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' i
D43 D Stroot Northwost,
Mj nill (postage prepaid) one year. . $ I 73
" " " one Month,,., M
Carriers In the clly, ono month TO
VII 1) street,
Wellington, D. C.
AVahiimiton, I). (,'., JI vricii 23, lS'H.
1 tiir iwsrmt comments on Oov
irnor Nil iioiut' letter lo .Mr. IIi.iinl vvc
llnil oiiie" tllssatisfncllon hero ntul there.
Hut what illil these illssatlsllcil cililors
rxicct' Certainly not that (lovcrnor
Jvinioiis vionlil conitciun the )icoile of
New Orleans ami join In Mr. Ill um'hiIc
iinnclritloii of thu mnss.icrc. lie uai not
inllcil njion to do tlinl, and, perhnps,
vuuhl not havo ilouc it If ho hint been.
Vv'hnt lie did wns to u rile n perfectly culm
mid diplomatic mile relating tho facts of tho
ne, assuring Mr. lit mm: that there was
no uprising ngalnst Italians ni such, mid
informing htm that the action ofthecltl
x lis is now under consideration hy the
proper authorities. He could not well go
further and, very ncnsihly, he did not try
tn. The fait that he refrained from any
sxpresslon of horror and Indignation is
to ho nccouutcd for in several nays, Pos
sibly ho was neither horrlfkd nor Imllg
nant. I'osslbly ho saw no occnslon tn
bring his emotions Into an olllrial com
munication to Mr. Hi mm, I'osslbly, a
ilnrrn other things. Hut the coun
try now knows that no Italian1!) life
or properly is In the smallest peril
Luaiisc of his nationality. It also knows
that nearly, it not iitille, all of the cut
throats who got themselves iviicheil were
iintiirnllzcil citizens. And It has come to
the conclusion that Italy will have to put
up with it anyhow. 'Jhcro Is no syni
I atliy In tho Vnitcd Slates fur conspiracy
mid n'snvInntlon sociitics and no dispo
sition to blame communities for protect
ing themselves agalii't conspirators and
msn'sins. Incitement over tho N'ow
Orleans aflalr has almost entirely
subsided, fae in the cases of n few
noisy sympathizers who are probably
juciiibcra of tho Malla themselves, and,
therefore, interested in perpetuating that
rcmarkahloorgauization. liven those vv 111
have to hottlo up their feellnjsi Jf-tliey-Tiant
to continue in JJiCciiJoyincnt or
robust health. -ftff tho Italian (lovern
inent, Itisahstifd tosupposethatthoKIng
or his Ministers are resentful of vvhathup
I'tiyrd to tiio eleven Sicilians In Now
Orlcaii". Humid KT'HMInlsterof 1'ollco ha 1
ltcu co operating with Chief Hi j.msv for
ii long time In securing evidence on which
to hung a number of tho very men who
were afterward put to death, and was in
lull "jmpathy with him. It was known
to the tiovcrnment that New Orleans
warmed with Italy's escaped crliuluils,
fur tonic of the worst of them had been
traced there, captured there, and sent
buck to bu executed at home. There Is
nothing in tho alltgcd Indignation
Hi mi hit, and still less in the thjjvflts and
mid banditti. Respectable and law
iibiiling Italians, both hero and at home,
ure at heart thoroughly s:tlsllcd with
what has been done, and they aro tho
only Italians as towho'coplnlons weneed
imicern ourselves.
Tin Hon. JritKY Simpson Invaded Hos
ton yesterday. His mission up there Is
thatofan Alliance propagandist. As a
lUHcato compliment to Hoston esthetic
inn he wore colored half hose.
Ii looKH.VB motion the suit over the will
if Mm v CmrkkGukm will last as long
as did her ow u famous suits to recover tho
property of her father, Dvmii, Chiik.
Oitio we reprint from tho New York
JCtmhiy l'ott a protest, numerously signed,
jigainst tho so-iallcd "Dally Florida
Bptcinl." Our attention had been called
to"the matter previously by citizens of
Vushingtoii, but, on the assumption that
it was an isolated case and would not
ccur again, we refrained from anyallu
fion to it. This new complaint, however,
connected with other information now at
hand, persuades us that tho abuse com
I hilned of by Mr.CounFrtT and his fellow
travelers is encountered by everybody
who embarks on tho "Florida Special."
Uhistrnln is advertised asasplended vestl
billed special, with smoking-room, library,
observation car, elegant dining-car, ilrst
lass restaurant and all the delicacies
if the season. As n matter of fact It is
not even a high class ordinary train,
'litre Is no observation car, no smoking
ur, the dining car Is dirty and uncomfort
iible, tho service wictched, and thefuro
worse. Instead of electric lights there are
oil and Instead of luxury thcro is neglect
mid hardship. And for all this a very5
Iitavy extra charge Is made on thoground,
that such oriental splendor and sybaritish
profusion como very high to tho railroad
icmpany. On the train which reached
lure March 1 1, bringing a number of
Washington people (two hours and a half
Into by the way,) nil the bail features re
lerred to In the Knntng lnt wcro conspic
uous. 'Iho passengers wcreallowed no op
IHirtunity togctnicalsexccptinthoalleged
dining-car where everything was badly
ookcd, badly served, inferior In quality
mill inadequate in amount. A dollar was
charged in any and all cases. A sick lady
who wanted a cup of coffee was asked to
1 ny a dollar for It. In short, tho entire
trip, in all Its aspects and accessories, was
dl$apiointment and a swindle. Nothing
was done that had been promised. livery
thing was bad and exorbitantly charged
fur. It seems to us that the I'ennsylvaiiU
Itailroad Company, umlor whoso auspices
this dlsrcptitublo and exasperating trick Is
ni irated, should cither liiterfcroln behalf
of the traveling public or formally dis
claim all responsibility In tho premises.
This company possesses and deserves thu
innlidence of tho people. Somebody ii
Hiring Its credit to exploit a swindle,
Why doib.n't tiii Ii Mm-nt call upon
doMrnor Jlmrv foranolllcl.il report of
11ieilliij.snf the Indiana While C.ipi.' A
nub of them at Hhelbyvlllo, only a short
distance from the Mate Capital, cow hided
n man "until blood r.iu down his hack in
Tin Niw Yoi.k (j i:vr Monument As
mi iation wants $500,0)0 of Now York's
tharc of tho djrect tax Just refunded to the
note This method of getting funds re
minds one of Ann ml' W vim's patriotism
In lfcOl. Ho was willing to sacrlllco all of
his wife's relations to preserve- tho Union.
Hiim-m.. llinK.l lido bum's able agri
iiiltural editor, received n barrel of I'tah
potatoes tlie otlier day as samples from a
yield of 0-I7 bushels to tho acre. He pro
nounced them of excellent quality. It is
vident that I'tah is not as small potatoes
in ngricultnro as she is in religion.
i.ovti i , on oxn of tho Hebrldem
jtluixlv, evicted from their holdings to
make room for a deer park, have taken
forcible. jofMeslon of the lands from
Tthkhthry were driven. They propose
to rtsit by forco any attempt to drive
them out again. This promises (o boa
diar preserve, sure enough.
Mn. MiMiiitN thinks tho Spciker of
the next Houowlll bo from tho South,
Not loo far South, of course; Just far
enough. Saysoincwliere about thctlilrtyj
sixth arallel of latitude.
h is mistvki to suppose that Chilli's
sobriquet of "the I'lovvery Kingdom" has
any reference to llovvcrs of rhetoric. Let
us hope that ox-Senator Hi Mr. has not
accepted the Chinese MI"lon through a
lnisapprehinslon on Hits point.
Kv-llm ipintvtim- Mtimsiiystliat tho
llcpulillcans will niako a dcpcralo at
tempt to carry the Mar) land Legislature
ami elect two t'iilled Slates Senator". Tho
name of tho Maryland Republicans after
election Is mighty apt to bo tho same as
thai of the ex-lteprescntatlvc himself.
Himjv VTTiiioN, It is said, was once
an aslduous and accomplished performer
on the piano. This may account for the
niatciful mauuer In which ho evokes
dlvcHlled mid swelling Wagnerian strains
from thcblgsevcntccu-octavc calliope of
It wouin in. n grievous error to conclude
that photographers aro corrupt merely be
cause thev aro alwoys ready to sell their
xiews, '
It MQiiiirs . expert to count the
spokes on the wlilzing whirligig of poll
tics out In Michigan just now.
KvSi.nvtoI! I'm mi u s.ijs there Is big
lumber In Michigan yet, 1 hat may be,
but since .veil Cimmiiii died there has
Ihcii no big timber in the IViiliisular
on hit.
Hon. ,1. (I. Ulnlnc, tlic secretary o: State,
whii lm been unwell, will he nut Inn tew
ilnjf, Kccorillngtii liUplij-lclnn.
Tlic ninny Irlcmls ot JIr. Wlllhitn Morrl
Hunt will lie mllllcd tn learn that ho Is con-vnlii-cliig
from lier Illncs'1 of foiiio vveaks'
'J ho ItcTircml Uolicrt V. Ilriuly, S, .1 , of tho
fnculiy nnicorctonn UnlveTi-lty, ts reports I
ilmigcruin-ly 111 with pneuimiiilii,
Ar till l the iniont iicntpiper notoriety It
lmH he en piiggctci! thtt a prbo lie ulv en to ths
rrty whono nnnio 1ms nppcareil nttcnest In
lirlnt In the society coltimu. 'J ho prle might
lie In thu nature of a linlso Willi tho lesrcn.l
"CiiiFiliiioii', hut not illtln0'illielv" In
rnlml letters of brnn. 'the chcslnutK wonll,
of xJit"V hrrMfetJWL nsjhcy aro rojjiirilo 1
inure In the light of regular cintoniori', iucvl
tnhlci'i ns It wire,
"i he (iliffnco ot linn. J. W. l'nttcr, ex-Mlnl,
lor to Itunlii, "pnln ami Mexico, on n rpcrld
ndmlnn to Spain, coupled with his recent vlit
tn eiihn, hns Khcn rNcton good deal ut tins
writing lu tho New Yorkpipei. It Mr. Toi
ler lin really guna tu Wjinln ho will, without
iloiiht, iKqult lilin-clf to tho credit ot tho coun
try, nud fully maintain hl well timed reputa
tion ns n conruniinatc nml iiccoiupll-lic I illplo
uint. .i. . . w
Arststnnt Secretary "olcy of
purtnicnt lias been Invited lojUtTMnnaddrcs
on the llfo niiil icx!rt!"nr tho Into Adinlril
rorteMjcA'rrTiio memorial meeting rlmitly
iWhelil In llolon.
Mr. Morton, Miss Morton, and "enitor Hilo
and fmnlly will return to Wellington from tho
South to day,
ThoMI-ncsHiy ot Wnrrciiton, Va , aro visit
ing the .Mlcs Jenkliif, the daughters o( Ad
miral Jenkins, V. S. N.
liencral O. O. Howard, U.S.A., and
Howard are tho quests ot Mr. Perry I.ec,
"l'litlicr" It'iiatlus, as ho brands himself, tlic
hsrefootcd ".Monk of tho Ilrltlsli Cliurch,"
who Is over hero on a business prcichlnj tour
for the purpose ot ral'nu eiiougli cold cssh to
enable himself nnd a few similar cranks to
lead a monastic Ufa of seclusion and holiness
far from the contninliiatbig outsldo world, his
not been able lo attract full house ut ono
dollar per head, '1 lie business Is not pinning
out hero very rkli. There aro too many poor
and too ninny calls for practical clurlty on the
people of this town for them to fool awiy their
money agisting this holy 'Tathcr" nnd Ills
brethren (It there are any) lu reviving In
England tho lnedbcvnl methods. Wo do not
hear whether the lllshop ot this dlococ Ins
given this "Monk ot the Ilrltlsli Church" per
mission to preach hero and collect money, and
doubt if the Jllshcii countenances his monk
ship. Cnuslit Ills Dentil nt Slicriiinn's l'u
nernl. Fiom iht Xtu YoiL Doiltt.
It Is believed by many of General Joseph
V.. Johnston's friends In this city that ho
contracted tho illness at (leneral Sher
man's funeral which rtsultcdlnhisdcath,
which, of course, revives in everybody's
mind tho old tradition that funerals aro
great breeders of funerals and that the
medical director" of whom we hear at
times in tho newspapers would be admira
bly in place on such occasions if he went
along to see that tho pall-bearers did not
expose iiicni'civts io tno elements wiiu
an unnecessary show of revcrance, which
is a direct Invitation tothogrim destroyer.
Johnston was a warm personal friend and
admirer of Sherman, and theso two of tho
last of the picturesque old landmarks of
the War of the llebelllou havegono henco
almost together. Oencral Sherman is
said never to have recovered from the re
vulsion of feeling with which ho received
the Intimation that President Harrison
flatly refused to grant his request that
General Joseph I;. Johnston Khould bo
continued as railroad commissioner in
iho position to which President Cleveland
had appointed him.
Irish Virtue.
Yesey Knox, tho 1'rotestant member of
Parliament for Kast Cavan, and a gradu
ate of Cambridge University, had this to
Miy about tho virtue of the Irish people In
a recent speech, In u controversy which
has arisen owing to theO'Shca divorce
rase: "1 he Irish people, tho Irish peas
antry, have no need toadvcrtlso their
purity. If they did thov might publish
comparative statistics of illegitimacy. Of
all tho nations upon tlie face of tho earth
and this 1 say because, as ono who dif
fers lu religion from the majority of the
Irish people, I can ay It without Its par
taking of the nature of a boast of all na
tions on tho faco of tlie earth the Catholic
peasantry of Ireland liavo tho cleanest
record in this matter; and if tlierowas
any nation that was entitled to throw tho
Mono it was they. Manv things hive
been relt of our people. Cruel laws and
erne! governments have taken from tho
Irish peasant mm h of the world's goods,
hut (hero is one thing which nociuel law
lias been able lo take from our people,
and that is tho lust pride and pleasure the
Irish pen'ant feels In the purity of his
humble home."
.Ml Hair Co lllm, Imt Hurt's a ilmmiji i'lmt U
Itmti .Still.
1 have aglove, not new hut worn,
lis tiny tinner tips aro torn.
And ono louo button stniidt forlorn
Upon the wrist.
Its tiiuii) hue ishronolwilh ivoir,
vMidcre'isos, darting hern and there,
Jletrny sho had my lady fair
A little list.
A dainty slipper, too, have 1 :
Its heel Is ipinlutly unhad and hhjli;
A nestling diniplo ouo may spy
lust nt the too.
Ilesldo tho (Upper rets a Honor;
'1 wns once a lonchud of an hour;
1 Hole It from my lady's bower,
Ah tli.ioiiL'o.
1 have a glove, not now b it worn,
A dainty slipper frayed nnd torn,
A rosebud of Its petals shorn
'J boo many yearn.
Hut dearer far than those can he
Is but a heart held memory
The ills" my lady gavo to mo
With pin ling tears,
-JlahcliH ilcVwttt,
' TIIE FLOltlllA Sl'EClAL."
lint Trairlers l'n IIIbIi Triers I'or
nml l)i Not (let-A 1'rotcst by Snnm
of Tin in
t'nmlht A'iib Yntl KimUhj l"vH
To the lhtor nf tie I. tnimj lnli
Sir.: Tor the henclltof travelers return
ing from Florida nnd points South, we,
thc-underslgued, passengers ountMln hy
the Atlantic Coast Line, which Is adver
tised as n "dallj Florida special," leaving
St. Augustine, on 'Ihursday. Mirch It), at
x 10 a, m,, beg to state that tlic train is not
what It purports to be. Wo pty tho max
imum price charged tho highest faro de
mand! dn section on this train costing
J2, ns against 9'l on tho ordinary ex
prr, and ato promised an observation
ear, tleetric light, n modern (Unilinear ami
table "equal to any llrst-class hotel."
Also, lu again quote tho company's ad
xeillement, "all tho comforts, eonven
knees and luxuries thai can bo obtained
nt home." 'I his Is the promise, now
mark tho performance. This train Is
coniiscdofn number of old-fashioned
and dirty cars, no observation car, a closo
mid cramped dining car, mid a table ns
bud ns It well ran be. both as regards food
andfcrvlce. Instead nf electric lights wo
have murky kerosene lamps; tho cam arc
cold and poorly ventilated. In short, in
exihangefor tint highest price for tho
promise nf every known modern eonven
feme of travel, wo gel every posslblo dis
comfort and tho poorest food. Wo mav
mid that this so-called ' Florida Special"
Is largely advertised in circulars In our
possession to run dally (Sund i s excepted)
from St. Augustine to New York so (hero
can ho no claim thatour)s)oraccoiiimodi
tions aro due to tills being an extra train.
Yours truly,
S. W. Hownf, New York.
.1. A. 1'LMinnoi ii, Now York.
K. II. Cm iih.t, J it., Now York,
A, b". Li nt, Chicago,
W. T. Coiimvs.
C. F. Fmiiow, lloston.
Wm. II. II m t , New York.
JI. II. LvMiiniTii.N, Itoihcster,
.1. Comut Smith, Washington, 1). C.
Asv S. ('nun.
.1 k.M. Hi u , Now York.
.I.M. I.lKKIMllT.
('. A, St mu t ik, New York.
it. (1. 1'VllK.
L. Mvv mi, lloston.
.1. L. Wi i sti it.
F. II. llviii'l. Sprlnglield, Masj.
M. CnvtiMi v, Itrooklyn.
ItouiiiTSi ikiuick, New York.
On IloMitiTin. Tiimn, March 110.
mitaiii.i: i'i:oi'i.K.
Stuart ltobson celebrated Ids both birth
day at Decatur, III., a few days ago.
' Prorcsor David S, Jordan, president of
tho Indiana State I'mvcrsitv, has accepted
the presidency of tho I.claud Stanford
Tiiiverslly of California.
.'. II. Sothcru has long been ambltio is
to play David darrick, a character in
which his distinguished father made one
of his most striking successes. In all
probability Iho young comedian will bo
seen in the role next season.
Sol Smith Itussell has been acting for
Iwenty-clghtycarsand jet lie is only 12.
He was a drummer boy In wartimes and
found lilmsilf in Cairo, III., where ho
joined tliostoek company of the Dellinco
'theatre In 1L He plajod utility iiKC
sain.' songs between acts, aiui .PlnVed the
snare drum In tho oieJrCsfra nil for ?fl a
weik. s-r
Captaiu.hVtf; Wells, I'liltcd-Statcs Army,
rclUetrilird nt Albnnv Kundiiv. 11a was
Hiorn In Chatiinni, Columbia County, N.
Y Muj 1.1, 1S3S, and enlisted In tho Army
m ims. During tno war oi tno reucllimi
Captain Wells was wounded twlco very
siverely. Subsequently ho was ent to
the frontier and took part In several
skirmishes with the Indians. His last
service was under Custer, being stationed
at Port Sanders, Wyoming. Jn liS Lap
tain Wells was retired.
Lucius I'oblnson, Governor of New
York from 1877 to 1880, was of thorough
bred Puritan stock, the prominent char
acteristics of which ho cxcmplillcd In tho
courtc of his long professional and po
litical career. He was a lineal descendant
of tho celebrated Puritan clergyman John
Itnblnson. Lucius Iloblnson was born in
Windham, (Ireeno County, X. Y., Novem
ber f. 1810. tho son of a farmer in ordi
nary circumstances, who could afford his
son only a common school education.
Charles F. Chickcring, whoso name is
famous wherever pianos aro played,
passed awav peacefully March 23, at his
residence, No. 0 Fifth avenue, New York.
Many members of his family wcropics
ent to soothe his last moments. It Is
needless to recall tho great achievement of
Sir. Chlckerlng's life tho perfecting of
one of the noblest and sweetest Instru
ments which have charmed the car of
man. It is pleasant to ho able to stato
that in thecaso of this eminently success
ful business man thoro was Joined tn
commercial ability a rigid uprightness of
character which won bint tho respect of
nllwhocamo into relations with him.
A'ji0 YoiK lttiahl,
lllshop Talbot of Wyoming was in
Philadelphia recently, and preached in
St. Peter's Church, wearing over his sur
plice a red academic hood, such as is
often worn by the Knglish clergy. Two
aged ladles, who were interested listeners
to his discourse, began telling each other
how they admired him. "Hut," said one,
so tho storv runs. "I liked him so much
more before ho went to Wyoming; ho
didn't wear that ridiculous rod thing on
his back then." "Oh, my dear." replied
her companion, "he doesn't really llko to
wear it, you know. lint the Indians
where ho comes from make him wear it.
Tlicy wouldn't listen to a man who
doesn't wear gaudy clothes."
Tho husband of Adelaide llistorl, tho
great actress, is reported to have died in
Paris a few daysogo. Ho was tho Marquis
Julian Capranlea del Urlllo, and tell in
love with her In tho early days of her
stage life, before she had achieved fame,
and his father had him confined in the
castle of Santo So vera, near Rome, to
euro him of his passion. Hut ltistorl left
her triumphs to bo near her lover, and
they vvero mairied In 1817, when she was
1K1 years old. For several jears after she
only played In private theatricals. The
old Marquis surrendered, and in 181!) the
niarringo was again celebrated with much
social ulsrilay. Ihey had several children.
'I ho three children of tho late Senator
Chllcolt of Colorado will contest Ids will.
When tho testator signed tills Instrument
in lto-8, tho Denver JltpvllUnu says, tho
conduct of Ids sou Clay gave him consid
erable uneasiness, and It is known caused
tho document to ho drawn up the way In
which It will bo submitted for probite.
This leaves the estate entirely In the
hands of two executors, with Instructions
to pay the revenue monthly to tho heirs.
Tho latter claim that many times since
iiiuklni! tho w 111 their fatlicr expressed the
determination of destroying it and allow
ing Ids po-esslons to ha distributed ac
cording to law. He, however, delayed
doing so until it was too late,
'J lio Into Judge llrady of Now York
served a small fraction over n quarter of a
rentury upon the lunch. Ho was elected
ludgoof tho Court of Common Plcis lu
November, 1855, and beg m his career as a
judge in January, ISM. Judge Van
lirimt, now one of tho Supreme Court
Judges, was his successor, and ludgo II ir
rilt, another Supremo Court Judge, was
ono of his collogues. On November -',
IMjD, Judge llrady wns elected to ihu
Supreme Court, and ho was ic-eluotcd in
Mrs, AiiuuCharlotlo Lvncli llitta, wifo
ni I'rofissor Vlncenii Itolti, lor nnny
liars profcsor of the Italian languao
and lltcraturo lu Ihu I'nlversltv of tho
City of New York, died March .'1 at her
homo, 2.') West '1 hlrty-sevcnth street. Her
ihath was very sudden, her Illness hiving
Inslctl only three dajs. Pneumonia m ubi
Its appearance very quickly after slid was
llrtt taken sick, and proved fatal
Kliner Washhuruc, tho llcpuhhcau cm
illduto for Mayor of Chicago, stands a
much better i banco of being elected than
he did uweekngo, The Democratic ptrty
ishpht in two bv tlio nomination of Car
ter Harrison by tho Personal Rights
League, Cregler, tho present Incumbent
and Ihu Di mocratio nominee, Is not likely
lo get many Independent votes, and with
out tlnni Is not likely to bo clioicn,
Jibs Jllllu Huntington, sister of thu
fl irahhigrr, was married last week in
ItiiJTalo, ulthoiigh Iter homo was Chtcigo.
iho pretence ot Miss Agnes Huntington
in tho former i Ity, vvlicie her professional
ingngcments detained her, lid to this ar
rangement, iho bridegroom, T. D,
I athiop, also lives in Chicago,
A group of old Con fedcralcs wcro sealed
in the l.bbltt Hotiso reading-room last
evening, and their conversation naturally
drifted hack to tho military operations
conducted hydeiicial Johnston. A tall,
licnvy-tct man, Hcorgc Long, a celebrated
Texas scout In tho Army of tho Tennes
see, proved to bo the most entertaining
talker. He dually Inquired if tho parly
had over heard of how two rcilcr.il 'Spies
got away with Genera! Johnston during
the Atlanta Cninpalgn. Ono of tho lis
teners had heard the story related., hut
ho Insisted on Long's account of it.
"Well, It was a luightyscrloussnapthoy
got old Joe Into," remarked Mr. Long, by
way of Introduction. "TwoYankcosples
not only bent tho General out of a 91,100
fnddle-fiorse, but they led Hardee's wliolo
nrmy corps Into about as serious n scrim
ninge ns they ever experienced. 1 will
give It to you brielly.
"When Johnston nnd Sherman camo
close together, down at New Hopo Church,
in Georgia, and everybody expected n de
(Islvo Imtllo next day, there appeared at
General Johnston's headquarters tw o men,
farmers apparently, who claimed to know
every hog path lu tho neighborhood, and
advised him that n gap existed in tho
Federal lines wide enough to thrust n
corps into. They appeared sosimploaud
lionet, and talked so intelligently of tho
country and the position ol tho Federal
troops that they completely deceived tlie
General and several of his division com
manders who happened to bo with him
when (hoy made Iho visit. They were
splendid specimens of tho Georgia Cracker
in drct, speech and shrewdness.
After a long parley it was decided that
the goods wcro genuine and Hardee's
corps wasluisilly marshalled to wedge
lltelf Into tho vacant place and spilt Sher
man's peoplo Into halves. As u precau
tion It was determined to send the two
strnngers along with Hardee', and, to fa
cllltutolhcmuvcmciit, they were mounted,
ono on the charger of Colonel Hill of tho
Seventh Texas, and tho oilier on one of
General Johnson's favorite horses.
"In an hour Hardee's column silently
tiled out of Its bivouac and was headed
for the supposed gap In the enemy's Hue.
The two farmers rodent tlie head of tho
troops along with Hardee himself and
tome of his stall. A full mllo was cov
ered and tho troops wcro rapidly entering
upon debnleablo ground when suddenly
tho two strangers wildly waved their hats
nnd, putting spurs to their horses, disnp
pdired In dome timber. Simultaneously
Willi this action and before Hardcoaud
his staff recovered themselves a murder
ous Hank lire smote tho Confederate mi
lium from two sep irate quarters. The
men were in marching column of foui mini
I Ills musketry was terribly destructive,
hut they did not lose their bead).
"lntantly comprehending that they
had been enaicd, they faced their cue
mlesin some sort of irregular fashion
and one of tho hottest combats in that
campaign was gained. Hardee was badly
handled and a largo portion ofjds, etJlTl-""
iiiond would have pcrlshed-rrnicen cap
tured If Cloburmf'iTlvlsIon had not
rushed lu itoJ!13 support."
"JlnUtar spies; what became of them'"1
aurTd soma one.
"Well, thov never showed up In oar
nrmy after flint, you may rest assured.
They played their part well, only they
got rattled and gave tho signal too soon,
if Hardee had marched .100 yards further
ho would have been annihilated."
"And General Johnston's horse?"
''ihey never thought to return that,
nnd, as vou know, n good horso about
that period was worth tho weight of ids
shoes inConfcderalctwcnly-dollarnotcs."
'Iho ugony Is over, tho new Police
Judge has been appointed, and now the
defeated candidates may go back to their
work and repair their wasted fortunes.
It looked for a time, about City Hall, as
ihevery iawjcr in town wanted to be a
judge, and they worked hard to get tho
position. Not a little money was spent,
and some of the lawyers ho wanted to
lie judge aro now regarding long bills for
carriage rides and ct cetcras ruefully.
Hero in Washington one docs npt see
much campaigning, but during tho con
test lor tnc juugesnip a great, ucai oi ir.
was done In a more or less quiet way, and
tlic men who had, or wcro supposed to
have, tho ear of the President lived In
clover for a while, and it didn't cost tlieiu
a penny. They will doubtless sigh, too,
becauso of tho good times gone, as tho
candidates do that they overcame.
Ono can get into tho barracks of the
Salv atlon Army cv ery ev cuing in tlie w eek
except Monday, 'iho barracks aro on
Eleventh street, just north or tho Avenue,
and last night tho Critic dropped lu, or
rather tried to drop in, and found tho,
doors securely bolted. Ho heard singing
inside, however, and he knocked loudlv
at the door. In answer n freckled-faced
boy appeared and asked :
"What ycr want?"
"I want to como In," said tho Critic.
"This here's tho drill night, an' yer
can't," replied tho boy.
"Why not?"
" Well, yer see, every Monday night wo
have inspection and count noses, so's ter
see If there's been any back-slldln' orony
thing llko that thcr," articulated tho
guardian of the door as he closed it.
The Salvation Army In Washing
ton lias now In lis ranks about
llfty members who ure actively cm
plovcdin the work. Hut its converts go
Into tho thousands, mid on occasions like
the visit of tlm commanding general, for
Instance, (he organization can raise an
army of L',000 men, women and children,
of all sizes and colors. 1 hoy hold services
at tho barracks and on tho street every
night except Monday, when they havo re
hearsal and lay out u plan of campaign
for the Coming week.
Sitting out In front of a saloon on tho
Avenue between Seventh street and tho
Peace Monument yesterday Is iw a chalk
written announcement which read as fol
low H
Kill) I.UMII To 114V,
111 IN Hot!'.
It might havo been soup, or It might
not. 1 don't know, I didn't tackle It.
Some people liav o a great deal ol trouble
lu surrounding information In regard to
newsiapers. Mr. Smith, who is ono of
Keintory lllalnu's private secretaries, is
such a person. Yesterday the Secretary
gave out for publication the reply of
Governor Nlcholls to his telegram about
tho killing of tho Mallaltes lu Nuw
Orleaus. Hut two copies of tins letter
wore made, ono of which was glvon to
the i'nlti d Press and tho other lo tho As
sociated Pi ess. 1 did not want lo wait
lqion tho United Press for a copy of tho
litter, sol went to Mr. Smith tu got one.
Ho would not let mo have It.
"Ofeoiirsol will not glvo you a eipy,"
he bald, "it would bo against Secretary
lllaino's policy. Ho will not give. myonii
nevvspapir mi ad vunlago over another. It
I should glvo vou a copy ot thut letter vou
Would bo ahead ol even body clc"
"How could Unit be," 1 asked, when
both prtssassoiintiousliavoit and aro now
(ending It ofl I It Is probably In Now
York by Ibis time. In not giving mo a
inpy don't you c that vou nro going
against Mr. lllnluo's nolle You are ills
erlmluntlugngalustthu paper Ircpreient,"
"No I am not," was thu reply, and I
will not dleiiiulnulo ngnlust others to
fuvorjou. You will havo to get a copy
Irom ouo of the press associations."
"I gavo it nji, sei lug tho Impossibility of
making Mr Smith understand thu news
paper situation."
Monj residents ol the DIMrlrt K'niein
her "Mike" Duffy whosoine years ago
was a Ittpubllcan leader In tho old Third
ward. Ho was employed IntlioPostolllco
and was somewhat of n diameter In his
way. 'J his morning a crowd of old
timers wcro lu n well-know u hostlcry on
Seventh street, mid tho conversation
drifted to tho stirring times of thoeirly
bevenths, when Cnloml Carson and bis
cohorts used to make Koine lioiv), iu it
vv ere.
"Hy tho way," taldoiio old gentleman,
"did you ever htar tho story of Mike
Duffy's jarade? No Well hero goes.
Duffy had been selected as tlic marshal
of n lleptiblleau parade. There was n
negro band here, and as Mike was some
thing of n politician, and tho colored
voter was numerous in tho Third ward,
lie thought it would bo policy to lilro
(li.it band for Iho pnradc. Thereupon ho
Indited a nolo to tho leader, or which
this is a literal copy:
"Mister Later:
"'I w ants yure baud fur Iho parad, Wen
j use teo mo I wants yuso to play Halo to
the chief, see tlic conkcrlng halro cuius,'
"And tho band played II," added tho
old gentleman. "If there was aproildcr
man in tlie Capital City that day than
Duffy I hove never hail the fortune to
meet him."
Mr. Henry llrock, tho well-known pro
prietor of tho Congressional Hotel, Is an
other I!ast Washlngtonlan who Is proud
of his section and who believes that there
is n great futurofor it.
"Wo aro In tlic swim, now," he said to
the Critic, "and wo aro going right alien!
until every available, foot of laud is taken
up for building purposes. The people
down tills way arc full of spirit and hone.
'J bey propose lo make tins section what
it was originally Intended to bo tho city
A haggard, care-worn young man rushed
Into an up town saloon tills morning nnd
whispered to tlie bartender lu n trembling
voice, "Aslnllio frappe." Ho was so
nervous that his teeth fairly chattered,
and when the drluk-mixer placed tho
pale-green Honor on tho counter It was
with great ifilllculty that tho customer
got the glass to his lips. With ono gulp
ho swallowed tho chilly mixture, nnd
with a long-drawn sigh or relief nt his
evidently-changed condition paid his
score and disappeared behind the swing
ing door.
"If he sticks lo that stuff loin; cnougb,"
remarked tho bartender to Tiir Ccim,
who had gone lu for a maliitlnnl glass of
vldi vand milk, "some night he'll sco u
w hole zoological garden and go crazy try
ing to catalogue the collection. Ho only
takes ono drink of absinthe a dav at
present. That will soon bo Increased to
two and so on until his nerves aro shat
tered, and the 'jams' loom up in the near
future. If a man wants u bracer in tho
morning lako whisky straight. It Is "
"Yes," Interrupted a gentleman In
(eedy attire, who had drifted in and
caught tho bartender's last words, "with
pleasure. A squcc7o of lemon, if you
please." 'Jhcio wassllcncofora moment,
mid then the self-invited guest sprinted
through the doorway followed by a lemon
Miuctvcr that caught him In the small of
tho back and danced nCarnicncita reel on
his coal tails.
Coiiiiuiiilnrn (Ircrr hold lo llo tlio linn
Captain Miller's Tlinii llxlmideii.
l'i cm the Xiv)Ye t.Tlintt.WA.
,AsJiHV'l$;tbotlnio for Hear Admiral
jiraines rctncmeiit irom tlio service
draws near, the Navy awaits with eager
expectancy some inkling as to Ids succes
sor In the command of tho llrooklyn
Navy-yard. Yesterday most significant
news was given to a Vimcn reporter by an
olhccr who is generally well informed.
Ho said that Commodore James A. Greer,
who is now President of the Hoard of Ex
amination and Retirement, would ho the
Commodore Greer was selected for tho
place, it was said, because the other two
candidates', Captain Henry I'rbcu and
Captain lldwurd 11. Potter, have been
promised oilier orders of a very desirable
nature. Captain Krben will go to tho
Sailors' Homo at Philadelphia, known in
tlie navy ns "the White House," a very
desirable post, and Captain Potter, who is
now governor of tho Naval Homo lu Phil
adelphia, will take command of the re
cei v (tiK ship Minnesota, Intel v commanded
1 y Captain Gilbert 0. Wiltse. This lsalso
a very dcslrablo post and ono that many
nlllrers in high standing hao applied for.
'Willi Captain Potter and Captain lben
thus disposed of, Commodore Urccrmay
get the coveted navy yard command.
Greer Is an Ohio man, who has been
in Iho service nearly forty-four years.
During the war ho took an actlvo part in
'So removal of Mason and hli.lcll from
tho Knglish steamer Trent, and subse
quently commanded tho Carondclct and
Denton of Admiral Porter's squadron in
tlio actions around VicksDiirg. I'or
forty-live days of tho siege of that city lie
was almost constantly under lire. In
1873, with the steamer Tigress, ho found
tho wreck of tho famous Polaris at Lit
tleton Island, North Greenland. Four
xcarengoho was appointed Acting Hear
Admiral, in command of tho Kuropcan
station, and, sinco lSbO, ho lias been
president of various organisations and re
tiring boards at Washington. Upon tho
retirement of llear-Admiral Hraine, ho
will stand first on tho list of Commo
dores. Kear-Admiral iiraino will, It is
understood, move out of his present
quarters in tlie Navy-Yard May I, and
take a house in llrooklyn.
Another important point that was given
out yesterday relates to tho removal of
Captain J. N, Miller, who is now captain
of tho yard, still another desirable post.
Captain Miller's term of duty expires in
April, and several otllccrs. It Is said, have
signilled to tho Department their aspira
tions in the direction of the prospective
vacuncy. Tho uamo of Captain Thcodoro
K. Kane, now in cliargo of tho Kuuip
incut Hurcau of the Hrooklvn Navy Yard,
has been most prominently mentioned
until jesterday, when tho rumor camo
from Washington that Captain Miller's
(imo would bo extended another year,
i his is explained by tlio tact that the
new commandant will feel the need of an
assistant who Is thoroughly familiar with
the details of tho yard, which makes It
Impolitic to remove both tho senior otll
ccrs at once.
, Huston Disapproves.
Motion Home Jo'u iial,
Mrs, Kendal's gowns aro always a great
cause of delight to the women. It Is no
wonder, tor her tasto is admirable and
her dretsmaker a clever one. Her Kng
lish ideas of tho low mark of thu corsage
are almost us amazing as tho dresses,
however, and often a sigh of astonish
incut has gone over thohouso Hko that
when, In tho second net of "The Queen's
Shilling," slio rnso from behind tho
Mine, 'i'cici-a Carreno, known in Km ope
as the "American piaulste," is achieving
unusual success in her Kastem tour
through Hungary and Russia. Tho Hilda
J'esth papers speak of her as tho "female
Totally Helpless
l'roni hiliitlo Itbiiiiiiintlsin Wholly
('mill by Hood's Sin siipiii llln,
'ihe fact that rheuiiiillsni Is ciusol by uc
ciiniul it Ion of acid hi the blond, and tho fact
that Hood's Sarsaparllla lias wonderful power
In piinljliig the blood, oxpliln tho success ot
Hood's Siirsapiulllii 111 curliu this dlsensv,
"In liny, ISM, rwas taV.cn with eijutlo rhoii
niiitlsiii In my legs and iirms, 11 uilhely pro
vented ins fiom woil luiMind 1 was en nine 1
to my bed, entbely helpless. 1 h 1 1 mo Hell at
tendance and In August I was Just nblo to
liiovu aiouud. I was reduced to inicre skoto
pin and my nppet bonus entirely gone. It was
thouiilit hy all my friends that I could not pos
slhlyllve, 1 took utmost oveiythliu 1 loiibl
hear of, but with no goo I lesults, durlii,' tint
whiter, Ouo day, iutilIu,;uhoilM.tlvlug Hoot's
biirinparilhi In Mnreh, April nnd. May, I con
cluded to try It. Ono hoitlo gavo ino o much
relief thut I look four bollli's, and slnco then I
have not been troublid with ihciiinitlsiii mid
lny general health has never been hotter My
nppeilto Is Increasing nml 1 um giiluluj In
Iksli. I attribute in) whole liiproument to
taking Hood's s,ai.ip.irllhi, ami I eirueitly
ricoinmciid it to nil who aro troubled with llko
disease, 1 consider It tho grandest medicine
over put ii." Vt H. 1'. 'JVwon, Emporium,
Cameron Co , Pinn
"I hereby certify lo the foregoing facts as
Muled,"-Jonitiian (In i Dim, Justice ut the
I'crce, Emporium, I'enn,
Sold by all diuggUts t, six for JI, Prepared
only by (' I HOOD X CO , Lowell, Mass,
100 Dosoa Ono Dollar,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
sW Baking
i r
All .
Aged Couple Assaulted, lnllinred
by a mucker Crime.
lit MiMiTov, N. J., March 25. A
drunken mob assaulted an aged llussiati
couple named Lehowsky at their cotlago
at lilvcrdalo last Sunday night. The
cotiplo vvero roughly handled, nnd their
household goods were demolished hy tho
rulllnns. Not satisfied with tills, tho mob
started up-Main for tho sleeping apart
ment of l.ehovv skj 's pi ct ty daughter.
Slio was dragged from her bed and tho
drunken men attempted to assault her.
She fought dcspiratcly, however, and by
a supremo effort managed to free herself.
Clothed only In n thin night rohesho
jumped from tho window and ran to tho
house of a neighbor, wherosho fell faint
ing from fright and exhaustion. Neigh
bors then went to tho usslstancoof Iho
old couple and succeeded In capturing
several of tho leaders.
Lingo, convicted of murder In Camden,
will probably have a new trial.
'J lie money needed lo erect the Slier
mniistatuelnNcw York has beensccurcd,
Tho Grant Monument Association wants
fWOXOO of tiio direct tax money received
hy ew York.
A Swedish steamship went ashore at
Chlcanilcomlco beach and oneof tho crew
wns drowned.
iho new warden of Slug Sing Prison,
AV.lt . Drown, is one of Governor Hill's
political supporters.
i he carpenters in the Itlclimond Loco
motlvoAVorks havo joined tlie striking
machinists and moldcrs.
Tho suspension of tho AVashlnglon Na
tional Hank nf New A'ork Is said to havo
been due to "cheek kiting."
Mrs. llclva Lockvvood and Dr. Mary
AValkcr are figures In the Myra Clark
Gaines will case In llrooklyn.
Pcnnsylv anil's new apportionment hill
wipes out tlio Democratic majority in tho
Samuel J. Handall district of Philadel
phia. The Knglish brig Joseph Hanlgan, from
Jamaica for Havre, was stranded at Long
Hrauch, and one of the crew, Tiiomus
Lawrence, wasdroined.
A committee of the irglnla Houso of
Delegates hav o adopted a plan w hereby It
Is expected to cut down tho criminal ex
penses of the State 75,000 or $100,00?.
Timothy Hcaly will not prosecute
O'Hrien Dalton. who Is charged with as
saultlugand strlklngiiim, hut thoGnvcrn
mcut authorities in Ireland will do so.
ihe woman arrested In New York for
shoplifting, and who gave the falso name
of "Mrs. Mary Johnson," claims to bo of
respectable connections In Washington
and llaltlmore.
Tlio Marians dl Uudini. tho Italian
premier, and Lord DulTcrln. the llntlsh
Minister at Home, have exchanged pro
tocols delimiting the Ilrltlsli and Italian
spheres in Kast Africa.
Itomiasalra, Governor of Helavona,
Madagascar, who had 27H persons massa
cred on March 1, and his brother, who in
stigated tlio massacre, havo been put to
death by order of the Madagascar Gov
ernment for cruelty.
A band of 100 crofters ot Lewis Island,
the largest island of the Hebrides, off tlie
west coast of Scotland, who had been
evicted from their homes in order to make
room for a deer preserve, have formed a
camp near their homes and are prepared
to light any attempt to remove them from
the land oi which they have taken pos
session. Careful investigation by olllccrs of tlio
Army at thu Pinu I'idgu and ltoscbud In
dian agencies have resulted In reports to
the AVar Department that if tlio Indians
get all that is duo them, and if there is
not too much haggling, there will ho
peace; but that the moment the Govern
ment attempts to pinch tho Dakota tribes
there will be a revolt.
Thecaso of Judge Titr James Stephen
has called attention in llngiaud to tho ab
sence of nny provision for tho retirement
ut disabled Judges from tho Knglish
733 Fourteenth street n. vv.
HranchcB In New York, lloston, Philadel
phia, Chicago, Parle, Berlin, London, etc.
1313 Massachusetts Avenue,
Affords every facility for acquiring a thorough
cducutiuu In Literature, Music and Art, The
Instruments taught are Piano, Harp, Violin,
Guitar, Mandolin and llanjo. Languages, ecu.
ernl vocal, drawing and fancy work free
Lands held In reserve forscrvcral years by
tho btato Government aro uow opened to set
tiers at their actual value.
Ibcie reserved lands Ho along the eastern or
Atlantic Const, between St. Augustine nnd Hit
cay no Day, ono half mllo tn six miles from thu
ocean, a arge portion being fa below the
frost limit.
'1 his It the ouly eastern section lu tho United
btates where It Is possible to raise semi tropi
cal trnit, nnd where early vegetables and fruits
can ho raised In time to catch tho highest
Northern prices.
Much of this land Is owned by tho Florida
Coast Line Canal ami Transportation Com
pany, uml beats n line growth ot timber,
from which large sums may bo rcallod The
section along the Indian lllvcr mid Lako Worth
Is well settled, and the bind Is the most vidua
bio In the State, the cast coast belli.' tapped by
four rallwajs, and tho rivers along tho coas
neing uavigiucu ny sieamnoais.
Imuran it transportation fad ties nnd de
lightful climate (being so roar ihooieiiutho
nir Is much, mom bracing than further Inland)
make this an oxccllent opportunity tor actual
Prices nt laud rango from f 3pcr aero npwird,
Wa shall bo plraso I to send maps, township
plans and full Information lo all who ara Inter
JOHN W. DENNY, President.
t-VON'T (.0 HUNOltYl
Is tin plnu for iloan vb liuils, si rve I by wlillu
1 flA For Hot waffles and Mnnlo byiup;
P For .1 Fried or Plate ot It iw Oysters;
JUU, isor uai(Cli jppio iiiinipiin j,
Aud mi) thing you w. nit In the sumo proportion.
AT T HOMHoTpiuo7 MUfu bl'OHE
May be found
VJ. states and Territories, 053 La, tie,, opp,
City Hall.
lieglnnlng Kaster Monday. For Ono Week.
HENltYASKlN, Solo Manager,
Will present n Special Knstcr Holiday Season
of Light Opera, Producing
Manager AtklnV Artists arei
Helen Bertram,
Alicia Meyers,
.bxephlne Knapp,
nighy Hell,
Lhaunccr Olcntt,
( harles w. Uuiignii,
W. 1'. Itorhestcr,
Krai. 11. Frcar,
Corn Henderson, William lllaledell.
Musical Director, blgnor i'onial.
Itcpertfclro for tho Week:
ti.OVKll Monday and iuesdny
INDIANA Wcdncsiliy and 'Ihursday
1'rlday nnd Saturday and Sat. Mat.
Every ETcnlnr;.
Domestic Comedy,
i ouiso .lacKsou,
Every Evcnlug 1 his Week.
last Matinee Saturday nt'-'.
Author nf "Held Hy the Enemy,, "The Pri
vate Hcerctarj," "All thu Comforts of Homo,"
Next Week,
halo nt seals for any performance now open
at the box olllcc.
'1 0 NIUHr AT S.
Mr, Alti 1IUII NIKISCH Conductor
Of tho Metropolitan Opera House, Now York,
Including selections from "Tniuih euscr," "Lo-
henrln," "Siegfried," "Tristan nnd Isolde,"
and "Die (locttcrdaminerung.'-'
MIELKE nnd DIPPEL In Solos and Ducts.
'Jlckets, with reserved scats, $1, $1.33, and
J1 10, according to location, Now on salo at
. 1'. Ellis &. Co.V, H37 Pennsylvania avennc.
C. A ELLIS. Manager.
Jules Levy
Assisted by
MI.l.B. JACODINA WICHMAN....Coutralto.
S10. LEON 8AUUATELLI Barytone.
General ndroIiBlon.15 cents; gallery, 50 cents;
reserved scats, tl and ft 50,
Tickets at Droop's, 'J l'n, nve., on nnd after
March 35.
P. Harris, It. S. Ilrltton, nnd F. F. Dean,
Proprietors nnd Managers.
Week Commencing Monday, March 3-1,
'1 ho Dashing Equestrian Comedienne,
I" In tho Sensational Drama,
The Scout's Daughter,
And Her Great Trick Pony. WHIltLWIND.
Next Week-FAT MEN'S CLU1I.
THE. in ii st.
THIS WEEK-Ladlcs' Matlneo Tomorrow,
Vaidis Sisters'
including tho Sparring Partner ot
11011 riTV.SIMMONS,
Next Week-llt'l DOON-KILHALN CO. and
Will Meet Alt Comers
High Ml in SleiakiE.
WILSON I'hio Shon for Gentle.- OAUH
wilson n-hoc. for ,.,. OArm
WILSON i lue shoes for Hoy s. O ARIl
WILSON J. !'' Shoos tor Girls. QARH
WILSON I luosiiocs for Infants. OARR
WILSON Hweptliiii and Even-OARR
WILSON sntlu Slippers In all OARR
WILSON , simile.. OARR
WILSON bllk Ml '" '"'OARR
WILSON Bwado's Mlppe'rs In all OARR
WILSON IMlulI shinies. OARR
WILSON Patent Lenllur Shoos OARR
WILSON Gcnl. reither OARR
WILSON Slippers nnd Pumps, OARR
029 F ST. N. W.
Hnltlmoro Etoro-4 nnd 0 Baltimore Bt.
it A 1 LlttMjH.
Helium! n in ErrrcT Mxucn 8, 180l.
All trains levro and arrlro at l'enniylvanla
pae nger station, Washington, D. O.
MO a. m. Dally for Culpeper, Charlottes
ville, Stations Lliesoiifflko and Ohio Itoute,
I.jnrlibnrg, Itoeky Mount, Danrllle, (Ireens
boro Halelgh, Aslietllle, Chatlolto, Columbia,
Aiken, Augncta, Atlanta, lllrtiilngham. Mont,
colliery, ?.cw Orleans, Texas and California.
Pullman Sleeper r.ewr Vork to Atlanta and
Pullman Sleeper Allflnti to New Orleans.
Pullman Sleeper Daiivlllo vis Columbia nml
AuvustA to Macon, Pullman Sleepers Wash
ington tn Cincinnati via C. A, (). Itoute; con
nects nt Lynchburg with Norfolk and Western
Ilallrnad for Iloanoke,llrltol, Knoxvlllc, Chat
tanooga and tho Southwest.
11:1(1 a. m. Dally. Washington anil Sonth
wenern VeMlbuled Limited, between Wash
ington and Atlanta, composed entirely of Pull
man cars, on widen an extra rate ot fare Is
charged; arrives Atlanta 0 20 a. in. tecoud day.
Consult time table for stops.
S 7) p. m. Dally, except Sunday, for Jlanis
ens, Strashurg and Intermediate stations,
A Ti p. in - Dally, runs to Lynchburg; cirry
Ing Pullman Sleeper to Memphis via Lynch
burg and llrl'tnl.
11:10 p. m,- Western Express dally for Manas
sap, Charlottesville, "tninitnn, Louisville, Cin
cinnati, Pullman estllinlo Train Washington
tn Cincinnati, .with a Pullman sleeper for
IPC!) p. rn "oulhern Express dally fo
LviHlihiirg, Danville, Halelgh, Ashcvlllc, Char
lotte, Columbia, Augusta, Aiken, Atlanta,
Montgomery, New Orleans, IcTas nnd Cali
fornia. Pullman Vestibule Car Washington tn
New Orleans via Atlanta and Montgomery.
Pullman sleeper New York nnd Washlnston to
Ashev llle and Hot Springs, N. O , v la Salisbury.
Also Washington to Augusta via Charlotte nnrt
'I rains on Washington and Ohio division
cave Washington Ii Oil a.m. dnll), Cil p. m,
dally nnd A On. m. dally, except Sunday; re
turning nrrivo Washington S.10 a. m, nnd B'tS
p, m, dally nnd 7 "I a, in, dally, except Sundiy,
inrougn trains ironiineouiiiviae;narioite.
Danville nnd Ljnclibnrg arrlvo In Washington
i. M A. in,. 10-4") a. in, nnd 8 5.1 i
irv.n. m. anil bm o. in i mi nisi
Urlstol and I.vnehbiirg at 103 p.
in. and 8 V p. in ; via Chcsapcnko nnd Ohio
route and Charlottesville nt 3 18 n. m. nnd 8 51
p. m. and 10.25 a. in. strasburg local nt 10:17
Tickets, sleeping car reservations nnd infor
mation furnished and baggago checked nt
office, mm Pennsylvania nve nnd nt passenger
station, Pennsylvania Ilallrnad, I th nnd lists.
JAS.L.TAYLOlt.Ocn. Pass. Agent.
Schedule In effect January 1, 1801,
Leave S ash1ngto(i from station corner of New
Jersey avenue, and O street. ,
Fon CiiicAoo and Northwest, Vcstlbnlcd
Limited express dally 11.30 n, m,, express
8 301). m.
Fon Cincinnati, St. Louis nnd Indianapolis,
express dally, J SO and 11,10 p m,
Fon I'lTisnvnn nnd Cleveland, oxprcsi dally, .
11.10 a. m. nml s 5i) p. in. '
Fon I.exixoton nnd points In the Shenandoah
Vnllcy, 110 40 n. m.
Fon V iMiicsTiit nnd wny stations, IS 30 p. us.
Foil LtmAY, 8 50 p. m.
Fon ItAiTiMoiiE, week days, 4 03, 5 00, 0 85,
1 SO. 71), (SIX), 41 minutes), 8 TO, It , (It 00,
U (HI, 41-mlnutos), n. in , 1 1 10, 3 15, 3 M), (1 15
43 minutes), .135, 4 25, 4 V) (5u0, 43 minutes),
B05, 6 30, 013, 0 30, 715, 7 M, 0 00, 10 TO
nnd 11.00 p. m. Sundays, 4 05, 7.30, 7.', 8 31),
15 a.m. (13110, 41 minutes), 1 tn), 3 15, a BO.
8 35, 4 SO, (1 UU, 41 minutes), B 03, 0 10, 0 30,
7 30,0 00,10 X), 1110 p 111.
ronAi.NAioi.it, 0S3 nnd S 10 a. m , 13 10 and
4 23 1) ni. Sundays, 8 10 a. m. nnd 4 10 p. m.
Ton J-ULiitmcK, tll.W a. in., 51.15, t3 X), tl 30
p. ni.
Fon HAar-nSTOW n, tlO 40 1. m , and )5 30 p. m.
Fon New Yomt. 'I renton and the East, ! OB,
18 TO, siO,TO, li CO a. ra , i BO, 5 00 nil 111)550
p. m. Hurra Parlor Cars on nil day trains
Sleeping Car n the 10 30 p. m open at 000
Fon Hoston sjBOp. m. with Pullman Iluffej
Sleeping Car running through to Hoston
without change, vli l'oughkeepslo llrldgo,
lai ding passengers In B. & M. station at Hos
ton. Fori rnil.Al)zi MIA, 4 03, 18 00, 10 00 a. m
13.0U noon. 2 50, '5 00, !! 11 and J0 1!) p. in.
Fon NEWAiih,1)cl . W llmlngton nnd Chester,
1 05. 18 (X) a. ni,, 'IS 00 noon, '2 50, '3 00. 0 11,
and l(i.'l p in. Limited express stopping at
W Mmlnirlmi nulr. 10 00 n. m.
Fon Atlantic CiTr,405nnd 1000 n.m , 13 00
noon. bundis, 4 05 n. in., 13 00 noon.
lot time of suburban trains sco tlmo tables
to bo 1 nd of all ticket ngents.
tExccnt bunttay. 'Daily. SSunday only.
Dapzaco called for nnd checked from hotels
nnd residences by Union 1 ransfer Co. on orders
left nt ticket oftlccs. Mil and 1331 Pennsylvania
avenue nnd nt depot.
Ocu. Manocer. Oen. Pass. Ag't.
to Iho North. West and Southwest.
louhlo Track, Splendid Scenery,
Steel Kails. Magnificent nqulpmeni
in ErrrcT JAMUAnr lu, lew.
Trains leave Washington from station cor
ner of blxth and 11 streets, as follows:
Foil I'lTtsnuiio and tho West, Chicago Lim
ited Express ot Pullman Vestibulo Cars nt
10 50 n.m. daily; Fast Line, 10 50 a.m. dally
to Chicago, Columbus nnd St. Louts, with
Parlor Car Harrlshurg to Pittsburg, nntl
Sleeping Car from Pittsburg to Indianapo
lis, Pittsburg to Columbus; Altoona to Chi,
rago. St. Louis, Chicago and Cincinnati
Express, 3 10 p m, dally. Parlor Car Wash
lngton to Harrlsburg nnd Sleeping Cars liar
rlsburgtost. fouls, Chicago and Cincin
nati, and Dlnlug Car Harrlsburg to St.
Louis, Chicago and Cincinnati. Western Ex
picss at 7,40 p. m, dally, with Sleeping Curs
VV ashlngtou to Chicago nnd St. Louis, con
necting dally nt Harrlsburg with through
sleepers for I oulsvlllo nnd Memphis, Pull
man Dlnlug Car Pittsburg to Itlchmond nnd
Chicago. Pacific Express, 10 00 p. m. dally
for Pittsburg nnd tho West, with tbronch
Sleeper to Pittsburg and Pittsburg to Chi
Fon Kane, Cahnndatgua, ltocbcstcr and Nlag,
arn Falls daily, except bunday, 8 10 a, in.
Fon EniE, Canandalgun and ltochester dally;
forUutrnlo and Niagara dally, eiccpt Satur
day, 10 00 p. in , with bleeping Car Washing
ton to ltocbcstcr.
Fon WiLMAUsronT. ltochester and Niagara
Falls, 7.10 p. m. dally, except Saturday, with '
Sleeping Car Washington to ltochester.
Fon WmiAMsronT. Itcnovo and Elmlra at
10 BO a. m. dally, except Sunday.
Fon WiLMAMsronT daily, 3 'XI p. m.
Foil l'mi.AiiEi nun, New York and the Enst
7.30. !i 00 and 1 1 00 n. ni : 13 13, 3 10, 3.15, 4 30,
B40. 10 00 and 11 13 p.m. On Sunday, 1100a.
ni.. 13.13. 3 10. 315 430. 10 00 and U.&p. m.
Limited Express ot Pullman Parlor earn,
with Dlnlnc Cur, to New York, 9.40 a. m
dally, except Sunaay.
Foil New Youk only. Limited Express wltb
Dining Car, S 00 p. in. dally.
Foil l'uiLAUEU'iiiA oniv. Fast Express BIO
a.m. week-days, and 4.00 p, m, dally. Ex
press Sunday only, D 4u p. in,
Fon Hoston. without change, 3 13 p. in. every
Foji'llnooKLVN, N. Y nil througb trains cou-
Annex, affording direct 'ransfer to Fulton
street, avoiding double ferriage across New
York city.
Fon Atlantic Citt, 13.13 p. m. week days,
. 11.15 p. in. (lally.
Foil Hai timoiif, 11 "15, 7.20, tt.10, n 00. 0,40, 10 00,
1050, II U) and 1150 a. m, 1J 15, 3 to, 313,
8 TO, 4 (XI, 130, 110, 5 00, MO, U00, 7.40, 1000
and 11 '15 p. 111. On Sunday, lino, 0 05, 10 50
a. in , 13 iS, 3 10, ) 11, a TO, 4 00, 1 SO, 5 00, B.40,
flU), 7. to, 10 IK) and tl 13 p.m.
Fon I'on.'i Ciiklk Line, 7.30 a.m. and 4 TO p.
m, dally, except suuday.
Fon AsnaVoiis, 7 vw and 0 00 a, m.,11 50 and
4 3D p. m, dally, except bunday. Sundays, ,
IMiiih. m.nud 130 p.m. i
IN irFECT JANUAIIY 10, 1691,
Foil AlEXANlilllA, 4T0, 033. 7.13, S.tO, 0 W,
10 5711. in: 13 01 noon, 3 03, 3 111, 45,455,
0 01,8 01, 10 03 nnd 11,71 p.m. On Sunday nt
4 TO, 7 43, 0.15, 10 57 it. lit ; 3 30, 0.01, 0.03 anil
10 03 p. in.
Accommodation for (Jiimitlco, 7 tl n.m. nnd
4 63 p. 111. weik days. 7.13 n. m, Sundiys.
Fon IficuvoNiinud tho South, 4 TO nnd Id 11
a, 111, dally. Accommodation 1 55 p. rn.vveek
day s. f
Tiiains irAvn AnxATinu (or Washington,
in.',7ii3,sim,!ilo,ioill.lln.m : l.30,.lixi,
a 50, 510, 0 0.1, 7 01, II 30, 10 50 and ll.OSp. in.
OuSumlnvattno aud 11.11 a. in.; 200, BIO,
7 05, 7 10, II 31) and 10 50 p, 111,
'J Ickils nnd Information nt the olHce, north
east comer of Thirteenth street and l'ennsyl.
vnnlii incline, uml ut the station, vvbero orders
ran he left for tho checking of baggage to
destination from hotels aud residences.
General Manager. General Passenger Agent.
Schedule In effect February 31, 181)1.
Trains leave Union Depot, Sixth nnd II
itrrits, 10 37 n, 111. for Newport News, Old
Point Comfort and Norrollc tl illy Arrive nt
Old Point at 0 'M p, m, nnd Norrolk at 11 53 p 111.
Pullman Huffet I'nrlnr Cars to Old l'olut Com-
foit dully cxoi jit Sunday.
8 JIii. in (. fiifliinnll Exnreis datlv forttu
lions in iruilii, west Virginia, lientiici.
I11I11. West vlrtflnla. Kentue.Lv
and (incluuall. Vestibulo Sleepers tluough
without dilute to Cliiuiuiatl, arriving ut
BiBp in,
11 10 p. m F, F. V.VcitlbuloLlmltcd, dally.
Solid train., with dlulug ars, run throutrti
without rhnngo to Llucliniltt. Vestibulo
Sleeper for 1 exlngton and I.oulsvUlo. Pull
man Cars aro open to recclvo passengers at 0
P ".
uinrc, un ) viius)ivnuin avenue.
. w.
. rui.M.lf, lien, rut AcenL
Id Healthy una Hubstitnttnl.
"THE CHIT 10" presents ALL the NEWS tn
a compact and attrurtivu manner, That letho
rcaiou people want It.
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