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gJiTii rMMifhuiTiyifiiiBiiTiiiiiii;
ui"'"''Ht' " i" "wm
' at
i i
043 D Strcot Northwost.
Bj null (postage prepaid), 1 Jfflr 3 73
' " 1 month . CO
Carriers In the city, 1 month ..... 34
ran oritio,
011 D street,
Wellington, D. 0.
WASIIIMITON, 1). 0., Kemiuatiy 'JO, 1801,
lr n.M mvy vpmirt. the esteemed lWi
cutcipilsc In gcltlne; liens, without being
itni) tiled to htlicvc the same, wo eleslro
lotnkc tlic fullest posslhlo ntlv nntngc of
Unit arrangement. Ccrtnlnly wo hnvo
seen of Ink' nothing mora nilmlrnhlo In
the wnv of novelty tlinn the lUl't iloch
ration, this morning, tlint Mr. Cf lvpiami
lins no Itlen of seeking nmt will uiitlor no
t Ircunutniicci accept the Democratic noni
inntion for the Presidency In 1892, AVo
visli to put Tin Cmiie on record res ap
preciating to llio lnsttlcgrco the brilliancy
of such n conception. It came on n dull
day like an otjli of scimtion In a desert
nf ) relillng. It wai an Inspiration.
Hut our esteemed contimpnrnry will
excuse us if vv u stop nt this. Our eMccnicil
tuntiuiurary will, In consideration of
the boundless admiration we lavish on Its
ncrc( ocrlook (he comparatively unlm
joitaiit omission of confidence- In lb ac
curacy. There arc two reasons com hieing to
us why we reject the proposition In ipici
tlon. In Oicllretplaeo. If Mr. CmiMMi
lind not been seeking the party iioinln i
tit n, ho would ucer have allowed his
friends to think and say that he was. Ho
Mould not lime pursued tho course that
lie has pursued with sui.li obstinate energy
for the rnst ear. He would not
iac written tho ltllen that ho
bus written or delivered tho
iccchci that ho has delivered. He
would not hae bicn 7) constantly n tm'
Iii socially, nubllcly, and politically.
Ko one iw'csiiiig tho sni dlest acqualnt
isiiiccvvith Mr. Ciiuumi'i personal char
iietcraud private Inclinations can be nndc
to hellcvctlmt he would have eourted all
this notoriety and endured all these tlre
m me end laborious functions save In tho
iiirsult of n serious and overshadowing
1 nrjtoie. Mr. Cilv el vmi is not a grei
rious animal. Jfo never was. Hu has
Krtnt foiidncs for n few clium, but
iienc for mankind at large. Kveuln his
5 outh, when a man about town In ISulTiilo,
be was noted for this trait. Ho brought
it wltli liliu to Washington. Hcvvas the
1 nt I resident to practico Eccluslon from
thocoplc. He invariablv Uit out of
slthl when he could, audit is not jet for
ci lldi that on nuu occasion he ordered the
(I Its of the south grounds of the White
U'cdced Iicciipo lie tlM not wish tho
I ul He to tec him while ho strolled thcro
dining a leisure moment. To ask us to
lellcvc that hu luis Euddenly abandoned
the ha) its and predilections of lili whole
life without a motive, ami, from belli,; a
r chife, lias burgeoned Into a llucnt and
t-stcnlatious rounder," N asking a little
too much.
Then, again, why have they sent Mr.
AVniTsrv hero to mako a rev elation which
could havo been better made in 2ft vv York,
and which was of fur greater linportanco
there? '1 he riv al aspirations of Jlr. Ci E J -j.amj
and Ciovcriior Hili. hnve agitated
mid divided tho party for two long jcirs.
This rivalry has been Industriously ex
lolt(d by tho friends of cither, and it
lias bctti permitted to reach a point
ut which t lie wisest leadcis of the
Democracy perceived tint tho
fctatc would bo lost to the parly were
either nominated. Why has this perilous
conflict been prosecuted If Mr. Cu v ll vm
ih not an aspirant? Why Ins the organi
zation In New Yoik been carried to tho
-verge of disintegration, all for nothing.'
And, i'nally, If Mr. Cli I i.vmi had long
iigo determined not to seek or accept tho
nomination, why was this resolvo
guarded so carefully at tho point where Its
promulgation would havo done inllnito
gocd and left to leak out lu Washington
under circumstances that dcprlvo it of
Authenticity and, therefore, of vnhic?
Wo take tho liberty of refusing to be
lieve that Mr. Ci em land docs not want
llio nomination, and will nottako it if it
be offered him. Ho may havo at list
realized that ho is not likely to get It
that his own State delegation will not sup
port him; but that he does not want it, or
that ho has not been working for It these
1 tu-ttvvo jearsi 's E11" l0 palpable for tho
trcdullty of the most innocent of ma
rines. Tiir Sioux I.sdh.ns who lately visited
"Washington now complain that they were
not shown enough attention. Can it bo
losible that their names were purposely
nnltteelnt the reception given to tho rep
resentatives of other foreign powers' If
I he Sioux arc not "In the Swim," let us
know why.
Mr. Dana's references to How vim Ovr
joLi. in connection with tho litter's new
journalistic enterprise recall tho days of
reconstruction, when Caiii on. was work
ing for the 2ftw York Timtt and dolngtho
f-uutherii outrage business for that piper
in bis mtut tlorid stjle. It was Jn tho
latter part of September, 1871, that Cu
irnLliritwint to New Orleans. Tho White
J cogue, composed chlclly of tlio dandles,
thiLnun and society swells of the city,
had just overthrown the Itcpiibllcau State
fjovcrument, thrasheil tho fctate troopt
i iitlcr command of General I.onchti.fet,
lilv en (Jinernl Km ioou Into hiding In the
t'uttein House and Installed tho Demo
tiotlc claimants all over the btstc. Gin
irn, aid Mosfji Hvmjy arrived by tho
mine train. Cvvloii. represented tho
'Junta and Hvmiy the Ttibmie, When
thty reached thcro tho city was msomo
1 1 illusion, TIioDcmocraticOovcrnorliad
Lttuiiiilallcdaud tho diiMiscd Governor
was still lu the Custom House.
Tho Mate troops wcro scattered
to the four winds and, pending tho organ
ization of u temporary police force, tho
tlty was taking care of Itself. Tho streets
w re nllvo with all sorts of rumors. Gen
i nil llMor.v had come in with a regiment
r two of regulars, and spcculitlon was
life as to what would happen nevt
It was at this Interesting Juncture, that
JIami-i conceived tho Idea of getting arise
tint of Cm i.oi i.. He was a Virginian, had
I ecu on the Kmthcrn bModurlugthowar,
mid, as w asijulte natural, soon bcc.uuo hall
ft How -well met with all tho old gray backs
in town. Ucslde that, tho Tttbuni was at
that time hostilo to tho reconstruction
measure's, to military interference In
lections and tho carpet-bag establish
ment in the Southern Mates. Xo wonder
that Hvmiy was welcome at all the
bivouacs, Ihe clubs, tho newspaper olllcci
uiid the haunts of tho While Leaguogenor
i.Ily. Tho Information lie imparted to
Caiiiiou. during those few days which
Inttrv tned btforo tho restoration
,f tho Kellog government would
have put to shamo the story ofa (lis
mtaacro of St. Dartholomow, If
(Iaiiiom. l'rottstttl that ho didn't seo
miy carnage from tho hotel window,
11vMiv would mournfully Invito him to
take a ttroll about the back btrcets. If
Cam oi i objected that the White Leaguo
certainly wouldn't slaughter defenceless I
creatures who had ceased their rcslstonco
and Mirrcndercd, Hvnijy would reply that
I crimp tho Whlto huiguo were not doing
It In person, but that tho butchery w is
eolr.g on. Ho implored Carroll, not to
mention these revolting fads lu his tele
grams. Ho pointed mil that tho tokyr iph
operators would tell on him, and that,
even IT they didn't, tho dlspitches
would bo telegraphed right Inck to Now
Orleans, ho would bo Identlllcd and ruth
lessly put to death. Ho Implored Cuti.ott.
not to try to leave town while public feel
ing was so violent, but to stay quietly lu
Ids hotel and tiy to look like nsugir
I lanler until things quieted down. Mein-
whllo lie would glvo Cvniioi t. all tho news
himself. Then, at all sorts of unexpected
moment, he would burst IntoCviinoLi.'H
roam, shuddering with horror, and rela'o
seino ghastly asnssluatioiiliohadjust wit
nessed around on Harrono or Diiiplilu
street, dwelling on the sickening details
until Cmiiioi i.'s eyes would dllato aim nt
to bursting.
Old HANnvgavoCvnron. n grcil dml
In that piping month of September, 1871,
and when ho Dually letup on hlni, and
Cvmioii, began to mix with tho Whlto
I cagucrs lu tho Doston, Orleans and , i
Vurlcte clubs, tho latter would think of
Hvmiv. rolling merrily back to 2fcw York
grinning in ills sleeve, and his lingers
would work convulsively in tho brief
1 aues between drinks as though longing
to bur' themselves In Hvmiv'h singulno
wlil'kcn and mako trouble for them.
IVuy livvvMiv has written llftcen
tong, and they are to bo tried on tho
London "dog" shortly. This Is clcirly
an Infringement of Mr. Kiciitmi Mws
i ii lh'h patent.
Till Jiw SivvTor. from South Dakota
calls hlmclf an "Indecrat," wlntcvcr
that is. Ho may turn out n muskrat ami
live to see his hido tanned and converted
inlonmuft tokecpapliitocratlc's liands
Oi riciw. mil jy basset tho seal of Its
approval upon tho rccito work of pretty
Mrs. Ihlllngton lloolh of thoSdvatloil
Armv and her fascinating poko bonnet.
Tho sudden descent of l.cnt upon us Ins
lcftthoo who doto upon a now crazo
without a fashionable "fad." Jin. Hooth
kindly came to tho rescue and saved the
truly good from tho exhausting chiihJ
inseparable from n lack of a sensation.
There Is a vWblo Held for "rcsctio work"
in tlieffrcoftiYr gown of tho period. Un
less it is rescued it bids fair to disappear
altrgethcr. Another Held is also ripe for
the harvest. It Is tho elimination of the
idci that society peoplo alone can mako
mercy, clnnty and good works, "good
With Mvjonr.Qnir.OM:of I.osAiigclis
in tho Senate in a furnvircoat and over
shoes In summer, and with Lieutenant
folintl PiMitoN, K. M. (', minus soek,
in the House, wo can difylu novel anl
spectacular grandeur all agglomeration?
under tival tents.
Thk I'jiii vim rmv Twin will publish
rcjit f-mulay a series of brief notes from
evl'cildent Cltvilami, Ciivu.nciy Jf.
Dciiw, Justice ISnvMLY, Jons S. Whb,
IMri DoioiniTV, ex Governor ilovu
ii v, Kooru A. I'r.vor, Iticiai u Vvl, c-Atornry-Ucncral
(lnn:.n mid lniny
others of equal ability, written in answer
to the question. "Wliataro tho cssentliis
of success at tho Ihr?" This question is
easily iinswcred. It depends upon Invlng
easli or credit with the barkeeper in some
ca'csand "standing In" with the Judgo
and jury in others.
It ih to lc norm 'that tho grand con
glomeration of femininities in solemn
conclave asscmbletl hero will terlously
consider tho burning (11.0611011", "What
shall we do withthosuperlluous spinster?"
and "How can tho bachelor bo most
speedily mado to sec tho error or his
Tiieoc.n(i m wfru ni called tho 2fcv
York Jlnonlcr, born tho other day, is a
remarkably flno boy. Vigor, cleanliness,
curnncy and cleverness are written on
every llm anient of his honest and intelli
gent joung face, llio Jlionlt.rU edited
with cholarly tastoand man-oMhe-world
ability. The tone of the paper Is upright,
bravo and patriotic. There is tho ring of
cosmopolitan liberality and metropolitan
enterprise about It. It is ouoof tlioXow
York papers a gentleman can let como
into his house. The JleconUi has already
mado n place for itself and docs not need
to be patted on tho back In n patronizing
way, but to bo hugged as one of us a
wclconio recruit in the field of honest and
conscientious journalism.
Mrt. Groi on W. Ciiilds, as usual In such
cases, was on hand at theSnniMW funeral.
The fat, gray obituarist seems to bo n sort
of national mourner and mute in chief
when off duty as n tea-cup and dinner
i i ii i i
Ecnator elect Tlrico of Ohio is very often
taken for a Hebrew, but (leneral Iten l.o
1'cv re, his close friend, says that Mr. Hrlco
comes of Scottish stock, mid his father
was a Scotch Presbyterian clergyman.
Pcpator elect Kylo of South Dakota will
Lo another young member of tho Upper
chamber at Washington. Ho Isf only 37
j cars old. Ho was born in Illinois, was
graduated at Oberlin In 1878 in tho classi
cal department, but spent three vcurs
more there studying for tho ministry,
lit tw ccn 1S81 and ISM) lie labored as a
missionary In Utah and Colorado under
i ongregationai auspices, no men semen
in Ipswich. South Dakota, where ho was
a pastor. last car he removed to Aber
deen. Already thrcol'lilladclphlaus have into
rleel Into tho Astor family Miss Paul,
now Mrs. Wm. Waldorf Astor, considered
one of tho handsomest young matrons lu
America; Coleman Drayton, who married
Miss Astor, and Miss Willing; and it is
already prophesied that through this In
llurnco thtro will doubtless bo nwro
than ono other alliance between load
ing families of Philadelphia and New
Meissonicrwiis regarded as ono of tho
wealthy artists of tho world, and vet it is
posslblu that tho sums w hlch he obtained
for his work havo been exaggerated. "At
the present prices," observes tho Paris
corresio!iilcntof tho London IluiW, "his
works may bo estimated at atotalvaluo
of Kunii EO.Ocn.Ouy of francs, b it the
lalnttr did not receive for them m iro
than oncs-te nth of that sum. Tliodlffer
tnee represents tho margin which lm ra
biilled tothopmlltof dealers, speculators
and umatcurti."
General Thomas IVnwIck Drayton died
In 1 lorence, S. ('., February is, lu hlsSlth
.venr. General 'lliomas i'enwick Drayton
was born in South Carolina in 1807, Ho
graduated at West Point in IH.'S, ami
served lu garrison In Jefferson llarracks,
Mo, and Newiwrt, Ky., In 1H3J. uml
then on topographical duty, but resigned
on August 15, 187), and became a civil en
gineer in Charleston, Loulsvillo and ('in
tiiiiiatl. Ho was also n planter In St.
Luke's parisli. South Carolina, In IHJ-j 01,
was a Hate Senator In 18.M-0, uml prti
dent of tlm Charleston and Savannah
ItallroaillnlS&kOI. At the beginning of
the war ho entered the Confederate service-,
was coiiimlsslontel brigadier-general,
and commaiidiHl the Coufedcr.ito
forces on Hilton Head Island at tlmo of
Hie i'ort Hojal exicelltlon, in which his
brother. Captain I'trcival Drayton, com
mandril a I'lilon vescl. After the war
General Drovtnn settled down to farming
in Georgio, and In 1878 was made presi
dent of tho South Carolina Immigrant
Association ami removed to Charlotte,
N C.
CUllltllNT ritt.8) OPINION.
VVnmnii'ii Itit1l.it .
'iomtlt A'tid Yoik Hun.
Kven In these; dajs of national women's
congresses and councils and tho multipli
cation of womcu'D clubs tho demand for
the ballot does not nicrcaso among women.
1'robalily tho iininber of women who
want to vote Is not any larger propor
tlotiatclv than It was forty years ago In
tills country, and tho agitation for tho In
novation Is les-i strenuous now than it
was then.
Nnl ".Imlgo" lllnlr.
J-'iom Iht Jlos'on lltrnUt.
The failure of Senator lllalr to get llio
New Hampshire Judgeship for which he
was so warmly recommenced by hts Sena
torial brethren goes to conllrm tho report
that President Harrison does not content-
pinto providing for the numerous victims
of tho November cyclone. This is well,
llt-ddcs, there arc not enough places to go
Unite True.
Fiom Iht Charlitlon Xiwt ami VoutUt.
The South cannot alford to lwut and
fret and f umo about tho political oulrago
which tho Senators from New Imgland
and tho North attempted to perpclrato
upon her, but, If she wishes to Keep pace
with the progress of the country and to
attract Into her borders tho population
and wealth and Industry of tho world,
she must show tho world what sho has
in tho way of material resources before
the world will como to her.
Wclslit nr Cowardice.
Fiom Hit Vlnelnnrll Tlmti btai.
"Yt," sa'd tho farmer to tho deacon,
"I'll either atltudtlio prayer-meeting my
self or vend a hand." Hut Mr. Cleveland
will neither attend the .Icffersonlan ban
(iiiet atbprlngllcld nor send n hand, and
llio banquet Is declared ofl. If drover Is
to keen tho banqueting up and his mil
posoduwu ho cun't start his proxy it d ly
too soon.
Tim egrn I'roblciu.
t'icm the L'ourltr-Jcuinal.
'J lie effects of freedom upon the black
raeo havo been altogether miscalculated
The negro does not breed so fust In free lorn
us In cutlvlty. 'J tint tlic-Mrtli r.Uo is
regulated by the price of brc id Is a truth
tersely expressed, and silicone became his
own master tho negro, as well as tho
white, feels the operation of tho rule. In
Mm cry, whllo compelled to work and
to obey, ho took no thought of tho future,
but now he knows the difference. Sur
rounded by a constantly advancing clvlll
zatlem, hois dragged up a little himself,
and tho increase of responsibilities throws
some cheeks upon the animal law by
which he was formerly almost entirely
During the last thirty years uf slavery
thciict,ni increised !X) per teiit.wliila
during tho first thirty ears of freedom ho
has gained but coper cent. Tho contrast
certainly gives thu negro problem a nure
cheerful aspett.
Tho CprlKlit Hill 1'iistt-il.
J-'i orn the -Ytm York 1 invs.
Honest Americans may hold their heads
n trillo higher to-day and feci a IlttlQ moro
respect for themselves. The principle of
International copv right has neon recog
nized as-right andjust and necessary by a
majority of both houses of Congress.
Hmto bill 10,8S1 passed the Senate ycMter
ritivhy nvctoorSOtoll.
rnfnrtunattlv. It tusscd with mm'
limcndmtuts that will necessitate U re
turn to the House for oinciirrenc '. A
confireiicceeiininittio will bo ncecsjiry,
and that would Involve a delay extremely
1 crilnus to the bill, since only tw "vee'.s
remain of this session of Congress. It
might be wiser and better for the House
tnaetct the Senate amendments at onc.i
without a conference committee, and the
frunds of international copjrlht In tho
House and at Washington will tiko this
view of tho ease and press the amend
ments for concurrence.
i:i roiu.vi. ii:iison.t.s.
Governor Hill remains silent on the
subject of sliver. Tho Presidential hone
of tho free-silver Democrats may vet lie in
him, Cincinnati CommiuUtl-0'a.itlc.
Grant, Thomas, Sherman and tho reit
of ihe great lighters arogont'. Hut Tor iker
survives, it seems that In order to out
live everj body else it is only nccesjary to
glvo tho muscles of tho jaw iteady exer
cise. it. .onto JtrpnUk.
An Iiidependentwillboagreat improve
incut on Senator Moody. '1 ho interests of
tho West demand something quite elllTcr
cnt from tho kind of statesmen it lias
been sending to Congress. Tho West
really belongs to tho Democratic party.
tu id -ani nnf.
'llio South loves Cleveland for tho ene
mies ho mado by vetoing pension bills
and proposing to glvo up tho captured
Confederate battlc-llags; and perhaps that
will induco her to condone his anti-silver
letter. bt. Louts Glotx-lhinoci at.
When a distinguished warrior llko
Sherman falls, tho bitter memories which
would formerly havo inllamcd tho minds
of those who actually or in tho spirit
looked down into bis open grave, no
longer rise up to keep alive the footings
which tho good of all tho sections require
should bo repressed and forgotten. Tho
memories which that opengravo brings
back aro full of tho glory of a great con
flict which reflected eternal honor upon
tho American soldier, hut they do not
cast any dark shadow over tho fu
ture of tho Itcpublic. Such memories
strengthen rather than weaken popular
commence lu the destinies of our common
country, for they aro now devoid of
antagonism and hatred, and aresuggesttvo
only of mutual kindness and good will.
JtMimomi J imca.
While General Mahono is advising the
Democrats to nomlnato Mr. Gorman for
President ho is also busy planning to keep
at tho head of the llcpubllcati party in
tills State anil, presumably, to lead an
anti-Harrison delegation to tho National
llcpubilcan Convention. Mahone is cer
tainly not friendly to Harrison and Illaluo
is his ancient enemy. JtUhmoml J)tpatch.
There was something very funny in Mr.
Harrison's remark to tho Sioux chiefs
thut "you can get nothing by war except
punishment." What's tho matter w Ith a
frco trip to Washington, a box at tho
theatre, a shower of presents and no end
of receptions and civil attention A'aiitm
City blur.
Pension Commissioner llaum's coat of
whitewash will boa lllmsv armor when
tho HCAt House of Keiirtseutatlves goes
at him witli n scalpel. .Yew York Tilt
gram. Mrs. Tennant, Henry M. Stanley's
mother-in-law, tajs: "In America thcro
aro thousands and thousands of sweet,
lovely, worthy girls, who aro fading
away, becauso thnroaro no husbands for
them." Well, what would the English
girls do, wcro It not for nn occasional
American explore!.' CMaiyo .1ulf,
it Is now hinted that tho soe-klcss agri
culturists of Kansas contemplate sliding
Plumb through thosamo guillotine that
decapitated Ingalls. Ilia Kansas politi
cians seem to bo unusually dull In grasp
ing tlm magnltudoof tho man with tho
hoc. J'ort U'oifA (laxctte.
Senator Vest is among tho leading Dem
ocrats who now bauldii'vii tlm Cleveland
banner. The Senator sajs no man can ho
greater than his party. Hut ho forgets
Mr. t lovclaiul's llrst claim to distinction
was based on tlio ground that ho was over
so much belter limit Ills p irty. Th it was
tlio .Mugwump Idea, and it worked fairly
well. Omaha Jkt,
David II. Hill will sit behind Senator
Gorman in tho Senate, ami did lioneel
ony posting as to Senatorial work would
bo just where lie could "help himself
from tho Jug." Hut lie doesn't. 7Vil'i
(ttljihia Tiiim.
Tho Music Hall Company of New York,
which owns tho largo music hall at Fifty
seventh street and Seventh avenue, now
rapidly Hearing completion, is making
preparations to ojjcii the hull with a mible
leMival consisting of four evening ami
two afternoon concerts. Peter Tschil
kovssky will conduct ono or two of the
toncerts. The soloists engaged Include
I'rau Autnnliia Miclko, i'rau Hitter
Guclze, Herrcn Dippcl, llc'chiminn ond
Fischer, hlguor Caiupanlnl ami Mist
Ctimentlno Do Vcro 'llio Oratorio und
Svinphrmy societies will also uko part in
the conci rlM,
Admlreisof John L.S'oddird will liivo
one mure oniiortuiilly to hear tho fain im
lecture on Norway, tho Land of the .Mid
night Hun, at llio matiueo to-morrow,
Nemo teats at once ami avoid sure ellsap
) ointment,
A Ilrrn lyid n 1'iitrlnt.
J'lOm tfS Chicago IhraUI.
Among the thousands of telegrams tho
death of General Sherman brought to his
family, this one will attract most tlio at
tention of the world,
"WAHM'ttiTOH, Vebrll.
"To the Ultvt Sheimatn Intelligence of
General Sherman's death grlovcs mo
much. I sympathize deeply with yoji In
j our great bereavement.
"Ioskni 11. Joiimiton."
General Joseph Ik Jolmilon. like Gen
eral Sherman, a West Pointer, saw in
fealty to his State n duly Sherman to md
In fidelity to a nation, liach was honest.
Frch obejed his conscience. Hach
philiuctl and fought. Sherman rose from
obscurity at llio oulbrerk of tlio war to
llio greatest glory ai lis ciuso. Jonnsion,
humiliated by the civil authorities of tho
Confederacy, was afterward instructed by
leoto gather together tho fragments (if
other cominatiilcrs' armies auddrivu Sher
man back out of Georgia. History lias
told tho result. Johnston handed his
sword to Sherman after Leo had placed
ids lu the hands of Grant. Had Sherman
Mirvlveel Jolni'ton tho same soldier eour
tcsy would have Inspired him to Indite a
like messago of manhood and sincerity.
Their lighting ended with tho war.
jTomsncii neroic natures lesser men
decline to learn tho lesson of true hero
ism, true patriotism. '1 he war is still to
be fought, if not with force, with force
bills by
Miuiy n duteous mill knee crooking knave.
Tlmt, ilotlngun his own olirenuloii) Iwiiitdje,
Wears out Ids time, mnehllkolils master's n),
1 or uaiicht but prov eiulcr.
For such valiant warriors history will
havo no place. Ncllhcrsolellers nor Amer
icans, tin y cannot comprehend tho obli
gation of cultivating In peaco the brother
hood disturbed for u time bv war. John
ston lliigcrliigat81niournsllkoatruo man
the captor to whom ho gave his sword,
and wnoni ho found so true an American
that afterward ond for all time ho gave
him also the respect and friendship of a
fellow -country man.
Across llio lllooily Cliitsin.
LttUr to Houston Pott,
Wo as a body represent a victorious
army, but witli n victory so incomplcto
that thu one Consummated at. VpiKiinattox
will only he as an Incident In lilstory, us
compared to tlio one that is in our power
as nboily (and ours only) to achieve. Tho
dlstanco between the hcartsof tho solellers
who fought each other for four long ye irs
In honorablo warfaro is extremely short,
and the foundation of all true friendship,
respect, was laid at tho muzzlo of con
vincing arguments loaded guns.
Our method is n Mmplo but sure one,
'i7,: Kxtcnd tho hand tho short distance,
take that of the Confederate soldier, invite
him to nse.it byourcamp-llres, make him
n member of our Grand Army of tlio He
public, and no will obliterate all section d
lines. Destroy the occupation of tho polit
ical fanatics of the North and South who
commenced tho war, cheered while other!
fought, and aro still doing their best to
Do llil, coniratlcs, and then, through
able representatives, go to tho halls of
Congrcs and demand from our Govern
ment, who through us lias become ablo to
1 egtniroii", a place on tho pension rolls
for our maimed and trlpplo comrades of
tho South.
Do thl, and wo mcrgo the lovo and de
vollon (thut has commanded tho admir
ation of tlio civilized world) for ucutso'
loved mid lost into one that was love I and
vvrii the embleiii of which is the llijof
our common country.
Do this and wo will havo capture! thu
hcartsof the Confederate solelieM, mid
through them th it of the South mil ren
dered Impossible the ilcminclitttoii of miy
soldlcr em tho simple grounds that ho
did his duly, and laeked tho d'scrctloii
Hint would havo kept him null inne 1.
Who of us over questioned tho purity of
the motives that actuated llobcrt Ik Leo.'
Who of tho South over did s J of our own
illustrious elead, General Grant? And yet
thu ranks of both armies wcro full of men
who elid .their duty in their humble
sphere as well as thnso whose ti lino
will illuminate the pages of history fur
all time.
'Do thl, comrade", regardless of tho
howls of the staff olllecrs, who attained
their rank and distinction without thouso
ot gunpowder: also of the man who was
prelected by tlio anus of a mother during
tho war, and will bo re ullly recognized bv
hisinllily cut suit of blueorgriy and his
solitary idea that tho war is not over.
Do this, comrades, and we will add a
million men to our ranks who will defend
our llagtlirough lovo and gratitude, where
now they would do so through a sense of
duly only. W. 0. Monnrtt,
LatoThlrty-sovcnlli Illinois Volunteer
v cicran inianiry.
Aist.Tfxas, Feb. II.
oykii Tin: Nins ano winu.
A ninn would elo pretty poor Ashing It Im
use el a book-worm for biLJllngAamtonJle
1 vtilhan.
As the wmM com now, tho man who lose
bin grippe Is rut wholly lost, A'tio Viltani
Every hcatt knovvctli
IIS own bitterness,
Many n .man who look happy Is wearing n
shirt his wife innelc.
.jiingnumion jitpmiiavt.
fc'omo men think they know everything
until they get home late nt nluht and their
wives ask them where they have been.
lados Atauman,
Itlaharel for the unprejudiced observer to
tell which talks tlio londttt, n party ot mon
playing tancho pedro or a party nt young
women playing vvlilet kom'rclllt Journal.
Help a man out nt a holo once, and ho may for
get you when he Is nut, but he will not fall to
tall on vou the next tlmo he tails In, AtMton
"Why, joii poor malarlil mortal, voul I
tlinucht J on told mo your nvcrtuje health, was
"SJo I did. I run to chills ono dav nnd fever
the next. 'J he iiTcrnge Is normal," Mnnuy't
"I will do tho best I know," wan tho answer
a f uurcl hrlde rccnlly gave the minister when
oiked If Bho would "love, honor and oboy" her
husband. J'hlladdphta Jttcoi it.
Awealthvnian was askrd not Ion aso to
fill urlhe to ft worthy charity . "I Hhould likes
to cimtribulo," paid he, ' but I Have f W.tKK) In
tho hank net carnlnc a cciit.aiud I really cen't
afford It," Jlotton Jiactller.
"Maggie, 1 believe If It vvann't for my hate
ful money Julian would havo proponed lung
ago Don't you think so!"
'yes-to me." life.
blic Why didn't jou cnngiatiilato hlni Jntt
low? lle'a going to ho married.
lie Well. ynu pee, I couldn't eonsclcntlojsly
ronyralulate llalncu on marrying uny girl Unit
would havo him. Life.
To Suit Her Ilusbaad Young llomcleoepcr
(to butcher) Yuu may tend u lilco pleca of
roant beef,
llutclier Yen. ma'am.
Vnung lIoneKeeper--And havo It very ran,
pleapej my lumlmni! prefers H that way. liar,
jti't lazui,
"W hy do you call your wlfa Unibrel!ii' "
"llrtttupo tho llrt tlmo 1 ran u'nlnt her tho
took my cjo," .Vtiei Yoik Journal,
bho I'm awfully homely. And yon think
to, tool
He I hclltve tint what you think alio it It
Is true. What you think alio it U-uot vrluit
you pay about It -Lije.
W I en tlio frlciuta ut a v nun girl who c in ro
clte tho ' Curlew" aud llko pkcsn lna'liiir
graying" way ndrlro her to go in thontae,
Ihe devil lux i.inJn aroiin.l u4 fcsM hippy.
Oil, yen; tho count It proud ot lilt f un-
llv Iron, nnif ttnolvxn. 1 llilnlc
llo (Jcalnmo HU funlly treo" I dll not
upimte ho even ovvnol n trunk, liulUinuiiotU
Thcro aro threothliu'4 that bo it u dm in for
nolie- ono I a nnll hoy an t tho other two irj
ilriiintlck ItmUtt (laztttt.
It to paid tint only one New York hello kapt
herplaco lu pocletty arter miiklnj a sitcc-ii'ul
ill hut rn an author 'Jhn fact that (lolluui to
ilety Perm riiiipplcuo inly lunocont nf hralnt
In 11 if iniollliiii, and to bo abovo pimplclnu
lu llm in liter, rnlPtu tho lutereptln' epicatloa:
Jlocp pocletj cut brnlna, or do briihip Ignoro so
tktyf Jlallliiwie AintiUaH.
Yonnc I.adir
Did you make an csciiita for
me, Alary, when Mr Jones called?
iilreuiiirl-l inn, .mim
V.011111: l.mtvu hat ill 1 vol pav!
lilted (llrl-l nld yu i vvero
... .....- ... ."IT " ,.. . - . ...
111 iioi vvima
Ruling I ady Mercy I And ho knowi every
tooth In my head I Mite' C'i;w IW Jttia,
"Here lies tho holy of Mary An t,
Aplcep In the botom uf Abrahim;
It may bo pleasant for Mary Ann,
but It' iirelty to Dili on Abrilnm "
-JpfwjiMn a Vou 'ry VhuiciyiiJ.
Three Versel On Ashore Two Were
from llaltlmorc.
Nrw llrwouii, Mvss., Feb. 20 The ab
sence of thoVlnejarel Sound light vessel
from her station since Sunday caused
three wrecks Wednesday night, two on
Bow and Pigs llecf. off Ciittyhunk, and
one on lieu and Chickens Itccf, near the
Hen and Chickens lightship.
'ihe three-masted schooner Charles F.
Saint son, hound to thin port from Haiti
mere, wtnt ashore on Hen and Chickens
Heef nt 7 .10 o'clock. Captain Surrcn was
bothered by tho atactica of tho Vineyard
Sound lightship. The vessel mado eight
feet ot water in twenty minutes, and,
Mvinglng broadside to the heavy sea,
drifted across tho leelgo 'into deep water.
The crew escaped In boats, with scarcely
any rlothlng, and went onboard Hen and
Chickens lightship.
A wrecking sloop arrlveel In port to
night nnd reports saving two sailors, and
tho schooner's cubln-houso lias been
vvahed away, and that Is breaking up
and will urine n total loss, Peter II.
Crow ell nf lloston, who is largely Inter
ested, Is her ogcut, and will como here
to day.
Schooner Gardiner 0. Dcerlng, Oiptaln
Swain, nf Hath for Jloston. from Ililtl-
inore with coal, went aslinro on tho Sow
and Pigs Heef at 7.33 Weilnesdiy night.
His crew were rescued by tlio Pfc saving
crew at Cutt hunk. Yesterday wrcckcM
strl) peel her of all her rigging and sails.
Al -1 a. in. jestcrelay tlio schooner
Hunter, bound from New York castwanl
with a cargo of w lilting, stooellnto Vino
jard Sonne!. Captain Kclsin discovered
tho absence of tho Vineyard Sound light
vessel, hut, making Ciittyhunk light all
right, ho kept on his course. Discovering
the green slelc-llghts of tlic Gardiner Deer
nig, which had not been put out when
the vessel went ashore, ho thought she
was a v esel coming nut of the sound, and
ordered his vssscl kept oft to avoid a col
lision. As o result ho went about 200 yards to
(ho northward of tho Dcerlng, anil now
lies high upon the rocks. Tho schooner's
agent is D. .1. Purely of St. John, N. 11.,
and Captain Kclsin has wired forndvicc.
The Vincvard Sound lightship vvas tovveel
I o her station by the United States steam
ship Geranium.
live Creditors Collected from n
Speaker ut u ltcvlwil.
Si i iionrt n, Onto, Feb. 20 At Vienna,
this county, great astonishment ond some
amucmcnt wsa created by an Incident
Just before tlic closing exercises of a re
vival. Several conversions had been
made, joy was supreme, and hymns had
been sung with gieat fervor, incitement
wns at its highest pitch and the Itcv. Mr.
Me Colm called for testimonials ot the lovo
ot the Lord.
John Smith, a farmer owning 1,200 acres
of land rated us w orth 8J0O,O00, anil know n
as the largest sheep raiser in this Con
gressional district, was among the llrst to
respond. Hosaiel: "Hrothcrs nnd sisters,
vou all know me. 1 have lived with vou
for ears here. Let us do right. I w ml
to always follow tlic narrow path. If I
have oileiiiled any one here, let hlni
speak, and I will make reparation; ond,
furthermore, 1 want to pav all my debts.
If thcro is any ono here that I owe, let
hlni Mep forward and I will piy hlni ten
fold." As soon as he concluded live young
men, he.ideel by Hoy Carly and Noah
Jones, matched up to hlni and demanded
1 ay for work they did for him six months
previous. Tlio audience looked on in
amazement. Sinitli pulhd money out of
his pocket anil paid each man what he
cniiiiol uuu luo llllll.
?iclthti Can aiiH. Lnniinu, lint Slio
Known Kuemgti to Sell Apple.
Niw Yen K, Feb. 20. The civil servico
examination of ilvc tipple women who
havo been petitioning Hallroad Agent
Doane for permission to rcsuiiio their
business on the Immigrant bargo Frio at
tlio llaigo Olllcc, has been Indefinitely
postponed. Fllen McCormack anil J mo
Noonan, tho chief competitors for tho
job, met Just outside tho Iron gales yes
terday and had a talk about the impend
ing examination.
Mrs. McCormack remarked that her
success at tho examination was assured,
as she was the only ono of tho live apple
women who could write. Mrs. 2ioonaii
said she didn't see what connection thcro
was between tho ability to write and tho
selling of apples. Sho w as pretty sure that
I've, tho original aiiplo woman, could not
write. If sho (Mrs. Noonan) couldn't
write, she could wipe up tho lloor, accord
ing to the civil servico rules of tho Mar
quis of (Juecnsbcrry, witli any McCor
mack that ever sold bad apples to poor
immigrants. Mrs. McCormack construed
Mrs. Noonan's remarks as n challenge,
and in o moment apples were whirling
about tho heads of the contestants llko so
many crazy comets. Dystanders put n
stop to the engagement beforo it had a
chance to become serious.
The Glil She Suspected Terilblylliirneil
With Vitriol.
CievjFLami, Ohio, l'cb. 20 l'heebo
Coatcs, a young girl employed in tho
family of vValterDliss, on Woodland Hills
avenue, was frightfully burned with
vitriol. A woman giving tho namo of
Mrs, William llrowncll cancel at tho house
and asked to scoMIss Coatcs. She went
to the rear door, and just as tho girl opened
the door tho woman dashed tho contents
uf a bottlo into her face and lied.
The girl fell to the lloor, and w .is scream
ing witli pain when tho family found her.
Her faco and neck vvero terribly burned
and blistered, but her eyes fortunately es
caped injury.
Mrs, lfrowncll's motive was probably
Jealousy, felio has been separated from
her husband, and attributed licr domestic
trouble to tho Coatcs girl, whom sho ac
cused of being too friendly with her hus-
uunii, 'ine.woman vviioiurcvviiie vitriol
has not yet Ijccn found,
Two Mm nr llindfurilsvllle, Dogged
hy it 1 1gllimce Cnrainlttet).
l.OLisviiir, Kv., l'cb. 20. I'lgbtecn
masked men rode out to tho houses of Jack
(irlbbcns mid William Drown, near
Ilradfordsvlllc, on Jlonday night, draggeel
tiiem out of their beds and unmer
cifully whipped them. Then they were
released with tho warning that they must
behave themselves lu tlio future, drib
bens came to Lebanon 'liicsdayaud en
eltavored to procure an attorney to projo
cute some ot Ids assailants, whom ha
claimed to be ablo to Identify. All law
yers refused tlio case.
'1 ho re asona for this hav o been variously
gtv en. Homo say that llio regulators ha I
threatened to deal with any lawyer prose
cuting them, and that through fcirthey
refused to handle (Irilibeim1 case. Others
assert that the good people aro In sympa
thy with tho regulators in their cflorts to
rid the country of bad characters, audit
was this that pioinpted the lawyers to
leave the niatli r severely alone. What
evermay have been their reasons, (J rib
lie us has not jet been able to Bscure
'Ihe regulators visited Tuesday night
the houso of (leorgo V. Urlght, w ho lives
near tlio former victims, llright seemed
to hove hi en apprised of their approach,
for when Ills yard vvas entered lio opened
lire outlicm, Xotvvlihstanding hlsdtler
mined defense, six of tlio regulators
pushed their way in and dragged hlni
out. Urlght pleaded with his captors,
saying that ho vvas under bond to appevr
at the piisent term of the J'cder.il Court
ami did not want his sureties to siilTer.
Finally nn agreement was reached that
llright should leavo the htato within live
days. This ho Is said to have already
lone, llrleht lias a wlfo and twelve chil
dren dependent entirely upon him for
support. I hough Ills reputation Is
not of
ist. it Is claimed by Ills friends that
the bad opinion of hint Is undeserved,
flio Identity of the members of tho (,'"
does not seem to be an entire secret.
Ciinncncltn Is making arrangements to
vltdt tlio inrgt) cities next season, and Is at
pment having it tour booked. Tho dancer
Inti nils taking witli heron operetta com
I any and teveral specialists. During tlio
tununer she intends to rest.
Another Account of tlio Charge Against
Sir (lorilan-CiiminliiK.
Nl w YorK, Feb. 20. The Ti ibnne this
morning publishes tho following over tho
signature "Hx-Dlploinat:"
Mv knowledge of tho career both In
I ondon and on the Nllo of Sir William
Gordon Cumiiilng, whose acquaintance I
shall, at ony rato for tho present, con
tinue lo regard as an honor, convinces mo
that Jlr. Yates has been Intentionally
misinformed ot tho facts lu tho case and
that the following account, emanating
from n member of what Is known In Lon
don ns llio "Marlborough Houso set," Is
the correct version. According to tlio
latter the original charge ogalnst Sir Wil
liam wos to tho effect that ho had made
use of a silver clgaretto case w Ith a highly
polished lid for tho purposoof tijeuriiign
rcllectlon therein of Ihr face of tho cards
which he was dealing out.
It is acrlcd that ono of the persons or
the parlv was Ill-bred enough to bo put out
nf temper by his losses, caught sight of tlio
clgoretto case in question, and gavo vent
to Ids ill-humor by bluntly requesting Sir
William to reniov oil from the table. Sir
William is hics'eil w 1th a notorlomly short
temper, and a stormy sceno ensued, which
resulted In tho matter being submitted to
the arbitration of General Owen Williams
and Lord Coventry. 'I ho question which
they werocallcel iqion to decide was as to
whether Sir William had taken any un
fair odvoiitogcof tlio rcllectlon of thocards
upon the polished lid of his cigarette case.
While, on the other hand, Sir William
had been an extensive winner on this
particular evening, it must, nn tlio other
hand, be borne In mind that ho is o bicli
clor, in possession of estates yielding him
nuetlncomo of somo ?00 000 or $70,000 a
j car. Itlsdlfllcult therefore, to under
stand what Inducement tho baronet can
have had to cheat, least of all by so vulgar
nnd transparent a method as "la poucctte."
Had he been caught cheating ill this man
lier, no question could havo possibly
arisen as to ids guilt, and ho would long
ago have been dismissed the army and
cxt'ciicti lrom tlic cuius.
The very fact that ho still belongs to the
Marlborough and Guards clubs, and that
lils name is still retained on tho rolls ot
the army, is sufilclcnt to prove that con
siderable donbt cxlts as to his guilt. Up
to the present neither Lord Coventry nor
General Owen Williams, the two arbltrv
tors, has made ony public statement with
regard to tho matter, nor lias the Prince
of Wolc. And Ills manifestly lu favor
of bir William's Innocence that he should
have Mibpanacd all three to testify in
Ills behalf In tho libel suits which hohas
brought against tlio persons to vv hos s m i
icvolcncc he has traccel the rumors that
aro current aiTcctiug his honor.
The names of theso pcrsonscarry w eight
only by reason of their wealth, which K
indeed, the chief and almost onlymlawi
iftttt of their acceptance by London
society. Sir William, who Is tho head of
enc of (lie most ancient families of Scot
land, and who has until now been known
rs nn officer of distinguished gallantry
and of the most unsullied honor, very
justly asserts that Ills name and his past
carter entitled his word to a belief and
consideration equal at least to tint ac
corded to his somewhat parvenu calum
niators; and there Is a disposition, both on
the art of his brother olllecrs and of the
London public in general, to regard him
as tho victim of a particularly malignant
A Mlnnepiitn .IiuIro l1iccll to Ills Coil-
lliiiintluii us ii IT. S. ban vtnr.
AuelW to Chicago IhraUI.
Mim vion, Teb. 10 Judge Welch of
this city will make an earnest effort to
prevent Mr. Yilas from taking the oath of
olllcc as United States Senator on the
(.round that ho stem's convicted of Crime.
A protest will bu entered just before ho
takes the oath, and tho protest will ha
based on the familiar story that in 1S70
tlic Insuranco Commission of Wisconsin
charncel Jlr. Yilas anil his co directors in
tlio Madison Mutual Insuranco Company
with appropriating to their ovvnusoond
without authority of law tlio surplus
funds of tho company. It is charge 1 alsa
that Vilas never controvertcel thusuno In
any manner. It will also bo set forth that
in 1871) an action was begun against ViltH
and his co-dhecfora In the company in tho
Dane County (Wis) District Court at tho
Instunco of Scth Uartlctt, ono of tho al
leged members of the company.
Villi, It is claimed, was charged with
thecmbez7lcmcntofalarg0 3iiniof money,
to which charge lie failed to answer ex
cept by demurrer, w hlch was overrulod,
and this point Is to ho elucidated in Wash
ington. It will bo further set forth tint
at tho time tliecaso vvas to como on for
trial Vilas opened negotiations with Ilirt
lelt, privately, for a settlement of tne
suit, poving Jlartlclt, It will be charged, a
sum of money, supposed to be $1,000, all
his attorney's fees and tho costs of llio
suit, requesting llartlctt tokcep tho matter
secret, Judgo Welch says' "You cansav
for me that I will put up. a bond of 810,000
if Vilas wants to bring a libel suit against
me that tho things charged against him
are true." Ilcfore the election at Madison,
Wis., Judgo Welch sent copies of ills
charges to every Democratic member of
tho Legislature.
Jew VecrliohT tlnllorles te bo
Opened To-Morron.
Tho lovers of art will havo a roval feast
of paintings provided for their delectation
when tlio iicwvccrhoff galleries on 1"
street ore opened to-morrow for the pub
lic's inspection. Tlio ccntro gallery Is oc
cupied bv the Hazel tl no collection from
Philadelphia, which Includes gems of
color from the hands of such artists as
Micliol, Itickct, Munkacsy, Zicni, Zuinac
vls, Heniicr, Worms, ralmarolli, Ver
bocckhoeffer, Jacquc, l)iaz nnd others of
lesser note. The trout gallery is devoted
to engraving", etchings fac simile water
colors and a number of other printed
Tlio AVashlngton Society of Artists havo
been Invited by Mr. VcerhofT to use his
establishment for tho exhibition of their
paintings and sculptures.
In Memory nf Sherman.
J, H, fctlno offered tlio following resolu
tion last evening lu I.ogan Command, U.
V. V.:
Whereas, In tlio. death of William
Tccumseh bhcrman this country has lost
a (lone nil who will take rank in lilstory
with ( liarleinango, 1'rederlck Itho (Ircat,
Wellington, Napoleon, Washington, Scott,
Grant and blierhlaii. Tho Marlborough
of America, he was as brilliant ond use
ful in lcaco os he was triumphant m
war, therefore, be it
JtitoUcd, 'that John A. I.ogan Cim
maud of Union Veterans' Union express
its sorrow by securlnga portrait of General
Micrmau and draping it for n period of
thirty dajs.
Accel Cinillileiice Men Soutciiceil.
.loHjih Thomas and Joseph Drown, the
two venerable confidence, men arrested
eoino time ago at tho Ilaltlmore and Ohio
depot, wcro tried in tho Criminal Court
this morning. '1 hey were charged with
haviiiL' swindled Pctor Pelus out of tZi on
January 13 last, and were convicted after
a brief trial. Judge Hagnor said that
their age should have taught them to load
belter lives, and in order to keep them
outiifany future trouble, lininsod the
maximum sentence, ilvo years lu tlio Al
bany penitentiary.
"Don't feel well," and yet you am not
sick enough to consult a doctor wo will
it 11 j on lust what yuu need It is Hon I'd
S-iirsaparllla, which will lift you out ot
that urn ertaln, uncomfortable, dangerous
condition, into a state of good health,
coiilldenco ami cheerfulness.
Almost Successful Attempt at bulcldc.
About 8 o'e lock last night n young man
named William Armstead, 1U jeus of
age, residing ot 1700 1' street, attempted to
commit sulchlo whllo suflcrlng from tem
porary aberration of tho mind.
Ho shot himself in the forehead, nnd
Dr. Morgan being called lu found his
skull badly fractured, It was suppose 1
that Armstead was fatally Injured, and he
wosatonco removed to tho rreoliiun'u
A discount of 23 per cent, off all moiiM,
youths', boys' and children's clothing fir
tills week only, Klscman llros., Bevcnth
and ' btrccts.
The Author of "Snld rnslm" Charged
With Kiulicrilcmont.
Svn ritAMitcn, Teb. 20. ItlchardStahl,
the composer of "llio 8c King," "Slid
Pasha," etc., whoso marltol complications
have frequently been dlscttssuel In the
new spaicrs. Is under arrest here, having
been brought to this city from Portland,
Ore., to faco o chorgo of embezzlement.
Htahl has several divorced w Iv cs, to w horn
ho Is In arrears for alimony.
Ills latest cvvvlfc is llcrtfe Crawford, tlio
singer, and it was In escaping from her
that fetahl got Into fresh twublo. Ho has
been leading the orchestra witli tlio "Nat
ural Oas" troupe. When they reached
Sacramento Slafil found that tho Corlnno
company, in which Jlcrtlo Craw ford Is en
gnged, were duo lu Sacramento that dav
also; and. as 3lls Crawford had a bill
ogalnst hlni for alimony, ho vvas not anx
ious to faro her.
Telling his manager ho had been called
lo Han Francisco, Stohl (iiuctly slipped out
of tho State to Portland. Mcanwhllo an
old charge had been revived against hlni
by tlic krcllng llros., owncrsof thoTlvoll
Opcro Houso hero. They took out Stahl's
opera, "Said Pasha," on its llrst tour, anil
in Ibccourso of the trip they had trouble
with fotalil. They now accuse him of
stealing the entire scoro of his own opera,
llo will have to face ills wlfo besides, on
her claim for unpaid alimony.
tlilncso Lniinilrynit'ii Held far Trial Tor
Kntlclug flirts to Their Dens.
New hk, N. J., Feb. 20.-Katlo Schill
ing, a well elcvclopcd and rather pretty
girl, II years old, living with her parents
ot 233 Charlton street, testified In tho Po
lice Court against Jung Lcc, a Chlncso
latimlryiuan, and Leo Yuc, another of
the sanio class. Tho captain snoro o'ltu
warrant for tlio apprehension of tho Mon
goliai.s and they wcro subsequently taken
into custody, vvnen arraigneu tneuiiina
men vvero lield for trial under the act
which provides for a lino of $3,000 or
fifteen ycaro, or both, when the victim
lias not reached the ago of 10,
Katlo sworo that sho had frequented
laundries, and that tho amount sho re
ceived from tho Chinamen generally
averaged from $0 to S8 per week, all ol
which sheclalmcilshogavoto her parents,
who believed that sho vvas at work Inn
factory. Captain Daly asserts that many
iittlcglrls, wliohavo been going to laun
dries with washing, have been mado tho
victims of the Chinamen, and ho proposed
to cflcct an arrest whenever sulllcicnt evi
dence can be found.
Ho Has lleen Turneil Out nr Church
ami tho Court Want Illui.
ItiooKiAN, Feb. 20. Father Matthias elo
M. Yodvzsus of St. (leorge's Litluunian
Church, llrooMyn, has been excommuni
cated by lllshop Loughlin. Ho has been
having high jinks recently, became Intoxi
cated, wanted to Kiss llio servant girls in
tho parish house aud fought with his
parishioners. Tho priest lias all tho prop
i rly of the parish in tils name, and ho re
fuses to deed It over tei tho lllshop.
Charges or grand larceny havo been pre
ferred egalii't him. Ho will bo trio I to
day, It ho can bo found, on thocliargeof
a"aultnn Maggie lishkowski, whom lie
tried to Ms
C'lCilllms In Mans-Mei ting Agree to
MiAuviMK, 1'v., Feb. 20 Two hun
dred creditors of Delamatcr it Co. met at
the Court Houso jestcrelay attorn joii, and
all but Ilvc agreed to accept the prop jsl
llon of the linn to pay fifty cents on the
dollar in Installments running over two
years from May 1 next lu full settlement
of the liabilities of the llriu. Ail the
creditors aro cxpcctcel to accept the com
promise. Tho creditors will choojo two of
(lie three trustees who will manure the
llrm's property until the last Installment
is paid.
A Sleli Mini InlinleH It mill Dies from
tho Kllort.
Ilowov, Teb. 20. Hon. Samuel C. Cobb
dicel at his residence, No. 235 Iloylston
ftrect, njjctl 01 years. Mr. Cobb had been
ill for sovcral months, but his deatli Is at
tributed to poisoning by arsenic, which ho
inhaled from the wall-paper, draperies
and bed clothing of Ills room.
National -H. 11. Dyers, Oskaloota, lovvajN.
II. Scott, Wheeling, W. V.; Mrs M. P. bowers,
DCHMnlues, A. O. Mitchell, Richmond, lnd i
1'. D. Day, Duliith, Minn ; Miss Anna M, Piatt,
JVfiojiota;i-H. II flray, St. Louis; W. CI.
Crenslmn, Virginia; '. A Mnnbray, Charlotte,
N. C:T. II. Austin, T. T. Dickinson, Atlanta',
S. Aveles, Philadelphia
.St. JametV. T. llowcn, New York: Alonro
W. Uracil, Spencer, Mass ; William .1. llrlen,
Jr, Ilaltlmore; lelvvarel II. Klrsam, Brooklyn;
S. ti. Kenuedy und wlfc.Monongataela City, Pa,
ll''tanr-J. II. Urower, Trenton, N. .T ,
.Iiulgo Henry Hives, Eureka, Nov ; H. A El
liott and wife, 1). It, Mrlntlrc, l'lttsbnrg: John
1'. ollurer. Lcvvlston, Idaho; Theo. M. Wood
land, Newark; S. A. Patterson, Philadelphia.
Jllggt (leorge Hoadly, Jr , Cincinnati: James
II. Jackson, Littleton, N. if; Miss Lhahelli
Jordan, New York; Simon Johnston ami wlfo,
Pittsburg; Miss Susan Anthony, Rochester,
lWMti' Eupene
11. Hoffman. Vo7amtiu.
Mon ; O. C. Kimball, Hartford; W. E. t'ox,
Helena, Mon ; K. Da Pont, Wlliiilngton, Del S
J. M. Chalfaut and Miss Chalfaut, Kennett
Square, Pa.
ll0fi'W'-A. H. Ornhb, Phlladehihla; An
custus Hull, A. L Ilntch, lloston; James V.
Druminonu, New York.
.Arlington Henry I.amhort, Lonls Whltmon,
lioe-hcster, N. Y.; E. 11. Holt man, W. 11. lloltre,
O. II. Power, Montana; D. Mlckles.J ll.Cir
rluglon, New ork; John D. Illlss, Philadel
phia; II. A. ltohcitson, r , Providence.
tObm-. 11. noodcll, Amherst, Mass;
(ienrgo II. Utlor, Westerly, It. I.; II. L. l'ol
som und wife, Huston; Mr and Mrs C .1 Pat
terson, llrooklyn; John Ilabcock, D, Walter
llinwn,Now Virk,
Jlotil Johmonyix. lioberls, Miss Crowell,
Ilaltlmore; It. ('. llarncs, MlaaAnnlo Koniitz,
Last Liverpool, Ohio, A. H, Anderson, Keiu
tuck) ; (leorge E. Eaptnicvl aud wife, llrooklyn,
N. .
Hi Art hi SHii.
WILSON rim Shoes for Gentle- OARIl
WtM9 """o 'or Ladles. gARR
WILSON 1- luo Shoes for Hoys. O ARR
WILSON J lo Shoes for Girls CJARR
WILSON '"n ,or c""OARR
WILSON rino Shoes for Infants OARR
WILSON Itccc ptlon and Even. OARR
WILSON '"ffl:"8 OARR
WlJbSONbathi hPpiiors In all OARR
WILSON tl "hades. OARR
WILSON bl"' h(I,J,5; ltl ""OARR
WILSON swade's slippers In all OARR
WILSON . shaites. OARR
WILSON ir,"l 'aeled'iud CARR
WILSON -"" iiows OARR
WILSON Patent Leather Shoes OARR
WILSON (1eu',ritc1iTl"itl.er OARR
WILSON "" bho", OARR
WILSON Slippers imd Pumps. OARR
020 F ST. N. W.
Enltlmoro 8toro-4 nna 0 lialtlmoro St,
coMiussioNint ok ni:i:ii4.
, States aud Territories, 438 La. o , opp.
Stoddard Lectures.
In compliance with urgent demand, repeat
cdly exprepped by hundreds who havo been un
able to pecuro scats for the lecture of Tuesday
nnd Wednesday evening, Mr, BTODDAHO
will giro nn
Extra Matinee
HA1 UllflAY, PKIIItUAltY 31, AT S V,
Qirlng the last opportunity to hear the brilliant
I ecturcr on
Land of the Midnight Sun.
With the mutt .Mauiillketit Illustrations ever
No Tlieatro or Auditorium hat) yet
been found lnigo enough to nccommo
dntatho thrones pressing for nclmls
slon to hear this wonderful lecturo.
ltcecrTCd scats, 00c , 3c , and (l,at Ellis'.
tolS-St 1IV1IDITT A 'VOW 11. Managers.
Every Evening and Hatnrday Matinee.
Hallen & Hart,
under the Management of Harry Hluc,
In tho Musical Success,
Presented by tho Strongest Farco Comedy
Company In America.
Something New, Urlght, and Entertaining.
Next Week Every Evening and Sat. Matlnco.
Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday Nights and
Saturday Matinee,
1 hiirtday , 1'rlday and Saturday Night,
Aided by his Pnllto Company from tho Star
'Jhcatrc, :iw ork.
Under ILe etlrectleni ol Mr. Joseph Drooks,
In Dav Id 1 Inyil and yyilnay Hosentcld'a
American Co uedy,
Direct Irani the phoneme ml riniot 271 nights
In New oik City.
The Stoddard Lectures
'10-N1GHT AT H,
TTriRU7 A V I ''AND op the
Admission, Hue Kcscrvcd seats, COc, T5c.
and $1, at J. F. Ellis & Cei.'e, 1137 1'onnsylvanla
fell! at 1IUIIDH T & NOR! II. Managers.
Albaugh's OperaHouse,
PEDitUAltY 85, J1, SI, AND 23.
jiox, ror season fin eu
hen-cm ticket, with reserved scat t ()
Hluglo ticket Ml
Mingle admission S3
halo of season tickets at 140U U street until
the evening of February SI All the single
tickets must bo obtained at tho ticket ofllco or
Albaugh's Opera House, which will bo opened
on the n. m. ot February 23, at 9 o'clock.
Fourth Grand Concert
by tii a
Boston Symphony Orchestra.
Mr.AHlIlUKNlKlSCH Conductor
Assisted by the World Renowned Plaultt,
'His first appearanco in this city.
bTEHLINO 1'ltoaitAMME,
Including Interpretations ot Chopin by So
l'achmann, and closing vvltlr the
Itcscrrcd Beats, (1, $1.23, and $1.53, now on
sale at J, P. Ellis & Co ' UT! Pennsylvania ave.
C. A. ELLIS, Manager. felS-St
P.IIairie, II. B. Drill
AllitlS' I11JOU THEATltE.
. Hauls, It. S. Urltttin, ard F. P. Dean,
rropneiora ana .Managers.
Week Commencing Monday, February lli,
'1 he I mlnent Irish Actor,
Clms. "H3?il Vomer,
In the Dcautlful Irish Drama,
Irish Sougs, Irish Dancos, Irish Piper
Next Wcek-OltlMES' CULL A 11 DOOK.
UIIE.liril SI'.
1I1IS WEEK-I adlca' Matinee To morrow.
Gns Hill's
MRS. WEBB, Astrologist,
m WEST 211) S'iltEhT, NEW YOHK,
Short '1 lino Only,
Heailliiff, $? toJ3. felT-3t
In thrlr heusatloual Mexican Drama,
l'rlcea-10, 20. Kl and SO cts. Matinees Monday
ciliirrday, 1- rlday, and Saturday, feltMit
TO fourteenth street n, vv,
1EH.MS $10
llrnnrliea In Now York, lloston, Philadel
phia. Chicago, Paris, llcrllu, Loudon, etc.
lau Massachusetta Avenuo,
Affords every facility for aco,ulrlng a thorough
education lu Literature, Music aud Art. 1 be
instruments taught aro Piano, Harp, Violin,
Guitar, Mandolin nm Dan Jo. Languages, genj
eral vocal, drawing and faucy work tree,
nWJn.-iWisrtiM-TrHi ' - mtiiiti&flSm

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