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)1Y TI1K
043 D Stveot Northwost,
i hums Di' MfiisOinp rio.v.
Bjr mull (j.osloyo lrcinltl), 1 jenr VI 1
" " " 1 month Ml
Carrier In the ill), 1 tmmth....... ........ 3)
till Hatred,
Washington, D. r
W.iUll.MiTn., 1). ('., 1)10. 18, HM.
I ins i'i!its(Nxi:i, or tin: saw.
lit Ida tCirt for llio vcrtr A, Sooreliiry
Tntit mil nttcntlnit to n very serious,
iioIIikiiv tltrcnti-nlliK, riiMlllliiinrililli);i
in lliei'""ir of the Navy. Aftwiioliit
iiry; out the f.ut lh.it oHloon an- ttustltt,;
their ,t nulli, cton Ihi'lr middle tijfo. the
rn1lniiif lliclr riH'W hikJ eilklenly In
tlic Kfi'ilc r subalterns, lie 'ay.
"Tlio n-. elm lo will t litis ho presented, nt
it time tint tery far ilMitnt, or tho whole
yrmlo ir llonli naiit In the Nnvt composed
of nun bttwocu tlit? nt'c of J7 mul .11.
JliirlDK nil till period they ran only have
a Miborilltinlo responsibility, itlllioiinh
they liau' rent hctl nil n?e when many
uii'ii arc iiliiiokt ready to nitre from the
pursuit of an notlto uirccr Tiny nroMilt
In IcndliiK-strlnjr, ulwuy compelled to
refer cvi-n unimportant itiosti(ii to their
H'tilms, drimyini! out tin1 miserable cxlst
ln c of :t iibmdin:ite whn.oenorjxies have
li en npiHil, whuo ambition Ispinc, mill
vtm bus learned from lonp CTporience to
(Mulniiiul Hlilrkro,iniIliilliy."
Wom.ty well nk wli.it, iiiidcruchiir-fiiiii-taiu'e",
will lie tin1 result lo tllucoun
trj of iwpeiidlnitiiillllnniln the creation
of an cfTi'illtc modem nnty. Will jt not
'In' 114 hut it'll itml fruitless ns tin) "Mali
upon lln hlmrt"? If tin nllloers who at
Inst ri.fieli tlinh raiihitiiele-. anil onmn to
tlieuiminanilofllit'o now.,hlp, urc lolio
men whoc tljjir h koiic, whoso entlni-.
.inm is doild, whose nmbltlfui lifts itrnrtii
cold, inn whoc mfiWtlc: Intvo passed
from thcin with tin- Hilling yctr, what
:ire wo toetpntof a sort icosn constituted.'
"V liall liutc a line material vijnlpnirnt,
lmt of what mllllnrv tlrluottlll it be?
Tlipeoiinlry hnshivii told that our nnty
lias tlio limit jwijaihi' til thu world, ami
tlint notliinu win needed Kite it erirre-
-ipniullne: nuiterlnl, uud Hie country ha
tinnc to bolletc It. Hut It Is not true.
Surctiirj-Tiuit poIntHluu tlini', not far
ilM.mt, whin our t'ommodorcs will bo
tottering and decrepit ciccks, ottrt'optuins
Hlporniiiiuiitcdjlutnlld, our Lieutenants
snimlfntliersaiid otir Imsljtnsi Kruybcards.
Ho (ells lit thai, ecn now, our olllccrs
lire tU'KOiti'rutliiK Into ini'iu spiritless iner
lonUrlos, inbbeil nf hope', inul mitTH In
fvrryilialitv Unit Kles fnrriMtnil spirit to
tln'M'ulee. They le.ich poMtlons of re
ln iiiltllty c;iily after they Inn o liornnn
pliy-ienlly and morally Incapacitated.
'I hey attain' rank nnly.it n tiniQ when
they liuro ifaseit to xnliti' It at for tho
lniwr I'liioliiment iLhriiiirt. "or iltwi tho
trouble .-top with tlientj for thu men can
not bo lApci'tcd lo ho better than their
olllieri, and mi the lanker ofdi-p.iir anil
imllleli'tiey liiirnltt fatal way Into tlio
ery pith mid marrtiw of tin-corps.
'litis li not n vleakiint or t'ni'otirauliii;
V Hire, yft It is prcM'titod to ns by one or
llicabli'-t rabltut ollleers wo Imo liad In
many j ears as (he deliberate conclicdoii
if his mind uftcr tho most careful and
voinprehenslvi! inve-tig.itlon. It should
ltiiMj t-tnitlcd tho v,liulo country Into
Milicitudo mill alarm, nud yet It fccnvj to
liac breti jia'-'cil over iiiithiiu of no r.n
lotnit. Sat one of our great military
j-peilallsts in f'nnjjrpis has paid it tho
tribute of even a parsing notice. SeimtoN
mid Jtejire.-enlatliesnjppi'artn think Unit
the nation needs jinllihu; but nhips uud
Kiiti", and that tho btulti, tho iimHilo, the
,plrlt and the patrlotl-ni of thti jviwMu'i
lire matters too pdty for tlicIcnlUKiiilleeijt
rs'it;nltluii. They fmiio ami bicker oier
tlitirnariow puily issHis-, while rieci-etttry
'I'ltAr'Hxiileinn waiuIiiK lilts by theiii on
llio Idle wind. It is nu( u pleasant picture,
liiit ttnlfs we want ours lo dwlmlla away
into n phantom niny iiKata Jforf;aua of
liittabloderellits wuiiiiist ir,ioit our lu
Mintt MgllniK-e.
'llu: ViiDKPVirrjiKNT informs us Unit
SiTiMt llui.t. was not "killed, by white men
Lot by Indian polki-mcn. Xu matter;
Jit's Jtiit rts dead.
Hvmiv i-niLii'iiiifHiNbeltig-musthavo
livfit ohocked at thela-ncl outr.iKoftilllcted
iijxin Jtr. 1'aiinki.i. tlte other- dnv, hut
l0ile with good lueniorios will tell thein-m-Um
that ilr. I'.ulnei.i. Is ultnply reaping
tho logical ami Inevitable fruit of tho har
nt that he himself has sow'n. l'or
jtflrshehaMtauglitthu Irish jieople the
rvll leonof loleilce. lio hits built up
mi organization of force and trained his
folloMcrj to turbulence and riot. He has
made them belleie that it h right to In
jure, even to ilv-troy, those who differ
with tiiem (u opinion; that tho only pi
in d the knife. It Is idle to wiy Hint ha
lias neier openly adiiK-ated theeJ
idlii". Nobody iturn' ttdviK'ate litem
tjivnly oMVptlng iiay fiiniilles like
t.itV l'Aii'O.xs and llMiit 3Io.r.
tint Jfr, 1'mivi.i.i has neer de
tUjiuiKil these llilus. Helta ueercvcii
rrbllktil them. Helms been the head,
the absolute dictator of .1 political orgaul-
uttlon which has mado a specialty of sys
tematic di'llnnce of law, and It is fair to
xi"Mime that ho gavo his sanction to what
his vreiitiiro'illil. Furthermore, ho Is the
tititlior iif.tho policy .of rent resistance, iiu
tkrwlileh ten thousand Irish pcoplohavo
liecn miule jiaiiiK'rs, ami tailght to liveln
Itllcncn", ilejiendeut on the alum of "others
If there Is anything Faumu.i.Iiu' not douo
to ilctqunilUu and ilcgrudo Ireland wc fail
at this moment to recall It. AVo feel very
Mire, hliw ever, that the omission, If any
there litis been, Is Itislg'nlllcaTit. And now
.Mr J'.iiiMt., having sown thowlinj, is
mipjugthu hlilwlml.
Ju (Jorrn is v uiTiMur and snakes
Tty prediitlous of tin railway future.
'I his li a ca'e where money talks.
'I'm. Xt.iv Youk tinu says'
"W'e iwve.iiew from the t ity of Jluxieo
that thu Hpnrtof hull lighting has been
prohibited there, that thu main yrfum (It
iitjhas tlliappi'iirei. ami that the leswr
tin mis have been cut iiplutoloti for tho
M-rvhiMif Ijuililers. It wtw the .Moot's who
introiliiied this tuicient fjiott into p.tili.
and it was thu .'piuilitnls who Ititrouueetl
it into Mt'Aleo at the time of tho Spanish
coiiiiuest. 1 Diipitsluii In the elty of
Mi'Mco is evidence of llnigrowthof rurino
jiKiit ju tho Mexican Itepubllc."
It will not do to jissuiuo tli. it bull-llglits
have permanently disappeared ftotit tho
Jlevlcuii Capital. Tlloy liayo been ubol
Ifhcil liefore, and nflcrwunl nitored. In
Jt-MU victor at thu city of Jloxleo li.ul to
,go to l'uebla, sixty-tlvo miles iiwsty, In
urtler to eo u bull-light, but a few years
inter rfou'rul pl.uas were in full operation.
3n tho winter of IW8. Mv4V(.-nx-wai
rxltllilliiijjnttlio Colon, nud Itausii at
(he llui'arell, wlillo tltreu or four of,lur
i MtililWtmitstK)itetl Inferior itttractloiis.
'Jlte aupproi-slon of bull-llghnni ut this
time )i nut. therefore, Bignltlcaiit of uny
thltigexirpt.lK'fhtipfioi'ttpblltlcalchauj.'O In the government of tho Federal Wstriet.
JLhU'iK relation to juor.US inul rellnO-
lotnt, it ctixtt not Mem tltn". we are lit a
1 oItloii to Mirug our shoulders at MexltN)
In the matter of so-called Jjiortt.
01 li ifti'Miit io.vti ifoiii1Mi', .Ihe
ICniiind the Iffivhl of Xew York, ore
mapi'Ing at eath other oier that bone.
AVoriferlotho bone that was taken out
of thu dog's leg initl hi'crleil In the boy's
leg nltheChailty Hispltaloit Illackwcll's
Island. Tho Jlernhl profosi-t to have
gained nicest lo the patient's room nnd
obtnlnid all thoswretHortlieexpcrlminl,
while the U'urW, reiulcreii more or less
Incoherent by emotion, reniiuks Hint:
"It Is very funny In watch Ihe foggy
glicsvui nnd specilliillons of tfcmionf a cer
tain luornlui newp.tls'r In illation to
Joliuity (lilhtus and Ids dog."
We refer to this matter merely to ov
pic tho hope that the eoiitmicrsy will
lint lead to blni'il'llltl.
Iti I't.isiNTVtivr r.i.itirvof New Yoik
tit-nil's that the 'Windsor Hotel I'oufeivni'e
wnsln the Inteiti't of ev-Setuitoi' Aliu.nu
oriippcM.il In ovSeiinlor 1'i.vtt llesavs
It wiis'ltnly a itleMfitgof llepilblle.uis
who liveaboie Ihe Harlem lilver, mid its
uim was lo bring about harmony, liar-
nii.nv. with n big, big II nud of the "llln
Four" brand, lntugeofl8SS, Is what, Mr.
lll.iiiKN c.iys, (he llepublicuui party in (he
Umpire .Stale needs.
TiiiiLimi-iimi Is moro pjlnful thiui, IT
not o deadly tm, the sauibbag.
MNs Frances Field, who tnkes the lead
ing role In "Fnblo ilonianl," now being
plityid at Hnrrls'.Isa nlice of Pension
i'omml!Ioiier Itatlin.
Frederick I'enilligloii has been detailed
by tho Hnriiers lo make pit Hires ut the
Indian troubles lit D.ikotii. He is familiar
With l.o, having met him often when ho
was n cowboy.
"Mnrshal von Moltke, the (icrnian (ien
eral," sa)s IMiiiund Yates, 'Spends n por
tion of nub dav In the lunusoleum ol his
1 JigIKh wife, Mary Hurt, -lnndiug in pro
found medjtallou I.ihMo the tomli.t'
(Jii'ivn Vlitorin will unveil .Sir Fdgar
IIoi'Iiiu'h ftalue of tho Finperor Fred
erick, her oii.Jii-!.iw, at rt, tieorgo'X
Chapel, Windsor, nnvt t-.itunlay. It reji
resents Fretlerick In llnlfilnn, covensl
with med.ils nnd it robe, with Ids hands
ri sting on tho hilt of hlssuonl.
Professor Vlrehow of lieiliu has boon
interviewed by tile New York niiMnii
tlioMilijcitof Kik-Ii's Ivmph. llelhliiks
It is a very dangerous llitng to nusldle
with, I'spts'ially unless the patient I sub
jet ted to thorough trentment.
Mrs. William Astor has u wonilerful
diamond necklace, sajs an Hiistcrii
writer. It Is t-W strings deep and is set
with no noli! visible, giving tliedlnmonds
thenpiearanie of being btrutig togelhur.
Mr. Astor has lately hud it entirely rc.et
and hns replacisl all the Himiller and In
ferior (.tones with diamonds of surp.ts.stng
brilliancy. Mrs. Astnr rarely wears It, us
fhu is not over fond of peisou.tl adulti
incut. IjuIv Hosuberrr win fatnous for the
charming iniuiniT In which site brought
it) her ililidren. They were lour, nil of
rather pronounced Israelltish fitttttrrs and
with beautiful golden lmlr, ol' which their
mother was very proud. The rlilli1r.su
Usui to take tea in their sgliool-ro m off
the most beautiful Sevres china, orn.f
limited with jiilnintses. It Is said that
tho personal foitime of l.uly Itosdlierry,
whose ntaldeu iinme was Hannalt itoths
chlltlj wasSI.",0oo,0i.
"Colonel Cody," h.tys the Chlc.igi .Vi'ci,
"of whom one would certainly eptit
something different, lias gone to cousliier-
aiiin pains losjinii i mi omy ueinresruo
and interesting epNislecoiinccted with the
litdlnlt foolishjiess the Mory, natuely,
that Colonel Codv M't out 'to capture Sit
ting Dull in ball-room nttliti nud sotne
what. intoxicated, it was lellghtful to
picture the gullant Colonel nrinyed in
patent-leather chocs, swallow-tail co.it, e--pansive
shirt front uud silk hat, Standing
ill tho midst of the boundless nralrle and,
with an eve just tilt Hie too wise looking,
Houring. the horizon for his pavago foe
maii. Hut llumdo Hill, Uutl In furs, fully
armed, alert, well attended pshaw1 The
Colonel has been guillv of .selushness In
denjiiigthcllrst n-jmrt.
C'ltll ItleMn nf Cnlnreil Citizens.
From Ihe AV' i'oi k HervM-
ThoMiongcst o)ilnlon In favor of tho
ilvll tiglitsof coIorciliitieiisyetKlven by
tiny American court has Jilt been len
dcred by lljc Suptvino Court of Mlihlgan.
Two negroes went into n Detroit restau
rant, sat down ut one of tlio tables, nud
ordered u meal. The owner told them
that ho would not nerve them I bore, but
Invitid thuu to tliuntliemitlu of the rpoin
where tho tuhlcs were not covered unit
werootherwlse less desirable. "Vhenthov
leinlirnsllic offeretl to cover and fuinlsh
the tables just as they vycro on the. Ilrst1
bide and setu thegiie-tsin thosanic minis
nor as they would be s.ericd on that eltlo
This tliey icfiised and withdrew.
They then brought it milt .for damago
under the Ch II ltlgbta law of Michigan.
The trial judge iliargcd the jury that,
while tlio defendant could not lawfully
make any unjiiM dUcrimitiutlon, he hliil,
a right to adopt reasonable rules for the
conduct or his business, Jtu might ic
hen e eertnin tabit's for w-onien anil others
for men, certain ones for white and others
for colored lmtrons, and that tho last
named would have no legal ground of
loinplalnt so long as eitnnlly good service
mn fti in li i-iu. in uiiiti i t.i.i-, rs...iii-
tion was not in itself unlawful discritnl-
IIOl'J'.I. AltlllVAr.S.
Xatnanill- Mls Tenrnlin, Jloston; .1. li
(Irnlili, llnrlfonl. Comi.; -Mm. II. T. Tllcmin
mill 111m liniiurilK, Kri'ilrrliktViir,', V.; A, H..
llmirko mul imrty, New Aorl..
Ailliigtoii Mm, ij. Tanner. Ulilimoml, V.i."
John V. hliioinlinwl wire, ('Union, liid.; I.. ('
Ixrniislioff, Kudh iti Clti: Ui'orgO II. (tsllnltsrt
llrookh n; .1. 1). putt', l'lilbuU'lplil i; J. M. lino
iiuiii. 1 ulifiix, V li.
Mcri(im-A. II. Taylor, Untiilii; It. 11. Me
Crury, Kciitutkj; Ororca I), hojiiiinir, XnW
llaieiuK. f. White, llarlfnnl; fl. .N. JlcKlii
nc), l'lilhiili'I)hln.
Uoimlti't T. W. Ihikenwrll. Plttuhurg;
John SI. (timer, t. bonis; John St, Kn, M.
l'nul; W. 0. llautr, .New York.
llWiXfPt Ij. SI. Price, Newark; 1,. Porter
nnil wife, ritr1mrg; K. (1. llurrona, Jr., 1'iuri
tlcnce. HlgOnte 11. Tounacnil, Oeorue (!. At
klna, llrouklju; Ullhcrt 1), ltnlne, SleiiiphU,
Tciui.; John 0. Umiitorr, HnrrUhurg, Pa ;
I'rlclilmi, .Maliolm. Inltlnioie; 1). V, Kloiinii
unit wife, New York.
KIMII-Y.. I. Hiloii. t'lniliinnlllH.U. I'ltrta.
toiihrr, I'lillailelphlii; J, H Ilitrrou. Haiti
more; I'harlra K. jhmiin and wife, Plalnlleld,
...).; .mints rarKcr, i-ertu .miKiy, .o. i.
V. Slaxwell mid wife, dentin, N. Y.
HVMiirJi Mltlintl Jl, Horlo'i, Slnnafleld,
Ohio; (' Prenih, Ounncitltnt; A. P. Iluyntoit
nud wire, Ulearliehl, Pit.; (I, l. I'ollett, Slntl
ettn, (Ihlo; II. I'. Horilon, New lluwn,
fotrlJ(Jinto .Tamea ('. Ta)lor. Jolin Sinn
dug, .Minnie nud Ki)to Toy ur, Phlladjlphla;
li, H, White, llsrtford, Umn,
Mttrniwlllan Arthur II. I'lnrkc. Itlcluuoud;
.1 II. Il.oilter, Vt-iinrk; II. W. llualnu. lonrli
burg, nj II. It. llejiitla, (.'hleugo; .10)111 I..
Marjc, Jr., and wife, .Nrwpon 9iv, a.
national Itohert 11)11. Jr., llkhmoiid, Va.;
.1. . Walt, llaltlinort; t). 11. P. Cornell and
Ueor.-o A. Volk, New York; tleorgo neither
L'crmid wife, llronlil)n; J. II. Ilepworth, Stnrl
boro', N, ,
,l. .imiii-A 11. MtC.ibo, l.eci"biirg, Va t S.
J. John-on, 1'ioiit lloynl Vu., tleoro Yeht
mid wife. Johnstown, N. Y.i W. V. Waring;.
Mndbon, C, II., Vn.; A. Wales, Stnialllon, Ohio,
1) J.. Hiailii. Piillndelphla.
i.ovips i.ANdUAni:.
ller lips lisionft ft let betrayed
Her Mint lu mo, but (I!
Whnt cure I tho' -lio noier It'll
What I already knowf
Vhut tare f, llio' In couimoit ieili
Her ove she ne'er lonfe,
lien e'en her tery volte doth 101111
1 To mo na a cr.rel
What matter word, when but to tako
llerhsnil In inlnotloth-urt,
Rtrango little thrill emit ono to 111a
-V-jnc-sogo from her heart?
What need hme I of wunU, ptnly,
Who tej't Juji Isiok,
l.oiewrlrlafV'ry tender line,
In MTKlImM lwk
lit tain ytltli fllente doth alio aeal
ltr UMm. 1.0. tliiltu doth rlsa
A bote lliiih. and, lmt now, ' awsui1,
She killed pic with lur vtDf
in Tin: swi.u.
'I hrre itro MiOttt W names on lliy. Dnnclng
flnn llt, nuil to tret Ity nil who were preieni
nt Hie trrt tinner wnitlil to Implr in flit tlio
nnlnts Hint nrcon tlio Amcmlily Hint other moro
Apropos ot llt n rrrlalti grcnt imilnl n't
tlmrltv nt ItiiiiH Idlze to lint lug TiHlnit tier I Islt
lug IIM, nnil Itss long flnce itc-unlrcil of 1 lug
nlilo to llt enili pcrou even oni-o n ycir.
Tlio pnrtt tht evening at Jmlgc I'm', given
tnircrMit Ml" t'ox tiirinnllr lit sotlt-ty, will
lienlnrga nmlicrj fn-hlnnulilo nfTtilr. .Iintgo
'ox Iiiik one of tlio tmmlfomot lumi's In tlie
i Ity, unit It I f nriilslinl lit n r t.vle of umpttton
(Ifgnnco nnil iino-INilMlons tte. JtlMl'ot
H a fnlr, lonitrr, urncefnt itltl, wllh rlinrmlm
mniiiif re, nnil hits Titlicrlltit tlio Ititellert ot lie
fntlicr ami tlio Unuly of rxpro'lloa ut her
Jtr. itnilMr. Ilntri I'. IVllo Inve Iwen gl
log on '1 IiuimIhmi n kitIps of t niltlfiil tllnuFrs of
tlvlt-rti cot en. Tin lnt tin In lionnrof Coni
nnniler inul Jlti. Mililtn llioltfitli liiwltln.t,
prrMiiml uortli. Inirlli'itiiiitmiil urlnl rultatii
nt tlilKllsllnttiili'liFil touiilo iiinkollirni una of
tliiiniot Milni'il i'tiiiliitliitis to society initio
Vw. Otilertirlilgp llots.-y mil llio Ml"'
llor"c wUl-rnclM in 1lninls)i. artrr .In.t
nprv 1, At Ihi'lr rrlilMicr, No. III.I.Nnir llnniii
rlilrvovetint'. .VIm Lrttrrninn. h lilfrmifll
I'liiirkii I nrnill l.co ot New York, n.nt n t-i'iln
of Mr. nnd Mrt. Horsey, t exn"teil for Hi
linll'lnis. ,MIh Ultrrmnn l iigriieinlfiirorlr.'
jn Xiu-Aorl. witlcly Hint I nuic!i iilinlri-l
Sotlciy mtv bo ntil to lie Inuigcrlng pu-I
llilrtllh'.- lor tlio miniiuiiceinoiit of mmtltor
Iwtiti of i-tigsiirii-iitt, now Hint n niunlurot
llictn lm ornitisj In inntrlnmii). 'i'liern Is ono
bfirlly to bo nunoiuiicil, w Iilt.lt will not tirln ;
a look of ghil, fct mrprlix' to tlio fttrlrlteu
oiipf. wlm were woiilto htsk Int1io'inlilniiof
tlio lirlitr-rlectv ni'll.mt mnllcs oiii4 IWi'lvo
Parly In .Inninry Hie new Jnptnsiio Mlnlti'r
nntt n ptctiirertitto iilte will urrltc. incl t li
Legation of .Inp in w III mice more lio u liluro of
tntcrtaliiiiiciil amlgnlct'.
It will ln'oliKirtril that llio Turkish Jllnltor
ilucs not wr hlit r-y. An lrreproiiitnhloiiilU
lmt t)f ttio littct itlo onmminl tin liet'l ot
tt.e tinny ml rcnrillwiry nn.l tnliilnter 1i1oiiIk.
tfntlnrj of Iln1ltijei.t) the Sultan. Thb tict
Milt'iions KliHCitett of tint Tex deprive us of t
liltutrttggesltvo lolur which wonhl llaht Up
inniiyn tlrnn lug-mom where the Mnllnirs rc,i
rrrcnrnlho Is n mtorllo gtitisl. Tho renson of
the nliKeiuo of the retl tcr.i Hint .Mntroye'll 1
tin! h Turk but a (Ircck by lilrtlt.
'tlIllli:M' 1'ITll AND I'OINT.
lotnln itMato which tho I!ciinltli"iiis hnu
been toiintlng upon i -nru Itepiihlluii Hl.itn
In IN).'. Itetiulilliail ) e apupera of town f eft
notice Unit ft lnimt now be put In tho doubtful
tolimin. Xtir 1'oik Ettnlng VWf
"Tho whole procceillog wat Without an tin
pleii"nt Inchlcnl." NtlioiMiyaCnnillnnneH
paper rounils tin it hnnglmr-ri tlenr ea-eot
(nihil o tn fount tlie Minnresseil tote. Xri"
Yeili Wmlil.
If the (interni.ieiit rc.tlll wUhen tote'tl'u
atrrngth of that new cxpUwItt, (iiimenlte, It
wnultt be well to tooth otT n aumilt of It nhllo
Air ijuay isgrlntllniroiitFoiiioot his trtilo-pl.
fllcnio ni the nelithborluiod. If that can bo
shattered the hici es ut Ihe hit entlon Is iiwircl
lieontl ttoulit. L'iltiigo AVit.
blttlnz Hull wus onu of tho'u Jiiilhiiii who
nrcgoott tmllans only when they nrc dead lu
tilsne. Wllj as iidliiloinalii.t, llerto ns n lur
erker, p.itli.iit mul uiiplncihld as lbuultbit, a
horn lender of nien.hown tin Its creat clnm-
lihiiiof tilfowu people njnlnst nn nggresnor
mid opuressor wlioio, la his phlliisoh, It t it
honor lit dcielio inul gloVj lo k"troj. Xne
1't.il -iim.
Hut much of xt lint In wrtlcn of thu preic.it
tll'iotllIon of the Indian toward ail outbi'eik
I eildi'iuly exm;gern1etl, nud, ti-iilsrom thl,
uo nru stlongl) dliiposeil to elt-peit plots to
liliu the ludluiis tint (it their pos-lon by
ir.i'.uis rif tinroiithe part ot lhn-e nho tor-t
theie po'i-eistons for thilr onu unnerslilp.
Our peoplo limy well think of the fot, in will
as iho mitt ring. Implied hi uu Intll in w tr hi
fnre the. glio eiiunti'iianen lu thoiio who would
bring It o.i. .Vwot Jtmlit.
'I ho unspeakable brutality and eruo'ly ot Hi
assault upon Sir. l'lirncll at ttstleioai'r vai
teulay, wlu-tc lie wa blinded lit a hnidful of
lliuothiowu la hi face, shotts the !utnll of
Iho feeling excited bv tlni liiitortiiiintornntest
oier tho Irish leidershlp. In nnj other clrcuin
staneeii "lull an uttark would rreittu n punerful
reaitlon ln.rmur ut iho iletlm, nii'latic'tjiity
be tho re-tilt now. Tho strliiinnuo at h,ll
tinny, however, In which .Mr. Davilt was hurt,
will nerhiios tmerate as an iiffset. It. I "nurtr
old Ireland" saro enought AVie York. M'oiH
Tho 'eric u( gustatory, Inudatory, hortnlory
perforinmiies with whlih tho Democrats IiAlo
hern endeiiiotliii; to All their stoinailH inii llro
thrlr hcaite eer sltuo tho Ith of Xoteiitber
will be piolongeil by n biui'iuet In this t,Uy it.t
tier the aiiHpltea of thu In rnrm Club on tho
eti'nlng of iK'tcnibiT '.1. This enterprise U
notuiimnriil, and the pollen will not Inturf ere
wllh any of Iho nrinngementii. .'ew Yeit
11. Igliiin, Hah inul Spain mut Austria an 1
IliiLrbuid aim n t In n nrunerte ounlllleatlon f jr
the oxtrihc of tho Pnrllniiicnliiry frtudilnc.
It is 'mull In all of them, but larger In Itlglum
thin In am other, nnd excludes Urucr pro
portion Of tho mnlo population. This has loii'j
1u.cn one ot the grletantos of tho Itcljliu
woiklngiilen, who ot latee.irs haiobecn Ilia
iuot tuibulent lu Knropo, and Ihe molt retk
jens ju strlklnj;, Tho Chntnbcr ot,l).ipiitleJini
now ,at last toiipeutcd to take Into considera
tion the proprlet) of modlt'lug or repelling
the tortjracienth nitlcleot tho tonstltutlo'i,
which lunnnrt thoclettltmof representatlvei
to voters paving lift) francs anuuall In tares,
J.-irt year this gate tho franrhlse to only nvio
Jn thirteen Of tlio adult nialii population. AVw
J "Mi F.CI.ilHU J'Ott.
Thero la niiwcet tliiipllilty In noino of the
platforms ot the arlons orgnnlMitlons ot
rarmeiit which uro wi lively and coipliui)iit
for tho moment. Tuu fnrmkht baud theiii
Belies togelhur and iletKiuitea tho other. 'fellow 4
w uti, ni,tuiiiiiiK to IHI.-1II, rti kcliiii. iii mi
nine of
iho mlblle u e. mid
u men luey m-
bring rnrwaril i"oinc selifino
uli lug the farmers n bigger piece. They urn
against apettal leglslatlie favors to nnyboly
but thriunelvea, 11111L they are not aterae to
taking part fur their own benefit In tlio itiifnl
L'Hinca whlih, In the iao of Wall street nnd
Ihe speculators, lausit them such. Imttgiuttlon
and horrlllrd uplifting ot the haadi.-AVti)
York dim. ,
Xott. whnt kind of nlan Is Sir, Irhy, whom
the Chicago Tribune tull a "ipiuer chitraitcr"
mjdn"biiu",tiinii, nnd .whose diction, uceuid
lug lu Ihe TilljHitt, thiew tho cnplt.il of South
Carolina In mourning?
Hut H he n "bnd" mnnf Is lie from (lio hold
waters of Hitter l-'reekt Docs he sup on hlnoftr
I senator h'ryo In tlitugcr of hntliig.ttut oilier
ear pulledl Will Senator Hoar bo subject to
the humiliation of hnrlng his w ons Impugne 1
nnd his elatrments dUjiroieil lu open Ncnali'I
'Iho-o unci Ions itntiir'illy tnt"icnt tin IMp'iln
lit an incinberso(our Hontoof I.or.ta, Coin bt
Jumiul. 1
hiiuio men are loose lu monev mitters only1
whtutuc) are lljlit. -A'tio YuiL iltruhl.
As (Hlirrs See Ua.
Hob OnlckoHy Jove, AUy, you look as It
j on hml Just eteppcil out ot a f nhlim-phitu I
A"lgy Hnbootiv tmurtllkd) Awwlintl ti
bad as that iJ.Ir.
)r, riliithtiry Well, Sir. Sceptic, dil ou
follow my prescription
Hieiitlo No, It I lui'l, I would have bioken
my nei k.
Dr. PHWuiry Why, whittle tun mo 111 r
hicptlc I threw Ihopreairiiitloii 0111 ot tho
wliitluw, .l;ficu.
Iliun (lie L'lnatleii (lone?
Mic 1 .Mr. .lolitiaon'n ciigajjoiueitl with tint
Hoxtoa girl luokeii off 1
Mie "WJint w.t the c.liisol
He She niioted rroin Ovid In one of her let'
lets, nnil JoIiiuoii telegiaplieil her for Hid
ilplnr.- .Iff.
A I'lilllllltllHipUt rolled.
Phllantirop(t I think )nu c in be 1 nrod so
Mitt Alt! not liatil to use iriitthea at nil.
JiiilUnmit I'rlpplff-dreat Scott I Do you
want to 10b mo uvea of tny iirofuileiianin-
ph menta I 7V.WH Mjllitgi.
(IKi'li Away.
You ee, when my wife nnd I ipiiirnl, tin
body un 11 ml nn j fault with us, for tjul.tya
fin lioil)ilr(,'ii mil, ro shut tiey ahull huir
inithliijof whut wo sit "
"Oh, I seel Now ( uiidortland why Jiur
ihlltlrin itiouliMijs In Ihaatravt." Flugemlt
I nilv of llm lfiitunM'u llfitn lllllllln' hilt
'told turkey.
'irunin linos t u iniio-io Kite coin uirnoy
the lohrrlioillder. I nlu't b id nolhlit' but c ild
turkey' sllico Tlniiilc'fltlu'.-Ar. xinla .U JV'
like )t.
Chief Wonlcn (locking the tloor and ro
nut'itlug thu uiiigrrilluu to hold lip tlmlr
lunula) The ai'Xlou will now empty tho potk
its of our brothers and aUtcra,
I A liauae, during which tho aoiton utiojs 1
l.hftf NnnJcu (toiintlng out thu apolU)
'llm htathens are llio better olt by IOI.lt).
CoiiL'rcgntlon (on way Iioiuei- It w lina
eater limn a fair, iinjhiftv A'tia Yoik Hun.
Sir. Hlngo-Do jou remember tho friend ot
inliiti who illuetl with tia aumo time ago wlun
you had miiio of juur home-made cite, mil
gain him the receipt lo ukeluuni) with hlnil
Well. J Jum got n letter from bU vvlfo aayhu ha
Mrs. Hlngo-Dear, tlmirl Did hho tjy uhl
the niatlir wnsl -,
Sir, Hlngu -o. Hut alio rtUruj-t Iho r
nipt. -.Wif Tori; Aim.
Mr. tloady Mnbl, I mint bo tery fond of
you; Jut think how nuuli time I spend lu yiui
SlubeP-Ytn, nnil that'a flltoftoH Ctiurbr,
.Tinlge Stllivcll Mkely to Ho Hie llr'.nii
eiMtlo Nominee
A prominent Ohio politician making it
nhott stay in Wnsliliiglon, innket the fol
lowing forceaM or iioiiilntitluns'rtr(Jo cr
nor licit j ear;
"Major MoKlnloy." Hiilil he, "made u
wonderful light for Congress and lowered
it Dentoi ratio majority of R.WHl to .'W, 'jttt
his opponent was a very vieuk lu.iii; he
did not tuako n Blnglii iqirecli. MeKinley
might have won, but for the. bad iitaunge
liteiit of Mr. Htuyscr, iliBirutnti" of Ills
intupalgn t'ommittee,. His connection
with Iho Itatim KeftlKcratnr (.'ompniiy
cost miinv more llenuhllcati Yotas than
siiKinicv win tcauy sutler inoreironiiie-fi'atHtiulsilohl-district
ami tjtiitu than
from failure at home. Hut ho will b'
nomlnatwl for ne.xl (tovernor of Ohio a'l
the 'nine, and tit all probability will be
"Of iiiium', (Icnernl KeiintslyrCtilfinel
Conger, tlenei al (Irosicnor, Jtulgi)Tiionn
on, ( ongrcssniiui Jlorey nnil sjvor.il
olhOrswIll stiugglo for tin! linnilinilloii
but SleKlnlcv will git It, and beoiwieil.
Aside front Slt'Kiiilfv 1 legard Mnr.'y in
the strongtst Jtepublienn cuuiUittito In III
"(Inventor Campbell will pi'.i'.nbly n .'
be liMiiitiutcd by the Democint, nor will
Kline, l.vneh or llhtnOln. though Iheruls
Muue tail; about them. It Is Ihiiiigbl b
wt'll-iuforinisl lenders tlmttho-Deinoei'iin
will luitiitiiatii Jmlgo HtllWell of llulnies
Count v.
"HciiuiiU' nhrilllAiit rcconl during so
cntl terms in Hie Legislatitru and on llu
lit nch. lie has the entire I'onlldeuoo and
nlwnys Conllnl and unanimous MlMnri ot
his own (llnlnU's) counlv, the btittier
Dcmoointle eoulityof Ohio tnlil theolii'
that beat Mi'Klnlev last Noieiuh'jr. Till,
ofcolirso, brings tliiv.liulge Into particular
proiiiliicnct'iil this time us the liestitPitt
to put iignilist Mnjor Sleliinley in the
(ttibcriinlorinl race. Judge .Stllivcll bus
made a caieful study of Ihe tailff, and
is probably the hoit isiulpped Democrat In
Ohio lomlvtMcKlnley rut Hint 1-siH'. In
fait, the leaders of the Hcnioemtiu ptrty
In Ohio and throughout the Fulled (states
reulle that Judge Stlliull tlii more than
inij' other man to iieconipllsli MeKililcv's
lute dcrcnt. and this, together with the
Judge's wiilc hciunlntaneeanil tii)ng fol
lowing with the musses, is, doubtUss,
whntluis led to llii'vet V resilient mention
of ids juituo for Vlet-PresfiU'iit II Cleie
Juiiil is plnciilut thelu'iid of. the l)cm.
eratietlikct. They lire Intlnnitu friends,
nnd whither the Judge sfncceeils or fulls as
u t'.niibilale for the highest elective ollh"
in Ohio, ho is Mini lo be hoard from hi
.Slutnalid nutlolinl politics,"
How Sli'lnltr Lost n (limit' He Ifeliiles
II Illulit'ir.
Fivm the AVi" Yt.tk Tllbmtt.
W. Meiultz gave lo a repoiter of the
TiVimf thu following description of the
gamo he lost to Mr. (Junsberg on Mondnj ,
ftnitlng'from his lentil move:
"There weio very Interesting contplii'.i
tious ufler llluek's tenth movp. and thu
net two moves on ouch nide. On tlo
Ihlriccnlh luovollluck would have done
better by P () II II, and then retreat ing
Kt Kt :. and Kt -i, followisl by Q-Kt
1!, which would huvu iiiiide both, wing in
accessible to the adverse pieces. As it win,
White hud (lie opportunity iff hisllttitliu
an attuik in thu centre, una on tho King's,
side ullcrimlol) , and though by best play
It .should not have amounted to much, yil
Huiii'mI heavy work which might liavo
been uvoided. Illnck's fouiteentl) moi ,
P P, was iiImi iurcriortoKt It:! nt oirv,
which would have mailo it very dillleu t
forllifndvcre( It togtt intogood pl'iy.
"White iilalinid his attack against t!i?
King vtry i loverly, and laid sonis Iran
ti 1iw I. fiittlil lint lu. e.'islll stu'li tlirnll rb.
llliick operalctl on the 0 side, with llio
view ol weakening further, tho udvers."
pawns en tho ending tor that wing, aii'l
tilsii in onler to draw off somu or the
heavy nttiu king pieces for protection on
that Mile. Hut. csncciullv at thoiiiliouru-
nicnt.'Whlto mndun erytluo move, the
ecnlcd one, T Kt t) 2, which threatened
11 Kt ch, rollowcd by Kt H t. Matters
becuine hero very dtllleult for lllnek, wlpi.
as utuil In such ciiiesy consiimisl iniicli ut
idstlnie, and then had tit play very hur
riedly w hen the crisis came.
"lie Ilrst ot all n.icrillceil the Queen's
centre pawn ii older to free his Kt on tlio
tw cut) -ninth moie, and this was seem
ingly good enough, but tmthnthlrty-tlrst
move, in leply to n cleverly laid trap,
Dlack played hastily Ids King, and com
mitted ono of those bluudeVn w)ilch pel'--h:ils
moro often in proportion' oectlr in
heavy niatch games among musters in
ciiiiMiiUeuco of tho great mental Mrnin to'
which eonti-htitnts are subjected than In
light skittles iiinoiigliifrtlor players. Siimis
captious' i ritics tiro apt to deride the phiy
ers when such a thing occurs, and 1 can
only loint out In uuticlprttliuiof any suel
remarks that it donkey will nlway.s go hi'
av.s iru his'
Hot without Mumbling while tt ruee-Mirse,'
may break neck or limbs in n nut bf ti
lew set opus,
"After that I might have, perhaps, lm4
Vrovcd my dtfenso and jiuulu a" harder.
nglii ni it, outiuuiirauy igncoenioraiueiij
Up to my forty-lh.st move, it a Just, tint
llfteeiith move afteTtlieailjouriinient, imiF
halng,eryii(tlotlnfe1itniy ilisivosul by
thcstnp-cjoCk, I merely went. 011 in imlcr
10 iiirs that point and then to "resign if I
thought my gamo absolutely hopeless,
"There seemed (o be 'some little chaueii
for a tlraw ip case iny opponent nuidn
mirio weak move, and 'II .wat legitimate
fortnetn!i)Ooiilatmiain that, eonsiderllig;
I iimi'lf liadeoinmitteiluri'gular blunder.'
Homo plnvers w ill in such 11 position try tu
weary out tliclr 'antagonist, not tilmieby
tin1 11 nniber o moves, but also by tnkhu
11 loilgtiino for eonsliliiratlon. The forinet'
is moro j1ts.tlll.1hle. thuu llio hitter, but it is
nltncither 11 matter of discretion, and I
think I lhuy Mate that, though 1 1ml
plenty of time on my bunds, 1 made my
niovcs vapldlj. '
"My optmneiit as an r.iKirieneett muster
did not hnny hlnisell 111111 played ?te.iil!ly
antlCarefiillv. Ilunvolllisl the uVelutngst
of Jtooks, which 1 was playing for, its'
tin li I had sonic clmnoe to outer with nly
King in Iho centre and tlnp the double!
pawn, or, perhaps, guilt nno,or both of
them, w hereupon ntv passed Queen's t
P and the ovlrciP on the Kilut's aide could
Iiavoiniiilenn cwcueut ngtit torn nraw,
It canto dually to 11 muting position, frbtn,
whit h there was nt) escape,"
A hpt'clincn of llulitio Kngllali.
.Fiv.hi Hit lliuton Tt aiHCrliit,
1 lie ''Listener" has seen nlnfty odd sjwl
mens uf llahnh Kngllsh, but thl, tlio fol
low trig, which has been sent him by a
frieiul in liidliii and which Isntruotopy
of a itller written by a lleiigalnoiluboo
applying for a ilorkfehip, riulto eapn tun
climax, lthiiggesttithat llm iiiifottuimto
Itnboo who wruto the letter hud been
studying tho Fngllsh liingungo nud Kiw
jipiL wyn 111 iiiiyiuiiig jiut 1111 uicniit.
pchool pni-sildy in tho company of
Mcssis. Othetls, Jxatoyd uud Mulviiuev
"Honored Kir; iM-l eienlng, whllil
peregiituilliig, through eliy, I am lie.irlng
irnin frienil who was likewise enjoying
evening A'Pliyrs, (hut vueaney took pluo.i
lo-dav in your highnesses nlllco by death
ofllaboo . Poor man, I am greatly
sorrowful for Ids demise, ho has left
gigantic family who will feed their mouths
the Devil knows. Your honor will ss
from my liulltrnii' inul we.ik'heartod tulio
of volte Hint I am welljuieanlng, linnl
winking, evtia energetic, dtivll-mc-cure
sort, rciiiilring abundant ileitis for display
of co iti nit brain power hcretofoio limited
hy blaggui'dKhoolmaitcr. For tny tpud
lllcallons ple.isu note. 1 am duliimihly
well --np lit prccl'o writing, drauglitlug
doekiiut inul olltiu routine work and in
prliafulifo I am ninth addicted to swear
ing Fi.gllsJt oiilhs, drinking and other
raiullieations too uiiuicious to luentiun,
1 11m no uiiltoilii. licllo'. lug all loUcn
suporMitlons of ancient forefathers : but 1
am it 01101 las), lU'htruyhiu idols and hiicJi
like, lo great tlilrinunloU lilppocrltctuud
It Is with fervenco that f solicit your
majesty's liund uud haul in moving this
inv piilIon, to your own favorableeou
dliloitand my wife's licurtfeU gratlUule,
who will nil full upon my bunded knees
ami pray long ami continuously for your
mighty honor and honor' grudiniHl.idy
and all your putliumun children to fol
low up, '
At tho AI1II110 ('lull.
from l'n ek.
Harper Howel Is hiijh that tf Dickens
wrote'noVels nOw ho wouldn't be read.
rVrlbtiers-Fnor Howells! I don't sup
pose ho would!
The Aimlt oT (lie Itcfilucintlng Coin
piiliy lleforti llio t'onimlttce.
The apcelnt House cniitmltlcu inu"(l
gating the elinrges ligalnH CdtnniMoiter
of Pensions Haunt eonllniicd Its Inquiry
lo-ilny. Mr. Umiifi Informed the t'otntnlt
tie Hint ho was tmnblo In protluco the ulll
ihillt or Sir. Mctillley, us requesletl by
Sir. tonner, having tulsplacod the doeti
incut. Mr, Mcdilley teslllltsl Hint ho hud been
lu the Pension Olllce about two year,
ha lug been transferred to Hint nlllco from
tho Patent utllfe. He know Mr. Coker
uud his lather.
Sir. i ooicr n'kisl itim lo repeat tlie eon
verMttlon ho had with Mr. Coker, Ho
tttnttil that lie hail been itked by young
Coktrlf he li.ul any stock In iho llefrig
iTntorCompitiiy. ITcilld not remeinbr
what rcil hi nnd given, but thought he
m.itlo no ilirit t answer in J oiing I 'oker vyus
s 1 !ntiisitive.
lb I'ljlngtii fuilhir iiiestlons lit! slid
thai lie had bis'it irnmoteit titice, Ilrst in
July and again In S'ovenlbi'r.
ills promotion Was roeiininU'ldcd by
tlio i'ltU'f of hisilitislnii. llu had tii'icr
ms 11 tbo patent refrigerator.
, llewi I'nlleil lulu Mr. Ilium's olllce
and I'sj.tsl If he tual uny slock In tlio l!e
frigirntur Coinimny. lie replied Hint he
had mil. Mr. Jlmiui tlifiiiiskcd hlni If
he would liiake mi allldnvil to that offivt.
He rtjilietl that he would, 1U11I ditl '.
'Ihe jillldnvlt was simply 11 stati'inent
that he had never owned any ivfrigerutor
slock. 1 Intl never seen uny refrigerator.'
stmk lists In thu Pi union Olllce, or been
offered uny such stock.
.1. P Pollock, all employ of (he Pension
(Hllte, unci formerly an employe or cap
tain l.eiiioii,testll1eilthnl hcwnsitppnlhtc 1
iihiii lis.sliig tlit civil-service I'Miinlnu
tii.11, Mr. I.tucn enter, n slenngrapliur In the
Pension Ullb e, Itvalllisl that lie owned no
Hdrigerator stis-'k and had never b.'eti
olTcrul uny. Ho had s,on thu lclrlgera
tor whin it w.i on evhlbition on F ureet
In this city. Il was shown hint bj- Sir.
.Muith, who (nihil htm when he ,wa
passing tho place, and upon going lit ho
input-tcd Hmilli to show the process. He
knew SliOlllev, ami llml drawn up the
nllldavit whfcli MiKlllley had signed
swearing that lit: had un touk lirthu rc-
ft monitor 1 oiuliMif. SKtl lllev tvauteil to
sne.tr to the nllldavit before llrcen II
' Itatini. jr., hut life refused to let Mm di
so, anil reicrrcii uim to 11 person 111 tinr
law division of the olllce.
He knew that there were two refriger
ating coiniuuilcs the Univeigiit and Co
liunliian; tlid not remember how or where
lie obtained his iufotmatloiu but thought
It was through thPliewsiupcr.
Had never talked with Sir Tanner
about Ihu refrigerator i-oiiiuiiv'h ulfolrs.
F. ('.' .lohnsoit ti'sflllisl Hint lie had
worked for Sir. Lemon ubout live vein,
nfter which he was employed In the
TroiMiry Dcpartiucnt, inul from there
was triiutfeiml to the Pension OHIec.
Hi transfer whs mude upon roniest, but
he was not transferred until he had
passed tho civil service evainiiuitioti.
Sir. Cooper ukod (leuer.il ltuum totcll
Ihecoininlttce the coiKlltion of the rout
pilled Hies nt the lircsetU time. He re
jilkil Unit he wimlit not like to give an
opinion until lie could get sumo figures.
Sir. Coohertlien iirnduced it letter from
on attorney ih Illinois enclosing a mimliT1
01 sups 01 pension rases nun siatiu? iiiiii
ho hml been Hying to get the status or tlio
custi from tho Pension Ulllee for a p-rlo I
of two jearsj also hevcriil Congietdnii il
calls for the itotits of cit- inwhi'li tin
aiiswei's had been dclnyisl ittul acasofi
his own ip which the cull was mi I 'or
thoiith of Slmvlt last nnd whlih via nv
swereil this morning, lie present I tli
cist's to Sir. Ileum nml nsktsl htm to i-i-fiinu
tho cointnlttcc the cii'isc of do! ly 1 1
enili inse.
He also askisl Ihe eoniuiitti'J t.i order
Sir. liiitimtoin otltici) Ihe booksnntlpip'"
of tho Coluntlii.i llcfrigerntor (Vunpauy.
Mr. Sawyer rcpllcil that the. Committee,
had decided that thcyioiild not compel
Sir. ltuum to produca t lie books and piper
in mo rniviTsat iicitigcrator 1 ouiiiuiiv.
and thought that the Rime ruling would
apply heio. Ho added that Sir. Haunt
might be reii.iut.toil lo produce tho books1
mid papers in question.
Mr. itiiiim leiilled that he would not
produce Iho books and piqur? asked for.
Mr. Cooper, ho said, was unlimited by
ln.dice and nothing else, and wished t
iliag everything he rnuld into the Investi
gation, whither it hud any coituiitlon'
with (ho case or not.
Sir. (loodnlght requested the committee
toMibpicnntl. D. Ferguson of llaltlnioie,
mul the comiuiltee adjourned until Mon
day next.
A lleiiilliigdlrl Itfeeltes 11 Letter I'l-om
tlio l'net.
Hr.uiiMt, Div. 18. The eightieth hirth
dny anniversary of John (i. Whltller, was)
observed in thormblieschools here yetcr-i
day. Tliceclebrnlloli wusiurllcipateil In'
by tho teachers utiil sehojars alike. In
thollojs,' jjigh School theclasseslJ, Uniitl,
1) only participated. Sentiments front'
somu ot tliu poems were. given uy niucrent
niemliers of thv'class. A pleiwint feature'
of the exercises in UioUirls' High Kehool
was tho leading of u letter received by
Stella lluer, daughter of riiieriiiteiideiit
llatr. from Iho isk'I Whlltler. Inrcsnouso'
to n note anuoimclug tu hhi the maimer
in which tlio Heading scholars Intended
to observe his birthday and anniversary .
It Is as follown:
"Dutu Mies lltui: Owing to Illness F
can only sav, ut reply to tny notu, unit 1
am glad to pe pltnsnntly remembered on
my .birthday by the schools of Heading,,
uud that they have my thanks and gonJt
w hhi'M. 1 am thy siueeni friend,
''Jt (I. Witirniut." ,
(itiott l'nniHy Hlneka lit America.
l'mUlmtv. II". ZVHIel la kC(iM'i"'J'rinn."
WhaUthcii, are thu means of R?r,tuat-i
lug gt oil family ftocks In a democracy?
Tho Hist Is country life. In this regard
ilcnn irucles liavo much to learn from'
Kurnj run arlstqcraciessvliklt havu prove 1
to bu durable. All the vigorous aritocs
vaclesnf just iciiturles llvisl In thu conns
try 11 large part of thuyour. Thomen were
soldiers nnil sportsmen for tho must part
and lived on ditacliod estate's spared)
lciipliil by 1111 agricultural and maVtlul
tenantry. They were ofteher In eamp than!
In thu town or city. Their women lived'
in ninth's, halls, or ohtiteairt In tho open
lountry almost the whole your, and their
children word born and hrougli tlit luorh.
Tbo urlstocrutlo anil noble families of
modern Furopo silll hlivo their iirlnelpal
wats In tho country, atitl go to town only
fnra'few innilths of thuj-car.
Next, uiermanent fanilly sUould haye
a pornuinent tlwellliig-lace, ilomlille, or
home town. In older societies this has
always been the, case. Indeed, 11 pluoal
often lent its uiime to a liimllv. In
American cities and large towns thero tire
ns vet 110 such thine ns iicrmauant fiimilv
houses. Kvcn in tlio oldest ilties of the
last hardly any family lives In' a single
hniHo through thu whole of one genera
tion, and it is very rare I lint two mux essive
gcncriitlons are born In tbo sumo house.
Itapld changt'sor resfdeucouro thu rule for
almost uveryhoily, no that n (ity directory
Which ia inorij than onu year old Is un
trustworthy for home uddreiies. It is al
most iinp'wllile for the human mind to
attribute dlguttv and undid Lonaldcratloii
to a family which lives lu a hotel or which
mut cs into ti iietv Hat every 1st of May. In
the countrv, how ever, things nro much
lit Hit. In thcoldcrt-tutcs tbeioaro plenty
of fiunllles which have Inhabited Ihvuimi
town fur Koveuil generations; (hero area
few fumilli'H which havo luhubltetl the
siiuiolioiiho for threo generations,
Tho next means ol promoting family
Hrtiiaiieiii 0.1s ho tronstnlwloil of a tinu
ily blisliicrji or oecnimtiou front father to
nous. In nil old countries thU Inheritance
of a trgdo, shop, or profusion Is 11 matter
of coutse. Under right conditions, titrutis
inlttid business Jcutls tu inako 11 sound
family more bucuro and liennuiientf and a
permanent fanilly tends to hold and per
fect 11 valuable, business. This jirlniliile.
which Is seeurclv founded on biological
law, applies best jn the trades and prufea
tlons, in ordinary commerce, and In the
Jndustrli'o which tin not, require liitineuae
capitals; but In KitroK ninny vut Itplus
tries and many great lliianrlal unit in.-r-cmitllo
eoueerns lire family ropcrtles,aiid
there is'in our own country already ills
t jnct'ti'iulelicy to this faintly iintiugoini'iit
iifhilVibtlneM-i's as being more economi
cal mut vigilant Hum eorporfcto nuuiagj
uient, ami more dlscomlng ainl pwjinjWr
ju pick lug out and advancing capable men
of all Btftiwsi
PlTTSlll'ltH M HXi)W.JI01JNl),
llu- Iron. CHyMiifT .Oft from lb" Ileal
or llio World.
PirnuiuiHi, V.., Dec, IH. Ycstonlny (lid
city experienced 'tlie,hcuvlet snowfall hi
llvoyears, Wires are down till oier the
two cities, Three horses were killed and
fovornl melt badly Injured hy Contact wllh
electric light wires.
The situation was so desperate that Ihe
Department or Public Surety ordercl till
elcitrlo street-ear lines to Mop running,
Trains from the West were on t line, but
those from the Fust were delayed three
unit n hnlt hours. ' -
Thoiohns been u tremendous snowfall
lu tho Allegheny Mountain's. At lledford
II IsoneaiHlnhnlf feet lliop tin li Iptel
ltnllioad wires are down, and there Is
tniiih iinvlcly for Tear of acildcn!. Tin
Pillsbttrg and Western ! snowed ii)ifiiin
lilelely. The Western Flilon I'elegraph
Cotnpativ rejorls not it single wire out itr
iluslncssln Idillosl every line was p.ir-
Itiyzco tor mu tune iiouik- ii.trui.v 11
ftrt-t t in Pillshurgor Alleghetiy I'leapl
without broken window sand Imilicil tdle
I'linnernlinrt lions.
.lo-eph lllldntfe, ilrlxirnf a buleliP"
wagon, Inul tkllvered sonio tuint.ut the
Ut. ('harks Hotel, ami was going lfmlj
up tlio stwvt. vtheil opsisilii Humes' siitc
and lock 1 slitlillshiucnt Ills horse slopped
ill the strut railway truck, and Ihe next
thing he knew he was lying In the snow,
and Jumping tip bustlly, iw tho horaa
quivering before liliu, Until lying 011 their
sides. They died fr.om contact with 11
telephone, wire that had crossed electric
rallwnj uhes.
A Ittitlgel of llileiestliig 'Itt'ins frit it
Access the sen.'
LoMiirv, Div. IS. Tlul tjitcen will sH.'tid ,
her Cliristnui' at (UUww, Wo of AMg'tt.
tindlcnves Windsor to-day forth.it p'.noi. '
The Duke and Duchess of Coninmght
will take their Christinas dinner with her
Majoty, and thuDitkuof Filliiburgh with
thed'ciiiniH Fnilieror.
MadaiAo Srtidjeskn, who Is publishing 11
nariatltoof her tlranialie cvporlcneM In
Aincrlcit and lmglitnd, sjH'aks or iiew
York as a cosmopolitan city, with Ies
American than foreign control. She siy.
the people scent In too intiolitif n hurry to
hi joy life, but she speaks favorably oft he
American playgning lunplo in general,
tenulrkiiig tlint'iuf peojile are so quick to
npprcciato the goial pollils of uctiiij'. She
i.speiially 11111111 Loudon ami Kngllsh
society, The urtiiis pre printed In 11
Craiow newspaper.
A private gentleman svho rts'enlly
vit-ltcil Hawardcn, st.itisl List night lit Ihe
National Liberal Club tlr.it it I very
doubtful whether Sir. tllndstonu will re
sume Ids scat- in the House of ('opinions.
Ho Is now .suffering Irotu the reaction
following the Mruln of the eontmverv re
carding Sir. l'lirneH's leadership, and he
)s gelling less hopeful about thu ultimate
ruccok tit Home Utile, While ho did not
tiutlinrlf aliv nublie OMiression on tli
Mibjcvr, hp gate his visitor to iindersLmd
that bis ri'niuinlng day, u far tis publie
iiitorits'ofo ciuiccrnetl. Would be tle-
volitl to certain Important rcfoims which
luiMi been ni"glcitetl on iieeoitut ot thu
Irish question.
Dispatibi-t from India statu that a large 1
force oftioops has been onleied to I'pp.'r
lluriiuth, where there ine.slgiisof uu up-,
poaching outbreak among the Inhabi
tant. 'Ihe discontent Is duo to tho s
verity with which natives 1110 piuilshd
on pttty 1 lunges bv the llritisli ollleiiils.
Aihieis lroni XanilKir stnto tlint the
Union do Jicsendii, Portuguese. reprecii!it
live in Sinnita Lund, is atlvaiiciug with 11
I'Unsldcralile fori c of natives and sonu
Portuguese oil tho tribes that refuse to
recognize Portuguese, unthority. The
Knssls liiue already sent in their Mibnils
slou, and the llnkurls have seiitanitH
Hcngcrto impioio tlte piotistiiTn of tlte
A Slunith letterstatrs that the mad,
King Otto is growing worse. On I uesilny
last ho nuule 11 Huuilenussuultjipou onuof
his attenilahts, iieilily choking tlio inaiito
tlcathbefore ho was Interrupted. FIVorts
hate, been mudo lo keep thu matter secret.-
.Mr. Cliauibcrlain's speech at the llir
inlughniii FniotiNt raitiut is the topic of
the hour in illtical clrtles. Tho Union
ist and Consenatito iMjiers Kttpport his
tlrin iillitutloanil ndviM' liini to jvursevere.
Tliendvimtes iiiiide by (lie (lliidstonlaus
are taken us ot htejien thnt Internal dissen
sions iiioilcteloping in that party.
'J ho French Sihlli-t allcgo that Ii
bruycie and Dtiquercy, who Inforiued
tho police that they hud aided the murderer
Padlewskl to cucnpo are Ihu victims or a
hoiiv. Tho man w ho figured us a fugitive
thev unv was nut Padlewskl. Un thoothor
iiand, Mimo people believe that tho In
formers hoaxed tho iHillee, witli tlioobjecl
of diverting tho dctcitlvcs from the tnjil
of the murtlercr. nnd creating uu impres
sion that he had genu to South America.
.The Wiimiiiiexpie-pes doubt OS to the
advisability of Sir. Chamberlain's scheme
for the formation of 11 now party. The
facts, it .ay,'aro daily tondiugto call into
existence 11 national party composed of
Fniunltts and Cbirscvvatlve.
A lloniilo IJcht-AVflelit llofcnt nil Uu
lat'oWn In n lliirrlc-.niK l'l;lit.
llPti'Aln, ISI.Y., Dee. 18. I'M. (lormnti,
the lliiffnlo lljtlit-wuiglit, knockeil out the
Unknown of llfibert Wrifiht of Detroit in
fourVinitiil tit Irvhur. lint nlfiht. The
condition, of tho. buttle were Qiteeniberry
rtilcH, two-ounce gloves, frtr l,000unlile.
llobrt. Iteakc, the wrestler, was the
At 8: l.ri o'clock boflt men wcro in tho
rhuf. (loriunn welched 1WJ1 pounds, and
was In apleiidltlshaiH'. Wright tvould not
illstloselhoiuimoot I1I1 iunfi.'c nor site
hiswei(!ht. lie uppuirisl iniieh heavier
than (inimuit, but tlid not look to be lu ns
Hood condltiom
HfCnm tlnm wns culltsl tbn I'nkn nvn
offirril to bet Jl) tin himself nnd w.isl
tiiken iiji inmost betoretlie word left hts
inuutli. At 0:18 o'clock tlie men bhook
iuini'sntitl bcHini, (joriiiiui looked eonll
tleut ttlillu tho I'nkuown shifted his p.zo
nenouslv iiiul did most of the tvalklus
work. After 11 lUotnent'ssparriiiK the uu-'
known led tlclnuslv tilth hla left, but
(joiiuiiii ducked. The llnkiiown thou
huidetl lljtlitly on the shoulder nnd was
countered (intliolio.ul, Tlio neeond round
ttniwarkitlliy Kootl-clean hlttinic. lor
111:111 was cool uud hut iliR tho best of It.
It wnsidvuniultuko nttheroposntthociiU
ttludisl, In tho third round, nflor land-iiiKiilieat7i1ght-handeij(lonniinfollowc.l
It iijittitli a wirapro left-liatid unpen ut.
Ho then Tpshcil tho rnknown aiuUauded
M'tcrul blrnlght aliottltlcr blows, tliu rn
known fallhiK to counter, nltlmui;li he had
a longer reueli, Tho round ended ip tlie
only tllneh of thu lhrht.
'I lm fniiilli lounil ended the liuslnes.
(loruiiiii'n (inn shot out uud pinioned tlie
I nknouifs) lendlunleft to lilHaltle: then
ouick us it lliiih (i't)vinau struck with his
rinht and the I'nknowu went down. ,V
he iniiso ho was met bv u left-hnntl facer.
which lloorctl hint ajrnlu. Ho arosn ninui
wliat (hti'd and ri'tiiyeil a r.iln, of blow t
on.thoiitck and face, nud tlictt llormait
tiWtitiK his llaht, entehluK tho Unknown's,
jaw, untl Writdit'H 111.111 went out,
()tercll),UO0 chansed hnmls on the Je
suit, mil) IjiiiTnln ipini loslns hHwcen
(sl.txio nnd 7,001). (lUrnrui announces
that bo is read) to llltt any intm of Ids
PU(l)ll'Tr.l) IIY .IKAI.OIISY,
A I'lilbiilt'lplllnii Miniits nl UU 1VH.'
Ilirtt TIiiick 1111.I AVtiiiiitU ller.
1'llll.tlil.l.l'IIIJ, Pl)cs.'. 1. .Viflliintllli?
iiiTiny, which 1 sure tn" riMtilt fatally, ot
curreil ubout I o'eloclc yustenlny afternoon
in ucitfur tnro ut tlionouthwe-t eoruernf
Xcwnmrkit mul Ilmer streets, Thoni.n
.Me.Mahon, iieil .'t-i year, hot his wife
Jlarv. ukisI llu yearn, three limes, ono of
thubiillib peiicliatltii? the woman'i Indy
mul (uinliiK out ut her back. Tho e.uist)
nt tho ipinrrt-l 1. tntpposed tube jealousy
Mi'Miiliou, lifter iviiIUIiik hi crime, took
the contents of the till nnd ilec.iinped,
lockliii;tlui fi'iint door behind him. I'p
to a lain hour hlit lllttbt Iju. lunl not Iieou'
Mackintoshes it all kinds ut tlm Amer
teun tlulhlerf. Ituliliwoiis. Parker it i'j ,
Koitthcast iuriler Hetcjith (mil D htrccti
Attend the reduction Kile nr Suits, nnd
Ou'reoatN, l-leiuan llrui., "th and 1!.
lOltllli: LiTTLK I1NIW.
'llio (in litmus (InlilVIII Stake Tltelr
llcitrls (llml.
3lany a little wnn fnee, pinched with
hunger nnd privation, that looks wistfully
in the guyly decorates! whitlows of the
city shops nnd wonder why fate lsti uu
kind III bestowing Christmas Joy, will
brighten with eager, ccpeilulit glea
when tboe good Inlric., tho members
of llm Chriatniny Club, rlrettlatt) their
tickets admitting to tlio National ltlllcs'
Hall, on tho i.7lh ot Decenibor,
any hour ufler 2 iK'luck, alt children who
lmt a only n cliecrlcns home to ccluuratu
'J here hrfc t Wo of tluno bonevolcnt Insti
tutions In the Capital City known as
I ltristinii clubs, one on Capitol Hill ami
Ihe other located In the West Fnd. The
hitter held 11 mictlng this morning in (ho
luiliilistiiuodiiiwlng-tniilii of Mki Phones
residence, rill II sliect iiorlbwest. Sir,
.letcinluh Wllaou prelilrsl inn! aillioiiiu'isl
tbn lollow lug ititdmltttv-;
Fulcrtahinicnt Miss t lurk, Mr. Cluis.
(Ibsen mul Sllss Pcnchey.
Music .Mil. .1. Wilson mid Mls llrown.
Hall JIKs Strong, Jlr. WoikIIiuII uud
SH's llcliitzlciuan.
Dlniier Sirs. Charles Uttlln, Mls
llrown, Mrs. Charles tlco mid Sir. M. L.
Toj Sli-s. Mucfarlitnd, Sllss SfiC.il
moiit fitut Mr. Allen.
Christinas Tils! Sllssos Kntlftiiuui,
Strong,- Wnnilhiill nnd Heliititlenian.
Tables SI UvsCi'uhiuaii.Slrs.M. K. Dtiltii
and Sirs. Fnoch Tolten.
Tickils and Invitations Slls Wood-
hull. Sirs, (Jrahnni Atlte and JIIs
Jllvt Strung, the(rc.isiirer, siibmlltcdhcr
Ti'ixjrt Hating that i.1).IN remained In the
treasury from Inst ycnFs sttbscrlittloiis.
To this sum -!)" had been iiildcd by dlfl'er
itit subscriber. -"Ihecostof Iho Inst din
ner wns W'ss.TT, le.uiiig u ilelicicney this
your of $17i). 7D, which anioupt will no
tloubtliu tiili'ctvl bcfoie tin not meet
ing or the club tut Satilrtl.iy ut the Frank
lin Selitvoliltuilding.
Sirs. Wilson suggctcil that tiieussiiUn
tliin funiMi the chilflren with ico cream
iiuilcako iiiMeud ot the dinner of solids
that has been tho custom )n the past.
Hv this Innovation the eviense will In
decfcascil and nnife lit t lo peoplo Invited.
Tlieelnliadoiiksltliu idea by tiiiiiuiinou
t'onstnt'tiiitl resolvtsl fntther that the
jsdlce who have charge iif the. dls1rlbu(lo;i
'of tickets sllmild be cautioned against
hnndlii!? Ihciii to iiiideserviui; nt'l-sons.
On mutltui of S(n- (Hbsoii, Miss I'ennio
Fuller, the youngest daughter tit the
Chlef.lllsticii, wit eiccletl n-'fdont r tlic
hull exercises and Miss Kitty Keel vice
pii"lilint. SIis.s Strong .stultsl Hint r. IM Hav hud
kindly volunteered Ids ncn Ices us "Kris
Kingle," nnd several liiember or the
National Wilts consented to git othe ladles
their nfslitiiutn In presort llig tir.ler nt the
Atiuniy. Tlieio being 110 further busi
ness liefoie thu ilitli t lies' uiljotirnod to
linet Sattirilay next nl tho Franklin
St hool Huildilig where budged trill ha
given M.I100I children on (lie payment of
ten cents.
i'.tcry boy and girl who iipi-chases 11
setirlef llbbou iscpeitetl(ii iilaee it In tho
tiuiiils nf sumo little nnflw ho has no nros-
ptct of siicndlng 11 merry Christmas, nnil
who. on prcsciitistlon of tno badge, Will be
atiinllted to the festivities pro'Jided by the
t SVus 11 Club, lint tint Hxtl-emo l'ennlty
Vita Iiiiimscil.
Hobcrt F. Stttvnll, tho ullegetl keeper of
n ganibliiig house lm -Fourteenth, nctirP
trlct nortliwcsl, which was raided on
Monday night by Lieutenant Heffncr,
Ditet tlveltlock, Sergeants. lones and Dtm
uigun, and other olllcers of tho 80:0111!
PriH im t. w' In the Pullco Court toitl iv.
Tlie place was known nnd incorporated
as the Manhattan Club, and Stovall was
tried 011 a (oinblued cluirgo of keeping a
gambling houte and celling liquor with
out 11 liicuse. Whiti the jilut Owns rallied
four nun wcro found seated around 11
tahlu loicrcd wllh a green cloth, and had
stui l.s of cbliis'lif front of them.
'Jhcio was niso a sideboard well fur
nished si 1th liquors unit glase. No
liquor wns Nru Mild and no money found
tin the' table. Testimony was given bj'
twomcnibt'r.s of the dull I hut they had
paid initiation fccsnnd dues and thej- hud
played sevcn-up, oker and other games
of tin lis.
Stotull testified that he owned thobtilld
ing and obtained ills rent fioin dues nnd
paid the mtviiiiK He was frank, told, the.
Judge that liquor hud been sold and
games of cards pl.ij cd. the siuno as in uny
other club. The .litdgo ninilo the penalty
Sia-i for violating the liquor law mul S0
and costs 011 thh other charge. Ordinarily
he said' ho would commit the defendant
to jail.
3111. IILA1NK KlNOItKD 11 UL
tlic Story Toltl by it ltluik (,'oliilul
altiuov from T.llit'ilu.
Piiiutm.i.i'ilit, Dee. IS. A .sivcelal tele
sram to the Ji(rtnl from Kow York suys;
JudKoAVilliiuu Jt. D.it 1 milletl for I.ler
jxiol ttj-dny on the ' llrltiinnle. Ho it a
coal-black ne-fin, who lias been here for
Home months ns Hpcelul Coinnilsslouerfur
the Itcjmhlio -of l.tbcriai JIo' oipriMsed
l?reat inillKiintioii ut the treatment ho re
ceived from fsocntary Jtlulue. lie nays
hourritediu October nnil oti presenttu;'
IiWcrctldltiaNtoJIr. lllalno was received
in a must iincereiiionloit'rnnil frlBld man-
'Ihe t-'ecrptnry nindo un appointment
ttlthhitii forthofiillnwiriirilny, but tvhen
hu (iilhsl ti keep it tliu Secretary wns not
nt bimi'f. After 11I11 ultemnts fur 11
month to f.eo Jlr. Maine- tvord wa- sent to
him that (ho SeoicLiry hud no tltnofor
tlin coiu-idr-nitlon of his business. Tho
object of his tisltwns, to inako tirrauKi
inrntsforiVfrctt nihil coniuninleation. Ip--tiucnthe
1'nittsl States and Liberia untl
for 11 icclpniclty uu,reeineiit between the
eountrlcs. 1
Datls is n unlit 0 of Lanciislcr, P.i., nntl
11 proiiillicnt lawyer of Monrotiii, anil bus
been 11 number of !!mcn a member nf tlio
l.ibcriuil l.c;;lshituie.
( Inn in nliir, 'WcH-Kiiown Tav tVur
I'ltintllih'! 1'nast'K A wo), s.
Puns, Dee, 18. Louis Hngene ('hnr
).ciltier, Iho ttelUknown Pteueli lululer,
71) years of age, is dead. Ho camo of an
iirtMlu Uncage, rccelvcsl his Ilrst lustruu
tlon hidilt fnther'ti elusseji, uud was sub
ciiicn'tly n putiil of Huron (leraril nud of
Leon CoKiilit, tlin painter of tho famous
plituies of Xiiitnlt'i-n' und the Preneh
Army In Kra'pt. Fnllnnitu; this ninstcr,
l hurpciitler oeiiimu 11 painter of military
scenes nud battle pieces, unilhls InOst eclo
brattd works ure 111 this walk of art. His
historic Louis A V. palntl nit Is oiioollits
most famous. Ills work lias twice won
mil merited roytd medals. Fur twenty
nl yeiii-i Jut tt list Prnrtbsor ot Drawliis In
the Lycioof VciniIIIcm.
llml NoHjiniiullty Willi lit I'utliei'iinil
i:icilcil Ills Ilenth.
Pn.mil', B. lb, Dee. I8.WI1II0 Hull'nlo,
Mitt of HltlliiK Hull, who lives union;; the
TwoKcltloMoUN on lbul Jtlter, canieto
Iho city jestcrday atul leavned of his
futhoi's death, Ho )s 1111 Jutelllaont In
itlnii, nnd has taken no part in tliu Musslnh
luisliKis. An Interpreter learned from
lit tn th.it hu hud lonu; oifctcd his fnther
lo be Mlliil. and he hud no Mympathy with
tho course Hull bnd always punned. Ho
Mild r-itllni; Hull bnd nlwiiyd at led cruelly
toward hlsthlldrcii, which wustho causo
of White HulTiiliiKoliuttn live with a 111010
cltiliisllilbe. llowanteil to wo all the
lmstiles illsurincd or cle nerved tishli
Kfalciiiitlons Iti'iiiinsti'il.
VtiliT Doikii:, lowi, Dec 18. livery lo
cal njjent of the Cluiuiplon Harvester
Company In tliis territory has been re
quested by the company tn forwtiril his
rrlKiiatUii at once, The reason kIvcii
for this wholesale dccicuso Is that the
American Haivestcr t'oiupuny, the now
trust. Wtinicierftcrtransnet all the busl-liii-siifthe
ciiiiipany T 101110 of tlio
older and miwttriisteil iiceiiU It was Intl
niuttsl Hint they tulalitbootTertsUltilitlons
nJiortlji A litis coursa will be folliftved,
bv titbcr (oiii)iiiilcsof tlm conililne him
ilKiisof men will thus llml themselves
out of a situation In this territory,
LDALail'H (HtAXI) Ol'l!lt.UlOl"n.
Ke.tt Week, Commencing MON DAV, DKCi 1.
Slntltiec (,'hrltliniw l).".y anil Sitturdny.
I'rom the New Vork t'ltalnn,
Will Prc-cntthO Luteal Triumph,
A Uniiiilinoiia Verdict of Approval (Irosla liter'
Opera Wherever PiescnteJ.
cam: op shaTb now in I'liotimisi.
ItLOOLAtt l'ltlfC. ilelS-lf
WrfkUniiitngSIONDAV, 1)K0, IS,
,10RP1I W. J.
Tlinri., Frl. nnil Pnt. Nlshta,
Tho Hoir-at-Law.
Mfttunlay Mitlnee, ,
The Rivals.
Scale of price. V, ?1.SU, 1Tk, 50c, s.le.
XexnVcrfLi--t;vXM As'D 1U)BV In 'their
Liritloii tie Line ot A l'AIII.UK MATCH.
jeata now 011 aalc. . tlelSIf
a MiXunirs OitAXH uHntA-irorsi:.
ThcThoiltrleal Seiifalloti of (ho Benson.
1'Irat AiHiei'irnnco In Waahlirifton ot
'llioonljr Dtvarf Actora.ln IheVorM ftotn is"
to'lljenia of age, mul from VH to 38 Inches
tall, lit tbelr (lraniljpectaciilar, I'lnj'i
"T1IK l'lII'IT. IN MAdlt',"
Untler the direction o( Mewtra. .l.'uicilfeM tro
(lorgcoua Costnmca. '
Mnguttleent tsccncry,
WltniirnvtlTHii ' '
' " Miitltico Satmilajv '
lii:oi'LAi: pincK".
Xext Wee k--C'no VpenrC'ininiiir In
poon jo.v vniAX. ilefs tr
Aitrtis iiuoti5'ii7ivriH:v"f" " r
Week L'niiimcni lug "Monday, lice. IS.
Aldti l!ciictlk't'a"!iloetaculsr Druinj,
1'iesenteil by n Strang Cut.
'thrilling nntl Interesting l!ar!htiiakc Kffcit,
iHinnllaiiemiM 1 With an ICruptlon ot
.Mount Veautlus llliunlnvtliiii
. of tlur Hay-if Xeplva.
Kest W6k AFTKll UAJIlt. ' ' tlelT-llt
I' i.ncol?; jiphh; iialu
i W. H. OlccelanJ, Leee anil Manager.
Ono Week, w Ith Mallncea Wfilnenlny, 'I'hnrs
ilay nuil Salimloy. Special l'crtonminio chrfst
mas Daj I'oinraenclng Jlomlnyi Dec. it,
Kt'curo e.its In AiUnnce. Atoll the.l-tui.
llenaro of pe,t ulalora. -sienijtnott spiling K.is
nt W. (I.Mttretott .t Cti'.'a, 111(1 P st., unit nt
Lincoln Alnsle Hall llox Ultlcu. IVIc.-, -i".i-..
SCe., Tic., $1. (olS:
nn:, in 11 st.
THIS WKKK-l.iitllca' JIntlnee gnturtlny.
Next Weekthe Sensational Boom llodo
DuHeaipieantl Spectacular Coidpitny. "
The only Sensational Show tu llm city.
3lluMrcl. Variety. Snarrlnir. 'ltirleantte
l'rlfss 111. 20. Hll flllillMI. Atnllnnl. Mullit
20, ) nnaftU. Mnllnccs .MoniUy.
WetlncHilny, Krltlay nntl Saturtlny. del
QiMges, .
theberlitzschoolof languages
7t3 Fourteenth street 11. w.
Dranthea In New Vork, llo'ton, Phllndel
phln, Chicago, Paris, llerlliiLo-idon, etc.
13l'i Masaehtiatta Avenne,
Affords etery facility torncrpilrlnifa tbomeli
education In Literature, MtlatC lultt Art. Thu
Inithimcuta tangtit are Piano, Harp, Violin,
Uuttnr, llouilolln nntl llanjol. Lanituars, i;en
cral tocal, rtranlng and foncj tork freet
Prlmto Lcsaoris 1riXangi3i;es,
, Ancient nnd JUxleru, -dcc9-1m,
181 atrccrn.-w.
-J-EW VHltKlllt'PPET,
Heat nnd Purest Motion In the City.. Im
porttuOlgare, JAJIUS II. CIWTELI.O, Pioprlcltir.
fc'i; IH
rpiiK KiimiT,
WA'-HIXUlO.V.l), C,
Army nnd Navy Heuilcpiartcra.
Pour Iron Ftrti Kacipes.
TK1IJIS-I3 nnil l Per Day,
V WAiilllXOTOX, 1). C,v
(), (!, STAPLKI,
Late pt Tlioiisaml 1st, llotttc,
t-lxthMrecf, nntl l'eninjltaiilnttieiuie.
I,. WOOUIIUIIY, Proprietor.
coMMisisiioMnt or iii:t;i)i.
I J, Hlatia inul Terrflilo, TiU La. ate., onp,
(Its "all.
33. Slioes
ArlUtltalW made to tneaauro. Alo Luihrol.
tiered work liottoniejjjn tha tlneet iuniiuark
Ladlee, lirlnu jour Work Ultimo for tho Hull
da a,
Tho Boat Ico Cooper on EarUu
No. O30 P Street N. V.
Dultlmmo Store, 4 and HVv03t Baltl
lnoiti buoet.
,- 'f.i'YlWip.Wjij L--.-.--J--ssM--afilMMMBMalMaM

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