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"r-TT -"r-"- f,-"-
"Help Wantefl" and "Situations WanteA"
f'i ""v $'" ' "lHffJ',,"
sriiciAT, notici:?.
.,-. VVWWVV .w
J.nnds held In reserve for se rrcrAl years 1y
the Slate Oovernment ore now opened lo set
tler nt lliclr nctnnt volue.
These rcerted Unlit llo along the eastern or
Aliunde ConM, between St. Augustine and Ills
lajriie It.ijr, one-halt mile to tlx miles from tho
ocean, a largo portion being fur below the
frost limits.
This Is the only coitcrn section In theUnlleil
Plates ttbero It Is poslbIc lo raise soml-tropl-col
frull, nnd where early vegetables and fruits
run be talsed lu time to catch lhe highest
Northern prices,
Mm lint tills land Is owned by tlic riorlda
'Coast Mne Canal nnd Transportation Com
1any, nnd bears n fine growth nt timber,
jrom which large snms mny bo rrallrcd. 'Ilia
section along the Indian ltlvcr and Lake Worlh
Is well settled, nnu tho land Is the most labia
lila In the State, the east coast being tapped by
four rnllwnjs, and tho rlrcrs along the coast
being navigated by steamboats.
Improved transportation facilities nnd de
lightful cllmnto (being so near tho ocean tho
nir Is much more bracing than further Inland)
make this an excellent opportunity lor actual
1'rlics of land range from f 2 per aero upward.
We shall ho pleased to send maps, township
plans nnd full Information to all vrhu arc Inter
f jAltitf JOHN AV. HKNNY, President.
ixri: can skt.Ii you lots in koiipolk!
V A-forfTO0; one-third cash, bnlanco In
Oneanil tnoiears. . .
Jalll tt. r,') Atlantic Ilullillug.
Temporary Ofllcej: Corner Tenth and 1 streets
northwest. .
Under Act ot Congress Approved October
1. 1800.
Bnblect to the Supervision of tho Supreme
Court ot the District ot Columbia and tho
Comptroller ot the Currency.
' Itecelres deposits and allows Interest on bal
ances, Issues certificates ot deposit.
' Act as Executor, Administrator, Ouardlin,
Trustee, ltecelver, Assignee, Committee of the
Ktate of Persons Non Compos Mentis aul
other business ut a fiduciary character,
JNTKItEST and DIVIDENDS collected tor
OuaranteeA Investments furnished. Notes,
secured by deed of trust, for sale. Mouey
loaned on Hut-class collateral security and on
teal estate.
Our new building, at the corner of Nlnth'and
F streets. Is being tltted up with Sato Deposit
"Vaults unsurpassed for safety and convenience.
ItiiAiNAnn II. WAnvrn, President.
-Ions Jov Ensox, A icc-Prci-ldimt,
AVai. 11. Itonisox, Secretary.
Wm. B. Guui.r, Treasurer.
JohnT. AnM,
C'iias. II. lUu.r.v,
C'iias. S. lUri-it,
(li.oncii: :. IUiitol,
II. S. t'l'MWX-S,
j. j.iiaiii.inotov,
John Joy Epson,
John A. lUSHiros,
Ai.nr.UT r. ox,
O. C. (Jniis,
AVai. 1). UimLrr,
Ipt. A. 8. W
John II. LAnvnn,
N. II. Shea,
Tiios. BoMEnviLLr,
John A. Bworr,
,1, 8. SwonsisTEtiT,
A. A. Wilson,
L. D. Winf,
is now located In Its new ofllce,
no. !u9 t stheet noiithwest. '
JIKNHY O. TOWI.ES, President.
CHAItl.ES II. MAII.EY, Vlie-Presldeiit.
K01II.E 1). LAItNKII, Secretary.
ClIAltl.Eb N. I.AltNEH, Asrt. rjec'y.
orner Pennsjlvanln nvc. uml Thirteenth st
llaveiemovedto 151 Eleventh street n. w'
Opposite Mar Olllce. de-iaiin
In Making Contracts for Brickwork.
8120 P street northwest, wants tn advise tho
public that he Is still contracting tor nil brick
l'romptjstteiitlon to work guaranteed.
i:iecntli nudd sttccts.
Announco the following Jhrgnlns for
llogers' Teaspoons,,, ,, 03c per set
Ordinary Price ?!.'!3 per et
fitogllnudlo Curt era, tullyrguaran-
teed $1.73 per pair
Ordinary price $1.50 per pair
Ciownriuting Machine $).50cach
Oidiuary price ,.,,$1ench
Old llellable Clothes-wringer $1.73 each
Our Entire Line ot Scissors nt 10
Per Cent, Discount.
Coal Hods, 10 Inches 30o
Culinary prlio 30c
Also n Full Line ot tins nnd OU Stoves, Felt,
We.ilher btrlps, Furniture Han
dies and Met hanks' Tools,
Opposite Uoiton Dry (loods House.
JOHN DALY, , , ,
Dilcklnjer nud Contractor,
13-JO Pcnus)haum avenue northwest,
Wauls to advise the public that llilckwork ot
Every Deicrlptlou will receive Piompt Attcu
Hon at hli hinds. Holler Setting aud Dakers'
Ohm a Specialty. noT.l
Instead of Iltiylng one Lot nt n Certain Price,
At the same price nnd subdivide It Into lots.
IN THIS WAY) nn make all IheproAts. Wo
will rut the laud up for on Into, say, 10 or 1.1
lots, resell the same, and chaigc)ou n commis
sion of B per cent, You ran then hold for jour
i elf ns many lots ns ) ou like.
'10 DO THIS )oii must Ilrst get n delrablo
piece of property, not only ns regards nearness
ot location In some large city and ctoeucss of
proximity to some great railroad, but nlso ns
regards natural prospective advantages to tho
homrseeker, the business man, tho manufact
urer nnd the speculator.
JFST bl'CH A PLACE, with Jul such ad
vantages, Is found In L.VNDOVHU PAlttC.
FULLY SITUATED, and equal to nny piece ot
property In and around Washington,
IP YOU HAVE n horse and buggy, drive out
toI.ANDOVEHnnd take n look for )oursclt,
or jou can take the 11:50 train on 11, nnd P. II.
It. nnd get there In n few minutes. Tho prop
erty Is to be Immcdlntely laid off Into streets
and avenues and divided Into lots 9'xHin and
ROvlffl. Other portions will be snb-dlvlded Into
ouc-acrc lots, two acre lots, and flvo-ncro lots
will be sold at the extraordinary low price
of til. After this nuinberhasbecn sold they
are JJ100. Not a cent lei.
TWENTY.F1VE LOTS ONLY, sire Wvir.0, nt
tX. After that ?Ji0. Mo less.
TEN ONE-ACHE PLOTS ut $530 each. After
that t COO. No less.
ter that $750. No less.
riVl! riVE-ACHE PLOTS at T50 each. Al
ter that $1,210. No less.
As the property Is actually worth much more
than the prices now asked, and when content
plated improements shall have been com
pleted, villi be enhanced lu vnluc nt least 200
percent. Itemembcr, only the nbou number
will be sold nt the above prices,
Tor full particulars
41 and 40 Atlantic Ilulldlng.
tW and 010 1' street, Wmhlngton, I). C.
IlOllEItT E. CLAltKE & CO.,
Ccner.il Managers.
Iwr Ardore In- infill f.tl. Inl ni- til.ild ,il-i.ltilt V
I uTtpnrlpit t. flAll.tf
Place Your Order With the
llepututlon L'stnb.lshcd.
Quality (Juarantecd.
bit Fourteenth sli cctii.T. hpt21
WAIllNtnON, D,'C.
llrnnch Oflke:
NECTIONS. Wilt negotiate purcln-e nud sale ot bonds,
stocks and other properties,
Ot Washington, D, C.
CAPITAL AND bUItl'LUS $W!,000 00
Ilnsnettrrfiulestriln los by fire, but always
makes prompt uud liberal adjustments.
Dlt. DANIEL I). CI.AItKE, Prest.
OEO. E. LEMON, Vlte-Prest.
CIIAS.S, IlllADI.EY, Tien-.
I. PENWK'K YOlTNtl, Sec'y.
WILL P. HOTEI.Elt, Ass't hec'y.
of (ii.o. i, mi. i
I will sell nt private rule tho follovilng re.il
I ot H, In square 517, Imprmed by three-story
and haxemem brick dwelling, No, 1 113 F street
Also an undivided ouc-lmlt Interest In parts
of lots 10 and 11, In square Istl, iminied liy
four-story uud basement brick dwelling. No.
004 E street northwest, bpeilal attention Is
called to this iiioperty its uifordlng an oppor
tunity for an Imestineutlu valuable business
Alo tub-lots 191, 133,127 nnd V2S, In sqnaro
Mo, Iniproied by four two-.torv ami baement
brltk dwellings, bdng Nos. 700,703,701 and
711 blxth street uoitheust,
1). S.MAC It ALL.
Atslgnredco. I. Hill,
tt 4111 Fifth stiect II, w.
For the convenience nt persons living lu the
eastern and western section) ot the dty, ar
rangements have been undo by which they
can pay their gas bills during .b.iuklii- hours
ut tho
Hills pnTd after tho fUli ot each month will
not bo entitled to tho discount ot '!3 cents per
1,000 cubic feet.
Mueteenlh st. nud Pa. avc, Washlugtuu, D. C.
Eight In tho heart ot the
Tehamn Count)', California,
An cvieedlngly Miltinblc nnd ns )ct rnnipirn
Ihrly uiiKf.llls.il territory. CIo.o to the tele
hratcd HTANF011D VINEYAI1I),
the largest lu tho world.
The trnlt farms of Tehninn Cnnnli' are being
rniildly taken tip by Al'Tl'AL SETTl.EliS.
We mn sell ou n trnct from
This phenomenally low otter for n few weeks
I'lVE-ACliETItACTS ran be bought for $3
Trails ot TWENTY ACHES OU MOltE, one
third ensh: bnlnnce In one and two years.
'1 bis property In twn tears from now will be
worth nnd will bring 9,1 per nere and possibly
more. You can put Jour land In trees, the
fruit from wblihwlll,nftcrthetlilrd)cnr,brliig
ion In n handsome Income: or )on can let)our
land remain as It Is nnd sell In n few months nt
n handsome prorlt. 'I hi limit grows the dirt
led Poar, French Prune, Penth, Apricot, Tnblo
drape. Wine tlrape, Fig, Olive, Almond, Wal
nut and the Hurst llnlslns In tho world.
Callearly nnd secure choho traits.
1'rospcitns nud Samples of Fruit nt the ofttcc
ot the Frultlniid Colony Trict.
I101I1NSON ,: l.tMlflE.
Investment Ileal Estate nnd llmkers,
Onire.tVI Atlantic lliilldlng.p-Wnndli Ml' st. n.w.
Jn-JI-at Wnshlnglou, D. C.
Holders ot ttio nslilngton Oisllglit Com-
pnny win oe neui i ino onice or ine cnminny,
No. 410 Tenth stiect n. w., MONDAY, THE SI)
DAY OF FF.IIItL'AltY, If ll.foi1 the election ot
director to serve during tho ensuing year.
Polls open nt l'J o'lloik m.nndrloieat t o'rloik
p.m. CHAKI.Ebll.UAII.KY.
JalStofebl Secretary.
Having retired from the firm of EMMONS &
HltOWN, 1 take pleasure In Informing my
friends and the public that 1 can bo found at
my ofllce, dot Tenth street northwest, where I
am rnnductlng a general
Prompt and personal attention given to all
matters placed lu my hands. Jtespectfiilly,
Wl Tenth street n. vf.
Telephone Cull. 471-2. nortJ
JL throughout SoulhwrstVlrglnln must l-i
crease the lommcrce of Norfolk, enhance her
Industrial Intcnsts, and Incren-e her populn
Hon to a degree ns jet hardly forecast by the
most sanguine. Prices of property In Norfolk
aro pirmiiiv hiiihuiiiii;. tic nine a lew iuis
for sale ntfKO.
One-tlitrd cash: bsbime ono
ami two) ears.
.VI All llitlc Ilulldlng,
(j(iM',Tn JImipiiin l!i'tn. The (Jlilcnjri)
Iihh gone In lInuidoh HuuiN.
.t(IIITIICilnK-ICFI.t'1 ItAlTOI.NTni. JlllllCS
II. IluW has Ik-cii npiKiInti'il kwiicr of
thu light Motion nt Dcrii Writer .shoaN.
1liLyn.'s !ri'niHi:.TWii:. Scmir Vu
lentc, tho n tiring llrnzlllnti Minister, pro
sentcil his loiters of recoil In' the l'resiileiit
tliUnuirnliiK. Swuir Vcmlnm-o, tho new
Itrnxillnn Jlliiistcr, wus prcfciitml to the
Ptclilent tills ruteriHirm,
Hikkik Tnin AVirii Tin: ri:ilnKNT.
'lhe I'roliU'iit's nillors this mnrnlui; in
cJiiiUtl Senator Ilvarts Hcpresentatlvcs
Cnnith, with Colonel Collier of Kenturlcy,
M'lillui-o, li.irnp) Auilersnn, Carter, l!c-icM'iit.'itlve-eleit
Iner cif Uoorgln nml
Colonil Charles 11. llrunit of (Icargin.
Cviu.thAitointi:!). licU'tiippolnliiients
lo West Point luiMi been Usticil (liuingj
tho pip-t wook In tho follovvmg-mtiucil
liersoiis; J'ranh II. llrown, Nortli Caro
lina; .Wph 1'. lbirklii, New Yoik: Will
lam I., tlli'klfn, Smith Carolina; Thoimis
II. II. Mclntlrc, Tennessee; Howard W.
I'rinch, Tetmessie,
ACn.vrs lli'i.ti:nx. A bulletin Issued
by tho Census Oflliv shows that tho
ijuniitlly of UNttilcil spirits nseil In tho
nits, inmiiifutluris ntnl iiutllilno (luring
llieycarendeil December 31, )KS!J was 10,
Ii70.su pioof Kidlons. Of tills (lit.mtltv
0,710,1a. pillions Mcto tilchol, I,l5s,0H
gallons foiogno spirits, 7.W- gallons high
wine, L'.oawws gnllnns whisky, 1VI,S7 1
gallons brandy, IM),.V1 gallons rum aud
J!,'M't gallons (tin,
Nwu. Onto in. Lieutenant .T. W.
I.oery, ordered to the Ilvdrographio
l.'nsi;n ticorgc IE. Slocuni, ordered to
Iciiipnniy ilttty as ussltant lo theolllrer
in cliargo of tho Naval llendo.votts, San
J'rnniiMO, Cal.
Dnslgn William Trifcton, ordered to
lomiioiary duty in the lluroauof Diiulp
ment. I'liyninster S. II, f'alhnmi, ordeied lo
hold hlniself lu readiness for orders to
Lieutenant William V. I'liIImer, de
tnduil fioui the Chic.igo uud granted
leave for one mouth.
Naval Cadets I,. A. Host wick, W. C.
Neville mid John V. Chtw1, ilcliiuhod
from llin Hum-ago nud ordered to the
anotiiei: Fi'.Nri: wah.
1111 K N'n l.niigei- I1iiivn Tluit
I'llv ill go biitcl,v.
le limit 1'uik has been enjuying tho
sin-atlou of ii fenii1 war for sonui lime,
but now a fi nee double of less magnitude
but in n more tent ml pnitlon of "thu city
apHiirs Imminent. This morning Olive
A. I'llgcrulil, by Morris Hamilton,
tiled a bill ugatust Indiana Yedder for mi
iiijiuullou and order rctmlnlng her from
ii'imivlng a fence mill iuterferrlug; with
'lhe jiarlles coiuernisl own ndjolnlng
lots on JInsuehtisetts avemio between
Kk'vintli iindTvveltth street. Tho com
lilalnuut slates that in front of their
liou'cs Is a parking; that her front Is
enclosed by a etitHrmtliil Iron fence,
two sides at right angles to thonvenito
aud tho front parallel, Sho ihnig.es that
thudefendimt, under some rule or regula
tion ol tho lnpettor ot Jliilldlngs, Is
about to leaf down the wist siilo ot
her feme aud iilatgopatt of llin liout
lulling, ni:il run an iron railing In con
tinuation of tint division of tho
two lots, obliquely lo Massachusetts ave
nue, so n lo mi loso for herow u benetlt n
jiottion of tho I'omplulnunt's parking.
'I lie iignlatlon under which tho defendant
ilaltns the power to do this Is as follows:
"Thu division Hue of stiuet parking In
front of lots la( iugcliclcsor avenues shall
bo coincident with thu party lines of such
Thciouiplaluant tlnltnthnt this rule,
If iiiriled sttktlv Into oll'icl, would in
many cases picvont piopetty-ovvueis lrom
having iuuss to the avenue and is null
nnd void,
Do Nut llchiioTlmlr Limit Ciiiiiluiiineil,
In tho matter of thu loudemuatlnu of
tho ctknslon of tho wit lloiindary sower
through blocks I and I) In tho "Ishev
wood" subdHlslon, Messrs. Julius I.nns
bittg, Pinion Wolf, and .Union M.Clniip
have llled their answer to tho Dlstrut
Commissioners' pctlllon. Theydeny that
the Commissioners have madonuv efforts
whatover by negothitlous or otherwise to
iieiuln tho right of way to oxtend the
sewer tbrouirh llio nroiiertv of tho re
spondents, ntnl therefore urn not entitled
to n jury lor condemnation of (he html,
lteiiiieitllieil to Her Hlsteis.
Tho will of the lale Miss Marin L. Mor
scll of this city was Mod lo-day lu tho
olllioof thu Jtecdster of Wills. Sho ho
iueo(lis her properly at 1007 8 street
northwest and the remainder of hcrejUto
to hor Bisters. Annie (.'. and (Jarolltio t.',
Norscll, '
Senators Ktevrart, Teller nnd Woleott
Deny Any Knowledge of the Exist
ence of n "Combine" A Correspond.
cut Who Wns Approached nml Asked
to Dispose of t'eitlllentes In the Al
leged Pool.
Senntor Stewart, wlio lind been referred
to ns having made statements that a silver
pool existed, appeared before the ullver
lool Investigation committee to-day to
make a statement In regard tothcrciunrks
that had been attributed to him. lie said
he had talked frequently with various
ticrsons about the silver question. Ho
had opposed. In the Senate and elsewhere,
legislation for tho purchase of 1L',000,000
ounces or silver, said to bo accumulated
In New York, on tho ground that It would
litivo tho appearance or passing it special
act or Congres torellevu those who had
puiclmscd sliver.
The witness hml frequently said (hat
those who bad gone intospeculntlou must
tnkuenroof themselves uud what he In
sisted was permanent legislation which
would stop siKTiiliitlon by keeping the
pilicsleaify. Free coinage, ho thought,
would prevent fut,ure singulations. He
had tnado no rofcronco In his convcrsa
lions to nny members of Congress, lie
knew nothing with regard lo who had
speculated In silver.
As to himself, he had never bought or
sold sliver bullion except years ago when
he wns mining. Ho had not for several
years been IntcrcMcd in silver mining, di
rectly or inuirectty, eitner tlirouu;li Hold
ing stock or otherwise.
Ho had no knowlodgoof tho purchase
of nny bullion by a ikioI or association;
nor had he knowledge of unv cognizance
between owners of silver bullion nnd
members of Congress. The witness had
no know ledge of any conference nt hotels
In Washington between silver men to in
llttcnco silver legislation, and ho had no
know ledge of the owners of tho l'.'.OQO.OOO
ounces said to be now in sight, nor had
he offered any silver for purclinso.
In conclusion Senator Stewart snld lio
know of no connection, direct or Indirect,
bitwecii members or Congress and outsido
parties to Inlltieucc silver legislation.
II. AY. Hill of Washington, who said lie
was a lawyer ntid a newspaper writer, wai
tlionext witness. HesnUlhohad answered
an ndcrtlcmcnt that appeared In a
Washington paper In March last for a
journalist who could write on tho silver
question, lie met thendvertiser, u nun
lrom Chicago named Hodcnborg, and
agreed to make nit arrangement tn write
articles on tho silver question. Tho ar
rangement wns not nutdo, and lu April
the witness met Hedenherg In tho corridor
In the Capitol. Hidcubcrg .said that the
sliver legislation ns it stood then pleased
"i:" ho always used the plural, said llio
witness and that he did not want tho
articles written.
ircdenbiirg took from his ticket .somo
ingravcd slips or paper, which he said
were silver pool certillcntcs, to be disposed
of at a margin of &U tinlecc, nnd he asked
tho witness to try to sell some of them to
memuers ot congress, -j no witness ant
not examine the so-culled certllleates, aud
paid little attention to what lledenbitrg
said. He did not take any of the certlll
eates to dlsposo of, nud had no knowledge
that silver pool certllleates were oft ered to
tlictubers of Congics.
.lames A, Ocorg' ot Washington, n pro
vision dealer, said ho had boarded at the
samehouso lu this city with Hedenberg.
Ho had understood that llcdenberi; was In
favor or free coinage, and was surprised
when Hedenberg told him on tho day he
spoke to Mr. Hill lu lhe Capitol that he
was In favor of the House silver bill of
last session.
Hedenberg said to lilm, "This House
bill Suits us. Wu'v e got a ioI organized,
nnd wo hao about it million ounces of
silver on hand and can get more, and 1
want you to place these certllleates among
Southern mimbersof Congress." Heden
bdrghad previously exhibited to hliutlie
ccrtllluitcs shown lo Mr. Hill. Tho wit
ness had Indignantly lefused to lend him
self to such a scheme. Ho had told
Hedenberg that he (George) was a free
(oinagenian, and that he would expose
Southern members who could bo bribed
In this way.
Hcilcnbetg said that that ended mnt
tcrs. Since that time Hedenberg had
avoided thu wltnessou nil occasions. The
witness had no knowlcdgo that any Sena
tor, member Or other ollleerof tho (iov
eminent hud speculated lu silver while
the legislation was pending. Ho thought
Hedenberg was n retired real-estat broker
of some means. Hedenberg laid told the
witness that ho (Hedenberg) would look
after tho Illinois members.
Tho witness remembered telling a news
paper coi respondent that, from tho way
some members voted on the Silver bill, It
looked like they had been llxeil, but he
did not tell tho correspondent positively
that members had been lived.
Senator Teller was sworn at his own re
quest anil testified that, us he hud been
active lu silver legislation, ho thought It
lust to hlnifilf to stale that he never
Knew or hcaid of any sliver ki1 to biiy,
sill or handle silur in any State. He,
hluiself, had never juliud nor owned an
otimo of silver nor speculated lu tho
mi tal,
Sinalor Woleott nlso denied any knowl
edge of any silver pool or of any persons
concerned wllh such tin association. Sliuo
ho hml been in the Semite ho had not
spiculntisl In silver, lie owned sumo
non-produelng mines, but they amounted
to nothing.
Charles r. Mover, a Washington banker,
lestlllul that Jm had no knowledge of nuv
sliver pool.
Met llentli In n M run go City.
The body of Lnvvrcmo Y. P'ltzgorald
arrived In tho city ou it Daltltnoro and
l'otomao train this morning from Johns
town, I'a., and his funeral took place lrom
Leo's undertaking room, ou Pennsylvania
avenue. l.Ugerald was a bricklayer by
trade, and on Monday last, whllo work
ing on a scaffold at Jolur-town, ho fell
fiom a fourth story and crushed hi skull.
His homo was at No. Ik's) V. street south
vwest. lie left here thteo months ago be-uue-o
work was dull.
i:iilllj Cimit Null's.
In tho Equity Court to-day Judgo
Urtidlcy signed ft decreo In tliocnuof
Ilk haul Jasper rt al. vs. Martha C. Young
rfiif,, setting nsldo tho deed ill thu bill of
cotnplaint jiitriHirting to havo been exe
cuted by Hornet i:, Saunders lo tho de
fendant on I'uhruary l'J last.
A decreo wasiilsomado by Judgo llrad
ley dismissing tho petition for a bill of di
vorce brought by Augustus W. Abbott
iigulust Julia Abbott,
lleslltlltliill III K.ll.iilll.
M.so ('trv, low , Jan. 2. O. 1'. Hon
seer of Santa Clara, X. I)., was lu thu city
yesteiday soliciting aid. His people are
destitute and want ilothing, provisions
uud grain. Ho sus that, with another
fullinuof crops, Dakota Is doomed. Thu
nml of help is quite general throughout
'llio Mill.t' Causes n I'lolglit llloi'loiile,
Lima, Ohio, Jan. ii!. -Tho Chicago and
lhio strlku has caused a suspension of
business in their yanls hew. 'llio oilier
mads have been untitled that tho company
w 111 tccoi o no freight until furl her orders.
Tim Tug tn llo Sold.
Ill tho admiralty case of Meiedith,
Wmshlp .t Co., ogalnst tho steam a
I,orendo. Judge llradloy to-day signed a
decree dlwllng that tho ln M sold by
tho marshal,
A rioinliiciit nfnn Arrested for Notic
ing Young (llrN Avvnr.
Jvi:w Yoi:k, Jan. . Tho case of Wil
liam I'. Illicit, (ho young man who was
arrested nt thoCortlaudt-slrect ferry Tues
day evening by Detectlvo Vail of tho
Steamboat squad, came up in the Tombs
Police Court yesterday morning. Ithett
Is charged with having abdiKtesl Marv
Williams, n llitlc girl U years of age, who
sells dowers nnd papers near the ferry on
the Jersey City side.
Illicit gave Ids addres as 31 West Key
enticnth strcit, and also stated that he
wns tho cashier of tho .Savniiunh I'relght
Company, llhelt comes of into of (he
llrst famlllis lu thu South, and several of
his friends came to the Tombs to do what
they could for him.
lihitl presented his Mory In a very
straightforward way. Mary Wllllnms,
lhe ihilil. Is n remarkably pretty llttlo
thing, with n quantity of curly hair. Sho
wore a red Tain O'Shantcr and clonk and
a pair of rubber boots. Her story is
substantially ns follows:
ItliLtt met her mid four other irlrls In
Jersey t'tty .uosuity niglil, where they
were selling piqicrs. The other girls were
Kate riynn, Maggie Kelly and Alice aud
Mary Morris. 'I hey nil live in the same
Jersey City Tuesday night, where they
ncigiiiKirhooii and range in their nges
Jlury Williams had never seen Illicit
until then, but some of the other girls
knew him quite well. The four girls
boardid the ferry-boat and went along
wllh Illicit. Maggie Kelly did not go.
When they reached tho city llin child
says that Illicit called n cab and asked
hcrtogo forn rldowith him. It does
not appear wheto the other thrco girls
were meanwhile, nnd nt this liolut of the
story Ihoy seemed to dlssolvclnto thin nlr.
Just as she wns stopping Into thu cab De
tective Vnll sprang forward and took both
Ithett and herself into custody. Tho po
lice iccelvod word that someone was tam
pering with these little girls about a fort
night ago aud havo been on the lookout
for tho man over since. Detectives Vail
and Schmldtbergcr, who were both in
court, nrc (onlideut that illicit is the man
they want.
Illicit, on his part, elcclarcs that ho saw
tho girls near the ferry on the Jersey City
side, and that they all pestered him to buy
their papers. Ho noticed that they were
on tho boat coming over, and as soon ns
they landed here the Williams child ran
toward him asking him again to buy a
paper. He bad just that moment called a
tab to take him to his homo on West
Seventeenth street. The child was then
'standing Within thrcu feet of him nud
Homering nun ns ocinrc. At tnat, instant
Detective Vnll laid hlshnndouhlsshoulder
and placed him under arrest. Hu claims
'that it Is entirely a ease of mistaken Iden
tity, and that he is wholly innocent of the
'The ltcpoit of the House .luillt buy
Column too.
Judge Miller Is thoroughly well satisfied
with the repent Of tho House Judiciary
Committeo made yesterday afternoon in
icgard to the substitute! bill defljilng the
jltilsellcllon or tho Police Court of the
'District of Columbia, a, synopsis of which
has already been published In TunCiiiTiu.
"it grants Just thu relief that tho citlens
of tho District havo long desired and Is in
'support of the ideas that I advanced,"
sulci he.
The following Is tho rcwirl:
The Committeo on tliu Jtidlciarv, to
whom was referred the bill (II. II. 1...M8)
to ill line tho juiNdiitlon of the Police
.Court of the Dislrli t of Columbia, submit
tin. lotiowlug reiKirl:
I tiller OXIStlllg fl.illllra.lM. )rrlniil
g St.lllltcaiio mrr!nl-il f
made for jury trial In llin Pollen Court of
the District of Columbia. While that
court may trv n vnriitv eif Inferior mis
demeanors of which It has exclusive Juris
diction, titers Is another cla-s of inlsde
demcunors, the punishment of which
intiv involve tho liberty of the citlrcu,
and so (onfer the right of jury trial, of
which said court has no jurisdiction, The
Supremo Couit of the United Stales has
ritcntly so decided In llio case or Calkin
s. Wilson, rcporti'd In tho one hundred
and twanty-seventh volume of rutted
States liciKirts,
In Unit cae, which came up by appeal
lrom a decision refusing to diehnrga tho
petitioner upon ImIhuh mrfin, he, with
011101?, upon information lor conspiracy
to boycott, had been convicted by .said
Police' Couit after denial of jury trial, and
upon letusal to pay a small lino was com
mitted to tho ciHody of tho marshal.
'J ho Supreme Court directed disihaige
of the prisoner, his convktloii being void
and wlthotittliolnstrument.dllyof a jury.
This decision ousts the Police Court of the
District of Jtui-dlcllonof a largo cluss of
inferior misdemeanors of llku character
and gives jail delivery to many criminals
now under convktloii. Tho public luter
cMs, therefore), clearly and imperatively
demand immcdluto lelief from Congress
or tho cltlcns of thu Dlstrkt will boat
thu mercy of petty criminals. Tho com
inltteo therefore recommends tho passage
of thiincionipanvingsuhstitiilo bill. The
icomtultteols nl-o saiMiou tnat mo in-
cteaiiigly largu amount or hu-lne-s in
suldioiir't leiiuires Ineic.i-emeut of force
lor lis dispatch and that theserviieof tho
additional Justheprovided for lu said sub
stitute bill is urgently needed.
Your committee maku this recom
mendation wllh less hesitation, Inasmuch
as the net revenue derived through this
court largely eeecds all expenses. In
cluding the addition proposed.
1'oillevvKhl, tli J'nilsliin .Miinli'HT.
.Sulit to be In Ciiloiiolo.
Dovrii, Coi.., Jan. 'ii.. report comes
from Silvcittin, lu,tlils State, that I'odle
wskt.the I'olu wlioiiiiudeiedtho litisslau,
(lencral Sllverskofi in Paris sumo mouths
ago, was seen at that place recently. A
man answering his dlsirlptlon in over
particular arrived thereon the train from
Ditrango lust Monday, llu purchased a
burro and a prospector's outfit and ills
appeared in llio mountain", i-'ront re
marks he dropped to Uusslans aud l'lench
incn the suspicion was created that ho
was tho mail so badly wanted lu Kittope.
lie was certainly well acquainted with
Patlsluu lotiilltles,
Knurl. lit Out In live ItiiuniU.
IIvmmomi, 1ml, Jan. J.Jlm Doylo
and ("on Murphy engaged In tt llnlsh
light two miles south of this city In tho
presence of about sovouty-llvo speetntois
last night. The men wciuev only matched,
both weighing HU) pounds. At tho call of
llnio thoy went ut each oilier like hyenas,
Doylo winning llrst blood and knock
down. lu Ihellflh louud Murphy led with n
straight lelt, hut fell short and missed.
in return no riscivou a icrriuo mow on
lhe chili, wide Ii sent him half under the
ropes, whet u hu lay until Dovlo was de
clined tho winner. 'Iho light wits for
f-ai'.'i and the gale money,
A Telegraph Opeintiu's Disappearance.
St. Lofts, Jan. !. L. 1). Hamilton, ono
of tlio oldest operators In tho service of
Iho Western I uloti Telegraph Company
lieie, has been missing sinio January 15.
l'orsome time hu has been iiddltteit to
drink, and it Is fentcd that lu n lit of
despondency, ho has comnilttisl suleide
by jumping into tho river. Humlllou has
n wife living In Ohio.
Anxious Deposition Cniisu a Hun,
()mii, Nbn,, Jan.!.-. A mn vvasinado
yesteiday alteinoon on tho South Omaha
branch of thu Nebraska Savings anil lit
chango Hank. Tho causo for tho run Is
not known. Tho bank kept open till a
lale hour tn pay nil depositors in full.
Piesldeut John li. Mills says the bank Is
fully ptepaicd to meet every obligation.
All Iinpnrlniit Meellnj; Held for fie Pur
iese of Uniting, fur Co-operative
I'm poses, the Farmers' Alliance,
Knights of Labor, nnd nil Other Kin
dred Orgntilwitlons A .Slgnlllenut Po
lltlnil Step.
An Impoilant convention of delegates,
rcpiescnllng the 1'iirmers' Alliance', the
Notlonnl rarmcrs' Alliance, tho Colored
Alliance', the Knights of Labor, tho
National Grange nnd the Kuriners' Mutual
llcnellt Association met lu this city to
day. As .luted in tho call sent out Iho
luiellng Is held for the purpose of form
ing n confederation of these organizations
which have kindred alms and plans and
thus give milted nctlou and additional
At the recent eonventlnn of tho rarm
crs' Alliance lu Ocala, i'ln., it was found
t J i tit many organizations wore represented
outside ol thu rarmcrs' Alliance, and tho
need of n co-operative (omblnatlon was
keenly feilt, leading eventually to the con
vention width has been called together in
this city.
It was suggested nt Iho Ocnla convention
that a consolidation bo elTectcil, but thu
plan was rcgatdcit as being premature,
and ninny pionilncnt members expressed
themselves ns being opposed to a coalition
by whkh individual organization might
be lust.
In short, the Idea Is to git tho laboring
and Industrial interests neater, and com
blno for the purpose ot acting in unison
on national questions.
All of the delegates who aro expected lo
be present havo not arrived, and the meet
ing to-day was merely preliminary and
for the purpose of oiguulalloii.
lich body Is to bo represented by Ilvo
men, who will vote nicotillug to thu
numerical strength of tho bodies repre
sented. As tho rarmcrs' Alliance is stronger lu
-paint of membership, they will havo tho
majority in tho nutting.
This idea of a co-oicratlve union is con
sidered as very slgulllcant, and the
eventual outcome will probably bo a com
plete organization nnd consequently a
third pari). Tho leaders of tho move
ment, however, are feeling their way very
cautiously, nnd their future plans have
not neen setttesi, most ot iiiem preterring
to wait until Iho sentiment has been thor
oughly 111011.
'J hoy nro working quietly, and are will
ing togivuupthcldea if It is found to bo
ill-timed or impracticable for the present.
If a third party Is formed It will bo simply
becatiso tho dominant initio may refuso
to aieeele to the wishes of tho clement of
tho people.
Alter this I'onrerenio a meeting of llio
thirty-live presidents of tho State Alll
'anees, making tip the National Legis
lative Committee, will bo hi'Id, and these
questions uinsldered.
'Jluiso who havu nil cily arrived and
were present at the conferenio to-day aro
T. V. Powderlv, John AV. Hayes and A.
W. Wright for the Knights or Labor;
lien Terrell of Texas, Colonel L. I'. Liv
ingston, Congrcssmau-eleet from thu Tilth
fi'eorgla district; It. 1'. I lodgers or Florida,
AV. J. Talbot of South Carolina, II. L.
I.onkcsof South Dakota for the Farm
ers' Alliance; Colonel II. M. Humphrey
for the Colored Alliance and J. D. Iloldeu
of Kansas for the National Citizens' Alli
ance. 'J hey will tointuencutlieir session
for the eat nut consideration of buslnc-s
Toluol ill Hot Ajiaitinciils Willi n
Illllli't lu Hi-l' Heal I.
Jft.u Yoiik, Jan. . Leocatla Harring
ton, oars old, committed stiii-idu some
tlmu Tue-Mliiy night lu her Matin llio Han
ford Apartment House, lii AVcsl Twenty
fourth street. Tho discovery was not
made till 10 o'elock yesterday morning.
The stile ido is the mother of a 7-year-old
boy, who is Romewlii-ro in tho country.
Shuoiruplodtho Hat In which sho killed
herself lor two ye.ir, passing as I.eo
Coles. Her mother is the wifn of a Meant
shlii steward, living at !!J7 WW Twenty
eighth street, and tho discovery of the
crime Vame through n litter whkh thu
daughter sent before killing her-tlf,
When found sho lay ou a couch, her
hair nnd person carefully dressed and ar
ranged, e.iept that the wulst of her dross
wns unbuttoned. Sho had bared her
breast aud llrcd n hulltt Into her heart.
Instant death apparently followed. Ou
her wrist sho woie a diamond bracelet,
'lids slm ushed. lu her letter to her
mother, should bo burled with her, and
she asked that her body bo Interred in
Potters' Field rather than lu AVoodlavvu
.Mr. AvIltslK stepfather or tho suicide,
said that the gill had bien wayward for
vcars, She was born In llaltlmorc, her
"lather being Silas W. llaiilngtoii, an olll
ter in the Cnitcd States Army, At "years
of age she ran awa) fiom homo and joined
a circus In California, As she grow eildor
she lieeiiuiu well known as aihlld actiiss
under the name of l.eo Coles. Shu
traveled tliiough tin- Wi-t and lur a
tlmu was with Ford's Opeia Company.
Her mother Inqioveilsliisl herself in
searehltig for the runaway, and dually
found lur In this ilty, lu lnM, and look
her hoiiio to Italtltuorc. She snoiistruyi'd
away again, and .slncu llieu has played
"wltli Daly's company and at tho Casino.
For live cars, however, she has not been
ou tho stage, and during that period her
mother scatiolv saw her. In her letter
toiler mother she referred to a person
after whom, as sho described lilm, her
lnocklng-lilrd was named, osklng that ho
bo tho only person bosldo herself who
would bo permitted to view her icnialtn.
A Texas Olrl Piefmreil llentli fm
Jtutliei' 'Hum Scpiiiiitlon,
Sv Antomo, Trws, Jan. -.'. Last
night In tho kitchen of Colonel Martin's
residence, llertha tfross shot and fatally
wounded her lover, James Hartley of the
Tldid Artillery. The shot took effect In
Hartley's abdomen. The woman then
shot herself, indicting a wound that will
probably cause death. They were lovers
mid engaged to bu mariled. When Halt
lev Hilled hist night ho told tho woman
lie was going loseparitto from her and tlio
shooting followed.
Shotgun Oiiiiiiinlinc
IIofsTo.s, Tsx., Jan. -'. AVhlle small
(nix Is prevalent here. It Is not epidemic,
Imt the cltlcns on Sun I'ellpo street, be
tween tho city and Iho pest house, yester
day Inaugurated a shotgun tiiiuruutluu ou
their own hook, and neither State nor
city tilllclals can bie.ik through except nt
the risk of Hie. Thu matter is setious,
nnd Iho hot-headed citlens will havo to
bo convinced of tho mistake befoiotho
blockade can hu raised,
linn lulu nu Open Swltih.
X.vliipo, Tr., Jan. IS. The Artec
limited expiCNh on Iho Mexican National
road ran into nu open switch near tiolon
drlnas station last night. The engine
turned over, killing Ikiglneer J, W. Dohan!
uud fatnllv wounding I'iiemau II. Stilt
fotd. Nono ol tho passcngei-s weru in
jured. County Tieioivui'i' Slioit.
rii'iiiMiMi i.), Mo,, Jan. 'JJ, It Is le
polled that County Tieasurcr John llaber
of McDonald County Is short in Ids nc
rottuts to the amount of S7,0o. llaber is
a Democrat and has held the olllce ot
county trcavutcr for twenty years.
Tho Young I'oel, I.nders, Dend
I'liH.Aiirii'iiM, Jan. l'J. Charles Henry
Tattlers, whose iKiellcal contributions lo
litany of the American niagu.Incs havo
nttmctod much attention, died of con
sumption yesterday at the University
Hospital. For a number of years Mr.
aiders has been In bad health, nnd when
the true cause of ills condition was discov
ered he mado every elTort to regain Ids
strength. Traulntid thoiiiostscriipulous
attention to his mode ol life were no
availing. His condition slcudlly detcrlo
ratnl. When Dr. Koch made the nunounee
ment of Ids disiovory Mr. I.uders, who
was at the tlmu nt Saranac Luke, entered
Into correspondence wllh his physicians,
with a view lo availing himself of the
euratlvo lymph, llo was among the llrst
tn apply lor treatment at the I'nlversitv
Hospital, when the consignment or lymph
was ret lived by theTuberctilosIs Commis
sion, and was pronounced n suitable case
forlnjiitlon. Ills conlldi'tieu Inthobene
Iks lo bo derived from the treatment was
firm, and he was rertain his euro would
bo offeilod. Ills holms were for n time
confirm! (I, nnil, with the progress of thu
treatment, many of his most alarming
symptoms subsided, but latterly a chango
took plaeo, nnd during tint past lew diys
hu grew steadily weaker and died
fiom hemorrhages and exhaustion.
CliniUs ltoiitnii'ri llentli Caused by Tun
Young Min.
Ni.w Yomc, Jan, . An Investigation
of the death of Charles llouton, who died
In Conway's liquor saloon, lu Jersey City,
Tuesday, shows that he was tho victim of
n fatal practical Joke. AVhlle silting lu
the saloon in n nnlf-stiipllled condition
two young fellows Thomas Hnrlau nnd
.lames t iryit ainuseu mcniseives ny
blinking ids faeo with burnt cork, throw
ing pieces of burning paper about lilmnnd
kicking the chair from under him when
he attempted lo sit down. Once, after
placing sonte burning pacr under him,
they yelled "lire1." Itoutoii jumped up
excited, and us ho was sitting down ntmln
they kicked tliechairiiway, and in falling
his head struck heavily against a jiost.
They then picked him up and carried
him into the back room, where he tilth
siiquenlly dlesl. Harlan, Coylu and thu
bartender of tho saloon vveru coiumlllod
A I'liurteeli-Yi'ili-tllil Hoy l'lttsn llllllet
In Ills lll-nlli.
H.wiktov, Jan. k'J. Frank Walk, aged
II, tho son of William AVnlk of Ilisnt
Corners, commltteil suicide Tui-sday night
by shiHittng himself through the head.
The boy had been nttendlng icvlval meet
ings for the past week and spent all Ids
spurn time In tirnycr and in cxbnrtlng his
'neighbors to reform. He was preparing
lu attend meeting, when his father oh
jeetcd, saying twite a week was enough to
go. The boy Insisted uhiii going nnd Ids
father compelled him logo to bed.
As Iho family wcro about to retire for
thu night n pistol-shot was heard ill
Frank's loom. Hushing into thu room
Ithey found him unconscious upon his
bed, a small levolvcrilutclied in Ins right
hand ami blood streaming from a hole in
Ids head. Ho lingered until u Into hour
'yesterday afternoon, when he died.
Dr. lllonil "njH He I'lcfeis 'susplelon
AVilli l'leciloin.
IIOsto.v, Jan. !'. 'i'lie (Untie publishes n
story to el.- fl.it Hintn Jnilli.iiiii! now
In this city met Dr. Charles !,. HIoihI Hi
Denver, uud spoke to him of his alleged
connection with IlicSawtellccase. Hlood,
in reply, said: "It is a Ho of Iaac Saw
tello's. I did not meet him in Now York,
ashesays. In tact, the whole or his alleged
confession Is untrue. I may go back when
it is nil over, but knowing tho bitter opin
ion that prevailed in the public mind I
thought it would hu foolish lo remain lu
danger. I believe that I would ml her
have mv liberty and stand tho suspicion
of guilt In the personal kuuwledgu of iiiuo
icnie." .in: fi.'.si: iumxi:i .slowly,
Hill llio l'owilui- llxplodeil M'lieii t lis)
Mistaken Woiltlili'li Apitioitclictt It.
Ilii.i.xv, Mom'., Jan. L'J. lly a promo
turo blast (if glnnt powder Inunoxcnvn
tion at llutler station Imgineer AV. M,
Kinney of tho Northern 1'ucillc was in
stantly killed und a dozen workmen had
a miraculous escape. An eight-pound
cluirgeof powder was placed In the hole
and tlio ltt-e leading toil burned so slowly
that the men thought it had misse'd lire.
Kinney and tho workmen went lo e
amino thu ihurgo uud arrived jut us II
exploded. Other woikuieii were littrlid
in tlio i'ioWs. but none weiu seriously In
Allium ' 111 Ohio (lillil.lv Si'itiirs
the Itepeiil of n l.nvv.
Coil Mills, Onto, Jan. .An indica
tion of the strength the Fanners' Alliance
bus lu the r-talu legislation in Ohio was
given )csleida,v.
'lhe State Alliance yesterdav morning
sent a telegram to Iho (ieueral Assembly
a-klngthe lepeal of tlio law exempting
niiiuufuct tiled produets 1mm luxation for
ono year lifter production, lletoro the
House adjourned last evening tho bill was
pns-cd with but few dissenting votes.
1.1 C- StOCk Oil II SpilM'.
M vhtin's Fumv, Ohio, Juii. 'JJ. Hubert
lleavcin, who lives on a llttlo farm up
tilenn'slluu. was In Martin's l'eirv yes
teiday aud told of a big drunk among his
cows, hogs, dog", and chickens mid two
deaths lrom the same. Mr. Ileavou
bought an empty whisky barrel for do-nic-tlo
tt-u and took it home. Opening It
hu found several pieces of meat, which he
leil to the pig", dog, cons, and chickens,
which bud a bad elicit ou them. Tlio
dog and one hog died, the cows staggered
ami mado tho most hideous uiosoiind thu
pigs siitee!ed us never belore. The chick
ens uctcd strangely and fell from lhe
iooss that evening. All thouulnuiN that
had eaten the meat were drunk.
Clii'iip Aluminum.
Ciivii VM, Ohio, Jan. 'JJ. The Cowle
r.lcctrlc r-mt'ltiug and Aluminum Com
pany held Its annual meeting hero yestei
day. A half ton of pure aluminum, iiKinii
fucturid ut thelrworks in l.ockpoit, X, A .,
was displayed lo the shareholders. I'uder
the new process employed by thisioiupaiiy
pure aluminum Is now sold ut lctullnt
fLLVia hiiiiii1, rite iheapest price In the
woriu. vvitn irye iinproveinents now in
proguss It is ex'peeied to bring the prleu
down to llgures that will solve the ques
tion of produiing i heap alumlniuu.
AM'oiiiaii'sNoKi' 1'iilitiiil Willi Cut ltllis,
DtiiTiit, lu.., Jan. -J A surgeon of
lids city has just completed a novel surgi
cal ol oration. He teiiioved part of four
ribs of a cat and inserted them in thu now
or a voting lad) . forming a perfect bridge
for tlio nose. Tho bones ot tho nose had
delayed and vveio icmove-d. This is said
to be the llrst o)ieration of Iho kind know u
ill the annuls cif suigery.
AMU Stiin.l H) liigiills.
Tot'tkv, ICan., Jnn, !.. Tlio ltcptibll
can uicmbeis of the l.eglslatttio held a
caticuslast night on tho Senatorial ques
tion und decided to slay by IngalLs until
ho was electtsl, A tclegiani was lead
from Senator lugalls announcing that hu
had stalled forTupeku.
Kvlrleil Disk Tennnts Sm i ruder tn Lnml
lonls DeslHutliiii t'outhiiirs In .Some
lllstilils, nnd lltiiulrrils are Starving
The New Aiuetlriin Tnrltr Cuts (),T
Wink, anil It Is n Ten Mile Winter
for the Poor.
I.o.mx)s;, Jan. 22. Mr. fllndslone has
telegraphed his congratulations to Mr.
rurncssovcr the result of the Hnrtlcoot
(lection, r.vcrywhcro throughout tho
country the Liberals nrc rejoicing over
thevlctory, which give") another scat from
tho Conservatives and assures the unity
of llio party. Now that victory is won,
stories tire coming of the inethiKls re-sort is!
to In order to control the volesof the
workliigmi'ii for Mr. (Iray, (lie rnlnnist
candidate. No open Intimidation was re
sorted to, ns in nu 1 jiglish election, that
would be fatal, but circulars were dis
tributed showing all thnt Mr. (Iray had
done for the place; Ihat he had been mayor,
port commissioner, ilc, and all that was
needed to crown Ids carter was lo elect
him member of Parliament. It is a
signillcnnt fact that the I'nionlsts rather
avoided political argument and addressesi
themselves almost wholly to the personal
question. Mr. l'timum, on tho oilier
blind, Inld tlic political issues clearly be
fore the voters and avoided personal ques
tions. Coining Just at the opening of Parlia
ment, the victory gives nu impulse ot en
rounigemeut, which tho Liberals hive
badly needed, nnd will make them nioro
eggressivcnnu assertive, j no lories, wn
have been discounting the defeat for soma
time, cannot conceal their disappoint
ment, for thu result jndirntcs the prob
nbloiesitlt in other Llticral-l'iiloulst inn
slltnclielcs, without whose aid the Tories
cannot keep control of tin-government.
Many of the evicted Irish tenants wins
have surrendered to their landlord had
been without a remittance from tlir.
National League for three months. Ti
some of them Mr. William O'llrieii
had written that checks would arrive, but
tlio checks never came.
'lhe landlords nrc treating the tenants
with somegcueroslty. In severnllusluniM
in Tipperary tenants had abandoned val
uable properties where they paid only it
nominal ground rent, the Improvements
liav lug Ins n mado by them. One tenant,
lor instance, paid an annual ground rent
of .--Ootid hud creeled a building at h
cost of ilj.tsxi. Alt have been allowed ti
reneciipy on payment of the old rent and
in some ca-es of much less. Tlio agra
rian aspect of the League agitation seems
to bu slight.
Appalling accounts of destitution con
tinue in the inM district of Wolverhaiui
ton. 'I hu charily olliio reports Hint hun
dreds ant starving; that in some In-tance-s
it is actually dangerous to administer
food, owing to the peril attendant upon
invcuotis hunger when food Is tlrst of
feie'd. A clergyman says it is Impossible
lo describe thu mitry that pievalls.
"I Ionics are without llres, tint rooms with
out i limit lire, the women havo only n
sltiglu garment covering them, aiul this
ihlldrcn aiu almost ns bad."
A good deal of nil-cry in lllrnilnghant
nnd other places Is duu to work being cut
oil by the new American tariff. In Lon
don thu verdict of death from starvation
Is lcturned in numerous loses. Sonict
laborers wlioappllcsl to a maglsttate fur
relief said they hud sold even their InmiN
for blend. In mini) years there has mil
been a more terrible- winter for tlm poor.
And vet London Is full of charitable so
i.'il. '1 he Ihnployers' Liabilities bill, to )R
urged In Pnrliamuit by the lepnaenta
tivesof tho labor bill, will contain a pro
vision making It liiiHisIble for working
men to contraU themselves out of its pro
visions. The miners deeluro Unit they
will closely watch the eoursy of memliert
of Parliament ou this and other matters
affecting labor.
It is neit generally knownjliat tlio Dnktf
of l.cuthti'iibnrg, reeeutlv des'e-a-csl,
might have been lkiqieror of tho French
hail the empire survived. Napoleon III.
stlei ted the Duke as Ids successor, in ca.s
lie should dlo without pcr-ouul issue. Tho
Duke's estate loots nil ?,0Oi,iss.
Tho Tlmm nnd Slumliiiit (lalm tills
morning that tho Hartlepool elei tion was
decided ou tho eight hour and other issues
nnd Unit home rulu liadno sirl lu It.
The I'opo sent his benediction ye'stetdav
to AViudthorst, the (lerninn Cnthollu
leader, on tho occasion of Ids birthday,
which occurred several days ago, nud
urged him to continue thu work ot the
'Ihengltatlon for a nioro liberal fr'iu
ehise Is tho greatest since tho ISelglau
constitution was adopted. 'Iho Kmlirils
favor universal and thu Moderates a lim
ited suffrage.
'liaio .tgi-iils AVorlc on tin
tlo (.mint
lli.ow vsvim . Tt.x . Jan. L'J. Further
particulars of the train win k mid rob
bery on the lilo (irando road ou the I'.Hli
instant say that after nbtuinlngthe mouey
tlie robbers blindfolded the pas-engers
and tiiiinmcn, loreed thom Into a box
cur, locked them in and left. Thu de
tailed coaches caught tire front thu over
turned locomotive', and but for thoav.it
auce of farmers living near the scene the
Imprisoned passengers and trainmen
would have )srlshed In thu Homes. Tho
sheriff and u jsi e of men are in pursuit
of the robber.
AVniil lo Put It on lis lilt ,liiln.
K vvsvs I'm, Mo., Jan. ! A commit
tee of local upltuh"ts called upon United
Slates Hank Kxainluer Marshal yesterday
and Informed him that they weru pre
pared to submit a prosiltlon for thu ro-ois-nlng
of the American National Dank.
Jlr. Maislml icplled that If they would
phue the pnqiositlou In writing ho would
icfer It to the Comptroller of thu Trea-ury
at Wiishinglou. A telegram has been re
eclvesl from Cotnptioller Ijuey lo thu cf
feit that smh u pioposltion would rccclv
his piompt attintion,
lloliiieil ii Illtlili'iiil unit Dili If. 1 (tr
ill or-.
Smii-kv, Ohio, Jan. JJ The auiiual
meeting of the r-amlusk), Matislleld and
Xewtuk Itiillieiad (onip.iny held In tills
illy )esterday ilex lured a dividend ol .'IJ
tsr ecnt , payable February I, John
liurdlner was eleited president ami Jay
e). Mo, vicc-picsidcut and treasurer.
Dlnetors for thu ensuing vear weru
elcsted as lollows: John (laidluer, Jav O.
Moss, I, J. True). V. (I. lianlliiur, C. H.
Mo-m, Chas 1'.- Ma.ver, Hubert (iarrelt,
.v, c . .vioss ami i tin k itoauo.
One riilliuo t'nllinis Aiinlliei'.
MoMUbvi, Jan. JJ Thofullmoot this
big dry goods linn of MeUtchlan Drew for
t7uo,oou vestenlav resiilteil In tho failure
of Lindsay, (llluioiir ,V Co. for friJJ.u-M.
'I he assignment of there two linns, It Is
thought, is the beginning of a general
clearing out by the Canadian banks ot
weak nouses, and several other largo
houses me e.vpeclesl to go lu the next few,
duv s,
(one l'i In n lllni'.
T.v Ci.o., Wt, Jan. 'JJ. l'lre last
night destroyed the storage warehouse of
the AViooiu-lH Lumber und Manufactur
ing Company. Loss, t-JMHSl; insurance,
Local AVeiillier I'lUcensl.
Vol' Hit District of Columbia, .U'lrylmii
ami i'nflliitii, tlhihtlu ei'ldn, iftfilft" itii
(Mi. nifj diii ,ii Ihr ttlijtil 'iio on t'tnlmj,
i 'I

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