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"?je Cf-o"
THE CRITIO proBonta All tho Now 8 In a compact
nnd attractive) manner. Tliat la tbo reason pooplo
want It. -
"Help WanteS" anfl " Situations Wanted"
- --au;
srr.ciAii noticks.
Loan and Trust Company,
CASH CAPITAL $10)0,000.
Temporary Office!! 1001 P jt. n. w.
New building In connect erection At tho
corner ot Dili nnd V els. n. w.
OrgntiUtdnnderAct ot Congress Approved
October 1. ltM):
This compnny ly authority othw
Itccelves deposits and allow Interest on bal
ance subject to check,
lush " tllflcalcs ot deposit hearing Interest
fls follow s: On all araouut, deposited tor ninety
l)sor more, but less than six raonlh, a per
cent, per annum' ; on deposit tor nioro than six
months, but less than one year, 8.5p per cent,
per anumn; nnd on deposits ot one j car or
longer, -1 per cent.
Acts as administrator, guardian, trustee, re
ceiver, assignee, committee ot the (state ot
personsnroi cotot nuntlt and attends to other
business ot a fiduciary character
Manages estates and collects rents.
Collects Interest and dividends tor customers
without charge.
Executes trusts from courts, corporations
nnd Individuals.
Acts as trensnrer or agent tor religion, be
nevolent or other Institutions and as registrar
or transfer agent o( the stocks or bonds of cor
porations, paying their Interest or dividends It
Furnishes guaranteed Investments. Nego
tiates notes secured by deed o( trust. Loans
money on first-class collateral security and upon
real estate. Itenders statements as may he itc
Blrcd. Wills receipted for and kept without charge.
Is subject to supervision ot the Supremo
Court ot tho District ot Columbia and the
Comptroller ot the Currency.
Correspondence Invited,
BltAINAIlD U.TVAHNEIt. President.
JOHN JOY -KDSQN, Vice President.
KM. 11. ClUItLEY, Treasurer.
WM. B. ItOBISON, Secretary.
John T. Anns, Samuel Nonjirvf,
Ckas. B. HiiLtr, John IIidout,
Ciias, S. IIakeii, QsonoE F. bcUArcn,
James I,. IUrtuotm, 'N. It, SifcA,
U.S. C'CJlillNcs,
Jolts A, Sworn,
Jons .lor Ensox,
Alueut r. Fox,
O. C, OncEV,
V. B. Oenunr,
.Tons II. LAHNin,
A. A. Wilson,
L. D. Wise,
S. W. WoouWAim,
The New Bnnqiiet Hall being completed, W8
beg leav c to announce wo aro now prepared to
Cuisine nnu-r direction ot llaymond Weteler
(late chet Tuxedo Club, New York).
DIG Pcmisjlvanlanvcuuc,
Constructed cntlrclj otllrlck.wlthKtcel Doors.
l'or Kent tit Minimum Hates.
l'or storage o' .SIhcr-Plate, Jewelry, and all
other valuables nt mlnlinum charges,
ltent for $5, $M0, $10, nnd upward per jcar.
Inspection Invited,
013 AND 01S r ST. N, W.
lias tho best plau devised for securing a Home,
Anyamonn,' lhncd repayable til per month
oucich, )1,000 advanced. Shares $1 per
mom i, maturing In 102 mouths for
.0o. Proilt, t'JS. '
raid up certificates for J100 Issued at f 30 per
share. B per cent, per annum paid on
purchaso price, send annually,
GEO. W. LEACH, Yice-I'rcat.
O.T. THOMPSON, 'I rcas.
GEN'. J. E. bMl1.lI, Attorney.
Atnoncm Security nnd Trust Company,
A. T. MUTTON. Prest.
Central National Bank.
For the convenience pt persons living In the
esstcrn and western sections ot the city, ar)
raugements have been made by which they
can, pay their gas bills during banking hours
on tub '
. inn
. . T
Ullls paid after tho 8th ot each month will
sot be entitled to the discount ot 33 cents per
J.,000 cubic Icet.
Ot Washington, D, 0.
CAPITAL AND SUItPLUS ,.,,.1333,000 00
Has cover contested a loss by fire, but always
oiakca prompt and liberal udjuitmeuts.
!t. DANIEL 11. CLAHK,Trft. ""'
GEO. E. LEMON, Ylco-Prest,
CHAS. 8. HP.ADLEY, Trcas.
WILL P. BOTELEH, Asi't Sec'y.
VV made by ono ot the most colebratod
cutters In America f Prlcea aamo as those
third rate cutters charce. P. T. UALL. m Y
Porono week In each jear -Just ut the com
mencement ot the season when tho stocks' are
entirely new and complete Hut when you re
quire new clothing DEDUCED PHICES AltE
Is Hie week for 1801. Wcarcofferlngtho latest
Easter Novelties at nnd below cost of Importa
tion reduced prices made as aSouvenlfot the
Fourteenth Annual Spring
o o
o o
o o
t n
(1 O
(I flfj
Ask for list of Souvenirs. It gives tho reg
ular prices, the prices von will find marked on
tho goods and thi? reduced or Souvenir prices
of lho opening. Llts may lie hid near door.
waysofNos. 1117 and lllli Pennsylvania avcJ
line and also at tho Twelfth street entrance.
ei o
t, oo v v ri n
i, o n v v i'
i, o i) v v i't:
i, o o vv K
LLI.fi oo v i i't:
The Pnlalsltov al'H Tw entj -four Departments
arc mentioned In tho Souvenir Lists. We point
licro specially to Cloves and Wraps,
fl.SO "Palais ltojal" I button Sueito
Kid (Hove i !.-
l.Ki Undressed Kid Mousquetalrcs..i,,..$l OS'
f I.Si undressed Kid Mousiinetalres, tl.10
$1. 4 bulton English Dogskin Cloves. ... fl.lll
Wk-. Oenulno Pigskin Mousqnftalrcs...,.....Slc
Kc, I rench Kid (llovcs, 4 buttons,.,,, tcic
Wr. Undressed Kid Mousrmctalrc ...,.t"c
Ht. Suede Hid Oloves, 1 buttons sne
S'H.TafretaSllkMonsiiiictalro.. ...21c
Wc Taffeta Silk Gloves 11c
Mc. Pure Silk MousquetalreS n.!lV
5c. Silk moves tor 06c, and Me. Oloves 110
0Sc. Milanese Silk Mousquctolrex, tflc
Weareasmixlous as you that your gloves
should be tried on leisurely and carefully we
warrant the "Palais Itojal" Oloves and try
them on at our risk. So, will jou please try
and call during tho less bus hours, from S to
10 a. m , 1 to 3 and 8 to U p. m. Having three
times the stock and twice tho variety ot any
Other store In this cltj. we can properlyllt the
hands ot thone with unnrunlly long nr short
Angers, as well us match any shado ot ilrcM
'1 he new bluet, ttvoshadcotoM roae, scarce
tints ot greens and eighteen shades ot gras,
tans and modes aro here. Tlie'lt.NS undressed
kid mousquctalrcs rcdiiicd to tl.usnre the best
gloves mslblc to prodiico and are sold at the
stores where much of the buslnel done Is
credit at $5 and f i 25 n pair. Even our cheap
eit gloves lire reliable the qnalltj l carefullv
watched. Woflnd about S3 ilocn palrotnur
(n'e. undressed kid mousquctalres are a Utile
I civ ler than vvojudgv tla.v should be, sit we
reduce the price to 5'l cent4 n pair! perfectly re
liable, In fact, more durabU, biiause henrler
than the other. .
We can fit the first pilrot kid gloves to tho
tiny hand ot the vcr) oung ihlld ns well ns
bn.vsnml misses, lhe rpcclal price for the
"Opening" arc.
Mc.Mlsies' Pigskin Mousquelalrcs ,We
1 English Kid (Jlovci. I button SK
tlA" Best Bueile Kid Mousqui tains. ,.(,. I.lli
("I llojs' Dogskin Oloves , S'Ji,
Wo try these glovca on, ami vvarraut them
in cter.v sense of the word
MKN'b 01 0 V.,
The best Loudon tun n made ChevretU
Oloves usually retail at IJ-.'"!. The Palais
I'ojal'k regular prlie Is tl.tw 'lhe special
price onl) MfMu pair. Equally reliable are
the cheaper glove '1 bo reduced pikes for the
Opening" arc
fl English Dogskin Oloves Stic
Jl.MI Engllh I'liltskln Oloyrs i fl '11
tl.OS Ileal Chevrette Oloves ft M
v w w
V w w w
w w
A .A
For ladles we have tbo lstest ImporlatloiiK
from Paris and London, which lnchido novel,
ties in lllacrs, Itccters, Capes, Connemaras
and Tea downs. The special prices for tho
Opening arc given below, 'lotho lettaretlie
regular prices, Ibo prlcvs jou will notice
ninrked on the goods; to the right arc this
week's prices!
fll Paris and London Jackets fli.VI
tli lllaers and lleeters, all ljk- fill 3D
$10 Imported Jackets, nil styles .., ,$0
JS Jackets, like ft) imported garments $7
3 lllarers and ltetteis.nll styles.,
flOciv Stjlo Coiinemnras
jlO Couneiniiras, alt stvle ,
t' Our S.cclali Ooniioimiras
jiT Imported Camel's Ilalr Wrap
$11 Braided (,'uniclV llntr Wraps.,
ill) l'criilnrill Wrap ,
jli(S('allo Wrappers, all si
jl ls llatlsto Wrappers, all vohirs.
. .fit
,fi n
H liSOInglmm rnppeis, alHtjIrs,
lniorled lea Oowua, nil stjles, at 10 jicr
cent, dlsioiint .
Cblhlren's llreoe and Co its nnd Misses'
Jaikcts me hcic- Ihoiisanils of them Ten per
(tnl illxount allovvid for the "Opening' We
point to Home pretlv styles Wo bavoiuen
Honed the prices )ou will Unci nurkul on
thegnrimnts; remember In deduct one tenth
from these prlies
Dress of tan and brown dievlot! full skirt,
deep hem, polnlul wal'l, bronu routaihe
braid trlmnilng, (lulmp ot brown hiurletta,
full sleeve, niffs Irlmmid with bnild,
Ages 0 b 10 II II
I'tHc l.W fGSO fTtiO H.5U II
Here's u vtrj prctt) bull Blue and Gray
Mixed Cheviot, full pointed waist, with
oiuvu Jacket, full sleeve, trimmed profuselv
with soutaihu braid,;
Agvs.,, I ft 10 1? II
Prices $35U ffldll fU&il ffOO $7 30
And here Is line. tin r pnttystjlo Jacket'
Navj llluc C loth Iteiter, w llli sailor collar, full
sleeve with enrr, collar audrulTs trliiimulwlth
fancy braid and steel buttons,
Ages I b 8 1(1 U
Prices, .. u. . ti 30 flOO $130 IW l 30
Mh-se' ltceter of Mixed Cheviot, roll
collar,' full sleeve, slrto pocket, HrgcJ S
bono buttons, Pt, II, l)ears $ll
MIsteK'thoek lllarrr, with roll foliar, ,j
coul anil liibsel, side pockets, U, II, lb
years i,.,.,, ,,,,.'. t3 T)
Mlrses' aTs Blue and Black ltettei, roll
collar, black unci silver braid cirna-
liieiits', cont edged with silk unci silver
cord I J, 1 mid HI j ears
' A
it tssss
ii h a
If RKH!t
I p
It H
A, A
itnnu ooo v. v a t
1C HO () V Y A A L
ltnnit c o yy a a i
II 11 ( ) Y AAA L
- jl i 11 O O, V -M1.f
(A. Lisuer.)
1 1 1 7-1 1 19 Peuusylvauia Ave.
ANDc j 1
Nos. 401, 403, 405, 407
Twelfth Street.
or Hvr.vr.u, txtkuvst ix Tjrts
Jtulgc Klmlnll looks nliout lilut,
HowTniilbcowns UllIoJ,
Spltiola fech bettor, thank yout
All over Aloxomlrln,
(3cori?etovvn lends In mtiilc.
Olilo nnnctltiK AVcst Virginia.
JJnscbnll Spnuldlng out. 4
A preacher says pcccavl.
Biittccziug HI. Paul.
Tjittrn caught the I'an-Amcrlcans.
Iiucy's vlnno enters free.
Was It Southern I'nciflo hooaic?
Ilnltlmorc didn't llkc.tlio funeral,
Commodoro Orecr comes neit.
(Jucen Vie thinks well of Chicago,
Handy's whisker's cotitlnuo to draw'.
Ncvv babies In Germany.
Kcnfoundlnnd gcti the cold shoulder.
, lhe I)Mt Ut of Cotumhid anil
flinlit, fatri tllililli cooler! noith lolntlt.
nwur'A xjnwAX'jt ixrrjmxr.H
jx mi! i'i:in:n.tii uvi'ivjss.
Tho l'resldcnt to-duy npiiolntcd J. C,
1'alnter of "Washington to bo receiver o(
public hioneys at Valla nll.i( In that
Stnie, i Ice ltobcrt M. 3IcCa1ley, deceased.
The I'rfridem'h C.m.ii ns. Tlio follow
ing wcro untong'tliosc who saw tho Presi
dent to-day: Attorney-General Jlillcr,
rfenator Carey, with IJr. and Sirs. Carey,
AVjoniing! OcnoraUloaicr, Pennsylvania!
Representative. Stone, Pennsylvania; ex
Itepreseutatlvo Cittchcon, Michigan; Itep
resentatloCogg"inell, Slusiachusctts, and
T. J. I.niulnmi, Kentucky,
Mns. Km'TwOon'd Visir to tub 1'nrJi
M Nr.-'Mrs. Flcetwooif, tho ita of Major
Fleetwood, the c&lorcd National (,'uiinl
olllccr, was at tho AVhlte Houie to-day.
The ohject cif her lslt was to persuade
the Prcldcntnottoappolnttnptaiu Perry
to command the consolidated battalion of
colored troops, but to innkc Major Fleet
wood its commander. Sho retcrrrd to
Major Fleetwood's war record and re
called to tho President the remark Hint ho
nindo whin the colored delegation naw
him recently In regard to the ordor which
General Ordway had Issued dWiandlni;
tho colored trooiw. The President, It vv III
be remembered, then said that it behooved
thocoloredicoploto choose Major Fleet
wood ns their commander. The President
promised Mrs, Fleetwood to give the mat
ter liis consideration,
Major J, Hi Stlneof the olllce of the
Kcgistcr of tho Treasury Is conllncd to hli
bed. Hois threatened with pneumonia.
Major htlncla the historian of thu First
Army Corps.
To-d.i' a delegation of colored peoplo
caUdupou General Grant, Assistant Sec
retary of M'ar, ii behalf of Major Fleet
wooilin connection with thaeommaud ol
the consolidated battalion of colored troop
of tho District of Columbia.
Sccretnry Foster has directed that tho
YVorWs 1'alr Commission bo given f 10,lX)
additional td defray the expenses of Its
April meeting.
Yv'arruiits were lisucd today for the
payment of sl 1'iencli "cpollatlon claims.
So far seven such claim", representing
about $10,000, have ben paid.
The General Superintendent of tho I.lfe-f-avlngServlcu
Is in receipt of a telegram
staling that a HvveclNh steamship is ashore
due mile south of the Chicaiuico Life
Saving Station, North Ciuoliua, and that
therols little prosjiect of jiving auyof tlic
crow, unlesi tho weather niodenitis, as
the vessel is fast breaking up. Lieutenant
W. A. Falling, tho Inspector of tho Dis
trict, one ot the bravest and most experi
enced olllccrs of thq service, is on tho
ground, and tho General Superintendent
Mutes that it may bo takejn for granted
that cverv possible means to save tho
people wifl bo exhausted.
UovriiNMiM iticuins To-l)v.v, From
llilpriial revenue, f!1l,ll.lti;H; customs,
?'il'l,(.i.U7 ; miscellaneous, $11), ITO (HI.
Oct vhonvii v Tin- Urn. in Montui i,
In regard to a tcrtaln caso Involving a set
of books Illustrating American typog
raphy, scut hero by a literary club of
C'o enhiigen as an exhibition of "book
making arts." tho Tieiisury Department
directs that If the books aro of American
ninnufaetiiroandaro returned In tliesime
dominion us exported they nro to be held
is duty free.
Mir Pa nut lli Tt.ntsi ns. The
Treasury Dciiartment has Infornied a cor
respondent who wanted to enter, freo of
dutv, iiMilt of clothes which ho ordered
In Glasgow, that wearing apparel, except
tnosc mat navo neon in 1110 actual pown
slou of the owner abroad, must pay duty,
Miss l.ir'nPivNo. 'lho Treasury De
partment has directed tho collector of cus
toms nt Port Huron, Mich,, to release
from seizure and allow entry free of duty
it plium belonging to l.ticy II, Vallanco vv ho
recently emigrated to (his country from
Canada, Tho Treasury holds, that as Miss
Vallanco Is a music teacher nnd tho piano
is to bo used bv her as a means of gaining
11 livelihood It is entitled under tlie law to
Immunity from the tarlfl laws.
f-ccretnry Proctor was in Han Antonio,
Tc., jesterduy.
'lho record of tho court-niantlal In tho
tuteof Captain lltnry ('alley of the Sec
ond Infantry, who was tried in tho Divi
sion ot tho Missouri for cow ardlce, has
been suit hero for review bv tho Presi
dent. This fact shows that tho sentence
of tho court is dismissed, othcrvvlsu tho
ellvUlon commander would make the ro-
lev. ,
fceeond Lieutenant John P ltyan, Third
Cavalry, has been ordered to Ncvll's
Sprlmts, Texas, mid relievo Second Lieu
fcuiiut I'. U. Kvaus, llightccuth Intuntry,
of lliocoiniiiand of the bomiiiolo Xcgio-
liullan bcoitts,
lho following HSslgnments to regiments
(if nlllccrs (recently irumoteil),aioordeiciU
Cuplaiu i'red Wheeler (prcifuolcd from
I'Jrst I.icntciiaiit, Tourth Cavalry) to tlto
Pouith Cnvnliy, Trooi 1!, to date from
Mntvh.JL JKil. Vlca MtiiUlLdcCcasoLJVlU.
proceed to join his troop Lieutenant
Colonel George K..Uratly (prpmutud from
Major IIIghtcvHth Infantry), to, the, Sev
JnUcntlj InfarttiVrtO dqtVftoin March
111,' IS'Jl. vlro llutlcr, retired. Majbr
George IC. Sundcrson (promoted from
caption, Kiev cut Ii Infantry), to thu High
tcenth lntantry, to date from March ID,
IBlil, lce Urady, promoted, Ciptalu
Henry 0, S. llclstaud (promoted from
first llculcimnt, lllcvcntn Infantry), to
the Eleventh Infantry, Company 0.
A Courrr-M vnn i, DoMin. T he follow
ing cottrt-matllal board has been ordered
to meet nt Fort ltlnggold, Texas, on the
hi of April for tho trlat of such prison
ers as may bo brought before It Major
Kdvvard C. Woodrufl, Fifth Infantry;
Captain Mason Carter, Fifth Infantry;
Captain IMwnrd I,. Handall, Fifth in
fantry; Captain Francis II. llnrdlc. Third
Cavalry; I Irst Lieutenant Theodore V.
DoWltt. Assistant Surgeon; Second Lieu
tenant JcscMcI. Carter, 'lhlrd Chvalryl
Second Lieutenant George T. LailRhorne,
Third Cnvnlry, and Second Lieutenant
llohert W. Hose, Fifth Infantry, Judgo
Tho friends of Commander I), If. Mc
Calla of the Navy aro making an effort to
sccuro tho remission of lho unexpired
portion of his sentence. Commander Me
Calla was, for the cruel treatment of his
men on tho Kntcrprlsc, fccntcnced May 15,
IbOO, to suspension for three years and tc?
retain his present number on tho Navy
Thq Navy Department will order Ad
miral Drown, In command of tho Paclllc
station, to transfer his flag from the
Charleston lo the San l'ranrlsco. The
latter vessel will bo ordered to Chill.
Doth vessels aro now at tho Marc Island
i.x-Dcnaior i.varis cancel oil nccrctury
Tracy to-day.
I.ietitciiant-Commnndcr Hook has been
ordered from Now lork to Gay IlSad to
nsist Commander iJlcViicll, who has
ihargcof the w recked Galena and Nina.
The following were tho highest bidders!
Stephen Mchcnna, lloston; lldward
Hobbs, Philadelphia; W. J. Corbcdd .t
Co., Doslon; Artliur McKcon, Philadel
phia; Charles Spcrry, Port Washington,
L. I.; J. W, Guidcr, New York, J I. V.
llamlll, Ncvv York; A. Fures it Son,
PhllaclcliMila; rranrlsDannerman. Hrook
ljn; A. V. Kaiser, Philadelphia; D. Sond
helm, Washington, D. C; Jl, II. Harlow,
Alexandria, Vn.; Iuls Lttckcnbach,
llrooklyn: John Mullln. llaston; John
Jtaluey, llaltlmorc; Fred. Creamer,
Camden, N. J.; J, S. GralT, Pittsburg,
Pa.: .1. II. Gregory, Perth Amboy,
N. J.; H. Jl. Ives, JJrooklyn ;
O. Ibhaw, Itocklond, Mc.; Levi F. II.
S. Davis, lloston; Harlan it Holllncs-
worth, Wilmington. Del.; if. H. Gregory,
Great Neck, L. 1. All of tho bids were
much above the appraised value of tbo
vcfscls bid upon. TJtelr aggregate Is
about $00,000. '1 here w ere bidders for all
the vessels except tho Speedwell, and they
wcro unexpectedly high. It is intended
bv tho successful hidder'for tho monitor
Satigus, which is at tho Navy-Yard here,
to take her to tho Chicago Imposition for
exhibition iiufposcx. Sho will be taken
thcro through lho lake and canal routes.
There were more bidders Tor her than for
any other of the v csscls.
Tin: TivnV'k IHcii Jlroin v. The Navy
Detriment to-day received a dispatch
announcing tlmttlie Tlana, the tug which
was sent to aid tho Galena and tho Nina,
and which went ashoro nt Cuttyhunkj
had broken m half,
lllliSFiM the Pencil i: 01 Otn Vwin,
There were opened nt lho Navy Depart
ment to-day bids for the purchaso of tho
following naval vessels, all steam: Tho
Juniata (nt Portsmouth, New Hampshire),
appiatsed nine, 810,000, tho Qttinnobaug
(at Now York), appraised value, $10,000,
the tugboat Pilgrim (at l-onguc Island),
appraised aluc, fi'OO, lho Monitor Sungus
(at Washington), appraised value, fsOO,
lho Iron tugboat llescuofat Washington),
appraised value, KrtH), the llrooklyn (at
Norfolk), nppralscd value, 11,00 J, tho
Osiic(at Norfolk), appraised value, il.l.riOi),
Speedwell, Iron lugboat, (ut Norfolk), ajv
praised v aluc, ?.',000.
Postniaster-Gencral Wanamaker held a
conference- this" evening with Ministers
from the different outh American re
publics regarding the Postal Subsidy lull.
i;ThNsinor tub I'iivmcimi Piiivim en 1
lly circular the Postmaster-General has
advised postmasters that Senators anil
mcmbeiu of Congress have been author
ized by nn net of Congress to frank letters
addressed olllclally to anv ofllccr of tho
Government In or out of Washington.
'I ho f rank must be vv ritlcn by tho bcuator
or member himself and the communica
tion may bo wholly or partly In writing.
Fourth-class postmasters appointed
Maryland I.tippans, 1). J!. Holland.
Virginia Gosson, G. W. Fnckler; Whites,
CM. Harris. West Virglula-Kndlcolt,
S, J. Moore; Tunnclston J. A.. Miller,
Jtiprcscntatlvo Carter ot Montana has
not yet accepted tho position of Commis
sioner of tho General Land Olllce, which
has been otlered him. 'I ho current opin
ion Is that ho will tako tho position,
Piofi'sor Ilrvvln 1", Smith, speilal agent
of the Dciurtnicnt of Agriculture, Isniak
lug n series of experiments, tho object of
which Is to determine tho degrco of care
necessary on the part of piach growers to
guard against the transmission of the
dlsiase known as thopcach yellows in tho
procits of budding.
Our Msti'i ItipiiMlcs to tho .South VV 111
niivkit Hxhlhltx.
'J ho 2'ico JttpablUt, an Kngllsh dally
new spaiicr published In tho City of Mex
ico, eays with reference to the World's
Columbian Imposition; "Wc aio satlslled
that Mexico will send an exhibit to Chi
cago that will surpass that of all other
countries excepting nlouo that of tho
Fulled States, and on account of Us nov
elty, ouothat will attract more attention
oven than that of the United States. Such
an exhibit will bo of Immense value to
tho country, because It will bring hun
dreds and perhaps thousands of capital
ists to Mexico In search of Investments."
Jt s a curious fact that tho ilrst notion
taken bv any foreign nation in connection
with tho celebration of the four
hundredth anniversary of the discovery
of Amcrli.i should bo by tho Hcpiiblieof
Santo Domingo, on which was located the
first settlement of Spaniards In tho now
Cantaln Nathan Aimleton. nwcll-knovv n
citizen of Huston, who is engaged 011 the
construction of a rallwav in Santo Do
mingo, has been iccpicstcd lo tuko chargo
of a largo uumbci of exhibits, showing
tho resources of that tcpubllc. Cuplaiu
Appleton will also secure a loan collec
tion of historic Implements of stonoand
clay, Idols, etc,, mado by the Indians be
fore the arrival of Columbus, curios of
Dm Spaniards, photographs of buildings,
ruins, etc.
mmhi v win t Mlllltr,
I.letilenant Itoger Welles of tho I'nlted
States Navy, ComiulftlTOW ft the WmW'1
( olumblan imposition to tho Hcpuuile 01
Vcnc7iiela, forwards an Interesting report
of his presentation to tho President of
Veiicnulu by the Auiorlcau -Minister, Ho
reports that tho President ucelvcil him
verv coidlally, and announced that Vene
zuela would accept tho Invitation of tho
Flitted Slfttei Iqiuullrliuitq Inthaljkpost
Hon. Ho also statecl that commissloiu'ri
would ho appointed at once to prepare a
complete exhibit of tho iesurces of tho
The Third Day of timTiInl The Govern
ment Opens Its Case With the Testi
mony of Ex-Doorkeeper Donaldson
What Oilier Witnesses Saw nnd
Judge Hradlcy came Into the Criminal
Court promptly oil lime this morning and
was shortly followed by lho altorne.vs
and tho defendant.
iiiMtv w. nnrvvKii,
n civil engineer living In Georgetown, was
the first witness placed on the stand In be
half of the Government. Ho tcstlllcd that
ho had mado the diagram of tho corridor
in the Capitol where the shooting oc
curred, Mr. llrtwcr explained lo the Jury
the diagram that he had made and pointed
out the position on tho steps in vv hich the
two men were supposed lo hnvo stood
when lho fatal shot was fired.
HiMun. no.vltDsov
was next placed on tho stand. He testi
fied as follows: "I have known bothTnttl
beo nnd Kiticald since 1H-C, and saw them
at tho Capitol on February L'Vsoo llrst
nt the door of the House and then In the
House restaurant. Tnulbco and f were
together, and 1 llrst saw Klncald
about 11! 30 o'clock In tho cor
ridor, and afterward at tho main
door of tho House of Itcpresentatives.
Tattlbec mm I met nt tho ton of thosouth
ern steps and he said. "Ham, what e'"
you want?" "Oh, nothing particular,"
was the answer. Tuulbeo Iheii took up
right arm and wo started down thestcps.
On the lauding we saw Judge Klncald,
Klncald taid, ''You can see mc now,"
and about the samo tlmo there was a
lash from n pistol and Taulbeo staggered.
At tho tlmo the two men were about
four feet apart. Taulbeo put his hnnd to
his head and started down tho stairs; and
I paid to Klncald, "Don'tshoot again."
Taulhec started down tho steps and
Klncald was the ilrst to follow. At that
time there wcro tvvcnty-tlvoor thirty peo
ple In tho corridor below,
Some one asked "who shot that man?'1
and Klncald answered:
"l run."
Taulbeo and I separated then and I did
not sco him again until I went to his
room, half an hour later, with Congress
man McMUliu of Tennessee. I also visited
him several times at tho Providence Hos
pital and was with him 011 tho llth of
March, vvnen lie died.
Judge Orosvenorthcn took up tho cross
examination. The witness said: "I am a
lawyer, was doorkcepcrof the House In
the Forty-ninth Congress nnd afterward
kept the House Itestnurant. Have acted
at times for the Western Union Company
and aided In tho pasago of other hill's
through Congress."
, "Did von ever mako a speech before a
comnilttcfl?" nskcilGcner.il Grosvcnor.
"No sir" was tho answer.
"What then did you do," continued tho
"Have Igot to answer these nucstlons?"
asked the w Itncss of Judgo Jlradlev,
,'No, you do not Inn 0 to reveal lho busi
ness of your clients," replied tho Judgo.
"I do not know what 1 was ctoinir at tho
Capitol that day and had ;no Interest In
common with Mr. Taulbee, whom I met
In the restaurant with Mr. liradshaw of
Indiana and Mr. Pell of Arkansas, Wo
parted then and I said that I would meet
him at tho door of tho Military Commit
tee room or tho telegraph olliec. Thcro
was no business relations existing between
us at tho time,''
"Why, then, were you so anxious to
sec Taulbeo?" questioned General O'ros
1110r. The question was objected toby District
Attorney Cede, on tho ground that It
necessitated the revealing of prlvuto busi
ness Unit existed between laulbee and
Doth Judgo Wilson and General Gros
vcnor argued that they ought to bo al
lowed to ascertain from tho witness why
ho and Tmilbee had so many mysterious
meetings ot the Capitol that day.
Jiuljfollrailley sustained thu objection,
and an exception was noted.
"Did jou not their go In tho Capitol to
prevent jiuuuco irom making nn as
sault on Klncald?" asked General Gros
'venor, "No, sr," replied Mr, Donaldson, "but
I was aware that theio was trouble
brewing between them."
Wllntss admitted that he was ut dinner
nl tho tame tablo with Mrs. Mary A.
Mcllinoro the evening alter tho shooting.
"Did you not tell her that Taulbeo had
pulled Ulncald's ear and told him to arm
himself'1 was tho question.
"If I did It was simply hcresay," rc
plhd tho witness,
Tho witness then continued ; "I did not
express a wish that Klncald would bo con
victed, neither did I mako any threats
toward him after tho shooting. Of
course, Taulbeo and I had been lrlendly
for some time, but! had 110 imrtlcular
feeling toward Klncald,'
Clarence P. l.ovell of lloston tcstlllcd
that ho was In tho Capitol on the daj- of
thu shooting. Ho said "I did not know
either Klncald or Tuulbce, but know
'Ihoiuas Donaldson, and met him ou tho
Mcps that day. He was with another gen
tleman, and they were about half way
down the steps leading from tho upper to
tbo lower corridor, 1 suppose tho gintliv
man with Donaldson was Mr, Taulbee.
They had their anus locked. I heard
some 0110 speak, and Hun (heir c.tmothu
llash and rcimrt of a pistol nltuost timid
taiicouslj. I did not hear what was
said, and do not know how many
p(Oplo were on mo stairway.
1 heard some ono ask' "Who shot that
mun." Aj'iiiu who 1 suppose was lho de
fendant rcpi 1, "I did; forhulnsullcdino
this morning. Ho then gavn himself up
lo mi otllcer ant the man who had been
shot was carried into an ante-room.
On cross examination Mr, Lovcll said
that his occupation was Unit of a shlii
broker and that his acquaintance with
Mr. Donaldson had been limited.
"'lho occurrence," ho added, "was a
complete surprise to 1110 and I think tho
location ou the step Is about ns shownjou
tho diagram. My impression is that llii-ro
were two or three 111010 men on t lie stutr
wiiv. I did not mo the man when he
II red the shot, but saw tho pistol in his
hand afterward, 'lho hall was rather
daik audi could only loeato him by the
Hush of tho revolver.
Deulli Aniiing lho down Princes,
Crown Princes In Western Ilurope, es
pecially in France, seem to be pursued by
a strango fatality. No French King from
tho days of I.ouW JCIV. to tho estab
lishment ot the present republic, was suc
ceeded by his son. Louis NIV. lost his.
bon under circumstances that havo re
mained inexplicable In this da). His
grandson, tho Duko of llourgoyne, nlso
died during the great desotr8 reign,
Louis NV.'h son died In his early jouth,
Louis XVI 'h son was overtaken ly the
samofate. 'lho Dukcof llerrj', Uiailes
X.'ssoii, was murdered bj I.auvel. Tho
Duko of Itilehstadt, born to tbotrown of
Napoleon I., tiled In his early manhood
without having worn the royal crown.
'I ho sou of Louis I'hllliipc, thu Dukoof
Orleans, caiiio to his end in consequence
of jumping from 11 eartlago IuNvulllj.
Napoleon iIT.'s: son was killed In South
Afrlcaby Zulus, 'lho Arcluluko Itudolph
of Austria shot himself, 'lho last King
of tho Netherlands lost both his sous by
death and left hKthrono to alO-yeir-old
girl. Leopold II. of llelgltmi has seen
two heirs to hlsthrono pass away Tho
sonot tho present Cyarof Itttsshi died at
tho ago of '.'.' In Nice.
Tor pure old Ilcrkeley goto TUarp's, 818
I' street northwest,
A Mlsniiilerslnncllni; Willi Her llrolcer,
Wulliirn (,', Auctions.
Nnvv YoiiK, March 'Jo. A strange mis
understanding has arisen between Mrs.
General Grant and Wallace C. Andrews,
In relation to tho investment of f V,noO,
which Mrs. Grant gave to Mr, Andrews
In place for her In Standard Oil Stock.
Mrs. Grant has written to John D. Hocko
feller, faj lug that somo thrco jears ago
sho asked Mr. Andrews to Invest tho
money as slated above, but that he re
plied that ho was about to sell his Stand
ard (111 stock and was going Into n much
bigger thing, and ho advised her that
thcro would be a great opportunity for
the investment of her money to heller
The schcjne which Mr. Andrews re
ferred to was the New York Steam Heat
ing Company, nnd Mrs. Grant says she
got Urn Impression from her conversation
with Mr. Andrews that tho .Standard Oil
magnates wero behind tho Steam Com-'
pany as lis llnanctal backers. On this
understanding .Mrs. Grant "njs sho gave
Andrews her money to Invest In tho Steam
Mrs. Grant's object In writing to Mr.
Rockefeller wai to ask him, she said, to
please bo so good ns to chance her stock
In tho Steam Company to btnndard Oil
stock as sho was tired waiting for divi
dends from the other. Mr. Itockcfeller
made hastoto assure Mrs. Grant that be
was powerless In the matter. Mr. An
drews' version of tho story has not yet
been learned. It is quite likely that the
misunderstanding between Mrs. Grant
mid Mr. Andrews may yet bo referred to
the courts for settlement.
Edtior Mlclielungcll ofr.'Kro il'Itullu"
Ynrfied hy 1111 Anonymous Corre
spondent. Nkw YoiiK, March 23. The Itillan
paper, If tbo tT llnlta, this morning' prints
n communication which the editor re
ceived j-cstcrday, bearing lho Hj'gica
Hotel stamp, Ituppearcdluhothlhiglish
and Italian:
FoitTimss Moxr.nr, Vv., 1891.
You had better keep your daunted
month shut. The (inly cause for indigna
tion Is that Ibepopiilacc permitted n single
0110 of vour degraded nation to live and
contaminate Cod's earth. For all the
miserable, contemptible, thieving people,
the Italian rnco nro the vcrj worst, nnd
the sooner they aro exterminated the
better for tho world. You esneclallv so.
It will tako but very little for tho
American peoplo to rlso In their wrath
and wreak necessary justice.
No lady can travel In Ithlv.cven accom
panied by-father or husband, especially in
the cities of Torino and Jtome, without
the villainous natives leering nt and In
sulting them. You nro a nation of born
murderers and nro below all others In
humanity. Let Italy send on her Iron
clads. She will never want to try it a
second time; nnd w here w ottld j our com
patriots bo in the mean time'
Dvn on f!l Keep quit tor New Orleans
w ill be a VVni '' to w hat w ill occur.
1 1 ill 11 nnd II111- Miiminii Tell Their
Story to 11 Church Ciitim II.
JIoston, Match 25, The Sinlth-I'rench
scandal was beforo tho members of the
South Kwuigclltul Church last night,
Mrs. 8. D, Smith and her daughter Helen
and Hurry French wero present. At a
Into hour lhe mcetlngwas still in progress.
Mrs. Smith mado 11 statement dcnj'Ing
that her conduct with French was in any
way criminal, though she admitted that
she had acted Indiscreetly. Miss .Smith
also mado a statement denying In detail
tho statement!) made by French regarding
her relations with him. Mr. French then
leitcrated his version of tho caso ns al
ready published. The meeting adopted
resolutions vindicating tho Smith family.
Jtciiis of Crookedness tu One
Ciai kpi ro, W. Y March 23 Tho
Ilev, Abner Vernon, who Is under arrest
at Phllllpl charged with marital Inlldelltj-,
An escaped convict named Crump was
shot and killed by Olllccr Hardvvlcl: last
Saturday, but not until ho had wounded
Hardvvlcl: ni)d killed a bystander named
Avcrlll. Crump w us n notcdciliniiial and
a mrgo reward was oucrect tor nn nrrrcst.
A sj ndlcate of Ohio capitalists has pur
chased 10,000 acres of limber lands In
Clay and Nicholas Counties at 10 per
.Sensational DtnelopiiK ills In Connec
tion AMIh l'l'ltiili's I. lection,
SurAMi.vro, Cvi.. March 'Jo The com
nilttee appointed tiiliivcstlgati!thcoharge3
of bribery In connection with tho lludlng
of scraps of paper In the State library dur
ing the recent Senatorial coulest, sent
their report to tin- fceiuito ) cslerilay after,
'lluj' reported that tho moncj hud
como Irom thu Southern Paclllc Hull
read Company, and that within thirteen
hours nftir U arrived hero it was
in tho Stntoj library, but who handled It
thiroor forwhat purpose It was handled
the eiiiiimltlco did not determine,
Dentil of General John C. I.i'e.
To 1 1 no, Onto, March 2V General John
C. I ce, I.leuttnant-Govcrnorof Ohio mulct
General It. II. Hayes, and one of the most
prominent lawyers of Ohio, died last eve
ning, aged U 1 j ears.
IntcKoiitliieiilal Itiillwii) Commission.
Thu Intercontinental Hallway Com
mission has nearly computed arrange
ments for starting thocnpluccritn work.
In a few da) 3 they will leave for Gua
temala, whero they will commence work
as soon as they orrlve. Tho only qucs
lion that the commission now has to
kittlo is tho scale to tho mllo to be used
In outlining tho maps and surveying the
II11II1111H lii Now York.
tiomtl.t -Win Vvik Ann
'lhe Italian colony In Now York has
been greatly stirred up, as might ho ex
pected, by the bloody outcomes of tho trial
of Henncssy's assassins in Now Orleans,
'lho views of several public olllcials con
nected with the Police Department In Vow
York havo been obtained concerning tho
Italians of tills 1 Ity as thopollco llnd f hem,
'Ihey all ugrio In declaring that this poi
Hon of tho city's population furnishes
much more than lis lair share of tur
bulent 0 and disorder 'Ihoavcmgo num
ber of Italians arrested In Vcvv York
amounts now to ,l,miO lit n jcar, hut It is a
lutt which seems to navo escaped ltoticu
that the far larger iKjrtion of these are ar
rested for petty offences, such as violation
ot health or coqiorutlnn ordinances of
the llotllo law, of the llxclsc law or for
Interfering with contents of ash barrels,
l'evv nro arrested for theft, nono for
highway robbery Pew get drunk fewer
still whin drunk dlstuih tho public order.
And what Is more remarkable than anv -thing
else Is that the overwhelming ma
jority of Italians arrested In Now York
are menvery few women. Indeed, tho
Italian fcnialo population of this city aro
a eicdlt to their nativo laud 'llieso wo
men aro ludiittrlmii. gentle, devout, ab
stemious, law Iciwlim and law abiding,
patient, and occupied chlclly with their
elomcstlo concern". In tlmb of public ex
citctvent, n record also mado ami so nre
i,ery 11 during many years Is cettaful)
w cferrlna to,
Laborer Punt Slioueln Ill's ."lingular
I'hjsluil Stale
Ni w YnttK, March '. A ho'inl fell on
Laborer Paul Shoiiebeln on WestSixty
second street j cterdaj-, broko one of his
ribs and caused the hone to penetrate his
lunir. 'Ibis Ut Hie nlr out of tho lungs
and Into the tissues undir the skin, caus
ing n general nulling out of the skin all
over his small, thin body from hi id In
heel", until he was totallv unrn ognlrablo
even lo his daughters. Yd the doctors
think ho mav get well Shnnebcln, in
JU11113-, wt'i);ni Dill l.r pound. a
When his two daughters called late lustfl
evrnlliir lin linil tmrrWI niilnni,i,islriitt1vi
that ho was unrecognisable. 'Ilic youn
women wero led into tho ward and up to
their father's bedside.
"Why, this Is notourpnpa'" exclaimed
ono of them, turning and scanning (lie
patients In the other beds.
"Our papa was n tall, spare iiian.'l Ids
Is not nt all like him," the others joined
In, and Dr. Johnson had much (lilflcttlty
In convincing them that tho balloon man
on the bed was really their father.
The pulling out of Shonebeln's skill
went on all night long, nnd to-day there
was little semblance of a man In him,
"It Is n singular ease, Indeed," said Dr.
Johnson. "A caso not often seen, jct
true to a peculiar phenomenon nt hospi
tal practice, tlilsls tlio third of this bort of
cases within three weeks."
The Woy She Steeicil Time Pnii-Anierl-eans
of the Late Congress Into Her
Tolls Dm Ins Their Visit In Pitts
burg Unite a Sensational Cnee All
PiTTSHPiKi, l'., March 23. Tho detec
tives havo discovered eimy.STnf llie-carccr
of Mls Laura Snowdcn, tho accomplice
of Fred Flt?slmmons, the crook and mur
derer, to stamp her as one of tho star ad
venturesses and blackmailers of tho coun
try. A search of her luxuriously fur
nished apartments on Cornwall street led
to tho finding of her diary and letters
which 'arc rich In sensational Information,
The Utters showed that she Induced n
frlincl In tho samo lino to join In 11 scheme
to entrap and blackmail the dark-skinned
members of the Pan-American Congress
during their two-days' sojourn In this city
In ltSO. She coolly used n Pittsburg irolt
manufacturer to guide nt least three of tho
delegates to her rooms, where In duo tlm6
sho made the unwitting diplomats dis
gorge a goodly sum or foco the disgrace of
exposure. How ninny others sliu black
mailed ou this occasion sho will not tell,
ami 1 rr iciicrs 1 loirr 11111 caie. iter misi-
uess instinct led her to keep n regular list
of her victims, with their real names ami
In this list there arc not only tho names
Of Pittsburg men promlue ut In the busi
ness community, but politicians and men
of affairs of high standing In many of
tho largei cities clear across the continent
lllaeknudl was her pet game and Ihoniys
lery Is how sho so long escaped prison,
w hllo all the time maintaining openly her
position ns slcnogiaphcr nnd clerk for tho
Muliiiil in licit.
One of tho Incidents of) istcrday vv as tho
visit of a New York mini who gave n
other name than "James Smith," nnd
claimed to liavoeomo to tow 11 to ascertain
whether Miss Snowdcn Isn't tho woman
ho married ou short notice in tho metro
polis in Deieinber, 1SSS. Hesa)sshorau
away from him thrco months nftertliu
wedding. From what he learned of her
during their acqualutunco and has read of
thobnovvden woman's career, ho thinks
the two are identical.
11 has been learned beyond doubt that
Dctcctlvo GlIklnson'M slaver, whoso ap
prehension is due to Miss Snovvdcu's dis
closures. Is Frederick C. Fltzslinmoiisof
llrockvllle, Out. Ono more of tho Fit
slmmons gangvvas arrested jestenlay at
JcfTcrson, Ohio.
Gllkhison was bulled last night. About
.1,000 persons view est his body ns it lav In
slulo yesterday afternoon In the Pirst
Picsbjterlan Church. Half a dozen de
tectives nctid as pallbearers.
It Is learned that tho discovery of Fit
Simmons' real character has caused a
great sensation at llrockvllle where bis
relatives aro aiiiong the best people. Ho
Is a college bred man mid lias liccn a
wanderer over two continents lor over a
dt cade.
He went South to accept a good position
not longatter graduating, mm eloped with
a i.ouisniia planter a daughter, i no two
have led a wildlife ever since and now
llnd thcmetlvesln Jail together. She Is
considered to bo tho schemer of tho out
lit and ho tho executor. Ho never visit cd
his home until n fortnight ago to secure
his Inheritance. His brother Is now
en routo to Pittsburg to look after thu
.SpiiiiMIng In (lull.
Nl w YniiK, March 21. A sjieelal to the
Shu tint morning from Chicago says A.
G. Spanieling will retlro from baseball and
business cares, and will enjoy tho fruits
ot many years' labors, Ho has mado all
arrangements to retlro ou lho 1st of tho
mouth, Ho will also leave Chicago mid
make New York his home 111 lho future.
JinncH Hart mid Adrian I. Auson will bo
lift In 1 barge of Spuuldlng's interests,
lloltut His nil tho Hulls.
Mr Hot tv, N. J., March ". ti at
tempt was made to wreck a train last
night near here number of tics were
bolted lo the track, but the cngliicerdis
(overcd tho obstruction in tlmo tostop
tho train, otherwise It Is probable a num
ber of persons would havo been killed,
'this makes the second attempt at train
wrecking at tills point,
Mnio Illlllllll lVlllri tu Cmuc.
Svn Avtomo, Ii , March J3. General
Miles arrived In Sail Antonio yesterday
en routo to Mexico, Spenhlngoftholatcst
rumors of renewed Indian troubles, tho
General said "Ibeio will be manv nioro
Indian wars. Tho same causes which
produced the last war will bring about
others." He does not expect trouble this
spring, however.
Dunces I'm 1 m lllll, Lyillll,
II111MIM111VM, Ai v., March 20. John
Dailies', lolored, was lynclud at an early
hour v isle nliy morning for nttomtillng to
assault a white woinnnlnShelhyCounty.
'Ihenllalr occurred at Columbiana. Two
iilllicrs, who attcmptvil to rescue Dance
Irom the limb, were torced to go along
mid witness tho hanging,
A I tin House lliirueil,
M VMvuoMch, N, Y , March 23 Tho
summer residence ol J. M. ( unstable of
Arnold, Constable A Co , nt Orienta. was
burned last night, 'lho loss on building
and contents aggregates frllVoo. Tho
inutoof thollro wasa defective Hue,
A Moiiiion Apostle Demi,
fivn l.vki Cnv, March '.'.General
Daniel H.Wells of tho Niiuvoo Legation
died in this city )estcrday ot pleuro
pneumonia. Hew us uUo counsellor of tho
Twelve Apostles and a trusted olllclal of
tho Mormon Church,
MiGmuhy lo Pint Centre 1 leld.
C'iminnui Ohio, March S3 Mo
Oeaehy. who played with Ward's ' Won
ders' last season, has signed to play
centre Held for tho Cincinnati League
01,1) WOULD 10-DAY.
Drnit-lfrnillng Ho) ally Pays the Trans,
port Lines ns nn Ailvri Using Sthenic
A German Olllecr Attributes (lei nun
Hnnesss in the Frnneo-Gerninti War
toStipciIorltyof Numbers A Cool Ile
eeptlnii Given the New- Foniul
lamleis by P.ulliimrnt.
l.o.M:v, Mnrch 23. The question asked
In Parliament by Mr. Labouclure relative
to lho hire of steamers between Great
Hrltaln and tho Continent for the con
vey mice of distinguished icrson-i his
brought out the interesting fact that int
charge whatever is mado for such con
vij'ancc, but that, ou tho contrary, the
various steamship lines aro eager rivals
fur tho honor of conveying royal and
princely personages without any ihargu
whatever. H Is said that at least 11110 or
Queen Victoria's Impecunious Cerium
sons-in-law has turned n quiet penny hy
favoring n certain Hue of boats In bis
juuruejs between Ihiglaud and the Con
tinent, his arrangement, or implied under
standing, with the company being that he
shall make himself mid tho Princess nn
conspicuous as possible during the voy
age, thus advertising tho steamship lines'.
Ill E TO KL'l'l IllOlt MJI1IH1S.
A work vv ritlcn by n German olllcer.
Major Kunz, ou the campaign of lho
Austrian marshal, Hadctrky, in I ileitis,
has evoked considerable comment in Her
lin and Paris. In his Introduction Major
Kuiusa)s that the victories achieved by
lhe German armies in the campaigns of
IN') and lfcTO wero mainly duo to superior
numbers, nnd lie compares this fact with
Itaclctzky's victories won with greatly In
ferior numbers 'the statement about
tho German victories has been received
vvltiri'TifilvTrrahlecrlllcism In llerlin mili
tary circles, where; It-Is claimed tho Ger
mans owed their successe to other causes
than superiority Inllieiiumbor of troop.
a iivTiimcooi. wru-oMt-,-
The CyiivniWethls mornlngsaysth.it tilt
Government was strongly opposed to re
cciving lho deputation of merchants en
gaged in the New 1'oiindland trade, who
yesterday appeared In tho House of Com
mons, nnd ft was only to avoid inllinilng
the excitement in the colony that line
ceded tothepressuro brought to bear in Hue
I.iimmvv, March 23. Tho Foreign Olllcv
has formally notilled the American Heo
rctary of State. Mr, Illalne, that her
Hritamilc Majesty's Government nucpl,
the Invitntlou extended by President Har
rison to tako part In the World's Colum
bian llxiiosltioii nt Chicago In lh'll. In
a note accompanying the letter of nc oot
anee, Lord balisbury nolilles tbo I'rysl;.
uciii unci, u rojiu commission win no
npixiliitcd to assist In forwarding tho
interests of llrltlsh exhibitors.
They Arc llmltj Ditnuigitl mill 1 Ivo
Teeth I int.
Ciiiik, 'March 23 It has dev eloped that
Mr. Htaly's injuries; nre not conllnnl to
the damage done to his right eye. He h is
also lost live of his teeth.
Mr, Heal) has received a telegraph dis
patch from Mr T. P. O'Connor, in which
that gentleman says "1 am shocked nt
thu dastardly ntlack mado upon you."
Sir John I'opu Henncssy bas written
Mr. llcaly that ho expresses in tho jiiiiut
of the members of tho Irish Nationalist
members of Parliament the Indignation
nnd regret which they feel at the oulrau
which has dcen InlUctoil on Mr. Healy.
Tbo KulKfi iiml tlio Onclplt SikiiiI il -(ho
Population of the lnipln.
lli.ntt.N, March 23. The Imeii Xtllnu$
says that the nmperor will order an Inves
tigation of the Guclpli fund scandal.
The census shows an Increase of 2,0V,
13S In tho population of Germany.
T.iiplunil Dlniuoiiils.
St. IVtpi siu'i'ii, March 23 Large qu 111
tlllesof diamonds nro reported to haver
been dlcoeml in North Lapland,
IleliUMiie Itlvei-unci Itnr rtlleil VVIUi
siillluc Criifl.
Pun viu 1 rim, March 23. Never before
havo there been so many v csscls anchored
in the Delaware Illvcr ami bay. 'I ho lleel
extends from tho Horseshoe liend to C.ih
Henlopeu, and embraces sailing vessels nt
all rigs and nationalities as well us barges
and tugs and other steam craft vv Ithoiit
much inotivo power,
Tho cause 01 lids detention is tho pre
vailing easterly and northeasterly winds
which have wen blowing steadily for
nearly two weeks, and have prevented
vissels from getting oh shore Any at
tempt would cause the vessels to clillt
further away from thclrtlcstlnatioiisorto
collide In lho nan ow portions of the river
whero tliev are now anchored.
Captain liandolph of tho tug Thomas
Smith, whiiinmo up the river ami biv
vesterday from the capes, reports 1 limit
ing 270 sidling t raft nt anchor, ami I hen
were others. Not only this, but thu wind
has driven nearly all of the water out uf
of care is required In navigation to pre
vent striking si-ots which never would be
seen under ordinary clrcuinstniues,
1'lllnl Itilllwn.v Collision,
liicisi-, Wis, March 23. 'lhe north
bound Chicago and Northwestern pusn
gcr train, known as the Grecnbiv stud
.Marinette express, and a Mllwuiikm
freight train collided at limine Junction
at 12 0.3 this morning, causing tho Ion nt
0110 life, the fatal injury of at least ono or
more persons and the serious Injury of b
half docn others, all cniploves of the
com pan)
st. Punt stint il lip.
Sr Pvi 1, Minn. .March .'3 'lhcre whu
nsinsatlon In the Senate )csterday whmi
It became known that the Allliuee and
Minneapolis, Senators had formed u coin
bination to move tho Capitol from St.
Paul. 'I ho project Is likely to sueootid in
the Senate but will probably he defoHUri
In tho House
Cuplaiu Cnuili't. shivei.
Wieun v, U w , March A3, J,( . Allan
was.vcslerda) found guilty ot luiinlar In
tho llrst degree for tho murder ot Captnlu
Couch, tlienoti'd Oklahoma Ji'oonior. The
minder occurred ltd fall and grew out ol
a disputed laud claim.
Tho Chill It slnvv 11 Vunl.
HosTON, March j.3 Assistant Seurctarj
ol the Nav boley, who Is In thu city,
sii)s tho iluinges pioposcd to make tho
Iharleslovvn Navy-Yard a fully oqulpi-vil
repairing station will bo iniuphli'd la
about three mouths.
?llergollon, H per quart, ft) a pint.
'UlP IMolOlin Slllkels.
1.VNN, Mvsn , March 23 Tho ntiirowjo
lmlshers, who struck seven months ago,
mut last night and decided to continue
the strike Five hundred of thu eleven
hundred nitii who went out origiuallv
aro Mill unemployed.
Tlisrp, 318 P strcciTiorthwostl

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