term of llfty
years, and as no engineering obstacles of
consideration are to be overcome, and tho
distance js small, somo thirty miles in all,
tho work will probably bo completed in a
couple of years. This will connect tho
Dollviun capital directly by lailway and
steamer navigation with the Peruvian port
of Jlollcndo, thus avoiding tho long tran
sit of merchandise from Taena by means
of mules, and will be of Immenso advan
tage to tho railway extending down from
l'tino, wheneo a lino of steamers will con
nect with the new railroad to La Paz to
Holiendo, passing through Aretiuipa.
"iho original Intention when this lino
was opened In 187.1 was to extend itto ha
Paz, but the dilllcultics of negotiation,
local Jealousies, revolution and foreign
wnr prcx'cntctl tho realization of tho de
sign up to tho present time. When Lord
Doiiougiimoro returns to Lima, within
six weeks, ho will proceed to visit the
railways in tho north of Pent, and then
will return to London to lay an oxtcnslvo
report before tlio liomllioliler.V commit
tee ns to tho advantages ami necessities of
tho different lines with a view of obtain
ing the requisite authority to proccDd im
mediately to tho prolongation and com
pletion of thoso which warrant such ex
pcndltme. "The news from all quarters of tho re
public ossuro us that icaco and content
are regnant. The administration Is very
popular, and with tha exception of somo
minor local troubles ot Lima, In con
net tion witli tho choico of n new munici
pality, there Is nothing Important enough
to require transmission."
lie Would Segregntn the Ilud Iiitllnns
nnil AViiteh Them Closoly.
Congressman Dorsoy of Nebraska,
whoso district is bounded on the north by
the Sioux Indian Reservation, has a plan
for tho settlement of the Indian troubles.
He says that tlio only way In which occa
sionnl outbreaks, tmch us arc now occur
ring, can bo prevented is by segregating
tho bad Indians and keeping them under
closo surveillance.
Ho says that theso Indians cause all tlio
trouble. Thoy Incite others to rebellion
and llnd their task easy as even in tho
civilized Indian there lurks ii savage in
stinct. Ono had Indian can demoralize
twenty clvillred redskins and vvero it not
for their intluenea tho Government would
havo little or no troublo with its wards.
3Ir. Dorsoy cidled on tho Commissioner
of Indian Affairs to-day and had u long
talk with him about tho condition of. af
fairs on tho reservations. Ho forced Mr.
Morgan to iidmitthatthoprescntoutbreak
was duo to tho inelllcicncv of tho Indian
Agent nt Pino ltidge. Ho allowed lted
Tall and BulI-Not-Afrald-oMlis Horso to
preach sedition without making an effort
to prevent them. Tbo result was that be
fore long the outbreaks took place which
havo attracted so much attention. Had
the agent at that agency arrested tho rebels
at once thcxoAVOtild havo been an end to
the troublo at once.
Commissioner Morgan has asked Mr.
Dorscy to Introduco a bill allowing the
police forco on tho reservations to bo In
creased, in order to prevent further troublo
with tho redskins.
llentli of XuvnT Constructor latovvooi1
The Navy Department ha9 been notified
of the death of Naval Constructor Diehard
Untcvvood, at Now York, at I) o'clock last
night, from consumption. Constructor
tlatevvood was appointed cadet engineer at
tlio Annaiiolls Naval Academy September
15. 1875, from Virginia. Ho nnd Praucls
T. Howies were tlio first cadets to bo sent
abroad to studj; naval architecture and
practicul shipbuilding in tho technical
schools unil shipyards of Kuropo, and Au
gust LV, 18H1, Cadet Oatowood was ap
pointed assistant naval constructor, stand
ing at tlio head of tlio Annapolis gradu
ates in. Hint corjis. Ho was promoted to
thn rank of naval constructor October 10,
18S8. His health has been very poor for
somo years, but notwithstanding this he
has been almost constantly at work, and
biing a man of considerable orlulnalltv
his Ideas hvo always carried great weight.
Want tlm Ivleillon Hill Passt-tl.
Vor the purposo of considering tho best
jilans for tho passage of tho Klectioii bill,
a number of colons! men held a meeting
at Carson's hotel last night. Addresses
vvero made by V. M. lVrguson,W. H. Out
law, Dr. Townsend, P. It. Ciu-"i,.liilin P.
Cook, anil others. Another mealing will
be held to-morrow evening.
Isn couvtltutlonal and not a local disease-,
nrd thcreforo It ennuct bo uurod by looilap.
plications. It requires a constitutional rom
edy llio Hood's HaisuparUla. which, working
through tho blood, eriulluatcs the Impurity
which causes and promotes tho disoasa and
(fleets a permanent core. Thousands of poo
plo testify to tho success of Hood's fiarsapi
rllla us u remedy for catarih whan other
r reparation shad failed. Hood's B,irsaparll.v
also builds up tbo whole system and makes
you feel renewed In lioalth and etrotigth. All
who suffer (rom caurrh or debility should
icrluhdyglvo Hood's tiarsaparlllaafalrtiUl,
A ri'licct Cure
"I I avo beon taklogllool'sFantparllU for
tl.o past foar yea's at Intervals. I was
troubled with catairh and tho midloluo of.
loctoJarcrfoot euro. 1 take It now whov
ever I feel dobllltatod and It always gives mo
Immediate strength, regulates tho biwol
und "gives au excellent anpotlto," Levi
CtAurnisu, I'urkersburg, W. Vn.
ii. U. Bo euro to got only
Bold by all Urueglsts. $1 six lor 53. Pro
pared only by C, I. HOOD & CO., Lowall.Mass,
100 Uosen Ouo Hollar,
rSTOpen evcnlngruntll Christmas.
A moro superb or varied stock
ot Ladles' and Children's Pino
Bilk Hosiery and Swiss lllbbol
Silk Underwear than ours was
never placed b6fore a discrimi
nating' pnMle. A looknt tha
window display on P street nnd
nt the stock within will attest
this fact. Theso goods were
purchased with particular ref
erence to Jho Holiday Season,
and aro innrkcd at Non-Corn-petllho
prices, Our Misses' and
Children's Departments llinvo
soma Unusually Uood Offerings
tor Saturday In Jteeters, Jack
ets, Newmarkets, etc., nny of
which villi mako n Senslbto and
Acceptable Christmas (lift,
rer.l Prellu Fancy Jlot
flrtn amin tcllh one or mote
7 shades of Suede,
.1 shades of Lavender,
.1 shades of Pink,
0 shades of dray,
3 shades of Mahogany,
a shades of Nile,
.1 shades nf Cardinal,
I shades of (1 recti,
4 shades of Hronze,
2 shades of Hlue
' and S shades of Yellow.
Also Old Hose,
and Hold,
'I'heso arc shown In plain and drop"
stllch ankles, In lneo crfects and em
broidered, 1 toT7 per pair.
AND- 1)1101' j'lTTCn.-Ulnck, Willi
evening shades of
l'Jnk, sky JUue,
" Gendarme, Nile,
(Jrny, Cardinal,
Tan, llreen, Old Hose,
Hrnnzo nnd Lavender.
$1.53, $1.50 und ft per pair.
Complete lino ot Ladles' Illack Bilk Hose,
plain nnd drop-stltchnnklcs, or embroidered.
St to $7 per pair.
expressly for us, with high, spliced heels and
double soles. Unsurpassed,
f 1X0 per pair.
match lied Morocco Slippers,
7V. and $1.45 per pair.
lu Illack and 1'ancy Colors, plain nnd drop
25, id, W, 02H, 75c., $1 nnd Jl.SS per pair.
We are showing a very unliiito stylo ot
Ladles' Fancy Llslo Hoso, with Illack nnd col'
orcd stitching acros thi front to icprcecnt
hieing. Prclty ettcct, Colors
Illack nnd Cardinal,
Hlack ami (Ireen,
Hlack nnd Salmon,
Illack nnd Orange,
. Hlnrk and Lemon,
Hlack and Yellow,
1.!3 per pair.
OPKN-WOI1K LISLE II03H, hi link, Orcen,
llcliotrepo nnd Lavender,
75e. per pair,
KIIIHI'.I) LISLE HOSK In tho newest st)lev
and colorings, cmbiaclng
Hroii70 Orny.
NiiTy Hlne,
Cardinal. Rslu-les. .
Dahlia, 3 shades.
Tans, Cadet, etc.
73c. per pair.
Full line ot Plain Illack Cotton Hose, war
ranted not to crock,
, 55,33, 60, 02H and 75c. per pair.
Com'plcto linen of linlu nnd Taney Strlpo
Hoot'pattcrn Hose,
53 and 83c. per pair.
rinln-SIzo D to 8.V.
Price $l.tO lo J2.50 per pair, according to the,
Hlbbcd-aice &H to 8.
l'rlco (1.70 to (5.C0 per pair, according to size.
(First floor, second annex.)
-iii.. i.
With low neclrnnd no sleeves. In Black, Cream,
bky.lllue, Pink, Old linso nnd Urcen.
(t.75 to ?tl.
With low neck and no plecv es, In Black, Cream,
Nile, Pink nnd Skv Blue.
Slze3. Price, (MS.
Size 1. Price, (5.50.
SI70B, Price, $2.73.
With low neck and no sleeves, in Black and
Sizes, 8, 4, B and 6.
Prices, (1.43 to (5.03.
With low neck nnd no sleeves, In Black, Cream,
Sky Blue, l'lnk nnd Salmon,
Sizes, 3. 4, 3 and 0.
Prices, (1 nnd (1.53.
With low neck and nq sleeves, In
bky Blue.
and Salmon.
Sizes, 3, 4, 5 and 0.
Pi Ice, 73e. each.
With high neck and long sleeves and high neck
and short sleeves, in Black and Cream,
Plices, (1.73 to I'Jencli.
Ankle length,
$1.60 to $0 per pair.
Also In Cream,
(.1.73 to (fl.50 per pair.
lu silk nnd silk wool, at low price.
tWAll our Vcsti nro of extra length, and
havo given entlro satisfaction,
(First floor, second annex,)
In this department wo are showing a very
complete assortment ot Jackets, Cloaks and
Dresses substantial presents for the holidays,
Children's Fine All-wool Caslnnero Dresses
In Cnnllnnl, Old Hoso and Brown, with toll
skirt, and waist with braid trimmed Figaro
Slzofl. Price, $0 00.
Size I. Price, (il.rsi.
Size II. Price, (7.U0.
Children's All-wool -i inch Plvld Dresses, with
high, lull sleeves nnd sash back,
fclzn a. Price, (iLua.
Slzo8. Price, iillfi.
SlsulO, Price, (7.50.
Slzol5. l'rlco, (8.53.
Speilab-Minis' Navy Hlue Twilled Cheviot
Cloth Hicfer Jackets, bles U, II nnd HI.
Price. (IW.
Misses' All-wool Black Cheviot Cloth Itocfer
Jackets, sizes 15, 1 1 and 10.
Prlie, (7.60.
Misses' Heavy Tw lllcd Hlack All-Wool Chev
iot Clolh.laikels, with lurijo roll collar, faced
with Black Astrakhan fur. Sizes 1 1 and HI,
Price. (18.
Children's Caidlnal Twilled Cheviot Cloth
Itecfer Jackets, with seal pluth collar, edged
w 1th astrakhan ami fastened with cord oina.
Slzo 0. IUIce, (8.00,
Slo 8. Price. 97I3.
blitolO. Price, iursl,
SUo 15. Price, (lo.SV.
Chlldren'n I'luo All-wool Ciuncl's Hair Cloth
Hoofer Jackets, In Light and Dark Tan, with
Ilrown velvet collar and cults uud llnlshol with
braid trlnimliiL's.
Size l,
rrice, i.,..
l'rlco, (S.60.
Prlcu, (O.'JS, -Price,
Hlzo II.
Slzs 8.
blto 10.
Misses' Light Check Cloth Douhlo-breaitoJ
Newmarkets, ,
Blr 1 1. Prloo.ro.
Slzotil. Prleu, 48,50.
Misses' Hark l'laid All-wool (Jho v lot Cloth
Houble-brcaatcd .Newmarkets, with roll collar,
Sizes It and 10) ears.
Pries, $10.50,
Misses' Brown and Tan Cheek Cheviot Cloth
Kngllsh Vlsters, with capo. Sizes 11 nud 10,
Price, $13.00.
(Third floor, Tenth street extension.)
dll-lt Corner Eleventh and F streets u, w,
vtew national theatjic.
Week Opening JIONDAY, DKC, 13.
This (WEDNESDAY) Evening, Saturday
The Rivals.
Thnrs., Prl, nnd Sat. Nights,
sTho Hoir-at-Law.
Scale ot prlets, f J, (1.60, 3e, 60', 53e,
Next Wotk-HVANS and HOEY In th-If
Edition do Luxe ot A I'AIILOIt MATCH, -del3t
The Theatrical Sensation of tho Seaon.
First Apiicoranco lu Washington ot
The only Dwart Actors In tho world from 18 -tol'lyenrs
of age, and from IS to. IS Inches
tallf lit their (iraiid Hpectaculvr 1'lay,
Under.tho direction ot Messrs, llosenfeld llros.
(lorgcoiis Costnmes,
MagnfReeiit Jicensry.
With Hlore Than
Matlnco Saturday.
Next Week Casino Opera Company hi
Cor.iincnclng MONDAY, DKC. W.
Presenting the New York Casino's
Latest Triumph,
CEMHEU 18. dol.Vtt
VV cck Commencing ilonday, Dec. 13.
Aldcn Benedict's Spectacular Drama,
l'reentcd by a Strong Cat.
Thrilling nnd Interesting Earthquake ErTcct,.
Simultaneous With an Eruption ot
Mount Vesuvius Illumination
, of tho Bay of Naples.
Next Week AFTElt DAItK. dolS-lt
XV. S. t.'lev eland, LeiMoe and Manager.
Ono Week, with Matinees Wednesday, Thurs
day and Saturday. Special Performance Christ
mas Day. Commencing Monday, Dee. 55,
Secure seats In Advance. Avoid the Jan.
Beware of Speculators. Seats now Selling Ftis-,
at W. (1. Jlctzcrott ft Co.'s, till) F n, and ot
Lincoln Music Hall Box OIUcc. Prlcen, 5V.
60c., 7.c, (I. dol.Tllt
THIS WEEK-Lndles' Matlnco To-morrow.
Next Week Tho Sensational Boom 3Iodo-1
Bnrlrsquo and Spectacular Company.
The only Sensational Show In tho city.
Minstrel. Varlctv. Snarrinir. Ilurlcsmie.
Prices 10, so, so nndM. Matinees Mondarr
Wednesday, Frldijy and Saturday. dcls-
Private Lessons In Language?,
Ancient nud Modern,
detO-lin 18 1 street n. w.
Best nnd Purest Liquors In the City. Im
ported Cigars.
JAMES 11. COSTELLQ, Proprietor.
milK EBU1TT,
Army and Navy Headquarters.
Four-Iron l'ru Escapes.
TEHM8-(3 and (I Per Day.
Late ot Thousand 1st. House,
Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue.
L. WOODDUIlY, Proprietor.
D03I) street'nortlivveet,
Washington, 1). U.
Webster Law Building,
llesidence, 1701 (Jutreet northwest.
t'OMMissioNiiit or iir.r.iiN. jfj
t Statcsiand Territories, -U8 La. ave., oup,.
,i Hall.
Artlstlcallv made to measure. Also Emhrot
tlertd work bottomed, la tho finest manner.
Ladles, bitng our v. crk In tlmo for llio Holt
da) s,
Tho Best loo Oroopor on Earth.
No. 020 P Street N, W.
vjaltlmoro Btoro, 4 and 8Vo Haiti-inoi-o
nun. - SELTZ,
Importlnff Tailor,
1332 F Street Northwest.
This Is tho Finest Uno or Woolons
Ever Beon In Wnshinstou.
wWWbl rrtt$n'ri'iOm'

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