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BERLIN, March 8.—The peculiar
character of the fighting now going
on in the Forest of Argonne is illus- j
trated by the following letter from a
“The two companies forming our
right wing had been lying for five
days only 30 to 50 yards from the
enemy along a distance of nearly 200
yards. In front of our company to
the left was a little valley, on the op
posite slope of which the French had ^
intrenched themselves in three lines of
pits, one lying above the other, and
thi» front was generally regarded as
impregnable. We therefore had a de
tachment of Prussian sappers and
miners, which was assigned to our
lines, to tunnel under the three French
trenches in order to blow them up.
The explosion was really intended to ,
go off on the anniversary of the battle
of Champigny (Nov. 30.). but the sap
pers said that they had not yet enough
‘snuf into their holes. There was
danger that the French would under
mine us and blow us into the air first.
Finally on December 1 everything
was ready. AT—places lay—pounds
of dynamite under the French trench
es. At 10:30 all our front trenches
were evacuated, but we masked this
movement to deceive the French. At
11:21 a lieutenant of pioneers pressed
his thumb on a button, and there was
a terrific crash. One might have
thought that the whole earth was fall
ing to pieces. From my position I
saw a cloud of earth probably over
600 feet high. After a minute some
thing like a mighty tempest broke
loose in the woods. I did not know
what it was till something struck my
skull, then 1 knew it was a hail of dirt
and stones which had been thrown up
by the explosion. I darted into our
bombproof, where I staid for two min
utes. Meanwhile our two companies j
pressed forward and occupied the gap
that had been broken in the French
lines. The first trench was full of
dead and buried Frenchmen. In the
next two they were so dazed that
they surrendered without resistance.
“Within a half-hour we had taken
prisoners the dwellers in all these
trenches, so far as they were still
alive. Among them there were eight
officers and ‘178 privates who had not
been wounded. The rest, including
two officers, were dead and buried
under the debris. We captured three
mine-throwers. Out total losses were
only three killed and seven wounded.
“A soldier must have luck! The
captured French pioneers told us
afterwards that they had mined our
trenches at eight points, and were go
ing to blow us up at 6 p. m., not yet
having finished putting in the charges.
When we examined our trenches were
found these mines. So we had a lucky
escape this time The higher author
ities are giving unstinted praise to
our achievement. Even the Crown
Prince sent automobiles with 200
woolen blankets and a bottle of wine
for each of us. What more could a
soldier’s heart want? Such are the
tricks that we are playing here!”
Window' Shades on “Can’t Break’’■
rollers, 50 cents each, other grades at
$1.00 and $1.25. Colors Green and
Cream, also the Duplex, green on one
side and Cream on the other. Brow’n
& Hawki:is. “Quality First.”
- J ■■ .. 1
J. L. Judson writes from Pilot Hock,
Oregon, and says he expects to be in
his full health by December. After
going outside, he says, matters looked
bad for him in a physical way but he
is now pulling up fast.
Talking about the length of time
Seward people have been in Alaska
it may be said that Bob Michaelson
who registered for the city election
yesterday has been in the territory
for 41 years . He was a member of
the jury in the territory’s first murder
trial. But the little news note about
such facts yesterday brought out the
information that Adam Block, post
master at Seldovia, was a member of
the group of American sodiers that
raised the Stars and Stripes at Sitka
in 1867.
FURNES, West Flanders, Mar. D.—
Sixty thousand worn soldiers strung
along the Yser, where they checked
the rush of the German invaders to
ward Pas de Calais, are all that are
left of the Belgian army of two
hundred ami thirty thousand men
under arms when Germany invaded
Belgium, but one of King Albert’s
staff officers who has l ten with the
army s;nce the siege of Liege, as
serts that the small P.elg an force to
day is a far m >re efficient machine
than that which met the first German
Valdez people have taken as quite
a consolation the news published to
the effect that a survey of the route
between that city and Fairbanks will
be surveyed this summer by the gov
ernment railroad commission. One
arrival on the Alameda this morning
says that realestate in Valdez went
up fifty per cent because of Boland’s
interview. How is it that man Boland
gave out to a newspaper an interview
that the negotiations for the purchase
of the road were at an end before any
one else knew anything about? Five
million dollars for the correct answer,
four bits in cash. If Mr. Boland isn’t
careful he’ll scare that man Lane.
Another question: How did Boland
know the government was going to
survey the Valdez-Fairbanks route?
How did Secrteary Lane come to tell
Mr. Boland of his plans after Mr. Bo
land had thrown down the govern
ment’s offer for the Alaska Northern?
Is the answer the same old fact men
tioned in this paper so often? Did
Mr. Lane say; “Cuss you I can build
a railroad anywhere in spite of you
and your old Alaska Northern?’’.
One can see Mr. Boland standing
later on the steps of the capital and
shaking his fist at the window of the
Interior Department like the villain in
movies while the following brave
words are thrown on the screen:
“D-n. you, Lane you have spurn
ed my my offer and now take the con
sequences. Vo New York will I hie
myself and in one of the metropolitan
papers I will declare my independence
of you and yours to the last genera
tion even if I have to pay four bits
a line to do it."
Try China Noodle Sauce with Wash
ington Egg Noodles, 25 cents per pint.
Brown & Hawkins. “Quality First.
Ix>ng distance telephone oooth at
The Branch.
Hill Bros. Blue Can Coffee. 40 cents
per can. Brown & Haw'kins. “Qual
ity First."
A complete line of Childrens and
Boys shoe pacs. All sizes. Boy Scout
Stockings, the long wearing kind, 35
cents, 3 for $1.00. Brown & Hawkins.
“Quality First." j
Never Will Real Estate in the Business Sec
tion ot Seward be Cheaper than it is Toda;
We secure you a purchaser when you desire to sell.
We buy for vou when you desire to purchase.
We handle BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES in connection with ou
Real Estate Line.
Pres, and Manager, Manager,
834 henry Bldg., Seattle, Wash. Seward, Alaska
If you*r anchored safe in Seward,
Let your mind now be at rest.
For in lookng o’er these Northern
You’ve sorely struck the beut
Cause Seward has the Palace Bar;
It’s famed from East to West,
And Sourdoughs from all the Nort
Will tell you “SHERWOOD’S best.”
An Ordinance providing for the
employment of watchman and other
special officers for the Town of Se
ward, Alaska.
BE IT ORDAINED by the Common
Council of the Town of Seward, Al
That the Common Council of suid
Town of Seward, may by resolution,
or otherwise, employ one or more
Night Watchmen, who shall hold office
for such period as the Council may
designate not to exceed the period of
one year, in any one apponitment, but
if no time is specified in such appoint
ment it shall be deemed to be for the
period of one month only, the salary
of such Night Watchmen shall be fixed
by the Council, and when once fixed
shall not be increased or diminished
during the incumbents term of office
in which it was fixed, and said Night
Watchman and Special Police shall
have all the powers and be charged
with the same duties as the Town
The Mayor of the said Town of Se
ward is hereby empowered to employ
one or more watchmen or police offi
cers, when in his judgment such ap
pointment or appointments are neces
sary, the salary of such special officer
or officers, shall be the same as the
salary of the Night Watchman, such
special officers shall hold their office
during the pleasure of-the Mayor, but
in no case shall such officers be con
tinued after the necessity for the ap
pointment shall cease, or the Town
Council may by a majority vote of its
members at any regular meeting or
any meeting called for that purpose,
discharge any special officer, or offi
cers, appointed by said Mayor.
Passed by the Common Council of
the Town of Seward, Alaska, and at
tested by the Mayor (president of said
Council) and the Clerk of the Town
of Seward, Alaska, this 1st day of
March, A. D. 1915.
G. G. Poe,
President of the Common Council
and ex-officio Mayor of the Town of
Seward, Alaska.
Carl Almy,
Clerk of said Town of Seward.
Beginning at a point on a rock
which is marked (Corner No. 3 of U.
S. survey No. 726 S.) running due
south along the shore line of Resur
recton Bay 1000 feet to incorporation
| post No. 1; Thence West 500 feet;
j thence North 11560 feet; thence East
to Alaska Northern Railway track,
continuing east of said track 1000 ft.,
thence east and south on a meander
| ing line along and 100 feet east and
south from said Alaska Northern
Railway track to incorporation post
No. 1.
This tract, thus described, includes
in its boundaries, with other lands
Survey No. 726 S. Survey No. 726 N.
U. S., Survey No. 703, the terminal
grounds of the Alaska Northern
Railway, iheLaubner Homestead the
Rudolph Homestead, and the Poland
Homestead, and the various parcels
of land lying and being between the
said surveys and the line of low tide
on Resurrection Bay.
Date of order 1912.
“Seward’s Pioneer Show Houae*'
Casino Theater
N. J. KOONTZ, Man gr.
“A Reel Show”
“Get the Casino Habit”
Big Drama
"Votes for Women"
Featuring Dr. Anna Shaw, Min*
Jane Adam* and other
Suffrage Leader*.
"A Problem in Reduction”
"Nature's Vengeance”
Watch for Lucille Love
Change Every Other Night
Admission 25c; Children 10c
Reserved Seats 50c
To the Husbands, Fathers and Sons
of Seward:
(Archbishop ut St. Paul, Minn.)
“I cannot understand why there
would be a single individual with any
responsibility whatsover, who has
family, relatives or friends, who has
not an assurance upon his life. I hold
as bcnofactors of humanity and so
ciety those who do go around using
eloquence, poetry and persuasion and
everything olse, and win them to go
out and assure their lives. I have
very little regard for any man who
loaves this world without having been
able to leave behind him a life as
surance policy, so that those depend
ent upon him are provided for; so
that any debts he himself may have
aro paid, and, if he has not much of
an estate, so that he himself may be
buried in decency and honor.”
(First Lord of British Admiralty)
“If I had my way, I would write
the word ‘insure’ over doors of every
cottage, and upon the blotting book
of every public man, because I am
convinced that for sacrifices which are
inconceivably small, families can be
secured against catastrophies, which
otherwise would smash them up for
ever. It is our duty to arrest the
ghastly waste not merely of human
happiness, but of hational health and ,
strength which flows when, through
the death of the bread-winner, the
frail boat in which the fortunes of the
family are embarked, founders, and
the women and children are left to
strugglo helplessly on the dark waters
of a friendless world.”
The S in 1 policy of the NORTHERN LIFE provides for complete protec
tion against accident, sickness and death.
A. E. RANSOM, Div. Supt. of Alaska.
G. S. WHITEHEAD, Local Representative.
One of the features at the concert
to be given Saturday eve. March 13th j
will bo the Seward Quartette, the
membfrs of which are Mrs. Nuzum,!
Mrs. Ellsworth, Mr. Brownell and Mr.
Complete Camping Outfits. Tents
Tarpaulins, Camp stoves, Cooking j
utensils etc. etc. Brown & Hawkins. *
“Quality First.”
All kinds of plain sewing done at
! the Hotel Panama.
i I
The Gateway can do any sort of [;
printing done in the states. Do not
forget that.
The largest assortment of Wall
Paper in Alaska. Brown & Hawkins.
I “Quality First.” ^
Long distance telephone booth at
j The Branch.
To the
Property Owners
of Seward:
Finch's Golden Wedding Rye at The
Shoe Repairing Shop
;oppositk The Gatewat
Best Wortiaanshlp Moderate Prices
Give Us a Trial.
louses for Rent, Rents Collected,;
Titles Kxamined. Lots for Sale.
Large Listing.
►hone Red 1-6. Seward. Alaska.
Reliable Information
On Broad Pass
Usayer and Chemist, Seward, j
There is a steady and increasing
demand for property in Seward, and
for improved property in particular.
Customers are making inquiries of us |
daily ,and the supply of cabins avail
able for rent is at present extremely
limited. Any kind of a cabin or build
ing in Seward is now rentable. Eevery
steamer is bringing new arrivals to
Seward and it is necessary for them
all to have a place to live when they
arrive here.
We want to ask every property I
holder in Seward to assist us in look
ing after the wants of the new comers
and to that end, ask that they furnish
us with ?, list of their property, that
they wish to rent and we will do all |
that we can to lease or rent it for you.
It does not make any difference
whether it is a residence or business
property, we have numerous demands
for bith, and will be able to place
either for you in a short time.
It is up to the citizens of Seward to
look after the comfort of the new
comers and as an act of hospitality
alone it is up to you to list your prop
erty if you care to rent it.
We now have a few choice bargains
in real estate, and if you are in the
market for anything in that line, we
would be pleased to go over the list
with you, and possibly we may find
just what you want .
Strangers are cordially invited to
call at our office and make their
wants known.
Two doors below
The Gateway
h Furnished Rooms for Men
JOE MORRIS Cafe and Lunch Counter in Connection | BILL DEVINE
Make yourself at home. Leave your pac ka ges a nd su It c ase
there, they will take care of them until you
/^T TT? A Men’s and Youm!
VjHJjAO 1 1 k) Men’s Wear*,
O. C. CHAVES, Pres, and Manager
SEATTLE Second Ave. and Spring St.
—did ever these words mean so
much as now, and were we ever
so near to securing both as at
this time and in this country?
I Seward Knik
Six Months
When the ready-made clothier
places his “newest styles* on
/ sale, they’re half a year old
to begin with.
It’s because the manufacturer
sold him from models made
us six months previously.
If you have us send your
measure to
’ Ed.V. Price & Co.
Merchant Tailors Chicago, l . S. A.
| you’ll get clothes that are the
style the moment the suit is
made, and for about the same
money. Which do you prefer?
ii -—..■ r
Brown & Hawkins
“Quality First”
If you're just irrired in Seward
Looking for a place to light,
And want to see a man's resort *
That's stocked and fixed up right,
Just drop in at THE PALACE,
If you want to drink, or eat,
And you'll admit that we hare i;ot
A place that's hard to beat.

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