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t NATIONAL UWilAKKllS. uunk.m;v the Ni.m..
Hit. llhAllt l'ltOTKSTrt A0A1NST TUB
lAliiln Mr. Teller Think (tie J IrrlloiK
11111 AVns Not of Very lrnt Iinpiirl
uiico Air. Ilonr Trios te Hiivn n
Time to Voto J Ixi-il.
Jlr. Quny this morning cnllcel up In tho
Kcnnte a bill to sell tho old custom-hou'o
ntl.ric, Pa. Tills Insignificant mciisuro
iirccipltntcel n worm discussion between
Messrs. lllnlr nliil Toller.
Mr. Wnlr snltl the Sonnlo wns wrtstliiir,
two hours ailay on "ttippniiy" bills. AVhnt
liil It mutter when this blll.passtil? Who
thcrthls jenr, Inst year or next venr. Tltcro
nro lmpurtnnt lnnticrs; iloinntiillnir tho 11K
tcntlon of tho Sonnto tho KIcctloiiA hill,
tho fellver hill uml tho hnhnr hills. Tlio
fccnnti', hosnlil, shoulel llmnolts rules sli
it could do tomi thing If Jt took all winter,
then, nt lcnst, a miusculinu cnntu could
uo something,
Jtr. Teller thought tho subject now on
nrrroliiK the nttcntlon or tho Sennto (tho
juration hill) was not of us much iimxir
tnnce lis some other matters. Hostile, ho
ivns tired ofllstenlna to Jlr. lilnlr lccturu
iu utiiueej, uuy liny.
lie llloltirllt. tllllt. illilv nili.lit 1u mUi
Icfttothovciiiiv-n-lhu-rsji Air. lllutruoiild
rail tho labor bills up whenever ho wanted
Ions matters were, and If ho wanted tho
nileu changed ho (llhtlr) shouhl move In
that direction.
When tho question of changing tint
rulc$ comes up ho (Toller) would bo ready
to votofor or ogalnst tho chango. but ho
tic (.lined to siy which way.
Tlio bill was passed.
Jlr. Hoar then atlomptcd to have de
bate on the illcctlons bill declared closed
on Friday novt at 3 p. in. but wan met
with a storm of objections from tho Dem
ocratic side.
Sir. Hoar I would like to Inquire what
Fcnator objected?
Air. Cockrcll I did, for one.
Sir. Hoar Will tho Senator agree upon
a time? '
Jlr. Cockrcll JTot now.
, Tlio Fcnnto then took, up tho T'.lcollons
bill, Mr. i)olph continuing his speech.
In tho Houc tho journal was approcd
nftcr somo dtlay (n securing a quorum
and tho Appdrtionment bill taken up.
Sir, Klowcr presented tho claims of New
York city for a census recount.
The JIonrliiK In thnCoiiileinnatlnii lio
cccillngs llcforo tho Court.
Tlio application of tho Secretary of tho
Treasury to tho Supremo Court of tho
District cniuo up for consideration In tho
General Term this morning. Tho Gov-
thu property to bo condemned. Among
thcio were Messrs. Albert, Mattlngly,
Perry, Harnett, Cook, .Morris and otheis.
. The question under discussion was the
instructions to bo gnen by tho Court to
tho thrco comniNslonirs hcrctoforu ap
pointed to assess damagos, to guldo tlieni
in their labors. hceral dlllkult props
hitions were presented touching
1st. Thotlandard of alutlon.
!W. 'iho proper method or distribution
of an awai-d,as between an owner and hlj
lessees, whero any of the property Is under
M. Whether tho Gocrnmcnt should
liay for the alleys laid out In 18.M, and to
whom tho money thereforshould bo paid
Over tho first proposition tlierowas no
perious contention, it being conceded that
the Fccral ownerswero entitled to hoimid
for their property accordlngto a alnitlon
bnsel upon tho mot Miluablo pitrnosc for
-nlilch it can bo utilized. According to
this mcasuro of damages if tho property
is more valuable for tho purposes of a
postofllco site than for any other purpose,
then tho owners sliullbo paid accordingly.
Jlctwecn tho owners of tlio Mirious
properties and their several teinnts or
lessees there wns bomo cpnllicr. M).
t'oylo contended that thprccan bo but one
award as awholo for any piece of prop
erty, and that tho commissioners must
apportion this amount and distribute it
among landlord and tenant. According
tothis, whatccrs.um la paid to tho ten
ant must bo deducted from the total
award, the owner of tho fee rccel ing that
much less. The. proposition led to a long
coutnncrsy, In whli h, honour, the Gov
ernment took but littlo part. The owners
of the property contended that tho lessees
can recover nothing for losi of business,
lrollts or good wll, nor for tho Jncou
lonfcnco and expenso of mo ing, and that
they can bo allowed oiily for theMiluoof
tho lease o cr and abo o tho obligation to
pay rent. In other words, If thq rent
laid was tho fair rental laluo of tho prop
erty, tho lessees could get nothing.
The case was still being argued when
nur report closed. It partakes somen hat
or tho Parnell-Daltt contest now pro
pressing iir Kilkenny. The Cmtio hopes
that c cry party in interest will be fully
laid for hia property, and speedily, so
that prompt steps many be. taken in tho
direction of providing tho community
with proj)crposto01ec facilities.
ii m i
T'ho ltoof or tho Itonnofco Jlnclihic
Woilcs Tails In.
1Uh:v0kf, V , Dec. 17. Tho roof of tho
Itonnoko Machine Works fell in under a
heavy weight of snow at 2 o'clock this
morning. Ono man of tho night forco
was killed and eight ijerloiwly injured.
The damage to tho building and ma
chinery is estimated at JlOO.OOOi unin
mircd. Work w ill bo resumed at an early
tiny, Tho heaviest siiowfrtoriu for years
came jcttcrday and last night. Two feet
of snow Is on the ground and tho storm
till continues.
Kepoitcil Indian Attack on Tioop
lulling or rirty aiuh.
Divkii, Col., Dec. 17. A Jim' courier
from a camp near Dul's ranch has the
following from Itapid City, Dak.: A
rancher just arrived in great haitu to
commanding oillcer and reports . a com
mand of cavalry attacked mid two olllccrs
and fifty men killed, but the Indians wero
Topulcd with heavy losses. Tho number
t Indians killed is not known. The In
dians were put to Iligbt. This report Is
credited. It is not known whose com
mand It was. It was probably that of
Slajor Tupper of tho Sixth ( avalry and
mill bis troop of 1 10 men. Our command
jnurehes to tiulr asslstauco to-d ly.
vViinhhiKtim Dental Six lei j.
Tho Washington Dental Society met in
tho parlor of tlio lUibttt Iloufo hot night
for tho. transition of legular business
HiidthoaiiimideVitlnn of officers, Tlio
fellow ing olllecrs were elected: President,
Dr. II. II, Itiul; he-piesldent, Dr. W.
Donnolly, soerctary, Dr. J. 11. P.llcnsou;
troiiMirer, Dr. It, 11. Donaldson; librarian,
Dr. II, M. Seboohy. After llsUniugto
1 lie reading of Dr. J If. how h essay and
thu eloso of regular business, tho mem
hira adjourned to tho dining hull where
an elegant banquet was seived. Those
iiueniwi.ro, jrs. uarrcji,i; ii. anvis, j
MiWini, wiMmun,MJ, yiiiiiuiii i.-u-'Mi
Kinloy, Green, Guuneil, 0 L. llillJ, T O.
mis, nugo, jiuur, i.numer, j, u. i.uwis,
Merarlan, Munson, Noble, Hust.Sehooloy,
Mebold, ltlch, Tulbot, Thompson, Wads
w oi Hi. WMeh, Woll, Dlffeudufer uml Mr
1'.. J, Lewis.
Collision mi the Avenue.
Miout IW o'clock ycilerday afternoon
there was a collision on Pennsylvania ave
nue belnien a private carriage, occupied
llavovou a muckiutoshf If not, see tho
Fplcndld assortment at tho American uut
hltirs, H, Kubiiibo'i ii Co., W) Pennsylva
nia avcnuenort)iwcst.
Jl 1 83 salo c f Suits and 0 crcoats.
jimn llrco., 7th and K,
ny .vrs, j, ii, eunus, u giust or tlio hiioie
liuni, and a wagon bc'ouging to (he Union
Transfer Company. Mm. Sunds cuirlitgo
was damaged, ami tho horses hurt, butslio
escaped injury,
Scnnlnr Clormnn's llnmlAmitfl Country
Kmlilcuee DOstroyed hy J'lro.
1'alrviow, tho Iftautlful country seal of
Senator Gorman, in Howard County, Md.,
four miles from taurcl, Is In ashes. Yis
terday morning the glided gables and
tiled roofing of tho quaint octagon shaped
Mructuro glMcned in tho sunlight and
bade welcome to tho coming of Mrs. Gor
man and her daughter, who contrary to
tlulrusuul custom Intended spending Iho
holiday Beasou In thu country Instead of
nl their hamliomo residence on K. street.
H was the intention of tho Senator's
wifo to glvo an old-fashioned country
dancoou Christmas j:o, and, In order to
make tho necessary preparations Incident
to tlio nlTnlr.slio and Miss Gorman, accom
panied by two fcmolo servants, reached
Talrvlcw yesterda morning. Tho day
was fpent In decorating the rooms with
evergreens, holly, and mistletoe. At half
past 10 last night tlio oecupints retired
and the lioiito was wrapped In quiet,
broken now and then by tho hang of a
shuller as the high wind swept over the
Holds and spent lis fury against tho stout
A short tlmo after 2 o'clock this morn
ing Mrs. Gorman w.is startled from her
slumber by a piercing scream f fire that
lienctratcd every room and corridor In
tho homo. Wakening her daughter, who
occupied thopanieapartnicnt, tliey started
for the place from which tho sounds em
anated, When tho staircase leading from
tho kitchen to tho servants' quarters wos
n ached dense clouds of smoke poured up
thoMalrway from tholpwerstory'iiiid tho
two terrified ladles were joined by tho ser
vants, ono of whom explained that
she: aroo in the night to closo the
shutters and saw tho llnnus bursting out
of Iho kitchen (over which her bedroom
Is cltuiitcd), and shu Immediately sounded
Iho alarm. Tho entire party, wrapping
themselves in bedclothes, mado their es
cape through tho front entrance to tho
dwelling of a neighbor, n.halfiullo dis
tant, where Ihoy witnessed tlio total de
struction of the mansion whlihwasa
mass of charred ruins In a short time.
No asslstanio was available, the nearest
point being Laurel, four miles, distant,
with which communication was Impossi
ble. Senator Gorman was Informal of the
disaster this morning and left on iin.cirly
Iridn forl'alrvlcw. In his absence' thu
total damago cannot bo estimated. Tho
houso was built three years ugonta o?t
of $10,000, and was refitted throughout
hist summer. Tho property Is Insured in
Ilaltlmoro companies.
WE MIMllEIt 0'.,B2.',230.
The Jlgiins us fllvtu 1) the I.nst Cen
sus. Census bulletin iSo. 10 contains tho pop
ulation of tho United State? by States and
Territories. It gives tho olllcial count,
0J,0JJ,2riO as against 50,16'5,7K1 In 18S0, and
38,n.W,371 in 1870. Iho figures for ISM
exclude whites in tho Indian Terri
torv, Indians on reservations and Alaska.
Including these tho population would
probably reach 03,000,000.
'iho absolute increase of tho population
in tho ten j ears last past was 12,100,107,
ami tho percentage of incrcasuwas 2180.
The Increaso between 1870 and 1830 was
ll,r07,lt2 and tho pcrccntago-Q 03.
Thus tho absolute increase in tho de
i ado hctw ceil 18S0 and 1800 over thatof
the dicado from 1870 to 180 w as BOO.OW,
butthc rate of increaso has appirently
diminished from M03 lo 21 80 per cent.
Tho Superintendent then enters upon an
oxhau'ilvo defense of his nn figures
mid work, claiming that the census of
1870 was full of irrors ami omissions, duo
to tlio fact that tho .law under which it
was taken was "clumsy, antiquated and
llowcvoi, here are tho figures for 1800,
as compared with tlioso of 18S0 .
1890. 18S0.
1 ho United States.. 02,022,259 00,155,783
.Xorth Atlantic Di
vision 17,101,513 11,507,107
Malno OOl.OSO 019,030
New Hampshire 370,530 310 Ml
Vermont..., 332,422 .T.l-',280
Massachusetts 2,238,013 1,783,085
Ilhodo Island 315,500 270,5.11
Connecticut......... 710,258 022,700
New York.., r,0)7,853 5,082,871
New-Jersey 1,111,011 1,131,110
I'ennsjlvanla 5,25.s,0U 1,232,801
South Atlantic dlvl
slon 8,857,020 7,507,107
Delaw are 108, 103 1 10,008
Maryland, 1.012,300 0.11.913
District of Columbh. 230,392 177,021
Virginia , 1,055,030 1,512,505
West Virginia 702,701 018,457
NorthCarollna 1,017,017 1,300,750
South Carolina 1,151,140 005,677
Georgia 1,8.17,353 1,512,180
1'Iorida 391 ,422, 209,493
Xorthcm Central dl
slon 22,302,270 17,301,111
Ohio i. 3,072,310 3,103,002
Indiana 2,102,101 1,078,301
Illinois , , 3,820,351 .1,077,871
Michigan Cfn.SSO i;o80,037
Wisconsin l,oS0,80 1,315,407
Minnesota 1,901,820 780,773
Iowa 1,911,800 1,02-1,015
Missouri..- 2,070,181 2,108,380
North Dakota ,. 182,710 30,90')
South Dakota 828,808 08,208
Nebraska 1,058,010 452,402
Kansas 1,127,000 990,090
JJ 2
Southern Central di
vision 10,072,893 8,019,371
Kentucky 1,858,033 l,ftl8,W)ft
TciuiCHSeo 1,707,518 1512,350
Alabama ,... 1,513,017 1202,605
Mh-slwdppl 1,289,000 1,131,507
Louisiana 1,118,587 l),9l
Texas 2,235,523 1,091,71
Indian Territory (6)
Oklahoma. .......... !l,K,lt
Arkansas..., ,.. 1,128,179 802,62.4
Western division.. 3,027,013 1,707,097
Montana 132,100 .f),15
Wyoming W,703 2i),7rt
Colorado 112,193 101,32
New MoMco irO-Xl 119,51
Arizona 50,020 10,41
Utah , 207.905 113,911.
Nevada 15,701 02,201
Idaho 81,385 ,12,011
Washington 319,390 70,11(1
Oiegun 313,707 171,708
California 1,208,130 8QI.0J1
a rcrMc
I) '1 lie number of white pirpons lattieliiJlin
Territory 1 not liiclndeil la thin tnblo, os tlio
tcninft t't IndlaiiH mul other proiu on luillaii
rc-venntlonii, wbltli wnd limdo a subject ot
rpctlnl liiTCBtlgatlou liy law, lumiot yot leei
c Including 5,118 peiooin 111 Orccr County (la
Indlnn '1 crrltory), rlulinisl hy Texas,
(I 1 tin number ot white persons In AIubKO l
not included In this tnll. na tho ccnmis ot
Alnkj, nlilth was nindo a ful'Icct ot ppcLlul
luviMIUiitlun by law, lirx net jet beui cum
t'lctelt. " i i
Smashed hy an Ihiglue.
YeMerd.ij afternoon eiigiuo No, 828 of
tho Ilaltlmoro ami Potomao 1'allwaj
struck a wueii driven by JoH'ph Knit
at tho liiteHiwltou of Third street and Vir
ginia avenue soiithust, and threw It
sonio dUlanco from iho truck. Kent cm
taped with u few ellght bruises, but tho
wagoir, width bihuigisl to II. l l'ettlt,
was deniolisheil and tliohooo Injured.
Artlst-Arllsaii'i. ,
i'lua thi Atis YvtK Tinui
William Hamilton Gibson, tho writer
and artist has Just accepted cliurgo of the
Department of Illustration and Design in
tho New York lnstituto for Artist-Aril-tans,
In Wist Twentv-third street, Tho
institute has iccelved soveral marked
demonstrations of tlio approval In w hleli
it Is held by nun who mo interested In
tho development of tho Industries of thu
country Upon tlio lines of art, beauty and
usefulness The Collego of the City Of
New York Imsj established six Kcholirshtps
fi r the Institute course, and General Alex
ander fr Acbb, president of tho colli j,
has written to Professor John Wind Mini
son, tho worthy superintendent of tho In
stitute, saving "I liavo licon for n long
time exceedingly anxious tu nuke a pub
Uo exhibition ortho Interest I liavolu the
w ork that v ou nro doing In creating artist
artlpans. 1 have among my young men
hard-working, Intelligent follows who do
dro to liursno tho courso at your institute,
and it Is to ba hoped that this experiment
may meet such success r.s to Induce, other
citizens to add to this iiidowiucut."
It Will Cost $S,(IS,8J7.07 to ltiin tlio
District (lovcrnmont, and Taxpavcis
Will Have to lny One-Half of It It
Is he Than the IMImales.
Oho CommlticoTon Appropriations of
tho House to-day completed tho District
Appropriation bill and reported It to tho
Tlio total ninount recommended to be
appropriated for the general expenses of
tho District for tho fiscal j ear 1892 is, ex
clusive of thoAVatcr Department, ?5,033,
227.07, of which sum the General Gov em
inent is required to pay2,0lt,OI3.0, that
being the one-half of the whole sum. Tho
whole amount recommended is $03,330
kss than tho estimates.
The amount appropriated for thegenc
ral expenses of tho District for the current
fiscal year Is en,500,53(J 97, being 177,39)
more thai) Is recommended for 1892.
1 ho Items aro us follows:
joiisM tm ami fovmniNT rxrfxsrs
ion ixibnvr. otticu
Tor two Commissioners, at- ?5,000 each;
ono L'ligincor Commissioner, SI2 1 (tonmkc
salary KOiXi), ono siorctary, 2,109, one
clerk, ?l,CO0, ono ecrk, Jl.ioo, "three
clerks, ono of whom shall bun stenog
rapher and tyiiowrltcr, at 1,200 each;
one misscnger, JO0O: ono messen
ger, SIM), ono driver, ?I30, one
insjiector of buildings, f2, 100, ono
assistant inspector of building!", (1,200,
one assistant inspector of bulldliigsvvho
shall also perform tho duties of inspector
of elevators and tlrccsuipes, without addi
tional compensation, 81,uop, one assistant
Inspector of bulldingJ, 61,000, one clerk,
1 1,000, ono clerk, Woo, ono nicssenger,
180, ono janitor, 8700, one laborer, at $1
per day, S313, one stuim engineer, WOO,
ono jiropirty ilcrk, 81,(100, one cleik,
t'JOO, ono clerk, 9720, ono messenger
clirk, $000, ono nicssmgcr, 80, three
watchmen, ?4S each; oncchlcf inspector
of plumbing, (2,000, two assistant In
spectors of plumbing, 31,000 each; ono
harbormaster, 81,200, lor rent ot property
yards, 81,000, for arranging and indexing
old n cords, complitlou of same, $1,600, In
nil, Wl,678; n total increase of ?l,50t'
J'i oi Mai, That tho accounting olllccrs of
tho Treasury aro authorized and directed
toro-cxanihio tlio accounts of thu Com
missioners of the Dlstrht of Co
lumbia accruing since July, 1873,
nnd prior to March 0, 1833, and
credit tho samowith all such disburse
ments and expenditures made hi good
faith, heretofore suspended or disallowed
in settlement of tho same, w herein it shall
satisfactorily appear that tlio money was
paid to cniploj es of thuDWrlct prior to
t heir discharge, and for goods sold and de
Hvcred, work and labor done, materials
furnished or services rendered to tlio Dis
trict in occoidanco with contracts and
agreements mado in good faith on behalf
of the District, and also to adjust and settle
equitably said nccounls, allowing all p ij -inents
made In settlement of claims ugalnst
the District, and for cx)cnscs incurred In
good faith on account ot the Dlstilct.
coMii.ni-nt rxwxsrs.
Tor contingent expenses of tho govern
ment of tho District of Columbia, Includ
ing the Mnklng-I'und Olllco, Health De
partment, and Police Court, $21,000, ami
the Commissioners shall so apportion tills
sum as to prevent a deficiency therein,
rorcontlngent expenses of stables of
the linnlnecr Denartnfcnt. 80.000.
and no expenditure on account of
tlio Ungincer Department for tho items
nanieu in mis parngi
from any otiicr fund.
Kor rent of District olllces, (3,C09.
i or general advertising, M.uoo.
l'or advertising notico of taxes in nrrc.ir
July 1, 1890, as required to bo given by act
of March 10, 1890, 85.000.
To enable the ltccister of Wills to com-
plcto'th(rroproduction of tho old adnilnls-'
tration anu guardian docueis prior to loiv.
Including clerical servico and purchase of
books, 81,000.
To pay tho llcglslcr of Wills for pre
paring papers in connection with tho an
jKilntmcnt of guardians to enable indi
gent bovs to enlist In the United States
Navy, 150.
ron vssresou's orncr.
Tor one assessor 3,000, two
assistant assessors at 81,00i)
each; ono special assessment ( lcrlt, SlJo1),
one clerk at 81,200, thrco clerks at 81,000
each: ono clerk in chargo of records, 81,
000, ono llcenso clerk, 81,200; one In
spector of licenses, 81,200, ono assistint or
clerk, 8900, ono clerk and messenger',
8000, In all, 817,300.
To enable the assessor to continue to
prepare and complete within tho llcal
j car 1892, a book show ing all existing ar
rears of t ixcs on real property duo tho
District of Columbia, Including tho pay
ment of necessary clerical force, 82,000,
Itedueed 81,000.
l'or tho purposo of defrajlng tho ex
pensoof tho assessment of real, property
in tho District of Columbia, as provided
by the act of March 3..183J, 815,000.
rpn cox LKCTon's omcr.
Tor ono collector, 81,000; ono ca?ldcr,
81,800; ono bookkeeper, 81,000, four
clerks at 81,100 each; three clerks at 81,200
each; puo messenger, 8000, In all, 817,200.
I'oi necessary exiicnsQs Intho collection
of overdue personal taxes by distraint and
sale,, or otherwise, and for other nccesaary
items, ?2,000l
ion vumtoi.'s OFtjcr.
l'or ono auditor, 83,000, ono chief clerk,
81,800, one Jinok keeper, 81,800, ono clerk,
81,000, two clerks, at 81,400 each; three
clerks, at 81,200 each; one messenger, 8000,
in all, 816,200. ltcduction, 81,000, .
l'or ono disbursing clerk who shall bo
authorized to pay laborers and employes
of the District of Columbia, and such
payments may bo mado with moneys
advanced to him by the Commissioners
in their discretion, Upon pay rolls or
other vouchers audited and approved
by tho Auditor of the District of
Columbia, and certified by the Com
missioners as now' required by law. Said
pa -rolls and vouihirs shall ho Included
lu tho account of the Commissioners.
J'iiuMkJ. That he shall give bond to the
United Mutes, to the satisfaction of tho
Conunissiunirs, In the sum of 825,000, for
tho benefit of tho United States, tho Dis
trict of Columbia, tho Commissioners of '
the District oi uiiumoin, anil all persoiw
Interested, conditioned upon tlio faithful
pirfonuanco of the duties of his ofilce;
but said disbursing clerk shall bo subordi
nate to tho Commissioners of tlio District
of Columbia, and they shall lu every re
spect bo responsible to the United States,
tho District of Columbia, and to hull,
v liluuls tur tho acts and doings of tho said
disbursing ilcrk. J'mtihtl fmtlicr. That
Ids accounts shall ho audlttd by tho Au
ditor of the District of Cohmiblu, who
shall promptly forward tho same to the
( iimmissloncrx for thujr approval, 81 5no.
l'or horse, wagon, etc., foi tho disburs
ing ilcrk, i?00.
rou vttoiimv's ouicr.
l'or one. altornev, 81,000, ono assistant
attorney, 42,000, one spot ltd assistant nt
toiniv, 8l,l.iw, one law clerk, 8I,'.M0, one
misMiigu.8200, for lent of olllio, 8100,
for judicial expenses, 82,500, in all,
roronoilerk, 51,500, one "clerk, 8900,
in nil, 2,10J.
tlm couoxni's oi'hce.
l'or ono coronn, 81,800, for horsohlre,
juiors' fee, etc , 8900, formouue, 8.KW, in
till, 83,090, imriuso, 8700,
ton Mviikirrvurii its,
l'or two market masters, at 81,200 each;
one market ma-tor, 8'00, for hlroot la
hoi en for cleaning markets at rate not
oxcredlng&lOOpir market, WOO, hi all,
nm ixotxi m's oniei',
Ono chief clerk, 81,000; ono iloik,
l,(o, ono tlerk, 81,100, four dorks,
at 812(10 (.ub, ono Ueik. 8900, one
computing engineer, 2, loo, ono in
spector of asphalt and conn nts, 82, 100, one
inessinger, HmJ, ono inspector of gas and
miters, 82 000, ono superintendent of
roads, 81,100, oiiosupulntendcntof lamps,
81,000, ono Inspector of lamps, 9,
superintendent of parking, 81,200,
ono assistant superintendent of parking,
8700, ono assistant inglncer, II.ijO), two
assistant cngluiorH, at 81,500 each; one
draughtmau, 81,200; four Inspectors of
Btncti and sewers, at 81.200 each, thron
xodnun, nt 87SO laeh; thrco ii.xmen, nt
8CWoach; one messenger clerk, at 8000,
two messengers, at 8IMI enolh una two
laborers, at 8300 each; lu all) 812,350, 111
crease 8J.0O.
oAltii oi- EXAMlMiis, MrvM js;oiNrni.
1 or compensation for board of examl
nccrsof stiam ingtnctrs In the District of
Columbia, thrco at 8300 each, 8900.
l'or construction of county rouls and
suburb in stre ts, 811 0W, condemnation
of street and nllej s, "S,000.
l'or sprinkling, vvi oping and cleaning
streets, ovcutiis, nllcjs nnd suburban
Elicits. 81)0,000, lnoroaso 815,000,
l'or improvement of river and harbor
front, 82,000.
I'ifty additional school teachers nro pro
vided fur in Iho bill, and 8917,200 appro
priated for school purposes.
'I ho appropriation for the polloo force Is
i 157,000 Major Moore's salary H In
creased 8000.
Tho llonllh Department gets 850,800, an
increase of S3,2ij0.
l'or the support and maintenance of tho
Columbia. IIcplt.il for Women and I.j Ing
In As) In m, 820,000.
l'or the Women's Christian Association,
l'or the National Association for Desti
tute Colorul Women and Children, 810,000.
To enable said association to care for
colon d foundlings, Jjooo
l'or the Children's Hospital, 87,000
l'or Saint Ann's Infant Asv him, 87,000.
l'or the Saint Hose Industrial School, for
malnti nance, 82,500.
l'or tho German Orphan Asj him, 80,000.
l'or ninintcnanccof thoChunh Orphan
age Association of Saint John's Parish,
l'or the Washington Hospital for
I'oundllngs, for malnttiinhti', 87,000
l'or Association for Works of Mercy,
for maintenance, 2 O00.
l'or the National llomcopathlo Hospital
Association of Washington, District of
Columbia, for muliitcnanie, 8(5,000, for
payment of Indebtedness, 83,000, In nil,
80 (XKl. '
National Tempcranco Home, 82,000,
Homo of Good Shoplu rd, 3 000, Grand
total for charities 8117,200. Militia of Iho
District, 822,(150.
T he comiuittio adopted the following
amendment to the bill"
Provided that, pending tho action of
Congress upon the report of the bo irdop
lolntcd to consider tho location, arrange
ment and operation of electric wires hi
the District of Columbia, pur
suant to tho act approved Au
gust 0, 1800, tho Commissioners
of the said District shall not permit tho
ctmt rni Hon of any conduit or mihn ay for
ilcctncal purposes In any strcitor avenue
of tho city of Washington or Georgetown,
nnd any and all uiiusul permits for con
structing thu said conduits aro hereby re
Tho reeling Against tho i:-I. indcr
31uth Stronger.
Dldlix-, Dec. 10 Dublin, lu contrast
with Wednesday night's meeting with re
gard to the great leadership question, is
now so calm that It Is difficult to believe
that the city was recently the scene of
such tran'tendent Parncllito enthusiasm
us was described by tho press on tho oc
casion of ParnclPs reception, savs the New
York 1 liiiei to-day.
fcavoln theiominltlco rooms of either
party nnd in tho olllces of tho 1'iunnm
and other newspapers, tho struggle excites
at present littlo lntucst. Indeed, con
siderable misapprehension Inn hicn
created by the exaggi ruttsl uports of the
ox-leaders Kception in Dublin. Of course,
l'arndl wnsucilalmed vociferously by n
mob, but It was not mainly a votingniob,
nor even so formidable) in numbers as we
were given to understand. Moreover, the
rcsjuetablo element of thu imputation was
WhenParnell last vMted Dublin, tho
vc.irs ago, ho was met by a huge proies
sion of trades, hearing enormous banners,
and also by a largo procession of priests.
Hoth theso elimcnts of voting power wero
conspicuously nbscnt last vuek. As a
prominent Dublin citizen said to mo last
night, "1,'arncU can nlwuvs get a mob
when It is not engaged clsewheie."
At this moment the Dublin mob cle
ment is mgaged elsewhere, in Kilkenny,
vvhcrePnrnell's committee has imported
100 Dublin larlkins for purposn of amica
ble adv ocacy.
Uaclidav, however, tho feeling of tho
populace in favor of I'arncll Is modifying.
When vcr ho goes there are cheers for tho
mun from those who as et ignoro what
has altered tho man's position, but that is
the extint of tho ieellng for him, nnd
cat h day dimiiu'shis its sticngtli.
Parma's cau"0 Is waning with tho light
ing strength of its leader, which is now
almost ut Its lowest ebb. l'arnell will
breakdown phvsiiully, If nothing more,
beforo niony davs liavo passed.
The last few da) s, during which ho has
encountered a hostility to which ho Is
altogotlu r unaccustomed, have thoroughly
sapped the stieuglh, born mi rely of pas
sion and audacity, with which he entered
on this painful contest. Against him.
through tho neighborhood, nro nrraved
forces with which ho never thought to
liavo to compete. Tho priests aro solidly
opposed to him, and It is almost needless
to emphasize the power wielded by tho
hierarchy throughout tho whole of the
district covered by tho present campaign,
Ontof over two hundred priests there is
but one who hns declared In favor of
Parncll and who. from personal friend
ship, is stauchly lighting for him,
1 nrnoll ow es all his present success to
his surprising and abnormal terrifying
energy, coupled with the fact that the
Irish party have no .newspaper organ
through whoso columns to reason with a
people who eagerly devour political news,
The suppression of United Ireland had a
great temporary Inlluenco on popular sen
timent in the rurul districts, hut now that
tho momentary effect of Parncll's audacity
In suppressing. O'llricn's organ litis sub
sided, tho public mind of Parncll's con
stltuencj Is rapidly bearing round again
to the rcul Issues nt stake.
It Is Innlly too much to prophesy that
the resultof tho election will entail the
collapse of tho present unprofitable cntn
pulgn. If the majority is successful, nnd
iho odds nro greatly in their faor. Par
noil w 111 ilNnpptnr lrom thu scene, broken,
exhaustc el, Incapacitated for further client,
and having succeeded only in wrecking,
by W anton egotism, tho work of sixtion
J can of noble iolltical struggle.
A nlicAtto liKhhi: Acts in tights.
Iroiueiulous Sneciss of n Hold, ltlch,
lnlr and riiHliloiiahlo Chlrayouil.
fnm (fit Chicago Hit aid.
Mies Gertrude Potter stalked thostago at
Hooley's cstcrday afternoon In eloublct
undho'c. Miss Potior is tho daughter of
O. W. Potior. Sho Is an heiress, Sho Is a
belle. A thousand persons prominent in
society and finance applauded her. Dig
bouquets with long talis of wiithlng rib
bons rolled at her feet. Mho doffed her
plumed oh.ipcau and smiled and buw.nl
while tho curtain s.iuk. Hut tho crowd
w us not appeased. The hip canvass with
tlio dean pc.is.uits dnucmg on it was
hoisted again. And thin tho applause
rolled up and beat about hcr,jndiruc:kleil
long uftu Iho curtain had descended mid
ceasell to flutter.
Thrcujlcces vvoio picscntod by socletj
people for the sake of snect charity. T he
procieds of tho performance go to the
Hospital for Women and Children nut on
Adams mul Puullnq stn ets. Tho tlckits
wero 82 each, and tho boxes sold for largo
sums. It was what tho 1'our Hundred
call an "event" According to society
latitt slmg, tho wholp allalr was vcrj
,'toppy "
Miss l'oltei did not appear In her tr!k
lug costume until the .second phvv v,us
putoji. It wtisupoetieal conmlv m one
act, nnd wns called "(.lipid's Mew-wiior,"
laid in the time of (Jttccii lnUabclh of
ihiglund The costuming that tlio llngllsh
gently wore In the tlmo of the virgin
ijuci ii gnvo Miss Potter thu opportunity of
displaying her chirms tli doublet ciud
linn Anon Miss Potter e ntorod
H'elit) elrow its breath, hhe wore n
doublet of gill iu t velvet, lloso of the
sainomatcilal, laced like leggings up the
sldo with gold lords, hound her shapelj
limbs. A little cape with golden fringe
swept hirshouldcrs. Gold br.ild glcunoil
uriguiiy uii iner ner iiouoiei. uu uir
ris a u:
nhthtlv can sat
Willi a
dashing plume nodding over
t. mul a
sword ill a scarlet sc ibbard clanked at hor
left hip. Arrayed thus ono of Cldctuo's
social queens strodo in ross the stage, The
spectators endured, but after tlio first
wnvoof apphuiso curlcnl over the costly
bonnets a modest sJlcnco wu", maintained
.Mhs Potter was im personating tho pari of
ii eourier 01 n noiiiemaii, mm sue was
unyiiig ii oxceciiingiy wen. tho part
lttcdhcr. There uns n iTqli nt rmtiMW
Inlt.whltli, with the costume, mado it
I delicious to tho I'our Hundred,
1 Iho plot was soon unraveled. Mli
i Poller (old her brother, Sir Philip, that
1 sho had a letter from her or his hml
containing n proposal of marrlago to tho
glitlo Miss Walshighatn. Immediately
blr Philip gut angry and found that ho
loud her. Hoand "Iho boy" wero about
to light with swords win n Miss WnNIng
ham entered, Sir Philip, after cursing
lilimclf for his own backwardness linnic
diatcly jiroposcd to Miss Walslnghani, tho
coii'pirnty was revealed, and tho curtain
iliavcd Its way through a red cloud of
bouquet, whllo society clapped Its gloves!
hands. Tho curtain w as hoisted again anil
ngaln, whllo Miss Potter, In the garnet
lostumc men wore In thu sixteenth cen
tury, smlliHl and bowed nnd honed and
smiled over and over. Her ilcbitt as an
amateur uctres had been a pronounced
and artistic success.
XAhy lie ! Attractive to no Man) Anior
lcnn Ulrls.
Ono reason why American girls wish to
marry abroad Is that foreigners have, ns a
rule, n cirtnln enamel of manner which Is
very attractive to women, sajsMrs. John
Sherwood In ITarptr' Ilazar. Tho hand
kissing, the (lattery, tho deferential mnn
mcr, all theso nro tlio most agreeable be
ginnings of an acquaintance. It Is, to an
Idle cirl, a great pleasure to find a man has
all hisdaytodevotetohcr. TlioIjtiropnn
man hns mado a study of how toamuo
himself all day long and no doubt ho has
picked up education and much that Is verv
agreeable along with this effort to get rid
of time.
Tho American man hash.ul no such dif
ficulty in disposing of the golden houn;
ho bus worked hard to iiuiko his living;
he has had a terrific strui-glu for It and ills,
love-making has bee n uthingapart, un In
terlude in the busy life. He has had no
tlmo to enamel himself with foreign muni
ncrs and to nil idle nnd selfish girl ho is
far less ngrcoablo than n man who can
take her to picture gnllcrics, to races, to
tho Hoi, to dine, who knows all nbout
dressmakers, their prices, their degree of
stylo and their costume.
A Kuropean mun Is a gazette, a news
poper among other things, and ho is full
of delightful anecdote. He knows all
tho gossip about the Prince of Wales,
about I nily Agatha and the Duchess of
Nowhere; he is selfish In everything else,
but ho is not selfish In thin. He docs try
to make himself amusing and agriiable,
and to do him justico he generally suc
ceeds. If he goes to theatre or opera with
a party of ladies ho knows tho history
and it Is apt to bq a piquant one of ev cry
prima donna, every tenor, every basso.
He remembers what hapjiencd at Nice
two winters ago, and he has an amusing
story about tho Grand Duchess of Pimpcr
nlckcl. Wo nil know that thero Is no
moro fascinating reading for tho idle nnd
cultivated than the stones in which titles
abound. And perhaps, when treated
with the genius of ' Oulda," they nro
very good reading for anybody who has
nothing else to do.
Washington Stock KxchniiKO.
frides llegular call, 12 o'clock m
Capitol nud North O htnet It. It , 20 n 50.
People's Fire Ins , 10 nt 5. Col. Title Ins ,
100 a 53. Mm oln National Dunk, 5 a 101
Wash. Gas, 10 n 30J; 0 a .T)l; 25 a "SOU, 25 a
S9J; 25 a It'll; 10 a !JU.
Miscellaneous llunils W. & G. It. It.
10 10 Ls, lt'0.1-'23, 1025; W. ,t G. It. It. con
vcrtlblo (Is, 107; Mtv-onlti Hall Assoili
tlon, 5s, C ltf'S, 103, Wash. Market Co ,
1st mort. 0s, 1071; Wusli, Market Co,
imp. IV., : Wash, Lt. Infantry, H, 0,
1COI, 02, Wash. I.t. Infantry, 2ih 7s, 1001,
92, Wah. Gaslight Co i Per. A, !,, 110,
Wash. Oasllght.Co,8cr. It, 0s, fioj; Hy
gienic Ico Co , 1st mort., 0s, ; American
Sei urlty and T nut, 5s, ,
National Hank Stocks Hank of Wash
lngton,135, Hank of ltepubllc, 200, Metro
politan, 205; Central, 300, fcccOnd, ;
l'aimirs and Mechanics, 190, Citions',
170, Columbia, ; Capital, 120, West
Kiul, ; Traders, ; Lincoln, .
Itallroad Plucks Wash, and Geo , 215.
Metropolitan, ; Columbia, ; Capitol
and North O Street, 18, Ucklngtou and
Soldiers' Home, CO, Georgetown andTen
liallj town, 45.
Insurance Stocks Firemen's, 1.1,
Franklin, CO, Metropolitan, SO, National
'111. fH
Title Insurance Mocks lte.il IWnto
Title, 123, Columbia Title, 52.
Gas anil illectrlc Light Mocks Wash
ington Gas. ,10J, Georgitown Gas, IS,
U. S. LTcctric Light, 185.
Telephone Stocks .Pennsylvania, 25,
Chcsaicaka it Potomac, ; American
Graphophone, 101.
Miccllaneiu.Mocks Washington Mar
ket Co., 15, Washington Hnck fachlno
Co , ; Great Falls Ico Co , ; Hull Klin
Panorama Co , ; National fc.ifo De
posit Co, 210, Washington &afo Deposit,
120, Pneumatic Gun Carriage, t; Wash
ington Loan and Trust Co, 1; Am.
Sec'ty and Trust Co , 02; I jncoln Hall,
; Hvglentu Ico Co., ; Inter-Ocean
Hulldlng, -.
A Ghott-ns a Witness.
Fran th( London Dilhj Tiligram.
There was onco a "ghost In, court," con
nected with thq rnemorablo Bolt case;
since then the phantoms liavo not troubled
the High Court v cry much. Hut there Is
an action pending, all about a will, in
which nspectro forms a loaeling feature,
and will possibly be called as a witness.
A ghost in the witness box would cause a
forensic sensation of the first order, and
would "clear iho court" moro speedily
than tho efforts of a dozen ushers. Tho
way In which tho phantom "comes In" tel
this particular ease seems to be that tho
testator, being dissatisfied with his testa
mentary dispositions, revisited tho
glimpses of thumoon and told the sexton
all about It, "Hut," Lord Justice lion on
pertinently inquired, "can what a ghost
sajs to n sexton bo taken as evidence
against anybodv Tho legal view would
bethat6uch testimony requires! substan
tial corroboration; but wo know fiom
'Silas Marue,' that 'ghostcses' elo not care
about being ty-Hcud by tho hopelessly
Yes, ho loves jou now, 'tis true,
1 ass with eves of violet blue,
Lit s as sweet as honev-dCw,
Iloniiv littlo bride 1
Will ho lov e v ou as to-dav,
Whin j our bloom has lied an ay,
When v our golden locks are grey
Will his lovoabldor
Yesjf it h tlio ttito kind, It wlllsurvlvo
nil tho inevitable wastes uml ihnugcsof
life. Hut It Is every woman's desire nnd
duty to ictniii, ns long ns sho cm, the at
tractions that mado her charming and be
loved hi j until, No ono tan keep her
vouthful bloom or cqinblu temper, If
weighed down and silffirlng from remain
vuiikniss and ill-ordirs. Dr. PIcrco'4 Fa
vorite Prescription isaicmedy for thiso
troubles, (-old by druggists.
Cures Dyspspaia, In
digestion & Debility.
AWIU Hl'M-lir on liiimlay, Tkconi.
lifr HI, 1U. nt tlio renliloiue ut tlm hrlile, lWi
llllrli tilth Ktrest. by tlio ltd T. Wlillcman,
t lmrk VVHe) to lToienea VI lluvrtt, lnitli u(
Oil. ell,
Dl i:n.
HOW I r.s On jrnnila), Dcitmlitr 1". 1.
at 11. .0 ii i lode in , s-uiihl VI , n lelon ot tlw I,1U
Mlilu-elll Hunk
i:si)N On T uesiiliiy niiirnlug, Decoiiilrar
111, 10, nt " 13 o civile, lila , ltiwiou, wife ot
W'lllliuii II I.ast.m.
I'iiiii rut prlvnto
KrvHIIP-OnDsremuer 13, lH. WIIIUui ,
arre, utter tt nlmrt unit pilliitul llluo'4 ut
luirnlisls, hiehli bore iv It Ii patltnoo.
(ln,VOOI)-At llluamhigilili, l!ox
( uunt), Now ork, em tlio night ot the lMh nt
DiTonilit'r, Ihkj, Oiiiiitructur Klelurtl llatu
uouit, I nlteil htntM Ntevy, ugul il voars,
JOA ( I! - On Dficmbcr HI, 1H). nt 5 ii clock
n in , lr .lumen W Juveo, brlovwet butban I ot
smmliA Jouc, tu hlmlut jour
lunernl (rum rnldcni', 511 hlitli street
northnctt, 'lliurKilny at Ji m Interment In
Itotk I'ntk Ccuicttry, lrtcnit. anil relatives
luvlteel toattcuel
VON l'rT'lKMnit Ou Decembir 15,
lKH,Allro T (lobl Vim I'nttkauior, beloved
wilcotF b.Aoul'iittkmucr,
Union, 1; Arlington, 10.), Coicoran, 58,
Columbia, 14: German American, KB,
Potomac, 80, Illggs, 7, Pcoplo's, 4?; Lin
coln. I!: Commercial. .
Itimliilarrncfs of llrlmolit.
from tht Chicago Xtio.
August llclmont, tho noted New Yorker,
who died the other day, waj related to Carl
Wolftohn, Ihouiustclaii, at 1115 Miihl,sin
"1 Tincw Helmnnl but ftllgbtlv," Bald
that gcnllcnian to-day, "although my
father and ho were groat eronloH and
friends, Hchrtont was a second cousin of
my mother, and camo from tho same part
of tho comitrv mv folks did. bv. I
.know, or did know, nil his friends then,
ami an uta relations, onu, aiiiiotign l was
much joiingcr tlnm him, I took an In
terest In the same things ho did.
llclmont was born lu Alzcl, In llhenlsh
llcssla. Ho tamo to this country when
but a J oiing man and secured tho lttcratlvo
nnd Important position ot Now York cor
respondent forthoIluthschlhR That was
thu making of Jklmont llu was not an
obscure or low-born person, vou under
stand, but lament- good, well-to-do folks
That Is, ns richest wero oouslderisl then
but now his folks would not be lcckonid
wealthy, llclmont was vtcecssful in nil
ho did. Tho very position ho held give
him unlimited opportunities for tho exer
cise of his business capabilities, and hodid
not neglect his chances.
"When August llclmont was about .15
years old he married tho daughter of
Commodore Perry a very advantageous,
match. Ho continued to be successful,
nnd when James Buchanan took tho
Presidential chnlr llclmont was favored
with a good political position, lie wns
mndc Ambassador to The Hague, and it
was whllo lie was there that 1 first saw
him, He did not Impress mo as being
the man of whom sp much was said. Uu
Iho contrary, I saw only a wnnll, insig
nificant man ono who apparently under
stood business, but not the beau-Ideal I
had pictured to mvsclf.
"It has been often asked It Helmont did
notchnugo h,s name, and what his rea
son for such a course was. That is a mis
take. Itilmont was his right name. It
wus tlio family n.amo nnd was my
mother's. Tho only vwiv that ipicstlon
was rai'cd was that in tlio old country
tlio name was Schocnbcrg, a translation
of which Is Helmont. The family, you
see, lived near the borders, and, llkomuny
others, intermingled 1'iencli witli the
mother tongue. That Is how it came
about, but it Is wronging tlio memory of
Helmont to claim that he ever changed
his name.
"I do not know nHimichuboutthatman
asl would bavo llkrel to. Ho was a lino
man and a good scholar, for beforo coming
to this country ho received a good educn
olon nt Fr.iiikfort-on-thc-Malu. Ho Is nl
hided to ns Helmont tho horseman, but
the fact Is that lt was only during the lat
ter period of his life thathespent so much
of his time and energy on horsollcsh. As
I said before, iny lather nnd ho wero
great friends ami doubtless It my father
were alive he could tell many agood an
ecdote about August Helmont."
ll'IX! U.MlTItl.S.
ruLL ixnuiissioN to
10U SM.L1M1,
Per Prices nml Terms
Apply to
llullelers ami Owners,
Atlantic Itullillii -
iion is
-3-"' street nnel llnrewuoel nvenue, I,o Droit
Five New Two tory nml Attic Uriel: Duell
ing, with l'oicnrs, nil .Moilern Im
. proveininti. ou fcprure "tru t.
Mxllonse, 'luo Mnrlrs, Attic anil Cell im
llnlbl with 1'nper VII Muilem Im
provement", on llnrrwaoil nionup
Also curncr House, corner ot fpruco null llwc
wood nvciiuo.
l'or Price nnd '1 crms Apply to
Owner nml llulldcr,
On premliF'.
s' LlllltUl'Olltsr,
1410 l'liinsjhanln nvenue, uppoIto Wlllanl'
Hotel Ihuusnnilx rrom lur nml nenr vl'tt Dr.
V bite's establishment torrclletftoin nndniulil.
nneeut eornn, bnnIon, dltcnseel nalM and nil
other toot troubles llonri, 8 a, in. to II p in.
Hunilajs, !l tol.'lOnicufec jl nervlalt tor put
Hug tho teet Injgood order. Ijstnlillshcil 1M1,
(siicccsi-or to Henry I ec's bONS),
South Side.
llrnnch OIllcc, lis Mnrylnnil nvo. s. xt.
iJ made by ouo ot tho most celobrated
cutters In America 1 Prices sumo us thosn
third rato cutters charge,. 1 T. HALL, OW 1'
street n w.
17A rtii-A KAT woman ron ue.v-
T V rnl housework In n ininll tsmlly: stv at
night; rcfcrcntcs. Apply Ifii H tt. n-.lt
lurnaio. untii-un si n w. i.-.it
general lioune; muat know how to cook;
private faintly; references required. 1311 Kith
st n w. 17-t
Critic; Xrom north, mirttii'Unt, southeast
andnorthwrxt srrttonsot tho city. Apply nt
'III!'. UlllllUOl FlUEoH o'clock. 10-tt
ATKl)-A aiHL ron oeveiivl
houeework. Apply at HI7 K t'ii t, HI- It
.Mftll-.l HVll.l.il II' e.llll Wl.MF
ilu light boukcuork; uai;e, Jli Apply
iai IJth si ii w.
general bouscwurk. Apply 1'ru 13th t
n w. 1(1 3t
V andiron, hiln reference. Applj lsvi
I orthst, 1 e llrolpiirk. JjMt
V ai;riiom and rootmmi; must Unim the
city well. Apply nt stable rear or nil II 1 uve
cook, Willi good cllyictercncc". Appv
ls.nl I t. itti
TT Irontr for a small tamll),gool wage Mi
n l,ood cook, Apply in Mil uvo n e. Kklt
ply corner ulli and I "t s u,
t V girl to do geucr.il houBcworli for small
famll). Call nt 70.14 1st e. ljlt
-7"AVl ill) -A UESPlX'TAllI 11 Olltb 1 Olt
V plnlu tooklu and general houicwinl..
Apply utuisiitliitnu, lt-.lt
-VirANTLD-sEUVAN I' (111th 1 Olf GUVh
Y luiuntuurk, iiuiKt stay nights; refer
ences ruiulred 1 Kit
houKowork. Apply rUMInt n w, can che
refere-uces. T It
MaherMiman, un.hliig nnd lioulng to
il nt home l .ill ui adilro" IMltith t n u.
-irAn.D-n iti.si'EcrAHLE avium:
girl, n ultuatlo'i en iliimherniild tiul
waltrimi In nprhato famll); refereuisi ghen
( allorndilrc.) southnet corner llthnnl W
sl.nw 17 Jt
lunii, npliteen porUrur meiwciigcr. Yd
ilirmt.Y T. ICTS Lt n w H-lt
1 11'hflrl ltuiitlun ai liifmits uurae; can
take entile ilurgu. tall at -Wl Ct e M-K
-lfYNIEI)-llY Y UI.SPI.C I YllLlTui'L'T)
Moiniin, ii.Uilnllon lu a llrt eluss fnmlly
ns cook or ctiumhuiiuulil und wait1.. Apptv
1111 ail st il w Hi It
11 lauudiis, . en 1 laillos' uohIi nbuitiweb
iuilnipkluliiuulerMl er) renaouablo (at
at .iris I nt u e 111 II
111 It
"irNtlH 1IA Y UK-tl'I'l lAHLKlilLI)
TV itlrt. n .Uu ittou us ihnmheimil'lor tu itu
gcnrral huueuwoik, I nil in lulil.tis Ills lnll
son it n v in It
XirAMIl) IIV A AOl Nil "(llLllllKl)
woiiiun, U.'lit washing to take liti.iicurn
phcatudoeluiuberuurk und plain .owlic lu
n family AihtrcM or call Jt.M I Itli rt n w
i tut sail tut i:oiiMii:.
'l.-AOIt hMli (III PACHYNUU vou ur
.1; property LnrK" hcjlihy farm, with
brick borne and other bulldlnst'' ono hour by
rail tiom WontiluEtou on Annapolis It II V(
djtts 1310 Jlaits vc. dcOlui
I"Nt'M N"OV 11110
kt'M N"OV llltos . Aiirtlimcen.
IP M.u utile k- tmiHi!
UN I 111 It AND Y II Yl.r SI III, 111, III'
W1S1. 1 niler Mid by virtue nt n died nt lrnr., re
rorilrd In I II er No 1 Ml, follii I III it sei , one
of Iho land record of tlm lll'trlitot Coluiiibl i,
the luiileislgneil IrusteeA will -ell nt public
nuitlon. In trout of Iho prtiul'C", on Tl'IM
HAA.tlio'llllinil.lll II YA orill.CI'Mlll.ll,
1S"(I, ntlJl'YIIIHtOI'l IVi:o( l(H K V M .
lot seventy four ("Hot .lohn 11 VIcLenn mm
leihn Ann Itlmuek's -lib iIItIi-Ioii of squaru
llio hundred nml fortj-slx (Alii), In tlio iftyot
W A.lilnnliin, I), ( , n said sub division In re
ron1e.it In book n, pigc i', together with the
Impnivemcnts, ell
firinn of ssle" Ono third o( tho iinrcliaxi
money to bo paid in e ash nu 1 re sldun fu tie clve
(13) nud elrthtccn (lHiinunths lit six O.I p"r
1 1 nt per niiimm, jiu)able semi aniiunll lor
vv lilcli plirclin.fr to ghp promlnnury uuten
eiiirnlbj deed of trust on ptoputv sold, o
nil ro'h, nt npllon nt punhmcr If tertnn of
flilcnrti iiotenmpllrd Willi lutcii (111) dais rrom
il nf sale, the trusli es reserve tho tb'lit to re
sell st rink of ilefnultlni; purrlisser, A deposit
otJlOlwlll I io iioiilrril vvlirn bid Is nrieptrl
Ii MIMO.NSIO.N. 'Itiutee,
Nm Firth street luntlnwlt
C 11 AMI l.l.Y,MS()N, 'trustee
1" I'M ANSON IlltO'S, Aiiclloueers
'i ins rri. s sai i: or "new iimcic itorsi:
Vnder nml bv vlrliisnt n deed ut trust ro
eorileil In I Ibcr No lliri, folio 117, rt iei , ono
of the laud re curds ut the District of t'ujunibla
tie undirr-lgiud trustees will sell nt public
m Hon lu fiuMnf tbeiirrmle, un 1 1'EsD YV
'im: iiiiuriKiiiDYA or un i:uiKit. ism,
lot (eieiit-tbreo(t1)nf .Inlin II McLean nnd
,lohn Ann Itlsutrks .lib iltvl.luii of -fitiarn tlio
hundred nnd forty six CSIiU.ln the clt) of AV'nh
Inftton. D. C , ns uld siiImIIiI'Ioii Is recorded
In Hook 11, pace nil, together with tho lm
prntements, etr
'lenua ot sale: One tblrd of the purchase
money to bn paid In cash, nnd icidituohi twcho
00 and eighteen (IB) mouths, with Interest nt
sK (ii) per rent per unnum, Interest pnnblo
semi nnnuall), (ur which purchner Ut give
liromls-nr) nnte, secured It) deed of trust un
iho property "uld, or nil cash, at thauptlun ot
pm-charer. It terms ot nnlo nro not compiled
with In ten (10) days from day ot salo tho trus
tees reservo tlio right to resell nt rlik of dc
tniilllug purchaser A deposit ut $10.1 will bo
required when bid Is nieepied
AV. U, i.DMONSlOV, 'Irustre,
an nrtli street tiorttiwest.
. C. 11. AMI.I.IAMhO.N, Iruitcc.
ucli cod Aili.
nv A'ntTt i: or a'ceiitvin deed or
Jl trust, duly recorded In liber No ll'T,
tollo Vit of Iho Land Itecoids ot the District of
Columbh, nml nt tho request of tho holder ot
tho notes secured thcrcbj,wu will offer for sail
nt publlennrtlon, In front uf tho lircmlscs, on
o'clock p, in, tho fiIIulm;-descrlhid real
mtnte, hlng nnd belnj' In Iho eltj of AVnahlmf
ton,) t'.towlf Part of lot 8 In squnro No
777. 1 ring premises No an II street northeast
'1 inns of mlo ensb. A deposit of WI villi
ben quired at time of sale. All couvcinuclng
nt pnribn.er'siost 'Irrmsof silo to bo coin
plbd with In ten days from day of sale, or thu
propertj will bo resold it risk and coH uf ele
laultlug purcha-cr
delJeodAds IruHcos.
W) l.lountli street mv,
Tiiiisrrr.'s' saii: Tiv ai'uv valitaihe
llv virtue of n cutnlii deed of trust recorded
hi I Iber, No 1, w, folio HI-1, ct seq , ono ot tho
land retords fur tho District of Columbln, mil
nt the rcqurstuf tho party secured thereby no
wlllolTir for sulo In front of tin premises on
THE Mil DAA 01' DFCMIW.lt, ls.nl, nt 1 1
o'eloik p in , all of lot "It" lu II, ilngritder's
su1mI11soii nf certain lots lu square l5l as tlio
"line Is rciordtd In book O.ll II , pago 7, In
tho olllco of the Siinejor of the Dlxtrlct of Co
hunbla; sold subject to u certain deed ot trust
to secure tho um of fl 'M nnd Interest,
Terms of s nlo All cash la exi ess of flrst trust;
$1110 deposit nt tlnioof t do. 1 enns to bo com
piled with In ten dais
AV. 1111 l.Y BCnilLV.
ril'i 1' "treet nw.
drcl eUels lit 11UJ V sticel nv.
A nv
:T1I0AIA!) r. AVAdOAMAN, (117 T street.
Changes nindo AVcelnesdnjs nnd hntnrdays.
1'Olt SALE.
inilTIln EST.
1-llOJMll M, hb, in 1,11 rs $5,000
11 J 1 tilth st, l'.h, d is, and 2 houses In rear,
I rs each 0,000
lJIVnnil WU .Minlloii st, f h, 1 rs, and 2
brlrk bouses lu nar 1 KI1
SSia.W32Wst, t b, (I rs each 4,5011
10JJ nnd 11)1 Mh st, b h, in 1,0 is t.ioo
1W st.fb.tl rs l,(xw
Alley bet bill and 7th, L nnd M sts, t 11,
I rs '..Wl
bOLtt-bli, ml, 7rs IVU
niniidVMPiiicoBt, f h, brs T.5HD
..lOSN'-t, bh, m I, 7rs 3 mi
l.'lOlSrWJIndisonst, f, Irs 3.UU0
btuble in nllc, bet 1Mb nnd 1Mb, K nnd
Lstsuve 1001
4l nmUU Illdgo st, t b,SrS i... 1,011
H0T.J tltll Bt, Il li, U rs..... T,U(I0
lllHlhst.rb, I rs... ssno
rw.lnnd Mi (1 st nllcy, f h, Irs a,aOO
01b and (118 .Morion alley, f b, 4 rs V
41 nnd Kii 11 st alley, tli, -1 rs 1 ton
1S(0 tiilJI'l Wth st. Ii b, 0 rs ench 1,NH
11J to l."J 1'lerce n, b li.ilrs l.MXJ
Torn termot 50 jrsnvnlnnble piece of busi
ness property ou ilth st, near Vn nvo 11 w,
rent rltO pir inuiith nud taxes. Lessen to
build on mini, building to cost not less than
II st, bet -tth nud Mh (Is 11 e, rent per an
num $U1 00
Per foot.
N E cor 201b nnd 1 its n vr $3 nil
Kst.betlltlinminthstsnw IM
1. rt, bet IStli nud ltithsts 11 w 1 00
xthst, bet 1. Cap nnd A st 11 e 1 00
Ost, bet Ut nml .id stun w 1 00
7th st, above Orant ui on w SO
HOESKs. Mill HLN1'.
lSlTNstn w ((or), lira $53000
aiMl'Ftiiw (fur), 11 rs som
Jll A st e, 11 r no 00
1 '.'0.111 (tne (fur), 8rs IV 01
liloth st ni.'Jrs , 13(11
lOnif.'d it n ev, !) rs II 50
ll.MN J aion w,8rs , iV 00
Sill I. stn e,7 rs , ,,,,,. 3S Ml
lEOtHYnsw.l.iis 3iio
:"M M t 11 w, II rs.. '.'3 00
1 J 17 'list st 11 n,(l rs , '."Ill)
1111 Mill st ii w.Mrs Ilia)
UINsln w,H is , , IS II
llliinthstuc, U rs ,.,, , 1 1 03
Til Idstsu.Urs 11 11)
S( hninplaln air, Sr , Ill OI
'.117 31 st uu, I rs 10 Oil
I, "i mid i Pi 01 tor's nllc) 1111, In ,, sill
7nml H II111 0 nve i,-l is H W
11V! (jrceu s nllej 11 iv, 'J rs . 3d)
III eiiins Io i tilt at (1 per rent
Snfc ns 1' S bonds Mx per cent .pas nolo
qunrterl), In sums of $1,000, hiuall prchiliim
'Iho ulove only n liortlou of the property
on m; I ooks. l'or full list call at ulrlce fur
bulletin liened on the 1st and 1Mb.
r r vv.vein yai vv.
1 ou iii:m' itotnis.
iiururni.hed rouiiis ou 14 ilnor, lit! lutli
it n w II It
ITtOll ltI..NT-lll!NIMIi:i Oil I'NI'llt
I1 ni.hed ruoiiii 011 -M or 'M floors, bath 011
.0 Hour, boird near, adult', retercuie, Ills
Coirorinit 17 Jit
I7IOH ItENI-115 JDsf N '-i lllfll.lir
nml ihierful ruonn uu .'d iloui, iinfiir
ulilud, with he-it. gas mil bath, terms ninli
raje I7.it
ITVUll IlhNl-nroOMs. AND II Y 111, J
lloor. Ypply 11W l"i st i 17-Jt
; Ion at 1 CM Uth st 11 M, lurattheU or uu
Iiirnlslirtl M-lit
V and si llooii, or will lent homo fiunisti'd
21711st 11 w llM,t
171011 HINI-'slNOIA OU UN hiirn
l1 llauiUomcl) MrnUlieil loomt near lout
c In Io, In pi Unto rsuill, tfontlouion only; IWI
lllh ituw 15-Ht
-lTlOlt ULN I ONE NUM. A VbliNlbll-l).
V niirm, 1 iur) front loom. UWUtlist
11 la-8t
VTOAV 1- 1 III- 11ME WE Will. 1'AY
lsi bl oiuuei ' lur lieuls' lliteln m
uml baud eluthln Yflctri n 01 isll at
.11 1-HI sol lisl'YNI), UlUD.t ii
1 Olt h YCK.
' runt rur iiiluMiktluii ad.lreai UU Est
11 111 lt
1' irn, ileilre to cull ouenttnn of the publU
to their N ii llnlldlnits, uon nearly iliilihed, on
1. uriet Vlumubusi tu nv. one nud Flnt north
init l.iiiiitlon HlKh YMII sell In turo Jiuui
nr 1. At IL retlll linn nf IS lie re it nnnn t,
I tranrdluar' eaiy terun VYorkiunuahlii 'gjj
' n.ut l.i.li.. il.illiail ..I.I. ..u... 1.,..
MU. MV..CVH U.t.U.U ., .U Jinj..lU
nnMstiM,ii rs
1 in A(am oio, lTrs anil stable
IWI M st 11 w.Mrs
1'Jv.HMitu w.l-.rs , .
Iirs M it 11 w 15 rs . .
1117 Mass nve n w, 12 is
lllbitci , lire
Ulirt II it 11 ,IJ m.
lMRCoimnioii vt 11 rs . .,
171 1(1 it iim.II rs,
UII Ost 11 iv, 11 ro
nil e'cniii nie. Iilrs
till I (hit 11 w,ID rs
lir,l 0 it "1 rs
KM Pit 11 m, 11 is
IWI (J it 11 , 11 rs.
lswllsi n w, II is
tVrlEitit , 1 1 rs ...
ll7()stiiu I Irs
l'.ifje oirursiist, 11 rs ,
Kl I ( ntiurnii it, 11 rs ,, ,,
turn hag In it, II rs
llld H itn w.lti rs
in At sin w, 11 rs.
Li-Ill I ntn 11 , 10 n ,
llOIMiMiitbtoii 11, Mrs
VI 10 II si un, ft rs flat
HWI I lupin st'lrs ,
INVIiSHIistii w,7rs
1IVl7llirt n vr.strnnelilni!
KM I lorlilanie,8rs
IWI. thst 11 u,8ts , ,
1 1.1 AI st 11 w, tl rs
lsi I'omcry it, Srs
'Iboalintclionscs tun lie cannnnut
lull from our otllci onlv
Sitr 11
Urt 11
IV) 0)
1-sl 01
in a 1
in 01
mi 01
no m
Hr M
Kl l
H1 H
M 1
!l 01
III 0)
V) 0)
.V) OI
73 OI
13 00
11 IX)
31 (II
by per
1 llrit rluis securities nt loncst rates ot
Interest, No dilsy ivbero 11 curlty Is pood
.xil "Hi ir n w
1118 I' St.
in sunns (o 'Hilt
On Appuited Ileal Kststo t-e turltv.
1110 I'stn w
qsilE (1IIEYT P1NNSALVANIY 11(11 ril
X to tho North, est nnd Southwest.
Double 7 rack. rplcndld Sceucrv
tticlJtnlle, Aliiiilllccntllqulpmtnl.
In 1 rrtcr Nnynnn1.11 an, im
Trains lemo AV nshlurtton, frnm station, eorncr
of Slxb and II slriuts, as follow ,
1'mi PiTTsnt 1113 nnellhoWf at, I'litcsKo Limited
Exprcis or Pullman A'eitlbulc Cars at 10 V) n
in ilaHj.I'ast Line. ID SO n m dally to CM
(jtlto, ( olumbus and St. I onls, vvltn Parlor
( er llarrlsburi; to l'ittshuri; nnd Sleenlnir
Cars from Plttsbiirit to Indlannpolls, Pitts
hurirtn Cnlumbiis, Altooni to thlcio. St
Louis, ( hlratro and Cincinnati Express, 1 I)
11m dally Parlor Car Washington to Harris
Imic, and Slcepli.p Csrs Ilarrlsburi to St.
lotus, Ihlrajto and ( luelnnatl, an I Dlnln
Cor llnrrlsburR to St. Louis, t hlei-o nnd tin
ilnnntl. AVest'rn Hjpress st 7 10 pm dally,
with Slriplng Cars A rislilncton to thlcnjo
nnd St I ouls, connecting d illv nt lUrrlsburg
with IIiidiikIi Sleepers for Loulsvlllo nnil
vlemphls 1 ullmnn Dining (Jar I'lttib ire; tu
lllcl innnel and thlriiito l'nclrle E"inrcs,
1(1 (Opm dolly, for l'lttslmn; nnd Iho West,
with through Sleeper to l'lttsbnri; and Vltts
ljurpt to Cblcuito
Ion Kadi. Cannndaljua, Itochcsler and Nl
aitnra 1- alls dully, e vupt Sunday. 8 11) n m
lor. 1 iiik, L'anamhlrrai and Itorhestcr dallv;
fur IliilTnln and Mairnra dally, oxecpl Sutnr
iiriItij,l()U)p in, ultli Slceplns Cjr AVnsh
Inftton to Ituchestcr
Von AViiiiAiisriuir, Itocheiter nnd Nlnpiri
1 nils, 7 10 ii jn dally , except Saturday, with
Sleeplnj; Car Waslilneton to Itocheiter
ron V itiiAsisroi.T, llinoio nnd Llinlri, nt
10 10 a ro dally cxcipt Snnday.
Von VV iLLiAMSimiT 'tally IJOpm
Inn Pint ADiirniA.NcM A ork nnd the East,
7 CO, Il IKI, II 00 nnd 11 40 n in, s 10, 1 15, 4 SO.
6 III, 10 01 ami 11 Ti p m On Sunday, 90).
1l40niti,9lO, U3,4. 1000 and liaipm.
Limited Express of l'lillnnui Parlor Cars,
with JHnlni; Car Daltlmoruto New A ork, 0 111
n in dailj, except Sunday.
Foil Nrv York mil), tlmltcd Express with
J)lnln' Car, r. 00 pm dally.
Von Viiilaiilliiiia only, Vnst Express S10 n
m weik elajannd Ipmelallj. Exprcss.Sun
itay only B 40 p m.
Ton IIostov without ebannc, 8 10 n m week
davs nnd & 11 p m cicrv dsv,
Vonlll'nniiLVs.N A' , all throuijli trains con
nect nt Jersey Clt j with bouts of llrooklyrt
Annex, ctfnrdliu direct trnnsfer to Pulton
street, aiuldlnj; double Icrrifco across New
Aorh City.
I'oiiAtlantic Cirv, 11 10 n m week days, 11 ai
p m dally
ii)llllAlTlvinn,(iS3, 7 ai, 810,0 00 0 ID. 10 0),
10 50, 11 00 and 11 10 a in ; U 05, i 10, 1 11 1 SI.
IWI, ISO, IT), BOO, .1 10, 0 00, 7 40. 10 00 and
H13,pm. On Sunday (100, 1)03. 1050, 11 10
n in; J 10. 3 13, 1 in, 4 00, I si), 3 IX), 5 10, 6 00,
7.10. 10 00 and 111.1pm.
Von Venn's Cnti n Lisl, 7S0nmnud4Wp
m dally, escept Sunday.
1'on ANNAioti", 7'.'0 and'lOO 1 rn;ljaiand
ISO p m elnlh, except Sunday. Sundajs,
0 00 n m and I 20 p rn
In Effi-CT Novembsh 20, lfiHQ
Foil Alkxamiiua, I DO, 0 33, 7.4A, 8 10. 0,
10 37 a m, IS 01 noon, S.(B, 3,, I S3. 1 5), II 01 ,
8 02, 10 03 and II ) n m. On Sunday at 4 D),
7 K, 9.13, 10J7 rem, 2 30, 0 01, 8.W and 10 03
p m.
Aicns0DATI0K for iJuvhUco 7 13 n m nud
4 15pm weekdays 7 45a mSuudajs.
Foil IliniMONi) and tho South, 130 and 1037 n
m dally. Aicomiuodatlon 4 53 n m week.
day s,
Tiiainh leave Alexandria for AVashlncton,
)i (ft, 7 05, H Oct, 910,1015,1107 n-m; 1 W, 100,
3JS0, 010, 0 03,703, 9 'JO, 10.50 and HOSp m.
fin Sunday at 11 10 and 1101 am; 2 00, Slo,
7 03, 7 Y9, 9 SO and 10 50 p rn.
Tickets and Information at Iho nlbee, north
east corner ot Thirteenth street and Pennsyl
vania avenue, and at tho station, whire orders
tan bo left toe tho ehrikluj? of baitsaijtt to
destination from hotels and rcildoncir,
CHAS. V. 1'lIUll, J, 11 AVQ(ll),
(Icncral Manaeer, (len Van Audit.
Schedule la crfcit November 111, 1893
Leave Washington from station corner of N'eiy
Jersey avi nuo and o otrict
Ion Chicago md Northwest, Arstibulil
Limited rxprcss dally 11 31) n m, ex. rre
Von Liscinnati. M. Louis and Indianapolis
evpiesn dally, 3 30 and 11 SO p in
1 on ViTisBumi nnd Cleveland, ctpr.s dally
Ion I fxisuton nnd points In the Shenandoah
A alley, tlO U a ru.
Vent A iNcucsTcn and way ttitloni, 3 Upn
y on i, on a v, mo p m
oit ll.lLTiiioiiL, neck dnvs fas (109 n.11
7'.0, 7 to. (8 00, Bmluutesl, H JO, 9 13 11 nu
(Utfl, I. minutes), n m. Illi.ii.15 2 i Mil
ISmlnuKs), 3 21, 4 23 111(510, u mln s,
ft C3, 5 Eft, 0 00, C 13, 0 SO, 7 P. 7 10 Oft). 10 .1
and 11. "0 p in. Sundays, 4 1 7 il, 1 d .i,
ill a in, (U0O, Umtniiksi. 1 Oi 5 r . a.
I mi, 1 V, IW, Kl lllllllllOII U' IjUl
II VI) 7 JO, 9 00, 10 JO, 1 1 7) p iu
Inn AAY Statiiiss bctueiu WaMilu tin
llnltlmore.B00,il!11, Wain lt III 12
II SO, 7 'U, 11 tfl p in. Sundays 8 110 a n
8 23, UO, 0 20. 7 II, lt 1) p m
lllAlNS I KAVI Ilaltlmoro for AV nihlnirlon
unis, o wi, o -.ii, o ou, uo, t ai icni t v v -n
0 to, 10 '.0, 10 J5 ll m; 12 00 12 to . IO 10,
210,111 500,1100, 1120, 70V, 10 1 I) 8 II,
I' 03. 10 10, 10 JO and II (10 p in Miming ,
1 13, 8 tA 8 '3, 9 JO, 10 20, io Hi in 1 4 00 t UV
210, 210, H3, 500, 1120 (05 710 7H HJJ.
1010, 10 20 mid 1100 pm
Inn AMtAluM, 0 33 and s 10 a in I- t and
1.5 p in Sundays, 8 10 a n, I si o in
liavo AnnapulU ll 13, K51 am in 50 p
in Sumlujs, 8 JOn in, 3 55pm
lint SriTioss on tho Mctropolltun Munich,
1li SO IS JO a m, (t 15 p in, For prlnrtpai
Mutloin only , HO til a in, 1 1 V) nnd I v p m
I un llAtTiiEiisiiiiim nud Intnrmcdlntopolmo.
(9C0, kiotm, n iu, 11,M), ttui, tit), Sui,
1'uii Ucviis nnd Inteiinedlrte station., T()
Ciiuiiii tiiais Icitiis AViuiblngtun un siindiy
nt 111 pin stopping nt all stations en Met
lopolitaie llrsuen
Foil ViiKiituiiK, ill TO k89), 101), til JO a in.
1 15, 1J.SO, limipm
I uu HAiiKiisrnwN, MO 10 a in, and 13 II p in
liiAisxarrhe lrom Chle-tuu dally II W a m
nnd 4 IBiim; from Clnilnnatl uml st I mils
dvlly ,I50a in und 3(13 p m.frum Vitlibur
7 10 a 111, A CO p m ilnlh
Villi AD1.I PHI Y
luilNcv. A cm., I ronton and (ho Eait '101,
18 Ui l(l,0u, u 00 a m, 2 30. 3 (y) un I 10 in
ii in lluiTit Varlor t ars on uii dnv tr i
Mrepln Car on tho lOVJp m, open nt 90)
Tin. IIii.tos ltiflp m lth Pullman Dnff t
Wciplim car runuliiK thruunli I IIomiiii
without iluuiljo, via I'oughkoepsl Hililjc
landliiK paBie.iii!e in It II station ut Ho
Vim Pun AUU I III v II 800 tool "1.01
ouun, 41l OU, 'il 15 o I to ipm
Von NtviAiik, Uil , AAllin uri m mil I In i i
4 05 48 (Da Ii lHUUii n 0 "ion -ill ,
aud 10 i0 i in 1 Inn! 1 y ir sto.iiiiu., a
Y tltiiliDttem unt ) ' nl in
lllll ISTHKIS v II. I u lllllllll li
and Vhil ae i.i i j i 10 n i .
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